B.o.B – The Watchers (video)

Dec 14th, 2010 | Category: Latest News | 206 comments

In this video, B.o.B. discusses hidden knowledge, secret societies and NWO.

What do you think?

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206 Comments to “B.o.B – The Watchers (video)”

  1. Isaac says:


    • tOpO says:

      no one feels a little troubled with the lyrics he used, and the way he used them..?

      First he starts using one of Aleister Crowley's expressions, here are the lyrics copied from another website:

      "The same thing happened eons ago"

      I think this is wrongly written, I think B.O.B was talking about an AEON. In one of Crowley's texts he left this: "an incantation proper to invoke the Energies of the Aeon of Horus" (now I'm not going to copy the entire text, first because this comment would be crazy big, and also because I try to keep my self as further away as possible from Crowley) but my point is I think B.O.B is trying to let us know he is not ignorant, also second hint, he says later in the song:

      "As is above,so is below"

      I find this piece completely out of context, but yet is another very powerfull expression.. Anybody remember the baphomet's position..? In my honest opinion this another disinformation campaign, this time by bob, he wants people like us who seek for truth to trust him by saying something we want to hear, but yet he transmits the message they want him to say, using expressions to desensitize one to this kinds of things such as satanism.

      In my opinion B.O.B is not to be trusted, and I find very disturbing the expressions used in the song.. specially the aeon part as this tells me, bob as many others (Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppeling, etc) is into Crowley's teachings.. and if you've done your homework you know you should keep a hole lot of distance between you and him..

      Jah bless.!

      • Sirius Star says:

        The saying as it is above, it is below means that what happens above (in the stars, spiritual world) happens down here (on earth, physical world). It was said by an evil person no doubt, but the quote is very powerful and mind-opening. Peace

      • greymatter says:

        Agreed, Above and below is old as a time itself. But that doesn't mean that because it is said by someone in the dark arts, that there is no truth in the thought. Evil can speak the truth to.

        However, I think it should be clear to remind people that there is more than two directions. There is also a With-in and a WITH-out. You create the world you want to see with-in yourself and within your heart, and that world will manifest outside of you.

      • ~b says:

        "As above, so below." Is the basis of witchcraft and much of the mystery schools… that man is a microcosm of the universe and the universe a macrocosm of man and that through certain rituals, man can unite the two and work magick… its basically an ancient human ego trip that taps into the spiritual world for power. Yet, basic folk knowledge and common sense would dictate that power has consequences… in many cases dire. For the forces that people tap into are many times not very fond of the human race and have thousands of generations of human folly as their guidebook for trickery.

        This guy is perhaps merely very green with this knowledge – as its basically a quick hodgepodge of catchphrases and pouting for the JayZ's of the world – or its a disinfo campaign, which really have the same effect.

      • Angel says:

        No it isn't. The term "As above, so below" is also phrased in the Holy Bible. In fact, it's in the Lord's Prayer: "As it is in Heaven, as it is on Earth." Don't just look in one place for information….and just because something is used by someone evil, doesn't mean that it is evil.

      • Savedbygrace2day says:

        You've gotten it backwards. Its on Earth as it is in Heaven. Occult groups tend to take christian saying and say them backwards in order to oppose or "mock" God. Do your research and be saved by Jesus.

      • team jesus says:

        The title alone is intriguing. "The Watchers" is a chapter in the Book of Enoch. It explains what happened after the angels were kicked out of heaven for siding with Satan. It explains how they bred with humans (nephilim) and how they intentionally shared forbidden knowledge with humans in an effort to corrupt them–basically the root of all occult knowledge and practices. Very interesting…

      • Jacqueline says:

        Excellent, apt, and accurate summary of what "The Watchers" means, Team Jesus. Great job boiling it down to its essence. Thanks.

      • NewCreation says:

        Yup thats the first thing i thought of by the title "Watchers"…. what was it l200 angels who took an oath along with Azazel (The Goat like angel that many confuse for Lucifer)? And that brought about the term scapegoat as a means of someone to blame….the book of Enoch is pretty crazy and even though it was left out of the Bible i think it makes a lot of sense…..

      • Apollonius Dionysius says:

        To what phrase of Crowley's are you referring?

      • anthony says:

        the best way to hide something is to keep it in plain sight. that is a quote from Edgar Allen Poe who was a freemason. thats all they are doing. letting us know whats up while the others are drooling for more of their black magic via entertainment

      • CorrectCon123 says:

        B.O.B. Is a lyrical genious and just cause he produced a song with meaning that you couldn't come up with if your own life depended on it doesn't mean you have to bash him and call him a satanist you blind, jesus loving christian!! There is no god, or satin for that matter, and religion doesn't matter. It's only caused problems since the invention, war, poverty etc. The only thing it "provides" is a sort of re assurance that everything is going to be okay when you die. Your going to live in the clouds with God and be taken care of forever….Really? Who the fuck really believes that??

        Whateva PEACE!

      • tae_chan360 says:

        It's reali stupid of someone to so strongly state what they believe as fact. U dont believe in God or the Devil. That's fine. its ur viewpoint. But dont assume that ur 100% correct. ur only human jus like the rest of us. Never say never either. Cuz the day might come when something/someone does prove u wrong. U jus nvr know. The only reason why religion has been, is, and will always be a problem is becuz of US. Ppl have different standpoints on life. It's just that some dont seem to be able to state their points without coming on aggressively (as u are), in trying to tell someone else that what they believe is stupid/wrong.

      • HipHopSinSter says:

        You guys are way too skeptic, and over-analyzing this song. B.O.B. is obviously talking about what YOU guys are doing right now. B.O.B. is saying not every rapper is part of the evil agenda. That's not how it works.

        "Last time i checked I'm from the eastside, bruh."

        He's saying rappers come from their roots, and think of hip-hop as an art form. B.o.B. didn't get into the industry to become an illuminati agent. He came as a hip-hop artist, looking for people to hear his music. And everytime someone gets famous, they aren't all evil. After a while, when an artist gets famous, then they try to lure them in. A few times, like with Britney Spears, they are already lured in. But this is not the case with B.o.B. He most likely found out about the NWO agenda, and made a song about it to help spread the word.

        When he says, "The same thing happened eons ago" He means the coming NWO, and the age of the Aquarius. The universe is shifting, and people are becoming more open minded, which will all come to 2012. The Mayans originally predicted 2012 to be a mass shift is consciousness, not an apocalypse. But, that was a disinformation campaign to get everyone scared for 2012. The shift in consciousness will be the age of the Aquarius. You see it everywhere, people more open-minded. Look at the gap between generations, how closed minded people were back when. The NWO is to stop this spread of tolerance, by mixing the open-mind with a loss of morals, spread through mass media.

        B.o.B. is not an agent for the NWO, I assure you. He is saying, that not all rappers are evil, but SOME are, but some are just music artists. Also, he means this NWO stuff has happened before, many eons ago, and it has, but you must research it yourself. You people are just being cynics and not opening your mind past this illuminati mind-poisoning agenda. And, aliens do exist, just not in the way we think, but not gonna go into details now. Look it up for yourselves.

        God Bless!

      • A chic Named Slickba says:

        Thank you for clarifying. I agree with your post 100%. I think many of the people on this site are confusing the information and becoming blinded by fear. I don't think they have researched the information, let alone understood much of what is in their Christian Bibles (yes plural, there are many versions).

        I believe many of the readers of this site are jaded because they feel they are "in the know" but have no idea what they think they understand. Just because you read an article that makes logical sense doesn't mean that the you, the person, are logical as well.

        If we suffer ourselves to be blinded by our individual religions then what purpose did our Saviors of the past really serve? Jesus Christ, son of Mary, (pbuh) came before Christianity. Remember that.

        ~A Chic Named Slickback

      • vpn says:

        Aliens exist in what way then? Where can I read more of this?

      • greyfox566 says:

        could u please give me details cuz i really wanna kno wats goin on..

      • JP says:

        when you talk about how he said eons but ment aeons you forgot what he said before he said that.

        "I feel the end, the end is close. the same thing happen eons ago. to know exactly you would have to read up some more."

        did you think he might be refering to how, since the beginning of time people have always thought the end of the world is near or would happen in there life time?

    • gbreeze says:

      What about all these magaicans like David Blaine, and Chris Angel? Are these guys into free masonry/magick???

  2. can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

  3. Isaac says:

    and no one find this….suspicious?

    • Essential Truth says:

      Rappers understand the awarness is going up on the Illuminati's influence in the Music Industry…some of them even say a word here or there knowing it would catch the ears of the vigilant ones…hoping it would label them as conscious rappers or deep intellects…when in reality they aint even scratching the surface.

      I understand there are some people out there who think the NWO Agenda is a Calendar with 90's Pro-Wrestlers posing in it…. and Im not knocking B.O.B's music but half truths just dont cut it….

      To me ….its either your all in with them (Illuiminati) ….or your 100% agianst them…theres no middle ground ..you have to pick a side..that goes for everyone… Rappers, Actors, Singers, News Anchors, Doctors, University Professors, Police, Dog trainers…whatever you are….i know where i stand and i wouldnt let anyone be confused on where that is.

      • fred k says:

        Well Spoken BROTHA!!!!!!!

      • MP says:

        This is some weak half-ass anti-illuminati bandwagon type stuff!

        I'm a new rapper that's going @ illuminati haaard with a mixtape coming in January. The game really needs more legit conscious rappers. I'll give Vigilante the links when they're up and maybe he'll post them, peace.

        Here's a sample of my content..

        Nah check it, I’m jay walking, you whackin off,

        Still talking, you slackin off,

        My games like a tight rope – no slack at all,

        Matta fact my brains like a light-show and after all,

        I’ve been illuminated, I might glow, but I’ll walk it off.

