iPhone 4 tracks users’ movements


iPhone tracker


iPhones 4 devices have been found to secretly track  their owners movements and to record them on the phone. This data can then be traced on a map. How come this “feature” was never divulged or advertised? More Big Brother tactics.

Apple iPhones and 3G iPads are secretly recording and storing details of all their owners’ movements, researchers claim.

Location data is kept in a hidden, unencrypted file according to security experts Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden.

With the right software, it can be used to map exactly where a person has been.

Apple has yet to comment on the revelation, however there in no suggestion that it has been uploading or using the information.

The findings, first reported by the Guardian newspaper, will come as a surprise to most iPhone users, as their devices do not give any visual indication that such data is being recorded.

However, although the practice is not explicitly flagged-up, it appears to be covered in the company’s terms of use.

“We may collect information such as occupation, language, zip code, area code, unique device identifier, location, and the time zone where an Apple product is used so that we can better understand customer behaviour and improve our products, services, and advertising”

Clearly intentional

Writing on the technology website O’Reilly Radar, Mr Allan and Mr Warden said they did not know why iPhones and iPads were collecting location information but it was “clearly intentional”.

The men claim that the facility to record users’ positions was added with the iOS4 software update, released in June 2010.

The data is also transferred to the owner’s computer and stored in a file there each time the two devices are connected to carry-out a backup or synchronisation.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at security firm Sophos, told BBC News that it was unlikely Apple planned to use the information for commercial purposes.

“I think there are some legitimate privacy concerns and people will probably look for a way of obscuring that data,” he said.

“But it is an object lesson about reading the terms and conditions,” he added.

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    • Very scary but nothing new…

      How about those other sites like Facebook, Skype and Twitter. It seems the media cant even make a commercial without the icons being on the lower left corner or top right of your screen when the any commercial is over. I mean there craming the damn crap in your face for crying out loud. Seems anything mainstream is "tracked" common sense you think?

      Even Skype says on there user agreements before installing that your information details CAN be used against you. Amazing.

      "Put your head in the hot tea kettle and wake up"

      God bless.

      p.s. I laugh everytime I hear someone gets a new iphone. smh/lol

      • I deleted my twitter and facebook accounts which I had in someone else's IP address. Can you elaborate about skype please. This I'm worried about. Thanks.

      • yes good idea. they now have a check in device. we were out for dinner for my last week and my friend "checked in" @ the Restaurant on facebook on his phone then all of a sudden other people that were in the vacinity knew exactly where we were at, and us them! It even showed us on the map and everyone we were "friends" with on fb. very creepy but these idiots think its so cool.

      • Hate to say it but your information is still on their database, the information doesn't get deleted a you'l see if you reactivate your account

      • Absolutely. But doesn't mean you have to keep 'leaving tracks'… at least if you delete FB you aren't adding anything new.

      • Revolution_is_Pollut on

        I "deleted" my FB, but when I found out it only disables it, left it like that for a few months, went back on it to be able to stay in touch with a few out of state friends. I use it for that, and posting funny videos I find. Nothing else, so I'm not trippin'.

        And when I saw that they finally admitted that iPhones have tracking devises, I LOLed because I totally called that when they came out with it. Was even skeptical about the iTouch and even the laptops.

        Shouldn't be anything new to anyone that uses this thing they teach you in school called "Critical Thinking."

      • I used to provide technical support for t-mobile phones. All phones track.

        The only way to disable this is to remove the battery from your phone.

        That defeats the purpose of having the phone.

    • FYI for all iPhone users, if your phone is jailbroken you can down "untrackerd", its a program that erases the tracking file and prevents it from recording after that. Just thought id mention it for ppl that are concerned.

    • I agree with you. I used to provide technical support for t-mobile phones. All phones track.

      The only way to disable this is to remove the battery from your phone.

      That defeats the purpose of having the phone.

      • All gps Phoenix tracks people. I remember when I had a Nextel and the cops can track you if you are lost. Apple is not the only one doing this and they did make it evident, the problem was that the data was staying in their system for too long and recording too many locations.

    • Yeah, I just heard about this on the radio this morning. And, like always, they were supporting it. After all, BB is becoming such a big part of our lives that most don't really care.

    • I have no WLAN contract and yet the Microsoft software on my netbook updated twice without the netbook being connected to LAN. At least it was not officially connected, because there must have been some connection for it would otherwise not have been possible. Why does the netbook automatically make the connection however and through which network? Once it even happened in the hotel, where I was trying to get a WLAN connection for the first time, but the settings were all messed up for some reason I do not know and the technology savy guy at the reception tried to help me and while we were trying to figure it out, the netbook suddenly said that it needed to reboot for the updates to finish. We were really surprised. I allowed it to reboot and afterwards the WLAN settings were again right where and how they were supposed to be.

  1. Every device and social network wants to know where we live this is bad sometimes i feel like going back to the stone age

    • get stoned and umplug all your shit thats the way to go back haha jusy playing. but i feel this way too. all the technological advances, yet the areas most improved is how to kill each other and control each other, that lousy sci fi predicting the future, i think they consulted with the eeeevil one! the one where you add a 'd' to eevil. dare not say the word! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. Well I have some news for everyone. Not only the iphone can track but also all new android phones preinstalled with Google also tracks the owners. Now that's what I call a classic total control.

