Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood (video)


Here’s a great documentary describing how children are studied, dissected and manipulated by corporate entities using all kinds of underhanded methods. Very well produced and touches on many subjects described on Vigilant Citizen.

Consuming Kids throws desperately needed light on the practices of a relentless multi-billion dollar marketing machine that now sells kids and their parents everything from junk food and violent video games to bogus educational products and the family car. Drawing on the insights of health care professionals, children’s advocates, and industry insiders, the film focuses on the explosive growth of child marketing in the wake of deregulation, showing how youth marketers have used the latest advances in psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience to transform American children into one of the most powerful and profitable consumer demographics in the world. Consuming Kids pushes back against the wholesale commercialization of childhood, raising urgent questions about the ethics of children’s marketing and its impact on the health and well-being of kids.




    • I agree! I just realized how badly the media influenced some of my "favorite" activities as a child. It's like I wasn't me, I was who "they" wanted me to be!! My childhood was stolen from me for billions & billions of dollars!! Disgusting!!

      • “‘Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem….. For those of you with television stations I have an announcement. You know I never liked big government and I think you would agree there is no reason to substitute the judgment of Washington bureaucrats for that of professional broadcasters.’ Ronald Reagan

        By 1984 the Reagan administrations had completely deregulated children’s television. All bets were now off.

        Corporations now realized that congress was not going to do anything to restrict their power to marketing to children they now actually had more power.”

        It seems like this country is run by the corporations, and for the elite.

    • They forgot to mention the YOUTUBE PARTNERS that are constantly telling specially to girls what yo buy and what to wear. I need to be sincere I love clothes and fashion BUT I have my own style and I only buy IN SALES is very rare to you to see me buying in regular price. When I'm going to pay for something I ask me several times: "do you really like it" seriously like a dement I constantly ask this question to my brain. Youtube partners says: "This is my honest opinion, no one is paying me" YEAH RIGHT! Your dog is gonna eat that bone! This is scary! tooooo much for what we can say. Is like a black hand is controlling us I mean, look at that moment in where this video said that they study the blink of an eye 0_0 all my hair is raised up! The same is with apple, I'm a HUGE fan of Apple merchandise but I'm realistic: If I CAN'T afford some stuff THEN IT MEANS THAT I CAN'T. I'm not going to be hungry because I spend ALL my money in ONE COMPUTER or iPod or iPad or whatever new tech comes. Sadly, some people is like that, they prefer to be COOL having the latest and then their houses are a mess and their refrigerators are empty. My gosh consumerism is the new AIDS.

  1. Humans means nothing to the elite, they hate their own kind. Therefore we conclude that the elite is extremely stupid.

    God bless us all!!

    • The esoteric nature of the elite tells me that they indeed are not stupid, yet insanely bent on a utopian society in which a desired outcome is reached by society as a whole. They need to thin out the heard in order to make their future more controlled. Decadence, poverty, disease, and lack of education will weed out one large portion of society. The insane thing about what they do is that they claim genetics to determine our prosperity as a species. It's as if they were secretly feeding us drugs and then claiming we were degenerate addicts. They exploit our most basic instincts. It's time to reclaim our humanity. I hope i made sense.

      • You made perfect sense:) they indeed are extremely smart. But they believe that the ends justify the means. To me that's the definition of evil. The only way to overcome them is to take the same wisdom they have and use it to spiritually advance society as a whole. Not keep secrets and manipulate people.

  2. Who are you VC? Whoever you are, you are a blessing. My mom had always told me about mass manipulation. I grew up eating wheat grass (the kind you grow and use the old school metal crank to get the juice out) and not junk food. I would go to school and watch all the kids eat the junk food. I felt so angry toward my parents. I traded my pistachio nuts for doritos. It wasn't until recently I started to feel lucky that my mom is super aware of all the bullsh*t that goes on in this dark world. This is a great film. Hopefully it will open some more eyes.

    • I'm glad you said so! At least you are going to be safe. The only way to prevent our next generation to be like this (extreme consumers) are hiding them from television. SEriously if someday I have child I'm not going to let them watch all these crap. I'm going to dedicate time to them to teach them what life is about so that when the time comes they can think right by themselves. For my mother's sake I promise that I not going to buy christmas lights and nothing to decorate! I'm very radika with what I'm saying but the thing is that I consider christmas as a season in which people give more money to the elite. Off of topic much? Yeah maybe. I hope you guys understand.

  3. It makes me sad to come to the realization that all of my favorite things as a child, were those marketed to me on TV and in advertisements. ;(

  4. The people behind these marketing strategies are all criminals.

    And no, unless it performs a mass arrest, the government shouldn't get involved in any of this. It's up to the parents to boycott these products, to SPEAK UP and show their anger at schools, to be strong, to wake up. The whole "parents can't be there 24-7" argument is bullshit. It's about not buying into this brainwashing campaign. Because, at the end of the day, parents are those who buy the products. Because they've been brainwashed themselves; conditioned to think that they can't be "negative", "dominant", "bossy" figures in their children's lives. Wake up. Just wake up. And stop the apathy. Stop the "it's all their fault, we need to government to fix all our problems". Self-responsibility, please.