        Yeah homey, ancient wisdom from the Pharoah’s throne,

        I’m skull-fucking these Masons, I call it skull and bone.

        Get it? They receive my penis inter-venous bra,

        They all related by blood, serena, venus UHH.

        Keep this between us, they see us, they won’t leave us alone.

        Man they deceive us, they need us believing what we’re shown.

        The shit they feed us, like Jesus, just leave your comfort zone.

        Your spirit needs it, believe it, if not, too each his own…

        I guess, but more or less you gotta do it,

        Just put your mind into it, be fluid, ideology is just stupid.

        Don’t restrict yourself, just BE yourself, ignore your intuition,

        And you’ll beat yourself UP,

        So don't do it theres more to it than this,

        Get a clue, dont be foolish and think that you exist,

        Only in the physical G cuz realistically,

        There are multiple dimensions dog holler at me.

      • Venus says:

        Hey MP….im not a rap fan, more of a heavy metal girl but i like the direction you're going in…you just need to tweak the sexuality of the lyrics a little..but otherwise..keep it up! Lookin forward to your work! *maybe you can convince some metal musicians to work with ya?…just a thought*

      • MP says:

        Thanks dude. I'm a huge Volbeat fan so I have some ideas for some metal collaborations. Were my lyrics sexual or not sexual enough? Lol, thats a serious question by the way.

        I'd take a pic of Miley's booty but her dad beat me to it,

        Now Miley's sisters takin pictures, yeah her dad made her do it,

        Look into it, at this sickness, its very intuitive,

        Got little kids pre-packaging sex to little kids,

        Now look at this, walt disneys been doing this kinda shit,

        Forever, I remember watchin Alladin with my sis,

        In November of 97 its sad when I reminisce,

        Us not knowing that subliminal messages did exist,

        "Good teenagers take off their clothes"

        What the fuck was that man?

        Oh my goodness I really don't know,

        I was only eleven years old,

        Didn't know what I could know at the ripe age of twenty four,

        Man its like I got twenty more,

        Than my professor at western, he was an expert and said its because sex sells,

        I guess he has less intel, than the pentium chip in my possession, no stressin its show and tell,

        So go and tell your friends to go and google this shit,

        Its public information dog so don't be frugal with it,

        A sex crazed population is what they be doin to kids,

        Making sure they wastin all their precious fluid and shit,

        Like michael jacksons dad, he had to know this is it,

        Ya gotta watch your mental diet, stop consuming these hits,

        Man read my lips im through with this shit.

      • MP says:

        Sorry Venus, I read over your msg kinda fast. I can see that you meant my lyrics were a bit too sexual. Thanks for the feedback metal girl! Peace =)

      • A chic Named Slickba says:

        Wait a minute. You yourself, as a "citizen" of your country are in fact part of the NWO regime. You accept monetary payments from the same banks who support wars all over the world. The fact that they have high profile jobs does not make them automatic illuminati slaves.


  4. Oodz says:

    i like B.O.B. now! im gonna root for you from now on!

    I wanna be part of the army against NWO…

    • Cody Demis says:

      Dude, This video just showed that he is into satanism. He saying he know information but hes not going to tell you about it. That you should stay dumb down and keep worshiping "towers".. whatever that means.. I'm sure hes not referring to building though. Basically he is trying to sound like hes against the NWO but then hes like naw…. I'm also part of it.. B.o.B. is way to shady to be trusted.

      • LoveBob says:

        No he means keep worshipping towers to those stupid ppl like you that dont wanna believe the truth and he also doesnt giv you the rest of the info because just like he said "you know that they watching the all see and stare" they are watching hiim and just like bob marley,mj,and tupac the illuminati will kill him for trying to give out info about these monsters

  5. louiscjm says:

    yo, i recently saw this when he came out with it, the point he is trying to get to you is to be your own thinker, we are aware of what this world has become around us and not distract us from our goals and personal happiness's in life.

  6. Bryant says:

    Im getting mixed signals from this as well. What I got from it was he acknowledge they exist but denies all rappers are initiates and/or puppets. I also dont know what he's saying at the very end – sounds questionable though. Bear in ind this is a mixtape joint so it may be free from management oversight, so its possible hes trying to genuinely speak freely.

  7. Rufus says:

    @facebook.com/harolddwight: I wish we could but this is some serious stuff.

  8. @loverosebloom says:

    I love that there are artists in every form who tell the truth regardless of how controversial it may be; however i pray he keeps this same integrity as an artist because he is on the upside now,and this is exactly what these societies do, build u up to tear you down. Either way, Way to Voice it B.O.B.

  9. kind awakening says:

    a detailed breakdown regarding B.O.B music videos – http://bit.ly/gbmzj0http://bit.ly/i04nlb

    • Oodz says:

      now im confuse…

      • Mosby says:

        I don't trust none of them ! You can tell he is probably more illuminated and more clever than Jay-z.. Yeah he is spitting knowledge alright, just for the wrong side. The video you posted pointed out a lot of things I gathered but wouldn't have been able to put in words ! We need to stop being so gullible ! This is probably one of the most dis-informative videos thus far. The most dis-informative artist period. I'd like to think we are hating on artist and it's all a lie. Truth be told if it wasn't for the monster thing ( baphomet) & all the ok signs we see from hundreds of artist this would be hard for me to believe as far as the artist being in the knowing. I'm thankful I have my own eyes to see and ears to hear. Wake up people ! This guy is a jerk !

      • LoveBob says:

        stfu!!!this is not a dis-informative video…he made this video for idiots like you who dont wanna believe the truth…OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

  10. Danielle says:

    Hmmm…I don't know. Is he saying don't read "NWO" in everything you see the entertainment industry do?? Or is he saying that you should be aware and do your own research and not just take the word of others?? Who knows? I feel like with him and any other artist, you just have to wait and see the cumulative results and impact of the body of work they produce. So, we'll see…

    • Oodz says:

      he might be saying that pips should not be afraid of 2012 end of the world for it might build chaos… and that the NWO won't be much effective if pips are in-the-know before the government or anyone imposes something or anything… but if you are to do your own research but not take the word of others, how can one get the right decision or choice? who should one trust?

  11. We are The Watchers, says:

    Strange and suspicious. He is telling the truth, but yet he is trying to lead us away from the truth.

    Either is is confused or he is trying to confuse us.

    LOL! You would think he would have enough money to make a decent video.

    BTW, why would he "rock the boat?" He is lucky to even be in the music business.

  12. vyyruss says:

    I agree, I'm gonna reserve my judgement. He's telling us to think on our own. Which I've always encouraged people to do. I agree with that. But then he almost discredits any claims against rappers saying that we are out to divde them up or that we are against hiphop. Which is not the case, I'm just against whatever it is that is being represented through the music. Hiphop is just a medium and if it wasn't through rap it'd just be through something else(and it through other mediums). Either way, it's possible he's just feeling threatened by the movement, or maybe he genuinely is passionate about speaking out against what he feels is wrong. It's hard to tell by this one song, it doesn't give you a clear view either way.

    • Oodz says:

      hmmm… maybe the confusion is to prove his point… he is trying to tell people what is really happening yet he is telling us to have our own mind and not just trust what others (or he) say/s. because we if immediately believe him and trust what he says w/o research then he would be just like the artists controlled by the illuminati.

      • vyyruss says:

        Good point. The important thing is to think for yourself. Ask questions, poke around, look for stuff, there's nothing wrong with being suspicious of what kind of music you let into your mind and the message it's bringing with it. Music is designed to bypass your logical thought anyway, keep an eye out, I have a feeling we'll be hearing from him again.

    • ButtaFlyy says:

      THANK YOU!!! I just heard this song the other day and even after repeating it over and over, I still can't tell if he's for us or against us. Kind of like Lupe's 'Beaming' song and video. B.o.B goes back and forth all of the time so it's hard to tell what his convictions are. Listen to his song 'F*ck The Money' with Asher Roth. He's saying the same type if thing.

      BUT, the one song you need to hear where he is actually spitting top secret government stuff is 'Dr. Aden'. WHOA!!! That song is DEEP!!!!

      • GAbrielle says:

        Have people learned anything from VC, i didn't even see the video but when does the "machine" let people talk about them and want a positive outcome. I am 90% sure he is a disinfo agent like Glen Beck and Alexjones-they SEEM like they are on your side. you cannot make in the game big without selling out, they will "Lauryn

        Hill" you before they let that happen. Don't you get it???

      • Justin Case says:

        I always wondered what happened to Lauryn Hill. I remember when Jewel spoke out when she accepted an award (can't remember if it was the vma's or grammy's) at an awards show. I remember her saying to think on your own, to stand up for yourself, what you see isn't real, and some other deep shyt. Then the mic all of sudden cut off, next thing you know her career is over.

  13. We are The Watchers, says:

    Well said Vyyruss and Oodz.

  14. vyyruss says:

    Yea it's on a mixtape, so, this is his own views more than likely. Question is why would he do this in the first place? This movement covers such a small demographic of his fan base that doing this on a mixtape is the only way he can truly directly address the issues, if he did it over an album the mainstream would get in on the movement too, or maybe even do more research into what he's talking about so he couldn't make a song like this on an album even if he by some miracle got the green light from record execs. The only reason I can really see him coming out with this song at all is because he feels this movement is really stupid and he wants to speak out against the people who he feels are wronging his rapper buddies, he feels threatened by the movement, he is being paid to do this, he is trying to target the people who don't have a lot of information on the topic but were starting to follow the movement and have them dismiss the information about hand signs and rappers being masons as untruthful. Either way it's hard to tell looking forward to his next video, we'll see where he stands in time.

