Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land (video)


In this 1957 Disney educational film on mathematics, Donald Duck learns basic concepts that are usually taught in esoteric circles such as the Pythagorean theorem, the mathematical complexity of pentagrams and the Golden Ratio. These are the basics of the ancient art of sacred geometry. To learn these things, Donald Duck even had to join Pythagoras’ secret society, which distinguished its initiated with the symbols of the pentagram. Interesting video on concepts that wouldn’t be touched by today’s children TV shows with a 10 foot pole.



  1. Is it true Walt Disney practiced white magic? I've been told that and it seems like his movies would be evidence, but other then that I've never read anything. Also, was he really a 33rd degree mason? I remember club 33 at disneyland. Sorry if these are dumb questions, I just would like to read more about it. Thanks!

      • You all need to get your definition of a goddamn pentagram right. A simple pentagram has the point face upward. In other words, the star we all know and draw.

        THE INVERTED PENTAGRAM is what is related to Satanism because the two points facing upwards are the horns, the two points on each side the ears, and the point down the chin. Get it right.

        Half of the people who try and understand the stuff on this site take it completely out of context. You all take the symbolism to a point where it isn't Illuminati symbolism, it's stupidity.


        The Pythagoreans called the pentagram ὑγιεία Hugieia ("health"), and saw in the pentagram a mathematical perfection.

        The ancient Pythagorean pentagram, with two legs up, represented the Pentemychos (πεντέμυχος "of five sanctuaries"), a cosmogony written by Pythagoras' teacher and friend Pherecydes of Syros. It was the "island" or "cave"where the first pre-cosmic-offspring had to be put in order for the cosmos to appear: "the divine products of Chronos' seed, when disposed in five recesses, were called Πεντέμυχος.

      • I remember watching the vid…i could'nt stay awake back then and i could'nt do it now eithier…

    • Mr Walt Disney has never been connected to any masonic lodge and thus the claim that he was a mason remains unsubstantial claims.


      Disney was however a member of DeMolay, wich makes heavy use of masonic symbolism and is named after the famous Jaques de Molay who was a templar burned at the stake by the vatican.

      Disney movies are steeped in anti vatican symbolism.

      This is the reason that Dan Brown lets his fictional hero Robert Langdon have a Mickey Mouse watch in his books.

      As for the alledged nazi-connections that is a straw man argument. Masonry is as pro-jewish as it gets.

      • You are right about the lack of any substantial proof on Walt Disney being a Mason (at least to my knowledge). Though one can't deny the (overflowing) amount of esoteric and subliminal symbols and messages related to (pretty much anything) Disney, which essentialy makes it irrelevant whether or not he was or wasn't, since Disney movies are filled with with all kinds of magical stuff I pray you never show your children.

        The claim on Masonry being 'pro jewish' is however incorrect, to the extent masons (the illuminati) are pro zionist, not jewish. As it seems there is a clear distinction between the two. In WWII for example, it was the zionists that made the holocaust happen -the nazi's were zionists funded by ex-pres. Bush's grandfather and other rich zionist families-. There is much more info on the matter that can be easily found on the internet if interested.

    • Okay, about 2 years ago my Maths teacher decided that for fun we would watch this because we had finished all we needed to for the year. Everyone thought it was boring, but i was literally sitting there like "Omg omg omg… This is messed up." Obviously not wanting to sound ridiculous i didnt say anything but it's scary how this is on here…

      • Name (required) on

        this video is awesome, disney should have done more of this than nonsense or occulty mumbo jumbo – laws of the octave are about life itself and not about some sinister worship, don't seen evil everywhere, this is the basis of life and music and form and harmony

      • what do you mean by "messed up". when i saw this video, i thought to myself "geometry makes alot more sense now. xp

      • Wow, I didn't know the pentagram had such an interesting mathematic value in nature.

        Haven't seen the whole video but I'll when I get home from work 😉

    • The Walt Disney Family is one of the outer circle families of th Illuminati. Meaning they are not a direct family such as the Astors, Rothchilds, Rockafellers, etc. But they are one of the occult following families. Walt was a perv. They used Disney World and Disney Land underground areas to make kiddie porn, snuff films, etc. Most of the Disney actors/actresses are MK Ultra (Mind Control) media toys to use and abuse at the Elite's will. You can find other good info on the Illuminati and the part of Disney in the occult and NWO on this site, intheknow7, and conspiracy zone. Just google the terms and the site should come up. Or Google illuminati family and disney connections. Evil has a face and it is right in our midst.

    • Walt Disney was, just as Bill Clinton, a member of the lodge De Molay. De Molay is a freemason lodge for young men. This is on official records. Besides from this I don't know if he was member of other lodges in the later days.

  2. I have the movie on VHS and I've had it since I was like 6 years old. Neeeever thought about that until now.

  3. I think this is a great movie with Donald, Now this is the quality of cartoons that should be out. Not this mindless Sponge Bob, Hannah Montannah, and the garbage of the last 40 years.

      • Exactly! Also, this is quite deep for children. Usually maths for kids are much more practical (and funny), or that is what we would expect to see in a maths cartoon from Disney. The "Mathemagics" thing… sounds a bit sinister to me…

      • So what? I am beginning to think all the Satanism nonsense is a fundamentalist Christian crusade against knowledge. An attempt to dumb down the masses. Who are the real evil ones?

      • Eat that apple Joe, nice and ripe it is. Remember what Keyser Soze said? "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist". Good luck with that… you're going to need it.

    • Pig with lip stick on

      But it is still evil teachings. It is no better then the cartoons today. Wrong is wrong even if u put lip stick on it.

      • Teaching children about proportions is evil?

        I'm sorry, but I just don't see it. The pentagram isn't in a circle, no magic is being done…if he wanted to make something sinister about Pythagoras, Disney could have just told the kiddies about how the Pythagorean Society used to kill people for talking about irrational (the Greek word for "irrational" also meant "unspeakable") numbers.

        Nothing can harm your soul unless YOU let it.

  4. Disgustipated on

    That was great. I remember seeing that in grade school now. That one ranks right up there with the G.I. Joe predictions. Just happy to see more articles and posts that aren't about pop stars!

  5. Very interesting. Hadn't paid much attention to the significance of the sizes, of the parts of a pentagram.

    • one of those sequences is an encoded reference to cell division, etc

      it can also be a cell of human members all working together.. sometimes we call it a 'coven' hehe

    • i did, but didnt want to focus too much on the concept given that they were most likely moths. but it was interesting that they would fly out of his ears right when his mind had been "swept clean"

  6. Well, predictive programming or not, this is simply facinating!

    And I'm sure there will be some of you to remind me of how Evil of a troll I am for saying this… (ask me if I care…)

    But regardless of Freemasonry and all that stuff, I'll bever stop to be amazed by nature.

    And that's that!

    • I agree – I studied Greek and Renaissance art in college and the golden ratio. It's basic sacred geometry, the building blocks of the universe.

