FEMA Implements “Special Chip” In Cell Phones to Send Out Alerts


Capitalizing on the Bin Laden event, an important announcement was made on May 10th: Cell phone providers will be required to install special chips in all portable devices, enabling the government to send text messages and alerts to citizens in specific areas. There is no word on the chip’s other abilities (i.e. instant shut down?). This announcement was made directly from Ground Zero, again milking 9/11 to promote a high-tech police state.

What Else Will The Government’s “Special Chip” In Your Cellphone Do?

The announcement that Americans are set to be bombarded with mandatory government propaganda via their cellphones represents a shocking lurch forward in the Obama administration’s bid to launch a total takeover of all communications as part of a wider move towards controlling the Internet, developing an omnipresent wiretap system, and creating a constant environment of suspicion and distrust by enlisting citizens to spy on each other.

Short of implanting a microchip in people’s heads, the US government has opted for the next best thing, a chip in your cellphone. But what else will these “special chips” be used for?

“Presidential and local emergency messages as well as Amber Alerts would appear on cell phones equipped with special chips and software,” under the new program which was launched today in New York and is set to be rolled out across all major cities by the end of next year, reports CBS New York.

Cellphone users would not be able to opt out of “presidential messages,” with Verizon and AT&T, the nation’s largest cell phone carriers, already on board.

“For now, the alerts are capable on certain high-end cell phones but starting next year, all cell phones will be required to have the chip that receives alerts,” adds the report.

The messages will supersede all other phone traffic and have a unique signal and vibration, meaning that your private conversation could be cut off to make way for government propaganda in a program that resembles Minority Report-style invasiveness on steroids.

What else these “special chips” that will be mandatory in all cellphones will do is not explained, but given the recent scandal where it emerged that cell phone companies were building location databases of where their users had traveled, the sky’s the limit.

Cell phone providers already have the capability to send out text messages to all their subscribers instantly, so why the government needs a “special chip” to be installed will only heighten suspicions that this is a trojan horse for an omnipresent wiretap that will feed every scintilla of information from your phone directly to big brother.

As one respondent to the story put it, “Surely you only need a database of all phone numbers to send out text messages. Am I only person wondering why all handsets need to be fitted with “special chips” in order to receive text messages? The “special chips” can only be being introduced to serve other purposes.”

“This seems very suspicious. Why can people not opt out of the president’s messages?” asked another. “They pay for their phones – they should dictate what it does, not Obama.”

Would the “special chips” also empower Obama to shut down all cell phone traffic on a whim in a time of declared “national emergency”?

Obama already has the power to override all radio and television networks under the recently expanded Emergency Alert System, which allows FEMA to break in on live broadcasts to send out alerts.

His administration is also pushing cybersecurity legislation that would hand Obama a figurative kill switch for the Internet. The term “kill switch” is an oversimplification, what the agenda actually revolves around is the ability to impose Chinese-style censorship over the world wide web and develop an ID system that would force users to have their access controlled by a state-run licensing procedure.

The government-mandated chips would also help achieve the Department of Transportation’s aim of blocking all cellphone use in cars. The chip would allow authorities to prevent use of the phone by measuring the speed you are traveling via GPS technology and shutting down the handset.

This trifecta of broadcast media, Internet, and cellphone traffic represents a total takeover of the entire spectrum of communications in the United States by the Obama administration.

Aside from the terror fearmongering, the system is also wide open for abuse in more prosaic terms, with some fearing that the messages could include PR talking points and political electioneering. Indeed, the image that accompanies a USA Today piece about the story is of a cellphone displaying an infomercial about Obama’s 2012 campaign.

The plan to harass cell phone users with specious terror alerts is part of a larger agenda of fear-based social conditioning by the government. As we noted last month, the Department of Homeland Security announced a new system to replace the old color-coded one. Now so-called terror threats that inevitably turn out to be either false alarms or politically motivated scams will be posted on Facebook and Twitter pages in addition to broadcast over television, radio and cell phones.

As we have exhaustively documented, the move has nothing whatsoever to do with keeping Americans safe from terrorism. More Americans are killed every year by bumble bees or peanut allergies than they are by terrorists.

“Even with the September 11 attacks included in the count, the number of Americans killed by international terrorism since the late 1960s (which is when the State Department began counting) is about the same as the number of Americans killed over the same period by lightning, accident-causing deer, or severe allergic reaction to peanuts,” writes Ohio University’s John Mueller in a report entitled A False Sense Of Insecurity.

The real agenda behind the program manifests itself in numerous ways. On the one hand, this is a further intensification of the Big Sis “see something say something” campaign, it’s designed to condition Americans that terrorists are lurking around every corner and that they must spy on their community to prevent attacks, when in reality every major terror plot that has been uncovered in the United States was either staged or provocateured by the federal government itself.

This is also about capitalizing on the dubious Bin Laden raid to return Americans to a state of post-9/11 intellectual castration, corralling subservience to a system that utilizes fear to control the population and eviscerate constitutional rights.

With the compliant and castrated media increasingly distrusted, Americans are either moving to alternative news sources or tuning out altogether. This has necessitated the government to launch a wide spectrum takeover of all communications in its bid to keep the population under the firm control of state-issued propaganda.

We are now just a few steps away from having literal telescreens installed in our homes that beam directly into our brains the latest government fables about who we’re bombing now, what level chocolate rations are this month, as well as Michelle Obama’s mandatory exercise program.
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    • I am surprised no one has commented on the fact that This technology is the ultimate "Panic Button" for synchornized mass hysteria. Flash Mob is right, just imagining a government controlled flash mob!

      If you wanted to cause a stampede, bank holiday/panic -stock market crash- all you need to do is just send the right text to ALL at the right time. A controlled unified mass panic harnessed under a single signal is quite an AWSOME power and tool to manipulate the masses!

  1. I've not posted on this site before but have been following it for awhile.

    This statement sums me up perfectly: "With the compliant and castrated media increasingly distrusted, Americans are either moving to alternative news sources or tuning out altogether."

    I rarely watch/listen to the regular and mainstream media outlets, preferring to get my news from trusted internet and backdoor news sources (pamphlets and papers). This continued Big Brother -Obama- intrusion into my life has me nauseated and reeling. If the government wants to monitor everything I look at and read I hope they enjoy watching me shower and like the porn I look at.

