Old School Illuminati Symbolism: Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston (1999 video)


This performance of When You Believe by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston at the 1999 Oscars begins rather conventionally but quickly becomes an all-out Illuminati extravaganza, complete with a checkerboard floor, a pyramid and an “illuminated” occulus doubling as a solar deity at the top. Odd fact: both singers suffered a rather violent breakdown in the following years.



    • gosh u r right…years ago when i didn't know anything about the sick owrlod of illuminati i didin't understand ths symbolism in this video…nw i saw the masonic chessboard, the columns on both sides, the sun rising in the middle…it is exactly the same
      and the choir behind staying as a human pyramid which adore and pray for illuminati plan…yeah…it is clear for me now…on 1999 i didn't understand, i thought taht was just one more song by hollywoods…

  1. I had the most insane obsession with Mariah Carey from 9YO then I Hit 15 and was completely Obsessed with Jay-Z…..still am. This couldnt be coincidental could it?

    By the way all Mariah Carey album titles are Monarch Programmed…….Think Back

    (Butterfly, Rainbow, Music Box, Daydream, etc…)

      • What annoys me is that they (Mariah and crew) love the trappings of their monarch programmed lifestyles but as soon as they are chewed up and spat out by their beloved industry when they start turning 30 and messed up by the abuse and the rejection – they 'find God'. Okay fair enough God accepts those who repent – but lets see how 'out' and 'repentant' Mariah remains. After all she has twins, one of whom is named 'Monroe' (and we all know what that means for the poor child!). Lets see if she won't start 'pimping them out' in the future (after they have been programmed by the handlers who surround her). My crystal ball tells me she might have some reality TV show for herself or the twins when they come of age and who will no doubt be chillin' with the Beyonce/ Jay-Z hybrid (Rosemary's Baby) child a.k.a Adrian Marcato Carter (thanks @babybump for the moniker).

      • @Amanda actually I would not be so sure about Mariah pimping her kids out. They're several months old now and she and Nick still haven't released any pictures of the twins, and they seem intent on keeping it that way as long as possible. She is friends with Bey though so yeah, their kids will probably be playmates with each other as well. Not sure if any overt programming will be needed; just being Mariah Carey's kid and surrounded by all the references to butterflies and charmbracelets will be more than enough.

        And by the way it's not just celebrities who wait until 30+ to "find God." That's pretty much what at least 80% of born-again Christians do after they've gotten into who knows what and raised all kinds of hell in their teens and 20's but are now too old and just plain tired to keep wearing themselves down with all of that. Anyway, Mariah has mentioned her beliefs since the beginning of her career (one of her earliest singles, Make It Happen, mentions relying on God) so I wouldn't say her faith, however strong or weak it may be, is any different from what it was before.

      • @ emm I think its fair to say that the 80% of normal 'hellraisers' don't spend their time infiltrating the minds of millions of fans with monarch programming lyrics and motifs – so you can't compare Mariah to normal people. It's actually worse that Mariah has been talking about God since the beginning of her career as all that shows is that's she's been a hypocrite for a long time because you can't deliver a dual message. It can't be God with a side helping of Illuminati. So if as you say, her faith now is no different than what it was before – then she just remains a hypocrite!

        As for her kids, you'll note that I said they would be pimped out 'in the future', I didn't say tomorrow or next month – so who knows but they gotta keep that high end money rolling in!! (money just loves more money afterall) Maybe she'll start a Butterfly kids clothing range or something! Who knows! As for mind control, I'm sure there are many kids mom's who love being girly and dressing their kids in pink and loving butterflies and charmbracelets etc. That doesn't make them monarch programmed slaves – but a bit of training at say at the Kabbalah school founded by Will and Jada Smith might change things in that respect!!

        Sorry if you are a Mariah fan! I didn't mean to upset you.

      • What you don't understand is when 'they' say God 'they're' not speaking of the same God you serve. They're God is different… totally different. So just because you read or hear of a person giving praise to God, don't assume it's your God.

    • Sure it is coincidental. Their demonic wits are to draw you in them. Be careful. Obsession is such a strong word. He is only a human being.

    • @TimothyLee…

      What's funny is the album titles that followed were just as creepy. "The Emancipation of Mimi" kinda sounds like an alter persona. Then after that was E=MC², which she referred to as "Emancipation of Mimi PT. 2."

      Also…as I said in a previous comment, she created her own record label in 2002 called "MonarC" Check it out:

    • I also noticed an odd, but intriguing coincidence. O.T.I.S. supposedly meant Only the Illuminati Succeed? Otis Redding died, December 10th 1967 in a plane crash, and Sam Cooke was killed 3 years earlier on the same day at the Watts' Hacienda Hotel on December 11, 1964 – shot dead . Cooke sought to leave the mafia ran publishing label and wanted to be his own man. The three records that he made after the tragic death of his daughter, showed more of his gospel roots. Cooke also Fraternized with and supported Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali. He signed on Allen Klein as his manager and got a unprecedented deal, in which he would get his master tapes, site fees, gate revenues for live concerts, 10 percent of all records and singles sold, and back royalties; resulting in Cooke making over a million dollars a year. Were Cooke, Redding both illuminati sacrifices, with O.T.I.S. "saluting" that sacrifice? Jay-Z and Kanye are supposedly, "free" to gain exposure of this continuing empire. In other words, to break free from them will mean either ruin or death.

  2. maru. the free ant on

    Right in YOUR FACE! Yet some blinded people don't see it..

    Thank you Vigilant for sharing and keeping both of our eyes and mind opened!!

    God Bless everyone ♥ :)

  3. I think they have to establish the Freak Factor Early and looks like it's happening Earlier & Earlier .. maybe they needed to sideline Carey , Houston , they are to old for any freakish changes , to hold for da Meat Dress ….