    • Yes, people: we need to remember that occult information, symbols, etc, are NOT dark or black or evil themselves, but that those in power are using this information in a dark way, for dark purposes.

      Sacred geometry is actually the blueprint that the whole entire universe is based on and should be studied, not discarded in fear! It's beautiful and amazing and will change your life in the best possible way if you start looking into it.

      However I still find these Disney videos creepy because of the additional mind control symbolism (such as the aforementioned butterflies) that slips through…

      • face in the crowd on

        Irony. What disturbes me the most is the music. Stravinsky?

        the flower of life and sacred geometry and the ancient re-telling of stories (on both sides) are all very nice, but we as a human race, always miss the entire point.

        science proves God exists, sacredgeometry informs us of a message of limitless information being presented to us via our environment and as an unaboidable result, we gain knowledge of our surrounding environment. the question is not why. the question is HOW

        like…it is not "WHY did Disney create all these creepy stories/images and influence generations of children and why currently, are those children unable to think for themselves?"

        but rather…"HOW did Disney create all these creepy stories/images and influence generations of children and HOW currently, are those cildren unable to think for themselves?"

        how could we loose a childlike lust for the language of science? oh yea, shit like Disney HOW IRONIC

      • amilovesyou, excellent points. I totally agree with you.

        See, the elitists take "fire" and turn fire into a "flamethrower".

        The elitists created the Internet (DARPAnet) but designed it according to a control/surveillance-grid.

        Things do not have to be this way.

        To live under a scientific dictatorship is *not* the "manifest destiny" of technology unless we all remain technologically illiterate and do nothing about it.

        The problem is that so many people have been (deliberately) dumbed-down that there is not enough opposition, the anti-thesis in the Hegelian Dialectic.

        I wouldn't be surprised if the Internet was given to us because some of the elites and academics were asking for an opposition to come about. You cannot play tennis with yourself. But, as G Edward Griffin points out, if you're the tennis ball, then you'll always lose!

        So, as we go into the technotronic era, think about many things and the following:

        Now you tell me

        Who you gonna get to do the dirty work

        When all the slaves are free?

        (Who're you gonna get)

        ~ Joni Mitchell

        And when robotics replace further jobs, why even allow the slaves to be kept alive?

  7. How long did they show the star? Far too much if you ask me. Thats weird. The rest of the video is rather fascinating to be honest, if only one can relate to nature this way. Its amazing.

  8. Hastings Wolfe on

    Freemasons cannot diminish the proof in nature of an ultimate-genius engineer, The Creator. Just because humans try to co-opt these things doesn't change the fact that God is the greatest Artist and Mathematician.

    • Secret societies such as the masons understand sacred geomoetry all to well but would rather not share this information with the rest of the world. I like many others have always been fascinated by the pyramids and stonehenge. During my research of those locations i came across a place in Florida called Coral Castle. Coral Castle was built single handedly by one man, Ed Leedskalin. Ed acknowledged that he understood the secrets of the pyramids and stonehenge (and by looking at coral castle i think its safe to say he did). When i first discovered coral castle i was fascinated because (unlike stonhenge, the pyramids exc) we actually know exactly who built it. Not only do we know who built it but he left behind all the clues for us to understand how he built it. Ed was sick as a child and never had a normal childhood, his grandfather who was a stonemason (most likely part of the freemasons) took him under his wing and tutored him daily sharing all his knowledge with him. This is the reason i believe he left behind the information for us to understand, because he was never a part of or took any oaths of alligance to any secret societies (the masons more in particular). The star of david is featured prominently in this video as well as coral castle because in my opinion it is the first and most prominent shape you need to understand if you want to understand the concept of free energy. Anways I will post some links for anyone more interested in Coral Castle or Ed Leedskalin

      The Secret of The Universe
      (as i said ed left behind many clues and the most prominent one was carved into a stone and said " the secret of the universe is 7129 6105195" this video decodes those number and also shows that the clues Ed left behind can also be found at an interesting location, The Grand Lodge of Philadelphia)

      The Mystery of Coral Castle

      Extreme Mysteries Coral Castle

      • very interesting its articles like these that make me frequent sites like these, i will research this coral castle as well

      • just saw the series, thank you for posting! im so glad i know of this now! im so amazed by this phenomenon….again thank you for sharing

    • @hastings wolfe…nicely said. Proof of elegance and intelligence in nature does not disprove the existence of God.

      I'd also like to share my personal belief in the saying 'intelligent design = intelligent Creator.


      • Thanks for the kind words my friend, im glad you found it interesting. If one person learned something from this than im a happy man and i accomplished my goal. The fact that you took your time to research this and learned something from it is great because knowledge is power. A wiseman knows he is a fool that still has much to learn, A fool thinks he is a wiseman that has nothing more to learn.

    • exactly :)

      did you catch the part in the video where the guy says "there are literally thousands of members in good standing in natures pythagorean society of the star"

  9. Voice of Reason on

    The 'scientific' and 'nature' elements of the movie weren't actually sinister. After all, God did create the universe based on scientific principles (law of gravity, etc.), so to fault His creations (flowers, seashells, etc.) for their mathmatically-sound designs (which He chose to use) isn't right.

    In my opinion, the real problem here was the underlying implication that, in order to be intelligent (enlightened), you had to join a secret society (and I'm sure you noticed that, as soon as Dumb-Ass Donald had received 'the mark' (on his right hand(!), he was educated/illuminated. Hmm…

    Interestingly, I used to attend a Protestant Christian elementary school…and they actually showed this old film! And none of the teachers suspected a thing…

    • in the cartoon
      music was used to express that idea, that only "eggheads" are capable of making music..

      ..but that's not entirely true, is it? :)

      a caveman banging a stick and grunting a tune makes a kind of music.. at least something he recognises as a harmonious pattern.. (even if it means we're not all going to enjoy that music)

      the frenetic music of the 50's bebop (musical section) was used as a metaphor for "sophisticated progress" that this understanding brought to science and modern day living

      the whole cartoon is an encoded work

  10. I really dont understand why both the jewish Kabbalah or sacred geometry have been ridiculed on this website. I am a Christian and still a fan of both, from what I've studied. I understand they are tools, and have the potential to be abused for selfish intentions. But they do make wonderful observations of the wild side of God's work, the mystical wonders in his nature.

    • None of these things were ever "ridiculed" on this website. I personally studied extensively the Golden Ratio and its occurrence in nature.

      • Interesting stuff VC. Hey, maybe Gaga will do an awesome pentagonal geometry educational vid with Donald Duck next. Can't you just see the two of them getting busy with some Bapho-horns and flashin' the "A-OK" signs? Anything to help edu…I mean indoctrinate the children of the world into more of that good old school Babylon mystery religiosity, eh??

        Here's an interesting piece that goes into a lot of detail on all the "golden shower…I mean section" stuff, from a guy coming from the cult of "Theosophy" (i.e., Alice Bailey, Madame Helena Blavatsky) which is the blending of "New Age" earth goddess worship, the Crowley O.T.O. Thelemite doctrines and various bits of other dark occult spiritualism and philosophical views.