  15. brett says:

    He does say some good things in there, but then says some big generalizations that pretty much leave the conclusion that you are misinformed if you believe hip hop and artists of hip hop have anything to do with freemasons NWO etc. So I would say that he's either he is aware of the truth that some of them DO know and is trying to dissuade people against realizing it, or he just is unaware of who is and who isn't…it is relatively easy to be friends with someone and keep secret major parts of your life from them, so he might just not know them as well as he thinks he does. If you ask me, some of the coincidences for some of the artists are way way way beyond the realm of plausible coincidence or ignorant imitation of things that seem "neat" or whatever. Definitely a wait and see situation as of now, leaning as of now, definitely more towards the disinformation side of things…or at the very least "confusion/unawareness."

    • brett says:

      Ya know what, on second thought, my first reply was more logic based and I naturally want to trust and like people,… but I stopped and felt out the feeling/energy of him and I don't sense any real concern for others to grow or any real positivity behind this guy or in his song…It's all way too cold and cerebral, he might just be naive, but I sense too much hidden nastiness in him to believe he honestly gives a shit or is trying to help others. I don't trust him, at the very very least he's just clueless and in his white shadow…but I am almost 100% positive he is on the take, so to speak.

  16. hmmm… quite hard to say.

    But one thing i do know is that Tupac was against the illuminati and tried to expose it, thats why they (including him and MJ) all die. ='(((((((((((((((

    i would always love tupac… :'(

  17. ohhh yes, and i LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON TOO!!

  18. Consent says:

    His allegiance is with the illuminati. Notice the video ends with him giving the all seeing eye. This was basically done to confuse/play on our minds.

    • Consent says:

      Also a line from the song…"I'm a resident of pluto"

      Pluto= underworld in occult

      • ButtaFlyy says:

        I was trying to figure out the Pluto reference. Thanx for clarifying :)

      • Agaetis says:

        Yeah, he's in the Entertainment Industry (Pluto), therefore he is classified as a "Resident" .. doesn't mean he's actually WITH them.

        … and honestly, what if we were all wrong? I mean, tell me, what proof (other than symbolism/lyrics) do we have that prove these certain Entertainers are with "them"? If you consider symbolism to be concrete proof then.. lol.. :/ It's questionable, no doubt, but still… If a lot of these people were actual Satanists and mind-controlled, don't you think by now something would've leaked out (whistleblowers, actual survivors, etc) that proves it all? Yet, there's nothing. I'm not saying that Vigilant is wrong, his analysis' are great, but we should all keep an open mind on EVERYTHING.

  19. AF says:

    B.oB a very smart dude,you can tell by his lyric.to me he not going to let people get a read on him and where he stands.then again he rolls with T.I and t.i former friend alfamega expose t.i saying he shouldn't never been fucking with that secret society shit.

    eh just trying to make some connection

  20. he shouts out Grand Hustle (T.I.'s label, thats owned by WARNER label) = illuminati money

    so this ngga is just trying to cofuse people, he knows whats popular right now( truth activists/ truth movement)

    so hes trying to get some attention. what a Lame

    • AF says:

      he with grand hustle label.

      he might be trying to use the same tactic that rick ross and jay-z did(look this song up,free mason).some of these rapper and just making jokes out of the illuminati while real people are taking it serious

    • yuppers says:

      That's his label you fool.

  21. wrongwolf says:

    Hard to tell what he is meaning to say.

    But to cut to the point, we all need to wake up and get educated. PERIOD.

  22. marx teh killuminati says:

    wowzagowww :I

  23. creepmode says:

    kadosh kadosh kadosh adonai sabaoth.

    don't let this guy, and others like him, ruin and scare you away from the tools.

    the symbols are tools and tools are just tools. the sun is the sun, the moon is the moon, a pentagram is a pentagram. nothing evil in and of themselves.

    one can use a screwdriver to build or to stab someone. but no one's making movies with scary music in the background about screwdrivers….

  24. Grizz says:

    I don't know…

    If you quackin' i got no choice but to call you a duck… ya digg?

    He chanting New Age Kabbalistic Mantra's on his songs and then in THIS VIDEO he's a weird ass piece around his neck that kept drawing my eyes to it, and I was thinking WTF is that about, Looks like some dragon claw or something and I see in the comments someone mentions it of a Gnostic piece.

    SO…. I guess this dude is quacking… so we have no choice to call him a DUCK!

    • Ecclesiast says:

      Very observant GRIZZ. However I too am on the fence with this guy and the fact that "Paper Chasing" is his priority shows he's more misguided or maybe a bit too excited about some tiny morsel of knowledge someone shared with him or from some book or website he's read. Now he thinks he's aware. That's all. He's an infant in this path of perception and awareness. He's a Shirley Temple. The true Vigilant Citizen is 150 proof.

      About the neck piece though? Being a man of African Descent stripped of my history, I once found solace in the rich Egyptian culture which was home to early Gnostic beliefs (Alexandria) and claimed it as my own. I wore similar jewels as a younger dude (Now I rock Military attire with Dog Tags because as many of you know? We are at war.) because it went against the grain of Bling and Grills. I was more X-Clan then CMB (Cash Money Brothers for those Hip-Hop illiterate). So that also leads me to believe this guy is more novice than pro. Otherwise his lyricals are as you say, duck like.

      Personally he says absolutely nothing that makes me raise an eyebrow. But I will continue to overwrite.

      As far as the jewel being Gnostic opens a lot of doors if this holds true. Because then he is claiming to be apart of a bigger secret as Gnostics do believe God or Gods exist. They believe they have the inside scoop to prove it and that everyone else ain't ready for that so they keep said knowledge to themselves. Think 5 Percenters. This argument leads more to the religious right stroking the same path as traditional religions. So my judgement is still on the fence. He may believe in God or not. But as I said before I would prefer soldiers ready to go toe to toe when the mass oppression and depopulation begin then wait on judgement day.

      As far as the "kadosh, kadosh,´╗┐ kadosh, Adonai tseva'ot" This is a Jewish (Some Afro-Americans believe Judaism to have been a black mans religion stolen from them by modern day Israel. He may be one) prayer or the beginning of one. So maybe Kabbalist, New Age Judaism, chant it as well but this is definitely Judaism in nature. Ill leave that door open for you guys to walk through.

      Now this is where the shit hits the fan! A resident of PLUTO!!!!! This is where he is either misinformed or a part of the machine. Ancient Greek specifically refer to Pluto or Plouton as being the wealthy ruler where mortals are judged after death. Better known as Hades the lord of the underworld. Re-read though, "Pluto…the wealthy ruler where mortals are judged after death [Before entrance into either purgatory/subjects or Haven/Elite-ville]" Is this the reference to the NWO and friends conditioning preparation? So he resides with the Ancient God or in this case the controlling apparatus who runs the dark and gloomy Hades (Earth) in which they want to control and "enlighten"? Then he refers to the as above it is below scenario? Secret Gnostic shit? Yeah. He need to get his knowledge up. Or he too will be a target.

      But we are already aware. Think for yourself. Only relevant shit he said in the song.

  25. Grizz says:

    Ooopz I meant….


  26. Krakye says:

    B.O.B sounds like a pond. I sense a groomed, trained 'agent' been unleashed here onto the masses to do damage control. It's very articulate how he's combining Gnostic teachings in his music to seem like he's 'enlightened'. He's probably written for so I wont take it serious.

    But for God Sakes, whatever you do, recognized deception when you see one. This young man is a system pond who may or may not be aware of what he's preaching. my 2cents

  27. mars says:

    This is bs. At the end of the video he has one eye visible like the rest of illumanati puppet

    They know people are discovering the trutch and want us to follow a false prophet, truthseeker.

    BOB is just another soilder of the NWO

  28. Fuzzy Dunlop says:

    Immortal Technique is far better and is obviously genuine.

  29. JM says:

    How can people not find this suspicious? Funny, he rose to fame with a song featuring Hayley williams, and we've all read your article on paramore.. it's hard to tell if they're speaking out against these brainwashed performers or if they are just another brainwashed performer.

  30. DepthPerception8 says:

    This bothers me because he is a 'mainstream pop hip hop artist'. How has this become mainstream? Why is this being presented to make this a popular topic. Seems fishy to me.

    • Ecclesiast says:

      I admire your concern but this is allowed to go mainstream (really? am I that far off the grid that I don't know this kid?) because honestly he's babbling. There is no valid rhetoric in this song except contradictions and confusion. The elements of Delusional Disorder. You know what everyone thinks of us. Those who contribute and share knowledge but with two eyes instead of one? Ok let me open up your mental a bit. What is the medias perception of Americas black youth? Violent, uneducated, reckless spenders etc etc Yet there are some of us that are educated and are positive contributors. Well what is the perception of the Vigilant Citizen? A babbling conspirator that is over the top paranoid. In comes Bob. Thats why he's mainstream. Again. Am I missing something with this dude? He's lame.

      Also, Jay (Hova), has gotten so much flak about his affiliation with the movement that they let shit like this slide through the door because it's controversial yet not relevant to 99% of the listening audience. The other one percent are right here discussing the mystery mix better known as BoB and the likes slowly watching them sell their souls but too damned cowardly to go down on their own so they express it in a medium that may influence others to chant their garbage. Only difference? Our percentages are higher in this community.

  31. GAbrielle says:

    People are catching on and there are some on the fence, they throw him out there so the ones on the fence can come to their side. They know the ones who ain't budging don't care who you bring to say otherwise, WE KNOW THE TRUTH!!