  4. No!! I love that song, it was for the animated movie 'The Prince of Egypt' there we go: Egypt, symbolism but I did love their voices. I wanted to know if you will do something on the new Thundercats series. It's on cartoon network and is much more violent then the original series. In the first episode it is revealed that the stone in the Sword of Omens was originally Mum-Ra's. Jabba put a spell on it to use the stone for good, thus Mum-Ra's relentless effort to regain the stone/sword and rule Thundera. It's interesting that nearly all of the evil is manifested through reptilian species. Mum'ra poses as Panthro who in the original series I used to call "black engineer" and kills Lionel's father. There's alot of talk of power between Tigra and Lionel who are brothers. Cheetara is much more sexualized in the new version (like dolly parton top and cut-off shirt and overtly flirts with Lionel). As a woman it's offensive–at least to me. A couple of more things.

    I remember watching the scenes and actually had Mum-Ra's lines memorized, it was the suspenseful part for me "Ancient spirits of evil…" and since reading your website and reflecting I started thinking wow this could of been a real ancient chant conjouring up bad spirits and they were feeding it to us as children.

    O.k. in the second episode after Mum-Ra's cronies infiltrates the royal lair Jabba holds off Mum-ra and the rest while Lionel, Tigra, Cheetara escape. Jabba is not necessarily killed but Mum-ra destroyed him, thus Jabba is now the wise spirit. There is a part where one of the cat warriors is the actually betrayer of Panthro and it is initially thought Panthro is dead. The betrayer one always wanted the Lair's throne and Mum-ra telepathically summons him to his place of rest which is a pyramid in the desert. This is still on Thundera. Bad guy is chasing mumra's voice and some computerized grid illuminates and the pyramid tomb opens, they both go in mum'ra trying to get them to get the sword and the book or something. Jabba held in a huge crystal ball (his spirit) and apparently knows where the book of omens is. He refuses to tell mum-ra. Mum'ra holds a lamp and says the black majic in this lamp will force Jabba to tell him. Mum-ra extracts Jabba from the big ball thing into the actual lamp he holds. After some resistence Jabba's head jerks back and his eyes become white light. Mum'ra angle's the lamp to the ceiling. The pyramid has no top, the light from jabba eminates from where the point of the pyramid is and shines East. Yes, this is from memory. It is much creepier than I remember. With the original series it was more child-friendly, this newer version is more sinister and airs at night…I saw a couple of them afterward which were milder but each episodes seems to involve death…

    • no not "Egypt symbolism" the movie is about the israelites escape from pharoah which is a story you can go and find in the book of exodus….now if the twisted to mean something else in their warped minds…thats another story…because the world does that (twists what God made pure and holy into something that means vulgarity) …..

      • have you not seen the movie? there is egyptian symbolism in the movie since its in EGYPT. they(the bad guys) call on Ra and other egyptian gods to do magic as an answer to Moses' miracle of turning the staff into a snake.

    • @Anonymous –

      I've been watching the series too, and I know you've memorized it well. A couple of things. First, the wise old cat is Jaga ( as in Jaguar ), rather than 'Jabba'. And agreed, that chant by Mum'ra is as creepy today as it ever was " ancient spirits of evil.." I bet it did do some terrible work in some child minds. Like you though, I am sort of drawn to this cartoon series. It is much more violent than before, but the stories are also written much better. The ideas are more fleshed out. I like it, but like all other entertainment, we have to be careful with it, don't we? There are so many negative occult things it could turn into, and we don't want to get sucked in…

    • ChildrenOfTheLight on

      You're certainly odd… >.> First of all, The Prince Of Egypt was a biblical story of Moses. BIBLICAL. It had absolutely nothing to do with these Satanic entertainers. These 'horrible' people had to decided to take something that was a remake of a Moses' holy life, and instead decided to add the Devil in it. You'd think that these two would have a little more respect for a story of God's servant (In other words, don't mess with God's people). Oh well, they're gonna have to face Judgement, just like everyone else. Oh and your little Thundercats show? You don't like what happened in an episode, take that as a warning to just QUIT WATCHING IT. Read a bible instead. Or watch the Prince of Egypt again, okay? God bless you.

      • Why don't you put down the bible and stop trying to control someone's opinion. P.s don't bother blessing me.

      • Hey that doesn't mean you can't be her fan she's probabliy the victim most artist in the industry are so far controlled they don't the different between reality and fantasy. Be there fan just don't buy their junk cuz it probably won't go to them

      • Whitney's voice was a gift from the Lord that she began to misuse. She knows this. Look at her family background. The same is for R. Kelly.

        Light and dark does not mix. These people must make choices that align with their purpose in life.

        Mariah Carey is just a hot mess. She needs Jesus, but she will deny Him until the end.

  5. Taking into account their violent breakdown, can we come to the conclusion that they gave in to the illuminaties? In other words sold their lives to the devil…..

    • Edgar, my point exactly. People need to stop making excuses. These people made their choices. They can leave, but they want the money and fame.

      People should not feel sorry for them. They are in their ungodly high places and looking down at the normal people awaiting for us to praise them. No way, no how!

    • Actually their violent breakdowns shows that they didn't join willingly and that they were rather victims of monarch programming.

      I can't give much info on Whitney but Mariah is just aw obvious a victim as people like Britney Spears and MJ. First of all, she has an album named butterfly as well as a song (the song was released as a single and the video was of course also filled with butterflies) some of the lyrics during the chorus are "Spread your wings and prepare to fly, For you have become a butterfly" that is similar to what programmers tell the children during electroshock when they get a sense of light headed-ness, they basically tell them to disassociate. Then she has an album named rainbow and rainbows are also another trigger for Mk victims. Then we have her breakdown which happened right after her split from her handler, there were reports of attempted suicide as well as a suicidal message put up on her official website, why would she attempt suicide? well when the programming brakes for one, they often go into self destruct mode and sometimes they just prefer death over serving the agenda any further. Of course later she was admitted into a hospital for emotional issues and etc. and in there she was most likely reprogrammed. Then she made her comeback album "The emancipation of mimi" with mimi being an alter ego of hers, you see? she is surrounded by A LOT of monarch symbolism, she even has a butterfly tattoo I believe.

