Nicki Minaj: A New Puppet is in Town


Throughout the articles on this site, we’ve pointed out many pop singers being portrayed as dolls, mannequins, puppets or robots. Well, here’s another one. Even before the release of her solo album, the rapper has managed to be featured in numerous mind-control themed photoshoots. The name of one of her alter egos is Roman Zolanski, which sounds an awful like Roman Polanski, them name a film director who produced some disturbed occult movies. He was also arrested and charged with a number of offenses against Samantha Geimer, a thirteen-year-old girl:  rape by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under fourteen, and furnishing a controlled substance to a minor.


Like many of this type of “artist”, Nicki started from humble beginnings and “paid her dues”, until the creation of a new, wild yet mindless persona.

Nicki before fame…and surgery.


Nicki Minja’s other alter ego is “Barbie”, which is … fitting.

She’s about the 35th artist to be portrayed as a doll in a box.
Notice the Monarch butterflies (Monarch programming)
The cover of Minaj’s first solo album. The artist bears mindless stare and no arms.
More “puppeteering”

Alice In Wonderland Shoot

Alice in Wonderland references are common in the acts of “mind control” artists.

Yet another artist portrayed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland in a photoshoot
Monarch butterflies

Feline Prints

Sex-kitten, beta programming.




    • Seven Rayed God on

      None of them actually join the Illuminati. I doubt any of them even realize how much their video's and albums have esoteric symbolism behind them. I just want all those who inquire on VC's site that believe these people are "Illuminati" members, to know they are quite the polar opposite. When VC refers to the Illuminati he is speaking on behalf of the symbols used and so forth. They just play the role and do as they are told or they do not get that big paycheck. It seems the "7 Deadly Sins" are quite prevalent in our society today.

      • So how is one to know which artists/people are actually apart of the illuminati and which are simply doing it to get their money? Lady gaga isn’t apart of the illuminati but she’s their puppet the corey’s who had twin programming were apart of the illuminati’s mind programming how does one tell the difference? How can a person not be apart of something but yet have so many blatant illuminati and satanic symbolism in their work such as movies music commercials fro goodness sake and books. That way i can let people know the truth the last thign i would want to do is say kanye west is apart of the illuminati and he isn’t eveninvolved with it. may someone please help me understand how to spot this difference thank you!

      • remember that whole pyramid thing….your boss has a boss who has a boss, and so on…the underlings are not employers, –but employees

      • It might be more accurate to say that they are not IN the 'Illuminati' but rather OWNED BY the 'Illuminati.' They are not IN control of anything, but rather UNDER control. They are just a front.

      • one should not be concerned being able to tell the difference…..they are seduced and sell their soul and theres ALWAYS a conscious decision they just cant hear their voice due to the structures….THAT WHY THEYRE CALLED PUPPETS….please dont dwell so much but recognize that ALL media is either to worship them, mock us (like zombie movies) OR to warn us…everything has a negative and positive energy its HOW YOU utilize it… i suggest u worry instead on how to prepare for the re-birth of our planet and evolve your consciousness…loss of dollar is soon….prepare……..

      • i also think many of them were MADE literally….like Lady Gaga….from a tube n fed lies…sounds far fetched? ok…

      • Peace-a distant drea on

        Yeah. They are not joining the actual illuminaty/elite society. But they are puppets who are willingly propmoting the illuminaty agenda.

      • shatteredzombie on

        and have you ever thought she just likes the hirajuku style its a style most female asian love to wear its and underground street style. i personally love it and have plenty of the dresses my self, and obviously she loves asian life style too by her make up and the wigs and actions she does and the video "your love" i also love the asian life style though most have changed we still love the idea of it. and to top it of alice in wonderland is one of my favorite movies despite all of its symbolism.

      • You assume far, far too much " none of them actually join the Illuminati " "None of them know the esoteric values" HOW DO YOU KNOW , you can't prove a negative , besides certain FACTS are irrefutable , that most of these top "stars" go through the same transformation process , pointed out by VC and that these symbols are repeated over and over and I believe these "stars" find out very fast what is expected of them . Besides people talk in the entertainment and reveal what's going on .

        Whether or not they are full fledged members is irrelevant , they are all promoting the same symbols , using same profane lyrics and look like cookie cutter puppets , that use Free Mason Symbols , Illuminati Symbols and Occult symbols and that is an empirical FACT .

        These "stars" watch youtube , they know the gossip , they know what's told to each other , so you can safely assume , many know all about the symbols being pushed , some more than others , but to make these clowns look innocent and not responsible for the dangerous agenda they are putting forth is irresponsible , because as Martin Luther King said " Silence is Betrayal " . They ARE responsible for the brain washing or manipulation of minds of young people whether they are the puppet or puppet master and working for a paycheck is NOT an excuse and you don't have to be an occult expert to know about the Devils Horns , every other kid on youtube knows about it and the "stars" don't , that's a joke . The PATTERNS are clear , the participation is OBVIOUS , but the AGENDA seems to be lost on a lot of you apologists and all you have to do is read the lyrics of M&M American psycho , ONE OF THE FILTHIEST , MOST VILE "SONGs" EVER WRITTEN or Gaga's lyrics for young girls , "eat my bad girl meat " shows that the destruction of morals , or the fabric of society is one of their goals . Bottom line , you only hear WHAT THEY WANT you-to hear .

      • Seven Rayed God on

        @Kahoneez. How would I know that they do not actually join the Illuminati? Your either just debating semantics or just mocking me in quite an odd way. The rest of your comment seems to be written by one of intellect but that first question, how can I answer a negative? Really? If that's the case everything we are speaking about becomes irrelevant. It seems for you a lot more research is in order, with a hint of logic.

      • Seven Rayed God on

        @Kahoneez. One more thing to add "Whether or not they are full fledged members is irrelevant" < If one cannot distinguish the difference between membership in an elitist society and just being a mainstream artist, just imagine what effect disinformation could have. As for attacking me on their understanding of esoteric symbolism, did you have the amount of knowledge to understand the symbolism before learning most of it on VC? I think not. It seems your idol-worship got the best of you when defensively attacking my comment. LOL!

      • I think everyone is missing the whole concept of the mind control programming. The alter personality that everyone sees may not know what is going on, but at the same time they can have an alter that will sit down and participate in satanic rituals and they will have no recollection of it.

      • @Seven Rayed God… I dont know about that, I think they ALL KNOW… Did you read in Rolling Stone about Lady Gaga's "Illuminati Dream" I mean come the eff on! She couldnt have gotten anymore ridiculous in that interview, truly sarcastic (and I like her, I really do) but come on, I took that whole statement as her saying "I know what Im doing, I know you people know what Im doing, but Im gonna make like it's all just a joke" I mean jeez, all's the women would have to do is google herself once & see the Illuminati stuff come up, or check her stuff on youtube, I mean its every where when it comes to her. Makes me sad, I wish it wasnt her, cus she's truly talented and so smart, even way before she sold out

  1. I dont understand whats wrong about the butterflies…

    Maybe they mean somehting, But yeah, If we use those butterflies now we are evil?

    Thats the thing with symbols now, You might use a butterfly & Think it looks cute, But theres some dude calling you Illuminati because of it…

    Im not saying its stupid, But seriously, Not EVERYTHING means something.

    Its just butterflies…

    • The butterfly alone as a symbol is not the problem with Nicki Minaj: it's a collection of symbols and affliations. Here is a short list:


      the baphomet, horned fingers, masonic hand gestures

      the doll imagery

      the multiple personalities she uses (clear sign of possible MK ultra victimization?)

      connection to Cash Money records whose management is definitely Masonic-

    • Dear LiNcK,


      "Im not saying its stupid, But seriously, Not EVERYTHING means something.

