CNN Article Bashes the Growing Number of People That Question Mass Media



In the past year or so, we’ve seen several mass media outlets “reporting” on the popularity of conspiracy theories and of alternative news. However, in every case, the resulting article is not an objective report on a growing phenomenon but an all-out hit piece, bashing those who dare questioning the “official story” dictated by mass media with strong words and specific labels.

A recent article published on CNN entitled Still ‘paranoid’ after all these years does a great job at equating all those who use critical thinking before guzzling down the toxic drink that is mass media with all kinds of crazy. The word “paranoid” is used about ten times in the article as well as the words “panic”, “wingnut”, “lunatic”, “dupes”, “derangement”, “irrational”, “extremism”, “idiot”, “fearful” and “insecurity”.

Another way the article places the label of “crazy” on people who think outside of the TV box is by mixing ridiculous theories with those that are more credible in order to lump them together and to discredit everything that is not the “official story”. Yet another classic technique is to associate those who seek the truth with racism, terrorism and other scary -isms. A fourth way to discredit non-mainstream information is to equate those who write about alternative news and conspiracies as money-hungry crackpots. All of these techniques are in this CNN article.

One particular passage of the article is quite intriguing as it ridicules those who research extremely powerful organizations such as the Trilateral Commission.

“Yesterday’s paranoid types feared elite groups such as the Illuminati and the Masons. Today’s bogeymen include the members of the Rockefeller-founded Trilateral Commission and the politicians and financiers who attend the monied confab at Bohemian Grove and are suspected of mapping out the “new world order.”

Perhaps the author of the article forgot that the founder of CNN, Ted Turner, is a member of some of the most important “elite groups” in the world such as the Council of Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergs. He is known for having donated over a BILLION (that’s a thousand millions) dollars to the United Nations – the leading force working towards the creation of a New World Order. Furthermore, he is one of the most vocal advocates of massive depopulation, even going on record to saying that world population should be reduced to 2 Billion in the next hundred years (that’s a 70% reduction).

Here’s the CNN article.

Still ‘paranoid’ after all these years

We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.” — Anais Nin

(CNN) — Ever have the feeling you’re being lied to by the news media, the authorities, the corporate world? That somebody — or something — is out to get you?

You’re not alone.

Welcome to 21st-century America.

Look around. Trust is hitting historic lows. Just a third of Americans have a favorable view of the federal government, a decline of 31% since 2002, according to the Pew Center for People and the Press. Gallup has Congress’ approval rating is in the low 20s, after nearing single digits last summer. And the news media aren’t much better off.

“Negative opinions about the performance of news organizations now equal or surpass all-time highs on nine of 12 core measures the Pew Research Center has been tracking since 1985,” a Pew report said.

Add in our wired, social media-addicted world, and rumors reign. You’ve heard them all, whether they involve the presidential candidates, global climate change or illegal immigration.

They’re our little open secrets. They give us the sense that we’re on to Them.

Opinion: What’s really at stake in election 2012

“It’s easier to be suspicious,” says Geoffrey Vaughan, a political science professor at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. “There is something attractive in thinking that you know something, that you haven’t bought into the mass public opinion.”

That attitude is nothing new. In a famous 1964 essay, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics,” historian Richard Hofstadter traced what he called “the paranoid style” through American history. What he found was that a fearful strain of mistrust flows through the blood of the republic, whether it was 18th-century religious leaders worried about the Illuminati, politicians suspicious of immigrants or McCarthyites convinced of Communist infiltration.

Hollywood has dined out on these feelings for years: “The Manchurian Candidate,” “The Parallax View,” “Wag the Dog,” the TV series “The X-Files,” even the James Coburn comedy “The President’s Analyst” — all are based on the idea that some kind of secret, malevolent operation is going on behind the curtain.

It’s as American as apple pie — filled with razor blades.

Sure, like the stories about those razor blade-tainted apples, there are sometimes bits of truth within. More often, however, the truth is overwhelmed by panic and hyperbole.

Which is a problem, because fear and mistrust have real-life implications, especially in an election year like this one, where it has seeped into the body politic like acid.

To 17% of Americans, President Obama is a Muslim — and 65% of that group are “uncomfortable” with that. It’s not enough for many opponents to disagree with the president on the issues; he has been characterized as a socialist and even the Antichrist.

Mitt Romney’s had his own problems. During the Republican primaries, he struggled to attract evangelical voters who considered his Mormonism a “cult.” (It wasn’t until mid-October that the Rev. Billy Graham’s organization decided to remove that designation from its website.)

This election year, in fact, has been one for the books. Facts, apparently, don’t matter anymore. Both campaigns have earned “pants-on-fire” ratings from the fact-checking site Politifact; both sides have blithely ignored them and moved forward. After the Romney campaign was called out for some falsehoods, pollster Neil Newhouse responded, “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.”

Worse are the actual laws on the books based on some kind of perceived threat. Oklahoma banned courts from considering Islam’s Sharia law. (Oklahoma’s law has been temporarily blocked.) The Texas state Republican Party even created a platform opposing “critical thinking” in state schools, though a spokesperson was quick to point out that the platform regards “critical thinking” as another name for “outcome-based education” (which the platform criticizes as having “the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority”).

Paranoia isn’t on the fringe anymore, like it was in Hofstadter’s day. It’s now closer to the beating heart of the mainstream.

“The fringe has begun to blur with the base,” says John Avlon, author of “Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe Is Hijacking America.” As the title of Avlon’s book indicates, he’s concerned about this. “That’s the key dynamic, and that’s the key danger.”

The bogeymen of a new generation

Avlon, a former speechwriter for New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and a contributor to the Daily Beast and CNN, observes that one reason Hofstadter’s essay remains valuable is that it shows that in “every generation, there are enthusiastic dupes who are getting sold the same old snake oil.”

In Hofstadter’s time, the ultra-right John Birch Society received attention for its claims of communist conspiracies and elitist cabals. In our time, says Avlon, conservative talk show hosts give voice to these claims. “These are dog-whistle echoes of very old arguments — arguments that have been thoroughly discredited by history.”

It’s not just right-wingers who engage in this talk, he adds. During the George W. Bush administration, some commentators on the left were afflicted with what Avlon, borrowing a term from columnist Charles Krauthammer, calls “Bush Derangement Syndrome.” Left-wing opponents of the president called for his impeachment and compared him to Hitler.

Regardless of who sponsors them, these arguments keep following us. Almost 50 years ago, Hofstadter chronicled a handful of overlapping paranoid fears — the belief in an elite conspiracy that wants to run the world, the concern that immigrants and members of other religions will displace “real” Americans, and the idea that a fifth column is working to bring down the United States from within.

Those fears continue to emerge today. It’s no wonder there are calls to “take our country back,” with the implication that “back” was a golden age before the world went to hell.

Yesterday’s paranoid types feared elite groups such as the Illuminati and the Masons. Today’s bogeymen include the members of the Rockefeller-founded Trilateral Commission and the politicians and financiers who attend the monied confab at Bohemian Grove and are suspected of mapping out the “new world order.”

Or consider immigration. In the 1850s, the nativist American Party (also known as the Know-Nothings) formed over fear of the new immigrants — Irish and German — coming to the United States, allegedly stealing jobs. Today, there’s Arizona SB 1070, nicknamed the “show me your papers” law. Though parts of the law were shot down by the U.S. Supreme Court, other states have used it as a model, and immigrant suspicion is routinely in play — especially along the southern border. This despite studies that have shown that immigrants don’t take jobs away from U.S. citizens.

Even suspicion of an internal coup remains. In the 1950s, we had the Red Scare; today there are people claiming the coming of Sharia law; rumors about Agenda 21, a United Nations development initiative that has inspired fears of world government; and the always reliable anti-Semitism, whether it concerns the “Zionist media,” blame for 9/11 or a belief that Israel is pulling the strings of the U.S. government.

For Hofstadter, the “Paranoid Style” was an extension of two decades of work that promoted reason over emotion and critiqued America’s fondness for an idealized, agrarian past, says his biographer, Elizabethtown College history professor David S. Brown. By the time he wrote the essay, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner was convinced that all those pesky extremists were a thing of the past. But he was well aware that consensus was fragile.

As Derek Arnold, a Villanova communications professor, observes: “You can almost see him as pretty prescient.”

‘Leaving rationality behind’

It’s certainly easy to fall under the spell of paranoia. Since the dawn of mankind, we have been clannish and tribal animals, wary of others, fused by emotional connections. In the modern world we create tribes beyond blood — like sports fans or, well, political parties.

The danger is that many people don’t develop the rationality to tamp down the emotion, says Dr. David Reiss, a San Diego-based psychiatrist who studies personality dynamics.

“It’s not so much that they’re paranoid in a clinical sense, but if they feel their needs are going to be met — or they’re connecting with someone powerful — they’re basically leaving rationality behind,” he says.

Then there’s another deeply human element: the attraction of the story.

“If it’s something that’s interesting and grabs your attention, regardless of your background, it’s appealing,” says Villanova’s Arnold. He mentions the theories about the Mayan calendar predicting catastrophe. “Look at the end-of-the-world stories we’ve been getting this year.”

Though much of the focus these days is on right-wing paranoia, both sides, as they get more extreme, look at their opposition as the enemy and hold on more tightly to their own beliefs, says Jonathan Haidt, a professor of moral psychology at NYU and the author of the recently published “The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion.”

“Extremism on either side leads to very predictable patterns of thinking and usage of fact,” he says. “Morality binds and blinds. As long as you’re on a team, you’ll have your own set of values and facts.”