    • Essential Truth on

      Hey what about my Blackberry?? lol

      I can see smartphones being used as evidence against people in court in the near future (if they haven't been used already*)

      Crown Prosecutor: "Where were you on Wednesday April 20, 2011 at 5:45pm??"

      Defendant: "I was at home watching Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory on TV"

      Crown – "Sir…your iphone tells us a different story …Your iphone puts you at the scene of the Homicide of John Doe….& iphones don't lie"

      Defendant: "Whoa whoa slow down sir, i told you I lost my phone that day….I lost it along with my bag on the B train coming home from work".

      Crown – "Look …according to our Key Witness (iphone)…you left work at 5pm caught train B, got off, called Julia… text'd Jimmy….killed John Doe and then you re-tweeted Charlie Sheens tweet at 5:50pm ….I rest my case your Honor".

      Judge: You sick bastard…how could you re-tweet Charlie Sheens tweet!!?

      ::Next Case::.. Xbox Connect Camera uncovers Marijuana Grow Op

  3. My guess: the NSA told them "Track every movement and make it available to us, or you'll never be able to marke another iDevice again." And Apple, being a corporation wanting profis, complied.

    • I'm confused, does anyone have any concrete proof that Apple (or whoever else) is tracking your location and spying on you?

      I seriously doubt that Apple would let itself be forced by a government agency to spy on its own customers, and that with the very product that it seeks to market in the first place??

      If there is proof, then why are they still in operation?

  4. no wonder at&t lowered the price of the iphone to $50…the elite wanted to make the iphone affordable for everyone so they could keep tabs on a greater number of people. the iphone is basically an rfid chip you pay for. smh

    • i remembered about this article whenever i saw that the iphones were lowered in price too..

      :/ we're getting so much closer to the nwo

    • I am never gonna get iPhone. I cant use a single smartphone. I have long nails. But I always thought of them as a waste of money. No matter how cheap the phone is, you still have to pay a bigger amount to get access to all the apps.

    • But you can't turn it off. LOL

      Who even thinks like that, to not allow their customer any control over something that important???

      I have a guess…

  5. I don't get people's addictive need to be on Facebook and Twitter 24/7. I'm in my twenties so it's not like I'm not used to it- I just don't get the point. Who the hell cares about someone's mundane and from what I've read usually, inane comments. Five minute updates of drudgery.
    Why don't people ask themselves about the social conditioning behind it? Not to mention the monitoring and subsequent control.
    We've lost the ability to think before we act. On a grand scale. Even to understand the implications in a phone contract. Someone does care about millions of people's voluntary daily five minute increment accounts. We should start asking whom.

    • I never liked FB. I got one just due to my friends' pressure. Facebook thinks they can outsmart just anybody. They forced me to give my number. I ended up giving the wrong one. It worked, thank God.

      People like the idea of seeing lots of replies to their status updates. It makes them feel popular and wanted.

    • Claire, you are very smart.

      I am basically a facebook addict, but when I first joined, my reason was to see pictures from my school prom. People didn't email them to you or put them in the post, just on facebook. I wanted to see the photos so I signed up but I really didn't like the site at all. Gradually over time, I began to LOVE it (funny how that happens.) I was drawn into it for what I saw as a necessity (the prom photos and the memories of that day) to wanting to use it all the time. The fact is that most of the time I don't WANT to go on it, I just feel I HAVE to (true addiction), and how pathetic is that? But facebook is marketed at being a habit, and habits are the same as addictions and become a daily part of your routine.

      I would urge anyone without FB to not join it or if you do, use it to get in touch with old friends and then get their numbers/emails etc so that you don't have to rely on FB. Its crazy how FB started so small and literally EXPLODED into a phenomenon and has actually changed how we relate to each other completely.

  6. Your very own personal (optional, of coarse) telescreen. its so cheap how can you not want one! wow thank you capitalism, america, democracy! all hail to the state!

  7. I don't see why everybody is all of a sudden freaking out about the location tracking of individuals who use iPhones as its been going on for a long time.. but the moment the iPhone seems to have better GUI for location tracking.. People begin giving a shit.

    Everything you use these days in the digital age is stored and retained FOREVER… including any smartphone or GPS device. Google is a pioneer on this shit…

    So basically what I'm saying is do your homework and raise your awareness of what's really going on, but more importantly the iPhone is way more fucking awesome than any fucking droid. (didn't see that coming, did ya?)

  8. Hey VC,

    Great article…I did one on this story, too. LOL

    Sorry about the overlap, but I heard this on radio today and had mine in progress before I saw yours. It's good to get it out there as much as possible, I suppose.

    The real issues here, in my mind, are not only as you pointed out – why no one was told about this, and even more importantly that with the iPhone, this "feature" cannot be turned off!!

    That is a major issue. I wrote something awhile back about smart phones having GPS enabled and the dangers of that being when people post their pics on Facebook or wherever, they are unknowingly giving their exact home address (in many cases) to everyone on the internet. This is extremely dangerous in terms of stalkers and sexual predators, and again, the issue was that none of the iPhone or other smartphone manufacturers told any of their customers that this was turned on by default, that this "exif" data was revealing GPS coordinates in their photos, and did not make clear to customers that in that case, this CAN be turned OFF.

