Heavy Illuminati Symbolism In Australian Ad ” For The Love of Music”


This ad named “For the Love of Music” plays frequently on the Australian TV station [V]. It is heavily inspired (but not created) by Marco Brambilla, an artist that is very sought after by advertisers and record labels for his trademark “video tableaux”.  The ad is full of symbols and messages representing the hidden forces that control the music industry.  See for yourself:

CHANNEL [V] – Rebrand TVC 2012 from Where There’s Smoke on Vimeo.

The ad begins literally in hell as the Devil is shown covering his ears due to the great number of musicians down there.

This tableau apparently represents rock & roll. Why is hell full of rockers? Did they sell their soul to the Devil? Among the most recognizable figures are Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash. This last singer was a devout Christian so it is rather odd to have him play in hell. Also, why is there a crucifix surrounded by fire down there?

The symmetry and the perspective lines conceal occult symbolism. In this following image, we can recognize the Illuminati’s most recognizable symbol.

The lines created by the rock formation above the Devil (highlighted by white lines) form a triangular shape. At the apex of it, a single eye is creepily watching the viewers.

Above the eye is a tableau representing electronic music with DJ’s and legions of dancers underneath them.

The tableau conceals a pyramidal shape (which I highlighted with white lines). At the base are dancers (or the masses) and at the top is an illuminated capstone and a solar eclipse acting as the eye in the pyramid.

The main figures of this tableau are Daft Punk, a duo that often laces it shows with not-so-subtle symbolism.

A pyramid stage at a Daft Punk show. The artists are symbolically over the base (representing the masses) but under the apex (representing the elite).

Right above the Daft Punk (but buried under the ground) is a triangle with Rihanna inside of it.

The triangle is a scene from Rihanna’s video Umbrella.

In my first article ever on Vigilant Citizen, I described the hidden meaning of the video Umbrella. In short, it is about Rihanna agreeing to be “protected” by a hidden entity (the dark forces of the industry) in exchange of her soul. The “triangle” scene was very symbolic.


In esoteric symbolism, the upright triangle is a phallic symbol. Rihanna “trapped” inside this triangle represents her being controlled (possessed) by the hidden forces of the industry. This scene therefore fits right in this very symbolic ad.

Above Rihanna is a tableau representing hip-hop. The scene contains many occult symbols and is laid out in classic Masonic fashion.

Twin pillars, a checkerboard pattern floor and a staircase to “illumination” make this tableau very Masonic.

We find the same layout and symbols in this classic Masonic engraving.

Moving around on the stairs are 2Pac and Biggie, arguably (well, not arguably) the two most important figures of rap history. There is however a figure above them, at the top of the stairs: A huge Kanye West drenched in light. Does this represent Kanye West being “recruited” by the Illuminated while 2Pac and Biggie being stuck on in the staircase? Is this why they are both dead now? Is this why their murders were never resolved? Hmmmm.

Above this tableau is the “heavens”, filled with pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears – all stars that were (or still are) heavily controlled by the industry.

In short, this ad manages to pack in a minute and 45 seconds an incredible amount of symbolism and hidden messages regarding the music industry and the shady secret society that controls it. If most viewers won’t recognize a single symbol in this ad, those who have “eyes to see” understand that it hides in plain sight some of the industry’s darkest secrets.




  1. IN. YOUR. FACE.

    Wow, what's next? A PSA, unveiling all of their wretched plans? They're getting more and more blatant these days.

    • They ARE! And it's cause this is the last days we're living in so they don't care anymore who knows, we're too close for them to be stopped. It is said that the RFID-chip will come this fall and I'm waiting patiently.

      • face in the crowd on

        Why on Earth would you be waiting patiently for mainstream microchips?

        These responses are what is troubling. No one is asking anyone to be up in arms over the state of freedom (non existant) but once this saga hits home, and it will, why fold like a deck of cards?

        Why unlive your life? Why wait, in stagnant submission?

        They are the secret society of manufactured progression. Pride yourself (yes you) as the only state of progression. Control your mind, your heart, your head, and you will find you have a VOICE and this is the gift given to all.

        And it is a curse to the rest of us, because we don't know what to do with it.

        Ponder this, kids.

      • The symbolism is there, no doubt. Very cool stuff though if you can appreciate the art…

      • Mark of the beast, on the right hand or forehead = an action done by your hand or a mindset adopted with your mind. It's spiritual, not carnal. I believe the whole microchip thing is going to be used to trick the Christians into taking the real mark, which is branded in the spirit.


      • @vixey in reference to the "waiting patiently" comment, that was sarcasm right, because I liked the comment.

    • What's the deal with the last plane. There are 4 planes. Hell, techno, hip/hop rap, and then [V]

      What's the deal with symbolism- is that supposed to be paradise?

      • richie valens, i think "big bopper", jfk jr, aaliyah all died plane crash, then the 911 plane crashes

      • Adam Weishaupt used "V" in the Illuminati to symbolise the "Law of Fives,'' but there's more. In the Cabala:

        "the meaning for the Hebrew letter for V (Van) is 'Nail.' Now, 'The Nail' is one of the secret titles of Satan within the Brotherhood of Satanism. The V-Sign is the Sign of the occult, satanic Sabbatean/Frankists

        V also means the number 6 in hebrew and the #6 represents the number of the soul of man

        It is also the main image of the sigil of satan http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s41/Vampireblo

    • I feel that with the subtle subliminal messages they have crept into their past movies, videos, songs, and so on through the years, the masses have come to slowly accept it as cool. It just goes to show how blinded thy are. To the point now the controllers feel they can just put it all in plain sight and the people will just accept anything now as cool! They're so blinded, it's sad. I mean I try and bring this stuff up to friends and family. My family, especially, shrug me off like i'm no longer important. And they go on jamming to the local radio station… disgusting! They are literally slaves to the radio.

      Then I realize that the apostles of the bible were persecuted for truth (not saying im an apostle, just a truthseeker). I'm sure they weren't preaching the cotton candy sermons the pastors hand out today. I mean if Jesus preached like todays pastors, he probably never would have been crucified. So in conclusion, we have to stay vigilant and try to open their eyes no matter the struggle!

      • I believe its because they are running out of time…so they shove it down their throats!

      • This ad was about what again? I don't get it, it's full of symbolism but what is really about?

      • It makes me sad that I now know what all these symbols mean, and I guess many other people know it as well, but they still show it everywhere without hiding them at all!

        I mean, that's not fair, many times you're not even prepared to so much bad information.

        Nowdays, when I'm watching the TV or music videos, or reading a magazine I automatically eye-catch all the symbols that I have learned to distinguish from the good ones in here (thank you, vigilant citizen), and there are too many ads and they all use the same typical one-eye symbolism, the pyramid, the white and black floor, etc.

        Dear God please led me and all this good people in here go the correct way, and please give us the strength to follow real love and stay united with our families.

        Thank you, for all the information that warns us from the bad


      • wow when i read ur post man, it was like it was me speaking.. i deal with the same things with my family and friends and it saddens and scares me that people just dont care enough to want to make an effort to pull back the whool that is over the eyes so to speak.

        for ever waiting for a revolution of the people….

    • With the passing of the recent propaganda bill, see VC here if you haven't already (http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/new-bill-legalizes-government-propaganda-and-disinformation-on-american-citizens/) they will be pushing this agenda right in front of everyone.

      My family doesn't really wan to believe when I tell them these things are happening. My own parents are starting to think I'm nuts, and they are professed Christians! I've even shown them proof.

      Reminds me of that Russian defector Yuri Bezmenov in 1985 who basically said I can lead people to the concentration camp by they have been so lied to and deceived that they will deny that they are looking at a concentration camp. If you haven't see his outline of mind control and how it's been used against us for generations, take a look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuQmaupl5Gk (10 min long)

      I think it's almost easier to go out and target known gnostics and atheists than to try and reach my own family. I haven't lived the best life, but God saved me through his son Jesus Christ that I might rise up with him in blink of an eye and spare myself and my family from what will truly become a hell on Earth.

      I pray God gives us all wisdom and discernment to help others to see the evil that is RIGHT in front of their own eyes …

      Revelation 3:3

      Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Angelina also promotes beastiality; that push is coming next. The Sentate approved a bill that legalizes sodomy & beastiality in the military. I recently saw there is a song out by Animal Kingdom called Strange Attraction. Get all the kiddos singing about it first.

        Angelina's Horse:


        Senate Bill Passing:


      • @ Sarah- Madonna beat Angelina with bestiality in her sex book- how many years ago??

        this is all more blatant now..

      • My first thought was that she was going to be Snow White stepmother or whoever put the curse on her cause it reminded me of her but to my surprise I read Aurora… interesting. I'm a newbie on this so I still can't see all the "in your face" meanings. I hope VC will write something about this!

