The New Xbox One Will be a “Monitoring Device Under the Guise of a Gaming Console”



I remember when video games were about getting Mario to save the princess and, when you were done, the console would leave you the hell alone. The new Xbox one apparently wants to put an end to those days by turning the beloved game console into a 24/7 surveillance device. The Xbox One will bundle the Kinect – a device that captures motion and sound –Β with every console and its camera and mic will be always on by default. In fact, Xbox One will actually refuse to work if the Kinect is not connected to it. So the camera and mic will work even when the console is turned off. And the camera will even work in the dark. Yup. It will also be able to read your facial expressions and count the people in the room with you (there are also talks of charging Pay-Per-View movies PER PERSON in the room).

Furthermore, all of this data captured by the device could easily be transmitted to God knows where as the console will require an internet connection to even function. This capability is rationalized because Microsoft wants to give users the ability of turning on the console by saying “Xbox On”. So, for this reason, the console needs to be listening to EVERY SINGLE word you’re saying around it in case you say “Xbox On”.

The unveiling of these capabilities no one asked for has lifted some eyebrows around the world.

Tim Vines, director at Civil Liberties Australia, told GamesFIX that Microsoft has a lot to answer for with a product that has the ability to listen and watch everything a person does.

“People should have the ability to turn off the camera or microphone, even if it limits the functionality of the machine,” he said. Vines believes privacy is “all about control”.

“Of course, if Microsoft doesn’t allow that (control), then people should vote with their wallets and skip the next Xbox.”

Vines says Microsoft should be upfront about what it does with data collected by Xbox One.

“Microsoft’s new Xbox meets the definition of a surveillance device under some Australian laws, so they need to be upfront and tell customers whether anyone else can intercept their information or remotely access their device,” Vines said.

– Games Fix, Privacy breach: Xbox One a ‘twisted nightmare’

According to Berlin’s federal data protection commissioner, Peter Schaar, the Xbox One is nothing more than a monitoring device under the guise of a gaming console.

“The Xbox One continuously records all sorts of personal information about me. My reaction rates, my learning or emotional states. These are then processed on an external server, and possibly even passed on to third parties. The fact that Microsoft could potentially spy on my living room is merely a twisted nightmare.”

Even if the Xbox One provides the option of turning off the camera and mic of the console, History shows that these options could easily be overridden remotely by any organization or creep with some technological capability. All of this ties in perfectly with my article entitled CIA Director: Web-Connected Devices in Your Home Make it Easy to Spy on You that quotes a CIA director openly stating that web connected devices are used to spy on citizens.

So, do I want to pay several hundred dollars to be constantly spied on?…Ummm…Let me think about it….mmmmNo.




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    • Yup pretty much is hell. I hope the PS4 isn't the same fuck ! Being under surveillance in the comfort of your home wtf is wrong with people . Very uncool Games were for playing etc not to be spied on. When will people realize theirs a limit to everything, and open their eyes. Furthermore, if you don't want any part of the new Xbox then don't purchase it don't feed the company , we have the choice to buy or not. Smh

    • Donald Ajaps on

      Their lives evolve around OUR lives. They can't function without us. Which is why they need us monitored so as to ensure adequate control. If only we'd jus' wake up to that realization and stop acting like their freaking sheep. . .

      • The so called Gods we worship feed off of our energy, using these people as tools.

    • Most people will refuse to believe this even if you tell it to them…they'll be like "so what?" or "I got nothing to hide.." stupid f'ing sheep…so sick of it.

    • I guess it can be good for companies as it allows them to see how a customer responds to certain stimuli: is this video game good? Isn't this software great? Is the hardware operating fine?

      My recording our faces they can see how we truly feel about this 'XBox One' So for the company its a great innovation, for us however, It's a living hell. We can't do anything without them watching our very move…..Like 'Person of Interest' but very real and in the comfort of our own lounge room…

      • wakey wakey on

        Yep…they'll probably be feeding the data straight to the feds, so they'll know where to send the drones.

        Gates is a big-time eugenicist, remember, and is most recently responsible for the paralyzing of over 47,000 children in India with a polio vaccine funded by him and his stooges at his foundation. And don't think he shed one tear:

        “First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent." [By this statement, we can assume his idea of vaccines doing a "great job" is in terms of population reduction, not saving lives.]

        Documentation of his and his father's ties to the founding of planned parenthood, fighting for Monsanto and other GMO purveyors, the chunk of big pharma now owned by his foundation, etc.:

        It wouldn't be a stretch to go ahead and assume that Mickeysoft will give the feds any and all info requested. I mean, c'mon. Google already has – tens of thousands of times last year alone.
        With NDAA passed and upheld by the courts (so far, not that I'm expecting that to ever change), they'll be able to hear and see anyone who talks against the gov't, or for the Constitution (oh, no!), or any number of things on their list of "suspicious activities,"…before you know it, "law enforcement" arrives at your door (or overhead in the form of a drone), and you're a GONNER.

  1. Thank you VC!, I was actually getting this for my husbands birthday, I knew something was wrong with being "on" all the time and web connected, you just reassured me. No way I'm getting this, and I hope my husband can understand why.

    • Get the PS4 instead. It has better graphics, better games, less gimmicky crap nobody wants, and you can always disconnect the (inferior) camera. Plus exclusive titles like The Last of Us, Uncharted, Heavy Rain ensure your hubby always have the say in the matter of whether or not he wants another shooty shooty Call of Duty clone to damage his brain and further desensitize him to retarded violence.

      • I was a bit worried about your comment at first but I like the last line. Very cool. LOL.

      • Don't be worried. Even when some exclusive games on the PS4 might be senselessly and brainlessly violent, there's still plenty others that use violence in meaningful and moving ways. The way I see it, violence in video games can be used to convey messages about meaningful subjects too. Just don't expect them coming from soulless loveless garbage megacorps like EA, Activision and especially Micro-and-soft.

      • I agree. XBox is garbage. And I hate their controllers and I especially hate the Kinect.

    • roLLinbLuntz on

      hell yeah! PS always .. I hope sony isn't trying to do some crap like this also with the ps4 ..

    • The Dude Abides on

      I'll just wait after launch to buy it.. While I completely hate all these gimmicky features, I have to buy this, as well as the PS4, since I plan on being a video game developer. I'll need both systems to be able to download the developmental tools & programs tip code my game.. I barely play video games, though, so I so find it pretty weird that people would allow this big brother intrusion for the sake of gaming.. I'm not one to judge, though, since I never cast the first stone..

  2. I agree with this article. But all you have to do is just UNPLUG your Xbpx One when you're not using it if you feel paranoid.

      • Fateless One on

        Seriously just unplug the damn thing when not in use. Its not rocket science folks. Personally though I believe anyone buying this gimmicky piece of crap system is wasting money. Its probably way weaker than the PS4 anyway. I'm gonna stick to PC gaming where its still sane. Fuck consoles and their gimmicky BS.

      • Do not forget about the 24 hour "check-ins" that if it does not connect to the M$ server, your console is useless…so unplugging this "machine" will only cost you $500…

    • if you unplugin, apparenlty it's enough reason for a search warrant to be issued, and you'll have your front door kicked in………Capisce?!

    • Frozenwater on

      It most likely will also be nuclear powered in case people get smart and try unplugging the device.

    • You are obviously one of the sheeple that won't mind letting someone else watch and listen to you just so you can play a game. The point is they shouldn't be listening or watching you inside your home at anytime. Wake up.

      • They already do with ur eye-phone, eye- pad or any device with camera at front. πŸ˜‰

      • Fateless One on

        Calling people sheeple just makes you sound obnoxious and stuck up. Just because you know a little more than others does not automatically make you better than them. Like it or not you are one of the 'sheeple' as well so get that spiky stick out of you ass and quit being a jerk.

    • That's not convenient for everyone especially if you have limited plugs and have to use an adapter. They shouldn't be watching you anyway. All the Xbox One is is glorified spyware

    • Or you could just not have it in your home in the first place. I mean really: what is so about great this machine that it warrants any kind of compromise like that?

    • Pearl for God on

      well let me tell you, they have satellites now that can automatically power up things and still start it up…. do you realize this, I found that out when I was sitting at my computer packing up some shipments. I looked up at my camera on my phone and on my computer at the same time and both powered on by themselves. wow, I mean this camera came on so did my android phone. I had them both off. and my phone was almost dead and it came on which it usually shuts down on low battery message. and it had a little more charge on it. Dont you know the Gov. have found many ways around this power up, it can be snatched from in the air, look up scientific stuff and you will see they had that technology eons ago to power up from the charge in the air. I kid you not. so what makes you think a stupid plug will stop them. lol.

    • dont b so shur of th@. it kud hav a dedicated capacitor 2 store tha energy. which wud allow continued operation.

  3. there's definitely an alternate motive other than 'improving gaming experience'. I bet there's a 3d kinect coming out soon where you set up several cameras around your living room!

    • Sony is already making this type of device. its a projector you mount on your ceiling and it projects the game 360 degrees around the room and works off of the PSEye to monitor your movements. it was leaked several months ago to certain distributing companies (best buy, Gamestop etc.) ive heard it from a friend who works at a Gamestop (so its just rumor as of now) but ive heard it from a few other people as well just can't find any articles about it to concrete the reality of this device.

  4. Hehe…

    Well, unfortunately as a hardcore gamer I will still get the console along with the new PS4. It sucks big time the apparent functionality of the Xbox One, although the matter of having the console connected 24/7 is still something not yet confirmed by Microsoft, particularly because there has been an uproar in social networks regarding this.

    IF this is going to be the way the console will work… then it seems kind of stupid to collect information of people playing. I don't know about you guys, but when I go to sleep I always disconnect everything, including the internet connection. So I don't think Microsoft can spy on me by night.

    Also, since they will only be able to see my ugly face in front of the TV, and doing so many stupid faces when playing… they will be so disappointed they will ban my account πŸ˜‰ hehe

    But in all seriousness, why would this be a surprise? We recently saw a post in this site where a FBI agent said that all phone conversations are tracked without permission, and also, satellites are spying on us every day as other article suggested. What about the cards that we use in supermarkets?

