Japan’s newest popstar outed as CGI creation


Aimi Eguchi, the latest star of the popular girl band AKB 48, told fans on her website that she was a normal 16-year-old from Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo who enjoyed track and field sports. Her cute features made her a fan favorite and quickly created a buzz. She soon took center stage in this candy commercial.

Miss Eguchi blogged that her goal is “to become a new idol like never before by taking the best parts of my AKB big sisters”. This was true, but in a creepy-Frankenstein kind of way.

Turns out that Aimi Eguchi is in fact a composite CGI creation using the body parts of the other 7 band members.

“Her less than organic origins were exposed when fans of the band became suspicious about the appearance of its newest member, remarking that she bore a striking similarity to some of her band-mates. While it is not unusual for new faces to join AKB – the band has 48 members with older girls often being replaced by newcomers when they “graduate” onto modelling and acting – something was obviously amiss.

And there were other clues. Her birthday – February 11 – is the date of the founding in 1922 of confectioner Ezaki Glico and rearranging the letters of her name in Japanese spells out the company’s name.

Soon, Ezaki Glico was forced to come clean and admit that the nation’s newest pop sensation was a fake. It turned out that Miss Eguchi had been born from a computer programme and piece together from the best features of six of the band members. In fact, she had borrowed the the eyes of Atsuko Maeda, the mouth of Mariko Shinoda and the nose of Tomomi Itano. Her singing voice came straight from the vocal chords of Yukari Sasaki.”
The Telegraph

Was this all a clever marketing ploy? Probably. The real shocker here is how this star was synthetically created. Here’s a video describing the “making-of” Eguchi.

Is this the future of pop?



    • Voice of Reason on

      What they've thought of next is undoubtedly already in the works. Unfortunately, with technalogical abilities like this, it would be relatively easy to stage a fake alien attack or a fake Second Coming.

      I can just imagine what would happen if some well-liked talk show host managed to snag an interview with 'fake Jesus'…especially since, with these capabilities, they could easily simulate 'him' performing miracles, etc. on the show.

      If a scammer like Harold Camping (who's not even an ordained minister(!) can con so many believers into giving up all their worldly wealth, imagine how many people would do any-and-all biddings of 'fake Jesus', without question, based solely on a completely fabricated TV interview.

      • It's also a reference of how cheesy and gross the pop music industry is. They don't even need real people to exploit anymore. Although even the 'real' performers seem like interchangeable parts to me.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Be warned of Digital Deception:
        Does this make you wonder how much footage from prominent world events is fake? How much fake news are we fed? Dictators, terrorists, riots, revolution beamed into our living rooms as part of on-going psychological warfare against the masses? Is this a conventional war of tanks and guns and bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya or is it really all part of a sustained psychological war on the minds of every single person on the planet?

      • Voice of Reason on

        Hi, Sarah! Now that you mention it, about three weeks ago, on CNN TV, there was a news story stating that Al Queda is training for another huge uprising. While the commentator read the story, the same two clips (each about ten seconds long) played repeately on the screen. Both featured a desert-type scene, with about 5 or 6 guys, wearing what could be construed as 'Arab military' attire (khakis and headscarves). In one clip they were kind of running around with rifles, and in the other, they were lined up and doing some kind of sychronized, martial arts-type moves. For the record, there were no tanks or other large-scale equipment visible that might lend credibility to the story.

        That's a perfect example of bogus reporting…ten guys does not equal a huge threat…and they didn't even have to rely on any technological sleight-of-hand to enhance their deception.

      • Voice of Reason on

        Oops…al Qaeda…sorry. I've gotta stop writing these comments right after I crawl home from work!

      • @ Voice of Reason.

        When the False Christ comes (Satan) He won't need technology… He will be doing REAL miracles. The bible said so itself. He will bring fire down from heaven it says in the book of revelation. The fake aliens they use might be CGI a bit but i doubt that also. Just keep your head in the Bible and you will not be deceived when it comes. OH and it is coming!

      • endignorance on

        jesus is a pagan name and the name the antichrist will use. His true name is Yahuwshua and the Father Yahweh(YHWH)

    • S1m0ne (2002)

      Simone is a computer generated entity in this movie, a satire, which the world receives with open arms and sees nothing she does as wrong.


      "…Guess What S1m0ne! We have now entered an age where we can manufacture fraud faster than our ability to detect it"

      • maru. the free ant on

        That movie is creppy! They get rid of the real actress and create a new one. When I started reading the article I thought about it right away. Fiction is becoming into reality.

        And it's annoying the obligation of getting new technology, "Buy the HD and 3D tv and your life will be better". People, I 'm gonna keep my old TV until it breaks to death! I say NO to ridiculous consumerism!

