Ke$ha drinks blood from heart during live show


I have never written a full article on Ke-Dollar-Sign-Ha but I’m pretty sure most of you are aware of her being part of the “let’s degenerate our youth agenda”. In a recent performance, Lady Gaga – sorry, I meant Ke$ha, drank what looks like blood from what looks like a heart in what looks like the reenactment of a blood ritual. All of this while wearing a teared up and faded American flag as a dress. And make-up emphasis on one eye. So uplifting.

In some occult circle, drinking fresh blood from a heart is said to give maximum magical potency.



MOVE over Ozzy Osbourne, there’s a new blood-sucking shock jock in town and her name is Ke$ha.

But unlike the Prince of Darkness, the 24-year-old Californian hasn’t sunk her teeth into a live animal – yet.

While she’s known for her trashy on-stage antics and expletive-laden monologues, the Tik Tok singer still managed to shock punters at Sydney’s Future Music Festival at the weekend when she drank blood from a heart – to the song Cannibal, of course.

The potty-mouthed pop princess held the heart like a goon bag over her mouth, letting the blood ooze across her face and down her chest on the main stage at Royal Randwick Racecourse.

Covered in glitter and draped in a shredded American flag T-shirt, Kesha Rose Sebert performed much of her 45-minute set dripping in blood.

Ke$ha’s publicist did not return calls yesterday, but the pop star is no stranger to Lady Gaga-style shock and awe on-stage antics.

Her high energy live shows, loaded with as much sexual innuendo as her song lyrics, are inspired by pop predecessors Madonna and Britney Spears and feature six-foot penis costumes, revealing rhinestone-coated outfits and lots of glitter.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Her target audience is pre-teens.
Do you like where pop culture is heading?




    • Um, gross! I think some of here songs (like Tik Tok) are catchy, but have no desire to see her in person. How offputting.

    • We should be happy, it just means whatever we are doing is working in some form, they are getting "desperate" …they will go any length to get our attention, without us, their ritual is incomplete.

      Couple of years back when i was a sheep, it would have worked…not anymore…even if they eat their own blood or kill themselves or eat one of their kinds on live shows….I will just yawn and say "WHO CARES"…

      • Kinda' wrong, actually.

        One of the main agendas and purpose for all of this is to desensitize the target demographic to the symbolism therefore shaping minds, opinions, even faiths of the target (in this case, the youth). It isn't because they are desperate- If you are at a Ke$ha concert to begin with then they have already succeeded.

    • Essential Truth on

      These people are possessed bro.

      & i thought the rock group KISS had a bizzare look lol…WTF kids now go crazy over movies like Twilight where Vampires are portrayed as not that bad …we got musicans running around looking like villians out of horror movies….Rap artist bragging about killing and selling drugs like its a sport… this Next Generation is in serious trouble.

      • What pisses me off is that crazy crap is going on like this in front of everyone's eyes, but who does the media target…charlie sheen rambling. There is nothing I can turn on anywhere that doesn't have some sort of reference to this man & we have this chick drinking blood out of a heart in front of kids. Kanye west interrupting taylor swift @ the vma's got more negative media attention than this ke$ha chick freaking drinking blood. I hadn't heard about this happening before this article….

      • Hey if u guys r all riled up abt this it only means her plan workd. Personally I think Kesha is an attention grabbing talentless whore. Bt in reality shes stil jst a person trying to get that fame. Its all jst a publicity stunt. Ppl do it all the time in the industry. She doesnt necessarily hav 2 b a member of a secret cult to do stupid shit.

      • the next generation? Today’s generation is already in trouble! it’s time to act now. :)

      • Down with the NWO on

        Hell no! Twilight is showing young teens that it is ok do date blood drinking succubus’

  1. The world is coming to an end for sure……..Drinking blood, whats next?,

    wearing meat, whops!!!!its already done!!!!

  2. I mean then you will notice that Jessi J(I think that is correct) will do the same thing and it will now be around the world… As long as we know this is happening, we must now be more aware.

  3. That's so disgusting and disturbing! That's certainly too big to be a human heart. Maybe from a cow or some other animal?

    This reminds me of a story my friend told me about a couple of Masons she met at a ball game. I'm not sure how the conversation led to this comment, but they told her how they took one of the men's 10 year old son hunting and they all, including the son, drank blood from the heart of the first deer that was shot. Anybody ever hear something similar, or able to shed more light on this?

    Any blood drinking ritual is certainly based upon the absorbtion of life energy. I still cannot understand the story of Cain and Abel. Why would our loving God prefer a blood sacrifice over the offer of fresh harvested food? This never made sense to me.

    • I'm a deer hunter, and the drinking of blood, eating the heart, slapped in the face with the liver, etc. was always something joked about for the first deer someone harvests. My dad and his buddies thought it was funny to tell me that as we went to field dress my first deer, but then started to laugh and told me it was just a joke when I got a horrified look on my face. So… it's probably just the running joke amongst many hunters, however… it could be based in reality from some initiation rituals in the past, and since they were Masons then who knows.

    • I do not know if I am correct, but I believe Abel did not kill the animals. In the Old Testament their was two kinds of sacrifices. In one sacrifice you would let the animals go to wander in the wilderness until they died and this is where the term "scapegoat" came from. On the the type of sacrifice you would actually kill the animal.

      But we must remember "Obedience is better than sacrifice" (Isaiah 1:1-11) and what that means is that if you sacrifice an animal for your sins and yet you keep doing the same sins then that sacrifice has no point whatsoever. It is better for you to be obedient so you don't need to sacrifice an animal in the first place.

    • All the old testament Jewish traditions were based on God’s plan to reveal the Christ as the ultimate sacrfice for our sins. That’s why Jews had to sacrifice their first animal offsprings, or sacrifice an animal before entering the temple, and give of their first fruits/crops, etc. All the jewish traditions were preparation for the Christ. Christ fulfilled the spring feast when he died and resurrected, he will fulfill the the fall feast when he returns with all power. The thing is all sacrifices ended after the Christ was sacrificed and risen. There is no more need to sacrifice animals to God because Christ was the ultimate sacrifice, the spilling of his blood erased all sins from God’s elect. But the devil has tricked people into thinking that sacrificing is still needed, hence why pagans, devel worshippers, and other religions not associated with God are still sacrificing animals and unfortunately people.

      Now God didnt accept Cain’s sacrifice because his heart was not of God, it had nothing to do with choosing an animal over crops. God expects us to give back to him through the gifts he blessed us with. Abel’s was shepherding and Cain’s was farming; mine is dance and wisdom.

      • I think that Cain's offering was denied because it was from 'the sweat of his brow', so to speak. Anything we do in our own efforts will always fall short and not accepted. We can't earn anything on our own merit. It's only by way of Jesus' sacrifice are we clean. May He bless you.

