Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Promoting Transhumanism Through Video Games


I have not yet written a full article on video games due to the fact I have to play through an entire game before I can discuss it (and many of these games are brutally boring). This does not however mean that the video game industry is not used to promote ideas. Quite to the contrary, videos games are probably the most potent mediums to sell agendas because they immersing, interactive and sometimes addictive. The power of videos games reside in the fact that players identify themselves with the protagonist they control. This connection greatly facilitates the selling of ideas as they do not appeal to the rational thought but to the emotions.

Deux Ex: Human Revolution will enable the players to take on the role of a man who has been “upgraded” by transhumanism. In the unstable context of the 2027, his robot parts are obviously an advantage when its time to kick the ass of flesh-and-bone humans. Here’s the trailer.

Probably the most significant part of the trailer is the H+ sign at the very end.

h+ at the end of the trailer

H+ is the standard symbol to identify transhumanism, which is an “intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally transforming the human condition through technology”. In simple terms, it promotes the merging of humans with robots.

A cover of h+ magazine, the most important transhumanist publication

Transhumanism is also prominently featured in movies and pop music (see The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music).



    • Yes. I noticed it, too. They're like the Spokes Models for the Transhumanist Movement. Their outfits and "dance" moves were very robotic. And what was that thing that Will.I.Am had on his head that made it look like he had circuitry instead of a brain? Also, notice how their back up dancers had boxes on their heads. The back up dancers at the 2010 VMAs also had boxes on their heads. This is really blatant about how they don't want people to think outside the box. The fact that all the dancers surrounding the stage looked alike was screaming conformity and spit in the face of originality. It's like that Motorola commercial where they're all dressed in white walking around like zombies. I see many celebrities wearing white lately. It's very strange since I was brought up in the belief that you shouldn't wear white until after Lent. I know, I know. Silly Catholics. But really. I thought this was also a huge fashion issue too since it's winter and everything is white anyways. Anyone else noticing the new "white" fashion statement?

      • When the camera did an aerial shot of them performing. The stage and the dancers (all in white) formed an "eye."

      • Yeah, the superbowl half-time and pre-game shows were tributes to their "illuminated" agenda.

        I will even go so far to say that Christina Aguilera puposedly missung the national anthem, so she can say "oh so gallently we watched the twilights last reaming". Twilights last reaming? Knowing these people worship the twilight and the dark forces of the moon, this makes perfect sense. Especially since they will ultimately like to see the destruction of the U.S., why not trounce our national anthem as well.

        Come on, Christina Aguilera has sung the National Anthem hundreds of times. You think she sung it by mistake?

      • The DROID phone ads are also very transhumanist, not only promoting the idea of never being detached from your phone, but also showcasing a man's eye (again the one eye symbolism) literally being turned into robitic eye after witnessing the power of the DROID phone.

        This agenda is really popping up all over the place. It is becoming hard to not watch or listen to anything without seeing or hearing it.

    • Bosnian aka Ancient on

      2012 is not the end but the start of the introduction of aliens or robots to the world we will accept them then they will make half robots half humans out off us those who refuse will be killed most of us.all this stuff they put in movies,games is whats to come they have technology right now that would blow our minds out but they release only what they want and you wait in line for that iphone like a sheep thinking wow man im so hi-tech when in fact you are just a dummy.

      • Clay and iron will not mix, though they will push this to the very end. We know this from Daniel's dream of the statue. Clay and iron feet. This generation will not pass till all things are full filled. That generation started in A.D.1948, the parable of the Fig Tree.

        Seek and you will find the truth.

      • According to Mayan callendar, in the 2012 the world is coming to an end, but it doesn’t mean the natural catastrophes and apocalypse but rather rebirth, you know, the death of old and birth of new, BUT ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL,…… people waking up and realizing that Love really is the only way to live our lives fully. And I think that those people with power, who deceive us, are trying to turn events their way, make one big fog to keep us from whatever the truth is, like, to make one last huge attempt to take over the world before we can reach the Light, and we’re so close, it’s 2011. I truly believe the Mayan message is about positive change, anyway, why else would they (people that are pulling strings) try SO HARD to do everything SO QUICKLY, their propaganda is so overwhelming, more & more blatant, and just everywhere. I know they’re serious about the transhumanism (possibly something about aliens too, you know, the song E.T. or Robyn’s The Girl And The Robot video) but I’m not worried that after 2012 they will have us under their thumb. 2012 is something like Gateway to new way of life, and surely they’re scared of it. If people learned compassion and opened their hearts more, well in such a world they couldn’t rule and order everybody around. I think they are misguided souls, that are scared incredibly right now, and don’t realize that they are being imprisoned by their own lust for controll and power…..and that they are fighting the lost fight, Gosh, we’re stronger! they’re throwing delusions on US from everywhere, but the biggest delusion is in THEIR minds.

      • Actualy it was a reference to the reborn phoenix(reborn as a metahuman) beacause as a human he tried to reach to the gods with human means.It is a direct reference to the greek story of mythology(?),of dedalus and icarus.Icarus build himself a pair of wings soldered together with wax in his attemt to escape from imprisonment.

        His teacher deadalus told him not to fly high close to the sun,because his wings would melt by the heat,icarus didnt listen and u can see in the video the scene is perfect identical with the photos in our ancient history books in Greece.

        Icarus fell in the sea and drowned ,and thus the name of sea there called Icarion Pelagos,and the name of the island Icaria.

        The moral of the myth here is not to try to be a god and the desire of humans wanting to level themselves with the gods.

        But then you can see at the next scene that he wakes up as a god,with powers,evolved.

        He didnt die.

        This is an introduction to the transumanists goal through his dream.

        This is the hint transhumanism wants u to take.That you can be like a god.Never die,never grow old,but whatever happens we got you covered.

        Your mind in a new arificial body.

      • Hmm, you do know that Nintendo is releasing a new "KID ICARUS" game this year, too. I wonder if the timing and symbolism is related?

      • Speaking of Nintendo and symbolic games, my husband and I are currently playing Eternal Darkness for the Game Cube on the Wii, and the game spells out the Illuminati plans from start to finish. If any of the other 'Awake

        are avid gamers, you'll want to check out this one. It's full of information…strange s it may be.

    • Speaking of "witch"…Did anybody catch, "the beginning" on the screens above the stage after they performed? Maybe i missed the reason but if you add the last two digits of the year you was born with the age you will be this year, (2011), it will add up to 111 unless you were born after 2000 then it will add up to 11. Reguardless of the fact we humans are conected through the number "1" this year. That is considered to be GOD speaking to us through the universal language of numbers. Each number has a meaning, 1 means, "the beginning"….Im i reading too deep into things or does anyone else want to clarify so i can better understand?

  1. I need to tell my cousin about this, he keeps telling me about it and now I'm spoil it for him by telling him if you play it your with the illumanati.

    Yeah I'm evil @P

    • While your at it tell him to stay away from games made by the company Atlus cause they are the main providers of occult games example is the Shin Megami Tensei or SMT series. Almost all of their games introduce the system where the main character can have demon minions(Nocturne,Raidou Kuzunoha,Strange Journey series) or is a Half-Demon himself(Nocturne) or have demon and angelic alters called persona's(Persona series). The Persona series made quite a controversy a while back when the third installment made a questionable move by using a gun to the head and blowing it off gesture(it seems to be a modified gun) to summon their persona's… . And the other series that strikes at the core is the Nocturne series where the world ended and it potrays God as a feeder of soul and the only reason He created men was to supply Himself with more soul and even though the game has plenty of alternate endings depending on your choices through the game the 'True' ending is the one where you pick to be Lucifers General and lead his demon army to stop this cycle of Alpha and Omega from repeating . Ive been wrestling with this issue for a while and would like your input on this, is it harmless or something sinister i mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion on who is the real saviour but conveying it through gaming is kinda…. my little bro was the one who bought this games and he is just 14 at the time

      • Not everything Atlus makes is in any way similar to the shin megami tensei series, and you missed some key points to the SMT series itself.

        It's huge and has a bunch of subseries that follow different entire basic concepts, though certain themes run through all the games. The big core one is the idea that technology will breach the gap between this world and hell, and in so doing draw demons to us. These demons can be persuaded to serve us (and most are fairly talkative if you approach them in that manner first). A small group of enlightened (through their own efforts) humans wielding or interacting with the technology in some manner end up deciding the fate of the world.

        The Persona branch of SMT is more or less about alters, or as they describe it "There are many facets to 'you', all manner of gods and demons that exist within you" and having access to Persona merely allows these characters to draw their other "selves" out.

        Devil Survivor OTOH is a portable game where there's two different version of the "technology" involved, and the player has access to both. One of them predicts the future, right down to placing a number above each persons head that only the main character can see, telling him ho long they have to live if nothing interferes, in days (when this is first activated, the crowd they are standing in all come up "7", while the PCs come up "0"). The other one is a piece of software that summons demons with whom the player has made a contract (needing to forge a contract with demons to have them serve you and thus gain power is a common theme across all SMT except Persona where the demons are a part of your innate nature).

