Grammy Awards 2014 Leaked Clip (funny video)


The good people at Joy Camp have infiltrated the 2014 Grammy Awards to present the award for “2014 Illuminati Puppet of the Year”. Here’s the leaked clip.

You’re welcome!

But seriously, the guys at Joy Camp told me that this video was inspired by articles on Vigilant Citizen. I believe they did a great job summing up what music business was about in 2013 in an entertaining way. Considering the ridiculousness we’ve witnessed last year , the best thing we can do is laugh at this crap.



  1. I'd laugh HARDER, but then I remember… "Oh wait, this is real life". :/ Satirizing at it's finest. Thanks for sharing VC!

  2. YHVH is Elohim on

    Uh. This. realy makes me sick. Im so glad I dont watch tv anymorev. This just makes me sick.
    I just cant stomach to look at miley she just turns my stomach . She is so damn ignorant and disgusting. It just makes me so sick that this is normal. What is up with this nasty leotard thing. Is this fashion? Do people actually wear this stuff out?

    • tv is like …. hummm

      being feed shit on a plate and told "it tastes good eat it , eat it"
      repeatedly by a annoying little half naked kid in the background
      on high volume that you cant shut up
      without throwing him out the window with his plate of shit

    • We had to see her kittycat smiling down belong as she sparked up a d00bie. I'm glad I don't have a daughter to become a little Miley. My son can avoid leotards altogether!

      • Your son might find one like Miley which is not that bad because it won't last. Nonetheless, the trouble would be to have grandkids. 'Miley' would teach them a lot, besides imagine all the uncles those kids will be introduced too. Nobody is unscathed in such situations.

    • I understand i felt the same way, until i realized that most of these women or girls at a young age were victimized by the entertainment industry, under MK ultra. Sometimes it's easier for us to judge them, but in all truth and honesty i feel sorry for all of them.

      It is the ones on top that I truly get disgusted by…

  3. Thanks for sharing VC! We are long time fans, supporters, and followers of your work. You were most definitely the biggest inspiration for this video. We included your website and a special thanks in the descrption. Keep up the great work!

    Your friends and allies,
    – JoyCamp

  4. If you exist on earth, you are part of whatever is taking place there. YOU'RE ALL IN ON IT/PART OF IT (even if you don't believe it).

    • We are all in the world but not all are of the world (accepting of its views and practices). Some are awakening to the truth; others have been awake for a while, and others will never awake until it's too late for them. Abe Lincoln put it this way: "You can fool all of the people some of the time; some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Those in the last group are the ones marked for extinction.

    • All things are a part of all things. There is not one thing that is not related to another thing. This is a most fundamental metaphysical principle. However, being a part of something does not necessarily make one responsible for that thing. I am part of the human race. I am, however, not responsible for the Crusades. I am responsible for the things I do and how the things others do affects me. We are not all "IN ON IT". We are in on it when we feed it energy. When we watch The Kardashians, we are feeding them. It doesn't matter if we like them or if we're "just watching it because they're so stupid, LoLz!!!", we are feeding it. So I do agree with you in a sense that what I believe you are trying to say is something along those lines. Don't watch the shit on TV, and if you know anything about what a TV does, don't even put one in your home. But hone your opinion that we're all "IN ON IT" into a more constructive thought along those lines.

      • You are right. Didn'h have a TV set for 3-4 years and didn't miss it at all. It's not technology, is the fact that we tend to misuse it. We can't live without our gadgets, TV sets, mobile phones, PCs and so on.

    • R u really that ignorant…sayin as ppl should b n do w.e the world is doin…like our grandparents askd us wud u throw ur self off a cliff if the world was dumb enough to do it?Keep in mind u kno wats goin on…u kno theres a difference be bad n good n that line will always b there

  5. Isn't it a bit of an old boys trick if you can't beat the opposition then subsume them. Surely this just makes it more of an open secret, sanctioned by the people we despise …did miley look ashamed or enjoy this extra publicity with pride ?

  6. Very Funny! Shit go real when the music vids n Gaga vid started playing, I was like WOW, they really have the balls to show these vids to ppl of all ages and say it's cool, looks good. I wanted to vomit from just the short sec. clips! EWWWW!!! The graamieesss come on this Sunday and I really wish for a nice TA hahaha but of course the T's only attack the ppl who have nothing to do with anything meaningful in this country just places the Gov. can use to take more of our rights and Freedoms! SMH Such is life! keep up the post so I can keep spreading the truth!!!

    • Not even the granny sized underwear? Cheer up, you must be having a bad day. It's being used as a tool to get the message out. If everyone used the same method, we'd all be labeled 'conspiracy theorists' and they would discount it.

