In the Wake of Boston Bombings, CNN Calls for Real-time Police State Surveillance (video)


File photo of street graffiti by elusive graffiti artist Banksy in central London

I stated in a previous article on the Boston Bombings that one way of determining if an “attack” is in fact a false-flag event is to see if an agenda is pushed on the public in the weeks following it. Well, several agendas were indeed pushed on the public, one of them being the praising of video surveillance. In the wake of the attacks, most media sources were basically saying: “Thank God we have these cameras monitoring people because they’ve enabled us to catch the terrorists! Hurray for the police state!”.

But, according to CNN, that wasn’t enough. Cameras should not only identify evil-doers but predict those who are about to do something evil. For this reason, this CNN report calls for real-time police surveillance across the board.

So the anchor at the beginning of the video says: “Its frustrating for people in Boston to see the terrorists on video knowing that police weren’t even looking for them”.  Huh? This sentence doesn’t make any sense. Why would the police be looking for someone who did not do anything yet?

The report then proceeds to talk about the uselessness of surveillance cameras that cannot prevent crimes. Paula Newton then interviews Juliette Kayyem – who is ANOTHER CNN EMPLOYEE. She confirms that having people actively monitoring citizens and arresting those who look suspicious in order to “prevent crimes” is very necessary.

Paula Newton then says that, in London, “authorities tracked and traced my every move through the crowded streets” as if that was a great thing.  (In a 2011 article, I posted a video describing how London CCTV are able to identify, track and follow individuals). The reporter adds, “this didn’t happen in Boston”, therefore implying that the lack of Big-Brotherish police state surveillance in Boston was a fail that cost lives.

For the sake of being “unbiased”, the report interviewed a “concerned person” for about 12 seconds to nevertheless conclude that real-time surveillance is necessary. In short, this report is another example of the elite using a traumatic event to get people to agree with the loss of liberties and increased surveillance.




  1. So The Minority Report (along with obviously tens of other futuristic movies) is very much coming true. First step in preventing "crimes" that haven't happened. Great.

      • Lany,
        CBS is controlled by David Rockefeller.
        Of course they (rather him) know (knows) some stuff that we do not.
        Perhaps it is better to be that way…

    • It's actually a novel by Philip K Dick. A lot of his futuristic novels with similar themes have been made into films. Google A Scanner Darkly Illuminati symbolism, it's enough to make you think he knows something we don't and most of his books were written in the 60's and 70's I think.

    • Jellified Skunk on

      Glad I'm not the only one who thinks "Minority Report"! ;P You can't predict a crime that hasn't happened without incriminating the wrong person most of the time.

      I would also note how they even used the words "spy cameras" themselves… Even though they say there is a con, to them, it obviously isn't big enough. Public privacy isn't important anymore apparently.

    • This was MY EXACT THOUGHT! Minority Report! What a creepy movie, and horrible to think that is what could potentially happen. UGH.

      I'm thankful to the Lord He is my hope and my Savior. Come, Lord Jesus!

  2. Good lord. So now we're going to have a bunch of worthless dipshits watching cameras and jumping the gun.

  3. Its a shame they don't show is some of the videos they
    obviously have of all these 'incidents'….
    Wonder why?????
    People need to start waking up!!!!!

  4. It's actually pretty creepy to me to be followed. I don't understand why there would be people who wouldn't feel that way.
    So If I have a package in my hand and I'm walking around with it, they will follow and prob listen to everything I'm doing and saying at the moment??
    Who in their right mind would think this is right? It reminded me of a movie, I can't remember the name of it, where the cops actually arrested people who were about to commit a crime but haven't done it yet. Then the cop realized the program they were using wasn't 100% right so imagine how many people they arrested that were innocent.
    Anyways, that's just a movie but just thinking about something like that actually happening in real life, it's very scary.

  5. Perhaps everyone should start acting suspicious and paranoid… strolling along sidewalks… carrying backpacks…. wearing sunglasses… attending public events…

    • beccalouise on

      i can tell you that if I am being watched i will be wearing a disguise like sunglasses and hats. i heard nordstroms is going to have facial recognition software when you are in the stores to target ads. I won't go there ever again.

  6. Jeez don't you hate how police can't stop future crimes? Hey sheeple, I have an idea! Lets put cameras everywhere do they can arrest anyone they deem "suspicious."

  7. This is just getting ridiculous . And im sure many people now think this is great idea because they just go along with everyrhing mainstream media tells them. Since when did everyone decide to run on autopilot. Its like people these days arent even consious of anything but the subconcious crap they have been spoonfed.

    • Very very true!!!
      Its amazing how many people just go along with it…
      And they are just the ones who happen to notice it.
      There are millions who don't!!!

    • Yes!!! I was waiting for someone to mention the show person of interest!!!!!! That show is pushing the police state agenda hard!! If you've never watched it google it!