    There's no doubt in my mind that all of this is being done in coordination with governments, intelligence agencies and their masters – the CFR Illuminati types we often discuss here. This is laying the groundwork for getting people so dependent and, let's face it, addicted to these forms of technology that people are willingly paying for their own enslavement – their personal lives are being monitored, but it's such a fun and "harmless" device, how could it be evil?

    Just keep watching and paying attention…this is only the beginning….the social conditioning and desensitization is well underway now.

  9. Btw, has anyone noticed how youtube is now asking for your phone number? It was bad enough that they required your e-mail address, now they want your phone number. Why would they possibly need this except to keep as much information on you as possible? You already need to give your mobile phone number to open a g-mail account. This would never have happened before google took over youtube.

    • i noticed that. there have been a few times when gmail asks me to provide a number for password recovery and i never enter my number. i'm onto them.

      i refuse to get a smartphone. it's expensive and i don't want to grow dependent on apps. i have a basic phone/plan with verizon and that's bad enough (especially that they are part of the 'real government' and are members of the CFR.)

      i'm the only one of my friends that doesn't have a smartphone and they are always talking about how great it is and they tease me for not having one. i say i don't need a smartphone because i'm smart!

      • I don't have/want cell phone but I think sooner or later land lines will go away and everyone will be forced into the cell thing. I hate it on so many levels. In the last month, got almost nailed in my car TWICE by people on cell phones not paying attention. Then people are so preoccupied with looking at their phone. They are not able to have a real conversation anymore without texting or checking the stupid phone.

      • You don't need to have a smart phone to be tracked. They can track you with your underwears, pants, name it. Remember the movie "Enemy of the state"? It's real. Total government control.

  10. Well I just don't see how someone knowing where I have been is bad as long as I haven't done anything wrong. There's no reason for them to come after me but I still feel creeped out about this. : / If I went missing would they use that information to find me or is it only for nefarious purposes?

    • Maybe you didn't do anything wrong but it's pretty naieve to think others might not misuse this feature to do you wrong. Besides, I didn't do anything wrong either but it's nobodies business where I've been or what I do.

  11. What I always find most amazing is that, with all the technological advances we made, there's still no definitive cure for diseases like Cancer, HIV and AIDS…..how cozy is that?

      • It's called pharmaceuticals. They don't want to cure diseases, just create them. They probably steal all the cash that go to charities to fight cancer etc. If I want to help out someone, I can easily find first-hand who is in need and offer financial support. Why the heck I have to give them my cash to use it for money laundry and other purposes. If they were really into helping the less than fortunate how come we still have poverty?

    • Be More open-mined on

      They do have a cure for these diseases. They will lose money if they present these cures. Noticed they're slowly putting out there the have something that kills some strands or whatever causes the virus. Last i heard was 30% and Africa will be the first to receive this so call 30% which they are first bc thats who they experiment on anyway. Point is they have it and the US just will not accept it for whatever reasons, especially cancer.

      • You made a good point there. They surely have the cure for those diseases. Have you noticed the illuminati/elites live way too long and you never hear them passing away from diseases, just from old age.

      • i must note warren buffet's wife died of cancer..however, he also had his 2nd wife (mistress) ready to fill in for his deceased wife before she even passed, so..hmmm

  12. This scares me. Hopefully there isn't shit on Blackberry. They dropped their prices too, kinda. And it seems that everyone is getting a Blackberry so it wouldn't surprise me. Anyways, looks like I'm not getting an iPhone anymore.

    • Dunno why one would assume Blackberry, the telecom most govts use, is not setup for BB.


      The fine writing in the linked article is that the middle east and india govts are asking for the same access to decrypt user data as in other countries and being that all CEO interviews are ad space, he got upset when a real question was asked.

  13. MightyOracle on

    Okay, don't get me wrong, I completely understand the RFID and tracking worries involved here (I don't and will never own a smartphone..) but for people who do want an Iphone this is also a valuable method of not having it stolen. I live in South Africa and the guy sitting behind me at work just told me how he used this tech to recover his stolen phone, tracked the guy and you can send him messages.

    Along with this is the fact that a lot of Apps for Iphones are based on where you are, ie: restaurant suggestions or doctors etc.

    So yes, I obviously understand the implications of what's going on here but can't help but feel that if you feel you need an Iphone you are obviously so far into their world with no hope for becoming self sufficient that this revelation is the least of your worries.

    Please everyone, the only way we can win this is to STOP BUYING THEIR SHIT and live for ourselves and communities! "They try and give you what you already have, they can give you NOTHING! We're too strong, too proud" – Roots Manuva

    Btw, people looking for 'Anti-Illuminati' music, check out Roots Manuva one of the only highly respected, amazing emcees that has been in the game for over 10 years and barely made a cent. THAT, friends, is how you see who's side someone is on. NOT like Diabolic or Prodigy or any of these fools on large labels that have jumped on the truth movement trend.

    Listen to these lyrics carefully, and many more he has written.


