• Here is this article where Vigilant Citizen and his findings on Gaga is Mentioned translated to English (For all the non German people):

        Return of the Illuminati

        Random, fashion, or conspiracy? The insignia of the mysterious secret society elite experience 235 years after its founding a comeback in the corridors of pop and rock culture.

        Secret Society – The Return of the Illuminati secret society – the return of the Illuminati

        The All-Seeing Eye: The symbols of secret societies are found all over again


        Faster than Lady Gaga is never an artist to become international star. End of 2008, the eccentric singer from New York, their first album "The Fame". Two years later, she had 64 million records sold, get all the music awards from the Grammy on the Brit-Award to the German Echo, more Facebook friends than any other living person in the world (25 million) and more followers on Twitter than anyone else in the universe (7.6 million). She is also the first person in the history of mankind, whose videos about a billion times on YouTube have been downloaded.

        For experts in semiotics, the science of signs and symbols, Lady Gaga is interesting from a completely different reason: their appearances, their photographs and above all their videos teeming of open and hidden clues to things with their music absolutely nothing to have to do. In the analysis of these characters, the experts have made an amazing discovery. Behind the flash flood of images, with the markets the 25-year-old artist, their music, a dark layer is encrypted with mysterious references to brainwashing, torture, and Satanism.

        Under the Internet pseudonym "The Vigilant Citizen" (The vigilant citizens) is a Canadian music producer has specialized in deciphering the hidden messages. He fell on four main symbol pattern, Lady Gaga often used:

        ➔ the all-seeing eye that we know of the Masonic pyramid as a sign of enlightenment. Lady Gaga it symbolizes not only in that it covers or closes one eye, but also by the fact that she poses on some photos with one in the palm of the hand-painted eyes;

        ➔ the gestures and the horns of the Baphomet of the Knights Templar supposedly revered demon;

        ➔ the cord, the sparks and the body twitches in symbolic administering electric shocks. This is supposedly a brainwashing technique are presented, with the American CIA has been experimenting;

        ➔ two columns, a throne and the square, as in the Masonic Temple.

        But not only Lady Gaga, and the singers Rihanna and Beyonce, hip-hop producer Jay-Z and Kanye West and a host of other singers use suddenly mysterious symbols and characters for her appearances on the CD covers and in her videos. Common to all these artists that they are currently the most successful in the world and the top of the pyramid are Fame, the pyramid of fame, like the pop industry calls it.

        For conspiracy theorists, it is clear who is behind the flood of characters: the Illuminati – a global secret society that wants to rule the earth. That he has chosen to be a vehicle for this is now the entertainment industry, the proponents of this theory seems quite logical: as the International Music is no language in the world, and the superstars among the artists are better known than any politician, athlete or scientist. Even President Obama does not have as many followers on Twitter like Lady Gaga. Pop stars are the gods of the present. Many teenagers will love them and blind. If they send them through symbols and signs hidden messages, the more accepted than other people.

      • ngayon ko lang nalaman illuminati pala si lady gaga.. hahaha these is for those who can understand of what am i talking about .. I realy DON't like lady gaga!!

    • For some reason i feel sad for her, she seems so brainwashed that she doeen't even understand what she is saying!

      More like a robot to me !!

      • We have to remember that she's a victim too. We can't hate the person who is deceived. Gaga, like majority of people in this world, is a slave of Lucifer and is unaware that she is actually doing his will and everything that he wants. She thinks that she is some great artist and she is freeing people from their problems, insecurities, etc., but what she is actually doing is enslaving them even more to Luciferian mentality, worship, etc. She will be held accountable for half of everything she's doing on Judgment Day. Her, Madonna, Jay-Z and everyone else out there who is doing nothing more but helping Lucifer's cause. We should also remember that focusing on the devil and his work too much itself, is worshiping him. Focusing on the Lord and trying to stay in the present with Him, is our best defense against all of this bullshit.

      • K all unknowable God stuff aside, as an artist, I feel like I can almost understand where she is coming from with this and I felt the same way about Black Swan, too. When you are a musician or an artist, your creation is your life's blood. I know because I'm also dedicating my life to my art. And as for the martyr stuff and dying on stage, on a metaphorical level that rings very true; everytime I go onto the stage and perform my music that comes from deep within my soul, I'm putting myself in a very vulnerable position and if people don't recognize that and accept it it's like they're shooting you down.

      • He distinctly asked her if it was metaphoric. Her response, "I don't know?" I get it that people are passionate about their art. I photograph. But why suicidal? She is a product. One willing to sacrifice her life to be on stage. One willing to sacrifice with an audience. Seriously?

      • She might be a victim, THEN AGAIN, she might not be…Maybe she knows exactly what she's doing and why and she enjoys every minute of it. Don't take it as if every pop artist is a victim. Use wisdom and discernment. :) Jesus Love You.

      • Yea but you cant sit there and point the finger at her. you cant judge her. pray for her and sympathize over her lost soul that she may save it before it's too late!

      • That is so true sometimes i find myself so deep into this stuff but afterwards i just feels so unhappy and almost like helpless but when i am in the word and spending time with the Lord thats when i feel the best it is good to know this stuff but it can definitly be just another trap if u let it consume u thanks for leaving that message

      • I agree. It's important to be aware of the illuminati agenda and what's really going on behind the scenes. However, we can't allow it to take the focus on worshipping Who's right. I'm so glad I came across Vigilant Citizen. But we need to spend time with Jesus and His Word.

      • Jaz that is so true when I first learned about all this I was so overwhelmed so much in fact I had to pray constantly just to regain some peace I'm ok now with the help of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

      • In school, our Values Education teacher asked us to reject Lady GaGa's songs… I felt so down then, because I idolized her so much. But right now, I'm trying hard to forget about the whole thing and pray to GOD Almighty for strength.

      • OMG how can you say she is the victim, she has chosen her path and like she said she is there to entertain, i dont feel she deserves any synpathy

      • James,

        That's the best comment I've ever seen! Although we must stay vigilant of lucifer and his works, we must NOT be caught up and solely focused on him. Eyes to the sky people! Never put God "aside"…keep Him first!

        God Bless

      • saddened to see on

        We are more than conquerers. The devil is hard at work because his time is short he has his plans but his end has already been written he loses. He is the ruler of this world but he is not all powerful he can't see everything thats why he has to keep that one eye open. Jesus is the truth the way and the light. Trust in God not in men

      • I don't. This was a "roll my eyes" excerpt from the interview. She was just trying to be provocative. Anybody that would actually "die" for entertainment is just a loon. Sorry gladiators, but your time has passed.

      • I agree.

        I don't care if she sacrifices herself for her act.

        I'll just be real pissed if they spam the media with all of her music and crap like they did with Michael Jackson. At least Michael Jackson had talent.

      • Yeah I hear you….There is a part of me that feels sorry for her too.

        She has allowed her soul to be deceived as she does "her art" … which isn't art. Its satanic filth!

        Where is her family, mom, dad…anyone know?

      • saddened to see on

        i agree alot of people look at these artists and laugh at them and say all sorts of evil things about them forgeting that these artisits are people and these people are pawns. They're used for a purpose : to carry out the message and when the industry has no more use for them …. plane crashes, over doses, at the very least these people are left broken and disturbed and we see them and their true artestry deteriorting, being perverted to get out a corrupt message. My cousin and I were talking about how much kanye wests music has changed so much how he seems so disturbed and lost and in pain. My cousin said she wouldn't be surprised if he were to commit or attempt suicide and i can really see it happening. It really is sad these are still people we can't forget that

      • Agreed. She is a living breathing sacrifice and is reveling in it.

        she knows what she is doing and gets off on it.

        don't feel sorry for her, she made her choice, she wants to be a martyr

        but not to the industry as she wants us to believe……………

      • @Say No To NWO

        If she does have it planned, her death will probably be after she turns 27 or later when she is 33 (if her career keeps her in the spotlight this long). Many popular artists have died at the age of 27.

        Here's a link to the '27 Club':
        Her birthday is approaching. She'll be 25 this March 28th.

        I can't wait to see how she celebrates her big day.

      • i agree. i've noted that she has been saying it for WAY too long now. in many interviews. and of course she sacrificed herself at the vmas in 2009. the plan is set, the seeds have been planted, and now we're just waiting.