    • I would not be surprised if the machine is already built and they are just waiting to activate it. But they just won't tell us when they do.

  8. The best real time surveillance you can get is the police actually on the streets doing their job. How much more real time you want to get than that?

  9. Honestly this is barbaric! this clowns who call themselves the elite are full of shit creepy things! well not surprised though! they have a duty, a duty to set up the stage for the anti Christ. monitor every one of us like robots right? sometimes i ask why is God so quiet to man's folly? His ways are not our ways i know!

    • Radical Sojourner on

      God is not quiet. Look at all the political, environmental, and spiritual chaos the world is in. He has warned the nations repeatedly in His longsufferring. His wrath is being stored up for the Time of Jacob's Trouble. We are to watch, and warn others so we and them that repent and believe in Christ may be counted worthy to escape His wrath. He sees all evil and is perfectly just. All will be brought to light and be accounted for.

      • Amen. And the reason this is all happening is because it has to come to pass so that the world can end. Unfortunately, because sin has entered the world since Adam and Eve, it was destined that the world had to end horribly.

      • THANK YOU! Ah what a great reminder. I try to warn people that God's judgement is coming- even Christians- but most of them don't want to hear it. It's as if they are all asleep, and when you try to warn them, wake them up, they say, "No, no, let me go back to sleep!". So sad. But thank the LORD He will not let this wicked evil world go on forever!

      • Jen,
        What you believe is very close to mine own conclusions.
        However,there is a difference. Judgement for Christians and the rest of the world are not alike…

        1 Ptr.4:17 Time for judgement to begin from the household of God….
        Not the same judgement as for the rest of the world-Dan.11: 32-35 Dan.12:10. Zach.13:9 sets clear why True Believers will suffer. To refine the Church. To separate us from the world. To sanctify all of us through and through. To prepare to meet the One we long for.

        World's fate is sealed. God's children will undergo whatever it needs to perform all His will in last time. God bless !

      • Radical Sojourner on

        True believers will always suffer persecution due to living in a sin fallen world. We suffer from satanic forces and from other people. The church does not undergo suffering the actual wrath of God; Christ sufferred the wrath of God on the cross and said, It is finished. The wrath of God is reserved for the Time of Jacob's trouble, meaning bringing the remnant of Isreal to repentance. We won't be here for that! We have a wedding to attend. :)

      • Radical Sojourner on

        The common Christian isn't taught to discern, test all things, or watch as we are commanded in scripture. So most have mentally checked out, and because they are so earthly minded they cannot fathom leaving behind this barren parking lot of an earth to look forward to Christ's kingdom. God forbid they are without thier fancy trimmings and awana services. Meanwhile in other countries people are massacred for thier testimony. So you try to warn them and get blank stares. :/

      • Remember story of Nate Saint,one of the 10 missionaries killed by South American Auka tribe?
        He told "I would prefer to die for Christ now than to live in luxury in this sick world".

        Sick world…

        As for wedding to attend…I too,whenever bow down, can not express all the love I have to Him whose wedding is near!
        We are still to wait. Plenty of stuff did not come as promised. Every single word is to come true. As in Jez. 12:23-28.

        God bless you.Abundantly!

  10. Radical Sojourner on

    Be comforted; we are in a time like no other. The stage is being set for God's wrath on a sinful and unrepentant world. We watch and wait as we know the season, and our redemption draws near. These people who operate corruptly and in secret will be exposed and will be held accountable. We are not at war with flesh and blood, but with principalities of darkness. We have nothing to fear if we are in Christ Jesus.

    • “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. 33 Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it[a] is near, right at the door.

      • My friends, we are in the last days of "The Great Controversy", when men's hearts will fail them for fear, keep your trust in Him and be ready to Stand when the time comes. Ellen G. White's writing explains it all with Him as the focal point and Finisher. Love will triumph! Selah!

  11. I am amazed that there has been no discussion about the proportions of events….
    It's never right to kill another person and you can't walk around rigging bombs where ever you feel like it. BUT three persons were killed and 9000 SWAT chased the guy/guys. When you pull a stunt like that you kinda HAVE TO find a perpetrator.
    I bet more than 3 ppl were killed by traffic the same day in Boston. Or by heart disease or by diabetes complication. I know I compare apples and oranges here – but 9000 SWAT, people??

  12. VC made one slight error: it's not CNN, it's the C.I.A.N.

    False flags for years have led to this. With the renewal of the "Patriot" Act, and the enactment of NDAA and CISPA by a "republican" congress and "liberal" president, along with a runaway militarized DHS and NSA, as well as militarization of local "law enforcement," and the FEMA camps ready and waiting to "re-educate," full surveillance is the last piece of the police state puzzle.
    If one ends up on a watch list, or is reported for criticizing the government or engaging in nonviolent protest, they will be efficiently located, then spirited away.

