Khloe Kardashian’s “One Eye” Photoshoot


Khloe Kardashian’s new “racy”  photo shoot for YRB contains themes regular readers will surely recognize. Khloe’s right eye is hidden in every single shot, hinting, through repetition, to the symbolic importance of this “stylistic choice”. As we have seen in previous articles, hiding one-eye represents a celebrity’s status of being owned and used by the Illuminati system. Furthermore, the entire “bondage” theme is always a preferred way to represent a celebrity’s “slave status”. Here are some of the shots.

Khloe’s head in a bondage-type “mind-control” mask. Underneath is written “I now have the power”…clear example of cognitive dissonance where being portrayed as a slave equals power.
Looks like Rihanna



Thank you Khloe and keep uplifting the youth!



    • @devils advocate

      In four of the photos the same eye is covered but then again that also could be a "coincidence".

      (On a side note)

      Am I the only one that notices how unattractive Khloe looks in those pictures, almost like the photographers did not take those pictures to show her attractiveness.

      Also I find it funny that the designers of the magazine put the section for & fashion over Khloe's crotch.

      • I agree Rufus, this photoshoot was definitely not about her looks and enhancing them.

        Like i said even the artistic choices are just weird (the red platform shoe against the red background, the outfits are all the same color except the green one), the photoshop is overdone except where she`s facing head on, and she doesn`t look like herself to be honest.

        i`ll say this: she looks the way she acts on the show: controlled but still trying to appear in control.

      • another open eye on

        i barely recognize her. thats awful . what i really don't understand is why they have to do that. they already have money are famous and she has a rich husband. i don't get it. but i also think that maybe she doesn't know what that means. like she is the model and they ''use'' her for the selling of the product, maybe? 😐 because not everybody from the media would not be a case of mk programming, right? just thoughts.

      • Almost all documentation relating to the MK Ultra project and Mind Control mention the importance of the Wizard of Oz. In the 1940′s, the story was reportedly chosen by members of the US intelligence community to provide a thematic foundation for their trauma-based mind control program. The movie was edited and given a different meaning in order to use it as a tool to reinforce the programming on the victims. Here are some examples taken from Fritz Springmeier’s Total Mind Control Slave:

        The close relationship between Dorothy and her dog is a very subtle connection between the satanic cults use of animals (familiars). A Monarch slave child will be allowed to bond with a pet. The child will want to bond with a pet anyway because people are terrifying to it by this point. Then the pet is killed to traumatize the child.

        Monarch slaves are taught to “follow the yellow brick road.” No matter what fearful things lie ahead, the Monarch slave must follow the Yellow Brick Road which is set out before them by their master.

        The rainbow–with its seven colors-has long had the occult significance of being a great spiritual, hypnotic device.

        Dorothy is looking for a place where there is no trouble, which is a place “over the rainbow.” To escape pain, alters go over the rainbow. (This is a.k.a. in Alice In Wonderland Programming as “going through the looking glass”).

      • thank you! can't believe i haven't already studied that article inside out… i'm slacking, haha

    • i think you might be pushing it on the red shoes… i see all the other signs (1 eye, mind-control headwear) but the red shoes could just this time be red (and gold) shoes.

      they don't look anything alike, and they aren't entirely red. if they were red clogs, then i could only agree.

      still, she is obviously in on it all!!!

      • Reveal The TRUTH on

        That's true. Everything on photo sets/movie/and television sets are all meticulously set out. Everything is put there for a reason. They don't just randomly add red shoes or cover one eye for the hell of it, these things are planned out and nothing is a 'coincidence'

      • I agree with Reveal. You can clearly see the glitter at on the red part of the shoes, like there was glitter on Dorothy's red shoes. Don't underestimate guys, the less obvious they make it, the more people wont realize.

    • Those shoes aren't red. They are gold and the sole is cork (tan/brown). The red from the background may be reflecting from being so close to them, but the shoes are not red anywhere.

    • Essential Truth on

      In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king!

      These people are rolling out the red carpet for the Anti-Christ….from the world reserve currency to music videos, album and magazine covers..the one eye is represented.

