50 Cent: “I’m not going to live much longer”


In the past months, Rapper 50 Cent has been rather vocal about his troubles with his record label Interscope Records and the “politics” surrounding the music industry. Although most of his antics appeared to be caused by the constant drop of his record sales and the frustration that comes with the loss of relevancy – which usually result into a lack of respect from the record label – his recent comments took a rather grim tone when he stated: “Ill be honest I don’t think I’m gonna live much longer”. This tweet followed previous comments about his label and music industry such as: ‘I have lost all the faith in the team I’m on. I having nothing left to say I will not be promoting my music” and “Music was so much fun for me now the people and politics involved disgust me.” Is he seeking attention or simply aware of the consequences that come with breaking the Oath of the music business? Here’s an article about Fiddy’s comments.

‘I’m not going to live much longer’: 50 Cent makes macabre death prediction on Twitter

His first album was titled Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

But despite meeting his ambition after raking in tens of millions thanks to his highly profitable career, it seems 50 Cent believes he is heading for an early grave.

For the hip hop star made a series of tweets in which he said he was convinced death was just around the corner.

Fiddy, 36, said: ‘Ill be honest I don’t think I’m gonna live much longer.’

He also insisted he is ‘good if I die tonight.’

It came after he had a lengthy Twitter rant about the state of his career.

He said: ‘I have lost all the faith in the team I’m on. I having nothing left to say I will not be promoting my music.

‘I’m going to deliver this album then I have a film I wrote to focus on.

‘I’m not upset I’m just convinced this is not how I want to remembered.’

The wealthy star was alluding to his high profile falling out with his record label Interscope.

He has been attacking them in a flurry of internet messages, previously saying: ‘Were suppose to be on the same team with me.

‘Music was so much fun for me now the people and politics involved disgust me.’

Perhaps the reason they are at loggerheads is the rapper’s failure to replicate the sales success he enjoyed earlier in his career.

His 2003 debut album sold a whopping eight millions copies in the US alone, and is the fourth biggest selling rap album of all time.

It’s follow up The Massacre also did well, selling just short of five million copies in the States on its way to going five times platinum.

However 2007’s Curtis only went platinum, with sales of more than 1.3 million, while his most recent album 2009’s Before I Self Destruct fared even worse selling just 446,000 copies.

At least the rapper has been able to enjoy a profitable career away from the world of music.

He is believed to have made $100m after tax after Coca Cola bought the drinks company Glaceau in 2007.

Fiddy, real name Curtis Jackson, had a stake in the company after producing the Vitamin Water drink Formula 50.
– Source: Daily Mail



    • No Joke! The Rap game has always been one of the darker sides

      of the industry. In it's short history, it has been the one most hit

      by suspicious deaths, murders, rituals, and sacrifices, which are

      hid easily behind the facade of "Thug Culture" since it's so intertwined

      with the imagery it's trying to project.

      Look at how many artists have come forward revealing there is much

      more going on behind the scenes. VC posted an article recently featuring

      Snoop Dog, basically revealing his "theories" in the vein of comedy, yet

      frighteningly revealing. He also knew that Biggie and TuPac were going to

      be sacrificed for "the Industry" to become what it is today.

      The whole East Coast VS West Coast rivalry was totally manufactured,

      and amplified as these "Rappers" were forced to play their various roles.

      The culture has come along way since then and has transformed/

      re-imaged into the modern incarnation we experience daily.


      It was kind of fascinating to look at twitter today and see the

      Illuminati's Very Youngest IVY BLUE trending right now.

      Eulb Yvi (Blue Ivy backwards) is a latin translation which translated to English means

      “Lucifers (The Devil) Daughter”. This is everywhere! So people are becoming aware.

      Maybe 50 thought he was going to be the sacrifice to the new "GOLDEN CHILD"

      2012 is going to be interesting for sure….

      Peace, Love, & Enlightenment

      • Very interesting name Beyonce chose for her daughter. Rumor has it the Anti Christ was going to be born this year….

      • the blue ivy thing backwards is a rumour so chillout.. we cant say its fact can we. anyways all the best for Mr.cent

      • The original comment said nothing about the Latin Dictionary it said Latin translation so you bringing up the dictionary is irrelevant

      • Seems when you enter into contracts with the "Chief Musician" and get rich playing his music, you may die trying to change your tune.

      • Eulb Yvi is not in any way related to Latin or even the earlier version of Latin also known as "Latium" (an ancient Italian country in SE Rome). Also, the Latin translation of Lucifer's daughter is "Lucifer filia", which is nothing close to the rumors.

        What probably the child's name refers to is "IV" ..as in the Roman Numeral for 4 which represents both parents day of birth (mom is Sept 4th and dad is Dec 4th). I take it that the "Blue" name is relevant to Dad's signature business (I forgot the actual blue name but it's a lot like Barbie Pink if you catch my drift) color and so on.

        There are far too many people looking way too into the child's name in search of meanings that only exist in their minds or in the minds of the people that are feeding them false information. The only mystery to me is (not that anyone asked) why name the child "Blue"? But that's none of my business.

        Anyway, congrats to the new parents! I'm going back to bed now.

      • It doesn't need to translate into anything. Her parents' imagery is quite dark. As for 50, I like the fact that it seems that I wants to atone for his past mistakes. As for his first album, I had thought Marshall had co-written it– one of the reasons it sold so well.

      • Reply to "Blue Ivy"

        Found on Huffingtonpost.com

        "There are also some more bizarre theories surrounding the name. There's the crazy theory that Blue Ivy is an anagram for the name "Eulb Yvi," which some have claimed is Latin for "Lucifer's daughter" or that Blue stands for "Born Living Under Evil" and "Ivy" stands for "Illuminati's Very Youngest." All of these ridiculous theories of course stem back to equally ridiculous rumors that Jay-Z and Beyonce are members of a secret satanic cult called the Illuminati.

        While these allegations are obviously insane, International Business Times points out that there is no indication that "Eulb Yvi" even means "Lucifer's daughter" in Latin. Google translates the word "daughter" into "filia" in Latin, while "Eulb" and "Yvi" are not recognized as a Latin words. "

      • Ivy Blue translates to Lucifer's daughter? Give it a rest…

        Seriously, if we are going to try and open the eyes of as many people as possible, making up complete and utter paranoid nonsense is only going to ruin the genuine efforts of people like VC. I'm honestly finding it harder to view this site on a regular basis, not because of the content, but because of some of the whack jobs that frequent it and make up bullshit like this.

      • by the way…I don't want to believe that anyways because rather they are in it or whatever (I don't care anymore) I really don't think they would take it this far as to pulling their child into it. I think that was just a….( I"ll keep my thoughts to myself about that name. After all it's not my child to name) but I think that was just something they… simple mindedly came up with.

      • Okay not trying to be a pain here but Eulb Yvi could not possibly translate to that in any way you try to put it in. Allow me to point out why. Neither of those words are from the Latin language. Also in latin Lucifer would be translated as Luciferi and daughter would be filia or nata. Do not believe rumors, do your own research.