  5. My 4 & 6 yr olds think "McDonald's" is a farm! LOL Thanks for the info Vigilant! Stuff I already try to protect my kids from, but many parenst still keep their kids "plugged in" to all this garbage….so sad.

  6. this really took me back to my own childhood. i grew up in the 80's and was pretty much raised by television. my parents were great but had no problem with me being mesmerized by the box. i can remember begging my mom for the most ridiculous things just because i saw it on tv. i would play with it for a few weeks or maybe a few days and it would end up under the bed or torn apart in the back of the closet. it meant absolutely nothing to me but i would ask again and again until i got it. even in school if i didn't have the name brand shoes or those new jeans i didn't want to go and not fit in. its hard to accept that you've been brainwashed by media but i guess i was. when i see this stuff going on now it seems so silly cause its all disposable and has no real value. had no idea about the "nag factor" actually being studied. that is really sad cause they know its hard for parents to say no to their kids sometimes. all i can do is pray for the youth and hope they can be strong against this machine. another great find vc.

  7. I am not surprised by this article. Companies, industries, and the alike advertise to children all the time. Especially on T.V, take the challenge in your own hometown and see if you can go about your day to day business without seeing anything advertisement, sales, new products, and logos. They use children because they know that parents want to please their child(ren) and that child(ren) is/are very susceptible to anything with the words new, cool, and must have, add a couple of affects and colors and the child(ren) is/are hooked. I remember growing up and not seeing as much commercials advertised towards my generation (I was in the furbee and babypop era.) Things that are advertised towards children these days are perverted, too mature, cheap, and expensive now days. Anything from bras and panties, muscle growth, cheap plastic toy fads, expensive electronics, to make up and those are just some of the merchandise thrown at children to want. Companies are greedy point, blank, period! The more attention of the people they can get the better it is for them. It's semi funny, but truly sad when you see people go mad for the next must have. These people can be broke, in debt, and/or have it all but still need the next upgraded thing because supposedly you must have it and everyone's going to have it. As the saying goes children and the future, and as the adults grow older and have less of an importance on material things kids are the next in line for Gimme Gimme Gimme O.O!

      • What a rotten thing to say! Children are a gift. My boys bring me so much joy every single day in a world where I need all I can get my hands on. They make me smile & laugh and I love slowing down enough to see the world through a child’s eyes. It is refreshing, and I think everyone should try it. I’m a realist with a very active imagination and have no illusions about the horrors that could present themselves to their precious and innocent little souls. But I also believe in God, and know my boys are His, way before they were mine, they were His! I just get to enjoy them and do the best I can with what I have while I have it. I wouldn’t change an eternity with them for some years of hell on earth for anything.

        The NWO loves your thought process. Voluntary depopulation.

      • It's tough to have kids nowadays, and I would not recommend it to anyone who has any real doubts about their ability to deal. It's not rotten to choose not to have kids. More people should choose not to have them. And that is speaking as a hard-working father of multiple children.

    • Don't say that that means they won. We as a being have every right to reproduce. Regardless of what these predators in the media make you (or your child) think.

      • Thank you for your encouraging words, Junior. You're absolutely right. If we have that type of defeatist attitude, it means they have won the battle for our minds and bend to their will.

        My soon to be child will have a tough battle ahead of him/her, but no one is going to tell me I can't have them because some *sshole said so.

  8. This whole thing is disgusting, but is anyone else incredibly freaked out by that singing Barbie?! I would be TERRIFIED of that if I was a kid!!!!!!

    • That's a sad thing to say, you never wanted kids. As if they come from outer space or something. Bone of your bone and blood of your blood is life most precious gifts. I'm glad I have 2 children and even more that God gave them to me to keep charge over them,protect them,teach them, guide them, influence them, and teach them how to be God fearing people in this mad mad world. I wish I could have loads of children but I can not afford it. It is our responsible period to explain what life is about, what we need verses what we want. What better example to use this as an visible method of temptation. Thanx vc.

      • We obviously have different views. you mentioned god so that's enough for me to write you off. later.

      • Agree with Jake here 100%, it's a personal choice if people want kids or not. I personally know many people who don't have children but are wonderful people, they just don't feel they could give their all to a child/don't want to bring a child into this world/etc. Saying something like 'I never wanted kids' really shouldn't be a comment that's pounced on, especially with stuff about the Bible. I'm afraid it just comes across as quite ignorant and pushy, no-one should force or push their beliefs on others, whether it's religion or views on children. Not trying to be harsh to you, I'm sure you're a fantastic person and a really wonderful father, it's just Jake was simply stating a personal opinion and not asking for debate on it really.

      • Oh shut up, what-have-we-become. Did you read anything I just said? Stop trying to push your beliefs on people and making comments like that. This site should be bringing everyone together; christian, muslim, hindu, buddhist, jewish, atheist, agnostic, whatever so we can have our eyes opened to what is going on with the world, NOT so we can push beliefs, religious or otherwise on each other.

