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Who workouts or goes to the gym?

09-02-2015, 06:35 PM #1
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We really need to have a health section but yes, I haven't been working out for quite a while. I've been getting lazy after work and taking care of my mini me. One of my questions are, what keeps you motivated to keep working out no matter what? I know there's no excuse for not wanting to workout but I really want to get back into an active me. Also, I've been cutting down certain drinks from my intake like Soda, which I completely cut out. As well as fast foods. I don't know what happened along the way but I was putting on some really good gains for a while and then I got sick and made me slow down for a while. Normally that doesn't stop me but I was out for a while.

What kinds of workouts do you do?

What foods do you eat? That involves keeping off weight as well as gaining muscle.

How much time do you spend on working out? At home or gym.

Do you like to run at the gym on the treadmill or run outside? Like running the bridge or around the neighborhood.

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Great to hear you are getting back into it - it can be a roller coaster that's for sure!  Hate to admit it, but to be in the best shape one needs to be a bit selfish (it's in a good way though!). I completely understand with obligations to family, job, pets, etc., how it can be tough to take care of ourselves!  We gotta MAKE the time though if we really want it bad enough Smile I'll try to answer your questions in order. 

Work out routine : 4-5 times a week I workout. 

One day might do pull ups (50 or 60), abs (50 or so crunches and leg raises, planks) and cardio (hit the heavy bag for 5 minutes or so, run outside for 2 miles or so, ride my bike 4 or 5 miles). 

Another day I'll do legs (30 frog jumps,  30 weighted squats, 30 step ups per leg, 20 lunges per leg)

Another day I'll do chest (variety of push ups usually ending around 200 reps), shoulders (25 lb dumbells each hand and do variety of lifts/shrugs for a total of around 120 rep movements), arms (60 or so dips, 50 lb overhead tricep extensions 30 reps, 25 lb each arm variety of curls totaling around 75 rep movements each arm)

All of those are done in sets ranging from 10-15 reps per each set.

Diet: Try very hard to follow vegan diet (and lifestyle for that matter)

Full of every kind of fruit, nut, vegetable and bean you can imagine. For example, I just got done with dinner that consisted of this - Big can of lentil soup mixed with 2 cups of rice and 2 cups of steamed Kale, several pretzels dipped in peanut butter, 2 oranges, and bowl of plain oatmeal with a banana cut up in it. I'm very full, and before bed I will make a 2 cup portion of plain cheerios supplemented with a scoop of pea protein mix, and 2 cups or so of soy milk.

Time spent working out : usually around 1.5 to 2 hours on the days I workout

I absolutely love to run outside, especially on trails in the woods. Only thing that hold me back is my knee pain but then I just ride the bike instead until they feel better another day.
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Flipping Bible pages is the only workout you need! Tongue
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There's a $10 per month Gym less than five minutes from where I work.  There are about 5-6 guys from my work that go regularly at lunch.  Beats sitting at my desk surfing the internet eating lunch, or worse going out to lunch everyday.  I can get a good 30 minutes of cardio or weight lifting in every day.

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I stand/walk around 10 miles/day, so enough to maintain, but I'd like to tone up a little...... I eat probably 80% healthy, rarely eat out.
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09-03-2015, 01:22 AM #6
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I hit the gym three times a week, but I'm not "building" anything. I'm mainly on the crosstrainer to get rid of extra energy and to "dump my stress".

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I used to workout loads during my younger years...

Swimming, kick boxing, bodybuilding.. reached a stage where i could bench press 130 kilos, circa 270 pounds for Americans Smile

I take it easy now.. im 36.

I try and keep in shape, so i bought a machine with a hang up bar, i do inverted sit ups on it, i have a bar + weights to do shoulders, biceps and squats, i use the floor for push ups.. I climb stairs, twice a week, 35 floors Tongue used to do the stairs almost every day of the week but ended up losing too much weight

All together, it amounts to roughly an hour a day.. I rest sundays

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I go to the gym three times a week now. Three years ago it was five days a week, half a year ago it was four days a week. At this rate I'll be going once a week in five years haha. It's definitely hard to get motivated sometimes though, in a culture where we work 8-10 hours a day, 40-60 hours a week, most people want to go home and relax or spend time with their friends, significant other, children, etc. and going to the gym for another hour or two seems like a huge burden. For me personally I walk my dog for nearly an hour afterwards too so between getting up at 6:30AM and getting home at 7:30PM from the gym then walking my dog and going to bed around 10:30-11:30 I typically get 2-3 hours of free time during days I go to the gym, and that's not considering days where I drive to and from my girlfriend's place to have dinner. It can wear on you after a while, it's why I started doing 3 days instead of 4.

It helps to have others who go with you because you keep each other motivated, either you want to best each other or help each other, either way you are more likely to go.

I also have to go right after work. If I go home first then I'm likely not going to the gym at that point.

Lately I've been feeling very bored of working out though. I need to switch things up or find a new gym partner that pushes me or something because instead of 1 hours of busting my ass its been like thirty minutes of working out a bit, ten minutes+ of talking about shit and ten minutes of wandering around not sure what to use next.

As for workouts, I do a lot of typical stuff, nothing fancy. Don't do squats anymore because it was affecting my back so I just do leg press and weighted lunges. Usually do a 3-day split routine, try to hit two muscle groups per day. I wish I liked to run and do abs more, those are my least favorite things to do. Unless I have a class or coach my ab workouts look pathetic and I'm pretty likely to quit running on a treadmill after no more than 20 minutes because I've gotten bored or tired. I prefer to run with my dog, but he is getting old and can't go like he used to, which suits me because I'd rather not run haha.

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09-03-2015, 09:04 AM #9
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I fight imaginary foes for 8 hours a day.

Does that count?

Big Grin


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09-03-2015, 11:55 PM #10
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What did you mean,I didn't get it.
Are you talking about VC? And who are the "foes" ;-)
And serioulsy, 8 hours a day,you are exaggerating,right?