      • Maybe stupid celebrity names like Blue Ivy are MKUltra programming codes. It would make sense on a mass level, since they're guaranteed to be widely publicized.

      • I don't agree, because yeah, i looked it up, read the articles about this Eulb Yvi, and yeah, it has no grounds. What I've Really been wondering is if she was EVer pregnant to beGin with. I still don't believe she was esPEcially after they paid that much money to keep ppl out on that hospital floor. On the news, they said that and that security kept a man from seeing his wife in labor, b/c Beyonce was in labor. "WTF?!?! Oh no they didn't!!" was the only thing going thru my head, and I don't even talk like that. Just because they have MOney?! … Anyway, they're hiding something. Read, then watch this? http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/wendy-

        I don't think the name matters as much as whether or not the baby's really their baby…

        Now in ref to 50, that makes me sad. I remember listening to some of his songs when he first came out. He was all the rave at my junior high back then lol I really hope he doesn't get killed. I hope he can bow out gracefully or at least… well not get killed.

      • And sorry, Ralphster, i agree with you, actually, it could Be. doubt it but anything's possible. i was writing in disagreement w/ Bravelion

    • this is about Jay-z daughter name ……the internet is so power if you want to do reseach on name and anything go into a library and read out of books…..u can put anything on the internet and read it …u can't belive everthing u type or search on the internet….some one need to do research on the Internet and how it affect people now at days

    • lloyd cruz agesa on

      Hey 50 just take courage and carry on .Operate music and be strong so you may pop all those against you.am a big fun of you .You are my favourite,you are the best and i wish you all the best.

    • It's because no one really wants what's behind the business. They desire the glitz and glam, but when they see what's required of them in return, they try to break free, but can't. When your interest in the industry drops, "they" drop your ratings and value. That gives them a reason to take you out. As soon as you're dead, and your interest skyrockets, they not only don't have to worry about you anymore, but also they make piles of money off of you.

  1. I was wondering when you are gonna pick up on this. 50 has changed alot recently, he started his own fundraising company called StreetKings and anyone who knows the music business knows that Interscope is one of the worst record companies out there with very high, very controlled connections. He has been speaking out against the music industry prior to this and Interscope are the ones who funded Suge Knight back in the day. And they are known for heavily censoring their artists and if you dont go with the flow then you get into serious trouble. They are under the umbrella of Universal who is one of the biggest record companies in the world.

    I hope he is wrong because he is proof that even if you are a heartless asshole you can still change in this business and hes been doing good and it would be sad to see a person like him disappear.

    • MyNameIsHate on

      Ha! wrong. Nobody nowhere gonna be sad when this shitstain corporate pole rider stop havin a heartbeat. He been shit since the day he showed up. He a pooky waitin for what he got comin. That face make my head violent. Piece of shit need a real hole put straight thru that nasty mug. Nite nite to some bitchass chump change. Aint no savin for half dollar scum. Hope his face is too mashed up for open casket.

  2. I love 50 Cent. I kind figured something like this would happen. Its simular to dmx minus the drugs and jail. Hope he doesn't "dissapear"

    • That's a very good point. I often wonder how an artist can make one or two great ( not just good) albums and them pretty much fade away. Dmx and 50 both made huge impacts on rap music in their time.

  3. He's the new TuPac. I follow him on Twitter and his Street Kings thingy is commendable. He should watch his back.

    • DON'T EVER COMPARE 50 CENT TO TUPAC. Plase Pac made more heart felt music than 50. Idiots and those with a neanderthall pattern of thinking will equate 50 and Pac. Most dudes who followed Pac were too stupid to understand that when he spoke of revolution he meant in our terms of thinking and how we as people look at the world, and see how the world was being controlled by the very elite who own the majority of the corporations on this planet. 50 cent is an a$$hole( although articulate), with very limited rhyme-skills though provoking subject matter, or substance. P.S. I'm no major Pac fan, but I understand what he was trying to illustrate in his music. In mu opinon I think 50 is jumping all on this exposing the industry bandwagon. Note if an insider isn't naming names,people,places , and actual incidents with verifiable evidence, he's lying to you, AND TRYING TO SELL HIS PRODUCT TO YOU. 50 has some very crafty people helping him with his image, he's no dummy. He know's how to manipulate people, or conform his image what the public will find agreeable. With all that said I pray that he finds Christ and repents of his sins. Pus if you people on here really care for these celebrities, THEN PRAY FOR THEM PLEASE!

      Reading comprehension is a must for the masses, and SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT IS NECESSARY FOR THIS WAR.

    • I can't related to you even putting him the same cat as tupac. Tupac will always be the one and only. To compare them two, that's real weak bro. Forreal I rock PAC still. How many times can you listen to 50??? Point proven. Dre needs to release that album. Shady is te real deal he is more like PAC makin the good sh-t. Long love PAC, BIG, and grand master flex. Who shot ya, 50 should of hung it up after the second album. This has pen been a real good cd since PAC and big was in the game. Interscope should of kept game on and kicked the whole g-unit out. 1 moment to state sorry young buck you deserve the credit too. Banks you should go join one direction lol.

      • WarriorKiaMia on

        Dang, I have nothing else to say. You took the words right out of my fingers; nail-on-target!

    • No fuck that! He's actually seriously concerned that he might be placed in the same vein as 2pac, Biggie, Jam Master Jay, etc. Yet, I'm very surprised that DMX is somehow still alive, argurably being the most outspoken rapper out there.

    • come on really whore ?

      attention whores dont feed a billion people by 2013

      attention whore dont speak the truth when their life is on the line.

      What are you doing to change the world.

      have a little respect for people with guts

      • Bill gates and his foundation feed millions. Kellogg and those brands feed billions with charity too. I am sure they are all for the good as well? Not that I know if .50 is doing things for the good or if he is all talk, his last album was still was sex, drugs, and "i'll kill you" type stuff, so I fear this is him just talking drama cause his future is uncertain since he'll lose his label once his obligations to them are fulfilled.

      • 25 cent, there is a lot you don't know about charity business. If even half the charities did what they said they did, there would be minimal hunger in the world. Don't trust everything these types of organizations say… they usually have ulterior motives. Donate only to legit foundations through research first if you can :)

    • Son of africa on

      Marie i think that comment was highly ignorant, its clear hes dropped the im untouchable facede,is this how we react to well knonw individual seeking help, he has gotten off his high horse and is clearly trying to walk amongst the people judging a simple man will not remedy the situation

      • Do you remember Bono's charity? Only 10% of the proceedings were going to the poor. The rest were going to the middle men/staff. How many middle men he had to pay?

      • I remember Band Aid. Thing about that was that what money didn't go to the artists ended up going to the Junta in Ethiopia instead of to the hungry. Money for Rifles to insure starvation.

        Thing was, I remember being suspicious of all the food relief even when all we saw was the "help" we were giving. Now that we know the other side, I can't help being the cynic over giving.

