The Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card: A Tribute to the Illuminati Entertainment Industry


If there was an award for the less Christmas-y Christmas card in the History of the world, I believe that the 2013 Kardashian Christmas card would take the prize. Shot by elite fashion photographer David Lachapelle, the card is a rather grim and depressing summation of the entertainment world – an industry ruled by a shadowy elite that is turning popular culture into a toxic wasteland populated with vacuous celebs such as the Kardashians.

The wide panoramic card is filled with symbolism and references describing everything that the Illuminati entertainment industry is about. The shot takes place in an abandoned movie theater, one that appears to destroyed and vandalized.  Here’s the card (click to enlarge).


There’s a lot going on there, so let’s look at it from left to right.


First, there's Kim Kardashian posing with a revealing outfit. Her curves are pretty much the only reason why her entire family is famous right now. That is maybe one there's a huge dollar sign next to her.

First, there’s Kim Kardashian posing with a revealing outfit. Her curves are main reason why her entire family is famous right now. That is maybe why there’s a huge dollar sign next to her.


Behind the Jenner sisters are two Illuminati pyramids, complete with the All-Seeing Eye. Can't say that this card is subtle about who "owns" this entire family. Scaterred around them are dismembered mannequins, a symbol that is often used to represent Mind Control, a practice that is rampant in the Illuminati entertainment industry.

Behind the Jenner sisters are two Illuminati pyramids, complete with the All-Seeing Eye. The card can’t be clearer about “owns” this entire family. Scattered around the card are dismembered mannequins, a symbol that is often used to represent Mind Control, a practice that is rampant in the Illuminati entertainment industry.


The sister on the left wears a vulva-shaped headdress making her look like some kind of priestess. They stand on a pile of "celeb-worship" magazines, mountain of garbage on which their careers are built on (Kanye depicted as Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stones part of it). Behind the sisters (at the base of the pyramid) is an almost ironic box of Wheaties featuring Bruce Jenner when he was an Olympic athlete.

Kylie (left) wears a vulva-shaped headdress making her look like some kind of high priestess. The sisters stand on a pile of “celeb-worship” magazines, the mountain of garbage on which their careers are built on (Kanye depicted as Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stones is part of it). Behind the sisters (at the base of the pyramid) is an almost ironic box of Wheaties featuring Bruce Jenner when he was an Olympic athlete.


Khloe Kardashian is posing on the backseat of a car (why?) while Kourtney's son Mason lays on it as if life was sucked out of him. Above them is a baby-Jesus looking cutout with glory around the head. Is that North West? No idea. The matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner looks like some kind of female Pharaohe while Bruce is stuck in a tube, about to run out of air. Between them is the word "cashier", maybe meaning that its all about money transactions. Above both of them is tagged the word "fame", maybe implying that they're ready to do whatever it takes to be famous.

Khloe Kardashian poses sitting on the backseat of a car (why?) while Kourtney’s son Mason lays on it, looking as if life was sucked out of him. Above them is a cardboard cutout looking like a baby-Jesus, with a glory around its head. Is that North West? The matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner looks like some kind of female Pharaoh while Bruce is distress, stuck in a tube, about to run out of air. Between them is the word “cashier”, maybe meaning that it is all about money transactions. Above both of them is tagged the word “fame”, implying that they’re ready to do whatever it takes to be famous.


Next to Bruce is a disemembered mannequin wearing his Olympic medal. Did Bruce lose his "hero" status to become an encapsulated pawn of the entertainment industry?

Next to Bruce is a dismembered mannequin wearing his Olympic medals. Did Bruce lose his “hero” status to become an encapsulated pawn of the entertainment industry?

Contrasting with the family’s obsession with fame and fortune are images of African mothers and babies in the background. Of course, nobody appears to care about them, the world prefers to gossip about the family that is “famous for being famous”.

In short, this card sums up what popular culture in 2013 is all about: Illuminati, mind control, superficiality, exploitation of children and all around mind-numbing, time-wasting idiocy. Merry Christmas!



      • LOL a box of wheaties in background with bruce jenner running. THIS IS SO BIZARRE!!!!!!!!!
        How strange it all is. I wonder if that have been photos like these in the past? Is this a new thing that has been happening lately?

      • If you consider the dollar sign $ then it reads – The end $ coming soon – The end is coming soon.

      • So true dollar is on its last leg. It will not remain as world's reserve currency much longer i think. Look at other countries that have been investing in gold.

    • It says kill kids on the staircase behind Kim in graffiti. There are quotations first then it says kill kids. Also the end can be seen on top of the money sign and if you continue looking right it says coming soon

    • So why was nothing said about the words "the end" in the upper left hand corner "the" being vertical and "end" being horizontal.

      • I agree, not only that but the lines on the floor reminds me of drug use. Guess that would not be to surprising

      • Sai<–sorry to hear this… you are way behind in the current state of things. when you are Brainwashed you see what they want you to see, and brush it off like its not a big deal. If they are making "Fun" why does their whole show and entire existence represent these beliefs.

    • its their timeline oO…
      past(cashier) presant(atm at the moment) and future(coming soon)
      the end
      (from the stairs to the flames is a seperate pattern color coded)

    • This family will do anything to keep their names in the news, ANYTHING.. We give them to much power, even discussing them…nuff said.

    • Their not bizarre they know exactly what their doing. Too stay relevant they do crazy stuff their attention whores >.> This chicks make other girls stupid,why ?? Well is because they watch them follow everything they do Tumblr and other sites have quotes like "Im rich beautiful so suck it" lmao What have they done other than take their clothes off nothing.

      • they know what they are doing for sure…this horrible card is a perfect example. but their behavior (like you already said) is "normal" to a lot of (stupid) people. they believe the same people that consume their horrible show and other stuff the launched are they same people that look at this stupid x-mas card and believe that is just them doing what they always do. acting like rich people. mankind is dying by it's on hands. the amount of people that like the kardashian family is superior in great number to those who like vigilant citizen. "Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it" but nowadays this is ignored.

      • Sometimes I wonder if people like them, and shows like theirs, are really as popular as they seem; or is that another illusion? Are the ratings for reality TV 'fluffed up' to make it seem like that crap is more popular than it really is? Over time, maybe that leads to more people becoming 'into' it, or maybe it's just made to look popular so the media doesn't have to focus on real issues. I'm just tossing out ideas here, but it really seems to me that either they (and crap like them) are not as popular as media would have us believe, or I just am fortunate enough to have never once run into someone (online or in real life) who actually likes them. But just like everything about their lives is manufactured, I have to wonder if their popularity is manufactured too. That would include all reality TV and celeb worship.

      • Hi Elizabeth, you have some really interesting points there. I have wondered that too however it is hard for me understand as it just does not compute in my mind I've met one person that likes watching their show & I think how can anyone like this crap? But you've got girls queuing up to buy their clothes, perfumes & get a signature but then a lot of young girls are reared up watching this & MTV so I guess that's their expectation of what life is like. But I definitely think shows like this are hyped up a lot by the media so people buy into it as you said. A good example is how Miley is being plastered on every magazine & shoved in everyone's faces so it garners interest whereas before her stunt at awards who was really talking about her :-/…?

      • I've wondered the same exact thing. well put. I have never watched these clowns and don't know anybody who does.

      • I agree Rosemary Sage. Why can't the rest of the Christian accept that Christmas is pagan. I am Christian and each year I am more sickened by this holiday which is only about materialism

      • But isn't paganism okay? I mean, it is the natural religion/philosophy of the druids, who worked with nature (and still do) In respect and oneness with nature. Using the knowledge of mother nature to cure illnesses with local plants instead of evil man made chemicals. Governments these days are trying to stop people growing their own herb gardens… (witches at the stake?) .. to actually make it illegal….. Whatever your beliefs may be, who can stop you growing herbs unless they want to stifle the natural power of people and make them buy their pharmaceuticals? I am not a druid, or a pagan, or a Christian or anything that has a label… definitely NOT an Athiest… But also not a hypocrite.
        I guess my point is that Catholicism and Christianity, for example, negate any pagan ideas, but are based upon them, even with their symbols… Isn't that the biggest hypocrisy?
        So much to say, my mind is in turmoil… been reading this site for years and very rarely comment… Must be the moon….
        Peace to all who read this site, and to the VC xx

      • Nothing in this picture represents ANYTHING close to paganism. Clearly you don't know anything about paganism, hence why you're calling it 'the original pagan Christmas'. It is the time for winter solstice and this day is called Yule; the Festival of Lights… Do a little bit of research and you'll come to find that Christianity stole beliefs from pagan culture and if you didn't follow what Christian churches worshiped (there warped versions of pagan history) then you burned at the stake or were traumatized and starved.

    • i hear ya…the neon lights, all that merchandise laying on the ground looking like a pile of trash, it all makes for a rather unappealing image. it just looks so dizzy and impersonal. and i can just see the family looking at the photos, and going "omg, kim. you look so hott. i like it. it's really…edgy."

    • kendall's hips also look…off. seriously? they spend that much time and money on make up, hair, clothes, and props, and they can't get the finishing touches right? i know the picture's crap, but at least sell a believable image…

  1. nothing about this says 'merry christmas' on the other hand, it does say 'merry enslavement/money-hungry/illuminati pawns' – worst family EVER! great analysis VC

    • Christmas has been corrupted by the illuminati themselves anyway it's a false holiday Oh and BTW SANTA spelled backwards spells SATAN

    • face in the crowd on

      We get it. Rewind your broken record and take it off the player. Notice how no one comments on your comments? Because your pathetic attempt to get a rise and incite a discussion/debate here won't work.

      We can't fix stupid, we can't correct hatred. We can, however, mock your pretentious existence in a chat room.

      Again. We get it. You hate pagans.

      Moving on…

      • blackrocker4eve on

        You beat me to it, Marissa…Michael's image is shown that he is the top celebrity that is used even among other celebs…Just goes to show how HUGE MJ was/is that The ILL feels the need to use ANY part of Michael's image to blend in with what's happening today..

  2. This is completely off topic but VC, I'd like to thank you for providing us with this kind of information. I've been following this website since I was 13/14 (I'm 17 now) and I appreciate what you do.I always knew there was something suspicious about the government, the music industry,Hollywood, etc…and I'm glad I stumbled across this website a few years ago. Sadly, none of my friends believe this "illuminati shit"…in fact, everyone ridicules it nowadays.It's become a trend to make fun of "conspiracy nuts". It's really weird & creepy.

    Anyway, that "Christmas card" looks revolting. Merry Christmas though.

    • Don't give in, stay strong and don't be afraid to be different from the others that can't see. Speak your mind, educate yourself and others. I was young too when I learned the truth, but I am so happy I did.

    • I can understand where you are coming from, I too first followed VC when I was 16 now I am 21. This information is not new to me but it's nice to have a forum with people of liked mind. Apart from my family who are very clued up and in tune, everyone else I know thinks its crazy and all nonsense. When there's people like David Ike out there making conspiracy theories look exactly that I see why people would turn off. I wish that I could have a group of friends apart from online communities who I could share this with. All my mates and peers think the illuminati are cool and where inverted crosses t-shirts and satanic jewellery because it's fashionable, they think it makes them one of the trendy cool kids.

      • Contrary to your commentary regarding David Icke, I thank David Icke for his knowledge and wisdom regarding this dreamworld that we call reality. I now understand that we are fighting a battle way beyond the five-sense reality, powers which are mostly unseen. Icke has always stated that the objective of TPTB is to keep the sheeple resonating on the lowest vibration levels to keep us mentally laxed, socially comatose, and completely controlled and brain washed.

        Even Icke's radical theories on "Reptilians" and the "Moon Matrix" are all starting to make sense to me and I can fully connect the dots now.

        Check out one of David Icke's profound videos on YT: /watch?v=WzytGJh9cBY

      • I believe in the dreamworld David Icke speaks about, but my feelings towards him are unsettling. He was one of the first people to speak out about Jimmy Saville disgusting pedophile behaviour decades before it was brought to the public domain. David Icke was discredited by the BBC and made to look like a fool. Now we found out that Saville abused and molested over 500 children. So maybe Icke does speak some truth. I will take a look at that video.

    • oh shits, me too. I found VC exactly when my finals started. : >
      I was 12/13.
      My friends think im the weirdest girl in class in every school I went to (three schools- all varying lifestyles of kids). They dont even really talk about anything… like I dont even remember a conversation they ever had among each other, it was that pointless. Whenever i bring up an interesting topic, science or just cool – they blank out. One girl screamed at me cus I was talking to my bio teacher and a senior boy, apparently my convos are too annoying for her. wut.
      I'm 17 now too.

      • oh yeah, and my best friend told one of her friends about illuminati symbolism.

        and that girl…. started posting instagram photos of her doing the all seeing eye hand thing, and the 666 eye gesture selfies too.

        Strangely.. I was showing a friend of mine some MK Ultra video on YT with the Nazi references and stuff. This guy…idk pushed himself away from the video (mentally manifesting physically) and very strongly made me stop the video and then he went on to play some heavy rock/black/ scremo metal music.

        its all very strange behavior to me…

    • Same story, three years ago I found this site and I'm 20 now. I'm studying Religious Studies now and I'm happy that I finally found 1 person who is also into these kinds of things.
      It's so sad to see that so many people close their eyes for things that are almost too obvious.
      I'm very very happy with VC and the people who visit this site! I learn from them every day…

    • I admire you young folks. You are the reason for this website. So you can have a better understanding. We people over 30 have grownup with rthis mess without the filter like this website

      • absolutely! I'm in my 40's, ALWAYS have known 'something' was 'not right', but got my paradigm shifted about 4 years ago. It's true, hardly anyone wants to hear it, but…..when it all goes down, you will be the first ones that people seek out. Stay strong, objective and KNOW you are on the right paths!

      • I just turned 33, and I've been researching this stuff for some time now. Outside of a handful of people, most are not interested in this kind of info. I admire young people and teenagers who are aware of this information. I wish I had younger people around me who I could relate to when it comes to this information.

      • I also wanted to add, knowing what the atmosphere was like when I was in high school, it can't be easy to be interested in this and at the same time relate to your peers. Don't let the peer pressure get to you. Apparently, it isn't cool to be an independent thinker as opposed to blindly following so you can fit in with the group. Don't let that deter you.

    • Give me the child and i'll make you the man, is an old Jesuit quote, and even in these enlightened times 'they' still have the vast majority in their mind control zombie like state. glad u can see through it though

      • Interestingly, Drake (obviously an industry manufactured drone created to further lower the value of hip hop as an artform, weaken the image of the black male, feminize the black male, create a corporate accessible superstar, redefine the culture internally, etc oh, and push Zionism when the time comes…lol) said

        "I can turn your boy into the man"

        Almost everything we enjoy in terms of entertainment is engineered to inspire certain behaviors from us.

        That's why when an artist like him makes a video like Worst Behavior…it becomes confusing for the masses to accept.

        Before hip hop had (just showcasing a spectrum of some of the cooler figures in chronological order)
        LL, Rakim, Run DMC, Public Enemy and Big Daddy Kane. Then we moved on to MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and Will Smith. Then NWA. Then 2pac and Biggie. Then HOV. Then Nelly and 50 Cent and Eminem. Then Lil Wayne, Kanye, T.I….Now Drake. Like where do we go from here? And the media is ALWAYS on this dudes side. Most artists can't even conduct an interview without being asked about him!

        I'm sorry, but that Jesuit thing really made me think of that Drake line and then the dots connected!! Lol

      • "Hmmm">>>

        My very first concert, in 1984, was the "Fresh Festival" with Kool and the Gang, Run DMC,
        New Edition, LL Cool-J, Lisa-Lisa & Cult Jam, Dougie Fresh, Whodini…..seriously, they were ALL there — and Kool and the Gang was the BEST of them all. Go watch some live videos of Kool and the Gang….such innocent music…every song is about men and women being really attracted to each other and loving each other….all very fun, upbeat music.

        I grew up in the city and this is pretty much what we all listened to, along with MJ, Van Halen, Madonna too. (unfortunately lunatics like Ozzy were around then, but most of us kids were into dance music or rap.

        Now, at 43, I cannot believe what demented garbage people are listening to.

        1984 was not perfect, but I don't remember having my head screwed up by music….and rap music was FUN back then. The lyrics were not obscene, they told a story….the music was not filled with violence….we could all dance to it….and the women weren't treated like meaningless sex slaves to be used and abused either.

        There are some music videos that should be absolutely abolished and banned from existence.

        Even IF none of this symbolism/satanic agenda existed (and I know it does), there are endless reasons to protect kids from the sick words, images, and perverse messages being injected into the minds of beautiful, innocent souls. It really makes me sad and angry.

