Disney’s “Shutterbug Time” Video Indoctrinates Children to Embrace Government Spying



Special Agent Oso is an animated series that airs on Disney Junior, a television network geared towards children from 3 to 10 years old. The series features a big yellow spy bear and his spy friends who help “educate” children about various things in a James Bond-like setting. While Special Agent Oso is said to teach children about exercise, nutrition and so forth, there are other, more insidious things being taught in this TV show.

Indeed, a music video entitled “Shutterbug Time” presents Shutterbug, a ladybug-shaped robotic camera “who keeps an eye out for children who need help”. The resulting video is pure creepy, as it depicts Shutterbug entering children’s rooms, taking pictures of them and sending back that data to a satellite in space. Here’s the video.

The lyrics of the song are quite disturbing, especially when read without the hypnotic music in the background.

She’s on the lookout, camera’s ready have no doubt
When there’s a problem, she’s right there, no need to shout
She’s always in flight, on the case both day and night
Sending the picture right up to the satellite

In short, this video is a clear case of children indoctrination which attempts to normalize high tech surveillance and government data collection to young minds. Notice that, when Shutterbug sends out a picture, Special Agent Oso sees, from his high-tech facility, exactly where it originates from. Another mind numbing product courtesy of the Disney Corporation.



    • If you pause the video at 30 sec. you can see the girl working on a puzzle that has the image of the octopus, just like the octopus satellite that NASA sent into space. Also the one eyed fish.

    • Well i sag this and I am shocked!!..even if thin is no surprise.. Thats a terrible Song and even wo res music-video for children..

      • Lol you guys are overthinking this. For crying out loud its a show for like 6yr olds or younger. What could they possibly learn from all this? Its a silly notion. Though I'll admit it is a weird concept for a kids show but its not terrible and I don't see how this would be harmful to kids that don't even know whats going on.

      • You are as lost as a disappeared plane in the Bermuda Triangle….. you need to send out a distress signal

      • No sir…I know exactly where I am (and its not on an airplane in the Bermuda Triangle). I am just curious as to why this is such a big deal. So rather than mock me with lame metaphors why don't you explain to me like a civilized person or mind your own business if you don't have the answers. Just stop wasting time typing foolishness. I am only curious…

      • It's harmful because the show is telling children that there will always be someone spying on them and that is simply a fact of life. A child can't sit in their own backyard and make mud pies without some camera taking videos to send to the giant satellite in the sky The ladybug, or when you think critically, the government is always "willing to help" and make things "right" when clearly everyone is miserable. We all know the government is spying on us, they're just making it normalcy through media brainwash.

      • 20 years Of Darkside on

        What would a 6 year old learn from school, from parents, blabla…. cocky guy talking how silly it is to believe anything but harmless good willed people loving everybody, fucking flowers and shit. that's the crap you believe in.

    • Not just Kesha…

      U see it all over Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, their clothing. This is just one stepping stone to the corruption of young minds and parents are just as bad letting their kids unknowingly get exposed to this.

      Makes me sick.

      • I saw a young girl in London, approximate age 9 or 10 wearing a hat that spelled out wasted. The A was a triangle/pyramid and the T an inverted cross. She was with her parents.

        How inappropriate is that? even if the parents are blind to the meanings of these symbols what about the fact that wasted was/is slang for drunk or killed off…….

        yep some parents are their children's worst enemy

      • Orwell's 1949 published book "1984" famous work by an NWO(Illuminati) Insider depicting a dumbed down civilization fully surveilled, dominated, and programmed through sophisticated Mind Control Machinery and Methods. War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, and Freedom is Slavery……. Sound like today? People like Tupac never made it this far because this Orwellian Government we have today killed him

      • Parroting Alex Jones, are we?
        1776 is a number with occult significance, 888 + 888, the "cardinal number".

        Alex Jones doesn't elaborate on why or how "1776 is the answer".
        It's just a silly catchphrase for his fans to parrot, and all it does is reflect the ignorance of the parrots that are unaware of its occult meaning. It's another way of mocking the slaves, the profane, making them shout their slogans while thinking they're liberating themselves, a wink and nudge to other insiders that the "opposition" is controlled all the way.

        The answer to 1984 is not 1776. 1776 IS 1984.

  1. their spying on kids who need help doing something to help someone else, by a fictional bear named oso who is a secret agent. i see how kids can learn subconsciously its ok to let their government spy on them through a shutter bug. i've seen this cartoon millions of times and never thought of the idea it would indoctrinate children to embrace government spying let alone myself.

    • I mentioned the Big Brother aspect to my daughter who is a young mother. As much as we love each other she thought I was too far out there when I mentioned this about 3 months ago. Who knew Big Brother would be your cute friend who ONLY wants to help you out?

      • SunshineMama777 on

        Don't forget that, in the novel, Big Brother is a handsome, smiling man in a fine suit (who spies on you because he knows what's best for you!) Does it surprise anyone that the parallels that exist in our world are just as warm and fuzzy? Or just as fictitious?