    • i remain not impress on

      We are not in the last days.

      We are in the tacky days…. Kanye, Jay-Z, Rihanne, Lady Wannabe, etc… they are all tacky and embarrassing puppets. Do they even realize or care about this fact? Do they think they look epic or fierce? LOL?! It's so pathetic to watch all these puppets do different versions of the same things over and over and over again…

      I feel like all these "artists" worldwide from all these different genera of music should just literally form a gigantic super group of 342645768568 members. They could be called the "Spicy Psychotic Illuminated Idiotic Boys and Girls" or "Destiny's Deranged Transhumanistic Children"

      All this repetitive imagery, all these symbols are not going anywhere. They are always here in all these ads, videos, posters…. it's never going to end, this mess will continue non-stop until the year 2050.

      These are the blatantly tacky, derivative, redundant, wack days….. my eyes have rolled too much.

      • I completely agree. This is going to drag out for some time.

        Also while watching this, I was thinking:

        what if we lived in a world without illuminati/reptillians/symbolic messages, and then how completely utterly shitty this ad is. (its already shitty, but the fact that it represents something gives it a level of meaning. If we were in a world where it represents nothing, it would just be shit).

        The music is shit, the images are shit. And the saddest part which I fail to understand is how the masses just consume this shit. They think its cool, they see stars they recognize, even if its in the most wackest akward setting in some kaleidoscopic trippy advertisement, as long as the mainstream media labels it as "cool", so many people are going to condition themselves to think its cool so that they can fit in.

        And people complain when they see guys wearing sagging pants. I swear every day when I see kids with the "OBEY" baseball cap on their head, or the other cap with a huge veiny eyeball on it I want to deck them in the face so hard.

      • Right. For us their so called music is so awful that it does sound like some sort of psychological warfare.

        But as for the kids, they eat this crap up. Which is what it is meant to do.

      • Don't let the day of the Lord hit you like a theif in the night. This whole secret society business is not centered around money but it is a spiritual war for our souls!

  2. Soooo Crazy!!! Jay Z and Beyonce are on the side. I wonder why they're not on a bigger display than Kanye.

    • Because Kanye is the easiest one to get to open his big yap to say things before thinking about it… He's easier to control. Nobody really has his back to tell him how to play the game so that he doesn't get burned, so he's just out there for the grabbing like Rihanna. They can use them to their advantages. I may not know them personally but based off of what I see in interviews they seem to me to be more vunerable since lackingsome important things in their personal lives like family and stability. They're emotions are all over the place and easy to sway in any direction. Kanye and Rihanna are either incredibly smart or incredibly naive. At least that's the way I see it.

      • UNIVERSE SAL on

        the next pawn in Kanye's life is none other than Kim Kardashian. anybody that is a true Kanye West fan knows his weakness is porn and women

  3. I didnt know the analysis of Umbrella was your first article, but interesting as it was through that article i discovered the illum*nati, this is so blatant and symbolic even those who dont understand the symbolism must be able to see this is very unusual and not right

    • same here… I first heard of this stuff through the breakdown of the umbrella video. Now, through the past year I have dug and dug and dug. I'm at a point where if I found out what I've been learning right now I would've thought, "these people are nuts!"

      There's a reason why I learned this stuff in the steps I did. Step 1 was umbrella video. I dk which step i'm on now but i'm far up the totem pole. Beyond the government stuff, im now in the biblical passages i've never read before and wondered why the pastors didn't preach these verses. Wonderful how God works!

    • LETS PLAY A GAME!! How many illuminati/masonic symbols can you find???

      Guaranteed to keep u busy and entertained for hours! The fun just doesn't stop.

      If the 'average joe' that doesn't know about the symbols and their meanings, does not find this video creepy, weird and stupid then have lost all hope for humanity


      • I agree with you. How could you not find this stuff creepy? That's how I became intrigued by it and then eventually believing it after giving it some thought. It's in "EVERY" video. People are always able to point out a dance move, a piece of hook, a hair style or outfit etc. that an artist stole from another artist but they can't seem to point this stupid stuff out. How could you not believe this stuff or at least own up to the fact that everyone is using it. (Not just in music either just to meantion…that's saying something loud and clear) It's not just entertainment. As a matter of fact it's a whole 'lot less entertainment and more about control.What's up with that? Would you just sing the song or dance! Just use talent!

      • I think you said it Raquel… It isn't that entertaining.

        I think there must be a number of people who know some building blocks for a larger future plan of their's. This constant drum beat is to reassure them their place in the shelter really is needed and if they want it they better keep their mouth shut?

        This is not for entertaiment but to continue to impress their minion?

      • VC you missed the guitars forming a v under the pyramid forming the Masonic measuring symbol thing

      • Below Satan there's a golden casket thing containing what seems to be the same opening/closing eye we see above him. What could that mean?

  4. Pretty sure this question has come up before, but why are they so blatant about it now? What is the purpose of showing us without really telling us?

  5. i'm not suprised or scared of any of this people coz i know that the one living in me(God),is more powerful than all men,illuminati or not.

    • If you think about it, it's like a twisted version of the parables of Jesus (see the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). In the way they do things that is.

      Being that Jesus told stories that had the meaning laid out in front of them so everything could understand them, they used analogies from common sayings and such that happened in those days, but most people failed to grasp the meaning.

      I feel the Satan uses these secret societies to take what God used for good (and he always does this) and twist it around for evil. In the case of the illuminati, using pictures rather than verbal stories. Jesus clearly told people what was to happen, but they often failed to grasp the true meaning of his words, I am not remotely comparing Satan to Jesus, just merely pointing out how Satan twist what God uses.

      It makes absolute perfect sense why he would have his followers (whether they are willingly his followers or thing they serve something else), do this from this perspective.

  6. why they always gotta bring 2Pac into everything, let him rest in peace man.. u guys killed him off in da first place so dont act like you care.

  7. did anyone see the movie Madagascar 3 – it starts with dancing scene and they have an eye dancing – and the headpiece of one of the characters has the horns and a triangle with an eye in the middle. IT IS EVERYWHERE – THE LINES HAVE BEEN DRAWN – PICK YOUR SIDE.

    • Pick your side indeed….

      Maybe it's so blatant now because the elite truly believe we're that "dumb, deaf and blind". Many people have 'eyes to see', but few choose to believe it while even less choose to acknowledge and get angry about what is blatantly being shoved down their throats. Symbolism at Award ceremonies is old news, people are walking around with illuminati symbols on their CLOTHING as FASHION, even childrens clothing, whether unknowingly or not.

      By the way, did anyone see the canadian MuchMusic video awards? Justin Bieber was performing in a red costume (the colour of initiation) and his "protege" , Carly Rae Jepsen, performed after him in a red dress… And she then went on to win 3 awards. Go figure, sort of resembles Beyonce and Taylor Swift with their co-ordinating red outfits. And then you had the old hats like Katy Perry, whose make-up featured multiple colourful (monarch looking) butterflies over her right eye and she proceeded to turn into and perform as a huge monarch butterfly herself.

      That it is the end times is now undisputable.. the only question is when will Christ come? Because, quite frankly, i'm tired of being laughed at by the Elite and represented as being part of the ignorant masses at the bottom of their pyramid. THEY are ignorant, they keep forgetting who wins the war… Christ can see through symbols, he searches hearts and theirs will probably be found wanting at the crunch time.

  8. This is a good one! Wow!

    One thing I have wondered about is hip hop symbolism and hand gestures. Aside from 'claiming' or anything like that, taking into account the roots and history of hip hop, could there possibly be significance to some of the hand gestures that get displayed? I was watching the Kanye portion of this video and I notice that among other things, he points down, but then I noticed that the video sequence itself is spliced so that he plays out of order from what was originally in the video. When you look at some of these artists in freeze-frame, it looks just like something in Eqyptian hieroglyphs. Could this have anything to do with the wave of 'nubian'-claiming artists in the 90s?

  9. paisleycerebrum on

    *sigh* i remember being upset when i found out about Daft Punk…

    this is so blatant, how can people NOT see what we're talking about?

    • Well if its just creativity then Im guessin the media is way too creative these days…And is it just a coincidence that their creepy and scary creativity is used by every A-list celebrity out there?? weird don't ya think??

      • thanks Amber! i have been vigilantly searching for the song title all day, finally found it and was gonna post it , but you beat me to it! Hey VC, have you thought about doing an analysis on 'The Holy Mountain'?

      • TellHIMhelostitsover on

        I have been trying to find a legitimate article on Holy Mountain for some time now. I can't find anything substantial. It's probably esoteric on a level the masses can't even fathom. And, what's with the Beck character look alike?

