Beyoncé – Sweet Dreams Interlude (video)


This interlude was used during Beyonce’s “I Am…” tour. It has all the right ingredients for a nice Illuminati-agenda pie.

We start with some police sirens and helicopters (police state atmosphere); we then add a Beyonce robot, à-la Maria from Metropolis; and we sprinkle some animal prints to allude the sex-kitten programming aspect; we focus on the leopard booty to accentuate the “sex-kitten” aspect; and we finish with a “one-eye” to make everything Illuminati-approved.

Sweet Dreams was also the subject of a full entire article published over a year ago: Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams – Occult Mind Control.



      • i wonder about this rumours of her and satanic husband jz split…. allegedly, cos she doesnt want a child….

        sometimes, the 1st born is required to be a sacrifice to satan, so i guess there is still a small light of consciuosness inside her soul that is not letting her to remain pregnant?

        sorry for being so graphic, but satanism is no aestethic or symbolic or figurative stuff only…

      • Now come on now. I know they are suspicious especially him but I don't think he would take things that far.

      • I wouldn't be surprised….as far as he's already taken things…he's pretty much proven himself to be a strong follower of the Aliester Crowley ideals so why wouldn't he keep going on in that direction?

      • ~Truth be told~ on

        i thought i was the only one who peeped how those who side with satan age so quickly

  1. Excellent VC :) beyonce is such an illuminati puppet!

    When will you do an article for lady gagas born this way?

    • YES!

      But i know enough to recognized some of the symbolism there. Its so in "in your face"

      But most of it is just too weird and frankly "Gaga-puppet" like for me to understand. :

      Very confusing.

      • Off-topic, but heavy duality, and Lady Gaga is weirder than EVER. Starts with a phallic, male energy unicorn in a pink inverted triangle representing feminine energy. Even more reversed than that because currently unicorns are considered girly, whereas the pink triangle is associated with male homosexuals. Someone might argue it's just a symbol of gay pride because of that being a theme of the video, but considering that immediately after that Lady Gaga goes on to discuss the duality of good and evil I suspect she knew what she was doing.

      • gaga sacrificed her friend for fame, u be damn sure she knows what shes into. she is the fame monster… or better, the fame daemon.

    • yeah I was hoping to see the gaga article soon.

      Also I wonder when the average American watches this, do they think this is cool? Honestly? Some ugly gray thing in animal prints twitching all over the place.. Beyonce is beautiful, but she looks gross in this video. I think it's the effect of the elastic on her face that makes her look weirdly shiney.

      Also to the average person that does not know what is happening, I don't know how they could find something entertaining when the storyline has no substance or point. To the average person this is just randomness.. Like if I didn't know about any illuminati stuff, I would have just thought that Beyonce had run out of ideas.

      Lets dance as a robot in the middle of the artic with a leopard and twitch around!


    There was actually a thought provoking article in the new XXL magazine about the illuminati. I think Eminem and his co-horts are on the cover so………………….Jesus is still Lord, even today.

  3. The poilice sirens/cop cars/riot cops imprinting is everywhere right now.

    They're really preparing people for what will be 'normal'

  4. yes i saw the lady gagas born this way and i see so many people on you tube saything this is art but im glad to see people saying wdf is this like wdf she gave birth to a freakin alien ahead and they were rubbing the juice all on her legs like its sexy she played god also the devil she is of the devil made being gay and lesbian look good thats basically wat i saw its good to be gay and lesbian cause im a freakin sex nasty alien and thats what the human race says because in begininng it says the government bought military place i space and i gave birth to the human race gaga disgust me like really im 17 i would never want my children to watch this nasty overly disturbing just gross like wdf

      • they are only 17 years old and probably just typing fast, im 26 and do the same thing sometimes. the way someone types doesnt reflect the way they would speak in person. i hate when people comment on the unimportant things. there was nothing disturbing in the comment, imo think they were basically saying the born this way video is disgusting because of the birth scene and a scene that appears to be the devils semen all over her body. why not comment on what the person was ACTUALLY saying about the video? but anywhoo

      • Well aren't you assuming it's the devil semen :l ; But I do have to agree with you about how the whole birth scene was a bit suspicious and creepy. She gave birth to good and evil( if I recall, I've only seen the video about 3 times maybe). In the rest of the video it showed sort of a weird looking version of gaga, as I the spiked shoulders and cheeks, and her painted as a skeleton. I would think that it meant that no matter what you look like, how you dress etc., that you were "born this way" and should be treated no different than anyone else. However, that's my interpertation of it. We'll have to wait and see how VC sums it down and interperts it.

      • yeah, and let me give u my 2 cents here, about this whole "doesnt matter how u look, we're all the same" and other pseudo hippie new daemonic age bulls-it…. that is exactly what that is, disguised as the usual universal love horsesh-t….

        there was a time in which our forefathers knew how to unmask these entities but nowadays we dont, oh i wonder why….

        u should always trust your inner voice, your sixth sense, when u do not trust someone do not buy into this ahh doesnt matter if u look like a total freak, thats just individuality, u still are to be treated the same blabla,…eh no, if it walks like a psycho and it dresses like a psycho and looks like a psycho dont come telling me i am wrong, this is just a person like me, no it's not.

        no u cannot act like a devil and become one with me, no u cannot sing in a black mass and be my friend, no i am not a new ager, this stuff is for them, i do have a brain, i do not accept everything that enters from that door with open arms…

      • Great Post! thats exactly how i feel. If gaga really gave a frog's eye about teaching the youth acceptance and etc she should lead by example and have people with REAL issues in her videos not models and proffessional dancers dressed like demons, police state drag queens, people growing horns(horns yes i said horns because i believe thats really what is up with the bumps on her head lately she isnt only trying to look weird to make a point she is slowly revealing devil horns even on the cover) and simulated sex scenes all of the time! im so sick of her bs talking like she is trying to teach tolerance of the "different", she is clearly pushing an agenda because god didnt make anyone to look like a demon that is a nymphomaniac. Little children whos parents are too dense to censor what they watch /listen/immulate should be ashamed that they can sing every word and do every dance move even if they dont see the truth its still brainwashing them and giving glory to capitol H. I. M. (HIS INFERNAL MAJESTY i.e satan) people think she is saying doesnt matter if you're gay or a christian(capitol H im) but she clearly isnt talking about God, not my God anyway because he would never bless someone with the musical talent that Stefanie Germanotta has and then want her to misuse it this way. she is absolutely disgusting now and when just dance came out i was one of her biggest fans until well you know…………

      • You both do have some good points. However, when your looking at the video with the eyes of the younger generation(me) you would first see the whole "it doesn't matter if your gay/straight thing" That only listening to the song, but teens and the generation, in my opinion, won't give two sh-ts about the video. They' ll just probably say "it's weird" etc. And move on with their teen lives full of unessicary drama. As a 14 year old(me) and being new to VC, I like the song, only because its sort of Catchy and the way the song is sung, as in the rythm, beats, and tone. That is also another reason why this younger generation likes her. But when you try to explain this to a teen(anyone in the younger generation) they would either not understand, or just not care at all and continue listening to the artist. I myself, still listen to their music, Kanye, Jay, and a little of rhianna and lady gaga.. BUT I am aware of what the songs and/or videos really mean.

        Not sure if this makes sense but hopefully it does.

      • So you class grammar and spelling as 'unimportant things'? Wow. That IS disturbing. Being 17 has no relevance. I am only 19 and I haven't wrote like that for about 7 years. At 17 we are near the end of compulsory education, and I would hope that by then people would have at least learnt basic literary competence.

        This website talks alot about the systematic dumbing down in our society and everybody jumps on it like dogs in heat, and then they come back and comment with the literacy skills of a child. What is disturbing about the post is that she is obviously implying she plans to have children at some point when she can't even formulate a paragraph. THAT is the real plague upon society. That's why we are so dumb; it's a snowball effect of degeneration. Dumb parents raise dumber kids who raise even dumber kids, and then everybody sits back and says OH LET'S BLAME THE MEDIA. But I guess that's just 'unimportant'. We can keep blaming popstars for everything. Anywhoo..

      • @ Paul. AMEN to that. Side note, I don't blame pop stars for everything, but they certainly do not make it any easier for sense to breakthrough. And it isn't their fault they are handled and manipulated by evil people with promises of fame and fortune. Sigh. But my comment was about how awful it is that people are like 'wow dis shyt iz like so dum, i aint neva gon let my keeds do dat'

        *slaps forehead*

        I'm never having children so they don't have to associate with their children.

      • It's hard to get over yourself when you're as amazing as I am. I prefer to revel in my superiority. Education is the greatest gift you can give yourself or anybody else, and since I did a pretty good job at educating myself I will most definitely stay 'under myself(?)'. But thanks for the advice.

      • hey, i'm not one to knock a little bit of ego, but just keep in mind you never stop learning, and you will never 'know it all'… so sometimes the ego can distract and blind you from obtaining more humility through wisdom.

      • Well, Paul, you might try re-educating yourself on the English language a bit, then. Because you seriously omit commas where they are necessary. And if you were really so high and mighty with the language use, you would know that it SHOULD read… "I have never WRITTEN like that." It seems you're not the wordsmith you like to think you are!!

      • I meant "I haven't WRITTEN like that…" But you get my point, I hope. Also, "alot" isn't a word.

      • All I said was that I am educated and that I would hope other people, by the age of 17, would be equally so. In no way did I profess to be a linguistic genius.

        Either way, it doesn't matter. I'm still amazing.