    • The film itself isn't "Illuminati based." It's an animated movie based on the deliverance of the Israelites out of Egypt by God through Moses, I.e. the book of Exodus in the Bible. There is a lot of Egyptian history and mysticism in it, because the majority of it is indeed set in ancient Egypt. So it's not an Illuminate tool. This live performance, however, is another story. I can sort of see justifying the pyramid, in the sense that they may have been drawing influence from the movie, yada yada, but the muted checkerboard and floating sun… I can't even remotely justify that lol

      And this is a spectacular movie, by the way!

  6. I feel sorry for them, watching HELL IS REAL atm … They will go down definitely to the pit of Hell if they and others do not ask for Jesus to be in their hearts. What will money, power on this earth will do to them? They came the same way we did and will leave the same way we do.

      • Pretty much what Pipo said.

        If you’re really watching a Youtube video called ‘HELL IS REAL’ and that is what decides that people who have ‘sinned’ will ‘definitely’ go to hell; than you’ve already stopped thinking for yourself.

        For God being the ultimate sadist of all time, a lot of people sure do stand by his side without ever questioning or thinking for themselves.

  7. Watching HELL IS REAL atm … They will go down definitely to the pit of Hell if they and others do not ask for Jesus to be in their hearts. What will money, power on this earth will do to them? They came the same way we did and will leave the same way we do.

    • It did take place in Egypt. But would it have hurt them to like… not include a sun? Did we honestly need a pyramid?
      (I honestly dislike your username, but since this 'woman' never existed, then why should I care? ^^)
      God bless you. Take care.

  8. Watching this now, I really forgot how beautiful they can both actually sing. What happened to Whitney??? So heartbreaking. And I'm guessing they were deliberately preyed upon by the you-know-who…but why? Was Bobby Whitney's handler?? I think it's obvious he got her hooked on drugs…or maybe they were both puppets trying to get out? I really don't know, I'm just brainstorming! That checkboard floor and pyramid at end is really creepy.

    • Excellent question.

      It has already been reported that T. Mottola was Mariah's handler (until she had a break down) . I don't indulge in too much celebrity fodder , but growing up seeing nick cannon on tv (and thinking he was corny even then) I was perplexed when the too became a couple. Nick has been "in" the industry since he was practically a baby.

      Is Nick Mariah's new handler?

    • No!! Whitney was a drug user all along, it was not a case of Bobby doing anything. Whitney was a hardcore drug addict all along.

  9. I usually tend to agree, but remember the movie "Prince of Egypt" was set in EGYPT- with all their pagan gods and pyramids mentioned in the movie. Maybe they were just following the theme?

    • What was the point of the checkerboard floor and the sun then?
      Okay, if the sun was for a pagan god, why didn't they just use God instead?
      The Lord was who Moses loved from the start… not this pagan abomination.
      God bless you.

  10. Handlers: Whitney Houston/Clive Davis (just think about it).

    Mariah Carey/Tommy Mottola. Both women suffered mentally behind these men and the programming.

    THIS: "An all-out Illuminati extravaganza" had me on the floor laughing! So true.

  11. ok. i just have to say something. i am a fan of the sight but i have mixed beliefs/feelings over a lot of the things that are posted. i am pagan and a lot things that you mention that are pagan origin is automatically related to something satanic when we dont even believe in satan. and heaven forbid anything egyptian pops up its deemed as evil. the egyptians were one of the greatest civilizations why wouldnt they influence people? and this fear of the age of horus? what would be so wrong with that? the story of horus is the origin of what you call the story of jesus. VC i love you but you need to really explain things to people in depth with REAL concrete proof and not just ignorantly pointing the finger.

    • 1) I never said that anything pagan was "satanic"

      2) Never said that anything Egyptian was "evil"

      3) Never "feared" the Age of Horus

      You are distorting the contents of the site by putting words in my mouth. Stating that the Age of Horus is being announced is not "fearing it". Stating things as they are, without using any detours is not "ignorantly pointing the finger".

      It is a known fact that hermetic secret societies heavily incorporate Egyptian symbolism in their teachings. In the case of this video, the combination of the checkerboard pattern (which is DISTINCTIVELY Masonic and not Egyptian) with a pyramid and an Eye doubling as a solar deity is an obvious reference to mystery teachings. It would be ignorant NOT to mention the true origins of this symbolism.

      • VC don't worry about these comments, the best you do is to explain who is in doubt of something with logic, and not explain to who wants to disturb this site.

        It's written! many ppl only by the fact of trying to open ppls mind and eyes, or even by talking about the real God, will be persecuted and subject to insults. :(

      • So I was going to say that you've been lying low of late (or am i impatient to read articles)? Also, that there's no in-depth study, just a pointing out of basic facts.

        Then i read through some of the posts on your site.

        All i want to say is: Relax people! Nothing to get worried about when someone is just pointing out a mild truth to you. Believing in anything or getting influenced by everything you read and see is, in my opinion, worse than making the illuminati eye sign. Just toughen up some and stop embarrassing Christ.

        Peace out =)

      • The two of them in white dresses reminds me of two columns, Jachin and Boaz. Not sure that is what they meant, but that was my first thought.

      • @ LAMB OF GOD

        Anybody can write! Your point is completely moot.

        So something that was around 'thousands' of years before any of us were, and so many people take it for face value. That it was written by prophets directed by 'God'. They're brainwashing the masses now; how is it that there's absolutely no possibility that they've done it before on a larger measure?