Extremists on both sides often take leaps beyond the logical. They indulge in hyperbole: for the left, the right is engaged in a “war on women”; the right has talked about the left waging a “war on religion.” (After the massacre in Aurora, Colorado, Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert attributed the tragedy to “ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs.”)

Why don’t believers follow logic? Again, the mind’s fascination with patterns and groupings is to blame, says Assumption’s Vaughn: We use shortcuts to make decisions, often dictated by our biases.

Add to that our tribal instincts, and shades of gray are reduced to a black-and-white world.

“It’s something you can understand,” he says. Those who don’t see things the same way, he continues, are the deluded ones.

Cashing in

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, a Democrat and one of only two Muslims in Congress, has seen plenty of fear-mongering, whether it’s accusations that up to 81 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are communists or that Huma Abedin, a Hillary Clinton aide, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

He believes the accusations are tied to both demagoguery and paranoia — “there are people who have an appetite for conspiracy” — but undergirding it is something even more elemental in politics: money.

“It is lucrative,” he says. “As long as there is a financial payoff, and it also happens to feed their paranoia and thirst for conspiracy, it’s going to keep going — until the American people just totally reject it.”

Avlon, the “Wingnuts” author, agrees.

“People who listen to partisan media don’t appreciate that what they have taken to be a tribe of true believers is nothing more than a business plan,” he says.

Indeed, there is good money in playing to your audience. the more the audience buys into it, the harder it is to dislodge their beliefs.

Writer Charles P. Pierce laid out the rules in his indispensable book “Idiot America”: “1. Any theory is valid if it sells books, soaks up ratings or otherwise moves units. 2. Anything can be true if someone says it loudly enough. 3. Fact is that which enough people believe (and) Truth is determined by how fervently you believe it.”

No wonder the so-called mainstream media has trust issues. In the search for ratings and Internet traffic, it gives voice to the same fearful hyperbole found elsewhere in society — and often plays it for entertainment value. (Witness the rise of Donald Trump, political pundit and almost-candidate, whose regular proclamations headline the New York tabloids and are then repeated throughout cable news.) It’s the classic case of preying on our insecurities, points out Ari Kohen, a political science professor at the University of Nebraska.

“Like those teases for the 10 o’clock news: ‘What household product might be making you sick? Tune in at 10!’ It’s the same idea,” he says.

Throw in the echo chamber of right- and left-wing websites, and these claims are even harder to escape, particularly in what’s been described as “the post-truth era.”

“It’s almost as if everybody’s creating his or her own reality at this point,” says John Carroll, a Boston University communications professor and regular media commentator. “They can essentially construct an information environment that’s so self-reinforcing, and so exclusionary, that they don’t really have to consider any evidence that contradicts what they already believe.”

‘We’re in the danger zone’

American history has not been kind to the conspiracists. In general it has fought off their claims, laughed at their theories.

But there have been times when the suspicious have had a point. As the old saying goes, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

After all, the Soviet Union did infiltrate some U.S. agencies, and Julius Rosenberg really did deliver classified information. The CIA was instrumental in a number of coups. The FBI’s COINTELPRO program spied on domestic groups. Watergate revealed a tangle of Nixonian malfeasance. A handful of climate scientists did try to clamp down on dissent. (Their opponents have also worked together.) Finance industry workers did cover up bad loans and, more recently, fix the LIBOR rate.

All are “clear evidence,” says Fordham University professor Bruce Andrews, who has taught courses on conspiracies and covert activity, “of actual organized groups doing things.”

The dark currents can give a person pause.

“One of the reasons conspiracy theories have proliferated over the last half century is that they have so often been proven correct,” says Assumption’s Vaughan.

It may never hurt to have a healthy dose of skepticism. But, a willingness to accept — or immerse oneself in — mistrust has been shown to weaken civic structure in other cultures. Russia and some countries in the Middle East have suffered from a lack of transparency, along with great divides between the haves and have-nots. Those cultures also have long histories of conspiracy-mongering and little trust in their governments.

The United States was intended to be different.

“America’s ability to question and, if necessary, change our government made such (conspiracy-minded) thoughts here against the grain,” says Villanova’s Arnold.

Despite our weakened faith in government and institutions, the country chugs along. But what of the future? “I wish I could be optimistic, but I really can’t,” says Reiss, the San Diego psychiatrist. “There’s so much power behind making things destructive. It’s really in the service and to the advantage of the politicians on both sides to keep people in a somewhat scared state.”

“(Consensus) is not dead, but we’re in the danger zone,” says Avlon. “There are real costs to hyperpartisanship. Most importantly it becomes ultimately a threat to self-governance — it’s stopping us from being able to solve the serious problems we face.”

“Righteous Mind” author Haidt, however, sees a reason for hope — though not immediately.

We’re stuck for probably the next five years, he says. After that, events could intercede. We could face economic collapse; we could have total victory by one party. But the most intriguing, he observes, is the passage of generations.

“We went from the Greatest Generation, which was the most civic-minded because they fought World War II together … to the baby boomers, who were the worst at working together because their foundational experience was splitting apart to fight the left-right battle,” says Haidt. “We’ll soon be moving on to the millennial generation, which is marked by a reluctance to make moral judgments.”

That has its own drawbacks, he adds, “but some tolerance and reluctance to judge might be just what we need in the 2020s.”

Until then, however, there will be no golden age of understanding, no rebirth of trust. No, for now, we’re stuck with the system we have, the noise it creates, and the voices in our heads.

– Source: CNN


Before lecturing people about “credibility”, maybe the folks at CNN should look at their own reporting” in the past years. Here’s a prime example of it.




    • they will poison our food, water, and air. they will incite the people to war. they will promote drugs and sex as a normal lifestyle to spread disease. that’s off the top of my head :0)

      • They already poison food.

        So what do the elite eat? They have their own natural (organic) sources. They don’t shop at WalMart or the local big chain grocery store. They have all natural sources, as the super rich always do. That’s why they bought the “seed bank” to store natural seeds for themselves.

      • That's deluded, I'm quite scared to be honest I was planning on enjoying my life not be controlled my whole lifetime. I guess this will happen in my lifetime right I'm 14 at the moment wow the people on this world are weird, I sound so cringey

      • The wars are alreay starting, Libya was war, Syria is future war, Iran, china, They are brainwashing us for more wars.

    • Same way the Indians got it in North and South America – Biological Agents. There were 300,000 Indians in California when the 110 Spanish arrived. By the start of Statehood there were, what, 15,000?

      Require everybody who visits a small specific religious country to get a vaccine for, say, Middle East Hanta Virus and then release a weaponized version of Middle East Hanta Virus – only your people are protected. You go from being a 2% minority to a 90% majority in a few years.

      Everything free for the taking then.

      • During colonization, indigenous people were given blankets laced with tuberculosis germs as "presents". That's "germ warfare" even in the old days.

    • Allow me to try. If we start from Vietnam war which was based on a pack of lies we can conclude that government prepared to exterminate 3 million Vietnamese and more importantly 58.000 of its very own servicemen and women cannot be trusted under any circumstances, ever. This notion was reinforced in Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which were also based on a pack of lies. In more recent history, and if you have 80 min. to watch ‘September Clues’ on YouTube we now know for granted that US government was behind 9/11. You will see a bridge going for a walk and wrong type of aircraft engine found on the ground and if you add to that residue of thermite then you get the picture. It was an inside job and it was orchestrated to generate sufficient amount of hatred towards Muslims so that no questions are asked when war in Iraq took place. Second reason is called ‘false flag’ attack. Wat that means is that if I want you to surrender most of your right and liberties I need to get you suitably scared in order to surrender them voluntarily. Why? Because I want to protect you from the ‘bad guys’ you know. 😉 So, lets move to your original question, how are they going to kill all those people. Easy. Through food control. If you have the time, please watch ‘Genetic Roulette’ by Jeffrey Smith and you will find out what GMOs are all about. Let me ask you a simple question with regards to GMOs. When you buy any new product it has labels ‘now with added extra…’ plastered all over the place. Companies are spending millions advertizing their new products. Biotech companies on the other hand are spending millions actually hiding that crap from you. Why would you think that is, what is it they have to hide I wander. If that doesn’t scare the living daylight out of you then do some reading about Codex Alimentarius. Basically, it is an organization that belongs to World Trade Organization and it’s job is to criminalize (yes, you read it correctly) vitamins, minerals and natural supplements. Why? Because they are apparently bad for you and you need to be protected from them. But how are they going to convince you that 13.7 billion years since big bang happened nobody ever had any problems with vitamins, minerals and natural supplements. Well, here comes the ‘false flag’ alert. Watch out for news on ‘new scientific experiment results in deadly effect of vitamins and minerals on lab mice’. See, after that yo will turn all your cupboards inside out and get that poison out of your home. Voila. They have you on all fours and trousers around your ankles. On top of that, they are planning to put everything you eat through the process called ‘irradiation’ which means kill everything inside that has any nutritional value whatsoever. You will end up eating food which has as much nutritional value as the soil of your shoes basically. Robbed of any vitamins and food supplements you will find it very hard to survive. Some estimate is that 3 billion will be wiped out through malnutrition. Getting the picture yet? But people will rebel, I hear you cry… Not sure about that either. Rebellion is dealt via fluoridation of your drinking water and toothpaste which is a tip picked up from Nazi Germany during the WW2. Nazis used to lace drinking water given to prisoners to keep them meek and docile and it worked a dream. Add to that countless reality TV shows and any sort of entertainment you can possibly think of designed to keep you glued to the TV and bombarded with subliminal messages and what rebellion are we going to talk about. And you know what friend, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Still, there is hope. Do not believe for one second that Lord created heaven and earth for Baphomet worshiping filth to survive. People are waking up and they are waking up fast. Armies of parents are refusing to vaccinate their kids. My local grocery store cannot provide enough organic food which is why I buy exclusively. Also, I owe not a dime to anybody, mortgage has been paid of years ago, no credit cards whatsoever, emergency food supply to keep me going for a year and I would say I am in pretty good shape. As for CNN and Rockefeller theory ‘conspiracy’, that filthy pig which will burn in hell forever confirmed it himself:

  1. Harlequin Nameless on

    Sure, round up all the people who question authority in the US, lock them in some "secret place" without getting noticed, and kill them all…Try me. Thppt!