        It is also referenced within my "Brief History of Stars – Part One"

        (… ) article in the section on Led Zeppelin and Aleister Crowley, in relation to the pentagram pattern displayed in the orbits of the Earth and Venus in particular (inferior/superior conjunctions, alignments, etc.).

        Apparently, this planetary cycle/pattern was so accurate that "Over a period of almost exactly 8 years, Venus traces out a pentagram (or horn shape) in the sky – the 8 year rotational period is so exact that it was used for time synchronisation until quite recent times (the error is less than half a day every 8 earth years) and accurate time keeping was important to early societies for crop planting, etc."

        Interesting stuff, although obviously its relationship to Mr. Crowley, Ms. Bailey and Blavatsky demon-strate (pun alert) its being heavily worshipped and adored in the black magick / witchcraft side of things. And, of course, the heavy math is likely to make your brains hurt, as well…so be warned.

        It bee, as they say, what it bee. :)

      • more articles on that subject please! and fractals and subjects of that nature! im fascinated by your keen observations on such matters

    • Dr. Crocodile on


      I believe that you are correct in that assumption. It does appear as if the esoteric societies and the Freemason's in particular are usurpers of valuable knowledge. Organizations such as these are guilty of keeping the masses in the dark. The Vatican has corrupted the true nature of christianity and weaponized it with the sole intention of controlling the population.

  11. I remember these so well! There were more than one in this series! They had one about physics too. Always sort of creeped me out as a kid. I never knew why they made videos like this. Even as a kid I thought it was weird.

  12. Thanks disney for educating us on why the pentagram is held in such high esteem by secret societies? And I find it interesting that they call all these proportions "magic"… It isnt magic, its science!

  13. What the fuck. I remember this, my mathematics teacher showed this to our class when we learned this and I thought it was slightly creepy.

  14. This was my favorite video as a kid. I loved nature and was a science geek. Loved it. Don't really see the problem with it, as long as you know Who created all of it.

  15. I don't get it. It looks like a rectangle, wtf makes it a golden rectangle? These guys had a club based off of shapes? Were they 10 and under?

    • It's called a 'golden rectangle' because it's based on the 'golden mean' ratio which is 1.618…. etc, or the sequence of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 … (in which you add up the two previous numbers to get the next number in the sequence).

      What this means with a rectangle, is that you can keep the ratio of the length to the width the same, turn the rectange on its side and the old length will become the new width of the bigger rectangle, then again turn that rectangle on its side and the old length will become the new width of the bigger rectangle, exponentially, to infinity!

      It's pretty amazing that this is the ratio with which all of nature corresponds, including YOU!

  16. If I may I would like to take the Golden Ratio to another level so as to elucidate its sacredness.

    The sexual magickal 93 formula is IHVH, Jehovah or Shaddai el Chai, whose Chaldean form was Al Shadai, the Egyptian god Set/Seth/Sut, who in Arabic is Shaytän/Shaitan, the Christian Satan, which determines the sex/love under will equation and formula to perfection as expressed through the initiated Pythagorean mysteries and mathematics incorporating the Golden Ratio.

    The Hebrews represented this magickal process by the sacred name IHVH, a name or word which they were forbidden to utter because it was to be understood as a sexual formula.

    Interpreting it microcosmically it assumes a magickal sexual significance.

    Interpreted macrocosmically it involves the mystic transformation of the material body into spirit and the further manifestation of spirit in matter via the Golden Ratio expressed through nature.

    Upon the macrocosmic level Yod (I), the hand, is the secret seed of solar cosmic phallic willed God force and awareness in the body of Eve/Isis (He), the pentagram, the five pointed star.

    Upon the microcosmic level Vau, the son, the medium and High Priest of the Father, Yod (I), manifests the will of the Father in an act of copulation with the daughter, Eve/Isis, the High Priestess, (He), the pentagram, the yoni, the woman, who gestates, brings to term, and births Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child representing the Father or word/will made flesh.

    The Masonic square and compass embodies this sacred sexual formula of generation and mathematical Golden Ratio expressed in nature, the IHVH sexual formula, which can also be seen in the Egyptian gods Osiris (I) – Isis (He primal) – Seth (Vau) – Nepthy’s (He final) and Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child embodying the father’s word or willed awareness in corporal form.

    The number 8 symbolizes the infinite energy loop of spirit into matter and matter into spirit, the IHVH magickal formula, which reminds one of a story concerning the fall of Osiris which was brought about when he as Set sought immortality in the flesh.

    Of course the problem arises when the son (Vau) on the microcosmic level is not aligned to the true will of the father (Yod) on the macrocosmic level.

    This was represented when Set murdered Osiris, which can be described as egocentric awareness slaying its spiritual and intuitive aspect.

    Such an aspect was represented by the headless Tau, showing the force detached from its spiritual source.

    The Illuminati abuse the Golden Ratio of the IHVH to build or architect the dream which the consumer then fills with their reactionary unconscious/subconscious mind.

    The Illuminati Adept through the act of sexual generation (IHVH) moulds the psycho sexual energies into any illusionary image he or she wills to architect forms which through the mathematical mechanics of the Golden Ratio bewitch and entrap the reactionary mind of the consumer.

    The Path of Osiris is mystical.

    The Path of Set is magickal.

    The synthesis of the two paths is Horus, the word made flesh through nature’s Golden Ratio.

    Source materials are the books of Typhonian Adept Kenneth Grant.

    • Yomael thank you for always sharing your wisdom so freely! I have to now reread this comment another 5 times! :) (maybe more)

      • I forgot to mention that on the macrocosmic level Eve/Isis is the star Sirius, Aquarius, He, No. 5, the pentagram, in the hand of Donald Duck, the hand representing the Yod, seed, No. 10, being cosmic mind joined to spiritual awareness, Sirius.

    • The five points of the star correspond to the five fingers, too, which all had deeply mystical significance in the ancient Greek world of Pythagoras, each one corresponding to one of the bodies of the solar system- Venus = thumb,Zeus= forefinger, Saturn = middle finger, Sun = ringfinger, Mercury = little finger. The center of the palm where the pentagram is drawn in this video belonged to Mars.

      Osiris and Set are also a version of the twin solar deity, the summer and winter sun. One slays the other eternally as the seasons pass. Set kills Osiris, then Horus, the son of Osiris and therefore his progression, kills Set. Thanks for the comment re: mystical vs. magickal. That's very helpful and clarifying. Horus is born for vengeance, after his father's death, so it makes sense he would have a connotation of war, like in Crowley's construct.

      And I recall once reading that the letters of YHWH also have a mystic meaning of father-mother-son-daughter, meaning the alchemical quaternity of King-Queen-Prince-Princess that symbolically indicates the entire human race in succeeding generations. So the sacred sexuality meaning makes sense in that context.