  32. PR_Archangel21 says:

    Most of that song is in Witch language, masonry and witches initiation is word for word the same…only witches are naked and have to cut themselves and masons just have the blade pointed at them. These lyrics are word for word taking from the book of shadows and other Masonic text. It was Elton john himself that stated he has NEVER sung a song that wasn’t in witch language…

  33. Skegeeace says:

    Is that a pyramid on his shirt sleeve in the picture?! I don't trust this guy. Even if he was telling the truth, he was so mean-spirited and blasé about it, I couldn't bring myself to think he was on our side.

  34. Marantha says:

    I look at this and all I can say is, "It's okay." This brings a smile to my face because I know that Christ's second coming is near. I am thrilled! I am thrilled because God is waking a lot of people up…

    I've told people about this website, I'm giving DVDs to people, I'm giving books to people, I'm sharing information with people… Have you ever bitten into a ripe fruit? Well, people… the world… is ripe and the greatest good that you and I can do is to speak up and tell people what's going on. All you have to do is drop seeds and God will take care of the rest.

    As for these artists, they're just puppets; but, God loves them. He died for them and when they hear the gospel, many of them will leave the money, leave the fame and stand for Jesus Christ. Some will die because of their convictions. Time is short – things are in place once another major disaster happens and Americans [myself included] are too caught up. Jesus is coming and it is decision time.

    Marantha: "The Lord is Coming Soon… Oh, Lord, Come Soon!"

    • Jellybean says:

      Great comments!!……i just wanted to add/bring to remembrance Jesus' Words ..'A little leaven leavens the whole lump'…..!! Thanks for bringing this guy into the light VC!

  35. kash says:

    Its not the first time, he did a track with Asher Roth called Fuck The Money where he talks about sellin your soul and how the industry is not what he thought it was. There are a few rappers out there Lupe, BOB etc who are clued up .

  36. coolpeeps says:

    The Devil is a liar! Boy oh boy is he slick!! Now that they know that there is some awareness spreading, what does the Devil do? Spread half truths with lies…Unbelievable! Now we'll have to sort out what's real and not real. He's creating confusion like always. People who aren't knowledgeable enough will be deceived by this new trick. A lot of folks will think that B.O.B. is against illuminati because of some of the half truths put into this video. This is only just the beginning! Time must really be short.

    • Mosby says:

      A lot of commenters spoke without thinking. Going off what the next person said ! I too was like yeah ra,ra untill I began to think before placing a comment.. It's ok we all make mistakes and past judgement too quickly. Thats why it's good we have a platform to work it out. I see this site & thread as a chalkboard where you can work out problems and at the end of the day we should be left with the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth so help us God weather it works in our favor or not. We all make mistakes but remember we are all in this together. We live and we learn !

    • Jellybean says:

      Amen coolpeeps!!!..(i wrote my comment/replied to the wrong person a minute ago,oops!)….but ur comment reminded me of Jesus' Words…. "A little leaven leavens the whole lump'…….meaning error mixed with truth makes it all error!!

  37. 23Skidoo says:

    The song is great.

  38. Jdanger says:

    He talks about gettin money, and all other things alredy commented on, if he was with us he would more likely make his message more clear rather than confusing. Tell him to go get drunk and play "paddle asses" and "whos in my mouth" with all the other secret society sick f*cks at the boheimian grove.

  39. greymatter says:

    I like B.O.B's video and his music. I don't know if he is one of them, but his video speaks on so many levels. I think he is clear in his message, that to be careful who you point out is one of them, because you don't the know the whole story, which is true.

    In fact, I believe there are two groups (maybe more) more with ancient knowledge who are directing events. Ones who are benevolent, and who ones are malevolent (i.e. Illuminati, however that may also be a misnomer). So it is hard to depict which one is fighting who, and for what purpose. I guess that will all be unveiled with time.

    However, as others are reporting, he could also just be an agent. I think part of behind every secret discovery is a cloak of deception, and he could just be saying this stuff to mix up the pot, just like Kanye West and Jay-Z say they are not Mason or Illuminati, and yet they keep showing symbols.

    B.O.B. Also likes to refer to himself as an alien, which I find interesting. I don't know if because he has secret knowledge he can't disclose to the regular masses, or because he really is one?

    Anyway, I advise you to watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. Yeah, the word is still out on whether we are going to have a real or alien invasion in the next 2 years (among other things that can possibly happen), and whether it is all apart of the illuminati, however, there is a lot of truth in this show.

    You can watch it here, and as always, come to your own conclusions.


    Also read about the Brookings Report comissioned by congress on the idea of extra-terrestial contact


    (Funny enough that I am watching the movie Signs (by M. Night Shamalyan) while I type this, which has a lot of hidden symbolism and predictive programming? for an alien encounter… Someone should analyse it)

    History, long before Chrisitans talked about intervention from heaven and gods, talk abouat divine intervention from beings of gods which appeared human but were not. And there are still many statues and artificts around the world depicting this even today. Even some chritistian paintings depict chariots of fire and pictures where there are clearly men flying objects or objects other than the stars floating in the sky.

    I know it sounds crazy, but the true meaning of a Apocalypse is Apocraphyia, an unveiling of hidden knowledge for the world to see. So if this great unveiling of knowledge isn't happening, I don't know what is.

    • Who Wants To Know? says:

      Lil Wayne also constantly refers to himself as an alien or ET. Not a good look. Since someone says that The Watchers refers to Nephilim, it is possible that these two believe that they are Nephilim as well. The way his 1st album came out and nobody made a peep in the streets about who this kid was…and then shot up to (star)dom like a rocket out of nowhere…really makes me believe that he has been initiated through his back star gate (listener of celtic rebel radio). Now, this kid is receiving all kinds of awards and recognition and contracts to work with other big name Stars. He is in on it (the whole illuminati thing) and this video only seals the deal with me. He thinks that he because he has been sodomized to new knowledge that he is superior and enlightened to the mASSes with condescending smugness on his face and voice tone.

      The necklace that he his wearing on the Lil Wayne in jail video looks like a black tiger tooth to me. I had friend who had one a long time ago and it was supposed to be for good luck or something (can't remember? protection?).

  40. Equal Rights says:

    I'm suspicious, I wonder how many views this generated on you tube. I think people like him jump on the conspiracy wagon & ride it all the way to the bank. Still, I'm not drinking his cool aid..

  41. Love says:

    ugg im so confused well for one

    . B.o.B. could be in it because he maybe just blantly told us about it "secretely" or he is just a fellow christian doing he duty to warn people about them ugh im so confused. can any one help me i dont know which side to take on him lol

    • Ecclesiast says:

      Take the side you feel comfortable with. That's the point. However, he is very contradictive on this track (read my other crap on this page I explain it in depth there).

      However, I am inclined to believe he's open to learn. Just not there yet hence the contradictions riddling this song and maybe the reason VC put this on his page to make us all ponder how delusional we can all sound without having the outlets to back the extremities we speak.

      Good job VC, btw, and if BoB sales spike I suggest you archive this article and get a royalty cut.

  42. Kirby says:

    I really recommend listening to some of the other songs on this same mixtape, like Dr. Aden which talks about how Bayer deliberately sold AIDS-tainted blood agents to foreign´╗┐ countries and the FDA allowed it to happen. That song also makes an allusion to the Philadelphia Experiment in another sound bite – "Why would the Office of Naval Research be interested in a UFO book that contains a story of a disappearing Navy ship?" He's trying to expose the truth and working against the NWO. "Hold up Bob, don't go there. You know that they watching, the all-seeing stare. But they can't stop me, I'm already there"

    • an olive tree says:


      The medical experiments/atrocities done on the Jews in concentration camps were for Bayer.

    • Sarah says:

      This may sound stupid….. But my opinion on the "illuminati" agenda is this. The agenda is to keep the masses in confusion. Plain and simple. There are HUNDREDS of comments about whose side B.O.B is on. When it comes down to it- WHO CARES? B.O.B. is just a rapper. He's an entertainer. He's a puppet. When you can't control your puppet anymore, you discard it (MJ, Tupac). The point is that these rappers can "speak out" all they want, they are still under a label with illuminati connections. And for that matter, everyone who sells their soul for fame or money to the Devil (or whatever dark forces you believe in), for their fame-they already sold out. It happens before you and I EVER hear their music on the radio or they perform on television (remember the mural at the bank with the puppet in the box- or tv?). When B.O.B. overdoses or falls from the spotlight of fame, you'll know whose side he is on and who he really works for. And another point I'd like to make is that a great many entertainers have NO CLUE they have been seduced by Satan. They really think they are on the right path- look at their lives and successes and awards! Satan rewards his faithful in THIS LIFE while the true God of the universe rewards us in the NEXT life. Instant gratification, just like a credit card, is the seduction of the devil. So, stay confused about B.O.B. or Paramore or Lady Gaga and serve the illuminati's agenda. Or be AWARE and think for yourself (although it never hurts to share perspectives). If you are in the range of good Karma and in line with the true Lord of the universe and have a pure spirit, you will not fall prey to these many, many deceptions being thrown in our faces all the time! Bless all of you and bless you Vigilant wether you're an illuminati tool or not because I have seen the truth! And it has truely set me free!

  43. Mosby says:

    @ Dennis. I don't know what happened but I was in the middle of a comment and it disappeared * confused* but to answer your first question, because by the time I began to read the comment it was gone just like that. For starters Michael Jackson, the few older guys mentioned in the video I suggested, The beatles, Tupac…just to name a few. Even when Tupac was screaming killuminati, we didn't have a clue as too what he was talking about just bopping to the beat.! All these videos now day have the same exact message and you actually believe that was for shock value. Another thing if you worked for over 45 years and didn't notice a thing you sound like a good candidate. One in the dark so I see why you lasted so long. If you would have gotten suspicious I am sure your time would have been short. I don't know what else you said the comment disappeared lol. I hope this one doesn't. I hate when I take my time to write a comment and it goes but ole well.

