Disneyland Update – Secrets of Club 33 (video)


This promotional video introduce Disneyland’s Club 33, and provides interesting information about the exclusive club’s design. Situated at I guessing many readers will recognize some of the symbols found there.

The name of the club itself is very evocative of Freemasonry. 33 is indeed a sacred and symbolic number in Masonic lore. For this reason, the Scottish Rite is comprised of 32 regular degrees and an honorary 33rd degree. This exalted degree is only reserved to the most distinguished Freemasons (some say Disney was a 33rd Degree Mason) – the same way Club 33 is reserved to Disney’s “most distinguished” guests.

Masonic pin featuring the number 33

As if to emphasize the Masonic meaning of the number 33, this alternate logo of Club 33 uses a black and white pattern, similar to the Masonic checkerboard floor. The all-important occult concept of duality is visually represented with the inversion of the colors of each “3”.

Alternate logo of Disney’s Club 33.

Disney’s Designs

The documentary also shows Walt Disney’s original design ideas for the club. Horned animal heads, owls and vultures gave the Club a definite non-Disney ambiance.

Disney’s design for Club 33.


    • You can also see a more sinister looking form of Baphomet across from the one that looks like your typical trophy kill.

  1. Not so shocking but still interesting! Do think this is getting more popular the whole Masonic secret society thing and devil worshipping. It is not hot to be good, it is cool to be a rebel. Well that is wat the world is making you believe, that is why God gave us a choice, to be different than the world. But thank you again Vigilant and keep up the good work, and all my respect. Be blessed all readers and focus on the Lord and His Word! I'm out, peace 😉

  2. Black Israelite on

    Well… Its quite obvious that they're not keeping it a secret anymore… But I do have to say, representing their allegence to their freemasonry at a place where nothing but children continuously visit in the way that they are is just simply horrific…

    Its Egypt all over again people… We have to start living right, and start using the wisdom that good GOD has given us… Especially my fellow Israelites, my tribe of Jacob… Nowadays, you can trust anyone but yourselves and your own common sense… Its time to open your eyes & crack open your bibles. All of this is a prophecy, its not happening just because… Keep learning & keep growing…

    Peace, Knowledge,& Love to all


    • yeah that was by far the strangest thing that caught my eye. if those walls could talk (oh wait, they probably can!)

  3. Very interesting! I would've liked to have seen the talking animatronic vulture in action. Hmmm… microphones in the chandeliers? That could be useful. The trophy room does have baphomet symbolism with the rams' heads. It's funny that a man who seemed to have a love of woodland creatures would be a hunting enthusiast? Bambi's mother, anyone? Or how about how Dumbo's mother was treated in the film? The butterfly collection was no surprise. I also noticed how all the wall sconces contained three candles in each. I am surprised that the floor was wooden and not black and white tile.

    • Another thing I just noticed… in the last picture, the sketch of what the club would look like the owl at the top of the shelf he's standing by has a skull for a face. If you look below that, there's also a statue of a man with horns on the rightside shelf. (Church Lady's voice: Could it be… BAPHOMET?)

  4. Not sure if you thought it was obvious enough not to comment on, but the alternate logo has what look clearly like abstract eagles and crown to me.

  5. interesting. i'm a little confused by this idea that 'all freemasons are evil' vibe that I get froms some comments? I guess it doesn't help that I don't understand it so much.

    • i just had my 33rd birthday last week and its one of the only things that kept resonating in my head. However, I am happy at 33, I have awaken to the wickedness of the world, and put my faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and have repented from my former life. Halalujah!

      • Peace-a distant drea on

        @ right on: Well done right on! thats what I love to hear!!!!:) thanks for sharing that it uplifted me! :)

    • His physical death was a representation of renouncing the material or physical world, before ascension. He left the blueprint for all mankind.

  6. Masons ARE evil. The ones who don't seem that way are too low and don't even know they're evil yet, but don't worry, they are…

    • I think you should read a little more before making a comment like that. Masons are not evil. They did not begin evil. It is the people who have corrupted the teachings. Somewhere along the line the true teachings became twisted and inverted. The original hermetic knowledge was about attaining light. Not about being baphomets minion. This website is to educate people. Maybe you should check out some of the stuff before writing something so premature.