    • Mother_EARTH_will_get_revenge on

      Now, I’m not religious although I believe in a “God” or creator of the universe (we are too perfect to become from nothing).


      In the Bible there’s a verse that comes to mind when bringing up the topic of corporate media and monopolies on information:

      “In which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience.”–Ephesians 2:2

      Does this explain who owns the “airwaves” being information traveling through the air in the form of waves (like radio, or quite simply, a wave of sound to your ear).

      Satan does seem like he owns all major media outlets. Just look at VC’s next article.

  2. Suprise suprise! The media is trying to downplay whats really wrong with the media. They report on what is irrelevent, and stay away from reporting real news like everything they just mentioned.. Bilderberg, illuninati…etc. If only they didnt believe in thier owb lies, then they woukdbt say such nonsense. Who ever believes that shitty article is just as delusional as the msm.

    • just came across a washington post article about famous cases of photos being altered in journalism. of corse we don't believe what we hear or see. if this is a sample of what we know is false, imagine how much more there is that has not been exposed yet.

      • Altering pictures, they have altered mankinds history…. I mean how about the nephilim? I would love to look inside the smithsonians warehouse, ya know?

    • exactly thats why no media will accurately report the Krim children murders… that and they are afraid these F'n gankster elite will come kill their families too.

  3. CNN News

    Fox News

    CBS news

    NBC News

    BBC News

    Sky News

    Al-Jazeerah News ( which used to tell the truth)

    All these news channels are nothing but propaganda to brainwash the masses into making us think what they want you to think…

    The only news channels that tell the truth are Russia Today + Press T.V- which has weirdly been removed from Sky… Hmmm wonder why?!

    All the things that you are being told about the Syrian conflict is lies. President Asad would never hurt His own people. The only reason Asad is fighting back is because of these 'rebels' who came from now-where that are destroying the main cities but these news channels are making it seem like Asad is the bad one! In fact you can type 'The Truth about Syria on Youtube + see for yourself. They just want to take over the middle-east… You know it's funny how these 'Suicide-Bombs' started to appear when America invaded Iraq.

    The only GOD America is familiar with is:

    G- old



    • Well said, personally I don't believe a word they say anymore. What ever happened to Al Jazeera who, as you said used to tell the truth. Were they bought or something because they are no different from the ones you mentioned?

      • Hillary Clinton had the US bribe or buy out Al Jazerria to turn it into properganda. You can find the video on YouTube where she says "we are losing the infowar" and asks for funds because of Russia and Al Jazerria putting out different information then CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, etc……

      • Strange you said that. I heard it somewhere else, it is the last babylon and the black president will be the end of it. Years before BO became a president someone had seen him becoming a president, an extremely bad one.

    • You're insane if you think Basshar isn't killing his own people. He's just fucking delusional and says "gangs" are doing this – yes, under your own direction, scumbag.

      • This is false, anyone who isn't a foreign backed rebel in Syria can verify that for you. The Syrian government has been fighting these terrorists because they are bombing Syrian cities and have been regularly killing both civilians and military personnel while the Western media pretends that the people of Syria are supporting the terrorists who are killing them and rebelling against the government that is trying to rid their country of said terrorists. There was never a crackdown on peaceful protests, the people being paid to cause unrest in the country were the ones killing protesters and the western media said it was government forces doing the killings. These rebels are actually foreign backed insurgents being heavily armed with weapons from neighboring countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, not to mention the United States. A great example of all the deception regarding this can be seen in a set of 2 videos I saw a while back showing an ABC interview with President Al-Assad, one having been edited by ABC and one being unedited. It basically showed how they were manipulating things he said and changing the context of things to fit their agenda and the western story regarding what was happening in Syria. Ah, found it. Here's the article:

        ABC edited interview:
        The unedited interview:

    • hi friend

      i share your point of view and that makes me feel so happy to see how bit by bit a minority of people open their eyes. i started realising these from what happened in ivory coast followed by lybia and now syria.

      What i realised is you rule as they want or they put you down and this is not only from america

      france too has it share in that since it has got major colonies in africa from were their wealth.

      my home country unfortunately is a french colony and i can assure you that most leaders are their puppets who they swing at the tune of their dance.

    • You might try these also…..though one is Russian I find it pretty decent….they are

      Pravada - Just Recently started reading this one.

      Truthseeker - EXCELLENT!

      I cant speak to the truthfulness of all they put out buy so far Ive found them both to be highly informative and pretty straight forward. Or you can stick with CNN…..thats a joke…..totally controlled…what sadness.

    • cnn lied about kenya having riots during the elections.After that sheer slander just to get readers i decided not to trust them

  4. your article is misleading. and for all of you who didn't read the cnn article in its entirety are proving its point.

    "But there have been times when the suspicious have had a point. As the old saying goes, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

    After all, the Soviet Union did infiltrate some U.S. agencies, and Julius Rosenberg really did deliver classified information. The CIA was instrumental in a number of coups. The FBI's COINTELPRO program spied on domestic groups. Watergate revealed a tangle of Nixonian malfeasance. A handful of climate scientists did try to clamp down on dissent. (Their opponents have also worked together.) Finance industry workers did cover up bad loans and, more recently, fix the LIBOR rate.

    All are "clear evidence," says Fordham University professor Bruce Andrews, who has taught courses on conspiracies and covert activity, "of actual organized groups doing things."

    The dark currents can give a person pause.

    "One of the reasons conspiracy theories have proliferated over the last half century is that they have so often been proven correct," says Assumption's Vaughn."

    • Using the word "misleading" and implying that people did not read the article in its entirety. You should work at CNN. FYI that paragraph was a weak attempt at appearing "unbiased" and the examples cited are totally irrelevant today. All case closed. That is why they are admitted in the article. Sorry you fell for it.

    • dude, if you want someone to believe in a lie your first line must contain truth, the second one has to be the lie and then close it with a truth. it will turn your fiction into non fiction.

      the other one involves using interview lines from "professors" or "experts". majority of the people in the world think that someone holding a phd is always right.

  5. Only The Beginning on

    Actually, this is great that they are doing this or rather, it's great for us to see their fear of us.

    The only reasons they are doing this is because they are afraid of what is going on. Conspiracies are going off the hook and unfortunately for them is both this generation and maybe even the next will be more aware.

    The second step now is to create their own conspiracies amongst the conspiracies. This is nothing new though, simply adding disinformation amongst the true information in order to either making it too unbelievable or making the truth seekers into "conspiracies – sheeps"

    If they truly had such control over us then pathetic propaganda weapons like these wouldn't be necessary. Actually, they will be continuing with this until everyone will accept a one – world – system, either we think we want it or not.

    • Just like someone said before they create the waves and swear they are the only one to save the ship. I don't understand how they can say the NWO is a conspiracy. Anyone paying attention knows that the last three presidents and probably more than that have said it's time for a new world order. Uh huh order out of chaos?

  6. ShadowOnTheWall on

    1stly WHAT THE FUCK is "judeo-christian beliefs"? since when do jews and christians share ANY platform? ah, 1947, when Europeans could finally call themselves "tolerant" when they wiped them out. hypocrites!

    2ndly HOW THE FUCK can the discussion about Obama's faith be legit??? How about if Americans were discussing whether Obama is a jew and whether it matters???


    And over all this article stole 5 minutes of my precious earthly life, I wouldnt let it be more, but for the sake of education. Lying cripples there in CNN!

  7. True, Russia Today is really an eye-opener, they discuss all these topics so freely and often with a smirk concerning NATO propaganda, you get the real facts. I also have to smirk about the elites arrogance and delusions of grandeur. Have they ever looked up the world map how small and unimportant they are?

    The russian newspaper Ria Novosti is another excellent multilanguage news source –

    Sadly enough we are not used to good journalism anymore, and it makes your jaw drop if you compare their valuable content to western mass media.

    BTW. the real conspiracy theorists are writig for state media, i have never seen anyone else claiming so much without any proof, especially about the countries they want to invade.

  8. ShadowOnTheWall on

    sry but as much as i favor russia today it follows russian propaganda as much as cnn and the rest follows american one. one propaganda cannot be better than the other, only true can be better, and none of these provide it.

    • @ShadowOnTheWall i knew that would come 😉 but could you tell me about the "russian propaganda" you see at russia today, aka name it, don't claim it

      since i am watching them for three years now and i never saw anything like a state agenda behind their news reporting, they never play on emotions like "there is the evil dictator and here are the glorious rebels", nor did they try to sell me some staged smartphone videos as facts…

      I am german, so i am not limited in news sources, i have seen many sides of the story. And it's actually classic "american propaganda" to display russian channels as "propaganda channels". For the same reason they want to display Putin as anti-democratic and oppressive.

      Anyway, where do you get the truth from if not from facts you can research yourself? So i trust those who offer me facts instead of emotions…

      Assange interviewing Hisbollah-leader Nasrallah?

      nah, you won't see this in western mass media – no way

      • ShadowOnTheWall on

        Hey bro, I am Czech, we re neighbours :)

        Well as you said, research and research, I just wantedto point out the fact that even RT is not so clean…. eventually.. every source is not clean when not compared to any other information. I am so sorry people in modern age are not able to follow up and work with information effectively.. Media this way only creates confusion and fear, hence they create power over us.