        I could list so many religious texts that were WRITTEN, but I'll let wikipedia do that.


      • @ Click3rz

        I was referring to dumbas5 who stated:

        "damn vigilant, youre so sexy"

        If you think this statement is normal because "ANYBODY CAN WRITE" ok no problem. With me is different, not anybody can write, 'cos I think that ppl regardless of their age can write things with some certain logic and not write any junk.

        And Dumbs5 with this comment makes me wonder about your age…may be 5! Dumbs5???

        Peace :)

      • Well said, as always, VC. I will simply add that even if these Hermetic beliefs were neutral instruments ( which I don't believe they are ) but if I did, what matters most is HOW THEY ARE USED. And the simple truth is that the Illuminists are using them now more than ever as a tool to covertly indoctrinate an ignorant populace into Illuminist philosphy and practice. If someone is indoctrinated secretly, without their knowledge, they risk becoming a slave to that philosophy, rather than someone who wields personal control over it.

        Thanks VC, as always-


    • Ocarina of Time…I don't know how much more occultic a game could be! My son started playing this game and I noticed an immense amount of symbolism.

      Love watching these videos from years ago. Just goes to show that the enemy does not need to change tactics because there are new generations to deceive every few years.

  12. (a bit off from the video) Since i was a kid i always adore Mariah Carey and her BUTTERFLY. Very little that i know story behind the butterfly symbols. So frustrating..

  13. Hey Vigilant! I really love ur work and this is off topic, but I was wondering if u ever looked into a Series of Unfortunate Events? A simple wikipedia search on both the books and the movies will BLOW UR MIND. i used to be a huge fan of the books as a kid and i decided to reread them this summer. with the new information and knowledge you've worked so hard so give all of us, i was truly shocked by what i found….

    • I would LOVE to see somebody talk about these books too! I too was a huge fan of them as a child and plan to reread them. After everything I've learned, so many memories of the books make me so excited and curious! The author was always so miserable, like he knew something terrible, not just in his fictional world, but the real world as well.

  14. Those twisted freaks even dared to make it for a 'Bible story movie' and even brought a church choir… oh they're on their way to hell now.

  15. Surprised no one mentioned the numerology.

    (all singers dressed in white represent the Druids/Sun worshippers).

    Singers on steps: 7 singers either side on stairs (stair way to heaven / 7 levels of heaven)

    Singers in pyramid: 18 singers (36 inner pyramids)

    7 + 7 + 18 = 32 + 1 (conductor) = 33 (33 could stand for the 33rd Freemason that conducts/orchestrates everything as well as also the top of the pyramid/the all seeing eye)

    Outer Sun rays: 16/7 rays of light (6+1=7)

    Finally, notice Whitney Houston is on the left black square instead of the right white square that Mariah Carey is in? Left or Black refers to the duality Satan or Darkness. Her position on the checker-board is no coincidence neither was her addiction to drugs and eventually the fall of her career.

    • First thing i did was to count the singer on the pyramids, figuring out they'd probably be 18. 18 is the kabalistic sum of 6 6 6

      The pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Paris has 666 panes of glass. Each side of each of the pyramid triangle has 18 panes, totalling 684 panes and the opening entrance of the pyramid exactly take the space of 18 panes, so if you remove these 18 missing panes you get 666.


  16. It begins rather conventionally…except for the curved staircases and backdrop looking like a big eyeball.

    Did anyone else notice how they both looked incredibly uncomfortable the whole time?

  17. LOL I'm sorry, but at the end I just started laughing. It's so ridiculous. How much more obvious can they be, and yet I never noticed. Absurd.

  18. I don't know how I feel about deeming every artist that does what their handler tells them to do, I don't understand how that makes the artist a part of this. I say this because you hear people saying " oh she/he's in it too….. " and I doubt it !! Some seem in the knowing, but most are just doing what they are told blindly. So to act like they are apart of some secret society is laughable, and i'm sure the true elites find it laughable as well. Anyway poor Whitney ! Watching this video reminded me of how beautiful & amazing her voice was, such a beautiful voice !

    • I don't think that's at all what VC is trying to argue. It's not like the artists are the ones who picked the backdrop, the floor tiling, the backup singers, etc. For the most part, artists these days are completely disconnected from any actual decision making as to what "art" they put out. This makes it all the easier for the elites to use them as vehicles to get their own messages and symbols out there.

  19. Yes yes yes 33 back up singers. Don't get this confused, its not entirely Pagan, or Satanic, or Egyptian… It's definitely Masonic.

  20. This is just sad! I see symbolism everywhere in kids movies,songs,picture etc;

    i really hope mariah wakes up from this. praying for her and other victims of hollywood and especially the young kids push into the industry.

    "thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10)" lord help us 

    • I'm skeptical on Mariah Carey's breakdown, when you watch the supposed video where she 'broke down' it really didn't look like she did. It did seem a bit at that time, however it seemed to me as if the media were trying to bring her down. Video:


      I mean seriously… Is that what the media call a breakdown?? /sad

  21. I’m skeptical on Mariah Carey’s breakdown, when you watch the supposed video where she ‘broke down’ it really didn’t look like she did. It did seem a bit at that time, however it seemed to me as if the media were trying to bring her down. Video:


    I mean seriously… Is that what the media call a breakdown?? /sad

  22. I thought this was a christain song. Why all the symbolism . What is this crap about something being occult and not hidden? Yes people misunderstand the word occult. But will you say the ways of God are occult(hidden)?

    • Okay, occult is of legalism, no freewill and full of doctrine.

      Now, Jesus, the Lord is of the commandments, freewill and leading people to salvation.