  9. maru. the free ant on

    I thank God for the parents I have, they always said no to every game I wanted to get.

    Now I understand, it's a waste of money. All is worthless plastic, that can easily be replaced by more entertaining games. It's insane how consumerism culture has taken over the world, it is a very sick mentality! I believe that outside in this world, there are people with real values, that can be happy without all that crap. And most important, that they pass those values to the next generation.

    Little by little, we can change the world!

    I ♥ you all, have a great holidays 😀 Bless you!

  10. I'm so glad that I don't have children, and this is one reason more not to have any!

    And I'm so happy that I was able to grow up fairly normal. I was outside a lot, met friends, went to an art club, played a lot with simple toys that didn't had sound, light, movements, etc. and watched TV rarely. Even later on, TV and Video-games were there when the weather was miserable.

    It is really scary to see that they even put advertisement in schools and kindergarden! Somehow reminded me of the movie "Idiocracy"! Dumbing down society even at young age, making them dumb enough for spending enough money on dumb shit!

  11. I don't know about this blaming mainly on Deregulation and "The Market". Sounds like a call for more Government control which is what the NWO is about. This is more about personal responsibility of your own children and teaching them the correct values. I like how everyone blames the TV when maybe the Parenting should take some issue on this. I'm not sure this documentary tells the entire truth and sounds like a call for more government control.

    I call BS on this documentary and if you want to know about the Law is then read the book "The Law by Frederic Bastiat.

    Does TV influence your kids. Of course anything can control your kids but thats the part about raising them up. If you don't have time to properly parent a child then don't blame corporations, government or any other scape goat. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

    • Before calling BS on this great documentary, you should maybe understand what it said. Many advanced countries ban advertisements aimed at children because it has been proven that they cannot distinguish between reality and persuasive aims of commercials. This isn't about government control but simple common sense and fair trade. Children do not make money so why are advertisements aimed at them?

      The NWO you are referring to includes the mega-corporations that bought the government and forced the removal of any restrictions regarding unfair advertising. NWO is not simply government control. It is about total control of the people and no control for the companies that own it.

      So, I call BS on your comment.

    • Then by your logic, since ANY regulation is evil, I guess we shouldn't push for any regulation against the NWO too I guess, capitalism idealist.

      • You seem to misunderstand. Push for regulations to control the NWO??!!! Lol. If the NWO is a one world government how can you have regulations much less government regulations. Your logic makes no sense.

        I believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These 2 thinks prevent the NWO and once we erase these things by passing MORE LAWS and Regulations to control every aspect of our lives then we give up our liberty.

        “Ah, you miserable creatures! You who think that you are so great! You who judge humanity to be so small! You who wish to reform everything! Why don't you reform yourselves? That task would be sufficient enough.”

        ― Frédéric Bastiat

      • @HeathCliff – No, you don't know what you're talking about, are trying to have your cake and eat it too and spreading doubletalk, a negative version of the hegelian dialetic Vigilant has mentioned so much. You are actually arguing AGAINST regulation of corporations while having been presented an hour evidence of what they do when deregulated, namely take power for themselves over others and our society while saying that regulation is what does that. You are saying it's better to let corporations do this then to tell them not to; if they do it it's a "free market", if a governing agency restricts them from doing it, thus exerting power over THEM you attempt to equate that with NWO and suggest that corporate power is good but forcing ethics on them is evil; any regulation=evil, corporate freedom=good and if they are devious, as discussed throughout the video above, somehow that's more acceptable in your eyes than society reigning them in. If government does something that's bad, huh? But what if a corporation buys the government out and makes laws of its own? Would your head explode?

        The constitution IS regulations and it IS law. It is LAW that restricts and limits the power of the government to ensure that Americans can have a free homeland. It is a series of laws that says certain things are freedoms that cannot be touched by anyone.

        You are trying to suggest some kind of corporate anarchist fantasy that I'm not buying. Laws only exist to enslave people in your ideal where some people are allowed to be above the law to rule over others as you would have corporations do. Otherwise the laws can and do, in a vigilant society with a tempered government and more power in the hands of the populace, maintain a balance of power and a generally smooth-running society. You absolutionist claims that regulations and laws don't make sense. There have always been laws in the US, that never made us dictatorship as you try to sensationalize. And laws do and should have good practical bases to them, such as drunk driving laws that try to keep our roads safe for us all.

        "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies . . . If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] . . . will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered . . . The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

        -Thomas Jefferson

    • Nice, Heathcliff. Now, please explain to me how parents are supposed to easily achieve this, when EVERY aspect of society has been transformed to STEAL children away from their parents??? The NWO has:

      A) taken mothers out of the home and pushed them into the workplace, so now it takes two incomes to achieve what one income used to be able to, thereby removing the influence of the mothers,

      B) Schools shove consumerism and immorality on kids,

      C) The entire superstructure is geared at morbid consumerism from day one.