    • I get the same response when I try talk about these things to friends… really intelligent friends too… They do NOT want to know… It could be conditioning, or fear, or just not wanting to accept that it could be this way… But there are sooo many 'conspiracy theories' from the past that have turned out to be true. One glaring example is King Leopold of Belgium and what he did to the Congo… Read about it… and interestingly this comes out after 100 years… handy, as no one will be alive now from those times… you tube 'vice' (who do brilliant documentaries on way out subject matter) 'Red rubber'…

  3. This comes as no surprise to me. This family is famous because Kim got a visit from the sausage fairy and it was recorded and intentionally released for the world to see. I've never been fond of the reason for her popularity because I feel it sends a horrible message to girls/women.
    This supposed Christmas card just further proves that she and her family of carnival freaks will do anything to further the illuminati agenda in order to gain fame.

  4. they are disgusting! It's a shame this family is even famous to begin with -__-

    Even the children are involved, so sickening!

      • Not us. My soul is eternal.. The end for the world as we know it. For me little to no regret though..

      • It sits right next to thé dollar sign so it is clearly telling us that théy are gona try and destroy thé US economy again we know this is part of thé plan – london thé financial centre is helping to achieve this

    • In-joke for her rear end which has generated significant income? She is famous for her butt and the position of the mannequin next to her reinforces this, among other things.

      • Lol the one in front of her is lying on it's back haha smh I think the photographer was taking shots at all of them though,it's a very confusing image and don't understand what it has to do with christmas.Also the baby is the only person in the photo wearing white,or black and white.Weird

    • I don't think Kanye really loves Kim – in their laughable video 'Bound' he raps about wanting other "bitches" for Christmas and it looks like he's calling her a bitch just before he signs 'shh..'

  5. To the left of Kim (the right for the viewer) reads, "THE EMP" Electromagnetic Pulse – This is the largest font in the picture. Surprised it was not commented on. The Electromagnetic Pulse suggests the possible destruction and ruins that are the setting to this scene.

  6. DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE "THE EMP" along the top left side in neon lights and "COMING SOON" on the right side in neon letters ???

    • Yes, "Comming Soon" was the main thing that I took note of. This image seems to be laying out a lot. It appears on one level, to say that the elite/wealthy will still be looking good even in the comming destruction.

      The woman with her child on the car seat seem to have been traumatised by a crash, although that could just be talking about their "Celebrity" life being like a car crash? The males in the image have all been trodden on or tossed away.

      Leona Lewis new song/album called "one more sleep" was an interesting name. Could that refer to the past year? Meaning; instead of everything comming apart in 2012 – we were given one more sleep before it kicks off this christmas / new year or do we have one more sleep before the New Dawn?

      • Oh please that's ridiculous. The anti Christ is male and already a fully matured man. Not a little baby girl !

      • I dont like to label myself but im sensitive to environment and moods, I dream about things and they come true. I believe in God so I try not to call myself the stuff people do on these shows and books. ANYWAY, I am also an aspiring singer so my producer told me to listen to Yeezus which I had been avoiding furiously, but I did nonetheless, I fell asleep to it playing I had the most horrendous dreams, it really was the most soul shaking night. I kept hearing him screaming in agony and I have since been too scared to listen again to check if it was on the album or my abilities, either way, Kanye West is not OK at ALL!

      • blackrocker4ever on

        I'm a musician, songwriter, producer and artist and I can tell you from experience and knowledge, if you felt like you shouldn't have listened to Kanye then WHY did you? Because you're producer told you to? WHY would he tell you something like that? What was his reason or motive?..Regardless there was NO reason for YOU to listen to anything that you felt that you shouldn't have..

      • kanye is definitely an anti-Christ as is this whole family full of antichrists- most all of a Hollywood is antichrist. but kanye is definitely not THE antichrist. he is too much of clown with no influence. no one is going to follow that babbling fool.

      • Stop it already on

        Just stop it. I thought you were all freaking out because Blue Ivy was the anti-Christ…but now it's Baby North?? Get over yourselves. You people are just grasping at straws now.

    • It's their son, North West, the anti-Christ whose "Coming Soon." The name itself is also a hint, North West, "as above, so below."
      Also know that anti-Christ doesn't necessarily mean satan/devil, but the opposite of Christ consciousness or true enlightment, nothing to do with Christianity.

      • These muppets probably have no clue what any of this means…. They probably wandered in there too high on vanity to even notice what was around them.

        Does anyone honestly believe the anti-Christ would be the spawn of a bunch of degenerates like this family?

  7. I believe most elements in this card are utterly unnecessary (beginning with the family itself)… but the pyramids with eyes in the background and the mannequins are just too much for me to stand. It's like the Illuminati enjoys mocking the people in its ranks, and mocking the people who idolizes them.

    • I don't think it is about Illuminati mocking the people…The real Illuminati have NOTHING to do with this card, with this family.
      "Illuminati" has became a part of today's pop-cultre and the Kardashians are trying to make use of it…
      If it were Illuminati who stand behind it – these symbols would be more subtle – don't you think?? Besides, Illuminati are said to be secret organization, so why would they make their presence so clear and obvious?
      What we see on this card is just a PURE COMMERCE! Why? Because "Illuminati" theme sell these days…

      • i dont agree w/ u. the illuminati know they can be out there and most sheeple will still follow them. they have to reveal the method and they do this thru symbolism and so after its all said and done they can say that they "warned" us and we still fell for it. they want us to be part of our own destruction so it can be "fair" in a way…

      • Exactly, they are trying to make a card that people will talk about. I have never watched their show. I guess people will watch anything. I find from the little I have seen of them, boring and self-obsessive. The sooner they go away the better. They made their money out of nothing, now I wish they would get lost. Nothing to see here, they just want people to talk about their card on talk-shows. Yes, the Illuminati is cool to some these days because they see rap stars etc. making the signs. Believe Illuminati is not that transparent. People make it sound like it is a club any cheap ass entertainer can get into.

  8. Don't know if it's anything too sinister, but looks like the baby in the white dress that being held by one of the women is making a curious hand-gesture too. You have to zoom in to see it.

  9. wow, these tricks went alllll out this year! This "Christmas" card is the worst yet. It's sad to see that their mom has sold all of them out and now the other two girls are about to do the same with their own kids…oh the things people will do for power and the Almighty dollar.

  10. If anything this is just another mockery by the entertainment industry. A christmas card…really? At first glance I would think it's a promo for an appearance in Vegas or something. And their dark clothing is also very symbolic. This is what they are teaching society to emulate. Idol worship of nobodies. Sad state of affairs we are living in!

    • revelation22:11-16 on

      When I read yours that said "And their dark clothing is also very symbolic", it reminded me of the black horse out of 4 mentioned in the Bible.

  11. All of the men were left out (Scott, Lamar, Kanye) besides bruce even baby North was left out!
    I saw a comment on another website by a user called Andrea_Torres (just giving credit) that I really liked:
    "Notice the hand over kendall´s head? this things are not there just because, there are there for a reason, representing something (the hand, maybe representing the chosen one to follow into kims steps?). Also why are there posters only of kim and Bruce? the first ones into fame?. And please do notice that the end sign is featured over kims head, maybe now that she is 30 something and has a baby she is leading her baby sisters into following her steps. Another thing is that there is a surveilling camera and as you already said the saddest part is bruce. and what about Kris, holding a mannequin hand in the air. This screams ILLUMINATI AND SATANISM. And the saddest part is that they no longer make any effort to hide it, its just out in the open for everyone to see, but clearly most people will just "adore this family chirstmas picture" when there is nothing Christmas about it."

      • Notice Rob wears a WWJD bracelet? He tries to separate from them all. I think he is the only Christian perhaps?

      • That's true, he seems to separate himself from the family. He's also the only one who hasn't had any major success in any of his business ventures. Maybe he's so far refused to sell his soul.

      • There is a video you can find on youtube of Kris Kardashian's "talk show" where she is interviewing Kanye, who also wears a WWJD bracelet and she asks him about it. He proceeds to say that he got the bracelet from Rob and wears it because he is a Christian, and starts rambling on a bunch of nonsense regarding his supposed faith. Idk if Rob is a true Christian, but I sure as hell don't trust Kanye, aka the wolf in sheep's clothing (hello? ever heard of actions speak louder than words, Mr. West?!). I think this whole family loves to parade around in their fake image to draw people into their twisted web. It's really tragic.

    • Just a thought on

      Perhaps it's referring to the fact that the end is near for Kim in order to make way for Kendall who will take her place?

      • face in the crowd on

        A simpletons musings here:

        What if it is just a tacky arrangement shot by a debatably talented photographer at the directive of a medicated group of rich people who happen to be family and complete narcissists and with their publicists in tow, they agree they need to generate more gossip and revenue FAST, so they seek to incite some kind of reaction from people, something, anything, because they KNOW their status in society is fading, they are trying desperately to be relevant…

        Fame is degenerative. Like beauty. Like telomeres…

        If they are "connected" or not to the Illuminated Powers, just stay in the moment and use your collective power as an INFORMED consumer to avoid anything associated with the brand. Once the brand looses capital and looses relevancy, the cycle stops and the rest of us will be spared the future "Kendel Kardashian" clothing line and make up and sex stories. No one will back something the public is not interested in. I have faith in the human brains ability to recognize and mitigate danger, even to the soul/psyche so just…resist as much media as you can and what you can't, back up with reading printed publications from CREDIBLE sources. Ok. Go! :)

        This may sound harsh but lets just wake up and get our own lives. These people CRAVE relevancy = fame= cash and please please please don't let their tack Holiday Card convince you they are relevant. It is quite sad actually.

        The point is: do not assign value to the brand.

    • A few researchers suggest that the hand above the head in images – particularly Public figures means that they have been chosen for sacrifice. One researcher showed lots of images of albums, posters etc of musicians like the Beatles artwork etc.

    • Actually I see two pictures of North West in this photo. The one of her with the light around her head (like a baby Jesus) and in the closeup of Bruce, if you look to his right, you can see a large picture of North West on the wall.

  12. It's scary how blatant this is you'd be a fool not to believe it. This "family" is so far gone and this "Christmas" card further proves it. At least their past cards showed them as a family but this one is disgusting. All they car about is fame, money, and materialism and they will literally do anything to keep it.

  13. Is that Michael Jacksons glittery glove on top of one of the younger sisters head? She's the one who started a modeling career with a major agency when she was really young right? I don't know that much about them, I've only caught that show a couple times. You see one episode, you've seen them all.

  14. This has to be one of the tackiest photo-shoots I have every seen. It has been photo-shopped to death. This is not art, not creative, it is just disgusting and overdone.

  15. it's crazy because initially i didn't believe in the illuminati stuff but the first time i seen this christmas card a few minutes ago today, my spirit inside me said it wasn't right and it's crazy because everything you pointed out was what i pointed out initially to myself. i NEVER liked what this family embodies and stood for. and this card just was eerie to me, and not to mention the disrespectful magazine cover with kanye on it as if he's Jesus…this card wasn't ironic this was true symbolism to the fullest.

    and to think i once wanted to go into the entertainment industry…i think I'll past…
    GOD bless and thanks for this post

  16. I have been thinking about this one on and off all day. It is unmistakeable Lachapelle styling and palette. I think Bruce is unlikely to feature in future cards.

  17. does anyone notice the golden dolls infront of kim and kris, just laying there like it's their lost souls… And maybe i go to far now But next to the dolls there's pictires of their faces. What a sick poster, sick family… Hope God Will Save their souls.

    • Yep, I noticed that too. Everything on the set of a shoot is premeditated and deliberated. Down to the Wheaties box of Bruce located at the bottom of the pyramid. Bruce has been demoted…

  18. Please update this post after you go thouroughly back over. there are "three cartoonish faces" on the steps gazing at Kim posterior. There is soooo much in each scene, and its bewildering how Kim face is all in the background even in scenes she is not in, also what is up with the black african women w/babies? This scene looks very "egyptian". I believe the sister with the headdress is "egyptian" origin and the sister w/o seems to be giving "egyptian pose'. *I vaguely remember different stances from egyptian history from their hieroglypic symbols and statues always had a "pecuilar' stance to them. Also it looks like Kourntey baby in her arm is doing the "devil horns" …I don't see the EMP, but a lot of disfigured mannequins usually do not mean good things. its peculiar that they included or spotlighted the headlines from various magazines like they did…kanye's, etc. But I find it MOST peculiar that no "male" is included in the pic. Could Bruce be a pawn? and the other men "handlers"? #just throwing things out for food for thought. *Sorry for long post* **Longtime reader*

    • I too hope that VC will again report on this card more thoroughly. There's SO MUCH MORE to this picture than stated. Every inch of the picture has SOMETHING.

      • I agree, there is so much more to this photo, like the strange Michael Jackson-like hand on top of Kendall's head, why is Bruce IN a glass box? Meanwhile, if you see the special on TV about the making of this photo, the photographer didn't even WANT any men, or kids in this shoot. Why is that? Yet, they had all of these "excuses" as to why the other men couldn't "make it" to the photo… I find it weird that while the family is in the middle of divorce situation, that Bruce would even WANT to be in the photo and especially one that depicts him as being isolated from the rest of the family… like a caged animal. It's disturbing! VC please keep us posted on the stuff you find, there is still so much to this picture…

    • I don't know if anybody noticed that all the men are left out except for Bruce and Mason. This blows my mind because the Illuminati are tied directly through masonry to the sun and Isis cults of ancient Egypt.

  19. I showed my 14 year old daughter the card as she watches the show. She saw a lot of the symbols but when I pointed all the aspects out in the card, she thought they were all wrong and felt sorry for the children. She said that they were all soulless monsters and she had seen them slip further away from the normal world as the series went on. She also felt a sense of sadness for the dad. She is a true humanitarian who does a lot of work at school looking after the younger girls and also has strong values about life.

  20. Really interesting choice for a Christmas card, because nothing says "Tis the season to be jolly" like the all seeing eye pyramid and an African mother and a baby on her teet. I noticed not only does it say "fame" in ghetto chicken scratch, but to the left of it, it says "More" More Fame. Everyone keeps talking about how there are no men in the picture, well look at the group of them naked behind the burning trashcan with the light of illumination shining down on them, seems suspicious enough, could they be the ones gaining illuminated status at the expense of this family and ultimately everyone? they are naked, meaning they have nothing to hide anymore..

  21. Also, Khloe is the ONLY on the floor,…well in a car seat, is it bc she is not highly regarded like Kim and Kort or the twins? Or could it possibly be a slick way to do "as above, so below". IDK. Their cards have always given me the addams family "vibes" but this one takes the cake!

    **Hey it may be worth it to compare past Christmas cards to this one**. I really believe you have to be "in the know" to decipher these things …otherwise we can just give suppositions based on prior or previous evidenced things…like devil horns, certain stances and poses, etc…but all I have to say is, none of their cards ever look "happy". *keep deciphering and searching* #fond of your site #just think this card needs deeper looking due to so much symbolism

  22. Doesn't anyone notice the breasts and pubic hair of the woman underneath Kendall's right arm???? I mean how blatant does that have to be??

    • Yes I said that on

      Did you notice how perfectly her sleeve from her dress is placed perfectly over the naked woman's head as if she is about to sacrificed or assassinated.

      • Someone else noticed!!!! My guess it is Baphomet watching over the whole thing….
        It is said he has breast and phallus.

      • Half the men on Miami beach have moobs though …… they can't all be Baphomet. It may relate more to the sign of the end times where it will be difficult to tell men and women apart and gender boundries will gradually fade. Hence the rise of bisexuality and group activity. I know women whom I know to be completely hetrosexual who will make out with anyone or anything of any gender after a few lines of coke. They are the kind of fragrant, nubile girls whom you would never associate with that kind of behavior. They still see themselves as regular, straight women in serious relationships.

  23. I think we've seen just about every bizarre occult thing during this special numbered year, 2013!! What a "great" way to wrap up the year, Kardashians!

  24. Some things I noticed…. Also, this is the PERFECT Christmas card. Christmas is as fake as these people and all about materialism and consumerism. It has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. But it says the end over Kim's head. There's a red light over the younger girls (prostitution). There looks to be a depiction of Heaven and hell in one of the odd murals. It not only says fame over Kris Jenner, it says money to her right. Kourtney's daughter is doing the hail satan hand sign. Bruce appears to have lost his identity and is suffocating from the money and fame. There's a hand headdress on one of the girls (mind control). Everyone's in black bc they're walking dead. Kris's headdress reminds me of Maria in metropolis. The blonde mannequin has one eye covered. Kourtney is in front of an ATM machine bc these girls have been Kris's ATM machine for awhile. AND last (but not least) Kris is the ONLY one smiling in the pic. She's the boss and controller in this family.