    Goodbye, first and fourth amendments. Hello, Gestapo!

  13. If this was truly the work of the young men that are accused(not saying they did it). The idea going forward should not be for more camera's, but for the government to watch the people that other governments are telling them are shady.

    All that i said above is crap though, because the government orchestrated the attack and they are behind the real time camera's as well.

  14. At the end, he says, "It remains the worst drunken driving crash in US History." What the hell is up with all this record keeping? They make a new record for everything. Like when the clothing factory building collapsed in Bangladesh, the media kept repeating, "This is the worst disaster in the history of the garment industry." It's really annoying the crap out of me. Same thing happens with mass shootings, they think of the most obscure aspect and call it a record. "The worst mass shooting to ever happen in January." It's absurd and it's almost like they are encouraging people to break the record and cause total mayhem.

  15. ShadowOnTheWall on

    … furthermore, in Bangladesh over 1000 ppl were burried alive in a building that subsidize western clothes shops. At the same time false-flagged bomb exploded in Boston, though, so never mind Bengalis… or the earthquake in China (don't even remember if it was an earthquake or floods, which makes me terribly ashamed for I know if it was in the USA I am gonna remember every shit). Greetings from central Europe "Chenya" which loves copying CNN news without elementary thinking. Seriously, I was shocked when they recognized CNN is telling shit when they said Czech Republic is an islamic country…

  16. Well, who needs privacy, right? You can move the telescreen right into the middle of my home. Anything for 'the good of the people.'

    • Hah! There's a programme in the UK called 'Gogglebox' which actually HAS the telescreens in people's living-rooms, for 'entertainment' value, so people can see their reactions to what they're watching. Way to try and normalise '1984's telescreens …

    • I had a dream not too long ago that a very advanced-looking robotic screen came down from the sky, and attached itself to my front window while I was facing it, talking to my husband. I knew I wasn't supposed to see it.. But I had. I knew things had changed. I was officially being watched.

  17. Little to no wonder.
    Do you guys know that night-vision equipped,modern FBI helicopter cost 80+ millions?
    It is being used to fight crime (I got some data what it being used for).

    We all know that #1 country under constant surveillance is Great Britain. Do we need to comment?
    All 100% of British surveillance belong to Lodges.You know how helpful it is…
    (yesyesyes they nab petty criminals. And they-Scottish Rite dudes-use it for worse, much worse…)
    If any doubt read aangirfan blogs. Saville's business alive and well.

    Problem,to my mind is not omnipresent cameras. Real trouble starts-who will have an access.
    We can wait for more "incidents". Then,as it usually happen folks ask for help…Cameras.Troops.Whatever.

    More to come..

    • Maybe we could sneak some cameras into their lodges and see what really goes on. A small camera on a remote controlled device. Fight fire with fire I always say!

  18. I love the fact it's okay for the government to spy on it's population whilst a normal citizen who is recording a peaceful demostration would be seen as a terrorist.

    This system was designed to make us provoke, strive for a revolution so THEY can kill it all and start from the ashes. Creating the "perfect" society in THEIR image….

    …And during that time will no one go against them becuase no one wishes for yet another war, which obviously was started by the third world terrorists.

  19. Mainstream news channels are part of the problem. Who owns them? Connect the dots! A lot of their correspondents are undercover spies working for the security agencies.

  20. Much of this has already begun. Video game consoles, cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc with cameras installed that you can't remove. I'm sure they are watching me typethis comment right now using that little front facing camera. But anyway, the Boston bombings were an obvious front to give the government the ability to watch our every move. No need to look suspicious, they want to know everything about us (where we shop, what we buy, known associates-Facebook) so they can control us better.

  21. 1984
    So they are going to try or are reading our minds
    Watching our every move
    And the very best of the best we get to pay for it all!!!

    • I saw what was said to be one of his (Orwell) last Interviews on BBC & asked about this said: I see that it can very well happen, the one thing for you to do about it, is to STOP it, it's up to you! It was very creepy indeed! They feed so much Fear, people must call them on it & Demand it be Stopped! Best wishes to all!

  22. Sugarstick07 on

    She mentions the video footage of the younger brother 'dropping his backpack and walking
    away'. I haven't seen that footage? Has anyone?
    Then its straight to 'moments later'.. A blind man might even say.. I see a hole there..

  23. Let's think about the legality of this retarded BS! What are you going to charge the person with…looking suspicious? I wasn't aware that was a crime. What are you going to charge them with… not committing a crime? Maybe you could charge them with carrying a backpack! There were many "suspicious looking" people at the event. Are you going to detain them all? Is this KGB Russia now?! I think I'm just going to start carrying my bb gun with me.

