Mikhail Gorbachev Says Occupy Wall Street Signals an Emerging New World Order


As the Occupy Wall Street movement continues, some unlikely faces appear supporting the movement and some even more unlikely scenarios are presented as “solutions”.  While most protesters call for the return of grass-roots democracy and the stop of the unlawful rule of international banks, you have figures working for the exact opposite – a big, fat, socialist world government – supporting the movement. George Soros and Mikhail Gorbachev, two of the world’s most vocal elite globalists, have indeed been working for years for a New World Order and everything it implies.

Is OWS trapping people in Hegelian dialectic, where supporting the protesters becomes supporting a New World Order? Here’s what Gorbachev said during on October 20th at Lafayette College.

“We are reaping the consequences of a strategy that is not conducive to cooperation and partnership, to living in a new global situation. The world needs goals that will bring people together. Some people in the United States were pushing the idea of creating a global American empire, and that was a mistake from the start. Other people in America are now giving thought to the future of their country. The big banks, the big corporations, are still paying the same big bonuses to their bosses. Was there ever a crisis for them? . . . I believe America needs its own perestroika. The entire world situation did not develop properly. We saw deterioration where there should have been positive movement.

My friend the late Pope John Paul II said it best. He said, ‘We need a new world order, one that is more stable, more humane, and more just.’ Others, including myself, have spoken about a new world order, but we are still facing the problem of building such a world order…problems of the environment, of backwardness and poverty, food shortages…all because we do not have a system of global governance. We cannot leave things as they were before, when we are seeing that these protests are moving to even new countries, that almost all countries are now witnessing such protests, that the people want change. As we are addressing these challenges, these problems raised by these protest movements, we will gradually find our way towards a new world order.”
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  1. Since a lot of the demonstrators, particularily in Europe would describe themselves as Socialist why is that a surprise, real socialism is anti-capitalist!

    • Many Europians arent socialists as you falsely described. Many Americans think that, but tahts untrue. I have heard Americans say that sociaism is stalinism. That is terribly wrong!! Its like saying that capitalism is hitlernism. Both socialism and capitalism is pretty bad, I think. Somewhere in between them is ok. Democracy is a good thing.

      • Robin Goodfellow on

        Democracy = Demos Cracy = Mob Rule.

        The only form of Government that works for the best of the people is a republic with free referendums and close public scrutiny over major decisions. Cut the purse strings from the bankers and take back your freedom.

      • I am not sure if I believe the illusions of democracy for real at the end of the day the powers that be always stands on someone else platform to gain control with only but always turns into slavery. He who gives up his freedom for security gets neither only slavery in the end. Gods form of government is Kingdom based living on that stands on the back of rules and what is good for all not just the selected few which is usually called the Monopoly.

      • have you ever seen capitalism ? Never !!! , because you live in biuracratic collectivism , do you know what is the difference between capitalism and collectivism ?

        A bureaucratic collectivist state owns the means of production, while the surplus ("profit") is distributed among an elite party bureaucracy ("nomenklatura"), rather than among the working class. Also, most importantly, it is the bureaucracy—not the workers or the people in general—who controls the economy and the state. Thus, the system is not truly capitalist, but it is not socialist either. In Trotskyist theory, it is a new form of class society which exploits workers through new mechanisms. Theorists, such as Yvan Craipeau, who hold this view believe that bureaucratic collectivism does not represent progress beyond capitalism—that is, that it is no closer to being a workers' state than a capitalist state would be, and is considerably less efficient. Some even believe that certain kinds of capitalism, such as social democratic capitalism, are more progressive than a bureaucratic collectivist society.

        "Bureaucratic collectivism" was first used as a term to describe a theory originating in England, shortly before the First World War, about a possible future social organisation. After the war, the Russian Revolution and the rise to power of Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union, Hugo Urbahns and Lucien Laurat both began to critique the nature of the Soviet state in a similar manner.

        This theory was first taken up within Trotskyism by a small group in France around Craipeau. It was also taken up by Bruno Rizzi, who believed that the Soviet, German and Italian bureaucracies were progressive and celebrated "the class which has the courage to make itself master of the state". It was with Rizzi that Leon Trotsky debated in the late 1930s. Trotsky held that the Soviet Union was a degenerated workers state and that if it did not undergo a new workers' political revolution, it could move towards a new form of society, such as bureaucratic collectivism. However, Trotsky doubted that a state of pure bureaucratic collectivism would ever be reached; he believed that, in the absence of a proletarian revolution to return the Soviet Union to socialism, a comprehensive counter-revolution would return the nation to capitalism instead.

        Soon after the Workers Party in the United States (later the Independent Socialist League), led by Max Shachtman, split from the Fourth International, it adopted the theory of bureaucratic collectivism and developed it. As a result, it is often associated with Left Shachtmanism and the Third Camp. Its version had much in common with Craipeau's, as developed by James Burnham and Joseph Carter, but little with Rizzi's.

        The theory of bureaucratic collectivism was maintained by socialists such as Hal Draper, and is now held by sections of Solidarity in the U.S. and Workers Liberty in the United Kingdom and Australia.

        George Orwell's famous novel Nineteen Eighty-Four describes a fictional society of "Oligarchical Collectivism". Orwell was familiar with the works of James Burnham having reviewed Burnham's Managerial Revolution prior to writing Nineteen Eighty-Four

        Capitalism is only then when there is no intervention into the markets , do we have capitalism if goverment is intervening in the markets ? Is it capitalism when the gov is bailing out banks ? in capitalism those banks would go bust , capitalism does not subsidize private companies from public money.

        So why do you blame the fault on capitalism if you have not ever seen capitalism before , because they did not allow for unregulateg capitalism to exist in first place. Do not dissinform people.

        BTW OWS demand equal redistribution of goods , whait a minute did I hear it before ?, wheren't the communist who said that too? We had centraly planed economy durring communism in Poland and you know what ? Ii Did NOT work , pll went on strike because stores where empty , communist redistributed food to other states outside Poland. Evereything was distributed on ration cards. You could always buy vinegar nothing else.

        Trotskyist belivers said "taking place in the history of social change must always be carried out according to the scheme: slavery, feudalism, capitalism, bureaucratic collectivism, socialism"

      • Monk of the dark sid on

        Democracy is a good think only if the inhabitants of the country are citizens. Democracy is an interesting tool for the citizens but not for the zombies. A true citizen knows his rights and use them as a source of power. A true citizen is a responsible person who knows the reason he chooses a way or a candidate. Democracy is the power from the people. But this people should be clever and full of knowledge.

    • A lot less of them are socialists than extreme right-wing radio would like you to believe. Most are people who are simply against unfair advantage and unfair, anti-American practices of many corporations and investment banks. More and more people are realizing that our government has been coopted by the corporate elite, much the same way the OWS movement will be (and surely, its already underway.)

      • Revolutionary Arms on

        I work in the city about 5-6 blocks from the protesters, and I can say from observation most of them are supporting Socialism, that's what their signs read. How about we just go back to being a Constitutional Republic which is what we technically are and should be.

      • Problem is, most the REAL organic 'revolutionary' movements which spring out of genuine frustration from the people (not the Arab Spring – which was a BIG LIE) become hijacked by other movements – such as 'Socialist Worker' ( probably a George Soros funded movement), who swamp the protest with their signs and placards. Unfortunately for the real protesters, this hijacking is designed to turn off others who might have otherwise have joined but don't because they think it is a 'socialist' protest. It happens all the time.

      • are you really against corporrations and banks ?

        then why do you still support them ? stop buying their products , tell others to do the same , when ppl unite and stop buying corrporate products those corrporations will have losses , when that happens shereholders will sell their shares and corrporations will go bust, simple as that

        what about the banks ? do you think that walking around on streets will do something ?

        sollution is simple , stop participating in the banking system , by taking away the money you take their power

        step 1 – take your money out of the bank so they can not use it to continue fractionar reserve lending

        step 2 – spend all your money on food , silver , gold and other usefull commodieties , let them have the paper back

        step 3 – tell others to the same and watch the fall of banks

        1% has only 45% of world wealth, we have the rest and by taking it away we really rock the boat

        if you want to be free act for your freedom , do not walk around like a sleve hoping for a change, we still have the power to win but we have to unite and stop participating with the system by taking away their power over money creation.

    • socialism-capitalism, same sh*t different pile. the thing is the spirit of humanity, how we treat each other…these geezers, gorby and his ilk are bloody re-tard-bots are they not? f*ck them. elitist corck spanglers. i make up my life and reality…they can go kiss their own. *f+ck am i sick of these overbloated douchebags'. i could and would live happily on cinnimon and sugar. but these people want to control things to make it all better…killing millions while they go.

      *for they who have ears to hear…thank you my beloved

  2. I personally think they want the protests to get so they can greatly enforce thousands of unarmed civilians. Thus officially ushering in Martial Law .. Think About It, Theres already cameras everywhere. For What?.. Our safety.. Thats B.S. We live in a society where we violate each other's privacy by taping videos with our smart phones and uploading them on the internet. We need more UNITY if were ever going to defeat the POWERS THAT BE..

