Nicki Minaj’s ‘We Miss You’ Eerily Mirrors Cousin’s Death


From MTV News:

Nikki Minaj

Just days after Nicki Minaj’s cousin was killed, a Nicki track called “We Miss You” leaked online with lyrics that address the murder of someone close to her. As the rapper noted online shortly after the song hit the Web, however, “We Miss You” was recorded nearly 12 months earlier.

“Tho the lyrics of ‘We Miss You’ eerily depict the circumstances surrounding my cousin’s death, I wrote & recorded that song on 5/24/2010,” she tweeted. “It was sent to Mariah Carey & Keyshia Cole over a year ago for a possible feature. It didn’t make Pink Friday due to clearance issues. It’s an unauthorized leak.”

Minaj then thanked her fans for their support in the wake of the tragic news: “Thank u ALL for your kind words and well wishes. Love.”

After announcing the news of her cousin’s death on Twitter, the rapper had stayed off the micro-blogging site until Thursday’s (July 7) leak. Minaj did receive a tweet of encouragement and love from Femme Fatale tourmate Britney Spears: “Please keep @NickiMinaj & her family in your prayers. … keep up the amazing love and support you guys have for her.”

“We Miss You” samples Prince’s “Diamonds and Pearls” (which could explain the clearance issues) and is a somber ode to a fallen friend. As the beat kicks in, Nicki spits, “Why’d you have to leave in July?/ On a peaceful and serene summer night,” eerily mirroring the events of her cousin’s death.

Although the lyrics make reference to the fact that Nicki is rapping about a lover, it seems that the references to murder are very similar to how her cousin died last weekend when he was gunned down in Brooklyn. She later says on the song, “You said that you would leave these streets, and I know you didn’t mean in a body bag/ But now we see you were not bulletproof, and I’m mad ’cause you were the best that I ever had.”

There are indeed strange “coincidences” surrounding this story:

  • The song “We Miss You”, which was recorded last year, leaked only a few days after Nicki’s cousin’s murder
  • The song begins with the words “Why’d you have to leave in July?/ On a peaceful and serene summer night”
  • The first verse ends with “And maybe this is just part of the agenda”
  • The murder –  and everything surrounding it – was heavily publicized while it did not need to be.

Could all of this be indicative of a ritual sacrifice? Difficult to say.  Some industry insiders have claimed that these sacrifices are required to be “initiated into the industry”. I cannot give a definite answer for this particular case but, as some would say: there is no such thing as coincidences.



  1. Just checked the lyrics. What about the part where she says "Maybe this is a part of the agenda"? Could it be any clearer?

  2. If you sell your soul, there is always a price to pay..and everyone must have a ritual sacrifice, Its a shame an innocent member has to be killed in these sickening rituals.

    • In the movie Get Him to the Greek, Russell Brand has a badly injured hand with bone sticking out and yet he is made to go on stage and sing. The record label owner Sean Combs "Diddy" coolly comments "In the music industry, sometimes you have to sacrifice one lamb baby!!"

      • face in the crowd on

        science is a shame? forget science? wow. you are ignorant and afraid.

        the entire point here people is THE PIC FEED OFF YOU your opinion your comment your infatuation your fixation on money and status…you feed the machine…the machine is actively recruiting any and everyone who has potential. take some responsibility. stop using God as a crutch for your weakness, stop using science as a scapegoat for all the woes of the world and society.

        if you don't "get" that concept, logically, and change your own ways….how could you even think you could contribute to changing the world in a positive light. so yea, instead of realising you feed the machine if you support the money/status/fame angles, blame science…the only way to eventually proving God exists.

        don't expect to post a comment like that and not make people mad. I am no atheist, no bible thumper either but guess what? I think the entertainer this article is about is cheap, talentless and immoral for her sexual overtones pushed onto younger children. Its much easier to do what she does than have real talent and real messages. Why VC even comments on this says a lot as well…such a waste of time and talent, given the REAL issues and REAL threats out there.

        yea. science is a shame. idiot.

      • face in the crowd on

        my comment was directed at "3" below.

        he got so many "thumbs up" and I am not shaking my head, I am laughing to the point of tears…

      • @"face in the crowd", can you read dumbass? I said 'sham' not shame, there is a difference. I mean science is deceptive and doesn't hold answers for everything. If you had any reading ability whatsoever you would've gotten what I meant. Science is good but society puts so much emphasis on it for answers to everything, so anything that people haven't empirically witnessed is written off. That was my point. If you're not mature enough to reply properly, you probably don't belong here. We have enough idiots in the world.

      • face in the crowd on

        correction. you are ignorant, afraid and hostile. your suggestion is loaded, you know it.

        "not mature enough to reply properly" (?)…you sound like a dictator in the making. go for it, count on people like me to knock you off your narcissistic throne

        sorry. I still think loaded suggestions take a back seat to qualitative and quantitative research…but within your little heart, PIC have control…wouldn't you agree they want the profane to fight amongst themselves?

        don't even suggest science is to blame for anything….we are blessed to learn and grow based on observation…if you suggest otherwise, you might have people who don't "reply properly" you KOOK


      • "They" want the blood of a loved one because it literally feeds "them" (evil entities). Once the sacrifice is made "they" have the power to give you anything that you want; and in the case of Nicki Minaj that power is her fame. These evil entities are soul-less "beings" that feed off of destruction and misery. Everywhere I look I see satan's prophets doing his work. I'm not someone who has ever really been attached to any one religion; but I see, and know, that this evil exist… and "it" continues to grow, everywhere.

        Nicki will eventually find that selling her soul, and sacrificing her own blood, for fame was the biggest mistake she could have ever made.

      • @ MInds Eye. Can you please post some data backing up the statement you made. Some texts or something of the like.

      • My "statement" comes from knowledge I've acquired throughout the years. If you want "data" I suggest you do a little digging.

      • @Minds Eye "My “statement” comes from knowledge I’ve acquired throughout the years. If you want “data” I suggest you do a little digging." That was a really disappointing answer. Somebody who has knowledge should want to share. no? I can also say elephants fly but If I have no data or proof to back it up then it is really an irrelevant statement. So once again can you please enlighten us on where you acquired such knowledge, links, texts or is your ego getting in the way?

      • I'm not "blaming science" for anything, so before you try to use your balls and attack with your nonsense, get a brain and stop misinterpreting everything I say. I'm not gonna repeat myself, what I said twice was clear. You obviously lack the intelligence to comprehend it because you keep spouting crap and jumping to conclusions.

      • @ Concerned:
        For more info on the subject, YouTube has MANY videos which explain the sacrificial nature of the music industry, which is a significant factor in the global agenda, as it is key in molding, desensitizing, demoralizing, disclosure, and perpetuation their evil ideals. (it truly goes SO MUCH deeper than the music, but it's a good place to start) here are a few people I personally found to be enlightening on the topic:
        John Todd-former illuminati, Professor Griff, Bill Cooper, "The Arrivals" Series, "They Sold Their Soul for Rock & Roll" video, Dr. Morneau (sp?). There are thousands of books, articles, videos- explaining this, but you cant just let someone tell you what they think or believe, its up to you to decipher 'the truth' for yourself (just keep your eyes & ears open, your heart will lead you in the right direction). Much love & respect, hope this small list helps your quest. -Sug

  3. Quite difficult to say indeed, Alot of people do need to realize sacrifices are 100% real in order to become even a bigger star, I know its alot to swallow deaths are not easy to take no matter if your family or JUST a fan. Nowdays "fans" act like they are related to that person and defend them 200%. Im not saying this is a ritual sacrifice lets just wait to see what goes on with Nikki from this point on, we already have one piece of the puzzle…. This song.

  4. Silentobserver on

    In the same vein as Donda West, Aaliyah and JHud's family this was a ritual sacrifice. There ain't that much coincidence in the world. Eerie lyrics aside…

      • Silentobserver on

        Yes I forgot about that; he has been regretting it ever since, you just have to listen to his lyrics.

      • I really have to wonder if it was even Em's choice? I really think "they" did it on their own and hoped to traumatize him to the fullest extent that they could use him in the weakened state he was in to their best advantage. I could be wrong, but that's what I have always had to consider.

      • So true! :-( That whole thing nearly killed him as well (drug addiction, attempted suicides). But that what eventually happens in the end after they can't make anymore money off you.

      • I didn't know that EMINEM attempted suicide. Ah well, he'd better watch the way he lives his life because you only reap what you sow.

      • I doubt Eminem sacrificed proof…. Proof shot a guy and went clubbin in the same area soon afterwards and the same guy he shot who survived shot him in the head and killed him. Don't see no sacrificing in that. I don't know what to believe with all of these random deaths in these stars lives.. I know satan exists and these stars are very satanic but ritual sacrifices? That is tippin on straight up psycho conspiracies. I need to see documents on how and why they ritual sacrifice people to believe it is happening. Someone close to a person could just end up dead and be pure coincidence you know.

      • Smart Guy, I dont think these people keep documents of the ritual sacrifices they make.

  5. I think she already knew that shit was bound to happen to her cousin. Like you said there's no such things as mere coincidences. Yea, and I'm sure she misses her. Right!

    • @ Horus it could be that nikki didnt know that he passed over. when u make the sacrifice to become a star they asked u something,like a ur eyes u can see its nothing,than after u see that u give the one u love the most. i know what am talking about. she could know after she made the sacrifice.look what she said in the song. too bad its already done

  6. These are the first verses. " I had to pay you back"????what is that?

    "We Miss You"

    Why'd you have to leave in July

    On a peaceful and serene summer night

    I wish that you would have waited until September

    Just a couple more memories to remember

    I guess I had to pay you back to your lender

    I guess I had to send you back to The Sender

    But then again maybe you're gone till November

    And maybe this is just a part of the agenda

    • Sarah Connor on

      Wow – thanks for posting the lyrics. Few things totally jumped out at me – and I'm such a novice with all this stuff, but follow my bouncing ball here for a second, these lyrics, or their implications, seem very telling to me.