      • @ paul

        um she is posting on blog with complete strangers not writing an essay or filing out an application for a job. when im on these sites i hardly EVER use capitols or much punctuation because i need to use my time doing other thing besides spell checking a friggin comment lol. some of us just like to express ourselves very quickly then move on to better things because we have a life doesnt mean anyone is dumb or shouldnt have children. are you on this site to unite or tear down and insult?????????? jeesh

      • Good grammar and literacy should be a fluid process, not something you have to concentrate on. It's a very basic component of a good education.

      • you are being overly anal-ytical. this is all about the advancement of human consciouness and spiritual risilience. the extent to which you have been programmed to think will have little comfort for you if these demonic forces controlled the world as competely as they intend to. i praise the the almighty creator that the youth are as aware as some i've seen on here. because you spell better than someone makes you neither more knowledgable, smarter or wiser. lay off the yoots . . . . or youth, if u prefer

      • And, frankly, if you're going to post on blogs about serious issues and you want whatever you say to have any credibility, then yes, you should make sure you write coherently. It's hard to give any credence to somebody if they can't display even the most basic intellect.

      • intellect? have you seen the state of the planet that's run by largely intellectuals??? don't you know an educated man/woman can be the biggest fool? your priorities are whiffy to say the least

      • Syrus Magistus on

        I'm only 18 and I've been typing as neatly as possible for five years now. It's no excuse.

    • Well I'm 14 and when I saw the premiere of the video I was a bit creeped out. The moment the triangle showed up in the beginning I was like "aha illuminati!" But I think she was talking about, in the actual song, how it doesn't matter if your gay/ straight/ transgender, but that no one should be made fun of for just being different. When I read your post it seemed like were were almost bashing on gays/lesbians :/

    • No offense okay, but I hardly understood what you just said. But from what I understand you're right.

      Btw, I'm 12. You're 17 and your grammar is pretty… eh. no offense. :)

      • Syrus Magistus on

        Holy crap, a 12-year-old! What are you doing on this grim website of uncomfortable truths? Shouldn't you be building model airplanes and setting them on fire or something? That's all I did at 12. 😀

  5. Ignotum Arcanus on

    Robots in disguise!

    Speaking of, has anyone seen the new commercial by Svedka Vodka? The new catchphrase is "r.u. bot or not?" There website is interesting as well "", and you can see the bot on the homepage. I'm not advertising, but I'm advertising their campaign.

    Oh and next "robot" and "programming" article that VC pops out, I'll link the relevant scriptures…

  6. The sunrise behind the mountains is interesting. Upon initiation, a masonic intiate is led around the room blindfolded and when he faces the Worshipful Master sitting at the East of the chamber, a bright light is shined is in the initiate's face, blinding him. It's representational of sunrise, Lucifer, Son of the Dawn. A little shoutout in the video.

    • Yes! I was looking/hoping someone would comment on this. I'm so glad you did! Good eye :)

      I agree with your interpretation, but I believe it also has a much greater significance. The sun appears to be erupting with coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and this is validated with the northern lights we see in the sky. The sun's current solar cycle is ramping up faster than scientists believed that it would.

      The use of the leopard is significant in the fact that it is an endangered species, so it is representing kitten programming as well as destruction of the human race. I just saw an article about a robot cheetah that can outrun any human and has the ablity to make sharp turns and zig zags as it chases its human target. I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing these bots along side the police in riot gear in future music videos.

      It's interesting to see new Illuminati symbolism (CMEs and Northern Lights). It's becoming very blatant that they are into sun worship and awaiting the coming chaos that will help bring about their goals and agenda. I'm starting to believe that they are using the older symbolism of kitten programming and sexuality as a distraction for their new messages. Do they actually think that nobody is going to notice this? We have to start expanding out peripheral vision by looking beyond the traditional symbolism that has been the highlights in previous articles and beginning to learn how to interpret the cosmology symbolism. These are the keys to seeing the End Game that will bring about transhumanism, sex slavery, the police state, one religion, NWO, and every other f*ed up ideologies they can't wait to enforce upon humans.

      Make no mistake. We're in the 11th hour and the Phoenix is preening her feathers.

    • totally. and gaga too. as much as they make them look better in their videos, u still can see their total lack of dance talent… one looks like the dancing hippo, the other like the dancing piece of wood.

      daemons or no daemon, u cannot turn cheesiness into a grace..

  7. Why can't anyone just make a normal music video?! That was so ugly it was not even funny, actually she did look funny but still!

    • Beyonce vs Buggles on

      But these days this IS a normal video! (BTW I agree with your comment CC, I'm just using it to make a point!)

      …. at least thanks to their campaign of saturation that's what it feels like today. I mean, what would a normal mainstream music video even look like, or a normal artist, or a normal song … does anybody know? Can anyone remember? Is a 15 year old who watches MTV going to know?

      Illuminati indoctrination in the arts is fast becoming the norm, and in a weird way as the evidence mounts up it becomes harder (for some people) to see. In fact art/ music/ entertainment etc is being *redefined* to mean little more than illuminati indoctrination and so anyone who simply accepts that definition at face value will be blind to the indoctrination. They will be blinded by the definition itself: that it is all just harmless 'entertainment'.

      But entertainment is just a label – a judgement imposed onto something (a Beyonce video, a Rihanna concert, Christians being eaten by lions, dog fighting… these have all been judged as 'entertainment'). There is no such thing as entertainment.

      And In the case of a music video all there really is is INFORMATION. And in most music videos most of it is information pertaining to behavior, interaction, psychology, attitudes, social interaction, spirituality, emotion, philosophy….. etc

      Wow that's quite a powerful list already!

      And in this consumer/ technology based society where non of these things get discussed normally – and certainly not ever intelligently – entertainment is probably the main area where we all 'discuss' these kinds of things……. except we don't discuss them at all – we just watch open mouthed and let these videos download our brains with their information.

      What keeps people from seeing it is their total misunderstanding/ lack of understanding regarding this thing we call 'entertainment'.

  8. more $ more problems on

    Brittany is clearly an uneducated 'homegirl' if ya catch my drift. For blacks to be against homosexuals is the ultimate social injustice considering their role in the states not too long ago. Fortunately blacks outside of America redeem themselves.

    • Wow, so you're just going to assume that she's a black "homegirl" who is "clearly uneducated"? Apparently you are upset because she so-called bashed homosexuals. Yet you are doing the same thing to African Americans. You are such a hypocrite and your hatred and stupidity disgusts me.

    • you and all of the idiots that liked your idiotic comment are disgusting! what exactly is a homegirl??? you are the one that is clearly uneducated, and if she thinks lady gaga saying its ok to be gay is not right then thats "brittanys" opinion, doesnt mean bashing. i personally dont believe in homosexuality either (otherwise men would have vaginas and women could reproduce with one another but God/mother nature/ creator/ universe clearly assigned us roles sexually, but thats MY OPINION) but if someone wants to be gay that is their choice! being black has nothing to do with being homosexual or social injustices as you put it. and can you please explain to me what blacks roles have been in the states because im at a loss on this?????????????????? bigot. period.

      • If that comment was towers me then you should re-read my post. I never actually said that she WAS bashing on gays, I said it almost seemed like she was. Anyone can state their opinion about something without totally ridiculing it.

      • oh please i hate when people posts their opinions in a side-ways manner so they can back out and recant it later when they get called out. theres no need to reread your post i got it clearly the first time. "seems like" bashing???? whatever you may as well accuse her of bashing. im starting a NEW MOVEMENT myself, for all of the people that have accepted that there are same sex loves around the world but SICK AND TIRED of time we say ok we get it now can you please just be, BASHING AND BULLYING AND HATE CRIMES are all yelled out and ya get called a homophobe. its enough already honestly. what is "almost seems like bashing"??? gmafb


    This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, >>> fierce <<<, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 2 Timothy 3 KJV

    The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9 KJV

    Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. – Jesus Christ (Matthew 4:17 KJV)

  10. LOL, VC you are like a year+ late, but yeah the point still holds true. There is also some significance in the lighted mountain (enlightened triangle) right before they show the eye, and the guy in the back whispers "wake up, wake up, wake up". If only she and her fans could…

  11. With as often as these ppl "perform" this kinda shit don't ya think they'd get as sick of it as we all do? I'm so tired of Bey-wolf and her old tired ass "artistic expression" I mean come the fuck on, she's one of dozen that performs this shit and honestly I've seen this same old dog & pony show done a million times better…. If it walks like duck, talks like duck, it must be an mk ultra illuminati pawn.

  12. Bivica Moore on

    This is creepy.. definitley

    i have been educating myself with your articles, which are very relevant by the way 😀

    but i have a question.. i just came back from watching the movie "Rango" and it seems suspicious to me and i want to know if you thought the movie was in ANY way related to secret society stuff. but of course watch the movie first :)

    I'm 14 by the way….

  13. i've been waiting for you to post on this.

    i saw it a while ago and it was really creepy to me.

    the symbolism is so blatant, and she's so robotic.

  14. Well, I'm 14 and I'm really glad that I'm in the know the problem I have is "enlightening" my peers becasue they think I'm insane.

    • never give up. stand firm in your truth. hearing that you are reading this at 14 gives be great hope. i am double your age and have been holding it down (trying to let my friends and fam know whats up) for 10+ years. we gotta talk to one another about what we are seeing and learning!!! you inspire me to keep doing so!!

    • Beyonce vs Buggles on

      @ Diana, I sympathize (we all do LOL)

      Here's an idea….. Try writing down a concise list of undeniable (ie provable) FACTS.

