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The Ancients Knew More Than WE know - about a lot!

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Robert Baird
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The Ancients Knew More Than WE do about many things.


Proposed Spirit and Brain Enhancing Machine:


From over five decades of study in the realm of psychic phenomena; and subsequent partnerships in modern Integrated Systems Digital Network (ISDN) development as a Project Manager and marketing person; I have seen a lot of what might have been and would or could be possible. Last year a TV mini-series named Futurescape seemed poised to explain and explore the current state of technology beyond what I would have thought and government would allow. In the final analysis that effort was not given free rein or needed funding and was cancelled. It did raise a most intriguing possibility which dovetails with what I have sensed was going on due to a study of Teilhard de Chardin and Buckminster Fuller as well as far more ancient concepts. Use or manipulation of the World Mind.

Obviously if that can be done the prospects are unlimited for health, military, invasive surveillance and what they said could 'manifest reality' or make any possibility real. That is also what Gravitational Wave Theory seems to be about to prove as researchers say metaphysics (super Physical unlimited potential) will be the ruling paradigm. It makes the God Particle discovered the year before (actually it was a theory long existing) all the more important. In July of 2015 another announcement of relevance came forth - the discovery of a new particle they call the Pentaquark.

Given that Murray Gell-Mann who named and proved the existence of the Quark is also an Orisha worshipper or Voudou student, there is a lot we can give serious attention and speculation about. The Orisha dimensional entities or demons are extremely ancient and became archetypes from the moment Dream Dancing humans imitated chimps doing their dance, in my humble opinion; backed by research from the likes of Mircae Eliade and Carl Jung. This month scientists discovered a pentaquark which makes one ask did Gell-Mann travel into the atom and see the Pentagon Dodecahedron lines of energy Carlos was taught to see.

These Archetypes or Memes are mirrored in mathematical observations of nature starting with Phi in the Nautilus Shell seen in the Great Pyramid, Mandlebrot Set math seen in heart research of recent date and Fibonacci theory which has gained favor in stock market trading. I can show Max Tegmark and William Dembski (Intelligent Design) are saying many similar things as they argue or take out each other's laundry. In one of the three sayings or Laws of the Magi this design is encapsulated in the Tabula Smaragdina (Emerald Tablet) of Hermes Trismegistus. That is the Law commonly known by these words 'As Above, So Below'.

His last name means 'thrice great' because he became fully conversant with the three Magian Laws. He may only be a mythical character, and I say that because I have studied these things all my life and written more books or words therein than he did, and yet I know I have at best came far enough to only claim to know (not fully) one Law. My especial Law is 'Right thought = Right action'. I propose to amalgamate ancient and modern study under the following headings with a view to building a simple psychotronic generator such as Pavlita did in the last century using the symbol we call the Egyptian Ankh. Symbols do focus energy, but I first will have to lay out some of why I am sure about that little and yet key item. The articles which will go into this thread will number over forty and then if someone wants I can answer what questions I can and try to bring people together to make a first step. I once laid out a thousand dollars to someone who did a little but got taken into personal projects and little was achieved, science has advanced since then and now I think I know better how this can be used.

The Cosmic Thought Field:

- "Unsheathing the Soul" by Daniel Matt from The Essential Kaballah.
A modern scholar by the name of Daniel Matt provides us with this description of the process. There are forms of meditation in every culture and concept of man and his relationship with the soul. Many of them have little to do with symbols or intellectual processes such as Mr. Matt provides in what follows. This particular ritual is contentious to some because it mentions the feminine aspect that is incorporated into the ancient knowledge of the Sphinx and was obliterated for many millennia by the Jehovah promoters who wanted men to dominate. The Shekhinah were once female goddesses in the Judaic religious complex. Our 'feminine' soul, can open doors to major insights beyond the intellectual or social conventions.