      "Why’d you have to leave in July"……..July 4th is when her cousin was killed. July 4, America's Independence Day, is 13 days after Day of Litha and 66 days from April 30. Litha (6/21) is a human sacrifice holiday and April 30/May – Beltane Day is the the second most important holiday according to the satanic calendar – requiring human sacrifice. '13' and '66' days apart from human sacrifice holidays according to the their calendar. Interesting.

      On a peaceful and serene summer night…..

      "I wish that you would have waited until September"…….so this song is about death, but she wishes he would have waited til September? This is odd verbage to me. Anyone else? Thinking the 'wish' is because September is a big holiday month for these devil worshippers. You have many celebration/ritural nights including the 'marriage of the beast", the "harvest" (which also includes sacrifice rituals and the hands of glory ritual") and the 'fall equinox' which is a huge orgy fest and can included human or animal sacrifice. It's a busy month and these are just a few. I'm pretty shocked how many of them (satanic holidays) there are. Also it seems that one of our most notorious, recent and large scale sacrifices was held in September, on the 11th of 2001. I would never have believed that just a few years ago, but I do now.

      Sheep amongst wolves, He wasn't kidding!

  7. nobody'sreal83 on

    I actually said on my twitter page when it happened that it seemed fishy and contrived. Thrn the song leaks. Then they claim it was a case of mistaken identity how he was shot. Her twitter message even seemed written by someone else.

  8. This is a shame! She should be investigated. Come on now if this would have happened to a common family, they would be up as a person of interest. Where is the justice?

    • That's what I asked regarding friggin Mary Kate Olsen in the death of Heath Ledger. She was THERE, yet not questioned/investigated. Hence, a sacrifice okayed by the powerful people in this world…

  9. This will never be investigated. Because it's just a song ofcourse and she is controlled by the bigger people out there..

    It's very creepy this song is ''leaked'' because when something is leaked, they want it to be.

    So I'm not sure if that is real or not..

    However everyone on VC thought that is was strange her cousin died.. but now we have more ''proof''

    Did anyone see Southpark with Britney Spears in it?

    First they talk about Obama and Clinton and then the news stops because Britney has taken a piss on a ladybug?

    It literally showed what is important in the world and what they want us to be interested in.

    Not in politics and what really matters, but what the celebrities piss and shit on. Sorry for my language.

    Did you guys see when she was sacrificed, so that year there would be a better harvest?

    And then when she ''died'', they went on with Miley Cyrus..

    Ofcourse it is fictional, but there is some truth in it.

    I think it is no joke at all and it sure has something to do with her ''sudden'' fame..

    Everyone loves her and as someone said above, their fans defend them as if they know these artists.

    Probably Nicki is so possessed by her Roman alter ego, that she doesn't even care

    Only wants money and fame

    • Cantbelieveit on

      And lets not forget that Nicki Minaj's "Roman Zolanski" alter ego is named after director Roman Polanski who:

      – Did a movie "Rosemary's Baby" about a man who sells his wife & unborn child to the devil for riches & fame (sounds familiar?)

      – Polanski's 8-month pregnant wife and unborn child were stabbed to death by Charles Manson's minions, who then wrote in her blood on the door "PiG" (for the slaughter I suppose)

      – Polanski then proceeds to pose for a Life Magazine photo shoot in the house where his wife & unborn child were killed

      – His wife Sharon Tate starred in "Eye of the Devil", "Valley of the Dolls" (programming), & they met on, wait for it, "The Fearless Vampire Killers"

      – He had been on the lamb (pun intended) in Switzerland after pleading guilty for the rape, sodomy & drugging of a 13-year-old girl AND THEN WON AN OSCAR in '02 (Woody Allen anyone?! With his step-daughter/wife. Hollywood.)

      This is who Nicki Minaj models her "alter" ego after…

  10. Did any of you consider that Nicki might be LYING about when the song was recorded ?? Maybe she got some perverse inspiration from his death and decided to make some profit if of it.

    That's the first thing that popped into my head.

  11. It really would make me sick to my stomach to see nicki manaj get MORE famous. Her completely sold out behind gets me upset already. Guess I really just can stick to sports center…w/ no dang on national football Smh

  12. ohh nicki, your so sexy.

    besides that, i dont think nicki minaj is getting "drafted" to the elite.

    the elites work is already done, there basically just putting the final touches.

    so once again, we need to come together in person and not just the internet

    and be the evil that the Elite are afraid of, hence why there trying to destroy us.

  13. Just you choose the people that get sacrficed..or do they choose for you…It seems so random..I mean was she close to her cousin..was it her famous cousin..If not is the the person you don't talk too, or somone that everyone stays away from in the family?? Just wondering

    • Good question. Maybe during/before initial programming the slaves undergo psychiatric sessions and disclosed there is familial information, the people that the slaves feel the deepest bond.

  14. i mentioned this to my best friend as I have her on twitter and pointed out the weirdness of it

    nicki definately was defensive to the point of eeriness …its quite obvious she was in on it.

    killing your OWN family because of fame and fortune? so not worth it

  15. I don't remember reading on here anywhere that Ke$ha, Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc… had mysterious deaths in their family that have possible links to ritual sacrifice…

    • @ Matt – I was thinking that too. They go into hiding and have babies to sacrifice the babies. I read that somewhere.

      • Sarah Connor on

        As reported on by many former members of satanic covens, some individuals have the job of procreating soley for this purpose. Others are also tasked with the job of kidnapping children right before the sacrificial holidays.

        "Those dedicated to bringing in the Luciferic one-world Global Government know that much bloodshed is needed to bring about the necessary "spiritual vibrations" (cooperation of devils) to bring in the New Order. This bloodshed is accomplished by way of ritual killings; planned terrorist events, planned disasters and wars; catastrophes caused by weather modification; abortion; suicide; euthanasia; killings in foster care, and every conceivable way of causing death — especially on a large scale." quoted from

      • @summerlyn .. Wow.. you keep on talking conspiracy stuff like that then people will believe that the whole illuminati think is just a bunch of nutt cases expressing themselves. I doubt the celebs HAVE to sacrifice a family member or anything like that.

      • @summerlyn

        Now that i think of it, lady gaga was strangely fat on the mtv video awards when she received an award (when she was wearing the meat dress) i just remember saying why is she so fat? because she is naturally pettite and skinny, i thought she got fat because of her fame and the stress made her eat a lot, but now i have new ideas, maybe she just gave birth and sacrificed the baby….

    • Lina Morgona was Lady Gaga's 'sacrifice'. VC isn't the only site to provide information on this subject.

      Beyonce IS the sacrifice her father gave up to have power (Jay Z is her new handler).

      Ke$ha is still in training. Trust me, if 'they' deem her worthy, her day will come.

      Oh, and about Rihanna, Chris Brown's career was her sacrifice.

      • @ButtaFlyyTulsa …Chris Brown' Career from the last time I checked is very alive and well.

      • I've heard you don't have to sacrifice anybody. You can also embarrass yourself like Chris Brown and Riannah did to themself. Rihanna's got embarrassed by getting best up and having everybody seeing her publicly. Chris' on the other hand was him getting bashed at by the public and people looking at him as a woman-beater still to this say. Have you noticed that they booth started getting famous out of where? Well this is my theory. I don't know if you agree with me.

        P.S. I've read that Kanye and Taylor thing was Taylor's initiation. Notice how famous she got after that. Also how evil and dark she looked.

      • @ButtaFlyyTul

        what about older celebs? like:

        madonna, cher, celine dion, elton jhon…. etc, i would love to hear theories of the older celebs sacrifices

      • Methinks that Rhianna was supposed to be Chris Brown's sacrifice, but he botched it up so they had to amp up Rhianna's career to cover up.

    • They have other sacrifices. Beyonce is married to her handler Jay-z. Rhianna initiated through Chris brown beating the crap out of her. Keysha, I haven't done any research on her and don't really know who she is. You get the point and I agree with Sarah!

      • I don't think that's when she was initiated. I think it was a work in progress. Remember her old albums? I was there the time she was 'innocent', I used to love her songs. I think it started when she released " Good girl gone bad " and then " Good girl gone bad: reloaded " albums. All with the help of Jay-Z I'm thinking who was known as her "mentor". I guess she passed whatever test he put for her.

    • well…as someone mentioned , ur married to someone else in the industry who most likely becomes one of ur handlers (puppet master) beyonce has an obviously FAKE marriage to Jayz. Y u think this chick dnt wna have no children yet? -___- look at rihanna, she barely even sees her family–let alone she broke a bottle over her brothers head =/ n the whole CB incident was her HUMILIATION stage. evryone has to do SOMETHING demeaning to their morals or be publicly HUMILIATED. all the men lose their manhood in some way shape or form. (gay movie scenes, dressing in drag, gay hollywood ORGIES) a very good friend Tony Royster, Lil drummer boi, he use to LIVE in my crib wit my fam–wen he started drumming for Jayz, he was so excited. he STAYED inviting us out to shows. now–we dnt even HEAR from him–as if he's not allowed to reach out to us or sum shit–either tht or bc he knows how i feel abt jayz n his aliester crowley quotin ass -___-. kinda went off track…but yea. the first thing i thought wen i heard nickis cousin got murdered–BLOOD SACRIFICE. n now the whole getn punched in the lip by SB–humiliation phase. ugh look at the pic of her sittin on SB lap for the super bass video –SHE LOOKS MK ULTRA'D UP!! n i truly believe SB is her handler. One of her alter egos prly got beat up but she has no recollection of it =T thas wat MK ultra programming DOES!

      • Oh yeah totally forgot about the gay part. That one is huge. I'm sure the majority got done up the butt at least once to be in this industry..

        Kirk Franklin has pink lipstick on his new video… anyone see it? It's call You smile or something..

        Pink lipstick, pink eyeshadow, just flat out gay.

      • kirk Franklin has nothing in it hes a precher.for a video he can use make up to look better in cam. and when they use pink gloss its bc he has pink lips.