        This series seems like a gold mine for the likes of VC, quite frankly.

      • But they do tend to stick with occult whenever they get the chance for its not only the SMT series but have you ever got the chance to sample Baroque?… that game gave me the creeps i know they translate many other games and a few of them are my all time favourite games like river city ransom(good old NES fun) and trauma center series but looking at this list makes me question their selection of games that they decide to go out of their way to translate for the international audience for if you ask me there are a lot of other game that have potential that is totally fiction but didnt get translated like the Z.O.I.D.S. series . I kinda forgot about the Digital Devil Saga of the SMT series… where you control a tribe of soldiers that can turn into demons that is forced into a war of supremacy by devouring other tribe to enter Nirvana which in turn led to the second game where they realize they were only pieces of military data that got materialized into the real world when they entered Nirvana by the Sun Maiden which is the only being able to interact with God which is the Sun. Notice the black cat in the video now i wonder who that could be, lol and i also forgot to mention that in SMT Nocturne God was also in the form of the Sun

      • Baroque is…interesting. I actually have a copy of the Wii version of it, having heard it was both by Atlus (who generally produces games that are quality entertainment) and was a Rogue-like (of which I hadn't seen a decent console roguelike since Dark Cloud, with Azure Dreams before that).

        I've heard some interesting alternative interpretations of it's plot, going right up to that everything is happening in the mind of someone in a coma, and his goal to reach the end of the tower of the mind (y'know, Neuro Tower?) and merge with the Absolute God is supposed to represent his trying to wake up internally. That the two subdivinities, the protagonist, and the Absolute God finally merge, creating a known to be imperfect world through a consensus of reality between them is, umm, more than a little symbolic.

        Digital Devil Saga is very SMT, and very much follows the standard themes for that series of series. The only out of place thing is the eventual realization that the entire gameworld of the original Digital Devil Saga *was* the technology, that everything was a simulation ala Matrix, and the endgame is the PC "taking the red pill" as it were and awakening to reality. Then again, in the first Persona everything that goes down goes down because a company develops a piece of tech that bridges realities letting the demons in, so I suppose Digital Devil Saga isn't really that far out of line with the rest of the series.

    • just because you play it doesnt mean you with the Illuminati. they dont need anyone to be wth them. they are a group in of themselves. when one exposes themselves to video games, movies, songs, tv shows, and ect. they are desensitizing themselves to the things those forms of propaganda are sending. its understanding like yours that have the masses confusing celebrites as being in the Illuminati. when in fact they arent, their just tools for the Illuminati. it doesnt need them.

      japan just made the first prototype android. who knows what will happen next. they might start selling fully functional androids to the military. and then they might abandon the human law for not experimenting on live humans by "improving" them.

    • Essential Truth on

      Video Games are a really important topic and its good to hear your planning to cover it VC.

      As someone who grew up playing video games, Ive witnessed this whole transition from the innocent, simple, fun pass time with family and friends, which it once was, with classic games like Duck Hunt & Mario Cart which also helped enhance our hand-eye coordination…..To games like the Grand Theft Auto's and the Call of Duty's where the only objective is to kill as much as possible…and im also starting to see more and more of these demonic interactive horror movies so called video games being released.

      Transhumanism and the whole Sci-fi genre ,where you play as an enhanced human super-solider, are among the most popular to gamers worldwide. I'm sure you've all seen images on the news when a new game hits the racks like the latest version of Halo for Xbox…where you see people who don't hesitate to pull out the tents and sleeping bags from their basements…Just so they could be one of the first to play, some even call in work the next day or week lol.. insane it is… especially when its grown Men and Fathers who are the one stuck in this twilight zone.

      I was having small talk with a co-worker (35 yr old) the other day and he was going on about this new PS3 game called 'Dante's Inferno' and how cool it was i asked him what its about…its sort went like this:

      Me: "So what's it about?"

      Co-worker: "..So its about this guy right..his girlfriends soul gets taken by Lucifer and so its all about how you have to go down to Hell to get her back from the Devil" hahahhaha

      Me: (Blank stare) Hell??

      Co Worker:(smiling) "Ya dude! Hell ahahaha.. theres like 9 stages of Hell you have to go down..its freakin awesome…its a lot like 'God of War'.."

      Me: "WTF …i gotta go bro."

      Dante's Inferno game trailer :

      • yeah i beat that game and it has a decent story plot to it, and u do go through 9 gates of hell. u play as a knight templar. which the game story dosent actually tell u but u are the character of a knights templar. thats all i have to say about that.

      • you do know it's loosely based on a book written centuries ago right?

        obviously the game takes liberties with the source material, but the concept isn't exactly groundbreaking.

  2. YES he superbowl halftime show was H+ to the MAXXXXX like, WILL.I.AM dresses like a robot everywhere he goes now. he must be the illuminatis favourite of the group

  3. Things not mentioned:

    – 3:36

    – 4:25 this girl could be the future of Willow Smith 😛

    Thanks for all your posts, VC!

  4. I've watched kids play video games. They are absolutely transfixed. They can't keep their eyes off the screen. They shout obscenities when they lose. And the most horrifying rage and tantrums happen when they lose. I think that it is probably THE best way for the "higher ups" to destroy the minds of children. With all the flashes of light in the video games, all the killing and blood and mind-numbing violence, they might have the perfect tool for getting the upcoming generation to actually "like" this idea and get even more used to robotic police states. No parent would suspect, since the parents themselves are too busy watching Dancing with the Stars to actually WANT to spend time with the children. Some parents see video games as a welcome distraction for their kids, a break from being a responsible parent. When your child is locked up in that room all day, mesmerized, you can do whatever you want. I think it's genius if they do use these games as a way of desensitizing the youth. Thats my opinion though, doesn't mean it is a correct one.

    • We are due a first-born soon.

      I'll be softly/carefully reminding the lad of what you said as soon as he can understand.

      After all, he's got state manipulated 'school' to suffer first.

      • @Be Eazy

        Yes, I would like a better explaination for this idea as well.

        The only thing I ever heard was that I read somewhere that surgeons who play video games increase their reaction response if something were to go wrong. Although I don't know if this is true and I read it so long ago, I don't know if I could find the source of the info. I will look.

        Here's what I found:

      • it's true what HIBA says, not only is it a way for parents to get their kids out of their hair, but it allows the kids to develop personalities and emotions that just were'nt present before all that negative influence. i mean, you ever notice how these kids are zombie like and violent at many times….my kid already has emotional problems I don't need another instrument to make these problems worse.

      • @Yeidy

        I was commenting on Laguna's statement that playing video games makes for a healthier mind.

    • Essential Truth on

      @Hiba ….its almost like you were describing my childhood there for a minute lol …nah my parents weren't ones who used TV and video games as a scapegoat for parenting… i regularly had the power plug taken out the socket in the middle of a game and the controller taken away… we've also had the cable TV cut off in my house when the marks were going was Disciplne i hated then..but appreciate it today.

    • Funny part is, most of my gaming nowadays is done with my nephew. He certainly isn't transfixed by it though, it's easy enough to pull him away. He does do the whole rage thing you mention, but frankly, he's right at that age where he's got more testosterone running through him than he can handle — I remember not being all that much different at his age (and he was much calmer only a year or so ago, and has started to calm down some recently), I'd just rage about different things. Go go puberty and all that.

  5. Thank You once again VC! Technology and chaos seems to be going hand and hand these days. The high tech we become the more we are distance from God and mankind. Nothing is simple any more, we're all experienceing and unbalance and if continue on it will destoryed us.

  6. "they shall mingle with the seed of men but will not cleave with one another just as iron can not mix clay" is this verse from the bible trying to drop a hint about the future and transhumanism?

      • ConcernedBibleReader on

        If you read Daniel chapter 2, you will understand that this is not the "TransHumanist" movement. The whole dream sequence is about governments that controlled the land of Gods' people. The prophet Daniel says that Babylon is the "Head Of Gold". Later, Medes and Persians are the "Silver Arms". Alexander the Great is the "Copper Belly" and so on.

        We are living in the last days of the "mixing of caly and of iron" which represents a time when there isn't a "super-power" as there was before. America was part of these superpowers as the "Iron Legs", but in recent years has eroded much of its power to the "Eighth King" which is the United Nations. (Another Prophecy in the Bible)

        We also read that the statue will not last long in this period of iron and clay, that a rock not made by man, thus from God, will crush and put and end to all this system of things. He will reinstute his will the earth.