    • "Excuse me, Mam. I noticed that you reached into your purse 3 times after leaving that store. Are you plotting something?" "No, I can't find my goddamn keys" "We're going to have to detain you" Ahhh, I can see how it will all pan out now…

    • They're gonna find something! Planting evidence is not a new practice. Or they just shoot your head off, so you can't tell anyone you're innocent.
      it has happened before…

  24. Sigmund Freud's Ego on

    Well where I live at. We have these public transportation thats for like small counties that don't have big city buses. Well it was mandated that they have cameras on there. They said it was for safety which is kinda understandable to a certain extent but then not only do they monitor you while on there, they also have audio. SO they can see and hear us. I said this some ol' Martial Law type shit. But the dumbest thing about it is the drivers and the riders don't even ask questions about it. They're practically fine with being monitored and haven their privacy taken away. I tried to get some info from the driver but she was clueless. SO now whoever is monitoring that live feed knows where everybody lives, how everyone looks, and probably is equipped with face detection. Thats some scary shit. I even googled the company to get some insight on it. Shit is about to get crazy. WAKE UP everyone. and yall see how the shooting in NOLA isn't considered as a national tragedy?? Probably because it wasn't staged to implement bullshit agendas.

  25. Oh, Hi Mark on

    As if we've actually seen the videotaped evidence of the "bombers' doing anything but walking around with backpacks that don't match the backpacks that blew up.

    I saw a recent poll about young girls supporting the younger brother – the question was about his guilt.

    97% of respondents claimed guilt – which would be fine, except for the fact that to date there has been absolutely no evidence whatsoever except for the assertions of the FBI that would lead anyone to believe these guys are actually guilty.

    Strange times.

    Why not show the Lord & Taylor videotape? For that matter what about the Pentagon videotape?
    And since we'll be installing cameras everywhere, and it's such old news, where are the OKC videotapes?

    Just sayin'.

    • I've been telling people when arguing with me saying I make up "Conspiracy Theories" & I tell them, isn't it Odd that they could easily Stop/End these supposed "Conspiracy Theories" by just simply releasing said Video Surveillance tapes! That easy, but No. Not even the Batman Movie tapes. In regards 2 the Pentagon, I disregard everything except 1 that I'd Never heard until running across it that is Without a doubt "The Smoking Gun" screaming "Inside Job" & that was to Learn that the Pentagon has an Automatic 3 Tier Security Defense, 1.Standard Intercept, 2. NORAD Auto Intercept & 3. An Auto Missle Defense System (In Ground) around Pentagon that triggers if something comes within miles of it's Air space! The later, I'd Never heard b4! For it Not to work, 1 of 2 people "Must" have it Shut Down. Pres or Vice Pres! That, Most like me have never known & so far, not rebutted! Always Question Everything! MSM Period, deserves No-Ones benefit of Doubt!

  26. >> “Its frustrating for people in Boston to see the terrorists on video knowing that police weren’t even looking for them”. Huh?

    > This sentence doesn’t make any sense. Why would the police be looking for someone who did not do anything yet?

    .. ahem .. i think what they mean is: The FBI should have informed the police a false flag was being set up and these were the patsies they were going to chase down.

    • I'm pretty sure what was meant was "because the police only had regular security cameras which could not detect the suspicious behaviour of the 'terrorists' right away they were not able to prevent the attack."

      Hence preparing the audience to be more receptive to the news about the tracker cameras… Damn crowd manipulators.

    • "This world is not my home, I'm just'a passing through… My treasures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue….The angels beckon me from Heaven's open door…and I can't feel at home in this world anymore…"

      • All those "good news" make desire to get there even stronger.
        I do not feel myself either deceived or defeated. Ultimate victory is ahead!

  27. Preventive crime and preventive surgery to remove a pair of boobs, what are they advertising now? The very existence of human is we have this animal instincts that we have to learn to cope with, not to use it as a destructive force and turn it into a constructive one. Everyone will commit thought crime when you are stressed in life, but whether you put it into action is another story. This preventive mindset they are advertising is very dangerous.

    • Sigmund Freud's Ego on

      I just watched the video. Yeah they make it seem so sweet with the positive song and the people doing kind things but you have to look at the bigger picture. Coca Cola is a huge company and they are pushing an agenda for us to be monitored all day long. What makes it even sad was outta all the comments on the video a few was privy to what was really going on and the rest were just oblivious. Sad. They need to wake up.

  28. Agent Smith on

    It is depressing to see that people really believe what they hear and see in the news.
    Say Hi to big brother everybody.

