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Exorcisms and "The Burning Times"

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Robert Baird
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The usual thing happened when I researched the Catholic Church. They have ten full time exorcists in America and yet they say pagan curses cannot summon demons at Catholic Answers. That is the same thing the Monsignor who was at the bedside of the woman I helped exorcize said after seeing what happened - after performing Last Rites. The Psychiatrist agreed there was no better explanation than what her husband and I had done. There were other witnesses and two years of diagnostic attempts at the Mayo Clinic and McGill University among others. Here is what a Senior Member at Catholic Answers said about "enslaving ideas and dangerous delusions" - probably without even looking in the mirror.

"Witch curses don’t work. The folk who believe in them lopsidedly regard every bad thing as being part of the curse while ignoring all the good things that happen, then other folk believe their one-sided tale, etc.

Go to half-a-dozen astrologers, give them exactly the same information, and get six different predictions .

I heard one reason why ouija boards “work” is because our muscles naturally wander around, even if no one is trying to manipulate, and the effect is amplified when a number of people take part. Whatever, there’s a perfectly natural explanation, nothing to do with “spirits”.

All ideas that seek to enslave us are dangerous delusions, and to that extent you can call them demons if you want, but they can have no hold on us unless we actively let them (Romans 8:38-39)."

Why do Curses of pagans work? - Catholic Answers Forums

Exorcisms and Forbidden TV

I don't know how true it is, but the TV series Forbidden just said 68% of Americans believe in demons. They further said some 50+% believe in the Devil. Which number is more or less believable I cannot say. I laughed and then I thought maybe I believe in what the people doing such surveys would call a demon even though I definitely say I think energy CONstructs or projections cause a person to visualize cultural archetypes just like Jung said in his foreword to The Tibetan Book of the Dead. But people hear what they want to hear and maybe just by saying I believe the ether is full of energy and energy has consciousness they think I believe in demons. The head exorcist of the Roman Catholics has exorcized over 20,000 people all on his own, they said.

Then the show went into great detail showing a Detroit preacher who can exorcize any phobia or addiction, heal marriages and stop men from using their "one eyed demon" with people they are not in Holy wedlock with. He said he had one hundred per cent success and the show had many expert professors and researchers talking about 'maybe it will work' for whatever per cent of people benefit from the placebo effect and affirmations of outside interest. The preacher and a band of flag waving groupies left us with assurances they were going outside Detroit to give the "devil a black eye".

The insanity knows no end! In Argentina The Church of Maradona has 500,000 members and the professor/ commentator being interviewed said we should not laugh because Christianity began with one man and twelve disciples. That is not true but I would never expect to get truth from any TV show, in the social milieu of the present. I will have to do a lot of research which will show a lot more stupid things than this.

And they did, too. In India the sacred cow provides a bounty of wealth. Cow dung is used to clean teeth and gums, the urine is a cure-all with one woman selling the stuff by prescription to 20,000 regular customers. It has so many uses that I think the government should charge people picking up the dung or get a royalty at least. Hindus all over the world are ordering these things from India.

Meanwhile back in Argentina they covered Flagellants, but I already know all about that and how it was part of a real Holocaust killing 70,000,000 Europeans via the Plague. The ghettoes then were far more efficient and less costly than the Final Solution; but the usual seizure of wealth from Jews who would not convert was a major part of it. Yes, intentionally - I have motive, opportunity and every proof you can think of including a confession from Winston Churchill who later authorized the use of gas on Mesopotamians.

Here are the first four Google entries for "exorcisms" and Forbidden TV series. When I have performed scientifically witnessed exorcisms (one time) or just helped free energy souls trapped by obsessions I always explain there is no demon involved, and the person should be free of any belief in such things if they stay away from churches where such images are perpetrated.

"New documentary shows shocking footage of 'Vatican ...

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Apr 5, 2012 - Shocking documentary captures Vatican-approved exorcist working on ... Fortea is a Spanish priest who specialises in performing exorcisms.

Exorcisms & Possession - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

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Oct 18, 2014 - First hour guest, 'forbidden archaeologist' Michael Cremo reacted to the ... Having performed twenty-seven exorcisms throughout his career, ... Guest host Connie Willis (email) has been in the radio/television field for 25 years.

Apparitions (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apparitions (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apparitions is a BBC drama about Father Jacob Myers, a priest of the Roman ... evidence of miracles to be used in canonisation but also performs exorcisms.

Oops! Something went wrong. - YouTube

Jun 18, 2015 - The Demonic Documentary Ghosts and spirits by WOLVOMAN80 ..... The Forbidden Rituals Of Haitian Vodoun - Full Seminar. by E.A. Koetting."

The good Pope John Paul II said they created Heaven and Hell in 1999. He apologized for "two millennia of heinous acts." But here they are still doing it.
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