    Many, many things are going on in this dark world. I would suggest for gamers… once you stop playing, just disconnect the Kinect and put it beneath your bed, and disconnect the console. AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PANTS ON WHEN YOU PLAY !!

    • i'm sure you just love the locked games feature. So much for sharing, reselling, buying used or owning two consoles.

    • I don't know if this applies to the XBox One, but some of this spying devices can get information even if there is a wall between them. And what if the device itself can save energy and work unnoticed for a while?

    • Your still being exposes to the propaganda and desensetization in the videogames themselves. Open up a book. Learn something. Dont waiste your life on videogames. They are worthless .

      • If you're going to have us believe that video games are bad for our minds, and assume that gamers don't read or learn anything and merely waste their lives, then you should learn how to spell properly and don't post the exact same thing twice at the same time or frankly you seem like a bot, or even worse, a person whose acts like a bot. It does not help your assertion.

      • yeah Ive never understood why people are so into video games, and Im a young person! I just don't like them and if I ever have kids one day in the future, they won't be getting any video games in the house. That's just how I am.

      • Oh, let's see:

        You used 'your' instead of 'you are (you're)'
        You used 'exposes' instead of 'exposed'
        You spelled 'desensitization' incorrectly
        You used 'waist' instead of 'waste'

        I find it funny you tell people to 'open up a book' while not knowing the correct words to use or how to spell them in doing so.

      • Easy man… I do ride mountain bike, play drums in a covers band, go to church and hag out with friends.. a couple beers occasionally with some chicken wings (mmm!). I love video games, but it's not like my life is entirely devoted to that…

      • Fateless One on

        So what you are basically implying madi is that you can't learn anything from playing videogames and that books are your only source of getting relevant information. That is a rather one-sided and biased opinion. You don't approve of videogames. Thats cool. Its also your opinion. Judging from your comments you have obviously never played a videogame so what makes you so certain they are worthless and bad?

    • Just, don't get the console at launch, will ya? Wait for a price drop or buy it used (ironic) and vote with your wallet.

    • So you will purchase one thereby supporting this which thus says you don't agree with anyone's right to privacy in their home. Sad very sad to know you are so addicted to games that you will do that.

    • That's the thing tho. I shouldn't have to change my habits in my own home just because of a game console. Why should I have to unplug it and put it away, that's an extra step that I really shouldn't be forced to take. Also…what if I like playing video games naked???? I should be able to do so in my own room!!!

      • Nobody Special on

        Hey if someone is going to watch you Damn do it naked. A person in my family was being watched by a government agency, wont say who but he use to go out on the front porch butt ass naked and bend over in front of them to get his paper. He was kind of a sick man (passed away now, but hella funny)

    • Yea I'm gonn disconnect everything everynight and out it under bed you must be very busy .how about not just getting the fucking shit

    • MediaRotsYourBrain on

      You my friend are the reason why people like Microsoft and the government continue to take away our rights and keep doing what we are doing. Is gaming so important that it has paralyzed you from having the guts or in your case "testicle fortitude" to stand up for your rights? Would you have them lock you up monitoring your life just to be content with being hooked into a videogame? If you get the system you are indirectly supporting Microsoft and any other company in the invasion of everyone's privacy.

      I love videogames but not to the point of giving up my privacy just to play Mario or the next Call of Duty. I cannot state this quote more loudly:

      "EVIL WINS WHEN GOOD PEOPLE FAIL TO ACT." If you are willing to sacrifice your freedom for a few hours of disassociating into a videogame world, then you deserve to be enslaved. Nothing speaks louder than a consumer's wallet and how they choose to spend their money. People like you who just "go-with-the-flow" make me sick cause you lack courage to stand for anything….all that matters is that your entertained (distracted) right?

      • You my friend, are kind of exaggerating. Take it easy ! If I was so fooled and dumbed down by the elite or their agendas I wouldn't be visiting VC on the first place, rather I would be bashing VC's views and calling his followers paranoids.. or things like that. I love this site and I am totally against this evil, wicked world system that is being pushed day by day. Maybe your vision of the correct life is very refined, and I totally respect that. I in fact admire you if you had taken a stand of rejecting anything that media produces. But you can't apply the same formula to everybody.. it's not that simple. I just like videogames as a way to spend my lazy days or the rainy days when you can't go out and do fucking shit. I practice sports, play music and enjoy time with friends. And I also love playing a good game, not to be "distracted" or "taken out of my reality"… come on man. Things are not like that.

        I agree, the apparent surveillance system in the console sucks. So that's why I plan to have it disconnected most of the time.. but that's it. When I want to play, I just plug the thing up and enjoy a couple hours of good gaming with my family and friends. That won't hurt us, trust me.

        I am so sorry that I make you sick. I just want to have some fun.

      • Hubby and I are gamers too as well as VC readers. _I must say I agree with this article on the Xbox one – its sad. _Been a gamer for many years now, and I have seen a lot of symbolism in the gaming industry but there's no escaping it – it's EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING! I am actually the person that puts a piece of tape over my webcam LOL

        I too unplug everything at night and also when leaving the house, although that's due to OCD. I have decided not to buy the Xbox one though, my hubby is still considering it, but I have decided just to stick with my 360 – it does the job just fine.

      • I just have to say that when it comes to gaming, in our community of "geeks" its a sport really – couldn't escape reality even when we want to and lets face it we have ALL wanted to at some point in our lives and let me just state for the record – I have a very full life! We paintball nearly every weekend, hubby and I LOVE reading, I'm a photographer, We fish, I also have 2 very active nieces, we make our own music and have a very VERY social life.

        ChrisNajar – I am with you on this one. And reading some of the replies to this article is rather disheartening – how different are we really from the elite when we don't even know how to speak to each other like human beings…

      • Thanks man. Yeah, I've been VC's reader for long time too. I understand and acknowledge that the new console has that terrible flaw, and even many games have bunch of diabolic stuff. I know that. My side of things is… I just ignore that. Besides, there are many things in gaming nowadays that are evil and are in plain sight. Sex, violence… goddamn. even cartoons have bad things.

        Just as someone else posted, I have no idea what can these assholes spy on me if they see me in my room playing. I am not Barack Obama. So I just try not to freak out and just enjoy my games. Yeah, the industry is evil, maybe part of the money invested in games is used in raising satanic churches… you know what I mean ?? Pretty much everything in this world is really fucked up in one way or another. Not that I am thrilled about it, of course I'm not. BUT, you only live once and I guess you can indulge a little bit in things that you like.

        Paintball is flawless man, you can't ever go wrong with that one !!! I love it, although it's very tiring. Photography is something very cool too. I'm not too much into reading… at least books. I do read much stuff from the web, but I don't like books very much… I always end up falling asleep when I read… haha.

        Yeah, gamers are quite normal, and quite cool ! Just wanted to point that out.

        Cheers !

    • Right? Isn't it just supposed to be for fun? Though there have always been those of the opinion that video games are nothing more than a mass conditioning device to get children's brains wired for war games so they'll be good candidates for the military later. Now if it's being used to condition them to the surveillance state, well, that's just a logical next step.

      • Jellified Skunk on

        That failed if that's the case. lol Most hard core gamers I know would equivocally not join the military. And casual gamers don't seem to have a higher rate of joining than those who don't game either.

      • Donald Ajaps on

        First of all, these things take time, Jellified Skunk. And secondly, it's not about you wanting to join anyway, it's about you being prepared/equipped to do so if/when the need arises. I have to admit that I never did care much for guns till I played CoDMW, but now I've found that I love high-calibre weapons even though I don't see myself ever firing as "little" as a snub-nosed .45 in real life. I sometimes pretend I'm killing-off some "bad guys" when I'm bored/really excited, and I'm very sure that shouldn't be the case. LOL

        We won't always have the luxury of choice people, so we'd better start choosing wisely while we still have the chance.

      • What the hell on

        Whoa dude. Calm down. If you have started to imagine shooting people in real life, I think you need to step away from the video games. Your brain is obviously weak and you have issues that need to be addressed.

  5. Why spy on someone who is just sitting down eating chips playing a game? I dont even care b/c honestly I have nothing to hide. I'll just leave it plugged in and read the bible very loudly whenever im not playing a game.

      • "Please think bigger" is a very assumptive statement. You assume that you know everything about Nonsense's gaming area and the people who pass through it daily. Why would you assume to know more about a person's living area than they themselves do? Being cautious is intelligent but let's not get too paranoid before anything's even happened. You don't help your cause by talking down to people.

      • Having "nothing to hide" is one of the worst non-arguments that has been botching this privacy debate for years. If you've got nothing to hide: please share your personal information with me, show me nude pictures of yourself, give me your bank number and PIN … good chance is you won't, and righfully so. So why is it everytime this surveillance shit pops up there's all sorts of people saying they've got "nothing" to hide?

      • I think you took a simplistic view. I've got nothing to hide; I don't evade taxes, I don't run a prostitute parlour, I'm not a rapist, I don't kill, I don't steal, I don't do fraud, I'm not a paedophile, I'm not an illegal immigrant with fake documents, I'm not running an arms race, I don't drink human blood, I'm not a kidnapper, my car details are all legal and up to date and so on and so forth. Thanks to Adam and Eve, nudity should be kept private!

      • I mean thats my POV. I just really dont care. I mean I have a cell phone so if they wanna spy they are gonna get alot more out of that than my gaming console. I agree they dont have a reason to spy on me and shouldnt but what? Am I gonna live in vigilance bored out of my mind paranoid of my phone/computer/TV/music/and now my gaming system? No. This country works the way the government wants it to and if you have a problem then just leave. Stop complaining and leave. Or you guys can all get together and riot and see how far that gets you. We have no choice. We are all sheep whether you claim to be "awake" or not.

      • I find your point of view incredibly scary. I hope you're trolling. Government does what it wants – if you don't like it leave? – That's your take on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

      • Trolling this, trolling that. We can't express our views on the net as we get labelled as trolls.