    • Dennis says:

      @mosby It's not that I didn't notice. The whole thing was just Marketing and Promotion. Nothing sinister. It's just business.

      • Mosby says:

        So making everyone do and say the same thing, same hand over eye movements, same signs displayed amoungst politicians yeah ok gotcha ( sarcasm) Thats what you call marketing ?? Really Dennis, is that what the boss told you? Not to mentioned I didn't know it was cool to play with God like that ? Now we know why music sales are down. New marketing is needed ! I don't play with God like that so i'll pass !

  44. MightyOracle says:

    It makes me laugh when people try and figure out if one of these kinds of artist are 'for or against' us, for one thing I would say, if they are on a big label, that's not a good start. B.O.B himself, has some weak lyrics and not much skill. As far as anti-illuminati Hip-Hop goes, there is much better out there, check out Beast 1333 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54_OIzA3mBA&fe… and Diabolic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td9PCSgUJAw. That's how a musician stands for what they believe, and isn't just trying to capitalise on the whole illuminati business. Just look at the new LCD soundsystem video, filled with way too blatant freemasonic symbolism, the same as how this video is acting like it's Anti-NWO but makes no mention of Masons, Illuminati, Bilderberg, Skull and Bones etc… Wake up everyone, they are discrediting sites like this, and believers by turning it into a passing fad.

  45. tammy says:

    could you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee analyze Eminem's Not Afraid?

    I've read so many things that I'm not sure if he is breaking free or what's going on?????

    • toots says:

      if he wanted to break free, he would have tell the whole world about it in plain words not in subliminal messages like doing it in his songs. that's not how to go about it. if you wanna break free from them, do you just write songs about them vaguely? or conduct an interview and tell them that I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE ILLUMINATI and stop being a singer and abandon wealth, money, and fame.

  46. peeping out says:

    He just called everyone who everyone who believes in freemasons and illumanati crazy. Saying all the secret hand symbols are crazy. Now ppl will probably laugh and say "none of that shit is real man ur crazy" if u approach them with it is. Maybe his job is to get ppl to turn their heads away from it cuz i think more ppl know now especially with all the blatant symbolism they put in videos.

  47. toots says:

    damn this illuminati thing is REALLY REAL.

  48. johndoe says:

    If you ask me, if you listen to the rest of bob's mixtape he has a few songs where he seems to speak out or be against "high powers" or whoever is oppressing us low class people. The songs of interest are shoot up the station, dr. aden, and of course the watchers. In shoot up the station the sample is saying "shoot up the station, tv station." I cant get into everything i would like to but im goin to point out that tv stations, such as Viacom, control most or all tv programming that shows brain washing tv shows. So why would bob make these songs, unless indeed he is confusing ppl. also, bob does say, in the watchers, "shush bob dont got there, you no that they're watchin…." "they" could be anybody but "they" could also be people of high power that run the world we live in that could dispose of bob in an instant. does anybody feel me, maybe partially??

  49. inquisitive22 says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laylJkhh01Y —-great explanation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. He is real says:

    The enemy is good at distorting the truth by mixing it with lies. The way he deceives many is getting you to listen in the first place. Where would we be today if Eve had closed up her ears to the serpents message. When you listen to their crap they have an opportunity to at least confuse you. If you know the truth then there is no need to wonder if he is for or against the illuminati because if it's not the truth then it's a lie, there is no in between. Remember, wherever the corpse is , there the vultures will gather .

  51. Megan Bishop says:

    Oh my gosh!! I'm off to look up ALL the lyrics to this one!! Wow! I'm stunned! My mouth was dropped throughout the entire video!

  52. The Truth says:

    All i have to say is ancient African knowledge, knowledge from the Egyptian civilization (the greatest on earth, and the 1st), only gave the Greeks and who ever came to Egypt in search for knowledge, about 10 percent of the full knowledge that they possessed.(such as the book of life/death, astronomy, agriculture, architecture)because of the language barriers and different reasons…, the Greeks then were conquered by the Romans, the Romans took the knowledge of the Greeks and built their empire and started conquering the land… the Europeans and modern civilizations like Britain/u.s who based their empire off the teachings of the roman/Greek empire (and the "secret" teachings as-well) These secret teachings were got twisted up and mind you its only 10% of what the Africans knew, and were taught in mystery schools(MASONS,ETC…) point is.. Civilization started in Africa,FIRST MAN AND WOMAN are from Africa, EVERYBODY'S ancestors are African, and these same Africans believed in ONE GOD/Creator Links to explain this are : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz2zTG0zsP0……….. Also. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hFXzbu55HI&fe….

    Basically, what we were taught about Africa/ African so called Gods were wrong, and The powers that be aka Illuminati did this on purpose to keep everybody away from the truth so they can stay in power and hide the Secrets for themselves. Mind you the secrets are not secret, their in Africa on the walls, in tablets, some in British museums and use religion to control you. How can RA be Lucifer when the Egyptian/African culture, civilization, and understanding of the universe, PRE date all religion in the first place. And RA is not even a God to the Africans, RA means Something good to the Africans and is homage to what the Creator/God/allah/whoever can create.We already know the illuminati control the school system, what makes you think they dont control the level of information/disinformation they give to us, including the African/Egyptian/Motherland info.It takes an african to tell you the true history of its land/people. Mind you we are ALL african.The teachings are not just for the Africans, but for all humanity, for you,me, black,white,Hispanic, that's why the Africans had no problems in teaching the Greeks/whoever as much as they could. Just look at the links and follow through……. We thought we knew the Illuminati, but we have no idea……..The truth will come out one day…hopefully…

  53. jason says:

    Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh,

    Adonai, Elohim Tz' Va' Ot

    Holy Holy Holy is the Lord our God Lord of Hosts

  54. jason says:

    As a musician, I don't think you guys get it.

    B.o.b. is starting to realize the price he will have to pay to his soul

    if he's to join the ranks of the kanye's (hence the "power" reference).

    He was on his way…the toast of rap earlier this year…but something's

    changed. There are many songs on his mixtape references his "dispair"

    over the current evil state of the music business. Don't judge. Pray for him.

  55. Gabrielle says:

    This interesting & certainly a little suspicious.

    I wouldn't put too much weight into what he's saying because, just like the rest of pop artists,

    B.O.B. could and very well may be under the influences of forces truthseekers like us like to keep our

    distance from. He's certainly well-aware of what's going on in the world but my question is…

    Is the message he's putting out there reflecting the whole pure TRUTH?

    Because we all know that the spread of misinformation is nowhere close to uncommon.

  56. jason says:

    further proof

    B.O.B. – Fuck The Money Lyrics

    [Chorus - B.o.B]

    Well, I'm a make a lot of money

    (Make a lot of money)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene


    Well I'm a quit this crazy scene

    Cause being famous ain't all what they make it to be

    But back then y'all this was my favorite dream

    But now, I wouldn't hesitate I would leave

    Cause I'ma

    [Chorus - B.o.B]

    Make a lot of money

    (Make a lot of money)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene

    [Asher Roth]

    I'm a quit this crazy scene

    Cause everything you see ain't really how it be

    Please don't believe in that TV screen

    I'm sorry kids but there's no such thing

    I'm gonna


    Make a lot of money

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    Crazy scene


    Well I'm gonna quit this crazy scene

    It's funny

    Cause this is what I waited to be

    Bein' on stage was amazin' to me

    But now I'm in the game, it ain't the way that it seems


    [Chorus - B.o.B]

    Make a lot of money

    (Make a lot of money)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene

    [Asher Roth]

    And I don't know how to feel

    When this

    Dream of mine used to be so real

    I would anything just to sign a deal

    But now I trade it all for a home cooked meal

    I wanna

    [Chorus - Asher]

    Make a lot of money

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Then I'm gonna quit this, quit this)

    Crazy scene


    Oh, what?

    You say it could be worse?

    Well step in my shoes, put yourself in my shirt

    I'm only human y'all so we all gotta work

    But sometimes I wonder why I even came to this earth


    [Chorus - B.o.B]

    Make a lot of money

    (Make a lot of money)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene



    Cause they don't care about us

    They just use us up

    Leave us in the dust

    And it roughs me up

    So much I could cuss


    Enough's enough

    I want out of these cuffs

    I'm gonna


    Make a lot of money

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    Crazy scene


    Sometimes I just feel hopeless

    Pacin' back and forth, man I can't even focus

    So I'm always smokin' in the booth recordin'

    Cause my mind races

    Like Jeff Gordon


    [Chorus - B.o.B]

    Make a lot of money

    (Make a lot of money)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene


    It ain't supposed to be so hard

    I always said I'd quit if it felt like a job

    I'd rather be pissed than pretend that I'm not

    And try to play along with the whole facade

    I wanna

    [Chorus - Asher]

    Make a lot of money

    (Then I'm gonna)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    Crazy scene


    It ain't a question to me

    Look at me

    I know what I'm destined to be

    This is spiritual y'all

    I'm wrestlin' beasts

    But pretty soon

    I'll be restin' in peace


    [Chorus - B.o.B]

    Make a lot of money

    (Make a lot of money)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene


    And I don't even wanna be famous

    And all my close friends become complete strangers

    Don't try to tell me this is one of these stages

    Man you don't know me, you only know what my name is



    Make a lot of money

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this

    Crazy scene


    But still it just ain't enough

    Cause the rest of the world still just wakin' up

    So all the real niggas can relate to this stuff

    But those who asleep, still hatin' on us

    Cause I'ma

    [Chorus - B.o.B]

    Make a lot of money

    (Make a lot of money)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene


    It couldn't be more fake

    When they wine and they dine and they smile and wave

    But when it comes time to decide your fate

    They'll sign you on the line right next to Satan


    [Chorus - Asher]

    Make a lot of money

    (C'mon man)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene


    Come y'all, y'all actin' like I can't feel you

    I can look in your eyes and tell you what you done been through

    And I could give a fuck because I got bigger issues

    So at this point in my life

    How can I get through?