    • Does this fake japanese popstar not remind of that movie Simone with Al paccino in 2002 where everyone was in love with this popstar who was just perfect in every way but no one knew that she was computer generated by her "manager"…….movies and tv have long been telling us whats next we just never paid attention

    • well they do have vocaloids…not exactly robots but they are a big sensation

      so its not really surprising

    • so basically she's a robot this is sick and everything in this world is sick and fake i'm sorry but this is funny in a twisted she have to drink oil all the time before she starts to sing the Japanese are always one step of ahead of us.They have this restaurant were you can eat out of toilets and were moneys serve you and they have this robot actress i forgot her name well at least we know what's gonna happen in the future eventually these"sick robots" are gonna turn on us i feel sorry this generation

      the back seat is always the black seat

      -quote,Rebbecca Black

    • Does anyone remember film Simone? She was the perfect actress for Robert De Niro and she was a computer programme. Somehow that film rings true with this.

  1. This is not new. Wasnt there already an asian cgi popstar last year, that time though they were upfront about it and used the fact to advertise them. Has anybody seen the film Sim1 or simone, al pacino, early 2000s?

    • You're right, there was but those creations were far more obvious.

      Prepare to be dazzled folks (if we haven't been already). That blurry line that some of us are trying desperately to see, called reality, has just become invisible. Who knows what they are going to throw at us now.

      I'm actually not laughing as hard regarding the "bluebeam" stuff that some of you discuss.

  2. I seen this movie before it was called Simone with Al Pacino. This movie is about a director who becomes fed up with a spoiled actress antics. He creates a c.g.i. called Simone. Even her name it self reveals the true nature of his muse, "simulation one". Of course with complete control he creates the allusion she is the next Merel Streep. He becomes toast of the town until everyone wants to meet Simone in person. Everyone becomes suspicious when he fails to physically produce Simone and then is forced to tell the truth.

    • Ironically enough, Meryl Streep no longer works in Hollywood…perhaps the movie was a jab at her because she knew too much and that they wanted to make it look like she was being blackballed from the movie industry?

    • Voice of Reason on

      The Elite are currently spending so much money and other resources on their Trans-human projects (especially brain-function-compatible programs/software), because they think that they can outsmart God. They're certainly wealthy enough to replace any and all worn-out body parts as often as necessary; and so they think that, by merging their brains or brain functions with computer programs, they'll live forever and, therefore, be able to avoid the 'pesky inconvenience' of Judgment Day'. Perhaps those stories of Walt Disney having his head cryogenically frozen are true…and he was hoping to hold out until the technology became available to replace his cancer-ravaged body.

      The mind and the soul are Not the same thing, so aren't all the Ill-uminati in for a Very Unpleasant Surprise? Even the ancient Greeks (humanists that they were) warned that arrogance (hubris) is one of man's worst faults.

      • There is a sci-fi classic from the 1970's called Woman On the Edge of Time, by Marge Piercy. It describes one possible future timeline where the rich live on space platforms and harvest the organs of the poor who live in pollution and misery on the surface. Creepy. They basically raise poor humans like cattle for that sole purpose, and the rich live extended lives by replacing their parts as they wear out.

      • Gary Dirtwise on

        Disney channel once released a TV movie called Pixel Perfect, and the story was about a digital pop star that appeared human but was really a program and that was out around 2004, coincidence?

      • Tad Williams wrote a 4 book series titled Otherland. In this story, he explores the internet and gives it an interesting & novel spin. In fact, one of the ideas in the story is how the worlds elite, rich, ruling class find a way to download their consciousness into this interactive matrix like network turning themselves into virtual gods. All powerful & immortal!

        Of course my post about this is an oversimplification of the many themes & ideas he explores and weaves together to make a very gripping, enjoyable read.

      • Well Said!

        Another thing that freaks me out about this is that all the girls in this group hardly look japanese. It looks like they've all had that eye surgery to make their eyes wider. They all look a little less human then the rest. In fact they all look like little anime girls (I bet the pedo's in japan are very happy.)

      • @GARY dirtwise

        i was just thinking that too it's the same thing as "simone" but in youth version it's very similar if you know what im SAYING

  3. Holy Shit..what about Justin Beiber? These days its so difficult what to beliebe and what not to.

    ~R.I.P Michael Jackson~

    • that little runt! I can just picture dozens of copies of him hanging in a warehouse, just like that Haley Joel Osmond character in the movie A.I

      But I am a real boy!……

    • Did you see the video of Bieber getting shoved to the ground in NY yesterday? It was a plain clothes police officer that hopped the barrier, ran over to him and shoved him to the ground.

  4. Y'know honestly, I wouldnt be surprised. Given the attitudes of a lot of "stars" who are often very private anyway…record companies, film studios, etc could create CGI celebs and slip them right under our noses without us knowing, telling us how we should behave act etc. I would totally not be surprised if its already being don in magazine advertisements. Personally I dont believe Beyonce, Brittney, Nicki Minaj are even the real people, rather I think they might be surrogates. In fact, an artists popularity now might be so great that record companies may even start creating surrogates in like 2030, just so they can keep making money off of the influence of pop stars that exist today.