      • @ ladiva I think you're wrong kirk franklinf is a christian of the world just like mary mary.

        John 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

        Why would he have singers like kanye singing with him ? why would mary mary have amber rose and kanye in their video clip "God in me" knowing that they are secular artists ?

        Why would kirk franklin send the wrong message by puttin on lipstick when our community needs more man to handle their role as men ?

        You should reade Pastor Craig's article: (with the pic of k franklin with lipstic on)

      • Kirk Franklin wants power and fame. Pink lipstick for Gospel fans? That is crazy in its self.

    • Cantbelieveit on

      Beyonce also confirmed that she "miscarried" a baby… Sad if true and even sadder if someone used its soul for sacrifice.

  16. I think she was in on it so sad these people wil do anything for fame and money christ is the only wat

  17. Another brilliant post, VC! I totally got the 'sacrifice' vibe not only because it happened or the fact she said anything on Twitter about it, but WHAT she said and HOW she said it. It was totally random and basically unnecessary. Must have been one of her 'alters' tweeting that day.

    • Just a coincidence?
      Kanye Wests mom
      Angelica Houstons brother
      Jay Z' cousin
      Alicia Keyes cousin
      And so many others I can go on but my money says another high profile celebrity is gonna have to pay up soon

  18. Same with Tupac: He knew. Wonder why they never got any clarity in THAT murder? *whistles* Tupac is said to have been a resister to the NWO and like some others, like Marley, he spread message about love, which didn't fit in illuminatis plan at all. So they took him out. Same message all the time: "Obey or die."

    • its me again on

      there will never be any clarity in the Tupac case because they are the ones who orchestrated the hit on Tupac in an elaborate plot even going as far as inserting top level undercover cops at Death Row records to help carry out the hit.

    • Yep…exactly…they tried to bring him in as they do with people who are powerful in the light like Tupac…His movie career was up and coming, he was dating Quincy Jones' daughter, kidada jones, at the time of his death. I still listen to his lyrics from "Changes" and hear how he realized it was all not worth it so he had to go. I'm so sick of songs today.

      • 'Changes' is about the still poor position of black people, not about the illuminati. Stop seeing ghosts!

      • His goose was cooked when he said Quicy Jones invited him to his butthole.

        That is well known about Quincy…

    • It funny because when you listen to his music now he can hear is crys for help trying to still believe in a very loving God. He would say some lines like I sold my soul to the devil God please help me but he was a smart man who did not seems to believe in a form of mental slavery.

  19. Hip Hop is Dead! on

    "Nicki" or whatever her name is has her date with destiny. We all do. Whether it's cancer or a murderer who kills your body, you will face the Judge of all creation. God's opinion is more important than your fan's opinions, the Grammy's opinions, the MTV award's opinions, etc. I've been in court to testify before a judge at a wrong committed by a close relative. That judge gave us justice so beautiful, I broke down and cried as the judge read the verdict. God will give true justice in the end. As the Holy Scriptures tells us, "Many that are first will be last and the last first."

  20. be more open minded on

    Yes it's true. I'm still awaiting Jay z's and Beyonce's blood sacrifice or will they continue to be deceivers and keep bringing others into the puppet world.

      • Beyonce is an enigma to me because she never really has to do with other celebrities for in this satanic business. She rarely wear symbols like the others have to do or nor do I see her do many of those one eye poses her is always very suttle for some reason. I think now that her star seems to be fading we will see what will now be asked of her. I have seen her wears a devil like ring and belt but never anything big for some reason they have kept her off the radar. Maybe her father made all of the sacrifices the first time around because his life has been in so much term oil ever since.

    • its me again on

      i think Bey snuck somewhere and had a baby that she n jay z sacrificed in secret…after all when we see the celebrities on tv you dont know when that footage was taken…they might show u beyonce on vacation in hawaii when in fact you dont know when she actually took the pics or footage they're showing you so its entirely possible to secretly have a child to sacrifice. Who run the World Girls! yea right.

      • I wondered about that too because it seemed like she was "gone" for a while… and she did begin to look like she gained some weight just before they got married… well, I guess we will never know. That's one Hollywood couple thats good at keeping their business quiet.

      • I don;t believe Beyonce and Jay Z had a baby and sacrificed it. And that all the celebrities are doing it. Maybe the owners and people behind the scene. Not that she and Jay are innocent but can't get fanatical into believing that. Thing is that most these people are serving Christ, they are already serving satan, rituals or not.

      • @ resurrected

        please do some research, my friend. to call beyonce's devotion to the occult flamboyant would be a huge understatement. although i highly suggest it, you need not look any further than this website.

    • Beyonce 'miscarried' before Blue Ivy came along. I've heard that the sacrifice of children is the strongest magick, Satan loves to defile what is innocent.

  21. Drakes next. Both his mom and his best friend whos also his producer are both really sick. Somebodys gotta die. Oh well stay away from this mainstream bullshit. Swag

  22. it's REALLY weird. I mean, SO many "coincidences"? no, i don't think so! :/

    1)"Why’d you have to leave in July?/ On a peaceful and serene summer night” – Well, he died in July. Weird "coincidence".

    2)“And maybe this is just part of the agenda” – AGENDA??!!! it's obvious enough -.-

    3)"It seems that the references to murder are very similar to how her cousin died last weekend when he was GUNNED DOWN in Brooklyn. She later says on the song, “You said that you would leave these STREETS, and I know you didn’t mean in a body bag/ But now we see you were not BULLETPROOF, and I’m mad ’cause you were the best that I ever had.” – GUNNED DOWN? streets? bulletproof? ok…

    4)"The murder – and everything surrounding it – was heavily publicized while it did not need to be." – THAT'S THE KEY PHRASE! it just makes it more obvious.

    in my opinion, it really seems weird… a sacrifice. i mean, SO MANY COINCIDENCES?

    i don't think so.

    and guess what? Nicki has gotten more famous now.

    poor girl :(

    HONESTLY, noone deserves that…fame and money cannot replace the bleeding hole inside her.

    whomever hides behind this, is probably the most evil human-being on earth.

    it's just awful. i'm disgusted!

  23. I immediately suspected a ritual sacrifice when I heard the story, and yes I don't believe in coincidences either..

    • Yeah and if there was a ritual sacrifice why so many family members? She always act

      so God inspired but only thing or one can be your God. When celebrities talk about God is it always so vague unlike I hear you say the name Jesus Christ I assume that you are talking about some idol God.

      • whether to kill my father my mother my children and even my wife I will be able to access the public authority said a political writer. to become sars they wont be afraid of anything

      • @Cleanheart, that link to Jennifer Hudson is INCREDIBLE. Wow! So many syncs and they ALL seem to point to Chicago. I've heard many people say that the next "9/11" is in Chicago and against the former Sears Tower. So, this sync post/link you gave resonates with that big time. Thank you.

      • Oh, and let's not forget the double sync of ATLANTIS recently with the Lost City of Atlantis (on Yahoo) supposedly found within a day of the final shuttle ATLANTIS going into space. When you are aware of all this, the syncs are obvious and you can almost pinpoint the next "event."

  24. its me again on

    Not so strange because my close friend (who is a bonified groupie and absolutely obsessed with celebrities ) just received a spot as a back up dancer on Rihanna's Tour. She did not believe in the illuminati and would often laugh nwhen i would mention it. However since coming home on break she has a different outlook. She told me" Rih rih' burned a cross during her performance and before she comes onto stage, on the big monitor an image of only her EYES pops up and stays there for at least one – two minutes as if to hypnotize the crowd. She also informed me that when they do come into "contact" with rihanna she sits and stares at them for long periods of time in an evil weird way. My friend is terrified! She told me members of rihannas "camp" do things to mess with them like steal their shoes or outfits right before a performance when i asked her to go in depth, she clammed up and told me thats all she's ALLOWED to say! WTF! i asked her was she sworn to secrecy or threatened but she said no. She also complains of now seeing demons and having horrible nightmares. Wow.

    • Wow, that is insanely creepy! I feel bad for her, but I'm glad she's seeing the truth… I wish more people could. It's stuff like this that really confirms all these "conspiracies"…

      I really don't like Rihanna at all, she's cheap and lame.

    • Wow she needs to quit I'm sure they can find another dancer she shouldn't stay in that environment especially after she's seen the truth.

      And I definitely think that this was some sacrifice or something to make sure nicki stays with the agenda

    • @itmeagain- wow please pray for your cousin real talk and I hope that she's ok. They maybe putting a spells on them.

    • Maybe your family member should consider getting out of the group… I know it's a good "opportunity" for a dancer, but is it worth her soul?

    • @ – ItsMeAgain … I do believe your friend is being tortured by these evil entities and i advise she quits because it will only get worse… I seen a video on youtube , of a girl named angela ,who had a revelation of heaven and hell and what stood out to me the most is how she said.. when christ showed her hell she saw alot of famous people like Michael jackson, one of the many popes, selena and many more but what was more chilling was that selena told her to tell everyone ( a message ) NOT to sing her songs, NOT to watch her movie and NOT to watch her music videos because every time people do this the demons torture her… and angela asked christ why was selena here, in hell … and it was because selena did not believe in Christ. which was sad to me because selena was so beautiful and talented and she had so much going for her. but anyway, at the end of her rev.. she said that when she had awoken… that night she was being tortured by the demons she saw in hell and having all sorts of bad nightmares and the demons kept telling her : if you speak of anything you saw down there we will kill you… however, angela was not scared because she knew that jesus was by her side all the way…. so i really think your friend needs some encouragement to quit I know it would suck in one hand but i mean at the end of the day living in fear is what these ppl want and feed off on….