    • I actually thought it may have meant the return of Christ. i.e we're at the end (thus why it's written on the far left – typical occult backwards way of thinking)

      • Yeah, the Illuminati sure want the people know that the elites are losing.

        Which they are, but they sure as *hell* wouldn't want the "little people" to know it.

  25. Everyone in the photo is looking (or pointing in the case of Kendall) to Kim. Also the baby is the only "innocent" one left as she's wearing white. But maybe the devil horns she's giving us is a preview of what's to come…

    • JesusChrstBeliever on

      aww..someone else saw the child doing the sign too! Sooo sad for the babies being raised in this family as their is no chance for them as they too will be signed over to satan :( llluminati are people who sold their souls to the devil for wealth in this lifetime but they are now slaves of satan and no good come from them. God will have his day with them b/c in Matthew 19:24 "Again tell you, it is easier for a camel to o through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God." Obviously they think it is worth giving up eternal life in Heaven with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to be condemned in hell for all eternity! Kanye once said in an interview he was a Christian an within 2 sentences he was cussing! I am not perfect and have cussed but I am not presenting as he did to millions of people and I don't have a picture of myself depicting Jesus Christ He along with other musical artists have come out with albums titled "I AM"..that is what God Almighty said to Moses Exodus 3:14 "God said to Moses "I AM WHO I AM> This is hat you are to say o the Israeltes: 'I M has sent me to you.' " So those who have "I AM" in the title of their albums you might consider the as part of illuminati! God bless you!

  26. God bless you Vigilant Citizen. You provide us with 'heavy' information all year long. Sometimes (oftentimes!) it is all so overwhelming and disgusting (like this photo) that I want to scream. You remain in the trenches and keep us informed. Thank you so much for all that you do.

  27. @Define, Just noticing that…everyone is either looking toward or pointing with hands or elbows toward Kim. So is "the end" for Kim? is this passing of guard from Kim to her younger sister? I think we can all agree this pic is very eery, symbolic, and will probably be talked about and deciphered for a long time now.

    Could everyone be pointing at Kim, bc she's the idol? and/or their money-maker? *where's paris when you need her! LOL

  28. when are these ppl gonna just go away? How are they even relevant? This card looks like an ad for a Vegas act, not a Christmas card. Pathetic

  29. I actually seen this on Radar Online and posted a comment about this being Illumaniti and my comment was quickly deleted!

  30. Ah, I remember where I have seen a hat similar to the one Kylie wears for this "card". It was designed by Philip Treacy for Tara Palmer Tomkinson to wear to the Royal Wedding.

    • Several guests of the wedding wore yoni shaped hats, which represents the female "organ", but the royal wedding was a big tribute to the occult so it adds up. But this is a Christmas card! I'd love to know what Kris' hat represents…

      • You should read up on Treacy some time, colorful character even by Industry standards and possibly one of David's……….

  31. this family is fucked up! really so sad and what kind of f**** christmas card is this? christmas cards should be happy cards not like that!

  32. I noticed the "coming soon" over what appears to be baby North's glorified head! I want to say that the possible meaning is that "Horus" the Sun God or Lucifer rising up to rule the world is what's coming soon…Thus we also have "the end" of the old world is over Kim's head…The dismembered manikins represent human Satanic sacrifice that they all take part in to gain their fame and fortune!

  33. Juststoppingby on

    Hello people…I work for David and know him personally and I assure u that he's not going for what u think he's going for. I don't disagree that there is a bizarre club of powerful people somewhere but it's not all that secret. David is an artist. And much like artist of past decades he captures the life and times of our decade, while displaying his perception of his subjects.

    • Well his "art" is ugly garbage that glorifies destruction, greed, and evil. And sorry, but I doubt that many people here are going to buy that the illuminati crap wasn't what he was going for with such obvious symbolism, especially the pyramids and eyes-of-Horus. Excuse me for saying that you're either very gullible, or simply full of it.

      • Meh, OK…I kind of thought you were trolling, my bad. I appreciate your laid-back response, as well as your further clarification to the poster below. I still don't like the photo, (unavoidable for me given the "krappy" subject matter) but I can see how it can be considered a valid artistic commentary on the state of society.

    • So does that mean that all the symbolism that isn't hidden in any way is just coincidence? And all his other work that contains similar references/symbolism is all coincidence too? It must have taken a long time to set up the Kardashian shoot, I'm not convinced that all the little details weren't put there without a lot of thought. Very interested in your thoughts about this.

      • Juststoppingby on

        I can say this. Yes it does take a lot of work to put together these sets. David is both very compassionate and talented. To refer to him as an "elite" photographer is kinda funny to me, knowing him as someone so down to earth with very nice but modest living…I know I've been to his NY apartment several times. I was very interested in how people would receive this image. If you know anything about David, you would probably know that his mentor was Andy Warhol. They were very close. David was inspired by Andy's perception of the famous and glamorous ones. Only David has always had a way of distorting and inflating the truths he would see in his subjects. The Kardashian photo is no different. He didn't just set the stage for a Kardashian Christmas, but for society's modern day Christmas…Destruction, greed, glamour, caos, religion, and of course, family

      • I Hate Andy Warhol, he encouraged crappy pop art and the drug scene and was indirectly the cause of Edie Sedgwicks demise. Andy being David's mentor speaks volume of the kind of person David must be. The Kardashians chose David as the photographer for a reason. Feathers of the same flock together.
        An ardent VigilantCitizen Reader

      • Juststoppingby on

        Actually Kanye chose him. And trust me David and Andy were very close, the only person I know David loving as much was Michael. I don't know if those relationships speak volumes about David as a person, but there's so much more to him than his famous friends. All you have to do is ask him

      • Well, I want to ask him. Where is he?

        I watched the Kardashian Christmas special on on demand (thank goodness for day forward) abd noticed he was really hesitant about the children being there. What was that all about? Did it ruin the agenda he was set out fulfill?

      • This seems to be a common story nowadays, focusing on the darker side of society. So why do they do this ALL the time though? When was the last time you saw positivity pushed in a photoshoot or music video? It's all dark imagery. It's hard not to see that the dark is being pushed intentionally despite the official story the artists/directors/photographers give us…

      • Perhaps this illuminati business is a way to capture more attention and money. I had no desire to watch the Kardashian's show until now. Perhaps we've been played. Hopefully, this over-the-top picture will help more people realize what the meaning of Christmas really is and the Kardashians are a metaphorical sacrifice. It is creepy though. Almost as if Bruce Jenner is imprisoned and clutching for his past. I've recently read about Kylie using marc Jacobs eyeliner in this photo and I believe he needs to be investigated more. Also the hat she is wearing was designed by someone who has ties with the royal family.

      • Please humor me on

        So if this is about modern day Christmas then tell me, what is going on in the back ground behind the two teenagers (whatever their names are). What is up with the mannequins, African women with the baby, the pyramids with the all seeing eye, ect.? I get the Destruction, greed, glamor, chaos, religion, and family. But the images I pointed out have nothing to so with all of that.

      • Hey. You sound very genuine about believing that the photographer put this very bizarre set together from a purely artsy, albeit twisted point of view. I just think that you should come to terms with the possibility that one, you do not know him that well and two, that it is very possible for a person to exist as a 'compassionate' person with a nice homey pad and still be a pawn of the system – he may be one of the several people with multiple personalities in the arts whose creative output does not add up to the person that you know. Many exposed satanists for example are church going Jesus-loving people with wholesome lives but can be triggered to do the most horrendous of things that usually leave people that they know dumbfounded.
        Whatever the case, the picture speaks for itself. I do not believe that even the most creative mind would put all this together with no clue about the message that it is sending or the meanings of the symbols. For one, you would be hard pressed to find a person who uses the internet daily that does not know about the conspiracy surrounding such commonplace symbols like the pyramid with the all seeing eye so it is safe to assume that he does. Why then did he place it in his picture?
        I am no authority on whose in this 'illuminati' game but quoting other celebrities that he looks up to does not help his case either. It could just mean that these are the people that initiated him.
        Tell me something though, having read the article and VC's take on the picture, are you not even a little bit curious as to which team your friend David is batting for?

      • Juststoppingby on

        haha I'm not really taken by this honestly. I've seen a lot in my field. I'm not oblivious to the secret societies nor their control over people, (hell all I have to do is come here to see that, this is like an Illooominaty Fan Page). But I'm also not on a witch hunt. I'm not religious so exposing a Satanist has no real value to me, nor does the credit of someone being"Jesus loving". I believe that people have allowed religion to control far too much about our perception and progression. To me, my perception of David's works has always been a man who tells the story of his subjects in a very relieving way. (And the stories he shares about working with some of these famous folks are hilarious, ridiculous and endless) In this particular shoot. No secrets were left out. I mean, if you all are about "truth" being brought to light, this image did the work for you. Any other concept would have been a facade about this family. Like I said. Glamour, Excess, Destruction, Sex, Publicity, Money, Fame…and of course Family. That's the Kardashians and these are the times…Now TO ALL OF YOU get some sleep or get out and create something impacting with what you have to say!

      • Juststoppingby on

        Besides if you could see his latest collection, you would be blown away, he's getting a tired of working with celebs..I cant say much now but its amazing and you can see it January

      • I dunno – I am ex Industry and I know people who have worked with David on the other side of the lens. You must know that emphasising his friendship with Warhol is not going to amount to a glowing endorsement of character. It is a mystery to me why you labored that point.

      • Keep looking, Juststoppingby. You're obviously searching. Why don't you ask Jesus to open your eyes to see what you need to see. If it doesn't work, you haven't lost anything. If it does work, you've gained everything.

    • Please. David is just the one taking the pictures. This bizarre club of power you speak of are the ones creating the shoot. David whom you work for just accepts the pay check.

      • ~~~David is just the one taking the pictures~~~
        It could happen!
        However David is still profiting from the evil that this "bizarre club of power" who is creating this evil shoot that sends a message of their evil plans for humanity!

      • Juststoppingby on

        Haha well I certainly wish it was as simple as getting an outline from a mysterious source, but then it wouldn't be art. David along with his LA and NY team spend countless hours on creating these concepts. Though his works are so complex and even controversial..He's a much more simple guy then you may think.

    • Art? Artist? No. It's propaganda. The same old pattern of surreal symbolism repeated with the same props and scenery from artist to artist, generation to generation. Anyone can do this, it's a formula. Try it for yourself. Throw together a random selection of the following items: pyramid, eye, sexualized female, body parts, mannequin, masonic images, other religious images, children, toys, iconic consumer products, and money images. Now just add a fashion model/performing artist, and shoot. I'd like to say it started with Madonna's costume in Desperately Seeking Susan but it goes back even further Led Zeppilin's Houses of Holy, Beatles' Sgt. Pepper, and I'm sure even further.

  34. Awake or Asleep? on

    It is more like a scary, morbid Halloween card…

    Kim. k has a recent pic on her instagram of herself with a pyramid/eye and claims it is nothing… why the hell is it on your Christmas card then?? and why is your boyfriend rapping he "sold his soul to the devil"

    Is no one going to start seriously asking these so called celebrities, musicians, politicians ,royals, actors, newspaper/ fashion/ magazine editors the REAL questions on WHAT THE HELL IS REALLY GOING ON??
    They are always asked the same repetative, dumb questions.
    I guess the sad truth is anyone who has tried to get to the TRUTH or tell us the TRUTH is dead, missing or in jail.

    Most People of the World see, hear and feel this darkness taking over – Keep watching it so we can keep battling it.

    A True Spirit is Unbeatable.

    • Awake or Asleep? on

      oh yeah I forgot to mention where in the world is their brother/ son Rob Kardashian in this beautiful Christmas card??

    • Awake or Asleep — YES !!!!!

      A million times over — yes, I agree.

      They need to be cornered and questioned….so many of them playing their secret games, all hushing each other…..even Shh tattoos. lol

      It's crazy that there is this BIG elephant in the room and every time these people are interviewed, the elephant is completely IGNORED.

  35. I find all the little pictures of Kim throughout the card really disturbing.

    I didn't believe in the Illuminati stuff either, but it seems like the more people talk about it the more blatant they are about it. One of the trickiest ways to hide something is to hide it in plain sight. If it's a secret club then why would I just where clothes with pyramids and eyes on it? Most people think this stuff is crazy anyway so they don't buy into it even when it's right in their face.

  36. This looks more Halloweenish than Christmasy. (I know that these are not real words). I guess Kanye being Jesus on a magazine cover is their nod to Christmas.

  37. One of the most disturbing images of this symbolic "clusterphuck" of esoteric imagery is the depiction of Kourtney's son Mason on the "backseat" with Khloe. Obviously, he is made to look as if he's dead. He is laying there lifelessly, and his lymph arm is extended toward the floor, yet his eyes are open as if still alive, yet he looks like he's a zombie and has had the life sucked out of him or in a trance.

    Also, among the dismembered mannequins, there is a golden corpse laying directly below Kris. I spotted another corpse laying directly under the Egyptian images behind Kylie and Kendall, but the corpse is not golden like the one under Kris. This corpse looks like it's either decayed or it is suppose to symbolize a masculine black corpse. It is interesting that this corpse is located directly under the Egyptian images of African women and African baby. Could the African mother and baby image represent Kanye & Donda (Mother and Son)? Could it represent Kanye's impending demise of his career or even his death?

    • I was thinking more along the lines of Isis or a black madonna with child (notice the figure to the right of the woman with child). The woman also has a gold disc behind her head which may represent the sun).

    • "Could it represent Kanye's impending demise of his career or even his death?"
      Now THAT would make for a wonderful Christmas gift!!!
      : )

  38. If you look at the full picture, it has " The EMP" but The is pointed towards the dollar sign.

    Could this symbolize "The money EMP" is coming soon??

    The Money Emp is left side near the stair case

    Coming soon is on the right side of the picture

  39. My theory about this Evil family is that Robert kardashian was a blood sacrifice. If u remember this family, especially Kim did not become famous until after his death. Funny….because Kanye was famous and into his "blackness" before his mother died. He was like the male Lauren hill of his time. He had real informative and awakening songs. He even had songs dissing Kim kardashian and calling her a gold digger. Funny, after his mother died in a "freak accident" he became so materialistic and Europeanist. I remember going to one of his first concerts and it wasn't that crowded and he had on polo khakis and polo shirt with a basic red backpack. These people especially Kanye and Lamar are very much brainwashed and desperate to be down with the click. Look at Jennifer Hudson (off the subject) but after damn near her whole family was killed she became more famous. Just a theory but I'm just saying…….

    • Yes, yes, i agree with you. Your comment made me think of a comment I read on another blogsite about Kanye being a marked man:

      "Kanye is caught in a major trap. He is a wanted man.

      Kanye and Kim have been creeping for years. All the way back to when he was with Alexis. Before he was completely turned out by Hollyweird. Kim didn’t go public before because she was building her brand. Believe it or not, Kim is a step up from Amber Rose, who is a known stripper, prostitute of a different kind.

      Kim needed Kanye to help her through her divorce and the backlash of being married for 72 days.

      But what Kanye doesn’t realize is that Kim is an energy vampire, who leeches off people’s aura. She is an empty vessel with no real talent or anything substantive to offer. She has made a name for herself sucking the the life out of people- particularly BLACK people. All to gain approval. She is a deeply insecure woman who has been rejected by Anglo whites, and seeks validation by sleeping with Black men and thinking that she is BETTER than Black women. She has hijacked beautiful black physical attributes only to pass it off as authentic and part of her Armenian heritage, Her self esteem revolves around feeling that she is better than BLACK WOMEN.

      Kim has scheming plans of her own. Hooking up with Kanye was the beginning of the setup for Kanye’s downfall and Kim’s redemption. They have been creeping for more than 10 years- so the timing of the pregnancy was calculated. The public hated they way she shammed everyone with that ridiculous marriage. Kanye is caught in a major trap, but he’s blinded. He doesn’t see that he’s being exploited, now being used as a puppet and pawn for the Kardashian empire, his career is already on a downturn. He will pay the ultimate price.

      He is now attacking paparazzi that Kim and her people plant to stalk Kanye. They provoke him daily, making him look paranoid and crazy. That way when he dies in a sudden accident it can be easily explained. When he OD’s on anti-psychotics it will “explain” his past behavior.

      Kanye knows that he is a marked man. He also knows that his time is limited. Jay-Z cant protect him anymore. Kim knows this as well, by having his child and sole heir.