      & now how is that first picture sexy?….that scary shit looks like its something out of a horror movie…but its called art and style just like skull and bones print on clothing.

      • Totally agree with u, but what bothers me the most is when I see that shit(skull & bones) on baby & kid's clothing… & most parents out there think its cute!! (oh my baby's a rock star)!! yeah, more like Satan's slave – Get'em young & the possibilities r endless – WAKE UP!

      • I agree – nothing says cute little girl like a pink skull shirt!!! Or little dudes with skull shoes etc… I was floored last week when I took my lil John's to the playground and a little girl was wearing a pink sparkly shirt with a little devil that said "Wrong is the new Right"…….I have no words!!

      • Essential Truth on

        "Wrong is the new right"!!?? poor kids….if i seen this i wouldn't know whether to cry, laugh hysterically or try to have a heart to heart with the parent…but i'm more inclined to laugh hysterically, shake my head and say "what a world" to myself… because trying to talk to some of these people is like trying to convince them that up is down…they don't want to hear it…probably because wrong is the new right.

      • I know! It seems like there is no way to get others to see the light. Like with Willow Smith's "Whip my hair" i told a friend about it, how satanic it was. I even went as far as to show her the VC article on it and articles on other starts like Lady Gaga and she was in total shock! We were on the same page until i saw her two days later singing along while the song was playing in a local supermarket shouting "I LOVE THIS SONG!"


        You just have to hope they come to their senses on their own.

  1. Thanks for sharing.. I would not know about this stuff unless you posted it. I try to stay "out of the loop" when it comes to mainstream media as much as I can.. And this reminds me why I do. Thanks Vigilant!

    • I'm also curious as to what exactly was the feature about? And why exactly would she agree to this? She has so much fame && money, that it's ridiculous! But see, that's the ultimate question; How far would you go to get famous? Her answer speaks for itself… "one-eye" means "goodbye" to your soul. "Words Don't Rule The World. Symbols Do."

  2. Scary!! But maybe half of her face is being hidden because she is so fucking fat and ugly…

    (Just Kidding) Never liked these bitches anyways

  3. They constantly have this one-eye symbolism everywhere. And now young kids are copying this look. Just look at there photos on facebook. If they only knew. Such sad times.

    • YES!! Some of my friends are doing the one eye symbol, and even the "OK" sign around your eye. It really means "triple six". :

      I find myself staring at the pictures going "So this is what it's come to, huh?"

      Sad indeed…

  4. the karTRASHians.

    i find her headpiece in the first picture quite symbolic too… they don't want our minds to be free.

  5. the last photo looks a lot like exposed brains wrapped around her neck… perhaps some kind of mind control symbolism there.

    • More like intestines…

      It's an ancient satanic ritual to murder women by stabbing them in the stomach and removing then wrapping their intestines around their neck. Sorry, I know that's a morbid and sick thought but I felt I had to point out the similaries

      • @skopp888

        are you serious??? Could this be a hidden message that she's designated as a future victim?

      • Let's wait and see…

        MAybe she'll be "sacrificed" (either literally [ie. murdered] or figuratively [ie. humiliated]) for the sake of her sibling good 'ol Kim. But then again Kim was already humiliated via the sex tape scandal.

        Maybe this picture IS her symbolic humiliation.

        Who really knows these things? Only the conspirers and God.

  6. Thanx VC!! Information is power! I have learned a lot from your web site. And when I can't explain it to someone I send them here. May God Bless you always, as you open the closed eyes of our youth today!

  7. she looks like that ugly monster from "The 13th Ghosts" or something like that.. the one with the cage around her head lol

  8. EW!! I want to throw up! The last one looks like intestines!! Bleh! To me, it says that the mass of the people (symbolized by the intestine scarf) are just to be used for my own needs and luxeries. Disgusting.

  9. Why, as a celebrity, would you even want to look like you a bondage mania? This isn't even a pretty shoot, and makes her look ugly.

  10. I just don't understand why All of these celebrities would just "go with it" and become part of this madness. Is it really worth that much money? Cuz I guess they would be going to hell anyway due to greed even without officially selling your soul. It just doesn't seem logical why ALL of these people want this crazy agenda to happen? Isn't there anyone that wants to stop this?