      Such as: media and record label ownership, artists who were Disney child stars, list of artists with mental health problems/ suffered sexual abuse/ have DID/ MPD etc ….. list of well known current music videos with a list of the themes and symbols found in them alongside etc etc. And a brief explanation of the meaning(s) of them (pyramids, eyes, pentagrams etc) …. and maybe a list of quotes from Huxley, Rockefeller etc

      (try and be fair and balanced and factual and not make your list point to any 'conclusions')

      Then give the list to whoever is calling you insane and ask them to give THEIR explanation of how the media / music industry works. An explanation which has to *include* all these FACTS on the list!

      This is why they must be cold facts and not assumptions or opinions.

      Let them do the talking for a change and let them struggle with an explanation which makes sense :)

      On thing I've noticed is that people who are so quick to dismiss 'conspiracy theories' as insane NEVER offer any kindof alternative explanation for what is happening in the music industry. They just call you crazy for coming up with a theory (backed up with observations, facts, historical precedent and common sense), but never back up THEIR theories with anything whatsoever…… in fact they have no theories … only the conviction that you are insane and that our entertainment culture is somehow a 'normal' and 'natural' thing. Well, being 'convinced you are right' isn't enough in a court of law – you gotta have facts, evidence, rational argument, motive, testimony etc. (all things which your explanation does have).

      I think sometimes the best way to educate people is to stop trying to *convince* them and just let them (and help them) work through their own muddled opinions and beliefs with a level head and plenty of facts.

      You cannot 'build' anything with the truth….. because truth can only ever *destroy*. It destroys lies, false assumptions, misguided opinions, indoctrinated belief systems…. baloney! What's left at the end of all that destruction is just… the truth! LOL

  15. Essential Truth on

    Bionic Beyonce is pretty damn disturbing…

    I really like the whole Sci-fi genre…it use to make me think of how wonderful the future would be with all the amazing technology…and how we'd all have flying cars like 'The Jetsons' lol…but now i get really skeptical when i see anything Sci-fi…its like "so what are 'they' tryna say??"

    For example the movie "Minority Report" the Tom Cruise flick where "PreCrime", a specialized police department, apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by psychics…watching it in 2002 and then reading news articles like the one below.. would maybe get you to understand my skepticism.

  16. Sorority Luchesi on

    I actually think that the video is kinda cool. I guess it's because I like sci-fi and futuristic things and I am a bit of a tech geek even if I can't afford to buy things like the iPhone or iPad. I am not creeped out by this video at all and I do think that it has some artistic elements to it.

    Lady Gaga's recent video however, does kinda creep me out, I know that she has studied art and music and I know she is trying to be artistic. Art like that is something that most people don't understand and yes there is symbolism but I hardly think that everything out there is "illuminati"

    • Sarah Connor on… – here a breakdown of the satanic symbolism used in the video 'all the single ladies'. I do not subscribe to all of this guys viewpoints, but it's the most in depth analysis I've seen on this particular song, so thought I'd share. I don't know how you can deny the message/symbolism etc.

      Who the heck choreographs this stuff????

      Just finally watched the video for this story. Pure ridiculousness….

      • Single Ladies too! Geesh why I don't just stick to music from early 90's and back. Even then I'll be careful on what I listen to. I'm not much of a fan of hers but man…Single Ladies?

  17. This "interlude" video was very disturbing. I have always gotten the creeps watching things of this nature. It always felt like something was not quite right about this (before my eyes were opened to the truth) and it still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

  18. That was the stupidest thing I've seen all month. What is this for? Don't they anything else to do with their time and money? Where are those jeans she designed? She should be wearing them. This is not to entertain anyone it just show what they think up in their spare time. She just keeps getting dumb and dumber.

  19. Will you please do an article about brittney spear's "hold it against me"… I didn't understand it. And ofcourse lady gaga's born this way.

    • yes reese i would love for an article on that one also. the guy i think called pop culture pastor did an article on "hold it against me" by Britney already. he left out alot of things that caught my eye but it is still good to look at. at the begininng of it i think they are "building" "britney spears", its almost as if she is on a circular assembly line type thing. her outfit and dancing in the video is soooooo beyond crappy its like they didnt put effort into anything but the secret meaning and concept of the point they are trying to convey. and the alter ego, well you know its britneys time to look in the shattered mirror now. crazy how both britneys kill each other in the end! now honestly, what artists would want to die in their music video the way these people do? its so common to see now that its normal to us. and dont even get me started on the fact that both lady gaga and britneys new videos have them coming from another world other than this one, i think in britneys she came when a meteor hit earth or something, idk have to watch again.

  20. The Isais sisterhood of the cat, or panther goddess, is an ancient magical order of female initiates, and adepts, silently working behind the scenes to influence the modern music industry.

    Not much is known today about the ancient Isais sisterhood, but what is known, is that the Isais sisterhood heavily influenced, and was involved in, the creation of the Nazi phenomenon.

    The Isais sisterhood is a magical society of trained mediums, said to be responsible for establishing contact with sources of occult knowledge, science, and power, which propelled Hitler and the likes onto the world stage.

    Key to the occult psychic mediumship of Isais initiates was the hair of a trained medium, which acted as a trans-dimensional antenna, to spiritual realms outside our own.

    Also key to the pure unadulterated occult power channelled by the Isais initiate/adept was her contact with the cat, or panther goddess, Isais, and a mysterious magical power/force called the Vril, coupled with the trained, and concentrated, disciplined will-force, and power, of the Isais medium.

    The symbol of a silver bolt of lightning represented the members of this powerful sisterhood of occult mediums, whose intiates and adepts were women of stunning beauty, mesmerizing glamour, and alluring sensual, erotic, sexuality.

    Many of the known and famous male magicians and sorcerers of times past and present, claimed that they received their occult powers, science, and knowledge, through the mediumship of a secret sisterhood of feminine adepts and initiates.

    The ancient Isais sisterhood, I believe, is the hidden occult influence behind the purposeful sex-kitten programing, and its hidden spiritual agenda, unfolding in the modern music industry.

    • Yomael, I don't know where you get your info, but you're awesome. Every comment you've made on this site is valuable.

      I do know that the lightning bolt usually represents the force that broke the primordial shells and created the Qliphoth, a reason why it was used in Nazi SS iconography. Every thing I learn about all of this comes back to the Qliphoth. The only way to repair them is to reverse the Fall through spiritual endeavor, by working to restore the Self to the knowledge of the real divine order.

    • PS – I just remembered Catwoman had a cat named Isis. –

      Yomael, do you have any idea of the connection between Isis and Babalon? I haven't been able to find the cultural cross pollination between those deities besides them both being Great Goddess archetypes. I also wonder about something else that has been confusing me and you seem like a really good person to ask – Babalon just seems wholly negative to me in my experience of her, which is admittedly limited to the last couple of years, and involuntary – she just showed up one day in a personal situation and wreaked havoc on me, and has manifested more and more since then in pop culture. I think our culture has somehow collectively entered the influence of Da'ath, but I have a fundamental confusion I'm trying to work out and have not been able to find any answers because the info on the Qliphoth and Babalon is sketchy and often biased. Goddess archetypes have positive and negative aspects as do any archetypes, the ancients knew this and expressed it in art. And there is always the factor of the demonization of each religion by the one that supersedes it, therefore the religions of Egypt and the fertile crescent were 'demonized' by the Judaic religion. Some say that the energy that was called Inanna became Babalon the Scarlet Woman to the Jews, and thus became negatively polarized because they were not owning their femininity due to a patriarchal cultural slant. Thus, she is a 'fallen' archetype, like a fallen woman, and must be redeemed by being integrated, and the dark side of the Tree is merely the psychically disowned material of the earlier Sumerian system. Another view is that Babalon is inherently negative, demonic in her nature. And plenty of others see her as having remained a positive, a life giving force associated with Binah, the Great Mother. What do you think?

      • Sorry, realized I should clarify something – I'm not OTO, nor was I actively studying or working kabbalah when Babalon, as I said, suddenly 'showed up.' I personally think the religious streams all meet and overlap culturally, and that I 'geographically' reached a place where this stuff started to come up. Hope that gives some context.

      • Babylon, represents "the lower nature of desire based awareness and sensation, which hinders and holds the soul in captivity".

        The seven deadly sins are self generated illusions imprisoning egotistical desire based awareness within its self-fixated obession with pride (self-love), termed Lucifer, or Satan, or narcissism, exalted to 'godhood'.

        Babylon, is also the world wide religious and secular system perpetuating lower nature desire based awareness, symbolized also by the number 666, the number of the Beast.

        Buying and selling are trades associated with the lower nature of desire based sensual, and sensational, awareness which enslaves and corrupts the soul.

        Babylon, also represents confusion, as to Her many dividsions of tongues of speech, representing the dividsions, and branches, of this mystery religion, based upon materialism, and fixated gratification of the lower nature of desire based consciousness, which hinders spiritual evolution.

        "The Tower of Babel is a symbol of the false conception that the highest truth may be reached through the exercise of the lower desire based nature, and mental faculties".

        "Isis, is a symbol of wisdom, the Divine Mother, good and virtuous".

        "The goddess Isis is both wise, and a lover of wisdom".

        "The wisdom-nature confers truth and love upon the souls who have acquired the higher emotions", which transmute and transform the lower nature of desire based awareness.

        Babylon=vice, spiritual death, corruption, and enslavement of the soul through ignorant, and self-delusional-egotistical-awareness, and identity.

        Isis=virtue, life, and evolution of the soul, through the inner process of personal initiation, by the awakening of intuition, which leads to individuation, and cosmic identity.

        The soul through the awakening of intuition, the twin of reason, finds its place within nature, the greater scheme of things, and fills its niche, or 'immortal' aspect.