      NOW moving to MS. Onicka tania miniaja

      This human being needs serious help first off on how much of implants she carries , which makes her fake secondly, she all gimmick and she cannot rap so how can people even listen to her so call "raps" its all b.s and what sad is that when mtv did that documentary on her.. she was talking about how shes doing this for a better life and for her family because she came from a family that didnt have riches and her mom dad left her with her grandma, and here she is now making sacrifices for fame and glory to which in the end means nothing at all i dont know whether to feel sad or bad for her although, i do pray for everyone no matter what but sometimes i think .. in some moment of her and many others lives, there comes a point where you realize what is done has been done and at some point you wanted it so.. in one of the clips before she is about to perform she holds hands with all her team and they pray to god and thank god for all the blessings…. and now looking back at it , its a shame a darn shame what ppl do to make it and continue in this industry… knowing that everything has an expiration… ain't nothing in this world worthy to kill and sacrifice for…

      may god bless you all…

    • They steal the clothes and shoes to put spells on them, like Voodoo or Santeria.

      You take an article of clothing and put spells on it to make people love, follow you etc.

      She should quit while ahead.

    • @Lordhelpus

      That's creepyas hell. I just thought they would steal their clothes to mess around with them, but your explination makes much more sense.

      They need to quit that blackmagic bullshit. I would say hopefully the dark karma would ring back around to them, but instead they put out flesh shields for their protection. Like their backup dancers.

    • HorOfBabylon5 on Funny how people have these magical revelations about people in hell, but never seem to have revelations about anything useful, like curing a disease or curbing world hunger… But I guess those things just aren't nearly as important as knowing which dead celebrity is suffering eternal torment in hell right? Get real people. Christianity is a nice, almost carbon-copy derivative of half the things you guys are quacking about. 

      I participate because esoteric information is interesting, but I don't believe all the hype. Now how do I draw a pyramid with an all-seeing eye using just text to cap this post off?

    • God bless all those who see and help the ones stuck under the spell of satan… lady gaga is the whore of babylon and all these other women are her minions… what can we do for world? nothing but wait it out and inform others…God bless everyone here and stay strong.. the times of the four winds of tribulations are soon to come.. i hope we all survive to see God

    • Cantbelieveit on

      Makes more sense why Drake recently placed three fire-laden 6's on a big screen with Rihanna's face after each 6 during his concert.

      She is also West Indian, and some people do voodoo there (in Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries it's called "Santaria" instead)

  25. @Minds-Eye, I agree totally. I used to be entirely atheist and I'm leaning towards Islam. If you read the signs of judgement day from the Quran, it is SCARY how accurate they are to society today. It doesn't matter what religion you support, and I realized that society programmed us to separate from God and that's what made me believe in God, because of all this evil. There is so much evil in the world and the people who control worship Satan, can it be a coincidence? And if Satan (evil) exists, so must Good. So @Concerned, just take a leap of faith and believe, forget what school has told you about science, it's all a sham to make people's thinking narrow and focused only on physical proof. Evil and good are not forces that can be analyzed but they are very real…

    I used to be Satanic at one point, the negative energy really binds you badly once you dabble in it, and it makes you miserable and pathetic. Believing in God has given me so much peace..

    • Hi @Minds-Eye, I'm glad you had a change of heart. I believe in God and am a Christian, but I have friends and family who are Muslim. I often wonder to myself how people can have hope in this world at all without believing in God. He bring such peace to those who trust in and have faith in Him. God bless you!

  26. Normally a sacrifice has to be someone you love. Otherwise it's not a Sacrifice. Also, it doesn't seem to be always required. Look at Katie Parry. No unusual deaths in her family. But there is always something required. More then just sellng your soul. To become a star, you have to show your dedication, willingness to obey, and willingness to "sacrifice" for success. Also, if you've conspired to kill a family member, you really can't turn back.

    • Not everyone have to sacrifice killing someone… It's either you sacrifice a loved one, marry someone that tell you to marry, or giving up your life of some sorts. But most is sacrificed through death as we see it's a recurring theme here.. marrying someone they choose, not so common but it is something part of a sacrifice too.

    • lilmissmatched on

      Katy Perry used to be a church girl. Recorded gospel albums and all that with her family. She is her own sacrafice, turning her back on her Christian family with her very first commercial hit being "I Kissed a Girl". C'mon from gospel albums to lesbianism? She proved her loyalty from the very beginning, no sacrafices needed.

  27. Sleepless in DC on

    You all should listen to a song by Nas off of his Hip Hop is Dead album called "Blunt Ashes" its an awesome song (Nas is the G.O.A.T. -Greatest Of All Time, not Baphomet for the uninitiated lol) where he details ritual sacrifices throughout the music industry's history…

    Lyric Samples:

    "David Ruffin was punching Tammi Terrell, gave her concussions

    While the Funk Brothers was layin' down the percussion

    When Flo from the Supremes died, Diana Ross cried

    Many people said that she was laughin' inside"

    "John F. Kennedy's, enemies dealt with treachery

    It interests me, Judy Campbell in Gucci sandals

    She's what a temptress be

    The death of Ennis Cosby, what a mystery

    Or the Chicagoan Harold Washington

    Someone is sabotaging them"

    If you dont know these names like Ennis Cosby or Flo and Diana Ross, google them. They were all ritually sacrificed and then forgotten about. This shit has been going on for a long time… Nas' own mother died after his 4th studio album Stillmatic. He was 28 at the time, ritual sacrifice? His next album was God's Son and ever since then Nas has been on a mission to expose the elite. I hate to sound like a Nas stan but for any hip hop head out there fighting this battle, as an emcee he provides inspiration for me. Way better than that obvious puppet Lupe Fiasco (no shots)

    • Sleepless in DC on

      The most ominous lyrics are at the end of the final verse…

      "Larry Troutman killed his brother Roger Troutman

      Then he killed himself, that's the end of Zapp

      And I wouldn't change a thing, mistakes of the greats

      This is what came from their pain

      From their hurt we gain, an unfair exchange"

      This is what came from their pain/ From their hurt we gain, an unfair exchange

    • IgnoranceIsBliss on

      Let's not forget that Nas in definitely in on the plan as well. I don't think he's exposing anyone. I simply look at him as being one of those people who likes to point out things hidden in plain sight. Take a look at the pictures of the album covers he uses, all of them. & also lyrics from his many songs. He is definitely apart of the whole agenda. Just secretive & sneaky with the way he goes about things…

    • Britney & Michael? How about their childhood, their innocence, their self-esteem, their sanity…

      There are many allegations floating around out there about Papa Joe pimping out – literally – a young MJ and his brothers to industry folk back in the day. If that's not a sacrifice, I don't know what is…

    • well–brittany spears (another mk ultra mind controlled puppet) started on the disney channel–tht satanic programming mickey mouse club (along wit justin n christina) she's been humiliated plenty of times..she shaved her head to break frm tht mind controlled state..n yet she's bak again–can't even perform her own damn songs. as for the Late Great MICHAEL JACKSON–he sacrificed his childhood, was forced to engage in sexual activities wit prostitutes at a young age. he was born of a family of JEHOVAS WITNESSES–shortly after thriller–his career changed FOREVER. He has been humiliated and bashed by the media–bc once u disobey or threaten to expose them–they ruin ur credibility as a human being, thn they silence u n pass it off as a death from an illness, overdose, or suicide. MJ KNEW THE WHOLE "THIS IS IT" TOUR WAS FOCUSED ON EXPOSING THE EVILS IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY–N THEY WASNT HAVN THT!! so they silenced him. n think of all the traumatic events tht happend to him.

      offtopic: look at tht video of "Michael" dangling his baby off the balcony–THATS CLEARLY NOT HIM!!! smh

  28. Michael wasnt a sacrifice. His situation is nearly the same with Tupac. He was not any good for the agenda anymore. On the contrary he was a threat and he was killed.

    • IgnoranceIsBliss on

      I didn't look at the video because I assume it's the one recently posted by the forerunner777. But it was very interesting. Dude seems to be holding back on alot that he has to say, & you can tell that he is choosing his words very carefully. However, I would advise him to do so. I couldn't help but notice the stars tattoo'd on his head, amongst other symbols. Smh.

  29. Listen to Coolios song "gangsters paradise" You will see him talking about many things similar to what Tupac and nas said. Michael Jordan lets not forget that he sacrificed his father James Jordan as well.

  30. Still, though…we shouldn't be so quick to assume something like that. Blood sacrifice? That's a pretty serious statement.

      • No need to be rude. I have read about things like blood sacrifice, and believe me, I'm not saying it doesn't happen. I happen to have family in the industry, and have been surprised at some of the things I've heard. I'm just saying we shouldn't assume that's the case with Nicki and her cousin.

  31. This is just to weird to even be true. Does everyone here really believe that the only way to be successful in the entertainment industry is to have a blood sacrafice? Do you really believe that when someone dies that is related to someone in the entertainment industry that they have been sacraficed? Isn't possible that these "stars" are just people that have achieved this through hard work and talent? Come on now. Not everyone is part of some big conspiracy.

    • Unknown Soul on

      I believe so but just look at the MOST successful ones though. Just take the time to question the most successful actors/musicians/ and etc. I have this one friend his mom is one the richest woman in New York and she's Jewish and before she got rich she had twins that mysteriously passed away and then one day she just became one of the richest women in New York after sacrificing them. It's to much to be a coincidence even he felt weird about it. Didn't even effect her life at all or anything. It's not only the entertainment field it's with anyone.

      • @unknown soul
        Let me see if I understand you correctly. In order for ANYONE to be successful in ANYTHING they have to have a sacrifice of someone in their family? I’m only 17 but I find that hard to believe. All families have deaths that happen. Some before being successful, some after, and sometimes people aren’t successful at all. I just can’t believe that the only way to success is through sacrificing someone.

    • I think this an extreme example of the jealous feelings (subconscious or otherwise) people harbor towards celebrities / successful people. In this case, it's: 'True….you're successful, rich, good looking and get lots of attention…but you sold out to satan. You're vile and soulless and will get what's coming to you!' I'm sure it's pretty psychologically satisfying because it allows the person(s) to feel superior to said celebrity despite not having their money, success, influence, etc. They may live a humble existence but at least they're not going to hell like '_____'.