        Please email me with questions since sometimes I dont explain things as well as I think I do:)

    • If you are going to bring the Bible into the conversation please, at least look at the context of the verse and educate yourself by comparing scripture with scripture. The "hint" that is being dropped is as big as the mountainous rock that destroys not only the feet mixed of iron and clay that you mention, but also the legs of iron, belly of copper, chest of silver, and head of gold. According to what is plainly written in the same chapter each metal represents a kingdom: king's domain; government. Therefore iron = hard, unyeilding, tyranical rulers, and as for clay, it represents softer, mutable, democratic systems of government. As the image of Daniel has a top an a bottom ( start and finish ), it is reasonable to conclude that it represents not only the identities of governments, but also the times in which they existed and exist. So iron and clay not sticking together in the toes? Hard tyrants and "democratic" states not able to work together in the end? Sound mildly familiar? North and South Korea, America, The U.K. and
      China and Russia. Across Africa, The Middle East, South East Asia, everywhere. People worldwide are clamouring in throngs at the risk of their lives or freedom for the sake of good government but there is no agreement, "but they [do] not prove to be sticking together". Therefore regardless of any government's agenda , good or bad, transhumanist, globalist, whatever else, according to Daniel 2:44: In the days of those kings
      [ i.e. The presidents, prime ministers, and dictators and the forces behind them that are really ruling] the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. And it itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself wil stand to times indefinite… the dream is reliable and the interpetation of it is trustworthy. – Daniel 2:44,45

      I know that was lenthy but i feel it is relevant to the comment. Whenever a source such as the Bible is quoted in relation to current events i believe that in order to do so intelligently, care must be taken to avoid speculation as to what its verses might mean by looking at the context of the verse in question and letting scripture interpret scripture. I value the sincere quest for truth and meaning that many of the readers of this excellent website display in their comments; however, their seems to be an alarming trend to look for symbols to such an extreme extent that the meaning in what is on the surface of a matter is disregarded and unexplored.

      • Daniel 2:43 is the only place that even hints at an extra-terrestrial presence on Earth in the Last days. But even disregarding the inference and speculation that’s been offered, the hint is provocative. The KJV reads, “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.”

        The word “they” refers to the 10 toes of the statue that represents the end times version of the Roman Empire. The phrase for mingle themselves is Aramaic (as is all of Daniel from chapter 2 verse 4 through the end of chapter 7) and literally means to be mixed. The Strong’s concordance presents this “mixing” as something “they” will do, rather than it being done to them.

        The Aramaic word for seed means offspring so seed of men is a way of saying mankind, and the fact that “they” are differentiated from mankind hints that “they” may not be human. Also, the mixing will not be successful, just as trying to mix iron with pottery is not successful, underscoring their difference. So it’s possible to infer from this that there could be a non-human element trying to mix itself into the general population. This gives weight to the KJV translation over others.

        If that’s the case then the phrase “as it was in the days of Noah” that Jesus used in Matt. 24:37 takes on an even more literal meaning. And in those days the Nephilim were considered “mighty men, men of renown” (Gen. 6:4) so it’s likely that this would be the case in the future as well.

        We can interpret it in different ways. Both views can be linked to the times we live in.

  7. Best way to influence the youth to accept Transhumanism and that it's cool to be part robot. Notice the phoenix rising symbolism, masonic pillars at the beginning, the "dream" he has with all the "illuminated" men surrounding him, what else??

  8. video games, tv, smartphones… all technology used in excess is going to be the key to keeping us busy while they do what is it they need to do. and all objects i do not use. very happy about it too.

    never was much of a video game fan, played a bit as a kid but mostly to spend time with my brother, no game had me hypnotized.

    i can't understand how people can spend hours, even days, playing a game.

    i also don't like how people love their little video games on their smartphones. i cannot tell you how many times i was spending time with people who would be on their blackberry playing brickbreaker, SO RUDE.

    • I used to be one of those people. I loved my smartphone, I could check my email, surf the web, play games, stay in touch with friends… now i wanna chuck the thing out of the window. It numbs your mind and keeps you busy and distracted. I dont reject all technology because it can be used against them if you have some self control, this is a website we're on now. The time is coming where this "technology" will not be available to us. I know theyre watching and attacking your mind but I implore all of you to use what is at your disposal wisely to gain knowledge and enlighten others. Use technology to learn things that if everything shuts down, you and your family can use to survive, help folks and stay inspired. Make good use of those "smartphones" etc. if you have em' people.

  9. I don't think it is necessarily such a bad thing for a video game to express an ideal or motive, it's still our choice as the gamer to react to those emotions the game is attempting to reveal within ourselves. Like saying playing Grand Theft Auto is going to make you a murderer or something. I think it's this multiplayer aspect of gaming that people should be more afraid of as it is addictive and mindless.

    • No, but it will lead you to believe that crimes are a "job"….

      My teen son doesn't need to play a game where he can steal a van, buy a hooker, and then get in the van with her and make it "rock"……..

      jus sayin

    • I saw an article on that topic. Next thing you know, Disney is going to start advertising on the sonograms and selling hypnotic music for mothers to play for their unborn fetuses. Not to mention marketing maternity clothes. Ugh they are selling baby food now… I am afraid to know what processes the "food" goes through and what it is actually comprised of. I'm sure it is hardly comparable to breast milk.

      • Forever 21, a junior/teen girls clothing store, is coming out with a maternity line since so many teens are becoming pregnant.

      • Oh but it is ACTUALLY geared for 21 year olds! I mean, it IS forever TWENTY ONE! Teens are not 21, therefore this CANNOT be geared for them…. or at least that is what Forever 21 says………… Have we been fooled? :>

      • What I mean is long before I was aware of symbolism and "propaganda” I recognized that video games have specific themes and "scenery" that basically bring you into the world as though it is reality (and a lot of times, one example being Call of Duty, the scenery IS based from reality). These kids (and adults) that spend hours on end in these worlds invest a lot of emotion into the progress and outcome of their actions within the game. A lot of times they even lose touch with reality. I had a good friend once who was a very successful business owner for over a decade. He dabbled with video games here and there, but his busy lifestyle demanded his focus. Then PS3 came along. He discovered Little Big Planet (very amazing game, I will say). After a few months of his “dabbling”, I started to notice he was losing his touch with reality. He would proudly show me his creations and then spend the duration of my visits playing the game. I started to notice he would be logged in for over 18 hours a day. He began calling into work. He stopped inviting me over because he didn’t like when I would encourage him to participate in reality with me, even for 30 minutes. Next thing I know, he is losing his business and on a Xanax prescription because he felt anxious around “Real people” as he called it. He preferred his PS3 friends. While I realize not EVERY gamer becomes this way, I DO realize that many do. I can empathize with the addictiveness of disconnecting from reality- but I am not interested in fantasies. So yes, I may be a little “cold” to the idea of gaming at all… but from an outsider point of view, all I see is monotonous desensitizing. The war games are what really get me. Maybe I am just a sensitive female- but it disheartens me when I think of all the young kids that should be exercising their brains with learning new things, but instead see the same flashes of scenery, gore and pre-recorded conversations. Over and over and over. And there is so much more to my opinion I don’t have time to go into. I do not “judge” those who enjoy gaming. I judge the game itself. And when you (one example, back to call of duty..) hear the “enemy” portrayed with Russian accents- and you go on rampages where you have to kill “civilians”- that is ideal shaping to me. Video games are tools to hypnotize and shape opinions of those playing it. Yeah yeah yeah, some are totally harmless. But to me- I think using ones time and energy towards personal advancement instead of constantly disconnecting and repeating things over and over is the preferred choice. So that is my take on video games, in a nutshell. I don’t mean to offend anyone who loves their games- the love of my life plays every week… but I do believe there are certain games merely created for brainwashing. And that is a sin against humanity, to me at least.

      • If the "shooting unarmed civilians" is the airport level in Modern Warfare 2, you don't have to play that level.

        A warning is given at the beginning of the game so you can choose to never play it.

        I did play it, because I wanted to play the game in full, and you know what I did?

        I DIDN'T KILL ANYONE. That's right, I fired my weapon at the ground near people as they ran away. You aren't forced to kill innocent civilians. I always do the right thing when given a choice in games.

        Actually I did kill a few people, the airport security, and only because they were armed and shooting at me.

        Once I played that level I never played it again. You can skip it at anytime.

        So please stop suggesting people are soulless husks waiting to absorb and mimic everything they see in games.

        A life long gamer.

      • thats all good and whatnot but no one is insinuating that if you play video games your a lifeless husk of a human. although just because you choose to skip this and skip that doesnt mean everyone does. look at what people are prone to do when they game gets messup by something. one guy killed a kitten out if anger just because it messed with the power wire and turned off the game. he could have easliy just turned it back on and played again.

        its not the video games, but the violence in the videos games that cause the problem. that constant violence. killing. blood. guns. explosions. mutalation. being pushed in your face while playing it does a lot to the mind. especially when a child plays it. humans werent made to fight in wars and kill other people. just look at people in the army or marines or ect. when they come out of war zones and go back home its hard for them to adjust to everyday life because of the trama. thats what these games are doing but its just on a more subtle scale.