      • The sexual act of generation… geometrize… gestates… and is made manifest in nature through the Golden Ratio, the four sacred ‘Gs’.

        To go, or the function of going (generation), was the particular characteristic of the gods of Egypt which was symbolized by the Ankh.

        The circle is red and the handle is white determining the joining of the anima and the animus represented in the Ankh.

        The psycho-sexual formula represents the Aeon of Horus, being the Aeon of the Beast conjoined with the woman.

        To recapitulate I (the seed); H – primal (the matrix); V (the act); H – final (the manifestation).

        H (He), the pentagram, is the matrix or receptacle of the seed communicated to it by the act of generation represented by Vau, the son, who manifests the will of the father who made his mother pregnant.

        The nature of the ‘Great Work’ is the awakening of the Daughter so that She takes Her rightful place on the throne of the Great Mother which is determined by the Daughter rising from the ‘Deep’ of unconscious sleep to spiritual conscious awakening, awareness, and true cosmic identity.

        The Great Mother Herself is the initiator of this process of regeneration.

        Samael/Set represents the dark unconscious sleeping phase of the Daughter; Samael abode with Eve for a long time and she bore him children who were not human although they were indistinguishable from human beings.

        The Aeon of Horus is a transitional phase in this process of regeneration of the Mother (He-primal)-Daughter (He-final) complex and refers to the formula of katabolic disintegration and analysis before the final reintegration or syntheses of the Great Mother and Daughter occurs.

        Sirius, the star, is the spiritual light in the darkness which is made manifest in the Great Mother (He), and the Daughter, who is the woman, the final He, embodying and manifesting awakened conscious spiritual awareness and true cosmic identity.

        The Great Mystery is that the male component acts as a bridge between the phases of analysis and synthesis, which has become a veil of bewitching confusion tripping both initiates and non-initiates alike, because there is only one light of spiritual consciousness which is true Gnosis of the Great Mother (intuition) whom the son acts as medium.

      • Just as Jesus drove seven demons from Mary Magdalene, Horus, the war deity must exorcise the demonic influence and evil spirits who have made the Great Mother their habitation during Her winter sleeping phase, which is represented in the symbolic figure of Samael/Azazel/Set/Satan, who determines sexual magick.

        In the Apocalypse of St. John, Babylon (synonym for the Great Mother during Her sleeping phase), has become infected and possessed by all manner of evil spirits who have entered Her through orgiastic sexual rites and rituals She participated in with the kings of the Earth.

        The five pointed star, pentagram, is also symbolic of feminine menstruation, the deluge of blood which purifies the womb before a new birth cycle begins.

        The New Aeon of Aquarius (Sirius) is represented in the Hebraic alphabet by the letter He, window, No. 5., and as the deceased Typhonian Adept and occult researcher Kenneth Grant prophesied it is the Aeon of the Daughter.

      • I remember reading something from Carl Jung in regard to the passing of the progressive aeons amongst the four archetypes of the quarternity (father, mother, daughter, son). We've been in the aeon of the senex, the old man/father, hence the patriarchal age we have been and are still living through. In order to achieve balance, the aeons progress to the opposite when their psychological influence on society wanes, so the next is supposed to be the aeon of the puella-young girl/daughter. The problem is that the senex in our culture doesn't want to cede its position of dominance, so it's been abusive to the puella, and therefore we get this Babalon corruption of the collective anima and an increase in related social ills like misogyny, homophobia, prostitution, wifebeating etc. It's like a tiny little girl trying to struggle out from under the dominance of a Roman emperor, a ruthless old man willing to do anything to hold onto power because he's cut off from his own feeling function, including compassion. He needs to cede his position to regain social balance, but can't see that. The process of moving to the opposite position is called an enantiodromia, when a progression goes as far as it can in one direction, and snaps back in the opposite direction. We need a collective enantiodromia. When one archetype is in ascendance for too long, things get shadowy and negatively polarized, and that is where we are.

    • PS – I'm sad, I posted an alchemy comment this morning that seems to have been moderated away, about how the pentacle is a goddess symbol.

      • The number 39 represents the Mystical Path, the awakening of intuition, expressing cosmic spiritual conscious awareness and union with the 'Great Mother' who speaks to the initiate through signs, symbols, dreams, visions, and omens in nature.

        The number 93, the opposite of number 39, is the Magickal Path, the IHVH sexual formula in which the vulva of the Great Mother awakens the personal kundalini of the practitioner, which then acts as a door/portal/gateway to Qliphoth realms and alien dimensions of existence.

        Horus (39) makes his home among the stars, while Set (93) his polar twin belongs to the Earth.

        The Path of Horus (the upper mind) leads to spiritual freedom and the Path of Seth (the lower mind) leads to dark obsession and demonic possession.

      • Adepts of the Pythagorean Mystery School used symbols, numbers and sounds to germinate the receptive and reactionary psycho sexual reproductive energies of the initiate’s reactionary unconscious mind, which would later manifest in the initiate’s conscious mind, in adherence to the law of direct proportion of the Golden Ratio, as the initiate advanced up the initiatory scale and ladder.

        The symbols, numbers and sounds were mystical and multidimensional, possessing varying depth, meaning, and significance upon each tier of the hierarchical scale within the Pythagorean Mystery School.

        The false misinterpretation of a symbol, number or sound by an initiate, could have a detrimental and devastating effect upon the initiate’s cognitive learning process and spiritual conscious awareness, evolution, and development, which is why the initiate was slowly, and thoroughly, tested by the Pythagorean teacher Adept, before the initiate was allowed to ascend, and pass on to the next level, on the hierarchical scale of spiritual discernment, learning and growth.

        The profane and non-initiate are ignorant and unaware, of purposeful evil manipulations, which excite reactionary and primitive instinctual superstitious fears and hatreds, awaked through symbols, sounds and numbers, in this case the number 39, just as the rainbow symbol of the goddess Iris, the messenger of Great Mother Goddess Hera, and the Greek gods, is also ridiculed and shunned by the same Afghan public.

        The law and knowledge of the Golden Ratio can be used to the opposite effect and achieve evil in a world where the lack of initiated spiritual knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, turns the human mind into the Devil’s playground.

      • The civil war conflict that tore ancient African civilization apart came about through the development of the Osiris-Nimrod patriarchal priesthood totally separated and divorced from its maternal spiritual source and rootage.

        Egypt was first a colony of inner Africa which was ruled by a matriarchal line of priestesses in the service to the Great Mother Goddess, before the development and rebellion of the Osiris-Nimrod patriarchal priesthood, which eventually after long heated war and battle, superseded and brought about the end and downfall of the matriarchal line of priestesses of inner Africa and the world spanning empire of the Mother Goddess.

        The hand is a symbol of the yoni and matrix of creation determining the womb of the Great Mother Goddess from which issue the universal and cosmic law of direct proportion to nature’s Golden Ratio.