  12. I can't believe congress fell for that argument. even in a capitalist democracy, that is really ment to be against big government, their is a difference between regulation and rights. I personally feel, as the lady in the video said, children can not realize deception and it is going againsts their rights in one form or another to be subjected to this advertising. Not something that can simply be written off because it is part of a "capitalist society that the government doesn't intervene". and what will they do when playboy argues their stuff is art and wants regulations to be lifted on where they can market their magazines? ridiculous.

  13. I work like a dog and all the little kids have better toys and clothing than I do, but that's not the worst part, all these things are literally handed to them then they grow up to be weak and incompitent to think or accomplish anything for themselves because every wish was their command and end up wishing their entire adult life they where kids again when everything was handed to them at their command.

    "Forever Young" my butt, lets all grow up and show children genuine love and caring that cannot be bought, only to hear them say when theyre all grown up "Forever Strong"

  14. it's pure greed. to stoop so low as to manipulate children to make money is nothing but greed, the love of money aka the roots of all sorts of evils. I have cousins/nieces that are tweens/toddlers and yeah, I see all this happening and it's tough to see.

    • Agreed!

      They are both offshoots of the same branch and have been known to work with each other.

      I could never understand why most people think that corporations and the government are two separate entities, when in reality, they are actually partners who are both essentially controlled by the same handlers.

  15. Yeah there is some crazy stuff going on with the National Defense Bill and what they just passed! Was wondering if anyone one here would speak up about it! It's like Germany 1938.

    • Syrus Magistus on

      There's one big difference between us and the German people of 1938. The people today are artificially made complacent, whereas the Hitler-era Germans went along with fascism because it gave them a sense of pride, continuity and prosperity. America has none of these things. We don't even have leaders like Hitler who believed they were acting for the good of the nation. Hitler was a blessing in disguise, honestly. If he wasn't so apeshit crazy, the Illuminati would have had their New World Order already. It's because he became self-absorbed and betrayed the central bankers that we didn't all fall under a fascist coup, but it almost happened and we're in a much scarier situation now.

      People have been poisoned in an unprecedented fashion by the Nazi leftovers of Paperclip lore and by the "Illuminati" world bankers. We haven't actually consented to any of this the way that the Germans did on a collective scale. We've been drugged and poisoned into weakness by the people we're supposed to be able to trust no matter what, not by some new radical party like the National Socialists, although the Neocons may be somewhat comparable. What's happening to America may be likened to a date-rape scenario, whereas Nazism was at least consensual, even if the relationship was pretty abusive in its own way.

      The big difference is that if you drug people, particularly children, and then make them to accept something, they are not in the right state of mind to make decisions, and it was once considered just to guard vulnerable people from this molestation. There are intellectuals now the likes of which have never walked the face of the earth too. There are many people who could put a stop to this fucking mess. Why don't they? Because taking responsibility for a situation this dire is too much of a hassle for the people who could and should do it. Being awake in this situation carried a huge responsibility. You have to find your truth and speak it unwaveringly at all times. You have to be REALLY LOUD ABOUT IT! Because we have NOT chosen fascism as a culture! Stop being so afraid of these pricks and speak out! They're criminals, just like any ordinary child predator, rapist, or con artist.

      WE chose the direction of society's progress, not these monsters! If you've detoxed your system of halides, mercury, and aluminum, then it's time to take the next step: bring your mind under your own jurisdiction. Think for yourself, use your intuition, and most importantly channel your feelings righteously. Network with one another and form support groups in various cities which can come together whenever and however possible to address these issues which affect all of us and start a real grassroots movement with a clear message and don't worry if the media pays any attention to you, because they're shams. The message is what counts! The message is simple: We need real accountability in this society. We demand the rule of LAW, not the rule of the jungle! The government needs to stay OUT of people's private lives and investigate the cultist scum who are ACTUALLY the National Security threat. The cover-ups have to STOP! If the Pentagon is hiding video and photographic evidence which is incriminating, depicting things like torture and child rape at Abu Ghraib- whatever- then the nation has every right to know about it. Our tax dollars paid for those atrocities. We are responsible, even though it wasn't our own doing. Also, FUCK the rich! In a civilized culture, the highest earners pay a proportionate amount of dues to improve the ENTIRE standard of living. If they refuse, THROW THEM IN JAIL! THAT is the Rule of Law! ALL ARE CREATED EQUAL, ALL ARE ANSWERABLE TO THE SAME SYSTEM OF JUSTICE. It couldn't get any simpler.

      People need to stop living in this illusion that if you vote the right way, you'll become wealthy. Riches come out of personal investments of energy. Being wealthy means you have a moral obligation to the society which helped you get ahead in life. It's proportional to you degree of success. If you want to live a tax-free socially Darwinian lifestyle, you're welcome to move into the jungle somewhere, but wealth is an extension of our connection to society. It's not a one-way street. The message needs to be that the vampires are not welcome. Lastly, if people expect to retain their civil rights and civil liberties within the society we co-create, then they must PARTICIPATE in the oversight of all the various bodies involved. Wanna stay home and let the world run as it may? Don't complain when things fall apart.