  11. I am proud to say that i never watched a single episode of the Kardashian's even though i was surrounded by a crowd that talked non stop about the show.

    Thank you VC

  12. in my opinion this also gives more credence to VC's previous post on the holiday card the kardashian's sent out, which had the masonic checkerboard and spiral staircase….to me this photoshoot with khloe is clearly illuminati symbolism, and i think that strengthens the case of the holiday card photo being an intentional symbol for manipulative purposes as well.

    good stuff, VC.

  13. i kinda figure she's trying to seperate herself fromt he "kardashian" clan, first with the dyeing of the hair and now with this,but she should do it in a more constructive, less self-distructive way….she really is very pretty, just to bad these photos really don't do her justice

    • she looked GOOD as a "redhead" — it completely changed her from the inside out. BUT because she is OWNED by E! they made her dye her hair back. what a sad existence that she isn't even be allowed to dye her so she doesn't stand out from her sisters. people sign up for this kind of bull… just to be famous and make money? ugh, it's just not worth it.

      • do you ever notice how artists who tend to hit it big end up dyeing their hairs blond, or end up getting eye contacts, are they all supposed to look like this module of perfection, what are they stating that people with blond hair and light eyes superior to those of their conterparts? what a bunch of bullshit…lol, i love my black curly hair, and my chinky brown eyes, besides that, i had put blond streaks in my hair and ended up with major split ends…lol

  14. It's sad, I never had much against Khloe and thought she was the more "acceptable" one out of the sisters.

    But clearly, with her becoming more of a focus for a lot of people by marrying Lamar Odom (they're gonna have their own show on E), she's now turning more into a pawn.

    I saw this photo right away when she posted it on her Facebook. She gots TONS of positive comments from her fans. Disturbing that nobody even slightly finds this odd or inappropriate.

  15. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if the stylist had been told to make her look pretty so they were just trying to cover as much of her face as possible.

  16. Why are you guys so mean? The girls are quite good-looking! Especially Kim. Man oh man what I wouldn't give to LOOK like THAT!!! Now THAT's what a perfect woman looks like. To have the choosing of any man you wish.

      • haha, i remember those pictures of her were everywhere because she had fallen asleep with her sunglasses on while on vacation or something. they are pretty girls without all the make up, hairstyling and fancy clothes, but they are constantly SO overdone that it’s not even really them. plus they are vapid, shallow, materialistic, unaware, ego maniacs… and those are never beautiful.

    • Miss HUH! Are you stupid or what????? Kim is a Fake package!!! Fake boobs, Fake butt, Nose job, Injection in her Face etc……. So why would you want to be HER??? God created you the way you are for a reason. If you are not happy then go to the gym and buy you the right clothes and make-up! That's ALL you need! Anybody can look better with Money and knowledge. Man. I hate when someone is trying to be someone else! Guess what- you should be you cuz everyone else is Taken!…………. I am so glad I got this out. Oh, I forgot Have a Nice Life and pray for God to help you.

    • Interested Party on

      Outward beauty only lasts until you get to know the person, then they are seen for who they truly are and it is more often than not a hideous shock!?

    • Not to everyone…thankfully!!! First thing that popped into my mind was how silly and ridiculous she looks. And unhappy.

  17. The whole Kardashian Cult, *cough* I mean clan, makes me sick… And slightly entertained (at their desperate need for attention and media). What sad, disturbed, idiotic people.

  18. okay these are prolly some symbolic pics but she looks better in these than any other time i seen her. f'n sexy actually. the first pic is a lil scary though. sorry but im just being truthful.

  19. Looks like a fat white rihanna wanna be! Too bad cuz everytime a star gets too weird and wont go away, the public starts to hate them anyway! so she sold her soul for no reason lol

  20. I feel bad cuz you can tell she thinks she looks good. But seriously, I think the public is not gonna like her for long

  21. This may be significant and it may not, but I was reading an article today about how 3-D films and television were causing headaches. One of the men in the article suggested covering one eye when watching since this causes the 3-D to go back to 2-D. Quote: "Phelps recommends sufferers sit as far back as they can in 3-D theaters. Another solution: close one eye, or put a Post-It note over it like an eye patch. That way, 3-D goes back to being 2-D."