    • honestly, you can tell she's sad, the eyes are the windows of the soul and she may smile and act but her eyes give her away; just like her voice if u noticed her voice was shaky and if he asked her how do u really feel, I'm sure we were gonna see her crying right there. She's someone that needs help, she looks like Britney when she was starting to struggle in that interview, constant fidgeting and all that… I feel sorry for her bc she's been fooled, but also i feel angry at her bc her hunger for attention is her weakness, she's have talent too bad shes wasting it. she's willing to do anything bc her music is her refuge but at the same time is what she use to let ppl know what goes on in her mind. I'm sure that when the lights turn off shes nothing but a fragile sheltered woman. with an appetite for sex bc she may think that how ppl will love her. thats the cycle of the abused woman willing to please bc that way her man will love her. In all this time I've seen her, never seen her truly smile… she made her choice and u can tell shes not enjoying it anymore. But like one of her songs say POKER FACE.

    • does any one realize that she would not refer to herself as a human? "and not me as a….(long pause)" why wouldn't she just say as a person instead of finishing the sentence like she did? maybe she doesn't view herself as human anymore because she is so brainwashed or maybe she is just not human….

  1. What the hell is she chatting about, going on about 'magic'. You know what real magic is? Actually being able to SING and still entertain people without relying on props and circus costumes and pyrotechnics and autotune. And yes Gaga, I would love to see you die on stage. Actually it doesn't even have to be on stage. Just die.

    • Actually, lady gaga has an amazing singing voice.

      I was surprised to find that out myself.

      She's just bat-shit crazy.

      • You're a little crazy yourself.

        She's just doing a female version of David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust days.

        You're probably too young to be familiar with it. Bowie was famously androgynous/bisexual and had crazy costumes and made megalomaniacal statements to shock the press.

        It's really an old schtick, and judging by the fools freaking out on sites like this – it still works.

      • Basically everything I said in my other reply regarding MM also applies to Bowie, though the schtick is a different flavor, it's not all that different. I just figured given the audience and when Bowie was at his peak that MM would be more recognizable.

      • so being bisexual, wearing weird costumes, and doing 'shocking things' is doing "the 'ole David Bowie"? nah, lady gaga's just a dumbass catering to the mindless void drought of pop music today. they think shes interesting, but really it's jsut because their music taste and what they see on TV is for the most part boring, gaga isn't too much different, Joanna Newsom once called her "arty spice" if there ever was one.

      • And yet, it's not just her. It's Jay Z, Muse, Kanye, Beyonce, Paramore, Rihanna … heck, it was not just Bowie. It was Paul McCartney, The Jackson 5, Grateful Dead, Earth, Wind & Fire, KISS, Bono, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Kylie Minogue, Madonna … the list goes on and on and on. And heck again, it's not just music. It's advertisements, governments, historical documents, logos, money, movies, organized religion, school curriculums. The same symbols are everywhere.

        Androgyny and bisexuality may be part of her "art", which has been done before, but she has very much so been raped by the music industry. She's their number one prostitute, f*cking the world's collective mind for money and control. And like she said, she's just one of many that have come and gone throughout history.

      • @Mason

        How am i crazy?

        She does have a good singing voice.

        I could imitate Bowie all i wanted to. Thats just a style, if i were not born with good vocal skills, i could hop on a stage and try to be famous all i wanted to, doesnt mean i'd sound good doing it.

        When she's singing and isnt auto-tuned her voice is surprisingly good.

        Yes, there are plenty talentless artists out there, copy cats and all. Gaga being one of them, but she does have a nice voice.

        VOICE. Thats what i commented on. NOT STYLE. You should read more carefully before insulting others (you called me crazy.)

        Which makes no sense honestly.

        Just because she's a boring, imitating puppet, doesnt mean she can't sing, what are you talking about?

      • And yes @Mason

        I know who David Bowie is.

        "You’re a little crazy yourself."

        Am I now? -.-

        "You’re probably too young to be familiar with it."

        Who are you to assume that I am young and naive?

        "…and judging by the fools freaking out on sites like this.."

        Really? Who's freaking out?

        I'd like you to tell me if i gave off the vibe that i bought into Gaga's whole persona.

      • i.go.by.rian.yugi on

        why do we have to be fools? none of us were praising lady gaga's theatrics. we are fully aware of those 80s lunatics. and if were not we still weren't praising that kind of public behavior. was so uncalled for……

      • …either she's bat-shit crazy or she puts on a good show of it, because people like a spectacle and being a showman first, a musician second has worked wonders for the careers of so many in the past (pick your shock-rocker going back all the way).

        Look at everyone's favorite devil worshiping harbinger of evil antichrist musician a decade ago — Marilyn Manson. Again a showman first and a musician second whose career would have been nowhere near as big if not for the spectacle brought alongside his music. One of his songs actually contained reference to committing suicide on stage, something like "Will you kill yourself on Tv? / We'd like to see you dead" — that's a quote from Mr. Superstar, though most of the lyrics on the internet don't seem to include that for some reason (it's said quietly compared to the rest of the lyrics, about 2 minutes in or so).

        On the upside, at least Marilyn Manson was actually pretty well spoken, fairly intelligent, and capable of defending his own positions in interviews (there's one with O'Reilly that I found particularly amusing) — in comparison GaGa is something of a failure as a shock artist. Both in pushing envelopes in that direction and in being able to defend herself doing so (though nowadays no one really attacks it that much).

      • Chris you would be falling in her trap if you think that Born this way is a Song for God.

        She is actualy moking Him and everyone else who beleives and worship God. Pay a close attention to her lyrics and to whom she is singing this, I mean, She defends gays&bisexualty, basicly the song is for them and a spit in the face for God

      • So defending people with a different sexual orientation other than straight is wrong?

        Don't be silly, it's not mocking god. I don't see why you people take anything, literally anything, just to fit it in to your conspiracies. Why are you all so fixated?

      • I don't care if people are gay bi sexual or whatever but, if you're going to include the christian god, the one from the bible, then you should be aware of the fact that the bible actually does speak out against homosexuality. Now, I'm not a religious man and I don't take a book written by other PEOPLE as the absolute thruth but, you can't be a christian and gay at the same time, it's just not possible so, in that light, providing that she's speaking of the god of Abraham, she's indeed mocking him.

      • In short Chris, there is a war going on for your mind and one of the things that the music industry is trying to push is that alternative sexualities are ok. Normally, I would agree with your statement; however, you must consider the source in all things.

        Do we trust messages being sent to us from corporations (music industry and other industries) who try to make as much money no matter what and have destroyed peoples lives (Micheal Jackson) in the process for their own benefit?

        Or should we trust a religious book (the Bible) that has the most historical validity.

        I know that seems a stretch to believe; but, I have the resources if you want them to back it up.

      • How can you say that Born This Way is about God? With the blatent references to Satan? Listen to it again, at the very beginning…

        "It doesn't matter if you love him, or capital H.I.M."

        And then a bit later on..

        "Give yourself prudence and love your friends

        Subway kid, rejoice the truth

        In the religion of the insecure

        I must be myself, respect my youth

        A different lover is not a sin

        Believe capital H-I-M (hey, hey, hey)

        I love my life, I love this record and

        Mi amore vole fe yah"

        HIM – His Infernal Majesty.

        From what I've heard and read alot of gay, bisexual, lesbian, etc aren't religious and don't believe in God as they feel religion puts pressure on them and says they are wrong for who they are. So unfortunatly, I also feel the reference to God is a bit of a joke.

        I must admit, I do like alot of Gaga's music and the Satanic/Illuminati references are usually just entertaining for me. However, this is just far too obvious and she has alot of influence on many young people. I do not follow a religion, I have no idea if there is a God or not but this is just disturbing. This song already has over 15 million views on youtube alone…

        What is the World coming too… Grrr…

      • And can you please let me know what's wrong with Gaga defending gays, bisexuals, etc? That's a message I'd like people to use more often, instead of hatred and rejection.

      • She can defends the gay and bisexual as much as she wants as long as she is not insulting God which is what she is doing with this song.

        And please, you are Christian, I am muslim yet, We ADORE the same God, you might aswell might start with the Jesus is God and how we differ from eatch others when it comes to it but in fact, in the end of the day, We Juish/Christian/Muslim adore the same God, I am not here to preach nor to give a religious lesson (or whatever its called) we can agree on: Yes, God tells us to love eatch other and to live in peace with eatch other, either we are beleivers, fallowers etc. And to tolerate those who arent "walking" toward His light, which means to not kill them, not to hate them but to tolerate them and to live peacefully with them in this "case" for exemple gay people :)

        PS: not directed at you but at those who wants to take some parts of any "Holly Book" and take it out of its social-historical context to simply prove some hate point, really proves that he/she never got educated enough to know how to formulate arguments and to use his/her own mind

        I hope I answerd to your question, have a nice day :)

  2. There really is no one as sadistic as lady gaga.

    It's like she's planning to do something crazy.