  10. Well this is disturbing. What's even worse is that everything is so blatant and in your face, yet most people don't have a clue.

      • This was so blatant, only symbol I did not get was the giant “[V]” in the Heaven area….

        'V' may well also be a reference to our reptillian overlords..

    • I found it odd, at first, but the final tier that displays the stations logo '[V]' appears as an inverted triangle which, of course, is the female symbol. This lead me to wonder if it was symbolizing the coming of the Age of Aquarius. . .idk, it was just a random thought :}

  11. I have a question…obviously this commercial means something to us because we know what to look for, what certain things represent, etc, but for someone who has no earthly clue what any of this means, what effect would a commercial like this have on them? What is the purpose of being this blatant?

    • they thrive on flashing their symbols – in fact it gives them more power.

      they are occultists and symbols matter to them…

    • PeaceBEStill on

      @ Daniel

      Remember the occult use witchcraft and black magic.

      Nothing they do is random but they always attack the subconscious mind. This war is not physical but Supernatural and mental.

      Whoever owns your mind (soul), owns you.

      • Maybe you're right. But I think everything must have a context as well. What's the point of in analyzing such videos here and watching it, if they attack only the subconscious mind?

      • UNIVERSE SAL on

        the answer to these questions can only be found by reading about these topics. Might i recomend the works of Franz Bardon

      • @ me…keep in mind that the human mind gets tired of resisting, and also get desensitized if it get bombarded w/ signs and symbols continually…conditioning people so they can simply just get tired of resisting and get used to this evil i think is their goal. people may feel like the Illuminati are just too powerful and just give up in their minds. also ,some people may think its very cool and may want to join them which is a form of giving up too :if u cant beat 'em, join 'em" right?

        and @ daniel: " For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12" this is definitely a spiritual, and mental battle against evil because we cant think to fight these people physically at all, we wont win. they have almost won everyone over already w/ all their brainwashing so they dont need to fight us physically cuz they already got most people's minds and thats all they need to get their soul ultimately……..

    • i think to an unsuspecting person, they just feel excited to recognize and pick out their favorite celebrities.

    • it normalizes images like this and also associates them with something "cool" or good. It just makes people more accepting of the ideas constantly badgered into their subconscious. Very dangerous.

    • It actually has more effect on those who don't know the symbolism.

      We can use our minds to cushion the programming and try to counter it but people who know nothing, drink it all. It speaks straight to their subconscious and their conscious minds do little to nothing against it.

      • Guys, to just to put my two cents here, I, too had the same question. The notion behind all of these symbolism in-your-face, per say, is to first divulge to the masses who know what the symbols means that the Illuminati are the ones in charge. Secondly, the other purpose (which is kinda scary) behind all of this is that even though others might be unaware of what they're looking at they are still "participating" in releasing energy (whether positive or negative) to so-called "dark entities" which feed on these energies and they don't care if you do it naively or not; the point is for the masses to do it as a whole to "blind" you away from a greater "good".

        Understand something though, no matter how many times you try to tell people- they still won't listen and dismiss you as a lunatic. Regardless of interpretation, once I see masonic/ illuminati/ all-seeing eye bull, I start becoming very suspicious about their intent.

        Just saying.

  12. Is that industry's product or was it done for the exposure? So strange! As a Сhristian I'm very insulted of… Wait. Why are these people and the crucifix depicted in the hell while those are depicted in the heaven? Is this an allegory? And has anyone a guess about the symbol [v]?

      • jodo_baggins on

        @JGeeVegys…Hey, it opens on Springmeier…he does good work.

        Doug Hamp!…will definitely be watching this later. Thanks for posting.

      • (((Anonymous says:

        June 18, 2012 at 2:54 pm

        So why are good musicians in the hell and why are untalented persons in the heaven? I have no idea.)))

        Talented? Most of them are hardly talented, only well-connected and willing to do whatever it takes to make it. There are surely talented people in many fields who are unwilling to make compromises.

      • @Horrid

        Well, some of them did awesome music. That's what makes them talented in my mind. Today's pop stars are also well-connected. However I want to cover my ears while listening their so called 'music'. Actually, there's no music in their 'music' at all.

    • This is because there is only ONE GOD and He has no partners and whoever does not believe this would not be allowed into paradise.

      • Erm… I mean people in the ad. Speaking of heaven and hell in general, we can't know exactly who's saved. Because there's only one Judge which is merciful as we know. So we don't know details of someone's life at least. All we can do in this case is only praying. I think so.

    • Australian TV station [V]. Is my thoughts. That's in the fist paragraph of this article, Im guessing that's a connection, but not sure.

    • Agree. What's even more disgusting is that those big letters at the end resemble poop. Those who commune with demons love to mess with poop. Demons are attracted to everything vile and disgusting. I also feel that the poop symbolism is a reference to the psychedelic and satanic Holy Mountain movie where the goal is to transform human excrement (poop) into gold via alchemy. Very sick and twisted indeed. If one wants to invoke a demon they will often engage in vile, filthy acts and they will also burn sulfur and other horrible scents to attract it.

  13. This is one of the most in your face things I've ever seen. Sadly, people will still see it and think it's just an ad.

  14. Truth B. Told on

    Thanks VG for your great explanation of this video. I guess the best hiding place is in plain sight. I just feel sorry for those that are still "asleep". I like reading your post as well as the comments. Sometimes the comments are just as informative as your post. Thanks again VG! ( and commentors) :)

  15. To be honest even if I did not know a lick about the Illuminati I would have been creeped out period. I have started to talk to my brother about

    It's funny but in the past even before I knew about the illuminati I always had this weird desire to start all of these enterprises: clothes, food, market etc that I could remove the "hidden messages" (even if I didn't know what it was). It almost feels as if we have to start fighting back culturally by supporting companies, artists that are making a point to stay away from the love of money, fame etc.

  16. What I also found disturbing is the gargoyles on the top of the buildings on each side of the pillars. It is reminiscent of the gargoyles at the Denver airport in the baggage claim area. Weird and total in your face illuminati worship by the grotesque display of their beliefs disguised as an AD. Sickening!

  17. Is that aaliyah under kanye humping? and mariah carey in the rainbow is a nice touch, lol, who designed this, Satan?

  18. WHAT IS THIS EVEN ADVERTISING!?! besides the illuminati. it certainly does not want to make me buy music.

  19. Very annoying.

    Although I can't stand evil, I support satan's gesture and facial expression on this video because between selena gomez, usher, jlo, bieber, carly rae something and the rest, all I want to do is cover my ears and scream. They are not that talented, their music sucks and is only meant to deceive the younger generations.

    Let me just sit down and wait for Jesus cuz I had enough.

  20. I don't get the part where Rihanna is in a triangle underground. Does anyone have their own interpretations of that?

      • Yeah, I get that, but why is she in cement, like right in between. She's in between layers or something. And the there's a train right next to her.

    • She's stuck between two levels. These two levels are RnB/Hip Hop and Electronic music, and her music has always been the mixture of these two genres so maybe that's the reason why she's stuck in between. Also, she's signed to Jay-Z's label, so that's why she's closer to the Hip-Hop level.

  21. We are truly living in a satanic society now, where anything evil is loved and anything good is hated. This is just so sick!

    • What's scary is that about 18 years ago (I am really showing my age here) I had a very prophetic dream about Satanism become very blatant and celebrated in society. In my dream I saw a church and it had been infiltrated by Satanists. I clearly remember being freaked out by the Satanic mass going on and the Satanic choir. That dream haunted me for a long time after I had it and I never forgot about it. I just never imagined this would happen so soon and that it would be so blatant. Ugh!!

    • Curious Citizen on

      to sister soul:

      " Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" -Isaiah 5:20

  22. Did anyone notice the two people from the Schism video from Tool? I thought Maynard converted to christianity. Johnny Cash was there too. Why are so many christians in Hell?

    • I was wondering about that as well. I took it to mean that while they believe in the devil they do not believe in God (or are saying that it is all a big lie). Maybe the video is slamming these artists because they are Christians? For instance they are in "hell" while Kanye is in the temple. It is a not so subtle way of showing where the artists will go in their "world" and "doctrine"…

      Which is why I figured that this was their hell not the one I have been taught. Because I know in this video their idea of heaven versus hell is fairly skewed. I want nothing to do with their version of earth and heaven.

    • Why so many Christians are in hell? And how do you know they were truly Christ's followers? You can pull the wool over people's eyes, there's no way to outwit or deceive the One who created you. The old saying "you can't teach your granny how to suck eggs" lol.