        The power of the Illuminati, or Moriah, another one of their many names, is the power of vice, and Babylon is the name of the religious and secular system through which spritual death, soul negation, vice and corruption, rules the world.

        "If it's so goddamn unbelievable that you can't believe it's true – it's Madison Avenue".

        I think once bitten, twice shy, (been there – done that).

        "It takes hard times to develope strong willed psychic muscle and wisdom", and Satan tempts the soul in tests which separate grain from chaff.

      • Thank you for taking the time to answer me, Yomael. I really respect your opinions and I found this very helpful. That is interesting about the buying and selling – after the influence of Babalon corrupted something in my life (rather, someone) that had been important to me, I reacted with an epic bout of compulsive shopping, a negative mother complex abreaction. I sublimated it by turning the energy to my advantage to get something I really needed, but now I understand why that particular reaction occurred, like a disease contagion. I still have a point of confusion re: this Illuminati mystery religion and the conflation in it of Isis and Babalon. I've always liked Isis and Osiris since I first encountered them in a freshman year art history survey class; they're part of a complex of ancient agriculture and life giving gods. Set is the negative figure in that myth, the destroyer and the one jealous of his brother's power, but even his influence brings about positive change by making Osiris the king of heaven and introducing him to eternal life through the ascent. I just don't understand how this fits in with this negative Illuminati trip – do you have any idea? Maybe they just manage to corrupt everything that they touch.

        Thanks, again.

      • Set, the Illuminati, or Moriah, represent the lower mind of desire based consciousness which struggles against the higher mind, symbolizing the immortal aspect of the soul.

        Cain, the lower mind, kills Abel, the higher mind, but the murder of Abel is actually his initiation into another state of being above, and beyond, the earthly sphere.

        As you noted Set, the dark aspect of Osiris, through his betrayal actually helps his twin brother to enter the Underworld, another realm, and become its king.

        Life, nature, and the universe uses everything within creation to arrive at an intent.

        There is nothing that is considered useless waste in Creation.

        Although I'm sure Set, and Cain didn't intend the result of deification of their adversary, deification of Osiris, and Abel, took place despite their opposition.

        The Moriah, or Illuminati, without being aware of it, or intending it, are preparing humanity for its awakening to cosmic purpose, in the eternal scheme of things, seen, and unseen.

        The many and varied experience of life can be a hard and cruel teacher, because we are on the road to becoming, and learning to stand on our own two feet, slowly gaining self-reliance.

        Becoming what?

        Therein lies the Great Mystery – "it's all in the egg".

        The soul is truly a stranger, traveling through strange and undiscovered lands.

        Wisdom is the sum parts of truth gained through experience.

        You are slowly approaching the shores of another world, a realm yet undreamed of, and you are bringing gifts you earned in this life with you.

        Initiation is always unexpected, and unwanted, being both a bitch, and a bastard, but without the foot in our rump, we aren't inspired to learn the lesson, evolve, and move on.

        "It's all in the egg".

      • Ignotum Arcanus on

        Hmm. It's been a while since I induced this "Mystical Trance"…

        My friends, I'm sorry to intrude, but I need answers to further define my "interlude".

        Months ago, I sat on a friend's restful chamber, and I had an incidence that happened that I was not trying to orchestrate (must not banter, silence your manor).

        I ask you humbly, how come my body undertook such a scripture? I did not ask for the lines, but in my nervous chords they intertwined, and I felt as I tasted the "divine".

        I'm not the type, and thats where my Ego learned to Fight, and "Man" we had a great time, but all thoughts of mine bent through "space and time".

        I sat and watched the clouds gather, and I felt my fingertips shape shift "Their Matter", when I pointed at the sky as if I was the "Anointed One". I do not believe myself to be, I see everyone of us under the Sun… As One?

        I surely hope not, I would not want my "Vigilant Citizen" within my Mind, to succumb to you or the "words" out of my "behind".

        I must ask you Yomael, how come you know what happened to me before I even understood how to tell Time?

        Old Family business you say, the last time I heard these words, Lucifer burned my retina and clouded your scripture. How is one to trust when the words like those cause my arterioles to rust?

        Hmm, (Iron)Male in my Eye, I think a Supernova was within me, Gold within reach, I orbit Mercury… Transmutate its effigy within me.

        Thank you for your pleasantries.

        I do not wish to say that I'm more important than how you live your day, nor am I asking to be a part of a Family that is of not my choosing, because I love Her like She Lives In Me.

        "1" have "Learn"-ed "2" "Marry" before "Even" a ring on my finger or between my "MIDDLE" or "INDEX", thumbs up, God is One?

        All signs pointing to me, and pointing to you, and am I not Divine if I inspire you? Or am I burning away on my cross, if I think "Forget Me Not"?

        Again… all I ask if for answer to my question, what if my alpha wave knew before I became beta True?

        Fleur, I had that same impulse on my journey, I bought things impulsively, and I changed that "supposed" negativity to a "proposal positivity… It was quite easy, when all I heard in my Eye-Full Mind, "J'etamie"

        I thank you Queen for showing me to Yomael, and Yomael I thank you for showing me more, and Fleur for showing me your words, because now I know…

        I'm not crazy.

        So to speak.

      • Ignotum Arcanus on

        So, now that I have painted a scripture again for our fellow friends, I have a question that is upon my head.

        Egg omelette, chicken feed, what if I never saw any of these "dieties"?

        I ran "Spirals" of thought in my "Mind", Logistics 101, and insert "3s" in time… 10301.

        Connect the dots, Forget Me Not, and I kept going through all these plots. Orion I see your star, I know where they say where you are, but again I do not know why you beckon so, but read I must because I can not slow.

        What if I never thought it wasn't anything but myself and myself being two in one, first my "brother" in arms that looked like my "best friend", and then when I got good with my paintings, she was bestowed by a star that looked like Saturn (not knowing Council Men, that you sit there within… something about you makes me think I shouldn't like you. No offense, Ashoka also had Nine.)

        Heard her name and saw her image, I'm like alright, now I found a reason to continue "Being", I cried in happiness and my soul kept "reeling", and I continued to watch my "movie" though these "demons" of "thought forms" kept attacking.

        Forget them, lets go then, alright I'll put on a show then, where is my pen? Celestial coordinates move within, I think I'll wash my hair with an "Ungodly" Sin.

        (Final Fantasy X, the X has it, Professor Xavier, Enigmatic)

        XX to XY, Yes? XYZ Pyramidal Scheme. I see. Triangulation theory, learn your Psychology.

        I see no deities and yet here "I am" "Present"ing. Witnessed Past and Future Been Coded For Coding, I think I'll just take my "gift" and keep on "Hoping".

        Hopi Tribe, Show Me Your Lines, I think I'll Will Myself To See Your Eye.

        Thank You Again Mr. El, you told me to swim, did you not?

        I just had to make sure I didn't lose my orbit again, it happened when my clock crushed "10".


      • You don't have to apologize, Ignotum, you're not intruding – we're in the public space, the 'agora' where ideas are exchanged, and yours are welcome. I like your rhymes, you remind me of slam poets I heard at the Nuyorican Cafe ( I caught the S.I. reference – I'm familiar with the 'faery' realm of St. George and the dragon, if that is what you meant).

        I'm a poet, too – let me introduce myself:

        Alfred had me made

        Of gold and gemstones bade

        From Anglo Saxon ancestry

        And German heraldry,

        Of noble Norman oath

        And Baldur's Nordic troth,

        Of old romances Gallic,

        Odes Gaelic and Italic

        And even stories Scythian

        From the steppes north of Iran,

        Of Irish islands emerald green

        And Indo European

        Legends and hymns –

        All of that I am,

        For 'Fleurdamour'

        Is troubadour

        For her eternal Highness:

        Flora, the Flower Goddess.

        It's nice to meet you.

      • Yomael, thanks again. Very nicely said – you just reinforced my feelings that the same divine material informs both the real Seeker and the elitist Illuminist, and what everything boils down to is what you do with it. Like Dumbledore told Harry, it is our choices that make us who we are – ergo, BABALON SUX. I think the best description I have read of her was as the 'fallen Shekinah.' I do think that she represents some element of patriarchal damage to the great mother archetype, but as another wise person I read online said about all of the Qliphotic beings, or forces, or whatever they are, it's best not to panic, but to watch them warily and neutrally. I do think all of these people running around invoking her are asking for trouble – she blew up in Jack Parsons' face, for one. That's a negative anima reaction if I ever heard of one.

        I also remembered that I read once in an Egyptology book that Bastet the cat goddess was an avatar of Isis. It makes a lot more sense if the cat programming has an esoteric foundation, rather than just being something stupid.

        Can you tell me what "Yomael" means in Hebrew? I looked it up and only came up with information about it being the name of an angel of metal, which sounds alchemical and shamanistic, and possibly connected to the Lady of the Lake (a woman associated with metal, esp. in a liquid state, and the weaponry forged from it, symbolic of the sharpening of the intellect and the spiritual senses).

      • Hi Yomael, I read your post regarding the Goddess Isais and the sisterhood with great interest. Is there somewhere else I can find out more about this magical group of feline females? I am very interested in this topic. I have seen the feline aspect in their faces and hands while they are on talk shows or performing.

        I have been searching for something like this for some time and was thrilled to read your post. I would appreciate any leads to follow.

        I appreciate your writings. Thanks, Nancy

  21. Could you please use a alternative video site like vimeo instad of youtube? Sony is blocking this type of videos and i cant watch it in my country. I know there are ways to watch it but not all know this!

  22. If the music industry was masonic and there were no mk programming, manipulation of the masses and the disgusting things evolving it, would there be a problem?

