ARGUS: The Technology that Takes Video Surveillance to Another Level (video)



Argus Panoptes is the name of a giant of Greek mythology who had a hundred eyes and who was said to be “all-seeing”. What an appropriate name for DARPA’s latest wide area monitoring system, described as the “next generation of surveillance”.  When mounted on a drone, ARGUS (which stands for Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System) has a  1.8 Gigapixels video system that allows the constant video surveillance of a small city, complete with the tracking of moving objects and incredible zoom-in capabilities.

Here’s a short video describing the basic (and non top-secret) capabilities of this technology. As you’ll see, the guy in the documentary refuses to say where this system is used. One thing, it is used and most probably on civilians.

The All-Seeing Eye is not just a symbol, it is a goal the powers that be are striving to achieve.



      • You know what. I have THE feeling they are showing us in movies what they are ALREADY capable of. And not what we think is impossible.

        Like mission impossible with Tom Cruise. He was sliding THE images remember, and we where like OMG O_O back then. Gues what. We do that now every day. Think about it

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        I believe, this is how they wake up the MK slaves that have been sleeping amongst us. Each film shows the slave what to do to accomplish their mission and those strange endings are how they eliminate the slave to end their program so we won't have any clue wha just happened. It is apparent they don't care for normal untrained minded people who won't bend their minds to be controlled and it is even sadder that they use those who don't mind to have their thoughts used in sinister ways to carry out orders from behind shadows who feel this is their reality and humans don't belong.

    • truthseeker2013 on

      I believe its much sinister than that. While our focus is on the ground troops and humans fighting in foreign countries, they are slipping in the back door with new technologies that fight war on our soil that human ground troops can't match to fight in the air, on the ground or in the water. It has to do with electronics — sonar waves are hard to fight with bullets. Gamma/infrared/ultraviolent waves are hard to detect with the naked eye. Also look at what a GWEN Tower capabilities and merged with this type of power, it is hard to counteract especially when their control centers are above any constitutional law america has

  1. And not a single fuck was given by obama. Seriously though if shit keeps going this way I aint gonna stay quiet. Gonna call a shit load of statesman here in cali. If not im moving back to texas. This shit wont fly there. Haha get it. "Fly". XD

    • wow u rly are blind arent ya..

      "if shit keeps going this way…" shits BEEN going this way for a looooooooong time my sheep-

      And you seriously think a fictional line on a map would stop them? LOL

      You need to wake the fuck up

    • Didn't the military just do a mock live fire exercise in Houston, scaring the hell out of the civilian population? Nobody done shit about it. Isn't San Antonio where they force the school kids to wear RFID badges? And worse of all Glen Beck lives in Texas.

      • Yes they just did a live fire near a school here in Houston…there excuse was a military exercise. Really!? Things are getting scary and no one is questioning anything! Wtf!

      • In certain schools they do enforce The rfid badges. Some girl tried going against it due to religious beliefs but she lost the case.

    • Shit is already flying, sorry to say. Whenever they announce something in the news, it usually means they are already doing it.

    • Irizarry gave the example of the spherical drones that mapped a huge alien base in the 2012 science fiction film "Prometheus" as an analogy for how today's larger drones could aid in above-ground laser mapping. He has also enlisted the help of Eric Johnson, an aerospace engineer at Georgia Tech, to figure out the best role for drones.

  2. "the ultimate welding of man and machine" ehn well I can't say I'm surprised, and by the way why should anything about this be classified, why does anything that a democratic government does be classified? These are questions I ask myself.. Maybe because of 'terrorists' je sais pas. And yet all some will see is how awesome this technology is, nothing more! Sad.

      • truthseeker2013 on

        There is a body of information that explains what we are witnessing now happened back in ancient times. There is avery small group of individuals who have classified information at the Cosmic and MK clearances which is very rare any individual will obtain unlocks classified information that would explain more about the MKs and would really open our eyes to the depths of that Rabbit Hole.

        IKve read so much informattion about this that I forget the site that has more about real classified information. The information that we are hearing about are the operations that have been sanctioned and not the really decisive information that puts us in the midst of what would shake loose the who, what, when, where and why. Now I'm basing this on a statement from a site that may have made a stsement like that to get my attention.

  3. we need to rise against them like we did 1700's. We cant have the we are fucked mentality. Wake up the people around you!