      Its just butterflies…"

      In the struggle for the completion of the so called "great work" …..Everything DOES mean something…… So, unfortunately you're gonna have to get used to it……

    • Reagrdless of the sick, twisted ways evil people have turned beautiful objects into dark symbolism, all things are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. We cannot lose hope, to have received salvation is to have something greater than they ever will.

    • The problem is not with the butterflies, but with who put them there and their motive…
      that being said with knowledge comes responsibility. I shouldn’t throw up horned hands because i know what it means, however someone who doesn’t know what it means (though they should find out) can’t be held accountable.

      Now, These people know exactly what is going on, they may not know in depth but they know….they choose money over diginity, and they are getting through to society in their messages. I have never seen a time when there have been so many songs made about being rich.

      I will say this though….although many don’t want to accept it… the bible told the story about all this, long ago. Mark of the Beast sound familiar? The heads of government and organizations coming together therefore leaving those out who dont want to conform to this NEW WORLD ORDER?
      think about it.

    • I don't think it works like that. You're confusing symbolism with what the symbol represents. If you don't buy that the symbol represents an actual process of mind-control, then it is just a butterfly. But the idea that something can be used to represent something is not a new idea, it's been around for thousands of years. People who do evil things are often profoundly prideful of their work. It's a way of showing to everyone something only they know about. And simultaneously feeling untouchable, because even if people were told what it means, they wouldn't believe it anyway. The scope of it makes people recoil and they are more comfortable living in a world where the whole thing is a conspiracy theory. But the problem is that that doesn't actually make sense. When you begin to pay attention to mass media and symbols, you start to realize that they don't serve a logical purpose.

    • They aren't a coincidence, because everything put on camera is placed there intentionally. There isn't anything in a movie or a video that wasn't placed there intentionally, it's FAKE. What distracts the viewer is the inability to realize this on a conscious level. Yes, you may know logically that something isn't real, but at the same time you also believe that something you see on the screen has no meaning and that it's just an accident. Every single frame, every single shot is like a painting. No brushstroke is there by ACCIDENT.

    • Ok I just have to tell you how true this is!!! Five years ago I had NO idea about any of this stuff. I was visiting my brother in LA and one of the people I hung out with was this young photographer. He has done shoots with all sorts of celebs and was telling me what they are like. Paris Hilton sits with her face about an inch from the mirror just checking herself out for hours on end. Hugh Hefner. Nuff said. He was telling me about Beyonce and how weird she is. Would go in and out of all these personas….one minute rapster ghetto talking….one minute well spoken business women… minute baby talking on and on. It finally dawned on me not long ago the MK split personalities. The entertainment industry is sick and in a perpetual state of satan worship! Stop supporting them!!! Not all of them – the ones putting out this crap. Kings of Leon has a new sone, Radioactive. It is a fantastic message! There are more out there and we should only be supporting movies, tv shows and music that shed light into the darkness. Peace

      • kings of leon is signed to sony/columbia you durp… all of their artists are involved 😛

      • Dearheart – YHWH can use anyone for good. He is not limited by record labels. But cute!!! The message from that song is NOT one of destruction/darkness/moral decay. Quite the opposite.

      • And just to give an example of the 'spirit' in music. If you listen to Radioactive, it is nothing but positive. Drink the water, where you came from. God, the river of life. These boys are preachers sons and have the foundation. They are, or at least were in some rebellion when they started making it as can be evidenced by Sex on Fire and some of the taudry details they divulge in interviews. This song is a step back on foundation. And it's awesome! I would so much rather have people singing this then something like the Killers are we human. Are we human? Or are we dancers? (puppets) Can you read my mind? It's gross. Pay attention to what you are listening to. That's all I'm saying.

      • @Sarah Connor

        Sorry to burst your bubble but Kings of Leon isnt light to me at all.

        If they were light they wouldnt be singing, "Your Sex is on Fire." I'm just saying.

        People really need to do their research on music. Not everything is safe anymore.

      • Read my post again. Everyone at one point experiences a rebellious period. I have. Have you not????? I would imagine the sudden rise to fame would spark one in them. They are going back. IMHO. read my post again. Thanks! And Peace

      • Just seen the post you were talking about. Sorry. Funny didn't display it on my computer yesterday.

        Anyways honestly my experience, More and more Christian Artists are sounding more and more Mainstream. The sad thing you can compare Radioactive to a "worldly" artist like Killers or maybe Kings of Leon. Sad. Its only gettting worse not better. But we would rather have people listening to Radioactive than "wordly" artists. Right?

      • I don't know that KOl were ever classifed as christian artist. I just have music on in my house 24-7 and am sensitive to the lyrics. I know when the message is bad, and when it's not. that's all. Radioactive is a GOOD message. Period. Other than that, not for me to judge.

      • No KOL were never classified as Christian. What I'm trying to say is more and more of these Christian artists are sounding Main Stream or Worldly.

        What do you mean "Not for me to judge?" You have every right to. I mean the music is playing 24-7 in your house. Your sensitve to music? do you have the Christian station playing all the time? Paramore is considered a Christian band and look what happens they make it on this site. Everyone can use the title "Christian" but it doesnt mean the lyrics are. Not all of them. I'm sorry if you get offended by what I'm saying. I am not trying to at all. Just my opinion.

      • It is questionable I will agree. Not into the drummers horns. Other than that nothing concrete. And that compated to Kanye or Jay Z…..PPPPUUULLLEEEZZZZEEE . And I'm tellin ya…..preachers sons, they have the foundation. Might be caught in the storm right now, but that song is good. Maybe not all others, but that one is. I'll take it over many others any day of the week. We all fail at some point. Those boys are coming back home I tell ya! I can feel it. We all fall down sometimes. It is what we do when we get back up. That's what I"m lookin at.

  2. i really liked Nicki Minaj's stlye. I only hope that it is hers and not because of Monarch programming. I just watched an interview with MTV about her and she was refering to herself as a weird Roman name (probably some goddess or somethin') and she had a weird accent. Anybody see "Britney" in that? I kinda knew u would do an article pretty soon…n here it is. I hope that she wont go out like Aliyah. :(

  3. I guess all these things mean something different at different levels. Many ppl have no idea what monarch butterflies are but for those that do i suppose they would question the image. "to judge or not not judge?"

  4. Hmmm, I dunno VC. This article does seem to be "reaching", if only just a tad.

    Everyone gets plastic surgery. Point. Blank. Period. I don't see what's the big deal, unless you were trying to infer she was becoming a "life-size or life-like" Barbie.

    The Barbie/Mannequin thing does seem to be a tad in your face, especially with the whole concept of Transhumanism that you've brought to your readers attention.

    However, the animal print clothing is a vintage look for women's fashion (I am aware of your view of beta sex kitten programming in fashion) and seeing as how Nicki was posing for a men's magazine, XXL, I believe it was probably just a wardrobe decision by her stylist and not an Illuminati beacon. She was supposed to be sexy after all.

    • Sorry but your sentence:

      Everybody gets plastic surgery…

      Just tells it all to me. Same sentence is: Get your Meds.

      Or even the 'Get a Life!' one.

      Really, this society is loosing its true, social meaning.