        Osiris, who is also Nimrod, (Nimir, a leopard, rad, to subdue) wore leopard skins representing the spiritual power of the Great Mother’s sexual love magick.

        Osiris-Nimrod, is the first of the deified mortals who became the Father of the gods (Illuminati), and worshipped under such titles as; Saturn the god of mysteries, Kronos, and Amen the Hidden One.

        Osiris-Nimrod also became the ‘Bull of the Mother’ worshipped as Apis in the form of a calf.

        The leopard is one of the totem animals representing the Great Mother Goddess in the God-form of Hathor/Venus/Aphrodite/Freyja, titled; the wife.

        Osiris-Nimrod, the High Priest of the Great Mother Goddess, becomes Her husband holding the crook and flail which signify divine authority in the Egyptian pharaohs (High Priests), who were associated with Osiris-Nimrod in death and as Osiris, the Lord of the Underworld, who rose from the dead, his priests would in union with him inherit eternal life through the process of imitative magic.

        Osiris-Nimrod is also the son of the Great Mother Goddess after Osiris-Nimrod resurrects as Horus to defeat Set, the murderer of Osiris-Nimrod, and replace Set as the new reigning Lord of the Underworld realm.

        Sut, or Set, was the ancient deity of inner Africa who was married to Nepthy’s, the underworld goddess, who represented both life and death, and who was the dark sister of Isis, and mother of Anubis.

        The Osiris-Nimrod world spanning patriarchal priesthood established through the mother womb and matrix of Babylon, termed ‘Whore’, a debasement of the Great Mother's sexual love magick, a world spanning priesthood, sitting at the helm of today’s modern religions, and epitomized by the Illuminati, who trace their ancient root, heritage, and lineage back to Osiris- Nimrod, the Father of the gods.

  17. Ughh am I the only one who's having difficulty watching the YouTube video the link is saying webpage unavailable I know its not my phone cuz I was just on YouTube…hmpp damn illuminatti!! Lol

  18. This was shown to the student body at my elementary/middle schools at least two or three times over a five year period. I like it immensely because it should the "fun" aspects of mathematics. But I remember even back then thinking there was way too much "magically" – like stuff in this Disney show about math. It wasn't the math itself, it was the way it was presented. It was fun to watch, but I had a nagging suspicious there was probably going on with that than those cool angles the cue balls made on the pool table, and the golden ratio circling, sorry, rectangular-ing around and around and around…

    (It did make me pretty disappointed; playing pool was NEVER as easy as that movie made it seem. Geometry or not, balls don't glide around the table that easily in the desired direction!)

  19. I remember watching this!! It was fascinating I was really young but I remember going back to watch it a few times to try to understand everything it in … little did I know it would take years to descipher the layers lol

  20. I remember watching this in school as well. It fascinated me and the things taught in this video still do. Very well made film. Very educational. Disney may not be the most morally sound company, however, this does not mean that the information is all bad. If more videos like this were being produced today, kids wouldn't be so preoccupied with as much garbage as they are.

  21. Wow now i know why satan cherishes the pentagram. also look at all the major cooperation and conglomerates logos, they all behold some figuration of it. masonry and all its abominable symbolism rule the world. the Prophecy is true, Yahweh(YHWH) LIVES

    • Actually the penthagram isn't a satanic thing and masons in general aren't even satanic by standard and you don't even know if the people who did this are masons or satanic. It was a 'pagan' symbol. Some satanics have took it as a symbol. Penthagrams are even used by the Wikka and they're not satanic.

      • Actually pentagram is satanic

        The pentagram with two horns in the ascendant represents Satan, or the goat of the Sabbath. (The horn) downward naturally represents the demon, that is, intellectual subversion, disorder and folly- Eliphas Levi.

        Wiccan Rede: If it harms none, do what you will.

        Enough said

      • I agree that satanists use it as a symbol but the pentagram isn't a satanic exclusive thing.

        Wicca isn't satanic. Mystic cults aren't all satanic.

        Satanics could well adopt the cross with Jesus as a symbol and that wouldn't make Jesus a satanic symbol.

        What I mean is that pentagrams aren't a satanic thing by it self, they just adopted it such as other religions and cults did. I usually draw pentagrams in my notebooks. Are you saying I'm satanic?

        For God sake geometry isn't satanic by it self.

        Music isn't satanic either by it self.

        Oh, and by the way, even though Bathomet is adopted by some satanics, it isn't a satanist symbol by it self too.

        Some people confuse all 'paganism' (cults outside Christianity) with satanism.

    • A 5 pointed star is a 5 pointed star, the math and geometry tied with nature is not satanic and neither is science. Although there is obvious use of some symbolism here, it is pretty much informative and harmless here (not sinister in use).

      I think the symbolism here is just left as a signature to let others know who made the cartoon. I don't see any evidence to see how it would contribute to the dumbing down, immorality, or harm.

      It maybe important to note though that the intended audience may actually be for the members of the secret society who recognize the symbols, and the video acts as a celebration of there breakthrough into infiltrating childhood entertainment and the education system and its possibilites. All this while packaged up as a legitimate childhood educational video sent to school everywhere.

  22. am i crazy or Angry Birds are full of three sixes signs in IT?

    I was just playing it right now and there is a faze phase where you found the good chrome ball and they lead you to a different page where is full of clouds and flowers with what to looks like three sixes sign. i might be going crazy. but check this out.

  23. What's the problem if Walt Disney was Mason and this video has its influences? You know, not all masonary is bad, they usually have good ideals. And it's not even proven that Walt Disney was a mason or whatsoever.

    It's more worrying the MK mind control and the population control and that kind of stuff and we don't even know if those people who do it are masons or not.

  24. omnipresence on

    AMAZING video. I wished they showed more videos like this nowadays, instead of dumbing our children down in society.

    This video just goes to show you the reason why such geometric shapes are still revered. Not all are evil symbols, but are rather are important symbolic observations of our natural world and the patterns held within them. They hold incredible potential and information.

    The only evil in the occult in holding knowledge over people to subjugate them, rather than uplift them.

    • Voice of Reason on

      I agree. Geometry is a tool and, like most tools, it can be used for good or for evil…just like a knife can be used to hurt or to heal.

  25. One of my older relatives does an almost perfect Donald Duck impression, complete with body language. When he spits out "Pythagoras?" here, that's all I can think of.

  26. I had to watch this in 7th grade and couldn't help but think it was crazy. Now that I know what the Illuminati and other secret societies are, It cant be more blatant. I hope I'm not the only 14 year old aware of this….

    • Hi there, fellow namesake :-)

      I watched this video too, when I was in middle school.

      To be honest, I was deeply fascinated and inspired by it, and even seeing it now as an 18 year old (after learning about the occult and freemasons and secret societies), it still fascinates me greatly.