  4. New technology will always be used in new ways (whether for good or for evil depends on WHO or "WHAT" is controlling the technology) The devil/satan or whatever you want to call the evil force wants to do/be what God is and God can see all, hear all, know all at all times so this is just a different attempt to imitate the natural traits of God.

    Just like cloning is an attempt to "create" life because God created humans and all life here on Earth. No need to fear them or their evil plans and actions. Remember those demons and evil spirits FEED off of fear. Love instead. Love God. Love nature. Love your self and others.

    Love IS much more powerful than fear, evil & death.

    • Shay, you took the words right out of my mouth! Was gonna write the same thing! Thanks, you did it for me, God bless you and keep speaking the truth. So many need to know!

    • tyler the creator on

      been trying to get possessed for like 9 months now. Now I know its b/c I am not scared of them. Or u just have to believe in demons to get possessed by them.

      • You have NO IDEA what you are asking for. It is terrifying, confusing, it breaks you down mentally and it leaves you at rock bottom. Thank God that he's kept you from experiencing that so stop now.

        Seriously- that's like announcing that you'll be voluntarily infecting yourself with AIDS. Who would do that?

  5. I just wanna shake these people who are building these things for the government and tell them "What the hell are you doing! You're helping to build your own prison and children's prison!"

  6. RespectOurPrivacy on

    If these were used to stop crimes like drug trafficking, assault, murders, etc. maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing but uncomfortable nevertheless. But we all know these drones have been here for a while and crimes have not declined. These are being used for the evil and selfish purposes of the elite to keep an eye on us.

    • Agreed. If it was used to end human trafficking, sexual abuse, murder, drug trafficking, assault, and other crimes – then good. But crime hasnt declined. Using it for selfish greedy purposes is plain. Its like they're trying to create an ugly world… It's gonna get ugly for them too.

      • So very true.Without government police and secret service direct involvement drug trafficking sexual trafficking, abuses of Jimmy Savile scale would never take place.I have seen a lot of that back in Europe where Masons made billions on these crimes.Read aangirfan blogs-that is well known in Great Britain. Though ..I have such a suspicion only tip of an iceberg is known.God help us.

    • It's been real. For longer than anyone here, thinks. I've just retired from the military, medical retirement, at 18 years 10 mos. they made me sick to get rid of me. I'm a monarch. Just finding out all of this stuff by researching this site and others and trying to hold it together. My handler is my husband. Can anyone help me? I've know for years that I was special, in a way. I just need to talk to someone about this other than the military psych doc.

      • I wish I knew enough about it to recommend somebody, but I don't.
        I'll keep you in my prayers that you find somebody, and I hope others on here do to :)

      • At the times that you are away from him pray and read the bible start with psalms for comfort and don't take the meds they give you it makes it easier for you to be controlled I will be praying for you

  7. What the most irritable thing about this is that people accept this. The gov will tell them it is for your own safety and no one will question it.
    Privacy means nothing today.. we are slaves from a different time..
    Our cildren will grow up and believe that these big brother things are normall.. they have their whole lives on the internet anyway so nobody will care..
    It is really frightening that in a couple of years we will have fewer rights.. and people must obay their laws..
    When something becomes normal, whenit is not….. we should be afraid

    • People accept it like they accept everything else these days, because they are too busy being brainwashed by the mainstream media, and by that I mean music, TV, news, facebook, culture, fear, the latest celeb gossip, debt, economy, the list goes on and on!
      I do see a lot more people waking up to the layers beneath / above, but I also see too many people that cannot think for themselves.
      But as you said, the safety and protection angle is what most people will happily believe, right up to the point where they find their rights completely abolished.
      It's a depressing world right now, and I often wonder if there really is something to all this Illuminati ritual stuff. Cause it sure as feels like something dark is occurring.
      oops sorry I was ranting a bit there lol.

  8. Good! And I hope some militia out there is working on a surface-to-air missile capable fucking these drones up the ass. I hope everyone that gets a chance to knee one of these evil fascist globalists in the balls heartily does so. I think we should finish what President Kennedy started and abolish the CIA, the Fed, and lock up these 2,000 or so international criminals at the top of the pyramid.

