Jennifer Hudson Confirms the Obvious: Not in the Illuminati


After years of silence, many artists seem to be speaking out about everything Illuminati. Jennifer Hudson has recently commented the “rumors” of her being “part of it”. To my great surprise, Jennifer Hudson claims that she IS NOT one of the world’s leaders. She does not form world policies with Warren Buffet. Shocker.

“I’m so glad someone brought this Illuminati mess up because only a child of God would address it. That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard in my life. And it’s offensive because basically what? The people that are here today don’t deserve to be where they are? What, we didn’t work for it? So I find—and I hate to go there—but I find it’s those that can’t make it that would probably join Illuminati, or whoever that is, to get somewhere.

Don’t listen to that type of stuff, don’t follow that stuff because those people are only luring you in to become a part of some mess like that, so know that you’re only falling victim. That’s their way of gaining [followers]. I’d advise you to stay away from it. Those who are reading it are falling into it. It could not be more untrue.”

Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. NONE of the artists are part of the Illuminati. The entire debate is degenerating into a dumbed-down, mainstream media talking point due to ignorant gossipers and mass media disinformation.
  2. Being Christian or a “child of God” does not automatically prevent one to be used by the industry to push an agenda. Religion is not a magical shield against being manipulated. Many well-meaning artists only understand what happened to them years after the fact.
  3. Interesting fact: No artist has denied the existence of the Illuminati. They all say it exists, that some people are part of it, but not them. Jennifer seems to say that only does lacking talent join.
  4. Some might bring up Jennifer Hudson’s family killings as being ritual sacrifices for her “initiation”. I won’t go there for now.  The best way to gauge one’s integrity is through the messages and the symbols one communicates to the masses. Words deceive, symbols never lie. So let’s see what kind of music Hudson will offer to her fans.


      • I far from doubt the existence of the illuminati but some of you all have obsessed yourselves to paranoia. She is the first artist to not only address the issue but to also out right deny it. She sings gospel and songs that give women strength, not music that entices them to be weak and give in to temptation. If she threw up a million pyramid shaped hand signs but sang songs to God and offered edification through music I say the pyramid would stand for being the strongest structure created not a dominant force attempting to take over the world. They haven't won yet-but because of your mistrust and finger pointing some of you are just as likely to fall victim to their torments as the people that choose to turn the other cheek.

      • see thats the ignorance in you talking and thats what want. her strong music for woman is just a cover up ''DUH'' wake up peeps. the bible talks about all these things with the authorities of the world. your eyes will probably never open. so sad

      • You say she's the 'first artist to deny it (being an Illuminati member)', but if you read her words, what she's really saying is that she is CLUELESS about the Illuminati, the NWO, and the Elites who are making money off her work.

        She says: "The people that are here today don’t deserve to be where they are? What, we didn’t work for it? So I find—and I hate to go there—but I find it’s those that can’t make it that would probably join Illuminati, or whoever that is, to get somewhere."

        Only an idiot would say Hudson is a member of the Illuminati. So by denying membership, the lady provides no illumination. She really expresses her ignorance though, when she says: "… I find it's those that can't make it that would probably join Illuminati, whoever that is…." If you don't know WHO or WHAT the Illuminati is, how can you then talk about the Illuminati? If she truly did know what it was and who was involved, she'd then know it isn't the 'losers' and 'lazy people' who, because they are failures, would join up with the cause. She'd know people don't pick the Illuminati but rather the Illuminati picks souls.

        Just another airheaded performer; another bringing Modern Culture to the world.

        And we wonder why many Muslims want nothing to do with what the West has to offer!

      • "And we wonder why many Muslims want nothing to do with what the West has to offer!" What does that even mean ?

      • Thank you! jeez ppl r reading wayyy too much into this jennifer is not in the illuminati. shes not stupid enough to sell her soul. instead of worrying about her ppl should be worrying about people like rihanna and kanye west and jayz and beyonce and lady gaga. Especially the first three. i honestly believe that they are the ringleaders in all of this. i think that rihanna symbolizes the mother of harlots aka the babylon whore(look into the book of revelations) jayz reps the sun god(deity) whatever u want to call it and kanye reps the antichrist. this is also known as the unholy trinity-u see them do this repeatedly as the 'ok' sign. if u dont believe me google 'rihanna mother of harlots'

    • Good article. I agree that religion is not a protective shield. I attend church each Saturday and volunteer for events we have. Yet, I'm not immune to the ways of the world. She is using her excuse A's a justification.

      I also agree that even those with talent get pushed into pushing an ahead that may be "hidden" to the artist. And like you said, they realize it years later.

      Nice job.

      • This was the point I was trying to make when the subject about jennifer hudson was brought up in the rihanna photo shoot…we don't know until we know. Hopefully ms hudson is on the up & up & is smart enough to see what's going on, but we just don't know.

      • If you are a Christian who has a relationship with Christ, then you should be immune from the world. I am a Christian, and I used to go to church every Sunday, volunteer etc. But oustside of that, I was still living in sin. But in my walk in faith, I learn daily that you must reject the ways of the world. The way to salvation is through Jesus Christ and obedience is our duty. Also, Christians must actually read their bible. Not only read, but pray and meditate on the scriptures. We are a corrupt, sinful world. So much promiscuity(fornication), so much hatefullness, and mean spirited people lacking compassion. I mean if you are still a virgin after 20, and who cares about marriage, then you are considered a "freak". That is how the devil fools people. Because everyone else is doing it, then hey, it must be ok! I dont' even recognize this world anymore at I'm 47, with all the evil seemingly on the loose. But I do know that the spirit will live when our flesh has turned to dust. If I can give you any advice, please don't think you are forced to be a part of this babylonian world. God has a better place for believers, but your faith has to be demonstraed by rejecting the ways of the world. God love's everyone. Even the sinners. He just wants us to repent and turn away from the world and turn to his love.

      • Without the Spirit of the Living God, none of us would come to know Him or understand who He is. As Jesus says in John 4:24:

        "God is a spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth."

        I pray Deidra and all of those who hunger and thirst for the Word of God that you will stay focused on Him. As this world becomes more saturated in sin, may those whom the Lord Jesus has called out of darkness and into the light be ready and equipped with the truth of His mighty Word to fight the good fight.