    • Cain was a farmer and Abel herded sheep. They were supposed to give the best of their crop. Cain didn't, Abel did.

    • Curious Citizen on

      The devil immitates God, another example of this is the trinity of father son and holy spirit (the devil, the anti-christ & the beast)

    • Simply because God is holy and He makes the rules. So yes, he is so holy and pure that he can't stand to be close to anything impure. So if you sin that would mean eternal death sentence for you in hell. Abel understood that God would only accept a blood sacrifice (pointing to Jesus Christ, the ultimate blood sacrifice that God provided Himself, because at the end the animals were only symbolically sacrificed to get the point across and to prepare the Jews for Jesus). Cain thought he would rather offer the work of his own hands instead of fulfilling Gods requirements (Cain therefore chose the way of Satan, which is works based salvation in contrast to salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ).

      Anyone who thinks they can obey Gods law perfectly is in deep error, because one transgression, one lie for example, that's it and you are doomed. So if you don't have Jesus Christs perfect obedience and death and resurrection as your covering than you have nothing.

    • God's displeasure had to do with the fact that Abel gave of the FIRSTS of his flock (the beginning of tithing) and Cain only gave of his harvest, not the firsts. He gave what was left over to God.

  4. YeeeeBoiiiiii on

    I would love to see Ka$h-a or Gaga eating dogsh*t on stage, then people would see literally that they are "singin' sh*t"

  5. I'm studying B.O.B as well and tbh I won't be suprised if Kesha starts running around with some of those Lady Gaga illuminati headgearsif she hasn't already.

    To me, she just seems like Lady Gaga's sister or daughter now o.0


  6. Don't worry, guys. Even *I* think she sucks. If she needs to go to THOSE lengths just to be able to sing that 3rd-rate techno-pop schmaltz that she churns out, I want NO part of her!!!!!!

    Note to God: Take her. Please.

  7. Damn this bitch pisses me off. She has the most uneducated lyrics, all to do with alchohol, parties and sex, and yet she's this massive pop star that all the kids listen to. Her songs are so shit, it's unbelievable. And there were unicorns in her latest video, I don't know whether that has some meaning but there were unicorns in Born This Way. Are unicorns the latest pop trend/agenda tool?

    • Unicorn: symbol of magic
      The horn growing out of the unicorn's head represents the third eye or the all-seeing eye.
      It also said that: The Unicorn itself or the horned beast/horse is used in the occult a lot such as Ke$ha’s “Blow”, Shakira “Whenever, Wherever” Kylie “All The Lovers”, etc. The horse is known as a solar sybmol, and known in the bible for destruction or victory. The color of the horse is black. Black is grief and mourning, the 3rd in the bible. Now, this that’s just a reference. The unicorn links with purity and virginity, so the unicorn being inside the womb is symbolizing the birth of something but without sexual contact like Virgin Mary. Leading back to the fact the Unicorn has ties with Christianity and it is mentioned in the bible from 300 B.C as the Septuagint translated an animal called a re’em in Hebrew to the unicorn we know today.

      Read more:

  8. knowing is half the battle it gives us a figthing chance, we need to be more cautions what we subject ourselves and childern to. More families and people in general need to get back to the basic and stop let other people and thing directed our life for us. I feel God a a good starting point the thing that is represented in the bible when it come to love kindness sharing etc. We as a people have losed all of them so we let the enternment world, music,etc fill that void Thanks VC

  9. Metal Mickey on

    I don't think it will catch on – I'd say you'd have to be pretty far down the satanic path to think drinking blood from a heart is a good idea. I suppose you could say she's de-sensitising us to satanic ritual, but most people will probably think she's a freak anyway.

  10. & the sheeple will continue to say "oh it's just art" what kind of art is represented by blood? only the occult comes to mind..

    • I really don't like when people refer to other people as "sheeple" we are all PEOPLE and unless you are one of these elitists then you would also be considered part of the "sheeple". Don't insult your fellow person because they haven't yet chosen to be informed. Don't lump them all together as a herd because that would make you just as evil as the ones at the top

      • Being informed is a choice, and a constant choice may I add. And as long as the information is out there, choosing NOT to be informed is a choice as well.

      • Greetings to u Kels! Sorry that smarted a bit. But sheeple to me are those that CHOOSE to remain in the dark & are perfectly content with the status quo of ignorant bliss. Feel how u may about the word that's my interpretation. It's waay past wake-up time as the alarm bell continues to ring, some continue to turn a deaf ear. Although i have compassion for them, i have no sympathy bc the same way we are awake & awakening so can they, but they choose not to do so.

        God bless!

      • Yes being informed is a choice that's what I said. How fair is it to say that people aren't choosing to be informed when they are not confronted with the choice to be? Most of these "sheeple" haven't been shown yet that there is actually another option. In the world we live in, it's almost impossible to become aware that there is another side to the story. Think about where people spend most of their time. In school. They don't teach this stuff in school. Watching tv. They sure as he'll don't broadcast this on tv. At work. Well that's self explanatory. And when they're not doing those things they're on facebook or keeping themselves entertained bowling or something. I've been there. I only coincidentally stumbled upon information like this browsing google images of Rihanna. I was never confronted with the choice until then and I think 90% of people won't be either. that's just my take

      • Fair enough…although I would say that even if one wasn't able to get much of the information that's out there now, there's still impressions and reactions and an inner compass. There has been a lot of popular stuff over the years that I didn't get into because it didn't feel right to me; that it was eventually proven part of a long-held plot has warmed my heart (and shamed me because much of that stuff I would make peace with over the years as things grew worse).

      • All I can say Kels is that u have no idea how many ppl I have tried to bring to knowledge, but they are blinded & think we are the crazy ones. Nevermind that I've taken time to show them certain things myself, & they're like wow, so what else is new :/ THESE are the ppl I am referring to. Those that have been brought to water, but refuse to even take a sip when I know just like they do that something is waay off in the world. I don't profess to know a lot & feel as though I am still a babe in my awakening, but I'm no longer in slumber bc I took the initiative to seek the truth. I just wish more would join..

        @ Lila, I'm quite aware that Jesus is our shepherd & I thank Him for it daily. Personally I don't find the word offensive bc of that very reason, even if some of His flock reject him..blessings to u!


      • They think we're crazy. So be it. They choose to think we're crazy, ignore them. THEY chose not to be informed. But sad thing is, when we tell them we're all likely to be singled out, and be thought as the weird ones. Its ridiculous =____=

      • Faithful, remember Jesus is often referred to the shepherd, and his church his flock (sheep)? Unbelievers are referred to as goats in the New Testament. Nothing wrong with sheep or goats but these are symbols being used in the Bible. The elite use the word sheeple not just to insult the masses, but also to insult Jesus, the shepherd, the leader of the "sheep."