    • Let's concentrate on freedom, everyone. Truth is our key to justice and justice is the key to freedom. The 1947 National Security Act is the next obvious obstacle. If enough people complain loudly and coherently enough about the collusion and the criminality protected by it, and the fact that it renders a dangerous section of the government unaccountable and utterly without oversight, maybe we can do some damage to the monsters in charge. Everyone should know their crimes against humanity. Right now they don't, and that's a big part of the problem.

      But remember that our perception of reality has to be based on our own agenda for freedom at its core. To do that, you have to kind of unlearn everything you've been taught about how the world works as a kid, but it's not hard once you get going and actually it's kind of fun. We've been the target of a massive psy-op designed to get everyone to give up before it's over, and the rest of humanity has been basically hypnotized in mass numbers to fall asleep.

      No plan is perfect. A million things can and do go wrong at any stage, and it goes both ways. No matter how much power they gain or how sophisticated their weapons get, there are always tiny things that make everything go haywire. Only in Hollywood movies to One World governments function so smoothly. Learn to differentiate illusion from reality is the first step to gaining your confidence back. The second is affirmative action towards whatever the goal you've set it. It doesn't have to be big progress. Do you see the NWO people making huge leaps all the time? You don't. They tip-toe. Quietly. The important thing is that you keep moving forward.

      The government should NOT be spying on its own people, especially when half of those spooks are also drug dealers and subversives. The Fed should NOT be printing fiat money at interest on the basis of various countries' gold reserves put on deposit with the Bank of International Settlements secretly because the Bretton Woods agreement ran out in the mid 1990's. Lastly, the 1947 NSA should not exist because the founding documents of this country stipulate that there must be checks and balances.

      We are the Immune System of this world. Sitting around and twiddling our thumbs nervously doesn't help much. If you can't be bothered to get up off the couch, at least focus on the free world you know should exist and construct it in the space between your ears. For whatever mysterious scientific reason, the visualization of positive things does actually appear to affect the world outside. Even if you think what I just said's bullshit (and it's not), do it anyway. You're on a couch, so what have you got to lose? It doesn't have to interfere with Monday night football. Do it for a little while each day, imagining the world as though none of this sickness could function anymore and conditions just bounced back to full health inexplicably. Stranger things have happened in real life. And remember we are the ultimate obstacle to overthrowing a free world.

      • Can you suggest some concrete things to do? I tell people about new creepy happenings that the media does not cover, but I don't even try to mention the illuminati… people would automatically shut me out the minute I started mentioning an actual system, plan, or goal involving some organization… I'm sure all of us on here want to stop the shit that's happening but just knowing the truth ourselves and reading articles isn't enough to actually change the government. Even if we had the chance to vote on something it wouldn't mean a single thing of course, it'd just be rigged. How do we stop it?

        I love your first comment and your second was incredibly insightful. If you start something, I'd join up! 😉

  9. He did say "Quantico, Virginia" at the beginning.

    Since they already started using it there, they're probably using it everywhere in the US.

  10. So they rob the money from the working class and uses it to fund this monstrosity, while they could be using it to actually save and help us…it really tells you where their real priorities are.

  11. Nice article VC… Have you done any articles on some new tattoos certain celebs have been sporting? I just saw Lindsay Lohan's new tattoo with a triangle and a quote… Im not sure if the quote says "dreams may come" or "deemons may come." Chris Brown also has a tattoo of a snake with a triangle attached to it tail… Hollywood/celebs/the media just keeps getting weirder…

  12. This too must and shall pass. Draw close to father GOD there will be two Comings!! I'd like to go the first time!!! I have noticed more spiritual warfare in my life because the time is near and Satan wants me here in this HELL ON EARTH to come..along with the rest of u but the word of GOD says this will happen and the word does not return void!!! People need to take their mind off the things they can't control and take their burdens to the one who is in complete control of it all! If you are not a believer I suggest you get to know HIM!! This life is temporary!! Store treasures for eternity cause we all gotta go somewhere after this life!! Love people treat them good put GOD first no matter how bad life breaks your heart!! Trust him!!! Please just trust that he will not forsake his people but u must believe Jesus is Christ! confess it! he is GOD IN HUMAN FORM!! Sent to this world to die in perfection for us sinners!! so holy his mother had to be a virgin! so holy he never sinned once!! he shall return!! If the rapture comes and some are left behind remember there's still hope although many will face death for this TRUTH!! If it were not the truth they wouldn't give a damn what u believe in!! It's a trick and the enemy will rule and rain and torment until the second coming!! Be strong and of good courage!! ALL THAT MATTERS IS U BELIEVE EVEN IF YOUR LIFE HERE DEPENDS ON IT!! Remember my words!!! Only Remember!!!! Some will think I'm blowing religious smoke but I am thee opposite. The choice is what makes it LOVE!!! Satan forces GOD gives free will no bargains nothing but advice and the word of GOD(bible) to warn u. It's the manual!!! Read it!! Every day!! One day it'll be a crime to have it!! Put the scriptures in ur heart!! Remenber my words!!! We are so quick to understand evil on these levels, but do you not think The complete opposite is availible as well. What you feed your spirit shall manifest! We shall not live off of bread alone but the word of God!! Bless you beautiful creations!! I love you.

