A Conscious Rapper’s Take on Illuminati


Another rapper released a song about Illuminati and Hip-Hop. This time it is Wise Intelligent from the popular group of the nineties Poor Righteous Teachers. Here’s the article from allhiphop.com followed by some of my comments.

Jay-Z Illuminati? A Conscious Rapper Says NO!
Wise Intelligent from the legendary Poor Righteous Teachers breaks down the lyrics to his new song “Illuminati” and defends Jay-Z and Kanye West from allegations that they are members of the shadowy secret society. Song and editorial are below.

While I’m aware of the many informative literary works being published by some great men and giants in our community on the subject of Hip Hop and the Illuminati – this song, its lyrics, nor this blog are intended to prove or disprove any of what has been written, published and or lectured about concerning this subject. Rather, to interpret the lyrics to my work and direct our attention to the root cause(ers) of current world dilemmas. Below are the lyrics and a verse by verse overview of the works aim.

VS 1

Lucifer Son of the morning, shalom, good day good morning
All of the livin are mourning, he affixes sixes on them…
But didn’t the scripture warn them? delivered the revelations?
Still they debatin Satan’s use of major corporations

I didn’t intend on putting a song that addressed the subject of the Illuminati on this latest album. However, the producer Masada submitted the track right when we had just wrapped up the record. I mean we were about to master the project. I heard the track, and completed the song the day I heard it. I laid it and we mixed it. As, anyone familiar with Poor Righteous Teachers should know, the group’s 1996 album was called “The New World Order” and the inside cover album art displayed several books pertaining to the Illuminati and the lore surrounding it. The intent of this recording was to simply take the Illuminati out of the “boogieman” realm and demonstrate how its apparatus functions in our daily lives in plain view. I often say that the illuminati, like the freemasons ARE NOT necessarily “secret societies” rather they are a society of secrets.

Remember the plantation, remember the black enslavement
Remember the soul debasin, globe defacin, hidden persuaders
Remember your colonization, colonial education
Ignorance and ni**er sh*t, we get from the radio station

The rhyme points out well known historical events that effected and in many ways changed the world – like the enslavement of Africans and the colonization of the continent. The point being that the Illuminati represents the wealthy globe holders who were and still are responsible for initiating and financing some of history’s  most notable experiences. The rhyme goes on to express how mainstream media is very well managed and controlled with the function of controlling public opinion and mobilizing the poor and laboring masses to behave as the wealthy – less than one percent of the populace – would have them do.

Performers are getting younger, the dresses are getting shorter
It’s funny how these pedophiles market your sons and daughters
Target and breech your borders, kidnap your seeds deport them
Transport them over overseas where devils fiend auction and bought them

The above four measures of the song deal with the international trafficking of children as sex slaves to the wealthy and in many cases involving United Nations soldiers, as well as politicians from all over the world. A couple of years ago we learned that a United Nations ship was used to transport young girls from India to islands where they were then sold as prostitutes. These are not isolated instances of child kidnapping and abuse. This happens by design and is linked to major politicians, kings and sultans. Remember the Lincoln, NE. child prostitution ring that was traced all the way to the Reagan/Bush White House?

In ayiti someone caught them, if these are the seeds we lost them
Tossed them to hell they fell for what his system taught them
Gimme a minute to prove this, call it conspiracy theory
You never knew what the truth is, be sure that my enemy hear me

VS 2
All of this talk about Jay Z, being Illuminati
Or whether they got to Kanye, or whether or not they both gay?
This is irrelevant subtext call it celebrity gossip
Your taking it out of the context of Lucifer’s pertinent subjects

The point here is to say that if our focus is on Jay Z and Kanye West as Illuminati we do not understand and have missed the most fundamental function of the machine – world domination. The capping stone on the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill was set in place nearly one hundred years ago in 1913 with the establishing of the Federal Reserve Bank, thus centralizing the country’s economy. These corporation founders/owners enslaved Africans, killed off Native Americans, bankrolled pirate ships, insured slave ships, created eugenics programs, designed, staged marketed and promoted World War’s I, II, and the Vietnam War before Kool Herc “said it was Hip and we started to Hop.”

What is the criteria for a rapper being Illuminati? He sold a lot of records? P.E. did that! So did the Fugees and Lauryn Hill and Tribe Called Quest and Arrested Development? What would be the rappers purpose as a card-carrying member of the Illuminati – to mislead his fans? If so, we can include every well intended grammar school teacher,  pastor, minster, etc. for disseminating misleading information to their students daily to make their daily bread – some unaware and some well aware. Can’t be the subject matter of the records or we would have to include rappers like Kool G. Rap, Too Short, Ice Cube, NWA, Tupac, Biggie, and a plethora of others – who in my humble opinion are simply poor kids from some ghetto attempting to play the best hand of spades they can with the cards they were dealt! How they interpret the struggle in which they’re embedded notwithstanding.

We live in the projects, we descend from slaves
A lot of us don’t even got shit, and do anything to get paid…
Who Jigga that ni**a ain’t Satan, and West just hood at best
And If they homo, I do not know and I could care less

Nahh they ain’t the Bilderbergers, nahh they ain’t the Rothschild’s?
That’s right they da Rockefeller’s, nahh that’s just dem ni**as style
Illuminati sellin’ your mind soul and body
and they ain’t ever need no rappers to accomplish that

Rappers, be they mainstream, underground, “conscious” or gangster, are not responsible for engineering much other than music. However, the wealthy members of this body we call the Illuminati are publicly known to the world as “social engineers.” They have masked their dirty doings in the vision impairing art of philanthropy. They are the subjects of Proverbs 17:23 which says “A wicked [man]taketh a gift out of the bosom to pervert the ways of judgment.” Again, the rapper by my assessment is at best, guilty of accepting the gift of misfortune and fame to not use his platform to confront this beast – at least sometimes.

rhythm I ride on top of that, given you the truth so copy that
soon the e-conomy collapse, great tribulation after that
skull and cross bone pirate hats, British west indies company cats
we call that Steve Cokely raps, illuminati coming but I’ll be back

Jay Z, West nor any other rapper will be responsible for the collapsing of America’s economy or any other economy in the world. These grapes of wrath had been sown before Hip Hop was pushed out of the womb of black music’s blues.

VS 3
Before they collapse the market, they’re criminalizing farming
they’re silencing you for talking, while turnin us all into peasants
Agricultural patents ConAgra created the famines
Monsanto’s seeds that terminate the natural birthing action

The above four measures are intended to address the Orwellian type reality in which we now find ourselves. Wherein, scientists of all fields are being bankrolled by major corporations, philanthropic foundations, and so-called “social engineers” like the real Rockefellers to use their talents NOT to sustain and preserve human life. Rather to reduce it via man-made famine, weapons of mass destruction, global sterilization initiatives, etc.

Controlling the food supply, choosing who should live or die
Confusion rules you choose the lie, illusion illuminates your mind
These are the last times, spend them getting organized
Victory be with the strongest tribe, the ones that forge the tightest ties

The light is ours, they’re the sons of darkness in disguise
Edom’s fall is Jacob’s rise, so the prophets prophesied
Cecil Rhodes mining more than just De-beers
We’re rewinding through the years but you would rather drink da beers

John Cecil Rhodes in his Confessions of Faith laid out his life, and after death, mission and goal when he said why not have a secret society with one purpose but to see that his race rules forever. He discussed taking over Africa, enslaving and exterminating the population on the continent (what part of that has not been done or isn’t progress? And how much of it was done by or because of rappers?). He spoke of Africa without Africans, meaning more land to produce more of what he called the most superior race – the Anglo-Saxon.

While your peers disappear, off the corner every year
Prison population risin’ abortion clinics everywhere
Truth is they don’t want us here, there’s no cotton left to pick
Physical labor is redundant, secret shifts in politics

In the event, Jay Z, Kanye West, the “Illuminati Princess” – Rihanna (LOL), or any other financially well-to-do rapper, athlete, talk show host (Oprah included) is caught going across the border with kilo’s of illegal drugs, weapons, or underage children smuggled out of some Third World country their asses are going directly to jail and will not be collecting $200 for passing go! They do not control, have membership in, or find favor from this monopolizing oligarchy. They are used by it at best!!!

Listen, rappers who promote and or perpetuate racist and or offensive stereotypes should be held responsible. However, they are not on the same level as the people and the system that funds apartheid schooling, controls, regulates, and collapses economies, concentrates poverty into hyper-segregated ghettos, discriminates against black farmers, starts eugenics programs, denies you and destroys the health care system, lies to start wars, let us drown in Katrina, started blockbusting, redlining, and white flight, closes down libraries (in urban areas), stopped after school programs, environmental racism: high levels of manganese and lead in predominantly black communities, monopolizes the media, started global warming, imports and exports drugs, imports and exports children in sex rings, maintains Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, funds the prison industrial complex, let pedophiles priests run rampant in and out of the Vatican, and uses the IMF and World Bank to destroy and destabilize countries through debt manipulation. Rappers, are for the most part symptoms of the aforementioned problems and by no means represent the causative factors in this reality.

Jay Z might have been on and owned Rocafella records but he didn’t write and enforce the racist Rockefeller Drug Laws. It’s time to take our focus off the puppets and redirect it onto the puppet masters. This approach will serve us well in our effort to raise the people’s awareness of this system of oppression that is so subtle it provokes neither rebellion or escape. Then maybe, some upcoming rappers of tomorrow will be able to see the big picture that many of their peers fail to see (and some pretend not to see) for poverty and want of all things.

I have to say I’ve always liked Poor Righteous Teachers (still bumping “Shayilah”). The group did raise awareness about the Illuminati stronghold on the masses years before it became “mainstream”. I agree with most of Wise Intelligent’s comments regarding celebrities. As he says: “They do not control, have membership in, or find favor from this monopolizing oligarchy. They are used by it at best!!!”. I’ve noticed in the pass year a “mainstream-ization” of Illuminati theories, devolving into schoolyard rumors, celebrity gossip and a whole bunch of finger pointing. These people believe they are now “aware” and “awake” they totally miss the true issue at hand: the control of society by an rulers nobody voted for. As Wise Intelligent says, “It’s time to take our focus off the puppets and redirect it onto the puppet masters”.

One thing he however seems to downplay is the importance of mass media in the carrying out of the elite’s operations. He says: “Illuminati sellin’ your mind soul and body and they ain’t ever need no rappers to accomplish that”. Actually it does. Mainstream media is the ultimate tool to shape and mold opinions, to create desires and to sell dreams. While the daily news appeal to the logical thinking and reasoning of the viewers, pop music and movies appeal to raw emotions. They are another battlefield in psychological warfare and the most effective. The power to bypass a person’s rational mind to directly reach his/her’s inner-being is the ultimate goal of all advertisement and propaganda.

“It is the emergence of mass media which makes possible the use of propaganda techniques on a societal scale. The orchestration of press, radio and television to create a continuous, lasting and total environment renders the influence of propaganda virtually unnoticed precisely because it creates a constant environment. Mass media provides the essential link between the individual and the demands of the technological society.”
– Jacques Ellul

Without mass consent, the elite’s agenda would go nowhere. Each new step would be met with social uproar. Media is the link between the power and the masses: It provides a constant stream of entertainment and information calculated to direct the mass consciousness towards a specific direction. Mass media is the ONLY point of contact between the masses and power. It is therefore necessary to properly understand its messages, to dissect its meanings and to spot its codes. That being said, which segment of the population is most likely to be influenced by the media? Who do the media mostly aim? The youth. And this is not a new concept.