      • Voice of Reason on

        They're probably testing the waters, attempting to judge how stupid and/or indifferent the general pulbic is…and how long it would take us to catch on that 'something is rotten in the state of Denmark'.

      • You know, there's a bright side to all this. Notice how ultimately the people were not fooled by this. Though folks try to fool us with stuff like this, many of us are just as tech and visually saavy as the execs. It's gonna take a lot to really pull the wool over our eyes for long in this regard.

  5. I'm glad you're posting this VC.

    This validates us "no planers" (I prefer the term "media fakery sleuth" thank you very much) that CGI has been in use since the shooting of JFK to fool the masses.

    When people think to themselves, "That means hundreds or even thousands of people were in on it", we now can confirm this isn't true… all you need is a computer sim.

    We're going to discuss this tonight here:

  6. You know i didn't really get how this thing happened. Is she basically a robot? I cant imagine how nobody realized that she was not a normal person. This is really scary.

    • I don't think she was even a robot – I think it was a composite image used in different types of media. I doubt they could fake a live appearance, unless maybe if they found someone who looked similar. But you're right, it's freaky, like Photoshop gone 3D.

      • Musion Eyeliner System was the holographic projection technology behind the 3D animation of the popular animated band Gorillaz, who performed 'live' at the Grammy Awards 2006. What's even more surprising is that the Eyeliner System also re-created a virtual Madonna, who performed her hit single Hung up on the same 3D stage.

        it exists. think about it. pay an actor to get face composites, compose the music yourself in your recording studio, and no more divas to pay. you could create the perfect pop princess without those pesky royalty fees.

    • Exactly! How did no one noticed the fakeness of her movements or facial expressions ? Oh maybe they were too busy being fooled instead of doing something better with their time.

      • Yeah, I watched the commercial and not once does she blink. It's disturbing.

  7. I bet the industry would LOVE this – no performer to pay full royalties to. They probably paid the girls each a modelling fee for parts of their likenesses, and the one who supplied vocals probably signed a project contract giving up her future rights. A lot less money to pay out, and a lot less accounting for the future.

    • I can't wait till the marry some of these technologies-

      Your going to have people thinking there are going to see a live concert- instead see a CGI band on a hologram. Since you can't record it on your cellphone- you'll have no proof if a glitch occured and the government will make sure your not heard about it which will prevent any "embarassment".

      Game shows will no longer need audiences of actors- imagine DNC or RNC conventions being televised – the illusion is only growing bigger so anything is starting to seem possible (such as an alien landing) I thought it was BS it could ever be pulled off, but after this article and the other one posted about the mirages in China combined with the increase in censorship being put in place. I think a case can be made now.

      • Some people even say that these "chem-trails" are actually making, if not already HAVE made, the entire atmosphere of the planet into a giant illusion and that they are allegedly hiding an asteroid that is supposed to be hitting our planet sometime next month.

  8. THAT is funny!

    There was a movie that came out around the late 90's/early 2000s called Simone. The plot was extremely similar to this article, but in this case, a bored technologist using CGI/etc creates the next pop artist sensation named Simone. Simone wasn't even a robot but a bunch of clever software simulations. "She" sang in live concerts, and even won a few awards. Her creator, however, got really tired of all the media tripe about her (as it was 100% fabricated), and all the effort it took to maintain the facade, and tries to end "her career." He takes all his programming and hardware, and dumps it. Ironically, the authorities get involved, and investigate him for the murder of the famous artist. He keeps trying to tell everyone he made the whole thing up, but no one believes him, and he finally caves in, and starts to re-creates Simone.

    After all the reality TV that hit the nation around that time (also eerily similar to ED TV, The Truman Show, and Pleasantville that came out just a few years before), I was amazed that life hadn't started imitating art a lot sooner with literally computer created pop stars. I guess I was just a decade or so too early.

    • The actual film/plot is ridic and requires lots of suspended dis-belief but there is alot of msgs in there. Worth a watch. For instance when he tries to make her fail by making her bitchy and nasty to ppl they end up loving her even more.

  9. The 1st thing I thought of like a few words into this was the film S1m0ne, aka SIM ONE(I like that movie,its not amazing or anything,but wasnt a waste of my time). I noticed others mentioned this too. I dont believe this is sinister or anything; just ANOTHER marketing ploy, and its kinda neat. But VCs last question he poses, "is this the future of (pop music or entertainment,film,ect..)?" I personally doubt it. I can see maybe a few "CG Stars" being a '"big cool new thing", and it WOULD be pretty interesting/cool..4 a minute. And I think MANY others would feel the same as me; this is kinda neat, but I believe we HAVE 2hav real people..to exploit, thats just 1 example, because the world seems 2 lov seeing people exploited on TV, pop star or not. Many other reasons..I think people just HAVE 2 have the entertainers 2 be real humans like themselves at core, or it just throws everything off.. Another exe that most everyone knows; when u see an artist live(or hell live on TV works too..) and they "mess up" (lyrics,broken guitars,the entire song,whatever..) everyone LOVES it; always! Its because(I think) it "brings down" these supossedly super poeple, 2 "normal" peoples level; "Oh, they mess, up theyre just like us(which they r, they may lead diff lives,but we all do..), so I can be just like them!" I could go on listing examples, but people really DO need real genuine people entertaining them. As I said, this very easily could be a big hot fad, but the audience wouldnt put up w/famous artists ALL being CG, and I think people eventually would get sick of the fad anyway, like most things.