  13. Big brother thing…
    My dearly beloved friends,calm down a bit.Time is not right.Obama has little to nothing to do with that(yeah, I am not his supporter).Very little of their plans revealed.Possibly it is for our own good…
    Soviet Union 1983.Leonid Brezhnev is dead Andropov switched from KGB leading position to rule the state.We were forewarned that he has decisive long plan how to get rid of any dissidents,opponents and first of all religious leaders.None of his plans was implemented-his days were short.
    United States 2013.Not widely known that laws and constitution would be changed soon.Basic human rights will be thrown under the bus.Some of the most outrageous plans are known being revealed by defectors. FIRST OF ALL-WAIT FOR WIDESPREAD RIOTS,DISORDER,HUNGER AND UNEMPLOYMENT. Until that has not been done SINISTER DIABOLIC ORDER CAN NOT JUMP START!
    Wait for MEGADISASTERS unheard of since the foundation of the Earth! AS SOON AS WORLD GOVERNMENTS WILL BE ABOLISHED BECAUSE NONE OF THEM ARE ABLE TO SOLVE ongoing troubles.Do you think that it is coincidence that USA emergency food supply was cut in half within 10 years-from 80 days in current consumption to just 42.They learned how to control nations back in 30's hope everyone knows that!Just leave them without food and paycheck we will see what to do next…. IN MANY PERIODS OF HISTORY DARK PLOTS WERE FULFILLED. hOWEVER MAKE NO MISTAKE GOD IS IN CONTROL IN ALL TIMES! TRIBULATION IS QUITE A NECESSITY IN GOD'S EYES TO WAKE CHOSEN ONES UP, TO PROVE WHO ARE THE FAITHFUL SERVANT. WE WILL ENTER IN TIME OF TROUBLE AND RUPTURE WILL FOLLOW SOON AFTER. "WHEN THESE THINGS BEGIN TO HAPPEN,STAND ERECT AND HOLD YOUR HEADS HIGH,FOR YOUR DELIVERANCE IS NEAR AT HAND".Luke 21:28.

  14. No panic, none of the psychopaths will be around to abuse this technology. We will soon have peace and freedom. Spread the word.

  15. It reminds me of Deja vu with Denzel Washington. In this movie, he embodies a cop and finds out about a surveillance system that allows to see and monitor every movement of everybody anywhere in the world in the past and present time.

  16. Psychic Paradox on

    Interesting that this advanced technology is so 'non-top secret' – thing is – most 'conspiratorial' things are not even conspiracy, not even hidden a lot of times, but all out in the open…. 'cause they know it can't be stopped anyway…. most times… 😉 Welcome monster with a hundred thousand eyes…!

  17. Irene Efstathiou on

    So glad that my faith is not in man or the government If you don’t know for certain that you have received the gift of salvation I pray you make that your priority.

  18. i enjoy giving the planes and choppers and such a show whenever they fly over. in fact, i’d like to think i have a few fans, since they visit often enough you’d think “welcome” was painted on my roof. the google maps image doesn’t do the homestead justice, though. come closer to see all the decor features–

    kiss kiss… lovers!

  19. oops, i forgot!

