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Is the US facing a military takeover?

08-25-2015, 02:36 AM #1
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I've been sitting on this topic for years, and VC has finally presented me with a diverse and intelligent community to drop the question to and expect excellent results from. For that, I thank you all. Without further ado: 

Are we facing a military takeover? I'd appreciate opinions as to who and how. I myself am trying to weigh the justifications (an odd commentary, I know). Realistically, I'll cite our national debt as a prime cause. Internally, we are facing a debt crisis that may kick off a depression of massive proportions. With 320,000,000 + Americans starving and fighting with each other over loaves of bread, the UN will likely be more than happy to contribute it's forces to provide "humanitarian relief". This collapse will likely be in concert with the collapse of many other nation's economies, ushering in the global currency we are all awaiting. If I can guess anything, China is about due for a successful military campaign. Their economy is fledgling just as ours, and with an ally like Russia, they have no one standing in their way to make it happen. We also have vast untapped oil reserves that are said to be able to fuel our own country for 300 years (albeit in kerogen form). That's just one of many natural resources available here. China actually owns a great portion of our debt on purpose in order to keep their own currency low, making their products cheaper, and therefore more marketable. Should the US dollar take an expected plunge, their economy takes the plunge as well. I wouldn't put it past the powers that be to pull the plug.

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Thy Unveiling
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I'm not very knowledgeable on this topic, mostly just wanted to give your thread a bump. A military takeover I would think goes hand in hand with martial law. A girl I know just had her first brush with that yesterday, if what she tells me is true. Although her story is so farfetched I have my doubts. If it is true, then cops first tried entering her friends place (doorknob rattling as they tried) and then claimed to be chicken delivery, forcing their way in once someone opened the door. Very unbelievable and nonsensical therefore I'm not convinced its true. Still, they do get desperate as the month nears the end and their quota hasn't been filled. I've gotten harassed by them late in the month too just for being in the car of an older friend late at night. The officer was convinced there was more going on than there really was. I thought for sure I was going to get arrested.

I know that's not really what you were talking about. But I'd imagine this is part of how it starts.

There's also been a push on military in the media for a few years now. So that's a strong indicator there, imo

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I don't think there is a high probability. Unless of course it's planned from the controllers and the US government and military leadership accepts the plan. It would be a mess, because the US is very diverse, and some foreigners like to focus on a certain demographic and assume that ALL people in the US are a certain way.

Sure, there may be overweight, uneducated, government dependent, unarmed, sheeple in certain parts of the city, but there are also many others (inside the city and out in the country) who train mentally and physically just for the type of scenario you posted. I think any other foreign military force would have it's hands full trying to "takeover" the US as a whole. There are lots of people that have made their own way in this country, through hard work - and they are also prepared to defend it if the military can't.

Like I said it wouldn't be pretty, and only the strong would survive but I just don't see 100% of americans falling in line with any occupation force on their own soil.

A martial law scenario would be more likely in my opinion, but in the end who would really benefit??? Whoever caused the drama for the US to essentially turn on itself to commit suicide which would have to be a hidden world government, world bank leadership, illuminati type thing because I don't see another other legit country currently being able to pull this sort of thing (other than the US itself, it sure knows how to topple a country from the inside out - Libya? Even Afghanistan and Iraq qualify even though the US did physically occupy them)

Maybe Israel's grand plan is just such a thing? Since they seem to pull the strings of the US puppet monster anyhow...
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I'm using "military takeover" as an umbrella term for martial law, invasion, etc. Yesterday I found an article about Vlad Putin issuing a press release citing global economic troubles as a precursor to WW3. I wish I could find the link, because at first I brushed it off. Anonymous (who I am gathering opinions on in another thread) is saying we are in the "beta phase" of martial law already. Now, just the other night I was pulled over at 2 am for the lights that illuminate my rear license plate burned out. The officer did his thing, and tried to tell me my registration was a month out of date. It's not, and I told him that. After he consulted my old home state's highway patrol, he sheepishly issued me a non-obligatory warning and sent me on my way. Seems like someone is behind on their quotas. 
Realistically, I haven't seen any recent Jade Helm posts. Being former military, I can tell you that most of the youtube videos I see are a joke. Take for instance the concern for military equipment being moved. That has happened every year since I was a kid. My hometown is right along the UP railroad. I didn't even see it this year. Some of you already know I did 4 years in the military. This one literally made me laugh hysterically:

