Despite the Doom and Gloom – My Corny Holiday Message


I am not a big fan of sugar-coated holiday messages that are basically a collage of tired clichés.  I also do not enjoy reading “let’s be positive” articles that sound like a page taken from a $2.99 self-help book written by some douche-bag spiritual guru. However, today, I will be combining both of these horrible things in one big sentimental, tear-jerking article … no, I won’t.

But, as 2011 comes to an end, I would like to reflect a bit on the content that was published on the Vigilant Citizen and the reason why I feel this kind of information needs to be known by all regardless of age, sex, faith or ethnicity. So here are some thoughts about this site, its purpose and its potential effects on people.

About the initial shock of learning the “Truth”

I remember when I first learned about the “Truth” and it wasn’t pretty. I remember learning about how the mass media lie to our faces on a daily basis. About how the educational system only teaches the youth what they need to become obedient workers. About how politics are merely a puppet show and that, regardless of who is in office, the same Agenda will be going forward. About how our rights and freedoms are being revoked. About how the masses are purposely being dumbed-down. About how simple values are rejected from popular culture and replaced by shallow materialism and glorification of immediate fulfillment of impulses.

Learning about these things was overwhelming and, to be honest, it really pissed me off. I remember being depressed for days, repeating to myself “Everything I was ever told was a lie”. I was disgusted by the world I grew up in and the people I used to look up to. That was an awful phase. But, looking back, I realized that it was just a phase – one that all seekers of truth eventually need to go through. It is shocking, disheartening, confusing and totally not cool. But necessary.

As I pursued my research and as I gained a little wisdom and experience, that nasty feeling eventually went away. Gloria Steinem famously wrote “The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.” That is certainly true. But after the “pissed off” phase, better understanding our world leads to an extremely valuable reward: Knowledge, wisdom and happiness.

Although I do not consider this site to contain all of the “Truth”,  simply a small part of it, I nevertheless hope its contents is insightful enough to prompt in some people a “thirst for more”. I sometimes get e-mails from readers who are still under the initial shock of learning the Truth. They describe the same symptoms I felt when I was in the same situation and some are rather mad at me for causing this in them. Although I realize that this kind of information can engender fear and even paranoia in some people, I believe that the sooner one goes through that phase, the better. Because once the blizzard goes away, a new path appears … and it looks pretty darn nice.

Converting the initial shock into useful knowledge

After learning about the true nature of the forces shaping our world, a natural response is to look for solutions. One might say “Now that I know all of this, what can I do to fix the problem?” I usually leave this part of the thought process open-ended in my articles because I believe that the thinking, the questioning and the research required at this stage is something that all of us should do. After having been told what we should do during our entire lives, it is time to get our own brains going. Only a healthy, well-educated mind can determine what should be done next. I believe that those who push ready-made, one-size-fits-all solutions do not help their fellow men (in fact, they might be trying to exploit them). Instead of encouraging independent thinking they are simply furthering the “sheep” mentality that is so prevalent today … just with a different shepherd. For this reason, I do not push a great big solution for all. I do, however, encourage readers to discuss and debate their views, because it is one the healthiest thing we can do.

The clash of ideas found in the discussions on this site is certainly one of its most important features. The insight provided by commentators is often enlightening (thanks to those who participate in discussions!). Some force us to consider unique ideas and perspectives. Some people believe non-violent protests are the ultimate solution, while others state that salvation must go through religious faith while others want to see an all-out revolution. Others do not believe that any of this is even happening. I honestly do not claim to know the exact path that would lead humanity to freedom. There is however one thing that I KNOW helps all the readers of the site: Understanding what is real and what is fake.

Differentiating the Real from the Fake: A Liberating Step

After a period of time of actively seeking the Truth through research and questioning, discerning what is real and what is illusion becomes an easy task. Instead of mindlessly absorbing everything that is communicated through mass media, a truth seeker will have the ability to say “Wait, this is BS. I do not believe it and I reject it.” The erection of a gateway that controls the acceptance of messages in our minds, also known as “critical thinking”, is one of the main benefits of truth seeking. This site focuses on mass media because its multiple outlets are used to sell illusion and delusion to the masses. They also define what is acceptable, what is desirable and what is not.

Watching a few hours of MTV programming is enough to understand that its contents promotes a specific set of values to the youth, notably the importance of materialism, the cult of celebrity and fame, the glorification of appearances and of the superficial, the sexualization and fetishization of everything and so forth. A young person that has not developed the ability to think critically will absorb this information, integrate it and, ultimately, live by it. However, an educated mind will realize that all of these values are artificial constructs and deceiving illusions. A great majority of spiritual currents in History have identified these very things as the “great deceptions”, pitfalls for the soul. Today, mass media are so omnipresent and persuasive that billions willingly fall into that trap. It takes a lot of “deprogramming” to make the average person realize: “I am not super famous, I do not have paparazzi after me, I am not on the cover of magazines, I do not have a Gucci handbag nor a BMW with Louis Vuitton seats … and so what? That is all garbage anyway!” Coming to this realization is one of the most liberating things one can experience, as a lot of unnecessary pressure magically disappears.

This realization also leads to a new appreciation for the simplest things in life that are, coincidentally, the most important things in life. Spending time with loved ones, appreciating the world’s beauty and becoming a better person cost absolutely nothing, yet they are keys to true happiness. Our current System is looking to lead us away from these values because they create people who are not dependent of the System. The System needs us to crave and want, and to live for the crap that is sold to us. It needs us to spend our paychecks, to load our credit cards and to take on ridiculous mortgages in order for us to replicate what we see on TV.  Our debts are the chains that link us to them and we willingly chain ourselves.

What is more profitable to them? A strong family based on morals, values and traditions or a shallow individual who looks to fill the gaping hole in his/her life with appearances and consumer products? Who is the easier to influence toward a specific idea or agendas? Our current System is a giant wheel that needs each one of us pushing in order for it to advance. Without us, the wheel goes nowhere.

The effects of rejecting what is fake and embracing what is real is the equivalent of eradicating a cancer that slowly eats away the spirit. But before curing an illness, one must identify it. The articles on this site attempt to locate and identify the cancerous message that is being communicated to the masses,  especially to the youth. Once the cause is known and understood, it is a lot easier to cure the sickness.

So, despite the doom and gloom, knowing the ugly truth should not lead to unhappiness. Quite to the contrary, learning what we should avoid also leads to learning what we should embrace. These wonderful things are within our reach and always will be. Some would say that these things are the very reason why we are on earth … and no power-hungry elite can ever take these things away from us.

So, that was my corny message for the holidays. Thanks to those who followed my articles, contributed information and participated in discussions this year. You are the reason why this site is so great. I will keep BOTH of my eyes open in 2012 and I will do my best to report mass media deceit on a regular basis. I hope to see you there!





  1. that aint no corny hehe..

    on the other note, i realized im slowly realizing the true and real beauty of this harsh world :)

    • The greatest saying I heard in my life was "Is richer not the one that owns the most, but the one that needs the least."

      Blessings from Mexico.

      • face in the crowd on

        The message is clear, thank you. An artist named Immortal Technique opened my second and third eyes, do you know of him? :) but finding your website, realizing there are watchers with lanterns on the path to critical thinking, knowing you light the path to so many, is a huge source of comfort to someone like me. I remember my angry phase too, you feel yoy lost your power but yoyr power is super potent during this time…the only way and your site has really helped me understand how essential it is for people like us to help light the path of critial thinking for others…who just couldnt move forward in thought. It is a lot to handle but at the same moment, no real burden or sacrifice, to be real and reject false states. Thanks again, who ever you are. Your lantern gives a bright, steady glow that shadows cant escape.

        Readers. Follow the money to power and reject the system designed to enslave us all, race aside, we are all sought after by the slavemasters. Keep the tv off and stop shopping for shit you dont need. Most off all, practice kindness to and awareness of….all life on earth. Light your lanterns, keep em lit.

      • God Bless you VC.

        I may have to look up the word "corny" but if that's what you call that letter then we definitely need more "corniness" from you lol

        Please know that I am praying for you and your new wife on a consistent basis now. I hope others on here are doing the same as well. Have a bless New Years.

        We're gonna need your great work in this upcoming 2012.

        Stay Blessed.

    • Voice of Reason on

      Agreed. This is one of the most profoundly eloquent articles I've ever had the pleasure of reading….


      Thanks, V.C., for having the both courage and the heart to share your insights with the rest of the world. Your considerable, unselfish efforts are very much appreciated.

      May God bestow His warmest blessings on you and your family, both this holiday season and beyond.

      • I do concur! Very eloquently put VC! You've been raising consciousness levels! Indeed, it shouldn't be fear-based solutions that drive us once the 'truth' is exposed, but the liberation of knowing that we are neither 'inside the box' or need to 'think outside the box' but rather that 'there is no box' and so to be guided by the real principles that exist and are encoded within us. Roll on 2012!!

      • thanks vc for all the that say. thank for to open my eyes about all that to be happening.

        i am brazilian and no know write in english right. but i thing that to be right.

  2. That was not corny by any of my standards!! I'm glad the "pissed-off phase" is not something unique to me… and that you yourself, VC, actually can relate to us little people. Thanks for all you do.

    • I am Nigerian and I have been following this site since 2009. It has really been enlightening and has opened my eyes to the deception and illusion of the mass media. This article is definitely not corny by any stretch of the imagination. It is one of the best-written and most thought provoking ones I have read this year. Keep up the great work VC and God bless!!

    • Likewise am I Ndubuisi. Very well put article VC, please know that in any way you may need help in the social media world, I offer my agency to you. This is good stuff!

  3. Thank you Vigilant for all you do. It's priceless! I am very grateful that I found this site and had my eyes really opened. I pray my hubby will do the same soon (He knows but doesn't really want to know if that makes sense). Sending much love your way. God bless you.

    • UniversalTruth on

      i know exactly what you mean… i have slowly tried opening my girlfriend's eyes by pointint out 'coincidences' such as the black/white masonic floors. anytime it comes up (movies, music vids she watches) i always say, "wow that's weird huh?" — "what's weird?" —- "that everything you like to watch, they always use that same floor pattern… i guess that means our kitchen will look like that soon huh?" — "yea i guess it is a little strange that everyone uses that theme…"

      baby steps. some folks just don't want to connect the dots. be patient and one day, your hubby and my girlfriend will be just as vigilant as the citizen himself!

      great article VC i thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


      • I like your approach. I just jumped in and had discussions with my husband and he looked at me like I'm crazy. I've said "You're programmed to say that." Didn't go over well. I really need to work on my tact, but this stuff drives me crazy. I'm like "Wake up, Please!" Can't make anyone wake up. They have to want to wake up.

  4. Way to end the year VC

    2012 is going to be an interesting year but I also feel it is going to be a wonderful year for truth seekers

    • Yes…2012 will be like no other year! Vigilant…you will definitely have your work cut out for you…thank you for all that you do:)

  5. Reading your article I can practically envision you sittting behind your screen furiously typing away. The feelings you have are thoroughly conveyed here.

    Thanks for all that you do. Cheers.

  6. Couldn't agree more with myself also experiencing a pissed off and depressed phase from awakening to the harsh realities of this world. None of us are truly alone in our quests and once you pass that rough phase the reward is truly remarkable. Thanks VC for the all of the information you have presented on this site, it has really been a both eyes opening experience. Keep up all the good work and resistance and we will continue our quest for truth into this new year!


  7. LMAO "I will keep BOTH of my eyes open in 2012…" I love this website and I'm extremely grateful that it opened my eyes to the truth! If only my friends would take the time to learn as well.

    • UniversalTruth on

      best quote from the article; "The System needs us to crave and want, and to live for the crap that is sold to us. It needs us to spend our paychecks, to load our credit cards and to take on ridiculous mortgages in order for us to replicate what we see on TV. Our debts are the chains that link us to them and we willingly chain ourselves." my personal fav part of that is the 'our debts….chain ourselves". extremely insightful statement.


  8. I just wanna say that your message was far from corny, i have been educating myself as well as my children and what I have learnt has definately answered a lot of questions from over the years. Like a lot of the stars act creepy and f***ked up and i have always wondered why. My son said to me so what are we going to do? and I had no answer. I am frustrated when my children are listening to all the music of the day and i am hearing it for what it is, there are so many songs my daughter is downloading, what am i to say to her? rhianna and lady gaga are so obvious to me but my daughter and so many of her friends and even their mums are singing them…. we found love in a hopeless place, i need a doctor. My daughter and her friend are really freaked out by michael jackson and it is as if he were from a horror movie. Have you any suggestions if you have teens, how to educate them and how to explain things to them i would be very grateful. Have a lovely Christmas everyone!!

