Paris to Complete Giant Pyramid Building in 2016


The Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë and the group Unibail announced the construction of Triangle – a 492 feet pyramidal building to be located in the South of Paris.

Triangle Project

Interesting fact, the mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë was (and might still be) a member of the Masonic order of the Grand Orient de France. He therefore surely understands the symbolism of such a building.

Triangle is one of many pyramid buildings popping up across the world. A recent example is the Palace of Peace and Concord of Astana.

Pyramid of Astana


Are these buildings signs of the coming of New World Order?



  1. Educated Cowboy on

    Wicked.. And I doubt they really try to separate-their-career-from-their-spiritual-views or whatever. I dunno it seems beautiful but I don't really relate.. I means, all the poor conditions of life in Africa and China and all over the world. If I was constructing it, I'm sure it wouldn't have any Eternal, Higher-than-Life kind of feel. They're focused on future, but there's no future anymore, not for daring, coming of age folks, not anymore at least.

      • They will prevail for a while, but good will win in a year. Jesus is control of all and he will allow this to go on for a little bit, but when he returns it's game over.

      • Educated Cowboy on

        2 HOPE. Thank you for your kind words. Let me ask you a question. If the world was free and people started to actually care about each other instead of being focused on greed, lust and hate, and if you was deciding what building to build, what photoshoots to shoot etc etc (not all over the world but some), what would you do? How would it look in a free world. I, for example, am not sure yet how would I want it to look. But it woudn't be like let-the-obese-people-eat-and-let-the-skinny-people-starve-beautiful-pyramids-in-a-middle-of-a-recession look. Our problem as Vigilant people is we don't have healthy symbols to counter the evil ones. What we need to do, in my opinion is kind of translate every their symbol to something good, not necessary the opposite of the sick symbol because the opposite might be bad too, but replace it with the healthy ones. That would be a good start and everything else (like explaining these symbols and changing the world back to normal) will follow.

        Like, the pyramid is the symbol of the elite being a small number of people on top – the symbol for equality, I don't know, it might be a circle-dance or something like that. What else?

      • All I have to say is that the enemy will NOT get me! No matter what the excuse ( Apocalypse, etc)

        I believe in GOOD only, the rest has no Chance Against Me!!! If +6 billions people would use the Power of Thoughts we Would win against the enemy !!! we don't need guns or technology just Knowledge! Much Love, Hope.

  2. Wow, i live in Paris and was not even aware of such a project, i dont think people will like

    this project tho and i hope ppl protest against it. We have enought pyramids, triangles already, look at the Louvres pyramid built by the 33rd degree mason, president François mitterand.

    • But as the construction of overly tall buildings is illegal in Paris since Tour Montparnasse was built this pyramid cant be very big…and therefore IMO not of as much significance as it is being given…if any

  3. What???Those Rozenkroutzen assholes are at it again!!!My brotherhood is always last to know about anything for last 20 years.When they decided to start war in Balkan you think we knew abou that??Or in Iraq??Noooooo,and they didnt supported us when WE tried to go to war with N.Korea last year..Goddamn RK bastardz,you will pay for that,mark my words.

  4. caribbean_girl88 on

    like seriously this pyramid shit, this one eyed shit, and all of they other shitty signs be pissin me the hell off…jeez its everywhere

  5. SouthAfricanGirl on

    WOW!!! And there is no missing piece at the top this time. The capstone is firmly in place!!! *scary*

  6. Why do they continue to build these diabolical structures across the globe? All walks of life on this planet have very little time left. They either do not know realize this or they are deceived and believe that they will live on and the earth will be their own.

  7. just what a beautiful city like paris doesn't need

    that shit is hideous. i can't imagine such a project going over well with the parisian people. but then again, do they even have a choice? if not, this is going to be a sad reminder of that.

  8. I don't understand why people don't say anything! Those people in Paris should protest, I mean they can't even pass it off as art because it's just damned ugly. All these pyramids and NWO shit is pissing me off now. Why can't they just be happy with the money that have >: (

  9. IgnotumArcanus on

    You are absolutely correct with your last line.

    There is no secret society trying to rule the world.

    Here is how, and you should copy/paste this on your subsequent posts to further illustrate yourself.

    1) It's not really a secret.