  29. where is the video of the younger brother "dropping the bag calmy and walking away" oh WAIT it doesnt exist. Im sorry but if they can release a video of apparently one of the brothers naked getting into a police car what do they have to hide about this supposed video of a guy leaving a bag on the floor. So many people at the marathon can report seeing the group of craft international guys there, men on the roof, bomb sniffer dogs, yet not anyone can recall seeing a guy stand around leave a bag on the floor and walk off. this news post states that the video has not been released and that "patrick" hasnt seen the tapes himself but was "briefed by a law enforcement". im so angry at the news teams surely the reporters themselves know that its all bullshit that they are reporting to the country im only 16 and i cant even explain how angry i am at how ridiculous things are getting WHAT CAN I EVEN DO ABOUT IT

    • Be greatful that you are 16 and seeing what is going on around you and being aware. Research and educate yourself. Knowledge is power my friend. . I wish I could see through the deceptions when I was 16. I didnt wake up til I was 25. You are very lucky. Use it to your advantage. It is difficult when noone around you sees the truth as you do , but be strong. You are awake for a reason. Remember that.

  30. So the thing is to "arrest anybody who looks 'suspicious' to society" right? Increased surveillance on everybody, even in their own household is just clearly ridiculous.

    But what can one say, "they" own the damn government anyways which just sucks big time.

  31. Just FYI, a police officer cannot arrest someone just because they look suspicious. If people would take the time to analyze what they are saying they will see what they are talking about does not make any sense! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!

  32. They were on camera for 11 seconds. That's another way of knowing who's behind this, the numbers. They alway use 6, 9, 11, 13 or any two numbers that equal these numbers. Even the date of events such as this equal s these numbers when added together.

  33. And the "concerned citizen" protrayed in the last 12 seconds that VC comments on is a spokesperson for the ACLU…and we all know how much that organization helps the citizens of America.

  34. America is trapped in this insanity by law.
    Public Law 107-40 declared war against enemies to be named later. This law was modeled after the Reichstag Fire Decree of 1933 and go read how that worked out for the German people.
    This law is still in effect, no matter how hard you ignore it in the deluded belief that what you don't see won't hurt you. THEY depend on you not doing anything. THEY aren't going to do anything, because this law is an immense source of power for anyone to misuse and abuse it for their own benefit.

    This law put as the goal for this DAFT and insane war – the prevention of future terrorism by military means.
    This war is a forever war, because there is always the future potential for violence. This war gives legal cover to the Powers Really in Charge (PRICs) to cower the Americanian sheeple and to steal resources from foreign countries (to prevent valuable stuff from being under the control of, you should know by now, future terrorists).

    Everybody everywhere has the potential for future violence. Everybody everywhere is a potential future terrorist and Americania is at war with you, whether you admit it or not.
    There are thousands and thousands of Americanian workers being paid to search for and defeat these future terrorists. They will find them, even if they have to create them, in order to justify their salaries and bonuses and awards. They will come for you.

    This insane law must be ended before it ends us. I suggest, for the bazillion and twenty-third time, that you stop ignoring this law, because that's what THEY want you to do – so this insanity can continue and get worse.

    Stop the DAFT war! – the Defense against Future Terrorists war, started by Public Law 107-40.
    It's not going away if you keep ignoring it. It's been over 12 years – please stop ignoring it.

    Barbara Lee (D-CA) is against this insanity, and has been ever since P.L. 107-40 was voted on. If you want to do something, support her.
    Open your mouth and scream about this DAFT war.
    Do something. Things won't get better until YOU do.

  35. Jellified Skunk on

    People we SERIOUSLY need to take action, NOT just talk about it! We need to organize rallies and things like that, people WILL take notice! We need to help people realize how ridiculous this is! Hell draw the comparison to Minority Report if it helps! :)

  36. I said this on the article which was about Phone calls being tracked and recorded – Guys, please watch the film Enemy of the State 1999, it will blow ya fuckin mind with the advanced technology, the film subliminally gives an insight on how the "Elite" function.

  37. Very predictable. What's next? Another even bigger "staged tragedy" ? They must hurry up, 'cause the people are awakening. SMH

  38. I actually like that show Person Of Interest. Even though the show is about an artificial intelligence that watches everything and predicts crimes both small and huge, and definitley is all about big brother, but it doesn’t celebrate the tech, and applaud how wonderful it is. The show actually addresses alot of the concerns that we have with the big brother tech and cameras. The 2nd season finale was really good and had a false flag attack, that was not disguised at all. It even had Michael Emersons character who designs the machine tell the other characters that he gave the machine to wrong people(the government). It also shows how the “wrong people” dispose of all of those who know about the program. Sure the show is all about big brother, but it also brings up a lot of things that we discuss here. Police corruption, assassinations, cover ups. This show doesn’t celebrate it though like others have said.

  39. Don't avoid it on

    So what was the HUGE tragedy we were supposed to have by/around beginning of May? Everyone on here was harping to look out for coming tragedies in the last days of April and first days of May and I want an answer. What were they?

  40. Another great article, VC! You do a great job of spreading awareness. I just wish I could get more of the people around me to wake up to what is going on. If I post something on facebook that's meaningless and stupid, I get 14 thumbs up and 10 comments. If I post an article from here, people avoid my post like the plague. It's too shattering to their realities. But keep on man!! It's hard getting the truth across in these effed up times.