“The Nazi leadership appreciated the difficulty of indoctrinating the older generation…. They were all the more determined to mold the new generation along Nazi lines. As the leader of the Nazi Teacher’s League, Hans Schemm, put it: ‘Those who have the youth on their side control the future.”
– Nazism: A History in Documents and Eyewitness Accounts

If one would want to convince a young person of the pertinence of an idea, which technique would be more effective: 1) Bringing out an old man with white hair and a flow chart to explain the idea; 2) Having his/her favorite star portray this idea in a music video with sexy dancers and catchy music?

There is a positive point to take out from all of this. Discussing the link between the elite and popular artists has definitely brought attention to a subject that would otherwise NEVER interest the youth (hence the goal of this website) It has also prompted artists some artists to become more vocal on important issues. Funny how none of them are questioning the existence of the Illuminati. To have these issues raised in mainstream pop culture is an amazing feat and I’m proud that the Vigilant Citizen and all of its readers are part of it.



    • VC its time to move ahead…We don't need to prove to anyone. Whatever we say they call us Conspiracy Theorists.

      Well, I'm a proud proud Conspiracy Theorist. here is why…

      1. You won't see my son getting killed in Iraq or Afghanistan for fake war for the elites.

      2. You won't see my son tooth getting decayed or crying in pain due to fluoride. He won't do a dentists run.

      3. You won't see my daughter getting teenage pregnancy or on drugs or doing what other girls do in her age.

      4. You won't see me slaving away for corporates or waiting for foreclosure or having to pay for credit cards bills.

      5. My kids are not going to college for a worthless piece of paper that they call degree than rest of the life struggle for a job or else slave for corporates.

      6. My kids are home schooled and when they are 18, they will see the world…if it exists :) and would not have to worry about getting a job or working for the corporates…they have enough savings to live happily ever after even working on their own on simple living.

      7. My kids are more healthy and respectful to everyone around…they don't trash talk or call me fuck you dad etc etc…they know the truth about the elites who wants to divide the family and rule..it ain't gonna happen in my home.

      Yeah…Its not me who is suffering, but my neighbors who call me conspiracy theorist in the morning when i try to wake them up and in the evening when they return from work…they whine about how shit life is :)

      Conspiracy theory is in my blood and im so proud of it…you be the judge… compare my conspiracy theory family to anyone around..and you will know truth..

      • No one wants to mention the running theme that's behind all conspiracy is Jewish.

        He's right, that don't need the Entertainers to accomplish their true agenda … just need them to take the blame when the Jews ditch the secret societies as per the Teachings of the Elders of Zion.

        All this is very real but a distraction from the real enemy.

      • Wrong petep. Time to put that old canard to rest. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a proven fake, written by anti-semites to implicate the Jewish people in all sorts of calamities. You need to get a better education on this subject and stop repeating lies.

      • Great comment. Being in the know is not about being scared and paranoid, it is about living up to our full potential and reconnecting with real values.

      • I second that : D

        I want to go to college for pure interest in the subject I will study. Besides, people who don't have savings to live happily ever after have to work, right? And work is getting harder to get if you don't have a degree.

        I do agree that people should try and work for themselves instead of beneath others, but… what's wrong with college?

      • Awesome comments dude!

        Note that the words 'conspiracy theory' represent an evil fnord that allows people to discount anything falling under the umbrella of the term.

        I deal with conspiracy facts =)


      • your kids are gonna grow up paranoid and might just kill somebody. You're teaching your kids hate.

    • I am 32 years old and mortally afraid. I was born at the onset of the crack attack on the black communities and the introduction of Child Protective Services both I believed designed to diassemble the poor families of this country which happened to be in that time period minority families. I have never really been one to entertain conspiracy theories but I feel that SOMETHING has happened. Hip Hop abandonded an entire generation sometime in the 2000's. An art form that was bred from consciousness and unity became a verbally abusive, sexually agressive attack on my children. Our communities are soo divided by all of the things being rammed down our collective throat that weve left our kids out there as fair game and I believe evil the devil whatever you wanna call it is just taking full advantage of what weve afforded them. Look up the 13 amendment and see what it says about slavery and the prison system.

      • I don't even have the words to speak to your situation because honetly I cannot relate…..but your word speak deep into my heart, even more each time I read them! Just God bless you hun…..Your eyes are open now and that is something! Sometimes it is all we have in this craziness. My thoughts and prayers are with you lil kirstin! You are a good mamma…..

      • believer of 'I on

        1. I agree with Jack! But disagree he is teaching hate! He is teaching his children to think for & by themselves. For the vast majority of America the media thinks for them because they are too lazy to research, I mean REALLY RESEARCH beyond what is fed to them. Not going on the internet where you or I or both of us can create a truth then create a page filled with a multitude of lies or a plethra of lies & partial truth=plain ole fashioned lies.
        2. I have a degree & haven't been able to do anything with it, in order to do more with it I will have to find myself deeper in debt to the govt to work doing what I wanna do-social services! What's wrong with college? Nothing if you wanna work hard pay a lot of money to supposedly make a lot of money to only be told, sorry but an assoc.=to high school diploma & a bach=to an assoc & a masters is = to a bach. Its never ending, if you Don't already have $ as a cushion its a rat race fo a small pc of cheese I realized I will have to borrow LOTS OF $ to learn how to (which I feel is = to service & something you are blessed with) care for people than I will actually doing it. But if I go to school for something that assists the world in. A more helpful manner I.e engineering, broadcasting, IT, human resources (catch my drift?) I will get paid WAY more without having to go to school up to a phd! Ifyou are a child of God you will know that anything you do on this earth where YOU don't belong , to increase this carnal life & its pleasures , which WILL ROT AWAY, You are going to drive yourself nuts! Trust God not govt/media/artists, God never changes but these entities do change OFTEN,its in their nature to do so! WHETHER WE SEE IT OR NOT & conspiricy theory or not IT AIN'T IN YOUR BROKE AZZ INTEREST! If you are not the elite you run around in it no amount of schooling will allow you to be a part of running it,or allow you to experience that WACK AZZ ILLUSION CALLED THE AMERICAN DREAM, SO go school for self not to make your life, sorry TEMPORARY life here on this decaying earth better! Remember Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth=BIBLE its your best bet& is your only chance! Yeah I know parts have been removed, but as long as you read it & trust God just know those who doctored it up WILL PAY!
        3. As far as the illuminati & hip -hop/rap/rock/country is concerned, wasn't satan the minister of music before he was booted out of Heaven? Just a thought….. (sorry about grammer & spelling using my tiny uncooperating phone)

    • seekerfinder on

      "Without mass consent, the elite’s agenda would go nowhere."

      Without mass consent, the elite’s agenda would go nowhere.

      Without mass consent, the elite’s agenda would go nowhere.

      Without mass consent, the elite’s agenda would go nowhere.

      Without mass consent, the elite’s agenda would go nowhere.

      Without mass consent, the elite’s agenda would go nowhere.

      Without mass consent, the elite’s agenda would go nowhere.

      Is anyone really getting the point yet?

    • See look the Illuminati want us distracted so we won't dig deeper into their plans they can always find ways to elude us from the truth jay-z,kanye,beonyce,and the rest of the V.i.p are their prize puppets collection they know what they're doing and they're good at it but were smarter. Did you guys really think that the speech Obama gave was good it wasn't it was just a load of crap.

    • Granted, Jay Z isn't in the same ballpark as the bloodline illuminati heavy-hitters, but given the fact his clothing line has Satanic symbols and Crowley verses emblazoned across much of it, and his salut to his fans is a pyramid shape, it strikes me as odd that this guy can offer much argument against his being a gung-ho Satanist, and despite not being in the Rothschilds' league, he nonetheless is a role model and influence to a great many, and as such deserve to be outed.

  1. excellent song! lyrics are true.. I tend to enjoy anything truth and this song is awesome.. hey writter of VC.. look into HED P.E. .. song STAY READY.. and listen to last to albums .. great stuff

    keep it up ..

    • But why so much racism? What is she trying to Say? Idont get it.. Shouldnt we be over that? Why do we have to divide the people in "black" "white" , we are all humans, and color of skin should not be relevant

      • iwishwvuwouldbeatbama on

        You know even if he is trying to shed some light on things he still has to sell albums so he must include a lot of crap that other people love to hear.

  2. “It’s time to take our focus off the puppets and redirect it onto the puppet masters”.

    I certainly agree with that but like you said one CANNOT downplay the strategic & tactical importance of pop artists with regards to conditioning the masses.

    They literally are the 'propaganda' arm of the illuminati – it's like nazi germany's propaganda machine except it's more sophisticated and covert.

    I'll take sexy dancers and a catchy hook over anything if I was looking for a tool to influence.

    Great article dude.

    • 100% on what you just stated cause the ones who are most affected by the music is the majority who hasn't awakened yet to the agenda so why downplay it, for all intent and purposes Jay-Z and Kanye are doing equal damage to the subconsciousness level just like any other of their tactics of dumbing us down and keeping us divided

  3. just want to add.. jay z etc are illuminati driven.. for those reading my comment above. real unsigned artists who are as good dont talk about the crap that jay z and others do.

    by end of 2010 dollar dead.. arabs to be doubled crossed and oil to 200$ a barrell coming up.

    gas here eventually 6-7$ A GALLON. this has all been orchestrated.. all you should pay attention,

    THEY CONTROL THE WORLD. in very literal sense.

    stay ready!

    • It's amazing that we can see so much of what has been prophesied now coming to pass. People are so distracted trying to acquire things and money that they aren't even seeing the writing on the wall. People aren't giving proper care and feeding to their souls and spirits–which is all you will have to sustain you.

      The destabilization of the mid-east and north Africa is paving the way for the anti-Christ. But people can't be bothered because they are busy Facebooking and tweeting about movies and tv and music and gadgets and denying the very existence of God. I used to wonder how that could possibly come to pass– that in this day and age so many would miss the mark? But here it is and here we are. Wow.

      I remember PRT. It's refreshing to hear from someone who is not a handpicked, ignorant, puppet. That's exactly why he isn't a superstar.

      • Responding to team jesus I don't mean to sound stupid but what mark are we talking about? Tell me more.

      • Well Milla, the mark people are missing is basically that they're spiritually starved, persuing alot of things that aren't adding anything of substance to their lives and consequently don't even notice that God is real and Satan is real. They're sitting ducks, ready to fall into satan's traps. The bible warns us, but it's wild to see so many ignore it.

      • I hate Fakebook. And I don't even go to church. What is scary is, tons of Fakebookers go to their church of choice, pardon the pun, religiously!

        I want VC to do an article on the website and the douche who owns the site, how Goldman Sachs is limiting share trade and how he is meeting with the President and Steve Jobs…

        Twenty-something white American person here…suspicious of this, shocked more people didn't end the whole "social network" creep shit when myspace died…

        blatant market research and a worshiped platform for "any person or product here": another way evil accomplishes its goal


      • Facebook plays perfectly into today's Luciferian mindset–the me, me, me, me , me generation. People's heads are up their own butts with this stuff. Social media can be great, used correctly. But of course, people use it to be nosy, gossipy, self-centered, etc.

        I've seen stuff on Facebook and Twitter from ministers that is just plain inappropriate. Just log off! lol

    • I believe they started the riots/protests, to add on what you said.

      Sigh. ..

      I feel so much pain for our children.

      I have a 6yr old who i don't want to grow up – and – a 18yr old who I don't want to venture. Into the created disasters the world is creating. Their plans are just being conquered TOO quickly, one by one.

      I do not want my children living in the hell that is coming. Any children. No dollars, no food, police state, rations, bee workers, etc. ..

  4. Wise Intelligent is right. We need to focus on the masters not the puppets, thats the only way real change will occur.

    • Exposing the puppets does help to get people's attention and get people to start thinking critically about everything that is going on.