        Good for you (and all the rest of us) for doing your job and looking out for your grandkids. Don't stop watching out for them, speaking up for them, doing what you can to protect them. Even if your daughter gives you a hard time about it. There's enough evidence out there that, if she starts paying attention, she'll realize the truth of what you say. Good luck, and God Bless you.

      • BigBrotherBusted on

        @FRW55 asked, "Who knew Big Brother would be your cute friend who ONLY wants to help you out?"

        "And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works." – 2nd Corinthians 11:14-15 (Bible)

    • That's the dark quantum energies Disney introduces into the cartoon's frame by frames….
      There are many names for them
      Current day Gnostics call them "first dimensionals" this is the name you will hear the Illuminists refer to them by… you will not find this word on the internet. (Until now heh heh oops!)
      Ancient gnostics call them Imps
      Christian Mystics call them demons. This word is often used as an umbrella term for all dark energies. In fact though it really just describes a sub genre of most basic "dark matter" beings
      A shorter slang term for them are "mibs"
      And people who use mind altering drugs refer to them plainly and intuitively as "shadow people"
      Just watching this video will clog up anyone's (including children of course the main target) neuro-transmitter functions, as well as interfere with brain hemispheric responsibilities….
      Best analogy SPAM

    • Might be the music in the clip? I know i had to shut it down fter 1.5 seconds.
      Made me think about parents with kids that like that style of music. Poor things, that parents.

    • They're sad because they don't know how to accomplish a certain task. (I want to help my mom squeeze fresh orange juice, but I don't know how. *sigh*). Then Agent Oso is supposed to show up and show them how to do it except he's a complete moron and never knows what he's doing either. He picks up an apple, "Is THIS an orange?" Picks up a stapler, "Is THIS an orange?". This show is the worst.

    • I've discovered Oso is the Spanish word for Bear, but in Spanish slang it is used for the word "Shame"
      That is what this Disney garbage show is really about.
      It's about Special Agent Shame Bear running around spying on Children, catching them making mistakes with a spy camera/bug hybrid army flying around and catching every shameful activity committed everywhere, and beaming the information to Special Agent Shame Bear's Satellite Spaceship so he can come down and tell them how to live your life properly.
      This is just my initial analysis based on understanding how Disney operates with "Spells"

      • Haha grasping aren't you, why don't you look for some misspellings while you are here with your new laser vision

      • I think you are on tho something. I connect it to , for example , the bugging and videoing of people to blackmail them, and put them on a blacklist.

    • I thought the same thing. Each kid looked like they just found out that their parents died. But who cares, IT'S SHUTTERBUG TIME! lol

  2. If I were part of the team involved in creating this, I would be thinking the whole time "I can't believe we are doing this."

    • Yeah but chances are that if you were part of the team making this, you were in a highly coveted position with either money and/or fame as a carrot to keep you doing whatever your betters instruct, all in pursuit of that paycheck. There would also be 5,000 people that would be equally qualified and ready to take your spot. Don't feel bad, I'm not singling you out. We all have to live in this state of thralldom.

    • I live in a place surrounded by media people who are involved in these kinds of projects and I lived for many years with someone who created loads of symbolism-related images for a living. I'm afraid that they mostly do not think along these lines whatsoever. They are content to focus on the creative process and technical brilliance whilst turning a blind eye to the philosophy. It goes so far as the client brief dictates x and y. In other instances, it is a matter of, you do all the legwork but our in-house designer will work on your final image to produce the final product; all too easy in this era. It is like when Johnny Depp explained to Jay Leno (I think) that he never watches his own films. He acts, the work is done for him and it gets passed up the pyramid and becomes nothing to do with him as far as he is concerned as his work is long done.

      • You are welcome. I would add that based on my own indirect knowledge of that world, most graphic designers are not paid loads of money. The guys at the top may well be but the others are often paid pittance even for churning out the illuminati images. As with any occupation, the main features of what will sell based on what has worked well in previous campaigns becomes automatically etched in the minds of the designers lower down the chain. That is to say, there may be no actual conversation along the lines of 'stick a triangle with an eye in the background' … It may well happen unconsciously after a while, the same way in which children's doodles are often in the form of eyes, triangles and swirly sixes. It probably requires an extra stage of review to strip out the symbolism than to specifically place it in the ads.

    • We long ago traded in our humanity for our afterlife and spirituality. Everything is justified for the $$$, this is just a temporary stop before we accept Jesus Christ and bust into Heaven! Yaaaas.

    • Funny you say that. I had a job interview at their head office and had these thoughts in my head also. Thank God they didn't take me.

  3. I've never watched the show because its so lame and my son who is only a year old, has no interest in that show. But now that I've seen the video I can say this is defiantly a show I would feel uncomfortable letting him watch. He learns a lot from that channel and I sit and watch the other shows with him and have never witnessed anything this disturbing. I'm glad we didn't end up watching the show together because the spying going on in the show, on children, is disturbing no matter how you look at it. It tells children that it is okay for robots to fly into their home and take videos and pictures of them and send them up to a satellite in space and then send the data to where ever on the planet it is needed. That is creepy no matter how you look at it. Anyone can access that data. How is this okay?