    • Not sure if you all noticed or not but this commercial is made by the enemy… of course they are going to twist the truth and make it look like they are right and GOD is wrong. It's satan's biggest lie; besides convincing most of the sheeple that he doesn't exist. The message is "If you want to be on top…give up your soul; if not, we make your life hell…just wait". Sadly he will deceive the nations as is fortold, and many will not realize they have been tricked until it's too late. This is just one of many many forms of deception.

    • Whats good is bad whats bad is good! the portrayal of heaven had the relevant current people and the legendary ones and hell was the ones that they couldnt get

  23. i think the devil covered his ears bcs some of the artists in 'hell' actually produced good music and was singing about something good so the devil didnt like it. I dont know, just my opinion.

  24. You should watch Interstella 5555 before saying that Daft Punk is an illuminati manipulated, the message they give is anti-illuminati, and the Alive Pyramid (OMG alive to the reverse is…) has another meaning.

  25. Fear does not make you aware. Please study the symbolism, and find that the real "devil" is making us afraid of thses ancient symbolic truths. making it "scary" keeps you under control. For you Christians, Jesus said "i am the way, the truth, the light"-so why FEAR "illumination"-the real trick, is making you afraid and worrisome so much so you are paralyzed and uninspired to really discover the universal truths coded in symbols.

    • Actually, Jesus said: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father but through Me (John 14:6). Life – Not Light.

      The truly enlightened ones understand that, and are not afraid of Satan's childish videos and bullying. Satan loses in the end. That doesn't sound very enlightened to me. Hell for all eternity for a few trinkets in this short life? Not worth it.

  26. Consider this, if i really wanted to keep you blind and uninitiated, i would make the TRUTH seem so scary/weird/bizzare that you'd be conviced its the 'devil' mean while keeping all the truth to myself. I believe thats exactly what we see here in media. They see people getting wind of it, so the follow the motto 'the greatest way to keep a secret, is to tell everyone' now we are so convinced that the RFID CHIPS and Fema camps are RIGHT around the corner, we wont pick up something like "The Secret Teachings of All ages" read it cover to cover and afford ourselves a clearer understanding of the "evil masonic symbolism"

    • If I wanted to keep you blind…I'd make every sexual perversion seem normal. Get people addicted to sex so that they don't think about anything else. Trumpet it up in the media, movies, and songs. Doesn't matter what type of sex you prefer…just as long as it isn't in a monogamous marriage.

      It's the easiest way to get people into slavery both physical and mental…yet they think they are being "liberated".

      • The real "slavery" is the religious slavery that has you so convinced your faith is "right", it prevents you from seeing the spiritual world through objective lenses. You're so quick to scream "devil! satan!" and so slow to investigate "why".

      • @ just will. when did he say anything about religion? cant u see that sex outside out marriage, children out of wedlock, abortion etc is detrimental to society? its not even about religion because many people all over the world used to practice and many countries still practice sex in marriage, kids in marriage etc simply because its good for society, and they dont know the true God at all. why? because the Lord writes the law AKA morality in everyone's hearts to protect us from ourselves. God only wants to protect us form whats happening now. do u know that lots or i think most crimes are committed by kids w/out fathers? this wasnt like this before w/most people respecting marriage and avoiding having kids out of wedlock, but now people are told they are being "liberated" while ruining their lives.

        Romans 2:13 (For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified. For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves: Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;) In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel. sorry for the long rant!

      • He need not say anyting abotu religion, your feat of SYMBOLS compels me to believe you are using the perverted christianity that has in affect rendered the lot of us blind. You pin pointed "children out of wedlock"-you're blaming the scope of the problems of society on one tiny minute aspect? What i believe we are all missing is education on and where these symbols come from-they come from the MOST HIGH GOD…he wrote the laws into nature which the "illuminati" ascribe to, they coded them in symbols to keep the profane/uninitiate(us) in bondage. Now, before you call them "evil"-you can loose yourself from said change by seeking to UNDERSTAND THE PRINCIPLES OF SYMBOLS AND THE MEANINGS THERE IN…"seek to shoe thy self approved"-i interpret that was INVESTIGATING…the closer you get to the meaning of the symbols used, the closer you get to the mysteries of the most high…stop believing in wicked/good as two sep mutually exclusive things, and view them as a spectrum of moral judgement…its ALL THE SAME…the truth mystic in my opinion can keep his pendulem from swinging too far to either side, but exploring and investigating BOTH to get an understand of the dualistic nature of us as a species…i just want you all to stop being AFRAID and start digging to find the meaning in these symbols.

  27. Wow! That was very disturbing. Like another poster said what is this actually advertising? Did anyone else notice at the end of the commercial all the bills of money being fanned above Kanye? Money truly does rule those that are materialistic.

    *On a side note has anyone else heard about the new show called "666 Park Avenue" that is supposed to come out this fall? Def. not just “entertainment” even though it’s made to appear so. Majority of foolish of what’s on tv today has not enough adjectives in the human vocabulary to describe. In a whole, just “SAD”. Trash–nasty and pollution to the mind. So many are obsessed with celebrities and no doubt hollywood/music industry is a great platform in promoting a anti-Christ spirit which isn’t hard to tell….. people want to do what they want (as we have our own minds/ free will to do so) the Lord wants a sincere love not a made up one so God will never force us to love Him. As time draws closer…..demonic influences most certainly will continue to get bolder and people will continue to get drawn into the lies and false advertising of “harmlessness” but in fact their seeds being planted & seeds eventually take root/grow and bloom. As the Lord says “you shall know a tree by its fruit”.–Matthew 7:15-23…..everything that is taking place today is nothing new—God has already foretold of such things. Just read –2 Timothy 3:1-9 and let it be known we are most accurately living in perilous times.

  28. It is I only on

    We live in a free western democracy, were we have only one "right", & that's the "right" to be stupid!

    So if they are lots of people claiming this "right" , who am I to deny it to them!

    We need sheeples!

  29. Extremely blatant, indeed! I noticed also that in the ''stairway to heaven'' display, with Kayne West, there are twin women with horns, siting against the pillars. Those are the same as in "Power", the Kanye West video-clip, also made by Marco Brambilla.

    Vigilent Citizen, perhaps we could make and keep updated a list of people we can identify as part of, or working for, the illuminati? At least in the medias! For instance, everyone following your blog knows that no Lady Gaga clip comes without a big bunch of blatant illuminati symbolism, but you also showed that Jonas Åkerlund, the videoclip designer, is very keen on that stuff too. You could even make a wiki, and people would share what they notice. You would be a moderator, and this could provide you the substance for some subsequent articles. It would a kind of reference. What do you say?

    • I think that would be a great idea. A huge Rolodex of artists, actresses, actors, record companies, movie studios, etc who are blatant pawns as well as others who are in the machine. I have read interviews with a Svali (hoax or not, I don't know) and it seems that the Illuminati permeate every nook and cranny of society. It would be nice to have of list of companies that support their movement and in turn companies who are trying to subvert the Illuminati movement (or create companies trying to do just that?) By keeping tabs on these people then we can only then urge people to speak with their wallet.

  30. Did anybody see Katy Perry's new video, Wide Awake. I'm a fan of her but the video didn't make any sense, and before seeing the video she even said it was full of symbolism. It makes me sad that all of the people I look up to have become part of this. Some of this "so called" artists make me ashamed to say that I actually wanted to be like them.

    • Don't be fooled so easily by anyone in mass media, period. KT's 'Wide Awake' encapsulates and chronicles her trauma-based mind control in a symbolically PG-friendly manner. All the symbolism is there, you know it. Checkerboard (duality), shattering mirrors, butterflies, mazes, doors to illumination, blasphemy in both lyrics and video (i.e. I'm born again), etc. If you're a reader here, all of this is plain to see.

      • I'm born again is regarded as a blasphemy now? I'd consider it as a growing realization on someone's part that mistakes have been made and the willingness to reform.

  31. A hypnotic song and a slow motion video glamourises the subliminal occultic messages being portrayed to the viewer. Also the song sounds like stereotypical chanting from a heathen/occultic order.

  32. Okay… here's a link.

    Richard Freudenstein, CEO of Foxtel (owners of channel V) used to be CEO of NDM (News Digital Media) and News Limited.

    In 2009 PANPA (Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers' Association) had their Newspaper of the year awards at… wait for it…

    The Sydney Masonic Centre

    He's definitely a mason…

    • If you do an image Google search on the guy one of the first pics shown is him with the CEO of the Deutsche Bank… a huge money player in Illuminati circles.

  33. It's crazy how people don't actually think about things. They are fed this garbage–which, really, this commercial is nothing more than garbage when you think about it–and they don't think twice about it. They listen to songs and sing along without even knowing what they're singing about. They zone out in front of the TV with commercials promoting cars, sex, cars, phones, sex, cars (etc…) and don't even question it for a second. It makes me so sick. And I was one of them up until about two years ago.