    Who do you think the martyrs of the music industry are, she's talking about?

    • People like Micheal Jackson, for example? There will be more of course, my mind has gone blank and that's the only name that I can think of right now.

  3. thedudeplayinthedude on

    gaga is an idiot, seriously how can she be happy with what she's doin, i mean honestly by now she knows what she's puttin out there.

    • She's a mind controlled puppet. She doesn't have a clue. She's pleasing her handlers, and that's all that matters (to her).

      • Actually, I think she does know. She is willing to go through all of this to get what she wants.

      • Ya I think she's perfectly aware of why she's doing it. There are a lot of people who live their lives for the sole purpose of getting more money, fame, etc…

      • She told her audience twice at a concert" YOU WILL DIE FOR YOUR LOVE OF MUSIC" while she was doing the eye. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1gFxBYpu8M This is serious, she was telling those kids your love for me will send you to hell. This is for the true christians because the unsaved and the lukewarm christians are the same and have no discernment, but about a year ago when i was deep into studing the illuminati behind the music industry, i saw a video showing all the times she threw up the satanic/illuminat sign, basically exposing-you would have to be in true denial to not know something was up after watching that video. Anyway, in one scene she was doin the "eye of horus: but was turning her hand like a doorknob over it. 4 some reason i looked straight in that eye, and it got pitch black like a hole and for lack of better words to describe, something jumped. It was like lightening, i knew it was a spirit. Another brother in Christ had a vision of her turning into a huge demon while he was praying. People, she is on another level than the rest of the puppets. I don't know if she is possessed or heavily demonically influenced, but there is something more evil, if you will, about her. There is a reason why her videos are so obviously demonic, even to a non spiritual person. I can't say if she is a victim or not, but satan is using her to gain many souls. one kid who worshipped satan and murdered his parents(beheaded his father and hacked his mom) said in a pollice interview that satan told him after he killed them the anger and pain would go away, but "he always lies" -exact words and true story.

      • People that murder their parents because Satan told them to are crazy. They have mental health problems. That doesn't mean Satan exists. There are a lot of radical assumptions being tossed around and taken for granted here.

        All this Satanic and Illuminati stuff is to get people talking and it seems to be working. Look how much attention she gets here.

      • I completely believe your experience, and agree with your post! This is also very related to Not Blinds post below with the Act I, II, III. This is some serious stuff and I hope that more people wake up to what is going on and become more vigilant about guarding their own AND kids hearts and minds……pure sorcery.

        Here is a 5 part youtube on Beyonce/Sasha Fierce and demon possession that I felt was pretty eye opening, and alarming!!!! Watching a group of 5-8 year old girls doing some dance/cheerleading routines a few months back…. 'emulating'…. both Beyonce and Willow's 'whip it' made me literally nauseous and tears well in my eyes.


      • U are right on…it comes down to having spiritual discernment to fight in this spiritual warfare. Those that have eyes to see the truth and ears to hear the truth get it. It brings to mind the scripture where Jesus says "broad is the road to destruction and many will go there, but narrow is the raod to eternal life and few will find it." Ouch! That is not a tolerant comforting statement from the King of Kings. People think they can intellectualize God in their puny brains. Eternity is not something to mess with!!

  4. Wooooooooooow! I watched that interview but must have missed out on this one somewhere! SHE IS SOLD. SAD…to want to be a martyr for the wrong reason.

  5. Quick (bad!) Poem :) on

    People used to die for freedom,

    Now they die in illegal wars.

    People used to die for their art,

    Now they die for corporate entertainment.

    People used to die of old age,

    Now they die from properly prescribed big pharma drugs.

    People used to die with their family near,

    Now they die in a nursing home, surrounded by strangers and watching daytime TV.

    People used to live to the max before they died,

    Now their lives are just the queueing in between media's fairground rides

    And so when dying of boredom and endless gaga,

    a life cut short is more exiting by far.

  6. The sad part about this entire situation is that Gaga is extremely talented. I hate the she sold herself short just to gain something that you cant take with you when you leave this world. I pray to God that she one day sees the consequences of her actions, and turns back to the Lord Saviour Jesus Christ. Hes a mighty God, a merciful God and will cleanse us and cover us in the blood when we magnify his name. Im praying for ya Gaga :)

    And it seems to be some great people here. Ive been looking at this site for a while now, so I finally decided to comment. Keep up the Good work with your website :)

    SN:How can I show this website to my friends without freaking them out. I tried to tell them about the things that go on in the industry, but they dont believe me. On our way to class I tried to explain but they just laughed. I really want them to look at this information with being so non-chalant, and just put some thought into whats surrounding the music we listen to every single day…..

    • @ JJ…Glory be to God! You are absolutely right…the only way she will be set free completely is thru Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Keep praying for her and the others. With that said…most people don't want to believe that the mainstream music/entertainment industry is Satanic. My suggestion is to keep believing in what you believe in. Continue to enlighten your friends and tell them to do research for themselves. If they do they will hopefully start connecting the dots and realizing that what you speak of is very real indeed. If they don't then you can't do anything about it. Just continue to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and the hidden dangers of the entertainment industry. May God continue to bless and keep you…=)

  7. That is no shock. As I have already tweeted and told my best friend and husband; Lady GaGa would rather commit suicide before ever becoming a washed up singer or "has been"! She wants to go down in flames at all costs.

    If she were to do something "normal" I think that would be more of a shock than her dying on stage. Of course she wants to be seen as a martyr for show business. If she couldn't have all this fame, she would probably want nothing at all. Not even life.

    I'm tired of her antics. I liked her last album. But now she is just becoming ridiculous. I guess I still like her music, as I do enjoy the pop/dance genre. But her as a person; eh. Get over yourself already. She's in love with herself to the fullest and obviously thinks the world is in love with her, too. Which, she enjoys keeping the media waiting and guessing what she'll be up to next.

    Does anyone else notice her mild bald spot? Her hair is thin at the part. When I saw this interview before the Grammy's I couldn't stop staring. I'd think with all that money she'd be able to get it corrected or at least get some great extensions or wig. Her eye make up is annoying as well.

    I didn't care for her Grammy performance. The pony tail whipping around. The ugly costumes she chose for herself and dancers. The egg she chose to live in for 3 days. Whatever. Who cares. People are miraculously healed from illnesses and she thinks living in an egg is awesome? Please. Nothing she does is even close to miraculous. Perez Hilton made some stupid comment about how they were birthed and went to church. he stated "Jesus is here – and he's gay!" So lame.

    • @BR

      I agree. Her behavior is very dangerous. I remember an interview she did with Vanity Fair admitting she does cocaine occasionally before she goes on stage. I think the drugs are catching up with her, causing her to display such craziness. If she keeps this up her dream of dying on stage will come true. I mean she already pasted out twice from exhaustion…

  8. Martyr for 'entertainment'?! Well, if you're going to die for a cause, it should definitely be a worthwhile one. 😉

    She's so brainwashed – she thinks she'll gain immortality through fame, but she'll be forgotten in a week.

    • Forgotten in a week?

      Funny, that's what everyone was saying when she first popped up.

      "Her 15 minutes are almost up!"

      "She's a one hit wonder!"

      You catch my drift.

      She's been around for almost 3 years now and still makes headlines, still topping charts, breaking records. Honestly, she's done enough to be remembered in music history by now. And she'll stick around for much longer.

  9. She's talking about what happened to M.J, Tupac, etc., maybe she is afraid that she gets killed, if she doesn't please her handlers.

  10. Also the reason people can only be interested in her music it seems is because she completely hides who she really is, for her obsession with fame. I have watched countless interviews, where someone asked her something but she ignores it and answers "I love my fans and I've won sooo many awards blah blah blah" shes the most boring, stone-faced person i've ever seen. Her interviews are awkward, and like I said are constiantly twisted to be about her acomplishmetns rather than true opinons/thoughts. Even her music falls in a very automaton fashion in the way she says sings lyrics, very 'fomulaic' feeling. There is by no means and 'heart and soul' is lady gaga's vibe. I'm not sure where she gets this idea that she is 'disco' beyond the clothing she pretends to say is cool.

  11. She chose this path. Shes very aware of what shes doing shes too intelligent to be a puppet without knowing the consequences. At this point I feel pity for her but no sympathy. Her downfall will be horrible she sold out for the fame and that comes with its own price

  12. Im actually beginning to feel sorry for gaga because it is clear that she has sold her soul beliving that she will always have whatever she wants in this life and the next.