    • But if your phone is stolen and they just replace the card inside can you still track and recover it? just wondering? Im not even sure if iphone has a card inside, knowing AT&T there isnt one lol. they love putting up road blocks for their costumers.

      • MightyOracle on

        To be honest I wouldn't really know. Though apparently you can easily lock the phone and wipe everything off it, so I imagine with that level of control the chip they use must be embedded.

      • Yes they can still track it because of the phone's unique ID and the GPS chip. I've recovered my phone from a thief and they took my sim card out. Only because they used the Wifi and I could find their location. I found there house, went there, took pics and gave the info to the cops. 20 minutes later, I had my phone.

  14. Researchers at Duke University are working on tracking the movements ofpeople that works indoors and capture the "ambient fingerprint" of your location. They are dubbing it SurroundSense (indoor localization) and the application used in cell phones locates a person's movements and can be as precise to distinguish where you are and whether or not you are on one side of an interior wall or another. This research is funded by the National Science Foundation, Nokia, Verizon, and Microsoft Research.


  15. I do not fully understandwhy you would say it is intentional and then use the Itunes Store terms and agreement?

    Itunes Store is not a requirement of using an iphone and can be declined.

    Additionally the terms governing the ITunes store does not supersede the Terms of the Itunes User license. This appears to be either Poor journalism, or another case of a journalist assuming no one will notice and trying to backup his store with false information.

    Almost all wireless devices have a "Push List" that sends information.

    A good example is the PS3 from Sony.

  16. Be More open-mined on

    its something behind everything. Flat screens that are compatible with the computers, kinect, xbox, ps3, phones soon, the microwave, stove and refrigerator will play parts in this as well, i wouldn't be surprised. Truth is, something's definitely up and I refused to believe it's all about what can be presented in court, those are just perks. I can see them persuading to polices and judges they can solve cases this way, but that's just the cover up. Don't know what it is but we can definitely see this happening but whats the real agenda?

  17. What's unfortunate is that I don't have/ want a cell phone, use only my land line still. But I can see the day when land lines will be gone and I will be FORCED to use a cell phone if I want to communicate with anyone.

  18. Inquisitive Listener on

    For all you techies out there: There is a way of scrambling, if not blocking entirely, the signal that iPhones transmit. Buying a GPS tracking blocker helps, but it really isn't that convenient. There is a loophole in the coding of iOs that will allow you "opt-out" out of it. Anyone familiar with the developer SDK will know what I am talking about. I propose that we, the awaken, get our heads together and crack this puzzle. The iPhone is capable of so much, we should take advantage of the untapped potential and use it for the greater good. The enemy's greatest weapons can turn into our greatest advantage.

  19. First of all, this is no secret. It's basically written on the box that the iPhone tracks the movement of the owner for improved location services.

    Secondly, it can be turned off.

  20. This is so scary, I have a blackberry, and I'm sad to admit I'm addicted to it! Its in my hand 247 I'm always on the internet. I was hesitant to make a fb, now I'm addicted to that. I would like to say the heck with it all delete my fb, and get rid of my phone…maybe I will..this is scary. Wonder what there agenda is behind this. Were getting closer to the end..

    • Spiritual mindset on

      Theresa I agree, same here. And I also have a blackberry. I'm actually one of the guilty ones who feels "naked" or "lost" without their smart phone on them. lol

      But with that being said, I don't really let any of this stuff worry or bother me [anymore]. Now at the age of 22, I've been reading the Bible and taking an interest in it now than ever before. And each time I read it, especially the book of Revelations, it's A-MA-ZING how accurately it predicts today's world. Most occurrences, (ie. various earthquakes, wars, government corruption) are all stated, predicted, and confirmed along with the many other things to come. Sadly, the future of this Earth for mankind does not look very good, but I love how the Bible shows over and over again how God gets the final laugh in all of this evil that's still to come.

      "The joy of the Lord is our strength."

      So when I see articles like these, in my mind I'm not surprised – nor worried. I know that whatever plans the government and the elite have planned, God's Hands of protection are over me at all times and that there is nothing that is more powerful than the Blood of Jesus.

      You haven't truly experienced real freedom until you fully grasp a hold of this great truth.

      So to my fellow Christians, don't be afraid. If you still want an iPhone – then get an iPhone! Now don't get me wrong, this article is a blessing to have to serve as a reminder to stay vigilant of the various evils that go on behind closed doors. There's always gonna be hidden evil that we, and even Vigilant, may NEVER figure out. That is why its important to PRAY!!! So if these articles put FEAR in you, then I assure you, you've already played into the devils hands. Fear is from the devil and anytime someone walks in it his job already is completed.

      "God has not given us a spirit of FEAR, but of power, of love, and of a SOUND MIND."

      Thank you Vigilant for great articles such as this to remind us to continue to pray for our government and to stay… vigilant. In the end God will be victorious so as far as I'm concerned they can go ahead and put all the tracking devices they want in whatever they want. I refuse to live in fear when vengeance already belongs to God in the end. (Satan knows this and that's why he's working overtime lol) My prayer is that all true Christians, including myself, learn to pray more and more everyday. Because from experience, prayer works!