    • thank you Monsieur African King, Only guilty People Have to Proof "…or to produce belief in its truth)" Innocence: YES! : GUILTY AS CHARGED ! but African King and VC, why we are not Debating Egypte??? A Revolution of the People Tired of Control?!!! thank you and Much Love :*)

      • @Hope

        I think it's too early to say anything about Egypt. Could be a genuine freedom fight. Could be a set-up. Hard to say.

        P.S I have yet to see or hear about a revolution made by the people for the people. Except maybe for the one in Cuba (which failed pathetically) all of them were 100% masonic coups.

      • Raphael , what are you talking about??? Of course it's a genuine Freedom fight!!!! Have you watch the news? Those are my people!

      • @Hope

        Please don't get me wrong. I'm sure you and all Egyptians in the streets are fighting for the freedom you deserve. What I'm saying is that this revolution may have been set in motion by people with an agenda. I really really wish I'm wrong but I'm afraid it could be a trap. There are too many unanswerable questions and apparently unrelated odd actions.

        First of all I find it suspicious that so many Arab countries are in turmoil at the same time. How many of them are capable of defending themselves if attacked today? Also which ones are able to react if Palestine is attacked now? Or what if this is an ambush to attack Iran? Secondly why are the Americans deploying troops to the Sinai peninsula? Third, why on earth is Hillary Clinton meeting almost all American ambassadors in Washington? ( And finally I find it suspicious that it all started with Al-Jazeera. Same Al-Jazeera which aired all the phony Osama bin Laden recordings way after everybody knew he was dead. Who are Al-Jazeera sponsors? Follow the money trail… Sounds to me like something bigger may be in progress.

      • Raphael – not everybody knows Osama bin Laden is dead. You should be more sensitive to those whose IQs are below that of a chimpanzee. ; )

      • Egypt is not a coincidence. There have been rumors of Obama wanting a "kill switch" for the internet. Mubarek tried to kill the internet in Egypt. While I was watching Fox news they were talking about how even though the internet had been "shut down" by the egyptian government, people were still finding ways to upload videos and information online.

        My hypothesis is Egypt is a trial run. They want to learn how to people are still forcing their way onto the web, so when the same thing happens in the US, they will know most of the ways people will find their way back online. I feel this upset in Egypt is nothing more than a training period for the elites to find out how people will react. What they learn in Egypt will be used against us.

      • One more thought…basic ICS states, during an emergency situation:

        What do we want to do?

        Who is responsible for doing it?

        How do we communicate with each other?

        What is the procedure if someone is injured?

        Notice number 3: How do we communicate with each other?

        I will present you with a question, if the citizens of the US face an emergency where we will have to rely on our militia and local communities for protection/organization. How are we going to communicate with each other? All we have are cell phones and the internet! The elite do not want us organizing against them…

    • Thank you. You posted my exact thoughts. Fuck this bitch. And to clarify. These stooges in the music industry are not illuminati. They are controlled by them. Big fucking difference. Ths s what the illuminati is, period.

      The Order was created by the Jesuits utilising their sheep-dipped priest and GENTILE Adam Weishaupt. This creation was one of the biggest contributors to the Counter-Reformation. The Illuminati consists of The Council of 13 degrees of the Bavarian Illuminati, The Committee of 300, The Grand Orient, The Supreme 33rd degree Council & high level B'nai B'rith. All these are controlled by the Vatican and its Hierachy the Jesuit Order. Their Agenda is a One World Government/religion along with a microchipped enslaved and dumbed down population lacking any freedom just like when the Papacy openly ruled before the Reformation. The Pope will become the Universal Monarch controlling the world under orders of the Superior General from Jerusalem. The `Holy Roman' 14th Amendment American Empire will be its strong arm enforcer and eventually destroyed when their use is over.

    • Well, I would be offended and defensive too if others don't think I earned my success but am only successful because I sacrificed my loved ones for fortune and fame to evildoers.

    • Please do not say, people are gossiping about Illuminati…those who know Illuminati and their works do serious research and are not fooled by the drama that these celebrities followers do.

      You can't fool a conspiracy researcher so easily. Its a plot to discredit us…we never gossip about Illuminati. We do serious stuff here. We know Illuminati exist, and these celebrities are not part of it but they are just used to further the agenda.

      • Essential Truth on

        I find her response to be odd, contradicting and ignorant ".. basically what? The people that are here today don’t deserve to be where they are? What, we didn’t work for it?"

        Nobody's denying your talent Ms. Hudson…i think you proved that on America's false Idols … She must understand.. in 2011 when Vigilance is at a all time high her words are hollow. Demons–> The Federal Reserve –> Bosses in the Music Industry –> Her bank account…the tentacles of this evil system are quite clear.

        Anyone in a position of influence who decides to address questions on the Illuminati should be extremely clear and should choose their words carefully…have a Cue card ready if you have to…but remember the "nothing is wrong.. just go back to sleep" talk has come to an End! Artist silence on these issues maybe deafening ..but i rather have them stay quiet instead of them coming out to insult our intelligence.

        …im not sure of this whole thing about her willfully sacrificing her family members .. i dont understand how it could sometimes be a friend like Proof for Eminem, Aaliyah for Jay-Z.. Kanye's Mother for him and then you have Multiple members of Jhud's family??..

      • Eminem was super successful before Proof fell. Everyone in Detroit that knew Proof, knew he would one day be in trouble because of his big mouth and his constant flashing his gun. And that is exactly how he fell. Im sorry my friend it is possible that you could be right on some of those others. But I know for a fact that this was not a sacrifice. It was just senseless violence, at an after hours club, in one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

      • Don´t forget that Eminem made a video about Proof gettin killed twee years before he died!

        Think about it, Britany Murphy died just like in the last movie she made. Its holywood we talking about.

      • The guys who made that video are called the Saline Project. A group of special effects directors and compositors. I met them all great guys….not a single nefarious thing about them. They were devastated that proof had died years later. Actually he didn't die as the way he was depicted dying in the video the only similarity was that he was shot. Thats what happens in the D when you pull out a gun. He started a fight, a bouncer shot in the air to stop it. Proof shot a guy he was fighting with, then he was shot by the bouncer. Thats how it went down, and those are the facts.

      • I was hopin that people who come on this site read about esoteric and understand how it works. Too many artists died like in the movies they play and they videos, i also think that understandin this powers and esoteric goes way too far. Believe me common sense and intelligence won´t be enough. yo never noticed the way Proof used to do rituals with Eminem during concert calling out Rain man. He sacrificed him period!