    • never associate Art with the occult….true artists can be twisted at times but mostly just for self expression expression…

      and BTW who in the world referred to "HER" music as close to any REAL Art?

      • Blood is in no way shape or form art. By any stretch of the imagination IMO. & I would never disgrace the artform of music by calling ke$ha's "work" art or music. Sorry..

    • I know, right? Noticed that before and now they have sound. What the hell, how come Johnson and Johnson can advertise on the very site that tries to expose them and their associates? Makes me ponder the obvious……………….

  11. Disgusting isn't it what you can do with a pen?

    Even one that writes in airwaves and musical tones into your cerebral head?

    My friends, I think its time that you spam the airwaves rather than sit just here and orchestrate on one forum's tablet.

    Speak out and copy/paste this to your book of faces, because that's how the internet works, doesn't it? The simple stimulation of being cognizant and aware of their "perceptional habituation" will help counter-impulse their acts that are quite blatant.

    Most of us don't have the money to go to these concerts anymore, so we only see what they show on MTV (I don't know if they show music videos anymore, I haven't seen it in years, but I remember reading something that they don't anymore), and we don't get to taste the entire blend of their actions.

    There is another point to the MTV reference that I'm trying to make, that if we sit here and circle around the same acts of transgressions, that even though its progress within our own selves, we need to have others realize their "Hell".

    I noticed when I talked to other people they were "afraid" of being slighted in the eyes of their peers' because they didn't want to appear "crazy", but in the end, if you know you are the sane one, then help others' and dilute their insanity.


    • I will continue here with some informational points, because I think we should meditate on this in the end, if we are going to learn to smoke the right joints.

      Body art is a way of neurolinguistcs programming, but let's go back to the chakras/energy that is defining. The picture of Gaga is a good point, her "vagina" is literally in your face, so that is a displacement of your own "establishment". This energy to energy transfers is the same nature as the scientific representation of "biophotons" and how your neurons fire and see/eat/feed on these perceptions.

      Which brings me to your idolized Ke$ha, "Key" "$" "Ha". The "Ha" is in itself another category of information, but I think the key of $ is enough to have your thoughts orbiting.

      Going back, the entire body movements and acts are in accordance to the "Source", and whatever you want to call that coding. Am I referring to the movie? Why yes, if not, now you know it. How come? Because thats how your brain will also intercept it, and thats the same energy they are manipulating by their actions. So while she feeds on the blood of your hearts, you should applaud the new age Sirens, and while you are it, I'll sit here with Oedipus and watch his Sailors die because of it. Then, watch him make love to his mother, welcome to your own "Oedipus Complex".

      If you don't want to believe it, look at Gaga again, and say hello to the "Mother Ship".


    • what is there to "really" like about that filth? please, elaborate how any of what she is or portrays enhances your existence??

  12. To Not Blind: You ask: Why would our loving God prefer a blood sacrifice over the offer of fresh harvested food?

    The answer is found in the Bible somewhere in the book of Numbers. It states that blood gives live to the flesh.

    Not that these people and their advisers study the bible and other book of knowledge so they are well aware of what they do.

    • Elite symbolism aside, does anyone else see a very anti-American political message to this broad’s act?

      Wearing the American flag while drinking blood from a heart? To me that says “America is draining the lifeblood from the world.”

      But that’s just me.

    • JesusWalksWithMe on

      please dont try n make out like the explination for the behaviour these twisted illuminted fux display is even remotely related to my Lord n the Holy Bible……

  13. Boy oh boy, we're really circling the drain now! What on earth? wtf? Just when I think I couldn't be anymore shocked, they go and up the ante! Holy shizzzzz! What's next? A real live sacrifice? People, turn off the TV's, take your kids Ipods and run! There should be a law that you have to be 18 yrs old to own an Ipod or use the internet…. This is the lowest of the low, shame on you KE-DOLLAR SIGN-HA….. Ew

  14. Because I read that the concept was changed, I watched Heidi Klum's "Germany's Next Top Model" the other week. This woman here was the superstar at whose show the contestants were allowed to catwalk to give the a feeling of glamour. I had not heard of Kesha before and was quite suprised to see this tiny strange woman who looked and behaved to much like Lady Gaga and had not much to say being hailed as a superstar. What's amazing about Heidi Klum's Next Top Model is how she makes public how models must not have a mind of their own and just do whatever they are told "because the customer wants it". The only good thing about her version is that the contestants at least still behave and move naturally which I find is not at all the case with the ones in the American version. The 50 model contestants had to walk 3.5 km in high heels to make it into the Guiness Book of Records, 165 km (I think) altogether and they finally did something like 275 km altogether. All of them had their feet full of blisters and bleeding. With these bleeding feet they then had to go on and catwalk in front of the jury. The ones most favoured by the jury were the ones who had already the least inhibitions to do literally anything.

  15. GodSaveUsAll on

    Lol when I first heard her music and saw her on TV, I knew she'll be another elite puppet sooner or later. Sick as this is, I'm sad to say I'm not surprised or very shocked by today's artists like her anymore. I just wish more people will really wake up and realize all this things we see nowadays are not for publicity, but they point to a more sinister agenda, that aims to dumb down the population.

    • Rufus, do you work for Shinra?

      If you do, then you should remember you were trying to help make amends for your "father's" actions?

      I mean, after Geostigma polluted the air itself, we have children that need our help.

      Terrorism exists because of thoughts like this, and we feed the negative to cultivate it. I'm not jumping on to you, I'm actually help make your point into something "blue".

      So to the skies above you go, Rufus, and if you don't work for Shinra… now you do.


      • Aye,

        I was hoping to talk about this favorite game of mine. If you couldn't refuse to update the news, hopefully my analogy got to you too?

        Geostigma is a reference of a creative nature to tell you what's in your physical air, lifestream last I checked is also the name of the new AIM programming. There are no coincidences, and remember the concept of "Mana/Materia" itself exists. From "Qi" to "Chi" to "Psi-ball", there is a point to my reference of the game after all.

        This Rufus does not own Shinra, I do… Approach my 96th floor, and stop on the 69th for a moment to see the symbology in every game that you played in Time. Final Fantasy 13 till "I", don't think Square is soft or beneath the "Enix".

        Enix: "The name is a play on the words "phoenix", a mythical bird that is reborn from its own ashes, and "ENIAC", the world's first digital computer."

        Learn to see between the lines, its all around you…

        This Cloud does not want to call you Strife, I "LockHeart" on Tifa before "Sepiroth" tore the "Ancients" Tree Apart…

        Should take that sword out of you, Jenova is rising.

        I think I'll call this religion "Jenova's Witness".




      • Wow I gotta give you props, very creative way to make an allusion to FFVII. Care to expand on some of the symbology you're referring to? The story is incredibly in-depth and I'm sure you picked up on some things I missed.

      • Aye,

        Thank you for the props, and I guess I can illustrate some more of their props. For that you have to understand how the "creative" mind works, that is for those that are not aware of their "conscience".