    [Chorus - B.o.B]

    Make a lot of money

    (Make a lot of money)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene



    Yeah, I'll play yo game

    I'm in

    I'll dance, I'll rap, I'll sing

    And use it as a chance to provide some change

    Just know I'll walk away at the end of the day

    Right when I

    [Chorus - Asher]

    Make a lot of money


    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene



    This is my stress reliever

    But somehow, it became my stress for demons

    So I get up in this booth and I'm heated

    Like 'Ye said

    I'm turnin' atheists into believers


    [Chorus - B.o.B]

    Make a lot of money

    (Make a lot of money)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene



    A lot of haters attack but

    It's my job to speak the truth on the track

    So say what you like, you just givin' me gas

    So by now, I got enough to drive to Venus and back

    So I'ma

    [Chorus - B.o.B]

    Make a lot of money

    (Make a lot of money)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene


    Fuck the money I'm leavin'

    I'm goin' back home after I break even

    I said what I said so as long as I'm speakin'

    B.o.B got the upper hand as long as I'm breathin'

    [Chorus - B.o.B]

    Well, I'm a make a lot of money

    (Fuck the money)

    And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this

    (Quit this)

    Crazy scene


    I'm gone. Peace

    Well I guess I got problems

    Dropped outta school ain't think about college

    So apologies to my mother and father

    For being stubborn ever since I was a toddler


    Well I'm a quit this crazy dream

    Cause when I hit the stage all the ladies scream

    And when I pass by they all waving at me

    But I be getting tired, y'all pray for me


    [Asher Roth]

    I feel you B.o.B I feel you man

    That's why I…

  57. LVB says:

    Mixed signals = Duplicity, deception, etc.

    Where have I heard this before? :)

  58. KnowledgeIsPower says:

    Agree that this is just disinformation Leaves a lot of people confused and questioning…….and like someone mentioned above who is the king of confusion um?

  59. kittypaw says:

    The Watchers. Enoch calls the fallen angels the Watchers. Also there is that film, The Watchers (2009) and it is FULL with blatant occult symbolism and references to the NWO and also references to secret societies.

  60. ulysses says:

    when he says at the end

    kadosh, kadosh, kadosh adonia sabaoth is hebrew

    look up Isiah 6:3

    in the HOLY BIBLE

    these rappers are mislead and deceived

    Jesus Christ says also in, matthew 24:4 take head that no man deceive you.

    also while your at it to restore some hope in you brethren take a look at these videos in order:

  61. Tessa says:

    Thanks VC for putting this out there, very interesting stuff. My opinion is that B.o.B is well aware of what is going on but he does point out he is from the "East side". People if you have done even a little bit of investergating you would know that it's the rappers and hip hop artist's from the "West side",( Def jam records and J-Zay's mob ) that have been associated with all the Illuminati rubbish. I think he is trying to show us that he is not one of those puppets at all and has taken a stance against them and wants people to know what is going on. I would like know if his video is played on MTV…… I'm in Australia and don't watch much TV.

    • Sir Nose D'Void says:

      No, he's commenting on some video probably on youtube saying rappers are using masonic hand signs, while they´re just the regular westside or eastside handsigns. You've probably seen the westside sign a million times otherwise just check a Snoop, 2 pac or Ice Cube video.

  62. richardjamesf43 says:

    i like it….ALOT

    The heavies in the music scene are going to shoot him down for this mixtape! Even if some of you think he's sitting on the fence, he'll be told to stop preaching.

    By the looks of thing's, alot of you have been conditioned to think that every musician/actor is evil, or has a hidden agenda by speaking out. Life he references in his song's, we all think every rapper is in the freemasons. I've worked as a producer with alot of hip hop artists and the tone of voice is critical for any rappers flow & there's a conviction in B.O.B's rhyme here. And i don't think he's trying to spread an illuminati agenda here & i don't think we should over complicate it by reading into it too much.

    I think the message is simple & easy to understand….bottom line…he's telling us to investigate it ourselves and ask our own questions.

    More power to him!! We need more musos out there on the frontlines fighting back! As long as we have that, there is still hope!!!!

  63. Jacqueline says:

    The rappers doth protest too much.

  64. Janis says:

    Well, I admittedly take things to the extreme at times… but, I think he's saying that the truth is way bigger than the Illuminati. The Watchers were fallen angels in the book of Enoch, and yes, they interbred with humans, which was the reason for Noah's flood. Noah was "perfect in his generations" – which means his bloodline wasn't tainted with demonic blood. B.O.B. says he's basically "from Pluto"…. does that mean there has been genetic alien tinkering going on? May seem like a stretch… but, I bet I'm right on this one.

    Jesus said that the last days would be like the days of Noah. Interbreeding demons… hybrids…. this is what made that time period unique. What do all the alleged abductees claim the alien agenda is? Hybrids. And, of course, the imagery in the video would support my theory. We'll all see in time…..

  65. another open eye says:

    i really would like to know if alicia keys is part of all this bullshit…

  66. Aiva says:

    Did someone noticed that this video was shot (BoB rapping parts) just like the fake Moon landing video?!

  67. team jesus says:

    Indulge me in this bit of free association and feel free to weigh in:

    B.O.B. collaborates with Asher Roth on this track.

    Asher Roth…Asherroth…Ashteroth.

    Ashteroth aka Astarte aka Asherah aka Aphrodite aka Isis = pagan goddess

    Pagan goddess…brought to you by…you guessed it, The Watchers (fallen ones).

    Not trying to make anyone paranoid or even claim that Asher Roth is evil. I'm just saying this is a conspiracy (what's going on with pop culture) so deep and intricate there has to be a spiritual element at play. Yes, people can conspire to a degree. But I personally think to pull off anything this deep and relentless, there's gotta be an evil of superior and supernatural working. Don't get scared, just get real.

    Even as I try to type this post out, my computer froze about three times. My comment even disappeared for a few seconds. Took about 10 minutes to get this posted. Am I on to something? Hmmm….

    • Ecclesiast says:

      I chuckled when I read this as I was going to address this as well. A key point is that Astaroth is the Crowned Prince of Hell. Sure no "T" in the entertainers name but eh. Coincidence?

      I never go terribly deep with names especially with entertainers they've sold their souls for a "come up" so it's terribly obvious what they are on. Seriously ladies and gents? Revisit and visit again matter of fact? Study Dave Chappelle-What's Wrong With Hollywood interview from Inside The Actor's Studio. Hell, here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHpsiSSNapQ Now even though many of us are conscious who would turn down 50 million doing something they truly love? Someone aware and truly interested in exposing the "Truth". Not someone who chatters

      [Chorus - B.o.B]

      Make a lot of money

      (Make a lot of money)

      And I’m-and I’m gonna quit this, quit this

      (Quit this)

      Crazy scene

      I pay attention to the signals- the communication – the "tactics."

      But great observation Team Jesus his name is dangerously close to Astaroth http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astaroth

  68. Towers of Babel says:

    I believe that B.o.B is speaking on behalf of another entity other than God, call it Satan or what you will… he does not make it very clear in the song. When he raps "No one man should have all that power, Obviously cuz there's only one power, But nevermind ya'll keep worshiping towers". I can only think of the bible verse in Genesis 11:4 that says, "Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name, otherwise we will be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.”… When you read that doesn't a church come to mind… His condescending tone 'But nevermind ya'll keep worshiping towers' seems to speak against the church and what it stands for. I'm not an uber Christian by any means, I just find it interesting that so many of these rap artists are selling out for fame. Be careful what you wish for, B.o.B.

    -Voice of Reason

  69. Mrs M says:

    Why would anyone want to worship someone who is about secrecy, deception, and death? It reminds me of, 'what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his own soul?' They will receive their reward in this life.

  70. Gabrielle the angel says:

    I didn't watch the video but read the lyrics. How can anyone that has been following VC question his motive. he basically said the hands signs, specifically the 3 six's is just a gang sign and people have that mixed up with a "conspiracy" He is half true, the gang the bloods do use that but then is Lady gaga a blood, Beyonce, Rhianna, Drake, Neyo, Justin timberlake, Rhianna? Besides the other obvious occult symbols. The ones who are actually questioning his sincerity you will be the first ones to take the mark.

  71. souhustle says:

    My impression is that BOB is a trapped artist like all the others, voluntary or not. Just talking s.t what else can he do now?

    He's meaning that plunging too much into the conspiracy theories is an illuminati distraction in itself.

    But his whole song is a distraction too, because by 'doing your own thing' will not really change much because Illuminati is an organized group of people, that can only be tackled with another organized group – and that would have to be a religious group, not secular. Secular people will always be slaves to finite things and at a disadvantage in comparison to those who deal with eternity, even satanists. Why – because they deal with spiritual realm that, in some ways, is smarter than we are currently (we have souls but they are 'slowed down' by physicality of this life temporarily).

    However in the eternal weight of things, people are much more precsious spiritual beings than any angels out there.

    But since the Illuminati are satanists already, they can only be tackled by strong, organized Christian society. Non-Christian anything cannot win over satan, because only Christ defeated death by Resurrection. No other religion has this, and the masonic theories about Isis do NOT apply here unlike what many mindlessly believe.

