Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah: “I believe Whitney’s death was not accidental”


We’ve seen in recent articles (What Happened to Whitney Houston? and Whitney Houston and the 2012 Grammy Awards Mega-Ritual) that the death of Whitney Houston had the hallmarks of a celebrity ritual killing. Today, Leolah Brown, the sister of Bobby Brown, told Access Hollywood that she did not believe Whitney’s death was an accident. Her attorney however advised not to say who or what she believes killed the singer. Leolah is also extremely concerned for Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, claiming that “she is not safe right now”.

Those are extremely heavy statements but not surprising for those who know about the dark side of the music industry. She is basically saying: “The shady people who got Whitney are now after Bobbi Kristina”. Here’s an article about Leolah’s interview.

Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah: Bobbi Kristina ‘Is Not Safe Right Now’

Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, is speaking out for the first time since Whitney Houston’s death, defending her brother and sending a warning to Bobby & Whitney’s daughter — Bobbi Kristina.

“I am concerned about my niece Bobbi Kristina, yes,” Leolah told Access Hollywood of her 18-year-old niece, who she refers to as “Krissy.” “Krissy is not safe right now. I want to say to Krissy that it’s very, very, very important that she does not trust anybody at this time. Anybody except her father, her grandmother Cissy and myself. And I mean that.

“Right now is the time to just really shut the door,” she continued.

Leolah and her attorney, Reginald Mason, remained unspecific about who may try to harm Krissy.

“There are persons that possibly would want to take advantage of Bobbi Kristina’s fragile state of mind,” Mason claimed.

Leolah claims her brother Bobby is not doing well, but says he is not to blame for Whitney’s demise.

“Bobby has nothing, nothing at all to do with Whitney’s death,” she told Access.

While awaiting toxicology results to determine what killed the singer, Leolah told Access that she has reached out to the Beverly Hills Police Department to make sure they do a thorough investigation.

“I believe Whitney’s death was not accidental. No,” she claimed.

According to Leolah, what then killed the singer?

“My attorney has advised me not to get into that at all,” she told Access. “But, it’s very important to know that she did not just pass away like that. No. And if it’s the last thing that I do, I’m going to find out what truly happened to my sister.”
– Source: Yahoo! News



    • i knew something was fishy and this just confirms it along with that video that TMZ mysteriously removed of the medical examiner saying he "suspected foul play and thats all im going to say"……. these people are sick.

      • I believe it Whitney supposedly died in the tub but the people below her heard a low bump these are two conflicting stories. I tell you the most important thing that you can do in life is watch who you are trusting because people are shady. People are also easily turn when other are speaking seeds in there ear. The company that you keep is one of the most important things in your life. Whitney and MJ were maturing beyond the system and they can't have that what glitters is not always gold and what is the point of having any career if you can not be your true and authentic self? It really is all that you got plus God and family.

    • I Agree with you. This is crazy! I hope nothing bad happens to Krissy either. I wonder where she is? Just like Michael which is so sad. We all know that wasn't an accident either. I read Michael was going to start his own record label; the first owned by a Black Man (one reason for it) sad but true. My heart goes out to both families.

      • Micky Staton on

        First black man to own a record label? Berry Gordy with a little label called Mo Town records ring a bell?

        Kayan West?

        Lil Wayn?

        Just to name…

      • THERE ARE NO BLACK OWNED MAJOR RECORDING LABELS, lil wayne, kanye or whomever you would like to name DO NOT OWN THEIR LABELS. MJ was creating his OWN label; cutting his own checks. Kanye, wayne, jayz etc "labels" aren't their own, just subsidiaries of the labels they were 9 times out of 10 signed to begin with. BLACK PEOPLE OWN NOTHING….sad to say………….just a few of us are eating well. BET aint even ours. And their are people out there that think we have major recoring labels?

      • Motown was an independent label for many years before it was sold so Michael would not have been the first. The other labels mentioned are under bigger companies.

    • I fully believe in the illuminati but what is so bad about it. Also what is so bad about the NWO and the one world government ? Could someone reply quickly

      • @jw

        What is so bad about it is that they are doing things without our knowledge or input. Also, many things indicate that the nature most of these elite groups are satanic and/or apathetic toward the masses. Good works are done in the sunshine, not in the shadows, behind the scenes, secretively and without the people it effects.

        The concept of a new world order could/would be ideal in preventing war and things like that, but the people who are planning this kind of global structure now, want to have complete and absolute control over everything and everyone once it is built. They will hold ALL of the keys in every aspect of your life. Just like now, it is slavery in the form of security. Taking more and more of our freedoms/free will because they don't think we can be trusted with it. You know how we prepare an aquarium for fish or reptiles, creating an "artificial" environment to appease them in their captivity? That.

      • Thank you for that Cisco. I read the thing about the United states having those planes watching over us and it just ruined my day. I also have read the hunger games and I wonder, how far are we from that?

      • FunnybunnyKC on

        Are you f#%king s*#tting me?!? I am just about speechless over that ridiculous statement? You must be a prankster or a damn fool. 'One world' anything consolidates control in the hands of a few, to say the very least. Whenever those who make an alliance to take down those outside of their alliance inevitably implode in themselves – that is the future of the one world order. Each one of every orchestrated incident (i.e. 9/11) is to scare everyone into submission to this very thing; preying upon the insecurities of the public creates this consolidation of power in the hands of these satanic, murderous, beyond evil demons that inhabit the leaders' souls. this is not a flesh-and-blood conflict – it's principalities and powers. Problem – reaction – solution is the term David Icke brilliantly describes what is globally going on. Do some research into the new world order, and maybe then you might have changed your mind.

    • Whitney Houston didn't kill her self she was kill I have felt like this from day 1 n still feel the same way I hope they find out what really happen cause she would have not killed her self I put that on my grandmother

      • Thank you Lulu I knew I wasn't the only one feeling that way. I know deep in my heart that Whitney Houston would not have killed herself especially seeing the way she loved her daughter.

    • It should be noted that the latest rumors are saying Leolah was responsible for issuing photos of Whitney's body in the casket to the National Enquirer, so either Leolah is out for some 15-minutes and the cash that may come with it, or a smear campaign to shatter her credibility before she divulges any more details is about to begin.

      And did anyone figure out why the hell that Sarcophagus was outside the funeral?

      • My Love is your love on

        Raffles Dawson/van Exel has been fingered as the culprit that took the casket photo. Funeral home employee saw him.

      • My Love is your love on

        After watching the Oprah interview I strongly agree with many that Whitney was unfortunately disposable after a certain age and worth more dead than alive. It seems several things at work here.

        1. Monarch programming runs in the family. Which is why Monarch slaves have children and willingly serve them up to their masters (Will and Jada Smith and their monarch kids). I see that Beyonce wraps her baby in animal print blankies (will be kitten programmed) with is sooo sad. I remember that Bob Geldolf carried infant Peaches Geldof in leopard blankets. Not to mention the Monarch poster family Tom and Suri Cruise. Some don't serve them up willingly Nick Cannon must be resisting giving up his twins with Monarch Mariah, now he's suddenly mysteriously gravely ill.

        2. I suspect Whitney was rebelling and resisting and had never served up her daughter. Now that she's deceased they can get their hands on Bobby Kris and ALL of that money AND pimp her out as well. Look for her to take to the stage. They have already revealed one of her alters on Oprah's interview. She announced she is changing her name to KRISTINA HOUSTON and that she's going to sing dance and act! I believe it was an alter was who we were watching, smiling and repeating answers like a robot to Oprah the handler. That name change announcement blew me away.

        3. Why are they keeping her from her grandmother and her own father? Why is she with that strange aunt Pat Houston ( who happens to be, -ahem- the executor of her estate!)

        4. They took Bobby Kris to UCLA(programming central) twice! After first traumatizing her at the hotel with her mom's body in a room next door to hers. Then this weird dude is by her side day an night supposed to be a drug abuse counselor of some kind. How convenient.

        Now matter what complete strangers in the public feel about Bobby Brown, that is that girls father! It's a reason "they" kept him away from her at the funeral. Why can't she be comforted by her dad and siblings? That's very fishy. I guess Bobbi Kris was in the early stages of programming and the handlers couldn't take any risks. Bobby Brown enjoyed super success, years back and he knows the ropes, he knows he's helpless to do anything because he is a mk slave himself. I don't envy industry people at all… they pay a high price for fame and fortune. It is horrible and sad.

  1. Definitely makes a lot of sense to target the daughter after the mother's death…. If they do get her, God forbid it, be ready for it to be plastered in the news as 'suicide due to her mother's death'

    • Not saying that she may be right or truthful about whats going on or if Houstons daughter is okay or not…but ACCESS HOLLYWOOD? for real? arent they part of the illuminati as well? Just like TMZ and all this bullcrap people watch on t.v.? How do we know this isnt a stunt to bring more drama to this horrible killing?

    • I don't think that they want to kill her, but they can get her a handler and turn her into a public celebrity that makes them millions like Paris or the Kardashians. Whitney was sick and not making them any money so it would make sense for those twisted people to use her younger daughter for that.