        I'll throw some symbols out in the air, and remember its your perceptions in the end of the day, but let's go back to the Wu continent? Or should we check out the Cosmic Canyon, from the "Master" "GRAND" "father" of Red XIII, see what I mean?

        Where do you want me to start, the Black Temple or the Northern Glacier? Welcome to the concept of Antarctica and its pursuits, wonder how much cash is being brewed to get that icicle over you? That is just one perception, I'll bring another one to you. Superman, leave my fortress of Solitude, you are not Sephiroth, or are you?

        Hmm, let's go back to the "lifestream" and the monarch programming with Cloud after being injected/infected with Jenova?

        Yo, Professor Hojo, you don't seem like a mad scientist, you seem to be hired by the government. Who runs you at the end of the day?

        Let me find the Alchemy in the middle of this, who went into Cloud's conscience, Jung's Anima in your psyche, I think you now see Tifa? Alchemical marriage to find the "King" within, and I have a bastard sword that hasn't even got to those "Ultimate Weapons".

        I think Junon should keep its HAARP locked in the basement.



  16. Well, she proved my theory. She's dirty.

    But her songs are still catchy. But she's still dirty. And does stuff for shock value.

    • what's so catchy about: "There's a place downtown,

      Where the freaks all come around.

      It's a hole in the wall.

      It's a dirty free for all.

      When the dark

      Of the night comes around.

      That's the time,

      That the animal comes alive.

      Looking for

      Something wild.

      There's a place I know

      If you're looking for a show.

      Where they go hardcore

      And there's glitter on the floor.

      And they turn me on.

      When they Take It Off.

      When they Take It Off.

      Everybody Take It Off.

      Lose your mind.

      Lose it now.

      Lose your clothes

      In the crowd.

      We're delirious.

      Tear it down

      'Til the sun comes back around.

      And they turn me on.

      When they Take It Off.

      When they Take It Off.

      Everybody Take It Off.

      Oh, oh, oh!


      is this the new "dance hit" you want your kids listening to

    • LYRICS:

      "Tonight we're going hard, just like the world is ours…

      Hot and dangerous

      If you’re one of us, then roll with us

      ‘Cause we make the hipsters fall in love

      And we’ve got hot-pants on enough

      And yes of course because we’re running this town just like a club

      And no, you don’t wanna mess with us

      Got Jesus on my necklace

      I’ve got that glitter on my eyes

      Stockings ripped all up the side

      Looking sick and sexy-fied

      So let’s go-o-o (Let’s go!)


      Tonight we’re going hard

      Just like the world is ours

      We’re tearin’ it apart

      You know we’re superstars

      We are who we are!

      We’re dancing like we’re dumb

      Our bodies go numb

      We’ll be forever young

      You know we’re superstars

      We are who we are!


      • I hate halloween on

        I personally don't want to read her lyrics,much less hear her horrible voice how did she get a record deal anyway?,her so called "singing" was enough for me when I heard that ooh ooh mess with piss diddy, her voice was hurting my ears!

  17. Gross, disgusting, yuk! And any other adjective along that line… if her fans defend her by saying it is some form of art…then I think they are blind.

  18. This really impresses me to see and hear our dear children, our precious children are the real losers, as all this crap is dedicated to them, preparing children for the future, delivering messages of total debauchery, crazy, wild sex act like animals, just letting the instincts. And I think we are getting, more and more children and adolescents are Fans of Hannah Montana, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato, etc. Publish each week a scandal of these mini figures show, hot photos, using drugs, parties descontraladas. They are the role model for our children, who every day eat garbage like Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon.

    I have many small family that does not stop talking about hannah and selena, all accessories from clothing to school are useful for these mini stars. Who sincerely are giving the death blow to get the most precious element for them being children and teenagers.

    St. Mark 10:13 And they brought young children to touch them: and the disciples rebuked those who brought them.

    10:14 when Jesus saw it he was indignant and said, Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.

    10:15 Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.

    10:16 And he took his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.

  19. i knew something was f*cked up with this chick with the song= where they go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor. everybody take it off.. and they turn me on, when they take it off.. that song is about occultic group sex and i'm sure she's already deep in some shit

  20. Do you believe this? I can't get a simple job at Starbucks, but they pay millions for this ish! What does that tell you?

  21. i love this website my eyes have been so open for the longest to this stuff thank u vigilant for your articles these people need sick and need jesus

    • TruthBringrofJustice on

      Yes, people do need JESUS, but it's up to those who haven't already accepted Him into their hearts to do it themselves. Good Christians shouldn't force people to believe because that will just turn them away from Christianity even more

  22. it's like the Aztecs ritual sacrifice when they would open the chest of a live human and take their heart out and eat it… that was their rituals for the sun….. i wonder..

  23. People think this is all fun and games until some stupid 17 year old takes it seriously and does this:….

    Not saying it's all from watching TV or celebrities or whatever, but how did this fool get it in his head that he can be an immortal vampire by drinking blood and removing an old woman's heart…what a sick society we are

  24. Perhaps it is because of the angle at which the picture was taken, but I believe a vertical retina in kesha's right eye is somewhat visible. It would not surprise me for is most assuredly under demonic possession. The Luciferian/Satanic plans are coming to fruition. Soon, this type of action will be seen as the norm. I would highly recommend cutting yourself off from most, if not all, forms of entertainment other than reading. This is a time to find the truth and that truth will not be drugs, alcohol, or carnal pleasures. Find God, find Christ. Find the truth within yourselves. We all have but a short time to do this.

  25. Okay, I should have looked up the entire story before I commented earlier. The thing is, the song she was performing was called "Cannibal." The song's about being, well, a man-eater. So she had a guy up onstage with her and apparently ripped his "heart" out and drank from it. I know some of you won't agree, but it makes more sense to me put in context, and seems a lot less shocking.

    Then again, if the goal is to emulate an occult ritual of some kind, then integrating it into her show this way (so it makes sense and thus doesn't seem so crazy) would be the way to go…in which case, nevermind. Lol.

  26. Damn these singers , first showing explicit things on cartoons and now these singers are doing it live. drinking blood and human sacrifice is a part of mega ritual up there.

    damn these puppets!

  27. This poor excuse for a woman has no dignity whatsoever. Seriously. This is dispicable.

    Whatever happened to women like Audrey Hepburn? Women who are modest, graceful, and intelligent. These are true role models, and they no longer exist in our mainstream media. It is a sad sad world.

    • I agree… where are the role models of women who are modest and truly beautiful?? Women who dress well….mothers.. where are the qualities of nurturing, caring, thinking and creating?

      As a young woman looking for role models.. all I can find in the mainstream media fed to me is women who are bombo, slutty, trashy and crude.