        NO, VIDEO GAMES ARENT FORCING ANYONE TO KILL ANYONE but it is making it seem ok to kill someone. i play video games as well but i refuse to play first person shooter and multiplayer shooting games because i dont like the simualtion of being put in a position of killing anyone just because someone is trying to kill me. most people dont read the warning. most people dont skip through levels just because they can. but most people just shoot anything and anyone that gets in the way. no games dont make you wanna go one a killing spree but its those types of video games that make it look just a bit more ok to go on a killing spree in a game than in real life.

        the sad part is for most people… unrealistic things that go on in video games make up their reality.

      • I don't think you read my whole message, because I made my point pretty clear that I am not judging those who play, I am judging the game. Play all you want, I really do not care. Skip all the levels you want. I do not care how or what you play. I care about the content of the games that is deliberately intended to desensitize. But thanks for your input.

  10. Been playing Diablo 2 on the PC (on and off) for the last 10 years or so. The game is addictive, I must admit. The game also has cult icon status as evidenced by the forum Besides the obvious overtones of demons and satanism, the game has other hidden symbols (satanic/masonic/luciferian… it's all in there).

    Diablo 3 will come out this year/next year (in all probability). It will probably be hailed as 'game of the year' and receive raptuous response.

    It's cool to play games with so much negativity… after all that's what 'they' want to fool you into believing.

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

  11. I don't play games, but I've come across this trailer before and noticed the transhumanist references. I also think that Lucifer is being referenced. The name means God from Human Revolution. Deus – God

    ex – from; then they've combined it with human revolution. It brings to mind Deus ex machina – which means God from a machine – this would fit in with the obvious transhumanist imagery. Although as a plot device it means a sudden and unexpected solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem.

    Another game which has lots of illuminati symbolism is Metal Gear – one eye, lightning bolt, etc. One of the characters – Raiden – has feet which look like cloven hooves.

    clo·ven-hoofed (klvn-hft, -hft, -hvd, -hvd)


    1. Having cloven hooves, as deer or cattle do.

    2. Satanic; devilish.

    There is an old belief, buttressed by countless tales of apparitions, that the devil always appears with a cloven foot as a sort of distinguishing mark. It has been suggested that the Evil One, having fallen lower than any man, is not permitted to take the perfect human form but must have some sort of deformity (i.e., the cloven foot). It is also hypothesized that medieval Christian imagery of the Devil merged with that of the pagan goat-footed god Pan. The goat, of course, has a variety of occult associations, including its inclusion in astrology in the sign of Capricorn and the manifestation of incubi and succubi in the form of a goat.

  12. Why did I feel like I was watching a trailer for what will probably be some extent of future to come? I'm really fearful of what is to come. You know they are preparing us for something. This robot police shit is everywhere. If you watched the superbowl every other movie preview was about aliens robots earth coming to and end and all that other shit. It's getting annoying frankly. And no one else really notices or cares if you point it out. Ten years from now, let's face it, it's only getting worse

  13. VC, you should look into the Assasins creed series if you haven't already, although I think many others have covered the symbolism behind it. Thanks for the article too!

  14. Great articles as usual!! I hope VC, you could make a review of "Civilization V" where every single button is symbolized for the new world order, it is so obvious and scary, and one feature is building the utopia project, it is symbolized as a logo of the pyramid with the eye…

  15. Thank goodness im 16 but I dont even engage in the video game crap they have on nowadays, I hear boys talking about them games like call of duty non stop in class… they talk about how fun it was to kill this shoot that. Alot of Kids (mainly guys) my age find violent things like fighting and killing pretty funny. Its really disturbing.

    I dunno how our generation will be like when we are all mature adults -_-; The illuminati is now focused on us seeing as we are upcoming generation, thats why the rihanna, the lady gaga etc yes and the transhumanism aka ppl like the black eyed peas making robot things look "cool."

    I hear girls in high school singing rihanna's S&M really loudly across the corridors, and when i get into class, some idiots will laugh and joke about the absurdness of the illuminati conspiracy that they think is utter rubbish… its rather sad :(

    God help us all.

    • keep your chin up babe

      but get used to people either denying or accepting the NWO. a lot of planning has gotten us to this point- so just do what you can for yourself and don't get too overwhelmed with concern for others… it is hard to impose your ideals with a few arguments. Remember, their beliefs have been force fed to them slowly since conception. As have yours, unfortunately. But you have your eyes open… so just keep running to the light and don't look back.

      • Reveal The TRUTH on

        Also try looking up the song lyrics to "For Your Entertainment" By Adam Lambert. He sings about him being the devil and how he can enter ones soul and how you cant escape when he starts. Check it out, its Truly sickening

    • I know a few teens like you who seem aware of what's going on. Even if they don't believe in the "Illuminati," since that word has been turned into a punchline by people with marketing skills and media access we just don't have, their eyes are open. They don't trust what they're being told, which is the first step.

      It sucks, I think, to be a smart kid nowadays – it seems like so much of school is about fitting in instead of learning, and so much of fitting in is about knowing certain pop culture references. That's a full-time job! You need to study as much to learn about Justin Beiber or Twilight, or play these video games, as you would to become fluent in a foreign language. I get it though, social acceptance is a deep and important human need, and it's not your fault that things are set up so the golden ticket is Rhianna lyrics.

      So it's nice to see kids who aren't sucked into that whole mess. Maybe just don't call the shady elites behind the scenes "Illuminatis" when you're in mixed company – their marketing teams have already destroyed that word. But even they can't hide the whole truth. It's sort of like Catholic exorcism – you have to call demons by their true names if you want to cast them out: IMF, World Bank, Fed, KBR & Halliburton, Carlyle Group, Monsanto, Time Warner, Bertelsmann, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch Inc, (Disney is the other huge media corporation, but it has already protected itself by undercutting conspiracy theorists, oh well), Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, etc etc.

      Never heard of them? Well, please don't skip studying a foreign language or math to learn more. But pay attention when you hear of them again. Bechtel lost the Cochobamba Water Wars because people with an average 4th grade education learned their enemy's true name was "Bechtel," and found out what that company had done before it tried to take their right to rain away. It can be done.

    • you're right FA i grew up playin games but know i'm no longer in my teens they've lost there appeal, but I went to my friends house and her brother about your age was playing "COD" as they call it so i thought lets have a go, as i was playing it i thought there's no story line or nothing i'm just mindlessly walking around shooting at God knows what, after like 5 minutes of sheer boredom i stopped playing! I just don't see why its so highly rated but i'm guess they're preparing high school drop outs for the real thing as a lot of teens are joining the army

    • A wanderer on

      Thank goodness? You're talking like it's a bad thing or that somehow not playing them makes you more mature.

      It's fine to express disinterest in video games, but don't project this holier than thou attitude unto us, because it's clear that you don't know anything about video games besides platitudes (based on what you said anyways).

  16. @Emery

    I know… S&M is truly sick and really scary, and i agree with what you say. Yes we just need to open our eyes and just keep vigilant about this, even if ppl do fall for the NWO. I have convinced my friends that the illuminati are actually real, and some of them have also deleted alot of crap out of thier ipods. At least ive done my best to warn ppl close to me. We should all pray, thats all we can do.. no matter what faith you and me believe in. Its us against the illuminati and even if they do progress to brainwashing minds, as you said we should continue to

    "keep running to the light and not look back" :)

    • People WILL fall for nwo. No doubt about. I know people who are otherwise good people who kinda woke up but have chosen to retreat back into slumber. Its easier to say everything is fine and there nothing crazy going on than to actually recognize and acknowledge whats happening.

  17. At approximately 4:18 of the video a woman appears wielding two futuristic looking uzis. Now, notice her hair. I am sure you will notice that it is the same style that Rihanna, Cassie, and Willow Smith have worn in many of their most recent pictures and videos. There is a picture on the internet of a young woman who is on trial for murder and she has the exact same hairstyle and enjoys flashing 'el diablo' and she was a professed satanist. I tried to find the connection between gothic culture, satanism, and the entertainment world's new age agenda, but it is to no avail. If anyone has made a more in-depth study on this particular subject, I would very much appreciate to be in the know.

    • I noticed that! I was like WTF?! It just didn't sit right with me, you know? Something about it, something I just feel inside but cannot put my finger on what it is.

  18. Is it just me or does it seem like they're getting all this "conspiracy" info out on purpose now? People will probably say it's for "the money" but I beg to differ. It's almost like they want people to know about the conspiracies now.

  19. Ew, was that Rihanna in the game too?

    Now, just speaking as a semi-fan of video games, they spend way too much time making film trailers when the actual gameplay never compares. Just saying.

  20. At the end of the first game. (This is a sequel) they reveal that throughout the game you were working for the "Hidden Hand… The Illuminati"

    YouTube The Deus Ex Ending

  21. "It’s almost like they want people to know about the conspiracies now."

    Just remember: Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, Ask and the door shall be opened unto you.

    Don't mire yourselves down in conspiracies, chasing every music video, every celeb, watching for their signs, this is seeking in the wrong direction. To expose the works of darkness is one thing, to roll around in it like mud only blackens the soul. Know what to avoid, rejoice in YHWH and seek His Kingdom first above all else.