  10. Ok… now I have officially seen it all.

    This 'new' generation is already getting lost in these fake graphic fantasy "worlds" via the extensive use of games, movies and TV shows, but this is stepping it up to an outrageous level. I'm afraid people are starting to lose touch with what is real and what is fiction. Before you know it, people will start idolizing these CGI. What a sad world it has become.

    • They already did start idolizing that CGI- it's here and now.

      They are only going to get better with the CGI and the people involved with creating such events will undoubtedly be smaller-

      That in turn willgreater limit the leaks that such things are fictional like the CGI character was discovered by the other stars who were suspicious and possibly jealous of a rival star member they had never met in person (what generated the question in the first place if she was real?)

      There will be no rivals because they will be the offspring of the same CGI creator.

      The logistics are incredible- no contract negotiations, sickness/illnesses accidents, complete compliance, no need for entourages-security-travel expenses-vacations etc. You can generate all the drama, PR positive or negative (controlled opposition), you can have the character live the life of a bad daytime soap opera, WWE wrestling drama, and anyother form of hokey stuff that the cattle follow for entertainment (without the performer ever having to question their social/moral responsibility).

      Even better they will be able to CGI performers can produce miracles that no real performers can do like like come back from the dead. Heck they can do this several times over like a really bad soap-opera. What the CGI does next can be a computer generated response based on Tweets and Facebook data.

      • Also, no need for any MK Ultra/Monarch programming, as they would already be programs.

    • This is my two cents and it might be controversial, but speaking as a member of generation X, WHY do you think young people are falling into technological worlds? It's because of the death of CULTURE. Multiculturalism has essentially KILLED culture. It means that everyone must look toward a mainstream culture that melts down all difference so that it can be viewed by the majority of people. People are falling away from their cultures, their histories and their ancestors. I'm not even being melodramatic here. There are a lot of ugly aspects to cultures, but even small things like eating dinner as a family or the continental way of having a glass of wine with your meal or a grandad taking his kids to the pool, are falling away.

      With the death of culture thanks to multiculturalism, children grow up lonely and isolated and turn to made up worlds that they can control. Why do you think SIMS and all of the other games are so popular?

  11. This is nothing new. It doesn't take a genius to see that Lady Gaga is nothing but a composite herself – of all the ugliest pop stars.

  12. That was a one-shot, created for this comemrcial only.

    Don't expect "she" will brainwash your kids like Gaga.

  13. I totally thought that this was talking about the new cgi animated tekken movie when I saw the headline. I was so scared.

  14. Why does this remind me of the book Fahrenheit 451? Mildred would interact with the characters in her television like they were more human than her husband, even though they weren't really at all!

    When I was still in high school, I remember some kid in my class making a big deal about how it would be impossible to get humans to interact with "people" in television like the way Mildred did, let alone begin to see them as human enough to forget that they aren't real and treat them with admiration and "love."

    Bradbury got something right!

  15. This was obviously a marketing ploy, but what is unsettling is that it seems designed to test the population's desire to embrace or celebrate this kind of artificial creation. From a spiritual standpoint, it is a marker of making the way for the Beast in the Book of Revelation 13:15-

    "He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed."

  16. midnight rider on

    This is part of the plan, who made us switch from analog tv to digital tv? Why? To freeup bandwidth for more wireless communication? I think not. When the change was announced this is what I predicted would happen. Scan people and instant tv star like flips said above. Some others brought up good (not really) sims. Zapruder film is a very clumsy editing job, but that is the medium they had to work with. 9/11 they got better but you could still see a better collapse or disaster on blu-ray. Now that we are all digital it is only the next step for them.

  17. EyeSeeTheTruth on

    This reminds me of an Arthur episode on pbs kids, where a song by Värttinä becomes very popular by an unknown band called Binky. The unknown band, has their first concert. Arthur gets to visit them backstage and finds out that the band were just holograms. Here's the link below if anyone is interested in watching the episode.


    • Omg, I was going to make the same remark. That Arthur episode immediately came to mind.

      I think they are conducting "tests" to see how much closer they are to being able to completely fool the masses in the near future.

      With all the panic about 2012, they are probably planning on orchestrating something big.