    2) They already "rule the world"

    Now, as for the pyramidal structures' importance, you are right… not everyone makes it for a maniacal purpose. Here is why, because a lot are unaware of what they are doing to a certain "degree". The people in the "know" of such things, know how to utilize architecture for their purposes. Do a study of architectural designing, along with studies in how it affects you/your body the adjacent areas around you/your body, the people around you, the structures around you, and so on and so forth.

    If you study faiths, you can use the same concept to describe your body. Put your hands on your hips Superman Style (two pyramids with the axillary region being the apex so to speak), Put your foot on your knee like Shiva, you have another pyramid with your "sacral chakra" being the point of interest, but seeing your "illusion of this being the only illusion worth noting", your penis and/or vagina is the pivot point.

    Where was I? Ah yes…

    If this all seems like "wtf" to you, know that I have read more than you (maybe, I'd be an ass to assume such a thing, that you know less than me, right?), because I don't limit myself nor do I try to limit others to question what they are doing. If you want to make your point, I'll even provide you with another way to do it (go ahead and copy/paste if you'd like);


    There simple, saves you time, and maybe will help you learn something too.


    • honestly i think youre mentioning something really big and important..

      pyramids are a gateway to another dimension..

      • No, they are not, because there are no "another dimensions", that's just another lie they have come up with.

    • IgnotumArcanus on

      Oops, the moderator got to the comment I was referring to before I did, I'm sorry….

      Sometimes it takes me ignorance to remove me from my bliss and post comments, I should learn to control my tongue lol.

      I won't waste this valuable space to say something else;

      The pyramidal structure isn't just limited to outright buildings created in such a shape. The rooftops/design of some "product placement" residential complexes is actually orchestrated in a manner that when you go for a drive, you do not "escape" the symbols for too long of a time.

      VC, just an insight on Universal/Sea World would further showcase the indoctrination of the subliminal messaging "our" children are put into. There is this dolphin show for example that I came across that is an entire "pagan-style" ritual with the holy Sun shining through in the end, there is Atlantis at SeaWorld, Poseidon in Universal, Tower of Babylon hanging around, and not to mention all the horcruxes of our mind split in Hogwarts. The ride itself is a commencement of the mind through a series of structured esoteric views concocted in a "tale" that we all know is supposedly just "sorcery".

      That rabbit hole is more deeper than digging from where you are sitting to China (even if you are sitting in China).

      I can not stress this same point that I make enough, that your mind sees "everything" at all times, and it correlates the information through your own "quantum memory", and it hits all those "subliminal messages" at "quantum speed." Hyperion to XE, Blacken my water please? No thank you, I like Coke. Not the drug Charlie, stop biting my finger…

      Hell, one of these new iPhone commericals show the timing in the beginning set to "9:11", then the book "the 9th" is on the shelf (EYEBOOK APP), and the book they click on is "Girl who kicked over the hornet's nest".

      I ask you why?


    • There are actually several interconnected secret societies that work in harmony to "run the world", and much more than just trying…they're doing it. They are making most of the major decisions around the globe now, both directly and through their proxies (little helpers who have been either bribed and brought along and/or compromised/extorted/threatened into submission.

    • you sir are a man of a truly enlightened perspective… i regrettably have to say that i share these same views… which puts us out on the message boards… and no conspiracy theorist will listen to anything other then an extremist view of their own opinion… pathetic imo… im seriously interested in what uve learned and theorized…!/profile.php?id…. idk if that works… but here is my email…… i never check it but ill eventually see it… if ur sceptical that im not a troll or something ( i know i would be…) we need a password… egh hit me up on facebook… ill give u my number… seriously its rare that someone with ur point of view becomes a theorist…

  10. These pyramidal structures are tied into HAARP and other state of the art technologies for the continued purpose of spiritual dominance of the world, and earth's "cash cow", humanity.

    Number 11 is the prime building factor in the design of the Great Pyramid of Gaza, and prime number 11 represents the Qliphoth, or evil spirits, to occultists, being twisted and perverse formless entities, who trap, possess, and devour the souls of men, women, and children.

    Paris, and Frankfurt A.M., are old occult power-zones of the Elite/Moriah, with Frankfurt already possessing its own huge black pyramid with the flashing red eye of Horus, which sits atop the Messerturm in the cities midst.