      • blessed eyes 123 on

        naw if you hear eminem talk about it (i have) its completely obvious that there was way more too it ahn proof having a big mouth and flashing his gun, eminem totally feels like its his fault, over and over he says its his fault. plus they put him in a video before it even happened, they always put it in the media be4 they do stuff, anyways, they all sacrifice soem1, we know that much.

      • Here is the wikipedia link if you are interested in reading how it went down. I briefly stated how it went down in my response to aware. If you know anything about Eminem in the past ten years, Im sure you can understand why he would feel responsible for his friends death. He spiraled down a path of crazy prescription drug use and shut out everyone around him. He is living way north of Detroit now in a lavish gated community. While proof and the rest of D12 were and still are still hanging in and around the D. Except Bizarre, his girl made him move to Atlanta, to avoid crap like this. You have to understand not only were they friends but Eminem also became their boss and they all worked under the Shady Label. When you realize that one of your best friends/employees was shot and that you had the ability and resources to help, but you didn't because you were at the time consumed by addiction, I guarantee you would feel guilty too.

      • You can't believe eveything you read on Wikipedia.. Alot of stuff this there is misinformed, and censored.

        Plus, you remember when a lof of these celebrity killings, or any public murder goes down, they always use what a particular celebrity does most dangerously to have them dead, and then when that doesn't work, they either lie about it or have a Coroner make up a story about their death (and if you don't believe me, PBS Frontline did an excilent piece about the failure of proper autopsies in this country. Very scary).

        Examples included Michael Jackson, Britnany Murphy, Heath Ledger, Jimi Hendrix, the list goes on and on. They are probably going after Charlie Sheen right now. It is probably the real reason Charlie refuses to go to rehab. He may or may not have a problem, but they are edging him and getting him into situations where he can easily be overdosed. (why they would go after charlie sheen? Just look at his record on speaking out about 9/11 and challenging Obama to do better).

      • You are so right they do it all the time. It´s just a matter of understanding how they operate. In my culture they always talk about when somebody is goin to get sacrifice.

  1. Im so glad that you pointed out the fact that none of these artists are PART of the Illuminati .. They are not part of it because they are not in the bloodline.. Now, are they puppets to the whole cloak & agenda of the Illuminati .. carrying out the messages & symbols to the masses, yes, but they are not Part of the actual Illuminati.

    Nothing Jennifer Hudson said confirms that she is not a part of the Illuminati agenda. Besides, she could be a part of it unknowingly anyway.

      • Most musicians that are famous at a mainstream level are manufactured to some degree. They are often signed to a big record label company & have a team of people working with them/on their image. Many don't write most of their own songs or they co-write their songs & their videos are directed by other people. The way they dance, dress, what they sing, whats in their music video – that is all influenced/instructed by other people to an extent. Thats how they can be a part of something and not know. They might think their team has good intentions and listen, byt they don't realise how much they are being manipulated to push an agenda.

  2. Rihanna is doing the same thing… just wait for her new video S&M where she actually has the word ILLUMINATI and GOAT HEAD on her video while she's dressed up and a Playboy pin up girl… only time will tell.

  3. Your thoughts on this are on point.

    I've had the feeling that she's been "prepped" for …more…over the last few years. Let's wait and see. She's not the first artist/puppet to act as though they're offended or appalled by the rumors or allegations of being affiliated.

  4. Most celebrities are so manipulated through mind control methods imposed on them since they were young. Sex abuse rituals, torture, physcial and mental abuse, and much more.

    They are controlled slaves and thier handlers are ussually people very close to them. Managers, boyfriends ect.

    Before anything I suggest reading this to understand celebrities roles in the NWO.

  5. "She does not form world policies with Warren Buffet". Of course not it's hilarious to even think about it. At most she's at the bottom of the food chain…

    My personal impression is she's too infatuated with herself and her 'talent' to admit it. But then again all stars think they're all that and that they got where they are with hard work. And one has to give them credit: Being humiliated, tortured and raped IS hard work after all..

    • thefirestarter4jc on

      Raphael, I agree she may be completely ignorant to the devices that are being used against her and although she does have talent we already know (brittany, madonna, gaga) that talent is not always the real issue or bottom line (not that these particular 3 didn't have talent, but the focus is more on appeal). And your right it is pride that would make you think that your gonna meet w/billionaires and talk "world events", but at the same time look at J-Z, who would have thought that he would sit down w/Buffett and make "deals" (Forbes, Sept 2010 issue). Obviously Jay is using his "talent" to take him "places". Mark 8:36 "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

      • @thefirestarter4jc

        I'm not convinced one can be completely unaware of what's being done to them. Unless of course they're abused since they were babies or small kids, which doesn't seem to be the case with JH. I think it's always a problem of conscience: the devil needs our cooperation if he is to 'help' us get rich and famous. He doesn't need victims, he needs aware and complying individuals. Her being so defensive, as AfricanKing said in the first post, makes me think maybe her conscience is not totally spotless.. I hope I'm wrong.

      • thefirestarter4jc on

        Raphael, I agree w/you that is why I chose to use the word ignorant (ignore + arrogant, at least that is how I interpret the word), i believe that you are right on that there may be something else lying beneath. Some ppl choose not to see the obvious cuz they want to continue on w/their decisions responsibility-free. As you, I am hoping this is not the case, but we can tell that even by her appearance in the pic above (the revealed shoulder), if she continues on the path she is on and wants to further "show her talent" she is going to need to continue revealing something!

        And you are correct the devil does need his vics aware, unfortunately sometimes he comes "as an angel of light" (Bible) and they choose (matter of conscience) not to discern this and continue to "ease on down the road" (the Wiz).

        Nice reading your comments!

  6. It seems like she's almost embarrassed to admit that she has been manipulated! Come on Jen, we see it, no worries.

    And while reading that, i said to myself "Wow, she sounds so dumb right now."

    Like VC said, we will see what kind of music she puts out there for us to hear.

  7. Distracted by Celebs on

    (I'm sure many of you understand this anyway but…)

    'In or out' is not the point. At the level of the pyramid where most of us are (including most entertainers) what matters is: 'who's agenda are you promoting?'