    • Congrats?

      It would be less annoying if you expressed your feelings on the article.

      Contribute something other than a useless "first!"

      • oh god chill out! big deal if he said FIRST!

        it not everytime you read it a brain cell dies in your head :p

        i get so annoyed when i see negative comments like this just cus some said First!

        never done it my self but im guessing its fun to do

      • Bicker Buddies on

        Hahah!! I always say, my kids would fight over a tied on the floor if they could. Commenters aren't much different.

      • @thekid

        Who said anything negative? Saying "FIRST!" is useless when it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. I simply requested that he/she contribute something else when saying "first" like an opinion.

        Get the stick out your ass and mind your business. You'd find you sound like less of a jackass.

      • VD's vigilant! on

        “Jamaican girl”

        Stop being so damn sensitive! How about you take Silvershell’s advice and comment on the article! Sheesh. Saying first IS incredibly annoying.

        I think its both disturbing and saddening that a DISNEY club would seem so…. un-disney?

        I would have expected it to be covered in colors, no hard liquor, dead animals, or drab atmosphere. And the vulture? CREEPY! Who wants to have a conversation with a vulture? How about actually speaking to the person the voice is coming from? Everything about this club is strange. I didnt find not one, normal thing….

        Anyone else surprised about how un-disney like this is?

      • Whoa…lots of rude people joining the site these days… Can't we all get along and let the first commenters join their 'first' without feeling offended?

      • This wouldn’t have gone any further if it weren’t for everyone feeling like they had to put their two cent in.

        Stop it already. :

      • @Silvershell: Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone – since you have started it all..

      • come on, being the first is just funny! besides you feel strangely intimate with the post-writer

      • @Silvershell: Do some yoga, sleep well, smile… it is better than venting here on the excuse of being annoyed by people who are 'first'.

        And yes, I am done now.

        @TCC: Liked your comment :)


      • and what did you contribute, silver? nothing. what will i contribute? nothing as well…although i don't care to ever visit Disneyland.

      • Hello, you didn't contribute anything with your comment that was related to the article. And you were complaining that someone commented without mentioning the article. Way to contradict yourself!

    • Heh this is great! :) We have people wanting to be FIRST in commenting and so many others who want to complain about those who want to be first in commenting!

      Nice my iPhone has such great problems scrolling through comments! And it's currently lagging. Cheers to the spam which has nth to do with the article at all! :) I have decided to join in the fiasco.

  7. My observation about this video:

    1. 1:51 Baphomet

    2. 1:53 Baphomet & some goats (Goat is an animal symbolism of Freemasonry)

    3. 1:43 Masonic Pillars & the Baphomet again

    4. 5:38 Monarch Butterflies (a reference to mind control programming)

    5: 6:37 a woman wearing a Mickey Mouse hat (a reference also to mind control programming)

    • Interesting video Vigilant.

      Disney is bad for humans is so many ways. Whether it's my single women friends freaking out about 'dieing alone' or my little cousin touching herself to the jonas bros – disney programming is evil.

      I'm a new rapper that's releasing a mixtape about all things Vigilant – I've leaked 3 tracks here: http://soundcloud.com/majik-panda.

      'Popcorn' is my song about disney and pop idols in general.

      I would love to hear feedback!

      Majik Panda

      • ayo….im an aspiring rap musician myself…and honest criticism….shit's real good…flow's tight….wordplay's good….it's about sumthing that actually matters….so it's like this….ur content will never sell becuz of wat u represent…but personally i believe that's the right way 2 go about it….sound quality is the only thing that i would say 2 up the ante…and maybe put a little more aggression in…u kno…attitude….but real talk man….u got the gift…u got the right reasons…do wat u do…god will lead the way…long as ur workin shit for good

      • dig the lyrics- only criticysm is that on you talk about people cursing, and then you do the same. I think we can express ourselves while not cursing, I dig the message though, and like the mobb beat. I loved that album before giving up all that secular stuff. Anyways check out my song bro, let me know what you think. I am working on more please, google "tarheelotti one way". I do gotta say that when I opened up this article I was hoping for something jucier to sink my teeth into about club 33. One day, alot of these corrupted peoples stories will surface, but then it will either be too late, or the masses will still choose to ignore then. UNtil then, I will be staying vigilant in the Gospel. Hollar