    The red pulsating eye of the Cyclop warns away low flying aircraft, and also imitates the drummed Shaman magical heart beat of mystical entrancement.

    • what does HAARP has to do with this? 0_o what I know about haarp is that it was made for earthquakes and weather control.

      • Study "The Orion Mystery" by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert, and also "The Message Of The Sphinx by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval.

        Energy absorbtion and rechannelling through HAARP technology, and pyramidal structures, to achieve the intent/program of the intender/programmer, through three dimensional structures influencing the three dimensional levels, representing the human unconscious mind/dreamless sleep, the human subconscious mind/dreaming sleep, and the human conscious mind/waking awareness.

        Human imagination relates to the fourth dimension, and infinite, this being the reason why the energy fence of pyramidal forms are designed to confine human awareness safely within borders of collective, and accepted, norms of stereotypical normality, and also serve to warn other predators to stay away from the Elite's property, their human cash cow, also called the consumer.

    • @Yomael: You are absolutely right about Frankfurt am Main. I have been so many times in the central station and a lot of these people wearing the sign (the compass over the G) over their backpacks, pins, etc. are seeing walking around..specially on the weekends. I was really surprised to see a girl proudly displaying the sign on her back pack while walking with an 'egiptian like' cane and a top hat… Since a lot of people don't believe in this, they walk freely and pass on as 'excentric' people…

      What about the crystal pyramids in the near of the Messe?

      • These are structures tuned to the huge black pyramid atop the Messerturm, and keyed to the intent/program being subliminally broadcasted through the pulsating red eye of Horus within the pyramid.

        Beware of the thought police patrolling the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, they are cleverly disguised in eccentric attire, so as to catch the unsuspecting by suprise.

  11. IgnotumArcanus on


    Thank you for your comment and this is something I felt like not mentioning before in my old comments just because of the nature of the subject. I should point out that there was this article in which VC was "hoping" that there are not "deterrers" (I know thats not a word, I like it, Colbert can do it right?) within these commenters, but they are my educated friends… Learn to sift through them like you would anything else. Hopefully.

    The "gateway to other dimensions" is correct in many shapes and forms, but I'd like to point out not everyone that is putting their arms on their hips is trying to suck you in, you might never look at a "model" the same way again. I don't mean to offend anyone, I just had to circle through that topic myself, I thought the World was against me when I started seeing this stuff everywhere. Don't do that to yourself, not a good idea lol.

    Hence why I was sharing this with trepidation.

    Knowledge of the pyramidal shapes created by own body movements is nothing new, it is very old/arcane knowledge, and has been layered upon now with subsequent perceptions upon beliefs upon perceptions. You will notice the "triangles" are everywhere, even how we create polygonal shapes or CGI scenes etc. Remember, our eyes/brain codes these electrochemical signals a lot faster than you can … "physically" think. Beta waves are our friends, alpha/theta should be too.

    What a beautiful concept the mind is…

    "A man's worst enemy is another man's mind."


  12. When you get the sand out of your eyes and ears, you will see what all this is about. Their workings are all around us and many people have no clue. It's called mind control, brainwashing and subliminal messaging, something they've practiced on humanity for many, many years without most of us knowing. You could say that they've done this for 50 years at least, but the whole agenda goes so deep and is so encompassing that it's hard to comprehend that the actual time frame is much, much longer than that. Start by researching this site and you will learn what they're doing to those who are still "asleep". Once woken up, we see symbols and signs of their doing everywhere. There is a current wave across the globe. People everywhere seem to wake up and realise the truth. And the truth is that we have been deceived and lied to all our lives.

  13. With today's building technology, pyramids really are not a good structure. The base of a pyramid takes up a lot of space and near the top of the pyramid there really is not much usable space left.

    So why are they building all of these pyramids in some of the most expensive land area premiums, when other structures make better use, or if for artisitic reasons could have better architecture than just a pyramid?

    • Think of it this way:

      Pyramids are like mountains. Towards the top is the Most High Place. (el bethel – "The God of God's Mountain)

      Now, notice that these places are placed in flat lands. No need for such massive structures in the Mountains, when you can look up and See God's place. Hence the flat temples for Greece (they had mountains around them) whereas Rome had their Obelisks with the Pyramid on top (a raised mountain). One can also look onto the Aztecs, whom actually used their Pyramids as temples (instead of merely high places for now-dead "gods").