  9. See you in 2012 VC. You and Henry Makow are the only ones really keeping the information flowing….

    Kudos. Maybe one day loosethoughts will be able to contribute information and understanding to society.

  10. Yes, thank you for this message. I discovered this site just a few months ago and not only have my eyes been opened, but it has put together pieces of the puzzle that I've been trying to figure out for years, i.e. the weird celebrity cult phenomenon, MTV/reality shows, the music industry, politics, etc. Thank you for your well written, well researched, and overall intelligent articles.

    I have a friend crush on you, Mr. VC, whoever you are!

  11. (Glad this on top). I'm just getting disvirgined Mr. VC; my first comment ever. Irregardless, I've stayed Vigilant since '09. Now, I kindly crave your indulgence and knowing that you will oblige me I'll procede and make what probably is a well anticipated request. Asking that you may do an analysis on this "2012-END OF THE WORLD-MAYAN CALENDAR" professy/conspiracy. 'Cause it could take even a profane like myself to figure out that beneath all that s*** lies a blatant occultic aura. Big Ups VC, rocking withcha all the way from Nigeria so you know I've stayed up late just to remain Vigilant. Good thing you ain't seemingly getting discouraged by the Thomas'. Remember this, "everyone who disbelieves, actually does believe. But is only afraid to face such a reality. As this doubt is a defence mechanism." -Evans Ajaps.

  12. haha! I never went through a pissed-off phase. I went through "cry my eyes out out of stress of constantly seeing everyone asleep" phase. Now I get pissed off when I hear others talk about TV, politics, "the terrorists are coming", etc.

    • Initially I went through the phase you described as “cry my eyes out out of stress of constantly seeing everyone asleep”; plus shakes of fear and every one thinkin' I smoked myself crazy. Then the "piss'd off phase". Now, I feel like Stan; from the South Park episode, "You're Getting Old". Everything I used to entertain is shit now. Pfffftt. Is that where you're at too? Like everything is a catch 22…..poo

      • Yea those episode perfectly captured what I feel when I turn on the radio or the tv. Except for south park of course. In it's own way it the vc of comedy central:)

      • The episodes also illustrate the point of how sometimes we may come across as cynical which is an obstacle we have to overcome. I think that hidden under all the fart jokes are some of the most profound ideas. Almost a reverse play on what the rest of the media is doing. Could make for a nice article…

    • whoopsie user error….sorry…..but it did bring a tear. Great article and so true! I love your outlook and appreciate your ongoing exposes! Thank you again VC!!!

      I'm not a Facebook fan but this is pretty stinking cool:

      A Social Network Christmas

      Have a BLESSED & PEACEFUL one!

  13. You're a good man and a cool guy, VC. Don't ever let anyone tell you different. Thank you so much for your dedication to the website and to bringing us the truth about this crazy world we live in.

    Merry Christmas, mate. Hope you have a good one!

    PS: That really wasn't corny at all.

    PPS: I figured I was the only one undergoing the "Pissed off! I want to bring those bastards down, now!" phase…

  14. Awww your lil corny message was one of the best, and well needed to be said ! Most importantly you pointed out the phases of gaining knowledge. It sucks to hear people say i'm scared/frightened. You will get over it. Scared, mad, combative, then whatever……Wusah and proceed with life in the knowing. I must say I found my comfort in God, fear no other !

    Mainly teach our children, our future generation accordingly ! It doesn't have to be illuminati, symbols etc etc ….. teach them how to eat right, think right, be a leader not a follower, to be productive, educated, relevant history……..

    They will know foolery when they see it. Encourage them to fill their brains with better & positive things. Frown upon filling brains with garbage. Limit video games/electronics. Encourage exercise & good health, reading etc etc. Stress it's importance. Teach them to be innovative and to always stand for something because you will fall for anything.

    First thing first teach them there is no santa clause it's all about the money. We celebrate once a year what we should celebrate every day. #mycorny

  15. VC said 'erection', tehee 😀

    Seriously though, VC, this is one of the finest sites out there on this subject and even though I don't agree with everything you write (in an intellectual way that provokes thought not knee-jerk reactions), your analysis is always superb.

    I hope you enjoy the holidays and lets all tip a pint and look forward to exposing more mind-controlling scumbags in the new year!

  16. Thank you so much for taking the time to close the year with such thoughtful reflection!

    I too went through the stages you described, and now feel "old", like someone else mentioned above – as in, I have no interest any longer in the junk the culture dangles before us. I feel I'm standing too close to what is real and important to waste time on the lies all around me. Life through this lense is so, so different. I am free.

    This coming year, is the year to wake up the sleepers. We must press on!

  17. :-) Wow! You described in an article what I've felt these two years! But I thank VC and all the people here who share information. You've inspired a lot of initiative, critical thinking and love for the simplest things in life which, as you said, are by far the best.

    Not a holidays girl, but I hope you and your family enjoy. I'll enjoy my neighbours' music.

    2012 is going to be THE YEAR!!! – not the end… I guess… *LOL*

    A warm hug and my very best wishes and strength for everybody! :-)

  18. Relentless Fighter on

    Thank you so much for this post! It was such an uplifting read that it prompted me to post here for the first time!

    I stumbled across VC this past summer and was instantly hooked! These stories basically confirmed what I had suspected about pop culture, politics, and the economy. Also, to everyone who gives commentary, thank you!!! I may not agree with some view points, but taking the time and energy to post is a very brave act in being vigilant!! Much love and happiness during the holidays, 2012 and beyond!

  19. VC thanks to this site I have opened. Both my eyes gradually. Thank you so much and God continues to bless you and the ones you love. Please don't give up on this, no matter how many people say "all these monthly pics are the same" keep posting them, keep posting on videos analysis, please keep decoding the media for you are a gifted person on this. I'm not the same person thanks to your hard work and research and I thank the Lord for that.

    Best regards!

  20. I appreciate the true words VC. I have actually neglected facebooking during my down-time in order to research more about the topics posted. Keep up the good job and I will never stop spreading the truth you publish.

  21. I have been following you for 2 years now and I always look forward to reading the updates and spreading the message. Great work. Happy Holidays and may 2012 be the best year yet

  22. Thanks VC for great articles this year! Without this site, I would have never known or understood the Illuminati. Many wishes for the forthcoming year.

  23. thanks VC,

    this year is great for me because i learned about your site and it changed me a lot.. God bless, MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy new year!


  24. That was an awesome holiday message. It wasn't corny at all– unfortunately I am being redundant. That's all I do at the end of the day: be a good man to the best of ability, stay in prayer and help others as much as possible. Happy Christmas! Happy Chanukah! Happy holidays!! "God bless us all each and everyone"(Tiny Tim)

  25. I remember learning about the truth too. I am 16 now and 15 when i found out. I remember being upset, confused and not knowing what to do. I know exactly what we as a whole have to do though now, it's very clear and it should be to everyone else. Stop the illuminati.

    • As was I, it was so frustrating. All my friends emulate these artists and have no idea what they're. ( I'm 16 too, so I understand what you mean) :)

  26. Arthur L. Belle on

    Napoleon Hill has some great material to help people take back possession of their own minds. He has a lot of great books, but I recommend "outwitting the devil" (audio). Whether you believe in the devil or not; the truth in its message is undeniable. The book or audio clip's basic plea is for people to take control of their own minds and gives people practical steps to do so. Hope this helps.

  27. Firstly, I would like to say that I adore your articles, and am always eager to learn from you. I am so very thankful that last year I began to find out about the New World Order and the deception of the government and all things related.

    I would like to say a few things to readers. This is not the only place where you can obtain this crucial information. I know of and have read many books by intelligent, truth-seeking Christian authors who summed up the direction of this age and the 'Illuminati' and the cashless society and so on. While this site is wonderful for revealing occult influence in the Media and Music Industry, the general force behind the New World Order has been studied and concisely explained by devoted Christian authors for decades. Such an author is Barry R. Smith, who was a prominent Christian speaker and researcher of "conspiracy theories" in the 70s, 80s and 90s. He was from New Zealand, and of course everybody labelled him a deranged conspiracy theorist, but I learnt more useful information about the world I'm growing up in from his writings than I ever learnt in high school.

    VC is correct in saying that knowledge is freedom. However, the 'good old fashioned morals' that he alludes to, and the 'simple things in life are the best' mantra could have been found if one took the time to study the gospels of Jesus Christ. I was reawakened from the deceptions of this world long before I learned about how the government is evil (if you will); I turned my back on seeking material possessions and renounced immoral pop music and the media a long time ago because I discovered there was a better life to attain in Christ. And I've never, ever regretted my decision to live the Christian life. To me, (this is my opinion for my life) it is becoming more and more obvious that a new life in Jesus is the only real truth. Christianity sums up everything you people are looking for. It is the faith that directly opposes the destructive ways of the Satanists who run our world. If you are in any doubt that they are Satanists, please, please take the evidence for what it is. The one- eye symbol is the eye of Horus, otherwise known as the eye of Lucifer. If you can believe that evil exists, you have to believe that evil is wrong, not what you want. So if these people represent evil, and they worship Lucifer, who is the force that is in opposition against Lucifer, that warns us about his trickery? It is the God of the Bible. If God is in opposition to this evil, can you finally admit that God is good?

    You cannot disregard God because of the behaviour of a number of Christians. They are still human, which means they will stuff up, but that doesn't mean that God isn't good.

    I just pray that you can all find the peace I felt, that I feel every day, after becoming Christian. Seriously! All of this mess is foretold in the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelations.

    • GodSaveTheQueen on

      Hi everyone seasons greetings from English.

      This is my first post ever.

      Wow VC ,amazing; you've summed up everything that appeals to me about this site so eloquently and concisely in one article, great job. I have always been someone who liked to question the status-quo, why things are the way they are generally . But not until stumbling across this site in February was I able to answer some of life's biggest mysteries, like who killed Tupac ? lol.

      I first became aware of 'secret societies' controlling the music industry in 2007 say…. at which point I was convinced that Jay-Z was the devil incarnate lol. Since visiting this site I have realized that the scope of these 'society societies' goes far beyond Jay-Z lol but whole world. That was a very depressing and scaring time for me. I even thought to myself what if this is all just a conspiracy theory? But my believe that the Illuminati is real was cemented by my christian faith, the book of revelations warns of such things that this site discusses. I am 22 if only I had read my bible more often i might have found the true a bit soon.

      Merry Christmas All

    • Yes! The Prophesies were given as signs of our Saviors soon coming. The deceiver is working hard, soon the GREATEST DECEPTION will be played out. Knowing the TRUTH shall keep us along the PATH!

  28. Hip-Hop is Dead! on

    Merci for everything.

    "your reward will be great"

    "My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work."

  29. VC you are an amazing writer and I really appreciate how much time and effort you put into giving people the knowledge they should know. That is all I have to say.. thank you for this site and may God help us in these hard times.

  30. I want to thank you VC for the knowledge you bring to all of us. I too went through anger, disgust and confusion but am better for it. I feel liberated and enlightened. God Bless you and please continue to post. OWS has nothing on you.

  31. This year has been one full of revelations for me. First, I watched a documentary which exposed the music industry. I did further research and happened upon this site and from then, it was shock wave after shock wave. VC, I don't know who you are but you certainly have kept my mind busy for these few months. thanks so much for the information. Looking forward to more articles next year.

  32. I had my devistating clash with reality before I came across your site and find your articles to be nothing but informative and enlightening. I have been following ever since and always appreciate the objective way which you present your information. I feel I am more ready to confront the realities of the world using the knowledge I have learned about here. Please keep up the good work.

  33. Thanks for your efforts, Vigilant. I guess I'm in the acceptance stage. The knowledge I'm acquiring has actually brought me a sense of peace since even when I was young something felt…off. Thank God I finally know what that something is.

  34. Long time follower and supporter here. Thanks for all your hard work, vc! Your message is so important and has directly affected my life for the better

  35. Meghan Florence on

    This was really refreshing. It's always so imperative to be reminded of why it's important to not be a sheep not only on why it's bad but most importantly on what good things you can focus on. It takes some reminding even for those educated and against this type of stuff that we're all subject to materialism. Merry Christmas

  36. Enjoyed it.

    I never went through an angry phase, mainly because I've always had some awareness of things being a bit wrong since I was a kid. Even when I liked pop music I always felt the need to punch it down a bit, and my tastes were always a bit off kilter to what I was supposed to like (and when I found a chance to love music without needing the radio, I jumped at the chance).

    This site has allowed me a different angle on what's going on in Pop music today. Between it and some other sources (on the internet and in books) I've been able to pick through the path again, this time with more to draw from. My old footing is back, but firmer than ever.