    That's all that matters. And it's not just people in the public eye …. we ALL need to ask ourselves this question, in all situations.

    "Am I being an authentic honest person or am I being a fake sell out?"

    The illuminati can only operate (through us) for as long as we all avoid this question.

    • Thank you for pointing this out.

      The celebrities agenda is used to distract us. We are far more interested in What contributions to society these fake personas are doign when in fact hundreds of real people making real contributions to our world are going unnoticed. I say time to turn off the TV. I have always said it.

      In what level of ok is it that a soccer player, make more money than a heart surgeon?

      Its ok because we are entertained into oblivion and not making choices that concern our future.

      • You are absolutely right. In America, entertainment takes precedence over meaningful contributions to society. The entertainment industry rakes in well over a trillion dollars a year. Yes a TRILLION! 1000 billion dollars. This figure includes sports, movies, music, and television. And do you know why this business is so lucrative? Because WE the people spend OUR hard-earned money on it. Think about it, most people work around 40 hours a week. The value that our employers place on our time is estimated roughly to be about $11.00 an hour. Out of that $11.00 an hour we don't think twice about spending $40.00 to see the latest Twilight movie at the theatre, or paying $80.00 for our cable subscription to watch Jersey Shore, or spending $24.00 on the newest blue ray disc, or $18.99 on Beyonce's new album, or $54.00 for the Call of Duty video game. Does anyone not see the irony in this situation? We are paying for our own indoctrination! Lining the Elite's pockets with our hard-earned money for the luxury of being "entertained." Our values are misplaced and that is the heart of the problem with Amerian society. WE as a people need to boycott the Industry by refusing to buy into their appeal for mass consumption and instead focus all of our monies and attention on stock piling neccessities that are essential to survival. A healthy, AWARE people are much harder to control than a diseased dumbed-down population. And let's be honest people, the writing is on the wall, but are we going to make preparations or keep our head in the sand?

  8. I read this article and i could not help but roll my eyes. The answer was so in articulate and did not make much any sense. "Only a child of God could address it' when the illumanati is opposed to religion?? At one point she acknowledges that it exist but she is not a part of it of course. 'Those who are reading into that stuff could not be more untrue.' Girl keep your phony excuses!!!!

  9. Is this her complete words, word for word. I honestly can't comprehend what she is saying in the second paragraph. However, from the first paragraph, it looks to me she is defending her fellow artist. To me, it comes across as if she is saying, she, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and all these so called illuminati puppets worked to get where they are. They did not become the stars they are today by joining some group. Talent and hard work earn them their success. And she is offended by the online community acussing she and her fellow artists of "selling out".

  10. All i got to say is in order to get big in this world you have to pay tribute to the god of this of this world which is Satan. But remember Christ is on the throne and controls EVERYHING he will set u free.

    • Christ was misinterpreted. The archonic mind parasites that run this planet made up all religions. Christ does not control everything. The archons are now, however do not worry for their system will soon dissolve as soon as Sophia the planet we live on moves out of this infested galaxy.

  11. MK Ultra Stooge on

    Who is Jennifer Hudson? How many platnium records does she have under her belt. We've much bigger stars with larger audiences. Mrs Hudson is not needed in the quest for one world domination. Lady Gaga alone is capable of reaching any fan Mrs Hudson has. She is really irrelevant to our objective. If I had to state my opinion though, I think Mrs Hudson is a pawn. She achieved fame through American Idol. We run that shown from tops to bottom. There is no way she went through the entire process without being initiated.

    • A lot of people are focusing on her music, but JH has an OSCAR ! Don't get me wrong she probably didn't know how much it cost, but i'm sure the ones who gave her fame and success did ! !

      • I don't think an oscar holds as much "water" for the elite as it used to. Ratings for the oscars went up when black actors starting getting awards & jh fell in that wave. I mean monique won as oscar. Monique! Sorry to play the race card, but it's true. In essence I'm saying an oscar doesn't mean she sacrificed her soul. I'm pretty sure the oscars have gotten to the point of the affirmative action. Denzel w played in many great movies including the one where he played malcom x, but he gets an award for portraying a crooked cop. Hallie berry played her behind off in losing isiah, but has sex w/ billy bob thorton & wins an award? Does that mean that hallie & denzel sold their soul to the elite b/c they won awards for less than their best work? I don't think so. I doubt that ms hudson winning that award had anything to her giving in to the elite.

      • Ummm, I thought I said she had nothing to do with what the elite expectation of winning an Oscar meant & that I never seen her exhibiting Illuminati behavior. To her she won an oscar but to the elite who knows what they had in mind. Then you said Halle & Denzel won awards for their most degrading works….well let me see Jenifer did nothing like that and won…so i'm thinking she had to do something extra in their eyes to get it but who knows ? When it comes to sacrifice in the industry how do you assume it works, and if you don't know…how can you comment. Especially when I previously said I don't think she had anything to do with the sacrifice and was only noting in this comment she is not only a singer but has an oscar ( blank stare).

        I am not sure the elite had anything to do with her winning the Oscar. First of all I think she deserved it, but how many of those boring, fall asleep on movies who don't even deserve the nomination win. It's not about how good your are, it's about who you know & what makes a great show if you ask me. All these so called A- list Oscar winning actors in my eyes acting is no better than the d- list actors. What does that tell you ! The facts are 3 people in her family are dead. No one has been charged, not even the sisters BF…so what happened to her family, and many other people that have died suspiciously is the question ?

      • I also would like to add the murdered child's father spoke out a few months ago. He made a short documentary where he revisited the house, and also stated he had heard JH was a free mason and that his family was a sacrifice. He didn't accuse her of anything, he was questioning was it true or not. However a lot of people were turned off to the fact he was promoting his music at the same time. I also have a question. Does anyone know what direction the case is headed in, and if the # 1 suspect still a suspect. Last I heard he was freed. Any updates on that ?

  12. We all know something is going on in the industry ? Weather the artist are "boule" which is the word I would use before Illuminati , or not, at a certain time you have to, well you don't have to, you are free to lie, but to be held "accountable" by the public is something you have to accept. With that being said, I can't say I have seen Illuminati videos, her covering her eye, or any thing abnormal coming from her. The so called sacrifice is another thing, and if you ask me she didn't have any thing to do with it. As far as the people behind the scenes ( movies & music) I would never put it pass them ! Who knows what those devil are whipping up !