      We LEARNED now that authority figures are not to be trusted unconditionally. It was a HARD LESSON, but we GOT IT. Right?! So once we reclaim civilization in the name of democracy and peace, we will NEVER LET THE MONSTERS OUT OF THE CAGE AGAIN. FENCES WILL BE ELECTRIFIED AT ALL TIMES, okay? It's not that hard.

      I contend that Freud was wrong. The basis of all neurotic behavior is the refusal to accept personal responsibility and culpability for the lessons learned in life, and for our role as co-creators. The first step now is to maintain a firm grasp of the facts surrounding this incredible situation. The second step is to verse ourselves in the 25 disinformation tactics listed somewhere on this sight and in that book they're cut from. If anybody pulls that shit, we'll shut them down immediately. The third step is a simple solution: restore and maintain the Rule of Law as a matter of National Security. Pull the various toxic chemicals out of our food, air, and water. Lastly, put an end to wars and environmental destruction. It will eventually sink in. Always remember what we fight for. It's the next generation which will be totally incapable of defending themselves from ANY of it! If you love your children, you wouldn't let them near a known predator. It's the same logic, exactly!

      The ball is in your court, America. What will you do?

  16. SoylentgreenISpeople on

    It was impressive for me to learn how marketeers study how many times a child blink during a commercial. To make them blink less, they make the ads even more attractive to them. When you truly observe people mesmerized or zombie-like while watching TV (and even catch yourself like that!) you may understand how that person is not reasoning, evaluating or fully understanding the images but these messages are implanted in the viewers to modify our behavior while establishing a values and beliefs. The system/market wants to get a hold of our attention=money "from Craddle to Death".

  17. What Dr. Michael Brody said, the first sentence, just sums it up. I HATED that highlander commercial with the stupid rich kid. At his age I never cared about my daddy's car, I just wanted to climb the slide or draw tigers or read books about bunnies, or run around in the backyard. But Dr. Brody's statement is just fact. This is creepy, and I'm glad we never had the income to get suckered into this. None of my shirts have logos, and I get weirded out by those kid's toys with computer chips that connect you somewhere on the internet. A toy is a toy, man, to play with and act out stories/build imagination/have fun. I don't have anything against kids asking for a stuffed frog toy.

    But that frog toy should not connect you to some retarded online community. Make him hop around the table at breakfast damn it, he's your frog toy, take him on vacation, he's your frog! that's enough! And 8 year olds should be playing with lego or pirate ships or lego pirate ships (a kid I know has like 4 of them, they're great), not Halo. Halo is for 20 year olds, I'm sorry, but that same 4 pirate ship kid couldn't stop talking about Halo last time I had to look after him and a friend at a party.

    I think this documentary is important for parents to watch. I think some content is even too scary for younger kids, but older kids should watch it with their parents so they understand what's going on. Playing with toys is important for kids, and I love cartoons, but the motives behind this are very dangerous.

  18. Not Surprised... on

    Thanks for sharing, VC. They are obviously grooming our children (and us) to become robots. Having parents do their bidding, by buying their children all this crap. Having children being brainwashed by tv and forced into thinking they need those things. It's so sad. I finally talked my spouse into getting rid of our cable (only took MONTHS), we called today to cancel it. I don't want the temptation there for my child to get sucked into. I, too, as someone else said, that it is a parent's responsibility to stand up for what they think/know is right and to not let their child(ren) succumb to this growing dilemma. Unfortunately, people around you are gonna think you're nuts, and you probably won't be able to convince a lot of them to do the same, but you can at least save your own child(ren).

  19. @Sarah Conner: "The NWO loves your thought process. Voluntary depopulation."

    My sentiments exactly! You could have not put it in a better way. In fact a few days ago I was having a similar discussions with a bright young lady whom I'm dating. She said to me "Is it worth bringing a new generation about with all this going on? The prospects of creating a new life seems futile in such a world".

    Well, women being the most beautiful creatures on the face of the planet, her statements could meant one of the followings:

    1. She is testing me to see how I feel about having a family (Answer is: I can't think of anything more beautiful than having a family… a big one! I come from a family of 7)

    2. Mind Control Phenomenon.

    We have to be very skeptical as to what we read, where we read them. What I have noticed that there are three type of people and each respond differently when exposed to such info:

    1. The Slaves: Rather stay in their comfort zone and ignore the subject because their ego doesn't allow them to think for a second that they have been used and abused for all their lives.

    2. The Deceived: They acknowledge and understand the information, but choose to loose any sense of direction, motivation and/or hope for future. Their saying is "It is what is, I can't change it and there's no point to strive for anything in my life!"

    3: The Blessed: They are generally considered to be proactive people, who acknowledge and understand the situation. They choose to do something about it. They stay focused, motivated and won't allow anything to have any negative impact on their dreams and goals. They are the type of people that believe there's no such a thing as a good weather or bad weather. They take their weather with them where ever they go and won't let rain or snow have any impact on their daily moods. They are the ones who are firm believers that change starts within.