  18. I knew you would have an article on this. Was discussing the subject with my mother just last night (she is 60 years old) and she couldn't really comprehend what I was explaining to her. Her understanding of how far technology has gone is limited. Instead of understanding and keeping her eyes OPEN, she just shakes her head and shudders. She, like so many others, want to believe things like this aren't real. In her day this was Science Fiction and quite scary…and NEVER meant to be a reality.

  19. Fantastic.
    Another unrealistic (impossible, really) image for young girls to judge themselves upon and strive to resemble.

  20. crazyworldwelivein on

    truly creepy as hell.

    why the fuck do we need fake people?…

    the real people are good at manipulating people as it is.

  21. so should I just stop listening to music now? I cut like half of the artists I had in my music library and I just keep the legit ones. I need to pray…

  22. Classical conditioning (also Pavlovian or respondent conditioning, Pavlovian reinforcement) is a form of conditioning that was first demonstrated by Ivan Pavlov (1927). The typical procedure for inducing classical conditioning involves presentations of a neutral stimulus along with a stimulus of some significance, the "unconditioned stimulus".

    The neutral stimulus could be any event that does not result in an overt behavioral response from the organism under investigation. Conversely, presentation of the significant stimulus necessarily evokes an innate, often reflexive, response. Pavlov called these the unconditioned stimulus (US) and unconditioned response (UR), respectively.

    If the neutral stimulus presented along with the unconditioned stimulus, it would become a conditioned stimulus (CS). If the CS and the US are repeatedly paired, eventually the two stimuli become associated and the organism begins to produce a behavioral response to the CS. Pavlov called this the conditioned response (CR).

    After conditioning, subjects that show the conditioned response not just to the original conditioned stimulus but also to new stimuli that resemble that stimulus are displaying what is called Abusation.

    It was found that that without the US (food in this case), the bell elicited less and less salivation on subsequent trials eventually becoming extinct as a behavior. Even with extinction, there was no clear evidence that the animal returned to its fully unconditioned state.

    The conditioned reflex can be partially renewed after a certain time period has passed, a phenomenon known as spontaneous recovery. Pavlov concluded that the conditioned reflex is not entirely lost during extinction, but possibly inhibited. In this state, the behavior can be recovered after the passage of time or the recurrence of the unconditioned stimuli.

    In human psychology, implications for therapies and treatments using classical conditioning differ from operant conditioning. Therapies associated with classical conditioning are aversion therapy, flooding and systematic desensitization.

    Classical conditioning is short-term, usually requiring less time with therapists and less effort from patients, unlike humanistic therapies. The therapies mentioned are designed to cause either aversive feelings toward something, or to reduce unwanted fear and aversion.

    (Source material…Pavlov Dogs – Internet)

  23. This is pretty cool, i really dont see anything wrong with it. In Japan the already have another Fabricated pop star, her name is Hatsune Miku.

  24. ConfusedFollower on

    After they did the mouth it didn't look very real. But very great article. I can honestly say the only part about her face that oddly stuck out was her mouth, it just looked oddly shaped. Very nice.

  25. Infamous AvantGairde on

    Take it from a guy who's got a mark of a crescent moon indented on his face.

    This world is fkn impossible…………..

  26. This reminds me of the German band Tokio Hotel. Like 2 years ago I they had a couple "concerts" that were just holograms of them. They weren't really there but everything looked real.

      • @Proof

        i'm shocked right now. i had NO idea that Tokio Hotel had actually done this!

        but still, i don't think that what they did is as bad as the fake japanese singer! i mean, she was presented as a real person, which was AWFUL.

        ok, personally i didn't really like the idea of the holograms in the TH tour because i prefer watching someone live. it seemed quite fake to me (although the holograms were pretty well-made).plus, it freaks me out a bit xD

        i truly hope they won't do it again!

        but thanks A LOT for bringing this up!

  27. in future, tv company don't need a real presenter. its all CGI. and human will get more confused. slander are anywhere. and in the end people will go and pick up a bible and look for god.

  28. Vocaloids have already bin part of japans culture for long.

    Mostley they where animee figures that made dubs of known songs,yet there are also vocaloids

    with there own songs.I cant remember the name but middle 90 s there was already a known vocaloid who sold albums like a normal popstar.Since short they are given a more human face rather then a cartoony look.

    As mentioned before its about transhumanisme.

    Do take note that to japanese ppl al things have souls including machines.(in that regards ghost in the shell is a example of a a.i asking for political asylum)So it should be no surprise that whitin japanes culture there is a hunger to give birth to these things.As many short series show babylon,cyberhumans,revolting a.i ,human cloningand so on as main story components.

    To those saying freaks , i think thats wrong. Japan is a a country that in a way has seen part of the apocalyps( hiroshima) and still has that event scared whitin.This is depicted in animee as wel(how many animees have tokyo nuked at the start of the movie or serie is insane) as

    in there games and other popular outings.

    If there is one area where i fully admit to japanese being offcourse its the sexuall department but thats a different story.