  2. Here's to hoping that folks close to it all find greater courage in telling the whole truth instead of hinting here and there. Just get on with it and spill the beans. The more light is shed on this the safer people will be out in the open and the sooner the whole Satanic Pedo Pit that is Hollywood will come crashing down. People have plenty of evidence but they are just too damned scared of coming forward. Like safe houses for battered women, where are the safe havens for those who wish to expose the Star Whackers? It's time; people are being Murdered!

  3. vigilantPrincess on

    Lmaooo its funny how when somebody airs out the "industry" they can never name names for their own safety its really sad. Bobbi Kristina needs to hold her head up.. And stay out of Cedars sinai hospital i believe they send stars there to get programmed or hypnotised or sum sh*t. Whitnes sweety we love and most likely when we die we will find out what really happend to you and michael, and biggie, and tupac, and aaliyah the list goes on we love you loads***

    • It's not like they don't name names because they don't want to. After their loved ones die, they are the ones still left here to live with/around the shady people in the industry. They don't want to name names only to be called crazy or be killed and I don't blame them. Why should they have to name names when there are both people that would call them crazy anyways, and people that could easily make them look crazy? The people like us that are in the loop already know who some of the shady industry runners are and we don't need every single person from the industry to come out and drop a name in every interview just to know who else is involved.

      • vigilantPrincess on

        Thats the Sad!! Part @ryanne that they cant name names bcuz of being falsey labeled as "crazy" or on "drugs like they tried to do to dave chappele smh like we alll didnt know he only smoked weed assholes but these stupid ass tv worshipors dont get that they twist and turn everything in there oblivious little lives and never trust the news them bastards anchors were told to give you there version of the truth like with the big 9/11 sad that all those souls had to die that way

      • Good points, and the fact that the people that go unnamed are probably not above killing the family/close relatives of those stars who speaks out doesn't make naming names easy because lets face it, if a famous star that people see everyday is not above being murdered, what make unknown people off limits.

      • Then again her death could "have" been an accident. I am not sure that "everyone" who turns up dead died due to some nefarious conspiracy. Yet, I would not be surprised if there was more to her death than meets the eye because Hollywood seems to have crooked people, crooked secret societies , and a lot of shady stuff that goes on behind closed doors.

    • Not surprising the surprisingly amazing thing is that people are still clueless they still call it "conspiracy theory"if they still don't get it by now then they probably never will its sad but true.

    • Guys, Michael channeled the spirits of the Corybantes. I need to have vigilant do an article on this. The characteristics of the corybantes were that they had real pale skin. and they danced around and gave out high pitched squeals. This is why michael used to do this. Also he was a follower of Crowley, sadly enough. He would get his songs in deep visions from these spirits, which means he often slept for looooong extensive periods of time. Im sure he took some sort of meds to help induce his "sleeping", and this is probably wat caused his death. Vigilant please do an article on this asap!

      later guys!

      • Ridiculous. I'm willing to believe anything with reputable references cited, however…

      • Lisa Devales on

        I do believe that Michael Jackson, though we want to believe that he was good did have and live under Satanic covenants. You cannot serve the god of this world and God Almighty. No man can serve two masters. Michael Jackson like many others was serving MONEY. Before he realized he was deceived, his life was cut short to ensure his adherence to his Satanic contract. The same is true here. Though Whitney talked about God, there was no sign nor indication that she had given her life to Him. Think about it, if he or she was born again and truly believed in Jesus, his & her contracts would be null and void and they would have beaten Satan at his own game. At the brink of their blinders being removed, they were put to sleep so that they could share eternity with Satan and his demons. Unfortunately, Michael was programmed from childhood and was finally breaking free.

    • Corey Feldman pointed out Steven Spielberg as a sick pedo preying for children. What happened to that old fart? Nothing. Because nobody believed him.

  4. The days before her death Whitney was in a trance like state singing hymns, and claiming how she would soon meet God. Coincedence? Hardly…

    • Sometimes they know when they're going to die and they say things like this. I think she knew and she was OK with her transition. Let the girl rest in peace.

      • Nobody who dies like that is resting peacefully, I assure you. The only thing you take with you is your mind. Oblivion only exists in sleep and drugs, not in death, and then only temporarily.

    • i think they program them in advance before they do a sacrifice because britney murphy was caught telling a reporter that she wanted hair like hers in her "next life" just before she died Coincedence? they might have something like "sacrifice programing" perhaps to keep them from eating specific foods or to get them to wear a specific color for like a week before the sacrifice or so they wont try to like escape to a safe place before the ritual. i dont know, its possible though.

      • Ya, I read something about that…it's called 'freedom train' programming. Like a suicide program of sorts and they know their time is coming to an end. The programmers install it into an alter, then a handler has the code to call it out. She was reunited with Ray J a couple weeks before, who I believe was in a handler type position, not her boy-toy boyfriend. Ray J is just the fall guy, like Dr Conrad Murray was for Michael Jackson.

  5. Notice this happened in hollyweird where they seem to control everything from the courtrooms, hospitals, jails, corner's office on to TMZ. I would never expect an ounce of truth from anything coming from that direction.

    I haven't had time to get exact quotes but Chaka Khan had some interesting things to say. Most importantly something about dying young, or suddenly builds up the hype & brings in more money……sorry I can't quote her, but check out the interview. The one where she slammed CD for continuing with the party.

  6. Whitney Houston has all the markings of a Monarch Slave. She saw demons in her imagination which means she got demonic programming build into her Systems. Whitney’s former sister-in-law, Tina, claims that the singer actually believed that the devil was inside of her.

    “On one occasion she told me she was staring at the face of the devil himself…but it was her reflection. She stared at cracks in cups, saucers, mugs and plates and said she saw demonic lips,” said Tina. “She saw demons everywhere.” Tina said that Whitney also claimed the devil abused her by hitting her so hard she was black and blue.

    The programmers/handlers are very much into demonology. A Satanic ritual, usually including Cabalistic mysticism, is performed with the purpose of attaching a particular demon or group of demons to the corresponding alter(s).

      • >take a look at Whitney’s “Queen of the Night

        well, that's true, there is a hint in this video, near to the end (check out 02:23 => ) Whitney holds up a mask with peacock feathers

        The Queen of the Night in Mozarts "The Magic Flute" comes to mind ( "The Magic Flute was noted for its prominent Masonic elements; Schikaneder and Mozart were Masons and lodge brothers" quote )

        The Queen of the Night "presents a dangerous form of obscurantism or, according to some, the anti-Masonic Empress Maria Theresa".

        Papageno was considered to be a phoenix, he had a peacock tail, cauda pavonis, an alchemical symbol for the possible failure while creating the philosophers stone ( "This stage represents the quick color change which signals that the attainment of the Stone is near." =>… )

        Maybe these are useless clues, we see them everywhere, but they seem to be useless… to us… but seeing the world from an occult angle it would give a little insight in the role someone played inside a ritual sacrifice. Since the Queen of the Night is all about the philosophers stone, the highest goal, and considered an enemy of this goal.

        "He quotes the old Hermetic philosopher, Issac Holland, as saying that "though a man be poor, yet he may very well attain unto it – the work of perfection – and may be employed in making the philosopher's stone." If this interpretation be correct, then the philosopher's stone of the Alchemists, and the spiritual temple of the Freemasons are identical symbols."

        Maybe there is more to the story, like always.

      • openyoureyesnclose y on

        and whenu click on the video.. what do u see as the VEVO background pic is.. drummm rroolll… A ONE EYED JENNIFER HUDSON.. dis shit is so obviously ridiculous

      • You know if you look the movie metropolis is depicted in the huge screen behind her & before that there is for a split second the big screen has a bunch of eyes on it. There is also her wearing that costume which made me think of trans humanism. You know the introduction of all that stuff. I am sure there is more. I didn’t watch the whole vid but it makes me wonder about her other videos.

  7. It would make sense to target Bobbi at this time, who knows? Anything and everything can happen now, I'm still tyring to figure out who sacrificed Whitney. (shuggs shoulders & sighs)

  8. "My attorney has advised me not to get into that at all"

    I wonder why… I mean, it's true that, from her part, she doesn't NEED to get involved in the investigation. But, when you're told NOT TO get involved, it generally has an intense, dark connotation.

    • the world wouldn't be this way if we all followed God's guidance and stayed away from crap. the disgustingness of the world is only people, out of free will, chose these dirty ways. but in the grand finale, God's justice will triumph.

      • This world is controlled by the devil and humans are his pawns. That's why it's important to stick to God for HE will ultimately put an end to this.

    • I've been feeling that way too. I don't understand why the powers of darkness have so much control and they just keep on doing what they do. It sickens me. Not just the entertainment field, but the government, just everything. So many lies and cover-ups. Sometimes I feel like I am in the twilight zone. I know I got to keep the faith, but it's very hard sometimes.

  9. Wow!That's a huge risk. Thanks for sharing that: that's pretty awesome. God bless her and keep her safe. What a brave woman! I am glad she used wisdom and did not get specific. Mugs are on notice… .