      It's childish, to be honest. Anyone can lose a loved one at any time…it's no different for celebrities. It's just the law of averages. A lot of people on here seem to like to present themselves as spiritual (or at the very least, religious), yet may of these comments lack any real spiritual awareness – let alone tact – for someone who's obviously going through a hard time after the loss of a loved on.

      Get it together, kids…

      • When you realize things like the 20 million dollar club or the Swagger club or things of that nature. You will understand the industry is not black and white.

      • I would say look up the 20 million dollar club (or status) or the swagger club.

    • There is so much mor 2 it. not only do they do revers speech on tracks~ they also do psychic dubbing. its all subliminal. to complex to go into. but they choose bands that they think wil b popular for wateva reason & they use them as a tool to put ideas into ppls head. ever heard a song that made u crave a beer~ and u just thought it was caus a song they always play at the pub? bad exampl but u get my drift. eva been disappointed seeing a band live & they hav no talent & their style clothes etc does not seem true to the ppl on stage? Its all manufactured. sacrifices are real~ unfortunately most children that disappear r sacrificed. Not matter wat u kno or how free u think u r~ if u r alive u r being manipulated. srry pregnancy brain i can't explain myself properly in such few words.

  32. A friend of mine took a pic of Nikki in las Vegas and she is just standing there like a sad frozen doll… in the middle of her people…its kinda creepy

  33. There is a lot of famous singers who never sold their soul, and made it in music. So, why do people like Nicki, Rhianna, and Britney sell theirs to the Illuminati ?

  34. biggie smalls /life after death?, tupac/killuminati the 7 day theory,the i aint mad at cha video?, even in films…bruce lee / game of death?,heath ledger/imaginarium of dr.parnarsus?…i think when some one is making a reenactment or predicition about themselves or someone dying and then an actual death occurs!, its a clear sign of a soul sold to darkness for the bright lights of fame, i believe demons inspire the performer or actor to "prophesy" the death…its too insane and not a coinsedence at all!

  35. Let's not forget President Obama. Yeah, that's right. OBAMA. Remember that shot of him scattering his maternal grandmother's ashes in Hawaii RIGHT before he took office???

    Sure, she was "old," but the circumstances surrounding her death were odd. She "suddenly" became ill and then died shortly thereafter. The ritual of Obama spreading the ashes was also important. Doing it with cameras watching you is quite another thing. I've spread ashes of my relatives and it's not something you do for the cameras. It's a sacred and private moment that is not meant to be capitalized on. Whenever I see "death" capitalized on, I know something aint' right.

  36. Here's a link to photos showing Obama spreading the ashes.

    And to correct myself, it was two DAYS prior to the ELECTION. This means so much more because it makes the ritual sacrifice a requirement before the (fake) election. She obviously meant something to him or she wouldn't have been sacrificed. She raised him when his mother left, so she was like his mother.

    • Considering that Obama has done for the Radical Economic Right in three years what they couldn't do in sixty (and couldn't have done in sixty more), I'm inclined to agree with you.

  37. @Concerned

    I thought I'd try to expand a bit on what Minds-Eye was talking about since you seem very keen to know more about the topic.

    Before you ask, I can't quite name all the sources of my research…it's been various books and sources over the years ranging from the paranormal to the scientific. All I can suggest is for you to hunt for the information. It's not too hard to find and you learn a whole lot of other things along the way. Anyway, here goes…

    All around us we're surrounded by electromagnetic energy and waves. This has been corroborated in science where they have proved that every object has a vibrational sound (Bats for example use high-pitched soundwaves to gauge the distance and size and density of things and to help them navigate – echolocation), thus everything resonates at different levels.

    Humans also have vibrational levels. It is why, for example, you sometimes can't explain why the person standing across from you just gives you "a bad vibe", although you've never met them before in your life or why some people on the "same wavelength" just click with you from the get-go, or you're drawn to them or they seem to have a "good aura" and give you a good feeling when you're around them.

    The reason for this is that we emit waves and these resonate on different frequencies. Human emotions such as joy, laughter, optimism all resonate at a higher frequency.

    Fear, anger, hate, suicidal/ pessimistic emotions resonate at lower (ELF, extremely-low-frequency /ULF ultra-low-frequency) frequencies.

    Now concerning demons; demons by nature operate on a lower frequency than humans. They are trapped in the earth but are currently limited to a parallel/spirit plane where they have free reign.

    Demons cannot manifest for long periods of time on the earth i.e. in our reality/plane (and often when they do, they mostly assume manifestations/illusions that we call ufos).

    Demons can manifest on our plane in two ways:

    1. They can be summoned onto this plane and the general rule is that for the safety of the occultist summoning them, a "demon trap" seal is used as a protection to prevent the demon from possessing the summoner. The most common demon trap is a pentagram with a circle around it to keep the demon from breaking into this sphere.

    2. They feed on the negative lower frequency emotions that humans emit when they're sad, angry, murderous etc. People who suffer from e.g. extreme depression and paranoia often find themselves having suicidal tendencies. They are literally plagued by demons who feed off the person's fears and are strengthened by them. On a mass scale this is why activities such as the incredible fear propagated in the 911 false flag op, paedophilia, bestiality, ritual and blood sacrifices especially of children or particularly pure people, suicides and the like are routinely undertaken by the satanic elite. They are intoxicated by our fear and the blood that they spill everyday. The demons that possess them and the demons on the lower astral plane grow stronger from feeding on this negative energy and the stronger they get, the more and the longer they can manifest on our plane. (Other methods in which we can also come into contact with demons on the astral plane is through Transcendental Meditation, where one empties the mind and leaves themselves open for possession by "light beings")

    All the aforementioned negative activities resonate at ELF/ULF level. Documentations on areas experiencing high levels of paranormal activities (places where people have reported being plagued by evil spirits) have shown that in real cases of paranormal activity, sound recordings of the areas were also made and when played back they revealed strange sounds on an ELF level which, though at first not discernible to us because they are too low, could be heard once the frequency was raised.

    Now consider a completely different but nonetheless connected topic on certain levels (no pun intended) – HAARP, a tool that is known to use ELF waves. Studies have been done into ELF waves and how they can negatively affect the human brain and psyche…I'll now leave it you to pick up the research on that.

    • @Lone Wolf: GREAT info. Thanks! Are you saying at the end that HAARP "could" conjure these demons/dark entities via their ELF waves? If so, that's an interesting possibility. I've personally felt and witnessed entities in various places on earth that are known for harboring these spirits and it's scary as hell. When you truly witness these energies either in a home or a person, you see first hand how REAL it is and that demons ARE amongst us. I simply cannot understand how anyone could deny the reality that what you wrote here is not true. You seem to have an excellent and clear grasp on this subject.

      • Hi Jenny,

        At its core, HAARP is designed to be a mind control tool.

        The mind is really akin to a transistor radio, made up of interconnecting electrical nodes that give and receive information via brain waves (theta, delta, alpha, beta, gamma). When you tune it in to the right frequency, you can control it.

        When we’re using two or more senses at the same time or doing something that requires cognitive skill, we operate mainly on a gamma level (extremely high frequency fast short waves).

        When we’re conscious, active and alert, we operate on the beta level (high frequency fast short wave).

        We transmit alpha waves (moderate frequency mid-large wave oscillation) when we’re in a state of rest and relaxation/unfocused brain activity. At this state we’re open to suggestion as our logical defense barriers are down. It is in the alpha state that hypnosis and mind programming occurs.

        Theta waves (moderately low frequency waves) are seen when we’re bordering sleep or during light sleep. The subconscious mind becomes open to psychic activity and here the door opens to communications from the astral plane.

        Delta waves are long ELF waves that can be measured when we’re in a deep sleep state. (To learn more about these waves wiki “Electroencephalography”). At this unconscious state deep “sleepers” programming and extreme mind control occurs, most related to military operations, assassins etc. I’m sure you’re aware of the projects MK Ultra, Monarch, Artichoke/Bluebird etc. and how the mind control experiments conducted therein work so I won’t go into that.

        Now back to HAARP and demons. To answer your question, yes and no. At the end, real demons will be released from their spiritual confines to roam on and plague the earth but until that allotted time comes, they will continue to pull the strings and terrorise people from the spiritual plane. HAARP on the other hand has another ELF role to play.

        ELF waves, when navigated directly towards the human brain, particularly the base of the brain, can induce hallucinations and experiences that evoke a deeply spiritual response from the person undergoing this. It can also induce pain, cause death, paranoia, depression and other symptoms that resonate on a low frequency. Basically waves are the key to your brain and HAARP can use focused ELF waves as a portal to hurt or control you.

        HAARP is a tool designed for global warfare, thus there are HAARP installations all over the world. To further support these, there are now antennas popping up in neighbourhoods worldwide – the excuse given by the corporations to justify the need for them is usually “better cell phone reception”. The effect of the drastic rise in these ELF transmitters, the use of cell phones, wi-fi (although this is high frequency) has been seen in bees…and as of the beginning of the year, in birds and fish. On a human scale there have also been more reported cases of migraines, depression and paranoia worldwide.

        When the time comes, HAARP will be used on global scale to “conjure” a holographic display in the ionosphere and at the same time ELF waves will be loosed upon the world resulting in a veritable feast for the senses (more like a nightmare). The holographic image, coupled with the emitted ELF waves will evoke a spiritual response from the people, which they will believe is real and their own natural response. The holographic image in the sky could be a fake rapture or a staged alien invasion but if the illuminati card game (Messiah card) is anything to by, I would bet my cards on it being the staged appearance of the messiah (really anti-christ), who will seem to talk to everyone telepathically (again ELF waves) in their own language and will appear differently to everyone (to Buddhists, he will be Buddha, to Moslems, the Imam Mahdi, to Christians, Jesus Christ etc.). He will be everything to everyone.