      Now if you needed to hide a pyramid in plain sight, you'd put it on top of an obelisk, call it an Egyptian monument, and put it in a park and no one would be the wiser. Even if you make it big enough for people to walk up and view the surrounding city (DC, anyone?). Just stick it on top of a long, isolated column and you have a way of sneaking stuff in.

      Of course, if you no longer NEED to hide it (as it appears…), Obelisks still make a good focal point for tight spaces…

  14. The pyramids of Gaza represent the other world dimension, and the star constellation Orion/Sokar, the kingdom of Osiris, god/lord/king of the dead, and the Underworld.

    The dead is occult code for the non-initiate, the profane, those trapped in ego-centric-desire-based consciousness (consumers), whose souls are devoured in the Underworld of Osiris/Sokar.

    It's a self perpetuating feeding machine of pyramidal design, "fact is stranger then fiction".

    • IgnotumArcanus on

      If only they could look into the face of their own creator, or their mirror, whatever comes easier to them, and help deconstruct the ego-"testicle" or help their "anima"-listic nature….

      I had looked at the pyramids and their guardian Sphynx, and as the face reminds me of my own face, and the headdress seemed like an aura to me, I couldn't help but think… how does one work within this dimension like "others"? So to speak.

      Osiris and I had an interesting bout, he made me walk around for hours and I couldn't find my way out, I was kind of ticked that he made me lose my way, until I stared at the moon and remembered where my heart is.

      Good thing that "music thanatology" was known to me even before I read their proverbs in rhetorical speech, otherwise I'd probably would have died, I mean… "they" made me walk into the middle of the street.

      Hmm. It's been a very interesting journey I find myself in, and now I search for the next of kin, and all I know is that within those pyramidal stones lies many secrets within, nothing like the huge crystal buried in between.

      Space/Time is an illusion that I wish to bend, sacral to crown chakra I've already spirited to "win", we shall converse like old times, my friend?

      • i never understand a damn thing you post and i have a hard time figuring out your intentions

      • IgnotumArcanus on

        Mr. Ajay,

        I will let you know my intentions if that is your question, but if that is your question you are stuck in the wrong rate of your sedimentation. I don't mean to cause you frustration, I just want you to enter a state of contemplation, its where I found the truth in "constant" meditation.

        Understand my statements that I am not one of the establishment, but rather I like to cause you frustration, because I keep spiral projections around the nations, and understand that I lie just to tell you the truth from your space station.

        GPS systems coordinate your movements quicker than I can get you to you, because your thought forms the the colored filaments and its skies colors to beckon you, anger is your course and I'm signalling you to change your kingdom for a horse.

        Look into your creative pursuits of your humanity, and see the 17 degrees of Rotor causing your gyroscope to have an inert force, and causing you to think less than you need to be in bliss…

        If this doesn't help you understand what I mean, than I don't know will… I'll try again then?

        I am the confusion that you need to think what you need to think because this is the only way to see through the logistics. If you get frustrated by my riddles, then might as will throw the Piccolo, or the fiddle… And I'll be the Piper for your "Stars" to draw "ratS"on your door, and know that the Akasha records your "calorific" heated torrents.

        I'm just saying, its just Logic?

        If you want to know my attentions, you should also know that I get bored trying to show you what I mean without riddling this to you. I have other "nicknames" that show you more of what "Aye" know, just to let you know what you need to know, and I'll tell you this… most of the people love the "King"s, and when I decode those that "WriteinCodes", but no one asks how I know what I know, and I'm telling you… its the way of this Ignotum.

        Arcanus, can you blame us? Lol…

        No need to question my intention, that's you asking the wrong question, so you get this answer with your name as my mention…



  15. This reminds me of that scripture in Revelations that talks about the "horns" that will rise to the "surface" of the earth from hell in the last days.

  16. Pyramids are used as portals of energy in meditation,as for the new world order i believe it is the thousand years of peace on earth(the return of the christ consciousness) that we will have. But before it happens there will be a great spiritual war within our self is this sphere(solar system)and as everything else it will be reflected into the material world too so hard testing times for our spirit before the new beginning.