    Ultimately this is 21st century; it's age of internet, facebook and internet. It's the age of mind-control and slavery. Despite all the technology they have, they are no longer able to fully control what goes out to the masses. Therefore now that people know "the things they shouldn't know", they decide "what version of those info is what they think we should know".

    That's when they release movies such as "National Treasure", in an attempt to change the prospective of people about Masons. That's when they release articles about "it's going to end, so why create a family and let future generations experience this…. That's when you read "lets quit our jobs and go live somewhere far far away"…

    It's important to know that Category number 2 is far more dangerous than category number one. If you're a slave, well… you're just a slave. If you're within category 2, you're SLAVE and DECEIVED.

    Remember my friends… Quitting your jobs, and saving up to go live somewhere far far away is just going to buy you some more time. If it's going to happen, it will happen no matter where. But what remains untouchable and eternal is your faith in God.

    GOD will never put more on you, than you can bear! Remember whenever you ask him for something, he has three answers for you:

    1. Yes

    2. Not now

    3. I have something better in mind.


    • You my dear, are one smart cookie! And there is nothing more attractive than a wide awake man who loves God and will not let the adversary steal his hope, his joy, or his plans. Your assessment is astute and your attitude, awesome! You are going to be one heck of a husband AND father! I wish nothing but God's absolute best for you!

      Blessed Indeed GIG~

  20. 'Omigosh congress and consumer advocates can you please get off our throats! Sheesh! Always trying to make such a nanny state and tell people how to live!'

    -> Make a billion ads and an entire culture telling people how to live.

  21. not only should be worring about this but we also need to be worrying about when the rapture comes too? man when the rapture comes its going to be some scary stuff. when satan comes him self he's going to ask "put the 666 sign on your fore-head or right hand and if you don't you will die" what you do serve or die this is a serious question people? and on top of that only 144,000(and doesn't include the ppl who die only the ppl who are sealed) ppl are going to heaven!!!!!! and the rest are going to have to stay here and wait 7yrs till jesus come him-self?!?! im freaking out man go read revaelations for yourself and pray that you are one of the 144,000 who are sealed.

    • I'm not convinced that a rapture will take place. And if so, only the babies, toddlers and young children will be part of it, the pure and innocent ones.

  22. btw i'm glad i NEVER wanted children anyway idk what i would if my kid talk back to me in public [just because i didn't buy it something]. i would slap my kid soo hard you would have to call child family services and then i would take away its have t.v games electronics everything for 5months or 7months just so they learn. and on top of that i wouldn't my kid anything they wanted let it be shoes new clothes ANYTHING. of course i will feed it but what i trying to say is that control you don't need no "super nanny" if your kid acts up and if they don't listen to you send it to boot-camp i would do that. just saying. and thats why i dont want no kids whats so ever. btw its funny how everyone fighting over children.

  23. "spare the rod , spoil the child" does not only have to mean physical dicipline , but it can and should mean instilling dicipline and respect in them , how i see it ; parents need to be more active in children's life and stop letting media grow them up , there should be more family time than tv time !

  24. What an informative and yet sad documentary.

    The only thing I did not like was the constant referal to "kids". Kids are baby goats.


  25. I grew up in the 60's & 70's and though I watched plenty TV, it was secondary to playing outside with my friends and siblings…in fact TV was a drag because you come in to watch it and miss all the fun! After school we would watch a little and then go outside, 'until the street lights' came on. On a beautiful Saturday forget it, we were gone ALL DAY!! By the time we came in we were too exhausted to watch a lot of TV. And that's part of the problem, kids today watch way too much TV and most of their activities are indoors and they don't spend time doing things with other kids….so they are sitting ducks for this kind of mind control…and it is mind control.

  26. on

    Why are you attacking this girl for saying she doesn't want children? Her point is valid. This world is very much in shambles and to bring life to this would be a punishment. Also child birth is very painful. Maybe she knows she would not be a good mother due to some demons in her past. One woman not having ONE child is NOT depopulation. Its a choice, maybe people have the freedom to make.


  27. wow, i ws acctualy like that wen i ws younger, even now, i started eating oats cos i see them in movies all the time, and i cant let go of all the toys and tapes of disney and dreamworks cartoons and musicals like annie and my fair lady etc….. when i c items of these brands i buy them for no apparent reason. even duff 😛

  28. Amazing documentary.

    I'm actually wearing an angry birds tshirt right now.

    Not because it is me.

    But because it is who I was programmed to be, by advertisers.