      Once Kanye's suicided, Kim will cash in as the grieving baby-mama! Checkmate."

      • I totally agree. Baby north's bday is June 15. I mean june(6) plus 15(6) 2013 (2+1+3=6) 666
        Plus she had a c section. Hmmmm…. People need to wake up and and smell the stankness of this evil family….I had never thought that they were sneaking around with each other but yes it all was an ultimate plan. I think it was the last year Christmas card that they had the Masonic Christmas card with the checkerboard floor. They are just like the osbornes on a newer level. Oh well good always prevails over evil so they won't win in the end it's just having these people I the media 24/7 it's like go sit down somewhere…..

      • yikes that's horrifying…but very insightful…

        …I hate to say this because I don't wish death on anyone, but I have a similar fear for Kanye…unless he turns back from all of the darkness and seeks God's mercy and good graces, I fear he may be doomed…in this life and the next…

        …apart from the tackiness of this 'famous for being famous' family this photo is beyond creepy…it conveys pure evil…

      • thx bluboy! yes I agree Dutchess comment right there is very deep; Especially the part about kim being insecure…..I feel no sorrow for this fake chick especially seeing how she did her second ex husband (Chris) diiirrrttyyyy! on national tv! he was talking about how much he loved her, and she was talking with her sisters about how she didnt like him anymore! after like 20 days….She used that man……but what comes around goes around…….Happy Holidays !

    • According to a very recent tabloid magazine (I know, I know) Rob K has put on a lot of weight. (The stress of being in the Kardashian family would drive anyone to seek solace in food, or in Lamar's case, crack.) In the eyes of "Pimp Mama Kris" (shout-out to Mike K of Dlisted) he's probably not svelte or sexy enough for this here "glamour shot."

  40. I think Khloe is probably on the backseat of the car because she has no control of where she is heading or the path she is on. It also looks like Kourtney' s hand is on top of her head, like Khloe is being mind-controlled.

    Next to the ATM machine there seems to be a collage of pictures & videos of the family from past times. It's as if the family was being watched by the elite even in those early days.

    I also believe the teenagers, Kendall and Kylie are being used for perverted actions. The vulva-shaped hat, and the nude pictures of women behind them suggests so.

    I feel especially bad for the young ones. I bet Kendall and Kylie didn't even see it coming when they were introduced to the modeling word. I also feel horrible for Kourtney's two children. They will be raised in a home full of debauchery and evil and have no say whatsoever.

    I think we all should all take a moment and be glad that we can make our own decisions and think for ourselves. I was raised in a struggling working-class home, but I was free to think, create, and grow as a person. These people may have all the money in the world and can have absolutely anything they want, but they don't have any will – one of the greatest gifts of God.

  41. One of the sisters near the pyramid has her hands shaped like snakes, notice also that they all show their left leg. Like the right hand is the devil's hand.
    The baby "Jesue" with the sign "coming soon" on top of it could be a the announcement of the coming of the Antichrist. That would explain "the end", which is the Apocalypse

  42. LMAO! What a piece of involuntary comedy. This thing is horrendous – all the bad taste of the world in one ugly-ass poster. Where is my vomit bag? LOL

  43. blackrocker4ever on

    Look at Kourtney while she's holding her little girl..Look at the little girl's hand..She's making an "ok" sign which we all know to be "666"..That right there to me, more than anything else in the photo, shows just how sinister this photo and this family truly is..By having the toddler forming her little fingers into the "666" is saying how young they start out and this is what The ILL wants more than anything..The children…Also not that the only 2 males in the pic is Bruce and Mason..No Rob, who is their brother, no LaMar, Khloe's husband, etc..The power in the family are the women..The power in the music industry are the female artists..Same thing here..

  44. Disgusting filthy wasteland! It's as if they have sold their flesh and their very souls for fame. Just sick. These people need prayer, especially the children.

    Please tell me that's not MJ's glove on that girls head! You know people like the Kardashians and lady gaga who bought a lot his MJ's clothing would do satanic rituals with his items since he was a victim of the Illuminati.

  45. long time reader, first time comment.
    i was hoping this would be written about when i saw the christmas special on e! last night.
    did anyone else see it & notice how khloe eerily cupped her hands into O's, put them around her eyes, and started going hoo! hoo! like an owl? like i saw that and was like, omg, how weird & blatant, and then like five min later the entire family starts hooing like owls and putting one cupped hand over one eye.
    it's on e!'s website, if you search kardashian christmas
    special owl hoo hoo

    • I saw that too! I couldnt believe how khloe kept doing that and how the rest just followed as if she was triggering mind control to flash their symbols! She was smirking when she was doing it like saying, "look at me! 666! In your face!" Another thing, hooting like owls really stood out to me because of the Bohemian Grove. I know politics and entertainment business are two far off subjects but when it comes to the illuminati an their agenda, those two come together. This card o evil and shows nothing but symbolism. It makes me sick. Why wouldn't kim have her daughter on the "family christmas card" isnt it her first? Why isnt Rob apart of it? This is insane. I mean how much more "in your face" can this be? And for kim to clame she doesnt know what "illuminate" is… It's Ridiculous.
      Another thing i noticed on the special is that, it seemed like there was something wrong with the jenner sisters like something was bothering them.

  46. Someone commented on the baby making the "666" hand gesture. The youngest of the Klan depicted in this picture, representing satanism makes it very obvious what they are and who they worship.

    Let's not forget, North West’s number is 666, born on 6/15/2013. (6) / (1 + 5= 6) / (2 + 0 + 1 + 3= 6)

    Numerology is very important to the occult. All systems of the Satanic, Luciferian and Kabbalistic religions of mysticism are based upon numbers.

    ‘Occultists worship numbers. They believe that numbers have inherent power and everything in the universe can be explained mathematically. Numbers are seen as the key of life and every letter of the alphabet is merely a symbol of a corresponding number. Our digitized world is the fulfillment of the kabbalists’ utopia where every thought and action can be assigned to numbers. You“cannot buy or sell” unless you have a social security number. A popular saying is “You’re just a number”. The Digital Paradise decreases our humanity by reducing humans to digits and paves the way for the Perfected Man, the socially-engineered Marxist man machine.’

    ‘Watch for NWO engineered events (terrorist attacks, serial killings,
    special events. assassinations etc. – they will have some of these
    numerical associations. They are 3, 7, 9,21, 33, 39, 93, 666
    The Master Magick numbers of 11 and 13
    Multiples of 7, 11, and 13
    Inverted numbers like 31, 93′

    These celebs are HEAVY in Satan/Luciferian worship.

    Kanye DID say he “sold his soul to the Devil”…

  47. Looking forward to see if VC posts about the death of Paul Walker — something doesn't seem right, and the odd 'predictions' realeased ie: Paul Walker death hoax released one day before his reported death, and the death of 'Brian' from Family Guy perhaps being a nod towards plans of this car accident. Him reportedly dying at age 40 at the hands of a business partner. Something isn't right.. Sorry to post here, but I just know in my gut this incident didn't naturally occur. I hope VC writes about it.

    • I was just about to write a comment along these lines! Also, I hear there was a short clip of FF released a couple of days ago of "Brian" at a funeral , where he mentions that one more death has to happen..

    • Paul walker —the rolling stone reporter— both cars blow up– porsche and mercedes cars. the mercedes cars are engineered and built for the ultimate performace and safety. Randy Quiad was speaking the truth a while back. some group of people are making there fellow brother & sister blood sacrifices to the devil—to many people are dieing —add this to the disgusting rate of abortion across the USA– the fight between good and evil —continues— VC — may the Lord Bless u and your team this Christmas season

    • I really hope VC writes something up on Paul Walker's death. I just watched a YT video of Tyrese visiting the crash/death site of Paul Walker, and it immediately seemed very strange to me. I know that people usually create shrines or memorials at the scenes where a loved one passes, but I got a very eerie feeling while watching this video- which I can't explain. I felt like something much more was happening beyond what appeared. Tyrese was not doing anything abnormal, he just had a flower in his hand, took a moment to bend down, then and he walked completely around the memorial area.
      Seems harmless, but knowing what I know about the demonic industry of Hollywood, I suspect that there was energy there at Paul's death site that those would need to harness, absorb and tap into in order to complete certain rituals and reap the rewards of blood sacrifices. Think about when Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room the night of Clive Davis's pre-grammy awards party. Her corpse remained in her hotel room, which was located just a few floors above where the party was held and was not removed until hours AFTER the party ended. That was not by coincidence. Rituals were being performed.

      • Paul walker reminds me of James dean's death … I mean they both are actors and into cars plus action and they both died in mysterious ways including when Paul and James died they both we're driving the same brand of the car

    • What also doesn't seem right is Nelson Mandela passing the day of the biopic film about him was released…I heard it was announced to the audience after the film

  48. I think that "if you eat your cereal (wheaties) you'll be able to make it to the top (of your day)" or in this case, top of the pyramid, so whatever it takes for you to get to the top with the elite.

  49. Never forget that it was Ryan Seacrest that put this family on the map after he saw Kim's 'sex' tape…


  50. Wow VC, Can't believe you've posted an article on this! as earlier today I was pointing out all the symbols out to myself, such as the silver vagina alien head dress, the mannequins, the pyramid with the one-eye, Kris Jenner with the Cleopatra head dress. This was shot by Dave La Chapelle, who is Kanye's favourite photographer, hmmmmm, funny eh? the family ditched their usual Xmas Card photographer for La Chapelle……. and he has also photographed many illuminati-symbolism laden shoots so this shouldn't be surprising for a start. Also La Chapelle did not want the kids to be on the set but Kourtney wanted them included in the photoshoot but what I think is odd is that its supposed to be a Xmas Card, yet it has a post-Apocalyptic theme to it, hmmmmm…….Keep 'em comin VC, keep 'em comin.

  51. Did anyone notice the ribbons in the Armenian flag order next to Kris? thought that was kind of neat to include Robert Sr. in it. LaChapelle is a genius

  52. Hope Khloe and little Mason aren't scheduled to die :'(
    First thing that image made me think about, next to how Klohe may be seen as just riding KIm's fame because she is deemed less attractive.. but that's what they are all doing

    Still doubt any of them know about the illuminati.. just pawns,

    Or maybe I'm the gullible one

  53. One of the African looking people in the background looks like it has male and female body parts. Is that symbolizing duality??

  54. this pic i feel can be viewed in reverse. Bruce is at the end suffocating, his medals cant "save" him. He's gone, forgotten. Kris is triumphant at her own efforts oblivious of the fact that behind her bruce is in distress. she is triumphant at what lies before her, her daughters who she has managed to give to the entertainment industry for money and fame. skip the rest, and kim is at the top with a huge $ sign. she is on a stairway leading to the top. one of the top stair has an arrow showing there are more steps ahead. kim can get at the top if she wants to. she is not yet there yet but with the arrow she can reach a status far greater than what she has now. notice also that she is at a far distance from the rest of the family (she is above the rest) and she is on the steps on the way to the top. other things we cant see clearly, right? the images behind kendall and kylie esp the ones with pyramids and a mother with a baby? what are the t.vs showing?

    • Why Bruce would even agree to be in this photo shoot is beyond me. He deserves what he has in his life, he invites it in and puts up with it. He looks like a complete fool.

      • He was probably forced to do it. Maybe even threatened. This is a strange family we are dealing with here that only cares about money and power.

    • Great analysis. I completely agree with you. Kim is definitely the focus. There are loads of smaller pictures of her all over the place, but I have yet to find any of the others.

      • There are loads and loads of tiny pix of Bruce in his running shorts all over the photo. Along with the face of Kim everywhere. This card may just be the tipping point for many to start believing in the not so hidden Agenda, because even on mainstream blogs and sites the Kard has received so many negative comments. This family must have been 'Chosen' years ago and Kris has gradually transformed her house with black and white everywhere and masonic checker board floors. The women in this family have a 'witch' vibe around them nowadays especially the matriarch, and I think Kim kept her daughter out of this shoot to protect her, becos she knows full well what she's doing. The men are well out of it and I hope Rob manages to ecape whatever evil energy is being generated.

  55. INDEED this one can win the prize for the LESS Christmas-y award! I was wondering are they literally a mind control victim?

  56. Does anyone else see the words "THE END COMING SOON" above their heads in writing. Maybe they are using the facade of the "illumanati" to actually warn us.

  57. It is about Christmas, notice the mother/child symbolism in the first illuminati pyramid, it's the birth of the Sun God Tammuz.

    As everyone should know this is his birthday not Jesus', it is a total pagan holiday!

    Remember we are to remember Christ's death not his birth!!

  58. Is it just me or is there an "MK" underneath (to the left) of the Wheaties box? There's so many things in this picture. VC is definitely going to have to write some more on the subject!

      • You're right, there's quite a bit if odd graffiti. Their meaning is very much open to all sorts of different interpretations. The picture itself has a plethora of illuminati/occult symbols. Just plain creepy.

  59. Wait, no one is talking about the naked African women, men, babies, buring images, and the snake?
    Why do you think are the meanings behind these images?

    • The picture of the African people comes from an artist named Mati, who was famous in the 1960s. His work was astonishing and was also filled with symbolism. He did the original cover for the Santana album, Black Magic Woman and is work is worthy of study…the LaChapelle of his day.

    • Live Aid. Christmas again. Huge tax deductible charitable contributions to counteract your (comparatively greater) bad deeds. Bono (and his true motives for having co-founded Live Aid).

    • Kuehn, Kathleen M. (2010). "The Commodification of Blackness in David LaChapelle's Rize". Journal of Information Ethics 19 (2): 52–66. doi:10.3172/JIE.19.2.52

      Strikes a chord with many of the Kardashians, especially Kim.

  60. My questions are how do they explain such a photo/ card to the world? I mean yuck. And then whats the meaning of the phase "The end" over there by Kim? Is she going to die or end of 2013?

  61. It's fun looking at artwork b/c we all see different images and meanings! I see the dresses as pretty, and we know many women do wear black during this time of year. Also, there are no rules in family photos. Here's my take, Kim is the star that's coming down to allow room for her two sisters. The dolls are images of fashions, programming, sex, and control. The African people, wow, so many different deep and profound ideas regarding these images, as well as the dark clouds, snake, and burning. Khole looks like she is giving birth to Mason. Penelope look like she is using her hand in 666. Kris, well she is on top, and Bruce fate is sealed flying away. Kayne as Black Jesus, and the coming soon of the Black child, deep very deep. One thing, I can say the family have people talking, so I guess they are still winning.

    • Are you kidding? There are no rules in family photos????

      This isn't a family photo. The children shouldn't even be in it as it's rife with disgusting imagery – Kylie included because she is STILL a child.

      This family is even more vile than I thought.


      • More like Mason has been awarded to Khloe because she couldn't have children. Before you say that is ridiculous, the very same thing happened to my grandma's first born child (my mom being the second). There were no negotiations involved or the opinion of the mother taken into account (given that it was her first born). Scott seems very close to Khloe these days …

      • Amaryllis, I will not say you are ridiculous, you have every right to your viewpoint. I just like to add something for you to think about, I'm sure Kourtney and Scott loves Mason too much to give him to Khloe. And, both parents have already given Khloe rights (awarded) as Mason's godmother if they were to pass away. However, I can see Kourtney carrying a baby for Khloe if she cannot have a baby.Now, if Lamar is really using crack, Khloe was smart by not getting pregnant.

  62. a few people on other sites who made a point to look at this card backwards starting from the right (with bruce) and ending w/kim. we all know how the illuminated ones like to put things out there in reverse sometimes. seems bruce is trapped in a time capsule looking back on what used to be? kris is the only one who is smiling. she has her back to him. she doesn't need him anymore. the photographer gave him a sad image here. khloe and mason are along for the ride & controlled (hence sitting in the back seat). im sure mason looks lifeless in part because in this family, its the women who run the show. he will realize that just as bruce and rob have. kourt's daughter seems to be making a satanic hand sign? someone pointed out earlier that kendall appears to have mj's glove on her head and doing an Egyptian pose using her hands… which seem to point near kims direction. no need to explain the large dollar sign next to kim but the stairway behind her leads up…. maybe referring to the sky being the limit or that shes going to path the way for what is yet to come? idk. all I know is you don't put out a photo like this that will be seen by millions and NOT have some type of message to reveal.