    Thanks, VC, for bringing me back to myself.

  37. VC,

    There are few things that actually keep me up at night and force me to look at them. This site is one of them, and thank you very much for this. Although i try not to force my friends and loved ones to visit this site, i encourage as many ppl to do it. They may or may not want to believe because they are scared of the reality or simply don't believe such an elaborate plan can exist.

    With all the things that have happened this year, the symbolism, the 'end' of dictators and terrorists, and the tightening of so many laws, i cant help thinking this thing will see its crescendo within the next year. I think instead of ignoring these signs, we should infiltrate that territory and try ANYTHING to stop this disease from spreading.

    Merry Christmas, will be back for more! :)

  38. Mr. VC,

    The things which you investigate on your website are all symptomatic of what the apostle Paul termed the "mystery of iniquity" which already worked in his day. And we can see that they have been working since the tower of Babel, through the various mystery religions and secret societies. As we know these movements will culminate in the false religious system aka the great whore termed "mystery babylon" in the last days. I know what you mean, when you learn these things it is very depressing, but their is hope my friend. You see, there is another mystery, that was revealed 2000 years ago but though it was revealed most have never heard of it, even those who read where it is published, namely the Bible. For those of you who attend church, ask yourselves if you have ever heard of the "preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery". Most Christians have not. This mystery was revealed by the ascended Lord Jesus Christ to the apostle Paul, it was a mystery "hid in God" since the foundation of the world, until revealed to Paul.

    The only true way to oppose the coming new world order, is not by tracking the new world order's every movement, but by reading God's Word and learning of the mystery of godliness. There is one source of truth in the world, and it is the Bible. Don't discount it, just because men have perverted what it teaches.

    Merry Christmas VC!

    dw from

    • To VC and all the others on this site:

      I started my real journey to truth during the bank bailouts of 2008. I have been angered, saddened, and amazed that everything I have known or been taught is a lie. But learning this, I have been blessed with the truth that Satan does control this world and evil pervades mankind.

      However, Satan has already been defeated by The Word of God. As DW says, the truth is in the Bible. Rely on God and the truth, and it will set you free. The only true happiness is through the grace of God.

  39. I was reading this while listening to slow & mellow Christmas music and it almost made me cry lol. Thank you so much for this website and for all of this information! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, God bless :)

  40. Thank you for always being real Vc ! Hope you have a Merry Christmas !! I can relate to everything you said. I went through the intial sadness/anger phase as well and came to the same conclusions. It is all about the love we have for one another, apprecaiting the beautiful wonder of God's creation and

    being thankful for what we have .To be still and open our eyes to the simple things we often overlook. I want to thank you for all the work you do on this website…thank you for opening my eyes and changing my life.

  41. Been reading and supporting you since the very first article but i never felt so compelled to respond in all my time here. Excellent post, superbly written as always, and a true testament to the content of your character.

    Major love from Charleston, SC and a big hello to all who seek the truth.

    Peace, and here's to a beautiful 2012. We couldn't live in a more interesting time.


  42. That was a really insightful article and thanks for relating your thoughts, that comforts us fellow readers and I appreciate all you have done for the mass public and for helping us in the process of awakening ^_^

    !!!TONS OF THANKS!!!

    And Ugh… 2012… I feel like its a disaster waiting to happen!

  43. Thank you VC for your effort into waking up those who are asleep. Hopefully more people will realize before 2012 that things are going to get nasty with all the deception going on in the media today.

    Have a good vacation and rest. Peace.

  44. Wow! Thank you very much for this VC! it is true that we focus a lot on the negative instead of embracing the good things we have, please NEVER stop spreading the knowledge, your reach every corner of the world with your articles, i would have never known all of this if it wasn't for you! i want to thank you for caring this much and caring enough for you to decide to inform the world, every time i read something interesting from this site i always think in that saying: "one person could change the world" and i truly believe that you have planted a seed that will go on growing and growing for a long time, i feel that i owe you, so my best way to repay what you are doing for us is sharing the knowledge!

    I wish you and your family the very best now and always!



  45. This is a great message, VC, and well worth the time it took you to write it, and us to read it.

    As always, I urge you to keep doing what you do, because it is making a positive difference. There is no greater reward than encouraging and helping others to discover their own God-given ability to think for themselves, and to break free from the control that so many good people do not yet even realize mass media has over them.

    In time, and in different ways, the awakening comes for each person, and as you said here, although this awakening is most often harsh and distressing, it is not only necessary, but critical to the process. After all, how many important changes do any of us really ever make without some kind of serious and disturbing "wake-up call"? Not many. I think that is obviously because if things are easy and comfortable and do not rock us out of our comfort zones, then we most often see no real reason to change, right?? Because, yaknow…change is very hard.

    Facing the truth is also very hard, but in my experience, once you do, there is no other way. And when you look back at how you once thought – or more accurately how you did NOT think, because you simply absorbed what you were told to think – it is so clear that NOT facing the truth and seriously questioning what you are being fed on a daily basis by the evil forces that make up the mass media is literally allowing your mind to be stolen from you. And you really don't want that.

    So, thanks again for what you do here, and I wish you and your many readers all of God's blessings in your lives – even those…especially those who do not believe there is a God. Your time will come, and it will be as natural as breathing air or drinking water.

    Peaceful and Happy Holidays to all. :)

    • LVB, (if u have the time and are willing) could you, please, provide me with a link to ur site? I had it bookmarked and visited in the past but i have lost all the bookmarks recently. Your work, from what i've seen is very insightful too, many thanks…!! 😀

      Thank you VC, keep up with good work in 2012, 'fresh' and up to date together with light dose of humor here and there but always keeping up (just how do you do it?) with readers, finding ways to make people think (and see) a lil' (or more) for themselves and those around them in these uncertain times..

      Among others, the great thing about this site is that we also learn from each other, everyone contributes in their way through their knowledge, experience etc which in turn opens new ideas, new doors and good to others, u just never know…

      A good deed leads to another, God bless you and your family :)))

      • Hi Ladni_Jelen,

        Thank you for your interest and kind words. The link is actually right there in the name, but this is it also…or if you lose it, you can always just google lvb research, you'll find it.

        I had known about these things for many years, but seeing what VC was doing a few years ago inspired me to do more writing about it, instead of just speaking about it only with a select group of people who "understand".

        It's a good thing. I always like to give credit where it's due, and I'm sure VC has inspired many people in different ways, and should definitely keep doing it.

        Thank you again for your interest. I wish you the best in 2012, and I'll try to put together some good new articles for you in the new year. :)

  46. I think VC, you are turning into some sort of celebrity on the internet and for all the good reasons. I love reading everything you write and have become more aware of symbolism that I see in everyday life. It's kinda scary when you're surrounded by those who have yet to wake up. It's like the Matrix. Those who don't want to wake up are just as much part of the system as those that control it and they do anything to get you to embrace the lifestyle which the media shoves down our throat. I just hope that the coming year brings with it enlightenment for those who have been sleeping all their lives. Long live VC and the Truth.

  47. Your message is not corny at all it's great! Like all the articles you put up on this site, your messages are very insightful. I come here everyday hoping to learn something new and everyday you never disappoint. I am extremely grateful to you for this site. I learn about the truth in 2009, but was still confused by many things but thanks to you for this site, you brought so many answers to some questions I still had. Thank you once again for all your hard work. Know that because of your site lots of minds are opening up and so is our both eyes.

    Thanks vc.

  48. Being weighed down by the 'awful truth' is just another example of programming. (Sure it's a challenge to gather and process this complex information, but that's a separate issue).

    Never forget:

    Enlightenment actually means 'getting lighter' :)

    Thanks for all the fantastic articles VC!

  49. reagards from Spain on

    Thank you for your eyes opening work keep with it next year, it wil help us and our children.

    I wish it were a site like yours in spanish to help the spanish speaking community arround the world.

    My best regards from Spain

  50. seasons greetings everyone, from the UK.

    i think this year has been great in terms of people power.

    i guess we can only hope and pray for the best for those people who are being oppressed all over the world right this moment due to our corrupt governments in the west.

  51. Thank your for your articles, VC. It's always refreshing to see that some people aren't zombies.

    This is a war. And as it's been said in the past, the first casualty in a war is truth.

    The idea is to shield it, to never let it die.

  52. I love you. You're awesome! Happy holidays and I'll remember to keep a keen eye out for the truth and nothing but the truth . 😉

  53. For me, the lies started at the family level. The amount of child abuse in our society is epidemic. Please open your eyes to this as well. Thanks VCR for all you do!

  54. Lol I remember when I found this site almost 2 years ago… There was a point when I actually started typing/drafting "brochures" I wanted to print out and hand out to people, to spread information. I was so furious, so shocked, I was ready to do anything and everything to "bring down the man." I'm glad to see that this is common, even expected.

    I must say, VC, you're a special soul. I have had my doubts but just thinking about my own journey, and how crucial you have been to it, I realize that you are very real and very much honest in what you do. Your website was indeed the door-opener for me into the nature of reality and it has filled me with that "thirst" you mentioned, although the thirst is more like an insatiable hunger. MUST. HAVE. KNOWLEDGE.

    Anyways. This is my personal thank you. Thank you for being, thank you for your mind, thank you for your work, thank you for your wits and humor, thank you for not giving up on people and for continuing to spread information. Thank you for giving me the gift of knowledge, a gift truly priceless and forever treasured.

  55. "I will keep BOTH of my eyes open"- VC LOL!!! You have quite a sense of humor. We love you VC. It's essential to keep BOTH eyes open as we search for truth and expose the lies. (one eye=trendy=stupid) Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  56. I really agree about the "pissed off" phase.

    After being "enlightened" (lol), we can see what others can't…

    What we have to keep in mind is that we have to stay vigilant and do our own researches to get the truth by ourselves.

    Don't be a sheep 😉


  57. First of all, Merry Christmas to you and all the people that follow your wonderful web page.

    I´m from Seville, Spain and I began to enter to the REAL world several years ago. It has been a lot of research and comprehension to really remove the bandage of my eyes and see the real and creepy face of the world system and their handlers. I discovered your page a couple of months ago and I think It´s a serious work with a deep analysis of the manipulation by the mass media and their impact in our lifes. I´m very grateful for your help to make us see beyond the surface.Like it´s said "Knowing is the half of the battle".I´ll follow you with great interest.

    kind regards

    PD: Sorry for my english if I have many mistakes.

  58. I think God mustve sent me to your webpage today just to see your special message just so I could say THANK YOU. I usually dont come to read until I get the weekly update newsletter but I was happy to see your holiday message. I had went the "stormy period" THAT IS FOR SURE lol. I had plenty of sleepless nights and days where I'd just stay up researching all of what I read trying to make sense out of it. After doing all of that and being in a state of shock and disbelief I repeated something similar to what you did…"Were all just so fkn STUPID" lol Its all just right there in our faces. I dont comment as much as I read articles and evaluate others opinions but I just may start to give my 2cents where I feel its necessary. I thank you for creating this site and inspiring me and others to do DO SOMETHING rather than sit in front of Televisions (Took mine out of my bedroom during my stormy period and it has yet to return lol) and become mindless puppets. I pray that God will give you a wonderful blessing this holiday season bigger than you could ever imagine simply because you were NOT AFRAID to help guide us to the truth!

    THANK YOU V.C! x's a Million


    well err soon to be doctor lol

    I have some MAJOR deprogramming to do after college

  59. HEY VC :)


    This is one of the best articles I have read in my life! Your a very intelligent and noble individual and I wish you all the best in 2012!

    PS I hate how Christmas and new years is one massive propaganda machine but I guess the best we can do is celebrate with our love ones and enjoy the holidays!

  60. Thank you VC for this articule, it will explain that yes, you are trying to not drown with the media's BS. I would also like to say that the epitome of "christmas" is consumerism, as for simple facts. Thanks again for helping me open my eyes to the truth! Good day to you. (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  61. Christmas has its origins in ancient pagan celebrations.. Its a big lie. Hope people do some research on the subject.. Peace

    • matt we were told by one of our teachers in school at the age of 13-14 that Christ was born sometime between 1st September – 20th September.

      • Some say sept 11, 3 BCE……if thats true then "the powers that be" are really waging an all out spiritual war…smh

      • Yes I have done research on this. They changed Christ's birthday to the pagan sun God's birthday. I am so confused as to WHEN Jesus was really born. I have also heard we are to celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ more so than the birth. Never know with these corrupt people…

  62. I can not thank you enough for enlightening me it has lead me to open my eyes and seak more truth. I am still transitioning through my 'pissed off' stage of knowing the truth and learning how to deal with it and having to observe how easily others absorb their lies but I am so grateful that now I am able to spot the illusions they try to blind us with

    Heres to seeking more truth! Thank you again! 😀

  63. I never usually comment unless I feel really compelled to do so, but I think I have read almost all of your articles! your message was not at all corny but it was supportive and uplifting. It cemented how I am going in the right path and striving for things beyond the material world, and how I am not stupid for this but educated! Thank you for all of your great articles, I hope you continue to keep writing them. Thanks so much and happy holidays!