  41. They have had cameras in my city that do real time monitoring. My church went on a field trip to the police station. We went into the surveillance room. I was shocked to see all the monitors. My whole city was being watched. I live 15 minutes from Boston by the way. Oh yeah. What about those cable boxes with built in cameras, so you can monitor you home while your away. Are we watching tv or is tv watching us???

  42. imsodisgusted on

    I just had a dream of a door with the word :STA in it, i looked it online and it means Surveillance and Target Acquisition and then I find this here, coincidence or more?

  43. Makes sense, this has probably been happening a while now. The tv show "Person of Interest" shows the same thing except tries to pretend like the government does not care.

  44. I've been reading about the Cleveland captives case and i've a question for you, my friends. It's only me or it seems like we've some MK programing modus operandi all over the situation? Well, of course it could be just plain sadism, but the pattern looks so familiar that i have to ask if anyone else had the same thoughts.

    • Why, do you think Ariel Castro belongs to the illuminati? I very much doubt it, more likely he's a nasty piece of work, a controlling manipulator who takes advantage of others and infringes their human rights. He would be wealhy if he was a satanist. Nope, he's just nasty without the connections and the perks. There are many retards like him around… almost always men. They have the gift lol.

      • Yeah, actually i've just asked a question. That's because some of the characteristics of torture and trauma practiced in that case reminded me monarch programing disassociation modus operandi.

        Just a thought, i know there's a bunch of sadistic scumbags around! lol

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I believe it's MK programming. All in the news here is some very bizarre crime waves and time they show more and more police stae mentality. I'm looking at the young men that were selected and it is a very weird pattern of those who society least like and think would commit heinous acts. They are bold in their actions by doing them in broad daylight and being caught on camera. That's where you get a glimpse of their facial expression. Many of them look robotiic like and if they were in a trance. I even saw one of the guys eyes were completely black in the mug shot they plastered all over the news. So it is very MKish to me just to "beef up police presence to keep its citizens safe".

  45. I knew they planned the Boston Bombings so that they could push their safety plans on America. It was too obvious when I heard about it

    • Fred Savage on

      I love a good conspiracy myself. However, I think some of us truly forget sometimes that there are actual, evil people in the world that would love nothing more than to hurt random strangers, whom they think they have a vendetta against. I'm not siding w/ big brother here, but not everything that happens was planned or staged by the evil empire. Just sayin..

  46. I find this ridiculous. Want to know what is more ridiculous? That people don't really care. What's next? Surviallience camaras inside our homes? I bet bunch of the idiots around will immdediatly LOVE the idea. Reminds me, since talking about Big Brother, does antyone know what "Oppan is Gangnam Style"?
    I know is off topic but it means…

    Big Brother is Gangnam Style.

    Man this genenration sucks.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Well my take is this. Those that I know I discuss it. It scares them. They start quoting Bible verses speaking in tongues and shoiuting and rejoicing to rebuke the Devil out of me because I have been possessed. O need to come to church so they can lay hands on me and anoint me in Jesus blood. Now I'm not trying to make a joke. I'm just talking about someone who knows how difficult it is. Others let me know that you know such and such is a Mason and they say you are crazy. He's connected to so-and-4s who has the power and authority to do this to you. So when you say no one is doing nothing what about those who live in places like this? Even when I relocated somewhere else and one day minding my business I am approached by someone and I'm thinking the person is getting ready to say a friendly greetig as I smile and go to say hello buut here so you know so-and-so. We had a lengthy discussion about you. JUST THOUGHT I let you know and I will be keeping an eye on you.

      • Truthseeker2013, nice comment.
        I am speaking in tongues.I am probably from the same denomination.( I rarely attend any English speaking church though).

        Here is the problem. Truth is WORSE than you can believe. All churches-especially starry big congregations are infiltrated. I do not mean persons or even criminals. Much worse.

        You will never be heard if you are telling truth to those under enormous dose of satanic hypnosis. Do not listen about their "prayers". Until the day when God remove satanists-Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland Rodney Brown and thousands others-possessed by all demons cursed by every damnation Church will never wake up.(I listed my own-list goes on and on on every denomination).

        Back home we had Kl—n as head of the Bible school. He was a blessing. Now we have freemason Ne——–n devout satanist. Result? You can easily guess!

        In our congregation we have lengthy prayers. We have spiritual gifts. Countless times God's direct revelation disclosed who is who. That helped a lot. Not always(Nelson still in place). In American churches with "same" doctrine prayers are strictly forbidden (remember by whom?) Instead time given to talk and …worship!?!?….

        As for you my advice-seek the Lord. He will direct you to folks whose eyes are open. There is not such a thing as conspiracy. There is gruesome reality.

        Have more to say.If you would contact…. Your story is remarkable.One of the few that touches me moves me stirs me up…God bless!!!