        And no, RT does not play the emotional theather show and focus on news broadcasting :) true enough, but they do follow the ideologies and promote strategies of russian interests, you cannot deny that.

    • I read russia today and PressTV, then decide for myself whats makes more sense. CNN is corporate owned, only serving the 1%, interests.

  9. Yeah, the mainstream media stinks. Fortunately, people are more and more aware of this fact. Still a long road to walk for the truth, but hey – at least it's a begining!

  10. I generally don't post my opinion on any website comment section, but I felt that I could add my flavor today.

    One of my problems with this article "bashing" the CNN article for "bashing" conspiracy theorists is that the CNN article doesn't solely bash conspiracy theorists. In fact it tends to, albeit reluctantly, admit that conspiracies exist, and that a certain level of paranoia is healthy. however I can see where this article can offend some people by its subtle "poo pooing" of idea that a world order is being created or planned. I think its clear that a world order has been put in place, because by most conspiracy theorists definition of a world order, the UN is one. Whether or not you agree with the UN, most of what they have done is increased communications between fighting nations. While not all meetings have been completely successful and being considered a member requires a certain amount of cooperation with international law, so far it hasn't revealed a malevolent purpose.

    My purpose for writing today is help calm some nerves here. One of the conspiracies or paranoia that this article tackled was the fear that teachers are indoctrinating children by teaching them "critical thinking" and that its poisoning belief. This article criticizing CNN stated that mass media wants to limit critical thinking. I'm not so sure the person that wrote this article even read the CNN article. At the very least they misunderstood it. I think one of the biggest problems facing America right now is not just paramoia, its the constant refusal to listen and calmly respond to a circumstance. instead anger has been allowed to prevail; politics, media, and religion uses this extraordinarily powerful ammunition to polarize their viewers and control the arguments they take part in. As a society we've gotten so bad that ideas and opinions get shot down before anyone can discuss them, which is demonstrated by the vigilant citizen in this article.

    Before anyone instantly gets upset about something someone said, or what I have said for that matter, you should read and take into consideration what my true meaning was. Think about it for a while and then form your response. As my favorite comedian Tim Minchin has stated in his 9 minute beat poem "Storm" " It may as well be ten minutes back in time for all the chance you'll change your mind."

  11. CNN is on the run. They have (finally) picked up on the fact that 60% of people don't trust TV news. Amber Lyon, a 3x Emmy award winning journalist was fired from CNN for reporting the truth. Newspapers are going bankrupt all over America. I can't imagine why! The elites are scared of the people. That's the big secret.

    • Why would the elites be scared of the people….they have all our money all our resources….and all the power….all but the guns….that's the only reason I can think why they might be scared of us…the little folk…..but if true they need to be scared…they need to hide well and know they will be the first ones sought out by the people.

  12. that news clip is hilarious. i couldn't get through the entire CNN article because i don't want to poison myself with junk food.

    whenever i bring up anything contradictory to mainstream, my friends say i should put tin foil on my head. isn't that from the 50s, and doesn't that have to do with alien invasions?

    i laugh (otherwise i'll cry), and i remember they are still asleep. when someone questions the system it's like their morning alarm, they just keep hitting snooze.

    "just because i'm paranoid doesn't mean it isn't true."

    • It reminds me of the Illiad where the city of Troy was being attacked and the King's daughter who has the gift of being able to see the future, was also cursed that nobody will believe her. In the end the city was successfully attacked.

      Sometimes I feel we are the king's daughter, being ridiculed and disbelieved by many people. I just hope at the end of the day we prevail.

  13. Interesting that questioning the status quo and using one's mind is a threat and not encouraged by MSM. In spite of all of the crap in our food, water, air and other accompanying tactics used to weed out individuality and deaden our spirits, it's not working – at least for a good many of us. I am thankful for that. For CNN to do a lengthy piece of this rubbish, resistance to becoming a total idiot must be throwing the time line off.

  14. At this point of time, the only good thing that I can think of reading and using the mainstream medias is for my assignments. To my lecturers, my assignments look much more 'credible' and 'well-researched'. I guess brand name, no matter even for questionable mainstream media, is still important to many people.

    Strangely, 9gag provides me much more credible and latest news than the famous mainstream medias.

  15. Poison food? But wait, what do they eat? Where do they buy their groceries? Do they have their own special foods and water that are not available to the common man?

  16. So what if CNN is insulting those that disagree with it? Instead of wasting time listening to them, use that time productively. Put on an exercise DVD if you're in front of the TV, or care for your vegetable garden, or read something mind-expanding, or whatever. If you can't live the exact lifestyle you want, then think about and put into practice at least a few of the things that you know is right – that's your own business not theirs.

    Who are these broadcasters? They don't know you. They don't care for you. Their opinion doesn't count. They can't tell you what to do or think. The way you live your life is down to your own decisions, so just ignore spoilt brats like CNN who will rant and rave when they discover that not everyone loves them, and engage yourself in the lifestyle of your choice.

  17. I'm really sorry about deviating from the main article but has anyone noticed that ever since the time VC didn't write articles for a while and later came back there's a change in the way VC writes his articles now,I mean they used to be very detailed and explained before and just written in a true(I don't knw any other words to use here sorry) way but now the articles are not so indepth anymore,its just mostly articles pasted gotten from somewhere and that great sense of humour is lacking.I don't know maybe its just me and if I'm wrong just pardon me

  18. This just goes to show they are scared. People are 'waking up' faster than they are 'dumbing down', this in my opinion reinstates my faith back into humanity. After letting the corporations build and use landscape changing instruments at there own free will while the rest of us just idly stood by, don't get me wrong i understand some will say 'We couldn't do anything' but then again, we're the stewards of the Earth and it's our DUTY to look after it, and to be honest if the One-world regime took effect I was ready to sell my soul, draw a pentagram on my head and call myself Baphomet Crowley, but there is hope, the V for Vendetta quote hit the nail on the head, a government is required because it has a people, it either goes: 1. WE dictate what WE want our governments to do and THEY listen or 2. Our governments dictate what they want and we do it. It's as simple as that. You could spend your life studying esoteric/elite symbols/agendas but that don't mean you're gonna prevent the One-world regime when it comes. What disturbs me is that as awoken people, we still struggle to connect and get our points across without being criticised or judged because of the religious/political divide whether the issue be that of an ant or an elephant, but if everyone shared the same ideology there wouldn't be an issue. Furthermore, has anyone noticed that no matter what President America elects there will still be bombings/false information where-ever the pie they've stuck their finger in is? It's ridiculous, billions spent on imaginary campaigns to elect an inbred puppet just to create more chaos, which coincidentally is what the masons want, and more disarray for the people they so undoubtedly put there hopes in someone who will do no justice, let alone follow through with their statements. Enough of my drivel anyway, I'm just glad they've taken action against world-wide enlightenment and discipline of ones self. Sell your TV's and buy a dog…….. it'll love you more than your governments. Adieu fellow 'Vigilant-ees.'

    • I'm just not so certain how many of the people have really and truly been awakened to what has been happening in the world for the last 50 years ….probably much longer than that. Its truly a blessing if you are correct…but now what do the people do is it a sleeping dragon that awoke or just something for the elite to toy with till they reach their agenda….Hopefully it was a sleeping dragon that has risen from the ashes and they are not gonna take it any longer…a Monster has been created and now its that time to take back what is rightfully ours…..I guess we shall see.

  19. The Authoritarian Follower believes that those in authority have the right

    to live by their own rules, and lying, cheating, stealing and murder in high

    places can thus be tolerated with a shrug of the shoulders. They will also willingly

    engage themselves in the same lying, cheating, stealing and murder if it is presented

    to them as necessary to protect their status quo.


    "Rule your mind or it will rule you." — Horace


    Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives.

    I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and

    I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that.

    That's what's insane about it.

    – John Lennon

  20. This article didn't mention the Freemasons. CNN, you probably hurt their feelings by leaving them out of your diatribe against our deluded 2/3 of the population. Shame on you!

    I read somewhere that at least 13 US Presidents were high-level Freemasons, including Harry Truman who deliberately nuked 2 cities in Japan, and Gerald Ford who became President without being elected by the people and who stayed in office long enough to pardon Richard Nixon.

    (My favorite election was 2004, when both candidates (Bush and Kerry) were members of the same secret society, Skull and Bones.)

    • "Yesterday’s paranoid types feared elite groups such as the Illuminati and the Masons. Today’s bogeymen include the members of the Rockefeller-founded Trilateral Commission and the politicians and financiers who attend the monied confab at Bohemian Grove and are suspected of mapping out the “new world order.”"

      It's a little more than half way through.

  21. I thought the chemtrails pollute the soil as well as the air, so nobody can eventually escape. Besides, what's the point of organic food if you are a drug/pharmaceuticals user, smoker etc? You can eat as much organic food as you want, it won't do you any good if you are a cocaine user and the atmosphere is polluted. They are not as clever as they believe they are. I'm not clever either but at least I know where I'm coming from.

    • keep your mind open on

      do you have the entire worlds wealth at your disposal?

      do you have the ability to hire the top scientific minds in the world (think tanks) to work out a way into or out of this problem?

      do you have influence over 90% of the people you live near, or anyone you meet for that matter?

      They may not be clever on an individual level, but 200+ years of planning is not indicative of stupidity especially considering how much they have accomplished in just the last 100 years.

  22. Their article would be true if not for the fact that there is evidence that almost all of our food and water contains really fucked up chemicals, that there IS a group of billionaires who tend to medle in all affairs of our life, that everything you watch on tv is run by only 5 companies, and our educational, political, and buisness systems are deeply corrupted.