      Like many others have said, the educational and scientific presentation in this cartoon is superb; the thing that freaks me out now was the fact that Donald had to be "initiated" in order to be educated in the "sacred knowledge"…

      Please excuse my English… It's not my native language and I never got the hang of it haha ^^;

  27. I remember watching that I think in middle school. Most of those things are things we learn in geometry; I don't know, that video seemed interesting to me, but I'm a weird person, so yeah…

  28. I loved this video as a child …I hated math though but I liked cartoons :) I did think the pentagram and the Pythagorean society part was weird, but that's cuz when your a young child in a christian home your taught pentagrams are worn by satanists (despite this though I used to draw them on stuff as just stars cuz they are so easy to draw). Since free masons are all about construction I guess the connection is pretty obvious here.

  29. The pentagram is the symbol of the goddess Venus. The association is astronomical – the planet Venus traces out a pentagram when mapped on the zodiac. As the ancient astonomers and mathematicians were in effect servants in the temples of the goddess, they gave great attention to the properties of the number 5 as a key to understanding her. For example, see The Almagest and its references to quintals.

    Diagram of the movements of Venus observed for the eight years it takes to return to its original relative position. Each line of the unicursive pentagram takes 548 days. Sourceof diagram: Transit of Venus team at the European Southern Observatory.

    • I am sure that's also why the pentagram is associated with Lucifer, too, called the "Morning Star" just like Venus is.

  30. Student of Truth on

    As a black man I'm offended by this distortion of history. Pythagoras the father of mathmatics and music??? What a lie and part of a massive cover up.

    "It's well-documented that classical Greek thinkers traveled to what we now call Egypt to expand their knowledge. When the Greek scholars Thales, Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and others traveled to Kemet (Egypt), they studied at the temple-universities Waset and Ipet Isut. Here, the Greeks were inducted into a wide curriculum that encompassed both the esoteric as well as the practical."

    Ancient Kemet or what the Greek renamed Egypt was deeply involved in the occult. The foundation of thier knowledge came from Babylon. Europeans re-wrote history and white washed African scholarship both good and bad. The NWO and one world government is not the only lie that needs to be uncovered.

    • Oya – Yoruban Goddess of music and dance, wind and fire. She sometimes takes the form of tornadoes, and lightning. Wild, untamed and unpredictable, She is ruler of the Niger river. Antelope is Her spirit animal. Goddess of eloquence and clear communication, especially of women. Patroness of female leadership. Buffalo and copper are sacred to her. Goddess of storms. Guardian of sailors. Goddess of childbirth, fertility and all aspects of a woman’s life – including career, health and family. Moon Goddess. She had twelve aspects. La Balianne. La Sirene. She is often portrayed as a mermaid or beautiful woman wearing a white or blue dress and crowned with a star. Copper and silver are sacred to her.

  31. Student of Truth on

    I cant get over the lies in this video. Basically it says the Greeks are the fathers of music as well? This is so far from the truth and can be evidenced by looking at the various styles of todays music. Black people came to America as slaves and produced more musical artforms than any other people on the planet. From the so called Negro Spirituals, Gospel, Rock n Roll, Doo Wop, Jazz, Disco, House, Rap, etc. Look at all the early practitioners of American music and it will always lead you back to Black music. This is not racist but true, racist hide the truth. Somebody needs to tell me when the Greeks taught Black people how to make music? I think it’s the other way around.

    In the caribbean African slaves started many musical styles in the spanish and french speaking colonies – Bachata, Reggea, Calypso, Salsa, Merengue, Kompa name a few. Who do you think taugh the world how to beat the conga drum? I’ve seen documentaries with Tito Puente and Celia Cruz and they give credit to the African slaves for spanish music. Wake up and Do your research…

    • Nobody said that the Greeks invented music. They were the first to analyse and systematise it via the pentatonic scale (that we have records of, that is). The Greeks would not have claimed to have "invented" music, because in their view, music was inspired by the goddess – that is, an instrument was used to invoke or summon the goddess in the form of one of the Nine Muses, and she took it from there. Note that the very word "music" comes from "Muse".

      Also, note the strong parallels between the ancient greek religion and the many tribal religions of Africa (and the transplanted santeria of the Americas). All have their Venus and their Mars and so on. They all have the same sense of music as invocation.

      Once upon a time, Greeks and Africans were reading from the same page.

      Oyo como va! (Listening to some old Santana here)

      • Student of Truth on

        @David Hannaford, the video claims that Pythagoras a Greek was the father of mathematics and music. Although anthropologist and scientist have finally admitted that life started in Africa, you expect me to believe that the first humans made music without applying any scholarship to what they were doing? And since one can see the connection between music and math how can you seperate one from the other? You were born into a world that painted everything white and you're a victim of ignorance. You believe only white people can think and write and count so you apply every advancement in civilization to a Greek or Roman. You've been duped and soon will learn the truth. Stay tuned…

    • @Student of truth I don't think Greeks make such claims, they have enough financial problems on their plate at the moment. My understanding is they have a natural inclination towards algebra/geometry, physics, chemistry. You'll find that they have a rather high rate of mathematicians, electrical/mechanical engineers, architects, doctors and lack the infrastructure and trained facilities.

      • Student of Truth on

        @Gaby, if the Greeks didn’t make the claim then how is this lie taught in all the schools in America? When the Europeans stole this land from the natives they bought in their bag of tricks countless lies and deceptions. You keep people in bondage by keeping them ignorant of the truth. If modern Greeks have a natural inclination for mathematics its because they learned from others and claimed it as their own discoveries. As you pointed out this serves them no purpose as their leaders are pushing their economy into the toilet. The truth will come out and what goes around comes around.

        Did the ancient Greeks get their ideas from the Africans?

      • "Gaby, if the Greeks didn’t make the claim then how is this lie taught in all the schools in America?"

        You should put the blame on the American department of education.

        "When the Europeans stole this land from the natives they bought in their bag of tricks countless lies and deceptions. You keep people in bondage by keeping them ignorant of the truth."

        Precisely, it's shameless and disgusting. As a white person I agree wholeheartedly with you. Please don't put all of us in the same pot.

        "If modern Greeks have a natural inclination for mathematics its because they learned from others and claimed it as their own discoveries. As you pointed out this serves them no purpose as their leaders are pushing their economy into the toilet. The truth will come out and what goes around comes around."

        Their leaders are zionist puppets, consequently they push the nwo. Your final statement put a smile in my face. I love your gems. Keep them coming.

      • Student of Truth on


        "You should put the blame on the American department of education."

        You obviously don't understand the magnitude of white supremacy and the fact that it benefits all Europeans. They all work together to spread this lie across the planet to keep the darker races (which are the majority) under their rule. Didn't white people come to America from Europe? Well they bought with them a European mindset and they lied to their kids and told them they were better than other races. This gave white kids a confidence that black kids don't have. This advantage is based on a lie and if you study true history you will begin to see that Africa is the mother of all civilization. Not only did white people evolve out of black people but they learned from black people.

        "Please don’t put all of us in the same pot."