  10. I'm glad she's speaking about them. You know, I can't help but have this analogy: Michael Jackson is to Whitney as Letoya Jackson is to Leolah Brown. They both pretty much say/said the same thing. I feel as though if she, Leolah Brown, gets into the limelight more with her accusations; "they're" going to write her off as crazy. It always happens, and the public believes it.

    Stay strong, people.

  11. The sad thing is this kinda sttuff happens all the time in the music industry but honestly what can we really do to stop it…. Nothing…. And we are't suppose to stop it this a sign of the end time and when Jesus comes back he's gonna restore justice to all. Its really sad how in her heart she knows truth but can't speak out about it.

  12. “Krissy is not safe right now. I want to say to Krissy that it’s very, very, very important that she does not trust anybody at this time. Anybody except her father, her grandmother Cissy and myself. And I mean that.

    What about Whitney's godmather Aretha Franklin, cousin Dionne Warwick, or any of her siblings? What would Leolah make of them with Bobbi Krissy? Just curious

    • The sad fact is that all her immediate relatives that you listed are part of the industry. SRA is a generational thing going back a long time. Think of the actors, who bore more actors or entertainers. Musicians that bore more of the same too. Hollywood is polluted.

      • Since you mention it, you must recall that Whithey's deathbed-ridden father was duped by his associates into suing his daughter for the $100M that she had re-singed for with Arista. Yet still, she didn't give in. So yeah, it's all about & expenses. And BK will probaly be robbed of her inheritence, not unlike Michael Jackson's kids.

  13. I heard somewhere that Bobbi Kristina was the targeted (and preferred) sacrifice, and when she didn't die on cue Whitney was used as a stop-gap. Would make sense, as Bobbi was much younger (and less worn down by the world) than Whitney.

    • I never heard that rumour. But then again, it wouldn't surprise me if BK was targeted because of her age. Whitney may have been the preferred victim as she is more well known. Make no mistake about it BK will be thrust into the limelight whether she likes it or not by the hateful illuminati. Out with the old and in with the new and then it starts all over again. Please pray for Whitney & Bobby's daughter. Good on you Leolah, for bringing all out into the open.

      • ArchangelMetatron on

        Kristina would not have been the appropriate sacrifice. The workers of this magic were looking to feed off a mass/collective sorrow, pain, sadness death. Their goal was two fold to nourish their souls with the collective outpouring of emotions from us and to "steal" her gift and talent. While also offering her up as a sacrifice and offering for the ritual held just a week before at superbowl. What no one has bother to ask is what is all this a pre-curser too? Doesn't matter really! Just know that the magic being worked is powerful, the intention- purposeful the outcome, null and voice if when you recognize a ritual you (visualize) set your intention to calling God and his archangels (and yourself along with…)Buddha, Allah whomever you worship and destroyed their ritual where it stands. Every prop, set, cape, color, dancer, nothing like some favorite prayers. or chant When done visualizing before coming back to "yourself" sort of speak make sure you cleanse your self and ask you deity and the helpers to cleanse you before returning into your livingroom, (if not imagine yourself being cleansed in pristine otherworldly waters), back to your regular programing. YOU must take the fight to them and spread the word. They are doing this so publicly because they are counting on us being asleep at the wheel and don't think we can fight them back. Waiting on Jesus to return is not good enough WE must help ourselves–before we can be helped.

    • @Godozo. I never heard that rumour either but there is some credence to it.

      There was definately something going on with the Clive Davis suite that Whitney and co. were residing in. You'll recall the media accounts of Bobbi Kriss being found asleep in the same bathtub the night before Whitney died (i meant who falls asleep in a bathtub?) plus the Forbes article which reported a guest complaining about water cascading into their suite from Whitney suite above – again in the night preceeding her death.

      To me, this sounded like a 'rehearsal' for Whitney's staged death – but like you point out, could have easily been meant for her daughter.

      • on that note a close eye must be kept on that Raffles van Exel guy VC mensioned on the last article, who was spotted getting close to Whitney n MJ just before they died to their last day. he is prob advancing on BK by now…

      • Anna Nicole's son was also killed to further traumatize her. Maybe BK was the target at first.

    • Whether BK was the intended target is not clear especially since there would be no financial spike attached to her death. Aside from the ritualistic aspects of the sacrifice, there is the enhanced monetary gain to the perpetrators of ill-will. The idea discussed by Chaka Khan- being worth more dead than alive. Thirty minutes after her death, Sony increased the price of Whitney's music. There was a spike in the sales of MJJ's music. I would imagine a similar spike occurred for Bob Marley, John Lennon, and Tupac. There is no telling what the movie, Sparkle, is going to net. For MJJ, it was "This is it".

      Also, there seems to be a tendency to come after those who are speaking out about the industry, and/or who have become more defiant in throwing off the Svengali influence. In the Diane Sawyer interview, Whitney identified a few negatives about the industry that bothered her. It can be said that she made known her fight against the Illuminati, then. In her words, she did not want to be like "them". In an interview for her 2010 'Nothing But Love Tour', it was clear she was still fighting to throw off the yoke, trying to gain herself and to bring positive music to the forefront. She said the artist were becoming more like characters, and some of those characters were quite dark. So, the target was, in all likelihood, Whitney instead of BK.

      That said, there was, at any rate, an incident involving BK. The day before Whitney's death, BK fell asleep in the bath tub. When friends knocked on the door, they could not get a response. Ultimately, security had to be called to get into her room. Had the friends not intervened in this way, the result could have been tragic. This may be why some believe that she, BK, may have been the intended victim. I was thinking BK was saved because she was not the true target.

      Now that Leolah Brown has come out so strong in her belief that this was not an accident, I do not know what to think. Is it possible that both, Whitney & BK, were targets? Was the intervention of the friends a temporary reprieve? I certainly hope not. I'm definitely in the prayer circle of protection for Bobbi Kristina.

    • I've also heard this, that BK almost drowned in the same bathtub the night before, however she was saved by ???security/ members of whitneys entourage. Then Whitney drowned the following day. I can't remember if it was a article I read or a video on YouTube, however it did state that information regarding BK near drowning was very sketchy, try it in google

  14. I agree, BK is NOT safe at all, I strongly believe that industry people are after her, she should trust no one, including those who were part of the entourage that stayed at the hotel. I think her grandma is the only safe person she can trust. Even Dion Warrick is shady to me [just my own theory]…..

  15. Whitney Houston has become more valuable to the ILLUMINATI dead than alive. The Occult thrives within the human emotions of grief, sadness, and cloudy thinking. The Occult chose a prime occult date just before the most important night for the music industry – The 54th Grammy Awards.

    Her death was a ritual sacrifice:

    – 11 on Saturday

    – Saturns Day, Their God Saturn El

    – Sacrificed for Saturn EL

    Whitney died at 48 years of age, if you add 4+8=12 and she died at 3:55 if you add 3+5+5=13 now add the 12+13=25 also she died on 2-11-12 if you add 2+11+12=25.

    • I don't get it… 12, 13, 25 what's the meaning of these numbers… excuse me if the question sounds too stupid, but I've seen so many numbers so far I just don't get it

      • Here's one thing: 13 is an infamous unlucky #. Don't know much about 12. As for 25, several celebrites have died on the 25th day of the month (eg Aaliyah (8/25), Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of TLC (4/25), James Brown (Christmas day), and Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson (6/25).

      • just to add on that… with these secret socities and occults its all about the symbols/signs and numbers. a little research into why these shows that these signs/ non-verbal symbols are sent directly to a special part of the brain( the subconcious) without being processed first as is the case with the normal words (verbal) we use yet they are conveying important messages. so these societies have chosen to use them mainly to kind of disguise their meaning to a layman n still be able to influence ,manipulate and control their mind somehow to do n think as they want…so dont just take everythin as given, all these hand-signs, graffiti's and dates mean more than the eye can see.

  16. I thought I was the only person felt like that,My question was,If they knew Whitney Was a Notorious Crack Addict Pill Poping Diva! And she was supposed to besurrouned by family WHY WAS WHITNEY LEFT BY HERSELF,she was dancing to Madonna?It was strange to me that NOTHING was said about het were abouts Friday 10th, 2012,Did she share a room with someone?Who saw her last?Did the police check the hotel cameras hallways&lobbies?where was everyone at? Why did it take so long for anyone to find her?Where was Whitney Friday 10th,2012? Her mother said"Her doorbell kept ringing"maybe Whitney was trying to let her know something? I DON'T feel she done no harm to herself intentionally.Just because a person don't have any markings of trauma don't mean there is NOT!foul play.Sierra! I don't know you but you are So Right,It's nothing we can do about it! That's Gods work! God will prevail all the time. That ILLUMINATE SHIT is scary but its all biblical so yeah the End Of World is near.I can't help it I want answers an I'm still shocked and in Awe! I alwaysLove you Whitney.The industry took you away.RIP.

  17. Finally someone talking the truth. we know they took Whitney out. And i pray to the Lord that all of them be exposed. This is just disgusting.

    • It is super disgusting! What people will do for fame and money…money that burns and fame that fades away and they eventually will be forgotten about. SMH. It's not worth your soul and people dieing! The Lord predicts all this is His Word and things are only going to get worse.