      • Your fucking stupid and ignorant….. Good luck with life in the future. You'll regret saying what you said lmfao

      • @bin are you referring to me? I'm only asking because the terms stupidity and ignorance quite often apply to me, so why I'll regret saying whatever I said? Is there a particular reason you have isolated me as I'm not the only stupid and ignorant one? There are many more like me around? Sorry but I don't like the tone of your comment.

      • Yeah well what about those of us who are LGBT? Or who don't agree with the poliicians in power? What if some tyrant came into power and used this data to kill off dissidents and minorities? Or religions they don't like? Sometimes very innocuous things become "criminal" because of a bigoted dictatorship. My point isn't that the Xbox one wil cause this, but that under a tyrannical regime normal things can become criminal

      • carol rules on

        what is your problem Jamze = constantly reprimanding everybody. its a comments board you ass.

      • Just because you have "nothing to hide" does not give anybody the right to spy on you!!

      • That's exactly what I was wondering about. A lot of the people not bothered about losing privacy probably haven't read the book and therefore do not know the horror this kind of surveillance entails. What if they incorporate into this a search for the ridiculous signs of "terrorism" that the Department of National Security and/ or others came up with? What if their camera spots you reading a book or so and has you arrested for it because you just might be "thinking"?

      • too right you.. 1984 is a nightmare that has been steadily becoming a reality. soon the bible will be one of those books youl get arrested for having in your possession.

    • As you can even see in the article, it is said that "privacy is control". That statement is all too true, if a device can observe your everyday habits this information can be used to manipulate and exploit you. Thing bigger. Think of what is called predictive programming, what better a way to make a person used to being watched and recorded 24/7 than to introduce it to their life as a GAME. They will never take it seriously, Until restriction is put on thier everyday life with no way to pursue happiness without the surveillance, scrutinization (excuse my spelling) and even retaliation by your watchers, and circumstantially your rulers. This will not stop with the petty "xbox." This technology will be in every smart tv smart phone computer and even "smart" homes until our right to privacy, a right that has been violated since 9/11

    • admiral awesome on

      predictive programming. get the herd used to the concept of having technological devices mapping your face/voice/location/etc…. any other device on the homefront would be shot down quick, but since there's only ~3 proprietary consoles people who wanna play video games are invariably going to eventually buy into it, especially when sony and nintendo adopt similar technology later on when the xbox one rollout is proved to be "hugely successful" or something.

      why do you think the movie minority report showed you the retinal scans when you went into department stores and such? prolly ~5-10 years off from something similar like "please take off your hats when entering public buildings" because when you combine security with "convenience" or whatever, i mean, yeah.

      so the hardcore amongst you lot say that cellphones do it (as they ushered in the epoch of front-facing cameras, along with laptops) so well, for everyone else start off with something innocuous like a video game system to establish the paradigm. case closed.

      • They're already having people take off their glasses and pose in their "meh" face for the Indiana ID/Driver's License.

    • Define "nothing to hide?"

      Who's to say that reading the bible won't become a crime in the future? Who's to say reading ANY BOOK won't become a crime in the future? After all, both Bible-reading and Book-reading have been crimes (The Bible is still a criminal book in many nations today, and one aspect of Slavery in the United States was that slaves couldn't legally be able to read).

      Who's to say that there's a protest outside, and you're not part of it but the xBox tells the authorities you're not at home when you're "supposed to be home (defined as being home at that time normally)." If nothing else, you may have to answer to your whereabouts, and if those answers aren't "satisfactory enough," you may get in trouble anyway.

      Who's to say that any exchange of monies between you and a friend is caught and suddenly the one gaining is sent a tax bill "for unreported cash earnings?" They already do presumptive taxation for waitresses, why not real-time taxation of cash exchanges?

      Come upon a website that shows girl's heads placed on women's bodies? Even if you turn away immediately, it's caught – and if someone wants to do a sweep of pedophiles to amp up his numbers, you might be next.

      And if you and some odd female are in the mood and head to your (or her) place for some sexual activity? The Xbox may catch you and, next thing you know, you're in trouble with someone (not necessarily your wife or boss) because pictures have shown up. Amp up the fear quotient if both you and the other person are the same sex, or if one of you is a SheMale (or is indeterminate enough to need to hide it).

      What if you decide to skip work one day claiming sickness and aren't sick? Imagine your shock when your boss comments on how well you seemed when you last took a sick day and is able to buttress his comments with stats taken off the Xbox the day you (falsely?) claimed to be sick for the sick day.

      It could even be a felony you don't know about, I've read that the average person commits three felony a day in the USA without even knowing it.

      Trust me, there is no such thing as "nothing to hide." Even if you have nothing to hide by your definition, someone will decide you have something to hide and seek to find that.

    • MediaRotsYourBrain on

      Wii U is a garbage system and a ripoff just like the DS. All it is is a WII combined with a DS and the only redeeming quality is that you can play it without using a TV…but isn't that the same as DS? If you think that Microsoft is the only company contemplating working with the Feds to spy on people your sadly mistaken. I'm sure Nintendo and Sony will be approached or arrange deals to monitor you in some form or another. Probably worse Nintendo because it's a kid's system so kids will be the ones unaware that what they say is being monitored.

      • Well, I am hoping that the parents would figure out that it is a monitoring device, and who says Nintendo is a kid's system? I mean yeah, a lot of kids have their own ds, but I am a young adult ( I also have a 3ds) and I happen to know a couple adults that have a ds and a wii so I'm sorry, but Nintendo wouold NOT be "just for kids". Also, unless you have a Wii U, don't slap-talk it. I do like my video games, but I generally don't run out to Fredmeyer or whatever at midnight just to buy something that might just be a lump of crap. I like to see what other people think about it. Oh, by the way, ever heard of an opinion?

    • Don't get too far, there are places that secretly do that. Spying through a peephole while doing pipi or changing wardrobe.

      • All I'm trying to say is that these creeps are getting more ridiculously sneaky. This so called "Big Brother" isn't a brother at all. A true brother would never do such things to you. Guess I'll just stick with my Playstation Portable.

    • Actually they aint even happy then, if you are in prison, they look once, not satisfied, they look again, mmmm something HAS to be in there sumwheres,….lets take another looky, and…nothing, butt empty space, and they will keep looking, i think a cctv camera or something like a go pro called go poo could be just the thing they need.

  6. All vidogames are for is to distract you from the reality of whats going on in the world. Spend your time learning and researching the truth instead of waisting your time with mindless desensitizing videogames. You will not better yourself in any way playing videogames. You will just be lost in a hypnotic trance.

    • Nameless Fallen on

      Really? You won't better yourself in ANY way playing videogames?

      Because, hell, MMO's don't actually promote teamwork…

      Or constructing a new mecha to go into battle doesn't deal with the constructs of mathematics to make sure your weight capacity exceeds a certain limit and limit your capabilities of movement?

      Or running into battle with so much ammunition, because we all know there's just a box sitting next to us (both in game and in real life) with infinite ammunition?

      There ARE some constructive purposes to video games. And while being aware of the world around you is a good thing, so long as the masses continuously harp and moan about the negative factors in the world concerning greedy and egotistical people, those same people harping that someone needs to do something expecting everyone else BUT them to do something…

      Think carefully before you speak. Speaking as both an observer AND a gamer….think VERY carefully of what you say…

      • KingMaximoff on

        Thank you!! As a gamer myself i was getting annoyed at all the false staments I kept reading, it's true what you say and i tell people the same thing in person. I love you! Kudos bro =]

      • As someone who enjoys playing games as well, I absolutely agree. It's a shame to see people judge all games across the board like that. They don't even, at the very least, take the time to separate the games purposely created to keep minds stimulated for older people, for example. they just demonize everything and that's it. What a shame. For all of our thinking out of the box about certain things, we miss out on so many others sometimes.

      • The kind of stimuli any game provides will put you into an alpha trance. Thats also true of watching television, though. Anything that isolates you and keeps you inside isn't as good for your mental, emotional, and spiritual health as something that doesn't. Pointing to team building as a reason that videogames are positive is….kind of laughable. Thats like me saying I watch The Real Housewives to study human behavior.

    • Madi, that's an awfully narrow view of what we use game consoles for. I use mine at home for physical therapy after a hit-n-run wreck resulting in traumatic amputation. After 2+ years, it's just as valuable to my health as the day I bought it. There's nothing better for me at home. And the games are fun, too. So, I'd say I very much better myself playing video games. That is just one example of one person. You're an idiot for spewing that garbage. If you cannot use good judgement with a game console, then you're probably right; About Yourself. Leave the rest of us alone.

      • NightOwlGamer on

        Madi, is one of those closed minded people who think that video games are the reason why they're so much destruction in this world. people like that should just shut their mouths and leave the rest of the world alone.

    • NightOwlGamer on

      @Madi, looks like you know absolutely nothing about video games. Your type makes me laugh. Video games teaches you a lot about team work, something that you probably don't have a lot of experience with. There are some games out there that teach you in an in your face sense, what the world is truly like, and those games don't sugar coat it. Before you bash video games and say they distract you from the reality of what is going on in the world, why don't you actually TRY IT, and see for yourself, unless you're that blinded because of what others say because you don't like video games. And as a gamer, I take offense to that.

      • Why are gamers so friggin defensive about their leisure time activities? Are these not just games?

    • Funnily I got into conspiracies cause of a game master of orion 3, and in the background story when humans had a period of a couple of centuries when they ruled they did exactly the plan of the Illuminati, like depopulation to a more manageable number and returning planets to their pristine state, except that here aliens get fucked up by them too.

      Anyway it wasn't the story why I started reading this stuff cause I realized later about the similarity. You see the game was shipped unfinished with lots of bugs, but it was made somewhat easy to mod. And the bug that got me here was an economy bug, which i succeeded to fix, but because of repairing it I learned how the game economy works and that got me thinking about the real world's economy works, cause you see in this game money are really backed up by products, not just produced by citizens from thin air or extracted from a field like in most strategy games. And then the question:"how are money injected into circulation?" appeared and this question got me to fed reserve and the fed got me here.