    • communication breakd on

      What's interesting is that for those who are still tuned into the mainstream media they are still being shown a world where everyone else is still plugged into the matrix too. And in a way this is no lie because 100% of MSM viewers are still watching MSM (and still subscribing to their version reality) even if the actual numbers have decreased dramatically. The MSM version of reality still dominates in MSM-land.

      And so if you are still 'plugged into the matrix' whenever you walk down the street even if half of the people you see no longer watch TV (and don't subscribe to MSM reality) how are you going to know? Most of our daily interactions – even with work colleagues we see every day – are superficial enough that we can't really know what each other's belief systems/ information knowledge base really is.

      IOW how do you spot a 'truther' or an 'awake and informed being'? Often they do their best to blend in and look like the other sheeple!

      Why does this matter?

      Well….. we know that frauds in society (such as 9/11) rely almost exclusively on the power of creating an instantaneous and manufactured consensus among the people. The power of creating an instant consensus (such as a news flash beamed all over the world) is that the info immediately feedbacks on itself through human interaction and so it all feels very 'real' before anyone can even begin to start questioning the info's validity.

      With numbers watching TV/ newspapers seriously dropping over the last decade AND with so many people now getting (or checking) their info from alternative sources how can governments now create an instantaneous and manufactured consensus (like we saw on 9/11).

      Could this phone alert system be their new solution?

      What if this phone alert system was put into use for some staged event along with an internet shutdown?! Wouldn't that be able to create a 'consensus reality' in the way 9/11 did – even with half the population (or more) now much more streetwise and distrustful than 10 years ago?

      The only way to guard against 'consensus reality creation' abuse is to have everyone awake and aware – and aware of how many OTHERS are ALSO awake and aware too.

      Only then can we have any hope of protecting ourselves from another 9/11 type scenario.

      Just look at the recent OBL fiasco. People were flocking to the alternative (internet) media within hours and exposing the lies spread by the MSM. Alternative media and internet are just too powerful NOT to shut down in the event of any future 'event'.

      If an alert system is being put into phones for a specific reason (a planned event) then you can bet your ass it will also involve shutdown of the internet.

      To put about it the other way round ….. if you were planning to shut down the internet at some point in the future you create a new problem because many people in society who now get ALL their info online (even their TV, radio and press). So it would make sense to put in another way of reaching everyone first and have it well in place before shutting down the web. And what's the only other thing everyone has access to? – a cell phone!

      Imagine just 1 – 3 days of:

      – No internet

      – Government sending messages to everyone's phones

      – All other cell phone messaging capability suspended

      That would give them as much – if not more – power to create an instant artificial consensus reality as 9/11 did ten years ago back when most people were still asleep and trusting of authority/ MSM and there was little in the way of alternative media or social networking.

      Things to think about.

      How isolated and powerless would you feel if you lost access to your valued virtual communities for a day, or three days or a week – especially during some national/ global crisis?

      How much practical help would years of accumulated knowledge about the NWO be if you suddenly found yourself stuck at work in the middle of some national emergency surrounded by people who (as far as you can tell) still believe everything they are told by the MSM/ government authority?

      In the event of any catastrophe (genuine or staged) how valuable and reassuring would it be to know your neighbors were at least *informed* about issues such as 9/11 and the NWO, 'big brother' fema camps etc?

      What would YOU do if you were the 'illuminati' an you wanted to stage another 9/11 style event or make use of some other natural disaster or accident? How would you want to deal with the issue of information control, the internet, alternative media, social networking etc?

      • "And so if you are still ‘plugged into the matrix’ whenever you walk down the street even if half of the people you see no longer watch TV (and don’t subscribe to MSM reality) how are you going to know? Most of our daily interactions – even with work colleagues we see every day – are superficial enough that we can’t really know what each other’s belief systems/ information knowledge base really is."


        I completely agree! Almost every interaction I make with people feels superficial these days. All I ever encounter is talk of world events/celebrities, exchange of paper/plastic cards, or some form of pointless tension (road rage, YouTube debates). When I look at someone, I can't help but wonder if they know the truth, know some truth, or live completely "plugged in", but every conversation (or worse, debate) I overhear about politics, gossip, etc., makes me sick. Watching family members (albeit, unaware) put all their time and energy into helping the system run more smoothly, makes me sick. Walking down the street as a young female and watching every other young female give me a dirty look because they've been taught by society to compete with other girls, makes me f*ckin sick.

        People need to stop living in fear of everyone else. We're all each other has. The only thing we should be fighting against is the system itself, which was designed solely to suppress our creative, intelligent, thoughtful nature. It's INHUMANE.

      • I wonder how many people would throw away their cell phones if what you're describing happened.

        Indeed, I now wouldn't be surprised if 666/616 were made to happen in response to a massive rebellion against an attempt to control the population in this way. After all, you can think by yourself if you cut yourself off of MSM, but if they turn around and cut you off from food and heat?

      • Imagine a few days without the internet or cell phones? Imagine about a week without electricity. No lights, no hot water, no way to refrigerate your food, and certainly no internet and, as was the case here in the south when the freak wave of massive EF-5 tornadoes came through, no signal on your cell phone. I won't even begin to discuss HARP and all of the weather manipulation that is destroying nearly whole cities and farmlands or how quickly a state of emergency was declared and FEMA and the national guard took over going so far as to declare a mandatory curfew for that would take quite some time. My point is, in the wake of certain "natural" disasters and other events, our most precious commodities are the first to go, including your rights. I've always thought about the when and what-if and, to be honest, I thought I was at least slightly prepared. I was not. Not even close. I wanted to make this comment because if you are truly serious about being prepared for what is to come, you should have started years ago. I want people to know that when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, "knowing" what our government is doing is not going to keep you alive. If you at least want to be around to fight the good fight, stock up on disaster essentials; have a generator if you don't have gas power, non-perishable food, water, etc. And please get a regular phone instead of the crappy cordless ones. A good old-fashioned telephone will work when your cordless or cell phone doesn't. Some of you may not agree, but investing in a good weapon will help too. You see people for who they truly are when they are angry, hungry, and bored, and it's usually not a long wait before good ol' big brother comes knockin' at your door.

      • Well, we can imagine it here in Egypt, because it has happened to us already. During the days of the Revolution, the internet and cell phone service was cut… completely. All the national tv and media stations were not reporting that there was anything going on in the country. They would shoot the Nile River as if it was all calm in Cairo all the while having the police attack the protestors on the other side of the bridge. Then they would send us messages via mobile phones saying that if we want to be safe we should all go and stay in our houses, because there is a mandatory curfew. So all of these things have already happened… and, by the way, as for the electricity/water problem… they will cut off the water and electricity here at random.. no warnings, no reasons. Sadly all the things you've mentioned are already happening………….