  18. There is just no way Whitney could have died in that bath that day. Whitney Houston, despite all her problems was no fool, i just know it and why would she die at 2.30 in the afternoon in a hotel after a swim? Man it just doesn't add up. That clive davis character is some kind of evil i do not trust him one bit. The moment I saw Whitney with him i thought, what the hell is she doing with this guy? I had a gut feeling that things were not as they seemed. Guess i was right.

  19. This some what proves that "they" control what "we" are aloud to know. We only know what they tell us weather it be a lie or the truth. This goes goes as far as the world news too. How smart are we really? They own the schools, the books, the media, and the power. We believe that there are other planets out there because they told us there was. So even if they say she died from drug use or some other sick twist, who really knows the truth? We will never know because again they control what we are aloud to know. ONLY GOD knows what happened and why. All we can do at this point is pray for Bobbi. So very sad.

  20. We have to pray for Whitney's daughter…and good on her sister for speaking how she really feels in her heart! We all know this doesn't add up the way their telling it. Whitney was a sacrifice for somebody…I just don't know who yet.

  21. Pardon me for asking but is there anyone in the music industry that isn't a "sacrifice" when they die? I find it very hard to believe that when anyone in the music industry dies that they are all perceived as being a sacrifice.

    • No not everyone is a sacrifice…we will never know which are and are not. But we can use our own judgement snd look at the things surrounding it and decide for ourselves.

    • Lots of celebrities die and no one mentions sacrifice. Don Cornelius died weeks before Whitney…and shot himself, but no one referred that as a sacrifice. Davy Jones just died yesterday and there's been no mentionof his death as a 'sacrifice'. Same thing with Heavy D, Clarence Clemons…the topic doesn't come up because they don't fit the pattern. It's the suspicious circumstances surrounding Whitney and Amy and Michael and Britney and others. We are not painting everyone with same brush.

      • I want to know why no one is talking about radiation as a factor in any of these deaths, by the way. That includes Whitney Houston.

        Levels have been elevated in Cali for almost a year now from Fukushima, but the huge global coverup (including our major regulatory agencies that are not protecting us) means nobody thinks about it or the fact that most people are probably eating radiation all day every day in the food and drink.

        Radioactive cesium can cause heart attacks. Look how many people including famous ones are dropping from heart attacks at a relatively young age – that's exactly one of the things it does. Breitbart – walking down an LA street, has a heart attack. LA, makes sense. Davy Jones, heart attack. The list goes on. It will always be attributed to something else, unless the government suddently gets honest about the numbers and the effects of Fukushima here.

        Massive depopulation is silently in progress, and not an eye is blinked. People go on thinking that if we can't see it, then it must not exist. This is how young people will continue to drop from heart attacks, and other radiation-related causes.

        I agree something else hokey was going on with Whitney, though. Her behavior a few days prior was just too odd, and she seemed to know she was on the way out. Considering her past feeling that demons were attacking her, and considering the rapid deterioration right before she died, it seems plausible to me that she may have been under severe psychic-spiritual attack in her last days. If her body was already not healthy (she had recently failed a physical exam for plastic surgery she was seeking), and if her spirit was under attack, then the door was wide open for disaster.

  22. Leolah: Hi, this is Leolah I'm calling upon Whitney Houston please make sure you guys do a proper thorough investigation. Please Please….

    Police: Yes, were on it Leolah. Please be calm and we will do our best to help you and do what we can.

    Leolah: ok, thank you so much…I just wanted to call in because no one seems like they will help me.

    Police: okay, please just relax will take it from here.

    Leolah: ok, thanks again…please ok…thankss…

    Police: will do…take care Leolah

    Leolah: hangs phone up

    Police: hangs phone up

    Get my point?…this is just stupid…and what the heck do you think telling ACCESS HOLLYWOOD…YES….. ACCESS HOLLYWOOD would accomplish but give you 15min of fame and additional drama to this situation.

    I rest my case.

    God bless.

    • Maybe she went public with this to gain some sort of protection.

      Now that her statement is out there, the powers that be might be less willing to kill Bobbi Kristina. It would look really suspicious if she died soon after this interview was given. I'm sure they (whoever 'they' happen to be) don't want to be too conspicuous.

      Or maybe she does just want publicity. That doesn't mean what she's saying isn't true, though.

      • @RJ

        I respect your comment. Yes, getting her statement out there is smart, maybe.

        However, many other people have done the samething and what success did that bring them? Jackson family, Legder family, Winehouse family, etc…shall I continue…?

        God bless.

        Oh, and it didn't help DMX did it? Look at him…He spilled the truth. Now, he is in a worse situation now then ever before although I love the man for doing so, untill your dead that is…

        You might as well tell Britney Spears shes next and save her and the rest of the Mickey Mouse club team from older days or the future kids that are in Disney now that affiliate with Devil industry of Hollywood.

        Get me?

  23. It was just reported that Davy Jones from the Monkees died of a heart attack this morning. I suppose he was sacrificed too. I mean, after all he was a celebrity in the music business.

  24. Harlequin Nameless on

    If only more people who knew could step forward and say what they knew and who these people were, we could actually bring these murderers to justice for murder, conspiracy, crimes against humanity, etc. etc…

  25. Be more open-minded on

    yeh she shouldn't trust her annie either. She got all types of money coming her way. Bobby and his family are about to be some leeches. How can she add herself into the picture. I know she has a big family. Just wondering if bobby's dad and brothers were in the reality show, where were you?

  26. what's baffling about this case is that they asked for the medical examiners to "go back" around 11 pm when she actually died around noon.

    Normally the case would be to preserve the location where someone died (especially this being a case of a legendary singer), get the body out moments after it was found and etc.?

    It's so twisted that the party hasn't even started yet, guests have known that Whitney's dead, proceeded with the party, etc. It's kind of stupid. And her body was removed a little after midnight…..? It just doesn't make sense.

    And Whitney was wet, having an erratic behavior during that day, wasn't she? Was she getting in and out of the water trying to get herself back to sanity, "reprogramming" herself or whatever?

    I had a gut feeling the reason for her major depression was when she got involved with her husband, her husband might have introduced her to the cult and the cult decided she needed to be the "huge sacrifice" and Whitney was so frustrated with her success – "why does it have to end like this?"

    The submerging in the water is probably part of some ritual they need to do, as part of the cult, like praying in Christianity. (Lady Gaga, Rihanna……..they also had issues regarding bathtubs of the hotels they left.)

    • She accidentally drowned in the bathtub, I think.

      Remember in Constantine when Keanu was holding on the lady underneath the water in the bathtub, the lady wanted to rise up but Keanu, concentrating, was still holding her….It was kind of a sick ritual that ended deadly, sometimes killing the people accidentally. I think that's what happened to Whitney.

      • It seem to me that because BK was found in the same situation the previous day then the simple means of which to induce sleep in a confined area such as a bathroom, then gas would probably be a silent and often hard to trace option of choice and it would also need time to clear, hence the waiting hours before removing the body.

        Just a thought.

        I have them sometimes!

        Mostly I get into trouble but I think we're safe this time =!:o{>

    • The best I can say about it is that I read about a Hell's Angels funeral where the guy was put in his leathers on his bike on a pyramid of wood while they partied and (like some burning man ceremony) he was cremated at the end while they toasted him on his bike. (no pun intended)

      I don't know if they'd do that for a woman though.

      It isn't exactly perfume and flowers and tears for your mother…

  27. I just read this as I was reading VC's post:

    The cause of Whitney Houston‘s shocking death has finally been revealed to be an accident.

    Though the official cause of death is still awaiting results of a toxicology report, the Boombox revealed that the death was not a suicide, nor was Houston slain by anyone else’s hand. It was simply a tragic accident.

    “She had no marks on her body whatsoever to indicate a struggle, and she was the furthest thing from trying to kill herself,” a source said. The source also revealed that toxicology results will likely be ready next week.

    An overdose of prescriptions is the likely cause of death, and early reports suggested that Houston’s death may have been a suicide (or a self-fulfilling prophecy), but nothing was confirmed. Houston’s body was found in her Beverly Hilton bathtub with her face underwater, it was initially believed that the singer drowned as a result of falling asleep from a sedative mixture of alcohol and pills. Houston passed away on Feb. 11 at age 48.

    We hope the findings can help bring closure to Houston’s family and friends. While her body may be gone, her voice is with us forever.

    smh! Damn Shame…

  28. @Hippy, You can shut your eyes, and cover your ears, doesn't mean that the truth will cease to exist. No, we don't believe that every celeb's death is a sacrifice. Etta james died of cancer, did you see a VC story on her? Several others have died of natural causes or illnesses, but you are missing the point. We are talking about the unexplained deaths, they all have something in common. You can look around you and see the symbolic nature of the unseen powers, they own everything. I can walk into my bathroom right now, pick up a grooming product and see symbols all over it. It's funny to me how some movies tell you exactly how the human mind works. "The Matrix" for example, you can't free the mind beyond a certain age. It loses control and becomes ubable to adapt, the mind can't live without the body. A lot of ppl won't be able to process the truth, the elite is depending on just that. Dump down the masses so they won't be able to process the bigger picture. they won't be able to think outside the box they've created to hold your mind prisoner. God can set any man's mind free but so many ppl don't believe in him these days.