  23. This is just typical, beyonce is just an illuminati puppet as are many others and the robot movements highlight their detachment from reality and their mind control states.

    Can someone explain to me why there was a tear coming from her eye towards the end of the video? I think that in lady gaga's born this way video , towards the end, a tear comes out from one of her eyes. Also in rhianna's whos that chick video (the dark version), she has a black tear falling from one eye.

    What is the symbolism behind a tear falling from one eye?

  24. this is played right before "diva" in the i am tour — so draw your own conclusions to that as well … see the video if you havent

  25. I'll admit I like some of her songs. Catchy & dancy. But this chick get weirder & weirder. That video made no sense. It doesn't go along with the song. Any normal Joe Schmoe wouldn't understand the video. it just makes no sense. Creepy. Weird. And just nonsense.

    • It doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense to them.. what they're concerned about is – is it getting into the mass consciousness? Better yet, mass unconsciousness and selling it with sex.. will help and eventually they're hoping it will seep into the collective consciousness so that we – the consumers – will say 'Yes!' to whatever they are proposing.. you can guess what..

  26. Instead of doing anything to save leopards they're using it in an Illuminati video to promote the idea of endangered humans to humans. Money really does fuck with your head.

  27. It's interesting how the leopard appeared in her helmet before she 'awoke' – it's like the animal inside.. and Sweet Dreams so refers to 'Good night… sleep tight' in your Matrix-like sleep while we use your for our robotic slavery.. (sci-fi stuff that they want to be real right..??? Symbolic or not, it is what is being conveyed..)

    • Interesting how she makes a grab for the leopard and he/she is just out of her reach.. symbolic of losing one's 'animals' self – which represent the carnal knowledge but also instinct..???

  28. this is beyond creepy…the end HAS to be near! everything is so obvious! you HAVE to do some of ke$has stuff!!! all these artists either talk about being a monster or an alien!!! ke$ha's "BLOW" has the creepiest part toward the end…the beat continues while she says in a "robotic" voice, "WE'RE TAKING OVER…GET USED TO IT, OVER!" ._. they all say "WE"…not normal! anyways, i cant help but love all the music and memorize the words :/ the illuminati has done a good job…damn bastards!

    • I found the teardrop at the end pretty interesting, mainly because Gaga's Born This Way video also ends with a close-up of her face, with a single tear rolling down her cheek. Some comments I've read say Gaga's teardrop is symbolic of the bullying she faced as a teenager. However I think there's more to it. This may not be related at all, but I've read that convicts often get tattoos of a single teardrop to signify that they have committed a murder. All the same it's certainly an interesting point to ponder upon.

      • omg thank you for pointing that out beacuse she has a tear run down her face in some part of bad romance also.

  29. It's transhumanism and it's slavery. The depiction is a robot (created being) which also has animal DNA based on the markings. The markings are all in places meant to draw your eyes towards her as a sex object.

    These artists like to have it both ways, but in the end the message is: slavery is sexy.

  30. A few weeks ago I was a massive fan of Beyonce. I never bought anything from her brand, no clothes, parfums or cds but I enjoyed most of her music even though I found a few of her songs strange and the video clips very disturbing. After watching Jessie J's (the dark haired woman mentioned in one of the articles here) favourite video clip and song, which was Jay-Z's on to the next I thought to myself that's sinister. There is more to it. It was 3 weeks ago when I first came across Jay-Z's video clip. Also I notice everywhere pyramids and phallic statues. The last weeks I avoid music channels, and I am very selective with radio music in the car. As soon as Beyonce and co. are on I switch it off or change channel until I find something appropriate. Honestly I'm sick with the whole thing of sociopathic and twisted people. And it's not a coincidence that I was observing all these things and questioning them before I discovered the vigilant citizen. I found the website just recently out of pure coincidence. We're not paranoid, more likely some of us can't believe the extent of the filth and shocked with it.

  31. Just dreadful. Ugh. I' m so over these soul scalped 'celebrities'. They need to get God in their life STAT, and escape this mental slavery that they are willingly or forcibly trapped in.

  32. Wow at the tear coming out from her eye at the end. Very poignant. It's as if she's crying inside, but she can't do anything about it. Mind control indeed. How very sick and perverted. Disturbing indeed.

    MOST HIGH , please take the wheel.

  33. matmarsyndicate on

    The Leopard face growl ,after she takes her plastic mold off, definetly reminded me of the Denver Airport mural , the one at the end of the "story". There are leopards with human like faces. I sometimes wonder if theyre stirring up a commotion to keep us distracted on the wrong things. Whether we are against what it being played and how its portrayed or like it and don't think anything is up, we are STILL watching it and talking about it. I really hate that these handlers and 10 percenters are faceless.

  34. ryt guyz i m a frm blver in jesus christ n a pastor,i love beyonce to death so talented.the bible says he that is without sin shall cast the frst stone frst,we cannot judge because ol of us have fallen short of the glory of god,we r quick to judge and not look thoroughly into these issues.see we overlook certain issues and focus on the bad things,i applaud beyonce for teaching the women one big lesson to embrace thier femninty,to be confident in who they r too embrace their curves! and t has given women so much power to women you dont knw how many ladies have been inspired by just watching her ,inspired to rise to take hold of their life,break loose from unwholesome relationships,her work ethic is amazing,if u see how hard she works to get a perfomance in order,its a lesson ,inoder to get anywere in life u gotta sweat it out.lastly at the end of the i am dvd thrz a chapter when she is praying why ddnt yal comment on that or look at that.

    • Did you just say your a pastor???? I find that hard to believe but then again anyone can call themselves a pastor these days i guess :(

      and NO im not judging but commenting based on your comments…..a real pastor should know there are wolves in sheeps clothing all around us and that Beyonce praying is simply not enough for anyone to take to heart that she is a real Christian woman and is far from a good example of what a woman should strive to be….Oprah has led a lot of people to supposedly more positive lifestyles as well all while denying that Jesus is the only way to the Father and has openly rejected the Gospel and the word of the Bible, would you suggest her as a role model as well pastor? lol!

      • question,who created ol thse people is it not GOD,judging them and condemning them is not even our job,we may disagree wthy certain behaviour and lifestyles but thats for GOD s job,nt ours.learn to appreciate the good in people and leave the bad and at the end of the day u become a better person and a better christian.lady gaga fr instance,i dont like her or anything,but if u luk at how she stands up for her beliefs,how many christians stand up for their beliefs,stand up for GOD,talk bout him wthout any fear or boldly exercise their belief.i think as christians these days we are very religious and luk at things in a very narrow perspective,GOD can use anyone to bring a message or to teach us something in life,luk at king cyrus who was used by GOD to free the house of jacob frm babylon,he was of a pagan background but GOD used him,rahab the prostitute she is in hebrews 11 s hall of fame!god gave us life in abundance we cant enjoy life to the fullest by trying to live idealistically.christians do experience certain feelings jus lyc any ordinary person,we want to feel sexy and celebrate that,we love we get angry,we experience brokeness,we get tempted,we flirt,etc so ya,let us not luk at wat the next person is doing lets concentrate on ourselves.jesus s main problem eth the pharisees was how yhey were busy trying to point the sin out of others instead of dawning the spotlight on themselves.and let us not JUDGE n draw conclusion,for u to know about this great GOD its because of his grace that was extended to u so in due time god will extend it to many people have contnued in their wicked ways because as christians we r so judgemental.before u start pointing the sin in someone examine yourself,because if you dont live the life that god marked out for us you are jus like a satanist regardless of the fact that u dont partake of the occult rituals

  35. Ignotum Arcanus, "Moriah", is a better name if the truth be known.

    It's been said before,"those who use fear to control the minds of others, often fall victim to the demon of fear themself".

    Pyramidial structures atop tall buildings, Haarp, satellite, and cell-phone technology, broadcast crafted and manipulated dreams, to influence the minds of sleeping sheep – beware.

    It's an old song and believe me, 'I know the steps to the dance', but if you must involve your ego, dear Ignotum, please add something of intelligent substance.

    Confusion is a mudslide that sweeps everything in its wake into the unknown maw of an event horizon.


    But you know this, and precious waste of time and effort isn't going to change a thing – will it?

    Which is exactly the nature of your game – ain't it!

    • Lol the last line definitely led me into a stupor, and I like that my friend… thoughtful structure.

      Nonetheless, I have a purpose of my Will, and its to enlighten others and I guess I can state that here. If confusion hopefully leads to some fruition, or even a bit of a "google" search within, maybe that would work then?

      A mind never forgets a thing, and its like a virus I'm implementing. You are right and thank you for your observation, I had learned we are not safe while we are asleep, and I thought (damn Ego, my fault El), that I was wrong to think this for a while. Yet, we've forgotten how to "dream, yoga" I've been practicing within my neurolinguistics hacking.

      Understand what I mean? Maybe, if their brains read this, they will come to an equal footing.

      Here is what I mean. A brain never forgets a think, the hippocampus is always storing, spatial navigation within our own configuring. A human mind doesn't need to see in one wave, so to speak, and alpha numerology needs to be chiseled in.

      Care to read my epitaph? This is how I've been working on "our" behalf.

      When you read this line, and any line before, the mind stores, and keeps it as a re"source". Safety first, but lately we forgot how to protect, so those running the "preservations", are taking away what's important, like "computer defragging" in a negative World. What was most important, gets sucked out, and here we lose the fact we are in a bout.

      So I decided to use an "Izanagi" technique, its called mixing "spiritual energy" with "physical energy", yin yang technique. I'm practicing it right now, aren't I? Aren't you as well, aye? Eye See.