  23. Orwell was on to som on

    Bob: Sir, I have some bad news.

    CNN Boss: What it is Mike, can’t you see I’m busy?!!?

    Bob: Well, our ratings are down, and no one seems to believe our shi…uhhh, I mean our news anymore.

    CNN boss: What do you mean, “Anymore”, we’re the biggest news source in the US! We did a phenomenal job with both our Presidential candidates, didn’t we? And look at that sleek intro we made for the war!

    Bob: Which one?

    CNN boss: Cripes, all of them, Joe!!!

    Bob: Well sir, the Internet is pretty popular with all people of all ages, and they’re figuring out the truth behind the stories we broadcast on TV.

    CNN boss: Internet??? I thought we killed that thing with the CISPA bill?

    Bob: No sir, we didn’t.

    CNN boss: Damn, movie and music execs…don’t know what they’re good for! Last time we ask Simon Cowell to play the victim! Okay, then can we at least know what they’re READING on the Internet? The world’s most popular search engine followed through with recording peoples’ IP addresses, haven’t they?

    Bob: Yes sir, but…

    CNN boss: But what, Chris?!!? Aren’t companies complying with our blackmail and bribes?!!?

    Bob: They are sir, but people don’t always use that search engine.

    CNN boss: What the fu… damn!! Okay well, what are they searching with that search engine?

    Bob: Plenty.

    CNN boss: Like…? I don’t have all day, Dave!

    Bob: Things like the Rothschilds’, Rockefellers’, the Holocaust, the Federal Reserve, the JFK Assassination, 9/11… shall I to go on?

    CNN boss: No- damn! The public is more in tuned than we thought. Okay, after you’ve finished cleaning up my cigar ashes from my pacing, I need you to go down to our PR floor and make sure we get an article printed to debunk these people finding out the truth, you understand me? We need to make them sound as ineffective as possible. In fact, never mind, I’ll do it myself (leaves office).

    Bob: …and the name’s Bob, dumb-ass.

  24. strangled my pee pee on

    Nobody Seems To Notice and Nobody Seems To Care – Government & Stealth Malware

    In Response To Slashdot Article: Former Pentagon Analyst: China Has Backdoors To 80% of Telecoms 87

    How many rootkits does the US[2] use officially or unofficially?

    How much of the free but proprietary software in the US spies on you?

    Which software would that be?

    Visit any of the top freeware sites in the US, count the number of thousands or millions of downloads of free but proprietary software, much of it works, again on a proprietary Operating System, with files stored or in transit.

    How many free but proprietary programs have you downloaded and scanned entire hard drives, flash drives, and other media? Do you realize you are giving these types of proprietary programs complete access to all of your computer's files on the basis of faith alone?

    If you are an atheist, the comparison is that you believe in code you cannot see to detect and contain malware on the basis of faith! So you do believe in something invisible to you, don't you?

    I'm now going to touch on a subject most anti-malware, commercial or free, developers will DELETE on most of their forums or mailing lists:

    APT malware infecting and remaining in BIOS, on PCI and AGP devices, in firmware, your router (many routers are forced to place backdoors in their firmware for their government) your NIC, and many other devices.

    Where are the commercial or free anti-malware organizations and individual's products which hash and compare in the cloud and scan for malware for these vectors? If you post on mailing lists or forums of most anti-malware organizations about this threat, one of the following actions will apply: your post will be deleted and/or moved to a hard to find or 'deleted/junk posts' forum section, someone or a team of individuals will mock you in various forms 'tin foil hat', 'conspiracy nut', and my favorite, 'where is the proof of these infections?' One only needs to search Google for these threats and they will open your malware world view to a much larger arena of malware on devices not scanned/supported by the scanners from these freeware sites. This point assumed you're using the proprietary Microsoft Windows OS. Now, let's move on to Linux.

    The rootkit scanners for Linux are few and poor. If you're lucky, you'll know how to use chkrootkit (but you can use strings and other tools for analysis) and show the strings of binaries on your installation, but the results are dependent on your capability of deciphering the output and performing further analysis with various tools or in an environment such as Remnux Linux. None of these free scanners scan the earlier mentioned areas of your PC, either! Nor do they detect many of the hundreds of trojans and rootkits easily available on popular websites and the dark/deep web.

    Compromised defenders of Linux will look down their nose at you (unless they are into reverse engineering malware/bad binaries, Google for this and Linux and begin a valuable education!) and respond with a similar tone, if they don't call you a noob or point to verifying/downloading packages in a signed repo/original/secure source or checking hashes, they will jump to conspiracy type labels, ignore you, lock and/or shuffle the thread, or otherwise lead you astray from learning how to examine bad binaries. The world of Linux is funny in this way, and I've been a part of it for many years. The majority of Linux users, like the Windows users, will go out of their way to lead you and say anything other than pointing you to information readily available on detailed binary file analysis.

    Don't let them get you down, the information is plenty and out there, some from some well known publishers of Linux/Unix books. Search, learn, and share the information on detecting and picking through bad binaries. But this still will not touch the void of the APT malware described above which will survive any wipe of r/w media. I'm convinced, on both *nix and Windows, these pieces of APT malware are government in origin. Maybe not from the US, but most of the 'curious' malware I've come across in poisoned binaries, were written by someone with a good knowledge in English, some, I found, functioned similar to the now well known Flame malware. From my experience, either many forum/mailing list mods and malware developers/defenders are 'on the take', compromised themselves, and/or working for a government entity.

    Search enough, and you'll arrive at some lone individuals who cry out their system is compromised and nothing in their attempts can shake it of some 'strange infection'. These posts receive the same behavior as I said above, but often they are lone posts which receive no answer at all, AT ALL! While other posts are quickly and kindly replied to and the 'strange infection' posts are left to age and end up in a lost pile of old threads.

    If you're persistent, the usual challenge is to, "prove it or STFU" and if the thread is not attacked or locked/shuffled and you're lucky to reference some actual data, they will usually attack or ridicule you and further drive the discussion away from actual proof of APT infections.

    The market is ripe for an ambitious company or individual to begin demanding companies and organizations who release firmware and design hardware to release signed and hashed packages and pour this information into the cloud, so everyone's BIOS is checked, all firmware on routers, NICs, and other devices are checked, and malware identified and knowledge reported and shared openly.

    But even this will do nothing to stop backdoored firmware (often on commercial routers and other networked devices of real importance for government use – which again opens the possibility of hackers discovering these backdoors) people continue to use instead of refusing to buy hardware with proprietary firmware/software.

    Many people will say, "the only safe computer is the one disconnected from any network, wireless, wired, LAN, internet, intranet" but I have seen and you can search yourself for and read about satellite, RF, temperature, TEMPEST (is it illegal in your part of the world to SHIELD your system against some of these APT attacks, especially TEMPEST? And no, it's not simply a CRT issue), power line and many other attacks which can and do strike computers which have no active network connection, some which have never had any network connection. Some individuals have complained they receive APT attacks throughout their disconnected systems and they are ridiculed and labeled as a nutter. The information exists, some people have gone so far as to scream from the rooftops online about it, but they are nutters who must have some serious problems and this technology with our systems could not be possible.

    I believe most modern computer hardware is more powerful than many of us imagine, and a lot of these systems swept from above via satellite and other attacks. Some exploits take advantage of packet radio and some of your proprietary hardware. Some exploits piggyback and unless you really know what you're doing, and even then… you won't notice it.

    Back to the Windows users, a lot of them will dismiss any strange activity to, "that's just Windows!" and ignore it or format again and again only to see the same APT infected activity continue. Using older versions of sysinternals, I've observed very bizarre behavior on a few non networked systems, a mysterious chat program running which doesn't exist on the system, all communication methods monitored (bluetooth, your hard/software modems, and more), disk mirroring software running[1], scans running on different but specific file types, command line versions of popular Windows freeware installed on the system rather than the use of the graphical component, and more.

    [1] In one anonymous post on pastebin, claiming to be from an intel org, it blasted the group Anonymous, with a bunch of threats and information, including that their systems are all mirrored in some remote location anyway.

    [2] Or other government, US used in this case due to the article source and speculation vs. China. This is not to defend China, which is one messed up hell hole on several levels and we all need to push for human rights and freedom for China's people. For other, freer countries, however, the concentration camps exist but you wouldn't notice them, they originate from media, mostly your TV, and you don't even know it. As George Carlin railed about "Our Owners", "nobody seems to notice and nobody seems to care".


    Try this yourself on a wide variety of internet forums and mailing lists, push for malware scanners to scan more than files, but firmware/BIOS. See what happens, I can guarantee it won't be pleasant, especially with APT cases.

    So scan away, or blissfully ignore it, but we need more people like RMS[3] in the world. Such individuals tend to be eccentric but their words ring true and clear about electronics and freedom.

    I believe we're mostly pwned, whether we would like to admit it or not, blind and pwned, yet fiercely holding to misinformation, often due to lack of self discovery and education, and "nobody seems to notice and nobody seems to care".


    Schneier has covered it before: power line fluctuations (differences on the wire in keys pressed).

    There's thermal attacks against cpus and temp, also:

    ENF (google it)

    A treat (ENF Collector in Java):

    sourceforge dot net fwdslash projects fwdslash nfienfcollector

    No single antimalware scanner exists which offers the ability to scan (mostly proprietary) firmware on AGP/PCI devices (sound cards, graphics cards, usb novelty devices excluding thumb drives), BIOS/CMOS.

    If you boot into ultimate boot cd you can use an archane text interface to dump BIOS/CMOS and examine/checksum.