    • Music gets in your soul. If you watch this show everyday, the song will soon become ingrained in your memory. Every time I hear a theme song from one of my childhood shows, I feel a powerful sense of nostalgia, and I remember it clearly. How many can you remember?
      Someone once told me, "Once you've got a song stuck in your head, it's in your soul – you can't get it out."

  4. THe worst song for children i have heard… Why do so many parents park their children in front of the TV? The Disney and others cartoon's chanel (for children) are w/o imagination and all the time the stronger character is victory not the smartest, and the dialogue are brainless :(

    • Because sadly parents do what is easy to keep their kids occupied so that they don't throw tantrums and act up in anyway while the parents are busy trying to get things done. It's unfortunate but they don't see that it's actually more harm than good to let their kids be distracted by this garbage.

      • Are those the same ones that give their kids special brews for children that contain a LOT of sugar and sugarvarieties? Can't use brandnames i noticed, but a general bedtime-bev for babies contained as much sugar as energycandy for grownups.

  5. This is disgusting…. Really pulls at my heartstrings – the creepily melodic tune seems to try to lull you into a daze as to open up your subconscious to let the flood of programming in. All of the kids look real sad and alone – and the "Shutterbug" has eyes without emotion. At the end I noticed the rainbow color coding programming introduced. The Satanists at Disney are just sick targeting such young minds to try to destroy imagination and replace it with The Matrix. Parents must encourage children to engage in interactive tasks – TV is pure mind control.

  6. I remember watching my little cousins watching this show before they went to school and I decided to join them. It started out cute but then I realized that there was surveillance everywhere around the world, that the agency Oso works for sees "all". Creeped me the hell out.

  7. Saw this on Youtube before VC posted about it. Like its not funny but i couldnt help but laugh at how corny and blatant the song was. Anyone who thinks its "cute" or educational for some children to be watched by lady bug drones is an idiot lol.

      • Thanks.

        I sure am used to seeing them. I live in South America in a small Andean town and we get sprayed heavily almost daily. I sure wasn't expecting that when we moved here.:-(

  8. I totally didn't believe this "shutterbug" character, or even the fact that it existed. So, I went online to look at the actual Disney websites. Unfortunately it was there, but wouldn't let me view the site without enabling cookies. Odd… And Ironic too. :)

    • Early 1960s military Intel research into conditioning demonstrated that this type of programming is in part so effective in disseminating ideas outside of its direct demographic impact precisely because ppl would pick up on it, be outraged, comment in some fashion, and then take no action against the parties responsible. Free speech can be weaponized. The experience of speaking one's mind confuses one into believing that valid action is occurring. It makes you feel like you are involved. If you just say enough, things can change.

  9. ""Shutterbug Time" assuring these TODDLERS that if anything is wrong an "alarm" will go off..

    An advanced version of 1984's telescreens.

  10. I've been with your site learning and sharing the knowledge for years now . My 9yr old now is wiser than many blind adults due to your site. But, she's still a child. And we are still amazed at 'things' we've missed that you make us aware. The normalcy and poor values they grind into the minds grows worse. (I'm still stuck with the hard devil statue they want to erect for children to sit on. Geez)

    How does one explain 1984 and our similiar future to a child 9- or 19 that doesn't terrify them?

    We are watching that life come closer faster than imagined… is there anything you can say to prepare the young so they or their kids are strong and not scared?

    • As the mother of 4, I certainly understand your concern. My children are grown now and yet even in the 80's and 90's there was the constant "programming" on tv and in popular music of immorality and the agenda of the NWO. I felt the same way you do in wondering how a concerned parent can explain just how much danger we are all in without terrifying them.The truth is this, you only have your child's attention for a short time before the opinions and behaviors of peers will surplant you for a time. Your job is to give your children the truth so that they can avoid being manipulated, exploited and even used by the powers that be. Let them know that there are still many good, loving people who are working very hard to make this world a better place. Find better outlets to interest them, take them outside and let them explore this wonderful world. Encourage them to develop their own talents, keeping a journal and writing. Allow them to make their own movies of the world around them and to know that it their own perception that is being developed……not the boring, dumbed down, crass nonesense that is touted as entertainment. Make sure their close friends are good to and for them and never hesitate to trust your gut if you think your child has a problem. Most importantly, help them to develop their faith in God because that is ultimately what will save them and also teach them that "is is by their fruit that we should know them". I think we all suspect that there may be some tough days ahead and a prepared person is much less likely to be fearful than one who has no idea what is happening. That you have the concern you do tells me that your children are very fortunate.

    • Make light of it and bring humor into the equation of the seriousness factor. Indeed it is fun to be in the know. Don't be afraid that you and your child have an advanced "blimp" view of this situation. You are indeed blessed.