        You're right and although my goal is to reveal truth I understand that all whites are not evil. Your forefathers have violated the rights of many peoples and cultures. They continue to do so all around the world with this NWO. Since I know they'll sacrifice their own for the agenda there's no way I can trust them to take care of me and my people. I hope people like you will wake up and correct some of the wrongs. Shaluwm.

  32. anamericanmom on

    Regarding the pentagram – what about the Pentagon in Washington? I read that the building was started in 1943 – during WWII?

  33. The golden spiral..infinity..hmm, sounds like "The Wizard of Oz" and the yellow brick road to me. Donald is trying to follow the path to illumination 😉

  34. The oldest known possibly mathematical object is the Lebombo bone, discovered in the Lebombo mountains of Swaziland and dated to approximately 35,000 BC. It consists of 29 distinct notches cut into a baboon's fibula.

    The Ishango bone, found near the headwaters of the Nile river (northeastern Congo), may be as much as 20,000 years old and consists of a series of tally marks carved in three columns running the length of the bone. Common interpretations are that the Ishango bone shows either the earliest known demonstration of sequences of prime numbers or a six month lunar calendar. Pre-dynastic Egyptians of the 5th millennium BC pictorially represented geometric designs.

    Also allot of mathematics came from the people of Babylon Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and The Sumerians. Since the rediscovery of the Babylonian civilization, it has become apparent that Greek and Hellenistic mathematicians and astronomers, and in particular Hipparchus, borrowed greatly from the Babylonians.

    Early Chinese mathematics is so different from that of other parts of the world that it is reasonable to assume independent development.[60] The oldest extant mathematical text from China is the Chou Pei Suan Ching, variously dated to between 1200 BC and 100 BC

    The oldest existent work on geometry in China comes from the philosophical Mohist canon c. 330 BC, compiled by the followers of Mozi (470–390 BC). The Mo Jing described various aspects of many fields associated with physical science, and provided a small number of geometrical theorems as well.

    So no The greeks did not "invent" math they only added to knowledge obtained by scholars from all over the world that that they came in contact with through trade….

  35. "-the nazi’s were zionists funded by ex-pres. Bush’s grandfather and other rich zionist families-"

    What a load of horse poop.

  36. I think this is great. It's all there. 'They' gave it to us, and instead of demanding more maths, music, and science be taught in schools folks have accepted the dumbing-down educational system and television programming for decades that we are now all suffering from. The un-enlightened human is represented by the dumb Donald Duck. A character we grew up laughing at, laughing at ourselves!

    Someone mentioned the butterflies leaving the duck's mind as he gains new knowledge, awareness, wisdom; that's also positive for me. The more folks replace the mind-numbing programming with real knowledge the quicker the system of mind control comes to an end.

    What a great teaching tool for children. Walk around the garden and point out how the patterns in Nature are repeated again and again.

    So if knowledge leads to enlightenment (Light) then the opposite is ignorance (Dark). Perhaps the inverted pentagram is the darkness of ourselves that we must face (and honor) if we are to realize our full potential. The more one delves into the perfection that is the Universe, that is all life, then we realize we are part of that perfection; and once the masses become truly aware then the control grid loses all power. Becoming Aware IS the process of raising your frequency. Raising your frequency changes EVERYTHING.

    I also found it is interesting that part II refers to future generations that will benefit. Sadly, perhaps not us?

  37. @student you realize the homework you tell us to go do..your info page is from the discovery channel. i hope you know that channel is controlled opposition of information feeding more lies..Unless you have other documents about the truth you think you have acquire via that article. i would hesitate in the yelling the truth you think you have..if you have other link to this story please link them..

    • Student of Truth on

      @iluvblkwmn…wow you're going to dismiss the truth of the article because you claim it came from the Discovery channel? Actually is was written by Joshua M. Clark who studied history and anthropology at the University of Georgia. Then you ask me to provide more info from other sources. How about you stop being lazy and do your own research. That article provided some insight and wasn't intended to lead you to the promise land. That my friend is your job and if you're a lover of truth you should have no problem with research. We see footage and videos all the time from the corporate controlled media that reveal truth. Even the liars will tell the truth every now and then. Its our job to catch it, document it and spread it so the peices of the puzzle can be put together. With that ignorant comment you must get noblckwmn.

  38. My teacher showed us this in math class. Every kid was shouting out "Illuminati" jokingly. They know, but they don't know as much as they should

  39. Ministry of Truth on

    I was part of a mathematics society for a while. I don't know about the others but mine had people of all faiths, I think there is only one Freemason with us.

    Most maths groups are not open to the public because you have to a) Pass a test to get in b) Understand what is going on c) Most people don't want the government getting involved in their personal business, especially when the govt is losing more and more of its authoritative powers everyday.

    There are million societies out there that are not open to the public that aren't masonic.

  40. @student..I have done my homework.. that's why I asked for you to provide links to back up your opinion on this topic..;) seem just another guy claiming black power and blacks are the first and the whites stole everything from us, please.. time for another story..hahahaha

    • Student of Truth on

      @iluvblkwmn…if you have done your homework and you're implying that I'm wrong then prove me wrong. I provided some info already so challenge my hypothesis based on the link I provided. Why do you need additional links? I say Ancient Greeks like Pythagoras studied in Africa and went back to Europe and taught their people. Prove me wrong.

      I'm not just another black guy but a black man claiming the power of the most high. I'm not complaining but setting the record straight. Racist like you that love our woman will get exposed just like your forefathers. Stay tuned, its a new season.

  41. haha..playing right into it…you proved who i thought you were..enjoy your quest for learning..i am black as well..i will tune you out thanks though..

    • Student of Truth on

      I played into it? So your intentions was to mislead me into thinking you were white? If you are black you're a sad representative.

  42. You're trapped in a racial war in your mind. I'm not interested in taking part in it.but here is more

    Africa has the oldest remains but that doesn't mean for one second that the origins are there. Africa has tons of space for searching, while Europe is built-on and hard to find old remains – pre-iceag

    There is no solid evidence for the claims that humanity originated in Africa. The claim can exist only in the holy books of Science and their dogma…Fossils may have been found there dating way back but that does not mean we originated from there..It;s not absolote that we came from there if in time no other remains are found and the oldest ones we find come from africa maybe I'll buy it..but there is tons of land all over to be searched upon..

    The Hopi and others talk about the 4 worlds that have existed and have been wiped out.

    The first world was endless space the mind of the creator.

    The Second world was full of people of all colors and spoke different languages. They spread over the earth and were happy. They were at one with everything bird and animal then came the talker. the mocking bird.

    The Third world. again was full of people that spread far and wide and built great cities (Atlantis) but as happen with the other worlds they forgot the creator and it was destryed.

    Sorry missed 1 world.

    The forth world the one that is complete. the one that we are in now.

    • Student of Truth on

      How can I be trapped when I've liberated my mind with truth? I no longer subscribe to the lie of white supremacy and have researched the history of my ancestors. If you would listen instead of talking or typing maybe you too can emancipate yourself. You really can't take part in this conversation because you don't know anything. First, second, third, fourth worlds? Where do you get this stuff from? Please back away from the computer slowly and try not to hurt yourself.