      Cheers :)

    • Cantbelieveit on

      However her "alter ego(s)" including "Roman Zolanski" are a bit on the perverse side…

      Along with what VC stated, more Polanski past:

      – Did a movie "Rosemary's Baby" about a man who sells his wife & unborn child to the devil for riches & fame (sounds familiar?)

      – Polanski's 8-month pregnant wife and unborn child were stabbed to death by Charles Manson's minions, who then wrote in her blood on the door "PiG" (for the slaughter I suppose)

      – Polanski then proceeds to pose for a Life Magazine photo shoot in the house where his wife & unborn child were killed

      – His wife Sharon Tate starred in "Eye of the Devil", "Valley of the Dolls" (programming), & they met on, wait for it, "The Fearless Vampire Killers"

      – He had been on the lamb (pun intended) in Switzerland after pleading guilty for the rape, sodomy & drugging of a 13-year-old girl AND THEN WON AN OSCAR in '02 (Woody Allen anyone?! With his step-daughter/wife. Hollywood.)

      This is who Nicki Minaj models her "alter" ego after…




    • If you’re worth more dead than alive and you know too much, that’s when it’s time for the used up entertainer to go. What’s really sick is that they even use your family members and get them involved. Look at the Jackson’s. Michael was worth way more dead than alive. He was damn near broke and his family wanted to keep the gravy train a rollin. So, they find Dr. Death to do him in and paint him up as a pedophile beforehand. The MSM tells us he’s a broke, freak pervert. Everyone should’ve known they were setting him up. But he had quit being their slave (Sony), and they were angry. What better way to cash in on MJ again? KILL HIM. Other celebrities should listen to this shit and wake up too. Because they think it’s fun living the high life as their little puppet for a while, and then reality sinks in. They are owned. It’s like someone setting their business on fire and cashing in on the insurance claim. SICK.

      • Hey was simply an occult sacrifice perhaps. I mean look at the last movie he was working on and all the imagery "Dr. Parnassus …"

  6. Not everything is gloom and doom. Thats just the entertainment industry. People do it to get rich, no maths in that.

    Someone has to do it

  7. "roman zolanski" is similar to roman polanski. He's some director idk why she wanted to be named after him but could her alter ego be similar to the infamous sasha fierce?

    • i wonder why e-entertainment didn’t report on this!! they usually seem to cover every celeb story!!! kinna makes sense why mel gibson,britney and lilo are always is trouble!! and why SO MANY celebs die on drug over doses i mean come on like they don’t have people to advise them about the drug lethal doses!!!


      • E entertainment wouldnt do a Story on it because E entartainment is OWNED by the Illuminati. They only want us to see what they choose.

  8. HeKnowsWhatHeSees on

    She "is not" illuminatti!! She is used as a mind control, agenda pushing system slave. She may or may not be aware that she is a puppet but she is not sitting in with the big dogs when they are making world decisions.

  9. The crazy thing is that she's a SICK rapper…Her flows are amazing… I'm definitely a fan, but I can do without all the gimmicks in her image…It was cute at first, but then more and more of the same symbols have come to define her.. (Dissociation, Split personalities, Possessed behavior, Barbies ) I knew this was the direction she was gonna slowly evolve into… Even now, she's still in the process of being "created"… Watch out…

    • She is amazing. But she has to pretend she's not gay and be turned into plastic to reach fame. That's sad, because she's completely changing herself to "fit in" with the pop stars of today. She's super talented which is why they wanted her.


      Yea when I saw this video I realized what she is being created into…. It is so sick to turn a mental illness into a form of entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not cute in anyway shape or form and is actually fairly disturbing… All of her fans are eating this up though!!! They love the split personalities with the different crazy voices. When she starts talking to herself at 1:30 I was wow this girl is going to mess with young fans heads so much this is so sick and twisted!!!

  10. I guess the thing with the symbols is like whether or not the person using them is evil or not, the ppl who created the bad meaning associated with the symbol is having their mission accomplished by getting ppl to wear it. Why do we like certain thinks like butterflies and skull bones and things like that? something like the skull thingy is pretty much known by everyone to be evil and many ppl ignore that and still wear the image on clothing etc. they dont care that skulls are evil they just think they are cool but i bet the evil forces behind the image are happy that the imagery is as popular as they intended

    • I totally agree I do know this for sure SOMETHING BIG will happen in 2012 don’t know if its going to be Dec 21st but it will be the start of something horrible for Christians look at Rihanna the illumanati has stopped all contact between her parents and her sounds familiar? It should Michael Jackson got done the same way secluded him he broke out of their programming I’m happy to hear but . I was watching Rockstar live 101 and she is just nasty, besides that they are programming and hypnotizing concert goers she I’d so dark Michael Jackson had to be killed so these things could come to pass, now if you’ve been paying attention everybody that’s new artist Melanie Fiona (eventhough she has a beautifuk voice don’t think she’s not programmed think I’m lying she does the evil eye hand
      Gestures and what about her song “somebody come get me “(before I kill this man) I’m the wrong mind set you may just do that. Look at Willow Smith I mean this is a little girl 9yrs old not 25 talking about whipping hair the dance they do is like a head banging demon possession. Willow Smith job is to attract the attention of the younger crowd even Earth,Wind,and Fire new greatest hits CD is occultish, evil, demon symbolism you would not believe pyramids all over it its scary people ,WE don’t have much time the USA is not going to be a “Good” place to live in soon a lot of things evil are gonna get worse and US is the heart of it all. MOVE out now cause they will be closing the borders , Obama is trying to shut down the internet and I believe our next president will be the Beast I honestly feel we won’t be here in 7 yrs . Most are blind by being working all the time, family time etc anyone else notice how time seems like its on a fast down spiral? The days years months are speeding fast!!!!
      Pray have faith and be watchful pay attention get a bible and pray ask for forgivness so that you may have favor on judgement day and in Yahweh’s eyes. I’m still working on mine but I’m moving from this country. The borders will be closed and Americans will be dammed.
      Peace and Blessings to all of you :)

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      She was an average looking female. She was not ugly. She was beautful when she was herself. The made up her is just simply made up. Man makes dolls. God makes people. Alter egos are just to change what God has created. Confusion destroys the mind's link to God.

      Her story is very depressing to me. However, this grave issue is becoming too prevalent for her and other celebrities like her to fall in this trap. She is a big girl who makes her own decisions knowingly. People choose to do drugs, so there are people who choose alter egos for various reasons.

      God bless her. Here today and gone tomorrow. Unfortunately, many of these people will overcrowd mental institutions across the nation. There minds are being damaged.

      • Me from Colombia on

        I agree. She looked fresh and natural before all that plastic surgery. God gave her what she had. Now she looks awful.


    Randy Quaid alleges there’s a conspiracy to kill him and several other troubled Hollywood stars in order to gain control of their millions.outside the Vancouver immigration office where he’s attempting to gain permission to live in Canada, Quaid said Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears have been victims of a similar conspiracy.

    The actor who was arrested by border officials in Vancouver last week said he and his wife aren’t criminals, fugitives from justice or crazy.

    On Thursday, the actor claimed that for the last 20 years he and his wife Evi have been the victims of criminal activities by people who are out to destroy them personally, professionally and financially.

    He became emotional as he told reporters that in the last five years eight actors he’s known have been murdered.

    “We believe there to be a malignant tumour of star whackers in Hollywood,” he said, naming Heath Ledger, Chris Penn and David Carradine as some of their victims.


      • For not playing by the Elite's rules or propagating their message/agenda. Some others were just sacrifices to gain more power leverage with the dark side I assume.