    I guess it all comes back to desensitizing the masses to the point where we don't feel anything anymore, but it's really so simple and stupid. They think their symbols are so godly and precious, but they are nothing; they are worthless. Just because their occultic traditions are thousands of years old, doesn't mean that they have any real power over anyone because of them. Knowing the truth is power, and we have power over ourselves by being aware of this.

    So thanks again, VC, for sharing the truth with us. :)

  34. hey VG i like your articles on music artists and im catching up the whole symbolism in music videos. Can you please do a review on Katy Perry "Wide Awake" Music Video. She even has a movie coming out soon, I don't know why she is being so famous… but she reminds me somewhat of a younger britney spears… :p here's the link to her new music video

      • She needs to change that song to "Edge of destruction" because it is going to come upon her like birth pains, and it will never cease. I pray she comes to Jesus in faith and repentance, along with all the other brainwashed "stars"

  35. The devil is Dave Grohl from Tenacious D's song Tribute… I wonder why they chose to Dave Grohl's devil who's actually covering his ears? Surely the devil would be more than happy to listen to rock music?

    Is this ad also perhaps symbolic of how music can reach people on other levels? A more spiritual, subconcious and emotional level? It is definitely a powerful tool.

    Anyway, for me this ad is extremely melancholy.

    • Dave Grohl really is a devil. If you look at the pictures of him performing at the grammys this year he is wearing a pentagram on his shirt and a upside down cross

  36. he's the same guy behind these two films http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL_zC06zG1k and http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/cliff-kuang/desig… the latter was inspired by Divine Comedy 'Dante's Inferno' and was commissioned by a hotel to play in their elevators so that wen guests ascend, the video ascend into the "heaven" part and wen they descend to the lower floors of the hotel, the video plays in reverse. im guessing this dude has a thing for hell in general. and besides, the heaven that he depicts on each of his videos is never the heaven where God lives, nothing looks ethereal or pleasing about the images, if you understand anything about 1st 2nd and 3rd heaven youll find that satan and his demons only reside in the 1st and 2nd heaven "for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in heavenly places" i dont know y im disappointed, its expected of bastards to do bastardly things. i remember doing a study of dante's inferno for my art project a year back and the teacher showed us a video by this guy that was centred around michael jackson in all the 9 levels of hell doing various signature moves; at one point he showed mj moonwalking and dancing with a chain and ball. let us not be deceived. in no way is this about celebrating the love of music.

  37. This just makes me sad. I used to watch this channel all the time (Im Australian) but then i was seeing ads on the channel that said "[V] is Changing" And I thought to myself… "What could it mean?" but then when the channel 'changed' I realised… and then this ad came on… Ugh. This was the only music station that wasn't symbolic (The music of course, everything else, no) and now it sucks. Super symbolic.

  38. I also a Marilyn Monroe in the techno one. BUT it looks nothing like the real Marilyn, just someone dressed with a blonde wig and her white dress from the Seven Year Itch. I think this may be because the real Marilyn wasn't a dumb whore and they know that, they've created that image of her after her death and use that image for symbolism.

  39. Did anybody say what was the point of the ad in the first place? I know the title but what is it supposed to be advertising about the love of music…an awards show? What… besides the fact that it is annoyingly showing what this website talks about?

  40. Marco Brambilla is the guy who directed Dinotopia,as well. I understand why I hated so much this movie.

  41. Is not that difficulty to see, the one eye symbol is literally everywhere, ask yourself what is their obsession with this. Then relate that to the devil as this music ad shows and the idea of possession..THEN relate that to the abrahamic scriptures out there which clearly states the fallen one was injured in battle against Archangel. Their is a reason all of these comics/movies/tv put that stuff out..because the core of it i feel is absolutley real. As ignorant fools the masses would rather focus on the negative of scriptures. There were written not only as guidance but as warnings.

  42. The devil: Yes, he's from Tenacious D's Tribute. He's covering his ears because T.D are playing the best song in the world, thus winning the challenge and sending the beast whence it came from.

    I found this video visually interesting. I sometimes wonder if sites like this one fuel the artists with ideas for videos. Any publicity is good publicity, right?

    • Triple Double Stuffe on

      I think in my honest opinion the commercial doesn't really point out as much illuminati as it tends to, yeah an eye here and another there, but I think that the hell part is because many, many people back in the day thought rock n roll like Jimi, Jim, Janis, Kurt, and Tenacious D was the "devil's" music, and the middle section where they show Mark Ronson and all them is what society accepts now a days, and the heaven part I think means how much an artist is praised by millions, I saw Michael Jackson in the background and he was loved by so many, also Lady G since she has a high fanbase of gays and women alike. I don't tend to see that much of "bad"in these sort of things like vc tends to make things look on here yeah there somethings that go over the edge and are obvious but people don't really tend to look for the spiritual or actual art in most things now. It's sad :/

    • Secrets Revealed on

      nope that is wrong, the ghostly figure on the right above the guitarist sitting with a book, is the holy ghost, the guitarist are trying to drown out the so called "gospel", im non religious but there is spirits, elementals, gods, and free spirits, and wandering souls. there is a guide for all of that if you can find it. otherwise good luck :)

  43. Political Prisoner on

    The point of the ad is simply to fill in 1:45 of air time on a music channel that not only plays the worst kinds of artists, but plays them on repeat sometimes twice in 1 hour.

    Most fans of music in general would be able to tell you that it's simply a collage of video snippets of the artists themselves from particular filmclips, placed together in a Surrealist style, it actually reminds me of Heironymus Bosch. From an artists point of view it's actually not a bad effort imo.

    Why on earth anyone would pay for Foxtel to watch channel V is beyond me anyways..

  44. misericordia on

    Has anybody ever thought that all this blatant in your face symbolism that mass media pushes now days is just a ploy to jump on the bandwagon of what has let's face it become pretty mainstream already. This stuff is EVERYWHERE now days and the simple reason it's able to continue unimpeded is because the sheeple have become mindlessly conditioned to the imagery in the same way as they have been to gratuitous and graphic scenes of violence and sex in much of the entertainment industry today. Just to showcase these astounding levels of quasi serfdom, I live in the UK and there is a famous 'high street' fashion retailer by the name of topshop that has recently adorned much of it's current season collection with skulls. Yep skulls. I see throngs of girls walking around with jumpers, shirts etc that are plastered with skulls because apparently in this day and age even the girl next door can find death cool. http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/

    • i used to think skulls were cute til a preacher made a statement about skulls symbolizing death and we shouldnt want to be apart of death, changed my life

    • Topshop is owned by P Green who owns BHS. He is a Jewish man who befriends S Cowell. So you know the score. Most of the clothes are tacky but he has some of the people in the limelight worn several of his items. He has them advertized heavily, consequently all the idiots go wild about them.

  45. I constantly see people wearing illuminati symbols lately like skull & bones and even saw a woman the other day wearing the one eye symbol necklace. It makes me wonder if these people know what this is and just think its cool to be down with the illuminati or are they just completely oblivious?

    • These people you see could be witches. Witchcraft is real and witches are amomg us. They celebrate the Sabbat holidays and worship Satan. These retailers, musicians, tv stations, etc are glamourising and popularising the Satanic Illuminati agenda. Nothing new.

      • @jazaira – The eye is becoming a popular symbol in jewelry these days because it is supposed to "ward off the evil eye." This may or may not be the REAL reason, but that is what most people are told.

        @Andymion – That is a misconception, and a dangerous one. Most witches/wiccans do NOT worship Satan and are definitely NOT part of the "Illuminati"… They honor nature and the creator of it – what you may call God. Some break this down further into a father/mother figure, and in some cases, even a divine child (not unlike Jesus Christ).

        As for the video, not only is it laden with symbolism, it is tacky and way off-base. Jesus is in hell along with great rock musicians? Kanye West is the most "enlightened" figure in hip-hop? I don't think so.

  46. To be honest, that was a very cool add. I also managed to spot other artist, marilyn monroe is in the one with daft punk and Madonna is also in heaven with lady gaga.

  47. There will come a day when the normal people will start to look absolutely insane!…oops that day is now.

  48. whats with the crashed looking underground train? And the 'Welcome To Paradise' sign in the heavenly area?

    • secret ninja on

      i don't know about the train part, but the "Welcome to Paradise" sign in "heaven" i think directly correlates with the artists depicted in "heaven": Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears, etc., "Paradise" is achieving the level of fame of the above mentioned artists pictured in "heaven", a place other artists (maybe even those depicted in the other pictures under heaven) strive to get to.

  49. i also spotted the two caterpillars from Gwen Stefani's 'What you're waiting for' video in the heaven section..