      • indeed you are right "and what's the only other thing everyone has access too…." some people for many reasons have and need vertual comunities, but we must talk talk talk talk and comunicate with those near by. and don't be scared off by recent norms, i.e. not wanting to engage the yooth because of what people might think etc etc. one of the reasons people have vertual comunities is because they are disabled or sick. so we need to make sure we don't icelate the sick and peple that society views as a burden etc.

    • Postdemocracy. People shut down and switch off is just what they want.

      A British sociologist wrote a book on it. The German wikipedia entry sums it up well. The English wikipedia entry is terrible.

      The World Economic Forum has an agenda 2030. The list of "young leaders" who are to help push it through is amazing.

    • Right?!

      Do I have to keep my dang iPhone in a lead lined box now?! LOL

      There will always be hackers to find a way around these developments.

      Do we all need to learn Morse code now? Hah!

      Probably, or perhaps carrier pigeons "n_n"

  2. this article really makes me feel like the walls are closing in. As an overseas reader interested in your country, does anyone think that there will be a shift against this type of propaganda in the US? Aside from this website (which is amazing) is there much of a voice against this type of technology? Does anybody speak against it on television?? I guess they probably would'nt get airtime anyway.

    I used to feel that one day I'd wake up and this would just be a dream…..sigh, no such luck!

    • Unfortunately, no.

      Very little of what people say against such things is actually put forth in mainstream American media. What IS shown is usually mocked as "right winged conspiracy" or "crackpot evangelical thinking." Those who have been able to work their way into the media to speak out last for a little while but their TV shows or news columns don't last too long and soon they are run underground or converted.

      I know half my friends and family don't even know what is going on and that this technology is happening. They blindly proclaim "OMG I looove my phone isn't it awesome!?" and call me a paranoid loon. Robots. Our nation has become mindless robots becomes the agenda put forth has worked.

      Those of us who know what is going on have been deemed delusional extremists and the vast majority believe it. That is why the nations don't speak out.

      • I don't get how the majority of, not only the American people but, also other western countries (I live in the Netherlands), buy this terrorist story. I mean, let's be realistic here, if you want to make a bomb, there's enough info on how to do that on the internet and it's an fairly easy thing to do. So, supposedly, there are a lot of Muslims out there who are willing to die for their faith. Well then, ask yourselves this: WHY THE HELL DOES IT NEVER HAPPEN THEN???? What's easier than making a bomb and blow yourself up in a crowded area? Anybody can do it, really.

        In the meantime, the death of civilians in all those countries over the past decades where the US and their allies have started wars exceeds the number of deaths by terrorists in the US and Europe by such a vast number that it really is too ridiculous to think about. Just imagine how many people have lost family and loved ones and still, nothing ever happens. Even if 911 WAS perpetrated by terrorists, they would have had a better reason than we had invading their countries and killing thousands upon thousands of innocent people.

        And still, when you listen to (most) people talking, they think that we're right and THEY are wrong and that measures taken are there to protect us while there the number of terrorist attacks in the US and Europe (aside from those perpetrated by non muslims like IRA or ETA) are so few you can count them on one hand. Hell, I'm quite surprized that there are so few who take into account what our governments are doing to this world. And almost NOBODY gets it. I hope there really is some kind of divine justice after we die because that would be the only way these monsters would have to pay for what they did.

        And then you have us, the people. You know, I remember when I was young, watching TV and the way people in movies and series use to behave and I thought, well, that's TV. And then, more and more, I saw that people in real live started to behave in a similar way more and more to a point where I actually started doubting whether they copied what they saw on TV or the other way round, now I know it's the other way round. How dumb can you be? People are more concerned with getting the latest apple products then they are with the world they actually live in. TPTB have done an exellent job indeed and I fear for our children, having to grow up in this fucked up artificial world we live in.

        This really IS mass madness!

    • I agree with smooch

      It's like being in "Shaun of the Dead" you just act like a zombie to fit in except you can be yourself when your with a few like minded people. If your mixing in with the zombie horde you can say a few things, but not too much to cause a stir to where you can't blend in anymore.

      If your lucky you may wake a few up, start them thinking, or find other like minded people. But I can tell you where I work- ESPN is on all day except if there is a breaking story on CNN or Fox. You get the idea of what the conversation is like just from that- it is so stereotypical.

      • Robin Shadowes on

        Honestly, it more reminds me of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers or Equilibrium. You can blend in as long as you don't show any emotion what-so-ever. If you fail to do that, you're screwed.

  3. Will we ever collectively wake up to what's going on right before our eyes?? Why oh why are people so blinded to this fascist take-over unraveling at such an alarming rate in this "democratic" country? So many will perish simply for lack of knowledge..sorry for the rant..

    • Far from a rant, Faithful, and this site is grounds for you to speak as freely and with an unabated courtesy as much as possible. You know that. You know this. I speak rarely but visit often many may know the name, many have accused me of being brash. However, I will try the unabated element.

      I know you comment here often, usually under the format of ""WAIT" for God, he'll save us" ideology. Or simply hence the name. Reading this current comment from you however is surprisingly shocking and I am not, well, surprised? You are finally getting it.

      Faith is the fuel that pushes one on, action (non and sometimes violent) is the causation of change.

      Your (Faithful) Words: "Will we ever collectively wake up…" and "So many will perish simply for lack of knowledge…"

      Now you're talking like a true "Theorist". Conspiracy is no longer a word with meaning.

      Listen. This is not new, news and I truly believe if one digs deeper you would realize they have had access to tapping and or intercepting cellular/digital technology for a long time. GPS anyone? This is just a taxpayer friendly way of funding it. Use a chip. I heard about this maybe a year or so ago (wish I knew the companies name that makes these things I would have invested in them… don't even start with contradiction rants) and the only Major Carrier that had issues with this personal intrusion was T-Mobile (go figure)? Oddly enough their largest potential cashbar, T-Mobile America where you can charge astronomical monthly fees, is the exact wing the company "sold" to the "All American" telecom company AT&T who is down with the chip inclusion. Heh.

      DISCLAIMER: Quotations for emphasis.

      Welcome home Faithful.