  22. I like playing SIMS2. I bought my sims family a big screen TV. On the back of the TV there is a skull with a lightening bolt and the skull looks like it is being fried. I started looking around the game at all the stuff you can buy for your sims and I now see things relating to what I've read on this site. Never noticed anything about if before now.

  23. Great find VC, as you can tell by my username I play alot of games this game was under the radar for me because I'm starting to get tired of all the shooters that have been coming out recently but I will have to pick this one up.

  24. Where the (H+)3 may be the symbol for transhumanism. It is much older than that and has a much deeper meaning.

    The worldwide fraternity known as the Hash House Harriers uses the abbreviation H3 or HHH. If you look at the HHH, it looks just like bricks or building blocks, which is very symbolic of architecture or masonry.

    H is the 8th letter of the alphabet. 8 is also the symbol for infinity. Human DNA has a double helix, or 88. So, if you have a triple helix, or 888, this represents life everlasting. DNA upgraded. Humans genetically modified.

    It gets wierder. The Hash House Harriers were registered as a society in, get this, 1938! Here we see the 3(8) or 3(H) again.

    Make no mistake. The plan to modify humans has been in the works for quite some time now.

    This rings true because the HHH fraternity members engage in and promote only the most primal of human activities and pride themselves on having half a mind. Need I say more?

  25. Spoiler Notice…

    In the second game in this series, you actually uncover the powers behind all factions in the game form the illuminati. There's also a faction in the game that wants to remove all mods in humans for a pure world. It's all about choice and personal experience in the game. Your friends at the start of the game, the ones you forge close bonds with, go down so many different paths. It's all about picking the choice you feel comfortable with.

    • Laputan Machine on

      Spoiler Notice…

      The part that I find most interesting though, is that all the final choices seem to have devastating consequences. Go the proper 'transhuman' route, all of mankind is folded into a borglike collective, ech. Go the Illuminati ending, and a technofascist police state is brought into perpetuity, ech. Go the Templar ending, and you're brought right back into nobody ever expects it (spanish style inquisitions), ech. But hesitate in your decision, and the other posthumans, the Omar, flat-out exterminate everyone in a nuclear holocaust, ech. So it's like even beyond the shooting stuff, and 'cool' esoteric imagery it's sending its ultimate message, that no matter your intentions, you can't dance with the devil without eventually being burned.

  26. Laputan Machine on

    That it features transhuman aspects though does not necessarily imply that it glorifies those aspescts and presents them as just and righteous. In the first Deus Ex for instance, Illuminati, NWO, Masons, etc were all explicit and thoroughly researched, but ultimately overturned by the players ingame actions. In the second game for instance, the focus was then on umbrealla corporations and dualistic left-right paradigms, that again were more the villains than the protagonist's refuge. All oldhat subjects to you lot, sure, but as a budding adolescent it was the Deus Ex games that first gave me cognizance into world we really live in – and it wouldn't do all that well of me to deny the same experience to the kiddies around today. tldrs; They're not as checkerboard black and white as you seem to be dismissing them, and exposure through entertainment is preferable to exposure through actual brutality.

  27. Look at the 3 on that H+. Would that not mean something like H+H+H? H being the 8th letter would make it 888 which is the number of Jesus Christ. I played through the original deus ex and it had a lot of allusions to the protagonist being the Christ (his name being J.C. only one many signs). Of course, as any good Christian knows there is only one Christ and any one super being claiming to be Him is anti-christ.

    • Laputan Machine on

      J.C. Denton wasn't his name, J.C. Denton was just his code name. They only WANTED him to as Jesus, as their Jesus infact. Sucks to be them though, there can only be one Jesus, and he wasn't made in a lab for the benefit of a few.

      tldr; UNATCO was the antichrist that gave J.C. his codename and J.C. was just a man that wouldn't take their bullshit.

  28. i have emailed you before telling you about the game Assasins creed. Theending of the 2nd game, if you dont want to play the whole game at least watch a video of the ending of the 2nd game in the trilogy. I strongly believe the publishers of that game are trying to send the players a message.

  29. I'm sure that the video games have been part of the TransHumanism training for years.

    I used to play lots of video games, up to the point where it became more of a distraction from real life (and that took a lot…let's just say I've separated myself from the cities where I played video games and don't plan on returning to those places to live again). And I count it as time I didn't use learning how to relate with people.

    Fact is, people have been learning how to relate to computers over the past thirty-five years. From Space Invaders to Pac-Man and Defender to The Mouse to Super Mario Brothers to Street Fighter II to The Sims to the iPad, we've been learning how to relate to a reality that's more manmade than real. At some point, we'll be able to put a screen in front of us and soak in the augmented reality from the glasses. Not sure what information will pop through, but they'll figure something.

  30. Transumanism = Trans on

    Imagine if someone made one of these big budget violent, futuristic war films or computer games which started out the typical way with all the usual stirring, valiant music with big drums and all that mysterious, alluring female chanting in it and began with some unshaven dude in his apartment wearing a leather trench coat, checking his weapons and ammo while smoking a cigarette, drinking shots and delivering a cool monologue and all that stuff…..

    …. and then …

    ….. as he steps out onto the street the music stops and there are just the sounds of bullets zipping by and people running about in confusion and the distant sound of a mother weeping over her lifeless and bleeding child's body. And the hero just starts going "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…" and he steps out and starts walking down the street just totally bricking it (like you would) …… and within a minute or so of walking a few blocks he catches a stray bullet in the leg, drops to the floor and lies there in agony and shock, bleeding profusely as his mind starts to wonder things like:

    'shit… this is terrible, this has got to be the worst day of my life…. what the hell was I thinking, back there in my apartment? This isn't 'cool' … I'm not some invincible robot-god person … I've just been shot in the leg! ….. OMG this is rubbish ….. god I'm scard …… this is it …. oh god this is terrible …….. remember that time as a child when you spent that long afternoon playing by the stream at the back of the estate ……. I wish I was there now ….. I wish I was lying in a meadow on a summer's night watching the stars …. I wish I was having a meal with friends …… that's what life is about …. I wish all this corruption and stupid weapons technology and ridiculous corporate controlled society would just disappear so we could all enjoy our short lives a bit more instead of running around like tooled up lab rats in some sick social experiment …… I wish we just lived in a sane and peaceful world ……. '

    And the movie would just go on like that following his thoughts for the rest of the 90 minutes until he eventually passed out from blood loss ….. or if it was a computer game the idea would be to steer the hero's fading consciousness through as many different childhood and teenage memories as possible before blood loss caused him to pass out … and score extra points for gaining insights into the stupidity of an out of control technologically based violent society! And when the computer game's character died that would be it, the game wouldn't work any more.

    Now THAT would be realism. And that is why movies and games are never like that.

    It's interesting to see how as males are increasingly stripped of the power to make decisions for themselves and their family/ tribe (with all that decision making being increasingly controlled by the government, corporations, expert classes and other agencies instead) males are being supplied with games and sports which allow them to sort of 'act out' the roles and power of decision making which they have had stolen from them.

    Imagine if every weekend all the thousands of sports fans and computer gamers decided to be true real life heros to themselves and their own families and communities (tribe) and go and spend the time and effort changing society for the better in imaginative and positive ways, instead of sitting in a stadium guzzling hotdogs and soda watching sports 'heros' play sports games …. or sitting in basements playing computer games and pretending to defend some make believe kingdom from goblins or whatever.

    Imagine of all the millions of hour's worth of men's conversations, where they analyze to the nth degree sports games or discuss the minutiae of computer games and movies was spent discussing and analyzing the NWO and ways to defeat it and make the world a better place instead.

    It's no wonder the propaganda and distraction is so strong and overwhelming. They are literally attempting to suppress and subvert men's innate desire to protect and defend that which he cares about: freedom, family, tribe, civilization. If this hidden purpose of mass entertainment movies and computer games ever understood by the majority then it's 'game over' for the NWO. After all it's all a game anyway :)

    Heroism – Stefan Molyneux part 1 and 2

  31. Psychological programming: Riots in the future isn't it strange??? Death to protesters. Sun symbol looks like an eye.

  32. There were other things to this game too: Ikarus of mythology, also the flashed the Illuminated all seeing eye of the dollar, and a very definite police state. So there.

  33. VC. great to see u uncover the gameing industry. There is a series of videogames called Metal Gear Solid that you may want to analyze. It has so comples storyline that even the some players have problem with understanding of all meanings of the game. And I am sure for 100% it is based on the Illuminati, but they are called THE PATRIOTS in this game.I know it will be time consuming but this game series deffinetly is worth of analyze. best regards, keep on the great work 😉

    • The Metal Gear Solid games definitely has a shadow government story to it. Very interesting games. The plot is really overly complicated, but the basic idea is that a shadow group is pulling the strings of all the worlds affairs.