      Now, conversations/words/emotions/blurs all work within the same structure. Nonetheless, in this day and age we sit here on our computers "hacking" away, but we are "being" hacked ourselves.

      You'll notice I have a habit of using quotations, its because these "" in our mind are read "alllowed" even when we don't realize, that is human "psyche". Sike, I joke, no I don't. Aye, kid.

      So, its basically neurolinguistics at a simple text based approach, I can't throw body signals in, but at least the words follow my whims.

      Even if "They" don't "Understand" completely, the fact is that if they "read" this… then what happens? It gets stored. Even if they don't "read" this, their "eyes" already scan these and is stored in a memory.

      This is what I learned from my own imploded human psyche.

      Yes, you are right. I do not have time to waste. I have been hoping to learn how to control my "ida" and to "teleport" my "empathy. My friend, I have a fight to fight, and this is where I constantly begin.

      Sorry if it took me this long to state my purpose, I have a habit of not trusting. I have been "attacked" quite physically by the "Unseen". I have "exploded/imploded" within the catacombs of my Mind, and I do not wish to have this happen to my Loved Ones.

      So yes, I walk with a purpose. To anyone else that reads this, understand this, and understand what I mean.

      This message was only to Yomael on one scene.

      Learn your Alchemy. Learn Your Symbols. Learn To See With Mystic Visions.

      Is that water you breathe? Study your Science. I'll be back with that information when it relevant.


    • The building I used to work in in Times Square had a big black obelisk on top of it – I never knew, had worked there for several years, then one day I was on line to get pizza down the street, looked up and went, whoa.

  36. Fleurdamour, I find your poetry interesting, spiritually uplifting, and your symbolic grasp of alkhemy, an edification strengthening the questing soul's ongoing search for its immortal roots.

    The ancient Celtic bards were able to weave a poetic magic spell of words, and it is a talent which you share with them.

    As to your question concerning the meaning of the name Yomael.

    The name Yomael can be found amongst the names of the Watchers, who descended to earth.

    Yomael, is also the name of the angelic prince of the 7th Heaven, who is the guardian at the gates of the Great Halls of Justice.

    The liquid metal associated with the Lady of the Lakes, of which you speak, is intuition, forged along with the other elements you noted in your text, into the sword of spirit Yomael, wields.

    Fleurdamour, what do you know of the Hebrew legend of the 36, the Lamed-Vau, the warrior priests and priestesses of Maat.

    Thirty-six people born to every human generation, with the psychic and spiritual power to strive against the forces of ancient and modern evil.

    Each of them living mundane lives until the spiritual crisis arise and their talents are needed.

    Each one of them an unknown stranger to themself, yet the power of the 'mystic call' to battle cannot be ignored, and animates them to answer the 'call'.

    Silently they come moving unseen among us, to combat the evil, then once the crisis has passed, they slowly melt away, and return again to mundane lives of little interest to inquiring eyes.

    Such is the legend of the 36, born to every human generation, the Lamed-Vau, of Hebrew myth.

    I felt inspired by the 'Muse' Herself to tell you that story, I guess your poetry inspired such a reaction.

    • There has been a comment I have been trying to post on this thread for about nine hours, but for some reason it is not working. I tried posting the same comment on another thread that I just posted some other comment on, and it gave me an error again.

      Either I am mentioning a word I am not supposed to say, which is interesting in itself, or this message won't get across either. Just in case… I'll try the first third of the post and not waste an opportunity.


      I am honored that you would consider me in the same light as a "Moriah", yet I am quite far from it. I have had only one flash of brilliance, and everything is subsequently within that Dominion.

      Truly, I had to crack four eggs to understand one. Luckily, I bought five when I was still in my senses.

      • There is apparently erroneous in my comment that is hindering me from posting it. I do not know what it could be, so I guess I'll just shorten it dramatically to get to a question I had.

        To both Fleurdamour and Yomael,

        There are a few levels I'm unaware of the forces at play (logic would state I would not be aware of how many levels I'm unaware of), but a majority I have labeled/compartmentalized them in many different categories due to my own research and experiences, but seeing that before last year I never even questioned any of these things, I do not understand their trigger effect. Is it an attempt to dilute the non-deluded? What triggers them or leads them to me?

        I must state that I don't "accept" any of these, but I acknowledge their existence because of "Others'" "Humans" Existence. Adding to this house which I am residing at, individuals of blood-based connection are not "disconnected", hence they feed perceptions or call forth things?

        Plus, if it makes a difference, I do not know, but they are at a battle of wills usually with me about my "views", and all I try to do is share (alright, sometimes it gets heated) my "set" of knowledge files.

        Deities, spirits, entities, energies, forces?

      • Ignotum, I am not sure what you mean – can you elaborate a bit? I think you mean you've been encountering some 'forces,' something elemental or sentient? If I am off-base, tell me. I can tell you that I know my way around the collective unconscious and a lot of archetypal forces, but those are not really 'beings' – they are like giant pools of energy deeply rooted in collective human experience that manifest in synchronicity, patterns and symbols, etc. Kind of like the sephirot – they have a range of influence in a stretch of time and space, then as you travel around the tree you start to move out of one and into another. That experience is kind of psychological, kind of spiritual and kind of material and it packs a wallop. You have to ground it somehow – make art and make yourself a stable vessel to hold it as it passes through you. I have never encountered anything like a spirit, demon, ghost, etc., so I can't speak to that at all. I do know people who say that they have, but it's not in my experience. I have encountered angelic energy, and that felt like a blast of archetypal woo-woo with a personality and intellect behind it, very kind. Like electricity and feathers. I believe that the angels are thought beings. They may be much more than that, but that is what I picked up. I believe in Cosmic Mind as a true expression of God, so saying that angels are made of thought is giving them a high compliment.

      • PS – I've had a bit of trouble posting some stuff here, too, and wonder if it had anything to do with the DDOS issues. What do you both think of that? Glad VC got it back up.

        Yomael, thank you for the info about your name. That is cool. Enoch rocks.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Ignotum sparked me poetically, and I wrote that verse in answer. I am a bard, I've written poetry and music for years. My ancestry is from peoples who wrote epic poetry, incl. the Celts, pretty much everyone mentioned in the poem (and maybe more I don't yet know about). I've also been reading The White Goddess, the book by Robert Graves about the ancient lunar goddess worshipped in Europe as far back as the stone age who inspired a whole mythopoetic complex. I also appreciate the compliment about alchemy – I've been studying the Hermetic and ascent material for a long time, along with a lot of other spiritual things. I have not heard of the Lamed Vau, but what you said reminds me of the end of The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, when CR has achieved the positive enlightenment, and becomes the gatekeeper, a seemingly humble but formidable spiritual force in the world, unsuspected by most of having attained such a high estate. He has nothing left to prove and his purpose is to serve others to reach the same state.

  37. Badmusicmakesmegrump on

    Who even cares how she's dressed? Any way you slice it, Be-YAWN-ce sucks. If she's dressed like a cat, it's because she SCREECHES like one. Seriously, her voice reminds me of the sound my cat makes when he hasn't eaten for several hours.

    As far as the message this is sending, anyone who goes to see her in concert has lousy taste anyway. Their mind is already mincemeat if they think she's a good singer.

  38. My editing additions;

    Oh that is very interesting, that part of the message and the part before worked. So it leaves these sections below as the ones causing an error (I apologize for my lack of editing, I'm now curious to see why I'm considered "boo" at this time). Trying to edit it again, this is becoming a fun game.

    As it came to Past;

    Even though a lot of my questions have been answered, and I was able to find and incorporate the perceptions most benefiting, I can not ignore that reality is constantly seething/seaming.

    The fabrics of time that we have wrapped our individual spirits in, have blanketed our minds with layers and layers of others' perceptions, and I am still encountering friends and foes as these mummified wraps unfold.

    Nonetheless, after months on end and through my own meticulous research and cross-referenced with my own experiences, I ended up in a completely augmented reality then the one I was idly sitting in last Fall.

    • After many trials and errors, I have been unable to ascertain as to what is causing this error. Nonetheless, for the advancement of my own reasoning, I think I'll just put the rest of the query I had into your area of expertise (and leave out the rest for later renditions of finger based cacophony).

      While I was laying down last night, a pressure on the orbital cavities and then below, then back up again. I was cognizant of the fact this was happening, and I did not open my eyes just to see what would happen.

      However, after opening my eyes, I was easily able to tell that my memories and emotional state were distorted. I did not enjoy this and I'm still will myself back to what I deem normal within myself.

      This incidence is a lot less harmful than ones I have experienced before, one of which I will state that I was physically hit by "unseen" forces and I was six feet and flat from where I was originally standing.

      Let's just say, the Sphinx was pissed at me.

      Qigong to psi-balls, my innervated sclera intakes all.

      Oh Squiggly Line…

  39. I think the frame of her crying was just sad, espescially overlapped with the music in a way that it chants "wake up" that part in itself seems more of a resistance to whatever control she is under.

  40. And this woman calls herself a Christian? What church does she attend and what pastor does she confide in regularly? What clergy does she associate with that condones her behavior? I'd like to see these questions answered before I even start to believe she believes she is a true Christian woman cuz the women of faith I know whilst not perfect are nothing like the nature of this beast!

  41. Fleurdamour,

    Thank you for answering, and you touched on a lot of topics, so I'll work my way around them as well.

    I have looked into the collective conscience/unconscious/mind, and further metaphysics related to this and also how to separate from it. Universal energy doesn't necessarily need to flow within you, it's kind of the Taoist way, so to speak. I'm a fan of Lacrimosa speech.