  29. I'm 33-years-old and I don't have any children and after watching this documentary, it would make you not want to have them. It's bad enough that I get advertised to constantly when I'm on Amazon or Ebay. Certain emails will come to my account of what "they" think I'd like to buy or see. It's insidious, all of it to think that just because I bought something a few times, "they" know me and my likes of what I care to buy. It's even more damaging and thoughtless as a child whose mind is constantly being bombarded with the "latest and greatest" and "must-haves". All the while "they" know what they are doing. Kids can't sit still in class so parents become desperate to find out what's going on with their kids, take them to doctor's and find out that their kids are ADHD or ADD or have some other disorder why they can't pay attention in class. Then "they" get over when the parents buy expensive medications to put the children on. I bet kids could pay attention if something was bouncing around on a screen with multiple colors and singing to them with some soothing music which all was researched thoroughly by some behavioral specialist or child psychologist undermining their own morals and values. And we want to turn it all back on the parents. Well, it's kind of hard to parent when your kid is out of your sight even for a second because these corporate maggots are leeching so heavily onto your child's throats it's like they're cutting off their air supply. Kids are no longer creative or have any imaginations or even know how to think critically or comprehend anything that they have read. It's a savage, systematic dismantling of a human by not even thinking of them as humans. It's shameful and disgraceful and it has already caused untold damage to their developing minds. I was picked on as a kid for not having name brand jeans or shoes. I cried and it wasn't easy growing up not feeling like I belonged because somebody had something that I felt that I needed to have in order to be just like them. Well, I wasn't just like them. God made me who I am. And we are all unique and have gifts that our Creator has endowed us with. I do not watch tv commercials or tv that much for that matter. I have 1-year-old Godchildren whose mom does put on the Disney channel for them and they are entranced by the colors and she feels that they like it. Little does she know that so much research and money has been poured into Disney over decades and decades for it to appear that they like it. Even their first birthday party was Mickey Mouse themed. I wanted to gag! Lord help us all because we are destroying ourselves bit by bit. We don't have to worry about a natural disaster doing it or a nuclear war or a meteorite from space. We are doing it just fine by ourselves. And our demise will affect every human…from the rich to the poor. Everyone will be impacted.

    • totally agree, it becomes a monster if you don't set boundaries with your kids about what items are necessary and which are not, i work in retail part time so i see how these kids freak out when their moms say no, sometimes a bystander will even offer to buy the kid the toy or candy or w.e just so the kid shuts up, its seriously frightening.

  30. Syrus Magistus on

    I had a fairly magical childhood in spite of all this stuff. It must have been the low levels of peer pressure that come with pariah-hood. I never had more than a couple friends at a time. Ever. And I've never been popular, although just about everyone knew my name. I look back at old recordings of my favorite cartoon blocks and laugh at the cheap kind of hypnosis they used. One positive thing about advertising is that it showed me what everybody in my age group WANTED their lives to look like, and I feel connected to them in a way I never did back then by putting myself in that head space. The products are almost background noise. I think if we have anything to learn from this growing nightmare, it's how we ought to be investing in ourselves and each other to be happy. The style upgrade comes naturally with self-esteem and authenticity. You don't need to buy much of anything. Root your psyche in something nourishing, and plant those seeds within the barren soil of the mainstream school of thought. Follow your own path, but leave enough room for other people to exist and thrive. Most of all, have fun with it! Our lives are an occasion worth rising to. Remember we're all actors playing characters with story arcs, but we're also divine eternal beings with godlike potential underneath that.

  31. I am 25 years old mom of 2 boys. I was raised in Mexico in a middle income family, I remember in my childhood there was a stage where I wanted to be like other girls and have the famous Barbie's dolls, my parents sought ways to give me and my brothers what we asked for, and when opened Christmas presents I felt good to have received what I ask for but I honestly never played with these dolls, there was always TV commercial's that made me want toys but my parents were smart and they noticed that I never played with the Barbie dolls and I'm not a person in need of psychological therapy . I am currently raising my son in this way I buy toys for my children on special occasions, I cook food for my children every day, rarely take them to fast food places, the programming they see on TV is educational and they have such a natural way of seeing the world that I see them play and have fun with the simplest things like making paper airplanes, many times I buy used toys and they do not notice the difference, I will not pay 4 times the cost of a train just because it says "Thomas and Friends" the solution is on us parents and being parents for real.

  32. Mistake "Will be the ones to go up" not "one of the ones" . The hope should be to go up during the rapture, NOT left behind. only to survive those, worse than ever imaginable, seven years. Btw, there's a movie called "Left behind" with Kirk Cameron, if anyone's interested.

  33. I totally agree that something should be done, but come on, a lot of parents are very negligant! Throw away the television – or at least DON'T GET CABLE! I grew up with media all around and it had a reverse effect on me. I am always very suspicious of the intent behind every ad or brand, and I can't get convinced about every suggestion the corporations make – if I did I would go broke. There is something at the back of my head that says, if that company is spending their money on getting their message to me, then that's going to push up the price of their product unneccessarily, so it just won't be value for money.

    Parents do control what goes into their child's mouth and what they watch on the television. I think older people are a lot more niave to advertising, and give up a lot of their time and freedom to buy that extra car or that bigger tv.

    I remember being very young and wanting to buy a branded tissue box just because it had a mermaid on it. My mother calmly explained to me that they put the picture on there to charge more, and it was completely pointless. Just that simple moment instilled correct behaviour that would allow me to navigate in this commercial world.