    +If you feel freaked out by this then i do hope you can stomach all thats underneath the top of the iceberg,not saying i dont feel wowed at moments but some things or just plain normal evolution if you look at the trainstations from the past.Some trains just need one look to see where they are heading.

    • "If there is one area where i fully admit to japanese being offcourse its the sexuall department but thats a different story."

      What do you mean? I can't understand some of the things you said. However, for the most part, I got the general idea and you're right.

  29. To those who are confused, this is just a 3d model that is displayed on TV.

    And as a matter of fact, this type of technology has been available for quite some time, one could even make a realistic person from home if you got the software.

  30. VERY SCARY. i saw a movie in HD on Blue Ray for the first time..FREAKY! ITS LIKE THE CHARACTERS ARE GOING TO WALK OFF THE SCREEN. and it seems like they are trying to get our eyes prepared for something…(fake invasion) with all this 3D stuff out. To God be the glory, forever and ever.

  31. this is just creepy. they actually CREATED a cute girl using the facial features of the other band members and presented her as a TRUE PERSON with a real life.

    it's one of the most disgusting things i've ever heard. she was actually something like a puppet who did and said whatever her handlers/creators wanted her to say and do.

    but the creepiest thing is that those people BEHIND this wanted everyone to believe she was real.

    it's just EXTREMELY awful and scary. as vigilant citizen said, "this was true, but in a creepy-Frankenstein kind of way."

  32. I heard of this already because I am a big AKB48 fan as well as the sister groups AGC38 and NGC48.

    I also heard that one of the girls had actually told the public that she was fake long before they were supposed to and she suddenly "graduated" and her blog was erased with the information.

    The girl groups like this and also ones with a lot of girls (Morning Musume being one) always make the older members "graduate" so they can hold auditions for more younger looking girls. AKB48 actually just finished their new member auditions recently if I'm not mistaken and so did Morning Musume.

    I feel so bad for these girls because they get too old and then they kick them out of the group.

  33. Huh wait, you lost me here ! Like are you serious ? This is just strange, like scratching my head with a stupid look on my face strange !

    It crossed my mind a few days ago and I don't know why, that this is how Beyonce would perform for the BET awards. Her performance will be skyped or what ever it is called from Europe. We knows she "so call" puts on big shows, and I thought a skyped performance was a downgrade for her & the network & they should have just counted her out ! I asked myself how was she going to make it a killer performance and something like this is what came to mind !

    On another note You mean in the NEAR future a pop star will be able to sit at home on his/her couch while his/her hologram performs a million miles away. Not a good look ! Before we know it real human popstars will no longer exsist. So therefor the machine or the person behing the curain will receive all the dough WOW just wow !

    • Sorry guys, still confused ! Can't veiw the video so I don't know if it was a computer generated, made for television performances or hologram on the stage performances or capable of both ?,

    • Yep. Got the complete series on DVD. Good show.

      I also have the Porsche Lynn movie "Maxine". Unfortunately, the movie is ruined by a horrible heavy-metal track played over all the good scenes.

  34. well I think it's pretty cool that they can do that and it's pretty cool that people still notice it. Most people are no fools really, they just don't care that they are being tricked because people only care about if there will be food on the table tonight. People in this world have to work too hard to give a damn.

  35. Personally, I don't think this is "cool". I think it's sad that now our technology has gotten to this point where we can exploit it to create artificial personalities like this. Meanwhile, as people drink and think things are going along pretty plainly in our world we have militaries forming new "super weapons" and scientist with more robotic and computer knowledge than social skills trying to figure out how to make android girlfriends.

    This is NOT cool. It's a step toward changing the world and our communication unlike anything we've ever seen before, a point where it might be really difficult to distinguish robots from humans.

    This wasn't just an idea. They've been developing this for a while and soon might have stuff that makes this seem crude. They're studying human psychology to figure out what makes a person recognize a person as one of them and applying it to stuff like this, figuring out how best to lie to you and primordial parts of you for effectiveness – notice how the sim moved around instead of staying in stagnant poses as though it had muscles that were capable of tiring of being in one position?

    The only thing that can come of this is confusion and a new level of deception. It's already bad enough that people who call you "friend" might deceive you behind your back or that some of the people who act holiest could just be lying hypocrites or that you can trust maybe half of what you hear in the media, but now mankind is working on newer more thorough ways to deceive itself.

    Now we're moving into a new phase where they want our on senses to be unable to do what they were meant to do: Discern reality.

    I respect the fans for being able to see through this crap, but this is ONLY the beginning. But everyone just goes on "oh! that's so cool!" without understanding the implications and how it probably will some day affect them. Maybe someday in the future there really will be a Neo who comes to learn that all the people he ever knew never existed, thus he really was never loved and then someone will understand what I'm getting at. I'm not just being dramatic about some stupid, sugary, Japanese bubblegum pop but at where times are headed and how apparently unprepared people probably are for them.

    Soon, if a news agency becomes unscrupulous, if that could ever happen (-_-) we could have fake interviews and fake witnesses with fake, realistic computer simulations.