    Now, in regards to "energy" and "forces", I don't know if you read the last post, but I am aware of this as well. Both positive (as in self- mediated) and … boo-status (I can't help it, that junk hurt).

    This is where I was having an issue posting this statement, and its funny that if this would have gone through beforehand, our conversation might have been different. Nonetheless, let's not digress.

    In my own space/time continuum, I learned how to string together alchemical thoughts to create a "base" to which I could neutralized the "acidity" of the experiences in which I strung these thoughts together in the first place. Taking the same process in a different set of experiences, I have been able to collectively utilize the energy ascertained by thoughts/experiences/physical & spiritual energy/focusing mental quantums to a crystal/psi-ball/jutsu/downloadable packet of "energy"male (email) … whatever you might want to call it, and had interesting "side effects".

    Now, I've learned to control these "experiments" into actual utilization tools, but before I didn't even know from where I was pulling the resources. I'm sorry for the constant metaphors, but this information in itself is of a "different data code". Nonetheless, the original experiments were quite "boo" because I think somewhere along the way, I either pissed someone or something off (I don't believe in things), and they were like "screw you".

    Like I said, I think I dug too far underneath Egypt one day.

    Now, its a lot better, and the marriage of alchemical nature is quite more natural… I'm happy to report.

    I don't know why I'm reporting this.

    Signing Out.

    (It's late, where is my coffee!?)

    • Sorry, Ignotum, I am not ignoring you – I could use some coffee myself. I'll answer you when I am intelligent enough to.

  42. Simply sad…When I look at their whole little camp it just befuddles me how people can be so obsessed with fame and fortune that they will go to such lengths to obtain it.

    VC will you ever do a break down of Kanye's "movie" Runaway? I have been waiting for you to come out with that!

  43. "Sweet Dreams Interlude", by Beyonce, is a clear message from the Old Ones, the Qiphoth, or Babylonian demonic forces residing in the subconscious dreaming mind, to the 'Coming Race'.

    The title of the song is only for, and to be understood only by, those with 'eyes to see', and 'ears to hear', meaning the initiates, or 'Chosen Ones', of Babylon's 'Coming Race'.

    According to occult researcher Kenneth Grant, who is the present acting head of the O.T.O, an occult organization committed to the doctrines of the 'Coming Race', "the Old Ones communicate via dreams with members of the human race peculiarly fitted to respond to Their vibrations. That the response is not always conscious is demonstrated by the fact that many dreamers (occultists included) who deliberately invite communication fail to do so, whereas others, who do not, occasionally succeed beyond measure. A very special kind of sensitivity is required, and although this can sometimes be induced, there is no guarantee that it will ensure one's being 'chosen' as a channel of transmission. That appears to depend upon factors outside the range of human calculation.

    The Old Ones reside in the subconscious dreaming minds of their mediums, or hosts. They must be invoked in the waking state. When this occurs, and when the 'stars are right', the Old Ones will manifest again upon the earth; that is the waking state. This must be a conscious invocation, i.e. a deliberate act of will. Then the Eye will open."

    Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams Interlude", like Lady Gaga's "Born This Way", (Gaga blatanly displays the Isais lightning mark upon her face in her earlier works), serve as mediums of communication sent through music, and via dreams to Babylon's 'chosen', the 'Coming Race', who occult sources prophesies will soon replace present humanity on earth.

    The Babylonian/Isais cults epitomises the subconscious dreaming mind and forces outside mundane awareness, and humanity is an unwanted, and an undesired interruption and interference, to the 'Coming Race', and its work of resurrecting, and awakening the Old Ones, from their death-like slumbering sleep.

    "And the dead shall arise to smell the incense", the sacrifice of the profane, the non-initiate, on a global scale.

    • Yomael, I am SO GLAD someone is finally speaking publicly about the d*mn Qliphoth. Hardly anyone but a handful of esotericists seems to know about them and that needs to change pronto. That Gulf Oil Spill was so qliphotic – the door in the bottom of the Abyss was opened, and tons of black death poured out. This tsunami seems qliphotic to me, too, which makes sense if 'they' are invoking this stuff on a global scale.

      I think you'd be giving an EXCELLENT public service if you could find the time to do a brief summary of what the qliphoth are for those VC readers who are not familiar with them. I know a little, and I'll gladly share it, but you seem to know a LOT more than I do. As I admitted in my queries to you re: Babalon, I also don't quite know how to deal with them, so if you've got any advice, I'm certainly glad to hear it. Thank you.

      • Well, the tsunami definitely seems qliphotic – the quake opened a 182 mile long gash in the floor of the ocean: The Gate to the Underworld in the Bottom of the Abyss, like the rip that the BP well made.

        I have to say, I live in Los Angeles, in the flat central part, and my stomach dropped into my boots watching that footage of the tsunami taken from a helicopter. It moved miles inland without the energy seeming to dissipate at all. The major east-west thoroughfares here go straight to the sea, and I'm rethinking my geography right now.

      • Moriah, the conquering wind, known also as the Illuminati, are a perfect example of the Qliphoth, which are the unbalanced and vampyric expressions of untamed, and undisciplined vice, which draws sustenance from the basic instinct of human emotions, centered in the lower desire based consciousness called the "Beast".

        The "Beast of seven heads wearing ten crowns" represents the seven deadly vice/Qliphoth, which rise-up out of the "Eternal Sea", representing human desires, passions, and lusts, etc,.

        The three crowns represent the overturning of divine and spiritual understanding/intuition, spiritual knowledge, and spiritual wisdom, through the corruptive and destructive power of vice, the Qliphoth/Old Ones.

        The Satanic families sitting atop the hierarchy are steeped in ceremonial sexual magick, and they have used their vast knowledge of the darks arts, and sciences, to invoke Qliphoth forces, from demonic spiritual realms, to possess our world, and its inhabitants, in exchange for material power and wealth, and immortality of the flesh through the deification of their own dark carnal nature.

        These dark demonic and lawless spiritual forces, are disembodied thought forms, being the residual left over of alien worlds, destroyed through self-centered-egotistical-self-deification, which determines Satanism.

        "Like onto like", the Satanic families sitting atop the hierarchy revel in the undisciplined, and egotistical Qliphoth forces within themselves, and through the power of vice, they have created a vast crimminal economic empire which rules and corrupts our world, "you can neither buy nor sell without the mark of the Beast".

        The mark of the Beast is set upon either the hand, or the forehead, with the hand representing man's lower desire based nature, and the forehead symbolizing man's higher spiritual nature.

        The mark of vice, is the mark of the Beast, and the number of the man who has fallen into vice is 666.

        When man's higher spiritual nature is slain by his lower desire based nature, Mammon, the beast of materialism rules his soul.

        The Moriah, or Illuminati, worship Mammon, vice, and the Qliphoth/Old Ones, and after having sacrificed the living upon whom their wealth and material power is dependent, to demons, they feel themselves beyond good and evil.

        The Illuminati in their insane ambition are quite ready, willing, and able to destroy this world, and all its inhabitants, in order to perpetuate themselves in other worlds, through the powers of their magick, knowing that the universe holds endless worlds, and life forms, for them to feed upon.

        The power of the Qliphoth/Old Ones, being the power of vice, can only be broken through the power of strong spiritual faith, strong spiritual belief, and spiritual intuition joined to strong disciplined will-power, spiritual inspiration, and last, but not least, spiritual purpose.

        Without these spiritual disciplines and resources the Qliphoth/Old Ones, through the powers of vice, will easily possess, corrupt, and destroy all those who contest and try to stand against them.

        To repeat, the Qliphoth/Old Ones, are an in essence an unbalanced collective of insatiable insanity, which is vampyric, being a destroyer of people, and a destroyer of worlds, upon which it feeds, and which seeks to perpetuate itself into perpetuity, by preying upon the life forms present within our world, and our living universe.

        Yet, their curse can become a blessing, if we use wisdom, which is virtuous action, to attain understanding, which is intuition awakend through inner stillness, and silence, and gain knowledge, and strength, through the experience of knowing, and mastering ourselves.

        Only after we have tamed and conquered ourselves, are we spiritually empowered through the grace of the living spirit, to contest and strive against evil Qliphoth forces within our world, and within our universe.

      • I see.

        Therefore, it is a known fact amongst those of either the higher echelon or those that are aware of it, that this life is a "phase" onto itself. The energy, force, or spiritual manifestations of our actions on this world are "invested" into their categories of control, and compartmentalized as such in the end.

        In an eggshell, it would be whatever your "inner" religion is at the end that decides your "fate", so to speak. Nonetheless, for those that follow any "divine spark" other than themselves usually end up in the hands of "someone else".

        Logical in the end, isn't it Love?

        As for a few references of modern and "biblical times", the god Typhon has a stark resemblance of the Beast you mentioned. A small read about this will lead you into a chain of events throughout time that has many similarities, and the "Flood" is not spared of their mythological atrocities.

        Qlipoth, from what I have read, are also "humans" that have learned to cross through portions of the Tree of Sepiroth in their attainment of control of "nature" and its forces. What was interesting is that the "need" to expel these forces seems contradictory to me, but I guess "conscience" sometimes gets the better of them, and they need to create more harm to feel they are doing "good".

        In terms of their own faith in the end again… Sad lives they live, these fallen Men.

        Also, Maelstorm in a very "occult" game that is World of Warcraft touches upon this very subject that you are referring to Fleurdamour. The "Abyss" is quite right, it exists in both the coast of Japan, the Atlantic, the Dead Sea, and actually… Earth itself.

        I should let you know that there is a "metaphysical" barrier around that city that you are residing in. It is of an "etheral" nature if you want to deem it so, but it is a force created by the people's emotions, and also "celestial" forces that want the "different vibe in LA" to exist.