    “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow the fields of those who don’t.”
    –Thomas Jefferson

  20. SKYNET? As anyone can see, all of the apparatus needed by the monied and political elite, are being put in place one by one. Government has been hi-jacked by special interest and banking cartels in order to slowly institute complete and total control over every citizen on earth. The ultimate goal(as stated by Nicholas Rockefeller) is to get every person "chipped" (an electronic financial debit ) in order to track, and surveil every financial transaction taken. Any dissenter winds up with their chip turned off with no means for self support. Why is the drone program needed? and the secrecy? All of this stems from the staged 9/11 incident. Their" keeping us safe" they say,so they're gonna have to watch us. But who is watching the watchers? The constitution is a joke, meant only to control the populace, while the "men behind the curtain"remain above the law. There is talk of censoring the internet too. I'm not a gun owner, but I don't believe any other nation or institution should have a say so on weather americans have a right to own firearms.(Read about the UN gun ban treaty) There really is not much difference between the U.S.,China, and Russia, regardless of their respective political systems. (in terms of citizen privacy rights. The globalist agenda is reaching critical mass, and everyone is screwed, regardless of race, religion, or national origin. As a matter of fact, the word "sovereign" will not be associated with any nation as you currently know them.

    • I wouldnt go as far as to say the constitution is a joke, but it is definatly being disregarded by our leaders. There is a power of the people, and if we speak loudly enough, we can be heard. We may not be able to stop such crimes but we can stall them. We still have freedom of speech and the power to change other peoples minds on these matters. Remember, we the people out number the police and the military. Now is the time to know your rights, know the ammendments of the constitution and exercise those rights. If you dont than you give into the system .

      • The law is like a cobweb, it catches small flies but wasps an hornets fly str8 through

    • Oh and as for the rockefeller obamacare chip, this isnt new. Hilary clinton was even talking abouy it years ago when her husband was in office. It didnt happen then and I dont think its going to happen now. What I have found is that the videos that claim to be the adverts for the RFID chips are actually something for diabetics to control insulin intake. Look it up.

    • The chip is already in place my friend, it's called a phone an everything you do on itcan be tracked and traced I am but a humble pizza delivery driver and 2 years ago 90% transactions were made with cash and ordered over phone now it's 90% CARD PAYMENT AND WEB ORDER they have us now and won't let go! Good luck telling ppl to ditch their phones mines is a smartphone with GPS and data roaming sothey know were I am at all times, we can't fight the power now the war is over

  21. Scary how in the film he states that it was recognizing the objects…..did he mean individuals? If it is that powerful does it recognize your face and track your every movement? This sucks…..and soon no one will have a high powered gun to shoot them out of the sky.

  22. Why does this give me such an unsettling feeling and not because of the possiblity of being watched? It feels more like a drone they can be used to survey the land of densly populated areas before and after a possible strike from a nuclear weapon such as the atomic bomb used on hiroshima. Is it possible? Id imagine that the technology of today can produce a much cleaner atomic weapon and the drone may not be effected at a certain altitude. This is pure speculation but its something to think about concerning whats unfolding geopolitically.

  23. Let them do as they want, i am no longer scared of those a**holes, I find it funny now,cause its pretty stupid ,there just waisting there pathetic time spying on us lol and trying to kill people as a sacrifice lol. Its so dumb what these losers come up with haha they kan kill us all it wouldnt matter,there just giving us a free trip to god.

    Dont be afraid people and go on with your life,without tv,media,etc… Or jyst get hell out of the U.S. Its a dying country anyways .

    • It is a dying country unfortunately history has showed that when the population of any city or country starts "living beyond their means" riots, civil war and martial law kick in and if you know anyone whom is a police officer in US ask them why for last 2 years they have been training for marshall law, they don't know why lol but we do!

  24. Add to this the new google glasses which will transmit video through eyes of more and more people…cheaper and cheaper…we'll have even chinese cheaper "knock offs" , add the ability to calculate probality of events based on gathered data…. no need for war…. events will be modified long before that…people will think the system has got more "human"….

    • Just read that full doc there m8 thanks for sharing, it tells me an everyone if u knew any secrets as an American an u fled for safety, ur pretty much fucked anywhere you go an so is anyone who is with you Obama has been brainwashed by saying that I may now be a target lol

  25. Weapon of choice on

    Don't be under the mindset of "we are all screwed"
    By saying that you are giving them your consent to surrender.
    Where there is a will, there IS a way and we will find it. Just keep your head up and don't quit.
    Our conscious thoughts have more to do with our entire reality than you may realize and staying strong in the mind is a weapon itself. Chose wisely…..