    • @Tracy Boson

      When something big or catastrophic happens in our lives, simple explanations just aren't as satisfying. We want a deeper reason and meaning and when it isn't given to us, we create our own. This is how conspiracy theories are born. Someone doesn't like the official story of a major event and challenges it with a made up version. Conspiracy theories can attract a lot of people, from big time supporters to those who just like a good fictional story. Whether they're somewhat believable or completely ridiculous they're still fascinating but not real.

  29. No, not every death is a sacrifice. Some people die from accidents or natural causes. But when a death has very suspicious circumstances like this one, and when there's an Illuminati-sacrifice-themed award show the very next day, it most likely was a sacrifice (or assassination).

    • Let's be real. It was well known that she's had a drug and alcohol problem for years. It just finally caught up with her. I'm sure when the final results come out it will show that she died from a combination of drugs and alcohol. Not a sacrifice or assassination. She did it to herself.

      • Most of the celebrities, if not all, do drugs. And they are induced by handlers. Michael Egan said that there was plenty of drugs at those gay celebrity prospects parties and Karen Mulder said that her agency suggested that models should do cocaine. They don't buy the drugs themselves, they have people who do so for them. So, Whitney was introduced to drugs probably at the very beginning of her career so she could be manipulated easily. Then they give her bad drugs or program her to drown, which she does. The foul play was there but very subtle.

  30. Seriously? Did anyone watch this female's video? She could not keep her eyelids open, as if she were drugged, or couldn't tell the truth. it all seemed like self centered promotion, to me.

  31. I always knew it…could it be that Bobbi is heir to Whitney's fortune and they need to manipulate her to gain full access to it?…if they drug her and she hands it over they can then murder her and everything Whitney worked for is taken back! I say taken back because the ones who write the checks will be the ones who take back every penny!

  32. could it be that Bobbi is heir to Whitney's fortune and they need to manipulate her to gain full access to it?…if they drug her and she hands it over they can then murder her and everything Whitney worked for is taken back! I say taken back because the ones who write the checks will be the ones who take back every penny!

  33. I heard about this and knew exactly what she meant.I saw the interview and when she was talking (Leolah) I was picturing what creepy things they might be planning to do to Bobby Kristina or what they did to Whitney. I hope Whitney is in a better place now <3 And I hope that Bobby Kristina well stay healthy through out all that's been going on.

  34. @ Old Hippy I heard about Davy Jones from the Monkees and I figured something weird was going on bc they always blame celebrity deaths usually on heart attacks or drugs alcohol or cardiac arrests. I would like to make some research on the Monkees since I'm a late 90's baby but I know who they were.The Jonas Brothers even though I don't like their music as much anymore,had a show on Disney Channel called JONAS and the critics compared their show to the Monkees I think.Or something like that. I can't remember what article it was from but I found it somewhere on the internet.

      • @Uhh. You might be right but @Jammie, the interesting coincidence about Davy Jones death is that they are currently promoting a musical based on the Monkees in the UK called Monkey Business. When I saw the poster a couple of days ago, i was seriously thing – who is going to go to that?? Now we know that its going to be a sell out show don't we!!

  35. I just read an article about Whitney's sister in law TIna saying that Whitney would talk about seeing the devil and he lived inside her:!!! It creeped me out! YOu all should read it it is in it sounds like all the stuff I've read here before. I really wish people would open their eyes to these things, I try and talk about it, but people just act like Im crazy. R.I.P Whitney Houston I know that you are with God where you belong :(

    • @Greina…i know the frustration of trying to ALERT people about all these things n they make you look stupid, but dont despair, its expected. a lot of people have already been brainwashed to believe that all this evil around us is al JOKEs n they wonder why we r busy reading too much into things n over reacting… unfortunately thts js what the enemies want n where he wants to keep everybody.. in blissful ignorance. they want every1 to just chill n sleep while he is preyin on humanity 1 person at a time.

  36. Whitney's friend Robyn said something similar. That her death was "planned". Let's see if they turn the heat on her also. Once and for all, how was she found? I just read somewhere else it was face down. There are too many indiscrepancies not to ask the questions that count here.

  37. So I was watching some entertainment talk show talking about a picture of Whitney's daughter smoking from a bong.They are already putting it out there in the open that she is using drugs and was smoking weed for her mothers funeral.It seems like they want to mess with her because she knows something.

  38. After hearing all this stories, knowing how the elite work and how they have people everywher workin for them in high and low places, nothing is certain maybe the hotel was working for the elite so since they already had a plan, they had the venue, the plan, the ritual, maybe even the police knew about it and so did the ones that pronounced her dead, so they didn't make a big fuss about it, and they let the body stay there for that long!! if it would hav been sumwher else they would hav removd it immediately, but since it was left there for a purpose that many ppl knew, they didnt make a big fuss about it til later!!, since this society has become a very unreliable matrix and im pretty sure that the investigation results wer planned, so is what the media says in the news, tabloids and the rest, so when we hear it was death due to drugs, we know its fake just to cover up what happend, so only God and the ppl involved know the truth but all darkness eventually wil come to light tis time to wake up and not to put our lives and mind at the mercy of men but at the grace of God, he is coming real soon!! thess are just signs of what is to come! and lets hope we r not here to c it!! but instead we r with our Lord when this happens!!

  39. Latoya Jackson went on TV to say her brother was murdered and she knew who it was,but would NOT say names for fear of her life.

    Cory Feldman has loudly declared that pedophilia runs like an epidemic in the Hollywood backdrop, however has yet to this day say names of those perverts.

    These are two that pop in my mind as I read Loelah's statements.

    Whomever or WHATEVER it is it is obvious to see that people are scared!

    Fear is a tool of the devil, God is LOVE therefore anything that is not of love is not of God.

    let us pray for these souls for whether they are indulging in the millions of dollars it took to sell their soul the end is innevitable and one that I for one do not wish upon even my worst enemy, hell.

    Jesus Saves!

    He was, is and IS TO COME!!


  40. "One person dies, one million cry. One million people die, no one cries"

    (sorry don't know who quoted this).

    Seems particularly resonant with this situation. Yes, Whitney's death is terribly sad and suspicious but by being so preoccupied with it, even if 'enlightened', you are just playing into the Illuminati plans. What's done is done. I do feel bad for her, her loved ones and the sudden way she left this world. But instead of conspiring about the truth of what happened in ONE person's untimely death, why not try make the world a better place by simply doing some good. Help those MILLIONS in need, go volunteer in a poorer country or simply the local soup kitchen – anything. These people are just as important as Whitney and already huge victims of an obviously corrupt, failing system. I belong to no religion but strongly believe that positive change, influence begins within the individual, and the power of goodwill, kindness, empathy and love.

    The Illuminati will keep trying to establish the NWO and doing shady things to obtain it. Right now it is not in our control – they are powerful and we are not part of the 'inner circle'. But we can control what we do as an individual in the present. By being aware and doing good, selfless deeds one can undermine these people.

    Stop worrying, be happy you're alive and keep fighting for a good, free future.

  41. Nancy Grace did her own investigation and conccluded Whitney was murdered- the medias now trying to paint her as ignorant and crazy… surprise surprise

    Go Nancy

    • Right! I thought it was extremely odd how the male host of Good Morning America went in on Nancy the day after she implied foul play was involved in Whitney's death. He was strangely enraged and damn near cussed her out. It made me look at him funny, rather than Nancy.

  42. Toni ToniToni on

    I'm so glad that Bobby's sister has spoken up.

    How convenient for them to release to the media that "It was an accidental overdose". The majority have no clue or an inkling of a major cover-up. But, all the actions leading up to that Saturday have some kind of plan going on in regards to Whitney. The papers printing these crazy stories of her dying, being sick, suicidal and etc in the weeks ahead of her dying. Whitney looked great. There are no COINCIDENCES!!!

    What bothers me a lot, is how Bobbi experienced the same thing the previous night. That just doesn't sit well at all.

    it also makes sense that she would be in danger, because maybe she does know something or has figured out that something ISN'T RIGHT, especially with what happened with her previously.

    It's all soo strange.

    A few people were in the room with her, she was supposed to be watched (WHY?), people under her heard loud booms, her body laid there for 6+ hours, her mentor, dear friend CD continued to have a Grammy party! WTH? Your dear, close friend just died. How can you be in a frame of mind to have a party.


    I pray someone speaks up and spills the beans on what's really going.