    • I believe she is a child of God, but just because you are a child of God doesn't mean you are immune to struggles, sin, and whatever is going on in this wicked world. I think she just backslid a bit. Most Christians do. If she is truly His, He won't let her go and she will make her way back to Him. Lets not judge.

      • i agree with you, who are to judge when we will be judge ourselves. Thats cool we get this info so we know to prepare ourselves, and to be ready for whatever, basically continue in the Lord in all that we do, be stedfast and stay narrow.

      • What I would like to know is why are these comment posted below mines. I didn't accuse her of what am I missing ? I didn't judge her! What I said is that artist who claim to know nothing about the iluminati but exhibit the behavior can not knock being held accountable by the public for their actions. Them or the people behind the scenes. You make your bed you lie in it ! The comments below my statement have nothing to do with, what I said, and I thought i'd point that out.

  13. another open eye on

    ok. i would appreciate VC also posting the link of the website where he collected the information.


    its good to have that, so we show(for family or friends) that this is not someone crazy that make comments about stars and it actually went online to everyone read about it.

  14. Being a child of God is not about RELIGION, it is a relationship with our Father, the living God. A child of God would not make secular music or would leave the secular world once they become a child of God. A child of God making secular music is an oxymoron. That is the devil's domain. Im so tired of people thinking if you SAY your a christian that means something. When i look at your daily life do i see Jesus, if not, then all that lip service mean nothing. Guess what, im a doctor. It doesn't matter if i know nothing about medicine, have no degree, cannot perform surgery just believe me cuz i say so, don't look at my ACTIONS. Im tired of "christians" not representing God the right way. Then the world looks at them and thinks if that what their God is about i do not want any parts.. Wake up. Jennifer is into the inclusion gospel and sang at a church that condones homosexuality. Either she is a child of God who is backsliding or was never His child. Only God knows.

    • If being a child of God is having a relationship with God rather than belonging to a relgion, particularly Christianity, then that would give her the cover up to make any music she chooses, even if secular. If being a child of God is a matter of private relationships, then how can an outsider criticize? Do you know what constitutes she and Christ relationships?

  15. I dont think a child of the most high God should be making worldly music. I think its hypocrytical of a person to do so. She's blinded by greed, fortune, and fame and she's leading ppl away.


  16. LMAO all of these churches r illuminati they bout money. MONEY IS THE ROOT TO ALL evil. So she most likely is a apart of secret societies. Also suppossedly she sacrificed her mom and nephew for fame

    • For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 1 timothy 6:10

  17. even moreso a lot of contemporary songs from christian radio have weird subliminal messages… questionable even.. do your own research.

  18. Jennifer perfomed at Super Bowl XLII. She couldn't have made it on the biggest corporate stage for advertising without being something.

  19. She's almost dismissive "or whoever they are" like she doesnt acknowledge the influence they have on the industry. Plus she says people who have no talent join, which is also ridiculous she cant be that naive shes suggesting that everybody who has made it has talent and works hard which is not true. I havent seen anything from her music or ads to suggest she is a puppet, but yea time will tell. I sympathize with her for losing her family sacrifice or not that had to have changed her for life. Hopefully not for the worse.

  20. I think it's highly interesting that no one has denied it.

    I don't know if she's a part of it, but I do believe that there is something to be said about a good part of her immediate family being murdered. I really hate to be, you know, "that guy" but it's definitely cause for speculation. I think it's really messed up to jump to that conclusion since it could easily be a senseless crime without any attachment to gaining power, influence or success.

    She has kept her good girl image since she's come out. The other puppets quickly lose that image and start pushing more racy images and promo the agenda.

    I don't think she's gotten into the real deal club, but it all starts with knowing the right people, and she can get in those circles. She's not guilty by association, but she has done a movie with Beyonce, and possibly stayed friends.

  21. She never denies her own involvement in anything. She's indignant and asks people not to listen to that 'stuff', but she never refers to her part in it. Nowhere does she say anything like I JH have no idea what you are talking about and I am not a part of it. It is not a direct answer.

  22. God vs evil. The holy war is the only true war as we all know. But what is easy to forget is that the war is already won in the name of Jesus. They (the illuminati/occult) have already lost. The biggest juxtaposition is that God is actually using satan. Always has done. Even by 'allowing' satan to test Job, allowing him to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, and allowing Judas to be used by him to betray Jesus to be sacrificed for His divine purpose. the illuminati will only fulfill His divine purpose.

    Awareness is great, but without hope there is just fear, and fear is not of God.

    This is not just a war about Elite vs Masses, rather satan trying to vs God. Why is Jesus something VC tend to sit on the fence about? We need truth in its entirety.

    Find a member of the occult or illuminati or satanist etc and you will not find an atheist amongst one of them.

    The blood of Jesus is what they truly fear you finding out about

    • Something that people must remember is to think critically for themselves and not to believe anything without understanding and research for thier own self.

      VC is not here to help us understand everything. He is a medium to bring awareness to certain levels. The answers we have to find ourselves.

  23. BirdsAndFishes on

    Ms. Hudson, it would be more better if you don't play word games with us. No one here have the word dumb in their names. :)

  24. A pawn is still on the board. Pawns can be billionaires. A pawn to the illuminati is still a pretty powerful person in everyday life. Look at Oprah, shes not of the proper pedigree for the thirteen bloodlines but if you think this billionaire who owns the publishing of different shows and her own tv network is completely 100 percent powerless then YOU are being deceived. Jennifer Hudson is no Oprah but these people are willingly selling their souls to benefit this group. Pawns get mansions and maids and tons of people kissing their butts. So I dont think they care if theyre pawns or not, they still are part of the worlds elite. Who cares if theyre not the elite of the elite. However lets start looking at the owners and ceo's. Lets look at the publishing companies and start naming names. Its time to move up to the next level and exposing these jerks.

  25. Yeah, Beyonce is a child of god, and clearly we see where she is going? Really, as far as I am concerned, this is all disinfo. Of course she is not illuminati. She however is a pawn, and know to abide by certain rules and meet certain people to make sure that she continues her stardom. In fact, she may not even be an initiate, but has turned away from the spolight. Thus why she lost America Idol and has yet to really have a hit album.