  64. Totally agree with your sentiments and delighted to see so many comments from people who obviously have love in their hearts and are willing to investigate and spread these issues, despite how bleak and depressing this area of research can be. Our friends and family may ridicule these beliefs but all of us were where they are at some point in our lives.

  65. The Steinem quote is very true. That must have been what she was thinking while working as a CIA agent and bringing about the Rockefeller-funded "Second Wave Feminism". She pulled that pyramid sign on magazine covers.

  66. VC:

    Your beatiful holiday message isnt corny at all and you are a very good writer.The good thing about you is that you care about us and our comments , and we care about you and your eloquent, objective and really interesting work ( most of the media including blogs cant say that ).

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone from Chile.

    (Sorry my English)

    PS: "In power you must only think of "me" in order to kill. Because you cannot be thinking of "us" and kill "us". So it makes sense to follow power by saying "me" because the mother says "you".

    Patch Adams

    Both eyes( like VC said)= Both,you, us, we.

    One eye= I, me.

  67. Wonderful article…

    i know i am only 14 but discovering this site and reading these articles this past year have changed my perspective of the world. the phases that you spoke of is diffidently what im going through right now but as i learn more about the truth i feel a little less vulnerable to the mass medias ideologies and a little more open to the rest of the world. i hope to see more in 2012.

  68. Well VC what can i say, i didnt have a clue about what was going on in the world (the massive deception) until i came across your website, the very first article i read was your analysis of rihanna's umbrella and boy was i terrified!!! i couldnt sleep, i tried to tell people, family and friends but they just looked at me like i was going crazy or something.

    Anyway i kept on reading more of your (great) articles and doing more research and realized the whole world is just one big lie, the magnitude of the deception was just too overwhelming for me, but i realized the most important thing for me to do was to search for the truth and free my soul…they want our souls, that is their ultimate goal, the best thing you can do is make sure that they dont get yours!!!

    Please i implore you to do more research on your own and keep digging because the deception is way bigger than this, it can shake the foundations of everything you have ever believed in, but no matter what you find out do not ignore it and do not let it deter you from finding out the truth because it's the only thing that can set you free.

    Thank you very much VC for opening my eyes, you are a good person and we really need more people like you in this world, i wish you and your loved ones the best in the coming year.

  69. Very Well put VC! Thanks for opening up my eyes. Hope my family starts to understand me in 2012 and what I've told them about this site. I wont give up. Lol Happy Holidays. :-)

  70. its good to have my eyes open, the truth hurts but it was for the best. I'm still kind of pissed off about being lied to and the fact that the goverment is still doing it. None of what you said VC was wack its the truth, so keep it coming!

  71. VC Thank you SO MUCH. This website literally has been a LIFE SAVER. You have saved us from the damnation we could receive on this earth. I'm only 15 years old and couldn't be more grateful for how you've opened my eyes, and a lot of others eyes as well. You've made me see the finer things in life and not be so caught up in the worlds agenda. I can't thank you enough. You have saved me, and the lives of many others. I've even shown this website to some of my friends and family. The truth is spreading, and the elite can't do anything. >=D What's even better. THEY are no longer the elite. WE are! We have knowledge and know right from wrong so we no longer see into their lies, We have become the better people, and they are going to have an eternal place in hell. THANK YOU VC! 😀

    Merry CHRISTmas to all!

  72. Vc thanks for your hard work and effort. The fact is; when we are ignorant to the corruption of modern media, we will have to learn the hard way sooner or later. One important thing ive learned the past three yrs is; Technology has taken over every area of our lives. What ever happend to real conversations? real singing? real postcards? etc. it has all been computerized. Real living comes through; spending time with your family and friends one on one, meeting people, greeting your neighbours, helping the elderly, participate in community events, play with kids, have fun,write a letter to your friends or family, get fresh air, plant a tree, take care of eachother.

    Some people may not understand this and laugh but pretty soon they may learn the hard way.

    I dont wanna die knowing that i spent my time on the computer or with some other electronic devices, "computerizing" my feelings and emotions with emoticons and texts mesages etc.

    Once we start "living" It is difficult for mainstream media to corrupt and alter our personalities and thoughts.

    Seriously! i fell sorry for people when technology fails them and they start creeping back to reality like babies, cause they just dont know how to adjust or deprogram. A thing like this takes time if your ignorant to what is going on around you. It takes time for you to identify the problem, then you go into hopelessness and depression and then you learn how to start over. At this point you need to ask God to instill strength and character in you.

  73. You welcome vc and im out of the phase you spoke of above although i do still get angry and discusted. I have a son to raise and he will not fall into the trap mass media is trying to set up. Thank you for the information and opening my eyes.

  74. I enjoyed this article, some really good points….why does it have to mention the importance of a 'strong family based on morals, values and traditions'. Nowadays the importance of a family is less important and so it should be, the family can be a very restrictive, abusive and oppressive place to be…..what is important is finding your own path in life and finding comfort in loved ones whether they are friends, family or whoever!

  75. Good to know that in all this confusion we have a sound and level head in VC.

    God blessyou and all the best in 2012,

    Regards from Nairobi , Kenya

  76. I can understand why ppl may get angry. It reminds me a bit of the Matrix, when one of the characters decides he would betray Neo so he could eat a fake steak. lol Some of us are like that, we take the counterfeit so we can ignore the ugly truth, but it is that ugly truth that we need to encounter most! Some ppl may not even believe the occult is anything to be afraid of, but I have experienced the great harm it can do to the mind, and I don't mean the trauma part (though I have been through that as well). I am thankful for this site and those like it, I have been studying the occult for most of my life, at first, it was b/c I wanted to practice various forms of it. But then whenever I did as a child it ended badly, usually with me very mentally scarred. I am a Bible-believing Christian and while I FIRMLY believe Christ IS the only way to true freedom and salvation, I also know EVERYONE has to reach that conclusion all on their own, I cannot force it on you, and this is why I value this site, it encourages critical thinking which our schools discourage, our government discourages, our media discourages, even most of our friends and familymay discourage it! But God, especially expects us to think, and while knowledge can become the death of it, it is vital that we seek to attain it, as long as we don't let it rule us either, there is a balance (Christ is that balance), but again, we all must reach the conclusion on out own terms and in our own time.

    All I know is is that, I started learning about the horrors of mind control b/c of a prayer group, (a pentocostal one) i was involved in and I realized over time the lies they told me and that ALL of what they taught was not even biblical but occult, much of it owing to Alister Crowley and his beliefs, as well as numerous other occult belief systems. I encountered MORE demons (literal) during my stint in that group than ANY other time in my life, when I stopped going and started confronting the the lies of what they taught, it caused me to take a long hard look at my life, and I knew for some time, b/c of the abuse I suffered as a child (sexual, verbal, and physical), I was predisposed to follow ANYONE in authority w/o question, but then after I started confronting these things, I began cross-checking EVERYTHING against God's word (the Bible) and through that I really learned all the falsehoods those I trusted propogated, and these ppl didn't deceive on purpose, they meant well, the ones they followed (who were traveling preachers and faith healers) were deceiving ppl on purpose for money (Todd Bentley, Benny Hinn, everyone involved in ministries like YWAM and IHOP (international house of prayer)!!!!!

    As soon as I saw these ppl for what they were, I had to distance myself far from these ppl, as far as I could, and I haven't gone to a church on a regular basis since then. I am not saying all churches are bad (I am specifically speaking to fellow believers here), but you must study the Bible and NOT take what the preachers say as law, you NEED to check ALL of their words against God's word!

    Furthermore, any time I have tried to read writing by these people, just as when I read the original writings from any occult author, I suffer severe hallucinations, anxiety attacks, and night terrors. Literally, I just woke up screaming because I attempted to read the satanic bible for myself. I cannot read any occult material without suffering these things, but I wanted to test it. Nope, I fellow asleep and woke up and hallucinated my husband opening his eyes WIDE and staring at me and I wasn't entirely conscious, and next thing I know I am screaming uncontrollably and my husband does wake up and shakes me awake. Somehow I woke no one else in the house we are staying in…. But my throat hurts like hell now…

    I share these things b/c ppl need to know that these things are evil, and should be avoided, studying them as much as possible as to recognize the symbols and what-not is good, but otherwise, I would be careful not to delve in to these occult practices, period, that's something you have to decide on your own, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    God Bless ~Amy

    • it's a good thing to just get a reference point about the occult and the elite but that all you need, for me when i first heard of it, it was a shock but as of now all i do is look for the warning signs and try to figure out a way that i can help the movement. God is power and if we keep that in mind we can stand against any thing the occult or the elite puts in our way. Now as for the bible yes we need to study it, live it, love it it feeds the soul so that we can be ready when"BAD" things happen in our lives. all i can can say is lets FIGHT a good FIGHT and lets keep pushing them BACK!!!

  77. This year, I have rejected the consumerism orgy of debt that is passing for christmas these days. I have given of myself more than any other year. I have seeked out the company of my loved ones and it has been by far the most fulfilling and happy christmas I have ever spent. My recipe after years of stressful, expensive Christmases: "Keep it simple, make it fun, have a laugh and appreciate the small wonders around you" You might have the happiest time of your life. I know I did.

    Merry Christmas fellow VC readers!

  78. Have a nice Christmas and a happy new Year for everyone!!!

    Thank u VC for excellent articles to keep people eyes open

    Hope next year be more people!!

  79. heaven for thugs on

    Thanks. I needed you to write this piece. Not for me but for the people out there, our loved ones , to understand in plain ,simple and certain terms. Many of us that come to this site probably went through a similar process of "enlightenment" before reaching the stage we are at now. I've been aware of the overall plan for many years but its only been over the past couple of years that I've realised how far gone the world really is. And when it hit me I felt as if I'd lost my mind. Again at our current stage most of us have come out the other end but now the issue is how do we wake people up? VC has made the best of starts but we have to "keep it moving". God bless all you peeps out there and I pray we find a way to help others (faster, sooner). Peace

  80. Long time reader – first time poster.

    Beautiful message Vigilant! I've been directing my friends to your website for years. I regard it as "taking the red pill". I'm happy to say that they have all managed to open their eyes to see the truth.

    Thank you for the work that you do and the knowledge that you bring to this world. May 2012 be a happy and prosperous year for you (in ways other than $$).

    And yes – I have turned into Stan from Southpark, where everything commercial turns into shit and farts.

  81. dude from south Afri on

    Thanks for the message VC.

    You have managed in some way to unite a diverse group of have changed lives.saved minds.A massive achievement!

    All the best…

  82. Aeileon a hispanic rapper that was featured on a Bone Thugs N Harmony Solo Members Album opened my eyes…

    I think his website is

  83. Nice message VC. Thank you. All the best to you.

    Xmas day allegedly and the ninth gate is on the TV. Lovely. I wonder if there were any programmes related to Xmas because I haven't watched TV for quite a long time.

  84. My words have no meaning, but I would like to express them !

    Nice thoughts and words VC, from one of your truest followers true all these years.

    And as a server of the dark site, I'm gonne try to become a better person, despite I hate humanity.

  85. the message was far from corny. in fact, it had the same tone as most of your articles. it was only a year ago when my friend told me about "the truth". im still getting over it. but i recently found that all of these things we read and hear about are just belief systems. belief systems battling against each other. i used to feel guilty about not joining churches, but then i realized that not everybody has the same relationship with God or share the same understanding. i think that is what breaks us up as human beings; praying and worshiping together in hopes to get the same results. dont get me wrong, i think its beautiful when people come together for a positive cause. but when it gets to feeling like a cult or a "just us kind of people" sort of thing, i think that is where we falter. all God ask of us is that we love one another and give each other the same mercy and forgiveness that he gives to us. when you really think about it, it's not so hard to do.

  86. Beautiful message VC ….and not one bit corny

    Just the good, ol'-fashioned honest truth :)

    Wishing you and yours all the best for the holidays, sans tacky materialism & forced commercialism!