    She's been fooled and its clear that she is willing to be a human sacrifice which is the ultimate sacrifice for the devil.

    Either lady gaga will stay on our screens for years to come as a replacement for madonna or sooner rather than later, she will probably have a mysterious, sadistic occult death like some previous celebrities….theres only a certain amount of craziness that she can pull off.

    • New International Version

      satan, the god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. 2corinthians 4:4

  13. i think she knows exactly what shes doing and knows that she could be a bloody sacrifice one moment to and she is totally ok with that.

  14. WHAT a psycho! She's completely possesed and everything she does is evil. I am so sick of her! For someone like Anderson Cooper to get 'weirded out' by her responses says a lot about how insane she is! uhhhh…she makes me sick.

  15. This interview says a whole lot without saying much.

    Her thick eye liner was very Egyptian looking, or Cleopatra-esque if you will. I believe it was symbolic of the eye of Horus as well since it is portrayed as having a very thick outline of the upper and lower lids. If she would've covered one eye during the conversation, this would've become immediately apparent. Simply google search images for the eye of Horus. The only absent detail was the thick line below the eye. She and her handlers are becoming more and more blatant with the Illuminati symbolism, I'm surprised they didn't add this final detail to the make up.

    As for her stating that she is a martyr for the entertainment industry, the word 'martyr' means to suffer for a cause and/or be a willing sacrificial victim.

    What cause is she talking about? Arts and entertainment will always be around. It's truly nothing to kill yourself over. Since she respects magic so much, she should channel Houdini and ask him if he's happy that he died at the height of his career. Now this is a man who persistently flirted with death, but I don't think he ever thought of dying or killing himself on stage. I believe Harry Houdini was a true entertainer who suffered greatly for his art form and loved his audience. Dying in front of them was not in his play book. His death was unintentional. A horrible accident. The only silver lining is that he didn't die on stage as children were watching.

    If Lady Gag Our Youth has a desire to die in front of her "little monsters", she needs to exit stage right.

    Anybody who wants to die in front of children is sick, twisted, and in need of some serious help.

    To Gaga's Mom/Dad/Family Member(s): Have you ever heard of the Baker Act?

    I'd also like to add that if she knows she is going to be an Illuminati sacrifice, she's rationalizing it in her warped mind that it is going to give her immortality.

    Truly sad and disturbing to say the least.

    • Ah, who am I kidding? Her parents/family are probably in on the whole thing and also worship the dark forces. They might be looking forward to her ultimate sacrifice. What proud parents they would be to have such an unselfish and giving daughter.

      Besides, who else but Gaga could make death and suicide look fashionable for the youth?

      Is this the 'cause' she is being a martyr for under the guise of the entertainment industry?

      I can see it now …

      Act i: She dies on stage and everyone thinks it's an act and starts cheering and offering up their approval and acceptance with boisterous energy, then the lights come up and the darkness covers the kids faces as they realize it's not an act.

      Act II: Cue the next level of energy collection brought about by the horrific reality as the crowd offers up their emotions of fear, sadness, and confusion.

      Act III: Watch the news for stories about suidide and suicide pacts because death is now trendy.

      "Long live Gaga!"

      Look, I know I'm being overly dramatic here, but what has she been programmed to do and what will be the end result? Hopefully SHE is the one being dramatic. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

      In case you haven't noticed, this tiny, short snippet of the interview has left me very angry at her as well as 60 Minutes for even airing her ridiculous death wish.

      • I read somewhere that she has been in elite shools (same one as Paris Hilton?) and family is rich , so your theory is pretty interesting and might be very true

      • Great posts. Interesting about the suicide cases that will come if that was supposed to happen. Emulation is biggest form of flattery. Also, remember the Rolling Stones article where she said she had a dream about being tied up and a puppet, i forgot the details but crazy. Anywhoo she said her mom said that sounds like an illuminati ritual. WHAT???? Sometimes i wish i was a sheeple, ignorance is bliss,… until your in hell.

  16. All you blind sheeps out there calling this monster a female rather than a male should look a bit deeper and see the guy. this piece of shit filth is posing as a female when in fact its nothing more than a filth guy.

    • I see what you're saying and I'm not disputing it, but I'm still on the fence. She does appear to have a masculine femininity, or is it a feminine masculinity? Is she just an ugly woman? Is it really a man who has had a complete sex change? She has a boyfriend. What's his history? Is he a gay man? If she has had a full blown sex change, is he aware of this and OK with it? I don't see how she could just be a transvestite with the revealing clothes she wears. In the future, if we don't see her buck naked in a magazine spread or she never gets pregnant, I'll probably be convinced that she was born a male.

      • @Godozo

        The benefit of seeing her as a guy is to understand her psyche better. If she was in fact born a male and he underwent a full blown sex change, we could understand his/her desire to stand beside the homosexual community, but would this also make her a hypocrite? In my opinion, anyone who elects to have surgery to modify their appearance (sexually or otherwise) have self-esteem and possibly self-hatred issues. She made the statement that she was "born this way". What is she referring to? Her mind, her body, or both? If she was born male, then had a sex change, I believe that this would mean that she didn't want to be a gay man, so instead of going through the long process of self-acceptance, she chose to become a heterosexual woman in disguise. Look at all the women and men who have had plastic surgery and admit years later that they aren't satisfied with it and would take it back if they could. If this is also the category Lady Gaga falls into and she is still disatisfied with her appearance, this may be where her suicidal thoughts and death wish stem from. I believe that attempting to unravel her history and psyche would be a huge step in understanding why she is the way she is and why she wants to die in front of her fanatics. We are always trying to psychologically analyze and profile criminals, especially serial killers, so why is it strange to want to delve into the minds of entertainers, especially those who are obsessed with receiving attention and have death wishes?

      • I'll have to disagree non blind. I think that her obsession with the gay community is a markting tecnic. Even this statements about death and stuff that she does besides having perahps an occult meaning it's all a markting thing, she's selling herself everyway she can pretending to be outrageous.

        But look at her eyes when she says those things… seems like she's memorized those lines over and over again. And remember that she's an updated copy of other entertainers: she copies Ziggy Stardust and Madonna a lot with her fashion and outrageous remarks. It's all been done, she just wants to pretend to be the next big thing, and kids buy it because she uses their insecurities (the little monster thing and being always talking about homosexuality) to sell. She's not even coherent.

        I wish I could find an article I once read about her true story. Her former friends say she was very popular at school and that she lies about her past and one of her previous managers (probably a handler or something) made her dye her hair blond and change to pop music and gave her Andy Warhol books and stuff to read. He also told her to lose some weight. There's even a cameo of her in boiling points where she has much more weight and his a brunette normaly dressed. It's all for the sake of selling. The disturbing thing is that she's never real. She never gets out of character. She's not Stefani Germanotta anymore, she's Lady Gaga,

      • @Annia

        I understand your point and I'm not disagreeing with it. She is a marketing phenom, but I'm so curious about why people want to die for something as silly as entertainment. Kids these day seem unable to distinguish reality from fantasy. Everything in life is temporary – except death. There's no RESET button in the Game of Life and Gaga's message and ideas are enforcing an 'end all' to her fans who are at the age where they feel indistructable. I believe that Gaga is well versed in the practice of double speak. She tells people to never give up and that they are special and unique, then turns around and promotes destroying herself. This is sending a mixed message only a sociopath can deliver. I couldn't care less if she endorses the homosexual community, but she is also representing instant gratification at the same time. Children need to know that sex should only stem from love. Whether you're heterosexual or homosexual, sex is an emotional roller coaster and her fans are extremely hormonal being that they are the age they are. Her messages and actions are going to make many children try things before they're ready and this will have disasterous consequences. You mentioned that she is really a brunette. I did see this when I watched the full length interview. Her dying her hair and wearing wigs is proving that she is a master of double speak, which is simply a version of deception. If she was truly happy with her image and proud of being "born this way", she wouldn't be so inclined to dye her hair even if her handlers recommended this. She'd have the ba11s to stand up to her handlers and say "no" to what they were telling her what to do. She is a follower who has adopted the facade of a leader. Does she view herself as a follower? No. She is probably delusional and doesn't realize that she would be the love child of Madonna and Sir Elton John, if there were to be such a union.

  17. "you're only interested in my artistry" yeah well, her artistry is pretty controversial. illuminati related or not..

    i thought she was supposed to be mind-controlled? how is she able to always talk coherently, and act civil about things? hrm…

      • damn the illuminati are so powerful they have new ways to control someone's entire personality!!! sounds like BS!! but w/e it's more entertaining to think this this way.