      I'm told to be 'powerful' to 'play' men, to 'use my assets' … what a load of crap!!! Where will that get me?? a career woman alone at 40.. used and abused by men… full of resentment… ??

      SMH… all I want is to be a modest housewife…. to have my husband find me beautiful (and not just hot).. to nutrure my family and children and to live simply… thinking for myself and following my heart instead of being a mindless bimbo.

      Thank god that 'the end of the world' the 'economic collapse' or whatever you want to call it is going to happen, horrah! Surely it has to be better than the way the world is now!! =)

  28. Yeah my nieces won't ever see a video from her again, or Gaga for that matter, but then again she was already banned!

    • Yeah, I understand about not wanting children to watch this stuff. I wish my 10 y/o niece would not watch some of the things she watches on the Disney channel and on DVD, but I can't be there all the time. I try, though.

  29. This isn't funny at all.

    I'm not sure how to protect my daughter, yet, have her love music.

    Love anything as it all seems to be controlled by evil.

    My God what happened to this world?

  30. This is disturbing and disgusting–parents stop buying your kids this stuff, stop letting them go/taking them to these concerts, stop listening to it yourself. It's your house, you're the parent, tell your kids no bringing this evil stuff into your house. Talk to your kids–let them know you don't want them listening to and looking at this type of media. They might act like they don't want you to tell them what they can and can't do, but deep down they want you to step up and protect them from this stuff, even if they don't realize they want you to intervene/be on guard for them.

  31. Thanks to Auto Tune and the casting couch these worthless sluts are making millions while hard working Americans who have talent and skill associated with their trade get punished.

  32. This is very sad and it seems like we are unable to stop the elite agenda because youths still flock to these concerts and believe it is "Kool"

    The youths are so blind that they don't seem to see that anything is wrong with the rubbish they allow into their brains. It is very disgusting and America really need prayers. This is why we are loosing our youth to the world.

    May God help us and may we help ourselves

  33. They are all counting down to the end of the U.S. and most of the worlds countries as we know it. Just look at what they did to Japan.

    They won't win in the end though. They are fooling themselves as well.

    Why do you think Jay-Z says in "Empire State of Mind",

    "8 million stories out there and they're naked,

    city it's a pity half of y’all won’t make it,".

    He already says that half of us won't make it. Make what? I believe it is a sign that they are closing up shop.

    I think that all of you should get some type of emergency kit ready. Visit

  34. Ugh. It's really horrible. but really how can you be surprised when our bookstores and theaters are full of this shit?! Vampires. Ask any teenage girl about her favorite kind of books, she'll certainly name sth twisted with Vampires or magic. that's not her fault. They're feeding us with Bullshit, guiding us to whatever the hell they want! I'm so happy I woke up, and i'm really grateful of You VC for your attempt to clear the truth.

  35. she's getting into this kinda things… have u seen Blow… Unicorns… so symbolic…

    i like her.. i hope she won't lost her way

  36. "The thing is, the song she was performing was called “Cannibal.” The song’s about being, well, a man-eater. So she had a guy up onstage with her and apparently ripped his “heart” out and drank from it. I know some of you won’t agree, but it makes more sense to me put in context, and seems a lot less shocking"

    Static-X ( a rock band) also have a song called Cannibal and they performed it on an ice skating rink, they didn't ever pretend to drink blood or pretend to murder anyone. So no, I don't think that the context for her 'performance' is acceptable, especially in front of children anyway. Why do people make excuses for this sort of sick behaviour from popstars?! It's just disgusting trash. And to top it off, she can't even sing!

  37. I am truly disgusted on what's being passed as entertainment these days. Where have all the good role models gone? No wonder our youth is so screwed up. Parents please, please, raise your kids with the bible. Why do we accept this obvious evil? Let's reclaim our young.

    ………..God save us everyone,

    Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns?

    For the sins of our hand

    The sins of our tongue

    The sins of our father

    The sins of our young

    *Linkin Park*

  38. to be honest i always did thought she was jus gross looking from the way she dress to the way she sing and this jus tops it all jus nasty but yet parents let their teenage kids listen to her

    • nah they don't know a thing unless they are sneaking online at work like I am, or have the radio on— they are both too busy working full days in order to make ends meet- ya think parents are actually home or even have time to talk to their kids when they are…

  39. Truly sickening. She cant sing, she sounds like a man, and shes trying too hard to be lady gaga. I just laugh at ridiculous people like her and lady gaga. I will be damned if I EVER let my daughter watch this stupidity. This is not art, and its definitely not talent because she has none. Great job VC. Poor girls who are watching this its a shame…smh…

  40. Sorority Luchesi on

    I can't stand Ke$ha, I love Lady Gaga, but I can't stand Ke$ha. Her music is so… asinine. Now, I don't believe in conspiracy theories and I don't believe in most of what VC says but I respect his opinions and interpretations. Howeve, I even think that this is over the top, I don't think it's some satanic ritual but I wonder if she is trying to portray herself as "bad" and "sinister" with doing this. Personally I hope it's fake blood because the health repercussions of ingesting raw animal blood is not good. I mean what with E.Coli, Staph, Listeria, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Not to mention parasites like trichinosis and taenia saganata (beef tapeworm.)

    • No offense, but if you don't believe in VC, then why are you commenting on here?

      Not trying to start trouble, but you seem kind of contradictive.

      • Sorority Luchesi on

        I do find what he says to be…interesting. I can see where he is coming from however, symbolism has many interpretations and I am not inclined to believe that because every music video, ad or some other media shows a certain shape or symbol has to be from a nefarious source.

      • Yeah, but "only hang out here if you agree with our main points" leads to an echo chamber when taken too far – lots of communities, online and off, can fall into that problem.

    • @Sorority

      What matters here, before even thinkins if she might be doing or portraying a satanic ritual on stage, nor to if its real(Hope not) or fake blood but the fact that, she is drinking "blood" of a "human heart"…Where and how can it be socialy acceptable in a "civilized occidental" country to be performing some kind of cannibalism act in front of a huge public mostly teenagers ?

      Yes, I am aware that her song is Cannibal but its about how Raw she is when it comes to sex and I do like this song. The lyrics are to be taken "lightly" because when she says :

      "I eat boys up" its means she has sex with them, when she wants to and how she wants to

      "Then when I am thirsty I drink their blood" which means she toys with their feelings whenever she feels like it : if she wants sex with him, she'll do him but if she's fed up of him, She'll leave him. In both ways, she plays with their feelings and mess with their "heart" by sucking their energy: "blood".

      So the question is, lets take exemple of Gaga with Born this way, its suppose to be a positive message but why is it filled with so many occult symbolisms that contradicts the main point of this song ?

      Its Gaga, she is suppose to be able to find a way to make "Epic" videos without having so much evilness in it, since her message is suppose to be good ?