  43. I've never been so distraught over a celebrity death – not even when Michael died. And i kept asking myself why i am so upset….whynis it that i have been unable to listen to any other music besides Whitney since the day she died. My theory is that, like all entertainers, Whitney was part of one of the three Hollywood cults that all entertainers are forced to join upon signing a contract. And like many have posted here, when an album is made, the album is cursed in a Satanic ritual to open the minds of all who hear it to demonic forces. I believe that one of the biggest superstars, Whitney, was taken out for the purpose of having the whole world turn to her music, as in some form of a worship ritual, to fixate our minds on her music, and open our minds to dark influences. Whitney, like all entertainers, sold her soul. In recent years, I believe she regretted it and tried hard to turn back toward God, but it was impossible. There is even an interview from 2010 where she alludes to dark forces in the industry. She alludes to the deception of the industry in her Dianne Sawyer interview. I believe the Industry felt she was being too vocal about the innerworkings, and about her desire to turn back toward God. As such, they took this opportunity to silence her as well as turn the whole world toward her in worship, I.e., Satan. I think the funeral was used as such a platform as well, as millions tuned in for it.

  44. openyoureyesnclose y on

    I saw that interview, and I knew exactly what she was saying. I hope that she doesn't have an "accident" any time soon, she knows shes dealing with evil bastards!

    When she said ppl want to take advantage of" Krissy's fragile state of mind" .. i was like DAMN Leo is about to spill the beans!

    Then when he asked her what she thought killed her sisiter-in-law.. she took a long PAUSE then told us what she thought without telling us..her atty said keep ya mouth shut! WORD! cant get any clearer than that..

    God bless ya Leo, may He protect you and strengthen you while you relentlessly find the TRUE cause of WH's death!

  45. I love how people are speaking out.

    It's getting too crazy, and this lady is awesome for laying it out there however she could.

  46. I believe the same thing. I think the people who gave Bobbi the sedative could have given Whitney the same sedative.I think it was someone who was around her. They knew Bobbi was in the lobby. Her last meal look like a meal for two not one. Maybe Ray J gave her some drugs that was not found in the room.It was said on another website that the Bodyguard was called away, he left her with someone she trusted and that person could have given her something and then place her and the turkey sandwich in the bathroom. Was her DNA found on the beer can and the champagne glass?

  47. Oh Lord, I just want this madness to stop. God, please protect this girl, she's just a child–and to have these devils around her. Just pray for her and hope some of the positive love energy works in her favor. Pray for her father and aunt too. I really don't think Bobby Brown is a bad guy, even if he was Whitney's handler he's a victim of the industry himself. I'm sure he regrets all his shenanigans now. I hope he has the strength to protect his daughter and himself. It's too late for Whitney now, she's already passed on and is hopefully in a better place (saved her soul right in time) Now it's about what's left of the Brown and Houston family. I really feel for Bobby Brown. I can't imagine being a man in such a hard situation. Having to protect your daughter and family from absolute evil. Pray him some strength because nothing less then an absolute superman can fight this and win.

    • Oh another note, you can bet Bobby knows exactly what's going on though. How could his sister know what happened to Whitney unless he discussed it with her? I hope he has a plan to out these devils. Out all of these devils! I mean all the crap is hard to believe, save for that fact that these celebrities seem to be dropping like flies and it's just not normal! I really don't know what to believe anymore, but the truth has to come out. I hope it's sooner than later…


    Why exactly would people want to come after Bobbi Kristina if Whitney Houston is dead? What could they possibly want with her?

    • And maybe she knows things they don't want out, things she might talk about now that her mother is gone? They all seem to want to throw her into "treatment". We know how some of those things go. And maybe certain people are itching to get their hands on her, since she's the child of Whitney and some potential future showbiz talent they want to control? The Illuminati with their thing for lineages.

      I agree with "3" that people will want money Bobbi Kristina should inherit from her mother. I keep forgetting that. Oh, I hope she stays away from any money-grubbers!

  49. I hope nothing happens to her also. Man, this is just a shame and a disgrace. The MINUTE I heard of her death, I knew something was up, they made it look like'The jig is up Bitch' everyone will think you just succumbed to the drugs blah blah f*ckin blah…just sad. This needs to stop.

  50. This article can be understood in multiple ways. She says that Whitney's death is no way an accident but she kind of makes herself sound suspicious by saying that Whitney's daughter shouldn't trust anyone but the family. It's like she is double talking, she is saying one thing but actually means another. Why shouldn't her daughter talk to other people outside the family scared someone is going to tell her the truth about her mothers death, and that you know good and well what happen to Whitney.

    • Finally, someone is seeing the other possible side of this statement. Bobby has been seen as her handler in the past and now his sister says that Krissy should trust noone but their side of the family. Seems to me they are trying to keep her quiet.

  51. "I believe she regretted it and tried hard to turn back toward God, but it was impossible."

    It's never impossible.

    In fact, isn't saying that's impossible a

    ==> sin against The Holy Spirit? <==

    You see, God (Yahweh) longs for us all to be saved. No matter how hard the heart, God can soften it with His love and bring us ALL back to Him. If you've read the gospel, you would know this.

  52. One thing confuses me though. The person making this speech is Bobby Brown's sister, and she advises Bobbi Kristina to only trust Cissy, Bobby and herself. It makes me kind of worried, when you look at Bobby Brown and the things he did (like painting Evil Eyes in the house he shared with Whitney, or cutting Whitney's head off family portraits….) Like VC mentioned, he could have been Whitney's handler, or at least he was definitely involved with some shady things. I am not saying that he is the reason Whitney died, like I've read many times, but he definitely contributed to "break" her (he spat on her in front of their daughter) and was abusive. So I don't know how much I can believe from his sister, who is now making her brother look like a victim as well, and suggesting that he should protect his daughter. Either way, hope Bobbi Kristina is a smart girl, and that she will surround herself with good people.

    • I completely agree with her statement being a bit odd. She might genuinely want to protect her from the people that did this to her mother, but you never know. I wouldn't doubt that many of her relatives are involved in some shady things. In regards to Bobby Brown, I know Whitney Houston went on The Oprah Show and said that he would supposedly paint these evil eyes everywhere. I'm sure Bobby contributed to her fragile state of being in many ways, but I don't think he was capable of painting these eyes everywhere. I think I remember her saying she would look away or close a door and these eyes would change the point of direction they were looking in. I believe she was tormented by something else.

  53. Whitney Houston has become more valuable to the ILLUMINATI dead than alive.

    Exactly, which is another reason why BK is a problem for them because as her mother's only child she stands to inherit millions. And they would like to control that and if they can get to BK and make it look like an accident or self-inflicted. Problem solved. Those people are that sick.

    • They are gonna keep dropping. *cough* It's the radiation. *cough* Fukushima…. Cesium-137, etc. No surprise because it's got to be in the food, not that we'll be told, because EPA stopped testing as soon as it showed up in the food!

      Silent, slow (sometimes fast) death, not only California and Japan but all over the U.S. and in other countries too. Tell people and they will say they don't want to know, or look at you like you're crazy, and go back to watching TV and eating their radioactive cheese-laden pizza and their juicy isotope salads.

    • The other story about the blood-looking stuff on Whitney's leg is that it was wine.

      That makes more sense to me, honestly, because in the confrontation with Stacey, Whitney supposedly fell against the stage. So she could have easily spilled wine she may have been holding. I'm not so sure about the scratch on her wrist, but Stacy said she grabbed Whitney's hand when telling her she didn't want to sort of "go there" with her.

      Makes me think Stacy grabbed her hand hard or carelessly, and that her long fingernails scratched Whitney's wrist. Then again, some other tabloid or similar report recently claimed Whitney may have attempted suicide that day? That particular scratch sounds to me like Stacy, since supposedly Whitney was fine for a long time during the party (hour at least?), according to Stacy, while they enjoyed their conversation before she got upset.

  54. If they discredit Bobbi's character….which today I saw a blatant pic of her snorting COKE in a magazine then they can set her up for the perfect fall…there are many motives, her guilt at a young age can spell the need to find help from someone who claims they know what's best for her…Bobby (dad) is treading thin ice because if he gets in the way he could go down because a lot is at stake at this point!…it has always been about the money!…I don't think Bobbi should trust ANYONE…not daddy…the industry folk etc…they all know she is an heir of millions! The greed is disgusting but real!…I hope she is strong enough to mind screw them all to preserve her life!…they're all leechy and soulless if u ask me! By the way, is it just me or does Whitney look just like Mrs Warwick?…not even sure CiCi is the birth mom…smdh I'm jus sayin! o_O

    • Crossjourney on

      I was marveling at how much whitney looked like Dion Warwick. I mean she looks more like her cousin than she looked like Cissy!

  55. It doesn't matter what anyone says…family friends industry….etc…at the end of the day young Bobbi is an heir of an awful lot of money… advice TRUST NO ONE!…screw the fake love…deal with the fam from a distance…heal first educate one self on how to manage such a large amount…and PRAY to GOD for protection in the process! That is all!

  56. hell..I didn't even know Bobby Brown had a sister…lol….I wouldn't trust her or him….fake love is all around this child!..the proper thing to do is stay out of the media if its real….we all know the media supports the immoral deity!…they could be using auntie as a tool to draw this young vulnerable girl in!…who owns and controls media???? hELLO!!!! U guys know this! They should jus leave B christina alone! I raised my self from the age of nine and im 29…. It will be hard but she will be jus fine ….if she elopes O_o

    • My calculation so far is that he's got at least 2.