  87. I firstly found out About all this at the age of 9 I'm 14 and this is great I love learning all this stuff I at times feel used and really want to punch those bitches in the face and tell everyone so we can all use our anger and mould it into what was necessary to destroy what they had formed In order to restore the world to it's self but at times I feel sorry for those right in the middle of it who are being used beyond imagination but what I really wanna say is MERRY CHRISTMAS sposered by coca cola lol

    • I agree~that would be interesting! I came across this really simple little clip this weekend that I really liked. Of course there is so much more!!!! But I really wished people realized………

      Jesus and Santa:

  88. Well that was wonderfully written and it summarized the stages of grief very well, because that is really what we go through when we learn about these things. Bravo. After the doom and gloom, you really will come out the other side with a deeper understanding, and the ability to separate the bad stuff from the beautiful stuff in life, and to be able to seek out the good things. When I look at my daughter I feel happy, and know that I can educate her and protect her from the bad influences out there.

  89. I'm not pissed of I'm paranoid scared and don't want to believe in it because I am scared and don't want to think about the devil taking I've the world I'm 13 years it's up to the were it's traumatizing

    And I feel like crying sometimes because I feel like if I tell someone the will think am crazy and be an outcast and. As 2012 nears it gets me all scared I can'teven see or hear it without being upset plz help

    • EC,

      I find reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John helps with any fear I might have…

      I am sure a number of people here will pray for you including myself.

    • EC, life/the truth can be very confusing & frightening, but after that feeling, comes the realization that you can actually be happy & at peace. If you remove the lies from our daily existence, we can actually live without fear & that is the point of it all. I assume the previous commentator would agree with the saying "perfect love casts out fear". Love without fear for yourself, doing right by who you are & who you hope to be. Love without fear for your loved ones, that allows you to love them as they are, not how you want them to be. Love without fear for your life, because you understand that what is most important about you is what cannot be seen or monetarily valued. Love without fear for the world around you, understanding that in order to change the world, you must first begin with yourself, then little by little others take note & pick up on what you are doing. Love without fear for what God is doing, it may not make sense, but it was never meant to, walk, stay alert, & be patient. Be at peace because if the forces of evil are at work, then that also tells you the ultimate power of good is in play as well, peace.

  90. beautiful article vc, your a blessing, i think you've opened so many peoples eyes.

    It shows that one man can make a difference in this world. God Bless

  91. I have to say that i've been following this site and VC's articles for quite some time now and this is the first time I'm actually commenting. This article is actually NOT corny, but a good avenue for a positivite outlook on life despite of what's going on with the world today. The one thing I've noticed is how many different reactions I've received when I expose people to this site and even such topics (which I already expected). Its definitely difficult to discuss it simply because some don't have the heart and mind strong enough to accept these truths. Coincidently, I've actually gone through the phases mentioned here (frustrated, paranoid, etc). However, I've also fought through it and dealt with these issues using methods stated above even before this article was posted. Nowadays I continue doing exactly what VC suggested here: knowing your priorities, spending time with your loved ones, and "simply" living your life. I had to comment today because VC actually left us with a great formula of how to deal with the troubling truth which is exactly what I've been doing. Thanks VC and keep giving us a bigger picture with BOTH eyes open. Happy holidays!

  92. I have always been someone who questioned the system.

    However I began to decode the system during the crash of 2008 – My mind could not contemplate how when paper money is man made we were suffering the effects of a recession. Losing homes, increasing poverty, mass starvation? It just didn’t add up. Surely the solution was to print more money? Global economics did not have to adhere to a divine law such as gravity or time – it was man made therefore we didn’t need to suffer the effects of a recession? The testimony in favour of the system and eloquence of the “Experts” on TV and the testimony of the man on the street meant surely it was my intellectual deficiency that I didn’t understand Inflation, Credit, Money and Economics? I wasn’t getting it? Or was I onto something?

    I then came upon the Rothschild Family, Jekyll Island, The Federal Reserve Act and that was my liberation set – The economy was being manipulated, few were enriching themselves at the cost of the many, the rape of Africa enriched some at the expense of millions, Africa was the guinea pig of Big Pharma, Middle East was the guinea pig of Lockheed – Money was our God and controlled by a select few meaning we were controlled by those few. It was all an illusion and we were chasing unattainable dreams always onto the next one, never content, never enough.

    The dots joined up. The system was laid bare – I could see through the fog.

    VC exposes one element of the deception, and it is up to us and within our capability to make sense of the socioeconomic and political elements of the system that we call our world and life – now my message to my peers, siblings, family is analyse what you are told, evaluate all the information you receive then you will come to a conclusion and if that conclusion varies massively from the conclusion reached by the “Experts” on the box you are probably onto something.


  93. Well said my friend, & thank you for your efforts. I can honestly say that since I've come across your site, it has been quite an eye opening (no pun intended) experience. I don't know how you keep it going without getting shut down, but thankfully you do. I pray you continue & look forward to 2012, unless that Mayan thing goes down, in that case cheers!

  94. Violet von Tesla on

    Such a beautiful article! It is filled with quotations that will make sense to someone who is venturing into the truth….thank you so much for taking everything I have been feeling inside and making one big cohesive article!!!!


  95. Beautifully said. I don't buy the idea of the illuminatti, rife satanism, etc, but I do realize how messed up our world can be sometimes. For example, I see this site as adding 2 and 2 and getting 5, but there is still 2 and 2.

    This message I found very poignant.

  96. This was such a lovely message. It brought a smile to my face. I agree with every word and I hope you had a blessed holiday and I wish you and your family all the best for the new year. I look forward to reading more of your articles. Take care! x

  97. Thank you for everything VC I really value your work and i'm also doing my research i studied communication mass media and public opinion and i can say i understand the whole process…

    Happy holidays everyone!

    Lots of love for you my friends who comment here

    Greetings from Romania a beautiful country :)


  98. Really appreciate it man.

    considering that you don't have any obligations to us, unlike the government is supposed to

    have, yet you still made such an effort this year to make us aware. Can't thank you enough man.

    thanks a million :)

  99. Merry Christmas VC.

    I appreciate your sober and non hysterical approach to the matters you discuss. After all, the info is out there for all to see, and life is great and beautiful despite all that may be going on in the world.

    Have a happy, and whole, New Year ~ Shalom .

  100. Ahh, the Truth, with a capital T. It's as refreshing as a spring rain. Thank you.

    To see the forest for the trees is a gift and I am thankful that you share it. We teach our kids to be critical thinkers but are not always able to put all the puzzle pieces together re: how society functions.

    It will be gruesome when the day comes when the light shines on all of what has been done on earth. God help us all.

  101. Don't let discovering the truth go in vain!! I used to be one of those people who believed Satan was invented by man to control the masses and that it was unintelligent to be religious. Finding this site set in motion a course of events that began with shattering my strongly held beliefs that Satan was just a myth…you've all been critical enough to wake up to the truth of the illuminati but that's only the beginning of the real truth. After learning what i've learned about Solomon's temple and the freemasons and reading some verses in the Quran that describe to a t the situation w the illuminati i began learning and researching the different miracles of the Quran which on their own are pretty astounding but then i found out traditional Islam follows man made trditions more than the actual Quran itself which THEN led me to disvover there's only one authorized translation which is proven without a shadow of a doubt, by the miracle of 19. Then when you read what is truly God's final testament you will realize, God willing, that no human could've authored it and how ironic it is that this is a book supposedly cherished by "muslims" but in the Quran God calls tham the worst hypocrites and the ones most likely to take His scripture in vain…. Oh yeah and how they will be hit by an asteroid for rejecting this miracle when it came to them, so if that ever happens in our lifetime then u know i was telling the truth! All I can do is deliver this message clearly and whoever takes what I say and honestly researches and analyzes it will be guided and come to the conclusion that this is the truth…God religions have all been tampered with and idols beside him have been deified, God did not just leave them corrupted, He sent a consolidating messenger( not a prophet) who has been prophesied in Isaiah and Matthew… is a good place to star. If u do your research on this and also read the only scripture straight from God you will be amazed at the precise description of everything surrounding this miracle made for us at this time in this age, God willing

  102. Thank you! This is my first time commenting. I 1st found out the truth last year, when people were tweeting on Twitter about the Illuminati. I had nightmares for weeks, & I even attempted suicide. I felt guilty about a lot of things going on in my life, but now I don't have to anymore since I'm realizing that the dirty work of the elite cause so many problemss in everyone's life. I HATE being controlled, & I HATE being a slave of the system! I admit, it's hard to break away from. I fight against control every day, & people think I need psych meds more than ever. My family thinks I've gone looney by trying to tell them the truth about the world corruption. I had to move way across the other side of the country to get away from them trying to manipulate & control me & get me locked up in an asylum.

  103. Thank you for a year of excellent articles and videos; you have my support and following………I strongly agree with your point that the most important things in life have no material value yet is becoming increasingly rare in modern society- compassion, kindness, love, empathy and just good manners! Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to an enlightened and liberated New Year.

  104. I love your stuff VC…thank you so much for your hard work, dedication, and the style in which you make complicated issues seem easy. I appreciate it.

    I am of the persuasion that the answer is in Salvation…that the ultimate puppet-master is the prophesied "Beast" of Revelation who is yet to come, and the answer is in Him whose birth we celebrate and has exhorted us, " The Truth shall set you free", as He is the very embodiment of Truth. (John 14:6)

  105. Thank you,V C. Very much appreciate what you do especially the e-books and all who contribute in this site,much love from Kenya. Bless u.:)

  106. I have been reading your blog now for 3-4 years. Thank you, Vigilant Citizen, for imparting the fruits of your research and your knowledge to us — so that we can also see with eyes wide open.

  107. I have been a Vigilant Citizen since 2009 and I am so very grateful for the insight you bring to this mass media craze. This website has been such a blessing to me and my loved ones. Thank you for opening our eyes. Be forever blessed VC!!

  108. Thank you so very much for sharing end enlightening so many people. I am so very thankful I found your website. You have taught me so much and now I can share with others as well as discover the truth behind the deception. I know this may not be for everyone, but by really looking at what is important in life, it has helped me to become a better Christian and seek information and knowledge.

    Thank you for being you. I appreicate and respect your knowledge. You have helped so many people find their inner Light just by opening the door to Truth. I wish you and your family many blessings and much peace.

  109. You are waking people up by the millions, yes millions see your work now and do not comment, but that is o.k. because they are waking up to your message. I belief everything is perfect, and for some strange reason they are exposing many things, and in reality people will be kinder and full of love for others, when this happens the illuminati and all it's puppets will dissapear as if by magic. Thank you for all your hard work VC.

  110. Thank you VC! Merry Christmas & Happy 2012!

    Never neglect details. When everyone's mind is dulled or distracted the leader must be doubly vigilant.

    -Colin Powell

    ha, ha…wonder who Colin is referring to! : )

  111. Thanks VC for enlightening us and showing us the "fake" that are being fed to us by the mass media. Stay VIGILANT :)

    -from Philippines with Love :)

  112. VC since my officemate sent a PDF article about lady gaga and gave your link I was hooked since then. I was a bit skeptic when I first read your entries but then it literally bug me to the point of dreaming of it and having a nightmare almost everyday. I felt I had withdrawals of the things that i used to know gave me a week of migraine and loose my appetite. Then I realize this is not a sham..Since then I dont mind the hype, the in's and I am more vigilant of what I read. what I see and hear. i been giving the address to my nephews, nieces and to my friends and they too was shocked. I alwasy wondered why Technomarine have to had one eyed and Bruno Mars giving the ok sign billboard.

    Thanks VC many thanks!

  113. VC you are an awesome individual, and I will always be grateful for your insight and knowledge to the subjects you delve in. You are one of the people who have contributed the most in my own awakening, and I will never forget that. I visit this site regularly because I truly appreciate what you have to offer, and I hope that you know how much your site means to so many people.

    Thank you.

  114. VC You are one of the people who opened doors of truth for me…

    For that I am gratefull, my life changed for better tenfold.

    From first shock and fear came knowledge and courage…

    May God Almighty bless You and your loved ones for all days to come. Keep your mind sharp and share. You thought to read symbolism – now I'm suprised when there isn't any really.

    Thank You, stay healthy and beautifull

  115. Great Article from VC as usual. We have been visiting this website for a while but there's one thing I realize… we have not tried to get to know each other… lol :). I don't know if you wanna do this but I will make the first move, I would like to know what countries you guys are from. I'm from Singapore (Asia) and would like to wish you all Happy Holidays! :):):):):)

    The truth has set all of us free!!!!

  116. The way you change the world is from the inside -> out. Not Outside, and then. You become the role model for other people to start to examine themselves.

    Thank you VC for helping me to understand this. However, the most important thing beyond discussion is action.

    However, I think VC left an important thing out. They're comes a time when you can discuss things to death, critically, and then you must do. And if you do things from your heart, you will ultimately always win.