    • I agree, even if it was started by genuine people with genuine aims – it's become hijacked. Once Obama, Gorbechov and The Pope endorse your movement, you know you got real problems. So to what ends will this wide-spread, high-profile serve the elite? There are FOR SURE already undercover cops who have infiltrated Occupy (+ city). All it takes if for one of these fake 'protestors' to 'attack a banker' or 'shoot at the police' for you to see the MOTHER of all crackdowns and the introduction of more Police powers. WE just have to think smarter. WE totally outnumber the elite globally, but somehow we remain controlled and divided by race, class, gender, age, political orientation, phone, car, hair – it's ridiculous. The first thing to do would be to encourage people to throw out the 'idiot box TV'. But you'll see just how many people are irrationally attached to them. But if we for example – organised mass action where millions boycotted institutions and hit them where it hurt. Idk you can add your own examples – but nobody shopped at Walmart or if everybody took their money out of Bank A and put it into a smaller, more well behaved bank like The Cooperative?? WE really do have the power to change things. WE THE PEOPLE

  3. maru. the free ant on

    They are two diferent NWO here, the one of the "Illuminated", and the one of this man. It's true that some things need to change, but that is not the way. Countries need to be independent, but not too much or everything will go to hell! Each country has to find a state in between, and it's hard of course. It's like watching the news enough to be informed, and not to get paranoid!! It's a complicated situation we have here..

    I support the Ocuppy Wall Street movement, but I don't believe that something's are going to change if they don't have a reason, a logic and strong foundation.

    Bless you my friends ♥

    • Peaceful Nationalism is the only way to beat the multicultural new world order. There would be nothing wrong at all with allowing America to become the multicult nation while the rest of us go back to our country or ancestral origin and peacefully trade with each other. There would be no U.N. or E.U. but instead an understanding between nations that if you try to go to war and take advantage of someone else's resources and labor force you'll have a problem with the rest of us. Ultimately the N.W.O. will lead to people that are raceless, sexless bots who have no dividing lines whatsoever and therefor easily controlled by the elitists. All we are doing with this one-world crap is creating more problems.

    • Bless you too. That's great stuff. I hope so, because if it's not going to be peace that will oppose the Bildebergers of this world: then it will be something else. These are indeed interesting times we live in– the last days. I prefer non-violence to needless bloodshed, but the world is not a place of peace. Peace could never come from an orchestrated one world government. The Tower of Babel has consistently been a failure and will continue to be so… .

    • yeah,did you see How kanye west and russel simmons wen't down there,and absolutely not one single person pulled kanye's card(BIG ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM)..you'd thought people at wall street we're up on game about how illuminati worked and everything they control including the mainstream music industry that at least one person would've been like"Hey kanye why do you promote saturnalia teachings"?Hey Kanye,why are you helping illuminati?"although a cuople folks did step up and say something about Russel..

  4. The Illuminati got to clever for their own good. The biggest nistake they made was becomming to blatant with their symbols and agenda. Because of that display of cockyness, people who thought that the conspiracy was crazy are now looking further into it and now are becomming apart of our own "truth" movement. Im a film director on the verge of breaking into Hollywood and I plan on secretly revealing the Illuminati's agenda in my films. I dont care if they kill me. Atleast Ill die fighting a cause for my fellow people rather than being a puppet to them. #WeThePeople.

    • Good luck in your foray into "Tinseltown" Kevin. Hopefully you will be able to put a few memorable films out to help deliver the message to the masses before your (cough) suicide. Or will it be a (cough . . . cough) car accident? Keep one eye on the prize and the other on your back. For all its good (I assume there is some), there's a lot of evil in that town. Stay vigilant, my friend.

      • and as "me" says below… the logo – the clenched fist… Do some research before calling someone out, and not backing up your disbelief… "what in the world!!?" What?

      • hmmm! maybe I've misunderstood your comment. Are you saying "what in the world?" at my comments, or "what in the world?" about the poster, and the symbols used?

    • actually…thats the famous bull statue which symbolizes wall street. the woman is "occupying" or maybe "over-coming" it. also, why again is she a harlot? or should we women be wearing burqas…

    • also, it was created by The Adbusters Media Foundation, "a Canadian-based not-for-profit, anti-consumerist, pro-environment" foundation

      • It doesn't matter who created the image really. I know very well that the client usually asks for certain imagery to be used, and often provide any images they want using themselves. It is a scantily clad woman, almost showing her backside and with her legs spread wide for everyone and anyone, riding on the back of a big angry bull. This conjures up the image of the harlot on the beast. The bull is a symbol of Baal. There is no denying that. The words even sound similar… To me, she is not occupying anything. How do you occupy a bull? Why a big angry bull? Why is she offering herself up to the world like she is? Why those particular symbols?

    • To the poster talking about the BALL/BULL symbol, this is not a random choice, if u have been to Wall Street you would know that this BULL is a bronze statue right in the middle of it, therefore it has become the symbol of it , it make sense that they would reverse the symbol by putting a ballet dancer 'light" the opposite of "bullish' and heavy, on top of it

    • As for OWS, believe they are Satan's spawn if you want. The anti-Elite idea is a good one. Everything in our government is a replica structurally to Rome and Greece– both quite pagan civilizations last time I checked. As for micromanaging OWS, I smell a lot of right wing rhetoric in what you say. The solution has always been the same for me: God. I would not cry were all the members of the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations and such other wonderful were to fall on swords.

    • @Blanco

      Very true words you speak. I too was going to attend the marches in London until a fellow protester sent me a map of the event which out-lined a pentagram map shape, which raised too many red flags! i did not attend. They control both sides and use these protests as a vent to divide people and cause chaos ….. the only way to protest is to make changes in our own everyday lives…. switch off the tv.. get out of debt…. learn real life skills. But above all trust God.

      God Bless

      • Thank you Joanna

        It's so frustrating that people get blinkered towards things. People are so desperate for a super hero, or a revolutionary movement to change things, that they won't question EVERYTHING. If the Occupy movement was going to such a GOOD revolution (seeing as it goes against all that the elite stand for) then why on earth are the very same elite giving their backing, and promoting it?

        The people will never change the elitist system, especially by sitting down outside a bank. It's futile. It gives people the hope they crave, which isn't a bad thing, but it is false hope.

        I admire people for their taking a stand against capitalism, and I was all for the Occupy movement, until things started looking very staged and orchestrated, and the use of Satanic symbols to promote it.

  5. WhoSaves=Yahweh on

    The New World Order is Coming but that also means we are nearing the Return of Yahuwshua and the Kingdom of Yahweh. We have a vital groundbreaking decision to make, will We worship the beast and face eternal damnation in the lake of fire ? OR i pray you will at any cost, even martyred, die for the cause of your Father and be eternally joyful on His Right Hand.The decision is not hard nor burdensome. Yahweh(yes YHWH) saves and He Loves you just seek Him. Question everything and discard pagan names and titles.

    With that said i have a promise awaiting me and so do YOU ! Dont let the vanities of the world shroud your spirit nor deceive you.

      • Yeshua Ben Yosef is jesus's real name..Jesus is just a title name because the Bible was not orginally wrote in english but in hebrew..and jesus has pegan origins…saying jesus help me is like saying santa cluase bring me a present…But Yeshua is more True Holy & Pure!

      • Yahweh or Yah, or El or Elohim is God's name & Yahshua and its various spellings is Jesus' true name.

      • The New Testament wasn't originally written in Hebrew, but Ancient Greek. There's a good description at http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus#Etymology of how "Yeshua" (the nearest transliteration of His Hebrew name) became "Iesous" in Greek (with the initial iota probably being pronounced like an English 'Y' and the second letter being a Greek letter eta pronounced like the English word "air") since Greek didn't have a way to represent a "sh" sound. (On a tangent, try looking up the meaning of "shibboleth" for more about this distinctive sound). This in turn became "Iesus" in Latin (which didn't have a letter 'J'). Apparently 'J' didn't get used until after the first edition of the King James Bible 400 years ago.

        To me it seems a little odd to use such a multiply-modified version of His name, but I believe we'd only be guessing as to how His name was pronounced originally anyway, and as long as it's clear who we're talking about/to, I'm not too worried about it. To take an example closer in time and space, using the English pronunciation of "Paris" when speaking English causes less confusion than pronouncing it the French way, but it doesn't change the meaning of what we're talking about.

    • This is an idiotic comment, and it is stupid people doing, saying, and believing stupid things that are the reason for the problems in this country, Not wallstreet. And it is the stupid people who elect the damaging politicians of the left, whose policies destroy the country, and they point their fingers at wallstreet along with you because they don't want anyone to see the reality and think that it is these leftist politicians who are to blame.

    • One world government, having total control. We were given the gift of free will to use, yet governments strip it away from us. We should be free from all control, not herded like sheep. What gives the "elite" the right to dictate? It all boils down to money. Money is the root of all evil. Money has corrupted everything in this world. Greed and money. Money brings power. Power brings control. The Bible warns us about the coming one world government and the NWO. It is the work of Satan and Lucifer.

      I've always considered myself as an Agnostic Theist. I've always believed in Jesus, but always dismissed the Bible stories as myths and legends. Since researching all of the subjects that VC covers in the past few years, I have started to believe the Bible more and more. Simply because, you can see with your own eyes, the prophecies within the Bible are all being proved right and correct, as each day goes by. Beware people who claim to be bringing peace, yet wreak chaos and havoc. Just this week we have seen the UN (claiming to bring peace) wreaking havoc yet again. America and Europe, claiming to be bringing peace, yet how is war ever peace? We have been at war pretty much for the last century, with one nation or another…

      Humanity DOES NOT NEED controlling. Especially not control in the way that the powers that be DICTATE!

      • It sounds like you're advocating anarchy. How exactly would this world work without a social structure in place? Who would fund institutions like universities? Who would build hospitals? Who would maintain roads? Where would we get our food from?