      And on a funny note I got hold of a alpha copy and in it there were Illuminati characters and look their stats:
      Cipher- 2
      Criminal Talents – 1
      Charming / Charismatic – 0
      Data Analyst – 1
      Deep Cover – 0
      Disguises – 1
      Equipment Specialist – 0
      Forger- 1
      Fully Indoctrinated – 0
      Latest Technology – 1
      Legitimate Cover – 0
      Native Appearance – 1
      Old School – 1
      Paranoid – 3
      Persuasive – 0
      Seductive – 0
      Torture – 1

      I don't know how well they fit the real ones though.

    • I think Madi's point here is that video games aren't a substitute for real world interaction with other people, and for bettering oneself in other ways. I agree video games have pros, but they have some significant cons as well, if allowed to rule one's life. In that way, they are not harmless. They are not a substitute for taking responsibility for one's life and working hard, and I say this with all humility, because I spent way too much time playing them before I realized this. Before you know it, a decade whizzes by and you start to ask yourself "What have I really got to show for all of that time spent?".

      It's time you could have spent mastering an instrument, or a trade, or building stronger relationships with friends and loved ones. It's time you could have spent planning how you really want your life to be, and who you really want to be, instead of waking up and realizing how little time and how little you have left of yourself to make it so. When you're young is the optimum time to set this framework in place. Too many young people think they can sit on their ass and wait for life to come to them, they don't realize that they need to grab life by the balls and shake it hard before they're too old and tired and fat to do it half as effectively.

      Now, maybe you're a person that is already well-rounded, disciplined, and can relax and unwind for a reasonable amount of time with a video game. That's awesome — but there are many, many people out there that make video games (and/or tv, drugs, drinking, etc.) into an escape from living their life, and they will come to regret it, sooner or later.

      • Some people like training, others like books and somebody likes video games. Why do we have to argue about what is best for a person? By playing a video game you basically spend time doing something you like. With friends or alone you enjoy what pleasure the game gives you. Alone, you could bond with yourself and ''take a break'' from a busy everyday life. With friends you can strenghtening friendships, since you share a common interest and you're love for it.

        Same with alcohol, books, training, driving and others activities. All this things are okay to do; But COULD be dangerous if you overdo them. Alcohol and Video games especially, since they can be used for escaping a grim reality (So can almost every other activities too, this two are most common used in my view) A stable person doesn't have to worry about that.

        Media loves to blame someone. Why not blame video games? If a killer happens to play in his/hers daily life, it would be a perfect cause of the killing in media's eyes. Video games don't control people to kill, people kill people. But video games as music videos often contain symbolic. But sometimes i wonder if there is a different between warning and harmful symbolics

      • Im guessing you never saw the video where a kid is hypnotized by a videogame and then passes out, only to wake up in a real life simulation of the game where he is given a gun and uses it on the "zombies" trying to attack him. He eventually gets triggered again, passes out, and reawakens with no memory of what he acted out. He thought he was still in the game. I forget what it was, some British show. Thats the kind of powerful crap you deal with when you play videogames. The people behind this technology have been perfecting mindcontrol techniques for centuries. Perhaps that's why people are so fervently defending them. Awfully kneejerky reaction, if you ask me.

      • ByTheGraceOfZod on

        You're thinking of Derren Brown, he also did a show where he convinced a man to assassinate a British celebrity – who was in on the fake assassination. Derren Brown didn't think he would be able to get someone to do it, but go search for the video.

      • Wow, you base your "knowledge" of video games around some possibly British T.V. show you can't even remember the name of? You do realize that most all television shows are fictional, right? You are a delusional fucktard if you think there is "powerful crap" behind a simple game program. Please, don't ever reproduce.

    • Sorry but I happen to enjoy committing random acts of violence in the games I play. I know not to translate it into the real world. I get upset when I hear that some little turd in grade school is playing Grand Theft Auto though. Makes me want to smack their parents.

      • You still invite that sort of negativity into your mindspace, which is probably why you now enjoy simulations of violence. Horrible crap to put into your bodys energy field.

    • baseless assumption. I am fairly knowledgeable about what goes on in the world, despite my affinity for gaming. I have spent countless hours researching and studying and have multiple degrees in my field. I agree that playing too much is generally considered negative, but I view it as a hobby. Would you claim someone who enjoys watching sports or building model airplanes is somehow engaged in desensitization? or trance-inducing?

      • Building is creation. Watching grown men throw and catch balls with other grown men while yet MORE grown men talk about it is….ridiculous. And yes, trance inducing.

      • You should really check out games like Minecraft, Second Life, or even Sim City. These games are all about creating and building. They may be virtual building blocks, but they still require creativity, patience and skill. Oh and fyi people have become rich from Second Life; they earn money by creating items, buildings and "worlds". They sell this virtual real estate for thousands sometimes millions. Second life ihas even been used by professors to teach students anything from geometry to architecture to chemistry, math, and even art.

        I completely agree almost all video games have enough of an impact to cause a trance but that can be a good thing. Meditation can cause a state of trance. I believe its okay to be "entranced" if your brain is being exposed to things that stimulate creativity or other positive aspects like that.

        As for the xbox one… I will not be getting one despite the fact I am a gamer. It just seems creepy.

    • True, it's a distraction, much like Hollywood and everything else the mint tries to busy us with. But if you are addicted to any of those things, it's a hard pill to swallow, and you'll invent all sorts of justifications for your habit.

    • You are ignorant and have a closed view of gamers and their lives putside of video games. I am a gamer but I am also very educateded in the goings on of corruption and politics and injustice around the world. Did you hear about the unrest in the uk towards islamics and how badly it is escalating? All sorts of crimes comitted against islamics there because of ignorant people with islamophobia who lump an entire people together based upon the actions of individuals. I'm really excited about E3 and the ps4. Final Fantasy XIII lightning returns will be great.

    • Whatever, bitch. I am a small business owner and University graduate. I play games all the time. Lots of successful people from around the world play with me online. Your narrow-minded view of things is far worse than some goddamn video games. Grow up.

  7. If I'm ever wealthy enough to buy an island, I promise I'll move all of the sane people on this site to live there.

    Lets just get the hell out of here.

      • FooledAgain on

        Yep. We almost got away lol. How do you say, "Lookout! Drone" in Vigilese?

      • Wouldn't that be a great place to live? A nice island full of people who can think outside of the box (LOL no pun intended), who are varied and interesting and have different styles, but all believe in eliminating the abuse from society. Of course, as the rest of you pointed out, we would be invaded, but let's dream for awhile anyway. I would even paint tranquil murals in everyone's home! And cook you tasty, organic meals. My husband can treat all your pets for any healthcare needs. We would also probably have the cleanest coastline and environment of any other Nation, since most on here support preserving our environment and only using it in a sustainable manner. Yep, it would be a true paradise!

      • Read Daniel chapter 2 – prophecy says, this kind of a land, or rather kingdom is coming, rich will destroy all these worlds corrupt kingdoms/governments and in which justice and righteousness will reign. It's coming and I plan to be a part of it! Goodbye illuminati, goodbye police states

    • As long as I can bring my PS3, TV, beer, and Cheez-its I'm totally down for living on your island…as long as it isn't the island from 'Lost'. Lol

    • lol oh my that would be wonderful and the best comment ive read on here so far, Im so glad I stumbled across VC!

  8. we still have a PS1 and even though it's pretty freaking old and the graphics kinda suck it's still awesome and nostalgic :)
    I was going to finally spend some money (my mum allowed it) on the new Xbox until I read a few articles the other day. It's the same with every other new advice – the camera is always on and they can always hear you. thats why i get so pissed at people who have laptops, netbooks, etc instead of just having a computer, a laptop (Fair enough you want to carry it around with you) but other useless junk? so they can follow you wherever you go (because let's face it, people tweet crap on the loo, in the shops, etc) and the same goes for StalkBook.

    Really and truly as technology is progressing our privacy is decreasing. Rapidly.

    • Jellified Skunk on

      I still play my NES, I have a PS3 and use it some time, but I play games MAYBE 1-3x's a month. And I am more likely to play my NES than my ps3. πŸ˜€ Who needs good graphics? I'd rather have good game play. πŸ˜€

    • Jellified Skunk on

      My thoughts exactly. Why require the masses to have one when they will install it voluntarily?

  9. I'm not a fancy science man or anything, But I know that Microphones are the inversion of a speaker in theory. So wouldnt a Television be the Inversion of a Camera? Reminds me of some old benny hill episodes.

  10. a mad black woman on

    what about xbox "illumiroom"? some more bs that they know people that are unaware or that refuse to believe will run to the stores and buy!

  11. many won't feel the shackles until they hear the loud click of them finally closing around them for good, and yet some will still then continue to proclaim them a technological gift, sigh…

    • Many wont ever feel the shackles, period. That's why we "educate" children as early as possible and keep them going until past graduate school. Rebellion wont even be a thought. That is the very point…prisons work best when the bars are invisible.

      • Ehhhhh I'm not so sure of that. First off, you have Revelations in the bible that speaks of all of this. Before the return of jesus, it is made clear that there will be a one world money, govt and religion. Now, if you follow the moves of the illuminati as close as you can, you know that they have lists. A red, blue and yellow one. The red includes all community leaders ( church, govt, news caster, etc) that speak out against the illuminati. The blue list will be us, everyday truth seekers, not leaders, but believers, and the yellow listers, those that dont know dont care. Before the call for martial law the leaders will be disposed of. Then the fema camps open. The blues go before the yellow. The blues are the higher risk….. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that everyone will feel the shackles. The one world govt will come a bit after martial law.

  12. Don'tDrinkTheKoolAid on

    It has already been established that MICs and CAMs are in all cable boxes and digital converter boxes. People have reported seeing the schematics on SA's website, which clearly showed microphones in several cable boxes–complaints were made, and SA removed the diagrams after only one day…but the makeup of these boxes remained unchanged. People have subsequently reported finding MICs and CAMs in their cable and digital boxes.

    • FooledAgain on

      Of course, why do you think they were mandatory. We even got vouchers to pay for them. I really believe that babyboomers don't believe it AND DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Gen X believes it and is concerned and Gen Y is all about transparency : twitter, instagram, facebook bla bla bla. IMO.