    • No, The collective will never wake up. Nor have they ever woken up throughout histrory except on a few occasions. What we call the 'collective' was known as the 'mob' before. The mob that ran with torches and pitches forks have only changed form to the present time but the mentality has not.

      If your a Christian, It's the same collective that did not wake up was the mob that called for Jesus's death despite committing not crime (other than exposing the Money Lenders as scam artists and exposing the authorites of the time as frauds) Who paid Judas the silver pieces? The very same people who incited the masses to mob together for crucifixion.

  4. skepticbynature on

    um… What? "in the Obama administration’s bid to launch a total takeover of all communications"

    Does the author of this article remember The Patriot Act? The wiretapping?

    This cell phone chip is scary business, but this author has some serious perspective issues.

    • If you are talking about the source articles author you are spot on. Seems he has more issues with the administration, well more specifically, the Hawaiian native. But yeah the Patriot Act is as old as the now defunct Patriot missile. This is and along with the whole "terrorist wont control us" mantra makes it easy for the complacent and the walking sleep to avoid challenging this. Heh, we want to be "safe" they KNOW this is what we need to avoid those damned terrorist. Sarcasm off.

      • skepticbynature on

        Yes, of course I meant the source author and not VC. I've always been impressed by how apolitical VC is.

    • Well surprise, the source is Prison Planet. Which makes me cringe. I appreciate VC, but come on man, Alex Jones is full of BS most of the time, going all the way back to his reporting of Y2K. I'm disappointed VC linked to PP article. Sure, you can get a hint of what's going on from PP, but most of the time they report without verifying anything. Again, listen to Alex Jones Y2K report about Russian sending nukes at us and 14 or so nuclear power plants getting shut down. He's been a BS artist from the beginning.

    • Hot to Trot on

      I am a big fan of uncensored news/ realityzone. Time is taken for each article of discussion and sometimes a delayed release is better than being the first, so there is time to digest the significance of an event rather than just glazing over the overload of mainstream news.

      Thanks for the activist post, that is another site for me to check for current events. As I add one to the list, I'll take one off so as to keep a balance (keep from the overload flood that is never ending on the net)

      VC is great site, and you also get quite a bit from all the others who have joined and post their wealth of knoledge and shared experiences. Thanks Again VC

  5. What can we do to stop this gross invasion of privacy? I don't understand how people buy it and think it makes us "safe". As Miss USA said in her cell phone video regarding her molestation by TSA, what's next, rectal exams as a normalized, everyday security measure at the airport? And why are people not banding together and protesting for our rights?

    • Because most of us don't fly.

      And for those who fly, it's just a few minutes.

      And my guess is, the Government wants the airlines to go out of business. So that there will be fewer ways for the population to move around. Hence their comments on OBL threatening the trains.

  6. And so, the government take-over of ALL media begins, if not continues…

    This is exiting, to live in the end times. Jesus, I'm with you all the way

  7. Sarah Connor on

    Terror by Text – perpetual fear mongering by the real terrorist.

    Faithful – for what it is worth, I was following this story yesterday on some of the MSM outlets like CBS etc…..based off the comment section, this news along with the ever changing, body got dropped to sea, and NO you can't see the pictures Osama shenanigans, there is a wave of people being jostled out of the haze. Even one of my day to days is finally like "what is going on" – she is watching her first 9-11 documentary this week. 9-11 Press for Truth – it's a good one for the weary….no conspiracy hype…..just widows armed with facts and questions confronting an incompetent and dishonest goverment.

    Drudge got hit more than facebook and twitter the week after Osama – people smell a rat.

    http://www.newsblock.com – aggregates 30+ alternative news sites and their top stories of the day. There is a little something for everyone from what I can see.

  8. "We are now just a few steps away from having literal telescreens installed in our homes that beam directly into our brains the latest government fables about who we’re bombing now, what level chocolate rations are this month, as well as Michelle Obama’s mandatory exercise program."

    I don't want to live in a world like Orwell's 1984.

  9. This is getting ridi on

    Does anyone have any suggestions of cell phones that won't have this technology? Maybe the "disposable" ones they sell at the drug store that you have to add minutes to, or just keep the older models around and find a way to unlock them so they work on any network? I am not a techie so if anyone has ideas please post. I have a smartphone now and I'm under contract for another year but I think after the contract is up I'm going to figure out how to go back to a "regular" cell phone with no features. This is getting out of hand.

    If I could leave the US at this point I would, but unfortunately that isn't possible.

    • Gary Dirtwise on

      there's no way, im no tech but did work for verizon for some time, they stated analogs were obsolete when flip phones came, i think its best to just do away with telecoms or create our own com system, because to continue with new technology we have to be like the machine and evolve so if it means mass surveillance you have the option to continue or stop, unless the option to have an option is removed

    • If I understand correctly, any cell phone you currently have doesn't have this chip. I don't know if, in the future, cell phones withouth the chip are going to work though.

      • Gary Dirtwise on

        any device that's GPS capable is essentially chipped. they told us during training its on those sort of devices including smartphones, i remember an episode of Americas Most Wanted and they showed a gun shot victim being "located" by that type of technology and that episode was around early 2000's coincidence? they also advised us that the gps 911 feature cant be shut off

    • Having plan is first . I have family in Mexico is where I plan be before end of this year . Is best to leave the country I seen news from Mexico and there saying Obama wants USA as one religion & one government control by them . Every one will be given job no matter you don't want it and live in fema camps . If people like us fight there is likely the solders from Russia will kill us . Obama has got Russian solders that's fact and weapons kill those who rebel against new world order this was a warning the news out to save yourself before they deny entry to Mexico due to chaos.. Mexico will deny access to people in USA due to Bully USA doesn't want people escape.I went to DMV and they said I need a chip in my ID . I refused and driving without license I am in corn husker state . I saw few ppl refuse chip ID and I will get put on list for denying she said at DMV .not sure what the hell means .

  10. I wouldn't worry too much about this. There are hackers out there who are always going to be smarter and find a loophole through whatever new technology is presented.

    It would be relatively simple to just create an app or hack that overrides or disables the chip. It wouldn't be available or advertised through the traditional app markets, but it would be available for anyone who really wants to block the thing in their phone.

    A much more interesting concept to think about is: what if someone else gained access to this emergency network? It could be for either fun mischief or malicious disaster.