    • Cantbelieveit on

      He had better watch out that his wife isn't a mind-controlled pawn/spy with a name like Evi (very much looks like the word Evil) just sayin'.

      Everything represents something else nowadays, prolific symbolism.

  12. I have to be one of Nicki Minaj's biggest fan !!! i just love this girl …. i usually like the post that you put up here VC , but this doesnt convince me enough to leave her alone……

    -Team Barbie

      • see this is y i dont even like posting stuff up on this website b/c people always gotta get smart and shit ……my opinion is MY own personal opinion and if u dont like it then o well , just b/c u may not care for nicki minaj then do u & leave ppl that like her the hell alone ……..just sayin….

    • Cantbelieveit on

      Okay, follow someone who's alter named "Roman Zolanski" is named after director Roman Polanski who:

      – Did a movie "Rosemary's Baby" about a man who sells his wife & unborn child to the devil for riches & fame (sounds familiar?)

      – Polanski's 8-month pregnant wife and unborn child were stabbed to death by Charles Manson's minions, who then wrote in her blood on the door "PiG" (for the slaughter I suppose)

      – Polanski then proceeds to pose for a Life Magazine photo shoot in the house where his wife & unborn child were killed

      – His wife Sharon Tate starred in "Eye of the Devil", "Valley of the Dolls" (programming), & they met on, wait for it, "The Fearless Vampire Killers"

      – He had been on the lamb (pun intended) in Switzerland after pleading guilty for the rape, sodomy & drugging of a 13-year-old girl AND THEN WON AN OSCAR in '02 (Woody Allen anyone?! With his step-daughter/wife. Hollywood.)

      This is who Nicki Minaj models her "alter" ego after…

      BTW her new "Anaconda" video/performance very much like Eve in the garden with the snake.

  13. Here is a put together video by a YOUTUBE user. Hard to follow but makes some good points. What is eye-opening is during the interview portion, when they asked her about her sexed up persona, she states she is unaware of they are talking about. This may be her front alter ignorant of what the others are doing. JUST A POSSIBILITY, I'M NOT SAYING…

  14. Shes hopelessly programmed. All tha ey winking and diffrent voices, and payin homage to anna nicole, another monarch puppet. tha big question is, whos her handler? birdman or lil wayne??? does anybody know off the top of their head?

    • I would say Lil Wayne but probably both. I knew she didn't stand a chance when she got hooked up with him. It was inevitable. Lil Wayne is so creepy its a shame and so it tattoed pentagram Baby.

  15. how exactly are ADULTS programmed initially? i've read about monarch programming, but all of the stories and examples that i read spoke of programming beginning very early in infancy (around 2 months or so). nicki is obviously in her 20's, so how does that work?

    • very good question and I hope someone can speak on that. drug abuse is a consistency I see but how you could change a person who is that age? dunno…..unless the desire to be rich and famous is so seductive that one can lose themselves to the dark side to attain it? we are talking about master manipulators here……I'm sure there are those that would succumb to the seduction of fame. depending on one's background, I'm sure some are more vulnerable than others. Those would be the ones that don't get the contracts/deals. Shut up and put up?

      • Nicki Said herself that her dad use to abuse her mum or something.

        so she would create another personality so that everthing will seem alright

        And then she created more when she grew older.

    • The MK ultra reports you’ve read describe the formula being applied on very young kids. But that doesn’t mean adults can’t be programmed.

      It’s just that the success rate of this horrific mind-control technique has HIGHER CHANCE on kids than on adults.
      But the concept is still the same.

    • Hypnosis, isolation, emotional abuse, neurolinguistic programming: change somebodies core believes, shatter their old ones. For example they try to tell you that God supposedly does not believe and the movies and songs constantly lead you to this alternative world. The other day I heard that the Matrix has highly influenced the believe system of many people and once you buy into the Matrix etc thinking you sort of forget about God. One woman on the internet claims that she gets panic attacks when she is outside a city for longer than an hour, how crazy is this? This can happen however if you constantly tell somebody that nature is incomplete, only human made things are perfect and so on. The whole New Age industry is also doing a good job in changing people's core blieves. Currently there is a big uproar in the UK about homosexual Steven Fry having said that women apparently do not enjoy sex because they do not go cruising for sex in a park. This is a completly twisted statement but might brainwash women into thinking that if they do not have random sex they supposedly do not enjoy it. It however works the other way around, you see an attractive person with a beautiful personality, you want to be close to this person, enjoying being with this person, trust the person… things you usually don't experience with strangers. Sex with a stranger is like wanking with another person's body and is nothing about the other person. This is however not what Fry is telling you with his one liner.

    • Yani, I was thinking a lot about this, and I assume that if they want to program adults, they invoke powerful demons, and "make" the people possessed with their help. One demon owns one alter personality. I am not sure, but that seems so. Maybe that is the case with Beyoncé/Sasha Fierce…

  16. Can someone answer why all Black female recording artists are looking more like a tan white female.

    Beyonce for one appears in so many ads with the appearance of having a "whiter" complexion than every black woman I have ever encountered. I live in a town with a population of about 20 percent Somali.

  17. You're really late with this one, Vigilant. She's weirder than Lady Gaga, has been from the beginning like the "Massive attack" video.

  18. FearlessDiiiva on

    I knew she was a sex puppet the SECOND i laid eyes on her, it's written all over her face, who can't see that?

  19. Ugh, talk about no talent. I'm sorry if any of you guys are fans of hers, but lemme tell you something…….if becoming a huge musical success was solely based on TALENT and not selling one's soul (it's obvious that's the path she's chosen), we wouldn't even know her name.

  20. I don't know if anyone mentioned it but there has to be some kind of agreement between her and matel. I have said it hundreds of time and just said it again. With no lawsuit filed agaist her for using their name, image, print, nose, etc…it's something. The Roman Polanski alone is sick. A man who druged and raped a teen. Then you hear all these lil girls on here in their " Barbie" voice " oh no VC don't tell me Nicki too" …really? It goes to show, you would think Roman Polanski is so cool, an alter ego blah, blah blah…when in reality he is a stone cold nutt killer smh.

  21. at least some artist have talent or just have that thing about them, destiny, born to perform, madonna, britney, MJ, Mariah, Miley, Christina and MANY OTHERs who were BORN to do what they do CLEARLY and have a PASSION for it.

    It's not fair to demean these ppl for doing what they were born to do.

    It's so unfortunate this vigilant mother fucker can't teach you guys the true history to all this and has to exploit these ppl and get them called sluts, and bitches and etc.


    Vigilant u are brainwashing and setting as bad of an example as some idiot like lady gaga or this black lady gaga

    • You need to go check out Hollywood wackers and see if this is a game. You on some Barbie staning shish get a life, a real one Barb. welcome to the real word.

    • Vigilant is pointing out the symbolism. I agree, some artists out there are very good at what they do… But! It is the fact of increasing and blatant occult symbols, hand gestures and dissassociativness these artists are portraying that we do not agree with.

      It is these that play wth the human mind and nudge those less educated to start acting them out in real life. becomming less human. More Kontrolled. I havnt really seen any comments that have called Minaj a slut or bitch at all. Maybe you are the one who is brain washed if you havnt been able to read what we are trying to talk about.

  22. Another good one. Just pointing out the obvious really, but still these are still very important observations.

    To those who are unaware and/or doubtful….actually, VC is underselling the point when he says in this article, "This is about the 35th artist to do this". In reality, it is well into the hundreds, you just have to be observant enough to recognize what you're seeing when you see it.