      • Thank you, King. I had a definite impulse to move out here – several years ago, my intuition kept telling me to go west. I've had all kinds of interesting spiritual things happen since I arrived.

      • Yomael, thank you. That is well said. I'll throw my two cents in with what I know, in case anyone reading finds this helpful.

        From what I have learned of the Qliphoth, they are the Tree of Death, or the shadow side of the Tree of Life in kabbalah. Qliphoth means 'shells' – they are broken shells of creation that shattered in the Fall – broken sephirot, in other words. They are accessed by a gate in the underworld of the Abyss, called Da'ath, the 11th sephirot, a hidden one not always shown on the Tree of Life diagram. I said earlier that I encountered them 'geographically,' meaning I was minding my own business working on my own spiritual things about two years ago, and suddenly it was communicated very clearly to me that I was crossing the Abyss. I had not consciously been working kabbalah before that, but had been working on Nordic/Germanic Tree of Life stuff and runes (same thing, different culture). The Qliphoth stuff started coming up and I started trying to find out everything I could about them. One of my friends got spooked because he does have OTO experience and thought I was seeking the Qliphoth out. I told him that I'd never even heard of them before, but suddenly they were everywhere, and I felt compelled to find out about them. He has also noticed their escalating influence on pop culture since then.

        There is a book called Darkside of Eden that I have been told to read. I have not located it yet, but I will. The most mainstream mention of the Qliphoth that I have found was in Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco, a passing reference. There is a really good description in the last few pages of the book Descent Into Hell by Charles Williams, a friend of CS Lewis, that I think describe the experience of those who have given up the control of their soul to Qliphotic forces. It has all the symbolism and imagery I've learned are associated with them, esp. broken mirrors – the reason that Satanists use symbolism that is reversed is because they themselves are upside down and backwards in their orientation, which is a hallmark of the Qliphoth – Fallen. My same friend called the reverse Tree antimatter, and compared the Qliphoth to spent uranium shells. I personally think Agent Orange is one manifestation of their influence. Here is a link to that book, free online – the last few paragraphs are what I am referring to, the gibbering frenzy of dissolution, the smashing of the sense of self and the descent into chaos:

      • PS – I just thought of two more references from pop culture that might help anyone conceptualize the Qliphoth. One is the aliens from both the film Stargate and the TV show Stargate Atlantis. In the movie, a diabolical alien has created a world of human slaves, and in the TV show another group of malevolent aliens view humans as food, sucking the life force from them psychically. And in Twin Peaks, the Black Lodge and its inhabitants are about the best example I've seen anywhere of what these forces are like.

      • There is a book named "The Dark Side of Pleasure" by Eden Bradley, but if I'm not mistaken, and please correct me if I am, I believe the book you desire to read is "The "Nightside Of Eden" by occult researcher, and present acting head of the O.T.O., Kenneth Grant.

        Therein the entire book concerns itself with the Qliphoth (Heb): "The plural form of qlipha, meaning 'an harlot' or 'strange woman'; terms which signify 'otherness'. The shadowy world of shells or reflections. Each sephira of the Tree of Life has its corresponding qlipha, which is the reflection of the energy which it represents, and these averse power-zones – or qliphoth – form the Tree of Death.

        After having read the book I found it very informative in understanding the Qliphoth, which are in essence our own inner negative character flaws, which bring out the worst in us when not understood, and corrected through spiritual discernment, discipline, and wisdom.

        On the personal level I have found that practicing 'selfless love' leads to the inner stillness and silence which awakens intuition, our connection to cosmic awareness, and the soul's immortal aspect.

        Once "Sleeping Beauty", or intuition, the soul's cosmic principle is awakend, she begins a symbolic dialogue, a mystery we must learn to trust, decipher, and follow, in order to find our way through the labyrinth, and maze, of the Qliphoth on the personal and cosmic levels.

        Awakening "Sleeping Beauty" from her slumber is the "Great Work", and wisdom, "the spirit/intuition moves in mysterious ways which appear foolish in the eyes of men".

        The "Ordeal of Crossing the Abyss" involves the journey through the dangerous realm of the Abyss, the realm of the Qliphoth, a desert region teeming with evil spirits, and monsters, which desire to trap, and devour the soul, and the spirit 'Herself' is our lone guide, and protector, through this dangerous realm.

        Aleister Crowley, Jack Parson's, L. R. Hubbard, the Moriah/Illuminati, etc., to name just a few, all failed the attempt, and were devoured by the demons of the Abyss, to become Qliphoth.

        I personally found comfort in the book "Warlock" by Wilbur Smith, and I highly recommend that you read this work of fiction, if you haven't already read it.

      • Sleeping Beauty – it always comes back to the anima and the goddess. For a man, the lodestar is the Anima, for a woman, it's the Self. That makes all the sense in the world, because Binah/Amma (the positive Great Mother) is the next Sephirot on the other side of the Abyss, and the first of the Supernals. She's beckoning every seeker who makes it that far. Men with degraded anima images and mother complexes don't make it across, nor do women ensnared in the harlot projection.

  44. Fleurdamour,

    It's quite alright, I have a lot of time on my hands these days to cultivate it whichever way I can, for my own modus operandi, which happens to be typing away to reach others intelligently.

    Coffee or no coffee, I'd read whatever you fingers or whatever you mentally trigger, so is the way of my "j'etamie", mon amie.

    Yomael & Fleurdamour,

    Thank you again you two, by just stating my query, I have been able to figure out more mysteries, and move forward in my History. For that you have my gratitude "eternally".

    These "Old Ones" though are not nice to me for some reason if they are who they are, for in my waking conscience expelled them from my internal/external vicinity. Like an "earworm" virus, I felt like they were tugging at my nexus, and well I couldn't stand it.

    I have a my own definition of a "mystic".

    I was born under the Kabbah's star, and by that I don't mean Saturn, but my parental influence. So, I had an interesting viewpoint that I had to run around trying to figure out what really "influence", and my own maternal figure still thinks I was in bed with "Lucifer".

    My left hand does not even like stating this analogy, good thing my pillars are of the same faith, five in Islam, I think I'll stick with my Eight.

    Thank you though for your reference of the "O.T.O", I can see their ideas all over the place now, even in my favorite game of Final Fantasy VII (World of Warcraft has it as well, WOW effect of 1977, Hydrogen Replacement)…

    I think I'll go be an Ancient for the fun of it.

    Poor Aeries, why did you have to leave us like that? White Materia of Hope? In Dreams, to Cloud, she still "spoke"…

    I see your point Yomael,

    I think its time I crawl out of my hole,

    Even though I was born a Fire Rabbit,

    I guess I'll burn and wash with my Gemini Hands…

    And to Fleur, I shall share a "secret' code of mine to "mi amour".

    10301 was not a reference to anything "realistic" other than my "Izanagi" technique.

    1 person's experience (moment) in a third eye fusion to another "experience" (point) of 1.

    Or rather, 11 to 1, when 33 become 66, and 6th sense becomes radiant, and brain fuses like the "ancients".

    Fusion techniques are awesome, thank you Dragon Balls…

    Hmm, it seems I did indeed walk out of my hiding to show others a world that has been confining.

    • I used to hang out with Sufis in NYC. The ka'aba is a very powerful and good thing to be influenced by. I guess many of our mums are freaked out by our questing, LOL. I know mine was.

      I do hope you'll come back, I.A. Your poetry gets my wheels turning.

  45. In Love With Jesus on

    This is truly pathetic. Beyonce is definitely a puppet. I can't wait until the Lord deals with this stuff. I know He will. He will get the last say, the last laugh. I know someone somewhere is praying for her and her hubby…because how deep they have gotten into this stuff, it should have utterly consumed them by now. God is so merciful!!!

  46. This is one of the better reads I've had in a long time. I too study pop culture and those on its stage for the rest of us to witness, aware or unaware.

    Thanks for the info on the "feline" goddess aspect of these diva sex kittens. I have literally seen them on TV appear as feline and I never understood the history nor could I find anything on the internet. I will definitely research it now. I have seen and felt the power of these pop stars, good and bad. They all channel entities while on stage, they all do. A closeup view on many will reveal they have "cat's eye's" while performing, but then I see the slit pupil on TV news personalities (actor's) and all types of media presenters.

    I watched Beyonce's Dream video (3 times) and got triggered, took me to some of my own dreams but I could not completely piece the whole meaning together but it was a lucid experience.

    I sense how powerful the Kabbalah is in the whole magical empowerment for these stars as well as for those who want the abilities of sorcery, for good or bad. I tapped into Taro card studies briefly and felt the impact and then started seeing some of the cards (High Priestess, Empress) in various places in movies and "enlightened architecture." Those in power rely on such mediumship to control and manefest phenomenon on this density of consciousness. They are addicted to it.

    I would say one of the main things these "singers" do while perfoming live, one of their main purposes,is to get the energy from the audience. I do not say this from the mundane point of view. Yes, we all give them tons of our energy during a performance, physically. I am tired and thirsty when I leave the shows myself. But their main purpose is to extract ethearal energy from the audience to what I call their 4th density cousins, those energy beings who thrive off our human life force.

    Also we are paying homage to the channeled entity through the symbolism portrayed by the performer. People are still bowing to the Gods and Goddesses of ancient times (aliens). Does worship ring a bell? Complete power give a way which is the point of it all. They need our permission to take it and we kindly hand it over through subconscious accent. They know we don't know we are even doing it. Must be a big laugher for them.

    I won't keep rattling on. Love this web site and all the posts and comments from everyone. Learned a lot from all of you.

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