    They will either exist in the shadows without MTV or just dissappear off the face of the Earth.

    How nice that would be…although I think, unrealistic. In reality, they will just grow stronger until the end of the days and true Christians will be a persecuted tiny minority. That trend is already here. Although I'm not a prophet and these are just my thoughts based on the New Testament…

  72. katie says:

    I think he is basically saying that we should THINK for ourselves. The first verses seems to me as if hes being sarcastic towards the conspiracy theory. Like he's saying it from a "beleiver of conspiracy" point of view. Right? And then he goes into his point of view when hes talking about how all rappers arent freemasons etc.. im not quoting the exact line but im sure you know what im talking about.

    So anyway the overall theme im getting from the whole song is to think for yourself, and do your own thing. Which isnt a bad message. You should never take all your information from one point of view. Do research from all sides of an "issue" or controversey. And then form your own opinions and thoughts. Everyone has a right to an opinion.

    Regardless of the message of the song, im THRILLED to see a rap song with some depth and room for interpretation. I hate that alot of rap has been condensed down to sex, drugs, partying, flashy cars, money etc..this actually has some substance.

    • Ecclesiast says:

      So he's taking sarcastic shots at Theorist? "The first verses seems to me as if hes being sarcastic towards the conspiracy theory." That's how you interpreted that? We change the game. Here's a list that other Vigilant Citizens suspected that came to life http://newworldorderreport.com/News/tabid/266/ID/

      Think for yourself has been sadly diminished if we need people to remind us to do so. Especially someone who has the audacity, as youve stated, to sarcastically mock those who seek and expose.

      But Katie Im glad your female voice is apart of the VC community. The intuitive motherly (doesnt have a thing to do with age either) guidance is necessary when one seeks things that others close their eyes to. Think for yourself, however, should not be a reminder or a lesson as it's a celestial right to think.

      Substance in HipHop/Rap can be found in the classics, circa '93. And its plentiful enough to fill up your iPod!

  73. Avery Li says:

    Read your Bibles, and ask God to communicate to, and through you.

  74. KingDavidLives says:

    Here's a good video explaining the b.o.b. video.


  75. JK says:

    Did anyone notice at the ending he said a Jewish praise “Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh. Adonai Tzavot” which means “Holy, holy, holy. Lord of Hosts”. Creepy!

  76. TW says:

    B.oB is trying to confuse people – make these kids think he aint controlled by illuminati – I reall hope he isnt but I think hes just trying to get kids hooked so he can fill them up with terrible stuff on the next album.

  77. Harley says:

    B.O.B. also has a song called fuck the money that sounds like he is talking aout the ilumanati

  78. Radioactivehepcat says:

    After a little research, this is what I found:


    "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts."


    and this appeared on someone's page when I clicked on the link.. it was written by the person himself but I found it interesting as well..

    Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai, Sabayot!!

    Yod Hey Vod Hey, Yahweh

    As above, so below, As the spirit, so the soul

    As without, so within, as within so without.

    Blessed be. So be it, and so it is.

    Namaste :-)

    Hopefully this helps those who were wondering what he was saying at the end… I don't know about you, but I'm a little creeped out. lol

  79. MightyOracle says:

    I speak to so many people who say "If you REALLY listen to their lyrics, it could kind of mean that they sort of are definitely not with the Illuminati, I think". The truth is friends, if you have to look as hard as that then they are not against anyone, except themselves. As I showed in my earlier post, when someone speaks out against them, there's no half-stepping. You put it all out there, and show a large fuck-you to the powers that be. We don't see this often, because, surprise surprise, barely anyone is legitimately against it.

    In all honesty I have stopped listening to most music I once loved, if you are quite in-tune with yourself you can feel what music affects you in what way.

  80. Sir Nose D'Void says:

    The lyrics are obviously about people attacking rap artists as being in or for the illuminati/freeemasons, and he's trying to say that it (illuminati) exists but these (rappers) are just regular people trying to make it.

    The "I'm from the eastside"-line is about people thinking he made some masonic sign even though it was just the old eastside-sign (index, middle and little finger making an E).

    He also reffers to Kanye "No one man should have so much power" and he says: "Obviously, there's only one power" meaning God. So all you Christian fanatics on this site should actually like this song.

    Just because there are references to illuminati in a song/video doesn't automatically mean that the artist is a secret agent of some sort. Check this video for instance (even though it's a little more clear than the B.o.B. video):

  81. SteveZ says:

    Found an interesting interview with B.O.B.

    Here are a couple of quotes that point to his personal beliefs… one referring to dualism, and another talking about his "New Age" beliefs about stones and crystals. He's also wearing a black and white striped shirt in the interview (dualism). Seems to be a very superstitious individual… perfect for playing an illuminati role.

    "What I hope to accomplish in my career is to impact as many people as possible. And… not neccessarily the most positive or negative because negativity eventually becomes positivity so I can't really split it up dualistically, but basically to impact as many people as possible… that's the goal. But, whatever happens, I'm cool with it."

    "The stones that I carry… um… I don't have any on me but, stones like Quartz, um Lapis Lazuli, Apache Tear, I carry these stones because they… you know stones have energetic properties too 'em you know. Depending on… on a real physical sense you know they have real different hardness levels some more hard some more dense. Quartz is by far one of the most energetic stones because of it's vibration. They use it in computers a lot, in watches, and it has a lot to do with memory because quartz can remember your intentions. Through the own right of intention and vibration. So I carry it because it kinda keeps a charge… so it's kinda like a battery in a sense… it's like, yeah, it's like that… it's like batteries for intentions."

    • SteveZ says:

      Also noticed at the end of "The Watchers" he says a few strange words. The first being "kadush"

      Kadush (Gnostic) [from Hebrew qadosh holy, sacred] The holy one; one name of the sun in the Codex Nazaraeus.

      The second "Adonai". A Hebrew word for God.

      The last one I couldn't make out.

      Interesting choice of words….

      I would have to say that B.O.B. is a puppet.

  82. India G says:


    @ team Jesus, I would like to know more about the book of Enoch

  83. the inquiree says:

    has any body seen the movie: PUSH? in that movie, there are some people called the watchers and their job is to watch out for people, especially kids with special abilities, get them arrested and placed under serious security with mad scientists conducting all kinds of wierd experiments on them.

    it is a must watch cos it deals with a lot of topics we have been addressing on this site!

  84. Chris says:

    There is nothing inherently evil with occult knowledge. It all matters in how you use it. It all boils down to love vs hate. Good vs evil. He is absolutely right about dualism but the problem is that is unclear what side he is on. Without hate and evil, you would not know of love and goodness. That is why god gave us freewill; to learn. The only true religion is that of love. The rest were just created by men to gain power over people. Jesus message was that of love and that is all you need to take from Christianity. The disciples thought exactly the same way about god as our modern religions do but Jesus would rebuke them with you have eyes and cannot see, you have ears but do not hear constantly. It really doesn't matter if you think he's the son of god or not. It doesn't matter if he died for our sins. It doesn't really even matter if he existed at all because he still saved us by showing us how we should live our lives and function as a society. All you need is love.

  85. kae 31tre says:

    although each and every one of you are in some way correct i believe you all shuld listen to bob other song that REALLY catches the mind in perspective the song is called dr. aden which is simply about a nurse joining something (she takes an oath) when she is approached my some ppl in black suits (illuminati) and then she finds out the hospital she works for isnt really a hospital its a place where they create diseases and use their patients as test subjects yu shld check it out

  86. the inquirer says:

    wow! a very strong video, with even stronger lyrics!

    has anyone seen the movie PUSH recently? in the movie there is a set of peolple called the watchers, whose job is to search for people with special abilities, especially young children e.g: ESP, get them arrested and turned over to the government who inturn hands them over to mad scientists for all kind of crazy and wierd experiments…!

  87. Ryan says:

    im glad he is educated about this and not possessed like most of the high profile "celebs" today he is a true artist

  88. BL says:

    thanks b.o.b go ahead and show us the eye sign in the end. really shows us who's side you're on

  89. BL says:

    thanks b.o.b for showing us whose side you're really on (min 2:22) and no i don't see that as pun intended

  90. DJ Kenn E says:

    Well it can be very deceptive the video and he does act as he knows a lot of about the society but not just him, when Nas and Damian Marley released their collaboration album and I heared it, there were so many things mentioned of the occult if vigilant could do an article on the album.

    B.O.B on the other hand does echo most of the things that are discussed in the album at this time you do not know what to believe what is real and what isnt in the world we live in.

  91. ariana says:

    i think when they rap or sing about "It" it's just a diversion, they're all on the same team

  92. B says:

    That song is HOT! I love it.

  93. Wow…very interesting…

  94. anthony says:

    the best way to hide something is to keep it in plain sight. that is a quote from Edgar Allen Poe who was a freemason. thats all they are doing. letting us know whats up while the others are drooling for more of their black magic via entertainment

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  95. Chris says:

    Stop saying above is as below is aliester Crowley. It's been around way longer than him. His thing was do what thou will shall be the whole of the law.

  96. Ant says:

    The dude is always talking about being a "real rapper" so my opinion is that he is against the "fake" rappers and the illuminati. In 'Airplanes' he talks about the rap game and where its gone so until reading most of these posts, I have thought of him as independent and not part of the illuminati. When I first heard this song I thought wow cool, an artist going against the illuminati, and they cant kill him for it because it would be obvious if it happened right after this was released. But right now I am on the fence about it all because in this video I can't tell if some what he's saying is legit or he's being sarcastic.