      I really doubt the maker of the games (Hideo Kojima) is in any way affiliated with the supposed "Illuminati" but I personally think he is aware of the globalists and part of the MGS story was based on this idea.

      I've been a long time gamer and played every type of game out there. You can't blame games or movies for a person's behavior, but at the same time I don't think we can deny that some people will be influenced by these medias. Just like some people are influenced by music more than someone else might be. We just need to be careful what we put in our minds…

  34. One thing about this game, I'd recommend the writer play through the first Dues Ex game if they haven't already, or at least read up on it or have a colleague do so. The story and setting touch on a broad range of conspiracy material that all here would recognize, although I can't recall any masonic symbolism. I first came to hear about things like the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and the Order of the Cincinnati from content within this game – and these issues are presented in a fairly mature manner for its time. Bonus points: The game was released in June 2000, and the in-game scenery of new york has the twin towers missing, 'destroyed by terrorists' claimed the makers of the game.

  35. During the next months-years, you'll see the illuminati symbols more & more, but it won't be only because of direct affiliation, but also just because it's hip!

    In my winter semester university project last year, a powerpoint presented to ~50-60 person sported a nice Mason compass & square on the "Method" slide and a nice pyramid with the all-seeing eye on the "conclusion" slide. And a sphinx on the "question" last slide (does that even count?). Well, I tried to stick in more, but it would have looked at of place!

    I did so just because that's what the kewl kids do in 2010-2011 and I would a have totally got a nerdgasm if someone came to me after the powerpoint and asked "Are you in?!" or something, but that didn't happen. Bunch of non-illuminati…

    Anyway, the video looks sweet, I'm looking forward to play this. While listening to Born This Way

    H+ 😉

  36. there is also a deus ex trailer where the illuminati eye pops by very fast. Here are some games that sport alot of illuminatiness that i know about.

    Call of duty modern warfare 2

    Assassins creed

    World of warcraft

    civilization V

    and ofcoure many many more

  37. I just watched the trailer again and noticed that the game title has a triangle/pyramid in place of the 'A' in 'HUMAN'.

  38. Play the first Deus EX, lot of NWO talk-discussion, in fact the game appears to be againts NWO.

    You start as a soldier of UNATCO and later you realize that the so called "terrorist" are not the evil guys

  39. I just ordered Deus Ex 1 + 2 for 23$ lol. I see for myself.

    I'd be impressed if that kind of social unrest doesn't happen in the USA BEFORE 2027!

  40. Albizu's sol li on

    As an avid gamer since about '84 I can say that games have had many occult symbols, hidden agendas, and allusions to one world governments. Its up to the parents and society as a whole to develop young minds and citizens that can withstand the perpetual bombardment of such subliminal activity. If anything it emboldens me to know that I have withstood this brainwashing and propagation of hidden truths by becoming aware. I admit that the level of sophistication in these games is tenfold compared to super mario bros. but a lot of these games are not for children. Deus Ex is M rated so its up to the parents to keep such titles away from their children. The same with R rated movies and the like. Also, this is the 3rd installment of Deus EX and its always been chock full of occultism such as the Knights Templar, Transhumanism, Corporatism(Fascism), Military Industrial Complex etc. If anything it has shown people that never knew these things existed, a glimpse of what agendas are lurking in the midst. I am a firm believer that all fiction is based on some sort of truth, so if anything, people can see that these things exist.

  41. That video reminds me a lot of "Ghost in the Shell", an anime, and "Neuromancer", a book written by William Gibson. I can recommand them to anyone.

  42. I enjoy video games. Nothing wrong with them. Just like there is nothing wrong with heavy metal music.

    As long as you recognize the hidden messages and know your Self, these things cannot harm you.

    I think it is dangerous to demonize entertainment. Sometimes it turns into a witch hunt that misses the point.

    If you are strong in your soul, and intelligent, you can enjoy the world for what it is and leave it behind when it is time to.

  43. Transumanism = Trans on

    I know nothing about games or the gaming industry but I wouldn't be surprised if the strategy was to not only acclimatize people the the illuminati first through games but also condition young people how to fight against police sates and corporate fascism (ie as a lone 'hero' and through violence – the two *least* sensible methods in reality!).

    And obviously to fight against such futuristic technologically advanced oppressive regimes means you need loads of technology yourself. In this way young people are programmed to see new 'smart' gadgets in the real world as empowering and liberating (which admittedly they can be in many ways) but without considering the massive potential for becoming enslaved through them too (tracked and traced, RFID, GPS etc).

    In games and movies the gadgets always seem to belong exclusively to the hero, and only serve him … but in real life they belong just as much to the corporations who make them (for example GPS and apps in phones sending back data about you).

    And as for all of this revealing themselves stuff …. if someone runs at you screaming and wielding a baseball bat from across the street it's easy to react but if they start running at you from 500 miles away it's much harder to know what to do even if you are aware they are coming. I'm sure this is part of the reason the illuminati are trying to reveal themselves to the population gradually over time. They are making use of basic human psychology. Once people have learned about the illuminati through games and movies and gotten into the habit of treating it all like just another subject to discuss but do nothing about it's very hard for them to then break that habit (when the collapse of civilization is near and freedom really is hanging by a thread) to start running down the street with a megaphone shouting "wake up people – research the NWO your lives depend on it!"

    It's kind of like smoking and knowing it is killing you and that you need to stop, but you just can't pinpoint the exact day to do it because every day is kind of the same and your health is not significantly worse. ("I'm gonna kick tomorrow").

    Also, when I think of people playing computer games for 10 hours a day I always think of them on their deathbed, reviewing what they had done in their lives ….. talk about faceslap time!

  44. This game looks amazing!!!! I love the idea of the main character standing up against the government! When he mentions that in the trailer, i saw the all-seeing eye. I believe you must fight illuminati, the government, and the corrupt law-enforcement creating these machines. The story looks good! Most of you guys are saying that video games will end us all. That is absurd!!! Just learn to take it for what it is, understand the symbols, you guys seem scared! Thats what they want!!!! Dont you guys get it!!!! I listen to heavy metal, its harmless! I watch horror movies! thats also harmless! i play games, Harmless!!!

  45. Who has seen Repo Men? One of the most disturbing depictions of the future I've seen. And it does seem to coincide with the transhumanist theme now that I think of it… and the authority 'tags' your body parts so its like you become a 'deposit'… oh and there's sex mixed with dying. Man I could go on with this movie…

  46. Well! the reason VG are against Transhumanism is: it makes the very life and death of Human beings are dependent on Technology

  47. this game looks amazing it doesnt seem to be brainwashing or promoting anybody into becoming a robot/human it just looks like an interesting process of story telling using the theme of tranhumanism and the illluminate. thorughout the whole trailor the protaganist says how he didnt have a choice and he doesnt know wats going on exactly but thats exactly wat the illuminate would do to somebody and playing through the perspective of a fictional transhuman whose confused and worried about the world around him and slowly interacting with a world to find the greater scheme and picture of things looks like a great and interesting experience looks like its going to be the best game to come out in years.

    now i admit games r a great medium to brainwash people and ive come across a lot of occult symbols in games (like call of duty and halo which are also the biggest online communities to date) but games r a great way of story telling its innovative. Metal Gear Solid is one of the best stories ever told the story is all about conspricacies its all bout "The Patroits" whole rule the world secretly aka the illuminate and assasin's creed does the same thing but shows u it through certain historic events that makes sense. theyre not brainwashing us theyre simply exposeing it and even if all this isnt real, the illuminate u got to admit its all very interesting and none the less would make a good foundation for any storyline

  48. not all video games r evil just like how not all movies or music is evil but some are….but i feel like this game is not and like u said VC a lot of video games are boring to u at least because the interesting and smart ones take at least 15 to 60 hours to complete and thoses ones have incredible storylines. but the ones like halo, call of duty, and world of warcraft the ones that people become addictive too people end up literally playing 1000+ hours on and it ruins there lives. But video games test someones abiltity through hand eye cordination its truley a skill and some people just get lost in it like any drug to proove themselves and be accepted through the videogame community and to feel better about themselves idk i just feel like if ur a weak minded person u'll fall underneath "there" spell or just to ur own addictive ways.

    we are living in an age of paranoia where nobody knows the truth i say just believe in yourself becuz thats the only peice of reality u'll ever know is true. As the great Bobby Marley said once

    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

    None but ourselves can free our minds

    but i am glad there is someone like u VC to show how wicked the entertainment and political world and really just the whole world is there probaly is someone behind the curtain or some type of puppet master pulling the strings and its fucked up and thank u VC but ur somewat scaring people and brainwashing them too to a certain exsent and thats also kinda sad.

    Our minds r so complicated and fagile its hard to tell wat to believe but all i got to say is keep up the work VC but people believe in yourself and ur own ideas first.