    Well, maybe as long as people keep seeking truth maybe there will be hope, but I fail to see any positive usefulness for this type of technology, "just eff truth and replace people with pixels that seem humanly."

    • Almost forgot to mention that "Graduate" concept and influx of youth, and I'm surprised Vigilant didn't say anything about this advanced fame industry they've apparently got in Japan, but I'm sure that'll be more global soon though it's somewhat already here.

      Isn't it interesting? Take a regular person, put some glitzy pictures of them out for the world to see, call them "star" and soon other regular people see them as "superior" for some reason and envy their lives.

      • actually you are right, maybe this is how they will get us to believe this faked 2012 alien invasion

  36. not so much scary as kind of cool actually. come on, ya gotta appreciate some form of technology, however in the explanation video, they cover their eyes and do the 'shh' sign

  37. Does anyone remember that episode of Arthur when all the children were fans of this fake band called Binky

  38. There's a disney movie about this exact thing… 'Pixel Perfect' I think? I remember watching it years ago as a kid, who would've thought they were actually preparing us for this crap?

  39. Ever read Idoru by William Gibson? This is pretty much that book come to life. Like most of his books it's strangely prophetic. We live in an information age, everything is connected, and everything can be manufactured and manipulated. It's pretty inevitable that we are getting closer and closer to a crazy cyber punk world. Depending on how it turns out, It's not necessarily a bad thing though, just different, could be rad…although if half of what this site says is true than I suppose it's a very very very bad thing haha.

    Neat use of new technology and 4th wall breaking meta entertainment, or crass marketing tailor suited to appeal to the broadest spectrum, or a horrible glimse into a manufactured future?

    Eh, can't be worse than what we already got.

    Eh, I'll stick with

  40. search 'Project Blue Beam' on the web….. the next step on from this?

    (if this has been mentioned already i apologise but i cant be bothered to trawl through all the comments to check)

  41. it becomes more obvious every day that our own God given human genetics will not suffice.

    real faces, not good enough. real voices. not good enough. real bodies. not good enough. real minds. not good enough.

    if it is not blended with rigorously refined detail substitution, it will not sell.

    smart women with pleasing qualities look bland and washed out next to these processed, factory produced "women" and lead men to stray from solid homes, falsely led to believe they need to test their potential mates by superficial standards.

    the destruction of the home is the destruction of the nation, isnt it.

    great job, media. why doncha just slay us and make some sexy clones.

    we dont need expansive genetic diversity. we need collogen injections, botox, implants, chemical treatments, a snip here, a tuck there.

    i'm 21 years old, 145 lbs and 5'8". when i watch too much television and read too many mainstream articles i begin to feel awful about my body. it feeds stress into my system. it breeds insecurity.

    i'm an artist and i believe beauty comes in so many different forms.

    there are so many things they tell us are not right.

    WHO ARE THEY??! who are they to determine? hiding in their offices. ill bet they arent cookie cutter perfection. but they want it.

    can you say hypocrite?

    they just want to tear us down. how is this right?

    • Screw them and most importantly don't deform yourself with invasive surgery, botox and nip and tucks. Stay healthy with the combination of good nutrition-exercise and ignore the manufactured "beauties". They all look the same with their pixie noses, frozen faces, inflated lips and bosoms. One of the famous catwalk models from the late 1980s-1990s who used to work for YSL-Schiaparelli-Paco Rabanne was profoundly plain without the facial cosmetics. Tall and trim -she was living on carrot juice for weeks, nothing else- with common facial features. You wouldn't give her a second glance if you bumped into her. She was very trim through unhealthy starvation but she still had so many flaws. For starters her waist was disproportionate to the rest of her body and her legs were too short compared to the rest of her. She was naturally photogenic and with all the war paint applied to her face and the professional photography techniques, she looked amazing, a different person altogether. On the other hand, her sister who was the prettiest of the 2 without all the paraphernalia, focused on becoming a conscientious doctor and caring mother. What I'm saying is don't agonize over your looks because it's not worthy. The toxic chemicals they keep putting into their bodies have detrimental side-effects. Please don't take notice of that trollop, what's her name, Kim Karda something and whoever else is in the contemporary press. Concentrate on your mental-emotional-physical health, try to build up your self-esteem, leave antagonism behind and above all be wise and true to yourself. Be realistic in your expectations because at the end of the day we will all get old (unless we die young) no matter what, so let's attempt to age gracefully. Perfection isn't attainable and the sooner we realize it, the better.

      • I can see why it was outed. It doesn't look completely real to me. It's frightening though what they can do, and what they almost did here. Though to me it's all fake anyway…

    • They've already constructed the 'fake woman' and men have naturally gone along with it because it is sexually appealing.

      Women have become hairless, bleached, perfumed, made up and in many cases pumpd up with plastic surgery to create the ideal, perfect woman, which as you say, no REAL woman can compete with.