"UNSHEATHING THE SOUL PREPARE to meet your God. Prepare to devote your heart. Purify your body and select a special place where no one else in the world can hear your voice. Be totally alone. Sit in one spot in the room or the loft, and do not reveal your secret to anyone. If you can, do this by day, even for a little while, but the best way is to do it at night {Melatonin production increases at night-thus 'night-worker' is the meaning of melatonin.}. As you prepare to speak with your Creator, to seek the revelation of his power, be careful to empty your mind of all mundane vanities. Wrap yourself in your 'tallit' and put 'tefillin' on your head so that you will be filled with the awe of Shekhinah, who is with you at this moment. Wear clean garments, all white if you can. All this helps immensely in focussing your awe and love. If it is night, light many candles until your eyes shine brightly.

Then take hold of ink, pen and tablet. Realize that you are about to serve your God in joy. Begin to combine letters, a few or many, permuting and revolving them {This would be good training for people early in life and getting to know new languages.} rapidly until your mind warms up. Delight in how they move and in what you generate by revolving them. When you feel within that your mind is very, very warm from combining the letters and that through the combination you understand new things that you have not attained by human tradition nor discovered on your own through mental reflection, then you are ready to receive the abundant flow, and the abundance flows upon you, arousing you again and again.

Now turn your thoughts to visualizing the Name and its supernal angels, imagining them as if they were human beings standing or sitting around you, with you in the middle like a messenger about to be sent on a royal mission, waiting to hear about it from their lips, either from the king himself or from one of his ministers. Having imagined {N.B.} this vividly, prepare your mind and heart to understand the many things about to be conveyed to you by the letters being contemplated within you. Meditate on them as a whole and in all their detail, like one to whom a parable, a riddle, or a dream is being told, or like one perusing a book of wisdom, pondering a passage beyond his grasp. Interpret what you hear in an uplifting manner, approximating it as best you can {Chant}. Based on what you understand of it, evaluate yourself and others. All this will happen after you fling the tablet from your hands and the pen from your fingers, or after they fall by themselves due to the intensity of your thoughts.

Realize that the stronger the mental flow, the weaker become your limbs and organs. Your entire body will begin to tremble violently. You will think that you are about to die because your soul, overjoyed at what she {N.B.} has attained, will depart from your body. Consciously choose death over life, knowing that such death affects only the body and that thereby the soul lives eternally. Then you will know that you are capable of receiving the flow. If you then wish to honor the glorious NAME by serving it with the life of body and soul, hide your face, fear to gaze at God, and come no closer, like Moses at the burning bush. Return to the physical dimension, rise, eat and drink a little, inhale a fragrant aroma. Return your spirit to its sheath until another time. Rejoice in what you have, and know that God loves you.” (1)

Visualizing the colours of the light and breathing from Yogic disciplines is a much more commonly thought of meditation. There are as many ways to meditate as there are trees in the forest. Each one is different if only by the fact of each person being different.

- Newton and Faraday research the Aether
- Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy (used in Black Ops at Roswell)
- Shakespeare's 'Cosmogony of the Spheres'
- The Tree of Life and northern Tree of Yggdrasil

The Earth Energy Grid and Pentagon Dodecahedron:

- Tesla's Wireless Energy System and Unified Force Field
- Dr. Don Robins and his Dragon Project research on the megaliths he call Macrochips which like modern microchips enabled an Earth Computer
- Vril power and the Vimanas
- Bruce Cathie's Harmonic of Light and the Omega Stations now being completed

The Harmonic and 'The Lost Chord':

- Pythagoras given credit for the Octaves of Orpheus and Bards like Homer and Abaris (Rabbi) the Druid
- The Caduceus and Kundalini serpents of ancient genetic knowledge transfer and healing arts
- Om and Ogham to Runes and the Tao te Ching and other divinatory systems
- Suggestopaedia and how Porpoises calm and help Autism and Alzheimer's patient
- Schumann Resonance

The above are already well covered in my book Ancient Technology and 'The Lost Chord' with a few updates as recent science (noted above) has proven. It covers more than this first simple machine will strive to achieve. I will add many articles under the headings above, and leave it to humanity to decide if only Black Ops should be doing this research.
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