    Pattern recognition is the term for it.

    All of these same very worn out, overused and tedious images and themes – the butterflies, the pentagrams, the checkerboards, the sex kitty stuff, the robots, dolls, puppets and mannequins, the devil horns of different varieties, the red/black/white color schemes, the sadomasochism/torture, cages, ad nauseum – all of these things do not suggest artistic creativity or originality in any way, shape or form.

    Instead, they reek to hell of specific symbols that represent very specific things, and are used in programming for that very reason. The words, images, sounds and ideas that end up in the high-dollar enetertainment that is sold to the masses are all put there for a reason – psychological triggers that people will be drawn to and identify with, in one way or another.

    So, once again, good job. Just keep hammering away at it, because many people are getting a clue because of your work here. Thanks, brother!

  23. marx teh killuminati on

    i just hope the gorillaz havnt been taken :(

    altho… murdock worships the devil but idk if thats just him :l

  24. Never really noticed.I don't really pay attention to her.

    But from what I can see shes not really "in your face" with it like Kanye and Rihanna.

    Good job VC!

    Is there a whip my hair article coming soon?!

    I seen the video today.. *shiver*

  25. I'm sorry I can believe you simply because nicki minaj explain everythings she does and tells you what she's going to so next and the butterflys are because mariah likes them

    • Cantbelieveit on

      So explain the Roman Zolanski alter then. Has she explained that?

      And how much could she have actually like Mariah when she wanted to fight her on American Idol.

      Roman Polanski:

      – Pedophile rapist

      – Movies he & deceased wife include Rosemary's Baby (devil worship), Eye of the Devil, Valley of the Dolls, The Fearless Vampire Killers

      – After his 8-month pregnant wife & unborn child are stabbed to death, he poses for a Life Magazine photo shoot in the house where his wife & unborn child were killed

      This is who Nicki Minaj models her "alter" ego after…

  26. great job as usually.just like nicki minaj i'm form trinidad and i support my fellow trinidadians,its just sad that she chose the path she on but i guess it came with the terrotory.

  27. Another spot on article VC. I saw this pic on another site and glad you did an expose on it. As soon as I saw the pic I said, another puppet influencing young girls. And she's creepy in the Barbie pose with those legs positioned in that way, and the look on her face is one who is programmed. Thanks for opening my eyes a bit to the puppet masters behind the entertainment business.

    • Missy, if you really want to be educated, Vigilant has everything you need to know… all you have to do is seek it, everything is explained in detail. And like everything in life… you need to cross reference things and discern for yourself. If you expect people to spoon feed everything to you then you might as well remain a fan of Nicki Minaj.

      • yes I understand I have the info down to a science. Its just I've seen pretty much every single one of nicki minaj interview and she reminds me alot of myself. I doubt that I am already I a puppet I surely would not be on this site every day. I know you might think I'm biased but I use to love kanye west to until I found out what she was up to. I have a question are doll in general bad things was my mom wrong to buy me barbies as a child? Are barbies themselves an occult object? I'm just having a little trouble understand why all symbol must off the bat be occult.

      • Missy, If you are asking those kinds of questions, you OBVIOUSLY don't have everything down to a science. The point is that these people are all role models for our kids, and what they wear and do is what people (children, adolescents and even adults) aspire to. Sure, not everything that resembles a doll… or butterfly… or robotic movements and the like are bad, but when these themes COMBINED are recurrent, and lets not forget the symbology of all seeing eyes and baphomet… one CANNOT sit there and think it's all a coincindence!!! I think you're reading Vigilant Citizen all the time either because you think it's a "cool" thing to do OR you're here to antagonize conversations, but don't make yourself look like an idiot asking questions where the answers to your questions are so obvious!!!

  28. I love how ya'll just going to give my comments a thumbs down. Why don't you educate me? Its just I know alot about nicki minaj for my to believe she is a puppet just like that

    • just because you worship Nicki minaj doesn't mean u actually know her…she's not jus going to admit it just like that…but fact is anyone famous is pretty much down with the illuminati. the media is controlled by them, there in our government, they're hollywood actors…sigh. It doesn't even matter it's to late, the end is near. get ready people.

      • The information is ALL here on this site MISSY you just have to educate YOURSELF like everyone else has.

        I will leave you with these wise words :) GOD GIVES EVERYBIRD HIS OWN WORM , BUT HE DOES NOT PUT IT IN THE NEST.

  29. Muse is another great band that is trying to expose the illuminati! Love them! Resistance, Uprising are just a couple to name them.

    • search for muse and illuminati connections. i was shocked. they are no different from other slaves of entertaintment field. rock stars no better than beyonce actually.

      • Uhmmmm….that's funny!

        I've been way too busy to write much lately, but that is easing up a bit now, so I'm planning on writing some new stuff soon. My focus has been more on the NWO and more serious issues for awhile, but I'm thinking that I'm probably overdue for targeting the entertainment business again, so I will most likely go in that direction next. Just out of curiosity, what sort of things are you interested in seeing articles about?

        I actually offered VC my newest one on SSRI mind control drugs to be published here, since it is relatively short (unlike most of my stuff) and to the point, so I thought it might be a good fit here. He didn't bite on that one yet, so we'll see. But I'm always interested in getting these ideas out to a larger audience, since my blog typically gets a 1 or 2 thousand hits per day, whereas VC gets about 8 BILLION, so there u go. LOL

        Anyway, thanks for your comment and the compliment (I think). It's nice to know when you're missed.

        Don't worry, Sarah Connor…..I'LL BE BACK. :)

      • HA HA HA! I think it's over some heads here. Age thing! Anything that exposes light on any issue is a good start. So you are right on track. Peace

      • No I have not would go ahead & watch. What about TI? anyone? I heard that all those who end up in Jail has got to do with dem not been obedient to the masters, hence, to-jail is to break them. like 2pac, DMX, the list is endless. Is that wats going on wiv Lil Wayne & TI?

  30. You know the funny about all this Illuminati stuff is that I used to be quite into when The Vigilant Citizen was analysing Lady GaGa (as I love her) but now . . . it's just become tired and boring. Let the artists control your minds . . . Because if they are able to do that, it just shows how weak this world has got. Western culture is becoming monotonous and people are taking everything out of portion. This world does not fascinate me anymore . . . There is nothing to shock people with. I think the Prince of the Earth (the Devil) has now paid his dues . . . Let's give our glory back to GOD and not the superficial falsity of this world. PEACE OUT!

  31. I was watching the BET hip-hop music awards and Nicki's behavior was very odd. I am surprised that VC did not add that in this article.

    Here is a link:

    Now I do not know if she was just acting like this on purpose to be funny or if there is some kind of Mind Control going on. Sometimes we might look into things a little much. But her behavior was very odd. Maybe VC can analyze this video and determine if this was simply acting or her under mind control.

    • Everyone Will Bow- J on

      Free (49), she was very bizzare on stage before an audience of people. She displayed slight ticks with her head. Do you think the person who said her name 5 times caused the odd behavior? Apparently, the audience wondered what was wrong with her due to their silence when she spoke. The camera showed Sean Combs laughing at her "nonsense" statements. We can all figure why.

      Thanks for sharing that.

    • I also saw her on a talk show with some of those other Cash Money rappers. The men did virtually all the talking. She only spoke when she was directly asked a question and her answers were short. She seemed sad and a little out of it. Meanwhile, the men were laughing, jolly and talkative. I thought it was weird for someone who is so animated on her records to be a wooden plank in an interview!