    SPELL 101 – Compounded Wordplay

    Oso – Spanish for "Bear"
    Oso – French for "Ours" (creepy)
    Oso -Spanish slang meaning "Shame" – this could be a reference for NSA Shutterbug continually catching children making mistakes, with fearful expressions on their faces

    In demonology, Ose is a Great President of Hell, ruling three legions of demons (thirty to other authors, and Pseudomonarchia Daemonum gives no number of legions). He makes men wise in all liberal sciences and gives true answers concerning divine and secret things; he also brings insanity to any person the conjurer wishes, making him/her believe that he/she is the creature or thing the magician desired, or makes that person think he is a king and wearing a crown, or a Pope.

    Ose is depicted as a leopard that after a while changes into a man.

    His name seems to derive from Latin 'os', mouth, language, or 'osor', that who abhors.

    Other spellings: Osé, Oze, Oso(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Voso.

    • French Sanat? The only word I can think of is Os meaning bone and osso meaning bone in Italian. Other than that, the Onsala Space Observatory in Sweden is highly significant from the One World standpoint. They basically develop telescopic equipment to spy on the rest of the world.

      • Yeh I ran it through a French-English translation machine… I figured it was like a case sensitive situation or something I know a little French though…. that certainly wasn't the crux of the observation anyway. You should take a way a lot more from that. You should know that's what spells are. Many people think spells are witches brews, and collection of spices and objects from scavenger hunts. Most books on spells don't even cover the basics. The basics aren't available. I'm providing you with the basics. It's possible you are not aware of them. Disney is aware. This analysis is accurate

      • Not refuting that at all. I know very little other than through random self-discovery but yes, I know a little from a Shaman guy who used to hang out with my friend's band. They do think along these lines and yes, a google search on spell speak would be futile indeed. I will ask my dearest Djinn master friend if he will share some of his knowledge too.

      • No I should have taken more care to confirm the French translation…. obviously I can't totally trust a machine with that… the Demon Oso is true though… I went on to check his glyph sigil, which actually can be compared to the Crosshairs of the Shutterbugs…. no stretch…. I think we nailed Disney to the wall here

      • The markings around the crosshairs look like what the Knights Templar used. The Cross of Lorraine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross_of_Lorraine

        Noted in the Wikipedia page ::

        The Cross is also used as the symbol for the Celebritarian Corporation/art movement, created and led by musician/painter Marilyn Manson (Satanist)

        British hard-core punk band Gallows uses Cross of Lorraine as a sign, they also have a song of the same name.

      • Also interesting is the fact they put an octopus birdcage AND goat head in the backgrounds of the scenes. I don't have to tell you what those things symbolize

    • Yes officially add O.S.O acronyms from Aspara and soylentgreenISpeople to my list of compounded wordplay Black Magic "Spellings" architecture…. this is getting more and more obvious that Disney is a Luciferian dark magic team that understands The Word alters reality and amplifies objectives. Hopefully everyone is learning something about the nature of "spells" here and what constitutes a spell. You will not find info on the basics of a spell in any Barnes and Nobles bookstore. And I challenge you to find any website anywhere and link me to it, that actually discusses how "Spells" are spellings, letters, and words. Linda Goodman covers them in Star Signs and calls them Lexigrams, but it was always up to us to understand that we are controlled through these methods. She did not make that connection for us. NWO has effectively destroyed the History and architecture of Spells and has reserved that knowledge for The Mystery Schools… I am here to bring them back into the light

      Aspara – O.S.O Onsala Space Observatory in Sweden is highly significant from the One World standpoint. They basically develop telescopic equipment to spy on the rest of the world

      soylentgreenISpeople – The free dictionary online says the acronym O.S.O. means: OSO: Orbiting Solar Observatory: OSO: Office of Satellite

      • Thanks for collating the information. Unfortunately, we can only go so far in our understanding before hitting the walls which they put up around these things. Unless one then engages in the same practice or travels in using your other methods, we necessarily remain external to their truth.

    • Oz the great & powerful= Ose " he also brings insanity to any person the conjurer wishes, making him/her believe that he/she is the creature or thing the magician desired, or makes that person think he is a king and wearing a crown, or a Pope. " Didn't the Wizard of Oz do this to Dorothy and friends?! L. Frank Baum exposed!!

  12. Things are just getting worse every month and more and more people are embracing it like its a normalized fun thing to do, like it's a trend. And I've noticed the whole death thing people are embracing too. This is sickening! And also more people deny this goes on and or doesn't care it's happening. We need more people warning people about all this hidden crap!!!

  13. I don't know if you guys ever encountered that situation… Most of the people I know who have children will use TV programs to keep their children busy, saying "Meh, how can TV harm them, they're too young to understand and anyways, it's the best way for them to learn". Most of you guys will know that the answer is a definite and absolute No!

    To me, it's a lack of responsibility. It's like saying : "Well, I'll eat everyday at McDonald's, it's food, it's made to be eaten, what harm can it do?"

    Food is not limited to our stomachs. It's mostly psychological. The fact that Disney, Time Warner or whatever "nwp-agenda-pushing" company creates creepy stuff like Shutterbug Time isn't the real problem ; the issue, to me, is in the hands of people who can't see through this bs and accept to let someone (or something else) educate their children.