    As for the Illuminati, we in fact might not ever really know the true name of the secret organization that is running things, but we can tell by there works and we can tell by there actions that they are in the darks arts and some are satanist. And that is enough.

    Really, she is just playing dumb (or is very naive, like most artist are) and is trying to hide behind the cloak of "the absence of evidence, is the evidence of absence", when clearly this statemen isn't always true.


  26. Plus we got to be careful when people say they are a child of god, especially this cumuggedeons running arund with the elite.

    Yes, of course you are a child of god. The question is, which god?

    • we ALL, every one of us, are Children of God.

      it's just that some will not choose Him in this lifetime, that's all.

      someday they shall, as it is written.

      Romans 14:11 For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.

      1 Corinthians 4:5 Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall **every man** have praise of God.

  27. Money is "self satisfaction and gives someone a since of full mental security". Anyone who "made it" has this "security" and can talk easily like they aren't puppets. They talk like they have nothing to lose. The Illuminati pray on this, and make the people who "made it" preform the symbols that are being portrayed today.

  28. I have never seen any negative messages or symbols in any of JHuds songs/videos. So I refuse to believe she's part of this or that she sacrificed her family….

  29. this talk is all crap and disinformation…. am a fan of her's but she's definitely part of this illuminati. she's only trying to feed you lies and deception by simply defending not only herself but other. why defend artist's like rihanna ,beyonce and jay-z when everyone you and i know taht there are the biggest illuminaties u can found in world music today. and most importantly she's trying to deflect attention away from the subject… DONT U FUCKING GET IT!!!…its all lies white lies

    • it is true that she's got the talent, but they are trying to use this talent as a way to exploit her. i didn't know exactly about the family sacfrice but i wont be surprised if it were true, this is all typical of the extent they can go… check out wat happened to ppl like JFK, PRINCESS DIANA, AND MICHAEL JACKSON… there's always a price to pay for the fame, it doesn't come just like that. look at the devil's advocate jay z for example ..where did he get all the money he has… the illuminati and wat does he do in return, praise the devil in his songs by saying "I SAID JESUS CAN'T SAVE YOU LIFE BEGINS WHEN THE CHURCH ENDS" on Empire State of Mind . so tell me wat the hell does mean… that can't be a joke ppl, open your eyes ,do some research and find out for ursels.

  30. "NONE of the artists are part of the Illuminati. The entire debate is degenerating into a dumbed-down, mainstream media talking point due to ignorant gossipers and mass media disinformation."

    I am starting to come into the same conclusion. This has become a circus, a dazzling show with bright lights and people juggling fire. People will get too wrapped up into the conspiracy to realize the important things in their own lives they are missing out on. It's almost as if it has become part of the script.

    • I for one was beiginning to think that this section should be re-named latest 'gossip' lest someone come here and mistake it for 'news'. Not too sure about this new direction…..the conversation has taken a dive, and I fear that some who come here may be missing out on the bigger issues we face in this day and age, arguing over illuminati and bood and semen smelling perfume. What the??? One of the things I have admired about this site in the past, was that VC also used this platform to bring real word issues to those who may not be exposed otherwise.

      This is NOT to say I don't love VC's articles and applaud the work he is doing!!! Just my observation over the last week, and personal disappointment to have lost one of my alternative 'news' sources. One of the more important ones, IMHO, given the audience that is being reached here……our future.


      • *(bump)*

        VC do an article of common law. A vigilant citizen is not one who speculates on a musical artist's organizational affiliatoin. A vigilant citizen is one who knows the law of the land, and who can defend himself because he is educated on the subject.

    • My words exactly and if these people feel like these artists are in the illuminati why listen to them its your choice stop getting up here knocking down people because they famous they have a talent whether if they use it for good or evil is their own business dont listen if you feel they are singing devil music Ive listened to devil music trust me she aint singing it go listen to devildriver now thats satanic music at its best there

  31. Jennifer Hudson, like many artists, seems to be confusing the issue. By defensively insisting artists have talent she's either intentionally or unintentionally avoiding the larger issue which is "Do artists include occult or illuminati symbols in their music?" That is the real question and anyone with both eyes open already knows the answer.

    • well said. there are countless other celebrities that do the same thing.

      i really gotta say that i think she just simply f**king sucks. her presence is so obnoxious to me.

      why would anyone like her? overrated, annoying.

  32. A Girl Named Slickba on

    Thank you Vigilant for your thoughts on this post. In a world full of information and disinformation, it seems hard for people to be or remain objective.

    ~A Chic Named Slickback

  33. Vigilant, just a day or two ago up-and-coming British r&b/pop artist Jessie J made claims to fans that she too, is no part of the Illuminati, yet her video shows her doing what some people would consider Gaga's infamous "Ok" sign over her eye in her new video for her single "Price Tag," (which also shows some symbols related to MK Ultra or "doll-like" programming). She said,

    "lmao at the illuminati comments on #pricetag. Jheeze people im doing the 'OK' sign over my eye. No 666 round here round here… No thank you"

    I never would have suspected her before to be a part of this side of the industry, because of her "good nature" and her "honest" type of personality. Heck, the song Price Tag is about forgetting the money that runs the industry and embracing each other; uniting through music.

    But could this be true? She even stated shortly after her first twitter post on the matter that she doesn't even believe in the existence of the Illuminati, which in this article, you said artists apparently don't ever claim.


    Could this all be lies she is feeding us too? How is that an artist can go through such a successful career can be programmed to live a life of deception and never once see the danger that's coming there way? I mean, some see it, like Britney did, then went crazy and shaved her head…but I guess what I'm asking is are the artists really okay with what is going on or are do they all figuratively have a gun to their heads and whether their fame/life is blown to pieces is up to the industry. On another level higher, what about the bigger people in the industry? Do they even know? What does the government do to force the record labels/music corporations to influence the artists in this way? Who really are the people that are directly brainwashing these artists?

    I know you've touched on some if not most of this, but I feel like there's still something missing. If these questions could be answered in one of your next articles, that would be great Vigilant! I really enjoy reading your work an enlightening others with the answers.


  34. Thanks VC I always look forward to your articles and subject matter. Keep up the good work and looking forward to future J. Hud breakdowns.