  4. He needs to stop crying like a b*tch…either start your own label or move on to the next…maybe YMCMB or RocNation will accept him that's if he has any allies left…

      • I'm very aware of the truth & the agenda…he knew what he was getting into when he signed his soul on the dotted line…like I said he needs to top cryin about it

        On a separate issue…

        As far as Beyonce goes…she could care less about your child's name so save your energy trying to figure out the meaning…

    • Cmon son!

      Rocnation? YMCMB?

      These two are already controlled by the illuminati. 50 (just like dmx and Michael Jackson) is clearly at odds with these bloodsuckers.

    • yea i couldnt agree with u more, about 50 gayman and his merry homo homeys please if he disappears i wouldnt feel anything about it hes been used up now its time for him to exit and meet his maker with the bull horns on the head homey…

      • wow i hope joking he has publicly stated his disapproval of gays so many times and he has homophobic lyrics

  5. VC can you research the meaning of Jay Z & Beyonce's baby name Ivy Blue and what it signifies?? I think that will be an interesting theory.

    • Lordhavemercy on

      actually, my friend did this and this is what she wrote:

      What profit a man to gain the whole wide world and lose his soul! Smh Beyonce nd jay-z daughter name "ivy blue" .ivy=illumantis very youngest Blue= Born Living Under Evil. Backwards (Eulb Yvi) = Latin for "Lucifers Daughter

      • Woah wait just a minute man. I'm all for conspiracy theories but at least try to find some proof before you dive into repeating what someone else said. First of all, you could make any name into an evil acronym! That is really digging deep to claim it stands for what you say. Second, do the latin translation yourself: Lucifer = Luciferi. Daughter = Nata. Sorry mate, it just fails to hold up to scrutiny.

        Can we please not look like raving lunatics to the rest of the world. The only way to get respect for our point of view is to be logical, reasonable people. :) Peace bro

      • I agree with Harry, he makes a valid and intelligent point. Yours is not the first comment that I've come across with the exact same speculative. One thing about this site that I appreciate is that VC gives a source. I searched a few places, myself, to uncover the truth behind this baby's name (since, funny, nobody provided that) and I discovered no such [Latin] translation. This is how rumors spread and it goes to show that we need to search out the truth for ourselves. Even when VC posts something I'll investigate further to make sure that it's fact & not fiction (operative word).

      • 3AM is quite right. It's been ages since I studied Latin -it was just 1 year course anyway- and the word for daughter is filia. I even searched it on the net to have it confirmed.

    • Jay Z has a few albums of which 3 are called Blueprint (I, II and III).

      The 4: Beyonce's favourite number, in Roman IV, fonetic, Ivy.

      Now we only have to wait for the Blueprint IV album, see what they did here?


      Thank you VC

    • This is most likely propaganda started by the parents themselves, since it's so patently ridiculous (the latin garbage anyway). You've got to look at the symbolism for things… As for ivy, it is a very serpentine emblem, it's a parasitic plant that cannot stand on it's own, and will slither it's way up trees, sometimes killing them to achieve it's rise. luciferians/satanists think blue is a special color for lucifer (as they draw association between their dualistic thing and the "peacock angel" of the yazidi, among others.) so that's likely where that rumor of blue having that meaning comes in. (The Fact is, however, Blue is simply a color, it is not owned by any, except the one who made it along with the rest of the world.) It's all very lame really… I mean they may as well call the kid vampire red or parasite black… but again I'm sure it's all propaganda (think of how much free advertising they get from all their "controversy" over their hippie-like name choice, the kid's advertising campaign is already started).

      As for "fiftycent" or whatever his real name is, if he's legitimately changing his ways, good for him, hope he has the sense to get out of "the biz" entirely and start renouncing things. (and maybe ditch his agent & all those other vipers he has to associate with to sell things, and not leave them any contact or location information. A person with that much money could easily buy a bunker.)

  6. i never liked him when he was popular he was a misogynistic, materialistic, sex-driven- homophobic prick. just sayin..

    • who never sinned throw the first stone…………………….



      ok now quit all the blaming and finger pointing and join the movement for the truth instead of being bold online.

      either he sold his soul earlier or not he is now sacrificing to save a billion more hungry children in africa. what are you people on VC doing to help by comenting the negatives.’

      if somebody changes and turn against the system to bring it down thats exactly what we need to move forward in the fight for truth.

      • Why wont he pretend to be a changed man when his career is takin a slide.he surely wont have said those if he were still relevant to the industry. Nd michael jackson did the same.propagated satanism nd decided to 'change' only wen he lost it.

  7. Dont buy it, Curtis Jackson is a major player within the elite, he is right up there and this is nothing more than cheap stunt to get him back into the mix, he always has and always will be a Tupac imposter

    This is the guy that claimed he got Shot 9 times so why so worried?

    Shot 9 times my butt, either is complete BS or he had some crazy Satanic super powers that are now fading which would explain his fear of death all of a sudden.

    • I agree, even though I don't know much about 50 Cent. But I almost fell asleep when I read the article, thinking "another one". Maybe throwing hand signs and playing the game is not just enough and they really need to deliver figures, but they have come so accustomed to have their millions easily shoved into their purse by just doing a little and doing a little that that they get frustrated if they have to deliver a little more than just be a puppet. I know from another artist that the high ranking network is still supporting them very well despite not having a record deal. I don't take people seriously who have no hesitation to benefit from all this. They might not have a record deal but they nevertheless perform in Live Nation venues and are promoted through Morris. Support that any regular person can dream of. And yet people who have it really hard spend their precious time to worry about the well being of millionaires. Sometimes they are just looking for attention so that they can show numbers like "look, I have so many supporters who worry about me and would thus potentially buy my next record". What matters most in that business is the number of people who "follow" you. If you get your calculator out you notice that they can still make a good living through touring. Just one concerts floods as much money into their purse that is more than the average person's annual wage.

      • I stopped reading after the first line. Your open admission to not know anything about 50 disqualifies your "agreement" with the previous poster and furthe disqualify your opinion you managed to rant on about, regarding someone u admit u don't about.

        I mean… "about" – your disclaimer wasn't even in the personal context. I mean you could google and find info about him easily. Ha! I jus… I dunno… Maybe it's me :>

      • Well, Linqiust, tough luck. There is a difference between "not much" and "not anything". I hope that you are not a native English speaker. "Not much" is also relative compared to what I know about other musicians. And no, I cannot be bothered to google 50 Something to find out even more about than I already do know, because I have more important things to do in my life than bother about people like him who bore me to death.

    • nah aint nothin super bout this corporate pole rider. he worthless shit snitchin scum and nobody gonna cry to long when he burned to bad for open casket. Me I got a VSOP toast waitin for the day that ugly mug dead. his son better off without that kinda anchor round his neck. he got that media tellin everybody he been shot. stinky bullshit. nobody get shot 9 times without turnin into a broke ass cripple or dyin. only bitches lie for rep he gonna burn for it.