      • Hey MP,

        I checked out your link, I must say very cool. I listened to 'Popcorn' and i thought it was very good. I used to listen to rap, the older stuff and that was real rap. This crap they run around calling rap makes me sick, its all bullshizzle and its all to corrupt. . Thankyou for bringing Rap back to where it belongs……MMXX will be sharing link on my FB… my girls will like this…

      • Hey MP,

        Id actually have to agree, while your music is great. The cursing is not necessary, in my search for light I have chosen to remove all swearing and cursing lyrically and musically from my life, I have a daughter. It is a lower vibration of sound. And your representing something higher than that…..

        something to consider.

      • Many thanks for all of your comments!

        @jeff thanks homey, more aggression is a good idea.

        @right on cool man, msg me on soundcloud if u wanna chat about ur music!

        @eleven thanks a lot for your kind words and support, it really means alot coming from someone who is about REAL hip hop. Much respect.

        On cursing: Listen guys, you gotta step back an understand language for what is really is – a label system.

        These labels are nothing more than mental maps – there is literally an infinite number of ways to interpret every word ever spoken or written. What if 'fuck' was 'lamp'?- your reaction would totally change…which is silly. In the context of that song, I'm talking about people who swear in a hateful or violence threating way or people who just swear because they don't have anything better to say. Do I swear? Fuck ya but its in a natural way. If you don't like cursing then that's cool but just know that my music is most definitely not for you =)

        Thanks again for all the feedback, I'll post new tracks soon. Peace.

        Majik Panda

      • hey i checked out your raps

        pretty tight

        i noticed the song 'Popcorn" uses the instrumental from Mobb Deep's

        'Thug Muzik",

        I am an aspiring hip hop producer

        if you would like to collaborate, hit me up

        i would love to have you rap over one of my beats



  8. actually to qualify initially you just have to believe in a higher power a mason .. I would imagine it changes as you go higher up the ranks but not all of them are satanic

    • It's a little off topic, but you mentioned a higher power, so I thought I'd add a quote I came across last night.

      "Whom God wishes to destroy, He first makes successful in show business."

      – Francis Ford Coppola

      I'm just wondering if he is meaning his god or God. Very strange comment though. It seems as though he knows something and he's communicating it in a cryptic way.

      Also, keep in mind that Nicolas Cage's real last name is Coppola. I think he's Francis Ford's nephew. Cage recently purchased a large pyramid to be buried in.

      Here's a link: http://www.popcrunch.com/nicolas-cage-buys-burial

      • good point, success in show business? He could be talking about how the business ultimately distroys people. I was just thinking today that Nicolas Cage seems changed over the past couple of year. After National Treasure, I stopped watching his movies.

    • The image between the two men's heads in the last picture? It looks like a large orange (Monarch) butterfly to me, if we're talking about the same thing.

  9. When I saw this it had 33 comments. Heh heh.

    Anyway this may be off topic but has anyone seen the zeitgeist 2011 video on YouTube?
    It gets like 10 comments a minute. Just thought I'd point that out.

  10. Did you know that if you take a 5-pointed star, with 1 point pointing up, and turn it 33 degrees, you will wind up with a star with 1 point pointing DOWN. That kind of star represents a "fallen angel".

    Just a funky coincidence.

    • The number 33 is associated very strongly with the story of the forbidden sexual rites and rituals conducted by the Grigori (Watcher) class of fallen angels in the Book of Enoch.

      Mount Hermon, also called Mount Sion/Zion, whose summit is on the border between Syria and Lebanon, sits at 33 degrees north.

      Since antiquity Mount Hermon has been associated with sexual fertility cults, whose worshippers used various caves and sacred spots in the mountain range for their occult practice.

      In the Book of Enoch the fallen angels are said to have descended to earth upon the summit of Mount Hermon, and once there they swore an oath to break the laws of heaven and earth and take earthly wives.