      • It's funny all of you say that Gaga, amongst other artists, are the brainwashed ones, yet you, along side with many others on this website, seem to be brainwashed with this whole illuminati+music stuff. You all say the same thing, you believe so firmly in it, even though you most likely don't have living proof from it, you have what you have read on these type of websites. Does this website have privileged access to how the music industry works? Do you? How come you believe so firmly in it, if you have most likely, not seen it with your own eyes? All this, it's a conspiracy, just like many conspiracies out there. Theories. This one has seemed to go a bit over the top though.

        Why can't Gaga just be a girl who loves art and fashion and music, so much that she's passionate about it and cares about it enough to push the envelope to entertain? If she is too passionate about it, she's most likely possessed by the devil, or she's sold her soul, or she's a puppet. But no, it simply can't be that she's just a human being who has been playing the piano and singing since she was young, studying the art of fame and tease and shock, and having a strong passion for avant garde fashion and the business of entertainment. That's just impossible!

        Some of her videos have blasphemy, some of them may be interpreted in "satanic" ways, sacrifices, as you like, yet at the same time can be interpreted as other things. That's art. It's not black or white. You interpret it your own way, and that's what people are doing on this website. Doesn't mean it's fact.

        And people say "Oh how can she say that what she does is art! her music is so shallow and it's just typical pop songs!", when she has mentioned that part of what she does is bring performance art in to main stream, so yes, she's mixing that more shallow area, being some of her songs (not all, though), and mixing them with her shocking performances, off and on stage, and doing unexpected things that will get people talking, and thus, creating these kind of posts on websites like this one. She succeeds.

      • I think you may have missed all the parts with the Illuminati/Monarch programming symbolism. Nobody holds any official documents proving Illuminati activity, it's about being keen enough to notice the symbolism. Here's a clue: look at the VC logo. "Symbols Rule the World, Not Rules or Laws." VC has been great about exposing Illuminati symbolism in pop music. If you really pay attention to our most famous musicians, you will start to notice a pattern. Lady Gaga is one of the most obvious pawns, and if you can't tell, you're either not paying attention, too afraid to see what's happening, or too dumbed down to notice. While I appreciate your skepticism, you appear to be missing the point. The proof is already there, this post is merely additional evidence. Are you truly oblivious to the symbolism? You may need to find a website more your speed. I hear this "Facebook" site is pretty cool. Go check it out, and let the adults talk.

      • No, I've read through plenty of VC's posts, I understand that it's all about symbolism. But the way you interpret some symbols is up to you. You have decided that an artist covering an eye (or most likely not even an artist in this case), be it in any situation, is some sort of a reference to the all seeing eye, and that it only has evil intentions behind it.

        This site works like the movie 23, where you become obsessed with these things VC talks about, the all seeing eye, the symbols he talks about so much, that you start taking every single little thing in to account and relating it to this whole illuminati story. It even worked on me for a bit, I read a lot in this site, and then I'd keep seeing those things in everything, not just pop music, but all around. But you say I'm blind. Being blind is firmly believing in one thing, seeing only one thing, which is what people in this website seem to be doing. They're not looking at the other infinite possibilities which be interpreted from artist's work.

        Yes, many artists do similar things, such as the "good vs. bad" theme where they have two versions of themselves. I've seen Nicki Minaj do it in a video, Rihanna in that commercial + Who's that Chick video, Britney in her new music video, Madonna in Die another Day, etc. It's a theme which is popular, which they know people will like, so they use it again. Just like they know people will love seeing action in movies, so they add lots of action. It's not rocket science. It's giving people what they want, because they know that, if pulled off right, it will call the audience's attention, get them to be interested = profit. And yes, that's what the business is about, profit, it is a job after all.

        But this conspiracy theory works perfectly, why? Because it's about interpretation, and that's something you can't argue against, because we all have our own ways of interpreting things, symbols, art, anything. You don't need proof to back it up, because it's your own way of seeing things. A symbol can mean more than one thing.

        And people here just relate it to illuminati conspiracy theories, they feel high and mighty because they "know the truth", even though the only back up evidence they have is, well, some blogger they don't know feeding them these interpretations he believes in. And then of course, anyone who doesn't believe in it will most likely be "in denial", or "dumbed down", and that's when you tell me to leave because I'm not worthy of reading a website.

        Just know that there's more than one side to every story, to everything.

        You choose to view it one way, doesn't mean it's always going to be right. And I say this knowing that I may very well not be right myself, but I'm not suddenly going to stick to an idea and deny everything else, every other possibility, which is what readers like you seem to do.

      • So true! It's very much about profit. And people DO divide everything into "Black&White", and those who don't do that, are simply dumbed down…

      • THANK YOU! It's like everybody must find a flaw in her so they can criticize and watch her fail from it. Why cant nobody understand that she is good-Hearted and amazingly artistic. It's just so bad.

      • The queen of the world. :( Alongside with her court of other pop-singers. So much for a kingdom sought.

        Let's just pray, guys. To GOD.

      • @Chris

        It’s all relative, isn’t it? Depends how you look at it. What is good or bad after all? Just human concepts, right?
        Wrong. This is what oversimplifying and relativizing does: destroy morality, puts everything into perspective and makes us all look paranoid… Not that I care.

        Lady Gaga is an artist and she does all that to entertain us. That’s why she once (that I know) dressed herself in an inverted cross on the crotch gown, that’s why she wears horns, raw meat, hoof shoes, bloody and sacrificial outfits and so on. The bad is just in our heads because she’s an artist, right?
        But I’m asking you, if she is an artist, why doesn’t she ever do, say or wear something decent or at least life-oriented for a change? Something more of us could like or feel connected to? Artists do that you know? Artists try to attract as many categories of people as possible.. Why everything with her has to be about death, most of the time gruesome death, slavery, violence, perversion and evil? Because like it or not, an inverted cross IS blasphemy and a satanic representation and you can check this information in any of their books. Who is her art addressed to? Or, on the contrary, is she trying to shape a public for her ‘art’?

        Also have you watched her perform on stage? Have you listened to her live interviews? Have you noticed her bedazzled stare? Have you counted her falls during a concert? Have you noticed she can barely articulate, let alone sustain a fluent conversation? Because I don’t know what this tells you but to me it’s a clear sign she’s either drunk or stoned most of the time. And since she performs in this state it means that her people (handlers) are very much aware of that. I’d go even further and presume they help maintain her dreamy state of mind. Maybe she’s more creative this way, maybe she’s less inhibited, I don’t know. But don’t tell me this is art, because art it is not: This is the most demeaning form of exploitation mankind has ever known. And if you chose to fool yourself and enjoy your happy little world where everything is hunky-dory be my guest. But don’t come here and say we have no proof, because there is plenty of proof everywhere. And the only ones who don’t see it are the ones who chose to ignore it.

        p.s. Anderson Cooper is the heir to the Vanderbilt fortune

      • Parts of your post make me think you're a troll, because they are purposely provocative, so I'll keep this short.

        She wore the inverted cross in the Alejandro video, yes. She uses blasphemy at times, I said that, it's called shock tactics, something she studied when she was young. It's a form of entertainment, you know, shocking people.

        Not everything she wears is gruesome, satanic, etc. Or am I missing out on something, maybe you believe a hair bow is satanic, yes? Or the bubble dress is inspired by the devil?

        The meat dress, if you even read about it, was a comment towards gay people in the military. Art. You may think it's stupid and gross, but it's something that was intended to be a form of art, and could be interpreted in more than one way. Art just isn't pretty pictures on your wall.

        Her art is directed at everyone I guess. She's a public entertainer. And who says she must dress like most people for everyone to feel connected?

        Most of her fans feel connected to her because she is the "different" one out the pop stars who try and look the same. And they feel connected to other things which don't have to be her clothes, such as her beliefs (social equality for example).

        She articulates really well, I've watched hundreds of her interviews, listened to them on the radio, she speaks really well, she's smart, she's really informed in the arts area.

        She falls not only on stage, but off as well. The reason she's fallen a lot on stage is because, if you haven't realized, she wears HEELS to dance. You do realize women find it hard enough to walk in them, right? Dancing when wearing them is not easy, and can easily result in her falling, which she has done. She's just human.

        So I find it silly you go out saying she's drunk or stoned every time she performs. She has admitted to doing drugs and written some of her songs when smoking weed, but if you know anything about artists and especially singers, many of them did this. And her friends and co-workers have shown concern in her drug use, but she doesn't do it to a level where it needs to be intervened, and it's her choice whether she wants to get high or not. She is an adult after all.

        Your proof is an interpretation, and what you have come to believe is fact.