        I'm genuinely curious as to how you think this would work. I agree that the government can be oppressive but I just don't see any other solution than to have a governing body of some sort.

        If you could create your utopia what exactly would it look like and how would it function? Just curious :)

    • Voice of Reason on

      Hi! Among other problems, under a system of one world government, if you are threatened and/or oppressed by what's going on in your own country, there will be nowhere else to run.

      • @Brendan

        I'm not advocating anarchy at all. What I was trying to say (badly) is that we don't need to be dictated to like we are being more and more. Sure, we need social structure. The system we have though, is geared towards those with lots of money, calling all the shots. The elite believe that because they have stacks of wealth, and born into an aristocracy, that they have the "God given right" to dictate what happens with the world. In other words, they are playing God. False idols.

        We are all given the same "tools" when we are born. Free will. Thought. Conscience. etc. Yet the powers that be believe they can take all these away from us.

        Referendum and total democracy – not this farce we are told is democracy. Here in the UK, Cameron was not elected Prime Minister. He pressured his Cousin Clegg into joining forces, and so by default and undemocratically got into power. This to me is wrong. There should be referendums on all major policy. Instead we are dictated to about pretty much everything we do. This is what I meant when I said that humanity does not need controlling. Do we need CCTV everywhere? Do we need RFID chips etc.? Do we need to be paying our taxes to fund illegal (or any for that matter) wars? Do we need to be ruled by money? NO is the answer!

        This is only the start of this New World Order. People keep talking, as if it's something in the future. It is here and now. We are in the New World Order, and have been for some time. All the wars of the last couple of decades tell us this. The way our MPs – who's job it is to listen to the people and stand in parliament on their behalf – just ignore what the people want and go ahead and do exactly what they personally want to happen, tells us that we are already in the NWO. Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, the UN etc. tells us that we are already living in this NWO. Not much of this planet, isn't now already controlled by the US and Europe. Those that aren't are systematically being disposed of, and more rapidly now that 2012 is approaching.

      • @Blanco

        Thanks for the response!

        I guess my question now is where do you draw the line for an acceptable amount of control? For example, should government be allowed to impose public health care? Should the government enforce laws using police officers?

      • LOL, do you actually think an average citizen can move across borders right now? No, and things have been like that for A LONG TIME,just look at all the excellent counterfeiting that E.Germany and SU inspired… If you have money,that's another story, which is why have somewhat of an idea of what is up is not neccessarioy enlightening… It can inspire one to hoard and prepare rather than to unify with like minded and those of the same class…..

      • @Brendan

        "Impose" health care? You sound like you disagree with having a free health service, where anyone who is sick or injured can be taken good care of and nursed back to health and not have to worry about MONEY and paying for it…

        The Police and their use by the Government, wouldn't be a bad thing, if the Government weren't using the Police as protection and hired thugs for themselves and their undemocratic policies. The Police oath is just, but there is corruption, and the oath has been all but discarded and lost.

        Common Law is the only control humanity needs. Not Legal Law with it's nonsensical legalese.

  6. It is a communist government we are heading for because this capitalist system has been brought to failure, intentionally of course, so that people become sick of it, and they are right. But this is still smoke and mirrors because the elite makes people fight for something even worse than what is going on now in the world. They make us want and agree to the NWO….and that's pure, highest level of manipulation. It is exactly like the communist revolution.

    AND PLEASE NOTICE SOMETHING: the raised fist is the symbol of OWS movement…for those who don't know that's one of the most recognizable signs of the Red Revolution. Quote:

    We know that Socialism, a system that steals freedom, robs individuals of self-initiative, steals from the people, has longed to dismantle Capitalism and the industrialized West. Their symbols have been here for years, but many of us don't realize what they are when we see them.

    The Clenched Fist

    In all nations where Communist politicians and insurgents operate, these evil men and women invariably identify themselves by making the sign of the clenched fist. Some biblical authorities say that, "The clenched fist represents the (rebellious) attitude of the people of Babylon toward God."

    The closed, or clenched fist is, in the Illuminist Philosophy, the symbol of secrecy, dissimulation, and hermeticism. It veils and conceals secrets from the "profane" .

    • Not quite true. The raised, clenched fist is a symbol of SOLIDARITY, nothing more. It's been used for both good and bad movements, it's not exclusively a bad symbol. It was first used, I believe, by eastern Europeans (the Balkans, I think) in their fight against Nazi forces during WWII. The Black Panthers used it, it was used by the Poles trying to get workplace reforms, etc. While I believe a lot on this site about symbolism, symbols in and of themselves are almost exclusively neutral. I've been in people's kitchens before that had black and white checkerboard patterns on their tile floors. Are all these people Freemasons/Illuminati? Of course not. But if their kitchen also had two Masonic pillars and the all-seeing eye hanging above their stove, that would be a different matter. It's the CONTEXT the symbol is used in that determines its real significance.

      • Reality over Fantasy on

        Yes, I agree. The clinched fist, or raised fist, is a symbol of solidarity and not necessarily one of communism. Groups, like the Black Panthers, used it as a symbol of strength and support in the fight against oppression and segregation. It’s good to be aware of the different symbols of the Illuminati, but not EVERY triangle and one-eyed picture means that it has anything to do with the Illuminati. We have to be vigilant, but careful not over-generalize everything and everyone. Also, the attacks on the Wall Street protesters seem to come from people on the far-right by using fear mongering with calling them communists. At the end of the day, anyone who isn’t in the elite is in the same boat, regardless of political alliance, race, or education level.

    • Only if you believe that the difference between Feudalism (the private ownership of government, AKA what Libertarianism wants) and Communism are different in that Communism is a lie while Feudalism is the truth.

      Understand this: The elites want to OWN government. Not control it, not steer it, but OWN it, to pass down to their children (or whomever happens to be the one who's most fit to govern). Without having to hide, and without being responsible.

    • SMH I was wondering the similarity of Jasmine Revolution in China and now Jasmine Revolution in Uzbekistan. It's Color Revolution according to Rothschild and George Soros not sure whether Vatican approves it?

  7. Another highly suspicious angle to the Occupy movement is the fact that Obama gives his backing.

    AND then Kanye West goes and shows his support – "Watch the Throne" – Jay Z and Kanye West sold their souls a long time ago. As VC points out quite regularly.

    • Kanye and Jay – Z want the support of the younger people who are becoming more and more informed about what the occupy wall street movement stands for, or what they think it stands for. Its also meant to be purposely confusing for those of us who truly inform ourselves about the illuminati's actions. They know that most of their fans can relate to this movement: "We are the 99 percent"

      • Both Kanye West and Katy Perry have openly and publicly announced that they have sold their souls to the devil, in return for fame and fortune. I would not trust a single thing that those two advocate.

  8. Ministry of Truth on

    Its bad karma to go against something, you should always be FOR something, not against….Something is definitely wrong here. Why would ''socialists'' bother to go to something like this? Oh, that's right, maybe I should beg my slave-master should he have mercy upon me, and give me two crumbs instead of one.

    Corrupt businessmen don't need their egos fed anymore by all this wailing and begging.

  9. honest speaker on

    occupy movement = implementation of wall street

    occupy movement = global movement = one world order

    occupy movement = elite movement within the people, deception of the people by the elite.

    occupy movement cannot get what it wants without a revolution of ideology (capitalism), governmental change, corporation overturn. People open your eyes, occupy movement is ripe for a one world order movement.

  10. The problems Mikhail Gorbachev mentions are a result of a system of global governance. The solution is restoring individual rights, and curtailing the power of corporations and governments.

  11. http://www.washingtonpost.com/rf/image_606w/2010-


    And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. Revelation 17:18 KJV


  12. So are you for or against OWS, Vigilant? I've respected your site for a long time, but some of your articles are beginning to seem like wild conjecture more than anything else. I support OWS. This feels like fear-mongering from you.

      • As in what OWS stands for? OWS, standing for Occupy Wall Street.


        Are you asking what OWS actually is? They are a group of protesters, claiming they are the "99%." The "1%" they are against, is the top 1% of the U.S. population that owns a majority of the U.S. wealth.

  13. Yeah, I kinda saw this coming… I'm not suspicious of the sincerity of the protesters but I was suspicious from the get-go about how the powers that be would turn this around to benefit their agendas. I ain't mad as their goals was prophesied a long time ago… We can't stop the inevitable but we can choose where we stand. Blessings.

    • @Toyz

      "We can't stop the inevitable but we can choose where we stand."

      Those are wise words, Toyz. Excellent quote. I may have to "borrow" it sometime (heh heh).

  14. Complete contradiction as usual from the NWO folk, first, 'we need more democracy', then 'we have big problems', only to follow by saying 'hence we need a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT', which means more centralization of power, not more democracy. It's like they're politically illiterate, maybe that's why he was so efficient at imploding the USSR.

  15. "Is OWS trapping people in Hegelian dialectic, where supporting the protesters becomes supporting a New World Order?"

    How could you even say that? And use this rich guy as though he is a spokesperson for the middle class and poor (and some rich) protesters? The protesters know what the eye on the dollar bill means and they disagree. That's WHY they're protesting. This guy knows these people aren't crying for an all-powerful global government and already are frustrated with big corporations acting like they are government. And the protesters know that the ones at the top of the banks are the same supposedly non-existent illuminists who would be in charge of the NWO.

    Occupy Wall Street was started by Anonymous, who you remember also called for the Bohemian Grove being protested. The Bohemian Grove are of course, well, do I even need to say?