  32. Everyone Will Bow- J on

    Rihanna opens up about new romance

    The star reveals her feelings for her beau and when she knew it was over with Chris Brown.




  33. I call it the club. You will join the club or you will not work. Dave Chappelle comes to mind. There are sacrifices to be made to join the club and there is no leaving until death. (ie Michael Jackson)

  34. Dude…you're on fire.

    Can I just say though, that this is only the tip of the Nicki Minaj Iceberg?

    I've seen her as criminally insane, lascivious, robotic, a barbie, a whore, being hooked up to electro shock, using multiple accents, and MUCH MORE in her and others music videos.

    She also does that weird robotic head bob everytime she goes on stage…like she's turning on. I hate to say this but I think she's the industry's black version of Gaga. Because Barbies come in all races and sizes!

  35. Anw, wanted to point out “Roman Zolanski, which sounds a lot like Roman Polanski” that the letters ‘Zo’ are significant because it’s taken from ‘Oz’ and Wizard of ‘Oz’ is significant for its occult meaning. Of course, if you look around, this isn’t uncommon.

    The pink wig – in Pink Friday pic and the last pic; uh the nylon-ish coloured wigs that celebs are going crazy about ie Katy Perry…note that Steve Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange which was kinda like a social commentary and had quite a bit to do with mind control involved almost all the women wearing those kinds of wigs. Well, apparently I’ve read somewhere that such pink wigs represent sexual programming of some sort.

    Yeah and noted the goggle-like white mask she’s wearing above title “More puppeteering”; goggles representing programming as well…as seen from Gaga’s music vids + other music artistes like Calvin Harris.

  36. Namaste,

    All misguided by the demon Mara. So let's all pray fornthem.

    Ohm mani padme hum.

    Ohm tare tutare tare.


    Ohm shanti.

  37. I believe earlier this year she lost a purple teddy and she went crazy on twitter, even offering 50,000 for it. i think she lost it on an airplane. but it was insane. Then i read in mkultra programming, they usually allow the celeb to connect with an object, almost like an obsession, than take it away from them for programming purposes-torture brings more split personalites.

  38. Nicki Minaj Has split personalities! sooo yeah! and she always talks in different accents! and stuff

    BUt i love her sooo much!!

    she is really talented!

  39. The useful idiots are doing the bidding of Energy Vampires who suck the lifeforce from these celebrities…….. (transdimensional entities)….

    Don't believe it……??? do some research….. have a read of Matthew Delooze,David Icke,Eve Longren and so on….. also check out the Veritas radio show…..

  40. Fight The Powers Tha on

    I think the most shocking thing about Nicki Minaj is how popular she is. Not only are they creating degenerate pop stars, but they're also lowering people's taste in music. It makes it a lot easier to feed the masses poison if you get them to like the taste.

    • Exactly! 99.9% of Nicki's music is garbage with a beat and many people love it… sad!

      A prime example is her joke of a song "Roman's Revenge" featuring Eminem.

    • Nicki Minaj has done music with just about EVERYONE in a year when she was just another person not long ago. It seems to suggest that the music industry is very organized and connected after all, that's all I'm sayin, everyone else can speculate what, why, how.

  41. THANKS FOR THE ANALYSIS VIGILANT CITIZEN! From the start of her carreer Nickie has never been that different from the other stars,; she hasalways looked quite unatural and unhuman for me.

  42. Trust me I've studied rap music and the illuminati extensively and Nicki is not involved except for the fact that 99% of pop artists are under a record label controlled by a Zionist with Freemason connections.

    She is famous for her catchy sound and voice.

  43. Is that an Alexander McQueen dress she's wearing in one of those photos? His last collection featured wild patterns which upon closer inspection, you could actually see demonic looking faces and baphomets in the patterns. McQueen committed suicide earlier this year. His best friend and alleged "muse" committed suicide a little while before him. I've read that she was from a prominent family with alleged connections to secret mind control programs. The plot thickens. Interesting.

    Anyway, I find this chick repulsive and it's sad to her succeeding via an empty headed sex doll type image.

  44. Another sneaky thing I noticed about Nicky Minaj or the agenda should I say, is that I don't know if any of you noticed but minaj is not a house hold word. Fast foward to now I could be sitting around my mother or grandmother and say something like " oh there is nicky "Minaj" . You would think people would gasp for air. Like MINAJ get the soap. Just pointing out how certain things are made common. Just the thought of young children saying " Minaj" smh.

    • Good points.

      I don't know how many albums she has out, but I can imagine her handlers using this title at some point to fit right in with their agenda:

      MINAJ à trois


  45. I've followed Nicki b4 she became pop and her success is due to her style and lyrical ability to be attractive to both men and women. Her song with the "Beyonce" beat is tight as hell and if you haven't listened to it check it out and you will see how she has success. Now that she has fame I don't doubt that a video director would throw in occult images but she on a personal basis only cares about money and fame, like most rappers.

  46. So how is one to know which artists/people are actually apart of the illuminati and which are simply doing it to get their money? Lady gaga isn't apart of the illuminati but she's their puppet the corey's who had twin programming were apart of the illuminati's mind programming how does one tell the difference? How can a person not be apart of something but yet have so many blatant illuminati and satanic symbolism in their work such as movies music commercials fro goodness sake and books. That way i can let people know the truth the last thign i would want to do is say kanye west is apart of the illuminati and he isn't eveninvolved with it. may someone please help me understand how to spot this difference thank you!

  47. None of these rapper are in it, i mean c'mon its not that easy but they ARE PUPPETS. Some do not know they are puppets but others do know, like Jay-z. iTS crazy how people forget Baby, one of her mentors, has a tattooed PENTAGRAM ON HIS HEAD, he showed it off in a video. He is not trying to hide his agenda.. I mean what do these people have 2 do to make you see they are demonic. Do a human sacrifice in a video, and i bet ya'll will say " Oh what he was really doing was…" Gimme a break, Him and lil Wayne are on a video kissing on the lips and no one bats an eyes. They are all perverse and pushing this disgusing homo agenda down our throats to further depopulate us. If we are all homos who is having babies. Whether she knows it or not, she is obnoxious 2 me. Talented but so was .lucifer, don't be blinded by that. In every song she is with a "Bad b–ch" Isn't that cute when 10 year old girls say that??

  48. "Everything is Illuminated"-Title of Dexter's newest episode on Showtime. I know it isn't much to do with Nicki directly but it shows everything on TV, music, movies whatever is controlled by them.

    No surprise here, I want to see something new and fresh by Vigilant instead of all the obvious here in the USA.

  49. Xpose_the_Industry on

    That's a good point @ Seven Rayed God, none of the artists really do join the illuminati. The illuminati are the ones who are controlling the artists. The artists as VigilantCitizen puts it are only puppets. They just carry out the actions of what the head honchos want. It's sad but this is what life has come to. It's even more sad that these celebrities would do anything just for fame and fortune. Like the bible said the root of all evil is the LOVE of money. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. These individuals have the power and now they are allowing the power to take them over. That's why God never gave us all the power, he gave us some but not all because then we would just go running rampant.

  50. I have a question-

    It seems like the depiction of “The whore of Babylon” is being used more & more (I’m sure most of you will have noticed..?)…

    In the book of Revelations, when the end of days is drawing near, there is a sequence of events which will take place (the seals etc being broken/opened), and I was wondering that if these depictions of “The whore of Babylon” are starting to be used more often etc, is this why??

    What’s is to come next??

    What do you think??