        I wrote more than I thought I would, got carried away.

        Last post, because it's clear you people have been brainwashed by this website way too much to even try and consider other possibilities or points of views.

        I guess I won't waste my time trying to convince you otherwise from now on. VC has spent months closing your minds, I'm not about to embark on such a mission to get you all to become rational again.

      • @Chris

        If you think this is what art is supposed to be than we have no common grounds and it's useless to talk. People like her exist because of people like you, who have no boundaries or discernment as to what is acceptable and what not. People like you make empires fall and societies break apart. You are the perfect customer of worthlessness. I just hope one day you grow-up a little and come to see the devious for what it is.

      • Sorry I don't follow your moral codes.

        I believe everyone has the right to have freedom of expression, isn't that what you guys stand up for in here? Freedom? Yet you don't allow someone else to be free and express themselves?

        Funny how that works.

  18. She seems a bit suicidal, actually. as though she wants some big, grandiose exit from this world to become a "martyr for show business".

    The key thing to remember is that true martyrs were not wanting or begging to be martyrs, they were persecuted for their faith – not hoping to be matryrs so that people would remember them as heroes or think they were really awesome for their sacrifice.

    There is only one man that I know of who ever gave his own life willingly for the good of humankind, and it appears that Gaga is treading very close to trying to appear to the world in this way, as some sort of sacrificial lamb. I mean srsly….big mistake.

    All is vanity. :)

  19. The released recordings are better than the bootlegs on the web, but I think this latest record far underperforms when compared to the rumored "The Sgt. Pepper of dance music" description. Also, it seems to me Lady Gaga is really too young to fully appreciate the hardships and experiences of the GLBT community though I understand that is not a big consideration here.

  20. Nothing satanic here.

    The only satanic is that the us citizens prefers to give her their hard earned money instead to their homeless and the sick.

    Only in the usa there are stupid people who makes people like gaga rich.

    • I'm not from the US, but your comment is really pathetic. After all, that's how an economy works. Gaga is rich because she has something people want to pay for, whether it's her music, fashion, artistry, whatever.

      It may sound selfish want I'm going to say, but most people have a greater satisfaction (utility) when using their money to buy her CD than giving it to homeless people. That's, like I said, just how the economy works. Your money goes to where you gain the most satisfaction. Any artist you listen to, you're making him rich cuz you have a greater satisfaction when you use 15 bucks to pay for their CD than giving 15 bucks to someone on the street.

      Grow up and grab a book about how the economy works.

  21. Lots of judgmental comments here.

    If you transcend your fear and understand the bigger picture of reality, this kind of stuff ceases to be bothersome. Lady Gaga is just another conscious spark of the divine living out her experiences.

    I'd sure love to have a hidden camera on these "religious" people that post and point out all the flaws they exhibit.

    But enough of that….please continue casting stones.

  22. When she speaks, I see her abnormal, she is under the influence of something big. She is def. an occult, u saw her recording studio, with the falling angel picture and lights of candles, she def. worshiping Lucifer, even her looks, looks older than her age sadly, ur face reflects what insides you, and inside her is dead … Spiritually she is gone, now trying to show the public physically. But who like to see another human being dying in front of his eyes and ENJOYS? Only the sick ones. She is not good role model, teaching the young to die, drink weed and alcohol when you are inspired by something, putting fake stones in coffee that might choke some one, or holding a saw to cut off the head and etc.. She is def. insane. Nothing sane left to say only to protect her and our new generation of kids.

  23. This woman is very disturbed. You can see it in her eyes. She's fidgety and nervous. I think the fame is starting to get to her. She has to keep up this "GaGa" thing 24/7. The more she does it the more she sees her old self Stefani Germanotta slip away. That must be scary!

    Her whole life is fake!

    • We exist on several dimensions at once. This is just 1 dimension. She has her sustenance from the other levels. We consist of multiple intelligences remember? But of soul theft, we will never be aware, UNLESS we first realise this multiple dimensional fact.

  24. @Mercy

    What has she done that makes her a good person in your eyes? Is it because she admits to endulging in cocaine? That she calls her fans "little monsters"? Maybe you think she is a good person for standing up against homosexual discrimination? I couldn't care less that she admits to smoking marijuana, but she needs to keep her powder snorting under wraps because her audience is so young. How would you feel if your son or daughter went to the show where she kills herself? Would you be fine with them witnessing that? Are your children desensitized enough to not be affected by seeing someone destroy themselves? Even if you don't have children, can you even imagine how you'd feel knowing they viewed a tribute to death?

    Please tell us why you believe she is a "good person". What has she done to gain respect in your eyes. At least us who are brainwashed by VC back up our opinions with facts and evidence.

    Oh, and don't play the religion card with me. I'm not a Bible thumper. I simply have two eyes and can see the symbolic patterns displayed by the entertainment industry.

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

  25. i dont get it. shes just plays dance songs. what is so artistic about that? she is spoonfed all her props etc, by who? THE DEVIL! just like all of them.

  26. i.go.by.rian.yugi on

    with all the horrors and evil in the world there must something malicious at play. people are not born evil. its taught, learned and practiced. i do not follow organized religion but i do beleive in a higher power. the symbols of organized religion, like church (certainly do not follow the catholic church) or constrictive rules are execessive, in some cases doing the opposite of its purpose. see, im a very logical person and takes courage to acknowledge there things beyond human explainabilty. if there is darkness, there must be light

  27. I think Gaga is more full of herself than any performer I have ever seen. She said her work should be showcased in the Louvre, she approached Grace Jones about doing a 'collaboration' and Grace smartly shut that down fast (and called her on the carpet for copying her look), she spoke about how her next album would be her 'greatest work' and she tells Anderson Cooper he is 'fascinated by her artistry.' Please. That is a lot of self confidence for someone who resorts to shock tactics like a meat dress to promote truly mediocre pop dance music. It's like she thinks she is Mozart. Maybe people who deride the 'self esteem' movement in schools are correct, if this kind of hyper inflated self image is the result. Is it only going to get worse in the future? God help us if someone tries to top her. She is totally insufferable.

    • Yes! I completely concur. I have nothing against Gaga per se in terms of her music, her imagery, her sense of style, her willingness to push the envelope, her devotion to her 'craft,' etc. Pop stars are supposed to entertain and provoke, and that is what she does. Whatever.

      However, the woman needs to GET OVER HERSELF and not take herself SO seriously. She is talented, etc… but not AS talented as she seems to think she is. A little humility wouldn't kill her. (I'm realizing the irony of that last statement within the context of this article.)

      She should spare us the melodrama and theatrics, and follow her own advice: Just sing/dance. She might not be as famous, but she'd get a lot more respect that way.

      Oh wait… That's right… Nothing is more important than being famous. My bad.

  28. You can just see the emptiness and the sadness of this gaga girl by looking into her eyes, poor girl.

    Just another disposable human being.


  29. Gaga just might have a link to a previous moon of Saturn called Gaga. When Nibiru interupted on one of its 3,600 year orbits, Gaga was pulled out of its orbit with Saturn, and is now the 1st planet of our solar system, Pluto. The magnetic fields of all planets are effected with this passing. Look at Uranus's moon Miranda, it was supposedly a previous moon of Nibiru, it has large scrapings, and cracked formations over its entirety. Nibiru, the destroyer, It is aproaching from the south, in its vast ecliptical orbit. Which is why in ancient hyroglyphs, Earth is known as the 7th planet, it counts from the 1st planet, Pluto, to the last planet, Mercury, and so forth.

  30. Two reasons why Gaga may not be relevant in 2 or 3 years:

    People are starting to get tired of heavily auto tuned pop/dance music (at least I am). 'Poker face' and 'just dance' were huge hits…….but now that sound is getting old. She's going to have to change her sound a little bit if she wants to keep cranking out the hits.

    And her over the top theatrics are starting to get old,fast.Now people are expecting Gaga to where something over the top…….there is nothing surprising or thought provoking about her antics. Like Marilyn Manson, the effect is going to wear off and people just aren't gonna care anymore.

    If she really wants to stay relevant as an artist,like madonna she's going to have to evolve a little.

    • Heavily auto-tuned? What are you talking about dude? People can't get used or bored with the sound of Pokerface since it was something new in the biz. And Bad Romance showcased her in a totally different way, and still Born This Way is different from what she's done before.