      • Ur right. That's how I started to be skeptical of the world today. It wasn't so much political, but looking at music videos that had nothing to do w/ the song & every celeb, it seemed, waring mostly black

      • true, The music videos are so bizarre! Nothing makes sense I believe all these artist sold their souls for fame. money, power. It so sad to see that, I remember britney, justin t, rihanna, beyonce. They looked so "innocent" in their videos back then around the late 90's. now looking at their current videos they look so evil like, dark and worst of all the sexuality they have on them now! Little girls look up to them i hate miley cyrus all these disney tweens are out of control, Its all in the agenda i feel bad for this generation of children

        May god help us

    • I agree the ppl at the top should be exposed……

      however, performers shouldn't lessen the part they play by passin the buck.

      That be like me sellin dope, but when I get caught up I say,

      naw…..I'm just slingin to hold on, you need to go after "the man",

      the one shippin it over here from afghanistan he the one makin the real $…..

      everyone involved plays a part, they (performers) need to own what they're doin.

      • by performers I am referring to those who flash illuminatti signs but claim they aren't

        they claim to be "pawns"

  5. this is the realest song i've heard in a long time. everyone focuses so much on these music artist and forgets about the people behind it all, and what really matters. smh.

  6. Thanks, VC, for this wonderful article. I loved how it touched upon every aspect that has been discussed on this site.

    After reading the lyrics and hearing how the artist is meaning for them to be interpreted, I have to ask this question: Is he in denial that some of his fellow rappers have sold out?

    He appears to defend Jay-Z and Kanye, yet states that they're being used. He says that the Illuminati doesn't need rappers to sell your mind and body and laughs about Rhianna being the princess. How can he say both of these things within the same speech? By him saying this, he's canceling out a positive by adding a negative. More double speak? Rhianna is most certainly helping to sell the idea to the young generation that being bad is the best way to be, so I'm not sure how to take his comments since he seems to contradict himself. While I can see that he is not oblivious to what is going on in the world, he seems to be in denial of the fact that the Illuminati's tentacles have reached into his own neighborhood. The people he says aren't in the cult, he should give us reasons. Instead he simply "lol"s the idea, but doesn't back up his opinion with any facts. People usually start to laugh when they become nervous or don't have anything to counter an argument with other than a release of energy (laughter, cursing, eye rolling). I might be wrong about this but from what I have seen from other types of people involved in secretve subcultures, the name of the game is 'Deny Everything' and 'Lies, lies and more lies'.

    In conclusion, I believe he is against the Illuminati, but is smart enough not to expose those who are players because he doesn't want to be on the extermination list.

    • My take is that he thinks it's obvious that Jay-Z, Kanye and Rihanna are just worker bees, very low on the totem pole. Most people could not have an intelligent conversation with you about Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, etc. But they can rattle off some of the symbols they recognized in Kanye's latest video. But really, they're ants next to an elephant.

      Although it is very important for people to recognize the symbolism, it is time for people to put all the pieces of the puzzle together–from the big elephants to the worker bees. It's also time for people to acknowledge the existence of ultimate good and ultimate evil on a supernatural level.

      • I agree with everything you're saying, but you cannot disregard the puppets and pay attention to only the puppet master. The puppets are the eyes, ears and, especially, the mouths of the puppet masters.

        Take his comment here for example:

        "Rappers, be they mainstream, underground, “conscious” or gangster, are not responsible for engineering much other than music. However, the wealthy members of this body we call the Illuminati are publicly known to the world as “social engineers.” They have masked their dirty doings in the vision impairing art of philanthropy. They are the subjects of Proverbs 17:23 which says “A wicked [man] taketh a gift out of the bosom to pervert the ways of judgment.” Again, the rapper by my assessment is at best, guilty of accepting the gift of misfortune and fame to not use his platform to confront this beast – at least sometimes."

        I had to read and reread this passage in order to comprehend it, and even still I'm wondering what he's really trying to say here. So, rappers haven't done anything else except make music? We know this to be false. They have been proven to be involved in gang activity, shootings, drugs, and other crimes. Making music IS shaping minds, so you can't just say that someone is ONLY making music, unless of course there's stricting ONLY sound without lyrics. And even then I have to question tones and their effect on brain waves.

        Then he goes on to say that they (rappers) have accepted gifts in return for pretending that nothing evil is going on. Then, throws in "at least sometimes". What? I would like to hear who he believes has accepted the blood money and NOT played the game. I'd like one or two names so I can conduct some research.

        I also didn't understand how the article stated that the artists accept the gifts of "misfortune and fame".

        Is this a typo? Did he mean 'fortune and fame'? If he did in fact mean 'misfortune', are we back to the interview with Lady Gaga where she admits to being a martyr, or a willing sacrificial victim? I have to question the author's word choice here because it alludes to more than just taking the money and living the high life. It's almost as if he is aware that ALL oath takers are martyrs for the entertainment industry and know from the beginning that they may be selected to be a sacrificial lamb at any time. Scary.

        I certainly understand that we cannot ignore the elephant as you stated, but let's not forget that the machine wouldn't be able to do anything without its cogs.

      • Okay Not Blind, I see you are a fan of Prof Griff's YouTube videos about blood sacrifices and what not. Those videos are entertaining to say the least, but mainly misleading. I have watched a few of them myself, so I know first hand what I am talking about. "Rappers, be they mainstream, underground, “conscious” or gangster, are not responsible for engineering much other than music." What he is referring to here is what I stated in my post. Entertainers do not make political decisions, they do not rape countries natural resources, their opinions do not affect policy changes, and they damn sure are not controlling the worlds money supplies. These are all activities that the Illuminati participate in, control, and manipulate on a daily basis. "The rapper by my assessment is at best, guilty of accepting the gift of misfortune and fame to not use his platform to confront this beast – at least sometimes."- I double checked the original source and it looks like he intended to use the word "misfortune." I think the meaning behind his word choice has to do with the fact that being a celebrity is grueling work. From the outside looking in, it appears to be a glamorous lifestyle but once you are famous, you are no longer entitled to anonymity and every action you take you will be scrutinized and criticized. Everyone has heard the statement of More Money More Problems and I think this is what Wise Intelligent was referring to when he said "misfortune." Regarding the rest of the statement he is simply saying that anyone who is in the know about the true state of affairs our world is in, should raise their voices and inform other people. Wake your neighbor up from that comfortable sleep before it is too late. And artists have the best platform to spread information about these matters. But in order to get played on the radio they want to sing about riding down the road on 24's, making love to money, Lemon pepper wings and freeze pops, ya know just absolutely ridiculous shit that doesn't even make sense, has no positive message, and only serves to keep the listener on a retarded level of consciousness. And in regards to your statement "The puppets are the eyes, ears and, especially, the mouths of the puppet masters." That is the stupidest thing I have heard all day. And if you really believe (which obviously you do because you wrote it) that the PUPPET has more control than the PUPPET MASTER then SMH you have alot more work to do than just reading up on the Illuminati.

      • You stated: "Entertainers do not make political decisions, they do not rape countries natural resources, their opinions do not affect policy changes, and they damn sure are not controlling the worlds money supplies."

        Wow! You got all that out of me saying that rappers have done more than make music such as commit crimes, deal drugs, and the such?

        Are you Lil' Wayne's attorney or something?

        Seriously, I'm so sorry I have struck a chord with you with whatever I said, which I'm not sure because you continue to twist my words around and misquote me. I'm not even sure who Griff is since I've viewed so many videos on blood sacrifices.

        Maybe I set you off when I said 'blood money'? According to your understanding of the Illuminati, this is a true fact. "Entertainers are not the ones … raping the countries (sic) natural resources…". I agree with you. I'm assuming you've heard the term 'blood diamond'. Same thing. It's all money that is begotten from people who have obtained that money by violating the ones they believe are "useless eater", which is a Kissinger quote. Let's say that the Illuminati makes $15mil a year participating in sex trafficking, then use this money to buy the entertainers (such as, oh, Disney stars), isn't this blood money? It's all money from filth used to buy more filth. I'm assuming you've heard of the Trickle Down Theory.

      • One more thing- You said that my comment about the puppets being the eyes, ears, and mouths of the puppet masters, how is this a stupid comment?

        Is David Rockafeller going to come out on a podium telling people to do the things in Katy Perry's songs? No. That's why he and his cronies need the puppets to do the communicating for them. The puppets are the ones who can report back what they're seeing and hearing from the fans or anyone else they may come into contact with. The mafia used this tactic. The mob boss depended on his lower members to come back and tell him what was going on when he's otherwise engaged with somethng more important. Then, there's puppets within puppets such as the case with Svali's DID. They programmed a lurking persona who was always awake to remain on the surface of the host personality. When Svali was 10 or so, she told one of her friends something about late night rituals (or something to that effect) and the next time she met with her handler, he called up this persona who told him that Svali had revealed information to a friend. Haring, seeing, and regurgitation of the set programs is what the puppets do. I'm sorry you think my reference to this concept is stupid.

        Another thing I'd like to mention is that you didn't like the way I used the term sacrificial victim and thought I was speaking about blood sacrifices. The word martyr means to be a sufferer for a cause, a willing victim, or a willing sacrifice. Look it up. I also would like you to know that there are several ways to sacrifice someone. It doesn't just have to be a blood sacrifice. It can be humilation, degradation, or simply ruining someone's image/reputation. Sacrifice has more to do with the exchange of energy than the spilling of blood. Does Griff talk about this?

        Now, speaking of energy – I'm done sparring with you. I've wasted enough of my energy on trying to un-twist the ways you have contorted my words and views. In the future, if you don't agree with somone's analysis, simply state the specific reference you are questioning and ask the person to expand upon it. You don't have to be demeaning and condescending. We're all students trying to understand and interpret what's in front of us. If you think you're above this level, you're the one who has a lot to learn. I'm simply adding in my two cents and maybe helping to clarify things for myself and others. You seem to know a lot about the subject and you have every right to be a conscientious objecter to my views, but you come across as a egotistical bully instead. I don't claim to know everything and I'm not above asking commenters to clarify their statements, you on the other hand ….

        And that's all I got to say about that.

        Have a wonderful evening.

      • "Now, speaking of energy – I’m done sparring with you. I’ve wasted enough of my energy on trying to un-twist the ways you have contorted my words and views."

        I feel you, been gettin alot of that myself lately, I never claim to know it all but I do know some and hope others will fill me in on what I missed.

        A divided house will fall people.

      • Okay Not Blind, first and foremost, let me apologize to you for my condescending tone. I just re-read my post and am aware of how it must have came across to you. At the time of writing I was not intentionally trying to degrade or cut down your valid opinion. However, re-reading it, I can see how it came across as such. Particularly the "stupidest thing I heard all day" comment. In the "truth movement" it is never okay to cut down, degrade, or discourage fellow truth seekers. And for that I am sorry. I was simply upset about the fact that yet again, here was someone who I thought was in the know, being misinformed. The word itself "Illuminati" is thrown around so carelessly that it no longer holds the import and magnitude of it's true nature. Perhaps, the best thing would be to quit simply using the word since due to well-meaning but misinformed individuals it has become watered down and meaningless so much so that there is a real witch hunt going on linking celebrities/artists to being members of such said society. This is a prime example why the mainstream people do not take conspiracy theorists seriously. And that is the issue that I have a bone to pick with, not you personally. So instead of condemnation, I should re-inforce education. So having said that, to say this. I will get back to you on your issues of the MIC (military industrial complex) I got shit to do.