    • Interesting video! The reaction of the people in the background was strange. If that incident wasn't real, those people need better acting coaches. It it was real, then god help us all because everyone just stood therelike aassholes while the poor guy laid in the street.

    • One time my mother and i were watching a movie on netflix thru xbox and it started to skip and jump so i said to Xbox konect thingy "XBOX SUCKS" and it completely shut off. Lol i guess they were mad. Hahaha

  13. 1984 is here folks, say hello to the cameras! Like Bloomberg said: "cameras everywhere – get used to it."
    Fucking cunt!

    "I remember when video games were about getting Mario to save the princess and…"

    Hey man, this statement denounces your age! Old like me! LMAO

    • There are still games where you save the Princess. I'm currently enjoying New Super Mario U. I like Pikmin and The Beatles Rock Band too.

      Please don't assume all games these days are shooters or military themed, there's plenty of lighthearted fun too.

  14. Or, Or, you could just comply with xbox's stupid requirements, but when playings games, simply turn the kinect to face the opposite direction, presumably the wall, and do your thang. when not using the console, disconnect fron the internet and power, and put it under the bed, or in the fridge, (kidding), and if you want to watch tv or movies, BUY A HOME THEATRE, if you want to browse the net, get a freakin computer! all this new "all-in-one" shenanigan is total crap if you ask me. consoles are for gaming, PERIOD! furthermore, ever since the kinect was introduced, i found it very meaningless to a hardcore gamer, that bullshit's for the birds, i mean kids and dancers, or non-hardcore gamers, who make up pretty much less than 10% of all gamers. so xbox one aint what i expected, but all is not out, let's see when they release all details later in the year.

    • educateurself on

      im only getting it if they sell it without the kinect otherwise skiping it or if i want to play the new games ps4 ms did it to themselves im against the kinect to be on they should give you the option to choose if you want kinect or no forced

  15. That is so creepy. I'm glad I stopped playing video games when I was 10. Everybody else should wise up and do likewise. (My own personal opinion about the puerility of playing video games.)

    • "Every one should wise up and do likewise." Speaking like a true grandmother here. Respect.
      Except not.

      • "Video games today are extremely intense and provide such a huge adrenalin rush that entire generations of people are now hooked on them. In their daily lives, they are often depressed and socially withdrawn because they are “coming down” from the intense adrenalin rush they were getting all night from playing video games well into the wee hours of the morning. Any kind of thrill seeking behavior will tend to become an addiction over time, but people like to pretend that video games aren’t addictive or bad for you."

        People get AWFULLY defensive about their video games. Wonder why…

    • NightOwlGamer on

      just because of this people should stop playing video games? how about sitting in the corner and playing with their thumbs. Get real.

      No respect here.

      If people want to play video games, let them. Just because of this article you bash video games? Don't make me laugh.

      • Best explanation I can muster. "Video games are bad for you.

        Do they all lead people to experience a psychotic break with reality?


        But they hypnotize and program you into accepting violence as normal, which is never good for the soul. How many simulated murders do you want your child committing before he turns 12? How many simulated murders do you want your husband or girlfriend to participate in? Do you think this is a healthy thing? And even the “puzzle” solving types of games designed for kids, without the violence, create a huge adrenalin rush as you get into them. You’re basically getting “high” with these games, and your body responds to it like it’s consuming a powerful drug."

      • Yes, because Lipstick Mystic is a scientific, reliable source. Video games can be bad in excess and like everything be done in moderation. They do not, however, cause shootings. That is mental illness at work. People who consider and perform these acts need medical help, not to be told to stop playing games.

  16. if that's the amount of surveillance MICRO$OFT does on their "gaming" console, imagine what types of surveillance they do on their other products (like…WINDOWS).

  17. Not a gamer, so i suppose that i'm free from that privacy invasion? ¬_¬

    You know, i can see some people saying: "hey, but i don't do anything wrong, and i've nothing to hide, so the camera won't bother me".
    That's not the point at all! *sigh*

  18. If you buy XBOX you are supporting human depopulation. Dont buy this garbage. Dont put more $ in Bill Gates pocket..

    • Yeah fuck Bill Gates and all the money, time and effort he puts into research and development for curing decease…….

    • NightOwlGamer on

      then don't buy one, Madi. What a concept!

      and while you're at it, don't buy a computer which you are using to type this comment. Also! Another concept.

  19. jesusknight on

    get some professional modders to take out all the crap and keep the good stuff in a way that it still works, that will show 'em…….maybe……

    • Your still being exposes to the propaganda and desensetization in the videogames themselves. Open up a book. Learn something. Dont waiste your life on videogames. They are worthless .

      • Well well well.. I read just as much as I play video games. I read fantasy as well as philosophy such as Ayn Rand and Aldous Huxley along with some other not so well known philosophers. You are ignorant to the lives of gamers, so just go away.

  20. Just to let you know, Facebook would not allow me to share the link to this article. It said it's "spammy or unsafe"!!!! So constantly bombarding me with links to gay dating sites and satanic popstars is cool, but not something trying to wake people up? Bullhocky! Trying to control my cursing…..

  21. Talk about privacy invasion, they are like an infection which is spreading to destroy us, we need to fight it and not let them win!

    • Sun of the Religion on

      Yeah, I saw a friend's camera tapped up and asked why…. But no need for answers cause I soon followed suite.

  22. Anyone who thinks Microsoft is spying on them in their delicates is a god damn retard. Microsoft is simply trying to create an all-in-one entertainment center and is using the Kinect as its remote control. Don't like it? Don't buy it! No one cares about you. Your life isn't special. So stop acting like it is. You peons are not worth spending hundreds of millions to spying on. Just accept the Xbox One for what it is: An all in one media center that also plays video games with ridiculous graphics.

    • What an ignorant twit! People like you that lie down and give our privacy away are what is enabling them

      • I think the biggest problem with you conspiracy theorists is that you think your lives are far more interesting than they actually are. You're a nobody, and probably always will be. No one cares what you do in your "private" time. It's actually pretty hilarious that you think your lives are so interesting that someone at Microsoft cares enough to sit around watching it.

      • its not about what we do in our private lives….its more about how they can use our lives to create fake terrorist out of us. and by the way, if the data which will be picked up by console falls in wrong hands, it wont take much time for us to become victims of marketing and even theft. social security cards are already showing the effect. if you have an account in bank of america, there might be some illegal immigrant using your identity to open his credit card account. by the way, not everything can be stored by windows….examples: our 24 hour face expressions and voices.

      • They want Radical Depopulation. Agenda 21 – they want us in 600 sq ft Green Apartment Blocks.

        It's getting ready for Resistance that these are for.

        Outside Video and Audio monitoring.

        All Internet Monitored

        All Phone Calls.

        Inside your home is the only thing that's left to get a French Resistence / Viet Cong People Movement Going. So they want that monitored.

        It's pretty Hilarious you don't see the Bill of Rights being disassembled.

      • And John it's obvious that your life is so damn lame, that you just don't give a crap about who watches you. Maybe we have hot loving in our living rooms and don't want people watching or hearing our lives. Maybe it's not important to you, if not, maybe you should move to Iraq or China. I hear they really get into your business there. To sum it up. PRIVACY IS EXACTLY THAT!!!! PRIVACY!!!!

      • He's a fanboy, what do you expect? Poor dimwit is trying his best to put his favorite company on the highest ceramic pedestal he can find. A foul stain on the surface of the earth he is.

      • Have you ever seen the movie anti-trust? Microsoft has been spying on us for years throught windows. Hahaha that's probably why its called windows…windows to our lives.

    • You should definitely look into the TED conference. You might find the ideas and opinions of Bill Gates illuminating. Oh and hey, there' s no need to be a jerk. :)

    • John make sure you buy one for your children…you do have kids don't you?…good to see your awake..yes we are all nobodies…thats the whole point you dumb ass useless eater…there is no such thing as a conspiracy theorie these days…it's all facts…that is unless of course you still believe all your governments official stories to every conspiracy out there….sad thing is, we are not important as you stated, but we feel you are important enough to be forewarned.

  23. on

    almost all of us have a camera phone (has a mic on it and its on all day) that we have trouble living without. we already have bugging devices that we carry around all day, it even doubles as a tracking device so in my oppinion the xbox one is the last thing we should worry about.

    • Yes we all have a camera phone, however it usually remains in its box all day except for emergencies. I hardly ever take mine out with me. I keep it in its original box.

      • If you keep it in it's box then how in the hell do you use it for emergencies? What if you got stranded on the highway or somewhere? It'd be good to have your phone on you to make emergency calls. I fear for your safety.

  24. I cannot think of one intelligent person being aware of this and still purchasing. Oh wait, thats what theyre counting on. Lord have mercy Im starting to sound like Bill Maher.

  25. Off topic but new song by Kanye West "New Slaves" . pretty intense stuff VC you should check it out it sound like he's trying to break free . His video premier is getting banned in states like Texas and Maryland . I guess the elites don't like when their puppets speak out or try to educate the masses on the bigger picture .

    • Goddessdiva on

      Wow. John S. Just bend over and spread your cheeks. Its got nothing to do with peopke thinking their life is oh so important. It's got more to do with the Elite and mega companies trying to control the masses. Stop drinking "daddy's milk" (look up the meaning to that) and get yourself properly educatedthen conmeback to this forum. The others here are wide awake so nothing you say matters. Your Microsoft check is in the mail.

  26. Go do something sinful with your life.. Leave that thing in the shop.. The same with that stupid google glass thing.. Leave it.. Don’t even think about spoiling your precious single live you got with it.. We don’t need this shit. Don’t you know they are way ahead with their demon channeled technology and hold a lot of it away from us. They plan and dose the public with those stupid ‘inventions’. We don’t need this shit. Don’t imprison yourself with it. Be wiser than they are!!

    • I agree with you, they've got technology we can't even imagine yet. I remember about 15 years ago hearing something like a radio station coming out of my computer speaker even though it was switched off, transmission must have got mixed up.