  8. haitianvoodookid on

    2012 will interesting. E News lied. Beyonce and Jayz fooled the masses. Sweet Baby Blue will be historic. My "father" sweetest trick is convincing folks that he doesn`t exist. As for 50 cent he knows what he was getting into probably didnt know the depth. As homophobic as he is in 2002 he participated in a homosexual ritual. He was a top and bottom. My "father" always wants more 50 and is a liar. You cant just break his contract. We have given you MILLIONS of dollars. U didnt think it was for your friend and few family member souls only did u? Why do u think GAGA sacrifice a lamb every year yet still not "cleared"? Why do u think Nicki Minaj stayed posessed with the many alterego she thinks she has and depends on drugs and alcohols? And would say "Roman Zolanski needs another line of coke? Too late 50.

      • You've just reminded me of that diabolical film Rosemary's Baby. Perhaps Beyonce is today's Rosemary! They comandeered the whole floor, stopped other new parents from seeing their babies inc. guy with twins in ICU and even had a bullet proof door apparently.Probably soundproof morelike to conceal their satanic chanting.

        Re 50 cent, never liked him and thought the G in G-unit stood for gay.

    • Booya Tribe23 on

      dude learn to spell, seriously. And you sound like a moron – "my father" – man, save it. And its Roman Polanski not Zolanski.

  9. VC, I think you should do something on 50's mentor, Eminem, who appears to also be quite disatisfied with the turn this industry is making.

  10. Hey VC,

    I remember a while ago in one of you "Symbolic Pics of the Week" you posted an image of Angels and Airwaves. Thing is, I've grown up listening to Blink 182 and Boxcar Racer and I love AVA too.

    Recently, on Tom DeLonge's official facebook page I found this link – strangetimes.com/news . It's a website he does, about the strange happenings of the world, like the name suggests.

    Anyway, I wanted to know if you could maybe have a look at it, because I honestly don't believe Tom, or the rest of Blink/AVA are part of the Illuminati.

    Thank you for everything you do anyway VC, it makes me so happy when I see how many people are becoming aware of the evil that's going on in the world.

  11. who never sinned throw the first stone…………………….



    ok now quit all the blaming and finger pointing and join the movement for the truth instead of being bold online.

    either he sold his soul earlier or not he is now sacrificing to save a billion more hungry children in africa. what are you people on VC doing to help by comenting the negatives.'

    if somebody changes and turn against the system to bring it down thats exactly what we need to move forward in the fight for truth.

  12. 50 really made a bad decission when he bad mouthed everyone in the game! A good buisness man make friends with other buisness men to boost his career. He turned his back to everyone. The artist on his label couldnt even.make music with people that weret on his label. Lets just say he didnt network properly…. Im pretty sure theres more to the story, but from what I know he did this to himself.

  13. If 50 thinks he's gonna be killed he's probs right it would follow a pattern with other stars in the music industry.

    Michael Jackson ? His sales were pretty bad.. then he dies and suddenly theres games, movies albums making loads of sales

    same with others like Amy Winehouse. It's all about profit

  14. Whats he whining about?

    If i were him with that money i would settle bussiness with them and start my own music label.

  15. Maybe he is just talking about his career as a rapper not living long… Since his last record did not sell worth anything in the eyes of his label, maybe he was just talking about his career as a rapper is dead… or will be dead and that the label is going to drop him and make sure he will never "work" in the industry again. And then he talked about moving on to film/screen writing career which he might or might not live long in that career either….

    People read tweets, blogs, and other fragmented writings and piece together their own conclusions and this is what you get. Frighted statements of an all evil money worshiping society because the people that work at those places know how to manipulate people into giving them their money for nothing, then those people that just been had cry and try to think of reasons why it happened and you get a bunch of "THEY ARE EVIL, THEY EAT BABIES!!!" spouting disinformation…

    (and can you spot the misleading fragments in the above statement and piece together something?)

  16. this is just a reason why i am going to make a new medicine that will let us live until these days are over, i will be giving this cure to everyone on vigilantcitizen for free.

  17. I love the articles on this site but this is not what it seems. 50 later implied on his twitter that he was messing around saying something along the lines of "see how much attention I get when I do something negative" or something along those lines. He said that he felt bad for his fans who were scared but that there were good things to come. These arent his exact words so I encourage people to go look but thats what I got out of it. Merely a false alarm, although I think they're already been doing 50 dirty by not promoting his music or his Street King project which feeds African children in need.

  18. Even if the Illuminati exist people are taking it too far by decoding beyonce baby's name as evil. I really don't think anyone would to this to their child.

    Ivy — IV is for the number 4 which is significant to them and blue is Jay z's favorite colour.

    • Let's go for 50-50. It might be a sinister name, it might be not. Hopefully the little one takes after the mum though.

    • I'm torn on the Beyonce baby name thing. I don't believe the evil "Lucifer's Daughter" translation, but I did read this morning on E! News that Beyonce had first tweeted that the baby name would be "Ivy Blue" and then later confirmed the official name as "Blue Ivy." I think it's odd that a mother would confuse her own daughter's name. It just makes me think that there's more behind the name, as if someone convinced her to go with that name. Why? Who knows.

    • Bounty Hunter on

      Or Blue Ivy because that flower has occult significances. I only ask you to research on it, and you will find it. With Jay z and beyonce flaunting satanic signs in pure daylight, naming their kid after something "significantly occultish" shouldnt be a surprise.

  19. Let's be honest: I make better "music" in the bathroom than any rapper could ever make. It's garbage for garbage, mindless people.

    If the 60's marked the decline of western civilization thanks to the introduction of rock and roll music and satanism, then the 80's marked the beginnings of the mass marketing of hatred, violence, the reduction of women towards being nothing more than whores and the glamorizing of ghetto living.

    Black or white, they can all go to hell.

    • Oh wow, that's a brave move. I honestly wish him the best luck!

      Other artists should take out the trash more often.

    • My Prayers for 50cent and Cory Feldman .The industry is a very dark and evil place with demons even moreso now .I hope prayer will keep these two young men safe.