  35. personally, i consider what Jennifer said as a mean to distract us , to cause a confusion amongst us. That's ok…let her speak…and let the time confirm whether the plan of dumbing down the mass trully exist or not.

    i like music, although i am fully aware that if we let ourselves dissociated too often by it, we will forget that beyond the fancy and glamour world of today's video clips, Lady Gaga's silly dedication for Gays, psychedelic rock,etc there are still lots of serious issues in reality, like famine, dull education, the real face of globalization, etc.

    We musn't forget that THE YOUTHS IS ONE OF THE AGENTS OF CHANGE :)

  36. I strongly feel that eventhough she claims that she's not a part of it, didnt at one point in time deny being in the Illuminati or denied its existence. Yes some have worked to get where they are at, but at the same token, some people will do whatever they deem meaningful to make it all the way to the top. Being defensive and just saying that its "gossip" wont change the fact about the symbolism that is being used in today's media.

    As for Ms. Hudson, yes I will admit I had my speculations, but you cant be too open to all people. You just have to observe and listen to whats being presented to you and then you'll see for yourself. Being a Christian wont protect or shield you from this because its an attack on morals, values and beliefs and influences, not on just Christians, but Muslims, Jews and so on ( who strongly believes in their faith) and at the same time, you have people of these faiths that can or already has conformed to the Illuminati.

    In the end whats more important, worldwide fame and money, or the influence and messages that you give that alters your fellow mans thinking and values.

  37. I've been wondering about JH ever since her family members died.

    When I first saw her new commercial for Weight Watchers (Watchers ?) the first thing I thought was that it felt wrong to me somehow.

    White/Black background, then Black/White background. Isn't that a typical sign of initiation, or being possessed?

    While she's in the White dress/Black background, she sings, Sun in the sky, you know how I feel, it's a new day, new dawn, then switches to Black dress….????

    • Just saw her NEW, new WW commercial, this time only the white dress, black background, but this time she adds, it's a new world……… lol

  38. 1.NONE of the artists are part of the Illuminati. The entire debate is degenerating into a dumbed-down, mainstream media talking point due to ignorant gossipers and mass media disinformation.

    THIS. 24.7 i see people saying "is soandso in the illuminati??" and thats become the basic line.

    • he's saying they're puppets. Illuminati puppets. NOT Illuminati.

      these people play w/words so people like what you wrote will fall for them.

  39. So are these artist that are supposedly controlled and manipulated by the Illuminati aware? Or is it one of those "You know would look really cool, Gaga? If you covered one eye. That'd just be so cool." things?

  40. I am a fan of Jennifer and I'm not saying it because I am a fan of hers, but I never thought she was a part of the Illuminati to begin with. Speculation of it didn't happen until her family members were unfortunately all murdered. I honestly think that was just a family tragedy, not a secret sacrifice. Jen was already well on her way before they were all murdered. As for the way Jen is talking in that excerpt, she has always been that way. Always had an outgoing personality and spoke her mind. She was like that on American Idol. Do I think she's in it? No, I don't. If she is, she probly is in it but doesn't know herself.

    Not trying to start anything here, just stating my opinion….

  41. it is true that she’s got the talent, but they are trying to use this talent as a way to exploit her. i didn’t know exactly about the family sacfrice but i wont be surprised if it were true, this is all typical of the extent they can go… check out wat happened to ppl like JFK, PRINCESS DIANA, AND MICHAEL JACKSON… there’s always a price to pay for the fame, it doesn’t come just like that. look at the devil’s advocate jay z for example ..where did he get all the money he has… the illuminati and wat does he do in return, praise the devil in his songs by saying “I SAID JESUS CAN’T SAVE YOU LIFE BEGINS WHEN THE CHURCH ENDS” on Empire State of Mind . so tell me wat the hell does mean… that can’t be a joke ppl, open your eyes ,do some research and find out for ursels.

  42. Jennifer might be apart of the Black Boule's but not Illuminati, thats why she denied it because she knows that she cant be apart of it. I think Jennifer's family were sacraficed because they were a distraction, the group needed total attention to mold and shape her into what they are looking for. Jennifer may not be used for her music, but she could be used sexually…. the sex slave industry is worth over a billion dollars, just think if a female celeb was up for sale. Who came to rescue after the family's death? Oprah, Jennifer stayed with O for a while… so what type of teachings or ideas did Oprah put in her head? Jennifer's fiance David graduated from Harvard Law, thats an elitist school, did Obama attend? Things that make you go hmmmm… could David be her handler?

    • thank you we all know that hag oprah is one of their biggest slaves, and i wouldn't doubt that the murders were used as a means to break her down to make her receptive to programming, yes that idiot that answers to the name "punk" is definitely handling her, they teach you those things in a course at harvard and other guvmint intallations disguised as rehab programs, collegiate research studies, etc…the harvard connection was made in cathy obriens book "tranceformation"

      as for her new body, i wouldnt be surprised if the whole weight watchers was a bunch of bull to cover up the food deprivation that most slaves have to undergo to keep them weak and vulnerable. remember how anna nicole's son was killed while she slept, to keep her vulnerable. i think the same applies in jennifer's case, so while i don't believe that they were a ritual sacrifice, i do believe that they were murdered to get her under their control, just like kanye's mom was murdered to get him under total control.

  43. I don't think Jennifer Hudson is directly involved in Illuminati. I don't think she's been directly exposed to anything remotely hinting at Illuminati. It wouldn't serve the Illuminati to do so with every single rising artist. Not right away and frankly JH hasn't been around THAT long. As much as she flatters herself, she is still quite amateurish in a lot of ways. She is way down on the food chain within the entertainment industry let alone the Illuminati. Of course she would find it rediculous; she's removed from it.

  44. well she is telling the truth, she is not in the illuminati they have a strict no black people allowed rule…however is she being used by them, are they working through her? of course. child of god jenny? really what god are you speaking of?

  45. a fellow of the craf on

    first of all is anyone in here even in the fraternal order of freemasonry or some secret society? symbols… there are alot of ancient symbols in this world. not all mean what u think they mean, some change there meaning with the present age. so what meant something 200yrs. ago. might have a different meaning right now or some form of variation. im selling not anything here just asking with curiosity.