  17. So if it will be completed in 2016, then the whole 2012 end of times is just a load of bull. And really, how many more pyramids does Paris need? Wasn't the one built on the Louvre enough? I mean can it be more blatant?

    Funny thing is, we have yet to find out the true faces of the big players. I wonder who they are and when we'll have the DIShonour of meeting them?

    • Assuming, of course, that things go on until 2016.

      Remember, it's not as if everything plans to stop on December 21, 2012. There will still be plans, weddings, funerals, trips and forecasts for the future that go beyond the world's end when the world ends. It's just that suddenly there will be nothing that can be done, as nothing more CAN be done.

  18. Hi all,

    So I was researching on Bertrand Delanoe, but I could not find any article that said he was a Freemason. Could anyone give me a link to an article that says so ?

    Thank you

    • A random thought on

      hey TAPSOR

      been looking into this aswel and have come across alot of article's laying the claim about his involvment in freemasonry and say he said ''i used to be a mason.'' but with no source for there info. although i have found one article that seems to confirm his involvment in such things on a french site that google will translate nicely read the section after it says ''Paris: 40 000 brothers will infiltrate major groups, unions and senior management.'' is a very small bit about him but is most i could find at this moment.

  19. Looking at what is happening nowadays:the satanic symbolism in music and movies,economic crises and the new world order, there is no doubt. The Bible is the true word of God.

  20. A random thought on

    yay welcome to the world of pyramid's, not only are they all over the world atop of bank buildings and in citys, in the media, on money and there is a high possibility of there being huge pyramids on mars,the moon and other planets, these structure's seem to be universal litrally speaking. in the mason world i understand there meaning and what they stand for but is this there real meaning or is it just a veil over the truth. It would be wonderful to hear from the horses mouth as to what exactly they mean or stand for but this im afraid may never happen. anyways not much else to say really over and out.

    • I can answer that. The real meaning of a pyramid is a sacred mountain. That is the uncorrupt, unperverse meaning of it. And the meaning of the sacred mountain is as one form of the axis mundi, which is the central pillar which joins heaven and earth. This concept is found in pretty much every religion on Earth (the pillar of Osiris, MesoAmerican pyramids, the cross, the Ka'aba, the star of David (a double mountain), etc.). It's a religious concept that has been with humanity for untold thousands upon thousands of years, in shamanism, the earliest religion, and every religion since. In eastern religions, it's often a double mountain or double pillar which symbolizes the union of the earth via the transit of sunrise and sunset (and DNA) – this is why the Twin Towers coming down were so significant. Whoever did that brought down a symbol of the universe itself. It's connected to concepts of the celestial ladder, the stars of the north polar region (read Stairway to Heaven by Peter Levenda for an awesome explanation of this). The uncorrupted symbolism of the axis mundi is the absolute center of ascent mysticism/spiritual alchemy, the positive discipline whereby humans can realize their divine oneness, realizing their own sacredness in harmony with God's creation. Another axis mundi element is the energy of the human central nervous system and chakras, symbolized by the Tree of Life in kabbalah. By 'turning it on' one realizes Adam Kadmon, one's own divinity as Created Man. The perversion of this process in 'fallen' ego is the Illuminati/Satan/Lucifer/psychotic drive to become God, not PART of the Divine Nature, and to stand in dominion over creation, and separate from God. We are all divine, and can reverse the Fall and reunite with the divine, but we can't do it via power drive, domination, and abuse, like these morons seem to think they can do. If you have never read the Illuminatus! fiction trilogy, I highly recommend it. There are two groups of "Illuminati" working in it – a good one and a bad one. The bad one is a bunch of organized crime bosses, Nazis, etc. who are willing to make a mass sacrifice of a hundred thousand people to cross over to immortality. The good one is the people working to stop that, and who realize the only way to any kind of immortality is through spiritual effort. There is great wisdom in the mystery religions, and there is also great corruption, because spiritual truth is spiritual truth, but man always has the possibility of corruption in the way he deals with it. If you are pursuing spiritual things for power, you are doing it wrong. If you are pursuing spiritual things for love, you are doing it right.

      • Upon reflection, I want to add one thing to this – we are actually never separate from the divine – we just need to change our perception in order to realize that. The Fall is a damaged perception, a shattering. Its reversal, the Ascent, is a reparation of the break.