      • The Tetragrammaton is YHWH and EL or Elohim or even Adon and Adonai are suppressions of the Creators Name that has been going on since the beginning which means Adon/lord/Baal or El/god/goddess thus Elohim/gods/goddesses.

    • A video like this will never go viral because one of two reasons. 1. Majority of people believe this is all bs 2. Some people believe but instead of just watching vids about it they rather not nor read any of this because why focus on the negative when they energy can be used toward more positive things like God.

  7. Not remotely funny. I don't know about others…but justin Bieber behavior lately scream darkness in the music industry. There's def something sinister about it.

    • I believe maybe he is being punished and humiliated for not falling in line. I think maybe he is trying to rebel. He just announced on the Ryan Seacrest radio show a couple months ago he was retiring from music. Little does he know …… don't leave that easy.

    • Justin beiber? Really? What does his behavior have to do with anything? Or what information or useful knowledge do you think you can distill from media reports on his behavior? "if you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they will kill you" oscar wild

  8. I'm a person with a great sense of humor but believe me when I say I didn't even smirk at this video. Things like this are not funny to me especially when the world is being effected cus everyone is blind. That's what they want you to do they want you to laugh to think this is just a joke to hide the True Content so people wouldn't believe. I won't fall for this trap not Ever.

    • Sorry brother, couldn't be further from the truth. We have 50 or so videos that we've made over the last 2 years on our own time and our own dime. We cover topics from Chemtrails to Bilderberg to Bohemian Grove to the TSA to the NSA, and on and on. We make light of dark truths so that people who wouldn't otherwise look at this stuff can digest it easier. If you can make someone laugh you can break down a barrier and plant the seeds of truth. George Carlin did it, so did Bill hicks and many others. I'm not saying we're as good as them, but at least we're doing our part to bring some laughter and truth to a profoundly sick society.

      • That's very true. Telling how things are straight up will be seen by few. Make the truth entertaining and it will be seen by many.

      • hey camp I like what you do keep it up……but check out TB Joshua on YouTube and see what is truly behind this and what we the human race are really up against.

      • I totally understand your point but In today's society matters like these we can't afford to share a laugh. This is a real life matter. The Readers of VC could laugh because we are familiar with the topic but with a I hate to say dumb down generation we can't Speer a chance. So many ppl don't know what's going on and yet where all being affected. Things are not moving at a slow pace we see everyday that this shit is getting very blatant and disrespectful and constantly happening ever second of our life. This is NOT a game. We can't afford to share a laugh with the dumb down society. It's already bad enough we watch tons of garbage on TV that we think is funny but it's not because it's a tool use to make us more dum to not see what's happening in life. You think if a 13 year old watches this video they'll walk away with a full understanding of what they just heard no cause all they gonna remember is the laugh. The government laughs at us daily for laughing at things we think are funny but are actually true. What's the point of trying to get people to understand what's happening if we get them to laugh? Some will think about it after all but most not. If were all just laughing then the elite will laugh to and then were all at a laughing convention and nothing's being solved. We get tons of laughs everyday this one I just think we can reach enough people by using comedy to alert people. But I totally respect your advice

      • I know it's not a lot but I got about 6 to 7 people who didn't know anything about what's happening today to understand what is. Now we all research together and share info amongst others. By the way what's your website I love to see your work

      • What's life without laughter though? Do you want us to be mad and gloomy everyday because the govt is screw!ing us over? Poking fun at the elites (and ourselves) is therapeutic and healing. After a long hard day at work it is nice to come home and be able to watch a funny video from the JoyCamp types to remind us we can still laugh through the madness, not necessarily to take the seriousness away from the matter. Comedy can be educational for some so don't paint it with a broad brush. George Carlin's comedy played a huge role in waking me up personally. There's enough doom and gloom going around already so what's a little fun to cheer us up? If you're worried about the 13 year olds well guess what? They will come across these videos one way or another in their lives. Be concerned about the people and resources they have around them that they can use to broaden their knowledge.

    • "If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh. If not, they'll kill you!" -oscar wild there is truth to that statement, they may not kill you literally but they will kill your credibility within their minds.

  9. André From Rio on

    We need more videos like this! Humor is, for sure, a great weapon to win the Illuminati and to spread our message to the world!

  10. They two guys take the p.i.s.s. out something which actually happens in Holy-Wood. Sad & Im surprised they Rihanna wasn't featured in the clip.

    Thanks VC anyway.

  11. Best clip ever!!! Nice to start the day with a good laugh! I'm hoping this will get around the internet, water coolers and parties all over the place.

    Rock on JoyCamp!!! :)

  12. joycamp videos are for those who actually have a clue of what is going on, and is not afraid of it…otherwise you will not understand the satire, or you will be offended by it.

    with that being said, "HAHAHAHAAA!! thanks for the awkward laugh!" 😉

  13. Up here in bug-tussel the plastic beach is without soul. How can we help plastic people to see the light and shine their love light? Shineforth brave souls.