      Why don't you ask the Heavenly Father yourself is he teachings are part of an occult? He will answer you and show you. Don't be afraid to hear the truth for yourself.

  23. i feel so sad for these two.such major talent there! and btw, i'll go out of topic, sorry. but check out tyra bank's new book cover, Modelland. if that's not being blatant and open and obvious about her allegiance then i don't know what is!! and i was such a fan :( i bet it'll make this week's symbolic pics

    • @tralla

      I didn't care for the rendition of this song either, t. Just being able to jiggle notes all over the place doesn'' mean it's good singing, although I know these ladies did have excellent voices…

      • Jiggle notes! HAHAH! That is the PERFECT way to describe it!

        I hate when "revered" singers like Mariah and Christina get on stage and "Jiggle," as you said, every single note in a song… and then think it sounds good..

        Ugh. It is just not good singing.

    • @ SLYx207z Who says Nick Cannon is a devout Christian?!?!?! He is her new handler and I can't remember if it was mentioned on this site or on justify theory about him owning a large chunk of the nickelodeon station and changing a lot of what our kids watch now… he is part of the agenda as well.. don't think that these 'marriages' aren't part of a plan……..

  24. So because they participated in a "masonic ritualistic" performance, an inevitable "breakdown" must come later? I'm not really understanding.

  25. Whitney Houston has such a beautiful voice. Do you honestly think she knows or thinks about the design of the stadium? Most of the people have no idea what they represent, they just know they love writing music, or don't in the case of Britney Spears :( . Now, of course Jay-Z who apparently either figured it out and loved it or they told him beforehand, is different..So is Rihanna. There is a video of the song "Umbrella" and it's meaning against God. It's crazy! It's like "Ell la" or something means No God. Something like that, it's on youtube. But yeah there are few that actually KNOW what they're doing and support it….Michael Jackson did knew and he got out…then he tried to speak about them in his last tour, he said something like it was going to be "the worst kept secret"…look what happend to him..he ALSO said "they're trying to kill me. they're trying to poison me." and wouldn't drink water or food and I think then he was sent to the hospital, he didn't want to go there either….So, so sad. These people that control them or try to, are so evil…we must always be aware of what they're doing. And please don't forget subliminal messages, not just here, but in tv shows and things. Because if your conscious mind sees it and knows what it's about, it doesn't affect your subconscious anymore, at least that's what I've heard. I know I feel alot better when I research about subliminal messaging (political/music/etc) and my mind feels more clearer. Also look up the "Programming the Nation?" trailer. It'll be great.

  26. what annoys me the most is that they are singing a gospel song with such a background. you can't sing gospel and then show ppl devil things in their unconciosness (sorry if my english is bad =S

    • @yenne, this is not a gospel song. Its a song about Moses, its a movie soundrack song. Gospel songs give praise to God. There's no praising God in this song.

      • well, sortish gospel then, because they sing how they've prayed and miracles happend.

        the story is from the bible so what i meant was how can they sing a song like that with a background like that

      • funny how all the symbolism is present for the performance of a song on the prince of egypt soundtrack…that cant be a coincidence …VC remember pop-up video…wouldnt it be cool if you could do pop up video as a spot the illuminati symbolism to really insrtuct the masses!i think that would be great! so instead of random facts itll be specific pointing out of the symbols…just a thought:)

  27. this song if for the movie prince of egypt, therefore they would have an egyptian like set. The song is about god, its not drenched in illuminatie, its a show.

    • Sorry, not sure if you mistook this site for MTV? It's VC. If you've read the 'read this first' section of the site, I'm not sure how you can come to the conclusions you have? But you know what they say…ingorance is bliss! x

      • The Truth Will Out on

        and knowledge is power, yet power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, which as we see with elites, who have the knowledge and the power, that they are the most corrupt of us all.

  28. heloarcheonsurfer on

    At around 2:38-ish when the lyrics "and it's easy to give in to your fears" Whitney flashes the horns rather conspicuously through the word "fears". Very strange indeed yet completely obvious. I counted a total of 33 choir members including the conductor plus the two singers. 18 at the top, 7 on each side, and the 1 conductor. The top makes 9 which signifies "ego" and is lucifer's true number. 7, "completion/transformation", on each side makes 14 then 5 for the five elements. Then the conductor as 1. With the singers added its 35, which then makes 8 for

    "new beginning". Pretty deep if you you start digging. How did I do Vigilant???!!!!

  29. the movie is calles prince of egypt, and they perform the song..

    but WHY is there a piramide and sun!

    the egyptians didnt workship the sun.

    the didnt have pyramids..


    this is illuminati for sure!

    if you look egypt docus sometimes..

    there are a lot of black white floors there in the pyramids

    and the freemasons are not bad.

    freemasonary is only up to the 3rd degree

    than your a master mason..

    soms other clubs, like club 33, orders you to be a master mason before coming in..

    the freemasons have no word they can say about them and what they do..

    so yeah, some people got really evil, like skull and bones..

    they are only from there own degrees mastermason up.

    and yeah, the illuminati is also one of that group.

    if your really against them, go prostest against them..

    because on the buildings where they are, its on the front door.

    but this one is going to far

    i believe in big compagnies that are taking the laws and governments by lobbying..

    but tjhis vid is just about egypt and their religion..

    like the movie of jesus christ.

    no egyptian religion in a movie, no christian religion in a movie, no moslim, no nothing..

    Im really spiritual, and I can talk with people /energie bulbs since I was a child..

    but I believe in a force, like energie that came together, and where we are connected to.

    only media and blogs and stuff like that gets us a bit disconnected.

    I dont believe in a person, a father, or someone who shaped the world.

    but Im fine with that. If people believe in God or whatever religion, im fine with that..

    because yes, you have to love your fellowman..

    and I think people forgot these days where religion is about..

    most wars are religious ones,, so thats a bit strange

      • because im not a christian im tricked?