    Basically Occupy Wall Street is against the elitism whether it be capitalistic, socialist, communistic, autocratic. That's what all of these protests have in common. Figures they'd try to turn it on us when they know these protests are against their philosophy.

    I could be wrong, but I don't think the protesters are naive enough to support the one-world government idea and I don't understand the jumping to the conclusion that Gorbachev speaks for Anonymous!

    • And who says Anonymous is a good thing?

      You say that, like Anonymous are super heroes… Anonymous are a secret society.

      Anonymous will never bring down any government as they claim they will. They will never achieve any of their aims. What they will achieve, is tighter governmental control of the internet. The exact thing they claim to be fighting against.

      Do you seriously think that hacking websites will change anything? Hacking websites will never bring down any power or capitalism. Anonymous cause inconvenience, and distribute peoples phone numbers and email addresses, causing more inconvenience. That is not breaking down any Government or capitalism. It's just the same as the UK riots. They achieved absolutely nothing what so ever, apart from inconvenience, and tighter laws and punishment.

      • You are right in that Anonymous will scare some people into attempting to take control of things, but you're definitely wrong that Anonymous is interested in giving out anyone's information besides targeted CEOs and etc, as they did last year in Wisconsin and nearly did with Bank of America. Anonymous has shown no reason for me to believe that they aren't true to their aims.

        The riots and protests got the attention they wanted. The problem is the idea wasn't fully executed. The next thing should've been an aim to get the rules changed, but what do you expect when these things get hijacked by anarchists with no sense and who never calculate fascists being a thought ahead of them.

      • Anonymous is not a secret society. In fact it isn't people at all, it's a concept, a belief. Anyone can join in or not. Depends on how you feel about what's going on. And they've caused more than inconvenience. They've caused awareness. If it takes a little inconvenience to wake people up, then so be it.

  16. When are people going to realize the obvious – that these "protests" did not just suddenly and spontaneously begin one day?

    OWW is being orchestrated, agitated and financed BY the NWO ruling elite – George Soros, et al.

    We've now got the pro-communist labor unions heavily behind it, and the very radical wannabe dictator President of the United States "supporting" it, at the very same time he is receiving nearly ALL of his funding for his re-election campaign from the billionaire globalist Soros, the big international banks (who received the trillions in bailouts) and multiple globalist corporations like GE.

    This is duplicity and deception in its purest and most evil form.

    Is anyone paying attention here at all???

    • once you read a bunch of people posts, you forget what was said at the very top. But I think LVB said at some point that this has the signs of psy-ops… I think that just makes sense, if you think about how the elite pretty much controls everything else.

      I don't want to propagate fear-mongering, and I don't want to let us good people be divided by the paranoia that there are bad people infiltrating any and all aspects of life. I just want to point out that we can't just so blindly accept that OWS is a completely pure occurrence, that is not within the reach of psy-ops….

      the world is a stage, don't forget that… we all have yet to understand the full extent of that on a global and cosmic level

    • "Financed"? LVB, Occupy Wall Street started with a bunch of demonstrators just going to Wall Street and staying there. As for Obama, he's not perfect, but it's too much of a stretch to call HIM "dictator". I'm more inclined to believe, at least for now, that Soros and them, if they are funding Obama and he's supporting these movements against them probably just don't feel intimidated by them. …Yet.

      • I respect what you're saying, but if you do some research you'll find that Soros, his many front groups and others are very definitely financing and provoking this"movement". And it will probably continue and escalate, by design, right up until next year's Presidential election, and this will serve as a fear tactic that Obama will exploit in any and every way he can – the most despicable of which may very possibly include provoking race riots, which would be a horrible tragedy for our nation. But I don't think it matters to him or his handlers – whatever it takes to win re-election to continue their fast-paced efforts in racing to the NWO, they WILL do it – no matter what the cost to the rest of us peasants – black, white or otherwise. They don't care.

        So, again, OWS did not just begin one sunny say with a bunch of well meaning people who were rightly disgusted with "Wall Street greed".

        The main benefit I see for the elite so far is distraction and diverting people's attention away from those who have actually caused the economic crisis we find ourselves in – and it is working very well, as evidenced by not only by comments in this forum, but the reactions of so many people who get their information exclusively from mass media…and believe it.

        People are so quick and happy to blame the ambiguous "rich" and "Wall Street", without even really knowing who or what they're talking about. Again, who is it that people think are financing Obama and most other Congressional "leaders" from both parties???

        If people would focus on Obama, GE, Soros, and those who allowed Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac to almost single handedly destroy the US economy (Rahm Emanuel, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd), we would be off to a much better start here, in terms of holding them responsible for their crimes and beginning some kind of peaceful and effective revolution of thought, with some hope of achieving meaningful changes and reversing the suicidal course we are on.

        Of course, if and when we managed to do that, the mass media would demonize and attack us as "extremists" – which always tells you everything you need to know about what the truth of any situation really is. If you're getting attacked by ABC/CBS/CNN/NBC/MSNBC, then you can be very sure that you've hit a nerve and pissed off the ruling elite. :)

        The problem as I see it with "OWS" is that when people have these hollow and vague (at best) notions of who and what is responsible for this perceived "unfairness", rather than the actual catastrophic damage that has now been done to both the US and global economy and way of life, it is sadly nothing more than a mob that will be (and is) being hijacked, manipulated and exploited to serve exactly the goals that the ruling elite want to achieve – civil disorder leading to anarchy, leading to a heavy handed police state crackdown to restore "order" – if it continues to its logical conclusion. Of course, with the peaceful, freedom loving, hardworking middle class trapped and victimized in the middle. That's how it works.

        Just keep your vigilant eyes on what's happening, and keep in mind the centuries old "pincer attack" (pressure from above and below) strategy from the bad old days of the French, Marxist Bolshevik and pre-Nazi Germany movements that led to what I consider disastrous results – i.e., Totalitarian dictatorships and tyranny, always done under the false pretense of "doing what's good for the people".

        While I do know that there must be many good people protesting who have mostly the right ideas and frustrations, just like the rest of us who are voicing our opinions here on VC, I also know all too well that anytime govt steps in with "the solution", it always ends up resulting in less freedom and liberty for us and more power and control for the ruling elite. This is true in every culture, including Egypt and the whole recent "Arab Spring", which was also very much orchestrated by the elite (and still is), and was not at all a spontaneous effort coming "from the people".

        People with their legitimate frustrations are being used as pawns in this very dangerous chess game that is being played by the ruling elite and their puppets in mass media. And after centuries of playing these games in controlling the masses, they are much better at it than the many under-educated masses, who are simply acting out their often uninformed and highly emotional gut reactions – to both legtitimate concerns, but also unfortunately some very misguided perceptions of unfairness in our troubled world.

      • @LVB – I completely agree with everything you are saying here, 100%.

        The majority of the people protesting are doing so with good intent, however, due to public education, "it takes a village' indoctrination, a myriad of cognitive assaults via vaccines, fluoride, chemtrails and any other number of chemical interferences – they are misinformed/mislead BY DESIGN. The system if failing for many reasons, BY DESIGN.

        The Acorns/Unions and other socialist agendas are there protesting & influencing WITH INTENT. All of this plays into the hands of the elite, no doubt about it.

        I talk to people everyday, see youtubes and hear reports on how many people are attending the protest to help share information – there are many! They bring handouts with stats on who the highest paid CEO's are (not Wall Street), to share the Constitution, to help expose the Illuminati plan, emerging NWO etc….these people of course are not getting much media play, but I promise they are there!!!

        I guess I just really think it is a shame that people like you do not get involved in helping to spread information, share truth and fight for freedom in your country while you can do so, non-violently – regardless of WHO started the movement. All I see from you is sit back and watch, and a whole lot of judgement on how ridiculous everyone is, and I just don't get it. It is actually frustrating. So many people are out there fighting for our country NOW, WITH INFORMATION – while they can. Patriots, Constitutionalist, Oath-Keepers, Military!!!! I talk to people every single day who are attending the OWS all over the country and there are tons of End the Fed groups etc……fighting for our country, and against the Soros/Elite agenda. What are your thoughts on this? Nothing but pure anti-OWS without acknowledging and ignoring all the awesome people giving their time and intelligence to help wake up the mis-lead ,just feels like it is completely playing into hegelian dialectic. What say you?

      • Dear Sarah,

        Thanks for your "100% agreement", although I really don't concern myself with whether anyone fully agrees with me or not. I can only hope that people read and consider my ideas, and hopefully come to a similar understanding of the truth, based on their own worldviews and life experiences.

        With my own blog having over 100,000 readers in a year (more than I ever expected), and the Imma Bee/PsyWar article that VC kindly published here probably reaching millions more, how could any rational person possibly say that am I not quite seriously "involved in helping to

        spread information, share truth and fight for freedom"?? Srsly???? lol

        Regardless of whether anyone else chooses to "spread the truth" by preaching to various random people at the grocery store or standing around with a sign at OWS or whatever it may be, so be it. That is for each person to decide, based on what your heart tells you is right and necessary. To each their own…do what you feel you must do, and that includes all the good people like yourself and those others you mentioned.

        But please do not presume to judge what someone else does as "doing nothing" or being somehow less important than your personal ideas about what is valuable. Being a street protester is not for everyone, and to many intelligent people, it actually seems quite pointless and ill-advised in that it is very likely to provoke the police state response that many people here claim they are so totally against and fearful of. It is very often counterproductive and plays right into the hands of the ruling elite – as it has so many times throughout history – it gives them a quick and ready excuse to do exactly what they want to do.