    So continue to do more from your heart, and change the way you live. Stevie Wonder has a great song, that "LOVE IS IN NEED OF LOVE, TODAY!" Well, I think that is the answer right there. The enemy can only accomplish so much with his own greed, envy and hate if you wish not to participate. Eventually he will have to succumb to your power of love, because "evil" has no power to create. Only to destroy, imitate and deceive.

    And trust me, when you act based on love, you won't be alone. There is a whole universe that flows the same way you do.

  117. Thank you for this Article. I remember my awakening. All my life when I would watch things on TV, or see music videos, or think about the daily grind of waking up, going to work/school, coming home, going to sleep & doing that again & again, I always got the sense of repetitive hopelessness. I used to wonder, if this is what life is all about & if so, who made that decision? Being naturally inquisitive lead my curiosity further. I still remember the day I realized the Ugly Truth of things. I was on a lunch break from work. I sat in my car & cried, feeling so overwhelmed & hopeless, that we (the world) are completely deceived about EVERYTHING. I felt so powerless because there was & there IS NO easy way to talk about this to ANYONE. I remember trying to talk to my religious parents about the sheer EVIL that is behind everything in the media & in politics. It didn't work. It's always boggled my mind how religious ppl can believe in evil & in the devil, but when something is evident of evil, they are so quick to disbelieve. Anyway, this site really has helped me to see & believe that I am not the only one, & that I am not alone in this. I am so thankful for these articles because it has helped me to clearly say what I have tried to say, as well as given me confidence in what I know. It has helped me to explain things to people & at least drop a bug in a person's ear for their own research. I have referenced this site to many people & I will continue to do that. I hope many more important articles keep coming in the future!

    Thanks For EVERYTHING, VC~~

    • The truth is that a lot of people don't really know what they believe in. A priest once told me that a true Christian can not stay blind to evil- if you don't believe in the Devil you can not be a Christian ( it was a whole conversation…don't take it out of the context- hope you understand what he wanted to say). I can tell you, from my own experiences- that is 100% true. And I think the older generations didn't have an opportunity to learn what seems so obvious to us now. They were victims of their times. We have to keep in mind that the agenda didn' t start with MTV. If you know what I mean…

      • You're right. The "agenda" started when lucifer fell and since then he's trying his best to deceive us, since he's "the father of lies". Deceptions were always present: heretics, earthly pleasures and so on BUT now they are the most effective than ever before, I'm afraid. For me, being religious started through finding out the truth and a real seeker of God can never reject the existence of evil ESPECIALLY in these times. God always guides us to see clear, and lifts up the "fog" upon our minds so, to Isis, sorry but your parents are being deceived.

        I just wanted to tell you what a truly wise man said, almost 2000 years ago when asked by his apprentice what will the people that come after them do (regarding spiritual effort-they were one of the first Christian monks) and the man said they will do half of what they did, and the generation after will do half of the previous and so on. So the young man asked what will happen in the and of times (now). He said that people won't be doing anything then, BUT the one who saves his/her soul will be greater above all the others, since the temptations are so big.

  118. These days, unfortunately, so much people tend to only see the "ugly" side of life. I tell you, it's only a small side of the medal. Life can be harsh or wonderful. It can be ugly or beautiful. It only depends on how you see it, what are your beliefs about it and if you're ready to change and improve yourself to be a better, stronger human being.

    Information is food for the brain; Consuming junk for a few hours or a few days will do little harm if we know the consequences. But if we consume junk everyday, every hour, our health will suffer from it. It's our responsibility to say no, to stay informed, to give our brains "good food". And even if VC shows most of the ugly side, its purpose remains seeing that "fake truth", that agenda so we can say "No" to it.

    I often make the comparison between truth seeking and a bird coming out of it's egg. Once we begin to see the shell we're born in and we begin to suffocate, we struggle to get out. It's not that easy, because no one can do it for ourselves. But trust me, when we're out of the shell, there's a brand new world that welcomes you, and then you think about the shell and ask yourself how the hell you did to stay in that suffocating (but seemingly "comfortable) prison.

    Those are just thoughts, take what you want from them. And for 2012, I send all my love, my respect and my best wishes to all of you. May 2012 bring you to the truth, to your true self. And like somebody once told me, "Start living your dreams, not dreaming your life"!

    Peace to all of you

    Steve A.

  119. Tu artículo no es para nada cursi, por el contrario, es un mensaje muy profundo, critico y bien escrito. Gracias Ciudadano Vigilante por luchar por la verdad. Que Dios derrame abundantes bendiciones sobre usted y sobre su familia y los proteja siempre. Saludos desde Colombia.

    Your article is not at all cheesy, on the contrary, is a very deep message, critical and well written. Vigilante Citizen Thanks for fighting for the truth. May God pour abundant blessings on you and your family and protect you always. Greetings from Colombia.

  120. I never responded to any of your article not because there weren't good, they're amazing but I always get thrown in other realms or researching that I forget to thank the person who create a started point. While I was seeking truth I found your site. With my critical thinking, your guidance and the thirst for truth I found out many things, found myself, and reached a a joy unattainable through material gains..I respect you and this site and everyone who provides insight. I'll be sure to do so more in 2012…much love VC

  121. Don't feel bad about writing this. If the Mayans are correct, this will be the last time such an article will need to be written.

  122. ignorance definitely isn't bliss.

    truth is empowering, because it allows one to make conscious decisions. and like VC said we're all responsible for the world as it is, because even though the system is be directed by the elite it's still fueled by mass manpower. it's better to start with ourselves than to point fingers.

    keep up the good work VC and thanks for your contribution to the community and sharing knowledge.

  123. Indeed! It's like finding out your husband is cheating on you and you go through all these stages of emotion. My question is why does God let some people figure this all out? He seems to be opening some peoples eyes. I have such a thirst for this and I can see how it has been revealed to me over my entire lifetime in bits and pieces almost like God was doing it. Like a big puzzle. Why? I see it all over the place and I know it is the truth.

  124. cant wait to see what you bring in 2012 specially since its the year a lot say will happen. thanks VC for all your work on this site.

  125. Hey,

    I read this out loud… for fun! 😛

    Anyway, the message isn't that corny…

    it's what I've been realizing the past few days!

    And it's crazy how it goes… in my opinion all of this has everything to do with the heart being activated and us letting go of "Bad & Good"

    So in all realness, VC… u're not a 'better' person for spreading awareness.

    Like you said, mostly it's a little shocking (even though i'm perfectly of how seeing is deceiving)

    But you certainly do help, and illuminati & such awareness is important & something everybody goes thru some point.

    But the thing with me is… it's like, I can't really explain it.

    It's complicated… but rather beautiful in that way.

    My eyes are open but truthfully, the truth is nót that disheartening.

    Because #1, no matter what, every individual carries their own truth inside of them that's just how it is I guess.

    And #2, the truth will eventually warm your heart.

    It's like you say in this message of yours.

    Realizing about the little things, being aible to smile after all of the Insane, mindthrobbing things…

    No one's got it easy.

    Pain is everywhere.

    Games will be played everywhere…

    But it's just how u deal with it,

    people have to be aible to look inside & not be constantly distracted by what they see… since it's all an illusion.

    If you can let go on the inside, to know where you want to go…

    then you can experience peace.

    So having said that,

    peace & love to all of you!

    with friendly regards, all the way from Holland.


    • Sweetheart…"every individual carries their own truth inside of them that’s just how it is I guess.", is a lie from Satan. Jesus is the only Truth. Don't be fooled. xx

  126. Thanks for being a part of those that expose the Deceptions. We will help spread the TRUTH and maybe those who are yet seeking will see this glimmer of Light. "The Truth shall set Us Free."

  127. Desicated Critic on

    First and foremost i would like to thank the person who opened up YOUR eyes and made you realize,and then thank you too.

    U see,i am a 27year old Advertising and Marketing Fundi,not a graduate and very much unemployed but i hustle to get my paper if you know what i mean.I used to curse God for my unemployment until i bumped into some material tht made me realise tht God had nothing to do with my demise.My pure spirit is the problem to the System since i am very Critical and also too sharp i realised tht i am a threat to those who abide by the babylon system.

    All my friends think i am insane coz i tell it like it is.well i will definitely keep shooting it in their head till they get what a brother says.

    Rest In Peace Mark Woodman,we know the system tried to kill you a thousand times.

    God Bless Y'all.


    • I was was on the way to becoming a bigtime ad-man back in the 60s & 70s during the sho'nuff high-dollar go-go days of major-market agency advertising. I worked for one of the parent-outfits of The Interpublic Group of Companies. All thru high school and university it was my dream to be a copywriter and producer of ads and commercials for big-time products. My dream came true and I had a big office in San Francisco with a view of the GGBridge. Except I was only 5 years into it and burned out already. Making the ads and producing the commercials was a great challenge and very enjoyable the first few times but then it turned into the most god-awful same old thing. I tried my best to find the heart to keep going but it just wasn't in me. My girlfriend at that time said I should stick with it and make changes from the inside but from what little I'd already seen I knew there would be no way to change the minds & hearts of the people who really-really believed in The System and had dedicated their lives to perpetuating The System. So I resigned what one of my mother's friends called, "…a lucrative career in advertising." She was correct. I was really good at it and I was set to make a million bucks but it made me sick to dream up clever and mostly dishonest ways to present the folderol of the consumer-economy as something indespensible for happiness. Food, clothing, and shelter are what people NEED. Everything else is optional. Good luck and Godspeed on your journey Desicated Critic. You have made the correct choice.

  128. Awesome article VC you always rock it! I am constantly sharing these articles on fb and friends are getting interested. You have made a huge impact on spreading the word of TRUTH!


  129. Hi !

    I am French, (sorry), and I just find you site ; pretty interesting (I read "read first"), but, if I was you, I would be really concerned by all those "I will pry for you, Good bless you" and so on… Are you on the verge to built a new church ?! 😉

    May I sugest : It would be nice to translate it all in other languages, and also add the dates to the citations of the "thinkers" of mass media manipulations. (It is so early in the century!)

    Thanks again, and feel free to correct my bad english.

  130. This website is an oasis from all the crap that I see around me and it finally validates what I suspected most of my life and it feels good to come here and find I am not the only one. The problem with being a 'truther' is that often you are alone, no one else sees the daily nonsense and when you try to point it out, they get angry with you. So VC thanks for giving us validation and keeping us informed! And thanks to all the contributors who add their own insights and information because that is the key to fighting this, INFORMATION! This one of the more intelligent and respectful places on the internet devoid of so much of the ugliness I see elsewhere. Happy New Year to all!

  131. Dear readers and Vigilant Citizen

    I am in the hard phase, as described by Vigilant Citizen, but I will stand, do not worry.

    As I look at society and its behaviours and beliefs, I start to notice some useful and some useless things.

    Well, everything goes through phases, knowledge is not different, and this one, belive me, can change every day.

    One day you appreciate classical music and tells to all of your mates how good it is, other day you suddenly discover its deep secrets and have to run against the time to tell your mates.

    But, as you already know: No one knows everything. And if there is a thing that I do not have the answer yet is about the farm life advantages and disadvantages, and if it is a good thing to do.

    Well I do not want you, reader, to answer this question, I just want to leave it for your mind.

    Also, I am not trying to force you believe me, and I know some cultures have differences, but… Sometimes I think: "Why we have so many special days like christmas, easter, memorial day and others?" I know that some people think they are needed because of gods and other things, but once again I will leave this question for your mind.


    Have a nice day.

    • funny the same bible that speaks of my saviour who's "birthday we celebrate on December 25th", the way we "celebrate his resurrection on Easter" (if u believe this pagan nonsense that the media spreads) speaks AGAINST the observation of special days such as this. The very same book. Funny how people read what they want to read.

    • Dear reader.

      I do not have a stable religion, I prefer to stay neutral, although I do not believe the majority of the things, or I prefer to have no religion, but… This is just my opinion

      You, reader, can hage at me now but, as I study the holy books around the world, I start to notice some strange things proving that the religions have some weird things and showing a kind of relationship between other gods from other religions.

      Remember: Respect and peace are everything, and this comment only shows my opinion, I am not claiming as truth.

      BR. ADFENO

      Have a nice day.

  132. Truth is the first human ideal to be discarded when one can no longer discern or exhibit disciplined awareness to external realities. Truth and reality may not be one and the same but they always feed each other.

    If truth is internal and reality external, then the repetitive and constant barrage of symbols and motions and frequencies coming from pop stars and the elites must be synthesized by our internal awareness of what is truth (feelings), entwined with cognizant and conscious reality (emotions). But once we go internal it becomes the realm of subconscious disciplines, a brain and ethereal center, discerning eternal truths and awareness about man, nature and consciousnesses beyond the five senses.