        I believe in an energie that everyone calls god, but i call it the universe.

        Im not tricked, I believe in all these things, that off course there is more than just fun tv behind that thing, and commercials and EVERYHINK..

        I did fashion design for 1 year and I did PR studies..

        so yeah..

        I know a lot, I know the tricks.. and.. I know the symbolism and his purpose..

        Now Im studying fine arts.. and I make art myself.

        And that freemasons are not higher than the 3rd degree is just a fact.

        I went to an open-day in a lodge here nearby, just to do some research..

        and i've read a lot.

        my brother worked on a selling for secondhand books..

        and, (this is nice) someone passed away and his grandchildren gave all his books to the shop.. inbetween: the 'bible' of the masons and a book of NWO.. and which steps to take to get there..

        is really thick and heavy, and its really old and interesting.

        but really, some things here.. are going a bit too far.

        one of the first steps was giving people churches to count them, make money out of them, and tell them things so they wont open there mouths.

        another thing is, they want people to think negative (and reading on blogs about all the illuminati stuff doesnt make people really happy, look at the comments) to get a negative mass mind to get in contect with there 'god', 'satan' as you call it.

        to become a 33 degree mason,

        its not a mason, but there are different other secret societies that want you to be a master mason before you come to them.

        than they know you are alraidy at home in a brotherhood

        because what they do is way to tricky

        but the grand lodge had no view on it, they cant check there way of working with a believe.

        love you all,

        think positive,

        be different,

        dont surrender,

        forgive everybody and love.


  30. @Malcolm

    I hear you. I have researched everything this website displays ten plus years ago. I too would never have listened too anyone preaching to me, less than a year ago. I was always a "new age thinker" based on "freedom of choice" "love and peace", it sounds so much more newer, fresher, modern would you not agree?……. until i could feel the Holy Spirit and when this happens everything and i mean everything starts to make sense….. Have you read the bible? have you spoken to God? No degree, Phd, or any other form of education, employment can give you faith ……

    God Bless

    • I did, and I spoke to him.

      but found out after speaking to him that the bible is heavy rewrote by human brains..

      they wrote the text for there own purpose in the end..

      and loving everyone is maybe a modernistic way of thinking..


      if you dont want the illuminati to take control

      why does everyone here work with them then?

      everyone is annoyed and thinking, OH GOD?! WHEN WILL IT END?

      thats kinda negative thoughts you are all spreading there..

      and just that, is the thing illuminati wants..


      yeah, think 'modern'

      love your fellowman

      • You said we should love each other. Isn't that Jesus' greatest commandment to us-to love thy neighbor as thyself? You may not be religious, but you are very spiritual.

        One of the greatest weapons we have in our arsenal to fight evil is LOVE.

        You are absolutely right.


  31. interpretthissong on

    Christina Aguilera's song "BIRDS OF PREY" has very strange lyrics. The song only appeared as a bonus track in the deluxe edition of her latest album, didn't make it in the regular edition.

    The lyrics :

    Suddenly lost inside a fantasy

    Everything not quite what it seems to be

    Slipping and falling through the looking glass

    Catching a glimpse at all that lies behind the masks

    You disappear with the dawn

    You only see what you want

    When you’re out with the birds of prey

    When you’re out with the birds of prey

    They watch and they feed

    They take what they need

    They bite as you bleed

    The birds of prey

    Taking the blue pill only made you cry

    And all that the red pill did was make you forget why

    There is no right, there's no wrong

    You only see what you want

    When you’re out with the birds of prey

    They watch and they feed

    They take what they need

    They bite as you bleed

    The birds of prey

    You disappear with the dawn

    You only see what you want

    There is no right, there’s no wrong

    You only see what you want

    When you’re out with the birds of prey

  32. Ooooh snap, my gurl MiMi sho did dun do the hell outta dat show! And now Whitney was looking on point in that dress guh! Aint no otha kinda bitches got shit on dem right der! Woohoo if dis right here is all dat illuminate stuff yall are speaking bout, I'm down fo it! oh yea and that stage! oh that stage! when that choir came out! Did yall see dat choir and shit! Maaaan they was killin it tho! Bad bitches right here!

  33. Precious Princess of on

    In response to all:

    "Great darkness and gross darkness the people" – my Father

    "The kingdomS of this world has become the kingdom of our God and of His and he shall reign forever and ever' – my Father speaking of the reign of my big brother – Jesus the Christ

    "The earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord even as the waters covers the sea" – My King and Lord

    All I am saying in essence is that all these things are happening in fulfilment of my Father's words, it is for but a season, the judgement of my King shall come upon the 'elite', and they shall be drunk on their own blood, the sword shall slay their young lions, they shall be plundered. They are drunk on the blood of innocents and burn incense to their dragnet and they contemplate the power of their right hand but they forget that all Power belongs to The Lord of Hosts and that he will not always strive with men, therefore the breath of my King shall utterly destroy them and slay their young. Indeed He will work a work in our days, which we would not believe though it were told us. We will be utterly astounded. Though it tarries wait for it

  34. 33 singers on pyramid the 33 mason degrees – the servants of lucifer singing about their dark king…yeah, shit, now i got really what was about this damned cartoon and its song! it was a message codified to all the freemasons that the arrival of lucifer was imminent – their king…2 years later there happened 11 september – the consacration of new millenium to their sick ideas and damned king…

  35. sandeigowatcher on

    Didn't know about this stuff in 1999 but boy was that loaded

    1. As the curtain rises the sun rises over the pyramid

    2. 18 singers were standing in the pyramid. 6+6+6 for the antichrist

    3. Sprial Staircase on either side of pyramid represents DNA (See Freemasonry)

    4. 8 singers on one side and 7 singers on the other side so 18 + 8+7 = 33 for the beast

    So in 1999 they showed the sun rising over the antichrist as if his day is beginning then 33 singers welcome in the beast. Popular music is nothing but pure evil

    • @ sandiego watcher –

      True, true. And back in 1999, who among us would have even known? I think it's by the grace of God only that we understand this mess now. Well, at least we've got some knowledge…

  36. This is really ironic. The lyrics of the song are really inspirational because the song comes from the prince of Egypt which is A Movie that depicts Moses, and they perform it like this. How Sick ????!!!!!