  11. its good and bad ni a way………. I aint tryna get bombed but they may be spying on you… plus how in da hell are they gonna know if their is a type a disater or situation ., thats wat fox 5 is for.. by the time they tell us 2 get out it may be too late

  12. exercise program directly beamed to your brain, well Lol…

    atleast we can laugh in the face of danger just for a few seconds…

    But this matter is really serious! I got to find a way before next year comes…

  13. this is disgusting

    taking over everything

    preparing the people for some kind of catastrophic event and putting the people in some sort of state of fear and insecurity ,this is complete BS. they are the only true terror in this world

  14. God bless the person who can identify the chip and teach all the un-techies how to remove it completely from their phones.

      • There a whole underground of phone hacking… I believe in them… but that may just result in getting banned on the phone network =(.. which has already been in the "talks" by AT&T, Google, and Verizon…

    • You are missing the point. It's not that the gubment is going to beam propaganda into your brain against your will.

      It's that the millions of chumps who don't know better are going to go along with that propaganda.

      Also, every intrusive step they take without political resistance encourages them to take another

  15. It seems odd that they say that there's "no way to opt out", but at the same time, it shows a preference screen several times throughout the video that has checkboxes as to whether you want to receive certain types of alerts.

    It doesn't sound like this is a "chip" per se, it's just a software update to the computer inside your phone that accepts these higher-priority text messages.

    But, as the guy at 1:53 said, if you're wearing a cell phone, you're being tracked anyhow. And given some of the cell phone hacks I've heard about, it's possible for criminals to turn on the mic on your phone while it looks like it's off, and snoop all your conversations, location info, and everything anyhow. The only safe cell-phone is one with the battery taken out, and sitting inside a Faraday cage.

    • I know the government has already started peeking in on other people's discussions.

      And I wouldn't be surprised if it indeed was a chip. That way the government gets standardized information (set up the way THEY want it); with no proprietary coding needed. All that's needed is a way to communicate with the telephone OS.

  16. soylent pizzas on

    one chip, two chip, three chip, four…

    when will we all be chipped in forehead or hand?

    chip this, chip that, chippy chip chip!

  17. and for those of us who dont have phones..I guess we are lucky?……

    In the past 2 mos. I've learned about the occult symbolism in music…to the illuminati and the NWO agenda..and t.v /mind control..you name it…I dont claim to know it all but I am wide awake now…and I used to be terrified!…I couldnt eat or sleep but now I am just angry!!!…and fearless!!!…I hate these bastards!…They will rot in hell!!

    pardon my french

  18. why doesnt the american people get to vote on stuff like this??? if we did it would certainly not pass (or maybe it would because people are so brainwashed under fear).

    if this happens a lot of people are going to stop using cell phones though.

    i might just have to start taping messages to a bird and send it to its destination to communicate.

    • Gary Dirtwise on

      beacause in a democracy its mob rule, if the mob is stupid they all agree, in a republic the people themselves have a say


    Its somewhat ironic because we all get this counter information from Vigilant, which could be just as tainted as government propaganda- remember that propaganda is anything that produces a thought or idea in your head. What I love about VC is that he says, "THINK FOR YOURSELF! DONT JUST BLINDLY LISTEN TO ME!"

    We all need to band together as Americans and make a grand recipe:

    2 parts civil disobedience

    1 part coconut wireless

    3 parts selflessness

    mixed in a large bowl of informed masses (actually functioning informed masses)

    BY THE WAY: I've never been a big fan of the 2012 hype- if its being supported by Hollywood, than something is definitely wrong. But it seems like since people think it might be the end of the world, that a false government message coupled with disinformation about the event would inspire widespread rebellion. And not even noteworthy, honorably rebellion, but my drunken generation stealing TV's (IRONIC LOL) and smoking meth. And if we've learned anything from POP CULTURE'S BFF MARIA OF METROPOLIS, a pop culturally produced revolution leads to fascist suppression.

    I'm not deeply christian- people take the bible to literally. (RED FLAG!)

    But I will say that the archetypes of the stories are universal and apply to everyday life:

    The rapture and those left on earth for the undead rings a NWO bell in my brain.

    I'd rather die defending what I believe in and my friends, family, and art, than be artificially preserved in a system that feeds off my fear and money. The real terrorist is the one that harms and scares you. The real terrorist is the media.

    Wake the fuck up. Its been too long.

    • add 1 part bloody revolution and i'll eat that cake!

      the media isnt the real terrorists. the government is.

  20. Intersting. For those that seems to be unaware, I have this gut feeling that America is being used as a pilot for one world control. To be aware of what will happen in the next couple of years all across the globe, all we need to do is focus on America. For they are the country every other country aspires to be like, so if they impliment whatever they need to there, then surely the rest of the world will follow and it wont be as hard to convince us.

    • @Fleurdamour. The Obama admin is the same as the bush admin. Obama is continueing where Bush left off. It's the same game working under a different name. Bush admin ordered wire taps, yet Obama admin started changing your bill of rights, *….*, etc

      *Fill in other things that suits you.

  21. Chococatboy on

    Okay so Im just 13, and of course just like any other teen I love my phone (htc sprint evo). And V.C is so informing, ans peoples long comments above have me really scarred. I was shaking really bad and wanted to go cry to my parents, but that wouldnt do any good. I mean is this something that might happen? Or is it going to happen ? And why werent people given the choice to vote ?

    • If your having trouble sleeping, don't worry. The sky is still there, the sun also rises, and your still reading this. The internet is full of scary stuff but yet it is only on a screen like a movie. You choose what pair of (glasses) you want to see the world in – it can be fear, love, hate, anger, peace.

      I pick the pair of glasses that see Love in the world- yeah the lenses get smudged from time to time but with a little work and careful maintenance they clean up well to see clearly again.

      When someone worries too much they put up blinders and can't see too well. So they miss out on the good times, family,and friends standing right in front of them. Worry also blinds people to the beauty of the stars at night or taking peace in feeling the sun hit your face and the feeling wind in your hair.

      You may need to take an internet holiday to get back in touch with the natural world and people around you. Spend time with those around you, and play outside. Your young and you should enjoy you youth a little more. There is no need to worry yourself sick. You should definately talk to your parents about it.

      We may live in scary times, but every time period since man has stepped foot on this Earth has been scary. The world was here well before us and it will be here after us – so don't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, That's God's job. Ours is to be a good neighbor to one another, work well with our talents to glorify and to try and lead an exemplary life that would honor your parents.