      • I don't listen to rap and have no idea who these guys are….Gemineye Conspirituality? But, they have this song on Bohemian Grove. I'm conflicted because I see all sorts of negative symbolism throughout the video coming from these guys and don't really have the eye, or care to break any of it down. I won't ever see it or hear it again….. But just a little funny to me that rappers even call Bo Grove out now. At least to me…..wonder how much longer they'll be able to go there? Kinda the elephant in the room now……


    • I COULDN'T AGREE WITH YOU MORE!! I was thinking the same thing. I bet Jz had his hand in that song. Remember what he said in his last song that Jz, "yall should be afraid of what im goin do next". I just dont feel right after reading all that. He spoke about the devil but never once mentioned JESUS CHRIST. Kinda like just bc Jz is doing bad stuff doesnt mean he's a bad person. "Look at the white man and what he did to blacks". 2 me it's not about black people or white people, but about good and evil. I'm not buying this one. Something about this is not right…

    • Not Blind: After reading your post I seriously have to question your eyesight. What exactly do you KNOW about the Illuminati? Are you of the supposition that Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rhianna had a roundtable discussion with the Illuminati, pledged their name in blood to subvert the masses, and are rubbing shoulders with the 13 Bloodlines, attending G-8 summits, and planning future World Wars? THAT assumption IS laughable, hence Wise Intelligent’s lol at the ridiculousness of the assertion that ANY rapper/pop star is A PART of the Illuminati. If your only source of information about the Illuminati comes from reading VC’s post, (and NOT reading the material in his Knowledge Files archive) then that would explain your total lack of understanding. However, I do not think that this is the case with you, I have seen your other posts and you seem like a person of strong convictions with a little bit of knowledge concerning our current state of affairs. I think in your case you have simply not done ENOUGH research to truly understand what, who, and how the Illuminati agenda operates. Once you gain a clear understanding then you will see the folly of your current thinking. Now in regards to the Entertainment Industrial Complex that Jay Z, West, and Rhianna are all pawns of, yes there is an agenda to utilize satanic/occult imagery in music videos, movies, and television shows to desensitize and garner acceptance from the masses. Does this make every artist whose video director decided to use a checkerboard floor layout, some pillars, and broken mirrors in their video a card-carrying member of The Nefarious Illuminati?! Absolutely Not!!

      • Where did you read all that you have claim that I said?!?

        Did I state that they have taken a blood oath? No. Did I say that they are rubbing soldiers with the 13 Bloodlines? No.

        You sound like a troll.

        Let me spell it out for you since you seem to be a bit confused.

        What I consider to be a puppet is someone who accepts money and allows their talents to be orchestrated by those people. If these artists are all about originality and being unique, why do they all flash the same symbols and play the "as above, so below" card? You state anexample of this in your second post when you're speaking of Rhianna, so why are you attacking me? What's your opinion of how she got affiliated?

        Don't question my studies. You don't know me and aren't aware of the years I have spent studying the psychology and methodology of the Illuminati, which isn't limited to mind control, color schemes, symbols, trigger words, rituals. I own and have read 'Behold a Pale Horse'. I have read three of Fritz Springmeier's books and watched videos of him speaking at conferences. I have downloaded several of the books from the 'Knowledge Files'. You come across as arrogant. You state that my insight/eyesight is less than stellar, but you couldn't even be courteous enough to highlight something that I said that has set you off. You also stated that I can't only go on this site. You couldn't be further from the mark. I go on lots of sites and view many videos from various sources. This just happens to be the only site I comment on since it's USUALLY troll free and USUALLY a wealth of intelligent discussion. Your ability to infer what people say then twist it around is laughable. Trolls have that gift.

        You mention that they're conspiring to create World Wars. You brought this up, now let's discuss.

        Why is the military industrial complex being represented in music today. VC talked about this just recently in the article/video he did about the UK band 'Take This'. Why do you feel that a police state is being used within the music industry? Do YOU think 'Take This' is meeting with world leaders or part of the Bilderberg Group? Or maybe the CFR? Maybe it's the Commitee of 300? I don't. I simply believe that they have handlers who decide what is going to be in their acts/performances. The real question is who is their handler and what's his/her connection to the big boys.

        Now, please tell me what you understand and know about the Illuminati.

      • Whoops. I meant shoulders, not soldiers.

        (Disillusioned- I guess you'll use this against me, too since you seem so desparate to discredit me.)

      • Not Blind, You asked my opinion on why the military industrial complex is being represented in music and my answer is simple. It’s the same reason why Masonic/occult symbols are used. Desensitization. This is a psychological approach in which things that one fears or is naturally averse to, is gradually introduced in small doses so that eventually the person will come to accept that which he/she previously so vehemently opposed. This is seen with the occult, excessive violence, promiscuity, torture, homosexuality, voyeurism, and pedophilia to name a few. The present act of making a police state and transhumanism seem cool through the use of entertainment is just another form of conditioning. Preparing the sheeple for the inevitable. No, I do not think that “Take This” is meeting with world leaders. I try not to waste my time or energy analyzing celebrities and their handlers. I tend to focus on more important things such as survival skills, achieving optimum health, maintaining my integrity and spirituality within a corrupted world, ya know, things that matter and that I can actually control.

      • Violet von Tesla on

        THANK YOU! I hate it whenever there is a butterfly in a video or something it just HAS TO BE MK ULTRA! It's called context people!

    • I just want to clarify that my above post is in no way, shape or form, edification for any mainstream artists, particularly Jay Z, Kanye West, and Rhianna. I think that all three exemplify what is wrong with America today. Kanye West exemplifies the overgrown ego that society has greedily embraced. We are a culture of self-gratifying, self-promoting, selfish people. Forget the baby boomers, ours is a generation of ME! ME! ME! Rhianna is the quintessential slut with a dark side who has legions of fans trying desperately to emulate her style because if Rhianna did it, then it MUST be cool. And Jay Z represents the hard-knock-self-made-millionaire that You Too can become, if you throw up the Roc sign, buy all of his albums, memorize his lyrics, and wear all of his Occult-ish cloths.

      The bottom line is, our society has been hoodwinked, bamboozled, force-fed lies, and indoctrinated to NOT have our own opinions. Pop Culture today is pure propaganda. It is used by TPTB as a social engineering tool, because they recognize (thanks to Bernays) that is easier to influence/change the opinions of a group of people versus individual opinions. We are spoon-fed ideas, ideals, and acceptable forms of behaviors though our television sets under the guise of “television programs” when in actuality these shows are “television programming.” Our TV’s and subsequently anyone who appears on TV (musicians, actors, news anchors, athletes, reality starts, etc) dictate to us is what is cool or uncool, right or wrong, in or out, the latest and the greatest. All with the expressed purpose of INFLUENCING YOUR DECISIONS. Just saying…

      • Ah NotBlind,

        I hope you don't mind my intrusion into your two-way conversation, but I decided that the fact you said this individual finds your vision less than "stellar", well I had to return from visiting my astronomy books, just to peek and have a look.

        Now, here are pages from my book. This individual does not only run spirals around his own emotional state, but he managed to propagate this same influx of randomized feelings into these others comments as-of-late (as in below, and you can notice, for some reason "Budh" and his brethren, made their presence known even though it was irrelevantly relevant).

        You (to those still blinded) might wonder why I even brought this up? Its exactly the reason why these songs to you are like "snuff"? Don't raise your nose in snort, you are like the PIGS, and by that I mean institutionalized by the M.I.Complex. By that I mean, the "Masters Eye"…

        Once again, we find the "All-Seeing" eye watching, and believe me, that TV is also a One-eyed King. That music you are listening to, shadow puppets they are, and ones you all have grown accustomed too.

        Auditory waves that constantly run in FM waves. Audiovisual waves that constantly run through TV rays, and forget the Internet for a second, and you'll realize you can't… I can sit here and rant about how the medical institutions know these "statements" fluid-at-ions.

        What NotBlind already mentioned earlier, is how the music affects your brain waves, and that is true. Its known that even in different "decibel" layers (I'm using this as a laymen term analogy, so I can lay this factoid upon your pine cone heads…), you can either "submit" other words or even "beats" that cause an emotional stirring within a person's individuality.

        I think for the sake of your attention span "sleepers", you should just check this out… I could go on "All Day", and hell… the rest of these comments as you go on further, will do a good job of creating it within your own mental "cave-in".

      • I saw your comment above and accept your apology. The topics that are discussed here can pluck at our emotions and remaining in a civi stance is sometimes trying. I have been guilty of the same.

        I will apologize for calling you a troll. You seem to be on the same team as I and the previous misunderstandings will be forgotten :)

        Regarding the Military Industrial Complex, I agree with you. It is designed to desensitize and put in the light of being"cool" just as promiscuity is packaged by these "artists". I think I hate this more than the military industrial complex desensitization because it will always be easier to get the youth to accept instant gratification over a police state any day, or at least in my opinion. I believe that children and people in general will always shun any power/control that is forced upon them. It is ingrained in us, but this can also play into the elite's plan because they thirst for chaos. It's a catch 22.

        I'll agree that the Illuminati is a broad term, but what else can "they" be referred to as? Very tricky, but I believe President Bush put it best when he stated the term "evil doers". 😉

    • While he seems to be aware of alot, I disagree with what he says about Jay-Z and the rest. They may never be accepted by the true elite, but cmon man! Every chance they get they are flashing the symbols of evil. Jay-Z mocks the Virgin Mary. Kanye wears Baphomet t-shirts. They all blasphemously wear diamond "Jesus pieces." Evil is everywhere in hip-hop. It is definitivley anti anything spiritual with few exceptions.

      Fuck Jay-Z and his one-eyed pyramid symbolism. Fuck Kanye and his Baphomet t-shirts. They are paid off tools. Enjoy your money and fame while it lasts fellas!

      • Reveal The TRUTH on

        That's so true. They might have everything people want on earth in their lifetime. They have the fame, they have the money, they have the fans ect…. They know that they are on the wrong side. They know that they made a crappy deal with the devil. They know about the Illuminati/masons/NWO… But they are greedy and selfish. They prefer to have earthly goods and acceptance, instead of getting to know Jesus. So I have One thing to say to them, Enjoy the fame, enjoy the money, enjoy the acceptance. Because when its all said and done who really is the winner in this life? The people that follow and live by Jesus and get to endure forever in Heaven, or the people that reap the temporary rewards of this earth and then spend forever in hell with satan???

        Everyone has a choice.

        P.S Thanks VC for another geat article!! Cheers

  7. While I would certainly agree with W.I. saying these rappers are "used at best"- I do not think you can downplay their role in what is really going on. If you come from the standpoint that we are in some serious spiritual warfare, then any satanic/luciferian junk in a rap song has a purpose, the same purpose as the evil one: destroy, kill, destroy, hurt, destroy, destroy, destroy. Obviously there are many levels of satanic mumbo-jumbo- the "big-ups' gathering at places like Bohemian Grove, trafficking children, funding wars and genocide…and then there are those in the other arm, the 'celebrities'- sending messages via media, keeping people numb and dumb, etc. There are other arms to this monster, as well, false prophets invading Christian movements (Joel Osteen and others of his ilk) and then your every day mom & pop satanists that look like your normal family, who just happen to have a basement full of satanic worship crapola where they sacrifice infants. (a family member of mine was involved/victimized by this, so my knowledge is second-hand, but I have first-hand experience of the resulting multiple personality disorder, etc.)

    The point is- don't be fooled. This is spiritual warfare, and the devil hates your guts- enough to get at you any way he can, whether by the music you like, the tv shows you watch, the religion you find hip at the moment, or the politician you admire. Whatever it takes, it's not like he's got better things to do with his time. Destruction is the name of the game.