  20. VC Could you please do an article on 50 cent's film clip called P.I.M.P. It was his first single and massively popular. No one has ever analysed this to my knowledge but in the clip he is led out onto a large oval masonic type boardroom with powerbrokers. Those sitting at the Committee represent other rappers who have sold their soul, Snoop Dogg is on the panel for example. The symbolism is of selling soul for wealth, many symbols of wealth abound, fur coats, exotic canes, hats and others. Reminiscent of Pulp Fiction, 50 strolls into the chamber and says something like 'I have the magic stick' which glows very brightly, the others must shield their eyes. In Pulp Fiction a briefcase is carried around containing one of the characters' souls, which when opened glows very, very brightly. It is very clear, 50 has sold his soul for fame and wealth and this film clip symbolises it in a very obvious manner when you recognise the clues. No-one sells 8 million copies of their debut album for nothing, this should be an immediate clue. Cheers, Simon

  21. I personally feel from my own judgement his tweets and outbursts should be taken in small dosages, like a grain of salt. This man if he his serious about leaving the "game" has been floppy floppy from the start. 50 cent came out of the wood work, almost over night like. He rose to fame fast with "Go Shorty." He then came into so called "beef" with artists like Fat Joe, Jay-z, and Ja Rule. After humiliating these men and other artists he be came the "King of New York." The men who 50 cent beefed with lost their edge and slowly became nobodies. 50 cent kept climbing the ladder of success with his music career, personal conflicts, vitamin water, and film career. He dated beautiful women like Vivica A. Fox (which he humiliated, and she lost her self-respect chasing after the fame.) 50 cent had connections from artists like Justin Timberlake, CEOS, and multimillion dollar companies. 50 cent was living on top, but this had changed him from his street days of selling drugs to power hungry star.

    First do people remember that young beauty in 50 cent's video Candy Shop? Oliva. She was signed onto 50 cent's label until a dropout and she was kicked off. Then there was another artist on 50 cent's label, his so called "friend" Young Buck. Have any of you read the humiliation 50 cent has done to this man. 50 cent recorded what Young Buck thought was a private conversation and leaked it to people. Eventually reaching the internet, soon after everyone knew the grown man Young Buck cried and his career was over. 50 cent thrived on power and control. Him calling the shots, him "putting people on", him getting all the attention, and him giving the boot. Back then 50 cent could make an artist "hot" or make him/her lame. Point and case Tony Yayo. Soon after prison 50 cent collaborated with him on some jail scene prison breakout video. After that Yayo was hot.

    The decline of 50 cent. I think after 50 cent put out the video P.I.M.P having all men/ young boys, especially black men/young boys thinking being misogynistic, materialistic, sexually deviant, menacing to society, gang affiliated, jail ready was the thing to be. The video and lyrics to me was him glorifying pimp life, but the video showed how he became affiliated with the powers that be. Actually from all of his videos from Go Shawty, Candy Shop, and to P.I.M.P are steps to reveal to his handlers how he thanks them for allowing him into their control. Now specifically from P.I.M.P, what I got from the video was how 50 cent started off as some "street soldier" and made it to superstardom. How? Well he got connected through the "drug game." Coming to know the lowest of the lows and the higher powers. Rapping was something he did in his spare time and his "street family" knew of his talent. People talking and connecting 50 cent to higher people got him a chance to make it big. Finally when 50 cent met with the higher uppers which could be artists which have been in the "game" for awhile, record company's Execs and Presidents, or a combination, 50 cent signed the deal. When 50 cent was an up and coming rapper he came to know a well known 80's rapper named, Jam Master Jay. He was gunned down at his studio while 50 was there. Just like Biggie and Tupac, his death is still unsolved. Also "coincidentally" like Snoop Digg and P. Diddy after the deaths of former rappers became huge stars. (Blood sacrifice anyone?) The ritualistic part of the video for me was the Masonic floor, the long pillars, and the position of the rappers in judge like outfits. The floor and where 50 cent was positioned was to represent him as a new initiate coming to the "court" for acceptance. The pillars represented the secrecy of the ritual, and the "judges represented the powers that be having the power to grant him acceptance or denying him access. Also 50 cent is wearing all white. White represents purity, and all that is clean. 50 cent is in front of the judges asking for acceptance, he is pure in front of the "judges". Not in the sense of virginity, but in the sense of not knowing of all wickedness that comes with the deal. The mangic stick in the lyrics represented 50 cent's penis. But in the video represents the notation of being accepted into the "game" by the glowing stick also known as the Holly wood. Any ideas? The same act of making an average day Joe Blow and Jane Blow into a Holly-Wood star. The stick from the Holly Wood is used to make wands and the light at the end of the stick to make the spell is the light of Lucifer. ( interesting fact, Holly Water comes from the same tree. Put the wood in water, set it in a bowl in front of a full moon, wah-lah. Holly Water.) The stick glows because 50 cent has now been accepted apart of the handler's puppet pack. The women, money, fame, cars, drugs are now far more exceeded than what he was use to. (I want to mention again this is my interpretation, and take into consideration I have not seen the video in years.)

    50 cent present day. Now 50 cent is not the loud mouth, attention grabbing, trouble making, money machine he use to. "Contract" is coming up, and 50 cent might be seeing the errors of his way. Give into consideration 50 cent is a gangster rapper and music especially rap music is taking a new turn. Gangster music is not as hot as it use to be. Now rap is all about drugs, sex, partying, and fun fun fun fun. Not so much thug life, hard knock life, and how you can kill a n…. 50 cent is out of touch and out of luck. Problems with his record deal, him being alone because of his abuse of power, Jay-z taking back the "throne", and 50 cent just being irrelevant. He is no longer the it boy since now every few days there is a new it boy/girl. 50 cent has spoke against big corporation and the 1%. But in my opinion 50 cent really is not about to stand outside cut everyone a check from his pie and demand equal taxes, transparency in the white house, no corporate favoritism, and no satanic influences. In my opinion, not gonna happen. If I were to guess 50 cent was playing both sides. So if the Occupy _____ came close to his home, he could say,"hey guys do not attack me, I am one of you." Which in reality the money 50 cent has in the bank and with future money coming in he is definately not one of us. Well you could say, hey 50 cent has an organization to help hungry people. I say so what. I say this because a lot of nonprofit organizations are just a front to get ignorant (not knowing) people to give their money to greedy chairmen, and for people to get a tax write off. Also Bill Gates, one of the richest people on earth will donate most of his money after he dies. How sweet you say, but do you know he supports depopulation. Yup, guess the Illuminati got him too. Last tid-bit on Mr. Gates, he is a real advocate for vaccines.

    So now 50 cent is taking about death, or the possibility of his career being dead. I either think A) he is trying to get attention. B) he is going to be along the side of Michael Jackson (R.I.P) if he becomes more vocal, and is 100% for the people, or C) he really is playing both sides and moving an agenda being created behind the scene.

    If you read this whole comment thanks. Hopefully you found it informative from my perspective. I know this is a long read and based on my understanding, you are free to disagree if you like.


    • Wow! Good stuff! Either you have done a lot of research or are/ were once a fan. But I think your comment ties up the whole story pretty well and brings it to a logical conclusion….

    • Bravo, Vanessa, personally I think Fifty is a psychopath and was used by his "masters" in the recording industry to destroy other black artists in the business, and his treament of his "neophyte" The Game pretty mush demonstrates Fifty's lack of compassion for anyone, Now he is crying about his plight? He was used by the powers that be at Interscope and now that he is no longer "relevant" or "useful" he has discovered that he is expendable..Doesn't feel good does it, Fifty? Perhaps he is aware that he will be used as a sacrifice..I mean it's a damned shame.. Was never really a fan, never liked the way he crushed Jah Rule , it was completely unnecessary from where I am sitting but perhaps it was done at the behest of his "handlers"..