      The idea that they are spying just to get market research is stupid, they've already spent billions on the xbox already and it really doesn't matter as the comments on here from gamers they're gonna play and pay anyway.

      I believe it's about studying human behaviour for sinister reasons.

  27. Read your Bible. on

    I understand the 'Big deal' here… and believe me, I'm not defending microsoft because I agree with every comment on here lol but if you think about it, we aren't going crazy over the fact it has a camera that's on all the time. We're going crazy over way its being marketed.

    Have ya'll forgot about the front camera's on your phones that are always connected to 3g/4g? How about the one's on your laptops? And drones? The list goes on bro's!

    Why are we freaking out over an xbox? A good comment would be… "What else is new"

    • Agreed. Sadly the mics and phones in cells, laptops, and pads have largely gone unnoticed as people rushed out (and continue to) get the newest versions. :/

    • And what about the new smart television, camera and mic, there also. Voice and motion activated and of course connected to the internet.

    • I sure enough haven't forgotten. Theres a piece of paper strategically placed over my laptop computer camera as we speak and always has been since i first got it. If i'm on my tab i turn the part where the camera is around when i slide it into the tab cover so that the camera is covered until iwant to use it. I haven't forgot.

    • There's a difference. MS is marketing Xbox one to be in your living room – seeing everything you and your family are doing.
      Your phone on the other hand will mostly just see your face, your pocket and maybe the wall most of the time
      This is a big deal, but I've bought a Wii U so that's me set for my gaming needs

      • While I completely agree with this comment, don't forget your phone also has a mic that's on as long as it's on with battery life. It may not see everything, but it can very well hear everything.

  28. i hope they will someday stop being such psychotic paraonid evil movie characters
    builduing consoles on some hollywood shit spying on us like we are really the enemy like… wtf happened to my X box man……
    fuckin transformer now spying on me and shit…
    i dont care bout the internet i got one of your microsoft products allready i can use th internet on that…
    leave gaming console just for true gamers i dont wanna talk do google -.-
    i didnt care bouut the internet when i was playing x box as a kid mann
    i just want to play on my fuckin x box witout al these extras apps ads and all that useless shit you try to sell me…
    fuck kinect man just wanna play some good old halo or somethin..
    Give us back the gaming console man -.-
    sooo annoying these people conspirig against us i dont een get angry anymore i just get tired cause noody up there is talkin bout the real issuses

    so thanks VC man appreciating you puting the work in this kepps my mind goin

  29. Dis is crazi.
    Lol no,but seriously…what the hell is going on? It's coming people..all we can do is pray and be prepared for it.

  30. I hate these video game systems but in a way I need them too because honestly I like playing games and fighting online especially if it's battlefield 3… How can we put our minds to work n beat the privacy issue? Can we put mirrors in front of its cam? What steps can we find to beat big brother without not buying the system…

    • You can't beat big brother is you are intent on spending your time, money and mind on video games. Not only are they propaganda tools but a training device to stop you from critical thinking. It is a distraction from real life and until you find the will power to quit the games, it is unlikely you will beat the system.

      If you really want to rebel, ditch the television, the movies and the video games and replace them with something productive, creative and mind expanding. Not only will you beat the system by becoming smart, you will also become more connected to life.

      Try giving them up for just a month if you're skeptical. When you go back, you will understand what it's doing to your mind and soul.

  31. I need a new handle on

    Actually, you got it wrong. The device doesn't need to always be connected to the Internet, however Microsoft have indicated it may need to be connected regularly. Suggestions out there are around once a week to every 2-3 days. This has not been disclosed yet.

    Further, it appears that games will perform better when connected to the internet, but it is not a requirement. Though, more information from Microsoft suggests you will need to connect to the web to "validate" your game purchase when you install it on the console (like a PC game).

    The rest of your article though, is spot on.

  32. If the console records and stores personal information, who does this information belong to? Do you have to sign a waiver stating it can be used by Microsoft or do you have to agree to give up your personal information sometime during the registration?

    For example: if the console records your conversations and then somehow uses it as evidence against you for either billing you for extra players or whatever, who does that evidence belong to, you or Microsoft? Same for the data collected, can it be sold to a 3rd party without your consent?

    If you want to see your information that has been stored, do you have the rights to it? Can you demand to see your 'file' at any time?

    Anyone know the answers to this? I don't think I really understand how this works legally.


    • It's probably buried (or will be) somewhere in the xbox live terms and conditions when you sign up for it. Most likely they will own all the content once the user accepts to sign in.

    • Quite frequently in interacting with 'X-box live', the service which connects your x-box to the web/other players, you will be given a terms of use/service/whatever agreement, which, if read all the way through, essentially dismissing any right to privacy where your interactions with the machine are concerned. One of the most interesting stipulations I read in one of these agreements was that any device on the same network as the X-box may be scrutinized as well, and that you forgo any right to privacy where these devices are concerned as well. Don't ask me how in the hell the Xbox is supposed to glean information from another computer on the same network, but whether or not it's capable of doing so, in order to play games online you must give it permission to do so.

      • Motha' f***, you have to give up privacy for any other device linked to the same network? Wow. That's intrusive.

        I appreciate you letting me know, although this info won't be helping me sleep better at night :)

        I'm going to stick to reading books since I know they won't watch me in my sleep.

  33. According to Freeman Fly, the mark of the beast is a circle with an "X" inside of it. So judging by the looks of the Xbox logo, we probably shouldn't be too surprised about all of this.

    • And the Apple companys logo is an apple with a bite out of it. They tell you what youre buying up front.

  34. Empire Of America on

    Yuck. I saw the list of these new "features" and was a bit freaked out. How can anyone willingly purchase this device knowing they could be observed at anytime by an unseen Big Brother?

    Hopefully, people will gather some sense and this console will FLOP HARD.

  35. JamesWatchman on

    A spokesman for Microsoft has said that you will be able to turn all these features off. But as with everything nowadays, dodgy features are almost always on by default and you have to turn them off yourself (e.g. location sensing on smartphones)

  36. It is I only on

    Quick! Quick! Where can I buy one??
    After all as "they" say, if you're not doing anything wrong, you should not be concerned, that the caring, concerned, government is watching your every move! It is for a "good cause" & it is to make you "SAFE"!
    All who don't agree must be, bigots, right-wing extremist, our freedom haters, domestic terrorist!

  37. I can see that this could tie in with the patten that Verizon took out for the cameras in the TV that watch you. Which I am sure is starting to be used since we have TV's that change channels based on our hand signals. But those are expensive and are usually in one room (the living room) so why not come out with a second device that can be put in multiple rooms to monitor the younger generation and keep tabs. Since teens are now more likely to have a TV in their room the idea that would make sense is a gaming console pair that with the need for online gaming and the fact that it needs internet to work and presto there you go. however as a gamer i highly doubt that this console will do very well.

  38. the southern blood on

    so use it, then unplug it. lol.

    i no doubt would think it would be used for police state surveillance, though.

    • He is Mr Depopulation, now gladly poisoning crops in Africa and Asia so we can all have the same kinds of cancers. Following in the proud footsteps of his father, Id say. But you never hear about his father, or that he came from money. You are told that hes a random college dropout that barely got Microsoft onto the market.

  39. Obed frm Nigeria on

    And foolish xbox too.I was even dreaming of getting one too.Xbox go and sell urself cos u will never have my God givin hands u.mcheeeerrw.

  40. I think more about the people who will say, "Oh, it's not that serious" or, "That's some mess out of a movie." They don't even know they have been brainwashed to see through a filtered perspective. Can't trust anything without these days.

  41. Ah! Paying (Handsomely!) for the privilege of submitting to Orwellian surveillance!

    Ain’t America grand!

    And the gameboy XBox addicts are perfectly happy since they can theoretically turn the surveillance on and off by unplugging it entirely!

    What a coup!

    It’s a huge leap forward in the public’s voluntary surrender of their humanity!

    Dignity. Created in the image of God. Who gives a flying fig about that? Give me my comforts, addictions, and amusements!

  42. Free Thinker on

    “The minority, the ruling class at present, has the schools and press, usually the Church as well, under its thumb. This enables it to organize and sway the emotions of the masses, and make its tool of them.”
    – Albert Einstein

  43. Turn it off at the wall not the standby switch. It cant work then. Plus, for environmental reasons we're advised to do this anyway. Simple solution.

  44. This doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I recently purchased a new laptop which features windows 8, and discovered that, even when I've unplugged the ethernet cable and supposedly turned off the wireless receiver, my windows 8 news application on the infuriating new aps page on start-up manages to still update itself with fresh, current news. When I realized windows 8 was circumventing my choice to disconnect my computer from the internet, I immediately took to tacking post-it notes over the built in web-cam and microphone. Not because I was worried about what it might show me doing, but more with the idea that perhaps I've spared someone somewhere from seeing me fresh out of the shower, singing Floyd tunes while toweling my balls.

    • I too cover the web-cam on my laptop. The thought that someone can hack into my computer and turn on my web-cam to spy on me is creepy. At first my friends though I was being weird but then I explained to them why I cover the web-cam and they too now do so as well.

  45. Great update, VC! The name was an interesting factor, being Xbox One. Isn't the new layout for Youtube called the "Youtube One Channel" too? Since Xbox has been finding ways to connect with PCs wirelessly as well, I wonder what the next version of Windows might be called, and if it'll follow in their footsteps as far as its name is concerned.

  46. And the biggest problem with you, John, is that you think your comments are so interesting that you have to come back and repeat them.

    Again and again.

  47. I'll just walk around naked in front of it and fart in the camera. If they want to spy on me, that's what they're gonna get.

  48. Are we really that shocked? I'm pretty sure our front facing cameras on our phones watch us too. All I have to say is hard exciting times are ahead. Get your spiritual mind right, find the REAL god and have a relationship, cherish your loved ones, and whatever you do never conform!!!!

  49. I’m sticking with ps3 for now, I been reading about this today and thought similar why does it need kinetec on all the time, so that they can observe us.