  49. I agree to the notion that games and other technological gadgets of the 21st century are rather dangerous to the mind as a whole, interestingly enough a game called Sid Meier's Civilization 5 the latest release in a series of releases, has some very disturbing facts in it, first the game in itself is built on a checkered architecture which you come across whilst playing, second it is addictive as your thirst for victory grows, third the ultimate goal is to conquer the world and become its ultimate ruler using either military, diplomatic, scientific or cultural victories, and last but not least is the ultimate victory called the utopian project funny enough the symbol for this is the same symbol at the back of the one dollar bill, yes if you've guessed it your luck is good enough for Vegas this weekend, i.e the pyramid with one eye.One other thing worth noting is upon reaching the final stage or the space age who's logo is a human head half human half robot, you have access to the ultimate technology a one eyed robot.And to end that they produce a quote by George W.Bush "i think we agree, the past is over"

    I fear not for myself but for my children which have not being born yet, wheres the world going? we are constantly being bombarded left, right & center with information/data/misinformation/disinformation at mind boggling speed to make us succumb to the idea of servitude, very few know of the truth even amongst these few there is "the paralysis of analysis" syndrome that has thwarted our efforts to come up with solutions to go on the offensive rather than the defensive.

    As i read some comments, i see we are more divided than united, the only point of unity is we gathered here, i pray our differences will evaporate sooner than later, and in the seconds, minutes, days, months, years ahead victoriously united we shall stand.

    We will win, we shall win, we must win, we have no other option but to win.

    "Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give in. Never give in. Never give in. Never give in."..Winston Churchill On October 29, 1941.

  50. Transhumanism is one of the core themes of Deus Ex (the hero is a transhumanist cyborg, as are the core villains in the later game (the early game is you vs purely human enemies, terrorists and the like, with you in a clearly "right" moral position in the beginning that gets muddied as the game progresses)). It always has been, going back to the first game (Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the third game in the series, hence the superscript 3 on the formula). I'd really suggest if you intend to do an article on Deus Ex 3, you might want to give the first one a spin first (not so much the second, but the second was a terrible game which probably colors my opinions somewhat).

  51. @VC

    if you would actually research the things you bring up, you'd realize that the Deus Ex series is against the "Illuminati" – they pretty much brought up every single thing in the first Deus Ex – you're fighting AGAINST these people, not for them. true, the new Deus Ex has transhumanism all in it, but that's because this is where the world is headed to. in order to defeat the tyrants, the main character must transform into a kind of super-human, with the aid of technology. its called HUMAN REVOLUTION for a reason.

    • 1- VC did no talk about the game being "for" or "against" the illuminati. He said it was promoting transhumanism and you agree with him. So whats your point?

      2- You believe transhumanism is "where the world is headed to" because you have been programmed this way by years of mass media. You see it as an inevitability. That is the purpose of predictive programming.

      • if you haven't noticed, no one is doing a damn but doing analysis of things, instead of moving into the political arena, or at least moving OUTSIDE of the internet. nothing is going to change if all we're doing is visiting websites for analysis of symbolism.

        VC said games are used to push agendas through, so he labels this series along with the rest. without actually understanding the full scope of the series, where the protagonist is trying to start a rebellion. the world is still controlled now (2027) as it was in the first game, so OF COURSE it's going to have transhumanism in it because this is what they're trying to accomplish.

        VC is always trying to claim everything is illuminati, so EXCUSE ME for accusing him of doing it YET AGAIN (which he basically did).

      • They actually WANT violent rebellions and riots. It would enable them to proceed with violent repression, arrests and martial law. Thats the trap theyre laying for you and you will probably fall into it because you have been programmed to do so.

      • Laputan Machine on

        So what about in Egypt now, did they plan on that Rebellion? I might yet live to choke on those words, but from all the news I'm hearing it does seem as if life is improving there.

      • Well, the leaders of the Egyptian military were (guess where?) in the US talking with the Obama admin a few weeks ago, amazingly on the day that these "spontaneous protests" and riots began. What a coincidence…they just happened to be in Washington DC.

        This thing has all of the signs of being a typical, intelligence agency orchestrated regime destabilizing effort.

        The only question is, who stands to gain from it, in money and power?

        Hint: it's not the Egyptian people.

      • Laputan Machine on

        Well I'm confused then, as it's not the US administration either. They loved the oldguard with their cheap oil and peace with Israel.

  52. I have a few things I'd like to point out about this. From the five minutes of previews we can see here, it seems apparent to me that the main character was manipulated into becoming what he is now, half man and half machine. However I think it is important to note that he seems to be fighting back against the powers that be. The game seems to send the message that we must use the transhumanist agenda against those who would use it to ruin this world. Personally I think it is a clever deception to trick your mind into thinking we can only defeat them if we let them win in the first place. I will also say that the game looks totally bad ass and I'm going to play the hell out of it.

  53. We are all going to transcend into something, somehow, sometime. The question is when and what. The only problem with humanism is not having something bigger and better to believe in. As an Atheist, I know, which though logically sound can be emotionally empty.

  54. tnemmoc a evael on

    "That is absurd!!! Just learn to take it for what it is, understand the symbols, you guys seem scared! Thats what they want!!!! Dont you guys get it!!!! I listen to heavy metal, its harmless! I watch horror movies! thats also harmless! i play games, Harmless!!!"

    Do not believe the lies of darkness. Some people are too blinded by the darkness they cannot see. Order your life according to The Ten Commandments, pray, love God, as you become closer to God, how does it feel when you play games which feature you destroying everything around you, including simulated people? When darkness numbs you, how can you feel?

    Too many are lost to darkness and have lost the precious feelings and love God grants. When in doubt, look to God and His Word. Those who condemn and press darkness as something harmless need our prayers.

  55. Ladies & gents, mubarak got kicked out of office, 3 dominos down & counting, the elite might be good at planning but out of chaos comes order, nonetheless a victory dance is not to much to ask for people kicking tyrants where it hurts, Next tyrant on the list my cursor says White house.

  56. The All-seeing eye on the US 1 dollar bill was flashed in the trailer too. All too obvious what they are referring about here.

  57. There is an upcoming online PC game called The Secret World. It's all about the secret societies.

    Their promo website is called darkdaysarecoming. Very creepy. I bet VC should take a close look at the contents of this title coming out soon to be released somewhere this year.

  58. Oh crap, this article made me realize that the only games I have played in the past involved transhumanism. I'm so screwed, I'm breaking the cycle!

  59. Anyone who's never even played the first two games have absolutely no place in talking about them. And Human Revolution hasn't even come out so no one can possibly specualte on it's intent at this point. The fact is though that Deus Ex is probably the ONLY series of games that explicitly exposes this kind of stuff and if anyone had actually PLAYED the games before they commented they'd know that. Hell you don't even have to play them. You have the internet people use it.

  60. Shoot on sight laws, ECEHLON program (governement surrveillance), Men in Black, Black helicoptors, synthetic diseases with highly controlled cures, The Illuminati, Templars, Corruption (corporate, social, governmental), RX 84 (FEMA camps), FEMA in general and their insane powers, Trilateral Commission, The Rockefellers and Rothschilds, The Order of Cincinatti, The NWO (In the form of UNATCO within the game world), Human augmentation.

    Off the top of my head, These are all things featured in the first Deus Ex. Now you can argue, "predictive programming" and all that shit, but the game was made bymaybe 20-30 people, and the fact is they got close to all thier knowledge and ideas from conspiracy sites very similar to this one, only the 1998 versions (usenet? I dont know, im too young to remember that shit). The first Deus Ex is widely considered one of the best games of all time, and my personal favorite. No other game blatantly and explictly explores those topics, although I have hope the new one will live up to the legacy of the original.

  61. Deus EX revolution is actually a prequel to a game that was made around 10 years ago that was about transhumanism and conspiracy theories. In fact one of the factions in the game was the illuminati.

    IF you really want to see a game that is basically about the illuminati. Then you should check out a couple of games called Bioshock and Bioshock 2.

    Those two games are pretty blatant about there symbolism.

  62. Has anyone here played the game Killer7? Eventhough it doesn't have much to do with transhumanism, it does have mind control through dissociation…. however, I won't spoil it, play it first. Eventhough it is about japanese-american relations, it talks aout alot of conspiracies.

      • i have had that game for months but only just decided to play the single player campaign. the first thing i thought of, like 5 minutes into it, was 'omg, vc should do a story on this'. i guess I wasnt the only one…

  63. I love this site and appreciate the author's concerns, but I'm not sure if this game is negative or not since it appears to be EXPOSING the transhumanist agenda. I have seen interviews with the developer where he talks about having to research the subject in detail and got the impression he's actually on our side.

    Another game doing great things in terms of exposing alternative views to history and delving into the occult is the Assassins Creed series.

    I just don't think it's always got to be a negative association. If you play these games through educated eyes you are going to benefit from another perspective.