  22. Hip hop died with biggie and pac. Death Row sold out, as did badboy.

    Everyone who has come along since has been a product, even Dead Prez have sold out. No sympathy for you 'fiddy' until you come clean with the public

  23. People seriously?? Ivy Blue-illuminati's very youngest???isn't an IVY a kind of plant,I don't think there's anything sinister about the name,and about 50 cent who cares because I don't he should do whatever he likes

    • I never get it why people would choose the name ivy, as you say, it's a plant, but not a very beautiful one and also poisonous to the touch ^^.
      But yeah, I don't think JayZ and Beyonce were actually being symbolical about their baby's name. Americans generally aren't good at giving "meaningful", well-thought-out names. Whenever I hear an American's story about their names it's something completely retarded like "My Uncle's name was Robert so they called me Roger because it sounds similar" … am I being weird when I think a name's meaning should also be taking into the equation?

  24. The problem is……I don't think anybody is going to take this really serious until it happens…..and then they'll be like: "UUUUPS….."

  25. CC, I ask you, please, do not be fooled.

    Be certain that the members of Blink 182 and Angels & Airwaves have ulterior motives, they are not the same people you knew and loved in the 90s. No one purposely displays so much masonic imagery in their (great) works on accident, just to be cool/trendy, or to try and wake people up to it. They display the masonic imagery so boldly because they are FREEMASONS and proud of it. You must have seen recently, in the symbolic pics of the month that American Idol's Simon Cowell does the exact same thing. They (freemasons) believe their age of enlightenment is nigh so they're being especially brazen & shameless with their symbolism, especially those involved in the entertainment industry, because they are at the heart of corruption & therefore are more 'in the know' than your average freemason. This is also a part of a gigantic ritual forced upon the population to 'purify' the symbols (make them seem commonplace & a natural staple in every day living & therefore acceptable to everyone).

    I cannot stress enough how important it is to NOT buy into the hype of an artist, or person period- It makes you blind to their deception. You can even see on the site you provided that they basically copy/pasted a known masonic symbol you may know well, the all-seeing eye right at the very top of the web page. They're telling you right to your face that they're doing all of this in the name of their god, Lucifer! Check out the band name Angels & Airwaves for instance… Lucifer is known as being a once prominent and powerful ANGEL in heaven in charge of many things, most notably music (airwaves), he is also listed as being a ruler of the AIR!

    If you're a regular to this site, you know the symbolism. I know it's difficult to let go of an artist that you love, respect and admire, but maybe it's time to begin doing just that. I, myself used to be infatuated with Lady Gaga, I knew everything about her, owned everything she'd ever released, knew every word to every song, even went as far as to crown myself her biggest fan. However, once the video for You & I was released, it forced me to come to the realization that she was absolutely corrupt and I needed that poison out of my life. Letting go of Gaga was like quitting a drug, I seriously had literal withdrawals from her and became very sick at one point from letting go of her so quickly, but it was one of the best things I ever did because she was my last emotional vice & connection to the garbage that is modern-day pop culture.

    Attachments like these with people you don't even know are NOT healthy at ALL and you must realize this at some point and dispose of these toxins, if not for yourself, then for the further education of others after you are awakened to this nightmare.

    Love & truth,


    • I like your courage,and i am happy you discovered the truth and are helping by passing the word to others.Kudos to you and thank you for sharing this message

      • Now, he talks about Jesus, wasn't even thinking about Jesus when he was snatching Jah Rules diamond necklace and destroying his career or throwing Olivia to the wolves or betraying his boy from the streets , Bumpysmurf or raping The Game and causing him to suffer a total breakdown..But Jesus forgives and Fifty better get on his knees and pray..Diligently.

  26. Curtis life IS TOO short. Get out of that lifestyle and stop playing their game, maybe then you will survive.

  27. I posted this on my FB page yesterday:

    "I haven't seen any source or dictionary citing that "Eulb Yvi" (the reverse of Beyonce's daughter's name) means "Lucifer's Daughter" in Latin. To be honest, it doesn't even sound Latin. In fact, the word Lucifer IS Latin (meaning light bearer) and, according to a Latin dictionary, "daughter" is translated to "filia". So, unless someone can post a credible source proving this, I believe this is just an internet rumour."

    I'm mean…this just makes us truth seekers look idiotic.

    • I took 2 years of Latin at the private High School I went to (it happened to be a "Christian" School, the reason I put 'Christian' in quotes is because that word has been taken so far out of context that it's almost an insult to be called a Christian in today's society and IMO the powers that be have engineered it that way but this is getting off-topic) and I can tell you that Latin is a hard language to translate due to the many variations of conjugations. So in one tense the same word can be spelled in a very different way. Therefore any speculations on the name Ivy Blue spelled backwards to mean something in Latin may seem interesting to the person who is unfamiliar with Latin. Furthermore, I would not trust any "Latin translation" of Eulb Yvi unless it was by a true scholar of the language with a breakdown of the two words giving the source(s) of said scholar's findings.

    • I think it was designed to make truth seekers look idiotic. Notice that everyone who exposes the illuminati ends up dead or discredited. Seems like a big PR job for the "enlightened ones" to me.

  28. food for thought on

    Lady gaga is going to turn into 50 cent. Her albums didn't sell very well but shes getting all these endorsements with all these companies Mac, fashion designers, ect. As far as Olivia she didn't like the image she portrayed when she was with them. Now shes on a show on VH1 called Love and Hip Hop.

    jay z used to go out with blu cantrell before he was with beyonce she had a few hits back then. As far as the name its just a rumor. Also there baby was actually born a couple weeks ago they are really private about their lives. Kinda scary or makes ya curious as to what they do behind closed doors.

  29. If they kill him, his album sales will rocket again…

    Im gonna say a prayer for him…

    And if anything does happen to him, I guess we'll know who it was, and why…

      • Maybe for the lazy audience, who'll swallow every mainstream act of the genre.

        He's no competition when it comes to underground rappers, though.

    • They cannot and will not enjoy their millions Because it is not set up that way.What they sign and contract to get now when discovered the price is way too high and it involve's the artist's life, their soul, and the people they care about.Not worth it!

    • Bounty Hunter on

      Industry thugs take that "contract" pretty seriously. It's all or nothing-and nothing=nice pine box. They gonna make that money with or without you.

  30. Don't hate on the man, just pray that he finds the right path to walk, and that he is able to turn his back on all the shit!!!.

  31. No Cent's isn't making much sense. It simply proves that when you get in the bed with the devil…only he is getting out alive until God takes him out.

  32. Let's Be Real H on

    Well to start the Beyonce name change thing is obviously because Jay-z tells her how it is and how it should be. So this part of the babies name that deals with him is gonna come first.

    The name doesn't matter. Everyone knew once we found out they were having a baby that the name and all the things surrounding her were going to have a negative connotation to them. Her parents both present dark imagery like someone said before so of course the baby would follow in their path. But it'll be even worse for her because she was born this year 2012 to the 2 most influential and symbolic people in the music industry today.