    Is Gwen Illuminati/NWO too?

    • Secrets Revealed on

      nope the v is a roman numeral for 5. there is many ways to get 5

      for example if you count going backwards you get 5 from at v

      z y w x v
      1 2 3 4 5

      and it has nothing to do with the 4th dimension, 5 stands for the 5th age. The 5th age is what the bible calls the mark of the beast, the mayans call it the 5th age.
      Santa Claus is actually satan, its hard to explain, do your own research.

      and the [ ] are pillars btw

  50. There is a lot of symbolism in this ad. Some of you chose to look at the ad as artistic or very well done. The illuminati are not going to make a crappy video. They make them attractive and enticing so that people watch and say 'that was so creative and beautiful'. I applaud VC for picking out the little things which make this ad disturbing, if no one did this we would accept the ad as nothing but a creative ad that is very well done. Cognitive Dissonance such as VC has taught me is when they throw some evil stuff in with the good. That way people unknowingly accept the entire ad as good.

    Also I would like to give a shout out to everybody reading these articles, I love what you guys have to say. I am so happy I am not the only one frustrated with all this bs. :)

  51. Did anyone notice Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers? He was in Hell, sitting by the car, pooring sand on himslef. This is from the music video, Scar tissue. Im so depressed lol.

  52. do you guys see the money above the illumination hip hop part with kanye. its above the illuminating light but its very transparent.

    i think we can all tell what that means.

  53. Speaking of its darkest secrets, we've learned some of them and yet need to know more of the industry's diabolical plans for world domination, which only those whose eyes are wide open can see clearly since not many can realize it unfortunately.

  54. The new Katy Perry video is pretty much Illuminati symbolism 101.

    Sad part is I think the song is about her regret about getting involved with it (while the media parrots the Russel Brand thing). If you listen to her first gospel album when she was still Katy Hudson she has great vocal and songwriting skills. I would put that album way above any of the pop stuff she has since produced.

  55. Thank GOD I cancelled my Foxtel subscription (the company who owns the cable to this Channel V (the music channel and many others) recently!

    So much symbolism in music videos, in songs, on free-to-air TV, payTV, magazines, online = EVERYWHERE!

    Is anyone else sickened by it all and also, afraid to look for what we may be bombarded with next?

    Also, I want to pray but noone in my family is Christian, and while I'm not sure I want to start immediately attending our local church, could anyone give me some tips on how to begin praying?

    Is it like having a chat with God about your issues?

    Sorry if I sound clueless :-( I just feel moved to start somewhere….

    thanks for reading :)


    • truthseekerone on

      Church would be one of the worst place to go for prayer. There's extreme brainwashing going there.

      Personnally, I find nature. Nature is from the one and only Creator of the Universe. Therefore, Nature, Mother Earth IS Paradise. It's where you find that Godly feeling.

      First, you give many, many big thanks to the Lord to privy you of these awesome creations. Whether it's a forest, a lake or a beach, it's all good. You enjoy and you breath it all in while giving thanks.

      Then as you breath deeper you repeat several times "I am at one with the Universe"

      Then you pray for healing; Healing of the planet, healing of the masses, healing of your friends and family.

      And most importantly, your own personal healing.

      I usually meditate a few minutes to let it all sink in then I ask God our Creator to keep me and my loved ones safe and healthy in every way possible.

      That's how I stay grounded to what's really important in this crazy world of illusions.

      Hope it helps.

      • Thankyou for your suggestions, and to the others for their guidance and aid

        Very helpful and I've always enjoyed just being outside, feeling inspired by nature, so to take it to the next step and involve God doesn't seem quite so scary now.

        Thankyou all again

        Peace and love to all

        xoxox :)

    • Well my suggestion is, If you want to pray, then pray, simple and from the heart. You don't need any mantras (the repeating a phrase thing) meditations or long formally worded speeches in other languages. God hears you well enough when it's just you. Speak to 'em as a child speaking to one's trusted parent and friend. Remember, if you get information or anything, be sure to "test the spirits" and use common sense, that you won't be decieved. But that's just my two-bits.

  56. I think the Marilyn Monroe figure looks like M.I.A. from Madonna's "Give Me All Your Love" video. When M.I.A. starred in this music video she was thought of as a major sell-out artist. It would make perfect sense to have her image in this montage.

    I see several images of Jay-Z and Beyonce. I think it's Beyonce as the robot, as the sex kitten, the heavenly face in the clouds, and standing behind Jay-Z. That's a lot of repetition!!!

  57. Notice that the "V" changes from black to white. And you can see the MK Ultra symbol in the heaven sky as a shattered or damaged mask. Crazy that they are so blatant about this stuff now.

  58. Ok, I'm 15 and if I saw this ad on tv I'd probably run away or have nightmares for a week.

    I'm so depressed sometimes when I see people like Rihanna turning to the devil.

    • People like Rihanna.. Rihanna is talentless, yes she has a nice figure but she can't sing for the life of her. She's wailing. Peeps who attended concerts of her told me so as I've never been in any of those. Rihanna could only make it as a successful stripper, that's her only talent, hence she had to turn to the evil spirits and does whatever she's told. She's heavily promoted and advertised, so all the sheeple fall for her.

      • yeah but regardless of her non-existent or existent talents, she's still a person and it's sorta sad that she's probably going to end up suffering eternally in hell because the devil now owns her soul. Is Fame and Money really worth eternal pain and suffering? It's so stupid.

      • Hannah it's her choice, her business. I can't save myself, let alone worry about other people's destiny.

  59. Ok I did some reasearch on this ad, and it's not directed by Marco Brambilla. According to http://www.bestadsontv.com/ad/44235/Channel-V-For… the director is Mark Blondel from WTS team. That's a misinformation that you've put in your article. Otherwise on the aspects of symbolism in this video I agree that it's very creepy and blatant. What "normal" person would make that kind of a clip in this kind of way?. Also could anyone confirm that this is really shown on TV?. Anyway good article

    • truthseekerone on

      [ Using Channel [V]'s best resource of music videos, the XYZnetworks Music Channel's creative team and WTS tirelessly searched through thousands of clips from hundreds of artists – destined to locate the perfect scenes, characters, and icons to build these mystical worlds.]

      Ya sure, let's be honest. They searched for all the Illuminati symbolic scenes from their puppets videos to show off their money and power. Nice try fools!

  60. I just noticed the hell scene has a "black parade" balloon. Reminded me of some lyrics to the Black Parade song by My Chemical Romance:

    When I was a young boy,

    My father took me into the city

    To see a marching band.

    He said, "Son when you grow up,

    would you be the saviour of the broken,

    the beaten and the damned?"

    He said "Will you defeat them,

    your demons, and all the non-believers,

    the plans that they have made?"

    "Because one day I'll leave you,

    A phantom to lead you in the summer,

    To join The Black Parade."

  61. Is it me or is Michael Jackson in heaven??? :0

    Really check out the dance moves of the guy beside the [V] in the video.

  62. I have been in antique malls and flea markets, The Album Jacket covers I.E..Earth wind and Fire,Alan Parsons project(The eye in the sky) Boston(Displaying a UFO. The next time you go to a fleamarket. Check some of These allbum covers out..I have seen some Illuminati symbols on album coversfrom the 50's and 60's.The Beatles sargeant peppers album cover.even has alister Crowley.self. proclaimed Satanist
    They would have to know.Their instincts alone would. Be self evident.A pact with the Devil. A Contract signed with their own blood.

  63. Did you guys not see Gaga at about 1:25 into the video? She's standing in the water and it's her from the Judas music video.

  64. One of the many reasons for the one eye symbol which represents Anti-Christ A.K.A Satan Incarnate.

    "Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened." (Zechariah 11:17)

  65. Ooooooooooooookay. I'm not even informed on Illuminati symbolism and the ad still creeped me the fuck out. Did anyone else develope a little bit of a headache/head change halfway through the ad? I listen to a lot of those artists but I never take their music to heart because all you have to do is read the lyrics to see that their message is way off. The whole industry is off… waaaaaaaaaay off.

  66. Could this possibly be through the eyes of the illuminati? Illuminati could possibly see the 'New World Order' as equally blissing as the description of Heaven.

    That being the more effect the music has on the industry and the public, the closer they get to reaching that state. (Heaven)

    The more popular the celebrity and what effect they've had on the industry factors into the position of them in the illuminati eyes. Heaven are the ones who have helped shape the world (NWO) the most and the ones in hell haven't in comparison.

    For example, Rihanna, Kanye West, etc has had a major effect on the industry/public. So because of this, music released have all been vey similar to each other especially in contrast with rock and pop. Difficult for rock-bands to get publicity, suprisingly easier for the pop to get publicity. So the more following this type of music gets, the more popular it becomes as a whole.