  14. I thought this video was good. Poking fun at the rediculous system we live in, is one of the best weapons we have. Humour antagonizes them, they lose their control when people laugh at them. They are sore losers.

    The footage of the crowd was interesting. The "Stars" seem to be on edge but look like they have been told to smile and make it look like they are still in control. Maybe they are starting to realise that the game is up and that their "Deals" are not so sweet after all.

  15. Wow.. you can literally see the outlines of Miley's snatch in that clip when she went to receive the award. Did she really thank Terry Richardson? What the actual sh**

  16. Watched the show. Katy Perry had dancers in Baphomet headdresses and sadly new artists Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar performed together and it was s total symbolic blood ritual, started out in all white, ended up covered in red paint

  17. Great video! But on the sad note, this time of year reminds me of the death of Anna Nicole Smith and the death of Whitney Houston, who were both murdered by these same evil elite. I believe they both died in the month of Feb. hopefully there won't be anyone sacrificed in the month of feb.

  18. They have us trapped don't they? The purpose of them showing us what they are doing is because their plan is to have people turn against the governments, the entertainment industry and everything else in society. If we do this, society crumbles and then they offer us the solution: A New World Order.

    But, if we accept what is going on, then we accept corruption and perversion of society. So they've given us a choice: either live in a disgusting world full of brain dead puppets or live in a new sanitized and "safe" world controlled by "them".

    What do we do? What can we do?

    • Wouldn't worry for the entertaining industry. They are not important people even though they think they are. What is worrying is the fact that the governments/politicians are corrupt to the bone. THis is a serious matter.

      • Um… the entertainment industry and the government are all part of the same fraternity. Media, entertainment, news, government all have the same puppet masters. All part of the same club.

      • i wouldnt underestimate that. this industry, together with the film industry is TERRAFORMING the minds of (younger) people.

        i wouldnt underestimate the effect of these "idols" on kids.
        if u see 10 y old girls shaking their asses in a raunchy way because they are imitating it.
        if u see 14 y old douchebags acting as gangsta-wannabes.
        if u see the legion of fans a character like tv serial killer "dexter" has.

        (good example of debate about this topic would be "the wolf of wall street"- it is glamourising a very questionable way of life. casting dicaprio in this role proves this imo. scorsese and tarantino are the masters of glamourising crime and violence)

        music and film industry (together with the schools) model the minds of the voters- so politicians have it easier…

  19. I have bad reception on my phone so the video was a little blurry, for a second there I thought this happened at the real Grammys ….Ha!!!!!!!!!

  20. Did anyone watch Katy Perry's performance? So extremely blatant. I can't believe that she's the daughter of a preacher!

    • Her father is pentecostal, if this is the right spelling. All those christian allegedly variations, are as fake as it gets. It's all about money, they pay you to become one and then you have to pay them for life. They allegedly speak in tongues, they are a cult like J witnesses. An old friend from school has been converted and since then he lost it. He's been trying to convert all his old friends too, he thinks he speaks in tongues and he gives almost all his wages to them. They don't stem from the first church that was organised by St Paul. They even wear ear rings with the cross which is not on. They never confess, everything is all over the place. Mormons, Baptists, Pentecostals, Jehovah's witnesses they come from the same place. They are always very nice to you along with scientologists so they can persuade you to convert. They give you their business cards while they preach for hours trying to sell you books.

      • Wow thanks, I didn't know anything about Pentecostals. I knew about Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. Now it makes more sense. You know, when I was a little girl my father took me to a church where they spoke in tongues. It really freaked me out. He also spent a lot of time in mental institutions and had MPD and schizophrenia. His "treatments" included electroshock. The church he took me to had people rolling on the floor speaking in tongues. I believe they were Methodists. Coincidence? I had a very bizarre childhood.

      • Can I please just mention that on the day of pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out after Jesus ascension that those people spoke in tongues . It is there in the Bible. So why call us crazy and stuff because we speak in tongues? It is when you speak to God in the Spirit. Your flesh cant understand but the spirit does. I am a proud pentecostal. Some people on TBN abbuse it I agree. But dont hate on something you obviously know nothing aboiy. Thanks and bye

      • I never said I hated you. If that were the case, I would have hated my own father. But I loved my father very much.

      • No bad feelings. Just do some research in the future. It's about the pouring out of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues if you are filled with the Holy Spirit. It's scriptural not a cult. I have no mental illness I just serve Jesus Christ my savior who died for me and everyone else on this planet and then rose after 3 days. I am a Christian all the same.