      Getting back to Theresa… on a sidenote: I find it interesting how Facebook doesnt allow you to totally DELETE your account, just deactivate it (or for many people a temporarily postpone lol)

      Sounds to me like they know you'll be back.. hahaha.

      • Oh no. I thought I deleted it 2 years ago. I'm so p!ssed off now as I thought I got rid of the account on a permanent basis.

      • IamSuperchick on

        Oh, there is a way to delete your page, you just have to Google it to find the link that will take you to the facebook page that will allow you to delete it. But get this, you account will be SCHEDULED for deletion. You can't just click a link and get rid of your page forever. You will have to wait at least a week. It's fucking retarded!

      • Spiritual mindset on

        Lol its not "retarded" from their point of view. Im pretty sure they use that unnecessary week to gather all the personal information they need before they finally do away with your account.

        Think about it. A google link just to delete your account? Why hide that information from users? Why not be able to delete on the spot right there on Facebook? It sure didnt take all of that to delete my Myspace account..

        Jus sayin.

  21. Whoa scary is right! When I first brought my iPhone I was this is cool it does Everything! Fax, pic, voice changer. But it was until I found out there's an app to track ur period that I said wait a min, this phone knows more about me then I do. I stopped putting so much of my busIness in the phone. Kinda convenient but if I ever lost my phone everything about me would be obtainable. I call & surf the web that's it.


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    soundtrack to the new world ordah, cant wait for the new utopia!!! You guys are playing right into the hands of the illuminati. they want you to hate the government and revolt. its all part of the plan. And guesse what they are going to let you win! The new government installed by the "revolutionaries" will make a new constitution It will seem like you are freer than ever but you wont be only illusion.

    • Good call with Queensryche- It is neat to see in just about every genre, that we are to be exposed to "Empire"

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      "She has fallen! Great Babylon has fallen. She is now haunted by demons and unclean spirits, all kinds of filthy and hateful birds live in her". Revelation

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    The word is all of us

    More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/q/queensryche/#s

    • "The Book of the Law. This tome spoke of a race of supermen and condemned the traditional Judeo-Christian religions, pacifism, democracy, compassion and humanitarianism. “Let my servants be few and secret: they shall rule the many and the known,” the communicator revealed. The message continued: “We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit; let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings; stamp down the wretched and the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world. … Love one another with burning hearts; on the low men trample in the fierce lust of your pride, in the day of your wrath. … Pity not the fallen! I never knew them. I am not for them. I console not; I hate the consoled and the consoler. … I am unique and conqueror. I am not of the slaves that perish. Be they damned and dead. Amen. … Therefore strike hard and low, and to hell with them, master. … Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them! This is the law of the Battle of Conquest: thus shall my worship be about my secret house. … Worship me with fire and blood; worship me with swords and with spears. Let the woman be girl with a sword before me: let blood flow in my name. Trample down the heathen; be upon them, O warrior, I will give you their flesh to eat. … Sacrifice cattle, little and big; after a child … kill and torture; spare not; be upon them!”

      The same communicator confirmed that Crowley was the “Beast 666” who had come to destroy Christianity".

  24. "The system we learn says were equal under law

    But the streets are reality, the weak and poor will fall

    Lets tip the power balance and tear down their crown

    Educate the masses, well burn the white house down"

    see right here they teach you to hate capitalism, what is a utopian system that will distribute the power oh yeah, communism. but they wont call it communism they will call it …………. you'll have to live through it to find out.

  25. Nothing to worry about here folks, Apple is just trying to bring us better products, they wont give this information to anybody else, it is purely for research purposes.

    Now QUICK! Look over here! Charlie Sheen is…..

    • Last I heard, the sign of the beast wasn't a sign of belonging (like the Swastika or the Hammer and Sickle) but a signal that it was okay to buy from or sell to the person wearing the symbol.

      Sounds to me like we're talking a Capitalist or Feudal (Government as a Private Enterprise, probably banking) system.

      • the mark of the beast is when a person turns 18 they are able to make legal contracts and business. can’t buy or sell without the mark of the beast 6+6+6=18

      • "The “six” in the mark of the beast has broader connotations, and may allude to the number of ciphers in a personalised derivative of the number of his name, which will be received subcutaneously in the right hand or forehead by all who subjugate themselves to, sell their souls to, and worship the man that exemplifies the global e-commerce in end-times.

        UPC bar codes on modern products were invented by George J. Laurer who was an employee of the Rothschild backed IBM firm, which, via its subsidiaries, used IBM’s Hollerith punch card technology to automate Nazi persecution of Jews during WWII. IBM/Hollerith punch card technology automated destruction of the Jews all the way through from their identification in European censuses, registrations, and Nazi ancestral tracing programs to arranging railroad transportation for them to the various processing points in the concentration camps and organization of their work in those places".

        In the Kabalah (the Tree of Life) the number 18 determines the lunar realm, the Moon, denoting the human unconscious mind, the seat of the human sexual energies and potencies.

        The number six/sex/animus, times, 3/reproduction/multiplicity/anima, adds to the number 18, determining a hidden door termed forgotten by some occultists, which when activated via the mechanics of sexual magick (93 formula/Thelema, love/sex under will), leads, or opens, the door to the Outside, the Other-side, denoting the Qliphoth, number 11, the realm of evil spirits, termed the shades of the dead, or the shells.