  97. Listen, the Illuminati is not a music fan club..all of your favorite artists aren’t members…gosh. There is a larger picture. Music simply influences on a level that everyone will appreciate and adapt to, which is why certain celebrties with the power to influence an era are used to uphold the political and religious agenda of the secret society. Why? Because people like to be entertained, even if they don’t understand the messages they’re really being fed…they first reject the unfamiliar, and then adapt to it. Please, don’t be naive…Vigilant is not talking about these stars’ behavior only, he is shedding light on the real message behind all that…gosh

    That being said, I don't B.O.B. was sending mixed signals at all, he said things that were related to Satanism, because the idea of Illumination is a Satanic thought in itself. He was speaking a warning without going in too deep. The basic message was instead of latching onto a surface view, do your own research. Don't be a sheep, because half-truths, such as the deal with the illuminati, are what all forms of high government use to confuse the flock, cause dissention, and then surrender of thought. I'm just saying…listen to the entire song and don't JUST pick out symbols. Put it all together, you know?

  98. hiro says:

    my own analyzation of "can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars" he is trying to tell us that the 911 incident is a wish come true to change the world and to be controlled by you know who… lets pretend that is a blessing in disguise for power to have a excuse to bomb the innocent countries and conquer them. the night sky is refer to hidden and dark organization who did all this. did you all noticed the light effect in front of Haley? while she sings the lights effects looks like the twin tower exploding… i noticed it the first time i saw the music video and its very disturbing. even the polaroid snapshots looks like the memorial of the victims. check it out again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a-ZaYVWsjE

  99. Legacy says:

    I like this guy. I myself am an artist that speaks out against the Illuminati. I am in a deathcore band called "A Legacy Unwritten"

    Here is some sample lyrics:

    "The shed of light amongst this world is nothing but a lie

    Bound by slavery and shadowed by light

    They will slaughter anyone who will stand and fight

    And until all the world is dead

    They will kill"


    "This is the end of everything that we once knew

    What is really slavery, you call a new world order

    But we all know of its horror

    We will no succumb to this

    We will make a stand

    You'll tell us to step away with a lash upon your hand

    Through all the suffering you have put us through

    We will spit in the eyes of a piece of shit like you"

    And: (this is more metaphoric)

    "I am the home of all that you've ever feared

    I may seem calm and fragile, but I'm more than I appear

    So have fear

    May the waves crash upon your home and draw back what is rightfully mine

    I am both pure and divine

    I am your king

    I am your God

    You can't hold back me (mother fucker)

    For I am the Seven Seas."

    I don't really care what you think, to me, its all about spreading the info.

  100. ComeonNa says:

    I believe some of the newer artist are not "all the way in" yet. I dont trust any human being 100% because all are capable of faltering including VC and his constituents. So though this song is possible disinformation, IMO i dont think it is. His star will probably fade soon just like Lupe Fiasco's did. Just like Dave Chapelle and others he is goin to have to make the difficult decision to give up on his career. His references are just to let you know that he knows what you are talking about. Plus it is very dangerous to go in on the illuminati if your already personally in their crosshairs.This was I think a weak but concious effort to confirm for many ppl on the fence about this information that its real and exist in hiphop. Piety is replacing patience for too many of us. It takes some folks a minute to wake up and choose right. God gets His information to us whether the messenger means it for good or evil. We all have the power of discernment.

  101. ReallyForReal says:

    That was disinformation at its best. At first I thought he was speaking out against the illuminati but when I listened again he is just covering the entertainment industries tracks by playing the "hater card" Whenever you disagree about a supposedly successful person they make you out to be a hater. They are quite obviously putting these symbols and messages in their music and videos. I was formerly a hip hop enthuist. I am from the type of area these ppl supposedly represent. Yet everything they preach is against the poor they claim to represent. They use lines like my taxes pay for your healthcare you bum(nicki minaj); how they dont look at price tags(lil wayne);how they're flying first class while your stuck in your cubicle driving a subaru(ludacris); i dont have a cap and gown all the girls in my class smart enough to pass be at my parties picking money up off the ground (drake) This is to demoralize our youth and make them ashamed of being "regular" Some of these verses sound like theyre straight out of the mouth of a old illuminati billionaire, in fact some of them are i.e. jay-z. They spread worthlessness to our communities and the radio and tv plays these song over and over and over. Then they pepper in sex and violence and VOILA! You have people killing each other mercilessly trying to obtain the objects and status And its not just rap. Its all popular mediums of music, fashion, television, movies trying to demoralize

  102. BABYCAKES says:

    I think he was making people aware I dont think he is into an occult I just think he is doing his research like the rest of us.

  103. Xpose_the_Industry says:

    You really don’t know who to trust these days. I can honestly say though that there are honest celebrities who speak out against what’s going on. As for this video I couldn’t say it’s true or false but to not rely on information given to you but to also do some research for yourself. Never rely solely on someone else but make sure you have knowledge for yourself. That’s always a plus. Personal opinion aside, I feel that this video has some truth but be careful because some truth is not all the truth. If it’s not the whole truth then that means it needs to be looked into.

  104. Be Eazy says:

    He spent more focus on what we think of rappers and their allegiances and a little bit on what's happening, rather than who's behind it all, so for that b.o.b. suck out man.

    You ain't no help to no one.

  105. C says:

    The whole point of this song was to get people to read for themselves and for you to be independent. He's saying you make up your own mind, and the reason he's not spoon feeding info to you is so you do read about all the stuff happening for yourself. He just leaves clues so that you'll read about it more like what happened eons ago, or the as is above so is below statement. The world is crazy and full of evil, but you're not going to find the truth from what you watch and hear, you have to read. He's got other songs on this mix tape like "shoot up the station" and "Dr. Aden" which are I'm pretty sure anti illuminati. Illuminati just wants you to talk about them and fear them, and arguing about who's right and wrong isn't going to help. People should look up B.O.B's background and where he comes from. Look up what he says at the end of the song to, it's in Hebrew. BTW I personally think "as is above, so is below" is a reference to the Bible when it talks about Heaven and Hell.

  106. RealTAlk says:

    I dont know about yall but everybody thats say all rappers are a part of this is just dumb truth be told your believing in what some one has told u not what u know yourself this all this illuminati stuff goes way past just rappers and music i mean come on people were talkin governors presidents doctors lawyers but truth be told im still unsure about all this cause u cant believe everything your told while all of u are talking about this their distracting u from the bigger picture this is a divide and conquer plan and its really funny that when its mostly BLACK people that are accused of being apart of this very little white not being racists or anything but just think about it people in music have a big influence in the world so why not make us believe that their a huge factor in their plan but really its not and also i believe some rappers pretend to be apart of this so they can get more views and so people an buy their songs and listen to what they say and truth be told when people hear it they wanna hear for themselves which gives them more publicity and since when did everybody become masters on illuminati signs like wake up people

  107. gitarra says:

    This seems to be a call to people to make up their own minds and think for themselves. There is a lot of finger pointing and accusations of satanism and sometimes this comes across as racist (lots of it focussed on the evils of hip hop). I think he is asking people to stay strong , be discerning and intelligent in their thinking . He seems derisive of excessive materialism and ego (which the devil is a metaphor for) To me he seems like someone who believes in a true power (or God) He is saying "stay strong in the face of the powers that be (illuminati) and do not let them divide and rule you — which they seem to be doing quite well because plenty of people have not listened properly to this guys lyrics and do not realise he is a good guy

  108. rayy says:

    I have 2 words


    and 4 more

    Shoot up the station

  109. eddie says:

    the things he says on this are so frightening man. first off, do you see the image of the world? more than half of america is covered in ice. what does that mean? or the end when he's noting black people are superior athletes, or that "they silenced" jimi hendrix. does he consider himself the next jimi? God so many questions. But if this isnt desensitizing us to the fact that aliens exist then i dont know what else would. theres a hint of truth in here, with alot of contradiction. amazing.

  110. Angie says:

    sooo is he saying he's NOT in the freemasons? okay. now is he also saying that he's AGAINST them? it seems that way, but i'm not sure…

  111. Kayleigh says:

    I like B.o.b i think he something different in my opinion he is not with the illuminati or supporting it or anything he just subtly speaking out so you do your own research like he tells you too and see for yourself. I hope he isnt with the illuminati cos it just goes to show you cant trust no one these days.

  112. illuminati says:

    Guys guys guys, its a song. just like the thousands of other ones out there that talk about this kind of stuff.

  113. Nyasha says:

    hello and im 14 yrs old i know young but anyway here is what i'm getting for it..yes this is his mixtape and i beleive he is trying to speak freely and at the ending "Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish Adonai'Tsebayoth" it's not a devil chant it basically means "Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory" just thought i would imply that..

  114. Nyasha says:

    I am glad that he's exposed some of it but ..he's either gunna turn up dead,critically injured,or a full fledge illuminati puppet…which in that girls video price tag he shows he is already in there

  115. Philosophia. says:

    The link you've provided doesn't work. Here is a link to the video that works (as of this writing): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUk23RAHXGU

  116. JR Garcia says:

    B.o.B is a mystery but I think he's "in" but he realizes the ramifications of his choice and i guess he wants out. I believe asther roth stated he was an atheist. I guess we have to wait and see how it pans out. I hope he isn't misleading his listeners (especially the kids). If he is under the illuminati's control then I hope he attempts to get out and right his wrong. PEACE

  117. Child of God says:

    Just adding a link to this site that may help clear things up….This is a great series to watch from the beginning…God Bless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D6yaa9NvhY&fe

  118. NK says:

    "While the cops given out free mase to your face now how do that taste?"

    Is it just me or is B.O.B. the first black supporter in police brutality.

  119. peeping out says:

    especially since he's quoting Aleister Crowley. u know something has got to be wrong