      I agree, a real beautiful woman looks washed up when up against fake hair, fake tan, heavy make up and all the rest. There is no comparison. Men for the most part wont say anything against this because naturally and probably against themselves, they are attracted to this.

      Distort and destroy the image of 'woman' – make her plastic and false, – men have then accepted the idea of a plastic, fake, unreal woman. Women then must accept this too to stand a chance in the dating and reproductive world.

      You destroy the woman through the invasive, critical, shallow world of her beauty. You reduce women to breasts and mouths and their capabilities as mothers, as wives, as friends, falls away. How many women have you met who cannot hold a conversation, who have no opinions, no interests? Who could be at the most amazing place in the world and just sit on a sun lounger getting cancer? Who are only interesting/free when they drink?

      Women have been turned into stepford wives and this process happens younger and younger. I can only make these comments based on my school experiences where I've seen girls younger and younger start to 'faken' themselves; 12 year olds with fake tan, eleven year olds with extensions…

      • The catwalk model I was talking about is nothing like a stepford wife though. She didn't even chase that career, it was a twist of fate. On the contrary, she is adorable, sensible, balanced, independent, always has time for relatives, friends and anyone in need. Magda you even share the same name.

  42. hello vigilant citizen. ive been reading your site for quite a while now, although this is actually my first time to comment. im an avid follower of the asian (especially japanese) entertainment industry that's why im also very familiar with AKB48. im really glad you chose to report about this issue.

    for those who don't know (and are too lazy to google :p) AKB48 is a massive group in Japan. and when i say massive its actually both literally and figuratively. well its because they're a 48 member group as the article says, and, they are probably the biggest entertainment commodity in Japan right now (in some ranking for music sales throughout the world, they've already managed to outsell Lady Gaga and some of their million-selling songs stay on number one for weeks). they also have sister groups which have 48 members as well. their fanbase is mostly composed of middle aged men. these girls are really young mind you and some of their music videos feature them wearing swimsuits. but not the sexy, sultry way though. asians like things cute and innocent-looking. honestly i dont hate them as a group, and they've got some really good songs which are most of the time about friendship, dreams, and all the goodies. i dunno, i really dont know what to believe anymore. but i wont be surprised either if the elite has already laid hands on the asian music scene. ive been to some forums where the say K-pop (Wondergirls, anyone?) is already being manipulated by the elite. what are your thoughts on this?

    i really wish you tap more into the asian stuff because its also very popular throughout the world though not mainstream and honestly there are a lot of things about asian pop thats really disturbing me lately. please VC, pls do some analysis on these asian pop groups?

    has anyone here heard about them japanese boybands and their ultra powerful agency called Johnny's entertainment?

  43. Meagook, I"m assuming that you mean the attack wasn't a terrorist attack. You're not denying that attack itself,I hope.y I was there and, let me tell you that sucked on a level that only a Palestinian would understand.

  44. Disney produced an original movie released on cable television called "Pixel Perfect" and it exemplifies what has happened here. The concept is not new.

  45. People don't seem to think bad things can happen in todays world.

    They think Hitler and Stalin and all the world wide evil we've had over the years was just a one of. As my old English teacher told me 'Nazi Germany could have happened in any country at any time and CAN happen in any country at any time'. By that he meant that an evil can sweep a country and a people at any point in history with ease.

    People think those days are long dead. This stuff has all been done before: experimenting on children, murdering people, propoganda, editing history books…EVERYTHING has been done before. Evil doesn't vanish, it mutates and it can afford to be savvy and shadowy in todays complicated world.

    People work all day long. Go to school all day long. Commute all day long, but STILL in most cases are barely making ends meet.

    Children are ENCOURAGED to eat, have sex, do drugs, drink. Listen to anything on the top 40, it glorifies a weird mutation of black American culture that glorifies a life of crime and substances. This is reflected in many young people who spend all of their weekends drinking, smoking dope and having unprotected sex. I was in a family home store today and heard Bruno Mars the lazy song play where he sings 'meet a really nice girl, have some really nice sex' or whatever it was, in a family store with kids running about. I never heard lyrics so blatant when I was 5. It's not that sex is some terrible thing kids should never know about but its just EVERYWHERE and encouraged in ALL media. We are basically telling kids to have a drink, go to a club and have sex with who they want because hey that's freedom.

    No its not. Having a baby at 13 is not freedom. Or an STI. Or a tattered reputation. Or sh***y self worth. Being a slave to your urges all day every day is not freedom, its slavery, but its the kind that 'feels good' so people don't even know.

    All the old books tell us all we need to know.

    1984, Animal Farm…they all tell the same story. People have just fought evil to see it come back in a new guise.

  46. haha dudes it's japan, they are far more advanced than us but anyway….i love the akb and the ckick they made (if they made her) is beautiful

  47. Family Guy made a joke about Miley Cyrus being a Disney-created robot, so I had no idea people are actually doing this in reality! can you say creepy?

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