    In a holographic world, will covering one eye help to distinguish reality from fantasy, so this is their way of distinguishing who knows this and who doesn't? Just a thought.

  22. Vigilant, I read somewhere that covering the right eye is a veiled reference to the passage in Zechariah in which the coming world leader's right eye is darkened, presumably from an assassination attempt. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks.

  23. Nothing but another Stupid, Ignorant, Ambitious Gold digger, puppet whore that falls in the game! and the many more to come still!

  24. That kind of reminds me of aaliyah when she always covered one of her eyes & it was reported that it was because she had a lazy eye…if I had known then what I know now…

  25. Somebody needs to slap the crap out of these one eyed celebs..
    its annoying now
    It's like dude find at least something new

  26. She looks like a man, and has never been pretty. Ever since the Kardashian girls have been younger. Khloe has always been the ugly duckling. Anyhow, back on topic… i seen it coming. From the younger sisters, on down the lie. Before you know it, Kourtney’s little boy gonna be the next Chucky! Wait, im wrong, ki’ds are innocent. But who knows.

  27. One of the articles referenced on one of the pictures is: "Four hand-picked artists prove that you can make art out of just about anything." I think that is what they are trying to do here…. ha ha… key work: trying!

    This is not art, it's garbage. I'm so thankful I found this site. I agree with comment above how this supports VC's article about the Christmas card being full of illuminati symbolism.

  28. thedudeplayinthedude on

    ugly woman and very confused on why she is on a cover of a magazine, she's not even that famous.

    oh yea, **** the NWO

  29. You're absolutely right V.C., it's really funny and sad in the same time that someone with a cage on the head can say she has power.. Also, is it just me or the dress in the third pic is supposed to subliminally suggest a vulva?

  30. Well this photoshoot doesnt surprise me !!! All the Kardashians are owned..!!!! The headgear is just revolting and as much as they push all this stuff onto the youth, The light of God will never fail. Most of the youth have way more light than their previous generations.

    If only these clowns realised that it is because of God that they are able to breath. And you cannot beat the ultimate power…. so they can deliriously believe that they have the upper hand, but when the time comes, all their physical foundations will come crashing down !!!!

    Keep doing what your doing VC!!!

  31. This shoot just screams cognitive dissonance (how appropriate that my psych class lecture was about that this week). The first shot is bondage; the second you see a transformation to her bare faced and scantily clad; the third is her covering or uncovering her head (mind) while her outfit points to her vagina (the almighty vagina); and of course she`s bound again by her intestines, yet still attempting to look "in control".

    As for the Oz programming, i can`t rule it out. The 2nd picture is the only one of her wearing an actual color and it`s green… with a red and gold shoe. I personally wouldn`t photograph a red platform show with a red background so that seems a little out of place.

    Great article and you were a step ahead of me because i was going to email this this morning!

    ps (last comment i swear)- did anyone see her and her brother`s tweets about having sex with each other?? Really freaky o_0

    • Hiya

      i dont understand how to use twitter so havnt seen chloe n robs tweets but ure observation fits in with mine that i put in my comment how on an episode i saw kourtney was wearing dark glasses and rob picked her up n carried her out of the room and she sed 'im better than adrianne' who at that time was his cheetah girl girlfriend…i thought it seemed like they were going to have sex tbh..,and wtf did she mean? who would say to their brother they were better than his girlfriend?..then later wen adrianne was there kourtney looked furious (jealous?) n i think kourtney baby looks nothing like scott but totally like rob…

      what was rob n khloe tweeting?

  32. The mother Kris is the handler. She sold out her daughters a long time ago. Now look how she's pimping out the two youngest daughters. She is a greedy money worshipper. She dictates everything the daughters do, she controls the whole show.

    An earlier comment mentioned that she used to be a Playmate. The father, Robert KarTrashian, was an attorney in the OJ trial. Now, she's married to a former Olympian. Those are some strange connections just on the surface.