    Let's be real here….. Beyonce WAS a Christian and has blocked that whole side of her life out to be with a non-Christian person. I am a Christian myself but this is non bias… When one person follows a belief system and another follows something contrary then they are bound to eventually conform to a single belief system or it just won't work. But in the end… the word "religion" just separates people and makes everyone look bad.

    Point is.. This is a dark time, a lot will come to light this year (Shifts in Gov . Control, New laws/rules, slavery of some sort will come back, and the mayan calendar hype will come to pass.)

    I am 18 so I've grown up in this dark time when satanic blatancy has been extremely BLANTANT. so trust me when i say there are too many "coincidences" for things to be a coincidence. Like VC says… symbols rule the world.

    • i agree with everything you said but the part about a couple sharing the same religion. my grandparents were married for fifty something years, when i was a baby he turned to jehovah's witness and she stayed in her own religion. she let him do him and he let her do her

  33. Rumor i heard a long time ago is that 50 cent took that name from a gangster or druglord or something…. Long story short the guy went to prison and is getting out soon and wants his name back may be true may be rumor but who knows none of us are part of that game. ( well at least i hope not )

  34. Really doesn't matter BC in another 100 years almost all of us will be dead. So sure he's right we're all going to die soon.

    • Well I have a Chritstian belief. And we die physically but spiritually( think I spelt that wrong With physically ) We live forever and ever in paradise. Only if you kept God and his commandments In your heart. And If you get left behind then you better really try hard not to take the mark of the beast and worship the beast in anyway. But that doesnt mean your in the clear to live in paradise, you still have to Have christ in your heart. Just sayin.

      • I hate it when somebody writes "just saying" at the end of their story… Looks like people are tryna make that a trend.. Sados

  35. his record sales have progressively gotten worse and worse over the span of his career. He's turned into somewhat of a joke, so of course he's outlived his usefulness. Once he "od's" or goes into "cardiac arrest" or gets "shot" his music will sell millions of units and he will be a posthumous cash cow

  36. after years of misleading the youths of the nation, his deeds have finally catched on. o poor rich 50 cent, i guess he died tryin

  37. Why do stars denounce their evil record label only AFTER they've earned millions from it? How about some principles up front? A smaller but more authentic career is better than taking dirty money. And anyone who can think that anyone you are in business with is forever on 'your team' is naive. They are on your team while you are making money for them. Nothing lasts forever, he should be grateful he had a good run. This sounds a lot like star whining on his part, and unrealistic expectations on the label's – he's not solely responsible for the increase in illegal downloading that's decimated his sales, you know. It's happening to everyone.

  38. check out the whistles that Professor Griff and Black Dot have been blowing. Mainstream "rap" has become an advertising/culture-creating atrocity. Hip Hop is an art form of rhythmic poetry for those who are aware of themselves enough to honestly express conscious ideas and subject matter. I am a classical guitarist and I believe a renaissance of awareness and true creation is forming itself via our desire for change and our desire to really come to know who we are. SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  39. If you look on the daily mail website, there are new pictures of 50 cent posing with ridiculous amounts of cash along with Floyd Mayweather, making the obvious occult hand gestures. Quite interesting.

  40. I feel bad for 50 cent because not only is he human like all of us but he has a son and he should of thought about his son before all this sinister crap and how it would affect his child in the long run, also game came out and expose 50 and the whole g unit for having sexual relations aka homo !! so its funny for ppl & him to say he's homophobic; maybe back then when he was a nobody and everyone should know that A LOT of rappers, singers, actors and actress, handlers and everyone else in the industry turn bi sexual or full blown gay ( ex: diddy). which is why i believe game had the whole beef thing with 50 and his crew it makes so much sense and he wasn't with all that. at the end of the day if you sold your soul to satan your not only selling your soul your also selling all your morals and all the innocence god blessed you with. look at all theses famous people, none of them are happy not one bit they all actors and its sad because they lust for fame and attention and money that satan made ( money is the root of all evil) and forget that hell is a REAL & LIVE place! they forget that they are humans and can be saved even if they have done wrong, they all need is god to be they're savior not satan!!!! HE don't save sh*T !! BUT YOUR MIND BODY AND SOUL just like PIGGY BANK!

    Now I am laughing because i see alot of people here think beyonce actually had a child like literally gave birth to one , which is hilarious because her own cousin admitted that she surrogate d that child from one of her assistants in her crew and payed her off BIG $$$$$$ to keep it on strictly DL and everything now anyone can lie and she definitely has ppl fooled but not me I've done plenty of research on this so called " blue ivy" and in all the videos and pictures you can see her belly flops, moves, BENDS, waves , oh did I say fake! anyone who's prego does NOT take a pregnancy so lightly as she has done plus on what I know about her already fits in why she would do it she loves attention and Im pretty sure her and jay z are going to make great bucks outta this child if feel sorry for the CHILD. as for the name I have no doubt that its sinister. now what does it mean? I do not know but jay z and beyonce worship Satan plain and simple. so people do the math and please don't let theses corrupted soulless people fool you !! do your reserach and pray for them and everyone else!!


  41. Somehow I think he's gonna be fine. I do not think he's going to die. He's not a big enough threat to exposing any underlying truth. He'll find a way.

  42. The satanic sodomites that run the industry probably have 50 compromised and blackmailed. He's likely on a very short leash. No one is given a shot at success in the business and a ton of cash without something in exchange.

  43. I've never been sure exactly what to think of 50. He's clearly not the illuminati whore that Kanye or Jay Z are but with his wealth there's got to be connections and responsibility. Maybe this is an attempt to protect himself from TPTB? however I suspect if he was going to be a target it wouldn't be very hard to make it look like some gang related shooting – which he probably knows.