  37. Okay, I usually like the stuff you post on here and think it's very informative; however, this time I feel you a missing a lot.

    First, the movie was set in Egypt (The Prince of Egypt), and since the Freemasons took a lot of their symbols from Egypt, it would make since that it would show up when they were singing the song.

    So yes, there would be a pyramid. There would be a sun. And there would be checker floors. I've traveled to many ancient ruins, and the ancients loved checker floors.

    I think with this one, you're grasping at straws.

  38. If you have watched the Prince of Egypt movie you will notice that God is portraid as cruel and and unfair for bringing all the plagues on the Egyptians. The "Moses" character sings a song about how bad he feels that God is using him to do this in the song "This is My Home" (I think that's the name of the song). It does show that the Egyptians were also cruel and oppressive but what this movie dues is plant the seed in people's minds that God is no better than those Egyptians that enslaved the Hebrews. Further it puts into question whether or not God has the right to punish people for being disobedient.

    What they are trying to do is take a Biblical account and twist it to serve their purpose and profit from it. It's not surprising that at the end of Whitney and Mariah's performance the "pyramid" is revealed and the "sun" rises. They are telling you (by hiding it in plain sight) that they are willing to take God's word and twist it to plant doubt in people's mind and they are flaunting the fact that they think they are succeeding. Sadly, they are!

    • i don't agree with your "interpretation" at all. the song is depicting Moses's struggle with allowing the people that he grew up to suffer versus doing the right thing. the pharaoh was stubborn and allowed his people to suffer when he could've complied with Moses and saved them from the plagues. in that entire scene Moses does not express any anger or contempt towards "god" and in the lyrics he actually blames the pharaoh for the plagues. i encourage people to research things before they spread more ignorance around.

    • Nope, how is God portrayed wrong in the film, when He spoke to Moses and sent him back, and used him to tell Pharaoh just as the bible said. It was quite accurate and gives you the impression of the human side of Moses, who actually lived their and had human feelings. The best part was when the red sea parted, the songs were beautiful. Deliver Us was an amazing song and true to the love of God answering his people. God is not harsh in any means depicted in the movie, He is shown true in judgement and delivered His people.

  39. So sad and scary! I used to love this song when I was around 10 years old. And I even these days I used to think that the media doesn't do that anymore, songs that inspire us, I thought it was a great model for kids, you know..

    But look at that!! It feels like we are never safe in this world!!

    The stage is completely scary, and when you watch that and don't have a clue of the meanings, you probably believe that's is a great message and all that…

    Thank GOD I have information, I'm not blind anymore!

    • He's not saying the MOVIE is bad. It's this particular performance that is filled with unnecessary symbolism. The movie is still good, it will be ok

  40. One thing. People should remember that everything about Egypt is not bad or evil. The Israelites (not white people) were a part of its history. God was there with them. The Israelites (non-White people) did amazing things through the Lord.

    Out of egypt came the Lord, and that is when Egypt began to suffer. A new uprising Pharoah attempted to oppress God's people. Moses was chosen to help free His people from the hands and bondage of Pharoah. Woe, to the nations that attempt to oppress God's people of any race.

  41. Just a fun fact…after watching this, I decided to look at her Wikipedia page. Did anyone know she launched a record label in 2002 by the name of "MonarC" Kinda disturbing…

  42. daughterofyahuwah on

    First off I am not religious at all b/c all religions are false and manmade but the scriptures are the truth from The Most High. What gets under my skin is when people who don't understand the scriptures (bible) try to speak against it b/c it has not been interpreted to them correctly. The scriptures are 100% corrrect but mans understanding is flawed when the wrong people are trying to explain it. This is a pretty good site when it comes to making us more aware of our surroundings but what you all have to realize is all this has happened before nothing new under the sun. These are just prophecies being fufilled. Everyone is looking at the physical and not realizing the spiritual aspect of it the illumanati, masons, celebrities, alters, mind control whatever you want to call them are possessed by demonic entites, fallen angels, and satan himself that we can't see now but soon will. This has always been a spiritual war the fight for our souls might sound crazy to some but as they say truth is stranger than fiction. There is so much more that I want to say but it would take me days to get through it all so i will leave it at this humble yourself erase all that you have been taught about religion or any other manmade doctrines pray to The Most High and ask for him to take the blinders completely off and give you clear understanding of what is taking place right before your eyes then reopen your bible and start your new journey to the truth. Peace and Love

    • It's a relief to find there are others out there who see what I see. Be ever vigilant, my friend, but always remember, the more who awaken, the stronger the good side becomes. So few are awake that those who make peaceful protests are being beaten down and jailed right in front of them but it is never reported on the news so others have no idea it is happening. I find that nearly all of the old films about sci-fi are and have been happening for millenia…but it has been kept hidden under the veil of blindness. One way or another the change is happening now…the good side wins, though, so don't forget that! :)

      • daughterofyahuwah on

        Well thank you it is good to see someone else that realizes that it is much deeper than the physical and yes I do know who wins or shall I say has already won.

  43. Did anyone else notice Whitney throw up the devil horns when she said the word "fears" @ 2:35? (from the verse, "and it's easy to give in to your fears")

  44. Why didn't I see this back then. I actually thought coool props!

    I wonder what years of this blatant bombardment has done to us all!