    *I’m not overly knowledgeable about the Bible, but that thought came into my head, and I wanted to see what everyone else thought…

    Many thanks…

  51. I knew this would happen !

    I noticed that most of these alter ego names that are given to the pop artists are so simple an mindless also.

    mimi(mariah carey) Nicki ( Nicki is Not nicki minajs real name) Sasha(beyonce) Gaga (l.gaga)

    its all at most two syllables and really easy for even a child to say.

    "playtime is over" :O

    Ok bring it

    • Dude, Mimi was a nickname only Mariah's closest friend's called her that until L.A.Reid, CEO of Island Def Jam found out about it and dished it out to the world on Mariah's 2005 album, wanting it to be called the The Emancipation of Mimi rather than The Emancipation of Mariah Carey. Nothing to do with alter egos.

  52. Man, I sorta like her too. Well, just her song "Your Love" anyway. Real sad. Is there no music that is safe to listen to nowadays? I guess I'll just stick with gospel, some Japanese music, and jazz or something. But even then….

  53. I understand all the symbolism in these videos and shoots, but one I haven't heard explained is the many celebs that get asian words tattooed on them. Anyone know?

  54. I myself am tired of spreading gossip and I most likely need to create a message board account, but I couldn't for some reason. I have a few cool sources and I try to keep you all updated…with that being said: Demi Lavato announced yesterday she was sick and had to cancel a concert. Well as of this evening she has checked into a treatment center for emotional and physicals issues and has announced the cancellation of her entire international tour. What is really going on? There are even mentions of her cutting herself in the past. I gotta get a MB account, no most likely I need to stop running my mouth, I mean fingers across the key board lol ! May we all keep us all lifted in prayer. Something isn't right all these people going crazy. BTW she is one of the Disney girls. On top of that she couldn't be no older than 20.

  55. Look at MTV's portrayal of female rappers, they're either:




    *loose morals


    *all of the above

    Examples: Lil Kim (see: How Many Licks), Eve (Satisfaction, not all of it though), Trina (No Panties), Missy Elliot (One Minute Man), Remy Ma (Conceited). Most female rap songs that have been promoted have had one or more of those above traits.

    And then we have Nicki Minaj. Even when she conveys one of the above traits, it seems "cute" or "sweet" or "she's just doing that crazy thing she does". She's incorporating the symbolism but also her quirkyness is another reason she's selling/being pushed imho.

    Sadly, any female rappers who speak sense hardly ever chart on the Billboard. I mean… where's Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu been lately!? (and they sing majority of the time!).

  56. Curious Citizen on

    Is it just me…in the song FANCY BY DRAKE at the begining, it sounds like they say GOAT HEAD goat head repeadetly?

  57. Another shining example of why we need to abandon the pop culture in general. There are no more original artists ALLOWED in the game. These days it's all about who or what can further THE AGENDA.

    We don't even have to leave vigilant citizen to see the plethora of NWO soldiers they call "artists" being utilized to pound our subconscious minds with poisons meant only to keep us chasing our tails or the tails of the opposite sex.

    Music is one of our most powerful tools and allies. Watch how your body fires up when you hear music with an uplifting message. Even a commercial tune like The Black Eyed Peas song "I Gotta Feeling" can move society in a positive manner. After all, who doesn't think "tonight's gonna be a good night" after hearing that one?

    If Top 40 contained more of that and less of the "so hot we'll melt your popsicle" type lyrics Katy Perry sings to our young girls society would be far better off.

    Since this is a thread focusing on Nicki, let's go back there and see if there anything that Nicki brings to the table that other than "Now P-P-Peter put the pipe in, Yes sir I am that bitch, Fuck U Silly like the rabbit", that you might actually enjoy hearing your daughter sing?

    Lol, I'm back… in another tab I visited a site with lyrics to her songs so I could get a feel for her programming from a musical standpoint as Vigilant has covered her Illuminati oriented marking concepts.

    In looking over lyrics to some of her material it seems like she's created the perfect recipe for how to make a ghetto ho. If that's what we're looking for out of your children run out and get all of the Nicki Minaj you can suffer through.. How awful each and every song is, really, and I tend to like this genre.

    Being a musician myself, it's easy for me to escape the NWO programming that is so effectively zombifying the next generations, but for the non musically inclined it's tough.

    If you wish to know where I'm coming from or say yeah so what kind of sh*t do you write, I'll say, check it out for yourself…

    I write and share music that lyrically speaks to those of us who are done with the kool aid and want to sing about being the change we wish to see in the world. Download the free files here: of hear them on you tube here:

    Go give them a listen and you might rock yourself awake…

  58. GAbrielle, you're correct i noticed that whenever i listen her songs, she always include the words ;B*TCH(es),F*UCK,MUTHAF*CKA or Her favourite Ni*ga.

  59. doubtless there are people practicing the occult in EVERY walk of life..but……i wonder if these videos/products use similar themes because the 21 year old directors think that it is original and or shocking yet we have seen it all isn't so much the artistes being robots but the whole SYSTEM…record companies want a winning formula-then repeat that on every release……read bill drummonds book on the music biz…….

    why do you think they sample (steal) other peoples work? because if a song has been a hit once ,it obviously has something and will probably work again…… samples are used and recycled to a new audience every few is a con and manipulation……..and the kids don't know……….my friends son had recently found a great song , 'man who sold the world'..'BY NIRVANA'……..he wouldn't believe me when i told him it was written by Bowie.(if i had told him lulu covered it he would probably have had a coronary)!

  60. isn't it already strange enough she has won lk 7 awards and been nominated for countless others and her first album hasn't even been released yet? The industry has to be worsening – the MK ULTRA artists we know so well today were made cute and clean b4 coming out obviously sultry in the middle of their careers but now their seems no need for that as people are accepting them in these evil ways ryt at the beginning.

    • Her language is hardcore though. If you listened to her when she does her livestream chats, she uses very strong expletives, repeatedly, and as if they're normal everyday words.

      Last ustream I watched of her, she was eating chicken, and then a second later she was cursing like a sailor for no apparent reason.

      The woman needs help!

  61. Great appreciation to the VC team, in exposing the "battle against humanity" going on in all d different platforms and technologies, but this i ask






  62. People, Nicki is actually one of those artists out there who is famous by the glory of God. She always thanks God and refers to the Bible. I dont know how you guys could say that she is illuminati, it disgusts me. I know that some things she does may seem like they are illuminati, but she is not part of the illuminati. Please do not say that she is illuminati, 'cause she's not! :)

    • lol wut?

      Gaga thanks a "god" but she doesn't mention which. yeah there is only one God, but these people probably could be praying and thanking any of the billion made up gods our world has with their false religions.

      Plus Nicki calls herself a c*nt on her new record, on the song "Roman's Revenge".

      Would a Christian do that?!? lol

      • watch her 'My Time Now' documentary on MTV, she prays in the NAME OF JESUS… how many illuminati celebs do you see doing that??? and yes she does say c*nt in Romans Revenge, but is one sin greater than another? plus who are we to judge her; her language is between her and God. i actually am a huge fan of her music because it is actually good music and Rocsi is 100% correct: Nicki is famous by the glory of God.

  63. can anyone tell me if the project monarch will ware off of her and if so how soon,and how does a person feel or do after being mind controlled or if they realise they were being mind controlled.please tell me because i really want her to be back in her normal ways and i think she should stop it.

    • Pink Friday (the album) is a huge MK ultra project in the making. If you listen to it track by track, you can tell she has a few screws lose in her head.