    I wish you all take the time to educate yourself and let you guts and feelings dictate what's right or wrong. Peace to all of you

  14. wow creepy..but I guess if the spy drones come in cute ladybug form its ok..nothing to worry about..I just can't believe how low they will stoop to push agendas on children as young as 2 or 3..and make it seem innocent and fun to be spied on 24/7..I hope they don't make toys to go with this show..ugggg..that would add to the creepiness..

    • If I see one of those, I'll crush it. IDK if I die because of it, FUCK THE ILLUMINATI! Disney's just openly laughing at us now but guess what, the joke isn't funny. Some of my generation are educated in one way or another, shallow or deep about this pile of BS. Jesus will come again and we will fight this. Fight the evil that haunts the world. I'm affected, I'll start doodling in class and I'll draw, and be discusted with my drawing but I choose to educate myself. No matter how morbid the things I read are, you've gotta know your enemy find and the chinks in the amour. I'm soo happy my neice and nephews don't watch much of Disney anymore, I've educated them in the best way I can and my neice (she's 10) sees right through it and actually points out symbolism to me. There is hope, not all of us in the new gen are sheep. -from london, :3 BTW I'm 14.

      • Oh and unnecessary sensor, I said and FK and chinks but my phone spell checker thought otherwise. Oh and I may or may not have ranted, stuff like this makes me loose faith in some parts of humanity. :3

  15. Making it socially acceptable to spy on everyone, care of the Disney Corporation. What's going to happen to our kids? Are they going to be told that 'telling' on their friends is the correct thing to do because Disney says so?

    • Yes, they probably already are in preschool and kindergarden. See Something/ Say Something propaganda.
      It's the old top-down bottom-up inside-out format.

  16. I had Cable TV before but now I don't, I have three HD over the air channel, I'm happy with that, my kids too. They listen less to the tv and that's good like that.

    I've watch this Disney program one time and that's a very dumb program, now I know why.

  17. What's bad is that young kids these days have no problem sharing everything anyway. Once they get older, the government and "powers that be" won't have to do much because they'll freely share all of their private information.This cartoon is definitely DEFINITELY making kids feel that it's normal and okay to be spied on.Typical Disney crap.

    • Yeah, and news just came out that Disney star Selena Gomez spent 2 weeks in rehab this year. They say its not for "substance abuse" but who knows… Being a child star doesn't end well for most.

    • Rehab is just another name for 're-programming'. The stars start questioning certain aspects of their life or what's going on around them, the suddenly they're in rehab with tubes and pills shoved into them to make them more amenable to the illuminati around them.
      Look at Dr Drew Pinsky. He's one of the top illum dr's around and probably a chief 'programmer'. Everytime you hear about a star going to Dr Drew or rehab, just think of the hell they go through to be re-programmed.

  18. "the lego movie" is interesting too. i quote from imdb:

    An ordinary LEGO minifigure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil LEGO tyrant from gluing the universe together.

    He lives his routine life by following "instruction manuals", until one day he is mistakenly identified as the Special — Master Builder, to be exact.

    masterbuilder seems very similar to kabbalahs "great architect". oh, and theres a goodcop/badcop legoguy with a split personality. but hey, possible that im getting too paranoid and this is just a harmless kidsmovie. havent seen it.

    • Lego definitely has ties with Freemasonry. If you look at the Atlantis sets aimed at ages 6-12 (note numbers) on the bottom left hand corner of each box is the picture of the special key needed to operate the model – basically, shaped as a circle inside a triangle. The huge markup which does not seem to deter people from purchasing is also worrying. Many rivals produce identical, even compatible products as Lego even sold at $ stores but somehow, it's market share remains unchallenged in years. I think that the psychedelically bright colours suggest some kind of Bumblebee programming but I have not thought it through so I am just hazarding a guess. Walking into a Lego Store is only marginally less disconcerting than Timothy Leary.

      I couldn't say for sure, but lego is a cornerstone within their great plan. In Amanda Palmer's Map of Tasmania video (yes, I know, sorry!) cut through the usual symbols and the smut and she displays pretty much every element of the agenda on her body and one of these is lego. Could it tie in with the way taht Lego involves painstraking construction of buildings followed by easy and quick destruction a bit like the twin towers which almost resembled a Lego demolition. Perhaps ties in with the depopulation agenda or even Agenda 21. Long shots, mind you.

      • Btw, that video contains very powerful ritual and all the elements to pull off magick while it runs it's course. Notice her eyes once the requisite signs have been shown the necessary number of times. If you ever doubt there is no agenda this is the one to remind you. Neil Gaiman works a different kind of audience and a different part of the agenda although there is a huge overlap and they often perform together.

      • I asked my would-be gandharva but he disagrees with those philosophies. Would settle for Jinn Princess though!