      Yes Kesha song theme is *cannibalism* but its an inplicit way of saying Sex, so why not next time, having her doing some of sort idk sexual position or some sort of really sexualy explicit thing on stage to point out her song meaning ?

      I know, i know, it will not be allowed (or maybe, you never know xD) but having her drinking blood from a heart on stage is Acceptable *and maybe concidered normal* o___o?

      • Whether it's glorifying vampirism and cannibalism or promiscuity and abuse it's still disgusting and evil and is therefore completely inappropriate. In the latter instance it is also misandric shit, but then that's typical of Kesha.

        Kesha and Gaga are right up there among the worst role models ever. Everything about them is ugly and offensive.

  41. Just more proof that becoming a "star" does not require talent. It requires sacrificing yourself to the devil.

  42. it's just sad this shit is famous. People are so bad at being entertainers and having showmanship, they just revert to this shit and call it 'shock art'.

    oh and this quote the original article from the other site had:

    "Lady Gaga-style shock and awe on-stage antics."

    well, I will say it is lady gaga's 'style' of cheesy, bullshit shock 'art'. But to say others are using something lady gaga came up with it stupid, I haven't seen lady gaga do one single thing thats original or enlightening.

    • "have a guarded mind, and you will be okay"

      I hear that – one can be prepared to handle the crazy stuff in the entertainment industry without necessarily having to avoid it. Then again, that prudent reservation sometimes causes tension with the crazy fans.

      For example, I never caused mayhem in my "'hood" just 'cause NWA rapped about it. 😛

  43. What?I cant believe it!!Ok,this has gone far enough,I'll be sure to bring this up to my brothers on our next lodge meeting,we can't have any more of this,Kischa is not even a member of any brotherhood known to us so this is kind of a blasfemy,appropriate measures will be taken!!!!

  44. No and I'm slowly but surely leaving just about everyone apart of pop culture from this time behind me. They're all annoying and then when you try to question them to get them to think about what they are doing they always seem to have some kind of excuse ready for their obvious wrong doing. I understand that nobody wants to be judged or placed in a box but there are just some things that you know are wrong to do or say. This is off topic but lately there have been some people trying to make light of whats going on over in Japan by making jokes SNL style. That's another part of the problem; alot of people don't know when to be serious. Everything can be made as joke yes, but everything shouldn't be. This is the same thing with pop stars. I don't have to name names you all can name names your own selves when thinking of pop stars who have clearly gone past sex appeal to trashy, but then when interviewers or anyone for that matter try to get them to sincerly think about what they're doing there's not even an ounce of thought. It's always,"Well I'm doing me. I'm just having fun. I'm an entertainer. If you don't like me you don't have to watch or listen to my music. I don't care what others say because I'm laughing all the way to the bank. It's art. etc." These people are not Gods but they've been blessed enough to be given the chance to have such global platforms so why wouldn't you want to do whats right? You can still be yourself and have good morals or intentions to act right instead of having ready to go excuses lined up for those who question your obvious behavior concerning you performing or not. I don't understand those who think they have to place in "SOME" not all but "SOME" of the things that's wrong with our generation. You can't just…I'm just gonna stop right here…it's getting to long, but I hope you all see my point.

    • I don't find either of them sexy either, quite the opposite. But then again maybe they've done us a favour and prevented us from committing the sin of adultery, which we've already committed in our hearts if we look at someone and think we'd love to shag her/him/it/them. (Matthew 5:28)

  45. Oh boy the woman lost it. I thought she just liked brushing her teeth with gin or something. I can't stand attention-seekers like her. I found her song tok tok catchy, I didn't like any of her other stuff. She looks really rough. Yikes!!

  46. Kesha is NOT a Californian, I would like to add, she's from TENNESSEE. Please correct this, as it is quite insulting to those who actually are from California. Thanks.

  47. I'm going to try this again, as it seems I can't operate a computer today. :)

    Elite symbolism aside, does anyone else see a very anti-American political message to this broad’s act?

    Wearing the American flag while drinking blood from a heart? To me that says “America is draining the lifeblood from the world.”

    But that’s just me.

    • There is indeed some kind of Anti-America thingy going on with her shirt.

      However, if take a look at most of the past wars around the world, America has to be the most involved country in most of them, of course along with China, Russia, France, England.

      they are the five biggest weapons producers around the world and Ironicly, they are the members of UNO Security Council, so the world's peace depends on those who have the keys to distrub it.

      On an other side, it might be their(not the American citizens but the Elites) twisted ways to claim how proudly they are to be spreding blood, tears and death( or maybe mass murder, maybe mass sacrefice) of so many people around the world including their own people (all the soldiers and mercennairies)

      Thats how I see it Brainplague, what do you think ?

  48. Let's not forget how all these pop stars song releases contain subliminal messaging and encryption, all the better to rot your brain with. Ozzy did all this occult nonsense on stage in 1970's… it's nothing new. Prediction: in a few months, "Lady" Gaga will come out publicly as the obvious transsexual "she" is. Then hordes of young brainwashed masses run out and get sex changes, fitting in nicely with the population reduction agenda, and the agenda to degrade traditional social norms. A more fitting name would be "Tranny Gaga".

  49. I have a child on the way, and seeing this makes me think of how I have to bring her into this world. I'm not even a religious person, but I feel something sinister is going on. I use to watch Cartoon network as a child, but look at the shows they have now, they are definitely not for kids, even though they say they are. I feel so disturbed and confused.

  50. From Fritz Springmeier's book:

    "Two different ex-Satanists have independently provided information on Al Gore s addiction to blood. Illuminati kingpins are often addicted to the Adrenalchrome that pools in the body just prior to a person being sacrificed. Various newsletters give more information on this and related issues."

    Just showing the blood drinking habits of the occult elite. The Antichrist himself possibly will too drink blood of the human sacrifices (which he maybe will make public and daily).

  51. Just wait it will be real and live on tee veee, more than likely a pay perview event and in the NWO you have to watch or be the very next in line for treatment, cause your nuts if ya don't like it so say the mass of sick disturbed animals they have been breeding and trying to turn all into. Just ask the nice friendly, drunken load "oh, sorry meant loud" porn lovin' sports fan near you!

    Forgive the satire: May be it's satire may be it's truth"?"

    By the way even if you do not consent they will and already have mind raped everyone not a single one excluded! Now take it back a few thousand years to Mesopotamia and the infanticide cults, not to mention their places of worship/brothel/casino/torture ETC> and the mass graves of children of all ages as well the old, vagabonds, and the broken slaves! Found all over the Mediterranean, areas but mostly in the once fertile crescent and north Africa oh and on into Asia proper too! And picture this image an healthy freak 'o' meter 60 to the power of 10 times 13 divided by 3 times Pi cubed and you have the key to the fractal of the warped reality we now know and loath!

  52. That's why i always say that every woman should be beaten every now and then so she can think about errors of her way while laying on the kitchen floor!