  45. I'll start out by saying THE REAL BIBLICAL ISRAELITES WERE BLACK.

    Check the curses upon the nation 'for a sign and a wonder' to all in Deuteronomy ch. 28.

    Not one of those curses do those Zionist imposters fit!

    Secondly, as ALL children of Israel are in the entertainment industry Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston were pimped-out, destroyed, and discarded by the Satanic powers that be.

    People choose to believe what is "convenient" and would much rather continue playing 'where's Waldo' and looking for suns & triangles than except the hard to swallow truth. This is why most people still want to believe jews are white but believe every other conspiracy known to man. The longer you deny the entirety of the Satanic delusion the longer you'll stay running in circles. SMH

    Just read the Bible and understand the actual jews are the descendents of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Those are the only people who might be able to point you in the right direction in the last days.

    • daughterofyahuwah on

      Very true I couldn't agree more people are so blinded by mans interpretation of things that they don't realize the truth has been right there in front of them the whole time which is the bible heavenly inspired and written by The Most High through his chosen seed The Biblical Hebrews Of The Bible. The world is not ready for the real truth that is why they flock to anything that feels good but soon all will know who we are and what a glorious day that will be.

  46. I'm stunned.

    How did we not see this before?

    Whitney stayed on the black side and Mariah stayed on the white!!

    Seriously, Shocking.

  47. Mariah is not part of the illumanti. She was niave marrying Tommy Mottolla, but she broke free from him aged 26. She then wrote an ANTI-illumanti song (called, 'Can't Take That Away From Me (Mariah's Theme') which Mariah desperately wanted to release as a single; however, Mottola didn't want that to happen so he sabotaged the promotion of it when she got her way. Then, when she finally broke free from Sony in 2001 and released her first album (Glitter) with a different label, the twin towers COINCEDENTALLY got blown up on the exact same date that album was released…

    Additionally, Mariah recently said in an interview with Barbra Walters that she will 'never let her spirit be taken again' (in referal to her marriage with Mottola).

  48. Also, this song was the theme tune to an Egyptian themed movie. It only makes sense to include pyrimids. Beyonce randomly having pyrimids in the background on stage is different. That's not coincedental.

    • Actually this movie is part of the ongoing Hollywood campaign to Judaize or Zionize Christianity. It the elevation of of old testament stories over the importance of Yeshua – the New Testament. The best movie you can get out of Hollywood about Yeshua is Mel Gibson's version where they beat the crap out of him for two hours. While the Talmudic Jews complained they probably secretly enjoyed the spectacle. It is subtle but not so subtle propaganda – the elevation of the Jewish heritage over Christian. Really they are Edomites and not Israelites at all – but that is another story.

  49. I know that it's monarch brain control, but god created butterflies as a thing of beauty, Mariah thinks they are beautiful, listen to I wish you well and fly like a bird, can't take that away and see she went against the illuminati they tried to make her look crazy just like they did micheal. Anyway they don't set up the Grammy stages Mottola and Sony and those who run the Grammys do so she had nothing to do with this set up, and she will protect her children just like she protected herself.

  50. Illuminati is simply an organ lucifer uses 2 accomplish hes plan 2 gv evry1 hes mark of no return bk 2 God almighty hes creator and d archtect of heaven and earth. I mean d mark of d beast,whch is 666. Evry member of illuminati is an agent 2 achieve dis.

  51. Do you guys see it?

    Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012)

    There's the 9 and there's the 11…

  52. I found this site after hearing about Whitney – so sad. I've been researching NWO, and Illuminati, Freemasonry etc. for about a year now.

    Wow, Don, Whitney and who is next? – Mariah? I hope not.

    Mariah, I really don't know if she is really "saved". She mentions God in her song – Make It Happen – "God" is a generic term that can be applied to any deity being worshiped by the worshiper. The occult operates in double meanings, how do we know her 'God' isn't really Satan who the Illuminati worships as Lucifer? Anyone who has studied the Illuminati knows they employ double meanings and 5th column tactics- infiltrate and destroy institutions from within like organized religion, such as Christianity.

    As a born again Bible believing Christian, I can say with certainty we have no business being in business with worldliness, which is the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. All of these weeds are in full bloom in Tinsel Town. So, I find it hard to believe anyone in show business is a devout Biblical Christian. We are to show our faith not only by word but also deed, and we are supposed to be obedient to Jesus – He told us to be in the world but not to be of this world; He didn't give any exceptions. Nothing does more harm to any religion than a hypocrite. That being said, I need to go back and research Mariah's testamony, if she even has one, I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. =)

  53. The process of splitting a personality, while effective for a while seems to come unraveled for many. So the Illuminati have some work to do with their monarch programming. Drugs are a favorite tool but they have their long term negative effects. We see so many "stars" go "Cocoo for Cocoa Puffs." I'd like to know what role Clive Davis played in all of this – master programmer? He was the one that discovered her and so many others. She died right before his party. A living sacrifice? At any rate the party went on with all the other stars. I think this cult might be one of the sins against the Holy Spirit. Perhaps this is what Yeshua referred to "And be not afraid of them that kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." Illuminati – Babylonian Talmud?

  54. fuck tommy motoala he can eat a dick in die all them illuminati santanism mfs GOD will be to judge then what they gone do i hope they dont think going to mars gone save they ass ! burnin eternal fire

  55. All the illuminarti is a bunch of picky people! The movie is Egyptian so they are gonna have pyramids!! If you take into account every move you make everyday you will do a illumarti signs. For instance I was talking to a friend and she goes omg you did the illuminarti triangle symbol and I was like really? We all do them all the time! Stop being picky little shits! Get a life!!

  56. Mariah Carey on

    you guys need to listen Mariah's Fly Like A Bird and I Wish You Well

    She even mentioned some verses of the Bible

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