      There is another, Tina, who is the one who claimed she got high with Bobby and Whitney, and that Whitney did crack. Even though Whitney said in an interview very adamantly that she did not do crack. (I confused the two sisters in another post of mine.)

  57. The only one whitneys daughter can trust is God her- father in heaven and the many who truly have a caring, kind soul and heart that is respectful of other human being. Many in the industry and those who surround the industry ellite are really not to be trusted. Fame and money have destroyed the souls of so many stars and entertainers. She needs to be very very careful. I wonder if they meant to try and get rid of her instead of whitney then get rid of whitney only after first having eliminating her daughter. I did not hear of b.brown having any sister until now. Don't trust her at all. I would not trust anyone in the family as well you never know how deep all this goes and who may have even gotten paid to keep quite. Of course her death was no accident, well this is my strong gut feeling as well as it is to many other people. Now people want to all of a sudden come creeping out of the woodwork and say hi i'm here I care for you and will love and protect you………B*ll Sh*t!! Lies lies lies….. There are so many in the entertaiment industry that prey and devour the sweet innoccent people that satan is bloated and obese from all the evil followers filling up the dark ones gut. Satan is belching up the hearts of many innoccent victims while the most powerful and richest of them all are coounting all their greenback and laughing over a scotch or a brandy or martini or champagne and or glass of wine.

    Maybe even a straight white line….. or anything they might choose to digest intake in the celebration of another scrafice. If this is true and her daughter is indeed in danger she should be under private protection outside of the industry with no connection or conflect of interest. But the ellite powerful famous and rich always find a way to get what they want but eventually in the very very end someone will make a stupid mistake and get caught or perhaps a good whistleblower will step up to the plate an say {enough is enough!}

  58. I was just thinking what is her daughter knows something and or perhaps who killed whitney if indeed she was killed, then it makes sense to want to get rid of her. This is just to to evil and dark. Any hear that clive davis's name spelled backwards is { siva – devil. ) suspossedly meaning monster devil or something like that. Siva or shiva ( indian god figure-hindu god/moster. } Anybody know anything about clive davis and the {bunglows}??

    • It looks like Whitney never made good on her contract with him, that she only finished 3 of 6 albums. Is this true? If so, will Bobbi Kristina be looked at as payment, or did Whitney already pay with her life?

      • I don’t think what you people realize is that these artist sell their souls to the devil and the devil gets their soul by killing the body. Sorry for the triple post.

  59. Some people around Bobbi Kristina are trying so hard to encourage her to go into treatment. It's like they want her confined. That's what I worry about. What kind of brainwashing do they want to subject her to? I'm sure it wasn't encouraging for the handler types when she made the big scene in the hotel demanding to see her mother (did she know something was wrong??). I was so happy to see Kevin Frazier on Insider point out that she already has famed drug interventionist Warren Boyd looking out for her. Kevin quietly implied the treatment-pushers, like Bobby Brown, don't need to worry about Bobbi Kristina.

    I really would like to see these people leave her alone and let her grieve in peace. I don't trust what plans they have for her. If she has problems I'm sure she will get help.

    After all, where was everyone when she was a small child and her mother was getting high so much? She's of adult age, leave her alone.

    And I'm not sure I trust this Leolah. Isn't she the one that used to get high with Whitney and Bobby, and also claims Whitney has done crack when Whitney said on TV she didn't do crack? And she is suggesting Bobbi only trust her father, the one who wants her locked up in treatment so badly?? I don't know about that, considering a lot of people see Bobby as part of the original problem and a handler of Whitney, to begin with. How convenient, to confine the daughter who was so close to Whitney and may be wise to the situation.

  60. Robert C. Tanner on

    You are so right. May Yahova Eloheim watch over you all. The United States Incorporation pretending to be the united States non- incorporation is owned by the Crown who is owned by the Knights Templar and they are controlled by the Vatican. The Vatican is the world largest Satanist Cult in the world and that is who is truly after you. Speaking as a Southern Baptist Minister whose Ancestor Nicholas Tanner brought over the first Southern Baptist minister Elder John Myles. Of course they where not call Southern Baptist at that time the were called Ana-Baptist or Re-baptizers. This is an Italian name because our enemies in Rome named us this. Romans were Cannibal Even though Hannibal's army's did not concur Rome His religion did. Now the Baptist are ran by the masons and they no longer follow the true law. Jesse Jackson is a good example he is a 33rd Mason and he was involved in the murder of Reverend Dr, Martin Luther King. Do not trust anyone. My prayers go out to you. If can assist you with more information I am at your service.

  61. Whitney isnt the only artist to have died undersuspicios circumstances. Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix, and Jim Morrison all have pretty good evidence of circumstance not proof that they were murdered. I'll start with Jimmy. J immy's manager was supposedly a c.i.a. . When Jimmy died its was like he was drowned in alcohol. The m.e. said its physically impissible to die that way unless it was forced down his throat. Oh and when Jimmy died he left a shit load of his money to his manager. On to Jim. Ya Jim and his gf did heroineand he probably died of an overdose of it but that does not mean there was no foul play in this scenario. I think Pamela Courson Jim's gf at the time was still really bitter and angry with Jim for all his infidelities probably gave him a lethal dose of heroine. Whether or not it was intended to kill him or no i really cant say. It is also rumored that maybe he thought was her coke stash was her heroine stash and he did too much and he od'd but i dont believe that for a minute. But who really knows what happened on that day in paris. All i know is if u love someone u dont let them die especially on heroine. Anyways after jim died even though they were never married cause they lived in california where they spent most of there time togetheri it was considered a common law marriage so she was to inherit all of Jim

    's estate especially since he wasnt close to his family. She died 3 years

    after Jim from a heroine overdose. I think she died caus she couldnt live with her self and what she did to Jim i think the guilt tormented her and killed her. On to the next rock star Kurt the saddest one of all. Out of all of these artist all the signs point to murder. I dont even know where to start cause this comment can turn into a book. I just want everyone to go to the website . This website can explain in elaborate detail how he

    was murdered by his nanny probably paid to from Courtney Love. At the time of his death they were divorcing and had a prenump. If they divicorce she gets nothing. All so Kurt had enough heroine in him to kill him but that probably didnt kill him being an addic

    t with a high tolerance it didnt so they shot him and made it look

  62. Like a siucide. Firt of all how can someone unconcious on heroine move when sitting there nodding off pull a trigger. Someone has to be at least awake to pull a trigger. And the biggest physical evidence which was never cosidered when examing this case there where no finger prints pn the shotgun. Kurt was on enough heroine to be in lala land and no fingerprints. That smells fishy to me. I just want people to stop thinking Kurt killed himself cause he didnt.I want everyone to know Courtney Love is responsible for kurts death not kurt. its amazing even with the evidence there was never an investigation. well i think its a case that should be reexamined but probably never will. Even if this case is never reopened i want u all to know the truth about kurts death. he was whacked by the person who supposedly cared about him sold him out. everyone should go to if u want more details.

  63. Oh ya one other detail about kurts death how to other people who know courtney died not to long after kurt who also know courtney. it was known in kurt and courtneys circle of friends that everyone thought kurt like kristen paff the bassist for courtneys band hole. She died not that long afyer kurt under "mysterious circumstances" as well.
    She died of a heroine overdose. and the last one to see her alive was eric erlandson courtneys other band mate her guitarist who was also her ex bf. But thats not the only person to die after kurt of people courtney know. Theres eldon hoke or "el duce". He was in a band called the mentors. courtney know him for a long time being in the portland punk scene is where they meet. Legend has it courtney asked el duce if he could " do in my old man, ill pay u
    $50,000". He said ya ill do it but i dont think he thought she was serious. so he didnt take her seriously. so she
    showed up weks later and el wasnt to be found. she was mad and left his record store in la. A couple weeks pass since then el was at home someone knocked on his door a stranger with alcohol asked him if he wanted to go have a drink being the alcoholic hoke was could resist or say no went with the stranger. weird someone who he dosent know know they could fish him out of his house. next thing you know the find hoke dead struck by a train on some train tracks near his resisdence. i call shenanigans big time on courtney love and her crew.

  64. Crissy's days are numbered, imho.

    The one with most to gain from her death will be her dad. Apparently Leolah might have something to gain as well. All of Whitney's money and rights must go to somewhere.

    Given that she is already surrounded by the very same people who led her mother's ruin, she will probably have 2 more yrs on this earth tops.

  65. Jessica Sanchez on Idol. Beautiful voice.

    But I noticed a few more things…

    She had on a blue dress (again with blue, iluuminati)

    Remember Whitney complained that she "wasn't gonna wear no blue dress" for Grammy party.

    Sanchez sang in the middle of a round circle. Then The thing opened upwhile two of her were up on the screen (three of her total) Then the screen opened up and looked like a giant eye. With the spotlight coming down the middle. I could be seeing too much into this, but knowing the music industry I am probably not seeing nearly enough. Thoughts?

    • Illuminati can do one as far as I'm concerned. They won't dictate to me what colours to like or to wear when they clearly do not own any colours. I like blue, the sky is blue and certainly wasn't created by illuminati or "out of here" AKA devil. That is a thought.