      The product of these magical ceremonial sexual unions were the Nephilim.

      In occult circles the 5-pointed star is called the Star of Copulation and Generation producing man.

  11. VD's vigilant! on

    "Jamaican girl"

    Stop being so damn sensitive! How about you take Silvershell's advice and comment on the article! Sheesh. Saying first IS incredibly annoying.

    I think its both disturbing and saddening that a DISNEY club would seem so…. un-disney?

    I would have expected it to be covered in colors, no hard liquor, dead animals, or drab atmosphere. And the vulture? CREEPY! Who wants to have a conversation with a vulture? How about actually speaking to the person the voice is coming from? Everything about this club is strange. I didnt find not one, normal thing….

    Anyone else surprised about how un-disney like this is?

  12. This wouldn't have gone any further if it weren't for everyone feeling like they had to put their two cent in.

    Stop it already. :

  13. So I'm guess that the people who are arguing are pretty much the same people but they are signing in as different names.. Anyway I never really cared for Disney being as though the racist incident that happened at the amusement park.

  14. Yeah, I read about this place on some other site a while back. It's quite obvious who they worship, don't you think? I would be careful sending my kids to Disney brainwashing theme parks from now on.

    • @Greymatter

      "It's a small world afterall… "

      Sorry, I had to do it. Now have fun trying to get that song out of your head for the remainder of the day. 😉

      But seriously, one time I was on that ride and it broke down. We were stuck inside for 15 minutes or so being tortured to death with that song. I thought I was going to go mad!

  15. I don't think Masons are evil. In fact, I personally have not seen any true evidence of their "evil"; just their influence. All I see are symbols, and perhaps some meaning, but I don't get how that proves evil.

  16. A random thought on

    yep 33 is related to freemasons and disney was more than likely a mason but to be honest this video is not really anything beside being shown around an old gents club basically, there is thousands of places like it all over the globe and what about all the lodges that are in every major city of the world? sorry V.C. but this one seems a little pointless

  17. I do not know. Some people say "It is not disney." Well sure it is not a disney cartoon for kids, it is not mickey mouse. It is not supposed to by it is supposed to be a gentlemans club for the wealthy. The animal trophys, the semi-drag colors, this is what every mens club at the time looked like. Also for modern disney, or more modern anyway. When I was younger back in 1997 or 1998 I went to disney world with some friends. In downtown disney I bought a cigar from cigar shop and then that night went to disney pleasure island, a place that you have to be 21 to enter. Mardi Gras party parade all night every night, comedy clubs, dance clubs, alchohol. The sports world where it is all ESPN and sports everything. Just goes to show that the kids movies are only one part of their product.

    Now I agree that many times they have pushed a spritual agenda in their movie cartoons and TV channel that goes from Christian to borderline luciferian to full on Atheist. Depending on the author of the show was. You have to remember with this Gents Club that Disney was probably a mason. This was a time when everyone successful wanted to be in the boys club called "the lodge". It was the "in" thing to do. So I am sure some design elements were masonic. You have to remember that unless Disney was some high ranking guy then he was like everyone else at the time and thought it was just the thing to do because every successful male did it that way at the time, the ole' boys club.

    I have to admit that even now I see the allure of it. A place where guys can have a drink, but not be in the drunk party atmosphere of the bar, to be able to talk to men, as men. Not talk on a kiddie level like you have to with the little ones at home, and not be held back from the anti-male atmosphere that the politically correct culture gives, but not be vulgar like a Frat. There is an allure to having hunting, sports, a nice place, talk business with other men. The Mason ideas are not hidden in this but it is far from shocking.

  18. nolemnmingshere on


    Walt Disney – World famous cartoonist, Walt was a DeMolay (a member of a fraternal organization for young men sponsored by Freemasonry). He did not, however, join the Masonic organization. Rumors circulate continuously around the internet and sometimes winding up in books as a result stating that he was a Mason. Some of these have proven quite tantalizing including those relating to his brother and to the many Masons he hired as cartoonists. No one, however, has been able to produce the name of a lodge to which Walt might have belonged in order that the records might be checked and surely if he were a member, that information would have come to notice long before these many years after his death. Despite a burning desire on the part of some to list him as a member of the Craft, there is simply no provable evidence that he was.