      • Then explain the "Six hundred, three score and six" way of putting things across. Sounds like there was a specific reason for the "6X100, 3X20, 6" instead of the usual "6X100, 6X10, 6."

        And then there's the "616" as recorded in the older texts.

      • Carbon-12 is the more abundant of the two stable isotopes of the element carbon, accounting for 98.89% of carbon; it contains 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons.

        we are carbon life forms, our physical bodies are of the devil. the only way to escape this plane of existence is to undo the fall of adam and eve. adam and eve fell when satan taught them sex magick thats why they noticed they were naked and covered themselves. when you have sex you have to try not to enjoy it and never spill the cup of hermes, never reach orgasm and spill semen. this is an extreme way to fight temptation and you will awaken you kundalini and will be illuminated and finally leave this universe. otherwise you will die and the angels of the devil will come down and strip your soul of its memories and you will be reincarnated

      • Through the practice of virtuous moral conduct, denial, and meditation, the dormant faculty of intuition can awaken man's higher spiritual sense, which once awakend evolves his understanding, so that 'his' eyes are opened, and he is able to discern knowledge which is edifying to his spiritual nature, from knowledge which leads to corruptive death of his spiritual nature, and thereby his soul.

        Wisely he transcends his fleshy carnal nature to become one with the eternal cosmic nature, called Maat, by the ancient Egyptians, to arrive at an exalted state of being.

  26. I don't usually comment on this site but I love reading it. As someone who really knows this subject, I had to just comment to clear it up. In a nut shell consolidated.db acts as a cache for location data, and that historical data should be getting culled but isn’t, either due to a bug or, more likely, an oversight. I.e. someone wrote the code to cache location data but never wrote code to cull non-recent entries from the cache, so that a database that’s meant to serve as a cache of your recent location data is instead a persistent log of your location history. Now I get this will be a little "too convenient" but this was found back in December 2010 and isn't exactly breaking news. Now the iPhone has been probed by forensic experts ever since the retail launch of the iPhone 4 back in June of 2010. Hell, Sean Morrissey and Alex Levinson published a physical book on the topic back in December 2010, entire excerpts of which can easily be found on Google. So either the team from O'Reilly is being disingenuous with its claims or it's being lazy.

    Now, the information from these tracks is encrypted and save on your computer when you plug your iPhone into your computer and backing it up.

    Main point, the thing with software is that you never know what is going wrong or what things people are experiencing until you get it out there and people get a chance to use it. I don't really think people should look too much into this. Apple has never been known to sell user data like Google or trace people for profit like Facebook.

  27. We're always talking about stuff being "hidden in plain sight." Symbols, mainly, but other stuff as well.

    Well, guess what: Big Brother has placed something "in plain sight," and is wondering what we're going to do about it.

    We used to be concerned about cell phones that could hone in on our location via GPS and be turned on to listen without our consent. Now the phones are tracing our whereabouts over time.

    Sure, it's doing nothing right now. It's probably still in test phase, and has been known by hackers and those willing to look through some Mac-centric chat boards. Now it's in the news (and in Androids as well, telling from an earlier poster), and the question pops up: now what?

    How many of us can afford to drop down to a regular cell phone (even if pick up an iPad to compensate)? And of those, how many of us would be willing to? Even after the waiting period is up? And will we be allowed to (who knows…the Apple file may be merely a Beta and ALL cell phones might have to do this in a year or so)?

  28. the mark of the beast is when a person turns 18 they are able to make legal contracts and business. can’t buy or sell without the mark of the beast 6+6+6=18

  29. Anything you carry that's linked to a satellite can be tracked down if need be. If they want to find you, they will bloody well find you. Any type of cellphone = A leash around your neck.

  30. I hope people find out how to hack this so the iphone doesn't track you anymore. iPhone is very useful, sadly.

  31. Damn. Even my goddamn phone!!! DAMN! When in the world will all of this end. Good lord, I be glad when jesus comes back to save us, good lord

  32. well,there's a way to make apple stop this madness.you guys czn jailbreak your phone and disable the tracking system.you can google it

  33. They dont like it if we learn to much about their "Secret Society" so they try to anything they can to stop some one from spreading the information. The Apps probably have like a spy device to where the government can see into your to get a "better look" at surroundings.

  34. what is truth? on

    buy a pre-paid, simple phone without a camera, with a removable battery. you only slip the battery in when you use the phone and remove it afterwards. avoid smartphones, stick with the simple phones with removable batteries.

  35. butter me up like a on

    "this “exif” data was revealing GPS coordinates in their photos, and did not make clear to customers that in that case, this CAN be turned OFF."

    There's a free program named JHEAD which will remove ALL exif data:

    www (dot) sentex (dot) net/~mwandel/jhead/

    Assuming you don't allow your DUMBphone to auto-upload your photos to websites.

  36. I hope they like my prawn selection and dirty texts. That's about all the net and phones are for me. If they want to follow me to the gentleman's club or adult toy stores, then the more the merrier. That's where my money's goes anyway. And to charitable organizations of course :)

  37. Name (required) on

    new link relating to other pending patents by apple http://gawker.com/#!5795442/apple-patent-reveals-… utilizing and economizing location record.