      • well done apsara. Have one of those atlantis sets. They gave them out in toysrus for free by using a newspaper coupon and basically it is some strange thing a cross between a shark and sth with a tail with a key like the one you have described, a circle with a triangle inside. You have to admit that produce great toys though.

      • I would love to read an article on Lego too. I have to say that Lego is not all bad and as far as I know
        not bad enough to warrant an entire article. Infact, is BIG in our household and we spend too much time building non-kit models for free at the Lego Store where the lovely, geeky, young staff are on first name terms with my kid and even gave him some free Lego to take home at Christmas.

    • Masons serve Satan on

      @ The Austrian

      The Master Builder is also mentioned in Thief videogames series (the original ones, not the newest Thief). I always somehow knew the name Master Builder is somehow connected to Masonry.

  19. Can you do an article on Animanicas? I used to love this show when I was little. I was watching it the other day w my daughter and there was an episode where they all went to a phychriatrst w Elmyra. She said "So doctor, are you going to look inside my head again?"

    • Tiny toon adventures…wackyland. Masonic pillars, eyes, pyramids, all kinds of creepy stuff. Gotta love Steven Spielberg.

  20. Mean people don't bother me a lot but mean people who DISGUISE themselves as nice people bother me a whole lot!! Damn what a messy world we live in so blatant ):

  21. Creepy and blatant, but not new. Children's programing has been pro-surveillance for decades.
    Remember the Carebears? That cuddly bunch of general do-gooders, seeking to raise up the cheer-levels of children everywhere? They did so by monitoring them, sometimes with heart-shaped telescopes/binoculars and sometimes through heart-shaped monitors, arriving in force from their weird pseudo-heaven when cheer-levels got a little too low. While on the subject, the Carebears also espoused racial segregation and prejudice as a necessity for a cohesive society. See the 'Carebear Cousins', Carebears who weren't really bears at all, and in their introductory episode moved in with the other Carebears, only to find, in a series of lighthearted blunders and hijinks, that they all just didn't belong together in the same community. Thus the Carebear-cousins go down to their own village, the Carebears all stay up in pseudo-heaven, and everyone's 'happy'.

    And lets not get started on what a racist war-monger Popeye was. There's nothing new about children's programing meant to indoctrinate them to the paradigms of the times. It's just that, as with most things, the more modern examples are the most extreme.

  22. Shieldyourself on

    Did you notice the area outside of the spy building in the beginning of the video is designed to look like the illumined (all-seeing eye) and then it video cuts to the bear ducking to avoid a flying spy-bug…causing him to quickly and subtly cover one eye?

  23. Shieldyourself on

    Interestingly, the paragraph above sounds totally disjointed and I'm pretty sure that's not the way I typed it. At any rate, the segment is right around 17 to 20 seconds into the video. It definatley looks to me like an Illumined (all-seeing) eye in front of the building and then the bear is shown covering one eye immediately there-after showing who is really running the show.

  24. Disney has always been a propaganda machine. We still have strength and ways to at least shine the light. Boycott Disney, all products, places, services, and let them know why. Boycott all sponsors of Disney and let them know why. Of course continue to make others aware, especially those we care about.

  25. soylentgreenISpeople on

    The free dictionary online says the acronym O.S.O. means: OSO: Orbiting Solar Observatory: OSO: Office of Satellite …

    • Good job find my post I have given you credit for the growing list of evidence that this cartoon is a demonic spell with OSO being the operative black magic term

  26. In the end of the video each ladybug went to a different color portal imitating a rainbow. Seeing that made me think of the government agency PRISM.

  27. Kristen Collier on

    To fight back against the evil stuff the mainstream networks put out for kids my husband and I started the Christ Clubhouse Channel last summer. It's a free Roku channel, and we just reached over 20,000 households, so are doing our part to give parents a good alternative. Do what you can, don't stop fighting evil, and remember that "the effectual, fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much"!

  28. Don't Lose Hope on

    I have a question. Anyone can answer it. I'm not sure if it really ties into this post, but what do they actually do to Disney kids? I've heard of Disney mk programming or something like that. What do they actually do to them? I'm kind of new to this stuff so I'm lost on some things.

  29. Okay this whole illuminati thing is too far to be denied, I believe the illuminati exists but on the other hand the religions (christianity, islam or judaism) are too ridiculous to be believed. Is it possible that I have no religion but I believe in the illuminati? Because as far as I've been taught they are a bunch of people working with the devil, in that case when I accept illuminati existance, I would accept that religions we were taught were real. I'm perplexed. Forgive my ignorance please.

    • This comment just really stood out to me. I would say that the reason you beleive the illuminati exists is because you have seen too much evidence to be able to brush it off as make believe. You really don't have to do much studying to see it is real. Im not sure if your writing off other religions because you have studied them and then decided they were too ridiculous to believe or if you were just kind of taught that they were too ridiculous to be believed. I would say to you to look into the other religions, study them. If it is on your mind enough to cause you to be perplexed, I would say that it means something at lease. Read the Holy Bible, Quran, and the Torah. If you don't read them because you consider them fiction then do you not read any fiction books simply because they are based on imaginary things?