    If the majority of persons can be led to accept external symbols as harmless and one dimensional, then a continued loop of deceit is accepted as truth (feelings/intuition) by the subconscious as external fact in reality (emotive), thereby giving permission to the lie to be accepted as truth. We are the reality of our group subconscious. And on it goes.

    We are the source of their power to imprison us.

    • A.F

      I have stumbled a lot in different phases in my life. What i have learned, is that the more you stumble, the more you learn. If you keep on stumbling, you MUST make use if it and learn from it. Before you know it, you wont be stumbling, but sprinting.


  133. The most best holiday message!

    I am your fan! I've become this website's follower when I was in the States. Now I am in China. I've been seeing how a developing country is becoming a developed country by worshiping materialism and something else. Like you, I had my hard time of knowing the truth and questioning God. It was very hard to get over it and I couldn't see the beautiful things on earth because I thought everything is fake. Now I am over it. And my faith gets stronger and stronger. I am still fighting with my vanity, pride, desire…… BUT we will win!

    Love you! And hope you will have great articles in 2012!

    Your fan from China

  134. Salaam Aleikum VC

    I have been following your articles for quite some time now and I must say Thank You for bringing out the truth about the system and its secret agenda. I have one question though, have you any knowledge about rastafarism? I would like to know about the star of David they use(does it notstand for Israel?), the ank, the upside down pyramide Haile Selassie poses in his pictures, the so called conquering lion of the tribe Judah(judaism sounds like to me). If you could explain it to me I would be very grateful.

    Once again keep up the good work.



  135. I stumbled upon this website in 09 and VC has really opened my eyes to "What in the world is going on?" I come to this site almost everyday and I love reading your -indepth articles exposing the craziness. I can't wait to see what you post in 2012. Thanks, you are truly a blessing!

    • Vernel FLavien on

      Same here discovere by a friend in 2009 if I'm correct, I'm ashamed by what I've read and how I've been accepting BS, also how some of it I'm aware of after reading the site but get got up, sure takes alot of DEPROGRAMMING!

  136. Thank You VC for all that you do. l remember when l discovered this site and the truth about the world, l remember going through that same phase the paranoia, the anger and etc. But l still keep my faith in God and move forward.

    But once again thank you for shedding light and opening the eyes of others and dropping knowledge of the way this world REALLY operates.

    Stay Blessed VC

  137. Vernel FLavien on

    I love the intro to your message very CORNY, and UNIQUE

    The truth is I'm just as blind and stunned to when I read and my myopic eyes are opened to the BS that we accept and are gullible to.

    It takes time, effort; energy to pass on the truth which I do admit is a mere fraction like you mentioned but still suffices to my hunger pangs.

    Keep it coming.

  138. Thank you very much VC for teaching all of us about the truth! This site has been so impressing and helpful for me, since I started reading you at the beginning of this year, and it has been similar to confirm something I was already thinking it wasn't working well in our society, media and culture.

    My best wishes for a successful 2012 for you and all the members of this website!

    Greetings from El Salvador.


  139. Thank you for all that you've done, VC! Reading more of your articles, and talking to people about many of these topics, is one of the things I look forward to in 2012.

    God Bless

  140. I appreciate your message VC. I can imagine that it will help many people going through the wake-up process. I didn't have anyone to explain it to me and spent about a year being angry, depressed, sleepless and hopeless. I was listening to a lot of Alex Jones at the time who I believe serves his purpose in the establishment also (not to mention shows many symptoms of mind control).

    Eventually, I realized that the kind of evil we battle cannot be defeated with negativity. Not that I know how we can defeat it, but I do know that all that fear, anger and hopelessness is accounted for. I know we can help by spreading love, kindness and truth. What better way to fight greed, hate and disinfo.

    Thanks again VC

  141. You are the most enlightening internet stranger ever. I am only 15 and I've been following this site since I was 13, and I wish the other youths could bother to read your articles. Everyone I know seems to be wholly deluded by the superficial things this society is feeding us.

    I hope one day things would change for the better. Happy Holidays everyone. (:

  142. Follower of The Way on

    Very well spoken VC, I think this article was a very important one for you to write. I say this because the truth does anger people that are just learning about this and I think it's helpful for people to understand that the very person revealing the truth has at one time gone through the same process. Personal testimony is always a powerful and awesome thing, thank you I appreciate this article so much.

  143. you are a great writer, I'm so surprised at how I've gone through these motions, just as you have, and came across this website yesterday. I appreciate your article and am glad to see the truth. thanks!

  144. logical thinker on

    I'm sort of in the curious and fascinated stage. I'm not sure if I just kinda made that name on the spot.

    I read your articles when there was a crazy madman on music videos saying THIS IZ ILLUMINATIIII. When I asked 'what's that? ?_?', he said go read vigilant citizen.

    I was instantly skeptical of the articles, and I wondered what I should do. In fact, I still have no idea what I should do about it. I don't watch TV or music videos anymore, out of my stupid habit of pointing and naming out loud every single thing remotely related to the illuminati. Getting strange looks isn't on my priority right now.

    I was never in the 'shocked' or 'depressed' stage. I knew there was something lurking behind the scenes of the government long before I read the articles. I just didn't know it was 'mind control'.

    Remember….all those things: NWO, Mind-control, slavery, etc…

    It will only happen if we, the world, let it.


    Everyone, have a happy new year, and please cherish the time with close friends and family.

  145. TheDifferentOne on

    VC, if this is your corny, id love to see what your cheesy is!

    But really, ive been following for a year now, and ive actually never put a comment before…. But truthfully, ive learned more in two days of reading on your site than YEARS of school, and am thankful for the information that ive learned. And thanks for that "pissed-off" reference! only mine was more like a "my life is a lie"…. and to everyone else on this site, i give you all virtual hugs because now were kinda like a family, almost; a family of truth seekers. STAY VIGILANT PEOPLE!!

  146. thanks for all that you have done in waking up those wishing to exit this grand matrix! I hope the new year finds you well!

  147. Brandon DeJesus on

    i believe we need to go into the belly of the beast, turn it inside out. and bend the corruption to freedom. something everyone loves. something that will make everyone content. i will do it. i will change the system. you will probably think i can't do it. but i will try my hardest to. for all my people. wether i die trying or not

  148. I absolutely love all of the articles here on the website. I am a teenager and always try to spread or at least give a hint of what the world is actually like today, but most people just ignore me or are to busy watching MTV or blabbering on about Jersey Shore or Justin Bieber. I am so glad I got introduced to all of this, because i knew I wouldnt be able to live peacefully with lies being fed into my mind. I hope you are doing great and I can't wait to read and see more!

  149. A very sincere message which also keeps hopes alive.

    Thank you for all the work you've done and I wish to all of us a new year that will give us back the freedom, the peace, the hope and OUR SENSES that taken away on previous years.

  150. The illumianti is very powerful i am actually surprised that they are so much comments on this website arent yiu guys afraid that you can get in trouble with them. however i am glad to know that people knows about it i am just glad to that i know enough to stay out of their so i can live my life keep up the good work .

  151. can you be forced to join the illumianti/free masory. can you even by used by them without you knowing it. because the symblolism is all over

    • I don't think a person can be forced to join the illuminati or free masons but I believe people can be bribed and threatened to join them. I also think we are used by them all the time just by the products in the stores. We all have to survive here but most populated areas are dependant on stores and not land. I rent an apartment and don't have much money so I rely on convenience and low prices which the illumaniti is behind. That's the way much of the world is set up, no thanks to those in power.

  152. You're articles are not only insightful, but much needed in my opinion.

    It takes a brave person to say no when everyone is saying yes.

    Keep shedding light VC.

  153. Hi everyone, For me this site tells the details of things I have known for a long time and I'm still pissed off but I also have a peace that passes understanding. I have found VC to be a very helpful tool in educating my younger sister with two children. She is stubborn worldly, and scared but slowly catching on. I expect a very interesting year of figuring out what's really going on from the disinfo and hype. Bible prophecy really helps it all make sense. We have dark, rainy winters where I live but the sun is shining today, now that's a good sign. I hope you all get some form of sunshine today. Happy and interesting new year everyone.

  154. I find it weird how within the very first paragraph you seemed to reiterate one of my favorite quotations "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted."

    VC, you're an assassin to the world of mass media; slowly liberating those slightly dubious to what the media pushes at us as you bring out those connections and esoteric symbolism that permeate the lives of everyone. Please continue what you do. As you've stated, the mass media is a wheel and the ignorant push it. Well your site is one as well, except those who want to liberate the masses push yours.

    ~A message from a teen.~

  155. Thanks for the great articles!

    However most of them really shocked me, but your well structured articles showed me that me and some my friends thought on mass-culture are not standing alone in the dark.

    I m from Hungary, Europe. Unfortuanately i realized that pop culture is totally changing us youngsters, and sadly noticed that the teenagers are very endagered for this Agenda. For that reason i also think that would be great to set up "sister-sites" to go beyond language barriers, and somehow catch the parents attention!

    Wish you the bests in 2012!

  156. VC, Thank YOU for such words about the earlier open years in the center of your "eye" (I).

    Although our journey`s and discoveries in this box never ends, YOU have made a big part helping to see all the borders and corners of it.

    Whatever might lay ahead of us, one thing for sure, boundaries were broken down… tHANKS

  157. Thank you VC for this post. I have been an avid reader of your site for almost a year now and my thirst for justice has never been the same. I can relate very well to what you have said in the article. For a few months i was going through what you call a state of depression because my version of the world since i was small was entirely different. To undo all my previous outlooks of the world was really a turning point for me. It wasn't easy. Seeing many people commenting and reading their's, i feel a sense of unity. Life is really a struggle between good and evil. I believe in God more than ever. Its time for everyone to buckle up their faiths and continue to spread and live the truth. Thank you again VC, i really learnt a lot. I will continue to promote your site to people I know. =) Happy New Year!

  158. This is an excellent piece of writing.Thank you for posting it. I just read it to my fiancee and he and I both agree with what you said.We both try our best to share and open peoples eyes as gently as possible.This is because most people feel pain and discomfort when they have to see the truth.

  159. I realized all of this while I was pregnant. It was a difficult time for me but I felt as though I was shown the truth because of the fact I was bringing a child into the world. I needed to know what was toxic and what was false. Everything i thought society was was a lie and now I have the grueling task of showing my child the way. Society will be pulling her one way and I another. I possibly will even be battleing other family members with this. So much responsiblity!

    Sometimes I think about giving in because it's easy but then I realize that would be a lazy and worthless path. Does anyone else feel this way?

  160. 35.jehovahlovesyou says:

    January 2, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    I have been vigilant for quite some time:) I have been through the stages that vc talks about fear, anger, wanting to fight back maybe somehow stop nwo. the ones who say there is no solution are right AND wrong this is a battle for the soul my friends. Soon we will all see that we a hampsters running the wheel but still in a cage. There is a great need for wisdom, what someone said about why would we try to stop God’s master plan is correct. as Satan would have it we would be confused fighting to keep this world and all the trinkets that come with it. We should realize that FOR ALL THE RENEGADES!!!: it may seem cliche but we know the web that they have weaved is too much to undo,,,, the music, entertainment as a whole, the economy, the police state, ect. we can show the elite and Satan that they cant take our souls. SAY IF OCCUPY WALLSTREET WAS GOING ON IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE COUNTRY, …. THEY WOULD SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN ANYWAY!!! and you’d be locked up with out reason against your rights as other posters have said. WE CAN WAIT IT OUT AND FOCUS ON SAVING SOULS IN THE MEANTIME. after they have taken everything away PEOPLE WILL BE SUICIDAL we can heal these people and prepare them by teaching them what the bible really teaches THE CORRECT VERSION OF THE BIBLE, NOT THE KING JAMES VERSION . The only way out is through Jesus directly to his father Jehovah-God. We are in the holy war not against religion as a whole but false religion . Satan wants us to be confused and therefore mocks the true religion, Christianity, with so many denominations(baptist,penticostal, non-denominational,ect..) . Lets start here psalms 83:18 says this ” YOU, WHOSE NAME IS JEHOVAH, YOU ALONE ARE THE MOST HIGH OVER ALL THE EARTH” if you were raised reading the king james version(like i was but was blessed to have the truth taught to me 3yrs ago) it replaces Jehovah’s name with God, or Lord. these are not personal name but titles like king or president. Every elite in the world doesnt want you to know God’s real name, or what it means because you will no longer want to fight to keep this system going. You will realize its run by satan and must come to an end and learn the true purpose of life… To save souls and recruit for Jehovah’s army. there is a base near you no matter what part of the world you are in @ the Kingdom Hall . join the only movement that is the answer the ANTI-POLITICAL #occupykingdomhall

    thanks for your time

    p.s. Jehovah’s witness’ are the only religion not politically involved, they dont vote or celebrate holidays and they are Christians that study the bible throughly . they believe Jehovah wanted us to stay humble like a little child and resarch and cross reference and seek every answer to every question we have. vc has a community of researchers and people who really want to change and help the world with info . love you guys . open the door when they knock:)

  161. It's amazing how you can reach so many people of all ages and backgrounds with the truth. I'm 14 and some of the stuff we are taught in school seems so pointless and i'm sat there thinking, when will I ever need to know this in later life?