      Plus she's been different since MTV picked up promos for her in Spring 2009.

      So she has at least two years of programming on herself.

      Not to mention the fact that she was originally put on Rihanna's tour, alongside Ke$ha. The whole thing was like a trio of "The Illuminated Princesses of Pop". All three are using illuminated imagery in their videos.

      Nicki messed herself up when she became entangled with Weezy/Wayne in 2007. Since then everything has gone downhill for her, because she allowed herself to fall into the trap of the Illuminated Cash Money!

      God is the only one that can save this woman from the road she's walking.

  64. Alright.. Something in me was telling me something was wrong with her but i didn't wanna believe it because I liked her so much.. Even when I saw this pop up on Vigilant I got a little sad because then I knew my suspisions were correct. I'm not gunna lie, I really did like her raps, even though she used some profane language. But now i'm done with her. Actually, I think i'm gunna stop listening to rap all together. I don't care what my brother tells me, When ever I hear a song that some "puppet" made, I feel like i'm worshiping what they stand for, and I hate that so I stop listening to them all together. It's back to Gospel I go ! and can you write an article about her song with it's called "Check it Out". Honestly, I almost threw up.

  65. Nicki minaj did this whole HARAJUKU BARBIE thing befor she became famous; so i truely dont believe that she has any personal involvment in the illuminati's schemes. However I absolutely love Nicki Minaj and think she is creating an empire for herself as a successful female rapper watching her makes me feel STRONG so i guess I may be very biast. As much as I didnt want to I read this article and looked closely at everything because I read EVERYTHING posted. This did make me a little sad however. I still love Nicki Minaj.

    Thank you to all who make this cite possible && for the information you put out.


  66. OMG AT LEELA!!

    YES! I was in the car with my friend on my way to queens n she put on the pink friday album (-_-) not to mention i cannot STAND the very sound of nicki minaj voice! by the time it got to like…the 6TH song on the album i felt this EXCRUCIATING pain in my brain i kid u NOT! My entire head felt like it was gonna EXPLODE! I felt sick…n extremely naucious i swear!! But bcuz i didnt wna seem like a HATER–i sat silently while my ears were exposed to f*ckery!!! i never liked nicki bcuz there WAS somethin abt her tht my soul jus wudn take to. My soul rejected her the min i heard her rap. hating has nothing to do wit NOTHIN i saw somethin BEFORE this even happend. smh this shit is crazy! STOP SUPPORTIN THIS MIND CONTROL MUSIC!! all these artists are slaves to the industry n slaves to the almighty dollar n as long as we support them eventually we will become slaves of the very same agenda they push on us. realize how everybody today is abt money money money, material BULL ish n bein out for SELF. they worship money n worldy things tht wont matter in 2012 n the youth r being dumbed down n brainwashed into thinking the same way!!

  67. some of her pics obviously reminded me of Lady Ga Ga (ka ka to me), then Christina Aguilera, then Rhianna, then Marilyn Monroe….c'mon how can anybody keep buying this crap?!!

  68. I'm not religious or anything, but doesn't the bible say THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE?!? You religious people are the worst, always talking shit about everyone else worried about who's right and who's wrong… it's not your place to judge anyone! Next time your talking shit about someone else remember you're no better than them sitting there judging them! We are all created equal and we are all sinners!

  69. i find most of these articles quite accurate. but i just refuse to believe this one. nicki wasn't famous when she first came out. she's always had the whole barbie look since she was making underground mixtapes. i don't think she's a puppet, i think its just her style. my reasoning is the celebrities you report on probably always have more signs such as their lyrics & videos. so far all of nicki's verses and songs are mostly non sense and pretty innocent. her videos also show no sign of the illuminati either. i think she's innocent because she built her way up to fame unlike the other celebrities that's fame has just been handed to them from a hit song. she started being featured on songs and then got her own hit songs. maybe you could find more evidence? oh! i just realized one more thing, she doesn't do those eye signs or hands signs either.

  70. don't act retarded (no offense) okay, i'm 15…i kno about the Illuminati. yall are saying that maybe nicki minaj doesn't know what all of it means and that she isnt in it….SHUT THE HELL UP! IF A 15 YEAR OLD KNOWS WHAT ILLUMINATI IS…WHY DOESN'T A 27 YEAR OLD KNOW ABOUT IT? DON'T TRY TO DEFEND HER…I'M A FAN OF NICKI…I GUESS… BUT I'M NOT GONNA SIT HER ON MY ASS TRYING TO DEFEND THIS 27 YEAR OLD…COME ON, SHE'S LIKE 12 YEARS OLD THAN ME! GO DIE IN A HOLE… In my opinion, I think she's apart of it…

  71. I do love your articles and such, but as a fashion student I feel you may be seeing way too much into some things. For instance, my favorite movie is Alice in wonderland and Ive done many photo shoots with my friends in that style. Also i am a big fan of Gothic Lolita which is basically "doll" fashion. And many girls love butterflies, they're a popular girlie thing to like. You may say well, your not famous so we know your not propagating Illuminati agenda but what if i did become famous. Would there be an article about me with pictures showing me dressed up as a 'mindless puppet' or doll? Although these are obviously symbols for the Illuminati , these are also just really popular styles that have nothing to do with anything except fro the users sense of style.

  72. nicki minaj admires a lot of female artist like lil kim, mariah carey, and janet jackson. are they apart of the Illuminati? just asking may u answer please

  73. went to a concert last night before she came out a dark clothed man came on stage with a hood like when they do masonic rituals.. he bowed down and did like the the trinity sign and then she rose up out of the floor.Im just sayn' its a day later and I am so disturbed.

  74. She said in a recent interview that 'Roman' comes out when she wears orange hair. Orange could be a color code, perhaps?

  75. itdoesntmatter on

    nah. real rap and hip hop doesnt exist anymore. It's all crap. But there is a subculture of music that remains underground.. and its awesome.

    What a world……

  76. nicky if i'm able to chat to you right now, i think you made a big mistake joining the illuminati, i'm a rapper from south africa, a gosspel rapper and i'm telling you right now to ge born again and ak jesus to come into your life to be your lord and savior. its very important

  77. well the monarch butterfly is relevant because of the way it evolves and migrates. Pretty much this is the only butterfly said to be able to pass "knowledge" down the line of its offspring thru its genetics. It also has a pretty extensive evolution process which has been turned to aide the ongoing mind-control (mk-ultra) practices on humans. Taking something or some ONE with high potential and programming him or her to do what they are told in a way that will reproduce itself. The way this particular butterfly migrates should also be noted, because it always comes back around to its orgin. This butterfly is the lab rat of mind control if you will… to whoever it was that did not see the significance of the monarch butterfly

  78. They degrade THEMSELVES (ex. Miley Cyrus) then encourage the teens to follow them, all Vigilant is trying to do is point out the patterns.

  79. OK so on 1 of Nicki minajs countless websites but on this specific one named she is reccrutuing ppl to b devil worshipers but of course they dont know it because theyre having they're mind controlled by her music . she as in Nicki has this thing called a points system where she awards the ppl following her. joining gives you 1 point , being a member for 5 days gives you 50 points and so on and so fourth. i find this rlly sad and disappointing tht we are all living half way in revelations , im getting very scared and freaked out cuz , i dont wanna b 1 of them. but wht scares me the most is tht all these artits in "the game" are putting themselves sooo out theyre but thn they cover everything up with sex,fashion etc. im waiting for judgement day for my name to b written down in the book of life and me gettin my reward by going to heaven.

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