  21. Why now? I am fully aware of the NWO, but why does it seem like all of the sudden that many bulidings, monuments, and statues are all in the form of a pyramid? They might as well just make them into the form of five-pointed stars… Oh wait. The Pentagon? Anyways, I just can't believe how once secret societies are now blatantly placing their symbols all over the world.

    • I don't think they were that secret. Things were pretty obvious for a while, we just don't pay attention and don't want to be paranoid.

    • I'm baffled about Holland. I lived there and never noticed any of these symbolic buildings. My eyes were wide shut I guess.

  22. That pyramid in Louvre is hideous. And there is a pyramid in the centre of Rome which is ancient of course. Just off the main road in Rome. With the recession they still built pyramids. They even build pyramids on the top of churches. I've seen a church with 2 glassy pyramids on the roof. Those people are sadistic sociopaths who don't give a flying fig if they go to he!l. They are of the opinion that they are some kind of gods and they'll rule there.

    We were told that 1-2% of the population in the USA are generational s*******s. What about other countries and continents. I believe UK/Germany/France/Belgium/Holland are the deal.

    Svali mentioned that Alexander the Great is one of their prototypes. Alexander the Great made a wish before he died to have his arms and hands uncovered when dead so all the people could see he was unable to take his wealth with him.

  23. Suzy, what exactly do you mean by generational s*******s? Do you mean that 1-2 % of those populations (and not the imported black people, I assume) has to be selected? That would include me I guess because I'm as Dutch as they come. Is that what their ominous DNA collecting effort has to enable? If so, aren't they running out of time already?

    What do they want to do with the selected people?

  24. How am I supposed to know. I meant 1-2% of the population in the USA are generational illuminatis, according to Svali. I was wondering if there is any data about other countries. Let's say Spain. What's the percentage of generational illuminatis there. Where there is a high percentage of them, country wise. I know I know too many questions, not so many answers.

  25. I guess so… Can we beat those old Gods? And are they the first line of 'Gods' (Titans) or the second one (Zeus and so on). I'm not making much sense, am I?

  26. The times we are coming to are of huge cosmic significance, no earthly human of any power can interfere with the true force of the universe, it has its own intelligence and is not dependent on the human for anything… its vice versa, all these things that are happening are the realignment of energies that have been misused by the human. These fools with their magic and manipulation can think they have power, but that also is an illusion, for when the spark of God awakens within the heart of his earth children, that is the greatest power there is. Even the children of darkness are not immune to their own spark of God.

    2012 is not the end of the world, its the purification of the earth and her children so that we may all live in divine freedom. Have no fear because ""THE LIGHT OF GOD NEVER FAILS"…..


  27. Ok, but that wont make me or my cat happier… All I wanted was a nice and modest life, with my book, my cat and my cars. Cosmic rebalancing doesnt seem to serve my case. Can I still drive my Mercedes then?

    • yes if thats important to u… but the cosmos is way biggerr than you, your cat, or us for that matter…..

  28. Ok sorry, of course you don’t know the answers to all those big questions. But I have a fever tonight and it’s all going wheeewwhhee in my head right now so.
    Besides, stating good questions is often more insightful than good answers. You cant expect too much truth is this world; my old uncle once said. He spoke about the newspaper then.
    I was just thinking; if they have to select us (which is easily deduceable from their frantic need for collecting DNA; then their bloodline thingy isn’t limited to their own fucked up cabal. It’d be something like the Force in Star Wars; the new kind so the one that has a physical/corporeal basis, and is detectable.
    Aww.. just my 2 cents.

  29. The polar shift will take care of all of this. As we reach a more positive way of thinking and become united. It's a good change, and this government thing will be done with.

    • haha was that a joke?

      Everyone knows the 'polar shift' theory like the Y2K theory is being used to create a mass panic. A scared society listens to its leaders! Think about it…

  30. "One of the distinguishing features of the the kingdom of Osiris, God of the Dead, and Lord of the Underworld/Otherworld, is a giant double-lion Sphinx-god named Aker, who seemingly protects the 'Kingdom of Osiris, who was earlier Sokar, and above Aker is a large Pyramid which covers the kingdom".

  31. Pyramids are not evil as some peeps here seem to think. :-) Some believe the pyramid structure harnesses energies that modern science is only starting to understand. Take for example the glass fibre pyramids in Russia:

    Very interesting indeed and highly positive results. I'm sure that same power can be used negatively

    as well. What an amazing adventure this life is!!! Peace and love to you all!