  26. Hey, did anyone notice the all seeing eye underneath Richard Bransons Virgin Galactic WhiteKnight plane that take tourists to space?

  27. They already watch everybody 24/7. Ask anyone that believes they've been or getting gang stalked. Some of them are going through real situations.

    • truthseeker2013 on

      The level of trust and respect is gone. I say this because I wonder is that a method that is used to mentally disconnect the pineal gland. I know physically flouride is used to disconnect the pineal gland. Now trust and respect diminishes the will to believe in mankind sort of s lost hope or soul type of existence as if feeling isolated. What would be the pypsychological way.

      I also want to know how does the darkness try to control and maniputae the 12 levels of the subconscious mind? Mind control from waht I gather only works on a few levels and I don't belive not all levels. The deeper levels are somehow guraded by the higher levels. Of the wizards and some of those secrets are locked away from what I gather in vaults like in the US a secret vault in NSA and Vatican. I was research mind control and I forget the link I read this at and wanted to know if those subject matter experts here knew a very public site to read. I have a trust issue now after reading an ex practicing wizard who said most things have a spell on it. There are trigger words to control the mind.

  28. I swear the elite are so two faced! They want to be all up in our business and control or steps and control our minds but they wanna hid their secrets and true evil intentions from us. So messed up they need to get a life and stay out ours.

  29. This is clearly the reason why stocking up on Guns is ludicrous. Imagine this system attached
    to an armed drone. Would be very easy to take out anyone in those boxes whether armed or not.
    Coming soon a system such as this that will be able to see through walls and directly into homes.

    • truthseeker2013 on

      It's already here. They have harnessed infrared, gamma and ultraviolent waves. Your cable connection is a two-way receiver. They have been watching for quite some time through that. Policeman can drive by your house and tell you how much cash money you have in your house — I'm not sure if that is gamma or ultraviolent wave technology.

  30. Do not call them all-seeing because God is All-Seeing and by saying so, we are placing them on the same pedestal as God. Isn't that what they want?

  31. People's privacy are slowly drifting away so that the "higher-ups" can take total control over how we live. But I'll still stand strong and hope for better things ahead in order for these secret society to be overcome

  32. I find it extremly ridiculous. The elite these days are becoming more blantant by the minute. And it’s sad. My family are paying taxes for what? If what the elite does is steal money from the middle class instead of helping the poor and save us. This world I’m living is so sick that everyday I wonder if it’s real or some sick staged joke… Only to re-realize it’s more real than my own face. Man, they are wasting their lives only to suffer more when they go to you know where… And it bothers me how people just “go with it”. They don’t even try. I see how my classmates are like “Oh Lil Wayne is the sh*t”, “Gaga is my life, I’ll die to go to her concert”, “Nicki is my bi*ch” and more stupid idiotic stuffs. Pff they’ll burn the constitution….

  33. We should still be thankful that nothing that can scan the inside of the house from outside exists. Cameras don't scare me. I am wondering now whether apple or someone else who came up with the idea for the high resolution camera for phones will sue American govt n this guy.

  34. There are 2 many ppl like us who won't lie down to their control measures, yes it may stop crime this new tech but at the cost of our civil liberties in Scotland they have street cams everywhere now but the rules are clear that they can't look in ur Windows, but for how long? Another fake terrorist attack and the goes some more of our freedoms remember Osama was a Saudi, whose family stayed in America and they were rushed out of country 2 hours b4 911 by cia so now everyone is under more control

  35. Markusdarealist on

    It figures they would humble us with this new toy, i got news for everyone if they are showing it to us publicly now then they have been using it. I would venture to say if we don't put a foot in the governments ass pretty soon you might as well tuck your head between your legs and kiss that ass goodbye. When in the world is it OK to spy on people let alone your own citizens 24/7 this really pisses me off. Things are going way to far majority of my family did not fight and serve to empower whatever these bastards are trying to do!!!!

  36. I am scared by all the corruption that is happening. I really wish I could feel safe! I pray that good will always rule!

  37. I hope the idling officers don't check the nudist beaches while the money spent from the national security. TSA's child porno making at the airport is enough.

  38. This is all signs of the times.
    We have nothing to fear for the future lest we forget how He(God) he has led us in the pass.
    They may kill the body but they cannot kill the soul.
    If God be for us who can be against us?Romans 8:31-39

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