  63. Jahprovidethebread on

    Talk about symbolism overload! So many commenters have touched on so many interpretations, you guys are great! I will just add two small observations which are 1- the phallic pipe above the girl with the glove on her head and 2- the stylised R above the smiley face. A blog I frequent speaks often about such an 'R' with the little loop at the end and that it signifies Horus, you know, like that Egyptian eye symbol.
    I am sure there is much more going on, I would like very much to read what all of the graffiti says but it's too hard to see clearly zooming in on my iPod. I thought perhaps I saw God with an encircled 7 but I dunno. Those male figures around the fire surely has meaning and that reel of ribbon seems meaningful as well. I can't help but wonder if the colours also have their meaning.
    Anyway, all these things are beyond our control, all we can do is hold fast to te promises of our loving LIVING Lord, YHWH ad be excellent to each other.
    God bless you all!

    P.S. For everyone who thinks that the end is coming soon is a message that the anti Christ will arrive shortly just remember that NO man knows the hour, not even Yeshua himself! Only the Father knows.

  64. I have one question that bugs me….why are they so blatantly showing all these symbols? Cant dispute what my eyes see but what is the purpose. Is this a marketing ploy for celebs now because surely the industry is hearing about the publics suspicion. The more its discussed the more symbols i see. Im not a non believer but…..what if these symbols are used to get people talking? Period. What would the illumanati want with gaga…jayz, rhianna, kim k, etc? I don't understand alot on this subject…so basically im asking what is the motive behind this?

    • There are several reasons for showing all these symbols. One is that they (Illuminati) like to hide things in plain sight. They get a kick out of putting this on display because only those that are "enlightened" truly know what is going on. Even we on VC can only speculate what these symbols represent, we don't truly know what goes on behind the scenes (although there is much evidence that points to mind control, ritual abuse, satanism, etc). Another is that they have a rule they follow and that is to let you know what they are doing up front. That way if you don't protest and just go along with the program, you can't say they didn't tell you what they were up to. Another reason is that being bombarded with these visuals all the time desensitizes us. You may even catch yourself making some of these gestures. It's subliminal brainwashing. I encountered a young person who said she feels drawn to satanic symbols and was even considering getting a pentagram tattoo. She said she was a Christian, considers herself religious; but she just thinks the images are "cool". That is what they want all of us to think (especially naive young people). It's like they are proclaiming, "Look at us. Don't we look like we are living the life, having fun? Aren't we sooo cool? If you do like we do, you too can be like us".

      The main thing the Illuminati want with celebrities is to use them as pawns. They know a lot of people follow celebs. The more people exposed to this without realizing or acknowledging what it is truly about the more people can be brainwashed, desensitized and led astray. The only use celebrities to push their agenda and that agenda ranges from materialism, vanity, promiscuity, homosexuality, pedophilia, debauchery and the list goes on. "Do what thou wilt" is their motto and they thrive on chaos and destruction.

  65. I had a "Deja vu" moment since I was reminded of when Angelina Jolie, at the Oscars a couple (few?) years back, stuck her leg out from a high-slitted long black formal dress, just like all of the "ladies?" are wearing and posing in this photo. I can also remember, at the time, how weird it was that Angelina was giggling about it, like she was in on a secret joke. (???)

    • Good point!
      And lets not forget that many think Angelina Jolie is one of the strongest occult ladies in Hollywood.
      Of course we know where she will end up if she dont repend but surely she might think she has the power now.
      When you just see her face you end up thinking an old lady reading tarot cards. Its like written in her forehead… ://

  66. Vigilant, can you do a post on the KUWTK episode that showed Kylie's 16 birthday party, please? It looked like one big initiation. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and they dressed up as characters from the book. It was decorated in black & white and they had red and black candles everywhere. To me it was so inappropriate for a sweet sixteen birthday party. I was disgusted.

  67. The card communicates the traditional new age path of enlightenment. The sign above Kim does say "The End" as she walks down a spiral staircase – another very common symbol. There is an "end" to the pleasures of this life .. but wait, there is the exit "illuminated by a great array of lights, the conventional sun rays giving off its "enlightenment." Just in front of that is a blonde girl denoting the frivolousness of it all and the fire is from the burning of everything.. magazines and all. The childbearing element found throughout the card also re-inforces this "new life" future theme. It makes more of New Years card rather than a Christmas card. If you remember, "I, Pet Goat, II" you will get the same feeling as when the Messiah figure "exists" the cave to arrive at a point of enlightenment. But personally, I get the impression that there is A LOT more to the card. Its a card of OMEN for each family member. Prediction. Even spell casting if we will go that far. Kylie appears bitter with a look of death on her face. It could be jealousy – she is looking at Kim. She is shaped like a spade – a symbol of death. A red light is above her body suggesting that she has taken the "red pill" of self-discovery and revealing her as the rebellious one of the group. Behind her, there appears to be a burnt corpse. Its a very grim omen. The next girl of course, the puppet, embracing the life. Kloe I have no idea whats going on there except maybe a car-crash – it looks as if she is being consoled by a gentle touch.. but all the limbs in the card are basically just saying, "LOOK HERE" more intently. . But that's far-fetched I know. The braided hair of the female child is another symbol of change – but VAST change. She is pointing to the happy face as a reminder to be happy. The fate of "mom" Kardashian (sorry I forgot her name) is clear and obvious – more fame to her. Bruce will be removed from the scene altogether – cast out. The tube looks like an old bank cylinder that jets out to the teller. Lastly, each of the family members boy positioning appears so deliberate, they each look like a letter in the alphabet, and that maybe together they are "spelling" something out to you – pun intended.

    • Its a true shame how the religion of the "new age" is so vehemently promoted. As VC often has communicated, its being imprinted into your mind that your offspring will be the ones feeling its true effect for generations to come unless there is a Word otherwise.

    • I like your analogy on it. I agree. Khloe and Mason scare me the most. It might symbolize death..that death is going to visit this family. Also, Khloe is in it for the ride-she's riding on their fame. The red light above Kylie's head could mean "prostitution" (Red light district) the glove above Kendall's hand could mean mind control (handler)
      Now for "The End" above Kim's head could mean her time is coming to an end. Kim used to be the center of the card and notice she is cast to the side. It's the two younger girls now in the center.Bruce is interesting too-that he is Kris side show freak..but I agree..he's in some tube, like a bank tube, about to be cast off.

  68. The card is vile and has nothing to do with Christmas & everything to do with the occult. I'm starting to believe the Kardashian women are a coven of witches. Lots of rumors out there about them for years. I used to get a kick out of it, but it's not funny any more. They either emasculate their men or make them damn near insane. Look at Bruce Jenner and as of late, Lamar Odom's drugged out lifestyle. Kris Humphries was just pathetic. Kanye is next. They like his connections in the fashion world, plus he's rich—vocal and already looney. A friend of mine was telling me that there is such a thing as Armenian magic and Harvard used to have a course on it or something. In spite of the fact that so many people all over the world hate this family, they still remain popular and continue to make tons of money.

  69. Feeling Annoyed on

    They want publicity which is what has made this family Famous for what? Absolutely NOTHING!! The more you guys talk about and share this picture…the more publicity you give them and that is the exact intention for the card in the first place!!

  70. Yes I said that on

    Why does the pipe over the little sisters heads between the wall panels with pictures of Kims face on them look like an iron erect penis? And why to the left of Kylie is their a naked woman standing there and the sleeve of Kylie's dress fitting perfectly over the naked woman's head like she has on a black hood and about to be sacrificed or beheaded?? This is a sad sick demonic anti CHRISTmas photo full of devils is what it is!!!!

  71. I wonder if the cardboard baby, and the neon writing "coming soon" is an alluding to the coming of a fake messiah. that's what popped into my head

  72. Great comments. The lines on the floor resemble drugs like cocaine or speed etc. Also, in the close up shot of Kim on the stairs next to the dollar sign. On the bottom right corner there appears to me a man with a skeletal head and one arm in the air. My first thought was, hey thats a male giving the nazi salute. I wonder if her death at this point in her "career" and the fact a new mother well would "shock" the world or give them fodder to distract those that still care on those people or who make money off of them. Its about that time, celeb deaths seems to come in groups of 3 read and saw somewhere. An actor just passed away already so..

    • Just pondering because of "the end" over her. I feel sorry for them. I am shocked so blatant now. Its like the illumi giving "shout outs".

    • if you look at the big yellow smiley face it's posted ontop of a manaquin with what appears to be one hand in the air as well, and straight away I thought nazi salute as well

  73. All the Kardashian/Jenner sisters look the same to me… Sometimes I don't even know which one is which. But then again I don't want to. They shouldn't even be famous. None of them contribute anything of real worth or talent to society… I don't know what they're like as people so I won't judge… I just think they don't really do anything worthy of fame or that much money. And how some people idolise them I will never understand… why don't they look towards good role models and people with real jobs?

    Anyway there is nothing Christmasy about that card. Who has naked mannequins and weird things like that on a Christmas card? Nothing about that photo says Jesus or family or love… It all just says fame, money, greed. Which I guess sadly sums up a lot of the world today :/

    Whether people are religious or not, disrespecting someone's beliefs or their Holy celebration is just wrong.

  74. i find it odd that The coming soon baby, thought to be North, has pictures of Bruce everywhere behind it, and all around it, including the wheaties box, Then next to Bruce in the tube, is a big baby, also I thought to be North. what's Bruce relationship with the baby? And if it isn't North,(the coming soon baby) is it representing Jesus?, and now Bruce is at the bottom of the pyramid, and he's getting out of all of this, and closer to Jesus? I highly doubt that, but it would be nice. You can tell in a lot of the shows, he seems very weird and kinda done with Kris and her "control".

  75. What u Christians don't see is the connect of this picture and what Christmas is all about. They clearly showing us what Christmas is really about. The Christmas tree is a pyramid with the star on top being the all seing eye. It's a month about making money. It has nothing to do with the real MesiaYah Yahshua who was not born on 25 December. No were in scripture are we told when he was born and it was it in winter. Jesus is the name Satan has been using as a messenger of light deceiving many people on this world. The only true name for salvation is Yahshua only.

    • tau not all cultures use Christmas to exchange gifts. Some celebrate something like that on the 1st January when they commemorate a very well known Saint Basil of Caesarea (ggole him if you want, he was a marvellous man). Personally I will buy things if I need them, if they have some offers before Christmas I'll buy what I have to buy because it's cheaper and I want it not because it's Christmas.

    • RideorDie4Jesus on

      ..I couldn't agree with u more!!
      Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Jewish, our Messiah the ONLY Name under Heaven..through which a person may be saved. & what is just ahead for this world..better believe we're ALL going to NEED Him & His MERCY. Like you wouldn't believe.
      Bravo, tau..Bravo.

  76. Did anyone notice that Kendall kinda looks like Beyonce in that pics???

    Secondly, where are the other men – Bob, Scott and Lamar???

    The family creeps me out, and I honestly don't know why people still adore them like demi-gods!!!

  77. Simply put, garbage.

    Money cannot buy class; case made.

    But then, when it comes to this toxic group, we already knew that.

  78. Thanks again for posting this VC.. I posted a lengthy comment on what I found in the card.. but after a zoom in .. I found a couple of more things to support my synopsis – and a big one that because 2/3 of the people reading this will strongly dislike, I will not share at this time.

    As I said in the previous comments – follow the limbs. A magazine under an obvious foot directional reads "IT'S OVER." The arm of the little boy is obviously pointing to a glowing apple. P.S. Did you spot Miley Cyrus in the card? She's there! Also under another foot is magazine with "YOU" on it.. its also elsewhere in the card. It includes the one-eye salute. The mannequin of the white, blonde girl bonded and taped up under the three looming Kardasians.. indeed does pronounce that "it is over" for white America. Whoops.. it slipped. There's a distinct racial hatred involved in the card. Its the "changing of America" directed to, America. These were just additional findings.. scroll up to find my other one. It is a thoroughly evil concoction of propaganda, hate and vanity.

  79. It's the Isis cult. That's the Egyptian link; both the African women, their outfits, and the babies. Together with Kris's headdress, I think she's supposed to be Isis. I wonder if Bruce is Osiris, trapped in the coffin.

    The lack of male figures is particularly interesting given that there are male members of the family. Lots more to look at in this card.

    The question to ask is 'why'. Why is it so blatant, and why make it public? I'd look at the other news around which might have relevance to conspiracy theorists; this is so obvious that it will take a lot of attention. Breadcrumbs…

  80. Saw a little of this 'episode' about 7hrs ago. The photographer and mom didn't even want Bruce or the little kids in it ! Kept saying family,family, family throughout show.
    Pfft… stupid people .
    Also – didn't that Kim boob one just have a baby? Thought I heard that. Where is that baby ?
    Where's the brother?

    I feel sorry for this 'family'

  81. I can't get over Bruce, at first glance i was wondering who the heck is dat…probably a doll on displace in a glass case….the i reaized it was Bruce…..i feel sorry for him….it's like Kris sold all their souls and he probably had no say in the matter….now he is probably the biggest puppet cause he still has no say, no wonder he is in a tube.

  82. A mistake right off the bat- it should be "least" not "less" and a few other sentences are missing a word. Very disappointed with the quality of article, no different from the Illuminati-owned dailies.

      • Don't be silly, why people should be guided by this site? You give them a lot of credit. Read and pass, they aren't something special.

  83. Anyone notice the yellow smiley face. In the 90's wasn't it related to drug use such as ecstacy? Directly above/behind Khloe. Maybe a sly reference to Lamar?

  84. RideorDie4Jesus on

    ..Simply ridiculous. Sorry for going off-topic, but how 'bout the sudden death of the gorgeous Paul Walker of The fast & furious fame, in a supposed car wreck, after just turning 40?! Oddly enough, I believe the opening scene to one of his recently-finished movies is yep..u guessed it, a funeral scene. What/who next?

  85. I was thinking a lot more about this article (mainly because I was having cupping therapy so to avoid thinking about the scalpel and extraction of my blood). I think that Mr Vigilant -in-Chief is doing a wonderful job of rounding up the herd of young people who have grown up reading his articles. It is really very lovely and brought a tear to my eye.

    However, in surveying some of the comments, I do wonder whether some posters are too eager to dive down the rabbit hole and come up with interpretations which detract from true understanding.

    I would like to reinforce the point that this card IS completely what Christmas is about and I actually admire the Kar-crash-ians for their honesty. If you want to celebrate the birth of Jesus then December 24/25 is NOT the right time to do it. That date already belonged to the Pagans for their festivities. I don't celebrate Christmas any more nor distribute cards and presents in December out of respect for Jesus.

    The modern celebration of Christmas is a Pharisee invention (much reinforced by occult authors and Holy wood film makers) which has everything to do with promotion of the NWO/new age/Aquarian agenda.

    The guy who shot the campaign himself describes it as a 'series of revelations'. In order to identify his intentions, it is necessary to use the book of Revelations as a starting point. If you are not familiar with these and other books of which the Illuminati are extremely knowledgeable then you will miss the point.

    In any case, I would add the following:
    Added together, the females (both human and mannequin, whether intact or dismembered) make up the number required for ritual in a coven. Only women are present because that particular ritual requires it. Bruce is the washed up, demasculated human inside an alien storage container that does not look as though it is heading (~N)north (infact, the reverse). The statue beside him is posed in a theosophically significant manner and the phallus catching the light is in stark contrast to effeminate and irrelevant old Bruce with his earring in left ear (hint: remember friend down at golf club). It is deemed worthy of

    Kendall and baby Penelope are undertaking the summoning. Look at what Kendall's arms are doing more closely (I won't spell it out). Penelope's looks photoshopped but is the same horizontal arm, devils-horns mind control used by MJ during his concerts). Others mentioned the MJ glove elsewhere.

    The power of the deceased Kardashian father and MJ is obviously being harnessed during the ritual.

    It functions as a triptych (commonly found in Biblical artwork) in many ways reading from right to left Hebrew/Arabic style… atm (at the moment, word play), coming soon (Kendall's ascent in the middle against the backdrop of the pyramid to imply that they will be wielding the power to distract the masses, fill the gutter press and make the money). Bruce is shown as being merely at the base of the pyramid to reinforce his worthlessness in the ritual.

    The third part is Kim's ascent in the esoteric world. She is about to venture down the spiral staircase but actually shown in an elevated position to the right of the triptych implying her ascent towards her god, Lucifer.

      • Because Prissa, you should look into where Holy Wood got its name from? I will leave it at that

    • I wonder where the line is drawn between disgust and admiration for one's "honesty." Is it admirable that Kris Jenner has blatantly sold her kids to the public to move herself up the chain? Also, I doubt they know anything about the history behind the holiday and when to celebrate, unless there was some cash to be made by knowing it.