  66. I hate when celebrities come out and make vague comments like this. It's just like Latoya jackson and Micheal Jackson. If you don't think they killed themselves or whatever then say what you really think or stfu.

  67. "Her attorney however advised not to say who or what she believes killed the singer." – Yeh, because she'll meet the same untimely demise! Very sad really. Just like Latoya speaking about Michael after his 'removal'.

  68. Not surprising but it's a dangerous situation for her daughter now, she needs to be protected before it's too late!

    • Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I'm so glad someone else picked up on that! I believe the demonic spirits that manipulate electricity like that are referred to as "poltergeists" and are considered "mischievious."

  69. @blasphemy

    Latoya is an IDIOT she knows damn well that the person that killd Michael is in jail and his name is Dr Conrad Murray. The illuminati did NOT kill Michael, what could they have gained? Michael estae is worth a little over a billion dollars and makes millions since his death. Michael owned ppls catologs and his hey inheretors; his mother and his kids seem to be fine. Michaels death did not exactly benifit the Illuminati or anyone apart of a secret society. Latoya is only saying this becaue she want attention from the media, she just LOVE'S the attention. This women is in her mid 50's going on to her 60's and still has to garner attention by using her family name. Out of ALL of her sisters she is the one that continue's to bring negative attention to her family, what has she done with her life? Janet became an international mega pop star and a LEGEND in the music biz, Rebbie got married and raised her kids right and currently one of her kids Austin Brown is an inspiring artist that garnered a lot of attention by his talent and i think he got interveiwed by CNN.

    The only person that was after Michael was the media and to be honest w/ you they did not fufill there job they tried for years to make him into some pariah at the end of the day he was still the biggest star the world has ever seen.

    As for Whitney her death does seem fishy, they said that she didnt drawn so either she had a strock and slipped into the water or something else. We will see when the autopsy report comes out.

    • I can tell u didnt go to the website cus u would change your oppinion about what happened to kurt if u did read it. i know its hard to hear the truth sometimes. kurt did not kill himself JUSTICEFORKURT.COM

  70. i just saw the leola brown and family interview w/ dr.drew! after it was over, i was! i mean, these people were saying all the things and conspiracy theorist would. so, i really now believe what show business is.whitney was killed. keith richards is alive and i refuse to believe and shit. druggies know how to do drugs. with that said, i hope people see the interview. a chilling part came when the cousin referred to being at the hospital with BK and Pat,Gary were trying to 5150 her. The cousin went into the room where BK was. He told her,"Do you realize what they are trying to do to you!?" She responded that she was just grieving her mom. That she now has to bury her mother. Real family do not put their own on a PSYCH HOLD. These people tried to also kill BK at that hotel and it didn't work. They tried many times. I have a theory that BK was supposed to be killed and then Whitney would have been easier to get rid of. As, she would have OD or killed herself as a result of her daughters death. So, then they went the other route…killed Whitney. THen tried to off BK but, something didn't plan out to right so they 5150'd her ass. Of course, now she is playing a game with them or being reprogrammed that she will be a star also. Maybe they know the only way for BK to feel close to her mother again is to be in the industry. BK needs Jesus. She needs to give all that money back to whoever wants it. It is blood money at the end of the day. She can make a new life and really put it all in perspective if she leaves with nothing.

  71. well I thnk she might be just defending her brother, who is the part of agenda, and she's not concerned about Krissy and what happens to her, she just wants her not to trust anybody else but the fu*king illuminati, or whatever you call those sick bastards… I don't know who to trust and who not to…

  72. Check the reports right now! Whitney houstons daughter was found in a bathtub unresponsive! 1-31-2015. I bet this is the illuminati trying to kill her to shut her up. These illuminati Zionist jews (some say reptilians) are sick sick people who will stop at nothing to keep their control over people. These are the same people who are responsible for all the MANUFACTURED wars in the middle east. These are the same people who are responsible for the war in Ukraine. These are the same people who are responsible for the Malaysian aircraft being shot down. These people run the music/hollywood mainstream media "news" industry, they run the financial system (rothschilds federal reserve bank and ALL central banks across the planet), they run the US gov, and the MIC (military industrial complex). They run most big corps also including big pharma companies responsible for cranking our oxycodone (why troops are still in Afghanistan, to protect the poppy field, poppy = heroin = oxycondone) and other dangerous drugs which they get musicians and Hollywood actors addicted to. They also use mind control programs such as mk ultra to control these musicians and actors like katy perry, lohan, Brittney spears, and others. I bet these people are the ones trying to kill Whitneys daughter because she knows and is going to talk and spread info. The mainstream media will paint this girl as a drug addict and dumb amerikans will eat it up because they too have been brainwashed by mainstream media for so long. The illuminati are evil "people", more like demons, maybe reptilians from ancient bloodlines. All these most powerful families are related to each other. Bush jr is actually related to barack Obama, and bush jr is related to the queen of England, Elizabeth, who many have said is very evil. These people practice witchcraft and do satanic rituals. There is even a massive pedophile ring recently busted in the UK with a lot of top UK politicians involved. Same with Hollywood, there is a lot of pedophilia going on, has been for decades according to Cory Feldman. All these really powerful people are connected and in the same secret societies like freemasons, skull and bones, knights of malta, Jesuits, etc.

  73. And here we are, almost three years since Whitney's death and Bobbi Kristina was found face down in the tub, just like her Mom. I'm writing this the day of so she's still in a medically induced coma and the future is uncertain but WOW either way.
    I'm looking forward to reading what VC will print regarding this possible tragedy.

    • PublishedAuthor on

      While I am not privy to anything inside I find it rather disturbing that the police were called days before for an argument. In our Big Pharma society scripts are easily accessed that could dope a person to the point of compliance. In other words there would be no fighting back should someone place you face down in a tub of water. A person could wait long enough before trying CPR as to realize there's no turning back. Why not do it near the anniversary of a mother's passing in the same manner. Married just before inheriting millions then 11 months later a tragic unfortunate accident … who stands to inherit those millions now? Wow, a writer couldn't come up with a better murder mystery. Perhaps the mother's death was just the beginning of an elaborate plot…what a twist …have the murderer be someone trusted by the family as one of their own for many years. Did I see this on Murder She Wrote? Very sad story.

  74. And Randy Quaid ran to Canada because the star wackers are after him, he's not so crazy as ppl thought, your dumb to think nothing is going on in Hollywood, people who think they are high and mighty and rich n powerful are actaully weak and powerless I feel sorry for robin Williams he sold his soul for the fame now he's spending eternity in hell, it's not worth it guys…..

  75. Members of the Beverly Hilton's staff who made comments or statements about Whitney's death were promptly fired as that was not allowed. Also there is the following quote concerning the control the Houston family wanted to be ensured of concerning Whitney's removal from the hotel. They were very upset that someone took a photo of Whitney in a body bag being removed from the hotel. Though this may be understandable my question is why they show absolutely no outrage concerning the authorities keeping Whitney's body in the hotel for eight solid hours until the ending of the Grammy parties. Instead the family is thankful and grateful for "the professionalism that they showed". In the meantime fans and strangers have been outraged by the conduct of the 'authorities' in this case. Why is that?? Why are the fans left grief stricken and mortified by the seeming ineptitude or corruption in these hearbreaking cases while family members don't seem to have much problem with the conduct of police and coroners?

    Whitney’s sister-in-law, Pat, spoke with cops that night when she died and with members of the coroner staff. They told her they were going to ensure that no one was going to take a picture of her body on the gurney. The family continues to be so grateful to the Beverly Hills Police Department for everything they have done and the professionalism they have exhibited during the aftermath of Whitney’s death. It was naturally heartbreaking to the family when the photo was published, but they trust that the person who took it will ultimately be held accountable. … They need and deserve to know who took the pictures, and if the person profited from it, according to RadarOnline’s source.

  76. @ CalAsian
    What are you talking about Bobbi Kristina is the KEY inheretor of the estate, Bobbie will see all the money and its not like the Houson- Brown family is poor. The lady that was whitney manager is Pat Houston aka Whitney Brothers wife. And the person that was her security gaurd was Pat Houstons brother. The family will do just fine, what would they need to be paid off for, many of Whitney family that was of close proximity to her are well-to-do and many of them where not exactly around the moments when Whitney died. Your comment is invalid and shows your lack of research. The only person that will probably not see a penny is Bobby Brown, only the Hostons will see the millions and rightlfully so.

  77. There is another provision to the will as captured in the 2000 amendment. If Bobbi Kristina dies before probate is completed (distributions when BK is 21 and 25) or she turns 30, ex-hubby Bobby Brown and various members of Whitney's family split up all of Whitney's assets.

    So, in addition to trying to pull a Svengali move on her for her potential value as a future artist, this child is exposed to potential danger in other ways before she turns 30. Without question, most of what we say and think is pure speculation. BUT IT IS FOOD FOR THOUGHT. More importantly, the devil is real, and evil is prominently displayed on a day-to-day basis. As well, greed is a common occurrence. May the define forces protect Bobbi Kristina.

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