    This then gives them an oppertunity to create a widespread of subliminal messages on each of the popular 'artists' videos. Since this has an effect on the public, they will be seen as a powerful tool in heaven (NWO) because they've helped shape it.

    Or a more simpler way of it would be, Illuminati believe that christians should perish into a rather deminishing eternity (Hell) where as the worker's of them/non-believers belong in Heaven.

  67. I will never understand why they throw it out there, why people watch this and think..oh it's creepy…but awesome,
    I just don't get it /:…why would I wear a dress with an eyeball on it,….and Masonic ring..

  68. It is easier living the life of a non-believer than it is to live the life of a believer, that is why you find people falling trap to the bad influences the world has on us rather than resisting them.

    All the doings of these musicians and the funny events that have been happening have already been predicted. Bob Marley said: "Some say it's just a part of it, we've got to fulfill the book.."

    We need to keep our eyes opened, we need to stop entertaining the 'evils' of the world, we need to pray, we need to stop contributing to the work of satan, we need to start contributing to the kingdom of God (by living with faith, praying and letting as many people know about Jesus), we need to stop being puppets, we need to think and do what is right, we need to stay vigilant.

  69. Gotta Read the WORD on

    I noticed the black parade also and am glad to read about the different artists found by the various readers as it was hard for me to dissect. I think I see Jim Morrison at the left and Jimi Hendrix on the right of the Satan head in hell. Is this why he is anguished ( they both expired @ 27..who knows)? also I noticed what appears to me is the lowest level of hell, then the next level is not a place below but on earth looks to me to be… hollyweird? then you have earth where the selected rulers are obvious….howeve,r you see tupac moving but not big, does this have to do with them resurrecting him as stated by VC in a previous article kinda like this is what happens not only when you want out but a down, if true then I expect the same with Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson ..then on the lower right of the Illuminated Kanye.. the curtain closes and everyone is turned upside down..have no idea what that means something is going to happen to whomever they are.. the middle creature in hell is holding someone upside down and lastly I think I see David Bowie to the far left of MJ in heaven and Justin Timberlake on the water…I wonder why the gal in heaven keeps drowning herself in the far right as heaven first appears and it looks like there is a big foot going in a cave up above her.. regardless the whole thing to me just reveals spiritual wickedness.

  70. "when did he say anything about religion? cant u see that sex outside out marriage, children out of wedlock, abortion etc is detrimental to society? its not even about religion because many people all over the world used to practice and many countries still practice sex in marriage, kids in marriage etc simply because its good for society, and they dont know the true God at all. "

    U speak just like any other religious Taliban. Some ppl are smart, free and dont poison their lives with imaginary friends, deal with it! Sex outside marriage? Perfect, its how the nature works! How are people supposed to know each other? Children out of wedlock? Whats ur problem, moron? Kids out of wedlock grow up to be great ppl most of the time… Abortion detrimental? Idiot, look around how much useless sufferance is and understand that abortion is again smth normal and natural. Unless u really do smth for those countless unwanted, suffering kids, shut the fuck up and keep ur religious bullshit to urself and frustration to urself! I dont expect my comment to appear, its "democracy" after all, right?

  71. Apparently Five is the number of death. Corporeal death that is . Strangely enough there is a brand of cigarettes in Asia called triple five or 555. Now when five is portrayed as numbers we have 6~ 9~4~ 5 =24 =6. Thus 666

  72. An evil feasting for the eyes. Symbols everywhere you look. I'ts so in your face with masonic symbols.

    I noticed a small m. monroe figure in her white dress and it blowing up { the famous pose/shot.}

    It looked like elvis or some fifties{50's) rocker in the ad also. I'm surprised that mj or madonna was not in here unless I missed it. There is so much going on I don't understand the image of satan holding his ears to the music. It's something he tarnished and made many obessed over. The music he wanted artist to sell their souls over. Why isn't he embracing this love of music. Is this finally a image of revenge on satan from God. God asking satan { " isn't this what you wanted all along satan"}

    • Micheal Jackson is actually placed to the left of the 'C' at the end of the video (Thumbnail before clicking play too) in the outfit he was wearing in his music video 'Billie Jean'. :)

      Satan probabley used music as a tool to pursuade/trick others. Not wanting it to effect him.

      I doubt that this video would represent anything but the backfire of it though. :)

      • yes the billie jean black and white video where he touches things and they get lighted- was masonic

  73. I am an Australian – I saw this ad out of the corner of my eye – the Dave Grohl devil part – but didn't keep looking until I saw the pyramids – then I sighed – we've got all this here too!

  74. And these people wants to rule the world? rofl!

    The add is full of retarded messages that only a schizophrenic moron can create and understand.

    It is so lame and cheesy! They are regurtitating old stuff over and over and over again. Just look at their representatives, on the grand scheme they represent the irrelevant order of the lowest magnitude.

    I am telling you guys the Illuminatis are a bunch of nut cases. Nothing less and nothing more.

  75. The second my friend and I saw this we were in shock at the blatant symbolism in it. They play it all the time too! Every time we see it we pick out something new. It's sad to think some ppl aren't awake and seeing what's really going on.

  76. I don't think it's the illuminati is behind this video. It's actually the opposite. This is negative imagery about the illuminati, not positive. This video links the devil, hell and eternal pain/fire/damnation with the music industry. I think the video is to educate people about what's actually going on with the industry. Directly linking the devil with the all seeing eye. And linking all forms of music (from rock to pop) with the evil that happens behind the scenes. They also include some artists that have been killed by the illuminati to show how sinister the industry really is. So I think this video is exposing the music industry as a vile, disgusting, greedy, controlling, deceiving, evil to the point of murder "for the love of music". I applaud the makers of this clip for exposing these satanistic frauds.

  77. Got to give props to VC for just being able to observe and actually go through this trash and analyze this garbage. Epic fortitude on your part VC. Most music now is played out. It has all been done before and much better at that.

  78. Douglas Depue on

    In the center of the middle panel are two metallic, robotic humanoid forms that are watching over the entire presentation. In my view, this represents the alien universal technological intelligence that controls and motivates the entire entertainment industry and is the actual source and meaning of the "Illuminati" symbolism. The "Illuminati" individuals are themselves mind controlled, every bit as much as the Monarch subjects, by the same invisible alien presence that has created the whole spectacle. This unseen force is rife throughout the phenomenon and explains that the motives which entertain and condition the human subjects are also satisfying the universal alien agenda of demonstrating its absolute dominance over the human race and its destiny.

  79. I dont have access to premium cable I dont know what the channel VH1 is showing in united states, but the vh1 for latin america has this commercials that they show in between shows, and they choose a song sang by a singer related with this illuminati stuf and is full of clips of singers that are related with the illuminati, only illuminati ones, so i i want to know who is in the illuminati i just watch vh1 latin america because illuminati singers is all they show there

  80. Luv it VC, you could also check out the whole Buddhist hell, suffering realm paradigm and see that it fits right in!

  81. The higher you go on the levels, the lower is the stars' awareness of the masterplan.The heaven represents the Alice in Wonderland theme where brainwashed and mind-controled stars like Britney,Michael,Gaga,Jessie J hang around.The lesser levels are composed of singers that know the plans of the illuminati.

    • I really doubt that. See Bowie up there (in blue suit)? Well, I don't know about the rest, but he certainly is into the occult. As is Jay Z in the lower plane.

  82. LOL.

    Notice how Beyonce & Kelly are there…but not Michelle, Michelle definitely knows the term 'Seek God First' because when you seek God first, he guides you on the SAFE path.

  83. I think the man on the cross in hell is not Jesus but it is the bad thief. Jesus was crucified with two other men: the good penitent thief and the bad thief.

  84. These guys know their fate, they know its their time approaching to reign hell on earth, and they know they get one shot at it, and their only aim is to take as many of us with them as they possibly can. Thats why they're being so blatant about everything, because they have so much power now that no-one can stop them. Their time is fast approaching to rule, followed by their eternal judgement. Everything is happening at such great speed that it scares everyone who knows whats really going on, but many of us get peace too, knowing the end is nigh for evil to reign on this earth any more.