  32. ughhhh gosh I hate this dude

    he's been the mayor of the city for way too many years !! Nobody likes him !! especially cuz he tried to make Paris like San Francisco with his damn "tramways" sort of trains on the streets that makes Paris smaller and there are roadworks everywhere BUT in west Paris, the 16th district, where all the rich and famous people lives (near the Eiffel tower) and the rest is a mess.

    The dude even got stabbed nine years ago but I think it was because he's gay.

    Anyways I don't want that shit it in my neighborhood !! thank you VC for this article, I had no idea I definetly will start a petition I don't care this awful thing is not going to be built plus there are no huge buildings in Paris, the only ones we have are historic monuments, the rest is "flat" so it doesn't belong there… or anywhere in the world 😀

  33. These illumnists are pathetic and deserve only pity for calling normal decent people sheeple. As I see it, they're the ones who behave like sheeple. Wow they do all these things, how the heck they manage.

  34. You are right in stating this point.

    Pyramids in of themselves are neither good, nor evil, it is the intent of the builder of these structures which determines good and evil.

    Knowledge is power which can be used to harm people, as well as used to educate and uplift people.

    Sorry to say, and history serves as witness, it is the deliberate abuse of sacred knowledge by a secret body of Adepts and their initiates, which has alarmed people, and inspired them to learn and search for the truth.

    The "Judas Goat" betrays the trust of the herd and leads them to slaughter house.

    Ignorance is a poor defense, especially when your head is on the chopping block, and the consumer/profane is purposely kept ignorant of the true intentions of the Elite, their adepts, and initiates.

    Truth is that these symbols such as the Pyramid, and Sphnix, are also related to the kingdom of Osiris/Seker, "regarded as the place of great ritual for initiates and adepts where the reborn person can go forth into the day as one who follows the god (Osiris) in his procession.

    Here begin the spell of the Fields of Offerings and spells for going forth into the day: of coming and going in the realm of the dead".

    Such was the truth to be experienced by the Adepts and initiates, but as for the non-initiate, or the profane "the work of these Adepts and initiates, called gods, is to be present at the destruction of the dead/'consumers/profane' in the Underworld, and to consume their bodies by the flames which they emit from their mouths, and the goddess lives partly on the blood of the dead, and partly on what the gods give her.

    These gods are provided with blocks on which they cut in pieces the dead/'consumers/profane', and when they are not thus employed they sing hymns to their god, to the accompaniment of the shaking of sistra; they exist by virtue of the word of power which they have received, and their souls have been given to them.

    The dead sho are here referred to are those who have succeeded in entering the dread realm of Osiris/Seker, but who, for want of the influence over the gods there, which could only be obtained by sacrifices and offerings made upon earth, and by the knowledge of mighty words of power, were unable to proceed to the abode of Osiris/Seker.

    When the dead/consumers/profane arrived in the dread Underworld of Osiris/Seker, some of them were cast into a lake of liquid fire, or of boiling water, and others were first cut in pieces, and then consumed by fire.

    The religion of Osiris/Seker proclaimed that the god lived in impenetrable darkness, in a region of sand, closely guarded by terrible monster serpents.

    The cult of Seker is one of the oldest in Egypt", 'and later the god Seker became Osiris'.

    • Osiris/Seker is nothing but pathetic false god. Jesus is the one true God; everything and everyone else is just an pathetic wannabe god.

  35. Boris Sandford on

    This is a good article. Not.

    Masons build masonicly inspired building. Now there's a surprise. You melt.

  36. Im surprised nobody has mentioned the similarities between this and the Da Vinci code film, pyramids or triangles where tombs in Egypt and in the film the holy grail was buried underneath the triangle, in the fiml they never reffered to it as a pyramid

    And as i mentioned earlier the Knights Templar from France confiscated the Temple of Solomon's hidden treasure meaning it could be anything, the origin of mankind, who Christ really was etc and 2016 not 2012 will mark the begining end of an era, even David Icke expressed this theory on youtube

  37. … to be completed 2016 ?? I have to agree with beberodri, the elite seem to think they're going to sail comfortably through 2012.