    "Dajjal" is said will have right eye damaged and the left will be working because knowledge acquired through the right eye can be nūrī (means that pertaining to light) and through the left nārī (that pertaining to fire). It is also said that he will have the word kafir (nonbeliever) on his forehead which only the true believers will be able to read.

    The belief is based around the events prior to the Day of Judgment around the Second Coming of Isa (Jesus), when Ad-Dajjāl who is blind in his right eye, shall gather an army of those he has deceived and lead them in a war against Jesus, who shall be accompanied by an army of the righteous.

    He will appear somewhere between Syria and Iraq (The U.S government isn't just invading Muslim countries and setting up army bases for their oil and resources. Remember there is always and ulterior motive as well) . He will stay on earth for 40 days. The first day which is like a year. The second day which is like a month. The third day which is like a week. The rest of the 37 days (where he will be in his actual human form) will be like normal days. The Dajjal will travel the whole world preaching his falsehood but will be unable to enter Mecca or Medina as they will be protected Allah's Angels. Through magic he will be able to perform never before seen "miracles" and fool a lot of people into thinking that he is their God.

    His right eye will be punctured, and his left eye would be raised to his forehead and will be sparkling like a star. It is reported that Allah's last Messenger Muhammed (may peace be upon him) said: There was never a prophet who has not warned his Ummah (people) of that one-eyed liar; No doubt previously, Noah warned his nation against him but I tell you about him something of which no prophet told his nation before me. You should know that he is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed."

    Signs of his coming

    The following signs are ascribed to Ali in the forthcoming of Dajjal:

    * People will stop offering the prayers

    * Dishonesty will be the way of life

    * Falsehood will become a virtue

    * People will mortgage their faith for worldly gains

    * Usury (Interest) and bribery will become legitimate

    * Imbeciles would rule over the wise

    * Blood of innocents would be shed

    * Books about the quote "As a man thinketh"

    * Pride will be taken on acts of oppression

    * The rulers will be corrupt

    * The scholars will be hypocrites

    * Adultery will be rampant

    * Homosexuality will be excepted

    * The liars and treacherous people will be respected

    * There will be acute famine at the time

    * There will be no shame amongst people

    * Children would challenge their mothers

    * Youngsters would perform marital relationship with their parents

    * Many people would worship Satan

    * There would be no respect for elder people

    The Return of Isa (Jesus)

    As before, through the medium of the Hadith (Islamic revelations), the event of Isa's return and all that follows has been accurately recorded. He will descend on Mount Afeeq, on the white Eastern Minaret of Damascus. He will descend from the heavens with his hands resting on the shoulders of two angels. His cheeks will be flat and his hair straight. When he lowers his head it will seem as if water is flowing from his hair, when he raises his head, it will appear as though his hair is beaded with silvery pearls. He will descend during the time of Fajr (morning prayer) and the leader of the Muslims will address him thus, "O' Prophet of God, lead the prayer."

    Isa will decline with the words, "The virtue of this nation that follows Islam is that they lead each other." Implying that he will pray behind the imam (the man that leads the prayings) as the word of God was completed after revelation of Qur'an and Muhammad being the last prophet of God.

    After the prayer, Isa will prepare himself to do battle and shall take up a spear. An army shall return from a campaign launched before the arrival of Isa. Isa shall set out in pursuit of Dajjal. All those who embraced the evil of Dajjal shall perish even as the breath of Isa touches them. The breath of Isa shall precede him as far as the eye can see. Dajjal will be captured at Lud. The Dajjal (Anti-Christ) shall begin to melt, as salt dissolves in water. The spear of Isa shall plunge into Dajjal’s chest, ending his dreaded reign. The followers of Dajjal will be rooted out, for even the trees and rocks will speak out against them. Isa will break the cross and kill pig (the animal), which will be an indication that his teaching did not include legitimacy of these two. Then all battles shall cease and the world will know an age of peace. Then truly the sheep will lie in the shadow of the wolf without fear. The rule of Isa will be just and all shall flock to him to enter the folds of the one true religion, Islam.


  34. i don't think she's fat but that hairstyle makes her look hideous especially the last picture..i understand fashion but that just looks like a sausage dress =/ lol what power does she have again?