  44. CamHammerSDakota on

    The only thing that came to mind for me with the "Blue Ivy" name is: blueprint 4.. Jay left off on TB3 and Ivy means 4.. If you truly have ears to hear when it comes to the music industry, movies, television shows, manufactured products and the symbolism portrayed by them, then analyzing Jays three blueprint albums is quite simple really.. They, like Aleister Crowleys book " Atlas Shrugged ", are encoded messages for those elite who can interpret and understand & process the information the way THEY were meant to, while leaving the majority to portray it as something completely different. Encoded in these blueprint albums are a way to global dominance and mass takeover;hence the name blueprint. The first album is the introduction to making a status and name for yourself in a world that leads up more and more to a " only the strong survive" type of idealiatics. Each song on the blueprint album plays key roles to how ALL elites live and survive.. Songs on the album such as "the takeover" self explanatory.." U don't know" describing keeping the weak less superior ppl of the world hidden from their global domination agenda.."Hola Hovito" which sums up an explanation of jay portraying himself as God, and his fans being his followers who chant his name in praise…"never change" which is blatant.. Those in the society's stick to the society to gain your elite status, those who lead astray shall perish.. Blueprint 2: " A dream" describes, well.. The dream of all the elite.. The take off for the new world orders satanic one world government fed off of Satan.."diamond is forever" describing that there agenda is flawless and will live on forever and all those who are apart of the agenda.. "I did it my way" which describes that he didn't follow Gods plans and went the opposite way, going against God, and mocks the rules of God, because the opposite made him a modern day pharaoh or king…. Now, as u get deeper and further into These albums u see his growth as his status becomes larger and larger.. Just as a blueprint to a great building, you see the growth and expansion of the original goal set out for the future as time and work progress.. Consider his songs and the order of their track listing as bricks or stepping stones as progress to their awaited finished product…the finished product being NWO uprise. Blueprint 3: "thank you" his personal thank u to all those fans who praise and applaud and purchase his product(poison) which has helped him achieve his dominance and role to help the NWO agenda.. "rum this town" I don't even need to waste breath.. Air is precious. .."a star is born" describes the pawns of the elites agenda and how everyday more give themselves blindly or willingly to help this agenda all for the fame.. :( … " and that's just a handful of tracks.. Do some research for yourself on the rest of his work and hopefully you'll be able to pick up on it now… His albums Kingdom Come is very scary… Think about what the title means.. The black album.. Also very scary.. So all in all what I'm getting at is.. Could Blue Ivy be the next part of his and the rest of the elites blueprint to helping out the NWO agenda?? Could this baby have significance? Who knows , maybe I think to much :) God bless all of u!! Jesus loves all of you very much and wants all to repent and work out the errors in your life and do things to help others and correct mistakes in your past if possible.. He is the only way out of the soon coming darkness.

  45. Man some of you people are ignorant, you will make anything up and believe it. Before you say stuff about the antichrist being born read the the bible. The antichrist will come from western Europe sheesh! I will say no more on that though.

  46. 50 is my first choice in music,i know that musicians are up to something the only thing is that since there is no going back when ever someone sale his or her soul,let him obey there laws becouse he is not a kid before he enter into music,i like 50 so much it wil be a sad news if he goes down like pac n bigie.g g g g unit.

  47. tiredofthisreality on

    If this does happen, which I hope not, but unfortunatley very likely, he will probably get shot. Only because he has gotten shot 9 times and this way they would be able to make stupid puns and jokes and dumb slogans for his articles when they talk about it. That is the sickning part, that you can plan something so cruel and decieving so well that it looks as good as a movie in HD.

  48. so a dude's cry for attention becomes a sinister plot for WORLD DOMINATION AND SATANISM.

    gotta love vigilant citizen for bringing out the crazies………ah but seriously folks. 50 Cent is doing this because, well let's face it, his music BLOWS. His first album had some hits and some decent production but It's been all down hill from there. He's become a joke in the industry ever since his second album and his 3rd Video game starring role. He's made tons of money while real artists making vital art are out on the streets or working dead end jobs barely making ends meat.

    So boo hoo. The man sold Crack for goddess's sake and you people are willing to throw him pity because of yr. deluded fantasies? Get real.

  49. he joined last year a masonic club (look at his twetter pictures) saying" my new friends say that i will be a billionaire in no time ." now probably he understand how 2Pac got stabed in the back , he regret his work . but 50 cent its over . you got two option , complete you life as a satanic puppet to the higher ranks or just rise you gun and kill as many as you can before diying . killuminati .

  50. CIA Broom Closet Mon on

    He bores me. They are bored with him. I knew the guy who "handled" Cobain at Gold Mountain, or one of the handlers. Make the money, make a lot of it, if you cause problems, there are other options.

  51. Not Deaf, Dumb or Bl on

    Ok… this is a pretty interesting article, if not for the irony, if nothing else… Apparently dude's waking up or simply playing hoe games (attention calling). In either event, I don't think it matters. What does matter is that he knew what he was getting into and didn't care how he got that $$$, now he wants to cry cuz things aren't going his way for once??? lol Getting shot 9 times doesn't make you hard or a thug/ganster, but it does make you look/feel like a complete idiot.

    People need to get it into their heads that, one way or another, you're gonna have to play SOME TYPE of game in life, and this here is one of the most rewarding (the music industry) but also one of the most complicated. I'm not anti masonic (ive read their lit and by far those cats hold more in knowledge than the streets hold dope), but I am anti b*tchness, that is, if you're gonna play the game, you better not be crying about it when things go sour.

    All in all, I could sit here and expose this dude all day and all night (regarding certain mysteries, snitching, being 5-0 sent) but I respect the game too much to expound upon it for the masses that are, for the most part, dumbstruck by politics, music and/or religion to peep the science. Now I will say the following: Curtis has created ALOT of enemies, one of whom I know that don't even play that @$#* and he SHOULD be paranoid -hell I would be too. 😀

    Now this man (Curtis) grew up (in the industry) with the screw-everybody, so-called "militant/military" mentality. He's is rich (now), charismatic and perceptive, but guess what??? Compared to his "handlers" (as someone called them), this kid is wet behind the ears still, without much of a clue as to whats really going on…Now on the flip-side, let us say he really did make an oath and he's planning on breaking it: then by ALL MEANS he should suffer the consequences -whatever they may be.

    In short: ALL A MAN HAS IS HIS WORD -IF HE AIN'T GOT HIS WORD THEN HE IS USELESS -to himself, his people and the world at large. So as the old adage goes: be careful what you wish for cuz you just might get it! Good luck with your decision Curtis and if its any consolation, some of your music will be remembered if your "prophecy" proves correct…


    No Mercy for You and Yours

  52. Hey All! Been a min. since I posted. This is crazy. Haven't heard nothing from 50 in a while too. I hope he will be ok. I don't follow him on twitter but I do check to see what he's up to. Didn't see this though.

  53. My Prayers for 50 cent and Cory Feldman.It is time to wake up and see the darkness and evil in the music and entertainment industry.Its is such an evil territory with demons surrounding and lurking. Its horrible whats going on in the world and a lot of famous deaths of certain people these days seem very sacrificial like to me, even this young lady Reeva steenkamp.I pray these two remain safe in Jesus name Amen!

  54. The masanger on

    The world cant jugde 50 cent for actions that he has taken back in the days cuz as a human my self i believed weve all made mistake it might not be as worse as 50 but its still a mistake..god says we were born with sin and with sin we shall die with unless uv repaint in other words get baptised and pray for the holy spirit to desent upon u soo that ull have axcess to pray in toungue to alpha omega,god of all god, god abraham, then sin shall flee from u.getting baptised is like cheating death cuz ur spiritual and death dont mix with spirit of god.death likes to be where theres darkness.The world need to repaint before the messahia returns cuz when he eturns there ll be no mercy.if am kiding then i recommend u to read the book of revelation.read the whole thing then ask urself whether u wana be in that position when the lord returns.anyway if 50 cent had changed for real then lord have mercy on him and his family.

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