    Get to know Jesus, and get serious about reality. The reality is He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The only one. All others are just another useful tool of the evil one. Sorry to be so closed minded, but Truth is Truth. What are the chances that God is exactly the way you want Him to be- that you'll agree with everything He has to say and do in your life? That's how you know He's real. He is holy, we are not. It ain't easy being a follower of Christ, but the rewards are sweet, and the joy in living this life cannot be understood by those on the outside of Him. I know plenty of ya'll will have some nay-saying to do about my Jesus-talk, but go ahead. But what's true is true. Can't fight Satan with new-age junk, science, Buddhism, Hinduism, whatever else, cuz he owns it. Only Jesus. Only Jesus.

    • No argument here! :)

      I'm all for people having the right to choose. God gave us all free will. But, Lord, please KNOW what you are choosing. Compare and contrast. Read and research. Alot of people get sucked into things without knowing all the facts. Everything that feels good ain't good for you!

    • without our ability to observe and perceive natural law…God would not exist. so sad to realize one of the only ways to PROVE God's existence (our curious ability to observe and learn from our environment ie science) is largely scoffed at by "churchy" people.

      this is not meant to offend anyone

    • Susie Johnson on

      I'm not against people believing in organized religion, because it's none of my business and as long as it's uplifting and not oppressive BUT the fact is most religions are fundamently similiar not only to one another but pagan beliefs and like the music industry, is a tool of the "Illuminati". Ultimately people should believe in themselves not live their lives through a device meant to stunt mankind's spiritual growth. The illuminati aren't the men behind the curtain though they are the founders of our governments, religions, and the whole system of indoctrination. We need to stop worshipping aliens and idolizing their puppets.

  8. "What are the chances that God is exactly the way you want Him to be- that you’ll agree with everything He has to say and do in your life? That’s how you know He’s real. He is holy, we are not. It ain’t easy being a follower of Christ, but the rewards are sweet, and the joy in living this life cannot be understood by those on the outside of Him."

    Well said! This yay-sayer beat the nay-sayers :)

  9. Uh, ok article. He's not telling us anything that we don't already know here at Vigilant. However, I do also see double talk from him regarding these two artist. The bottom line is these artists are still a part of the agenda on a smaller scale. This does not exclude them. We understand that these artists are puppets, but they are puppets by their own will. This is by choice. Let's not lose focus on the facts that are right in our faces. IMO anyone who tries to downplay the obvious roles of these devil worshipping artists and take their side are a little suspicious. VC is changing tunes now of days, but maybe I'm being paranoid. The bible says watch and pray. We have to always pay attention. That's just what the devil wants is for us 2 take our focus off of one thing and then BAM you've got your guards down.

  10. I agree w/ vc also, mass media is how regualr people will adopt ideas instead of haivng their own. I joke around all the time about by the time I have kids, I'll have to get some old cds out so they won't think that autotune is what real singing is. The illuminati's worst nightmare is for us to go back to the days of marching for freedom, being individuals, and fighting the system. Mass media is the only way to keep everyone uniform & marching to the beat of one drum beat. Kanye and Jayz are part of that one drum beat. Thanks for the article.

  11. I gotta say I don't agree that the importance in knowing the media's agenda. The importance is your connection with the source, or all that is. I'd go as far as to say that if you understand the true link, the media part isn't important. You'd be able to get all the info you needed to know from that alone.

    With that said, if you understood the true link, you wouldn't be relying on the media in the first place.

    • I hear you. The Holy Spirit really, really, really helps you separate the wheat from the chaff. There's so much chatter and many people don't know what they're talking about or they intentionally mislead. I've prayed very earnestly for discernment and I tell ya, God never fails. Sometimes, I can watch the news and call out a story as bogus right away. I'm certainly not infalliable. But, I'm alot more discerning than I used to be and I'm so grateful.

  12. Thanks VC.Just wish more Kenyans could get to examine the truth cos they are so dumbed down that they think this stuff is just for the western world,having been duped with Pan-Africanism n shit while not realizing we are living in the same system.Music has especially got the youth right where the evil one wants them to be. :-(

  13. Think about it like a Plato's Cave of marionettes. You can't understand the concept of a puppet master unless you understand that what you're looking at is puppetry. So the first order of business is to analyze and deconstruct the movements of the puppet so you can understand how the puppet master pulls the strings. Only then can you bypass the puppet and confront the master.

  14. So, is this song about illuminati or slaves? He mentions both. Slaves, why? He wasn't a slave. And wouldn't know what a slave felt like.

    And if Jay-Z and Kanye were gay, he would care. Liar.

  15. NOTE TO WEBMASTER: Before you dismiss this comment as simple 'proselytizing', consider its statements outside of the rigid confines of any religious system and determine whether they may be true or false. For if they are false, what harm will they do? But if they are true, and you trash them, how will you answer for that?

    If Plato's cave allegory applies to our world and the luciferian elites that are running the system, what then, is the conclusion to draw from that reality? That all these brilliantly smart and powerful people are also silly for believing in a supernatural source of power from which to draw for their own agenda?

    With all their access and privilege and — above all — information, they believe lucifer to be a god worthy of worship. Now you can dismiss that there is such a thing as satan, but these people who are smarter and more powerful than you and i say the exact opposite.

    It's in the music, the movies, the corporate logos, and on the walls of ancient egypt and other civilizations. And yet most of you are more comfortable dismissing this reality as hallucination, and explaining away the supernatural for no other reason than that it (likely) contradicts your naturalist/materialist worldview.

    The bible says satan is the god of this world. Consider that for a moment: the bible says the world worships satan as a god. And ask yourself: does that statement match up with the information you read on VC and other blogs like it?

    The answer is a resounding yes. And so if the bible tells you the world worships satan, and you agree, isn't it worth at least investigating the claims made the most authoritative text in history?

    You cannot buy off the Judge of the universe with a couple good days here and there; we all fall short of the glory of God. Jesus Christ is God who became man, entered into history, lived the perfect life we could never live and died the death we deserve for our sins — our falling short of God's perfect standard — so that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

    Seek Him while there is still time…..

    "Seek the LORD while He may be found; call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him return to the LORD, and he will have mercy on him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

    • We've been conditioned by society to dismiss all religion as ' silly bed time stories' ans such. We have so much technology and entertainment religion just doesn't fit in the modern world of people and their need for RATIONAL thinking. We must have RATIONALITY because our material society contains no room or time for spirituality. So if it isn't in your face, it isn't real. That's how we are supposed to think. I mean, think about how religious people are portrayed in the entertainment world- as NUTCAKES! And I want to know for what reason are we cOnditioned to be deprived of our spirituality? Because it may loosen our chains from the system?

  16. That was good rap. Seriously I would take away the good message behind the song that is to focus on the big picture, couldnt care less about Rihanna and Jay they are just tools for poisoning the public with morals and ideals that makes them lost and therefore easy to rule. He has a point that blaming these artists could take the focus off what these "puppet masters" hope to accomplish. We have to be aware of what we are watching, but we also have to educate ourselves about the real agenda of those in power.

  17. Indeed you cannot "turn cheek" to the messenger…that's like saying FOX NEWS or CNN are not shaping the minds of people everyday.

    Or VC, Alex Jones or whom ever have absolutely no power with what they say and or do…whether good/bad intentioned, out for truth or disinformation.

  18. People simply need to come to the realization that man like all else is to be free and not bound or limited in any way. We are subject to a world full of constraints and we have become comfortable. I wish the youth could just see through the uniformity and darkness of the media and its messages. Parents need to be more aware of the media's influence because the youth are most susceptible. We need to prevent them from becoming the brainwashed adults of the future. And we all need to do less of the talking about it and more of the being about it. Once you accept that evil exists, by its definition you should be able to see it in its various forms. It shouldn't take symbols in videos or movies for us to see that most entertainers are negative. In terms of politics, government itself is a constraint and so should be understood as negative. This can be applied to so many areas of the life we have come to know. Humans have been conditionned to accept limitations on their freedom but once we awaken we will learn to deny all of these physical and mental restraints. This is not based on any theory I hold.. Just how I truly feel. Think positive and think freedom and progression.

  19. AngelInDisguise on

    i know this is off topic , but i jst saw a commercial for this movie and this guy was taking a pill and all of a sudden he became smarter and in his words "a better him". sounds fishy and seems to be glamourizing a dystopian society.could the pill be a digestable rfid chip?God bless you all my vigilant friends.keep your head up a change is coming.

  20. Hello fellow readers, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this website for posting their feelings and opinions about the articles that VC puts up on his blog.I have been an avid reader of this site for many years and i have learned alot not just from VC but from all of u.This is my first time ever commenting so bear with me.I have been listening to hip hop,rap,and all types of music since i was a little kid.I must say that there are some artists lyrics that are really degrading and not at all the type of language that we should be using yet it is used to tell a story or prove a point.My whole thing is that these artists too were born into slavery just like all of us.To me they are no different than us other than the fact that we are in different tax brackets. I guess the point that i am tryin to make is that believe it or not I have learned alot from some of these artists.I would also like to say that all of you can learn alot if u can read between the lines and look for the truth.Yes alot of these artists spew bullshit at us, but if you all do your research as i have on these topics, you would learn that some of the artists that you are bashing are speaking the God honest truth about some very very deep topics that quite honestly alot of people may not understand.But the truth will come to the light and i just want to tell everyone keep up what youre doing because we are the ones that make the world go round not these entertainers.Think about it, they wouldnt be anything without us now would they?

  21. I myself understand these artist are puppets and that there is a bigger plan in motion. What I don't like is the way certain artist TAP DANCE for massa. Jay-Z just seems to be one of those people. He seems to be very aware of whats going on and very happy to oblidge. He loves throwing up his horns, repping baphomet in his videos, faking like he is a mason, which I highly doubt, he seems to agree with the Elites and I can't say that about most artist. Even in the likes of Gaga & Kanye, and a few other artist featured on this site, they don't seem to be in the full know. Rick Ross is another artist who got with Jay-Z and seems proud to line with Jay-Z, tap dancing knowing full well what he is doing. While there is a bigger plan in motion most artist deserve to be called out. We are even learning most artist are even in the dark and are learning besides us. You can say what you want about Jay-z but he " knows what he do " I can't say as far as the rest of them but him, he deserves the shame that comes with it. However I will acknowledge I am not the judge !

  22. I can't wait for VC to handle the recent Beyonce blckface sex kitten photo shoot. But not as much as I await being past all this filthy filth stay strong familia. much love. yay first comment on here!

  23. i think by the thing he said about taking our attentionn off the puppets pertians to the fact that a lot of people just say, like Lupe once said in lyrics, they know Tupac's lyrics but thats it. and they go on and on about what they know and know, but they don't..do anything.

    and another thing i'm a little worried about in the medai attention that starts addressing the illuminati is the idea of it because, like said, a gossip thing. already people get the idea of 'handlers' and 'puppets' confused to asically mean 'in the illuminati'. they think all freemasons are evil people, etc, they throw around the words in a nonchalant chatty manner.

  24. If there still is a secret order called Illuminati (occult symbols do not prove their existence), I'm sure rappers are most definitely not "in on it". First of all, most of them are black. Second, they are not part of the bloodlines. There are many secret orders and the conspiracy is compartmentalized so not every one is privy to all aspects of the conspiracy. The Mystery schools and the Order of the Quest are secret orders you don't just have to be rich to get in to (these are just examples). They were established over a thousand years ago. The best kept secrets are handed down orally. Only royalty, priest class, philosophers, scientists, who past initiation tests were accepted. Just turn off the damn TV or wait until your children are old enough to decipher what their listening to and watching.