  47. Johnny Utah on

    How exactly does this negatively impact your so-called "rights and civil liberties" if you didn't do anything wrong? Government controlling the masses and being able to do anything they want, at any time, isn't new. Putting up more cameras isn't going to hurt you, if you have nothing to hide. I'm not saying it is right for them to do this, and for big brother to watch us at all times, but in all seriousness, it won't effect me one bit, because I don't carry pipe bombs in my book-bag.

    • "The anxiety-haunted man depends upon the hand-rails provided by society. He is the perfect citizen of the Global Village. He happily exchanges his name for a number, and eagerly exchanges his sovereignty for security."

      “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Okay, what resonate within me is this. When you make a statement put up cameras…it doesn't bother me because I am doing nothing wrong. I have a right to my privacy. I have a right to conduct myself the way I feel that does not harm anyone else. I don't need ou watchiong me and passing judgement on me in whatever manner that I conduct myself each and every day. The concept of big brother just doesn't sit well with me because it makes me think of a stalker, creep who is perverted. Can you image haviong someone just stare at your every move? That within itself have altered my perception of what reality is all about. My thoughts aren't my own because they way I ecpress them will be forever judged because of some digital recorder capturing a moment of my tiome that weighs the sum total of my entire existance. That's just for starters.

    • You are very sad, pathetic even.

      Humans ough not be surveilled wherever they go, whatever they do, by governmental and corporate entities.

  48. Johnny Utah on

    Also, don't you think Uncle Sam would be smart enough to push his boundaries even if the event was just some random crazies that wanted to hurt people? They could push their agenda either way.

  49. Anyone else seen the software that “predicts” unusual behavior and, by observing scenes via security camera, such as a subway platform, “learns” how to identify what is normal and what is not normal behavior? In other words, the software can predict whether a crime might occur and when it is occurring. It showed an example of an attempted car break-in and how the software identified how the dude hanging out by the car for too long was suspicious, and thus the police/security guards were dispatched BEFORE he started committing the crime and, by the time they got there, the guy had started breaking into the car.

    I saw it on some TV program a while back, don’t remember what it was. The software is used by some private security company whose spokesperson stated that they don’t plan on letting the government use it.

    Yeah. Right.

    All I have to say at this point is see you guys in the FEMA camps because the you-know-what is about to hit the fan.

  50. @ Shay

    Yes, you do have to look at the numbers. It struck me immediately that Little Brother Bomber was “found” at the much repeated address of “67 Franklin St.” I laughed out loud at the T.V.

    6 + 7 = 13 and Ben Franklin was, of course, a Mason and Rosecructian. Quite a sense of humor they have.

  51. This principal was described by Hegel and is called Hegelian DIalectics and goes something like: conflict=change, planned conflict=planned change. The principal has served the backstage power-brokers really well, e.g. 9/11, Pearl Harbour, Burning of the Reichstag….

  52. Truthseeker2013 on

    Thanks V.C. Your comment about the "concerned person" being given 12 seconds that aligns with the justification of Project Lockdown America made me think about the Jason Bourne character. Just arbitrary comments like that made me think about how Jason Bourne whose real identity is not really known belongs to a much larger organization of individuals who function as someone NOT alive but exist. This 12 second concerned person's whole life, family members and acquantences life behaviors was not subjected to minute scrutinization as they picked a part piece by piece the common people activities that most humans do to develop their characters, personalities and and qualbehaviors. analyzed before their statement was made to gladly have a police presence to protect me from what? What are we terrorizing? How do you obtain an level of awarenes to learn knowledge to terror? The only environment that I know that has a history and that keeps libraries and collection of infor

  53. Truthseeker2013 on

    (continued). Sorry Android problems. Won't rehash the section that was deleted.

    Just will say, the concerced person I agree is an implant that is placed amonst all humans all over the worlld and grows and develops within that culture and can be relied to speak up in times when necessary to justify the end means of a wicked agenda. It may sound judgemental..I know..just can't rehash 3 hours of trying to straighten out what questions that were brough to mind.

  54. Sigmund Freud's Ego on

    I wonder is there going to be an article about Kanye releasing his new song on 66 buildings in 6 cities. Just a thought.

  55. They are so full of It I see it now that they really play on our fears and they "WORD" things to make them sound less straight forward and more PC so that ppl wont be able to read between the lines unless like us (VC's) they look for it and suspect a lot of BS to come from them! Smh! #LIKE

  56. What is being reported in the video here reminds me of the movie "Deja Vu" w/ Denzel Washington. In the movie they have figured out a way to view the past "or travel back in time" and Denzel (ATF agent Carlin) has to help the team locate the criminal who has blown up a New Orleans ferry but before he commits the act. In turn they are watching hours of footage from satellites to figure out who the terrorist is so they can lock him up but Denzel wants to go as far as saving the people killed on the ferry by sending himself to the past.