  35. maybe she is subjected to cannabalism in one of her altered states, that is why she resembles hannibal lector. she probably just did some cannabalistic ritual involving organs…

  36. I watch kardashians n have noticed very unusual things

    1: khloe carries a rag doll around in some episodes i saw

    2: khloe is too intimate with her sisters

    3: i think she behaves as though she suffers with mental health issues

    4: the episode where she made the so called 'sexy' dvd for her husband was disturbing and not sexy. she was naked in a bath of sweets sucking a lollypop talking in a baby voice. sick not sexy

    5: in the episode where kim thinks her bentley is stolen but it turns out rob stole it later on when she is at the house chastiseing him he is not paying attention, kourtney is there indoors wearing dark glasses n rob picks her up and carrys her off out the room in his arms and she says to him 'im better than adrianne' (adrianne is the cheetah girl rob dated) why would you say that to ure brother? and what does she mean 'shes better than his girlfriend'?

    i thought it strange and sort of incesty

    also later adrianne is at the house and kourtney is sat on settee looking furious.

  37. Ctd….also kourtney baby that supposed to be for scott looks zero like scott…he look like her brother rob and is named 'mason'

    i never knew kris the mother was a formerit playmate…

    they all look fake n ridiculous one episode kourtney was going bed n brushing her teeth with a full face of make up even lip gloss and dark eyeshadow…lol who does that…? ???…i wondered if she sleep in her full make gross if so…and they have no shame talking all about their sex lives and evry thing they gonna do to please their mans..why they do that 4? its personal…they are very boring girls too and i hate how they go fancy place often order big plate of food then get up n go without eating it..wots the point n wot a waste of money

  38. One thing I have noticed on VC is that the most comments are always on posts that have to do with celebrities. Where as posts on health and such don't get nearly as much views. What does this tell you…You know what people care about and not and where their minds are.Typical.

  39. It feel sooooooo good to know we are all on the same page with this one!!! I was really hoping I wasn't 'reading into' everything when I wrote my own post about this. Of course, VC is waaaaay more detailed, and that's of course why I always direct my traffic to this site for more information and pretty much any topic. Check it out! Keep up the good work, VC, as always :)

  40. Well, there's definitely some disturbing stuff happening in this world. Everybody must notice those strange, evil influences and odd hints, no matter if he's religious or not. There's something going on behind the curtain. But there's also no need to see conspiracies in everything happening these days … However, many people are blind. As they say, the devil is in the detail !

  41. What is the big deal? I have bangs that covers my eye but I am not with illuminati. Not everyone that has their eye covered is apart of the illuminati. Give me a break.

  42. Ther's alot of creeeeezy stuff going on on this website….some really scary..,others weird….but i do believe some of it…The all seeing eye..etc…many of these musicians do these kind of freaky stuff on their music videos…and they cnt lie to us tht theyre nt illuminati e.g Jay-z who clearly says hes Hova…Ri ri and her weird videos..most of her videos are really cute and all but sme r really dark…i guess these ppl(illuminati) use that to blind us from the truth…becuz we r really never be sure if they r or not.i do really like sme of thse artists music….really sad:(…but i dont quite believe the animal print stuff..many ppl like animal print thats nt to say its evil but then again they could be using it to convey their own deeper meanings.but i do agree tht nth in a photo shoot is coincidental….

    However ,your research is limited to a number of ppl…there are a bunch of guys in the Hollywood scene in it….and many other politicians …

  43. I am so glad that even up until this point, I have no clue who the Kardashians "are"- why they are "famous"…… but still don't understand how anyone cares…. Now I see they are just tools. So sad! I cannot fathom existence without light. To be bound and controlled- manipulated and made to feel unworthy… what a terrible way to live! I really feel sorry for these people. I can't hate them for their ignorance… only pity what they are doing to themselves and others. Leading people down the path to destruction with them. Misery loves company.

    Fat, famous, beautiful, rich…. whatever you want to call her, I say she is simply pathetic. It is hardly her fault when I'm sure she is force fed the messages of vanity and self-absorption… distractions!

  44. Does Khloe all of a sudden being more famous have anything to do with Lamar being in such a bad state? Like what is going on with him??

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