  19. I actually have a personal experience with this place. my girlfriend and i celebrated her 21st birthday in los angeles, and decided to make a disneyland trip in. Myself, ive noticed the undertones in various disney movies, but have still enjoyed them because deep down im still a kid at heart. I like disney movies simply because they make me feel like a kid inside, and as i get older(im now 24), its more difficult for me to find that feeling, you know? Anyways, our in was that her godfather is one of the senior "imagineers" employed by disney who design rides, experiences in the park, what have u. Anyways, he is one of the members of club 33, and members can make reservations for friends and family so that was his present to her. This was 3 years ago, and i wasnt into symbolism and occult meanings as heavy as i am now, but i was still on the look. The entrance is real nondescript, u wouldnt see it if you werent looking for it. We rang the bell, and this dude on the other end said "reservation?", and her godfather gave his name. The door opened and we took that elevator up to the second floor where the dining room was. Honestly, the main dining room was IMO nothing more than a real fancy-ass expensive restaurant(the bill for her godfather, her, and i was $180) where adults can get alcohol inside disneyland(from what he said this was the only place in the entire park). It is important to note that lots of thjngs are arranged in 3's though(sconces, mirrors, utensils, vases), but im sure i was missing other things, since i wasnt looking for things i certainly would be looking for now. I had a t-bone steak, medium rare, with mashed potatoes and a fat tite. It was good food, but certainly not worth the price of the bill. It was actually a pretty nice experience to be honest, waiter was real nice, but nowhere did i grt that evil or eerie feeling while we were there.

  20. I was always sure there was something wrong with Disney. But when I showed this article to my grandma, who happened to be a huge Disney fan in her childhood ( early 30s) and after reading this, she said: " Well, what´s the matter? This is just a number". It´s really frustrating how people can´t handle the truth, even when a lot of evidence is shown. What should I do? I´m afraid she ( just like many other people in this world) will remain sheeple forever. :( Also,although I can see evil I´m not really a strong believer so I don´t feel too confident yet to say " Christ is coming soon". Help, please? . Thanks a lot.

  21. solo grinder on

    what can you say to somebody who grew up knowing a radio to be the hippest form of entertainment.. probably while she washed her boss i mean husbands clothes down by the river and then rushed home to make him dinner in time for her 7 o'clock beating?

    ..see where i'm going with this? 😛

  22. Wooden animal masks, and butterfly collections on the wall…. indicative of monarch programming and also programming where the victim takes on the characteristics of an animal…. watch from 5:30 in the video on.

  23. Ive actually had breakfast there. The place was nice…but now that I look back..creepy. The food was awful! Its been 5 years but I do remember it being cold in there even on a rainy day…just plain cold. It was part of my mothers college class (yes at 37 she was taking classes lol) it was for single mothers who went back to college. they do it at IVC (Irvine Valley College).

  24. wow the designe is amazing and fantastic but i'm gonna call bullshit over the fact that the only reason you think it's satanic and shit, is just because it got the number 33

  25. Disneyland Park, originally Disneyland, is the first of two theme parks built at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, opened on July 17, 1955. It is the only theme park designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney. It was originally the only attraction on the property; its name was changed to Disneyland Park to distinguish it from the expanding complex in the 1990s.

    Walt Disney came up with the concept of Disneyland after visiting various amusement parks with his daughters in the 1930s and 1940s. He initially envisioned building a tourist attraction adjacent to his studios in Burbank to entertain fans who wished to visit; however, he soon realized that the proposed site was too small. After hiring a consultant to help him determine an appropriate site for his project, Walt bought a 160-acre (65 ha) site near Anaheim in 1953. Construction began in 1954 and the park was unveiled during a special televised press event on the ABC Television Network on July 17, 1955.

  26. Anyone know anything about the location "33 taps bar and grill" right next to the Pantages theater?

    There's also a "Museum of death" with a skull and bones logo and a "Gallery of Chaos" with an 8 pointed star logo down the street a little on the other side of it…

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