  31. Off topic but related

    Is Britney Spears about to die? Check her new album, "Femme Fatale". I think it's unlikely that the name of the album comes from her being a 'femme fatale' (she was more so in the past, now she looks pretty much a wreck) but rather from the other meaning of the word 'fatale', which is fatal or sinister .. Also the names of some tracks are weird: "Hold It Against Me", "I I I Wanna Go", "Inside Out" and "Till the World Ends". I really really hope this is not her 'swan song'…

  32. I hope she knows what she is doing. It almost seems that she is prophesying her own death. So, if she would die on stage like she says she would do, don't be suprised. Sometimes these artist are dying in a very suspicious way. Look at Aaliyah. She died also very mysteriously while she was also one of the coming, very talented, artist.

  33. They are Martyrs but maybe they don't completely understand the hidden influences destroying the moral structures of society using them as a tool.

  34. however hypothetically if something does happen to her, this may sound a lil cold but on that day, our society will be that much better off..

  35. The term magik is a reference to Allister Crowley and Anton Levav who I believe she is a follower of and dying on stage is something Alice Cooper has been doing for years. Sorry Gaga I do think you're talented but you are not an original.

  36. @ mercy:

    All I get out of gaga is 6 to 13 year old girls singing "p p p poke her face" (remember, she admitted that's what the song meant".

    I don't really know how that is a good thing.

    Her music is cheap and easy, like most modern pop music, I'm sure she could do a lot better but, hey, the masses don't want good, they want cheap and easy because that's all they can understand and relate to these days.

    Don't get me wrong, music doesn't have to be ont the Bach/Beethoven/Mozart/Wagner-level to be enjoyable but then she shouldn't act like she's the greatest thing that ever happened to the world of music. And that's not even what's wrong with lady gaga.

  37. straight up I have no sympathy for gaga, like many have said; this is what she wanted this is what she got. Its ashamed she all the way to sell her soul for fame and fortune, something she can never get back, ever.. all I can say is I just hope she prepares herself for whats to come, whether she becomes a sacrifice or not.. after all “they” always let you taste the fruit before it sours…

    • Why should you feel sorry for her? you don't know what's in store for her. IF any of this Illuminati/NWO Agenda is Theory and she's sacrificed, I'll feel sorry for her too. You don't know any of this is true, neither do I.

  38. She's just "Entertaining" in this interview….playing her role, at the same time tring to put fear in others.

    Also, when she says "showbiz" her definition has nothing to do with ours………ya they may know things we dont, and maybe they get hooked on it… thinking we are the ones going down, what they dont know tho is that GOD IS GREAT! but will find out when they go down….this is all part of the "agenda"

    she can go blow a horse………………..IF she hasnt yet………………which im sure she has already

  39. Has anyone noticed what how she dressed on the red carpet of the most recent Grammy's. Check it out. She's being carried in an egg on a cross. What do you think of when you think of an egg and cross? Easter?!?! She's making a complete mockery of God and blasphemes anything holy. And it's in everyone's faces… Reminds me of what it says in Revelations about God allowing the beast to blaspheme for a period of time before Jesus' coming.

  40. I understand all of the symbolisms in her videos and songs, whether she's aware of them or not, but that does not change the fact that she's a talented artists; The Illuminati likes people who are talented in order to decieve the masses. BUT, the thing that alot of you do not understand is that you are feeding right into what Lady Gaga talks about: You all WANT to see the decay of the superstar, whether your eyes are open or not. That's just how Entertainment is, you want to see people who have it all lose it all, and maybe regain it again.

    It's quite sad how many individuals post on here about "God" and "Jesus Saves" and "The Bible is the answer", but does a 180 and start bashing others and forcing religion down others throats; God exists, absolutely, but the Bible has been altered consistantly over the centuries. The only thing that is FOR SURE, is God said to love your fellow man. The secret societies WANTS separation, chaos, predjudice and war, because a nation who does not stand TOGETHER are doomed for destruction. So my message to everyone on here that keeps saying, in essence, "Love Jesus or die"; God doesn't support that at all and you're only helping the deception of the masses by not standing together but building separation.

    Lady Gaga, despite what has happened to her because of fame, is an artist; Referencing others from an academic stand-point and relaying it to a new generation is what she does + has always does even before becoming famous. But for you people who WANT to see someone die, REGARDLESS of who they are; That only makes you a worse human being than others + even the secret societies, because you've become a slave in their plans.

    Just my opinions. God exists, but he isn't the author of chaos, hate, and separation. Just love everyone and treat them with respect, not wanting to see someone "Die". Some of you on here are STILL sheeple, no matter how wide-open your eyes are….

    • Your comment has to be probably the best around here. I don't stand people bashing about God and Religion when they are part of a hatred message towards anyone that's not straight. I'm straight, Christian, and have no problem at all with gay people. Gaga preaches about union and bot being judgmental. I agree with you that a lot of people around here are actually part of the herd, no matter how many articles and things they claim to have seen/read.

  41. here's an excerpt from Lady Gaga telling a young girl who made a cover of her latest single:

    “I was so happy. This industry is very difficult to women sometimes and they want to tear us down and tear us apart. And I worked on 'Born This Way' for so long. But…when I saw you, so young and so beautiful singing those words so purely, it reminded me why I wrote this song in the first place and it reminded me why I make music,” Lady Gaga added.


  42. When she's talking about dying for show business I can see a certain sadness in her eyes. Suddendly she looks down.

    I've seen the whole 60 minutes interview and it was very interesting, not only this part but others that made me thing that she's a drone for entertainment and that she has no known life besides the alter ego lady gaga.

  43. A Girl Named Slickba on

    Gaga is no idiot. She researched this stuff very carefully and even admitted that every outfit, every antic is done on purpose. She feeds the world an image of sickness and depravity and calls it art and honesty. She uses homosexuality as a vehicle to further other ideals: that outrageousness, the "ego" or vanity, and lack of social responsibility is human. That to be depraved is normal and masks that with "I support the gays". She double speaks like a devil telling the world she doesn't have sex, but acts whoreish in videos. No. Gaga is no fool and certainly not a puppet. She has accepted her fate. She chose this for herself. She knows she'll be sacrificed and she is ok with that.

    • She won't be sacrificed. The back room money grubbers want fresh meat not willing victims. If Gaga is blown out of the water people will only say she had it coming. Hollywood wants child sacrifices – i.e. innocence – not idiots

  44. What is so sad about this, is that she does not know what she is ATTRACTING into her reality. Tupac Shakur also spoke this type of language. Biggie also spoke this type of language. Stephanie may not fear using this language because intuitively and in light of other things she has stated, I believe she has ROMANTICIZED her death and therefore may be envisioning it.

  45. dont know; dont care. she is actually quite irrelevant to me. weirdo. I dont listen to artists who get too wacky on stage.

  46. i just dont think she is authentic…i like rap music so that may be why but i just think if she wasnt famous she wouldnt wear or say the things that she does. I dont beleive her…i truly beleive its all an act…she will regret not being her true self once its all said and done.

  47. She is a complete lie. It starts with her name. LADY gaga. Where is the LADY? We all see the gaga, like a baby’s gaga. She was sent to do just want she is doing. Corrupt the mass of teenagers and young adults. Folks 35 and older we are in trouble. These are the future doctors, lawyers, and martyers. Who the heck dies for art? What is art anyways, ones personal belief of a good out come of what you’ve done. She’s trash and as far a judging her we all should judge her because she put herself out to be judge. She wants to be judged. If she didn’t she wouldn’t have come into the spot light. At this point she probably wants die because she is not happy. Just look at her face. Do you see a happy person or a person that would help someone who is NOT gay? Nope. She’s not very smart and if my son ever came home with an empty headed fool like this, I would not accept it. Soon she will have her own reality show called “the devil in me”. Just wait…

  48. It's amazing how some of you are into conspiracy theories and consider yourselves awake but still believe in mainstream religion …

  49. I really like Gaga's music but her new Gaga persona/transformation and new-race stuff is winning over me. I'm kinda getting sick of it!

    And her lastest MAC Glam Intro where she's kissing a…. emm… GOAT SKULL just made me see how much she's into this shit!

    I still wonder why is this imaginery so balant and explicit these days… and why does the entertaiment industry needs Lucifer to succeed? Why?

    I mean, right now I'm listening more to independent musicians who give their music for free and to more electronic music cuz this pop is getting me sick.

    I just can't wait for the "Born This Way" video, I hope she really delivers a message of Equality and not a message of Slavery.

  50. In all her works Lady Gaga, as an Illuminati messenger of Satan, is magically conjuring through dance, music, and symbology, demonic spritual forces to awaken from their long sleep, and possess the minds of her innocent and ignorant viewers and fans.

    Lady Gaga prides herself in her role as Babylon, the woman or priestess specially consecrated to Leviathan, the Great Dragon, and the work of reviving the 'dead' through the sacrifice of the living.