  50. More to this on

    What this article fails to mention is that the information captured by the camera is going to be sold to advertisers. They film you eating Burger King? Prepare to be bombarded by McDonalds ads.

    Now take a minute to think about how useful such a device would be for conditioning people (ultimately, that is what all advertising aims for on long term)…

  51. Don't like it, don't buy it. As for me. I don't pay attention to ads. I don't even have cable. It's all hulu, amazon, or netflix. Games will use the camera and if you aren't playing. Flip it around if it bothers you.

    If you carry a cellphone it is a little to late to whine about surveillance.

  52. You people who claim that unplugging electronics will prevent spying, need to do more research. New computer chips are using 3G cellular networks. They have battery packs built in. You should be able to figure out the rest, lol.

  53. The solution is simple and obvious: do not buy the machine, no matter how much your children whine and pester you.

  54. This is probably just a coincidence (or maybe not), but there's also that new phone out called the htc ONE. Just a thought.

  55. xbox_go_home on

    The reveal didn't go too well. Gamers all over the world are horrified and recognize the inexcusable when they see it. Nobody apart from a tiny minority of resolute Micro$oft fans is impressed with always-on camera or microphone in their front room.

    In fact the new Xbox has even been nicknamed the Xbox1984 in some quarters.

    M$ has started to backpedal, and are somewhat aware of how badly they've misstepped.

  56. I KNEW IT! I just mentioned about the cameras on every device in a past VC article. That new Xbox sounds like nothing but a monitoring device. How unsettling would it be to know that they are watching/listening you each time you walk by, have sex, see what you eat (great for companies who produce the crap that we eat), how many people are in your house, etc?? Xbox is trash anyway. I love my PS3 long time.

  57. I don't own a box but I have played one and just want to mention something….one thing I notice here in the comments is no one has touched on the subject of the big screen…most people think the tell lies vision is the window to the world in actual fact it is the window into your home, your lives and your mind…with the advent of new big smart screens the cameras wont be on the system box but actually be inbuilt into the led or lcd screens them selves….you only have to look at the latest interactive screens available now…it's the screen watching you.

    If you haven't seen the Movie 1984 mentioned several times here in comments go to your video store and hire it.

  58. JESUS is on his way on


    SUR – upon, a prefix meaning above, over

    VEIL – to hide the real nature of; mask; disguise: to veil one's intentions.

    LANCE – 1. to open with or as if with a lancet.
    2. to pierce with a lance.
    3. to cut through

    This is what the world is coming to so that a one world government can take over. So all these details do go to a third party, even all our new tech phones, newly built toll systems on the highways to monitor our comings & goings.

    Not only will they monitor us, but they have access into our bank accounts too. I'm on xbox live & that requires my banking details 4 a few personal info to get started.

    Xbox glass link your phone & console. Like the name says xbox "one" …

    • The people that promised you that Jesus is coming back and we should all lie in wait for him are the same people that are making these Xboxes, so Id stop believing that we should be waiting around for ANYTHING to come save us. Everything is monitored already, the One World Government has existed for at least 100 years now. Its a happy little trick that makes it seem that its still on its way, the guillotine is always about to drop. Nope. There wont be a guillotine. Guillotines inspire rebellion, and what kind of NWO regime wants seeds of rebellion rumbling through its slave labor base? Haha. But hey, keep waiting around, someones bound to do something for you.

  59. lol, its funny how almost all gadgets and gizmos are about surveillance. even the cars these days have tracking device with a "logic" that this would help them get tracked in case of theft. phones are the same. online, nothing is completely private. comcast is said to keep records of what we download. the news was revealed during the whole illegal music lawsuit.

    good thing is that i never gave into smartphones. i have been using the same cell phone for about 5 years now. we also stopped buying video game consoles. and my car is from the 90s. its not difficult to avoid their spying machines. but many wont still do it.

    my car mechanic was telling me couple of years ago that his boss was so scared of the whole tracking/illuminati thing that even stopped using internet. the guy was taking it as a big joke. i told him that his boss has reasons to be so scared. he said no because they aren't terrorists or thugs. he was boasting that his life was pretty normal and thus he had no reason to think he could be in trouble with his own iphone.

    sheeple will remain sheeple.

  60. This is not about video games, it's about control. The police state wants to control every aspect of your life ( e.g. 1984). Let's consider what's already in place: GPS/Mic tracking in your car, GPS/Camera/Mic tracking in your phone, Smart Meters (digital meters that tell how when, what and how much energy you are using), Internet surveillance, Email tracking and now Game Console GPS/MIC/Camera tracking. See the trend?

  61. all these things must be people…..Gods word slowly coming to past….it must be so he said his word shall not return unto him void….just saying

    • Do you know how many civilizations gladly folded because they believed what was happening to them was a cultural prophesy that was merely coming to pass? Please. Christianity = Sun God worship, Judaism = Saturn worship. They were both tiny cults that a power base grafted onto for control purposes. They were inspired by nasty little minded entities that desire war, famine and discord amongst creative beings such as ourselves. If the Abrahamic religions had any good to bring, it would have happened by now.

  62. Can i just take this time to say that i love this site, i love this community, i love how you cant vote negatively, everything is so positive in the midst of the evil we uncover and discuss here! Thank you for this mini world you guys have created, especially you VC.

    • Not so positive, there are quite a few arguments over here you know. It's anot all roses, people have their moments too.

      • Naturally, I can imagine there will be because even though we all believe in the elite and their plan, some like me are Atheist/agnostic whilst others are deeply religious. I'm sure people squabble over more than just this though we are human, any reason to argue will be pounced on.

  63. lilsoozieqwa on

    can't record without power …simple unplug when done playing or don't do bad things with it plugged in

    • Nope.
      Drug processing as well as distribution are in the same hands. They are the one who watch. Not being watched. No !

  64. this is just downright bat sh*t crazy! We're luck that Xbox even told us about the features including being a surveillance camera.

  65. I will never want a game console that watch over me for eternity. Pay me a million dollars I won’t want that to be in my hall. I value my privacy.

  66. People buy these very expensive machines that spy on them. They actually pay to be spied on! Why bother to buy this or the Samsung tv's that are reported to also spy on their users. People need to boycott these electronics and the companies making them will stop! It really is that easy. Companies that lose money sit up and pay attention to the wants and needs of the customer!

  67. Oh and I forgot to say, everyone needs to pay attention to what their friends and family have in their homes
    if they have these types of devices, you need to be aware that your privacy is being invaded and speak up!

  68. I knew something is fishy on it! Another "funny" thing is the new war propaganda game they will release as well. This time with a dog, because most people love dogs.
    I do play video-games too once in a while, but I never liked those shooting and war games. It glorifies violence and makes war appear glamorous. Like someone here already pointed out, lots of games are made to brainwash and hinder on critical thinking.

    • It opens you to parasitic entities that like to dwell on your emotional responses to such stimuli. Its why you end up feeling icky, eventually.

  69. Evil games now. Goodness. Well,when they told me God of war was Illuminati,that never stopped me. Haha.

  70. put it in a black garbage bag, wrap w/duct-tape, leave hole for cables, turn on white noise machine next to box, un-plug at night….or put in shoe box surrounded w/acoustical foam…… duct-tape over cam, mic well…..
    otherwise boycott and go back to playing tiddly-winks….

  71. Pay per view per person lol, sheet of paper and Scotch Tape over the camera and they can't see shit ! even better peice of paper with your face on it and Scotch Tape :)

  72. Don't buy it. Or simply put scotch tape over the mic(s) and camera(s) when you don't want M$ as a new family member.

  73. This is not about video games, it's about control. The police state wants to control every aspect of your life ( e.g. 1984). Let's consider what's already in place: GPS/Mic tracking in your car, GPS/Camera/Mic tracking in your phone, Smart Meters (digital meters that tell how when, what and how much energy you are using), Internet surveillance, Email tracking and now Game Console GPS/MIC/Camera tracking. See the trend?

  74. This is also an attack on small business owners who resell games because new games will not be shareable – the Gamestops and all those kinds of stores. I know someone that owns one, he makes very good money and supports his employees with insurance before all this Obamacare crap came about. Those stores will be phased out for that very reason – no one should make a decent wage unless they work for a major corporation. We are training children from birth to find their places as cogs in the great machine with all this public education, so eventually no one should even care, but in the meantime….I hope people talk with their wallets here.

  75. Great article. Just like that Ke$ha music video, the Xbox One (Seeing Eye) is probably an attempt to see how far they can go without people catching on. What sucks is the difficulty in getting the sheep to understand what's going on. 1984 is just a year to them.

  76. They just want to distract us and keep us busy and distracted whilst they work on their NWO. We are just a number to them a project they test on. And this game is another project to see how the sheeps ( the sleeping mass) respond. They are using us for their agenda, desensitizing us using T.V, video games, mobile phones anything electroronic. We are being hynotized in our homes and they watch us as well. I sometimes wish I can leave in an island or in the jungle and be around nature and live among with sane people who are not hynotized by this world.

  77. I have heard the new box games can only be played thru once since u will have to have a specific code. That makes me angry as it shuts down borrowing games as well as buying second hand which prices me out of the market How greedy are these people?

  78. if they want to spy on us, then we should all just play naked. that will make them not want to watch for sure

  79. The Egg and Eye on

    Instead of playing video games, maybe people should learn how to knit or something. Plant a garden. Do some pushups. Play cards. Stare at the wall. Anything would be better than interacting with this telescreen.

    • I am with you. So as very few of VC reeders.
      Reportedly games can develop some important skills in kids. One problem-NO ONE plays these kind of games. Same as TV/books.,etc. No one bought TV to watch History and Discovery channels! Very few folks dare to open a good book,either..

      World is becoming interesting. We are fretting about being watched while not realizing that by having console/bloody games we do as we told…Someone else will and desire be done in MY spare time….

  80. on

    playstation was, and always will be, the first and best.
    until 'they' fuck it up like this- in which case my super nintendo + N64 are back in business.
    Maybe I will look out the ol' PSX, put a cigarette filter in the back, download all my favourite games off of pirate bay and burn them. then all i need is ONE REAL PSX GAME- to load up the Sony-PS part, remove disk and insert personal pirate copy.
    hey…might even program myself some menus onto them, have multiple games per disk. seeing as technology of CDs is better now…

    but for now…..