  25. i.go.by.rian.yugi on

    young people love that bullsh*t that comes from rihanna and lady gaga. its not even remotely questioned like why these young 'former ladies' do what they do. like why does laday gaga need to be naked all the effin time? why does rihanna think its cute to….be aloowed to exist? there are BLATANT sighns such as "illuminati princess" behind rihanna's fu*cking head in a video and it bounces off skulls of our young people!!! how can that BE?! our food, environment, education, and formes of entertainment have dociled the youth of today to the mental capacity of toddlers!!

  26. I agree with everything Wise Intelligent said. He's right, we've gotta stop focusing on the puppets and focus on the puppet masters because they are the REAL threat.

    "The point here is to say that if our focus is on Jay Z and Kanye West as Illuminati we do not understand and have missed the most fundamental function of the machine – world domination. The capping stone on the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill was set in place nearly one hundred years ago in 1913 with the establishing of the Federal Reserve Bank, thus centralizing the country’s economy. These corporation founders/owners enslaved Africans, killed off Native Americans, bankrolled pirate ships, insured slave ships, created eugenics programs, designed, staged marketed and promoted World War’s I, II, and the Vietnam War before Kool Herc “said it was Hip and we started to Hop.”

    "Listen, rappers who promote and or perpetuate racist and or offensive stereotypes should be held responsible. However, they are not on the same level as the people and the system that funds apartheid schooling, controls, regulates, and collapses economies, concentrates poverty into hyper-segregated ghettos, discriminates against black farmers, starts eugenics programs, denies you and destroys the health care system, lies to start wars, let us drown in Katrina, started blockbusting, redlining, and white flight, closes down libraries (in urban areas), stopped after school programs, environmental racism: high levels of manganese and lead in predominantly black communities, monopolizes the media, started global warming, imports and exports drugs, imports and exports children in sex rings, maintains Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, funds the prison industrial complex, let pedophiles priests run rampant in and out of the Vatican, and uses the IMF and World Bank to destroy and destabilize countries through debt manipulation. Rappers, are for the most part symptoms of the aforementioned problems and by no means represent the causative factors in this reality."

    Those quotes basically say it all. If you seriously think that rappers or any other entertainers will be responsible for people being completely lost and later on enslaved, then you need to stop playin' yourself. Yeah, we should hold these people accountable, but we gotta stop putting the focus solely on these entertainers. So what's the solution, get rid of these people??? If you get rid of Jay-Z, Kanye, Rhianna, and whoever else, then trust me, the Establishment will find more puppets to replace them and carry on their agenda. You gotta deal with the real problem. All that other nonsense is baby stuff.

    People feel that they're "aware" of what's going on, but they're still allowing themselves to be distracted by entertainers and their so-called devil worshipping. At the end of the day, who cares, if you believe in God, then you know that he'll deal with them when the time comes. Right now, we need to deal with the REAL problem… the puppeteers, NOT the puppets and pawns.

    I wrote a blog about the Illuminati and Jay-Z and Kanye's alleged involvement in it in my blog below.


  27. Yesss. Deconstructing the puppety movements of all these puppets is what brought most of us here. People really do sound ignorant when they say jay z and rihanna and others are 'illuminati'. I would really like to know though who IS illuminati. They are certainly beyond any power of some random ass person who was chosen to sings songs on the radio. I want to know who they are

    • And please forget all those junk lyrics. It is non-sense blabbering that hides odes to old, bad gods which 99% of us doesn't even know by name. And stop looking at the man behind the curtain: we all know it is something not good at all… So what?

      Stick to the righterous path! Down with the ones who believe they can be as high as God.

  28. ok first of all what i have notice in the past months on vigilantcitizen is that there aremany people who seem to be looking for a hero. why i say that ? cause various plp have been commenting about how we need to get together to stop all this madness or once we need to work together to make the world a better place. NOW if we must all knw we can't save ourselves. becausee if we could Jesus wouldnt need to die on the cross for us. we wouldnt need to go through pain and suffering if we could save our own self. we wouldnt need a GOD to save us if we could save ourselves. AND this whole thing about Jay-z and them being pawns chupzzz to that y? cuz as far as i see they are still worshiping the devil. how are they doing that? 1. BY woshiping the world which are materials things and fame. 2. by worshiping the devil by not woshipiing GOD .3. by worshiping the devil by simply helping him to deceive the viewers who listens to their songs or watch movies etc. so yes plp by simply simple things we do that is not og GOD we worship the devil or make him happy and that is by anything bad even lying for stupidness too. So again stop looking for a hero in the world cause the only hero is Jesus. AND so what if the rapper tell a truth about something it doesnt matter stilll doesnt make him an hero the bible says that everything in darkness will come to light. So yes there are more things that will come out or darkness which all leads up to the ANTI-Christ.

    • @Gods child – I have noticed these people too! Speaking of the Christ within us so we are not waiting on His return etc…saying we are the answer…..and basically just sounding like this Christ conscienous that is about to be 'illuminated' for lack of a better word, it has not sat well with me. I found this blog and felt somewhat relieved to see someone else identify it as well. There is so much twisting going on in these days and some of these messages just possesses such lure…..

      1 Tim 4:1

      Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;


    • RodeoCowboy007 on

      God's Child,

      In my opinion you are 100% correct. But let me say this about some of the artists that get involved in this Illuminati Devil Worship. Devil worshipers are cunning and cold. Most of the time it goes something like this…they invite you to something that you would never guess is a meeting for Satan…Then they might offer you an opportunity, then little by little they reel you in…you have no idea what is going on…then maybe they give you a better opportunity…then again little by little they start to control certain things…and by the time you find out what you are into..they say..you owe us..your in… or your family is dead! My point is that maybe some of the artists feel like they are doing what they have to do for their families to survive or for themselves to survive. They are lost..and if they don't have Jesus in their life, they can't even think about dying for the belief of doing right. They want out..but fear is VERY paralyzing. Now some of them are just evil! They want to sacrifice babies and drink blood and all that Satanic stuff. We must also pray for them..which is hard for me. I tend to want to put one between their eyes, if you know what I mean. And if they attack someone and you are there..I believe God gives us the right to defend ourselves. Sort of like "Praise the Lord and Pass The Ammunition". But in the meantime we have to pray for them, as God tells us to love our enemies. God is a waaaay better person than me! But I believe we should try to do it right. Even if it is a "God..Your will be done, with that person" prayer. By this I believe we are putting treasures in our chest. Like my grandmother used to say…"The good news is God is keeping score…and…The bad news is…God is keeping score!"

  29. Absolutely fantastic article and comments.

    Yes, right, the mass media is to get our consent to what they do – by making their agenda "shiny" and cool to the youth. Without mass media they would be nowhere.

    Btw, something interesting. In the coutry I live, I did a little survey and there are LOT of people especially YOUTH who do not even switch on TV ever and feel just by their "guts" that there is something very wrong with the popular "culture" of today. Also, we had a second "system change" recently, and our leading party refused to borrow money from IMF, and also international media is working HARD to create a picture about the leadership of my country which pictures this leadership as something nazi-like, or something against democracy, while all this is a LIE, and only made up because this leadership does not entirely dance as the NWO-ists want them to dance. I am not saying that our leading party is so good, but it is by far better than the preceding NWO-ist mofos. Nevertheless, I am aware that the world cannot be saved, because it is written in the Bible, but still I am glad that some people in my country are seeing the puppeteers and the truth and are not entirely brainwashed.

  30. This BEAST!!!!!!!is everywhere!!!!!!!!!this BEAST is your typical pastor…policeman….judge…..accountant….girlfriend….mistress….banker….all of them are in our midst….we dine with them…..we ask mortgage loans from them…we almost ask everything from them….the WEAK….they steal their souls…..the INTELLIGENT….they use as tools to deodorise sin….the CONSCIOUS….they label lunatics…GOD HELP US FIGHT THIS VENOMOUS SINFUL VILE BEAST…..AMEN

  31. By far one of the most thought provoking articles I've read on this site and I TOTALLY agree with the writer of this article. Poor Rightous seems to downplay the signifigance of the Jay Z's, the Kanye's, the Rhianna's of today's hip hop scene. If you're gonna tell the truth, TELL IT ALL!!! With his downplaying does Wise Intelligent seek to somehow play both sides? Does he wish NOT to make Jay Z and the rest angry? Thank you again Vigilant Citizen…

  32. If anyone wants to see the truth of the future planned by the Illuminati for the profane, just look at pictures of Detroit, Michigan, a modern day ghost city, and the first of many to come.

    You'll see pictures of ghost libraries with books left to rot upon their shelves.

    You'll see pictures of ghost police departments with crimminal files chaotically scattered about the floor as if the workers panicked and fled leaving everything in a state of dishevel.

    You'll see rotting garbage left to pollute the roadways, wrecked cars littering the streets, vacant lots filled with rusting junk, and ghost neighborhoods haunted by drug fiends and worse.

    You'll see whole sky scrappers abandoned to the stink and stench of neglect.

    You'll see the once proud buildings of downtown Detroit humbled by rats and roaches.

    You'll see dark and decayed abandoned factories which were once the pride and joy of American industrial might and independence.

    You'll see the walking dead trapped in a nightmarish reality they are helpless to escape.

    You'll hear the silence of absent souls without hope who no longer cry out for change.

    The silent demise of Detroit, Michigan, reveals the truth behind the glossy and superficial artifical reality engineered by the Elite, the Illuminati.

    "And the Dead shall rise to smell the incense" the sacrifice of the profane by the Illuminati.

    It's the Elites end-game of bringing the ghosts of sunken Atlantis back to life before the clock strikes 11.11/12-21-2012.

    Detroit is the future, and Detroit is now!

  33. Hip Hop is DEAD on

    I’m tired of these rappers, “conscious” or plain retarded. They need to get a real job and take care of their wife and kids. Show me a man that takes care of real business, not some teenage hustle they’re still doing in their 30’s and 40’s. Hip Hop is DEAD!

  34. i've been proving Rocafella isn't Illuminati for about a year now. but, people just want to believe the "Illuminati" has so much power, even though the actual secret society no longer exists, and their control over media is dying out. meh, believe what you want, but i doubt all these artists are under "mk-ultra", and are being controlled to put symbolism in videos, and that's all.

  35. Ok, there is a lot of contradiction, till I tried to understand but I'm going to have to read it a few times. 

    My view on Jay z. 
    He is q multi million pound selling artist, however we fail to understand that this guy owns a number of publishing rights companies, (that at any1 time owned the rights to 3 of the top 5 ten tunes in the uk charts) now is this just a mistake. No! Like the Murdoch media empire you own the majority, u control what and too whom it is said. The Same applies to Jay z and his gang! Jay z's ventures go far beyond hip hop (gain global Investment)… Play closer attention to him and what he owns he is trying to create an empire based on the  illumati ideology . He may or may not be one of then but would Rockefeller really allow a group of black guys copy is name for no reason…? But if we look at the fundamentals of illumanti, it is based on business ethic i.e. money and this who have the money control the masses.  The elite do not understand the struggles of everyday people, but how do u get into the minds of sections of society that previously had no access or understanding? In the front of   one of their own? Jay z … He offers a familiar face a familiar struggle as we may call it he is real!  

     i would guess Kanye in the nxt 10 years will be in the same place as Jay z, with just as much financial and social clout! 
    This is my view, I may b very far off the mark! But we need to remember Jay z is new money. Illuminati and their crew is old old skool money. If he is involved in anyway he is doing so based on his desire to control and he mayb believe that we as mier mortals do not understand the bigger picture. Same way a dictator operates!  I feel as if I'm going off the point so I'm going to stop but… Hope u get my point


  36. I must say that the timing of his(W.I) return baffles me.(Should have happened before "conspiracy theories" became mainstream this year) It sounds more like those who can pull industry strings encouraged him back into this to quell all other anti NWO rappers(who have mad respect for everything the PRT was about) who arent mainstream and keep people from listening to them.(This is like Griff being welcomed back into industry circles by making songs that take up for those he has exposed after all this time and considering his views) But we all have to remember, that while they talk a good game about the hood, NONE OF THE PUPPET MASTERS GO THERE, ONLY THE INFLUENCE OF THOSE WHO THEY HAVE CHOSEN..SO when he speaks about them not being the cause or responsible for some blame, like those who have commented before me I say thats crap. The youth could care less about the masters and rockefellar thanked the media for that. And to those who say the puppets dont have more power than the puppetmasters, please tell me why those whose voices WERE actually more powerful aren't here or either signed to them through various deals for the duration of their lives? They only want to control those who actually do have the natural ability to influence. P.S. Follow the endorsement money..loll Wasn't the purpose of the PRT and others like them for those who listen to get stronger and wise enough to see through the BS..?