        To better understand how it’s possible for HAARP to induce hallucinations, here’s a little passage about a forerunner of the same technology:

        ‘An example of such potential misuse of this (HAARP) technology can be seen in the effects of the “Persinger Helmet,” a brain research tool designed by Dr. Michael Persinger of the Laurentian University of Ontario, Canada. With it he discovered, in the late 1980s, that when specific frequencies are directed into the hippocampus area of the back brain a large percentage of subjects reported UFO abduction experiences, out of body experiences, and a wide range of altered states of consciousness, including “Union with God.” The helmet experience, Dr. Persinger says, “involves a widening of emotional meaning, such that things not typically considered significant would now be considered meaningful” and hallucinations are “perceived as extremely real.” HAARP, Jerry E. Smith

        I’ve just run out of steam. Sorry for the long post…but I hope that it made sense and wasn’t for naught. :)

        Thanks for the compliment btw.

    • Lone_Wolf: That's the best summary i've ever read, and tallies EXACTLY with my own conclusions!

      Cathode Ray Tubes were designed for similar responses, i'm also convinced tht cell phones have now replaced them, for spiritual reasons, ie they negatively impair the people who use them.

      Nuclear explosions are also said to tear the veil allowing these horrors in …

      But nothing is more powerful than the will of a person, and the collective will that is sapped off the young fans is … frightening. It's real vampirism, without any gloss.

      • Yes – phenominal post, Lone_Wolf. If this is indeed true, it corroborates with every experience I have had and as a result, every belief I have.

        There really ARE people and places and songs and situations that give me a "bad vibe," even whensome of them TRY to APPEAR benevolent (and in contrast, things and people that give me a "good vibe" regardless of appearances to the contrary). When I am surrounded by what feels like bad vibes, I go out of my way to counter those frequencies with different, higher vibrations – even if only to preserve my own sense of well-being and balance, and to adapt to things I can't change until I CAN change them.

        This has little to do with Nicki Minaj, but I am glad one thing led to another… for this is FAR more interesting and compelling.

        Regarding NM, she seems to be caught in a messy game. Sad, cuz she IS talented. I never wanted to believe that the entertainment business is sinister in nature, but all of the signs point to that. One of the biggest sins and crimes to humanity ever. Thank God for the beauty and good vibes that slip through the putrid cracks.

    • @ Lone Wolf, Again, you've responded with a detailed and excellent post. So much for me to respond to here.

      As someone who has always been intuitive and grew up in a household that encouraged it as long as I understood the power and knew how to protect myself against the demonic forces, I can attest to that Theta wave when I've made beautiful contact with my deceased grandmother, mother and others. It was REAL and it was profound. I also have personally witnessed demonic entities and was almost attacked by one when visiting a farm in Canada 15 years ago. This dark spirit (which was known in physical form to the people who lived on the farm) came behind me and knocked me hard with his darkness across the back of my knees. (The room I was in had belonged to him in life.) I fell to the floor and literally crawled from the room. When I crossed the threshold, his presence was gone. It was as if he had a swirling portal in that room and anyone who journeyed into that room was a leaving themselves open to that energy. Yet, OUTSIDE that room, it was "clean." Nobody believed me EVEN THOUGH they were experiencing what they liked to call "odd" vibes in the room. Odd??? It just shows you how deadened people are from the reality of darkness and demons. It's this denial of darkness that will allow the demonic presence to take these people over. God help them and God protect them.

      Yes, I am fully aware of Monarch programming and MK Ultra. I've done extensive research into both and I had to stop because it was literally affecting me on a visceral level that I feared for my sanity and my health. I'm not familiar with Artichoke but I might look into it if I can summon the energy to review this filth.

      The whole "false Rapture" or alien appearance has been talked about widely and I'm almost wondering if because of this disclosure, the Elite are working on another mode of manipulation of the masses? Although, let's face it, the amount of people tuned into the reality of what's going on is few. Go to any baseball game, theme park, mall, etc. and look at the faces of the masses and you'll quickly realize that a huge percentage of them are easily manipulated. It's like throwing chum to fish; they grab for it without knowing what they are grabbing for.

      Case in point, I'm sure you've already seen this but it's worth mentioning again. Here is a link to the "mirage city" hologram released to the people of China last month:

      The Elite are blatant now and rolling out this hologram and allowing it to be shown is proof that "they" are up to something soon.

      I'm also aware of the damage of ELF waves via cell phone, towers, etc. I've had two friends commit suicide in the past three months (one age 60 and the other 37). The 37-year-old had just started an anti-depressant (do not know which one) and I truly believe it was the drug that conjured up the demons for him at the end. This was a wonderful man who had some minor troubles but nothing that could not be resolved. The drug was the tipping point and we lost an incredible person. I'm a firm believer that Big Pharma is as much "in on it" as the other major players in creating mind-numbed robots who either take themselves out or become empty shells that can be manipulated.

      I'm wondering about your thoughts on the sacred plant Ayahuasca? The idea of "Union with God" is often used when discussing the therapeutic use of this plant. I've had a few friends venture to South America and be part of protected, shamanic journeys with Ayahuasca and have returned with more depth and a deepened connection with their heart. That is IF it's done right. Some people who go on "Ayahuasca tours," are not given the correct guidelines for the "trip." I was asked to join a shamanic group to South America but the protocol prior to taking the plant was extreme. For four weeks prior, many foods were not allowed to be eaten, many beverages were not allowed, no sexual contact, and other restrictions applied for three weeks after the ingestion of the plant. I don't doubt that these are essential to the process but I wasn't about to cut out so much food that I was told I had to (meat, dairy, certain vegetables, etc.) for such a long period of time.

      The seeming "need" of those in the entertainment business to "find God" or do whatever is fashionable in order to have "an experience" has always concerned me as these people have no damn clue how they can willingly put themselves in harm's way by being manipulated by a "guru." I'm a firm believer in one's personal relationship with God, countered with a clear understanding of the demonic entities that are out there and cannot be ignored. Too many of the Christians I know prefer to act as if everything is sunshine and lollipops and seem to be in a constant altered state that is easily hypnotized. Talking to them about anything concrete is like talking to someone who is on Big Pharma's drugs and trying to get them to realize they are being systematically executed.

      When I tried to find the full deck of the Illuminati trading cards on the Web, I could not find it. Maybe there are just too many of them to post images of. Are they coming to fruition in ORDER of their appearance in the deck? I just saw the Japanese one (Combined Chaos or something like that) relating to Fukishima with the clock at 3:11 (the date of the "earthquake.") I'm shocked that the creator of this deck is not dead. Or is he one of "them" and letting us know what the Big Boys have in store for us?

      This is a long post but I wanted to respond fully. I know that energetically, LOVE will always conquer FEAR and HATE due to the high vibrational energetic pull of LOVE. This is why the Christ Consciousness vibration and even the name "Jesus Christ" invoked can diminish the darkness when one is within it. I've said, "In the name of Jesus Christ, go back from whence you came!" many times when I've been around demonic areas, people or buildings. I say it within my head or out loud and it always calms the waters of fear and evil. It's just too bad that Jesus has been also manipulated and made into a judgmental figure who will "hurt you" if you don't do his bidding. I cannot accept that as I see Christ as a loving energy who can be invoked to protect your body and spirit.

      • @Jenny

        Yep, saw the mirage in China thing. Fascinating stuff. Something big is definitely in the works and I have a sneaky feeling that it’s being planned for the much hyped 2012.

        I’m sorry to hear about your friends. You’re absolutely right about big pharma being in on it.

        At the latest during the staging of the Swine Flu epidemic alarm bells should have began ringing in the ears of the people, when the WHO assumed incredible powers and went as far as calling for martial law and forced quarantine measures in many countries to ensure that everybody was jabbed. A number of top pharma people sit on the board of the WHO (talk about a conflict of interests).

        This meant big business for pharma as hospitals, private practices and doctors worldwide, under the threat of losing their license or jobs, had no choice but to administer the drugs to oblivious “the government only has our best interests at heart” folk, who lined themselves and their babies up to get injected with poisons that are designed to weaken their immune systems and mutate into a deadly strand when a new epidemic is staged in the future.

        Thankfully, they didn’t get away with vaccinating everyone and people resisted once they realised that there was no real epidemic. The millions in profit that pharma made turned into loss and what did they do? They dumped the poisons in Africa, where they are still being used to decrease population and further the eugenicist vision of David Rockefeller, Bill Gates and Al gore among others. In the developing world the population is controlled via food distribution (UN World Food Program) and vaccinations (WHO). One only has to search to read news about how for example, Nigerians are angry because the preventive polio vaccine in their country has been discovered to be the actual cause of new cases of polio. In other parts of the world, Haitians blamed UN workers for bringing the cholera epidemic etc.

        In the developed world, the population is controlled by big pharma coupled by psychiatry. One would be surprised at how these are interconnected. These days people are given tablets for everything. A lively, slightly excitable child is immediately said to be a disruption and one way o the other lands in front of a doctor who puts him/her on some form medication. Then soon enough the child, after taking these drugs, becomes lethargic, withdrawn and anti-social…so he/she is prescribed an anti-depressant as well. That’s how it works nowadays. From an early age a child’s immune system is weakened by design. It is vaccinated with mercury containing vaccines, which are known to be the cause of the spike in autism over the last 20 years. Adults are prescribed pills to “help them relax” and cope with the economical and emotional stress of making a living in the current climate. On top of that our food is filled with chemicals and our water too…all for the purpose of dumbing us down in order to better control us.

        I know about Ayahuasca and it basically operates in the same way that other hallucinogenic drugs operate. Reading about the restrictions that you’ve listed, it doesn’t surprise me that they ask this of you, rather it’s clear to me that the reason for these restrictions is to empty the body so that the full potency of the plant can be experienced. This practice is similar to Buddhist teachings regarding the state of nirvana. One has to deny the body in order to reach the “divine”. In reality all that this is, is the weakening and emptying of the body, which causes delirium, in order to come into contact with demons much quicker and it’s dangerous because your spirit becomes weak and you’re much easier to possess.