They are doing driver's training. They have the soldiers drive a course to verify they can driver the vehicle. At the end of the course, the soldiers are issued little pieces of paper stating what vehicles they are authorized to drive. Part of being a soldier is driving armored vehicles. Be jealous I guess? I'm glad I haven't seen any of these videos come from Hawaii.
Troops are transported to the Marine Corps and Air Force installations there all of the time, they have excellent training areas, and since it's all 5 branches on one tiny island, they save space and money by sharing training areas. So, that's actually saving on tax dollars. The locals there get it though, thank god. Then there's the video of the SF commander briefing people in Texas on what to expect. Everyone was ALL in a tizy over the fact that SF was bringing their medics. They were trying to comfort people when they announced that in case there is a real accident. When I was deployed, those were the medics you wanted working on you. Why? Because they are some of the best trauma specialists in the world, literally. The SF community was going to bring their medics whether people liked it or not, they get the same training the weapons, intel, signal, and engineer sergeants get. Those are the two biggest mountains I've seen made out of molehills regarding that (not from VC patrons). It's actually pretty frustrating to me that people think that all of the troops would be behind martial law.
We take our jobs pretty seriously, and from day one we are taught that the people are what matter. I actually remember my drill sergeants telling my basic training cycle "hey, if you get orders to fire on American citizens, that's in violation of posse commitatus. It's an unlawful order, so don't do it" and that's all they would say about it. Every unit in every branch has talked about it I would estimate. When I was a private, every private in my platoon made a pact that if we received such orders we would refuse them and stick together on that decision. Not kidding, we felt obligated to do it. Some of us didn't even agree with Afghanistan, myself included. In the end we did it because our buddies were there, and we didn't want to leave them behind by trying to get out of the deployment. 
This all doesn't mean the military doesn't have bureaucrats that can't say no, but they are pretty outnumbered. These are just some observations I have regarding the matter, I still have some knowledge that can be shared, but I'm looking for public opinion more than I am teaching with this thread.

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08-29-2015, 12:44 AM #5
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no way man. there would have to be some insane reason for the military to declare martial law on its own people. even after the riots up north this did not happen so i doubt it will happen anytime soon if ever.

08-29-2015, 01:23 AM #6
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(08-29-2015, 12:44 AM)sangreal Wrote:  no way man. there would have to be some insane reason for the military to declare martial law on its own people. even after the riots up north this did not happen so i doubt it will happen anytime soon if ever.
It took 25% of the military and every spare policeman in California to quell the SLA riots. It wasn't all of L.A., just a part of L.A. I've known this well before I posed the question. The topic of manpower alone can crush the subject. To be honest I can't find concrete evidence indicating Jade Helm even has anything to do with military takeover (as indicated by the video I posted earlier today). I'm not smoking out any good information here either. One thing to consider though, is that the Mayors of Baltimore and Ferguson told the police forces to back down and let the rioters burn and pillage all they wanted. I'd say that the police probably defended critical infrastructure nonetheless. I pose these questions in order to get public opinion and possibly find information that I don't have. Martial Law declared on the entire US is pretty far-fetched. A military takeover is, however, a broad term that doesn't mean our own military.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Albert Einstein

08-29-2015, 03:29 AM #7
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It's easy to get paranoid about this stuff but one doesn't want to ignore it all together either.

So, did anything really come out of Jade Helm?  Are these instigated race conflicts (red flag or not) TPTB's excuse to bring in the national armed guard into US cities along with making more militarized police 'the new normal?'

Also, is it really true the military bought an insane amount of ammunition (all kinds of bullets, etc) last year or so?
If it's true, who knows who it's really for... we haven't invaded anybody new (at least officially) for a long while.

The answer to the above questions can provide some answers to CK's OP.

How do they get the "m" on the M&M?