      • I am muslim culture, though I never considered myself muslim. I do read fiction books but I don't make up my life based on those books. The idea that the whole universe was explained in a book ages ago never sounded realistic to me. As I got older I had the chance to look into the religions. They all basicly say the same things. I can never believe myths like adam and eve or noah or anything. Looking into religions only made me sure that they aren't true.

    • Just keep on studying what you can prove; you will be able to reverse engineer new conclusions on many of the topics you developed an opinion on before enough information was available…. no need to make decisions early…. if you are up on The Illuminati and NWO, you are on a Truth slalom and there is no turning back…. you will discover all

    • Sounds like you're critically thinking, which is a really good thing. IMHO: I've come to the conclusion that people have spiritual experiences and even supernatural experiences. I think that religions are the social-political overgrowth of of a group of like minded people striving to perpetuate their spiritual practice through generations. What we've come to call the Illuminati, are a group of elite people using popular media to practice their rituals in order to gain more converts and more power on a realistic level. Hitler was an atheist yet practiced a ritual based 'religion'. My concern is the power of ritual.

    • Believing in a cult for extremely rich and insidious assholes doesn't mean you have to believe what they believe, and presuming to know precisely what they believe based on what one suspects they're presenting to society, a society they seek to exploit, is presumptuous, and arguably another mental trap. Dissent after all is easier to manage if a good portion of your dissenters are convinced the problem will solve itself through divine intervention at some unspecified time in the future.

      Whether or not the Illuminati exists in the form described on this site, and whether or not they actually believe in a power-granting Satan shouldn't change how you feel about what you suspect they're up too. If you think such an organization might exist, and you think what they're doing is wrong, then go with the old latin, 'falsum in uno, falsum in omnibus': False in one thing, false in all things. You don't have to believe in the devil to believe in those who act like they're his personal henchman.

      • But why on earth would it matter to you if faith has never touched your heart and you deny God, his prophets and the afterlife? Because you have not managed to get rich quick and amass material wealth like those other godless people have managed to do? I think it is very kind of others to point out your emerging critical thinking skills; from my point of view, you sound like a complete lightweight driving around a cul-de-sac.

      • You don't need to be a person of faith to be a person of conscience. You don't have to believe Jesus is going to save everyone to realize a lot of people are in serious jeopardy. You don't have to think that Satan himself is at the helm of a precisely organized assemblage of the planet's elite to be aware that callous and heartless individuals/organizations are actively conspiring too and assertively succeeding at the consolidation of world power and the sabotage of culture, education and rights for the vast majority. Whether you believe they're doing it for Beelzebub, for the power/wealth itself, or some combination of the two shouldn't be a cause for contention or confusion among those who take note and at least contemplate change/action. It shouldn't be a reason for us to trade insults and sour our agreement on the important worldly matters at hand with the same tired old theologic arguments Atheists and Christians have been trading online for as long as online has been part of the common vernacular. If ever there was a time for putting the need for conformity of faith aside on an issue and taking the 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' stance, it's these days.

  30. SouthEastQueen on

    dude! My nephew likes this cartoon. The first time I saw it like 3 weeks ago, I immediately knew it was indoctrination.
    I wanted to do the report on it but I don't have the time nor the required things to put it together. Thank you, you made it easier for me!

  31. i can't believe all my childhood the only channel i watch was disney channel i was hypnotized for this channel until i turn 16 years old and now i finish college last year and i feel free because nothing in the tv or music affect me now THIS IS THE REASON DISNEY FUCK UP THE CHILDREN´╗┐

  32. Could this be related to DARPA's project where they've developed cockroaches complete with microchips and processors so that they can be controlled? They actually project images of walls into the cockroaches' minds so that they turn on command. They say they're developing this technology to "help" people who might be trapped in crumbled buildings, etc. so that they can be located (tiny cameras will be placed on the cockroaches as well). No this isn't fiction – it's on their own site! Look it up!

    • Why did you even take the time to fill out all your pertinent info to qualify yourself for leaving a comment, just to leave an insubstantial discontinuous thought pattern where you don't even explain the angle you're presenting? Are you handicapped or something? Sheesh two comments I have read from incomplete little imps thus far tonight. If this is the resistance to the topics covered on this website, then it should be easy sailing from here on out

      • Solve Et Coagula on

        Don't attack someone because they have a differing opinion than you. Especially when the opinion you chose to "vocalize" makes you look hypocritical.

        Why did YOU feel the need to ask if they were handicapped? As if being handicapped was an insult.

        Before you respond so harshly towards others you should review what you have to say, because after reading how you reply to others your original comment now looks less educated and more just the emotional ramblings of an unstable and economically ignorant person.

      • Yeh don't speak to the first comment or anything….. which was the only real insult on this thread…. any chance you are the first commenter?….. sounds like you are the fanatic

  33. Fellow Vigilant on

    Great review VC. Pls can write an article on Gravity fall. I was watching it somtime ago wit my kids and as appalled at the blatant use of symbols. I had to switch to another channel and warned my kids never to watch Gravity Fall again.