    The problem is with insecure adults that spend way too much money on gifts and toys, or give into their child's nagging just so they can be loved by their child. It's so pathetic how much some parents shower their children with things, while never going outside with them to throw a ball.

  34. For those wanting to know more about the effects of modern media on the soul, check out Little Light Studio's work:

    – Hollywood’s Gnostic Gospel

    – Magic Kingdom

    – Battlefield Hollywood

    – Battlefield Hollywood – False System of Worship

    – The Home Hypnotist

    – Artificial Atmosphere

    Look for the videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

  35. You say that we are "artificially made complacent," then you say that we're neurotic because we don't accept personal responsibility.

    I agree that we are "co-creators" in our society, but the elites get more than one vote on us.

    No I don't think we've learned yet how bad it really is, and I don't think this will be over with for a long time to come. Someone will always want more than their fair share.

    I didn't read the whole thing; got other things to do. But I agree with you in most parts.

    Now, why I came back here: I recently noticed a Toys R Us mirror/kaleidoscope commercial. Aren't kaleidoscopes & mirrors used in mind-control?

    And while I'm here, I'm wondering why Mickey Mouse has such big ears. They don't look like real mouse ears at all. Could they be a suggestion-device to house multiple personalities? Each ear could house a belief system almost as big as the original brain.

  36. This is just a theory but by ingraining materialism & fame obsession in the minds of the youth could the elite be prepping them to become adults that do not oppose or even worse, support the degradation/obliteration of the lower/middle (non-elite) class?

    What is very unfortunate is that in order for a parent to protect their child from all of this the child must be deprived from most of the things they are told to like. The child inevitably will eventually become resentful of the parent.

  37. Do over:

    Love the part where the guy says these corporations are purposely making the lives of parents miserable. It sure does…

  38. To those of you who say you're not having any kids, that means you're not going to have initmate relations with anyone, right? No? Oh, so you want to have your cake and eat it, too?

    You want to be able to have sex with someone with no consequences or responsibilities. Huh, that's interesting.

    Now you can begin to understand that the whole concept of consumerism and selfish have-to-have-it-now attitude permeates all facets of society, not just our kids and marketing. It goes much deeper.

  39. Powerful stuff there. I'm definitely more aware now that I have been.

    Although, it won't make me pull my child away from his favorite shows and movies, but I will limit his TV exposure. We don't have TV or cable in my household, so he only gets "movie time".

    It's time for parents to realize, toys, phones, computers, and gadgets will NOT teach your children more effectively that you. And if your children don't have those toys, it will NOT make them fall behind in school. Intelligence is partially gained by genetics and partially gained by experiences, and during active play. A game of tag can teach a kid more about life than a toy laptop can.

    Whatever happened to story time?

  40. biasCL♥&heart on

    I would have to say that this is very very true. i remember when i was little that mcDonald had the barbie toys when you buy a happy meal (i was a huge fan of barbie) and i remember just bugging and begging my mom to get it so i can have all the little barbie's and stuff hell i even remember wanting the bratz dolls, baby born etc. just because i seen it advertised on tv, even today this still happens to me (only for adult stuff)and I'm freaking 20 years old and i know i don't need it i just want it.

  41. This is interesting but it makes me appreciate the fact that I had my own mind in a lot of ways when I was a child (yes even at 7 years old). I also think my mom nutured that because I didn't have every cartoon/kid marketed product that was shown in every commercial. When my mom shopped for my clothes, toys, etc, I wasn't with her in the aisles getting to pick out what I wanted. She didn't feed me all of the sugar-contained cereals no matter how much they were marketed, and regular products having cartoon characters on them did not appeal to me. Sure I watched cartoons and even had my favorites, but I wasn't pressed to have a My Little Pony lunchbox or a Jem shirt (showing my age). Maybe subconsicously my mom instilled in me that these kids shows were just for fun but that having a lunch box, shampoo, toothpaste etc related to these shows wasn't going to make the product better or worth her spending more money. I will say that things have changed alot since the 80s, with the invent of technology, having cell phones, and ipods readily available to kids, etc. Something to think about as I become a mom myself.

  42. I just have to laugh at this. "he latest advances in psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience to transform American children into one of the most powerful and profitable consumer demographics in the world."? Really? Because after a basic course in Psychology and Video Productions I could make a convincing ad targeted at any audience. It's not hard, it's not rocket science, and if people in general had more common sense and self control to not give in to whims and impulses they wouldn't fall for it. The market is a gateway, people choose to walk through it.

  43. Concerned Citizen on

    This is very sad. We are becoming depressed, bi-polar, and none attentive. We are killing the future generations. Very sad future.

  44. um EXCUSE ME!! Can you REPOST THE VIDEO?? When i hit PLAY it said that it has been DELETED DUE TO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT! can everyone press "like" so this gets some attention please??!!

  45. I couldn't watch the video,it's already been taken down, due to copyright laws claimed by "Media Education Foundation".
    This is how the controllers are increasingly on the attack of the internet….freaking copyright laws!

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