  81. Find on utube "1991 Super Nintendo Commercial" – around 24s there is subliminal message with camera which says (I thing) we are watching you.

    "Wii U First Commercial – Advertising Campaign" – at 55 second commercial end up in big eye.

    Gaming industry is about spying on ordinary people long time ago.

  82. imeanseriously on

    If you want to be successful, make fun games and cool consoles. Don't stalk fricken learn about your customers by stalking them wth??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  83. I see what the problem is, I understand what the problem is and I don't want to appear as if I'm saying that it's okay what MS is doing here because it isn't. BUT what they're doing is no different than what anyone else in the corporate world is doing, which is taking advantage of technology to monitor us. If you aren't using any vpn services to hide your ip then every single time you start an internet browser, someone, somewhere knows exactly everything you're doing on the internet. Those free proxy sites may give you a temporary fake ip, but anyone deep in computers & working with the government can easily overwrite those proxies to access your dynamic ip, which is why so many new proxies are created daily (they're easily figured out). If your laptop has a webcam, covering the cam will indeed stop them from seeing your actions, but the built in mic lets them hear everything. Same with any cell phone that has video chatting/face time capabilities. They may only see your pockets, face, wall or covers but they hear everything. Use a GPS? once you need directions to somewhere, they're following your every move from that point on. Only way to avoid any monitoring is to stay in the house with absolutely no devices. Once you go outside the street cams are focused on you. I'll be buying the system even knowing they're possibly spying on me, but for those who can't/won't/don't understand why people are so in love with games, just know folks actually make a living playing them. I mean just recently 4 kids earned $100k each for winning a Call of Duty tournament, that same group of kids also won a total of 10k each from tournaments leading up to that one. These are kids starting from 15 and going all the way through their 40's making a living doing something they love, you can't discredit that. I personally made $80k last year just off of video games and I never placed first in any of the tournaments. That's how much money is going into certain video games! Just like athletes love sports, vets love animals & doctors love helping people, gamers love games and shouldn't be looked down upon because of it. The key to happiness is doing what you enjoy for a living. Why bash gamers for doing just that? If MS wants to see me families every action, they'll be out of luck because I game solo, in my game room. I plan on covering the connect with a thick blanket when I'm done playing it just in case they can see everything in the dark. It'll be no different than my phone at that point. Pretty much hearing everything & seeing nothing.

  84. imagine this being in someone's bedroom…-__- what exactly are they going to use the "information" they get there for? pathetic and shows they depend on us to function. Like parasites

  85. Well, you could always just unplug the damn thing when you're not using it. If I ever buy one, I'd do that.

  86. ok I have viewed all of the above comments, all are valid

    The bigger picture in the uk we have more cctv cameras per head of population than any other country in the world, yet crime still takes place and crimes remain unsolved ( pml ignored) if you can honestly believe that a major player like microsoft does not have government approval then you are grossly misinformed.
    The ability to track any internet device or mobile phone has been available since these tools were first sold to the general public to enhance their lives (sic).
    Use it be damned, abuse it be damned it does not matter.
    It is here for good.
    Grab your tinfoil hat and carry a laser.

  87. Just turn the Kinect off.
    You can turn the Kinect off and the xbox will still function.
    Your xbox still has to connect to the internet once every 24 hours though for game to work! Lame.

  88. So playing a game as a nudist and my wife getting horny because of a romance/ sex scene in a movie or video game wanting me to do her will let the whole world witness our stamina and endurance as we go at it like wild beasts. Free porno anyone?

  89. When you have to have a press conference to tell people that you are indeed allowed to turn of your gaming system, you really shouldn't be in the business of making gaming systems. I should also point out that when they say you can turn it off, they mean unplug it from the wall.

    Still, it's good that people are in such an uproar about this. Gives you some hope, right?

  90. Things like this is why you need to say NO to the "cloud" where the other side controls your data and not you.
    the government can easily check the data from those companies while getting data from your own computer would me much more difficult.

  91. HumanObserver on

    Well luckily my new x box will be stored in a sound proof cabinet and wont be able to hear or see anything unless I allow it to.

  92. I'm not surprised. Bill Gates is an evil eugenicist whose father was the director of planned parenthood.

    • Planned parenthood provides a multitude of health care services at an affordable price, from cancer screening to ovarian cysts. They also help millions of expecting women with prenatal care.No matter what your personal beliefs on abortion are, very few of the PP clinics even offer that service, and as it is a legal operation in the US they're doing nothing wrong.

  93. I'm getting sick of the whole ' are you that self absorbed that you think they want to watch you 24/7' you people are blind. This is a company that recently signed contracts agreeing to send all personal information collected to third partied and this monitering device is not designed for your faces it collecting data on your reactions, health and any buzzwords, this is not a 24/7 task but its enough to check what they can get away with, how effective the miraculous growth of cancer is doing and anything about companies involved. Personally the world makes me sick for not even trying to defend their freedom but instead are willing to actually pay to have it taken from them.

    • Your comment is invalid as your phone doesnt collect health checks, reactions to any content, and demand a24 hour internetupload time to a company known recently to give third party companies your private information

  94. why would anyone put a spybox into their house ? If you are not worried, wakeup.

    Any information collected about anybody is useful to somebody.

  95. Just to let you know, almost every gamer I've spoken to has been suspicious about this, and now Sony's in the head of the line to receive payment for their new system instead. Xbox failed.

  96. I keep my Xbox 360 in my bedroom… Not sure if I'd ever feel comfortable in there if I get the Xbox One. Did Microsoft actually think a Kinect that is as sensitive as people are saying would go over that well? Especially with all the conspiracy theorist around now. Sigh… If I decide to get the Xbox One, I hope my Kinect likes the view of my wall. Think it'll have a breakdown if it can't read my heart rate and facial expressions? πŸ˜‰

  97. The Xbox logo is the same as the xmen symbol. It was also a symbol during Madonna's Super bowl show.
    an x within a circle. This is recognized by Rex Church (Satanist) as being
    the symbol of Satan. Seems apropos

  98. this is the most stupid system ever its so stupid why the fuck would they spy on you hmm let me see maybe cause there perverts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. This is in fact a brilliant business move from Microsoft. However it is important to put this in context.
    The Kinect in itself can be used to enhance games and the entertainment experience, yet this iteration is not focused on that.

    Microsoft is trying to push the streaming/cloud-based future of entertainment, primarily so they are the first out of the gate and have the beach head so to speak.

    All these extra applications, features and "security concerns" are the proof of this.

    The thing is, it is not made for the consumer. This is made for the publishers of content (games/movies). It is just like all "new" facebook features are made for marketers in an attempt to harvest more data for personalised advertising.

    This is just taking it to another height. The data they harvest is purely for filtering through with computer programmes. Which words are used when playing a certain game? How do people react to a specific format of commercial? How often do people actually respond to the ads, etc.

    There simply is not enough manpower to be able to watch and listen to all recordings being made. For the most part this data is still quite useless, as the multitude of it and the sheer volume will be too massive to completely analyze.

    The truly frightening aspect of this is the data that can be obtained by third-parties. So for the worst examples, the CIA, NSA and FBI can freely request and most likely obtain all they wish, to sift through at their own leisure, with their full resources.

    People will buy this in any case, in spite of any security scandals, privacy concerns and whatnot. Remember all the Facebook privacy issues, and people being outraged? Most of them still use it…

  100. Does anyone know what would happen if you cover the kinect with a towel or something? Also, looks like Microsoft just lost their ENTIRE pot smoking community.

    • ForThePeople on

      There intentions were/are to monitor you or who ever purchases their system. Just because they say they will remove it. Doesn't mean they won't use it. microsoft never mentioned about disconnecting the kinect peripheral…. so one has to wonder.

  101. RebelLioness on

    I think if you want to buy it just unplug it when your done playing it. the payperview per person talk is ridiculous though.

  102. Doesn't have to be connected every 24 hrs now you guys are so gullible who cares if they're watching us if they aren't hurting us why worry?

  103. I seriously think this is obviously ridiculous !! We should be able to control what happens in our own home. Fuck the government this is crazy what's going to be next???!

  104. To those who say "unplug it…" I wouldnt be suprised if the powers that be have already planned for that. Seems easy for them to add a capacitor to the insides of the xbox. It could probably store power for up to 12 hours. So it would/could probably still intercept any information that is put out there…

  105. Considering human history I'm VERY disturbed by this. I realize that phones and laptops already have these features and people seem to be way too comfortable with this stuff. People say its for advertising and stuff, but the bottom line is ANYONE could get your info at any time.

    All I can say is imagine if Hitler would have had this kind of technology. That's not paranoia that's a fact.

  106. "We aren't using Kinect to snoop on anybody at all," Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison assured to Eurogamer.

    Yeah right..

    "We listen for the word 'Xbox on' and then switch on the machine, but we don't transmit personal data in any way, shape, or form that could be personally identifiable to you, unless you explicitly opt into that."

  107. A bunch of slandering words to no doubt get people to not buy one. I suggest you get your facts correct before flapping your gums. The xbox one works without the kinect hooked up, it is an optional device that you can choose to not use.

  108. Yes this is disturbing, once again people need to quit buying what they're selling out there and they can't win! But this won't happen, people are already in a trance… I have the Wii U, I only use it for exercising and I love it! My son mainly likes the lego's games. I've been looking and it seems they haven't been able to add their sick symbolism into those games yet, but I could be wrong! One symbol that is everywhere is in the lego marvel superheroes is the black and white eagle head with the V lines. Does this have a meaning?

  109. People purchase these terribly high-ticket machines that spy on them. they really pay to be spied on! Why hassle to shop for this or the Samsung TV's that square measure rumored to conjointly spy on their users. individuals have to be compelled to boycott these physics and also the corporations creating them can stop! It extremely is that straightforward. corporations that lose cash not blink and concentrate to the requirements and desires of the customer!
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