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The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know

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"Since the end of World War Two the Central Intelligence Agency has been a major force in US and foreign news media, exerting considerable influence over what the public sees, hears and reads on a regular basis. CIA publicists and journalists alike will assert they have few, if any, relationships, yet the seldom acknowledged history of their intimate collaboration indicates a far different story–indeed, one that media historians are reluctant to examine."

People who surrender their former religious beliefs have got to be some of the smartest and bravest people in the world because they set out to find truth even while under the threat of "eternal damnations". George Carlin
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Is it too early for Godwin's Law? You hear about Nazis burning books but what books were they burning? Chiefly pornography, Communist literature and "Popular entertainment literature that depicts life and life’s goals in a superficial, unrealistic and sickly sweet manner, based on a bourgeois or upper class view of life;" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_book_burnings). Oh and these were being peddled by the Jews who seem to be very good at exploiting their enemies. The CIA exploited Nazi scientists but they didn't learn propaganda from them, they learned it from Jew Edward Bernays.