    2 BE 1 ASK 1 thats all it takes to become a freemason….the simple action of approaching a stranger and asking that person, that you want to join.

    places on the internet like: knowledge files,,, occultknowledge and have very informative and extensive libraries concerning these subjects. but they lack at giving the true esoteric or that mystery or that big secret thats going to change the way u see. even if u found a book or whatever and was told what something meant or something was explained, my guess is how would it realate to what u already know? u might be very disappointed. the point im trying to make is these secrets that everyone wants to know about has to be experienced by initation into freemasonry, knights templars, rose croix and the list goes on. passwords and the meanings of the hand shakes are only acquired through being in a society of such. * if ur wondering YES im a Mason* but im not here to argue, prove imright, shun down what another has to say. no, but rather maybe clarify. some might already know and are aware of what i have already said and i really didnt say anything.

    im just lost at the idea that everything evil in this world has Illuminati attached to it. so Illuminati is the Modern term, this very moment translated into Lucifer, Satin, the Devil? see how symbols in this case a "word" has a different meaning than say in the late 1700's or the very short time this society existed. amazing truly amazing.

  46. I watched this girl on American Idol (freemasonry-driven) and I'm still flabbergasted by her rise to fame! She went from a sock puppet to a full-fledged marionette. You see either way, you can't speak for yourself. Watch them strings girl! They get finer and stronger with every impact you make!

  47. I don't know – check out her videos, they are rife with symbolism, and I'm a novice.

    On her video for 'If this isn't love', she is constantly turning away from the camera and making one eye more prominent than the other. at one point, she has a lock of hair hanging over her right eye, not quite covering it. Could this be a request to join, or a sign that she's interested? And at the very end, the spotlight, which has been present throughout the video shines over her left eye, the one not covered by the lock of hair. Hmmm. . .

    In another video of a live performance, "I'm Here" at the Kennedy Center Honors there's a bunch. First, her dress resembles a pyramid. There are 7 tiers at the bottom, then a blank space, then the peak triangle rests between her breasts, directly over her heart. Perhaps indicative of her desire to skip through the middle levels and ascend directly to the top, where her heart truly is?

    There are several shots of Oprah, and she doesn't look pleased at all. Say what you will about Madonna, but Oprah is a more likely candidate for a high priestess – she's more respected throughout the world and not 'wierd'. At 1:00 into the video, there is a dissolve between Jennifer and Oprah, and the pyramid on Jennifer's dress rests directly below Oprah's mouth. Perhaps SHE is the dispenser of wisdom, or J will only be allowed to join the ranks at Oprah's word. Then again, at 2:02, there is another fade and the spotlight appears to come straight from Oprah's head, removing doubt that at least for Jennifer, Oprah is the dispenser of wisdom, maybe even her handler.

    The "All Seeing" CBS eye is prominent throughout the video, and from 2:42 – 2:52 in covers Jennifer's left breast. Perhaps symbolically baring it in the Masonic tradition.

    Then it gets hot and heavy. At 2:52 Jennifer covers an eye briefly. At 3:24, 2 chairs appear on stage for no reason flanking Jennifer. A symbol of the 2 pillars? At 3:47 Who is she inviting to sit 'at her left'? (See Mark 10:35-45) At 3:54 she covers her eye, peering through a circle made by her hand, singing "I really am". At 3:57 the coveres her eye again, giving the sign of Benediction, then points at Oprah and says "You're beautiful". This is the first time Oprah smiles, as she receives what is her due homage. She sings, "I'm here" as Oprah puts her hands together and mouths "Wow", apparently accepting Jennifer into the fold. Interestingly, in both videos Jennifer seems only to cover her right eye, reminding me of the words of Matthew 5:29.

    This performance is nothing more than a thinly veiled request (2 be 1 ask 1) to join the inner circle. Sorry people, Jennifer has sold out.

    • Wow! I watched it on youtube and saw everything you noticed! And I watched it on mute.There's no denying that stuff. Where did those chairs come from?! Trip…

  48. Came back here to tell y'all, her new song, don't know the name and it's really boring, but she says in it "You said you'd be there with your umbrella"… Hmm.

  49. Just been reading thru these comments and I dont understand why people are being so ignorant towards the fact that these people are in the Illuminati. Not because you sing gospel songs makes you a Christian, neither does going to church. If you even knew your Bible it says a true follower of Christ shouldnt event take part in the things of this world or long for what they have…!!!!! People are being so dumb and arrogant. Even Jay-z who just finished his priesting said he is NOT with with the Elite but we all know that aint true cuz their videos says it all…..!!!

  50. @Sorry

    Ssorry but that it is incorrect..jennifer hudson wasn't the first to deny it..jay-z was asked about it a couple years ago by Angie martinez on Hot 97 and back then when he was a second degree mason…and just one year ago,rihanna was asked by the same radio host of hot 97 angie martinez and she denied it…jennifer is no exeption"she sings gospel"so Eddie long is bishop and you see what the elite did to his soul and mind…

  51. I am a bit new to this topic and still reading about it. I have a question regarding VG's theory on the tragic deaths of miss Hudson's family being a ritual sacrifice. Why? I mean why kill off her family? What's the motive? She is not highprofile or involved in anything political whistleblowing (such Brittney Murphy) or such that might harm the agenda of the elite. She comes from an average middleclass family with no suspicious connections. Also a general question: Do sacrifices usually happen with or without the knowledge/tacit approval of those left behind? I mean is it like part ofa deal you sign up for like quid pro quo? If yes then why has Katy Perry or other high-ranking succussful stars like Jay Z, Beyonce etc not suffered such losses considering some of them including KP/Dylan have said, they sold their souls to the devil. Do they even mean that literally or more metaphorically? It's often said that record companies try to take control of an artists music and direction to great dismay of genuine artists.

  52. The celebrities and people in the music industry are pushing the agenda for the Illuminati. "THEY" as I am referring to the Illuminati do not care about us, they are using everyone. Think about it the industry doesn't care about them you or me, but they couldn't without celebrities or us.

  53. Wow, I would think that her implying that only those without talent join the illuminati in order to succeed would really anger some people (people in fact that it could be dangerous to self to do so). As I read her comments I was thinking that either she is naive ir she is just being misleading. She would be low man on the totem pole in the music industry and most likely just too insignificant for those who are pulling the puppet strings to be concerned with her. I am relatively new to this site, or should I say insight. She really just rubbed me wrong acting so higher than thou and untouchable. Ms. Hudson would be better served to continue on with her mediocre career (IMHO of course) and refrain from trying to set herself so high on the pedestal because the fall can be fast and the landing can be hard.

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