        At this point I have to say I have to say that I’m having difficulty understanding where you are spiritually. On the one hand you talk about a personal relationship with God, refer to other Christians and acknowledge the existence of demons, but on the other hand you seem to still be caught up in or show a slightly unhealthy interest in new age practices. You mention the Christ Consciousness, which is a core new age (and satanic) belief and terminology referring to a cosmic Christ and not the Jesus Christ of the Bible. You speak of Jesus Christ as a loving energy. The Jesus Christ of the Bible is not only love. He is also wise, faithful, holy and just. He is God come in the flesh and as a perfect and holy God is he cannot have anything to do with darkness and explicitly judges those who do…no matter how much he loves them! This is in no way manipulation but common logic. It’s the same way that a parent who loves his child will scold them for trying to put their hand in the fire. He doesn’t want them to get hurt. He teaches and warns them of the consequences of what will happen if they do. A wise child will heed his father. A foolish child will go ahead and stick his hand in the fire and get burned…and whose doing will that be? Who will be to blame for the pain? The child himself for refusing to listen. One can believe that God is only love but I am begging you, don’t fall for that lie.

        Also, you sound like you still get afflicted by spirits judging from what you say about invoking Jesus Christ many times when you’re around demonic areas etc. Have you perhaps given some thought to the fact that because you continue to leave yourself open to new age practices you remain a “walking portal” who constantly draws these entities to yourself?

        The loving energy that you’re invoking is not the Jesus Christ of the Bible but another spirit (think of it like a game of demon good cop bad cop that keeps you stuck in a spiritual trap). Demons can distinguish a true believer and will keep coming back until you close whatever portal it is that you’ve got open and rely fully on the real Jesus Christ as your saviour. A Christian who is strong in the walk is not involved in such practices and does not continue to have these demonic encounters or have to keep invoking Jesus Christ’s name to keep the demons at bay. Only Christians who have generational Satanists in their families have this and have to get spiritual support to break the generational curse on their family. Just thought I’d make that clear. I hope you don’t see this as an attack on your person…just concern for a friend. Good luck in your spiritual walk.

  38. uniturnz2000 on

    just heard the song on Hot 97 here in NY. The song is fire. Its gonna catch steam, before u know its gonna b played on heavy rotation..

    • @ Jenny,
      Your post brought to mind a book I just finished- Breaking Open the Heas by D. Pinchbeck. It's PHENOMENAL!! if you haven't already read it, me thinks (judging by your post) it may be a good read 4 you, sista 😉

      • I just looked into the book now. Wow! Very cool. Thanks for the tip. And here's one back at you: I just finished this novel by Laurel Dewey called REVELATIONS. I'm BLOWN away. It's a thriller but it's REALLY ESOTERIC and filled with beautiful syncs like what we discuss here at VC.

        Here's a link to the Kindle version:


    • @ lordhelpus, probably Dame Dash (former Rocafella CEO), she was his fiancé at the time of her passing. Goes to show that the big ups gotta 'pay dues' just like the artists…
      Also J Prince, Irv Gotti & Sug Knight made similar sacrifices (either through jail sentences, death of beloved or financial sacrifice).

  39. We Shall Behold Him on

    None of us will ever know, until later, just how evil the devil, his whore-and they're daughters-really are. I wouldn't be surprised if her cousin was a blood sacrifice of some sort.

    But one thing is for sure. Nothing is accidental, nothing is coincidental, nothing is by chance or a stroke of luck. Everything is providential and consequential. I have trouble believing her statement and, frankly, I don't care. If fame & money means so much to people, oh well. Be prepared to reap accordingly and answer to the blood on your hands. The devil is a liar and he's scared coward. He knows the clock is ticking… He has no value for life.

    I will say this. The amount of flack some of these Black entertainers get… is beyond me, sometimes. And I strongly believe that the elite have misused Black people and their culture for their own gain. Thereby taking the focus off of themselves.

    I read it in a comment on this site and I agree: "stop giving these spiritually wicked men all your energy." I like this site and it is needed. But I've made this point before, the only subject that weighs more heavily than any other is salvation. Nothing is more important than being in a saving relationship with the Creator today, and the next day, and the next… each day. I know it to be true, in my personal life, more now than at any other time in my life.

  40. She constantly has a startled expression, not to mention her bizarre unattractive open mouth pose. She looks like a concussed clown whilst she thinks she oozes sex appeal. What a state. Minaj, Rihanna, Perry, Kesha, Spears can’t sing live. Without the recording studio gizmos to put them back in key and alter their voices they can’t sing. Their lives and "careers" are utterly a fix. They probably rely on hallucinogenic drugs so that they can't feel suffocated.

  41. I have a best friend that is trying to get famous (he raps). seeing how these people get "famous" by sacrificing Family & friends i have been very careful of my surroundings, i carry my gun everywhere.

    also he has a kid with a Jewish woman……… so take that for what its worth.

    • What are you on about? What do you need a gun for? Just attempt not to discuss it in public, otherwise you'll scare people in a bad way.

      • Why should i not discuss open carry in public? to be honest im not really worried about how other people feel. im looking out for me.

  42. Last night there was a special about her on the E! Channel. I guess she's officially "made it" now that her cousin's gone.

    Congratulations Nikki or Nicki or whatever your name is on your flourishing career. Hope it was worth it.

  43. One can also argue that if the music/entertainment business was so harmless and benevolent, there wouldn't be so many people speculating about why so many awful things happen inside it, and there would be no reason for VC to create this site in the first place.

  44. IgnoranceIsBliss on

    Man, I have learned so much reading the comments on this topic. I would have to say that Lone Wolf taught me the most though. It feels good to be reading the comments of people who have done extensive research in areas that I have, & haven't at the same time. All of this is very interesting to me.

    I would not put it pass this chick that she is involved in a blood sacrifice, please…she looks like the devil himself to me. & she's just flat out weird. She's like the black Lady Gaga to me. There has to be something up with this. I mean, just think about Eminem & Proof. Whether he was involved in it or not, Eminem did a video about Proof being killed before he actually was. This song by Nikki strikes me the exact same way. Or take a look at Lady Gaga's video where they pushed that chick off the balcony, & then take a look at what happened to Lina. It's almost like they have to reenact it to receive what they're asking for…Very weird.

  45. Could it have been a premonition?

    You should check out the original cover of Squad Five-O's "Bombs Over Broadway" album. (I have this CD with its original cover). The lyrics to the title track contain the phrase "ground zero" and end with the lines, "Lights out, New York City. You were the first, but you won't be the last". This album was released more than a year BEFORE 9/11.

  46. My theories on sacrifice:

    A loved one.

    Their wombs (notice how many female celebs do not have children. Janet, Mary J, Beyonce)

    Public humilation

    And finally self-sacrifice or their murder.

    • Actually, I'm pretty sure that Mary J. does have children, but that she has the sense to keep them out of the spotlight.

      Also, there are rumors that Janet secretly had a child when she was with James DeBarge, but nobody really knows for sure. Makes you think….

  47. Wanna know what's weird, my friend Kierra was a dancer for Hannah Montana back in 2007 and she said the network sent this guy named Matt to tell them the show was hitting low ratings and she said they might cancel it or whatever, and when she went backstage to do her makeup she heard Tish Cyrus (Mileys stepmom). Talking about who they would kill to keep Miley on top (Mileys Cousins, offering her younger sister for sex) and she said she was just being figurative, but after reading this article and most of the comments I thhink she was being literal
    Aslo check out the movie Jennifers Body, its 100% about blood sacrifice.

  48. TheTruthWillSetYouFr on

    "Satan answered Jehovah and said: 'Skin in behalf of skin, and EVERYTHING that a man has he will give in behalf of his soul' (or 'life')" – Job 2:4 (NWT)

    Please note that this is an allegation Satan made to Almighty God respecting not just the faithful man Job but EVERY human being, which thus appears to apply in the case of Nicki Minaj.

    If she was implicated in some way in her brother's death, she will be brought to account for "each of us will render an account for himself to God." – Romans 14:12 (NWT)

  49. For all you people who take refuge in the Bible I have a curious question for you:

    According to 1 Corinthians 11:14 “It is a disgrace for a man to wear long hair.”

    Why does Jesus Christ have long hair?

    • TheTruthWillSetYouFr on

      @Bigmora1 – You're really digressing but are you sure Jesus Christ had long hair? You obviously haven't seen Jesus in person because he left the earth almost 2000 years ago. Therefore, are you the sort of person naive enough to believe everything you see?

      There are many different artists' impressions of Jesus Christ which aren't all the same, which in effect, make them unreliable. Perhaps you could think about why that is…

      The Holy Bible doesn't make reference to Jesus' appearance (among many other prophets & characters) probably because it is unimportant. What's important is to understand the teachings & message from God's Word and realise it can give real meaning in your life now & in the future.

      "This means EVERLASTING life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ." – John 17:3 (NWT)

      Respectfully submitted…"TheTruthWillSetYouFree" (John 8:32)

    • Actually, it's a question that goes something like, "Does not even nature teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a shame to him?". The answer, of course, is no. How could nature teach you that? I certainly don't see how anyone could learn that from "nature".

      • TheTruthWillSetYouFr on

        @X – When you consider the context, the apostle Paul was referring to what a spiritual man ought to look like because he recommended "true" Christians to:

        "Be imitators of me, even as I also am of Christ." – 1 Corinthians 11:1 (MKJV)

        He then adds:

        "For a man indeed ought NOT to have his head covered (i.e. with long hair), because he is the IMAGE and GLORY of God. But the woman is the GLORY of the man." – 1 Corinthians 11:7 (MKJV)

        In today's world that could be difficult because it can be hard to distinguish between some men & women due to modern science. But would you not agree that it's generally NATURAL for a woman to have long hair? Why, then, should a man LOOK like a woman by allowing his hair to grow long when he is SUPPOSED to be a man?

        That is the point Paul is making, particularly about a man who claims reverence to God.

  50. I also think that this song was a pre meditated blood sacrifice, she wasn't predicting when it would happen, she was deciding when it would take place so she wrote the song as a this is when well kill him type thingg and released it the day it happened to make it look "coincidental" but this was all planned

  51. damn this is crazy first nicki sacrificed her cousin whom she was close to now drake her young money co signer also lost his uncle whom he was close to as well. within a couple weeks really could this all just be coincidence?