    Am i right?

    A:Yes you are Mr.Fetuccini !

    • @Eric.c

      Was that suppose to be a "funny" joke ?

      Its ok to be sarcastic but sometimes, its also inappropriated.

      Out of curiosity, who is Fetuccini ?

      I am thinking its some kind of Pasta but I dont know xD

  53. DiZiLLuZioNed on

    This is very interesting to me as it signifies the boldness of the Elites plans to usher in a Luciferian religeon. Satanic rituals such as human sacrifices, drinking human blood, and eating human flesh has been around for ages. It is considered an ancient tradition and most cultures have a history of participating in such acts. Historians have discovered that Sumerian, Phoenician, Hittite, Egyptian, Canaanite and Akkadian peoples all practiced mass sacrifices involving children. In "Magick In Theory And Practice" Aleister Crowley (world’s most famous Satanist) stated “It was the theory of the ancient magicians that any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to the size and health of the animal, and in quality according to its mental and moral character. At the death of this animal this energy is liberated suddenly. For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.” He is also said to have ritually sacrificed over 2,500 young boys in a 16 year time period. By drinking the blood of their victims, they are absorbing their victims life force energy and then using that energy to rejuvanate their own bodies. It's also referred to as "soul snatching"

    So the fact that Ke$ha is drinking blood from a human heart, onstage, at a concert, as a form of entertainment is very disturbing. Occultic symbols in a music video is one thing, most people aren't even aware of what the symbolism is. But blood drinking, or even simulating blood drinking, is taking things to a whole new level. I still don't understand why this chick is famous but hopefully she will lose alot of followers from this stunt.

  54. Kei$ha is simply a ow-rent, wannabe be a star and she has decided that the best way is to be shocking. She has no redeeming social value and a shelf life of maybe a year. The stupid pet tricks grow tiresome after awhile and she will crawl back under the trailer where she belongs.

    In the meantime it is up to the parents of young teens to say NO! Say no, you may not buy her album which has a parantial warning on it. No, you may not buy tickets to see her show, No, you may not watch MTV because these days it id full of stupidity, sex and filth. Parents need to step up and say NO!

    • Wow we think alike! Yeah that's something I would say. I just can't get the whole "I'm a cool parent," "Oh they should have their own privacy," or "Oh, I don't want them to think that I'm a bad mom/dad and can't keep up with how things are done these days." I say screw with how this "parenting" crap is done these days and when it's no it's NO! Simple as that, them kids like that gotta learn how to deal with it. And privacy can go so far. Seriously, u don't need to not see their Facebook or myspace or blogs. Whatever the freak are into. Be wary of what ur kids do, no matter their age. FYI did u know that, I know a parent that lets her/his 11 yr old have a Facebook? Yep, and apparently they ain't the only ones. I know this cuz they come and visit, and took a peek at their friends pics; so they probablyare the same age range. Seriously internet ain't for everybody.

    • She's a borderline alcoholic (or at least that's what her image suggests) – "healthy" isn't exactly high on her list of priorities.

  55. I wish she would just f**k off. Her lyrics are pointless and no, she isn't unique. Just the sight of her makes me want to puke. So, now she's drinking blood from a heart? She's getting more disgusting everytime I here something about her. First, 'We R Who We R' drinking blood from a heart AND making one eye of hers stand out? Let's sit back and put our feet up, because she's just a pathetic comedy act, who'll do anything for attention.

  56. EyesTornOpen on

    I've never done it myself, but I'm pretty sure that drinking blood from the heart of a hunted animal is also a ritual of some Native American tribes. It could be one of the many sources from which the idea came.

    When I was little, I remember being told that it is to pay respect to the beast, as a way to allow it's essence to live inside you. You are accepting it into your life, and honoring it's choice to bless you (with food, & whatever other benefits the killing provides). Being able to do so is also seen as an honor. I'm not quite sure what the detailed reasoning is behind this, or the circumstances that would lead to this practice…like, if it's for the first kill, etc. I do believe what you said is true: "Any blood drinking ritual is certainly based upon the absorption of life energy."

    I realize that my reply to your comment is a bit late…but I thought I should share what I know in hopes of shedding at least a little light on the subject. I'm just pointing to a general direction…I may have mixed something up, so feel free to do your own research.

    • Bible, Old Testament, Deuteronomy 12,23:

      "Only be sure that you do not eat the blood, for the blood is the life, and you shall not eat the life with the flesh."

      It is a wicked thing to drink blood! And the native americans are heathens, they don't know any better. No Christian should partake in such rituals!

  57. Well, 'blood ritual' or not, she's trying too hard. She WISHES she had the potency of Lady Gaga, but to be honest, she comes across as a marginally talented wannabe. That's not a real heart, and it's not real blood. I doubt she's gonna be around that long – her music isn't interesting enough, and she has no real artistic intent.

  58. I hope that her shows don't allow people younger than 18. So why in the hell would gore films be rated for 18 years up and a singer drinking blood from a heart is ok for teens to see?

    Is she trying to be Ozzy Osbourne or Marylin Manson or what?

    She's even adding the American flag to the symbolism as if she's implying that the American people are being blood sacrificed. Oh wait, they are… Iraq and stuff…

    • i love how people still go back to ozzy- this SHIT is worse! its more real now!

      even jay-z and rihanna are more satanic hidden meanings than ozzy- and he wasn't HIDING MEANINGS in his songs! they are ! he was singing about his battles and had a lot of positive songs also! its all about listening! listen to – diary of a madman- he is already telling us about the masons in charge and his battles and possession- way before these people who are trying to throw it at us now because we didn't get it before!

      Manson on the other hand, is now reminded to me by gaga and kesha. He catered to the depressed youth and claimed to be "anarchist"- yet he was singing about fascism! and making fun of models and stars- and then married them! he was a fake! who knows if he was being used also? gaga reminds me of manson- the trying-so-hard-to-disgust-wise just cause she can and will and will have the stupid fans who think she is singing to them about being different or gay when her songs are nothing about that but instead- the real american plan. Manson used her symbols before gaga- for instance- had flags of the lightning bolt symbol that we see gaga use now- that alone has to do with Satan and the Anti-christ and not anarchy, or peace, or whatever they want the kids to think

      i still support ozzy and think he was more true than the other farces.. though i may be losing respect for him too with the reality show he did years back and with the new stupid commercial that all the "stars" are in…

  59. I was actually at the Melbourne Future Music Festival and saw Kesha perform. Let me tell you, it had a shit load of symbolism and a hypnotic background visual which I started getting headaches/disorientated from.

    Not only was the whole performance odd and surreal but there wasn't any talent involved whatsoever. Her voice was tepid and flat – same with everything else.

  60. Abdul Rahman on

    Is she really drinking, umm, REAL blood from a REAL heart?? REALLY???