  37. I have been reading articles from this site for about three months and have not made any comments. I think I should now as a whole lot of things have seemed to connect and i also think people should know the truth.

    Conspiracy or no conspiracy, all these things that are happening are all what have been prophesied in the Bible! I read The Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins and I urge everyone here to read them as a whole lot of these things have been written in this fiction series.

    Peace to you all..

    • "Left Behind" promotes a pre-trib rapture view. What if the pre-trib view is actually a satanic deception? If you put all your hopes in being raptured out of here before the bad stuff goes down, how will you be prepared to survive in an antichrist-controlled world if the rapture doesn't occur until, say, mid-trib?

    • Ephraim Bet-David on

      Oye, Chica. Do not believe Jerry Jenkins or Tim LaHaye or the “Left Behind” book/film series. If you investigate what they say and what the word says, they are, flat out, blatantly, wrong.

      They are telling the world that there is something called a “rapture” of believers. Don’t worry about whether or not that “rapture” will be before the Tribulation or after. There is no “rapture” happening, period. The Word of Yahweh does NOT teach anything remotely related to an alleged “rapture.”

      The “rapture” teaching came from the dreams of a 14 or 15 year old girl in Scotland named Margaret McDonald in 1831. The word “rapture” is not found ANYWHERE in the Word and we are to follow the Word of Yahweh, NOT the traditions of men. Some preachers will say that the Apostles believed in the “rapture” and that this teaching was forgotten until Margaret McDonald had her dream in the 1830’s, however, there is no proof of that, anywhere.

      By teaching that we are going to escape the Tribulation, modern Christianity is betraying and deceiving our people. The Word says that we are to endure until the end of days and that we will be protected if we are one of His chosen or, if not one of his chosen, then, we are to be purified THROUGH the Tribulation (Revelation 7:14.)

      Matthew 24:13 tells us that we will only be saved if we endure to the end and Revelation 21:7 tells us that we must overcome the Tribulation. As a matter of fact, the beginning of the Book of Revelation tells us that there are seven congregations at the end of days and that the people in five of those seven congregations will die and will not be saved because they didn’t not truly repent of their sins.

      The Word of Yahweh also tells us that one of the last two congregations at the end of days, the Laodicean Church, will be martyred, that is, killed, for their beliefs in Revelation 3:19-21. Many will say that Revelation doesn’t say that, however, it says that He will rebuke and chasten us. The Word also says that the Father rebukes Lucifer throughout the Bible and we all know where Lucifer ends up.

      Then, verse 20 and 21 says that the Messiah will knock and if we open the door to him, then, He will enter into us and that we will sit on His throne, with him. That leaves us with the last congregation in the world at the end of days, that is, the Philadelphia Congregation which Revelation 3:10 tells us will be saved and protected throughout the Tribulation.

      Read the last three paragraphs, above, again, and I entreat you to reread those Scriptures, again, and let that sink in for a moment. The Word also tells us, therein, that at least five-sevenths of ALL believers at the end of days will die and that only one-seventh is guaranteed to live with another one-seventh having to overcome the Tribulation period. This is pretty scary stuff.

      Most people will say, well, then, why don’t our preachers tell us this. There can only be three answers to this question as I have pondered this very same question many times, previously.

      Number one, the preachers don’t know. However, I find this very unlikely because if they were filled with the TRUE Holy Spirit, then, this truth would be explained, to them. The Word is very clear about what happens to preachers who mislead their congregations and that is something that each of us needs to consider before attempting to teach or lead anybody.

      Note: Zephaniah 1:14-18 describes the proverbial “blind leading the blind” which will occur at the end of days. Many will say that these verses are not talking about the end of days, however, Verse 14 says, clearly, literally, in Hebrew, “The Great Day of Yahweh…” and if you study the Day of Yahweh or the Day of the Lord [sic] you will discover that this always refers to the day that the Messiah RETURNS to the Earth to pass judgment on all who are here.

      Number two, perhaps the preachers who preach the “rapture” are really working for Lucifer and are trying to lead our people astray. The Word is clear that in the end of days, there will many who teach lies for the truth in order to mislead people and that there will be a great apostasy, or “falling away” from the truth.

      Number three is, to me, the most plausible explanation and that is that the preachers who preach about the “rapture” don’t want to alienate any of their congregation. For example, if 100% of a congregation believes in something and the preacher suddenly begins to teach something against what they believe in, then, that congregation will shrink very rapidly.

      Because of this fact, if these preachers DID start to preach the truth, then, they might fear that they will alienate their congregation and, thereby, lose the souls that they could have otherwise saved. To me, because I try to see the good in people, this is the most logical explanation. However, because I am a realist, I also know that many preachers will NOT teach anything that is against what the majority of their congregation already believes for the simple fact that humans are greedy and those preachers will not continue to receive tithes from those that leave the congregation.

      That was a longer reply than I wanted to post, however, you have a lot of work ahead of you, Chica. Please, pray that the Holy Spirit will help you to understand the Word and study the Word for yourself. Ask your preacher what Scriptures the “rapture” is based upon and, then, objectively read those Scriptures and the ones that I have relayed, to you, herein, and our Heavenly Father will lead you to the truth if you are truly, humbly, searching for it.

      I will leave you with this, however. Most preachers will point to 1 Thessalonians 5:2 where it talks about the Messiah returning as a “thief in the night” and they will claim that this proves the “rapture” theory, however, this is not even remotely close to what a “thief in the night” means nor does it say that this “thief in the night” is going to help anybody escape the Tribulation.

      This Scripture was written by the Apostle Paul to the congregation in Thessalonica. The language that Jews of the first century all spoke was Aramaic. Aramaic is an “idiomatic” language, meaning that they used a lot of metaphors, that is, idioms.

      For example, in America, if we want to wish somebody “good luck,” then, we tell them to “break a leg.” In any other language, they would not know what we were talking about. Idioms are specific to each language and some languages have more than others. The Aramaic language has a LOT of idioms.

      Paul was formerly a priest in the Temple, therefore, he knew EXACTLY what a “thief in the night” is since it was an idiom used by the priests in the Temple in the first century.

      See, priests had to stay awake all night during the Sabbath days in order to guard the Temple and keep the candelabras and incense burning. The priests would all take turns and they actually had set times of the year when each of them would have to do this.

      Sometime during the night, the High Priest would come in to the Temple and if the priest on duty was asleep, then, the High Priest would actually set fire to the sleeping priest’s white robe and the next day, during the Holy Day’s services, that priest would be without his Priestly robe and the congregation would know that he was not alert and he would bear his shame.

      Therefore, this is the idiom that Paul was relaying in 1 Thessalonians 5:2, that is, we don’t know WHEN the Messiah is coming and that we need to keep our white robes (our lives) clean and intact. Also, Paul was telling us that we need to be on guard for the Messiah and not fall asleep, so to speak.

      Interestingly, in Revelation 16:15, Yahshua, the Messiah, says that He is coming like a thief and blessed is the one that watches and keeps his garment (clean and intact) so that he isn’t ashamed. (Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?)

      This is not at some pre-Tribulation time because the VERY next verse, verse 16, states that He assembles them at Armageddon. Armageddon is the final battle. The Great Day of Yahweh. The end of Lucifer’s reign. Hallelu Yah!!

    • Ephraim Bet-David on

      Lo siento, Chica. I almost forgot. Doesn’t the “Left Behind” series preach a message that somebody could take the “mark of the beast” but still make it into heaven? This is COMPLETELY against the plain teaching of the word of Yahweh. Revelation 19:20-21 says that all who receive the “mark of the beast” will be killed, period.

  38. i like reading all these things. but i do question VC how do you maintain your ideas away from becoming fanatic and keep your shoes grounded to the idea that there are no other reasons than illuminati reasons? For sometime i read things on numbers and coincidence and one can see illuminati in numbers and symbols but we make connections naturally, and how do you keep yourself safe from readings articles without having a biased point of view, i see like the chile article with many of these assumptions, and how do you stay away from the occurring symbols … some artists and designers would argue that trends are of value to symbols and that they are not connected to money hungry leaders.

  39. i forgot to mention, i dont mean to insult religion, i value morals and ethics and the bond of family… but many religious points of view do not allow for the question of those beliefs to not be truly possible. seems to me that in itself already makes a society of magic, that allows things of magic to become explanations and substitutes the actual research that goes to finding true credentials, and if we rad history, and understand it truly, how could anyone reject science, and the scientific method.. I feel that many of these articles do reject the scientific method, but i do admire the quantity of the the information. I appreciate you VC. however I do feel that you do open the door for people who just want to believe that the devil and magic exists.

    • Hey Also,

      I just wanted to point out that from my point of view…that the reason that I follow(try to follow that is) is that Christ is the only faith in the world that is NOT a religion. Unfortunately many of us Christians don't do a very good job being examples. That is why Christ gets a bum wrap from many outside observers. But please don't dismiss Christ because of His terrible acting Christians. Christ Himself is very perfect. It is us Christians that often betray what He would want for you. Think of this life as a poker game. If you are sitting at the table and have to go "all in" on THIS hand of life. Would you bet on "Not Believing" and risk it all when there is no chance of winning anything? Or, would you bet it on Christ…where you have a chance to win eternal life in a perfect place? Christ will reveal himself to you if you just simply ask Him to. It may not be some giant explosion or miracle (although it could be) but if you ask with the true intention of seeking the truth, He will let you know that He is real. And that He wants you to be with Him for eternity. It is not magic. magic is something that the devil plans ahead of time and reveals to you in a way that makes it seem like it was magic. Magic is deception. Faith in Christ is a belief and knowing of love in your heart. I don't mean to be preaching at you. I just saw your post and felt led to write to you. Thanks for listening.

      God be with you,


    • Ephraim Bet-David on

      Also, you speak about the Scientific Method, herein, however, if you were really searching for the truth and you had searched the Word using the Scientific Method, then, you would find by a preponderance of the evidence that the Word of Yahweh is true and sound.

      I am not going to quote a million Scriptures, herein, however, there are about 3,000 prophecies in the Holy Bible (Word of Yahweh.) Approximately 2,000 of those prophecies have already come true. The remaining 1,000, or so, prophecies are yet to be fulfilled.

      As a matter of fact, the Messiah, Yahshua, (called Jesus, in Greek,) fulfilled over 300 prophecies, personally, Himself. I might add, NONE of the prophecies in the Bible have EVER been proven false.

      This is empirical evidence of the efficacy, that is, the efficiency of the Word of Yahweh. If you cannot recognize this truth and/or you refuse to search for the truth, then, your soul is in YOUR hands. (I can lead a horse to water but I can’t make him drink.) Govern yourself accordingly.

  40. I do understand that everyone is responsible to do their own research and not use anything here to reinforce any biased belief.