      God bless you, and don't forget which pair of glasses to put on and take off those blinders :-)

    • communication breakd on

      It can be frightening I agree. I'm with you on that! But fear is not necessarily a 'bad' thing. Fear of heights or snakes or heart disease is not bad. These fears can help to keep us alive, fit, healthy and uninjured!

      A fear is a motivation to DO something (run away from that bear!) or do something more carefully (be careful on that high scaffolding!).

      Fear of the 'big brother' is not much different to fear of spiders. It's a product of wanting to survive and be safe. The fear gives us the motivation to actually do something positive about it. So in that respect it is a very healthy reaction. More healthy than apathy, denial, delusion! Fear shows you are awake and aware. NOT being scared of spiders or big brother or snakes or heights is foolish and potentially disastrous.

      The problem is when fear becomes anxiety. Anxiety happens when we don't address or understand our fears or we try and bury them or not do anything about them.

      In many ways I think the whole big brother/ NWO stuff is frightening mostly because we have no (mainstream socially acceptable) way to express, share, address, or act on our (justified and healthy) fears. (although this is changing as communities start to get together to discuss issues like these). But if we don't talk about these issues with friends, family, work colleagues, local community etc our fears can get buried as we go about our daily lives and can easily turn into a killing anxiety.

      The mainstream media makes it all worse by refusing to address our genuine fears (while helping us to cover them up with endless TV shows, sports etc) while at the same time also bombarding us with totally unjustified reasons to be fearful and telling us we – as ordinary citizens – can do nothing positive about it (and so turning that fear to anxiety). If the media wasn't controlled then whenever the population started to feel the same fears it would be brought up, get discussed and eventually get resolved in a positive way. That's how fear *should* work.

      So the feeling of fear is really just like a fire alarm ringing in our minds. It's not there to frighten us it's there to get our attention and motivate us to look for a positive resolution.

      As for the NWO itself…. don't forget that all of this big brother stuff is a *defensive* move on their part. Meaning they are ones being threatened by things like the internet which has allowed the population to share information, bypass the mainstream media, discuss stuff openly and express themselves in a way that has never before been possible in human history.

      In so many ways the NWO has always been in control throughout history…. they are not trying to take control – they are trying to KEEP control. And they are only trying to put all this big brother crap in place because they are now losing control more and more.

      Don't forget that if the illuminati have a version of 'vigilant citizen' it will be full of shocking headlines like:

      New Statistics Suggest up to 300 Sheeple Are Now Waking Up Every Second Around the World.

      Another Defeat for Tyranny as Osama Lies are Exposed and Ridiculed

      Tyranny on the Line as High School History Classes Start Discussing NWO Openly

      Documents Predicted NWO Society to be in Place by Year 2000 – What Went Wrong?

      Also they face a difficult dilemma because the more they struggle to keep control (in the face of this global awakening) the more they just end up waking up more people. Look at the Osama fiasco. Even people on the TV were saying that he'd probably died years ago and it was all made up. The OBL lies woke millions of people up even more and turned them away from the ridiculous mainstream media news.

      And every new lie that gets exposed means people will be less inclined to believe them the next time. They are seriously running out of credibility. It's very hard to gain back credibility once it has been lost – even if you do take control of everyone's phones and shut down the internet! These are all acts of desperation.

      I think the main problem now is not 'them' it is 'us'. The NWO is a two way relationship. We keep them in place with our behavior and attitudes just as much as they 'control' our lives.

      Their centuries old system is collapsing but if we don't actually step in and replace it with a better system – if we don't properly take *responsibility* for our health, wealth, communities, food, information etc – then it will be like we are begging them to stay in control of our lives when they should all be in a retirement home (so to speak).

      "Dear Mr and Mrs Illuminati, look we know your time is over but the thing is we still can't really cope very well with managing our own society, and even though we should all be awake and actively sorting our society out to make it better, most of us still prefer to just watch TV, play video games, go shopping and watch sports every spare moment we have instead of living in the real world as free thinking, empowered, unique and imaginative and responsible individuals …. so please can you stay in control and manage our lives for us even though we find your philosophy of hierarchy, control and brute force disgusting and terrifying …. thanks"

      One of the most major things that keeps the NWO in place is our tendency to still obey our social conditioning and NOT act on our healthy fears in a positive, healthy way, and instead allow them to become negative anxieties that drain us. The excuse for us doing nothing to resolve our fears has (for centuries) always been that we have governments to sort out all our fears and anxieties on our behalf.

      No wonder we are all such nervous wrecks! LOL


      • Excellent reply and post! Exactly.. well said.. your post and the one right before it.. it is just like that.. a two way street.. they feed off of us, we them.. it's true.. reality.. not just 'them' co-dependent relationship of some sort.. but the internet can be a scary place.. sometimes more so than even real life.. I agree, sometimes we need to get back to nature and the simpler things of life.. I don't have children of my own.. but I have friends who do and when I go hang out with them.. things are so much simpler.. and innocent.. they don't worry about 'conspiracy theory' or who the Illuminati are.. yeah, we should be aware of those things.. but we should also sometimes take a break and just be natural..


    It's says it all right there.

    I haven't owned a phone for almost a year now, not very long, but it's opened up my eyes!

    It's ridiculous when i'm in my break room at work full of employee's and no ones talking to eachother because they're all texting!! I don't understand it!!

    How can I be judged as "weird" because I have different views on things when people cannot even communicate with eachother besides arguing over a laker game?

    Lord we are in deeeeeep and it's only getting worse…

    "It's not the end of the world, but I can see it from here"

    God Bless!

  23. @chococatboy and others, this Is just apart of the times we are in, this is end times and no one can deny that, Jesus is coming… Their are alot of things that are going to happen that are and is going to be scary … Just stay on the right path and don't be foolish and you will have nothing to worry about.

    God bless, check out my channel:

    • Join Freedom Force International and together international take back the power centers of society by using our individual talents, being the best version of our selvies for the greater good, and informing others in constructive ways (not the chicken-little way with the sky is falling business)


      The more like minded people join, the more unified it can be to take back the power centers of society the same way the were taken away. The important thing to remember is that this has been a struggle for many generations, so it may take awhile to change the tide, but once it does as it has before the waves of freedom will roll on in.

      Surfs up Everyone :-)

  24. if there's any truther in San Antonio, tx hit me up on ma email…im sick n tired of ppl thinking im nuts. ma friends, family n even church sometimes feel i put too much into reading nutty cases…i try to wake the sheeple up but some just dont want to be awaken from the nauseating matrix. people even hardly pick a book and read, how much more research what's going on around them…

    • i feel the same way. i thought i had a breakthrough with my sister, but she just ended up going back to her old ignorant ways.