    Maybe there is a really good reason why Islamic and Jewish laws prohibits the consumption of blood especially when it comes to draining blood from the cattle while slaughtering the cattle for food.

  61. All I have to say is "Please Lord Jesus, help us to guard our Hearts, Minds and Souls from the antics of the fallen one. Empower us to be vigilant and forge ahead as your soldiers – help us to be prepared for the battle – not with mankind but against the principalities of darkness".

    When Christ rose after the crucifiction, He defeated the devil ONCE AND FOR ALL. Mentioning his defeated name he might twistedly interpret as bringing him glory, so I choose not to mention that losers name. Now the battle continues for our souls – we were created for the purpose of Jesus Christ – in His image. My heart really breaks for those pop stars mentioned on VC website. We can call them all sorts of names and say how could they be the way they are or do what they are doing….but the Jesus thing to do is pray for their freedom! Its shocking, scary, disgusting, unbelievably evil the things we are exposed to in this day and age. I'm constantly praying over my daughter's mind so that she doesnt fall prey to what she's unknowingly exposed to! As children of God, we can be assured that Jesus is with us and we have the victory. Come what may, as long as we continue to or find our purpose in Jesus Christ – the One and ONLY true LIVING God, the world will pass, God's word is constant…and we will see Him…and He will reward us for carrying the cross and being proudly Jesus Christ's chosen ones. Thank you VC for a great website and my prayer is that by God's divine intervention, many more lost souls be directed to VC website and become aware.

  62. God, that trashy gutter punk just… UGH! I can't stand Ke$ha!

    Look, this onstage blood thing isn't new. Several years ago, when the Flaming Lips were on tour promoting their album "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" (which is one of my Top 20 favorites, if not Top 10), the lead singer Wayne Coyne smashed a packet of fake blood on his forehead, right on his hairline, and that became a regular thing in their performances. He even did some editorial shoots like that.

    And then there was Sid Vicious, and Iggy Pop, and Ozzy before all that.

  63. WOW. How f-ing blatant can you get???? That's one of their points with all these insane shenanigans is…..Kesha can stand on stange and drink blood from a heart and these people will still eat it all up (no pun intended)!!! Loving the entertainment!! Ugh it's disguting and perverse. So all these "celebrities" are sitting back after there stunts like HAHA vigilant citizen, you can bash us with the truth all you want but these stupid teens and their stupid parents are just going to enjoy the show and say it's cool because I did it! ME, ME, ME. Narcissistic Industry F-Heads!

  64. I don't see the appeal in pop stars especially Ke$ha. She's trashy, bitchy, a bad influence and just dirty looking. If she were a puppet or not I wouldn't want my children listen to her anyways.

  65. This really is fantastic stuff V.C.

    I think it's time for a thoroghly researched Article on Ke$ha now. I think she deserves it after she put the word out that she would like fans to send her their teeth so she can make a 'fan-teeth' necklace. It's,like, such a way cool idea to, like, have human body parts wrapped round your, like, neck!

  66. ke$ha or key-dollar-sha whatever u call it, is SICK. everything about the NWO agenda is SICK. yet it makes me wanted to know more….thanks VC u helped us a lot :)

  67. You know that picture you had up with the virgin and unicorn well in keisha 's video blow keish will bring all of the people or unicorns inside and blow them up it's like attracted in huge mass,,evil huh you should write about that

  68. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present and cannot be mocked and He defeated all of the Devil's works on the cross before he even conceived them.

    It is said, "whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; If there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things."

    At the very least even if you do not profess to believe in God but believe in basic human decency, everything you do is weighed and judged against these values. i think if we use this as our principles we will not go wrong.

    To change a generation you must first change the individual and that individual starts with you and I. 

    be happy if this culture repels us and we should work hard to ensure that it continues to repels us and the only way to do this is to think on those things that edify rather than debase. 

  69. What can you expect from a mediocre hack pop singer? Bad taste and pathetically fake "bad attitude" for the kids. Who's shocked by that garbage? Let's not give her publicity, she don't deserve it. 

  70. I hope everyone realises that this is where we are heading when we are abandoning christianity. We will become wild savages again, without restraint and morals. And wild savages do drink blood from a heart on stage, nothing to see here.

    Also, if you want to understand the illuminati agenda you need to research gnosticism. The heresy of gnosticism has already been mentioned in the New Testament. It is a believe, that you will get to heaven through secret knowledge, that everything material is bad and everything spiritual is good. Therefore the human body is bad and a prison for the soul and death is good because it frees your soul from your body. => leads automatically to a culture of death!

    They believe every spirit is good, so even demons are good in their opinion and therefore they want to be lead by spirit guides etc. The bible in contrast teaches to test every spirit if it is really from God.

    They also think that since the body is evil, we can do with it what we want since it does not matter anyway, like whoring around, aborting babies etc. This is in stark contrast to biblical teaching, where the body is said to be a temple for the holy spirit that lives in every believer. Gnostics like to burn their deads, Christians bury their deads, because we believe in the bodyly resurrection.

    Ancient Gnosticism is totally in line with todays Illuminati New Age Occult teaching.

  71. This is such an obvious satanic ritual. This is the first time I've seen this article on here, and I visit here often, but when I saw this I was stunned for a few seconds. Also I noticed that she has what looks like a skull and crossbones tattoo on her arm. Of course, this kind of stuff has been around for a long time, it has just become more and more blatant as I have gotten older. This is what I think – I believe that the devil is trying to get as many souls sold to him as he can before God returns again.

  72. TruthBringrofJustice on

    It's not a real heart and it's not real blood. Every one of you that truly, deeply believes that that's a real heart and real blood is retarded beyond repair and are seriously lacking in the common sense department. Yes, the picture is gross. But do you really believe that she's the first one to do anything like that on stage? Gene Simmons of KISS does the whole fake blood thing at every single KISS concert and his character for KISS is the Demon……seriously people. Get a hold of yourselves. It's all a staged act. It's all part of stage presence. The person on stage and the person behind the scenes are 2 completely different people. If you don't like, then I can't stop you from disliking it. But stop creating drama when it isn't needed. If you don't want your kids watching it, then don't let them. If you don't want it, you can protest and bitch and moan about it all you want, but that won't make anything stop. It's a free country, people can do whatever they want and you can't do anything about it. It's all very simple, and it avoids drama like this, but for all of you out there that need this kind of spoon fed information, here it is. Just agree to disagree and move on and act like educated people, please!!!

  73. WTF, her target is pre-teen but she do a fucking satanic rutal of drinking blood for a goat heart, im scared for the people who look up to this demotic trash

  74. Ok ok okay……. seriously what an absolute idiot.
    Firstly from agreeing to do this (i'm sure she was not intelligent enough to think it up), to secondly lowering herself to this stupid shit just to make some coin.

    Pop music at it's best lol……..

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