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Psychiatry and Harry Potter

08-28-2015, 10:37 PM #1
Robert Baird
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Is Harry Potter helping bring real spirituality back to it's rightful place? Is psychiatry going to stop getting new recruits? These are serious possibilities and I think it is good so long as we don't get more real vampires (Skull & Bones) or mind controllers (Scientology and fundies) using the occult arts such as has been done to the likes of Cecil Rhodes, Woodrow Wilson, Zombies and others.


The meeting of remarkable men is seldom witnessed - this is true for the reasons this author states but at some level (astrally or empathically) it is less true. The definition given about Zen in relation to black magic and so-called demons is one of the best I have ever seen. It mirrors J. Krishnamurti's admonition against allowing a focus to go away from the upward energy path towards the Lotus chakra. He also eschewed siddhis or powers. Perhaps I say this because it fits with my own experience and book titled Demonology. Gurdjieff and Crowley both played for their audience in a self-fulfillment imposed by their image in the eyes of society and most importantly (for their egos) those closest to them. They drew great energy from their students and Gurdjieff used it to heal himself at a very advanced age after being hit by a car. The author also notes the egos of the students are all enthralled and attached, thus preventing much true growth. So when Crowley says he is 137 to Gurdjieff's 12 (If as the author says any of their confrontation is true.) you would be witnessing coded information which they both knew. http://ebony.gomen.org/

Does a prior civilization and their gods leave the energy to allow sensitives to see demons? Is that all Crowley invoked? Yes, to the former and no to the latter is what I say. I saw little indicating this person fully comprehended Gurdjieff's influence on the world - through politics and control of people like Bernard Baruch, Frank Lloyd Wright and thus upon FDR. But one can only cover so much in a short time - I must tell myself often.

The whole matter of spirituality in this article deserves serious retrospection and study. It addresses the nature of closed-minds or people through their ego, only getting to see what they want in a trance borne of fool-owing. It clarifies the purposes of occult methods as a means to know the inner being rather than the common perception of it being a way to trick others through magic (Like Randi or workers in lesser magick.). And in that inner self one connects to something greater than ego and begins the process of awakening to the collective. In the notes it is addressed and shows Crowley in a light most power-seeking neophants never grasp.

"Crowley used standard “Solomonic” ceremonial magick. This generally involves a magician sitting in a circle that is fortified with holy names (usually Hebrew). Outside the circle is the “triangle of art,” in which is usually a piece of glass that is painted flat black, and functions as a device to gaze upon. Various magical formulae are spoken or chanted, placing the seer or magician into an altered state of consciousness. What follows then may variously be understood as shamanic journeying, communication with discarnate intelligences, or what Jung called active imagination, that is, direct communication with elements of one’s own subconscious mind. However understood, the point is to gain mastery over aspects of one’s own self as one encounters whatever experience may unfold in the ceremony. Lower forms of this type of magic involve evoking entities to gain power over situations in one’s life, or even over others. Crowley did on occasion explore this type of “low magick,” but overwhelmingly he was concerned with the invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel, or Higher Self—i.e., High Magick."

I say the blackest magick is that which empowers the few over the many to the highest degree. If you circle around looking for a reason to disappear into the void of non-reason you will find ample opportunity in every religion. In some cases you will find fraud being accepted as dogma and different sects of the same cultus going to war against each other. All the while with pious sounds while pounding pulpits full of Armageddon and self-fulfilling prophecy. They suck and blow simultaneously out of every orifice.

Unfortunately some people who wish to have power over others have dragged all life on earth into this apocalyptic maelstrom. It really isn't funny to suggest anyone can learn the Torah or Kabbalah (spelt many ways and having numerous histories - including liars according to the eminent scholar who recently re-wrote the Zohar). This allows a lot more people to argue how many angels fit on the head of a needle while fleecing and ripping off the rest of life on earth; who long ago grew weary of debating with children. The development of soul is not in reach of smiling-faced purveyors or back-slapping deviates who engage in every criminal and immoral act over "Devoted Ones". Halakah allows genocide by elites against their Judaism converts through political efforts - the Khazars. What allows the Jews to claim a Holocaust when it was their own elites who did it?

But there is great wisdom encoded in the archaic books and oral trads (Qabala or Bairdic Tradition). We should get rid of codes and speak without the tongue that is forked before we are totally f**ked I say.

I think I have put enough confessional material (Fukayama for one) and factual material before people regarding the use of religion and the so-called occult to control people throughout history. I don't know if people believe they had a remote killing weapon in the time of the Borgia Popes (The tepaphone) or that the staffs of Moses were part of the same genre. Hell I don't even know if there are any humans here who can think anymore. Snowden has his people protected with a Faraday cage to interfere with and neutralize incoming energy. In the past there were things the mind of an adept could do - but HAARP and satellites plus ground based Frequency Fence technology has the ability to make any adept unable to breathe - if not now by 2020.


"When I was in graduate school, I used to take Biblical text study courses. Studying Torah (Bible) is another very detailed word-based discipline. Every word is thought to be significant, and we would often debate why one word may have been chosen over another, and read about what the great Rabbinic commentators' thoughts were about these choices. Detailed text study gave me a profound respect for the process of choosing words carefully.

When I learned Reiki, I became fascinated with the studies of Masaro Emotu. He determined that words have energy. Positive energy and negative energy are emitted by spoken and written words. The words absorb the intention in which they are spoken or written and emit that energy to others, water, or where the words are directed. Emotu's experiments with water are truly inspiring. Some of them involved writing the word "Peace" on a piece of paper and affixing it to a container of water, and writing the words "You Fool" on another piece of paper affixed to a different container of water. The water came from the same original source. After a few hours, droplets of the water were quickly frozen and examined under a microscope. The water with the word "Peace" had grown beautiful detailed crystals. The water with the words "You Fool" had disjointed, chaotic pieces of broken crystals, and a muddy appearance."

Alice Langholt is a multi-disciplinarian and healer whose words have more meaning than most scientists and academics will want to give credit for. She also uses Kundalini Reiki and no hands approaches - which means a mere thought is all we need to assist each other.

It is so sad that we pay drug pushers to abuse us and butchers to cut open our bodies. So many healers are not only more capable and disciplined they actually prevent further harm. There is a place for modern medicine but Dr. Zoltan Rona (Search for him and Daniel Matt as well as Emotu - here, to get more about all these matters.) gets it right when he says our vaunted modern medicine "is a blip" on the history of the healing arts.
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