        The part you said here about "all I see from you is sit around and do nothing", or something critical along those lines is the saddest part. The key part being, "all I see", which is exactly the issue – what you see and know in that regard is very little.

        So, maybe just keep this in mind because you are in no position to question or understand the tactics and motives of someone who has known about these things and resisted them for a very long time – in ways that are not known publicly (for good reasons), and were definitely not designed or intended simply to impress readers of VC. :)

        p.s. Along these lines of Revolution – if you haven't yet seen the miniseries "John Adams", you really should. The entire cast and acting is outstanding, and I think you'd find it very enjoyable (and actually quite accurate historically, despite the very liberal Tom Hanks being involved lol). The guys who play Washington, Adams and Jefferson are incredibly good. It's very inspiring, although very sad when you look at what our Republic has now become.

      • Ok LVB – that is fair enough. Thank you for the reply. I was probably a little harsh with my assessment of 'doing nothing', or in the least over simplifying. Having said that, you, as much, if not more than anyone else here knows exactly what the motives of the OWS protest is about. If I may quote something from a blog Lim Lynn posted: “Communist marches and protests have been staged by the NWO cabal in city after city, with many more planned for this month. They are preying upon the youth especially, who do not really understand what is happening in our nation and the POWERS OF DARKNESS behind this planned recession.”

        You know it, I know it, and a host of others around this country and the globe know it.

        Therefore when I see comments from you such as, "This is the highest level study of diversionary PsyWar efforts we may ever see firsthand – so study it and pay attention, let it prepare you for the much worse example to come, so that you may spot them easily and quickly, and not be confused or deceived."

        While offering advice, it also feels to me like you are offering them up, the ones being preyed upon. Like a spectator sport, with no input or even heart towards what is going on and how they got there, by design. Just like it's the playoffs or something?

        I do not believe this is your intent. But where you test my mama bear is when you categorize everyone, stereotype and classify them all as 'useful idiots'. Most of them are a product of decades of conditioning by the TPTB, they deserve a chance to have the truth be told to them.

        The same way it applies to kids whom are stuck in hip hop/rockn'roll or the entertainment/distraction deserve to have someone point out THOSE pitfalls, deceptions, predictive programming etc. – like you and VC. Do you see what I mean? To flip it around if I may, it is a fairly safe assumption that you may come to the defense of some of these kids whether verbally, or through your blogs etc…..if people were brow beating what idiots Black Eyed Peas fans were. How they are lazy, useless, promiscuous, spoiled and easily fooled by those who mean to harm them, take advantage of them and then spit them out. (same 'team' whether Wall Street or Hollywood, I mean really).

        I can totally see that where your heart or efforts are focused is going to be different than where some Oath Keepers or Constitutionalist might be, even if you share the same values. But you can't group all the protesters or their efforts in with the bad apples, and I wish you could exhibit just a little bit of compassion for the deceived and misled in this scenario, as you seem to do on the entertainment side of things. This doesn't even touch on the 'Truth' distributors that are attending en masse. Not protesting (unless End the Fed), but sharing one open ear at a time. I feel so grieved for some of these guys, and truly all they need is someone to tell them….they do not know. Ignorance on a matter is a condition that can be remedied. And I don't know if you have seen some of the new age/ritualistic group zombie chants that have gone on at some of these protests? But this movement is trying to suck their soul in as well. There is much more than meets the eye here.

        Continue to expose those behind the creation of this event, as you have been!!! But just as a favor, for my blood pressure sake, easy on the stereotyping…..I would be most grateful.

        My heart breaks for this generation, I am sympathetic to it because I feel no other generation has had such a plethora of assaults against it, and it is one of the really important ones, I do believe history will prove that. Then of course I have two boys, with a personally vested interest in our near future if we are to have anything to say about it. If you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem kinda thing I guess……why some of the 'protestors', the truth tellers and freedom fighters are my heroes. Not just useful idiots.

    • maytheLordhelpusall! on

      Hello Sarah,

      You are so wise. I've read some of your comments and they are very informative. If I'm not mistaken, you have plans. I fear what the future holds and would like to get in touch with those who are looking for something other than what the elite has planned for us. I wish for us to communicate. How can we get in touch?

    • I 100% agree with you, too (ironically because you don't care about being agreeable).

      I just want to reiterate what you said about people being played like chess pieces in these massive social movements that the elite always use for their agendas/gain. I think a better tactic is to NOT let emotions run wild, and rather to keep composure so that people can not be so easily manipulated. If everbody just stayed objective, and if ALL those demonstrators focused on the real culprits like you said (government as a whole), then the message would wake people up even more.

      YOU KNOW!?!?! The protests should be objective and serious, not emotional and uproarious, and they should be directed at the government, for real. Everybody simply needs to join together and say that we aren't believing that this is all "conspiracy theory BS" anymore, and that message needs to be accepted by America as a whole. THAT is the only solution, everybody must be on that same wavelength first

      • Good idea! Maybe some of you can go down there and start telling them……so they know.

      • dude,

        I very much appreciate what you're saying here – "objective and serious" – and I would again emphasize the importance of being well informed before protesting for or against anything.

        These qualities you mentioned – being objective, serious and well informed – would really scare the hell out of the elite, especially if there were to be some persistence and stubbornness along with it; i.e., "We're not going anywhere until those who allowed Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac to bankrupt our economy and THEN spent trillions more of our grandchildren's $$$ to bail out the biggest banks are arrested and tried for their crimes". That kind of thing, rather than the more commonplace "BLAH BLAH F THE RICH!!!".

        Instead, there is largely the appearance (somewhat because of mass media, but also sadly because I think it is just overwhelmingly true) of loud, disruptive, disjointed malcontents who are "poor" yet somehow have iPhones and professionally printed signs from Kinko's – oh and those pre-made (yet really stupid chants) that were obviously furnished to them by SOMEONE.

        And I do realize, of course, that the "Dumbing Down" effects on society that VC and others have exposed so well, are on full display here.

        Overall, I really think all this (OWA) just reeks of exactly the same methods and tactics of the similar pathetic Bush-era Cindy Sheehan "Bush lied people died" nonsense (complete with incorrectly spelled words and "Peace" signs that were actually the Mercedes-Benz logos LOL).

        Google some of those events from the recent past, as well as the typical and frequent Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton sort of events protesting "starving children" (reality = reducing school lunch increases by 1 or 2%, etc.) where they bussed in, paid and fed hundreds of people to show up and protest – and tell me if you aren't shocked by how eerily similar all these events are. The same things happened in AZ over the 1070 law, which is to simply enforce what is already the law – people bussed in by the hundreds, etc. Soros money was involved there, too, as it almost always is.

        They just modify the slogans and chants a little bit, and it's pretty much the same circus, different clowns.

        Further, if you really want to know the source of these OWS protests and still do not believe what I'm saying here, just think really hard for a moment about how many protests there have been lately about Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya – how many "Obama Lied, People Died", or maybe "Close GITMO, Stop the Torture!!!"??? Zero?? Not even one. Yaknow???

        Nearly ALL of these protests have their origins, not with "the people" – the real citizens of the United States like you and me – but rather in the many (global elite funded and supported) communist-allied front groups, including labor unions (SEIU, etc. – the very same thugs who violently assaulted the "Tea Party" people during their peaceful protests, if you recall) and various other "rent a mob" splinter groups that our current President and his administration are very familiar with – considering their long history of anti-American agitation and "community organizing". The Chicago way – the mob rules on a global scale, and they manipulate the mobs to support or attack whatever they want them to.

        Just keep watching and doing whatever you feel you can to resist. I fully support everyone (including the lovely and very passionate Sarah Connor) who is truly educating themselves and fighting to resist the NWO in any and every way they can.

        However, that does not include pooping on Wall Street and/or NYPD police cars. lol

      • Constitution TP…..never, ever, thought it could sound like a good idea.

        A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

        Winston Churchill

        Whatever works 😉

    • Reality over Fantasy on

      Both right and left winged politicians take money from millionaires and billionaires. It’s all about money and power, not political allegiance because most politicians are just puppets for big corporations. For example, the Koch brothers are worth billions (21.5 billion each) and own the nation’s 2nd largest privately owned company and they fund right winged politicians. http://articles.latimes.com/2011/feb/06/nation/la

  17. It seems that the New World Order is very inescapable and inevitable. It will apparently always be the answer to any complaints from people, it will be the only solution to any and all problems of any kind.



    *roll eyes

    *shaking my head

    What a mess. I can't.

  18. It seems like a lot of sincere people support the protest of the banksters and runaway government, but surely the elite would try to infiltrate or use this to their advantage.

    Until/unless there is true repentence on the part of us humans for turning away from the true God of the Holy Bible, things will not get better they'll get worse.

    People do not want to hear that they need to repent, we don't want to be told we are doing anything wrong, but we're sinners who are self righteous as can be–what could be worse than wicked people who think that they are good?

    The thing about repentence is that you look at the righteousnes of Christ Jesus and see that you are not that and you can never be that on your own. It is a turning away from your "good" and agreeing that it is only God who is good–definitely not you and definitely not me. It is to then follow after Christ, not ourselves. Do what thou wilt–was probably just about the worst advice ever given, and unfortunately the most taken–to our detriment & shame.

    WE are NOT going to get ourselves out of this mess. God is our only hope. He is not the hope or the God of the elite–that is obvious because of their fruit–sececy & subversion and everything else they are and stand for.