  52. Let's dial this on

    You know, I think a healthy dose of discretion is needed if you're going to get into 'occult undertones' of the entertainment industry.

    First of all, Hollywood doesn't exist in a vacuum. Plenty of writers, producers and directors (especially the younger ones) are well aware of the conspiracy cottage industry that the internet has been building since the 90s. If there's a niche market out there, someone's doing their best to cater to it.

    For all the moral and ethical posturing you see on sites like these, people still come back and speculate with wide-eyed fascination. It's a fun little exercise where everyone can think up awful, violent things and project them onto high profile people or situations. Campfire stories.

    Which Brings us to this 'blood sacrifice' business. The notion that no one is able to reach 'the top' without some sort of gruesome or perverse sacrifice. And if someone is very successful without any apparent dead family members or childhood trauma, then surely there's some secret abomination kept far from the public eye (like Beyonce supposedly having a child in secret and then murdering it for her 'sacrifice'…wow, guys). Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    Not to be rude, but this all smacks of the townspeople banding together and working themselves into an uproar over nothing but speculation and imagination. How is this line of thinking that far removed from the cultures that believe illnesses are caused by witches and ghosts and demons?

    It also smacks of judgment and jealousy. Far be it that these people worked hard, had the right mindset, held steadfast to their dreams and ambitions and were able to use whatever talent they had at their disposal to make something of themselves. No, no, no…the only thing really setting them apart from having a 9-5 job and driving a minivan (ie. your life, perhaps?) is that they were in on the murder of one of their loved ones. That they are ruthless sociopaths who will do 'anything' for money and influence and collude with evil supernatural powers. Is that easier to swallow than the fact that some people get lucky, work hard or were just meant to rise to the top?

    Not that I'm saying conspiracies don't exist or that everything is 'as it seems'. Nor am I suggesting that the entertainment field is a bed of roses and that there aren't some very ruthless people out there who've done some pretty petty things. I'm simply saying use discretion and don't let your emotions, ignorance and wishful thinking guide you to a conclusion that is some far removed fun house mirror version of reality.

    A lot of you are working your way back from a pre-determined conclusion. "Open your eyes"…sure, but don't just focus them in one direction and call it a day.

    • Maybe you are like in the know and just trying to discredit some valid information.

      I have a friend who was in the business and got lots of record play in NY Nj CT area and tells me of stories of Devil Worship, Rampant Homosexuals, Various Occult references. So blood sacrifices are not really that far fetched.

      Stop trying to discredit truth.

  53. Drake's uncle died too recently… This must be Young Money sacrifice month, I wonder who else will die next…

  54. So, do we all expect famous people to not have deaths in their families? LOL. It is bound to happen people. If you were to become famous, believe me, you to will have someone die in your family too. Will it be a "blood sacrifice" or just a part of life?

    • Of course deaths happen in families, but why are the deaths in the celebrities lives always so public. Grieving is a private process (usually) and you might tell some friends and family, but how often do you see a normal person post a family death on fb? Especially so soon after the event happens.

  55. guest of web on

    @TRUTH.IS -first of all nicki is a beast when it comes to the rap game she don't play… i'm not saying these accusations aren't true but you shouldn't throw your opinions out there like that because it makes you sound like a real hater , so remember that next time you want to judge someone!!!!!!

  56. Next Level Bbby ~ on

    Apparently, Gaga's sacrifice was Lina Morgana. The Paparazzi video also mirrors Lina's death. (Death from a balcony/roof in a some kind of Mansion/Hotel. And then there's the brunette Woman shown in shots throughout the video that some say looks eerily like Lina Morgana).

    Lina's Mom says that Gaga stole Lina's soul or something and she channels her daughter's creativity through her Music. Sounds far-fetched, but a lot of people think that it was an Illuminati ritual to enable Gaga's rise to Fame. And you gotta admit, there's heaps of weird Blood fetish/Murder themes surrounding her.


    …love u slim…sugary,utube uses someone's creativity 2 stab 'em bak instead of promoting 'em…or both…brethren, they Gaga,Kesha…(the list) r pure…Minaj is equal, she has nothing 2 du with da cousin's death. Was a coinsidence. Talent-creativity coinsidence. As for da cousin maybe time waz up. We were made from the dust and to it we must back. WE STARTED MISSING YOU ON THE DAY WHEN YOU LEFT COUSIN. MAY THE AIMIGHTY LORD REST YOUR SOUL IN PEACE R.I.P. THOU WILT BE DONE!

  58. I know that death happens and it's apart of life even for celebrities, but I have always been curious about the death of Aaliyah and the rise of Beyonce. Aaliyah's death has always seemed suspicious to me and shortly after her death (6 months to be exact), Beyonce went solo from Destiny's Child and blew up.

  59. Ya know… Being a writer of pop type music myself I can say I've written stories that have managed to manifest into reality.

    Life imitates art and art imitates life in this fractal environment. Everything contains itself and everything else. To the mirror, you are the reflection.

    How hard is it to think that perhaps she tapped into that place where all knowledge exists and didn't understand the fullness of the ramifications of it herself until the turn of events took place in this 3d plane.

  60. I'm Nigerian and in africa as well as some little islands off the americas, people are quite knowledgable about the occult.

    first off, you 'kill' someone close to you when it involves success, fame and money. You do not have to be directly involved but in scripture, it says 'life is in the blood', and blood is key to occultic wealth.

    FIth-fath is when you take someone's items for a hex or curse, or for manipulation.

    I have been following up a lot of the stuff on vigilantcitizen and while I dont agree with all of it – or more aptly, cant verify all of it, the occultic act of sacrifice without the person who 'offers' up the substitute is very true and regular in high society. They dont have to hold the gun, they may only write down a name or give away a picture of that loved one (has to be someone close) and they sign that life away.

    Im no expert but this much I know WELL

  61. If any of you watched the ritualistic BET AWARDS, you saw Nicki Minaj on stage with a dozen young girls with pink and blonde wigs, idolizing her. Indeed, Nicki Minaj is promoting a Nation Of Barbies .

  62. I cant believe i just watched an episode of Wendy Williams' show where Latoya Jackson said Michael Jackson told her someone wanted to kill him..and she believes Dr Murray was the cover up for the perso who actually killed him…WOW

  63. Shine a Light on

    Lamar Odom is the recent celeb suffering from a "accidental" death of 15 year old in a freak car accident. Makes me wonder if it was a ritual killing, as Lamar is bout to go large with his "Lamar & khloe" Kardashian franchise program. Open and exposed.

  64. Am so very addicted 2 hip pop but this illuminati stuff is becoming weird and scary.Dr.Dre,50 cent and Lupe fiasco seem not to belong 2 Illuminati.Watch Lupe fiasco's video ''Beaming''.Have u ever heard dis date 21/Dec/2012.According to the satanic calender,On that day,Illuminati will take over the world.Thats why They re fighting for a new world order with one central Luciferic goverment and One world religion(satanic worship).America seems to be heading this mission and will be the heard of the one world government.Hmmmm,Dis is weird but sit back and watch the apocalypse unmask the evil it has in stock.Daz bad wt we ought 2 pray hard.

  65. Why is it that when we speak on the suspucious activities of the entertainment industry and their "entertainers" we must be jealous? You sheeple never cease to amaze me. People like you are why more generations to come use less and less percentages of their brains. All you can say is "haters" or "sounds like jealousy" Really? This is child speak.

  66. As an open homosexual myself I'm kind of insulted at the comments about cross dressing and homosexuality being apart of this sinister agenda.

      • Okay, and Homosexuals have existed way before this pathetic "Illuminati" organization. So trying to make us seem like we're apart of this agenda shows your ignorance. Is eating shell fish also apart of the NWO's agenda?

  67. Its very ignorant to just assume all celebrities do blood sacrifice. Keep in mind people like Gaga and Beyonce do not make choice for themselves they are 100% controlled. Now Gaga might have killed Lina Morgana for fame but Beyonce is walking puppet. And I think Damon Dash Aaliyahs fiancee sacrificed her in order to achieve higher wealth, not Beyonce.

    • Oh, my, my, my. Let’s hear it for the “Well to Do” Bush family!

      What a bunch of sleazebags these disgusting plastic “people”? are! I’ve always known that they were bottom of the sewer vermon, but this reconfirms everything we’ve all known or suspected for a long time.

  68. Amen. These people are no better than us, yet we worship and idolize them. We are no better than them, yet we mock them. These fellow human beings deserve respect. We should admire there talent, and any actions of theirs we feel worth admiring. I've enjoyed a few of Nicki's songs. She's from my town and I've followed her for a while. If she made a blood sacrafice, it's sad.

  69. It is a way for her handlers to reinstating her trauma based mind control. In order to create alters they need to have the person disassociate – they do this by doing a whole lot of different horrifying things to people to create the alters then make sure they keep "remembering to forget". A lot of these satanic rituals are done in order to maintain that control and help to keep them disassociated.

  70. Kayne West experienced this kind of sacrifice with his mother right? This was before he turned dark and creepy.

  71. I get where some people come from. Reading comments, someone mentioned that a lot of us reading this must be jealous somehow because the celebrities are much more successful. At the same time, that is life and you have to realize it. I can be honest right now and tell you that I am not jealous, at all. I'd love to be rich and famous, but seeing that they seemed controlled, stressed, etc, it makes life seem a bit more difficult than living humbly.

    Someone might say "well, that's not all celebrities", yeah I know. And if I am not as fortunate to have money like them, then that's too bad in my case. I actually never believed in this "conspiracy" until I found this website, so it's truly an eye-opening thing for me.

  72. nicki is an idiot on

    I swear, any of her fans would defend her, but this ain't no coincodince!!!!!!! she either killed him/her, or predicted it by the DEVIL, and wrote the stupid song!!!!!!!!!! And now she's MORE famous???????? This woman is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILLuminator, cuz she ISSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well, when she dies, she'll be put in her place by Him. (God)

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