    The real attacks which survive disk formats and wipes target your PCI devices and any firmware which may be altered/overwritten with something special. It is not enough to scan your hard drive(s) and thumb drives, the real dangers with teeth infect your hardware devices.

    When is the last time you:

    Audited your sound card for malware?

    Audited your graphics card for malware?

    Audited your network card for malware?

    Google for:

    * AGP and PCI rootkit(s)

    * Network card rootkit(s)

    * BIOS/CMOS rootkit(s)

    Our modern PC hardware is capable of much more than many can imagine.

    Do you:

    * Know your router's firmware may easily be replaced on a hacker's whim?

    * Shield all cables against leakage and attacks

    * Still use an old CRT monitor and beg for TEMPEST attacks?

    * Use TEMPEST resistant fonts in all of your applications including your OS?

    * Know whether or not your wired keyboard has keypresses encrypted as they pass to your PC from the keyboard?

    * Use your PC on the grid and expose yourself to possible keypress attacks?

    * Know your network card is VERY exploitable when plugged into the net and attacked by a hard core blackhat or any vicious geek with the know how?

    * Search out informative papers on these subjects and educate your friends and family about these attacks?

    * Contact antimalware companies and urge them to protect against many or all these attacks?

    Do you trust your neighbors? Are they all really stupid when it comes to computing or is there a geek or two without a conscience looking to exploit these areas?

    The overlooked threat are the potential civilian rogues stationed around you, especially in large apartment blocks who feed on unsecured wifi to do their dirty work.

    With the recent news of Russian spies, whether or not this news was real or a psyop, educate yourself on the present threats which all antimalware scanners fail to protect against and remove any smug mask you may wear, be it Linux or OpenBSD, or the proprietary Windows and Mac OS you feel are properly secured and not vulnerable to any outside attacks because you either don't need an antivirus scanner (all are inept to serious attacks) or use one or several (many being proprietary mystery machines sending data to and from your machine for many reasons, one is to share your information with a group or set database to help aid in threats), the threats often come in mysterious ways.

    Maybe the ancients had it right: stone tablets and their own unique language(s) rooted in symbolism.


    I'm more concerned about new rootkits which target PCI devices, such as the graphics card and the optical drives, also, BIOS. Where are the malware scanners which scan PCI devices and BIOS for mismatches? All firmware, BIOS and on PCI devices should be checksummed and saved to match with others in the cloud, and archived when the computer is first used, backing up signed firmware.

    When do you recall seeing signed router firmware upgrades with any type of checksum to check against? Same for PCI devices and optical drives and BIOS.

    Some have begun with BIOS security:

    Some BIOS has write protection in its configuration, a lot of newer computers don't.


    "Disconnect your PC from the internet and don't add anything you didn't create yourself. It worked for the NOC list machine in Mission Impossible"

    The room/structure was likely heavily shielded, whereas most civvies don't shield their house and computer rooms. There is more than meets the eye to modern hardware.


    subversion hack:


    network card rootkits and trojans

    pci rootkits

    packet radio

    xmit "fm fingerprinting" software

    "specific emitter identification"


    how many malware scanners scan bios/cmos and pci/agp cards for malware? zero, even the rootkit scanners. have you checksummed/dumped your bios/cmos and firmware for all your pci/agp devices and usb devices, esp vanity usb devices in and outside the realm of common usb devices (thumbdrives, external hdds, printers),

    Unless your computer room is shielded properly, the computers may still be attacked and used, I've personally inspected computers with no network connection running mysterious code in the background which task manager for windows and the eqiv for *nix does not find, and this didn't find it all.

    Inspect your windows boot partition in *nix with hexdump and look for proxy packages mentioned along with command line burning programs and other oddities. Computers are more vulnerable than most would expect.

    You can bet all of the malware scanners today, unless they are developed by some lone indy coder in a remote country, employ whitelisting of certain malware and none of them scan HARDWARE devices apart from the common usb devices.

    Your network cards, sound cards, cd/dvd drives, graphics cards, all are capable of carrying malware to survive disk formatting/wiping.

    Boot from a Linux live cd and use hexdump to examine your windows (and *nix) boot sectors to potentially discover interesting modifications by an unknown party.



  25. Well….do we really need CNN to tell us who the lunatics are??….do we really need VC to tell us what the truth is??….is it safe to trust anyone anymore??….man….I am confused about all this. I think the only man to trust JESUS who gave us the right to choose. I have chosen to try to think outside the box like what VC does!!!!

    May GOD help us all.

  26. This is such a joke. I'm tired of this mess.

    Mass media/the elite calls everybody crazy crackheads and conspiracy freaks while the conspiracy people call the elites b*tches and psychopaths.

    I have come to the conclusion that abolutely everybody is an annoying clown.

    That's the weird world we live in. Trolls and sh*ts roaming this tiny little irrelevant planet on a gigantic Universe full of billions of galaxies and whatnot.

    I fail to comprehend any of this.

  27. There are a couple of other tactics I've personally encountered when expressing a viewpoint on a matter that don't appear in the article.

    1. You have no right to your viewpoint because you don't know enough about the facts of the case.

    2. I happen to know something about the facts of the case that you don't which if you knew would refute what you have said. You will never know what it is I know because those facts are confidential.

    3. There could be possible legal ramifications regarding what you have said so you should be very careful regarding anything else you say if you wish to avoid trouble.

    Essentially the techniques being used by the PTB in the world of politics, fall into four main categories. Shame, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. SFUD which is simply FUD 2.0.

  28. I just find it interesting that someone at CNN took the time out to write such a lengthy and well-researched article to disprove people who are "just" conspiracy theorists. I wouldn't sit here and write something lengthy about people believing in Santa Claus because I know it's not true. Maybe that's just me.

    Also, I found it interesting that there was a hint of saying that mistrust of the government should be more associated with "Russia" and that the US should be "different." So, America should be more trusting of the US just because?

    I still don't believe that Libya's president should have been killed, but that's a story for another day.

  29. I stopped watching mainstream media a long time ago. I get all my news from the internet from independent news service and then compare to different sources to make sure it is verified before tasking it as fact. ABC CBS NBC FOX CNN MNBC can keep there filtered propaganda I wont be watching.

  30. CNN is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR like ALL of "Mass Media!" Geez, who doesn't get that by now? Of course they're going to go on the "DEFENSIVE," they HATE it that the AWAKENED ones know what they're all about. I haven't watched TV in over a year, with the exception of about 3 shows, and I certainly don't watch the so-called News. They are ALL of bunch of BRAIN DEAD/Teleprompter readers. Why on EARTH would ANY DECENT person believe their lies?

  31. So to the conclude the article dude pretty much said that some 'theories' end up being proven fact but yet the paranoia comes from being irrational? What a contra-fucking-diction.

  32. Don't forget the tired and true "don't insult our soldiers dedication" speeches that arise in the event of questionable activities the defence forces partake in.

    Such as the adding of bromide into the milk of Australian recruit schools, for the purpose of "lowering sexual libido"/Sedation. I'm sure it's not just restricted to Australian defence but thats for the rest of you to research. These are things the recruits are told, yet when reported in mass media it's a whole other story involving cover ups and the defence forces wiping their hands clean. I am the offspring of two military "puppets" with a grudge against the material world.

    Keep sticking it to the man and turning off the disinformation outlets. Instinct should be our driving forces and not a flashy reporter talking out their a$$hole. (Note the dollar signs)

  33. FORMERLY known as Mass media, they are clearly clutching at straws in an attempt to retain control. Their days are numbered. Real media is well established now. No one needs CNN. …unless you're a football idiot.

  34. The "Greatest Generation" was the greatest deceived. Usury was at it's peak, War was contrived as it always is, instigated by bankers for bankers who themselves never fight. Empire rose to it's highest yet the words of Thomas Jefferson are ringing true, "Let the bankers control the money supply and the generations that follow will end up homeless in the land for which their forefathers fought"

  35. CNN, what a joke. There's more truth in the commercials they run than their "news."

    When watching any of the shit-steam media outlets I always assume the truth to be the exact opposite of what they're telling me. Works more often than not.

  36. Personally, I stopped watching CNN when they hired Rick Sanchez. (I have some dirt on the guy, and know why he was moved out of Miami.) I stopped watching the local, channel 7 news because Rick, Sally Fitz, and their group sensationalized the local news. Everything was blown out of proportion. I witnessed it first hand when they camped out at my friend's house when her niece was killed.

    I stopped watching the local, and CNN BECAUSE they were insulting, sensationalizing, and liars. I do not watch FOX, or MSNBC for that matter because of the same reason. Instead, I watch the news from other countries. Believe it or not, we get better information.

    One thing I will say, when I was in the Middle East watching CNN one day, it became apparent to me that what they broadcast overseas is quite different than what they spoon feed us here in the US. They really do think we are that stupid. They don't insult the intelligence of the Mid East or Europeans with the same tripe they give us.

  37. hehe

    Even in ancient times they used this kind of idiotic rethoric, and their arguemnts havent even changed, and its always The Others, right, they never make mistakes.

    In this Israeli/"jews" bashing, I never have to lie at all, in all this years I have never heard anything, debunking what ever I have writen, but there is not a lack of Srawman and other Hasbaratsnjiks teknics.

    Boring in fact to wade thure heaps of drivel, and they never learn.

    And to the "palestinian controvercy", there is none, and whats the fact, yess, the fu… fact is that Israel is complelty iligimate and what ever drivel they serve, regarding what ever historical event, is Fake, that, compagneros, is a fu.. fact.

    All everybody needs to do is top look up on to WHOM did the Brits(balfour and The white papers, W. Ch) send their answer to regarding the confirmation of a teritory caled Israel. in Palestina.