    There are two sides–you are on one or the other. God calls the shots for His side, not you and not me, all we can do is pray–and see what He would then have us to do. We, who seek His will, have to be careful we are waiting and listening for Him and not hearing and being deceived by others–we have to line everything up with the only reliable source we have–the Holy Bible.

    If the same numbers of people who are "occupying" would be down on their knees in repentence and faith towards Christ–I believe the powers that be would lose a great deal of their power.

    • wow I applaud you. ::calps::

      Couldn't have said it better myself. One of the biggest problems we have is people who cling on to demons without knowing it, and they get agitated whenever they hear the word as if this rage comes upon them. It's really sad to see which is why all we can do is pray for them. In one ear out the other. And there are lots of people out there who always want to blame God for the life they have instead of blaming the ancestry before them. Remember, as much as you have a free will so did the people who raised you and so on far back. Do to their irresponsibility's is why everyone has either a "fortunate, or unfortunate" life since birth. Do blame God for giving you in a life full of problems in your family, there are starving tribes in Africa right now who kneel down and give praise to our Lord and Savior without even 3/4 of our luxuries, yet we find excuses to defy Jesus/God.

      I can go on and on trying to explain why the "emos, wiccans, unfortunate, angry, righteous, and so on" can't admit the truth. It's time to humble ourselves and realize what really matters in this life more than the walls that separate us to enjoy our laziness with the demons (technology) giving you ideas of what life should be. It's sad but it's a total case of the monkey see monkey do.

  19. Fabella Sandosina on

    So they are making protests, and the government "seeks" for a solution — and will say that they have decided and seen 'New World Order' as the best 'solution' for the problem? Oh my god, I really don't know what's happening with this people.

    • "Struck dumb!"

      He just looks dumb! Having someone else speak for him, in case he says the wrong thing? He obviously hasn't got a clue what's going on around him. Sent to show his face, as if he's "one of the people".

    • haha I always say, "the little things in life are what are worth paying attention to."

      the type of little inconsistency like KANYE showing up to support OWS, is the kind of little detail that tells you a lot about the collective unconscious that it encompasses… the is just ONE BLATANT EXAMPLE of the infiltration and manipulation of a supposedly virtuous social movement….

      If people aren't aware that they should be SHUNNING KANYE WEST at such an event, then they don't even know why they're there. Wall Street and corporations are only a piece of the puzzle, but the fact is that there are so many different people of power involved in the conspiracy against us, and Kanye is just one public figure of power in the music industry…

      A powerful statement would be to openly out Kanye when he shows up there, that would show awareness, the would show that people collectively awknowledge the BS that the people in power are trying to sell them.

  20. they must feel so confident and close to their goal if they start to talk about it so openly! whatever must be will be! folks whatever happens dont take the mark of the beast.

  21. Democracy is a code word for Socialism. Stalinism is a type of Socialism. THere are diferent type based on the dictator. "Marxist, leninist, mafia style, stalinism"..These men if not all, were RACISTS! I know marx was a prick who hated blacks and the average common man. These "Philospphers" are clearly infiltrated and mind fucked. Just so WE the people can follow something. Yes democrazy sounds good, it does, but as long as we are being controlled by rich, democracy is socialism. Socialism does not belong in the United States of America. Though it is already here. White supremacists are pushing communism and socialism now, because they feel they have leverage. The average American is STUPID. That is what we are to the ruling elite, STUPID ANIMALS.

    Socialism breeds dictatorship, our world is clearly being dictated. Socialism breeds the privatization of every bodies shit. Complete ruling by the state. More government. The New world order is a socialist world order. A COMPLETELY SOCIALIST WORLD ORDER. Camps and camps and camps and programs and classes and classes and programs and programs and camps.

    Capitalism is the opposite of Socialism.

    Both of these ISMS were created by the same elite.


    • Democracy is a codeword for socialism like capitalism is a codeword for fascism. And shame on you trying to make a negative association for democracy.

      • Was Hitler not a Socialist? You can't say Socialism is Democracy. Socialism is Socialism. Democracy is Democracy.

  22. aaaand they deleted my post again…

    while I'm one of the people that is fighting for transparency and democracy every day.

    occupying in Amsterdam and spreading information over the internet.

    going into discussions with people about how it all works.

    so a new written post:

    I think there are too kinds of new world orders.

    the illuminati one and the one that are illuminated to not ruin this world but are the good guys.

    The corporate world had too much to say nowadays in politics.

    These guys only care about profit, and not about healthcare, good wages, good jobs and being good for the planet.

    The story of stuff is a good way to watch @ youtube.

    I'm spiritually grown and Im an artist so free thinking. im feeling illuminated too, but not in the money greedy way.

    We want a democracy, not that corporations have also first amendment rights.

    The founding fathers were talking about people not corporations.

    not the 'illuminati' feels pressure in society with alle the occupations and are trying to keep themselves safe. Between now and a year you will see a lot of people standing up in the media for making the world a better place for everyone, but these will be the same people that will hold up the illusion of a democracy and being good for mother earth.

    lobbying should be illegal.

    and corporations only focused on making more money than the year before should stop too.

    the FED has to stop being a private bank, because they influence the world bank to so also europe is in there power.

    and yes, this can all be done by one president in 4 years.

    If he doesn't get shot.

  23. Syrus Magistus on

    Hey, fuck that guy. We'll fix the world's problems without his dumbshit "solution" to the problems he and his elitist friends inspired. And then it'll be time for the Nuremberg Trials II.

  24. It's going to happen no matter what they do… The only way to stop the elite's new world order is to create one of our own… We need to make them submit to us…

  25. There can be no true good revolution with out God! These protestors are not creating revolution in the name of God but in the name of themselves and money. They are atheistic in thier theology and lack thereof and because of this will lead to the ushering in of the socalled Age of Aquarius, worldwide communism, then worldwide dictatorship by none other then the AntiChrist. Mark my words the Pope will flee Rome and the seat of St.Peter will be taken up by the beast. Beware! Pray the Rosary for peace, go to the Sacraments. Bring your hearts and souls back to God, we are on the verge of disaster. These protests would be just if done in the name of God. O Mary concieved without sin, pray for us, who have recoursed to thee! Pray, pray, pray, no good will come of this, be prepared. Pray!

  26. I agree with Malcolm that corporations tend to only care about money; however, you seem to imply, with this statement, that politicians are in that same boat. I don't agree there. Politicians tend to care more about power than money, and, moreover, tend to care too much about keeping that power.

    This is why centralized fiat banking capabilities by private financial corporations are so insidious. Ultimately all these financial institutions that print the monies of various countries are forced to bend their will to the World Bank. And, more accurately, those who run the World Bank.

    This global control of the flow of money then becomes a machine that sucks all subsidiary interests into its sphere of influence.

    So lobbying is a system whereby those who have discretionary income (corporations usually) are able to bend the will of national political activity to their will. Since there are no term limits in Congress, these same companies can pay the way for weak politicians (i.e. purchasable men and women to whom the term statesman is not applicable) to get re-elected indefinitely. And since the flow of money is controlled internationally via IMF loans which effectively act as a sort of manipulable spigot of international resources by those who run the World Bank, the flow of prosperity is able to be funneled toward those who control the financial institutions. They are not dumb people; they are greedy people who fear not being in total control.

    But they are the cause of world hunger and war -whether they know it or not.

    This is why the constitutional right of Congress to print our country's money is so important: it means We the People can vote in and vote out those who do not know economics or, worse, those who do not care for a national economy to operate transparently.

    So idk, it seems to me, is correct; we (the little people) need to be the ones who create a Real World Order through sane and transparent governance. It seems to me the first logical step is ending the Federal Reserve and World Bank. It has to be both since the World Bank wants the Federal Reserve to end in disgrace so the wonderful World Bank can step in to fix the global monetary problem through an even larger, more monopolistic system of money.

    Money production (printing, electronic or paper or whatever) needs to be tied to the successful human activity of any given country or province or state.

    This insures that no people of any given nation or province or state are given a greater share of the wealth produced via their working of the earth's resources or the means of the transmitting of the goods of those resources or whatever else the initial production of the world's resources entails.

    So i can't think of any better place to start restoring a Real World Order than giving back to Congress the power of printing money for our country.

  27. Oh yeah, without God leading us, or conversely, us following God, nothing good can happen. God is the objective norm of everything. In the religious tradition i adhere to (Catholicism) God is also the source of existence itself, through justice and love but, most of all, mercy. Mercy is God's trump card that overpowers everything else. I guess i know since i fell into the pointlessness of agnosticism in college but found God was patient in waiting for me to return.

    I'm glad JMJT mentioned God because i did not mention Him once in my long post. And there is no aspect of God that i love more than His unfathomable mercy!

  28. Don't we all faulter in our human nature. We are fallen creatures. We needed a Redeemer 2000 years ago and we still need Him now. St.Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, Pray for Us! She said on her death bed, "my Heaven will not be idle but will be spent doing good on Earth to bring more glory to God". Please pray!

  29. well the NWO will try to get together but it will never happen, this is just showing that we are indeed in the last days. Jesus Christ saves while everything else will be burned up when He arrives. Praises be to God.

  30. Before Gorbachev: Yeah! Go Occupiers! Let's get some change in this greedy capitalist system!

    After Gorbachev: …Uh, maybe I DON'T support the Occupiers. Obviously they all just want socialist NWO! Gorbachev said so and he's obviously their representative! Nope, let's just drop it all and resubmit to the hedge funds.