  25. i think i am the only one that can live without a cellphone so far.. i am 21 and refuse to pay 23 dollars a month to have my cell connected.. i use the good old house phone. hehehe.

  26. we need to wake up now!! because if we decide to ignore the issues thinking they will resolve on their own, it will be too late cause we will already be dead.

  27. I too, have tried to tell some friends and help the open their eyes..but its like they want to stay in 'their bubble' it is so frusterating at times!!!…But to read here on VC and other forums…I stay focused and I have hope and Thank God my eyes are open!!!!

    • Listen, you don't need to tell anyone. You don't have any evidence, and you are transferring unfounded fears to people that just want to get along and be normal. Most people can't take a hypothesis that will just make them sad, powerless and paranoid.

      Don't connect the dots for them. It doesn't help at this point. Just tell to be very careful with (if they have) kids if the use energy saving lights, as they have mercury which will affect the kids intelligence. Or to be careful about their beds, which have Bromium or Boric acid, tell them the effect. Or if they have PosturePedic like foams, ask them if they have felt this or that way, etc.

      This way, they start to see the many in congruences of today life. For example, if you want a mattress with no chemicals that will dumb you down, you need to have a medical order from a doctor. Isn't it strange you cannot have a normal cotton mattres unless a "doctor" says so?

  28. eyes to see on

    I have never posted, but love vigilant citizen. I just shared this story on Facebook. I went to add a comment that "I really like vigilantcitizen.com, and would like to know the alternative news sites you like." Facebook DENIED my comment indicating it had bad content or was spammy. What a load of crap! I changed the wording in my comment to just Vigilant Citizen, and the comment was accepted. Well, the CIA does run Facebook, I guess it's to be expected. Keep up the good work vigilant!

      • Robin Shadowes on

        I would rather delete my account if it becomes mandatory with iris-scans.

      • I would rather give up all my technology if it's going to be that invasive! The hell with 'connecting'! Except that getting valuable information.. like on this site and many others frequent.. and some of the actual connections I have made with people online.. like an intellectual support system.. are important..

  29. gary dirtwise on

    whats worse is T-mobile is to be merged with AT&T so there'll only be 3 major carriers, so mass hysteria will inevitable

  30. So what you're saying is verizon won't connect my old phone so I can save money. I mean since it won't be equipped with the big brother chip. Sigh….screw the government.

  31. I am very Anti-Micro-chipping.

    In the Bible it speaks about people receiving the "mark of the beast" which is a micro-chip implanted under a persons skin (location: hand or forehead). It represents the anti-Christ and is blasphemous in God's eyes. The bible refers to it as the "unforgivable sin" People will be required to get this chip, seeing that scanning it is the only way to buy food, clothes, etc… How robotic.

    Its interesting how there has been so much talk about micro-chipping now a days. People need to begin realizing that this is only the beginning. It is a gradual process, first they micro-chip pets, then credit cards, then cellular phones, and then other technological items, and then finally people. The religious society needs to come together to fight this, not just bend over and take it. It is only a very short matter of time until they become mandatory injects into people in the United States.

    • Sarah Connor on

      I agree with you 100% KT – it's a one way ticket. It is one of the biggest warnings the bible has on the matter for the last days:

      Message From The Three Angels of Revelations

      Sadly I see it being pushed for many reasons: safety, convienence, medical necessity = emotional manipulation.

  32. Okay this is a huuuuge stretch but what if this chip or something of the like, is implemented so that in the event one of the governments underground (literal and figurative) experiments backfire, they can just shut down the entire grid that is our media/ energy source, and claim something happened in said area and just bomb it or cause some other kind of disaster and just cover it up?…

    Or if they think we are awakening/ being too questionable and they decide to sacrifice a populace as I mentioned above and again, cover it up since no one will have access to information for a good amount of time. Sounds crazy but hey, HollyWeird has shown us they posses the imagination for it and hence, can find ways to make it reality….

  33. Suddenly the whole farce surrounding the supposed death of OBL (and subsequent media shit-storm) make a lot more sense. I was patently skeptical at the announcement, for what means they intended I wasn't sure; but I intuitively felt that the popular concensus was some sort of blatant propaganda balderdash. I mean do you really think they could put together this program in 9 days, c'mon!!! This has been ready and waiting for the catalyzing 'event' to introduce it.

    Reading this article brought to mind a few recent press releases: Apple submitting patents for software that remotely taps into a phone, without the user's knowledge, and for whatever purposes or at any time, can listen or take photographs at their discretion — not to mention the whole iphone tracking program recently brought to light –. Walmart telescreens reminding shoppers to keep an eye out and report any suspicious activity. The fact that our government, with our money, paid some 9B USD to subsidize the conversion to HD. Fingerscanners at gyms, tanning salons, elementary school cafeterias. Cops in Michigan with scanners that allow them to view everything in the cellphone of someone they are questioning. That stupid friggin' satanic bunny Karotz spy apparatus that people will be lining up to buy with money they don't have. Why is it so easy for us to see it while others can remain so oblivious to the connections; I mean the general motive – control & invasion of privacy – seems pretty damn apparent to me. :(

    However, I notice that it this is just another 'totalitarian tip-toe' tactic; the more that this Orwellian intrusiveness is allowed, the more entitled and bold they become with their agenda. I guess I would just like to extend my heartfelt love, respect gratitude and encouragement to all of you. We cannot succumb to defeat, we cannot dumb ourselves back down, we cannot give up, it is imperative that we keep educating ourselves and encouraging others to do the same.

  34. OFF TOPIC: Wouldn't let me post on the "Denver Airport" article, so I'm posting here. An excellent source is Author Alex Christopher who claimed to have worked in the tunnels under the airport, and described what appeared to be vast holding areas for prisoners, strange nausea-inducing electromagnetic forces, and caverns big enough to drive trucks through. The information of Alex Christopher is worth reading. Here is the link: http://www.think-aboutit.com/aliens/ac.html

  35. recently i heard a sie fie programme in which humanbs minds were being shut down when they picked up their phones, by a signal that was being put through the phone…..

    • Robin Shadowes on

      I saw the two-parter mini-series The Phantom some weeks ago. His arch-enemies The Singh Brotherhood had some creepy mind-control technology in it.