    • Though I will agree that the design of the card is incredibly impressive in detail, color and symbolism, I must disagree that its all about Christmas. Personally, I feel its far more akin to a New Year's Eve card on account of its vast omen-like predictions and symbols of new birth via promotion and change rather than through a cross. That's really the fundamental difference between freemasonry (most religions, exclusive or combined) and Christianity. I'm actually glad there aren't any stronger Christian symbols in the card – because that is technically acceptable to the new age and the occult – just as long it is not exclusive. Everything must be mixed and blurred, including people. But I actually enjoy reading the wide range of comments just as much as I do VC's original post. I can get an idea of the background an individual is coming from in these short comments. Symbols can often have different meanings in different circles and their power stems only through how often they are repeated in the same context and condition. That's why the Word is so important. A true Word can endure any sting of trauma. It can shatter the stronghold of fear by revealing the prevailing principalities in our life and steady an otherwise highly-reactive human nature. But it is also in the revealing of that Word to be TRUE that creates enormous heartbreak and struggle. In fact, its in that very revealing that brings about death on a cross. But Its that same Word that will prepare a more excellent way.

  86. FightingTruthDecay on

    That is one strange image. So much going on in it, and the readers here have done an incredible job analyzing it. However, the female "mannequin" smack-dab in the middle isn't a mannequin. Look at the skintone of her legs. That's a real woman wrapped in clear plastic.

    So why put a nearly naked woman in the center of the scene?

  87. Why, oh why does the public watch shows about these sad, lost people?
    Perhaps if they got little to no attention they would go away and seek help.

    I am greatly concerned that the mentality of the general public is greatly compromised.
    Are people that bored?

  88. Kim K. Also doing a version of the "as above so below". it looks like kris is in the picture twice. Standing up walking with the baby in her arms, a baby that is doing some sort of wierd hand gesture, and then as VC mentioned sitting next to Bruce. Maybe the Glass Box for Bruce signifies that he is trapped in this evil family and lifestyle. And why are Kourtney and scott dissick (or however you spell it) absent, but the lifeless mason is in it? This picture reeks of strong intent. They are sending a message, pushing the limits, and are very obviously normalizing everything so that all of these symbols become mainstream.

  89. I believe that it harnesses the energy of the Colorado movie theater shootings/Dark Knight/Lil Wayne song all interchangeable anyway. Infact, the Lil Wayne song with skeletons sitting among humans in a trashed theater and the force field created by the neon tube lights is pretty similar. Sadly, it is a cheap shot to bolster the family earning potential. It is an uncertain time for the family as a whole with Kim – the- money-spinner receding from the spotlight because of her baby. Knowing that their star is potentially on the descent, I believe that the card constitutes a blatant and collective effort to wear their heart on their sleeve and show the world to whom they have pledged their soul ; in the hope of retaining their wealth and power going forward. It is a plea to satan to convince him that they are single from the same hymn sheet. Serious business, hence the lack of humor.

    • Profound commentary. Thank you for your insight.
      At first glance of this picture, I felt as though the neon lights were familiar to me, but I couldn't recall exactly where I remembered seeing them. The fact that they chose an abandoned movie theater is very telling.
      At the news coverage of the theater shootings, all the media segments I watched were staged outside of the theater, and in almost every backdrop, you saw the "Century" neon theater lights. And even the amateur videos taken of inside the theater, you can see the neon strobe lights.

    • There will not be any riches,Gold, or Money in Hell….So let them enjoy all of their wealth here on earth…'s the people who follow the straight and narrow path in life and not go with the ways of the world who will be Blessed for eternity.

  90. Fair number of Kali symbols in there too, appropriately. Black mom and baby = Kali and Shiva
    Also there is a theory regarding where the antichrist will emerge from in the end days. It is a region near to where the artist who created the mother-child art visited.

  91. All the men are represented there even if they are not present. In certain occult teachings, the soul of the son is the same as the father ; they are interchangeable. I was brought up to believe it too and still do in many ways.

    Hence, Rob's dad is in the picture via the flag, Mason is there for his father and the others are not Kardashian blood anyway but are nevertheless represented, Kanye on the trashy mag cover and they have a dig at Lamar via the lines of coke and smiley ecstasy face. We see Jesus on one of the TV screens implying that the second coming may be televised.

  92. I hope that this article will persuade readers to shun the celebration of Christmas especially if they are bringing up little children. Secular education wholeheartedly promotes it but the earlier you start encouraging them to question it, the easier it will be to get through to them. I am not Christian, I am a mystic monotheist but I have enough respect for Jesus as a prophet to know how detrimental it is to their souls. My wider family love celebrating Christmas and fully engaging in all aspects of the festivities. Such a damned shame.

  93. Just a thought on Khloe & Mason….their paternity is in question, so I wonder if that is why they are together, that perhaps they aren't fully Kardashians?? I saw something recently where one of the sisters claimed Khloe's dad was Kris' hairdresser, there was a picture of the two together & the resemblance was striking!! Plus, there is the model who claims to be Mason's dad. I just wonder if that is why the two of them are together? Khloe isn't Mason's mom, it would make more sense for him to be with Kourtney. Again, just a thought!!

    • Mason is a Kardashian since his mother is one. It's irrelevant who his father is. Maybe they had to put him away as he's a male.

    • Word on the street is Kris had an affair with OJ Simpson while she was married to Robert Sr. This is supposedly why there's a question regarding Khloe's paternity. One thing's for sure, Khloe doesn't have the strong Kardashian genes like the others. Even the two youngsters by Bruce look more Kardashian than Khloe.

      • I have heard the OJ theory re Khloe and I have to say that it makes NO sense to me whatsoever even though I don't doubt Kris would have had an affair with him.

      • I wouldn't doubt that Kris would have an affair (it wouldn't be the first time.)
        But if OJ was Khloe's dad, wouldn't she have black features?
        She actually has quite pale skin and lighter hair/eyes.
        She obviously doesn't look like her sisters, but even in my family the youngest girl looks nothing like the rest of us.

  94. Big G The Barber on

    Why are we surprised? Why are we in awe? This is who they really are. Narcissistic, lovers of themselves and lovers of riches and fame. These are the petty representatives of the true so called elites. They represent the many faces of corruption that exploit the world from the very begining of time itself, hence the africanized woman and child. The cradle of civilization. We see the symbols but refuse to do the work to recognize the intents. Therefore we as observers are ridiculed for our ignorance. They believe its too late to do anything about it. They want worship, for all to bow to the american idols, their gods of fame and fortune. Standing in the outer porticos, seekers of fame knock to gain entrance (in trance) to become their own gods. Taking up symbols and performing rituals on a grand scale, tipping the balance in their favor. Doing what is required to keep the favor of these strange gods. Even sacrificing their loved one in blood sacrifice….. None of what I say in this post can be called conjecture or theory. Its proven in text, and digital history. Research and see for yourself. Anyone who argues that this is not how tptb operate are willfully ignorant or in cahoots with it and desire this darkness for themselves.
    Al pacino said in the devils advocate said that "vanity" is what ensnares us. Vanity was lucifer's undoing. So it is with us humans. Vanity cause us to do all manner of evil. To exploit all in the quest for godhood. Keep praying to your false gods american idols, atheletes, the cult of celebrity needs more souls. Luxurious materialism, lovers of ourselves, jealous and envy are replacing love for neighbor and compassion for humanity. We love animals and advocate for all species except the most important.. humans. We see homeless people and we ignore them. But let someone abuse a dog and we see where that will get you. Priorities have been switched up. Thats why Mrs Kardashian is idooized and wealth flows to them. Because we allow it. Teachers who are paid little to teach substandard education to students who are mentally dumbed down and are alchemicaly morally bankrupted to become equal with animals. So ask yourselves. Are you surprised?
    And in the words of the Spaniard "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!!"

    • Arrogance is allegedly the root of all evil. What a monk stated was that satan never sleeps, eats, never has intercourse, believes in God and anyway he listed all the things that as a spirit refrain from doing when humans made out of clay find hard to resist. Nonetheless the downfall of satan is the arrogance. All spiritual fathers focus on arrogance, the root of all evil. We criticize othersout of arrogance, we despise others out of arrogance, we are materialistic out of arrogance and so on.

  95. I can't believe this is supposed to be a Christmas card! There is NOTHING Christmas related on it!
    There is so much going on in this picture VC has just touched the surface with his analysis. One thing I noticed is that the girl in the middle with the long black gloves (is it Kendal??) looks like her arms are invisibly shackled to the pipe just above her.

  96. During ancient history the holy stories was about greenish (Carbon) Black blue blood Osiris (Ausir), Isis (Auset), Horus (Heru) love and life journeys, and today their names are changed w/ new stories and other people life journeys as the holy ones. Yes, there are many people that are using ancient African symbols for evil, but ancient African people and the knowledge is not the evil anit-Christ. Here's a little more infor, Star Sirius is the star on the christmas tree, and the christmas tree is the tree of life in ancient times. I see this photo is telling many other stories, which is ancient African knowledge, history, body images, and sciences were stolen, and the coming soon events, which are the women and people of color in leadership.
    A new cycle and a new planet is coming, and ancient knowledge will become new knowledge.
    The old system is the ending, and you do not have to have talent to gain fame and money.

      • JesusKnight, I think you should take a second look & maybe you need to enlarge the artwork as I had done because without a doubt, you will see the people are indeed Africans.

      • oops… I stand corrected….I need my glasses fixed. Thx, I enlarged the photo as suggested; so much more to see that way! 😀

  97. Wow, what a bunch of goofballs they are. What angers me also is that they are making art and ancient egypt look bad. I mean, this isn't art, and this is not what ancient egypt was about. They're defacing the two things I love! And seriously, why doesn't anyone in the mainstream media ever bring up the fact that almost every celebrity is into this goofy yet disturbing crap? Nevermind, I know why….I'm just fed up. It's just "hello mcfly, helloooo", all day for me.

  98. "Khloe Kardashian poses sitting on the backseat of a car (why?) while Kourtney’s son Mason lays on it, looking as if life was sucked out of him."

    I was thinking about the JFK assassination. The kid as JFK and Khloe Kardashian as Jacqueline Onassis?

  99. I would just like to add my thoughts, The pyramids with the fiery sky and lots of fire has a rather large moon…perhaps its not a moon..along with the end and 'coming soon' and the neon lights may represent space. Besides the Egyptian headdresses All girls are dressed as if going to a funeral. Khloe on that car seat and the way the child is laying looks like she is giving birth?

  100. To the far left it also says "The End" above Kim, maybe meaning that her time is up, and Kendall's time is here? Also, above the Jesus baby it says, "coming soon". Who is coming soon, though, Jesus, or the Antichrist?

  101. Although you'd expect to have Kourtney holding the baby, that actually looks more like Kris (again) holding Penelope. It could symbolize that she is in control of indoctrinating the young Kardashians. In addition, Kris (as Kourtney) has her hand touching Khloe's head, which is an odd placement.
    To me, this represents that Khloe is not in control of herself, and that Kris is her handler, but in a deceptive way.
    I've often read that Khloe seems to be the only one that stands up to her Mom, and seems to have a mind of her own and doesn't go along with all the mess at times. I, on the other hand, have always thought that she is no different than Kim & Kourtney. This picture affirms that to me. Kris has total dictative control over ALL OF THEM.

  102. I'm not sure if someone mentioned this in an earlier post but did anyone see the past episode of their show Sunday. They were sitting around talking about past Christmas moments and just out of the blue khloe starts doing the 666 symbol over both her eyes and making noise like an owl and then Kendall and Kyle starts doing it also . later she does it again just over one eye this time and says we' re owls and the two young girls join in once again. No one else says anything about it or acknowledges it and they just continue talking. It was so weird. But if you watch Bruce's face he looks a little irritated by it. Maybe Lamar is on drugs because he feels pressured into all this crap and really wants out but can't. Maybe everything that is being said about him in the media lately is actually a lie as punishment for him not falling in line. Who knows. It is def weird though that he is not on this season at all and they keep alluding to the fact that something is wrong with him. I honestly don't think Lamar knew what he was getting into with this family.

  103. Those background murals look suspiciously like the murals at that Denver airport… very weird and disturbing to say the least.

  104. To me, the pic looks like a depiction of a royal court. kris is indeedthe ruler. Courtney & Chloe (im not sure if ive got their names right, but i mean the 2 sisters shown with kids) look like they are being depicted as "breeders". I think it's Chloe (the one on the chair ) is supposedly infertile but her weight fluctuates so could their be secret pregnancies for illuminati purposes? God forbid. The 2 younger girls look like sacred prostitutes/priestesses. They seem to be trances and feature prominently in the pic. Kim is indeed ascending & maybe the manequins and the photos of her family indicate she is stepping over them. Bruce appears to be a foreigner trapped in a foreign land. Someone of a different race (per his appearance) who is not really one of them & is there to serve. I'm thinking of slaves who were forced to taste the food of Egyptian royals to see if it was poisoned.

  105. Khloe is in the back seat because she took the backseat to fame- she probably didn't want it but wasnt the driver or the guide with the map

    where is rob though????????

  106. I find it interesting that Kim is now blonde haired and much lighter skinned than when she first became famous. Same exact thing with Beyonce. They are really reinforcing this concept…the "it girl" must look like a Marylin.

  107. i posted this on fb and it was removed, has anyone else had this problem? this is the first time it has happened to me.

  108. Garbage in, garbage out!

    I can't wait for this family to explode and implode. They've donesoooooooooooooooooooo much to be famous and at some point, one of them will say enough. But which one? Which girl will pull the plug and start their descend into hell without fame?

    I'm glad I don't have cable and I'm not one of their fans. We are watching the devil at work on this entire family. This is how Kris made money after Robert Kardashian died. She was in collections because she was broke, starving and had those kids to feed. You'd think Bruce would be a man, but he wants to be a "kept woman". So Kris thought selling her soul and the souls of her children would keep them from the Poor House. It didn't. It just helps the rest of pray more to the Light and continue to hang on to what we know is truth.

  109. This lovingly satanic family has been positioned in the spotlight, like many others, to pose as 'Christians'.

    An impossibility since they are famous for Kim being an internet whore. They are damned to hell like many other like-minded sinners who see a dollar sign at the top of the pyramid.

  110. You also missed the woman and child on the right, holding the baby – she has a moon behind her head, which is a reference to Semiramis and Tammuz (the anti-Christ) – another woman is in the background with a crescent shape on her head – clearly symbolizing the Egyptian Semiramis, Isis.

  111. I remember hearing some time ago that the Illuminati will eventually reveal themselves. If this aint the Illuminati partially revealing themselves, I don't know what is.

  112. I think im going on my 2nd or 3rdd yr knowing this site its great. Im 25 now. Thered plenty of ppl around me who think this illuminati stuff is a joke but its not. Just glad i know the truth and dont care what others think. This all dates back to when god created adam and eve read your bible. Todays elite are spawns of thousands of years agos elites with the same evil agendas. As you or i would teachour childeren god and jesus and get passed down…. theyve taught there kids devil, evil,rule the world, god/jesus is bad…. theyjust lie and hide what they are. The world wasnt ment to be this way.. its just happend when eve took that bite cuz of the devil….. anywhooo the kardashians and kanye claim there christians lmao. The devil is a deciever… therefore what would his follwers do? Lie? mislead? Youd have to be one incredibly stupid or non caring christian to do what they do. And under our fathers watch thats just not possible. We sin and make mistakes as christians but the mistakes there making is outrageous… maybe theres hope for them to repent. Pray for them pray for the world. Preach the word of our father to who you can. God bless all. Happy b day jesus. P.s. wish i knew nesus real b day… i dont think its actauly the 25th.. i could be wrong tho god forgive me if i am.

  113. Maybe I am looking to much into it, but could the black woman nursing the child be symbolic for the Catholic Black Madonna? The Black Madonna's represent the goddess Venus (or Isis to name one) which has significant meaning to freemasons. You can find many, if not all, black madonna statues in old Venus worship temples.

  114. standupforknowledge on

    The reason it doesn't look like a Christmas card is because IT IS NOT. "They" celebrate S A T U R N A L I A, an ancient pagan holiday that remains in full force. Educate yourselves.

    • OMG, I am shocked by what I just read about Saturnalia and Christmas!! I had no idea, this whole time I thought Christmas really was about Christ's birth but it's not. This card is ridiculous and evil, but apparently so it Christmas. :( Wow that is sad. Thanks for enlightening me. The Kardashians suck, regardless of this stupid card, they are fame whores and only care about themselves. Yuck!

      • Hahahaha!!! How old are you? 12? How did you not know Christmas wasn't about his birth? Please leave.