    Lady Gaga as herald of the Elite is using artful deceit to announce to the profane (eyes wide shut) the destruction of the old world order (present civilization) through the return/awakening of the gods/demons of a destroyed civilization (the resurrection of Atlantis).

    Deception is Lady Gaga's true art, wherein youthful innocence is cleverly corrupted through the black magic of materialism and assorted vice, and wherein youthful ignorance serves as the base for self-destructive-self-sacrifice through purposeful conjured demon possession.

    Lady Gaga and the Elite appear to be working to an occult agenda with the 2012 end/rebirth cycle as an important bench mark to accomplish their "Great Work" of demonic revival/resurrection.

    "And the Dead shall rise to smell the incense" quote from the Necronomicon.

    Quote/"In ancient Sumerian cosmology, Gaga was Anshar's (Saturn/Satan's) emissary, come to warn the galaxy of the impending doom in the heavens.

    Anshar sent Gaga (sometimes called Kaka) off to warn that Tiamat was going to be destroyed.

    Tiamat was supposedly in the orbital place that the earth occupies currently.

    Part of her is now the earth.

    Tiamat's consort Kingu became the moon.

    The name Gaga or Kaka is an old Babylonian hermaphroditic deity.

    Gaga was also the ruler of Pluto, who was known (then) as a moon of Saturn.

    The noun 'ga' also means "I" thus 'gaga' means "I-I".

    (Religion of Babylonia and Assyria by Morris Jastrow, p. 189)

    Quote/"Before the Great Flood Saturn was regarded by all mankind as the supreme god and ruler of the kings.

    Occult researchers affirm that Saturn ruled the kingdom of Atlantis and became the divine ancestor of all earthly patriarchs and kings.

    Semitic civilizations referred to the god Saturn as "El".

    The supreme deity was represented by a black cube.

    Ancient Hebrews represented Saturn with the six-pointed star, which later became the Star of David.

    The Greeks and the Romans also worshipped Saturn as a cruel deity who devoured his children.

    Saturn has also been associated with Satan and this, for numerous reasons.

    Despite acknowledging its association with evil secret societites find the veneration of Saturn necessary to obtain illumination.

    It is the necessary counterpart of the principle of good.

    Masonic authors clearly associate Saturn with Satan".

    According to occult researcher Kenneth Grant, Saturn was a star god called Remphan by the ancient Egyptians, with correlations to the god/demon Molech, who was associated with fire and ritual child sacrifice.

    King Solomon was said to have built a temple to Molech and conducted sacrifical rituals there beneath the influence of his many wives.

    Also according to Grant, Saturn was Seth, the Egyptian god of the south and thus of the sexual heat, sexual magick, denoting the potencies of the subconscious.

    Grant clearly states that Seth denotes both the gate which leads to the outside and the guardian of the gate whose name is Seth, the Hidden One, or god residing below the horizon, denoting the god residing in the Amenta (subconscious).

    Occult research reveals that the name Satan derives from African roots, sut, meaning black, and an, meaning a dog, jackal, or wolf.

    There is more, much more to study, research, and learn concerning occult symbolic knowledge and demonic spiritual forces being conjured and manipulated by Lady Gaga and other artists of the Elite in the book "Outer Gateways by Kenneth Grant."

    • Gagaolalaramalamadin on

      Truly fascinating stuff, everyone. But you guys are giving this person ENTIRELY too much credit. We're talking about freaking Lady Gaga for Pete's sake!

      By thinking of her as some kind of all-knowing shamanistic she-devil, you are taking the bait and feuling the hype (while likely feeding her ego).

      She's a pop singer with a few good songs and a great gimmick. End of story.

      Don't believe the hype.

    • Great commentary. I too agree, she just exudes evil inclinations, its her way and that’s why the sad, desensitized, lost world is following her. Don’t be fooled. This world is Satan’s land until the Lord returns, then they will all be cast down. Praise Jesus!

  51. Why do these occultist talk about "dying" for others? Sacrificing oneself for others? Hmm… isn't that sort of like playing Bible? What do these occultist know or think they know? Are they suggesting that a death and sacrifice are necessary? Hmm… You'd think, to avoid broader Christian connotations, they'd get as far away from death and sacrifice as possible. Occultists and new agers are so confused. They change their game every five seconds. One minute it's "I'll die for you," the next it's, "No one needs to die for you. We're all one." No wonder people who lack a good defined religion utter lack good defined religion. It's convenient. You certainly do get to make it up as you go along, but ultimately it is hollow and fake. Just like the girl says, it's "magic" that people are after.

  52. Now you can see horns on lady gaga… implants in her face… and shoulders… wow… more facts… illuminati puppet. Sad. (See Leno´s show february 14th)

  53. Pathetic! She admits she has no life beyond the stage and wants to be used by others to make them money and amuse the sheeple at the same time. What a pitiful idiot. He legacy will last 15 mins while some other poor schmuck will step in. Round and round it goes.

  54. For the so called "Christians" on this website calling her satanic, you really need to let go of your fear and learn to step and think outside the box. If you listen to her interviews, you'll see she's promoting a message of self love, and acceptance of others(no mater how different they are from you and me). She's not a satanist. This is what organized religion does to people. It uses fear to keep people in bondage. It teaches people that change is bad. And anything that doesn't coincide with the church's teachings is "satanic or "of the devil." This is the main reason I walked away from the church. And it's the reason most Christians seem and sound so out of touch with reality. I can't live by a system of beliefs that is so narrow minded and archaic.

    • You probably wont even read this cuz its been a while since you posted but self love? that is totally against what God wants of us and is of Luciferian Doctrine….your either ignorant or blind or both….you sound like oprah…walking away from the church cuz you dont want to do what God our CREATOR has asked of us!!!! its not church teachings its GODS TEACHINGS!!!!!!

  55. Justin Bieber is the next TARGET. This way they can target on younger age bracket. I see him hanging out a lot with Kanye West lately. lolz. just saying ^^

  56. I remember a comment made by Marilyn Manson about Lady GaGa – "She knows exactly what she’s doing,” Manson says. “She’s very smart, she’s not selling out."

    "She’s a great musician, she’s a great singer, and she’s laughing when she’s doing it, the same way that I am.”

    The "same way that I am" seems to stick in my ears if we can all remember a few years back Manson was very popular and he did it all with shock tactics…

  57. I get the impression from the fact that she seems to harbour an awful lot of artistic freedom with her music, shows and videos, that she is quite aware of what she's gotten herself into and I think she's loving every second. She wasn't an angel before she got 'big'.

    From what I've read of Gaga, and from all the poser pictures of her before she was even famous, it's obvious she is willing to do anything to be a superstar – I doubt she even needed to be brainwashed!

    However, I did read an interview in Grazia magazine with Gaga during which she said that she stayed in that 'egg', or 'vessel' as she calls it, for three whole days:

    'Interviewer: "That sounds like a David Blaine Stunt. How did you eat?"

    Gaga: "It was more David Bowie than David Blaine. But I can't talk about it. I don't want my fans to think about copying. Let's just say it was important as part of my rebirth to stay in there for three days."'

    As if any of her fans would actually live in an egg for three days to imitate her. And where would you get a giant egg anyway?! 😛

    I reckon she relishes every bit of her fame because I honestly believe she is completely willing to suffer for fame. That's no victim. I mean, is is not possible that Gaga imitated Bowie, Madonna, Britney, etc. in the first place and therefore already displayed some of these qualities that brainwashing is supposed to instill in these superstars? THEN, seeing how rapidly her fan-base was growing, these folks at the top got a hold of her and she is glad and knowingly includes the illuminati symbolism and goes along with her monarch-programming because she's now on a par with her idols (fame-wise that is, she is not ANYWHERE near as great as Bowie musically, even if half his lyrics didn't make sense!)? She's so attention-seeking I would not struggle to believe that she's fully aware of everything that's going on (if she wasn't before, she is now!) and is knowingly being an illuminati puppet.

    Sorry for the rambling, I haven't slept all night for reading this website and checking out things I've read on it further. You've got me obsessed VC, everyone thinks I'm a nut! Hehe. :)

  58. You peole are out your god damn mind if you think Gaga is clueless and innocent.. she dresses like a dirty tranny in meat dresses and black death clothing running around promoting luciferian agenda. someone kill it with fire, let's go midevil on this bitch! lol

  59. I was wondering what it was, honestly I didn't know anything about illuminati… but every time I watched her on video, I felt drained and had a headache after. I'm not being funny, but it happens to me all the time!

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