    … But Apple's patent application makes it seem highly unlikely the location gathering is due to a bug. Indeed, the company outlines big plans for the troves of data it has quietly created. Apple includes an illustration of a mapping app called simply "Location History" which very much resembles the "iPhone Tracker" application expressly designed to raise alarm bells about all the data being collected (see figure 3A and 3B in the PDF embedded below, page 4-5). The patent also spells out how the location database could be "correlated or related" to other personal information, including "but not limited to: Data associated with a picture taking event, data associated with a financial transaction, sensor output data, data associated with a communication event (e.g. receipt of a phone call or instant message), data associated with a network event…. etc." (sections 0020 and 0021, on page 9 in the PDF below). …

      • Absolutely they can. This is false panic, created to make people think only IPhones are traceable.

      • Yes, they can be tracked, and at all times.

        Probably the biggest issue with this is that it would seem that they're tracking us ALL THE TIME and are forcing us to keep the data on hand at all times.

        Like I said, FOR now it appears to be just there. But at some point soon (maybe even now…as I said, it APPEARS…) they'll use the tracking for advertising and will be allowed to hand it to the authorities when they ask for it. And don't be surprised if it becomes mandatory – already we've found out it's in Android and Windows 7 phones as well.

  38. Wow! I don't like that one bit. Its no surprise companies make the excuse that they are using our info to gather to make and sell more products. The only thing is they receive our info which means we have no privacy. so many people are on this 'iphone/ipad/ipod kick so to feel good about having a 'quality product but the schemes behind it is devastating.

  39. Ministry of Truth on

    Yes all high technology devices make it easier for big brother to track you, follow your movements, and watch you have cereal in the morning. Thats why I never bought into any of this ''apple'' ''Steve jobs'' big brother, hyper city rubbish. Steve jobs in some peoples eyes is equivalent to a rapist or murderer. Hes definitely has blood on his hands. People should also know that whenever your workplace gives you any phone/laptop/Ipad etc to use that is embedded with tracking technology, many even have recording devices. Watch out because in this 21st century the battle is on who can win your hearts and minds. I think that they realized creating a two dimensional extreme bipolarity didn't work after the cold war so now its multiple forces charging at us every single day.

  40. For those wishing to "delete" facebook, you cannot.

    However, before deleting, you may want to change all the data, delete all friends, and posts etc. The account will be saved as is when you "delete" it, and hopefully in future give them an erroneous view of who you are.


    • they still know what was there before..there is a database that will still save everything you do. It would just take longer for them to recover it if you happened to be of high interest to the government which we probably all are for being on this site.

  41. Perhaps I AM paranoid; but this seems like the place if ever there was one to relate this.

    I bought a GPS device awhile back to help with night driving while traveling. I have never been a huge fan of them due to the whole tracking issue, as it is their complete and state purpose. But I capitulated, weighing that losing myself at midnight in a dark foreboding neighborhood was not on my priority list at this time. Maybe later.

    I've had a few problems with this device in the 1 1/2 years that I've owned it. Along with several other things, I think it was a attacked by some virus as a result of downloading directions from the BING search site. Lately, the device has not been receiving power from its car adapter cable. I am beginning to think the device and/or its necessary accessories are not the best quality.

    But that's not the weird part; it's the customer service. I've contacted the manufacturer of the device the last few times I've seen these problems. Each time, they were 1) extremely courteous, 2) listened to the problem and tried making suggestions, and 3) when that failed, and it did, sent me out a replacement part for free. This include replacing the device itself.

    Yes, I know: what's wrong with that? Isn't this the way customer service is supposed to act?

    Of course, but seriously, when is the last time you've had such an easy time with customer service? At least once every one or two months I have to call or drive to some company whose product I am using to get them to explain why it doesn't work, be it cable, electrical company, phone service, DMV/secretary of state, IRS, consumer products, financial establishments, etc, etc, etc. In the 20 years or so, especially in the last 5 years, almost NO ONE is that accommodating. I've gotten half spoken English, even by people who clearly ARE American-born, rude comments, disregard of problem, people just flatly ignorning me, etc, etc, etc. I can remember only one other time that the response was, sorry for your problem; we will replace it for free.

    So this is where the paranoid factor comes in: Why THIS product? Maybe this company is just good, and actually wants repeat customers. Maybe. But I do find it quite odd that out of all the companies I have dealt with, it is the Global Positioning System company that takes great care to make sure their customers are NOT without service. It is a sad shame when you have to question the kindly actions of another, but here I am…

  42. Verizon Wireless android phones also do this as well. They have the bing map apps and whether you turn it on or off you still can be tracked with your movements..very creepy i founf that out about a month ago when using mines. Now i know why they had that big a** red eye in the screen on the advertisements for the droid phones. They can see you or know where you are whether it be the double facing cameras or the GPS system for the map. I give it about 10 yeas before the elite openly show the,selves or fake their end of the world alien attack/Jesus return but its fine..beleive in God have faith and beleive in him no matter what and you will be fine. and Vigilant could you do an article on how their taking christianity out of everything if you have not already

  43. All mobile phones can be traced, it's the SIM Card that does the work. You may disable the location service on the iPhone to stop the monitor on your movements but as long as your sim card is with you, at just a click of a button the location of that sim card will appear…

  44. Wow! What do we do here then because that just means that whatever we use, be it computer, phone, tv etc… its being tracked!!!!!!!!