    Do you see how quickly ONE man was able to change your stances with a speech? He said one thing and suddenly you think these movements are completely evil because clever b-tards like him plan to, sort of like the London riots, use the uprising to their own advantage. Or if that's too harsh or unfair at least that's what he's offering as solution to the problems the Occupiers are frustrated with. You immediately jumped from one extreme to the other in a reaction.

    The Occupiers protest against a global power structure (based on capitalism), Gorbachev calls for a global power structure (based on something you call socialism, I haven't researched him much yet), the occupiers for more freedom for the people, Gorbachev for something people say will be a total worldwide police state, and somehow you decide it's the same thing.

    Well I don't want to lead anyone astray, so I'll just say I can be wrong. Maybe the protests movements are bad or insidious. But they don't seem to be yet and they definitely seem better to me than what was going on before – nothing, just letting stuff happen to the general public.

    • It's not the protesters who are wrong or insidious. It is the people manipulating the protests and protesters – duping the people yet again, into agreeing with and welcoming the NWO as the right way to solve the world's (illusionary and manipulated / orchestrated) problems.

  31. I'm not sure why people are surprised. I've been a skeptic since Kanye West marched on Wall Street. This cat is an obvious puppet but is all the sudden marching AGAINST the people who sign his checks? Next thing you know, Jamie Dimon will be walking on Wall Street. Just think about it, our oppressors are masters of infiltration. They've been doing this for centuries. If they didn't start the movement themselves, I'm sure they've hijacked it by now to serve their own cause. Remember folks, they HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT.

  32. @Blanco…the bull she is standing on is the one of JP Morgan Chase. the original plan was to occupy their complex but, for obvious reasons, didn't work out.

    • Yes, I know. That does not take away the fact that it is a bull though. It is a symbol, no doubt used in the first place to symbolise Baal… It is beside the point where it is, or whose it is really. The fact is that it is used on the poster. I understand the ins and outs. I understand the concept behind it. I can only see a clever deception though.

  33. Any way you work the scenario i feel like if these people are as powerful and enlighten as they allow us to know about them there is a strategy to maneuver it into their favor. Now this is not a Defeatist Attitude if anything this should enrage you, be the annoying person on the train or your friends ear and remind them that this is not a joke their plans are beginning put into effect in a faster pace and we are seeming to be loosing time. We are all stronger than them individually and together (and I mean together, prejudices aside) we will thrive. To be honest since im allready here I shall vent we have been globalized, just not unified think about it what other option on the way of life do we have?, yes we could go to Communist China or North Korea but thats an extreme in some cases we all are in the rat race of capitalism chasing pieces of paper around that hold no value. We put aside what makes us look forward to living every day to earn that dollar may it be working at some shitty restaurant or whatever you do to make a living. I can see that most have conformed woke up from their dream world because real life is waiting with your work uniform. Why do we listen to people that we dont know personally, why do they have such a great effect on the lives of the general population, who are they? If they breathe the same air, They are our equal then why must we serve them?. We dont need them we have the internet, if used properly the voice of the people would be the only one that matters because it knocks everyone off their pedestal, social status should not hold greater value in a political environment money should not be involved in any way and it should be transparent with everything on file readily accessible to anyone who is seeking such information…well i seem to of run out of Cents and I could go on for days


    (Stoned, Not Revised)

  34. LOL, I don't think it's the end of the world, but the ushering in of a new era that is not going to be very pretty. I don't believe in the end of the world, I simply believe in the end of the world as we know it. And without God we are powerless and can do nothing. When you start putting yourselves above the Almighty very bad things happen, because He allows bad things to happen to His ungrateful creations. BTW, you show the extent of your IQ when you start using poor language.


    If this is what the Occupy protests stand for, it is Godless, and when you remove God, beware only bad things can come of it. Calling the world to prayer is a good thing, entire wars have been won with the Crucifix in front of the army, or with the praying of the Rosary. These wars were losing battles until the power of God was invoked through prayer. It's better to be a Jesus freak then to embrace satanism, which is essentially worshipping yourself. We are not gods, we are a creation of God's. There is no such thing as being too religious or worshipping the Creator of all things too much. I think you should take a look at history and what a Godless society is made up of, socialists like Mussolini, and Hitler, thousands massacred in Mexico, Cuba, Germany, ect…., not to mention the lies that are found in communism, such as the atheist perspective and more. We have over sexualized our children, they want to take firearms and weaponary away from the common man, we are desensitized to violence, our children are corrupted and you say us religious folks are "irrational conspiracy theorists" hmmmm, everything I mention is true and everything I mentioned are steps to implementing a socialist/communist/then a tyrannical regime over the whole world. Who would want world domination, only someone who truly believes this world is all there is, or the devil. You decide which is more viable and rational of a theory, yours, or mine.

    Pax Tecum.

  35. I used to cry Im 18 a college freshman but I got used to it the feeling that you know it has to go down, Yeshuwa has a plan and I feel it just has to happen even if we dont want to I pray for everyone especially my sisters that are a year younger than me and my little brother I wish I could go back home as I was the one that looked out for him and watched him my brother reminds me of myself when I was his age and I saw a video he posted on youtube about no one likes them at school he gets in fights and it makes me cry my mom lets him do whatever he wants and he stays watching tv and I pray for him the most because I know he may be affected by this because he is the next generation and I pray for him and my family

    also my favorite star tiffany evans

    was on star search after being homeless You should look up her story

    than she sung on disney did a couple of videos

    and she was the girl that came out of facebook and said rihannas russian roulette song was evil and tht the world was at war than came back and said she loved rihanna and she was just kidding

    now she is being managed by BEYONCES FATHER MATTHEW KNOWELS NOOOOOOOOOOO she has so much talent to

  36. The bad thing about believing in the Illuminati is that you lose the ability to see anything but that. At first the Occupy protests seemed like a good thing(still seem like a good thing to me), now everyone is seeing Illuminati in everything. let me ask, what the hell else are we supposed to do. Say people exclusively from this site decided to band together and for a protest or group of some sort. Eventually that group would be accused of being controlled by the Illuminati or being "infiltrated". So in closing, I guess we should be looking at the brightside and promoting the positive facts instead of focusing on the negative perceptions. This is all far to subjective.

  37. This video will help explain why Occupy Wall St use Baal (Bull) and a Ballerina dancing on top of the Wall St bull. The ballerina is Shiva "god of All Things" Shiva, who is one of three pre-eminent gods in the Hindu religion along with Brahma and Vishnu, is considered the destroyer of the world, which must end.


  38. I don't think that the people of the N.w.o. are a part of it but they some how are behind it but not for it.They need something to call for martail law and this would give them a reason to do so.I think that tey are behind it in a way through thier lower ranks that got the people to protest agains the fat cats and the government so as I said to have a reason to call martail law to have a reason to round people up to get them chipped they will stop at nothing and do anything that will work in thier favour to call martail law.so We the people and we the true believers must stop and think for a second what and who is realy behind every major evernt and who even in the lessre ranks of the people in charge who they have in thier pocket and under thier control it could be your fiends your neibours or even the people you know because of thier secretness we don't know who is one of them even at the lowest levels of thier secret socities.We do know the big shots as the Illumnati and the freemasons and other secret socities even the vatican the governments and the fatest rich cats we know are behind all this the N.W.O. but as IO said we don't know the ones in the lesser ranks.So we must be carefull.I one was telling someone about the freemasons and he tould mer heads up I am a freemason.So as I said we must be carefull.Bob.

    • Something will be planned for 31 / 10 / 11 too… Halloween. 11 days before 11 / 11 / 11 – as well as being an Occult festival.

  39. Felipe Nobrega on

    Time to get weapons, dig a hole, hide them all and wait for the beggining of… you know.

    Time to get food, find a cave, stock everything there and…

    Time to wait God make justice here. That's all – We can't do it (:

    (i'm not kidding about weapons ;p)

  40. Aha. The Illuminati founded Zeitgeist movement and its "siblings" are working in the people's minds. Cognitive dissonance at its peak, to provoke people to protest everywhere, which will further help the set up of police states, and pretend that NWO is some good stuff. I will not be the "100's monkey".

  41. So funny in College today, I was learning about how Russia was backwards for the whole capitalist revolution . This revolution stretched from England to Europe and they still live under government control. Now they are telling us the capitalists that we should assimilate to their socialistic ideal> This makes me wonder, was the New World order always in the cards just like certain wars are prophesied in the Bible. This is a whimsical way of pushing the New World Order agenda. Very whimsical.

  42. Peter Kostolomov on

    Gorby is not real Russian and speaks with a huge Ukranian accent and makes many mistakes in his speech, similar to George W. Bush. He is really not very intelligent man, and was doing only what his strong willed wife Raisa (also not Russian in nationality) was telling him to do. Gorby was raised into high ranks of USSR communist party only because he could talk sweetly and was a master flatterer.

    Gorby is a myth. He is highly respected in the West but is absolutely and passionately hated in Russia, because he is a total failure and an enemy of his people. He has achieved nothing good.

    What he says, is probably paid by the elite, in his head there is emptiness and confusion. When he was USSR communist party general secretary, then USSR president, he could talk for hours and hours, but say nothing.

    Worst of all, he was a total wimp and could never stand for what he believed in and always betrayed those who were loyal to him.

  43. Peter Kostolomov on

    Anyone seriously listening to this glorified combine operator is a fool. Yes, before becoming USSR leader Gorby was driving a combine in a southern Russia farm. That's his intelligence level and background.

    Anyone who even remotely believes this man is delusional.

    However, maybe he has smart speech writers working for the Illuminati, who knows.