  41. Belief can alter observations; the human confirmation bias is a heuristic that leads a person with a particular belief to see things as reinforcing their belief, even if another observer would disagree. Researchers have often admitted that the first observations were a little imprecise, whereas the second and third were "adjusted to the facts". Eventually, factors such as openness to experience, self-esteem, time, and comfort can produce a readiness for new perception.[23] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_method#In

  42. Most of it's good, but he just HAD to slip some anti-ped jab in there. He is conscious, for the most part, but when it comes to that line, he reveals that he's just as brainwashed as most people when it comes to that subject.

  43. And talking about rappers.

    Guys it seems that to be a rapper you have to sell your soul. Well I don't think this is a coincidence but who knows look around 2:00 – 2:06. Do you see what I see.


    As what tupac said "To all the sellout's living it up, on way or another? You'll be givin it up" and sadly that is the truth.

    • Ephraim Bet-David on

      Great perception, Antoine! In that Wiz Khalifa video, at the 2:04 mark, in the video link that you provided, the camera is on Wiz's right-hand side and on his left is a white boy jumping up, smiling, and the front of his t-shirt has the Baphomet, that is, a caricature of Lucifer/Satan.

      On a side note, and more importantly, it is VERY interesting that Wiz Khalifa is being promoted at this time in history. The reason being is that millions upon millions of people will probably "Google" khalifa and, thereby, they will be exposed to the Islamic Caliphate doctrine. Most who will search for khalifa because of Wiz will be the young and impressionable.

      The point of the above is that Islam is forming a Caliphate, an Islamic kingdom, in the Middle East and Africa, with the support of the Illuminati, at this time. However, what they do not realize is that the Illuminati are just setting Muslims up for their downfall.

      Are we really ignorant enough to believe that the multinational corporations/international bankers, (a.k.a. the Illuminati/Freemasonry,) will allow ANY challenge to their rule? As soon as the Illuminati are ready to do so, they will destroy the Muslim world in one fell swoop.

      Again, as I have said, before, we need to search the word of Yahweh for the truth since nothing except for the truth is going to set you free, not democracy nor Islam nor any other religion. Shalom.

      • Look at Afghanistan to se ewhy the Illuminait cannot destory Islam even with all thier resources. They can only brainwash the children, but that will only work for a certain amount of time, as mankind naturally want to worship its Creator.

      • Ephraim Bet-David on

        Ma, the reason that the US has not won the "war" in Afghanistan is not because they cannot win. It is because they REFUSE to win.

        Let me make this clear. I am against war, in any form or fashion, instead, choosing to live by the words of the Messiah, to wit, "Love your enemies, do good to those hating you, bless those cursing you and pray for those insulting you. To those striking you on the cheek, turn the other also. And from those taking your garment, do not keep back the coat also." Remember, it is the meek that shall inherit the earth, not the strong or forceful.

        With that being said, I am not ignorant of what it takes to win a war. If the US wanted to win the war in Afghanistan, then, all they would have to do is to "take off the gloves," so to speak, and begin to fight the war as wars were made to be fought, that is, kill everyone in your way and destroy your enemy's infrastructure so that they cannot resupply and/or rebuild.

        Instead, because of those who state that they abhor killing humans but support the abortion of unborn babies, the US is careful not to injure civilians or harm infrastructure. Because of this, the Afghanis use civilians as attackers and as shields. Infrastructure is used to resupply the Afghani resistance. There is no way to win a "war" such as this. (See: Vietnam and Iraq wars.)

        The Taliban, for the most part, is funded by the illegal poppy fields in Afghanistan. If we really wanted to "win" the war against the Taliban, (and the "war" on drugs, as well,) then, all we would have to do is destroy their poppy fields and illegal drug trade infrastructure and ensure that they do not rebuild.

        However, the US is not in Afghanistan or Iraq to "win" any kind of military battles. The US is in those countries in order to sustain the oil and natural gas commodities, nothing more.

        Islam WILL be destroyed. Read Psalm 83. It describes a war of nations against Israel which, according to history, has not yet occurred. All of the nations of the Middle East and North Africa are mentioned by their ancient names. All are currently Muslim. All will be destroyed. (Note: Not mentioned is Egypt and that is because Egypt is about to be destroyed. Ezekiel 30 describes the destruction of Egypt, just before the end of days.)

  44. It's SOOO frustrating how he seems smart and knows what he is talking about…up until the point where he says they don't need rappers. UMM, YES…they do! They need rappers and actors, and singers and whoever else. Media is one of the most effective ways to spread the message and push the agenda and brainwash. Look at our society and how sick it is these days. That has A LOT to do with the media. How can you know so much and completely miss that?! It aggravates me to the point that I want to personally confront him and be like, really?

    It wouldn't surprise me if jay z and kanye and whoever else have been lied to and actually think that they are part of it all and the big sh*t and happily push the agenda, but when everything goes down I don't think they are gonna give a flyin **** about jay z. He can stack all the chips for the rainy days that he wants, but I doubt they care and he wouldn't be immuned to the world of sh*t we are all gonna be facing. Keep on pushing that agenda jay z, kanye. Pride comes before the fall.

  45. Are you all willing to stop shpping at Wal-Mart- A HIGE corporation (one of many) that exploits its workers in non-western countries for the chepa products it supplies you-even if it means spending more money on local-made products? Are you willing to lower the amount of resources you consume on a daily basis (and the US/western Europe consumes a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF RESOURCES) to save food, water and other neccessities for poor people in Africa/SE Asia?

    You wanna know what the real illuminati is(if such nonsense exist)? The powers that be that control the world distribution of wealth (as that rapper mentioned) and that lie to you and tell you you need to consume excessively to be happy/socailly accepted! The CULTURE OF CAPITALISM! Study how the media-not pop videos-but the veryday media (i.e. JC penny commercials, toy store commericials) and how music videos promote the notion that you need all this stuff to survive and leave out the fact that "You're wealth directly contributes to someone else's poverty!" Stop blaming pop stars for mind control and reflect on yourselfs and how that way you live is reducing someone else's standard ofliving;take some DAMN PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY! THOSE WHO DON'T ARE THE "ILLUMINATI!!!!"

  46. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places," EPH 6:12.

  47. Ephraim Bet-David on

    I respect Wise Intelligent's opinion, however, in Verse 1, Bar 1, he says "Shalom," that is, "Peace," to Lucifer. He then goes on, throughout the rest of the song, to identify our nemesis, in this world, as Satan.

    Although he is correct, throughout the song, in identifying the evil in this world as being Satan, (which means "adversary,") he does not advise his listeners that Lucifer IS Satan.

    According to Freemasonry, which is controlled by the Illuminati, (proof of which is contained in numerous, various, writings of Masons,) Lucifer is the true deity of this world and Satan is just a "force" that can be used by Lucifer for either good or evil purposes.

    This is evidenced by a book written by Albert Pike, a 33rd Degree Mason who was the Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of Scottish Freemasonry from 1859 until his death in 1892. The book is entitled "Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry."

    Therein, Pike states, on page 321: "LUCIFER, the Light-Bearer! Strange and mysterious name given to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the light…doubt it not!”

    Sister Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, 32nd Degree Mason, wrote a book called "The Secret Doctrine" in 1888. Therein, she states, in Vol. 2, Page 162, that: "…LUCIFER — the spirit of Intellectual Enlightenment and Freedom of Thought — is metaphorically the guiding beacon, which helps man to find his way through the rocks and sandbanks of Life…"

    She goes on to state, in Vol. 2, Page 388, that: "The "Serpent," moreover, is not Satan, but the bright Angel…" She, then, writes that: "…the bright Angel (Lucifer)…” is “…a giver of Immortality…the "Enlightener…"

    There are innumerable sources that one could quote, herein, to declare the fact that Freemasons worship Lucifer. Some will say that the Freemasons are not connected to the Illuminati, however, Illuminati means, literally, in Latin, “those that light up (enlighten).” The name Lucifer directly points to the Illuminati since "Lucifer" means the "light-bringer."

    That was quite a bit of information to cover, herein, within the constraints of a “comment” to an article, however, I wanted to ensure that I had sufficiently proved my point, to wit, that Lucifer IS Satan and that the Illuminati and Freemasons worship Lucifer/Satan.

    The Word tells us that we are to resist Satan and all of his devices and, since Satan is Lucifer, by extension, we are to resist Lucifer, in every way.

    Therefore, with all of the above being said, one should never give Lucifer quarter or wish him Peace, as Wise Intelligent did in this song. The Word actually tells us, in Luke 10:18-19 “And He said to them, I saw Satan falling out of Heaven as lightning! Behold, I give authority to you to tread on snakes and scorpions and all the power of the enemy…”

    I hope and pray that Wise Intelligent will search the Word of Yahweh for the truth so that he may live up to his name and, thereby, be able to truly help our people fight Lucifer/Satan.

    B'Shem Yahshua,

    Ephraim Aaron Matisyahu Bet-David

  48. I personally agree with not sending my kids to school, and doing my best to home school them, in parallel with teaching them about the world order, bildenberg and what they are trying to do. Because the children need to know the truth from the begining, so that they can be aware of what is happening to our society.

    Plus, living simple, from the land, will be critical in the next years. Think about it : how many people from the city know how to plant something ? Or be self sufficient ? This we all need to learn asap, because soon the world as we know it, will change !

  49. "These are the last times, spend them getting organized

    Victory be with the strongest tribe, the ones that forge the tightest ties"

    Victory is with Islam and Muslims. Illuminati have been trying to get rid of Islam since they began. They have never succeeded, nor will they. People should worship thier Lord as commanded.

  50. Kallen Diggs on

    It is a good song but I disagree about Jay and Kanye not being involved. Jay-Z & Kanye are definitely involved with the Illuminati. They come at it from all angles to have the maximum influence on the whole world.

  51. Good evening to all my fellow readers and those in Christ, and to those searching for the truth. I just read this post today, so I know Im a lil' late in my response. I have to agree with the statesment made by Not Blind, prophetgirl, and Ian. To summarize it all:focus on Christ and his Word, these entertainers are deceived and deceiving others, and I noticed no so called "underground", or "concious"( forgive me for the spelling), wants to implicate Jay, Kanye, or any so-called "illuminati" rapper for their spiritually-degrading material. Why? Because these artist know that they won't be selling anymore records, or be able to sustain a living in this industry. Take that to heart.

  52. just phil me on

    i hope you've taken some time to go trough this guys history? I listened a lot to PRT in the early 90's, and the groupd play on illuminatisymbols were insane…I'm sorry to hear that Lupe Fiasco also will be joining West/Gaga on tour. DMX has gone bowed to the system again…and another thing. It seems to me that there's coming out a lot of greta music( call it what you want, but a raise in quality) this last year and coming…seems like someone wants our mind somewhere else

  53. im feeling this guy…but still… when the revolt starts……all them niggaz getting shot…im done looking up this mess man…imma stock my weed up…get me a rifle or two couple pistols and a shit ton of water….god help whoever tries to come through my door

  54. I love this dope rap. This rapper is totally telling the truth. Sad he is not bigger to spread the words instead of always hearing rappers rapping about zombies, bling- bling and the NWO.

  55. I agree with this song. The singers are not the ones that want this reality. They are too afraid of losing their jobs to speak up, and some their lives. That's how everyone is almost that is part of the system. There is only a very few who actually benefit, most are too afraid to leave and would love to see it gone as much as you or I.

  56. Illuminati are the 13 bloodlines of illuminati FAMILIES THAT CONTROL THE WORLD like rothschild, rockefeller, greenberg, dupont and more This families controls the 90 percent of media press and most of all companies that get billions per year and yeah they use this so called artists that they can't even sing without autotune to distract people of their real problems.

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