    Gess who, and this is by the druling idiots in the MSM labeled as a "antisemitticjewhatingwhatever" classification, jupp, its the Rothchilds, the goood old RobberBaron himself.

    Thats a fact.


    The sole reason for more people not aware of it, is the selfimposed paranoia on the issues regarding "jews", and self imposed sensur, as a result of an propaganda barrage lasting for decades. They have lied about everything.

    Israel is a complet fabrication.

    This, ladys and gentlemen is the last Tabu.


  38. Oh , please CNN we base out " paranoia ' on FACTS not the stuff you make up to spin the mass distrust of major media .

    Fact – CNN used military Psyops in 98 & other times as " Interns " reported by Abe Vreis , acknowledged by CNN .

    CNN used Generals , Colonels & state Dept. spokesman ( regurgitated Pentagon propaganda ) to sell IRAQ War " General News "

    CNN Sells wars and doesn't follow up reporting Aftermath of Destruction by u.s. Military .. IRAQ ( Afghanistan ) has a lot of depleted Uranium , CAUSING Birth defects and Death , CENSORED , done by all MSM

    CNN Currently isn't reporting Battle in Bani Walid and killings of civilians , CENSORED to protect overthrow of Libya .

    CNN got paid by Bahrain Gov. for Favorable Stories , admitted by former reporter AMBER LYON who's investigation that risked her life , was CENSORED in U.S. She also said coverage in General supports U.S. foreign policy and anybody who watches Foreign and Alternative Media KNOWS that .

    CNN filtering huge child rape scandal in UK , took weeks to report and when they did today is was 10 Secs. … left out links to Parliament & Rockers and even left out the over 300 Victims .

    CNN Censors Monsanto linked to Tumors or even California vote to label GMO food . NOTHING REPORTED , again protecting Establishment & Corporations .

    On and on and on and I can provide a lot more Filtered , CENSORED news , not to mention the out right lies .

  39. Towards a critical meta-theory of conspiracy theory

    The pervasive stereotype of the conspiracy theorist is that of a paranoid, hyper-vigilant figure synthesizing an epic quantity of signs and symbols to draw up idiosyncratic arraignments of shadowy forces directing world affairs from behind the scenes. This caricature of a hard-driven eccentric loner battling the unseen wielding only the weapon of information has been expressed in a variety of movies, television programs, and books. Paradigmatic examples include Mel Gibson's character in Richard Donner's film Conspiracy Theory, the JFK assassination researcher in Richard Linklater's groundbreaking indie classic Slacker, numerous characters in Pynchon and Delillo novels and – of course – the Fox Mulder character on the hit series The X – Files. It was The X – Files that first brought this figure into the mainstream, by capitalizing on the broad overlap between conspiracy theory and UFOlogy. Indeed the program's mottoes ("Trust no one" and "The truth is out there") also exemplify the epistemological double-bind of many paranoid conspiracy theorists – or "conspiranoiacs."

    In spite of the tremendous energy exponents of the conventional wisdom put into denigrating conspiranoiac social, political, and historical analysis, such ideas resonate with a large enough portion of the general population to support a substantial cottage industry. Entrepreneurs working in this field include people such people as Art Bell, David Ickes, Alex Jones, Russ Kick, and many others, all typically very savvy in cross-promoting their work across the internet, radio, books, video, and lectures.

    Conspiranoiac leitmotifs are tremendously varied and often contradictory. One good example is the varied attitudes towards a perennial bete noire, the Council on Foreign Relations. While some see it as the high cabal steering America into godless subordination under a world socialist government led by the United Nations, others see it as the high cabal steering America into transnational corporate imperialism. Comparably, conspiranoiacs also have a wide variety of attitudes towards their material. Some exercise the detached, self-reflexive irony of The X – Files' Fox Mulder. Some, particularly UFOlogists, push this irony far into high camp playfulness, to such an extent that a pilgrimage to Roswell, New Mexico or Area 51 in Nevada is more about whimsical affinity group bonding than true discovery. Some organize their lives around their beliefs and exhibit all of the tedious zealotry of a True Believer. Some exhibit the dispassionate rigor of social scientists.

    Contemporary America has a schizophrenic attitude towards conspiranoia. On one hand, it has become the default popular view, one of commodified skepticism towards history and government. This sentiment has proliferated rapidly since the 1960s and Watergate. With the collapse of the reassuring dualities of the Cold War over the course of the 1990s, it has culminated in a pervasive apocalyptic teleology.

    On the other hand, the disavowal of conspiranoia has also become an integral part of the conventional wisdom itself, a social technology of control that establishes the boundaries of "responsible discourse” by reflecting elite consensus on the fundamental nature of social reality, in accordance with the elite's own class interests. This makes for an incredibly effective means of establishing ruling class hegemony by controlling dissent, foreclosing alternatives, engineering support, and transmuting the interests of the ruling class into that of the nation as a whole.

    One is apt to be labeled a conspiracy theorist for merely suggesting that there is a ruling class that seeks to maintain hegemony, to say nothing of the idea that the ruling class occasionally uses conspiratorial methods. Rather than conspiracy theory, most media and intellectual gatekeepers prefer to view elite behavior through the lens of "somnambulist theory," "coincidence theory," "incompetence theory," or "spontaneity theory." No amount of intellectual gymnastics will be spared to avoid arriving at the conclusion that the rich and powerful, like the rest of us, might possibly act in support of their perceived best interests. This is, of course, in spite of a voluminous sociological literature on the power elite and “elite deviance,” a danger that laws against conspiracy are presumably designed to protect us from.

    True freedom of mind requires not only the negative absence of constraint but the positive presence of other alternatives. Even though the rich and powerful have repeatedly used conspiracy to get richer and more powerful, to mention this sociological fact immediately draws the most vicious criticism, including charges of superstition, cynicism, paranoia, hysteria, and primitivism.

    Conspiranoia can and should be a tool of empirical explanation – it is possible to point fingers and name names. The powers that be, thousands of people enslaving six billion, act not in conspiracy but in tacit collusion, supporting an agenda of domination fostered by the similarity of their backgrounds, calibrated at key forums and through key organizations.

    Ultimately, however, the appeal of conspiranoia is that of narrative itself: narrative’s ability to explain, predict, motivate, and entertain. Although conspiranoia offers the aficionado an integrated worldview, a weltanschauung, it is also provides more than this. When confronted with the potential evidence of conspiracy, one must ask, as in criminal trials: "Is there motive, means, and opportunity?" All too often there is, especially at the intersection of politics, law, high finance, intelligence, diplomacy, covert military operations, narcotrafficking, organized crime, and the media simulacrasphere – the place where so much of 20th century history has been made, and the juncture the Bush family has been sitting at for the last four generations.

    Life writing can be an effective means of examining this nexus because "(l)ike biography, human conspiracy originates in a preconception of the person as historical agent." (Keener, John F. "Biography, Conspiracy, and the Oswald Enigma") Instead of the usual characterization of conspiracy theory as an individual psychopathology, conspiranoia can be better thought of as a populist fusion of life writing, historiography, and political science which provides explanatory narratives that void the epistemic warrant of the elite consensus on history, social reality, and the “conventional wisdom." This is a major development in the long tradition of popular resistance to state power and economic oligarchy, not of the right vs. left, but of the bottom vs. the top.

    At its best, conspiranoia is a radical exercise of the skepticism and critical reason at the heart of the Enlightenment project. In this sense it represents a last-ditch effort by the supposed repositories of popular sovereignty – the people – to save liberal humanism and the Enlightenment from their demented doppelgangers – the program of perpetual war for perpetual peace and the enslavement of the autonomous bourgeois subject under regimes of panoptic control managed by technocrats serving the super rich, using all of the awesomely powerful tools made possible by the nation-state system established since the Treaty of Westphalia.

    Conspiranoia narratives could be empirical explanations of social reality, since it can easily be argued that "(c)onspiracy is the normal continuation of normal politics by normal means…and where there is no limit to power, there is no limit to conspiracy." (Carl Oglesby) The knee-jerk denigration of such attitudes by the mainstream, however, demonstrates that their disavowal has become a vital social technology of control in the late modern age. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, virtually all pre- and anti-capitalist systems have been colonized by "global monetocracy," a transnational corporate socialism that socializes the costs and privatizes the profits. This is kleptocracy by any other name, albeit a far more sophisticated version than that practiced by hacks like Marcos, Duvalier, Mobutu, and their ilk.

    Although seemingly at its moment of universal triumph, this system may in fact be teetering on the brink of economic, political, and social collapse, which would surely usher in overt police state fascism in all of its core states. It is precisely the dramatically escalating accumulation of these fundamental contradictions with the global capitalist system that coincidence theorists try to deflect public attention away from with their vilification of conspiracy theories. This relentless disparagement continues even though, ala Occam's Razor, they often provide the simplest, most rational explanation. As Marx said in The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte:

    "Men make their own history, but they do not make it just as they please; they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly encountered, given, and transmitted from the past."

    The power elite deliberately obscures the structural limitations on free will (that they themselves largely created) to mask the sad fact that, as human civilization has evolved from feudalism to democracy, we have traded kings and tsars for presidents and prime ministers but the money power behind the scenes has remained the same. Worse yet, it has allowed only the absolute minimum concessions to the establishment of a sane economic, political, and legal order needed to stave off social revolution.

    This is not enough. The regime of capital accumulation survives by feeding off of the subject body while simultaneously stupefying the subject mind with the myth of individual agency and doing everything in the regime's power to ensure that this agency cannot be used in any meaningful way. In such an environment, denigrating conspiranoia becomes a means of cordoning off from the masses the facts that they are being lied to every day of their lives by authority figures and the consumerist hydrocarbon-based industrial civilization they live in is arguably psychopathic and terminal.