    This is all too familiar! Monitoring society for suspicious behavior?? So what constitutes suspicious behavior? Voicing our opinions on our Spiritual/religious beliefs a crime?? What's next??

  57. Here's an excerpt from an interview done by an Illuminati who quited. Apparently they torture themselves just as much they want to torture us and they believe they're good……
    Rest on this Site

    I left the group in 1995, sick of the lying, deceiving, and politics, and fearful for my life. I fled to Texas, and went through therapy with Dr. Jerry Mundgaze and his group. But unfortunately, they didn't know how to help "deprogram me", or as Dr. Mundgaze told me, "you are higher than almost anyone we have seen, and more programmed."

    I remembered so much, and he had never heard of it and had no idea how to help (definitely no suggesting of memories there, most of mine occurred spontaneously, AT HOME. I have never been hypnotized or age regressed, all of my memories have occurred in the course of daily life).

    I spent a year intensely deprogramming myself. I was a head programmer, or trainer, so I used my knowledge to undo what was done to me. I also became enraged as I realized that the abuse I had endured (and done to others) was NOT normal, was used to manipulate me, etc.

    My book is based on my memories as an ADULT in this group. I was a perpetrator, and I now regret it considerably. It is my restitution before God as I expose what this group does and stands for. I also wrote it for therapists, to help them understand the group and its methodologies, since it was so difficult to hear from a nationally known ritual abuse center, "we don't know what to do…". I based it on what I did to heal.

    Two years ago, my children were on visitation with me and disclosed their abuse to me. I went to CPS, and the case was closed, because the worker said she didn't believe in ritual abuse! My ex came to get the children (he could have put me in federal prison for not giving the children back, since the San Diego court system blatantly states that they do not believe in ritual abuse, and in EVERY case of alleged RA, the children are given to the allegedly abusing parent).

    The children confronted him in person. He turned white as a sheet, said, "you really don't want to go back to 'family'?" They said "no". He then fled to California, quit his job, and moved out here and is in therapy for RA and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

    My children are also in therapy, and healing rapidly. My now 12 year old son is almost completely integrated, and happier than he has ever been before; my 16 year old daughter has some tough issues to face, such as the sexual abuse she endured. But God has been faithful in His healing work in all of our lives.

    I wish that this was just "made up". That it weren't real. But it is. There is too much documentation of this occurring (I can send you an URL for documented convicted RA cases). My greatest regret is that I was used by this group, after a lifetime of teaching, to be a perpetrator of the worst kind. I used to torture and abuse others, believing that I was "helping" them.

    Now, I realize that what I did was wrong, I have asked God's forgiveness. And I am committed to exposing this group through my writing. I am also a professional writer in the medical field, was a registered nurse for 18+ years, and currently work as an ESL teacher, health educator, and freelance author (on non-abuse topics!).

    I hope this is enough background info, it is the truth before God and men. If you need any other that won't compromise my anonymity or my children's protection, please let me know.

    PS. My younger sister remembers being tied up on a stone altar at the age of 3 with a gag in her mouth and being raped. She also remembers our paternal grandmother taking her to friends who used her sexually at the ages of 3 to 5.

    She became an alcoholic at age 13, after trying to commit suicide 7 times by age 12. My older brother has NO memories of ANYTHING AT ALL before age 20. His life is a complete blank. He does believe that our father was a perverse and strange man. This brother was cut down from our garage when he was 8 and tried to hang himself.

    My oldest brother is on the run, afraid to live anywhere for more than a few months, because he believes they want to "get him." He also tried to commit suicide many times as a young child. This is somewhat corroborating evidence, as well as the fact that both of my children dream in German at night (that is the language they speak in the Illuminati) and have NEVER heard it in the daytime.

  58. The idea, quite obviously, is to label non-violent dissidents (those who oppose fascist measures of control) as potential criminals and/or terrorists, and to turn the unthinking public against them, also. It started in force on 9/11/01.

  59. globaltrance on

    I've always thought that video surveillance is not necessarily a bad thing. It's information that can be used for good like solving crimes committed on the streets like in Trayvon Martin's murder for example.

  60. Traumatic events generally *are* followed by changes in policy/rules/etc.

    By the article's logic, concussions in hockey are "false-flag" events staged by equipment manufacturers and the NHL to drum up new helmet sales and rule changes to prevent future concussions?

    People, paranoia can *definitely* go too far.

  61. Concernedcitizen on

    And how would those reporters feels if THEY were arrested for "looking suspicious"??! Wow this blows my mind!!

  62. what really astounds me is that people have not yet realized that there never was a picture or a video of who was actually seen with the explosives, at the exact time the bombs went off.

    More surveillance is bullshit, and the camera as she suggests at the "exact time and place" does exist, but is not for the public to see.

    People are so brainwashed, that they are asking all the wrong questions. It's so sad.

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