  38. Hollywood created the movie myth that the Jews built the pyramids, in a 1956 vintage classic starring Charlton Heston playing Moses, in the Ten Commandments, and directed by Cecil B. DeMille.

    As to factual history currently there is a great controverse over the true age of the Giza pyramids amongst professionals and amatures, which extends to the myterious race that built these structures the world over, to include the Gaza pyramids using a engineering technology beyond today's standards.

    Pyramidal structures have also been found underwater off the coast of Japan, in China, the Americas, etc.

  39. Aye,

    It can not be refuted that there are way too many texts and references to the pyramidal structures being more advanced in age and technology then the "general consensus" concedes to. From Hermes/Thoth and the Hermetic Lodges, to the Shemsu Hor and their crystallized skulls throughout the Planet, to Mr. Ed in Southern Florida and his Coral Castle to his Sweet Sixteen, the mysteries are in abundance, but the truth is what we should ingest.

    There are more things then meets the eye, and yes I am talking about Transformers. Also, if you remember the movie "Jumper" he was on top of the pyramid as well, and Hollywood has a great way of putting the seventeenth degree of Virgo into the mix.

    One should just learn that there is more to Master….


  40. Wow… when will our Governments learn that 1984 was not a manual on how to run a country? Really, the second building's name is just the icing on the metaphorical cake (Ministry of Peace, anyone?).

  41. Yes. We have a glass pyramid in the town where I live built right next to a church (temple). Nobody knows why is it there, why a pyramid. Everyone whom I talked to about it, thinks it does not suit there at all. Well, I mean no official description is available about it. But anyway it IS clear, who rules the organised religion over here: masons, in hand with the heads of churches.

  42. Heavens Vibe on

    If you look closely at the thumbnail on the home page, you can somewhat make out an eye at the top of the pyramid 😮

  43. Things are starting to get too obvious, too crazy

    being 15 in a world thats taking a turn for the worst is scary

    God Bless You All (: ♥

    • I am young too and It seems scary as if we have no future, but the devil is a Lie. Gods people shall win in Jesus's Name!

  44. OMG P Diddy's album…."Last Train to Paris"….. Kanye's lyric on the song "Dark Fantasy" ….

    (And the hell, it wouldn't spare us

    And the fires did declare us

    But after that, took pills, kissed an heiress

    And woke up back in Paris) Im sure we can connect Paris to other artists

  45. I thought we are heading to the future.

    anyway, not that i dont believe in history or such but there is also something that we call modern art. I am for one is an artist, I just express myself not putting boundaries to my work coz its a space where we are free, i think it is also for this project. Its so people will not only want to go to Paris for the Eiffel tower but also for other sights to see too. You know, its called tourism for france. they are trying out new ways to have people come over the country. Many say that everything around us has a meaning but we are created to see the world in a whole new perspective . We discover and learn what we need to flourish our minds. And there are reasons for all this buzz, we just don't know it or we are pretending not to know it.

    You believe coz you see, but you can see because you believe.

  46. It's so insignificant, it's a triangular building. So what? Triangular buildings can catch the attention of people, they're not common, they make people curious. This site has some interesting articles, certainly some things that cannot be explained, but when you start posting things like this… It's meant for tourists, and attract tourists it will, more so, I bet, than a standard rectangular building. Perhaps if they had a huge Eye of Ra and mosaics depicting slaughter, I would be concerned, but not this. You're drawing conclusions where none exist.

  47. were ancient pyramids considered from some sort of world order idea, ex pyramids being found in the most populous locations, epicenters of commerce and civilization at those times. could the same similar thing be happening now. could we just be reaching a technological peak that resembles one that every nation goes through before it drops below the rest making way for a new nation… possibly china next… but yea is it just human nature at its best…. then again thats the non religious non skeptical ladys impression of the mystical/ religious… if ne of that made sense at all :)

  48. I read that octagon-shaped n pyramid structures produce negative energy. Its gud to know that Freemasons have shaped our history, sumthing we never learned in our history textbooks. Great Site, Greetings from South Africa. Cecil Rhodes was a freemason and was financed by The Rockafellers to take over South Africa.

  49. Remember the movie Bladerunner? It showed Los Angeles in the future and downtown LA was loaded with pyramids like those in Mexico. Oh, how masonic!

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