  64. obviously transhumanism is a theme of the game, but I'd like to point out that they seem to be painting the transhumanist agenda as the 'bad guy'

  65. As a longtime fan of the Deus Ex series, I'll say that this transhumanism business is just one out of many of its aspects, no more important than the rest. The series promotes a GREAT deal of choice in gameplay–along with choosing how the game ends, even upgrading the protagonist (JC/Alex/Adam) with augmentations was entirely OPTIONAL. I'll also echo the fact of the moral element in dealing with the opposition: there was always an option above killing, as in KO'ing them unconscious but alive.

    In either case, the human element was always present and there for those who wished to pursue that course of action, and as far as DX3 goes Adam will have it the same way, upgrade further or remain as is (he will already be augmented at the beginning of the game –….

    Also, Alejandro Ivan Laguna here said that the game was "hidden by the illuminati" due to basing itself on conspiracy theories. I'll chime in and say that I thought about Invisible War's (part 2) production values having dropped for some likewise reason. At least, in a longshot theory of mine; can't help holding DX1 as the superior product (so far) but I enjoyed (and played the hell out of) both.

    p.s. Props to my fellow gamers here for also mentioning Assassin's Creed. That's another post for another day, however.

    • Sorry…all the protagonists were already augmented in some way at the beginning of their respective games, just to clarify. That'd mean the human element would be as close to remaining as-is, when it comes to upgrading.

  66. As someone who enjoys video games, I personally cannot wait for this game. The first game sparked my interest and then further research into the Illuminati and was a huge factor in making me aware that all may not be what it seems. I beleive like other forms of entertainment specifically film,books, & music; all they are doing is exposing you to ideas and themes. What you do with them is up to you based on what you no, your upbringing and how it makes you feel. Symbols are the same, some symbols have at one time had a totally different meaning to what they have now, the swastica comes to mind. Religion as well, some people intepret it in a peaceful loving way others in a hateful, violent and racist way. Lots of discussions here about the brainwashing of children and how violent games and films harm children; what about violent books? The most effective way of brainwashing children that has been going on before all of this electronic entertainment was created has been the organised religions of the world. Not giving a child a choice by indoctrinating and exposing them to your beliefs and faith IS brainwashing. Now I'm in no way advocating transhumanism, I am merely discussing another side to it, what if you could save a childs life by giving them an "upgraded" organ because they were born with a genetic fault that was no cause of their own? Is it better and morally right to let them suffer and/or die young? Maybe there is a place for a small amount of transhumanism in certain circumstances? Without technology none of us would be having this discussion like this right now, or have electricity, or motorised travel etc. We have been using teachnology to advance society and humanity for centuries now, at what point does it become evil?

  67. VC – you should check out the Canadian gaming company called Bioware. Their developers have been known to use a Masonic pyramid as their 'avatar' in their forums – when asked the significance of it, they laugh it off and give no explanation.

    Their most prominent series, 'Mass Effect', features a futuristic soldier who dies and is reconstructed as a Christ-like transhuman by an all-powerful corporation. He then does their bidding.

    Moreover, the series pretends to offer the player choice while covertly leading them along a pre-destined route in which they have absolutely no freedom – basically, they're slaves, and the player's appetite is sated through a series of obliging 'sex kitten' companions. The main male voice actor, Mark Meer, also speaks in a strangely flat, emotionless monotone – Monarch programming, perhaps?

  68. When I saw the woman's face (the robot woman shooting) she looked extremely similar to Rihanna to me, just with one side of her head shaved.

  69. father of nations on

    i enjoy video fav is 'command and conquer : tiberium wars'the player takes on the role of a general commanding forces in a world war called the tiberium war.the factions include the GDI who are a collection of the worlds elite nations.then there is The Brotherhood , a semi religous semi fanatical group of the non elite masses.

    An elite minority trying to control a non elite majority,sound fimiliar?

  70. WeWantRespect on

    aaa…Deus Ex is educational not selling agendas to players , VC , play the first Deus ex and you will see something interesting .. this game is a reminder that we are controled ….. in the first game you have 3 ways to finish it , 1 way is to join the illuminati order …. "..where are the illuminati , we come before and after "

  71. Regrettably, what even most Christian and other concerned researchers fail to realize is that Transhumanism/Transtopianism and the posthuman ideal go way beyond the integration of man and machine. For the dark, sinister, malefic spiritual forces or inter-dimensional beings (IDBs) behind the Transhumanist Movement are, in fact, also behind the UFO/Alien Abduction Phenomenon. The ultimate goal of the new technologies bent to the transhumanist goal of creating humanity anew, particularly germ-line genetic engineering, is to produce altered humans who will be ideal vehicles and mediums for incarnating ‘spirit-beings’ (hostile inter-dimensionals) devoted to the psychical and biological exploitation of humankind.

    Let those with eyes to see, see indeed!

  72. Same here,

    I learned about how evil the illuminati is in the game series Assassin's Creed.

    Sure there were signs like the all seeing eye but it was a warning from an ally of the main game character. The Assassins fight for the free will of the mankind and against the Templars.

    Somehow I see alignments on how it looks like the Illuminati is winning in the real modern world just like in the Assassins Creed Universe

    Metal Gear series was also awesome XD

    I'll post linkies if I may

    Assassins Creed:

    ((I'll update this one, I'm gonna record on how Templars (The Mind Controllers) Controlled EVERYTHING, from Politics to Media))

    Metal Gear: Explaining how illuminati's work behind the lines

  73. i've played an MMORPG, which takes origins in south korea, it's very popular around the world with cute graphics and so on…this is Maple Story. at a moment in the game, you're coming into a town, Magatia, a medieval theme town which is divided in two part, The Zenumists and Alcadno. you're having so quest to do and you learn that The Zenumists practice Alchemy, and live in the old medieval style buildings on one side of the town. The Alcadno, on the other hand, use advanced technology and created robots on their side of the town, this made me remember the BEP – Imma be. The alcadno guy is half human, half robot, he thinks that in order to go forward in the future, we will need the robots.

    I dunno why 'til now, his words are stuck in my mind…

  74. I ahve to agree with Dukes up above, you have to play the both of the first games — respectively call "Deus Ex: The Conspiracy" and "Deus Ex 2: The Invisible War" — to really appreciate the overall arc of storyline and the choices the player has. So much info in each game that one come away asking questions. They're both that good. Can't wait to play this one.

    On another note, the first Half-Life game is about the Deluce wars. HL2 ups the storytelling, graphcs, pin-game physics, and introduced Apeture science — makes of the portal gun in the Portal video games — who were in competition with Black Mesa (located in a D.U.M.B. in Arizona, from the first HL) for government defence contracts, as blantantly hinted at in Portal 1 & 2.

  75. Judging the game by only the trailer is totally not fair. You have no idea how the game actually works.

    You get to CHOOSE your ending of the game. A spoiler but here's the list of choises after the whole world falls apart:

    Destroy the facility with yourself and let humanity decide the future for itself.
    Support the augmentation theories despite the disaster because it is "evolution".
    Lie and blame it on an organization who fights for the rights of humanism.
    Tell the truth, and let the people ban augmentation technology forever or at least a very long time.

    What the disaster is? Basically everyone had chips, this Illuminati guy who created augmentations made them change their chips into mind control chips, they activated a signal in some tower in Antarctica and the people wearing the chips inside them went crazy and dellusional ultimately resulting in total chaos. The Illuminati guy thought that the only way to achieve order is by chaos, a term who everyone on this website is familiar with.

    Just fyi, I chose the 4th because abuse will always exist in humans, abuse like what the Illuminati guy did. Therefore it bans the technology.

  76. The Illuminattis are present in the game as a ocult elite who wants control the world….there are various ideas of conspiracy through the game….and its a great game….

  77. have you even played the game? it draws all the negative sites of transhumanism. deus ex HR is one of my favourite games, because its not just some fictional action-adventure game or "just-shoot-the-bad-guys", or one of thousands of zombie games. it shows the consequences of brain-washing, of desire for power and things that "They" are hiding from us. Adam never asked for his "upgrades" just like we never asked for manipulation.. altough, in the end, there is no "good/right" solution. so the ending is totally opened, and its up to you, what will you choose. which is kinda depressing.. and not to forget to mention the huge impact of media. like Eliza (AI) said in the end "I can convince the people" which, I think, is totally clear..

  78. Hi! I think you got this one wrong. The Deus Ex series is actually very educational, presenting issues such like false flag terrorism, media manipulation, problem-reaction-solution policies, secret societies (the Illuminati come into play at some point) and the themes of power in general (for example – local power centres versus global government). Transhumanism is, I think, being mostly discussed in the third part, although even in parts 1 and 2 the main character (a specially "augmented" agent trained by some big, shadowy agency, officially dedicated to fighting terrorism) is a "transhuman"; now, I'd say that knowing parts 1 and 2 of the game, I bet the third part approaches the issue of "transhumanism" from a very critical perspective (or possibly various perspectives, allowing the gamer to make his own choices and showing consequences). Now, I think even mentioning this stuff in a game makes a person (especially a young one) ask questions. I don't know part 3, but part 1 and 2 are really great so I fully reccomend these to you. I actually wonder what you would say. And it's not at all boring

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