      • face in the crowd on

        Student of Truth, calm down.

        I think Iluvblkwmn is trying to say is…humanity is older than scholars admit to general population.

        I agree with her. Geologic science supports that point.

        I am a white person off the grid not racist so your theory of "consipracy of white supremists" is not as scary as theory of "lies or hidden secrets in science"

  43. The funny thing about this is that my teacher showed this to our class for Math this year & I thought immediately & asked myself if Vigilant would ever or ever made an article about Mathmagicland. I'm glad he finally did.

  44. Student of Truth on

    You're all over the place with this one. You really need to collect your thoughts and obviously don't have a solid foundation. I suggest you stay out of grown folk conversation. The links you posted proves my theory which makes me wonder about your mental state. Have you ever looked at a map to see how close Canaan (Israel) is to Africa? Before the man made Suez Canal was finished in 1869 there was nothing separating North Africa from the so-called Middle East. The Europeans you love so much then had an excuse to create the term Middle East and North Africa to separate those areas from the rest of the continent. The Arab and European people that occupy the Middle East, Canaan (Israel) and North Africa are not the original inhabitants but moved in when the original people we displaced by war or slavery. You've also been duped into thinking that the Israelites in the bible were white. This is another massive cover up that will be exposed in the near future. I am not a muslim and the false prophet Louis Farrakhan gets me just as upset as ignorant people like you.

  45. One of the most,if not most amazing facts about the golden ratio(phi)…If you calculate the phi ratio for our planet,vertically and horizontally,it points to one city.MECCA…or Gods city.that right there is more than enough proof for me that the heavenly father exsists,and he left his fingerprint via the golden ratio all over this planet.So amazing.

  46. Wow! I remember watching this as a little kid, around the age of 9 or 10, im 18 now. The scary part is i found it so interesting that i spent the whole day at school and at home drawing the pentagram. Its incredible how the media is very manipulative, i subconsciously drew those pentagrams without knowing what it meant. But ive been studying and researching illuminati and the NWO for around 5 years and im glad i can now distinguish and identify all the corrupt subliminal messages trying to be force fed upon me.

  47. I saw this when I was little. These teaching don't seem "evil" though. Sacred math is in several different religions. Check out the movie PI it talks about sacred math in all things.

  48. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    I give all the credit of mathematics, to the Eygptians. They discovered quite a lot in their days. As a reult, they thought their knowledge and wisdom was their own. They passed this knowledge down as their philosophy of understanding. Mathematicians and scientist have for centuries believed they have the key to heaven. Some scientists proved that God exist when they discoved things that even they could not explain. We should deny man's wicked philosophy. We must continue to learn earthly knowledge but lean on God's wisdom and philosophy.

    Student of Truth (72): How can anyone think that the Jews and the Israelites are white people? Where is this nonsense of crap coming from? I am as shock as you to think people actual believe such. I watched a show on Eygpt. I took notice of their drawings of themselves as painted brown. This indicated that they were people of color. I never believed that the White people were a superior race. The rising of the KKK only taught us that the race as a whole thrive on wickedness. They not only hurt the Native Americans but implanted evil upon the Black race through slavery. White people for years have been trying to place themselves in the Bible. This is probably explains the rejection of the Bible. America has paintings of Jesus as being white. No offense, but Jesus was not a blue-eyed man from Nazareth.

    We are taught by the Bible to love all regardles and pray for the lost.

  49. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    By the way, I witnessed a teacher who introduced Pythagorean theorem by reading literature on how the mathematicians believed they were gods. This stuff is out there people.

    I noticed a dailogue between Student of Truth and iluvblkwmn (aoround 65). I watched a documentary on Charles Manson. The narrative of the documentary stated that Charles believed that Black men will rise and White men will fall. He spoke of this like a broken record, especially in his lectures to his clan. When he committed his first his murder, he stated that he wanted to show Blacks how to kill the White men. This was very interesting coming from a White men. The narrative did state that he wanted to blame the murder on the Black race by drawing the symbol of the Power of the Panthers on the wall in blood, but the bottomline was that he wanted to show the Blacks how to kill the White men. Interesting.

    We all will learn the truth to our history soon enough. The truth will come out. Seek and yea shall find. People of all races/ethnicity are seeking. The question of why are White people claiming possession of something that is not true is the mission. It is all bout exposing this race for the truth. The truth shall be told. Who are the real Jews, etc. People are searching for the truth. White Americans of the socialite group can re-write history in their books and teach it in their schools, but the truth will prevail.

    History books have been re-writiten as to down play slavery and up play the holocaust to make the Germans look evil. Who is fooling who? Many African American children of today seldom know about Dr. Martin Luther King and what he represented. They just know it is a holiday. This is how you know this will boil to a head. Men's wisdom lead them wrong every time.

  50. so i guess this is all going to boil down to this 666 which will soon become into place everything is base on numbers scary but god is trying to warn us but we so caught up in our self we cant see that this world is getting close to destruction the plaques that god has put on this earth is real as your left and your right hand look at all the devastation thats going on

  51. Melancholy Hill on

    Oh wow.. I remember our 8th grade teacher making us watch this one day, and when I heard it was from Disney, I cringed.

    It's so weird that you posted it here..

  52. u know this helped me a lot in my homework but when i learned that the video had something to do with the nazis and illuminatis i was shocked…o_o

  53. I have a wild theory about the world we live in: it's 2.0.
    What do I mean? Well suppose there was a human civilization that was highly evolved in science… let us say 1950s tech at most. Suppose it's hidden rulers decided to kill off most humanity and they preserved all knowledge but they kept it hidden: that way you could ensure your "inner circle" could rule for millenia ahead, while simultaneously developing new cutting edge inventions in secrecy. The upper hand always goes to the most technically advanced in my view.

    Now how is it that America was "discovered" and then conquered and how come humans that lived there could not match the advances of Europe (in science)?
    I can only imagine the hidden tech the rulers have now. Maybe they are already living on the moon. How could anyone check anyway?

  54. Unamused Sceptic on

    Yeah, because like **** nature and everything that occurs naturally. You know what? I'll bet the Illuminati went back in time and seeded Earth's earliest life with the pentagram so we'd all be brai- Yeah no. Damn some of you guys for not thinking with your brains.

    I think conspiracy at this level is sick. Math and Science are amazing. And to think that someone peered hard enough into the very structure of something to determine the Golden Ratio? Incredible.

    Where would we be without these discoveries? No where.

    Magic was practiced before the pentagram and will be practiced long after conspiracy nuts have moved on to another symbol. Remember, signs and symbols only have power if you GIVE them power.

  55. magic…I have never seen proof of any of it, not even on youtube. there's a dude on there that will tell you that a circle will be surrounded by 6 identical circles and that's the big secret! what???

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