      • You can read 1 Corinthians 12 concerning the gifts of the Spirit and you will see tongues there. Have a nice day :)

      • Speaking in tongues is real but thats not what most people are doing. There is only one instance in the bible where people spoke in tongues. Sadly most people forget that there was an actual reason for the disciples to speak in tongues. It was because the people outside were from different places and spoke various languages yet each could understand what they apostles were proclaiming. That was the miracle. These days people start speaking gibberish and claim they are "in the Spirit" yet we can't understand a word they say. So technically that is a direct contradiction of what is in the scripture.

  21. christina, many 'preachers' are just using the religion thing as a front for cult activities, perry is guaranteed a programmed cult slave, most likely started while she was still in the womb

  22. wow.. Incredibly honest.. And I feel tat those nominees artists are just stupid.. How come u feel so proud when u are called Illuminati's puppets?? Nobody wants to be called a puppet..

    • It was a send-up. The footage of the audience was from other actual award shows that have already happened and spliced in for effect. Good video!

  23. You guys notice how a few people were laughing because they thought it was funny, but some of the "big shots" had these stupid looks on their faces throughout the whole thing because they got put on blast for attaining their success? They didn't like being made a mockery of, and being reminded that they are just what was said… They are only puppets, nothing more.

  24. brilliant idea, guys. pretty good and funny too. but too short! how about u make a longer version- and that regularly? i would tune in! :-)

    btw, miley pulling a filthy halfsmoked joint out of her bag when getting her price was really painful to see.
    how stupid and pointless and misplaced.
    and i say that as a passionate cannabis smoker. children shouldnt do drugs. or dress like street prostitutes.

  25. so where is the analysis?
    all other conspiracy sites are humming on katy perrys performance
    …looking forward to it VV!

  26. Wow, great realistic parody. It was hard to laugh to though. Thanks for showing that channel, they have other good stuff as well.

  27. Good laughs can turn away evil's wrath.

    This sarcastic attack on the Illuminati worshipers hasn't been done like this before. Well done.

  28. The satire pretty much sums up what the awards was all about as the humor is just too logical indeed.

    But hey, "You're Welcome"

  29. If you like satirical illuminati poking, try Mark Dice's youtube channel. He even uses aliteration to make the soundbytes funnier.

  30. i, a man, john doe on

    Love it! Wonderful guys! Great job exposing what Vigilant Citizen brings to the masses as they awaken! It goes to show that due to the result of the mass awakening the "industry" feels it must overtly shove the Satanic Agenda down everyone's throats every chance they get! My the creator of the universe continue to bless you and your talents! Keep up the good work! How's about a video on chemtrails, vaccines, or satanic sites next? :)

  31. Was Miley acting in this or was different shots from real life award show(s) put together in this video?
    If she was part of the act for this "funny" video then I dont know is more sad and disturbing than if this really did happen in a show. I dont think humor helps this situation, it is just another sense of not doing anything about it-,and they are laughing back at us anyway

  32. "the best thing we can do is laugh at this crap"

    I've realised the best thing we can do is actually STOP looking at it, and only give our attention, energy and time to things which nourish us and don't affect us in negative ways. Stay with me here…

    That clip of the 'Rapunxel' video actually disturbed me, the way horror films did when I was a kid, except this time, I didn't like it! Watching the music vids on VC, although presented in a different context, is nevertheless still exposing yourself to the influence of the imagery and worse, giving youtube more views and the artists themselves. If anything, these artists get MORE views than they would do, because people who would not otherwise have watched them end up seeing them because someone wants to show them how bad they are.

    As an example, we all know fast food is bad, but some of us can't seem to stop eating it. But you don't feed someone a burger to prove how fattening it is! You introduce them to a healthier alternative. Sadly, as long as the person desires the burger, he will never accept the salad, but that is his choice, whether he sees it or not.

    My point is, love it or hate it, watching it brings more 'views' and 'hits' for the marketers to show what a great job they're doing. And the more views they get, the more they'll keep doing it! BUT if we turn our faces away, and give attention to the things we want more of, things that actually BENEFIT us, or promote higher ideals, or to more decent, or spiritual, or un-satanic artists, then inevitably there will be less death-peddlers around due to less people buying it!

    I'm not saying what VC is doing is wrong, it has opened my eyes to a lot, but at some stage we have to stop looking at the problem and start making each other aware of the solutions out there!

  33. Exactly the same ppl aware of it who keep looking for signs and similarities and keep pointing them out doesnt do anything to help the situation. They just got our attention even more while the ignorant who dont care either way and the ones falling for these things and paying their dollars supprting these so called heroes of theirs in the satanic industry still have no clue. I feel we r getting nowhere fast.

  34. I'm from south america.
    I am very worried about how the world is getting.
    if they try to deny that they are illuminati satanic, Miley is being obviosly immoral and grotesque. so it means they are sustaining immorality?
    I used to admire those celebrities, but now I think they are the worst people can be. I truly despise them.

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