  44. The Communist Manifesto's Road to Socialism through Democracy

    Libertocracy ^ | 01/14/2005 | Gregory Flanagan

    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2005 5:51:18 PM by coffee260

    "Democracy and Socialism are inseparable." – Vladimir Ilich Lenin

    Socialists and many communists around the World have supported democracy as a means to a socialist and eventually a communist end. Karl Marx in The Communist Manifesto detailed his strategy for socialist revolution to eventually bring about full communism. Marx wrote: "We have seen… that the first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of the ruling class, to establish democracy. The proletariat will use its political supremacy to wrest by degrees all capital from the bourgeoisie; to centralize all of instruments of production in the hands of the state." Marx said that democracy should be used to establish certain socialist policies to engineer the society toward communism.

    I'd say that the United States, European states and most others around the world were following the strategy of the Communist Manifesto pretty well up to the 1980's when they realized that economic socialism simply doesn't work and they can't make it work. Even though most socialist and communist countries have abandoned the idea of economic communism they still, out of habit, maintain other socialist policies which continue to violate fundamental rights.

    Today socialists and neo-communists continue to promote their cause under the all encompassing umbrella of "democracy.". Today's socialists use the same old tired rhetoric that unregulated competition is bad and dangerous, that the consumer must be protected from his own ignorance or irresponsibility, they continue to support social engineering projects that undermine productivity, take away opportunity and leave those it was designed to help in poverty.

    Of course what they support is socialism, but now they've substituted the word democracy for it, they claim that capitalism creates too much individualism, that it undermines collective responsibility and community involvement, all of which are code words for communism. To coerce collective thinking, the support coercive and even mandatory "community service." The socialists who promote democracy do so because they believe that through organizing their special interest groups they will be able to use the political process to elect and impose their socialist system, which will become increasingly communistic.

  45. You occupying ball sack huggers need to wake up and smell the coffee , the more people that these protests spring up, the better chance the new world order will win with our consent, so please stop hating eachother, and be open to everything.

    Read everything. Listen to everybody. Don't believe anything you cannot prove with your own independent research.




    Filed under: Uncategorized by atrueott — 11 Comments

    October 23, 2011

    Red October

    By A. True Ott, PhD – Oct. 21, 2011

    It began as “peaceful protests” on the 17th day of September – the month of the Autumn Equinox (Sept. 21 – Mabron – a very special ritual day ordained by WICCA, Kaballa, and Pagan practitioners of Lucifer as the day of atonement and the “releasing of prisoners” – both political and economic.) The protest began at a specific city which was the financial heart of THE pre-eminent global capitalist “Republic” – a world-power center of wealth and influence unequalled in the entire world at that specific time. The nation, however, had been in a Great Recession for three years. Factories were closing their doors, and unemployment had reached 36%. The national debt to the world central bank was crippling in every way. Inflation had successful eroded the wages of the people by 50%. The future of this once great nation was bleak in every way.

    The message of the “protesters” was a simple one – the “working people” were the unwitting slaves of BIG BUSINESS and COPORATE GREED – a mere 1% (the “ruling class) were robbing the “people” (the remaining 99%) of their wealth and property. It was not just a single day of protests, but was scheduled to last for many months. Eventually, the “movement” spread to every other major city in the country – as well as other foreign nations.

    If you think I am describing the 2011 OWS (Occupy Wall Street) and America the Beautiful, you are wrong. I am reciting the exact history of the Bolshevik Revolution (Red October) that eventually dismantled the Russian Republic of Czar Nicholas.

    According to Wikipedia: “Nationwide crisis had developed in Russia affecting social, economic, and political relations. Disorder in industry and transport had intensified, and difficulties in obtaining provisions had increased. Gross industrial production in 1917 had decreased by over 36 percent from what it had been in 1916. By September, as much as 50 percent of all enterprises were closed down in the Urals,, the Donbas, and other industrial centers, leading to mass unemployment. At the same time, the cost of living increased sharply. The real wages of the workers fell about 50 percent from what they had been in 1913. Russia’s national debt in October 1917 had risen to 50 billion rubles. Of this, debts to foreign governments constituted more than 11 billion rubles. The country faced the threat of financial bankruptcy.

    In September and October 1917, there were strikes by the Moscow and Petrograd workers, the miners of the Donbas, the metalworkers of the Urals, the oil workers of Baku, the textile workers of the Central Industrial Region, and the railroad workers on 44 different railway lines. In these months alone more than a million workers took part in mass strike action. Workers established control over production and distribution in many factories and plants in a nation-wide social revolution.[1] By the end of October 1917 there had been over four thousand peasant uprisings against landowners.

    At the end of October, (following all Hallow’s Eve) as the Russian weather turned bitter cold, the “protests” turned increasingly violent, and the “Revolution” began in earnest. The Russian Army and Navy refused to enforce “martial law” for the Czar, and instead defected to “The People” and took their orders (and large monetary bribes and promises) from Lenin and Trotsky.

    Millions of Russian Christian people eventually died following these “Red October” protests and the resultant class-warfare. The entire family line of Czar Nicholas was summarily executed in cold blood genocide. Millions more of the CHRISTIAN “upper class” were either executed or imprisoned for life in Siberian gulags by the “Red Army” led by Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trosky. The “Soviet Union” was born.

    The question that must be examined thoroughly at this point, my friends is: WHO WERE THESE “PEACEFUL PROTESTERS” – LENIN AND TROTSKY – HOW WERE THEY FUNDED AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHO BANKROLLED THEIR OPERATION?? (The MONEY had to come from somewhere!)

    Moreover, is it possible that the sons, grandsons and daughters of the same, global “financiers” using the exact same mindset (revolution and martial law) are attempting to do the same thing in America, 2011, as was accomplished in Russia in 1917?? The answer to this question will stun you! Read on.

  46. Yea, Occupy Wall Street just might indicate the end of Capitalism since Capitalism is based on the Free Enterprise system in which case then, would be the end of free Enterprise and fruits of ones labor (profit/individual freedom in what to buy,sale or trade etc.). yes indeed, the beast is restless and it's time is limited, might be rearin it's ugly head soon.

  47. I Think most of these people have this site and others like it to thank. Without knowing that the elitist are the puppet masters of the government, media, major industries, etc. This truth movement would not be occuring. The people are waking up and the Elite will definatly try to use this event as a tool to further their plans towards a NWO. But as a free thinker, I dont think the elite have there puppet strings controlling this. Their careless and cockiness caused this. These people are simply doing what most of us reading this site should be doing. Fight For Your Freedom

  48. I've known it from the very beginning-This so called "recession" was invented as an aide to bringing about the NWO. It's right up there, beside the scientifically dis-proven "global warming" issue…

    Global warming does NOT exist-Thousands of scientist's have backed that FACT, but it's never those people that you hear from-Just the fear/control mongers who are pushing us into their way of thinking, and into their NWO!!!

    As for the recession-Has anyone stopped to think-"Where exactly has all the money went?!"

    It was there one day, but yet has apparently vanished off the face of the Earth since…

    People just need to remember one thing, and one thing only-


    All of it-Never believe anything you hear, but look at it & think- "How will they benefit from this?"

    You need to watch really carefully…

    For example, mobile phones. We were tricked into thinking that we all needed one, they were marketed to ALL of us extremely well… Now 92% of the worlds population carry one everywhere with them…Which is extremely handy for the powers that be, considering mobile phones were invented to be tracking devices!

    QUESTION EVERYTHING-I think I've proven my point.

  49. humans love to run free. even if they do create the nwo, it will end just like the roman empire, the egyptian empire, the chinese empire, etc…


    cannabis&hemp, the only way to live in true peace equal harmony with our brothers and sisters. All while keeping the planet healthy

  50. Had to respond to Red Pill; there is nothing pagan about Christ Jesus, nothing. All the good that is in pagan beliefs is of God, the rest is worthless, because it is not of God, but man. Pagan beliefs orient believers towards the earth with promises of making life on Earth better.They can do nothing to bring you closer to God the Father. Only Christ does that.

  51. Monk of the dark sid on

    I do think the globalists want this revolution. They want chaos and they actively work for this. They need a global chaos to bring their "new world order". They know there are too many human beings on this planet so they can't control us. They need to depopulate the earth and they will use all their deceitful tools to reach their goal. They need chaos to destroy the actual world order. Gorbatchev is a fake rebel a Trojan horse for the globalists. He destroyed USSR because the globalist had to move to a new step of their agenda. Now their goal is to destroy capitalism cause they want to move to the next step. The next step is the absolute control of all the resources of this earth including human resources. We are just resources as oil for these demonic beings. They are Trojan horses everywhere and they use them to destroy us. They will use the human beigns that will survive as a source of energy like in the movie "Matrix".

  52. Socialists are anti-capitalists. But they're pro free markets. They just think that the people doing the work shouldn't have to accept "wage" pay or labour market pay rates. That workers should be considered business owners. There should be little or zero government involvement in markets. They see capitalism as government using its judicial and police powers to right laws favoring the elite and intentionally creating a survile class that is dependant on working for the capitalists by systematic force. Socialism is totally market based though. They work in production and sell their goods and services like within any market economy. Under Menchevic/Marxist socialism you don't have to be a billionaire to start a business and be wealthy. You just have to work hard and believe in your business and you are not disenfranchised by the government or the elite running it. Through 80 years of concerted propaganda we have come to believe that socialism is bad and capitalism is freedom. Nothing is further from the truth.

    • Sorry, but you clearly know nothing about socialism of any kind, thanks to over 100, not just 80 years, of concentrated – and clearly very successful – propaganda.

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