  162. killedbypropaganda on

    actually i fully agree with this great article, but regarding the wonderful things which are said to be always in reach: one of the most basic needs is the one for social interaction and love, and it appears to me that that is impossible to find if you not at least appear conformist; but even then its hard to find in a world full of mentally distorted, selfish mtv-zombies. no matter how hard i try, i cant get along with these people; they all seem totally crazy to me, but maybe im the one whos crazy. its making me ill.

  163. VC you have opened my eyes ever since 2009. I am now 12 years old. My close friends are now aware of this harsh world of ours. Thank you!

  164. Hey, Vigilante 😀

    Happy to see you have so many friends, got tired from rolling down the comments 😀

    If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. (John 8:36)

    Keep up the good work man, great to have you here with us. Love and hugs in Christ Jesus

  165. I found some other TRUTHERS at work and we are going to meet and talk about what we see, know , have learned. Strange how it happened. Must have been a God thing. Jesus is the truth people. He is so good. He is love.

  166. generaly speaking you are doing a GREAT WORK.

    i am ONE single disappointment. and in my heart i'm praying for you, because i fell sorry that you be lost after so many "illuminated" (i try still use this terrible word) discovering. i'm sorry as i already told, for that you are ignoring the most important aspect of all this "war" between dark and light. you ignore the existence of God Almighty. Not the "religious" one, no. the religion of course is an human invent. i'm speaking about the biblical One. the One Who died for you and me, allowing to all of us (whom believe in Him) to be free from our sin and death.

    if you with your blessed intelligence will try to ask Him, sincerely, in your privacy, alone in your room, between you and Him, i repeat, sincerely, Who is He and if really He "is", you will have a BIG SURPRISE and you will find the answer for all the things of this "today reality". i repeat, The Biblical God, The Creator of Universe and The Creator of our little and extremely beautiful, planet. Ask Him! You have nothing to lose! Is a nice alternative, i promise you.

    that is my soul pray and my soul wish for you and for your family and friends, that this year (one of the lasts if not the last) 2012 all of you can receive His Holy Spirit and Truth, by faith, in your hearts and be save in His Eternal Reign, by His Sacrifice, Justice, Power and Mercy in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

    • Amen! i agree with you 100%, the exact path that would lead humanity to freedom is Jesus, He is are only hope. Bless you brother.

  167. when I first came across this site it reminded me of the nights we would spend "building" back in the day. It seemed funny to me that people still beat this drum but yet I still read and it dawned on me even though I gave up most of this enslavement, parts of it still guided me from the subconcious I am glad you persevered and continue to send this message out it is needed. well written material.


  168. VC You continue to open my eyes more and more everyday, god bless you. great message and greater articles. keep it coming :)

  169. this was amazing, thank you so much…………. and the exact path that would lead humanity to freedom is Jesus name above all name 😀 He is our Savior, He is all we need.

  170. About this system that keeps everyone in a kind of consumer-bondage. If people were to wake up and realise that life isn't just about the next best thing, what would that mean for the world?

    If their were less people buying, there would be less people making… so surely this would lead to major unemployment? It seems to me that this system has no option, but to get bigger and bigger until one day there is just nothing left. Even with these so called green initiatives, the demand for the latest gadgets is just too great for limited resources to keep up. One day we will simply run out of things to consume.

    So for those of us who know the truth, what can we really do about it? I get the distinct impression that we're just along for the ride…

  171. Coincidentally I read this today and it basically sums it up, I honestly don't mean to preach or anything but Romans 8 verse 5 – 8 says it all:

    Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so. Those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God.

  172. thank you for the message brother and i will always love the free things in life such as friends, family, laughter etc. I hope we can all learn to appreciate these small things in life and embrace what is true and move away from what is fake.

  173. lately i have been in an exceptionally dark place. life has become a thing that i no longer care to pursue. im only 27, but i feel ive had enough. i have come to hate the world, despite all its beauty and goodness. i am just tired. the world has become one giant keyboard for some evil political mastermind to manipulate and i dont think i can take much more. i have no plans to off myself, but i find myself incessantly hoping for the lord to take me away. the current conditions of the human heart hurt and tire me so. what i would really like is for everyone to stop with their satanic worshiping bullshit and capitalist greed. i would like for those in power to stop trying to manipulate the masses by music, movies and product placement. i would love to see the world the way God intended: a world without beelzebub. i would love for the world to heal itself from the toxins we as humans have pumped into it over the years. i would very much love for us not to look at each other without suspicion in our eyes. to not live in fear of one another. most of all, i want us to come together and "LAY THAT DEVIL DOWN"

  174. I don't buy into the occult twists, but VC is right in pointing out evil powers that be behind the scenes – a concept I was already aware of, but with an interesting angle and details.

  175. I love your site. I'm an african girl living in Africa and I remember the first time I heard of the "truth"… it changed the way I see things and people… I was pissed off too but rather scared to see that pretty much everything leads us to deception. I remember I talked about it for days to the people around me, and I was still looking for more… I live in a french speaking country and I'm actually french speaker, young tho, and all about those famous hip hop and rnb singers and hollywood and everything that goes with it… I remember how happy I was when I first got on this site! I thought it was a blessing …it's a hard work to get through things you believed and knowing that some are ready to sell their soul for money and fame is really scary… politicians are puppets and wars are planned… this is sick… still trying to free my mind from the message they show us …

    Happy New Year

  176. AnotherBlackChild on

    I know you guys heard about the new law that was enfored in the beginning of this year. About how every student under the age of thirty who wants to attend college must get a vaccine for minigitis. Someone please respond with more info about this …

  177. كتير انبسطط لما عرفت ان أصلك عربي. الله يوفقك انشاء الله و شكرا على المعلومات القيمة. يا ريت تقدر تخلي المعلومات متوفرة بالعربي لأن أنا أواجه صعوبة في افهام الناس من حولي و اظن توفيرها بالعربي قد يساعد في نشر الحقيقة. ممكن نجمع مجموعة من المترجمين عشان نقسم المجهود. ما رأيك ؟

    I was so happy to know that u have an lebanese origin. May God bless you and thank you for the very informative and eye opening information. Howevevr, this information is barely available in arabic, and alot of people here are really hard to educate without proofs or proper analysis presented to them in the way they can relate to and in thier own language. I wonder if you can help creating another version of the main articles you have wrote in arabic if we collected enough translators? and may be efforts in different languages can follow. what do you think?

  178. i was introduced to this website only a week ago and i've gone through a lot of material on this website. i love the way u write so factually providing sources and videos etc. ive always gone from reading an article on this website and looking into it further and found that none of what ur saying is bias, which i think is so hard to find on the internet. i think ur a wonderful person for dedicating ur time and effort to share your knowledge. i can truly say it has been an eye opening experience going through both ur sites and i do look at everything so differently now. i always knew that materialism and the idolising of celebrities was disgusting but you've helped me further understand why it so. That there's more to what meets the eye.

    i am definitely going through the "pissed off"/ "my world has just collapsed" phase right about now because so many things seem so blatantly obvious to me now and people just don't seem to understand or even want to take the time to understand!!!

    Anyways i hope u have a prosperous year and continue to inspire people like me.

    please keep ur articles coming.

    God bless you

  179. I enjoyed this message, mostly because I learned and took ideas away from it. I have visited this website for about a year now and it is humorous to think back to how I discovered it in the first place! For I'm not sure how many years now at least 3 or 4 my dad has talked to me about the illuminati or the "group" as he refers to them and told me bits and pieces about their big plan and he even recommended a book to me to read about them, which I should reread I'm pretty sure I would understand a lot more now but anyway I had always some idea about them but I wanted to learn more, because I would tell some of my close friends about the illuminati and I wanted to have my own understanding of who they were and what they did, etc. It was around the time when Lady GaGa first started becoming popular with the video's pocker face, and Love Game, and Paperazzi. I use to have no clue about the meanings behind her videos and her songs and would literally stand in front of the tv singing and dancing to her music, because I didn't no any better. But at school I was talking to my friend and we decided to look up on my phone, about the meaning of Lady gaga and this site talking about the Monarch Mk mind control (i think that's how its written) and how she stood for that and what her black and white themes really mean, and how that is derived from the horrible physiocological experiments placed on people and animals to truamatize them and how once the message was implanted it was hard to remove. This at first was really shocking to me and so when I got home I wanted to learn more and more about the things I was being exposed to and about the group and their influence in the music industry. On that day I found this site by accident, researching and thinking on my own, spending hours reading about lady gaga, and rihanna. although for some time forgot about this website, I eventually came back to it by thankfully remembering this name vigilant citizen. This site has educated me a great deal, and although sometimes I had those feelings of parnoia or "obsession" about finding out about the group and looking for their symbols everywhere I think I have come to a better place in my life and although some things still do scare me I am much happier knowing and being "safe", than hearing the ugly truth covered in makeup. Also a final thought I always believed for some reason that it was better not to comment or discuss in the forums and on anything, from facebook, to youtube, to even on this site I would read comments instead of replying to them. But I'm happy to say that I am starting to change that and it even lead me to one challenge recently but I got through it. Sorry I would have written a shorter comment but I don't have the time. Thank you for all you do and I and I know many others consciously or unconsciously appreciate taking the time to help us become vilgilant citizens, now that was corny. :)

  180. 2011 was a great year for me, from the beginning to the end ,i made a huge transformation from a SHEEP to a HUMAN!! and i discovered your site at the end of it thanks to Lady Gaga and her creepy videos specially born this way bcoz i really wanted to know what the was video about ^_^"

    it's great to see someone analyses what we see in media, i was having hard time to understand most of occult massages but thanks to you i start understanding many things and sometimes analyse it by myself!

  181. You bring information to this place we live in and it makes sense that something is wrong.

    Truth to be told I was tempted and fell off the track and had the Louis V. bag which I gave away as soon as I started to see that I was treated differently when I had it on. I mean people were nicer, they would talk more, then I thought what is this? I felt disgusted. I gave it away and resented all the notions that came with this ''Brands Cult.'' I choose to smile to someone so that they would be comfortable and approach me, that is humanity.

    happiest moments to enjoy when I water my plants, share with my husband a home cooked meal while discussing the latest articles you posted. Seriously thank you for every article you wrote on the subject because you brought a lot of light and wisdom into our lives.

    Plus you have a a really good sense of humor, please use it more often, we all need to laugh :)

    Last thing: Thank you for making me realize it was good to be bad at school :)

  182. Dear VC,

    your articles really open my eyes to those things i have been wondering why there were such. i found the answers here.

    i was in shock when i first learnt those truths here but now that i am educated on those symbols and agendas, i can relate them to my kids.

  183. Harlequin Nameless on

    Surprisingly on the ball, Vigilant. But do you ever regret the fact that you have been forced to adopt a secret identity? (I know, I know, I'm one to talk, but still…)

  184. Saul Gonzalez on

    i love this website and the article

    i was amazed on how knowledgeable this site would actually be and

    the comments wow.. this people are so enlighten that i start to feel

    that i know what i want to do with my life.. i don't know but

    great article though

  185. Hi VC,

    Been a follower of this site since mid-2011. :)

    I must say, I find the content very refreshing and certainly eye-opening, compared to the generic non-filling stuff that passes as information these days. I can totally relate to the shock you went through when you found out the truth and the pissed off phase that followed. Been there. Sometimes I'm still there, but now it's more off the "how can you not get this?" kind of being pissed off at the very many people who lap up the messages that mass media send forth. One thing I realized is that once you know the Truth, there is no going back. And somehow, you just feel that you have this certain responsibility to share this Truth with others and open as many eyes as possible.

    Just wanted to say, I think you're doing an awesome job of sharing that Truth. More power. :)

  186. Hi VC,

    even if you don't think Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer, most of what you said is perfectly in line with what the bible teaches. The bible teaches. g. that the debtor is slave to the lender and that we should fill our minds with pure, beautiful, good and honorable things. Also the bible promotes family values and reality and truth.

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