    While the provisional government of politicians does the lying, they do so in the service of a permanent government above and behind political power, a secular oligarchy working in tacit collusion. In America they are the great commercial dynasties, 500 Fortune companies and their lobbyists, media simulacrasphere, civil and military services, and large research universities, law firms, and charitable foundations. They hire the politicians and establish the boundaries of the politicians' agenda.

    They authorize the production of regular elections/pageants to protect the brand name of American democracy. They convince a large enough portion of the general population that the system still works, so that the machinery of oppression, theft, enslavement, and murder can continue to operate without friction.

    Camps within this oligarchy make effective use of the Bilderberg Group, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Economic Forum at Davos, Bank of International Settlements, World Trade Organization, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove, Group of Eight, Trans-Atlantic Business Council, and other organizations to calibrate their rhetoric, achieve consensus, and even set policy superceding that of sovereign governments. This isn't done in smoky star chambers, however, but in the miasmic group think of those with similar backgrounds, class interests, and institutional positions, all pursuing the interests of the global capitalist system by pursuing misguided senses of their own self interest.

    As the key nations of transnational corporate imperialism degenerate into police states, they slowly strip citizens of their rights, periodically manufacturing incidents and crises to use as excuses for increased governmental power. Meanwhile, the media toes the government line, lulling the people – or the “sheeple” – to sleep. Eventually, agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), and militarized local police will confiscate all weapons and imprison any citizens who dare oppose authoritarian rule.

    Although conspiranoiacs exist in great variety, many share a belief in the rough outline of this dystopian nightmare. If true, it is the truth which cannot be spoken. For that reason, the media gatekeepers will continue to dismiss anything that challenges the conventional wisdom as a "conspiracy theory" until some catalyst finally reveals enough of the horrible truth to enough people, facilitating a paradigm shift of world historical importance.

    The ills of society can neither be ameliorated nor even adequately described by means of the law alone. Nevertheless, progressive efforts to ameliorate these ills cannot succeed without committed work in the legal field. However, such work will be necessarily defensive in posture until such time as substantial extraparliamentary pressure is brought to bear on the system by means of “either grassroots citizen participation in credible progressive projects or rebellious acts of desperation that threaten the social order.” (Cornell West) With adequate reach into a broad enough segment of the general population by leaking past the media oligarchy, armed with adequate credibility by weeding itself of the pervasive disinformation that so often taints it, conspiranoiac analysis has the potential to precipitate and consolidate a very significant portion of that extraparliamentary pressure.

    As the dean of American conspiranoia, Robert Anton Wilson, put it "Like it or not, the people of the fringe are in an apocalyptical struggle: either the elite techniques of control will be perfected to the level where dissent can be abolished, or heretics will mutate to some level of consciousness where they can do holy and miraculous works to resurrect the old dream of freedom for all."

    Although this may seem a millennial hope, it may also be a cogent empirical analysis of a decisive historical crossroads. In any event, until consciousness is liberated to such a degree as to enable the establishment of an abiding regime of peace, social justice, and environmental sustainability, as Rousseau said, "Man is born free, yet he is everywhere in chains."

  40. To all MSM outlets.(and some alternative media outlets of disinfo)

    We are coming for you. No amount of whining is going to change it. Your ducking lessons are not going to work this time… too many people know who and what you are.

    Anyone disagreeing with that…we're coming for you too. Only you're going to get it from all sides because you are too asleep to see ANYTHING coming.

    Deal with it. It's coming.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  41. Always the think out of the box. most of it is COMMON SENSE NOT CONSPIRACY. The world is not mad it is the people in it.

    FACT Wars are created for money and population control, take away the support and the leaders have no one to fight their wars. But this means people sticking together! Not gonna happen.

    FACT If you really think that the Government is put in place by you and your best interests think again if you really really believe this then ask yourself why has it never been any different.??

    FACT Depopulation has been going on for years SEE WAR.

    FACT Money does not exist it is just paper promises and your real wealth was stolen years ago.

    FACT Planned obsolescence, this world is only so big and seeing that you and I are just employees of the corporation's that is stripping the planet bare of its resources for pieces of paper with pretty faces on its absolute madness. REMEMBER YOU VOTE FOR THIS.

    FACT you and me are Slaves, slaves to the system of corruption and power and you better get used to it as it will never change unless people change.

    So where is the conspiracy ????

    • Global Warming that is now called Climate Change since it was discovered it was based on lies and there is no actual warming is a hoax.

      The climate of the Earth has never been static. There is evidence in the fossil record of sub-tropical plants and animals on every continent including the North and South poles. There are also once great cities off every major coast that are now under hundreds of feet of water.

      Even if it was true, which it isn't, what is money changing hands going to do? Why not just cap emissions and have criminal penalties instead if they were the culprit? You don't make people pay for the right to murder or drive drunk do you? There in is your answer. It is all about momney changing hands and global control of the masses.

  42. Epic fail, CNN.

    You've all been caught lying, fabricating stories, and distorting the truth. We The People are waking up in masses. Your days are numbered. Don't believe me… Look at your ratings.

  43. Holy cow.. There goes one of my copied video's on Youtube again.. Hehehehehe..

    Yep.. I'm the current owner of the youtube video about CNN's Gulf War (enslavetherich).. It was made/owned by another person before, his account was canceled/removed.. I don't know.

    All I can say to you people.. I'm Dutch.. I did not have CNN at that time.. When I first saw this video on YT it was so hilarious, I could not stop laughing for over half an hour.. I still doubt this video is real.

    We also saw how they duped us into the 2nd Iraq war, and I do have a strong feeling they try to do it again with Iran.. Please for the sake of your children.. Don't let this happen again.

    Sincere words from a christian protestant born Dutch boy, who is fed up with the current pro politician-bankster politics all our western countries are facing..

    Please think about your children, how they are being pushed into WW3.. We can NOT let this happen..

  44. Crazy, deranged, lunatic–whatever you want to call me I will wear the name proudly if it means that I am someone who has an interest in the truth and I am not willing to swallow the lies and OPINIONS that offered up by the major media. Who gives a sh-t what those proven lying a–holes think of us truthseekers? More and more people are onto their game so they have to do something to discredit the movement! People are not as dumb and gullible as 'they' thought and are searching for truth and information because they are tired of the out and out lies!! And if they aren't lying they are deflecting attention away from hard news to bullsh-t celebrity gossip…and people have had enough!!

    So now they have resort to name calling and discrediting without ever actually addressing the issues or directly denying any of the events or topics or organizations that people are questioning. Not once does this author use FACTS to support his arguements, just derisiveness. Unbelievable! What arrogance!

  45. Ok, so taking this allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll into account. Some of which we knew already, the question ive been looking for the answer to, for a very long time is this: What do we do now? How do we live our lives…


    Do I cry myself to sleep every night? Forget about marriage and stuff? Drop out of college? Follow the cycle and work 4 nothing? or even spread the word (in vain)?

    • Don't support anyone who lies to you to get their favorite candidate elected like CNN, MSNBC, and don't vote for anyone that takes money from people that earned it to give to to people who don't.  If we all did this the Demonrat party would cease to exist as would its media outlets and we would have a real debate on the issues.

  46. All though it's critical of the whole truth movement at least stories like this show that it's becoming more and more mainstream which is a good thing.  Just a decade ago people like us were just completely ignored, now they have to report on us.

  47. To top it all off, the United Nations is seeking the Internet "off switch" as is used in countries like China and Russia.  I'll go back to typing letters and receiving them.  I rather enjoy artistic writing and typing paper.  They cannot stop our Enlightenment and Evolution.  We are their worst nightmares.  Continue to seek within and without everybody.  We are the light and the lightbulb.  We are getting brighter everyday.  That's what I'm talking about.

  48. I would like to propose something. Once you aware of the language of symbolism being used around us, it becomes easy to notice. But one thing I've noticed over the past few years is the same symbolism that the music and entertainment industry is using seems to be coming through in ways that cannot be planned or purposely put in place by people. Is it possible that this symbolism is coming from somewhere else as well, and maybe a shift in consciousness or the frequency of our reality is allowing us a glimpse at the once unseen.  

    I got this idea when watching some of soundlessdawn's youtube videos on synchromysticism. While the videos themselves aren't really informative or tangible I did see this same symbolic language being used in synchronistic patterns far beyond what a human mind could have created. Is it possible something somewhere is speaking to this reality through these symbols and maybe the elite have had access to this due to some ancient knowledge. Opinions please.


  49. This piece of CNN tripe should serve extremely well to continue to brainwash all of the flouride-addled, CNN watching idiot sheeple of America.

  50. Big Media views anything that challenges its hegemony as being "lunatic fringe". Not that all the craziness and outright lies it promotes are to be mentioned. But say something that veers off of the politically correct reservation and "whamo!" you're enemy number one!

  51. So … I'm crazy for not trusting something that has done nothing but lie to me ever since I was old enough to understand My language ? Screw You CNN !

  52. This seems to me like a "CNN statistical update on oublic opinion" to inform the illuminati and their henchmen worldwide. The bashing is cover, as well as display of the discriminating propaganda terms to follow. This is conspiratorial communication not behind closed doors, but hidden in plain view.

  53. I love how the article tries to convince readers it is only an American thing, only a hype within one continent ("It’s as American as apple pie — filled with razor blades.") further give it the feeling that even if this "madness" developed itself to be a phenomenon in one place, it would look irrational to any other culture that was not taking part in its making.

    So then how come sites like vc and all the like are visited from all over the world? Hell, not even I am an American lol

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