  34. VaginalSpecialty on

    Take it a step further, you know darpa crafting genetically engineered organisms like bugs that can be remote controlled like drones

  35. Readers of VC may also have noticed that the canned laugh tracks on Disney Channel shows aimed at all ages of children and pre-teens are entirely of adult voices, which subconsciously validates in the minds of young viewers the toilet humor, sexualization of children, and nasty repartee that characterizes all Disney productions these days. No conquering enemy armies could get away with such subversion of our children, while the enemy within, who own Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry, do so with abandon since they also control the mainstream media, which are still the determinative public forum in America.

  36. This so creepy!

    They have already developed cameras that are microscopic and look like bugs! So this terrfies me! When I have kids they will never watch Disney!

  37. oso
    Web definitions
    Office of Special Operations, directly subordinate to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD); see JCS. Also, Offensive Systems Officer, being the navigator-bombardier on an Air Force strategic bomber (eg: B-52, B-1, etc); compare DSO.

  38. And here is Disney with their sarcastic brainwashing of the children with another brand new topic for them to "embrace" as expected in the agenda.

  39. KeepsGettingBetter on

    What made me sit up and think was this….The bald eagle is our national symbol. The Russians? Well, what a shocker…it's a BEAR..

    LMBO – wow

  40. Can you please write about this new craigslist killer and their satanic cult? And how many people who go missing every year can be related to that? Thanks. Keep up the good work

    • Lets hope so. Might mean an end to his clinical level of paranoia and its effect on the loony Christians who eat up everything he writes.

      • What are you like. You wish people dead and also you call us loony bins. Hope dear VC is alive & kicking though. Maybe he/she's busy with another project.

  41. id like to point out that darpa / boston dynamics
    that are making most of these robots are primarily aimed directly for military applications

    while they are not quite at the weaponized phase their robots can jump run walk on ice
    and traverse extremely difficult obstical's

    wildcat – runs its about the size of a large dog
    mule/ big dog – can walk on ice its prototypes can jump it is now under army testing for practical use in rough terrain to carry large loads
    petman – is for all intents and purposes just like you see in the movie's a human robot built for warfare
    it is far from fully working yet as it is a two legged version but it can walk up stairs and slowly traverse
    very very difficult obsticales that arguably a human might not be able to
    -they have many more
    – far smaller then oso that could be weaponized

    can you put a single shot gun on oso + camera why not.

    so how does revolution revolt and even protest work in a future society
    were birds and grasshoppers are on the side of tyranny
    this is a terrible moment in time to be punching thru a new technological age in human civilization
    kinda makes you wish there were still kings and prince's around huh.
    soon i think there will be a time when people wish there were still dictators and tyrants around
    what we have here coming up is a civilization ruled by store owners and bankers

    • What you got against Capital Letters Willis? Is this your symbolic stand against The Capital!? if so i'm with you!
      I think they are Banker Dictators and Tyrant Store Owners!

  42. WTF!!!!! I literally was being attacked by lady bugs a couple days ago after I got out the shower & I'm only 17. This creeped me out forreal forreal !

  43. When shutterbug focus's on something the circle that appears, if you join the four lines on the 10-2 and 8-4 0'clock. You would have the symbol for the "mark of the beast" bastards

  44. The Kardashian sisters have just released their new kids clothing line and the promo brochures and ads feature just two main clothes – one kiddie wearing leopard animal print and the other wearing butterfly printed pants. those kid clothes look awful. America should ban that tv show.

  45. You really need proofs to see it? Isn't it too obvious? There are things that don't need scientifical or philosophical fundaments to be seen. And this article totally fits on it, because observation and mental associations are a very reliable process to understand what is happening.

  46. I don't generally watch television, haven't owned one for 8 years now. I've been deep in the woods for the past two months. Just got back this week, and I saw the commercial for this show while the youngin in this house was watching Disney. I noticed the indoctrination immediately and made a point to bring awareness to the father. Ick…Disney

  47. ugh. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. As I've watched this show with them I've noticed the creepy surveillance normalizing…and I've talked to them about it. We don't have cable tv so they only get to see it at grandma's house and I regularly talk to them about how it's not ok and somewhat creepy. I've been disappointed to know that I'm not comfortable taking advantage of modern comforts like video baby monitors and home security systems…because I can't stand the idea of helping my kids feel comfortable always being watched by a camera. And honestly, i don't want it to be so easy to hack in and watch our family. Granted I have two iPhones, and iPad, and an iMac in my house. Numerous times I've considered using some kind of opaque tape to cover the cameras…but I haven't brought myself to accepting that I would look totally crazy to onlookers and it would make my devices more difficult to use. Ugh. I'll probably do it one day. The home security system salesman who came knocking on my door with his awesomely high tech Vivint security system that allows you to view into your house from your cellular device, or even unlock your front door with your phone, looked at me with the most dumbfounded look when I explained to him why I had no interest in their services…ha. Excuse me while I go put on my tin foil hat.

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