      • 12 or 20 years of age…. many still believe Christmas has to do with Christ's birth so it is of no surprise the "Shocked" does.

  115. bruce jenner looks like a middle-aged woman. are the rumers of him undergoing a sex change true after all?
    am i missing something? 0.o

  116. Oh VC, when I saw this the other day I just knew an article was coming. The anticipation started building and while the article was pretty good it felt rushed. I wished u had gone more in depth. While u pointed out a lot of things there were some things u missed. However, I do appreciate all your hard word and effort. Keep it up.

  117. The fact that the Kardashians and their card will continue to influence a young and impressionable audience makes this a very destructive situation. What have we done with our frontal lobes? Disgusting.

  118. The African mother nursing the baby boy is either depicting Isthar/Baal, Semiramus/Tammuz, or Isis/Horus. It has NOTHING to do with Christianity or Christmas!

    • Try Semiramis. Apparently this Assyrian/Armenian goddess was credited for her protection of Babylon and the castration of young males. Perhaps this is why the men in the family are kept down and lifeless.

      • That is a good point given their origin and the tendency of freemasons to worship local deities. As pointed out, Kardashian means 'stone MASON' so there was never any doubt that they were not a poster family for Christianity.

  119. if you watched their Christmas special- the photographer made the set himself, and wanted it to be set in a Post Apocalyptic environment. (Being the cause for the *trash* magazines and car seats lying about.) The entire episode was filled with enough to make you wonder if they aren't all having their strings pulled. The photog didn't want any of the men, including Bruce- and almost had a conniption over the kids being on the set. Kourtney threw a b*tch about having them in the family card. I mean yes, you can take one look at the card and see that it is filled with imagery, but actually watching the Special and hearing the photog say Post-Apocalyptic is two different things.

  120. Youshouldreadthis on

    ATTENTION. I think my comment will be the most relevant.

    – The Kardashians are not part of the elite. They will never be! The Kardashian/ Jenner clan are just like every other reality tv show family, with the exception that they reached incredible success purely through genuine public interest. It is Kim who has been given the spotlight from the start and the Kardashians/ Jenners (particularly momager Kris Jenner) have used their PR skills to full potential in order to keep public interest and essentially gain fame and wealth. HOWEVER, they will always be commercial. They have always been excluded from high status events and have been ridiculed by high-profile celebrities (e.g the critical comments from Barrack Obama, the snobbery of high-fashion elite like Anna Wintour before the Kanye years). At the peak of their success, they noticed this exclusion from A-status celebrity groups. Kim, not content with her current commercial identity, wants to pursue a more 'high fashion' identity.

    – This is where Kanye fits in. Kanye is GAY. He wanted a relationship with Kim because it fit his brand as an egotistical 'I have everything – even the IT girl' kinda guy. He also wanted to hide his sexuality, especially after Frank Ocean's (singer) coming out. He planned this all along and bribed her with what she wanted; fame, connections, more fame, wealth, a high fashion status etc. Their relationship is materialistic and 100% PR. The name of their child, 'North West' has an occult meaning but the ridicule adds to their publicity. The 'Bound 2' does the exact same thing too. Also, during her pregnancy she was incredibly unhappy as evident on KUWTK – perhaps she realised she had given too much control over to Kanye (?).

    – Kim eventually got her share of the deal! She willingly allowed this false relationship so she could finally gain a higher status. Kanye controls what she wears and what she says in public. Because of Kanye she was able to go to the Met Ball (a high fashion event). She has been able to work with powerful fashion insiders like Karl Lagerfeld, Caroline Rotfield etc. She has also been seen with the likes of Cara Delevigne and Karlie Kloss (high profile models). AND now, she was given the chance to work with David La Chapelle – a well-respected photographer in the fashion industry. She was all for it.

    – This is because Kanye IS part of the elite, in some form or rather. Whether he's a mind controlled robot, a willing pawn or an absolute insider – he is constantly blatant with his symbolism, particularly through his music and videos. He also is very close to Jay Z and Beyonce who are DEFINITELY part of the game. Personally, I feel as if Kanye isn't as ignorant as Kim and actually knows what's going on. It's the only reason as to why he's so well-connected in fashion and music.

    – The Christmas card for 2013 is considered as 'art' to ignorant and naive individuals. But it has a darker meaning, as most of us already know. It is a mockery of the family and the whole 'celeb worship' industry as a whole. David La Chapelle's past works are incredibly detailed and sinister. All the occult themes are here, it is blatant to people who have educated themselves. The Kardashians have no idea, but are more than happy to work with the 'strange' ideas of this man, in order to prove their worthiness in the realm of celebrity, where 'talent' is supposedly respected.

  121. I count a total of 13 images of Bruce in his Olympic running shorts. 12 on the top awning, near the neon lights above Kylie and Kendall area and then one larger one to the upper left side of the Egyptian/African imagery.

    The number 13 holds very important meaning.

    According to an article I read (on spiritualliving360 written by Tracie Boardman):

    The number thirteen has a long tradition of being unlucky. However, in occult circles, the number 13 has its own significance. The definition of occult when used as an adjective is: of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies.

    The definition is quite broad and encompasses many beliefs and is not limited to popular conception that the occult equals Satanism. Perhaps the most famous occultist of all time was Aleister Crowley who believed he was the Beast 666 from the book of Revelations chapter 13.

    Superstition follows the number thirteen across time and throughout cultures; however, it has sacred meanings, as well. And like superstitions, the number thirteen’s significance is found in many places throughout history. For instance:

    The lunar calendar, favored by many spiritual belief systems, is sacred and contains thirteen lunar cycles with a moon that moves thirteen degrees across the heavens each day. The Tarot Deck contains thirteen cards of each suit in the minor arcana. THE DEATH CARD IS NUMBERED 13. Like many representations of thirteen, it represents the end of one thing, only to lead to a new beginning. The human body has thirteen major joints. In the ancient runic alphabet, the thirteenth rune symbolized the end of a cycle and the new beginning that followed. Witches covens have thirteen members. The final step on the ladder before Egyptians souls reached to their eternal rest is the number thirteen.

  122. MK Kardashians on

    The entire family has to be under mind control! Why would Bruce Jenner dress up like that & be ok to enter a glass tube & act wimpy & weak gazing at a mannequin!!? & I hope I am wrong… but the image of a rear car seat with the boy Mason looking dead. Is that some kind of foresight to an 'event' involving the Kardashians & a car crash. It is utterly disgusting… and a supposed Christmas Card. Evil at work.

  123. I must admit i read this page, after few doubts. And boy, i knew i would be sorry. Time not well spent.
    In the meanwhile this little gem of foto manipulation has been all over the news here in the Netherlands as well. Sickening.
    And i feel so stupid, even just for clicking it on while having a coffee break.
    I ad the k-fam and any page about it to my little list of No more.

    • By the way time not well spent, because of the whole kardaclan and its tentacles and associates and just reading headlines about them tells all there is to know, nothing important.., not by any means because the article is bad.

  124. I had just watched the episode on this picture.. the artist completely conned them and they had no idea what they were walking into as I expected

    But! the thing that got me though was Khloe doing the 666 hand thingy over one of her eyes while making a very distinctive owl sound toward the youngest 2 girls and in return they did the same thing back without the owl noise though

    Hmf.. ( 0_0)

  125. RideorDie4Jesus on

    I just had to give u props for how well-spoken, articulate, & knowledgeable u seem to be!! I am told often that I'm highly the quality, articulation, spelling/grammar of your posts is highly noticeable to me. U'd make a great writer :)
    Also, I give u a Bravo & a two thumbs-up for the fact that u no longer celebrate the truly pagan 'Christmas'. Nor do I any longer..once I found out its TRUE meaning, & origins. The bulk of my family still do & don't seem to understand me for my stand & commitment to Jesus Christ..however, because He is the centre of my life..I am more than strong
    enough to deal with that.
    Anyhoo just a shout-out..and God Bless you & yours.

    • Thank you, I am very flattered. I am pleased to know that we are not the only family attempting to ignore the celebrations on that day. It is extremely hard to avoid but I find the solitude extremely valuable for contemplation. Keep up the good work.

      • I agree Amaryllis — I always enjoy your posts and your knowledge of history/symbolism, etc.

        Do you have articles on this site, now that we can post our own?

      • Thanks a lot Chloe. I like to explore what others write but I don't believe I really have the confidence or the breadth of knowledge to post my own articles.

      • Amaryllis — You DO have a lot of knowledge! Some of the most interesting writers are extremely modest or maybe don't realize how intriguing their writing is….so, think about it! :-)

  126. This could represent the seven deadly sins: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony…


    In the reality show, maybe that is why David LaChapell didn't want the kids in the pic because that was what he originally wanted to portray but had to end up putting the kids in the pic anyway…

    Just my take on this pic…

  127. This is Kris – mass. It is far less spooky than the usual cards adorning your mantelpiece. I mean, Old Nick sa(n)ta(n) dressed in red and white masonic garb having descended directly down from the sky along with his horned animals and arriving down the fire flue with $ signs flashing all around and a big nod to hedonism, excess consumption and worship of self . nothing Luciferian about all that?

    • Great point. I've always wondered why Santa was dressed specifically in red & white (Xmas colours) also his hat is pointy, reminds me of a few figureheads like the pope, terrorist groups all kitted out in uniform. This all has a link..

    • Symbolic of what …Northern European symbol of what……duh!!!!!!!! I am sure we are all enlightened by the 404 facts you read on the back of your Taco Bell wrapper.



    out of all the obvious in your face BS about this postcard, THAT part was very much hidden and subtle..

    • I did notice that and I think that: "The end" is written over Kim Ks head and "coming Soon" over the baby Jesus like picture. My interpretation is that the new messiah (I use a generic term) will arrive when it's the end of corruption (represented by Kim K who propelled this family to fame through her sex tape – notice the arrow on the stairs pointing at her breasts?).

  129. Above the image of the sisters there are some one-eyed faces, take a look.
    And next to Bruce, on the ground, there is a golden mannequin ressembling the one from the movie Metropolis.

  130. Wouldn't it be hilarious, after all this commentary and analysis about the picture, to find out that the K's just thought it was "a cool shot"

  131. I just spoke to someone who was holding a paper copy of the card in their hand. Apparently, they think it has holographic qualities/ further layers of symbolic imagery. I have not seen it so couldn't say but if you are ver sent one, let us know. Btw, I'm not a hood rat so I can safely say that I am NOT on that card list.

    • Very interesting.

      And also wtf would spend money in such tat. My soul weeps for all these blind leading the blind type people

  132. Above the baby Jesus it says "coming soon". Could be a reference to Maitreya or possibly even the rapture. Interesting.

    • Oh, right…didn't know who North West was. What a stupid name :) Obviously that's got to be baby yeezus. Duh. What a bunch of loosers up there…hope they're fame is worth the price.

  133. Very strange card.. Has anyone noticed why rob kardashian isn't there? Isn't he part of their family? & why has he distance himself so much? This card isn't even pretty. What's in the back in the middle, is that woman next to fire?

    • Seriously comments like this aren't needed.. they have a reality show to clear things like this up.. its because of his weigh gain

      • Why do people keep mentioning his weight? Was the camera lens not wide enough to capture his newly expanded body in the same frame as Kim's backside? He is (the only) bright Kardashian alive as far as I know so why would he care so much?

  134. Random thoughts on

    But how do you we know the KKK is part of the illuminati..what if this is just Dave's photography style because it's cool right now to be part of the illuminati, or if the KKKs asked Dave for an illuminati inspired shoot to get people talking and get them more fame? The KKKs don't strike me as someone the illuminati would want..

    I think khloe is sitting down because they wanted mason to lie next to her and make it appear as though he is being birthed by khloes vag..for some reason.. And above them it says "coming soon" and then a cut out of a baby below,..makes me wonder if khloe is going to give birth soon..or if there's just some illuminati meaning behind it..

    But then again, the kids and Bruce weren't supposed to be part of the shoot, so maybe they just stuck them in last minute and didn't put much thought into their positions as they wouldn't have been prepared for props.. Makes me wonder if someone else was meant to be in the tube originally.

    Kris has cashier next to her because she is the manager, she takes all the money and makes all the deals, and takes a big cut.

    The magazines all have a front page to do with the kardashians.

    The tvs contain 3 still shots of Bruce winning a medal.

    Bruce is pulling the same pose as the mannequin.

    The order from left to right seems to be an interesting choice.. It seems like they think that is the order of who will be most famous/make the most money in the coming year.
    Kim of kourse, number one, but the others are losing their cool, Kylie in second place, she's almost an adult and is way more interesting and rebellious than Kendal, then Kendal, the two young ones who will relate to modern culture, the others are getting a little old for teens to idolise, then khloe, after her judging stint fell flat, kourtney is quite boring now, always has been really, then kris and Bruce ..

    • HereSinceTheStart on

      Thank you! Just what I was thinking, if they are puppets, how can they control the puppeteer?

      I do think they have gone in deep, knowingly and unknowingly, so we will just need to continue to pray for them and Rhianna. Riri's mom, really stressed the God Almighty through Jesus Christ. There is a battle going on for Riri's soul. And for everyone's really

  135. A media website states that david lachappele has also directed videos and he named the theme of this christmas card as ' Pop Culture Apocalypse' and the set was a suprise when the Kardashians walked into it and it also states that Lamar wasn't available that day to be part of the shoot so kourtney's guy also decided to bow out.

    kourtney is looking like Kris in the photo, also another reader has commented the same.

  136. HereSinceTheStart on

    I have to say that when you watched the episode when the photoshoot was to happen, Khloe seemed uncomfortable, Kourtney seemed irritated, Kim looked for a leading voice and even Kris Jenner her self looked a little lost.

    In the comments, NO ONE seems to be mentioning David La Chappelle.

    Now, the Kardashians have problems (don't we all) but I see David was really pushy. He talked about the christmas card as "HIS". Now, if we believe that they are puppets, and they are there are a lot of background powers and forces that are making certain things happen. I feel they were frightened. I mean, I was frightened of him. Kourtney practically forced him to put her children into the photo. David seems to have a lot of power in the photography world..I don't know.. any thoughts or comments?

    I think that eliminating the men is just a reflection of the demonic and devilish plan that has been in place to eradicate men. YES, women empowerment is GREAT, but how are we empowering men to be GREAT!? Great fathers, teaches, providers, lovers and husbands? No point in being an empowered woman with an emasculated husband ( which seems in part what has happened to Bruce). I mean, in the end, you will be frustrated because you are empowered, he is not- power imbalance=problems. Do not be unequally yoked.

    Sorry if I am just going all over the place! 😀

    • He is not mentioned much because like Richardson, the public at large is kept in the dark as to who they really are and what they are really about. They pull the strings and let their puppets have their fifteen minutes of fame, just like his buddy Warhol advocated decades earlier.

      Re empowerment of men, not all men are capable of being great and their frustration around their incapability can have devastating consequences for the whole family unit. They are usually the last in a line of men of that ilk which has become inter-generationally encoded within their core personality. You got to let many of them fail, play underdog, be put back in the lowly place where they feel home, take the mark. Not many men can be prophetic.

      • Amaryllis, how nice that you showed so openly that you are with the elites. You are disgusting creature, who views men with contemp simply because of our gender.

        I hope you'll get an cancer, you callous cretin.

    • YES I agree. Don't judge me, but I do watch the Kardashians from time to time. Yes they have problems and maybe that is what makes it entertaining, but I really think that deep down they are good people. Watching this episode really angered me because of the photographer. They had to beg just to get the kids and Bruce in it, and they really seemed uncomfortable. In this shoot they are being used as puppets. David is probably using them for publicity, and maybe the Kardashians did it to warn us. (The end..coming soon?)

    • @HereSinceTheStart

      You mentioned men as "providers", and thus you proved that what you really want is to emasculate men and turn them into your own personal servants. Of course, that's what all females want, and anything else you said became meaningless in a moment you used the word "providers". Just so you know, i do not own anything to you, nor do you deserve anykind of respect just because you are woman. Deal with it.

      You can turn and twist my words all you want, b*tch, but it won't change the truth.

      For my part i'm done with respecting the most vile, wretched, selfish and lazy gender on Earth -women- and i wish your life will be extremely miserable and crappy, you *****ng b*tch.

  137. I think that there is a very small amount of ghosting in the image which deliberately gives the effect of (alien) shape-shifting (hello, David's 'assistant' – I know about this first hand and you could helpfully confirm this?). Nobody looks quite like themselves as we know them (and we are exposed to them an awful lot). Infact, some of them are pretty much unrecognizable from their on screen shots which is most bizarre. IS it the Photoshop? Is it the ritual? Or an inextricable blend of both?