    Have to move to some rural place to escape all of this!

    It's scary…

  45. And just another question while I'm at it. WHY?!?!?!?

    Why track our movements and conversations and things?

    • It's about power. It's about control. They want to have an eye on us all, in case any of us decides to rise up against them. But it's mostly a matter of principle. They want to be our masters, make us their cattle.

      • Ya, you're right… What a messed up world! It makes me sick. Makes me not want to bring children into this world.

        At least we're not blind to it though. On the other hand there are millions of people just following

        like sheep being led to the slaughter.

    • You SHOULD be bringing children into the world; educated, enlightened children who can lead the way forward. Its people like you that SHOULD be reproducing!

  46. It's more than just the phones guys. Your camera records the location of every picture you take, your subway card tracks your location. Your passport has an RFID in it. I have an iphone, it is indispensable to me.

    At the present I am moving for work just about every month all over the states and the world. I am driving from city to city, coast to coast. Some of these cities are dangerous, and I need the GPS, the ability to search for the nearest pharmacy, store, etc. When you are new to a dangerous place, having that measure of safety is important, especially as a woman with kids. Skype and FB are the only way I can see my family. I freaked when I first realized any camera has GPS tracking and shows you the coordinates of every picture you take.

    Tracking chips are on everything, from mascara to clothing, phones, video game consoles, you name it. Just be smart and know the truth, and use wisely. Unless you plan on being a luddite, there is no getting around it.

    You want to move to Montreal? They track your subway usage, they track the rental bixi bike locations, zipcars, etc. Pretty much every city in the world. After being in London and DC, they track your EVERY move and word. If you have to travel, they have got you by the balls. On the other hand, I was so thankful in a city like Baltimore to have my smartphone.

    I figure when the shitstorm really starts going down, I move back home, toss my electronics, plant a garden and ride my horses.

  47. Why is it that this generation is all about tracking people down? Google tracks everything we do online. Thats how they come up with ads. Many new cars also have similar feature. Now all passports and driver's licenses will also have rfi chip. What is the use of all this?

    • The point is for them to track us down so that when someone wise and smart makes a website like VC they can track them down. And also so that when they try to give us the chip it won't be a big deal to people because they technically already have taken many chips when they buy phones,computers etc….

  48. The truth is out the on

    Well. Vigilant citizen asks for your email address for you to comment on his articles. Everybody has terms & conditions. If you think using a landline is better think again. Your address is in the phonebook. Type someone's landline number in the white pages online & you can easily find their address. Same difference. It's about how we use the technology that counts. Instead of trying to avoid using the technology, use it to keep people informed about The Agenda like VC is doing. Instead of tweeting about mundane stuff let's use Fb & twitter to spread the truth. So they know that we are aware of what's happening.

    Whatever happened to writing complaints? Why try to figure out a way to block the tracking on the phone. Let's all write to apple and inform them about our dissatisfaction with their products. The thing is people don't complain anymore. We don't fight. That's why these corporations get away with so much!

  49. It seems that the Government want us to be either one of two things:

    * dependent on them, which is why benefit scroungers are encouraged as are criminals. They are dependent on the government and on the system for money/housing.

    * hard working people who they can tax the hell out of

    I know this doesn't specifically have anything to do with the tracking device but heaven forbid if someone wants to make something of themselves LEGITIMATELY and LEGALLY.

    I just finished reading a book about what is down to our foods, everything from chicken to bananas to salad.

    I really thought this century everything everyone has fought for would stand. We have a lot and I thank everyone that died to give that to us, but the powers that be have only become more covert and subtle in trying to get at us and our freedoms are slowly being edged away by anonymous people in the shadows and fanatics of all kinds.

  50. Makes me question why I used to keep an online diary/blog, like livejournal.

    How stupid…now anyone that can view that can see directly into my head.

    I never used my real name or my location, but if they can link it back to you any way what does that matter?

  51. I have Facebook. I use it quite often. But every time they ask for my number, I just go to another site. Cause I have no phone.

    But who's stupid enough to put their phone number on Facebook anyways?

    …Oops, I didn't mean to call my sister stupid. (But she is, anyways)

    Now, while my friends are happy having smartphones and that, I'm happy having an MP4, GameBoy Advance and my hundreds books. Although I am still a teen, I'd say kids these days need to rediscover the joys of reading. And books are cheaper than any smartphones.

  52. A Boost Mobile is all I need. It's simple. Only an idiot would spend all that money on an iphone and then they make a new iphone every 3 months so you're never keeping up. Everyday technology speeds up faster and faster

  53. This is really crazy! They say that they won't use it for commercial purposes, shouldn't a light bulb come on in EVERYONE'S head asking them selves then what is the purpose of their being a tracker? Just like when you create an account online i even have the habit of just checking the terms of use without actually reading the terms and conditions. And it's a dog eat dog world they don't care about us!

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