  85. I never knew that satanist even associated with other occults.. Some of those symbols were around even before a "secret society" used them.. Sad they ruined some of these beautiful symbols. But honestly some of you people wrapp to many cults into one giant super group. That's redonkulus!!! Yoü can't do that some of these groups are not even related but I guess when some of you are ignorant about such things it makes the gray area okay. Anyways I am over studying this conspiracy theory I am moving on to the great Aztec empire :)

  86. lalalallala on

    so if this chip happens, and lets say on the news and shit. it says all people need this. and our doctors give it to us lets say i say no. can i say no will i have a choice.

    im saying this becuae im 16, and i dont really have a choice, im on anti depressent , and im been on them for 3 yrs, i stopped taking them becuase i dont htink its right for me. anyway im saying do i have a choice if we have a choice and we refused, what will happen.

    this reminds of me of a movie. when this police put a helmut on u and u see the devil. and the devil tell u he will give anything u want if take his mark, ppl say yes and the hemlut is remove and the ppl have the 3 6's on them, and if u dont have the mark your atacked, i forgot the movie name but

    can someone pleas answer my question

    • The question should be "Who says you have to and why should you even agree to it just because THEY tell you so?" You have a mind and will of your own. Don't you?

  87. this is like that other thing, you know??? with that kanye west power video and the guy who made that other video?

  88. Has anybody given it a thought to whether these in-your-face ads/movies/music promotions purposely filled with blatant 'unsubliminal' messages given to us on a platter of gold is a ploy to actually having us comment and help more people "react" to the underlying messages rather than take a different stance?

    What makes us different from the seemingly gullible unaware 'sheeple' if we easily dance to a ploy aimed at creating more awareness for the agenda by commenting rather than being proactive?

    This is one of the most 'fantastic, elaborate and educative' web resources that I have experienced on the internet but we must use the information accordingly, not just to play the part.

    If there is anything to do here, it is to learn and use the information to make the difference.

    If you are entertained, then you have just been punked.

    #Soon, really soon

  89. 1:15, left hand side in the sky between kayne west and the coloum is Beyonce's face.. cant tell if the figure on the left hand side is eminem in his slim shady days though.

  90. jean Francois on

    It's weird, it's a Australian Ad, but at 0:59 you can see american dollar rolling over the male singer!

  91. On the first part of the video. You mentioned why is there a crucifix surrounded by fire. If you look closely it looks life there is a person on the cross surrounded by fire…….Well…………………..

    There are people who the Lord showed hell too. And they said saw people in hell that were on crosses being tormented for mocking the cross. I believe that. And that is honestly the perfect explanation for seeing that in this video. There are different torments hell.

  92. listen carefully to the vocal in this video:

    1. 0:26 "This is hard but we send our kins to the skys.

    2. 0:39 "Were Hundreds …. 0:44 Jump and Hide

    3. 0:44 Jump and Hide

    4. 0:50 To your hears to hear in the sky

    5. 1:01 This world is big.. but it is ours

  93. everyone keeps saying – wow used to be hidden and hidden and hidden and people are blind and now its not hidden and how come its not hidden and we must be so blind.. i think the whole point lately is that people aren't blind; they want them to see- not just to see but to accept,. we are supposed to see all this crap now and realize its there now so that we can be illuminated in a sense like them

    illumination and the all seeing eye itself are not bad, they have merely been so raped and distorted by these peple that its about seeing the light of lucifer and not the light of G-d.

  94. The Heaven part of this "music industry montage" is probably one of the most depressing things I've ever seen in my life. It's so heart-wrenching on so many levels because when I was a child I loved these artists so deeply and then I realized what happened to them behind the scenes and what the industry is about, and then seeing this… I just want to cry. I won't be able to sleep for a few days.

  95. The [V] symbology can be taken further. It's the pyramid and all seeing eye itself upended and looking "down".

  96. HisNameIsYahuah on

    I see many people awake but still support and spend their money on this beast of a system. They still listen to that demonic music, watch them demonic tv shows and videos, and spend their hard earn money on them "mind control" satanic movies. I have seen people speak out on the illuminate satanic rituals and then turn around and worship the beast by supporting their favorite soulless celebrity. Makes no sense! satan knows the average person has 2000 to 3000 thoughts a day, and if he can fill your mind with those satanic movies, tv shows, music, videos, etc the more you will be willing to accept and worship him (it's like the more "normal" his satanic world will become to you). People minds are desensitized, they becoming more and more like robots!

    • I agree one hundred percent. and i must say myself that i am guilty of the same thing i do try not to watch things that are blatantly obvious but i do still watch some things that i should not. God have mercy on us and aid in our delieverance.

  97. The SeventhSeal on

    Why you Illuminati brahs also bring in god? You guys do realize that there is no such as god or gods right?

    It's just rich fucks having a laugh while screwing over the rest of the world.

  98. Yea WITHOUT a doubt, there's a massive load of symbolim in that video.!!

    But really, what is the purpose of this video??

    What does it all mean???????????

  99. Hey man.I see David Bowie is on 'heaven' with Lady Gaga e.t.c.

    Would be interesting to see an article about him ( if he is really a part of the whole thing the site deals with)

  100. Why was My Chemical Romance in the commercial, where the devil was? They are pretty much still alive. Their against the illuminati. Why they put them there. Even the singer of the band made a comic series for next year, about a group of people called the killjoys living in the Zone 13, fighting against it.

  101. This is the most Illuminati thing that I've ever seen… to me is interesting to see Shakira there… i thought she was not Illuminati…

  102. Is that Dave Grohl as the Devil???? Note the tattoo on his chest, footage seems to taken from the Tenacious D video clip Tribute.

  103. um. this is just crap. end. of. story.

    too many people are brain washed in the shit.

    i believe in it but really come on people.

  104. So, SO just – UGH! I can't believe this! It is so messed up. Stick with Jesus, and man, you'll get through all of this evil-praising and good-hating.

  105. Secrets Revealed on

    theres something everyone seems to miss in the video

    On the scene with kanye as the leader, the two curtains on the bottom
    When they first open, the left curtain displays a hip-hop band called the "The Roots"
    notice both curtains open twice. but only the the right curtain closes twice. The left curtain only closes once.

    Also notice how the curtain on the left has all the members of "The Roots"
    The second time the curtain opens on the left, there are only 3 members of the roots instead of 5.

    I think it means 2 of 5 will be killed.

  106. will.i.am featuring Britney Spears song/music video. another example of them using the same symbolism/idea here. "all eyes on us…" …."i wanna scream and shout and let it all out…." they sing again and again using pyramidal shapes/structures/geometry. britney spears is seen wearing a black dress type thing where the top of the dress part (covering her chest / upper area)is in the shape/form of a V as well. and btw the [v] here (as the australian station is called) is more than just a randomly chosen letter they decided to use AND this same v is shown throughout the entire video if you look closer. v is so many things – throughout some many many years in history even- even seen in artwork (**very heavily seen in MEDIEVAL ART**) such as the artist Bruegel the Elder used. im not gonna spend an hour in this comment thread in discussing it all but check out for yourself. anyway, just thought id share

  107. i think there is a satan or somethin demonic in there, just because the video principle is about Hell and Heaven, so hell symbol is just like somethin demonic, not because the actor (Daft punk,etc) in that video is an illuminati…

  108. YomommaKNOWSaboutIT on


    Romans 1:20 hcb "From the creation of the world His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what He has made. As a result, people are without excuse. 21 For though they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God or show gratitude. Instead, their thinking became nonsense, and their senseless minds were darkened. 22 Claiming to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images (idols) resembling mortal man, birds, four-footed animals, and reptiles. 24 Therefore God delivered them over in the cravings of their hearts to sexual impurity, so that their bodies were degraded among themselves. 25 They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served someTHING created instead of the Creator, who is blessed forever.

  109. If you knew about Freemasonry you would know it has nothing to do with the occult but being that none of you do I'll just say find another scapegoat for your idiotic belief of us…IN GOD WE TRUST.

  110. if you really want to help in exposing this crap you have to stop purchasing their CD's and the clothing that keeps these people in business…it amazes me how people who think that by wearing the clothing with the myriads of symbology that they are exposing them, your not, your feeding them, remember these are Luciferian Occult Masters and the only way to stop them is to not wear their brands of clothing with all the symbolism printed on them, stop listening to their music, you need to educate your friends and family and boycott the brands that capitalise on the obvious…Hopefully it will all be over soon….I am 50 years old and it was my 18 year old who bought this to my attention….wake up kids, stop feeding them….get into alternative media sites and become aware…but fear not.

  111. I think if you watch Interstella 5555, you'll realize that Daft Punk are onto the Game and know what's going on. I think they are deep inside and just trying to stay alive, but if you watch that animated film online, it'll teach you much about what they know.

  112. No wonder musik is haraam in Islam so we stay away frm all ths crap ndnt get our mindscntrolled n thn b triggerd by "the master".islam tells u to do thngs u might nt understand thn bt soon thy llmakesense tht it was fr ur own safety :)

  113. You know, I thought lately about Daft Punk and I reached a conclusion that they are simply ignorant posers. No charge in what they are doing there with the pyramids etc. It's just an act of fashion, that's it.

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