  138. It's a shame that positive people/souls like Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker have to die while the vapid and utterly useless Kardashians keep on going… and going… and going….. What a world… smh. Although in all fairness, Kris and Kim annoy me the most. The others seem like relatively decent people stuck in a wretched situation (or a plastic tube as it were).

  139. Modern Prophet on

    Above the baby Jesus looking figure is the sign 'Coming soon.' Even the devil knows that Christ is coming to gather the believers.

  140. This family definitely has connections to the other side, but also knows that controversy sells and the card was specifically created for that purpose. It is so "busy" with symbolism it makes the head spin. A few examples that those in the know will understand:

    * Most of the family names start with 'K' which also corresponds to the number '11'
    * Kourtney named her son…MASON
    * Kim's wedding to Kris Humphries was decorated to look Exactly like a masonic temple, complete with pillars (Boaz & Jachin)
    * Their homes are decorated in black & white, checkerboard flooring, even the mom admitted to only using black toilet paper!! Kim is the only one whose house is all white – she is the "chosen one" (read cash cow) in the family.

  141. I think its so random how Khloe is on a back seat of a car, maybe she will die in a horrible accident with Mason. Notice how Kourtney is wearing Lace..dun dun dun scary. The illuminati is getting more and more obvious with their symbolism. They can careless because people dont consider it a big deal..

  142. Big G The Barber on

    Why are we surprised? Why are we in awe? This is who they really are. Narcissistic, lovers of themselves and lovers of riches and fame. These are the petty representatives of the true so called elites. They represent the many faces of corruption that exploit the world from the very begining of time itself, hence the africanized woman and child. The cradle of civilization. We see the symbols but refuse to do the work to recognize the intents. Therefore we as observers are ridiculed for our ignorance. They believe its too late to do anything about it. They want worship, for all to bow to the american idols, their gods of fame and fortune. Standing in the outer porticos, seekers of fame knock to gain entrance (in trance) to become their own gods. Taking up symbols and performing rituals on a grand scale, tipping the balance in their favor. Doing what is required to keep the favor of these strange gods. Even sacrificing their loved one in blood sacrifice….. None of what I say in this post can be called conjecture or theory. Its proven in text, and digital history. Research and see for yourself. Anyone who argues that this is not how tptb operate are willfully ignorant or in cahoots with it and desire this darkness for themselves.

    • Why? Because the Americams are obsessed with the trollop MM. I didn't understand the obsession of the media with her until I found all the conspiracy theories which explain a lot in relation to Monroe.

  143. Bruce might need to watch his back because it seems like they may think that his time is up. He may be a blood sacrifice. He's not too happy about his daughters being drawn into this crap.

  144. Wow 400 comments about a distasteful Christmas card. The Kardashians are rotten to the core. There isn't even a need to analyse the symbolism, not even mentally handicapped people enjoy what they do.

  145. Did anyone else notice the "coming soon" sing above what the baby cutout ?? Def it's referring to North West as the next "celebrity", bigger than Kim.

  146. The reflection from those fluorescent lights (symbolic of false light, I suppose), on the floor, look like big lines of cocaine. Also, is that meant to be MJ's glove in What's-her-face's hand?

  147. I just was just wondering if anyone noticed that on top of Kim there's some letters that say THE END then right on top of khloe it says COMING SOON! Ya chek that out..

    • Omg stop posting this!!! Take the time to read comments…this observation has been made multiple times!!! Yes, we know it says The End!!!!!

  148. is the one next to the wheaties holding michael jackson's white glove!?
    and above the pharoah-ess, where it's written fame is also money to the left of that.
    it's interesting to me that the 'baby-Jesus' looking thing is right below COMING SOON…
    does this mean that this baby will be that kind of opposite, like an anti-Christ? or merely just another child they're about to demonize at a young age into the industry…as if they've already begun the process.

  149. I think making the symbolism more blatant is all part of the plan. Foolish kids really would "sell their soul" for a shot of fame and riches unfortunately. This type of glamourisation (to them) is a way of promoting the Illuminati further.
    Volunteers are a big part of the rituals, and right now there are tens of thousands of kids worldwide contemplating the deal! Notice the picture (and all the music vids) only show the glamour and the symbols – not the pain and energetic depths of actual rituals).
    Illuminati symbolism is now mainstream and many wanabees flash the symbols in the hope it will give them fame and fortune. These are the willing sacrifices and they are opening themselves up to being used by the elite and accompanying entities.

  150. Thanks VC! I decided to speak up, as I know and see this post is taking energy, the K, live out of creating controversy and drama. Maybe for them, is a holiday season, but for me I choose to have a Real Christmas, full of Christ energy: this energy is about love, peace, sharing joy. Each of us, can decide: celebrate the birth I Jesus, or go with the crazy party and shopping programming.
    My point is where do we choose to put our faith? I'm grateful go VC posts and analysis, but is like knowing we have an food allergy: we are good as long as we don't eat that food. The same with poisonous media: we need to avoid it.
    Indeed, they have become sneaky, inserting it in the must unexpected places. (Disney channel, for example). But this is how information works, we know what to avoid now… We don't need to consume it!

  151. To Joan – Yes, that seat is identical to the first image that comes in the image search results of 1993 Ford Bronco backseat, that seat is being sold in ebay. The Bronco was infamous for tipping over when driven in speed and Ford recalled those cars and paid compensation to people who had been affected in accidents due to the car defect.

  152. Everyone keeps sayin bruce is suffocating. I reckon bruce is looking at the mannequin wearing his medal. It was doing the victory dance with both arms up in the air like he used to do, only this time one arm is missing. Its like a representation of himself falling apart, in a test tube, controlled by the women around him. He has no say nor influence anymore. He's suffering for misses his life as an athlete, not the fame. Kim's face is everywhere cz she's the woman behind all this fame, kris manages all this fame, khloe is the more lower ranking member, sitn on the seat, kim's era is ending, the younger sisters will take over. There r no men cz its not even about them realy. In most occult practises, the women are more powerful, makes u wonder if the devil is perhaps female, opp of God who is male, maybe they wr once husband and wife in heaven so now its a custody battle. Notice the woman in kanye west's video, "Power", sitn in a macho stance on a throne. Why is babylon called a whore, the movie Devil wears Prada( red stilletos), a lot of examples on this if u dig enuff…

  153. I took interest in the coming soon neon sign with below the old guy and the mum featured in historic photos , thats hinting to there up next for sacrifice ???

  154. Also all of the magazines they are standing on are headlines about each sister and theyr'e husband or man. Notice how the ones are burned with khloe, and the ones with kim and kanye are in perfect condition. I watched the episode of this shoot and found it strange that he wanted only the girls, and none of the men. Definitely he had a statement to make, and everyone was on bored except for khloe. But of course kim and kris talked her into it. Sad …

  155. VC, you asked about the back seat of the car. I refer you to the story of little Victoria Stafford, or Tori Stafford, of Woodstock, Ontario. Search "back seat of car + Tori Stafford". Come to your own conclusions.

  156. There's no way that Kourtney would be okay with depicting her son in this way. Lifeless and dead looking like he was just sacrificed? There's no way any mom would ever do this… unless there is an ulterior motive that is apparently more important than motherhood….

    • Yeah, point taken but children do slouch like that y'know? Especially when they are involved in a carefully staged, boring photoshoot with a strange man. He was probably saying 'Mom, can we go NOW' and Khloe was probably promising a lifetime supply of cheetos if only he stayed still … that kind of thing.

  157. I was watching this episode the other day and weirdly I just felt like this was defo illuminati even though I didn't notice the things pointed out here, it was obvious and got me suspicious because lachapelle organised the whole thing they had nothing to do with it which is how it usually works they do seem clueless to the illuminati world I doubt they're illuminati also another reason I was suspicious because I read everywhere that it was KANYE who told them to do thier Xmas card with lachapelle and he's the one who told Kim to go with lachapelle and she pushed her family to choose him this year as Kanye said too, they all listen to whatever Kanye says :s

  158. Dear VC , there is a detail that you didin't mention in the Jenner sisters picture: on Kendall's head, the girl on the right, there is a hand on here head, which mean that there is someone controlling here mind… thoughts, actions, emotions…

  159. I watched the episode when this card was being made and this family is so stupid, they don't realize they were being made fun of.

  160. Poor Bruce in a case but what about her son Rob, and sons in law Scott and Kanye? Why only the women? I agree very disturbing picture whatever the occasion? I can almost hear Kris cackling now over stupid people who don't get it.

  161. I would suggest a reading of this card from right to left instead. Notice that everyone's poses are oriented to the left and that "The End" sign appears over Kim's head at the far left of the image. It is almost as if they trapped Bruce Jenner, the cashier, in his box (using his success as an olympic athlete as a springboard to fame) and all the women have run amok around the theatre egged on by a triumphant Kris Jenner.
    I still wonder about the meaning of the burning magazines beneath the illuminated clouds in the middle of the picture. What do the burning magazines symbolize? Why is there a trail of them leading to that image? Even more so I wonder who is at the top of the staircase that Kim is standing on. "The End" may also speak to the Kardashian's position in the pyramid.
    The most sickening thing about this photo is the coming soon sign above the image of the black baby. They are announcing their plans to sell North like a commodity to the legion of dupes who scarf this microwave, MKULTRA entertainment. This is BLAXPOITATION of the worst kind made into a holiday christmas card and it really is fucking sickening.

  162. ParacelsusPontifex on

    I agree the Kardashians are almost certainly Illuminati-created and controlled—-but one cannot deny—–Kim's butt is the eigth wonder of the world. Word.

  163. Nobody here seemed to notice the African American Baby on the pillar next to Bruce.
    Who is that child? And why is he/she included, the photo is so clear that one wanders what point the photographer wanted to convey. Any ideas?

  164. Guiliana Rancic brought up the very same thing on fashion police when they talked about this card. This card has nothing to do with christmas and everything to do with the dark underworld that is the media elite.

  165. The Kardashians will do ANYTHING for attention and fame. I guess I don't blame them because the only way you can make money in america, is stir some stuff up.

    • Don't think he wants any part in this messed up agenda. Either that, he's just not hungry enough to catch attention like the rest of the kardashians.

  166. It says "THE END IS COMING SOON".

    The dollar sign is purposely made to be the word "IS". *duh*

    Can't believe that no one got that, including the author of the article.

  167. Kendall's left foot is pointing to the "It's Over" cover of Khloe and Lamar's breakup. Dont rememeber which magazine but I saw it in a store a month or two back

  168. I used to watch their show a number of years ago before I was made aware of this hidden world beyond what the tv tells us. Ever notice how the brother Rob isn't in any of this? I don't think he wants any part in this crap, lol.

  169. This depiction is something out of a nightmare. It sickens me. I cannot comprehend why people look up to this family. Its simply mind-boggling. It gives me a headache just looking at all the negative symbols in the picture.

  170. That's a very creepy card! Thanks VC! Going back to it, Mason lying next to Khloe, seemingly in a trance does look really twisted, and Bruce held up in that container, seemingly looking at that statue with his medals…

  171. ok I'm very sorry to be the wicked witch of the west here (how ironic) but do you people ever consider that perhaps we read too much into everything, so there's a baby Jesus in the picture, why the hell does it have to be North? so there's a word saying cashier between Kris and Bruce, SHE'S SITTING ON THE CASHIER'S COUNTER! I believe the Illuminati is real, a lot more real than most people realize, but I also believe in the words of my true dear hero who taught me black pride, "the most potent weapon in the hands of an oppressor is the mind of the oppressed". we read illuminati into all and everything and they will take over even us who dare to fight their control because soon enough we won't even want to hold a can of coke because it's red, isn't that a dangerous color. come one guys, please don't make me feel like I'm supporting heretics. come on, I trust you guys.

  172. Figured it out …

    its there Past Present and Future

    took a bit of time staring to figure it out.
    (partially color coded pattern and there is also primary structured pattern )

    from the past right towards the left in general. (excluding the center) the words
    (i dunno maybe bruce had a job or was a cashier or something ?)
    then he gets the medal
    he marrys his wife has kids ect..

    we see the letters ATM (At The Moment)
    coming soon
    the end
    this part is obviously a color coded pattern
    from to top of the stairs to the magazines to the flames center of the picture

  173. Am I the only one extremely creeped out by this? I have chills running down my spine. Like all of their souls are no longer here and the Devil is operating through them.

  174. did anyone notice the scene in the corner in the second picture next to kendall. & realize that this is some type of abandoned movie theater. symbolizing that their life is on display.

  175. Have you also notice the Micheal Jackson's sparkling glove in the hand of one of the standing girls? (don't know the name, sorry!) It looks like an Illuminati prey, Madonna as worn it in the last Grammy carpet, not just a quotation!

  176. 1. The Michael Jackson glitter glove representing mind control and being used up as a child star by handlers and a parent using him for fame. The future of these girls mimics his.

    2. The metal pipe over the glitter glove turns into a penis shaft at the end. Maybe it means how many of penises has Kim had to service to get where she is. Including the sex tape.

    3. All the little babies floating might represent all the abortions allegedly has had since she has been on a quest for fame.

    4. Bruce Jenner trapped in the glass tube closet. Allegedly he is a cross dresser and now reports say he wants a sex change. Maybe he's saying goodbye to the old him.

    5. Smoke coming from behind the pyramid w/the eye might represent war and destruction taking ahold of American culture as we once knew it.

    6. Khloe posing on a car back seat might mean that's where she was conceived as its been rumored on the show that she might not be Robert K. real daughter.

    7. Little Mason (funny how his name is Mason) lies limp as to probably represent his is totally controlled and belongs to them just waiting to be activated.

    8. No Kardashian men in the shot except being represented by mannequins probably means that all their relationships were orchestrated and controlled every step of the way. The men were pons in the Kardashian fame game. Collateral damage hence burning of them like they are garbage, disposable.

    9. The Wonder Woman strip running along top of the baby and mother probably represents Kris’s ego thinking she is running it all. Super woman.

    10. The white lines on the floor & smiley face in the background maybe representing drug usage that might be going on.

    11. Egyptian queen headdress on top of Kris’s head. She rules the Kardashian world.

  177. Notice how Kendall and Kylie's dresses are slit just like Kim's, they're going down the same path as her, both modelling, photoshoots of them topless ALREADY and Kylie is only 16/17.the vulva looking thing on Kylie might explain her going wild in future, I honestly think shes going to be crazier than any other Kardashian. There's a picture of her posing with Ariana Grande and Ariana was dressed in a classy way and it made her look like she was 16 (shes like 22 or 23) and Kykie was next to her with a mini skirt and cleavage and she was 15/16 at the time.

  178. JesusChistBeliever on

    isn't also the baby doing an illuminati sign with her innocent little hand? God help he children!

  179. You mention it looks like baby Jesus with a halo. Well the African woman also has a halo, of course this wasn't mentioned. She represents Mary, as the African woman is the cradle of civilisation. The reason they put those girls in front, is because they want them to represent the total embodiment of womanhood. However western women continue to us black culture to embody this, always have (bigger bottom, bigger lips, tans). Not you have kenddle Jenner with Tyga. After leaving the mother of his children (a black woman, african woman, embodiment of womanhood and civilisation). Fir this disgusting little girl, who is under age and no one does a Thing. Also Bruce Jenner not turned into a woman, looks as though he is in a test tube, the is a african male baby looking on. Gayness and the feminization of black males is a huge agenda. Along with white supremacy By the systematic murders of black men and women at the hands if the police, hospital e.t.c. I feel this represent the confusion they want black makes to experience. Because if white women are held at the epitome of womanhood by all, if black makes are mean to be confused using homosexuality and transgender. What that ultimately means is the end of black (the original) civilisation.

  180. 2 things.

    1 . note the cashier counter wher Kris is sitting the shape above her of that egyptian eye thing, tagged with fame, and how she’s hanging on to it/ hanging from it.

    2. The glass tube Bruce is in also tagged with fame. I remember people used to refer to a television set as a tube when tvs were still those bog boxy things. as though he’s trappedf in this Fame tube.

    interestingly, Kris is running this family, they even had an episode where the kim was worried about bruces finances and spending habits. The word cashier is outside the tube facing kris obviously through his involvement with her and the show he makes money. Cashier(kris) receives the cash, and now doubt passes on some change his way.

  181. Wow, Just remembered about this card. All of a sudden Bruce in that cashier tube with the dismembered mannequin outside wearing all his medals makes a lot of sense. "Doing absolutely anything for money and fame" makes a lot of sense as well.

    This is the creepiest thing i think i've ever seen.

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