  36. A random thought on

    lol what a piss-take phone's track you,all payment cards,cctv,public travel,internet site's,some cars the list goes on and on its getting way to much yet poeple just seem to lap it up like good little doggy's, the worst one is when you hear ''well if your not doing anything wrong why does it matter.'' these people couldent be missing the point more if they tried it drives me crazy. Bin the phones people we never needed them in the very recent past why now? not to mention your all frying your brains with the bloody things.

  37. "We are at war with Eurasia, we have always been at war with Eurasia…" (Or was it Eurasia? was it the other side?–I can't remember, they kept switching sides of who "we are at war" with all the time…?) From the book "1984" — everytime something like this article happens it makes me think of that line from that book.

    Sure, sure give us a little more "peace and safety" and take away some more of our rights and independence and privacy. We're in a war on terror and we need big brother to watch over us. Question is who is worse the "terrorist" (who might actually be some of us reg. folk according to big brother, … er, …our gov't.) or big brother?

    • Robin Shadowes on

      Funny how Orwell croaked just the year after the novel was published. Makes one wonder if he was murdered or not.

  38. ~Truth be told~ on

    I often observe how disconnected we all truely are. people are insanely glued to the screens of their phones, ear pieces, computers, ipod,ipads, anything that is able to disconnect you from reality. we as humans were created to function. The quickest route to death in wallowing in a bed of slumber and indolence. I just shake my head in discust because this type of behavior is banked on by the masses

  39. Sarah Connor on

    HELLO – Best hour and a half I spent ALL YEAR!!!

    NWO, Illuminati, Vatican, Zeitgeist Exposed – Part 1 of 8

    w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg5KpwrksI0&feature=player_embedded

    It has already been deleted off youtube once, watch while you can.

    This film dives into the formation of the Illuminati, how it infiltrated freemasonry, and the satanic nature of it’s aims. It then goes into the Vatican’s involvement with the Bohemian Grove, New world order elite, And freemasonry while exposing how the vatican is now anti-christian.

    The last segment debunks Zeitgeist type claims of a Christ conspiracy and exposes the plan to destroy christianity making a new age one world religion.

  40. If you really want to know about our nation's security, just type itanimulli (dot) com into your address bar (I leave the Ws out…for reasons) (also, be sure to put an actual period and not the word 'dot' in parentheses..)…i was kind of blown away by what it took me too. Be aware that the web address is 'Illuminati' spelled backwards. o__o

  41. Wow. After reading 1984, I was already seeing Big Brother-esque themes in America. But this….this is just…wow. I foresee a daily "2 Minutes Hate" in our future. In fact, it's already happening with Osama.

  42. Yes! Exactly.. what else is there to say about this.. it is self evident.. Japan has already had this..?? Did it warn them about the earthquake????!!!!!!!!?????????? What good will these messages do if they aren't even real..??? It is unbelievable how '1984' is so more than true! They already say that our TV's can watch us! Yeah, like you said, short of implanting chips in our very bodies.. their DREAM! They are doing the next best thing.. make the best phones so we cannot do without them and become dependent (and greedy) on them.. and then they can track us, and manipulate us.. I liked him at first.. I really did.. but more and more I have to wonder..

  43. its sad.. Some of the horrible things in the book of Revelations will take place during my lifetime such as the anti-christ an I'm only a teenager. I cant tell my friends because their trapped in music and reality shows and think that everything is ok they would think that im smoking meth. This is exactly what the elite want. When the time comes and they reveal themselves to us we will lose commnication and everyone will become government snitches rattin us out to become exterminated and many will be taken over. We need to just find a way to group up and resist its not too late just need more people but just food for thoughy. If their doing it in egypt why cant we. 2012 wont be the end of the world but the end of privacy and being an individual we all will be watched. 2012 is the start of them executing their plans and we wont have anything to do. shaking my head at my zombie generation

  44. I'm only 17 and I'm so fed up with the direction this country is going–I know other countries are in on it too, but are they AS obsessed with the NWO agenda as the U.S.? I live in California, and I love this state, but I'm considering just moving to England to escape this B.S. I know England is in on it too, but is it as intense?

    Perhaps Australia….If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate an answer :)

  45. I've been a visitor of this site for some time, and I must say VC I am glad I stumbled upon it. This particular article, however, makes me really cringe. Looks like I won't be upgrading my cell phone next year. 😉

  46. Recenltly in South Africa they introduced what is called RICA, an Act that requires all cellphone users to register their numbers along with their address details etc. Besically a cellphone number can be used as your ID. The Act authorizes the NIA to monitor conversations of crime suspects and obviously leaders of rebelious groups and opposition party leaders.

    It gives me chills how ignorant Afr!ka is. But I suspect that countries (Western) with vested interests purposefully deny Afr!ka to become enlightened. They probably installed sleepers or agents influencing our policies and legislation to ensure that Afr!ka does not rise from its pernicious slumber or to put it more precisely to ensure that we never rise up against imperialist agendas through information and literature. Library is a scarce resource and less than 10 million people can access the internet.

    How dumb can our leaders be not to utilize the mass media power to promulgate an Elightenment Revolution agenda. We are still ravaged by illeteracy and apathy; depending on government grants. We are mere specatators of world events – particularly the high-tech and scientific revolution. And the brain drain is not doing us any justice too.

    Worse our leaders do not believe that we can rise if we apply the best practices from the West. They do not believe that we have the intellectual capacity to invent things – inferiority complex. We are still depedent on foreign skill; and of course, the blame game, blaming Apartheid for everything that's happening now. Politicians blackmail us emotionally to vote for them by telling us the 'struggle' continues. What struggle! Apartheid is gone 17 years ago, equally the strugle is irrelevant. The only thing that keeps SA going is the resources, but wait untill 2020 when China stops buying our resources. The commodity prices are surging high because China and India are buying lots of them, hence price increases. And China now is researching other sources of natural resources, they have recently discovered what is called Biomass which will replace coal. And so they'll soon stop importing coal, and our coal mining industry will feel it.

    China, India and Japan have managed to revolutionise their countries into modernisation and industrialization. Why can't we do it! We have negelected the Seven Pillars – Rule of Law, Science and Tech, Pragmatism, Meritocracy, Education, Free Market Trade (forgot the last one) – by Prof. Kishore Mahbubani, New Asian Hemisphere; Chp 2.

    Coming back to the main point, the whole big brother thing in Afr!ka will just be even better a smooth ride because people are completely ignorant – shockingly nauseous.


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