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The Incas and the Prince of Palenque

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Robert Baird
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The Incas and The Prince of Palenque

We are supposed to believe a history taught to us by 'experts' who tell us that the Incan leaders (Similar in Mexico in the words of Monteczuma the Aztec.) told their people to lay down their arms to a grossly inferior force of invaders of a larger Empire than Rome. We are told they did this because of many prophecies including condors pursued by falcons, the Cosmic Serpent and a moon surrounded by a triple halo, etc.. These are the same paradigm spokespeople who tell us that Medieval people believed the earth was flat or other fictions like 'sins and demons' still preached by many pulpit-pounders to this day. Of course there are many people who did believe their leaders in the Old World and the so-called New World but why do the majority of people still believe the lies of our leaders who still tell us there was No Cultural Impact between the Old and New World?

Do not get me wrong on this, I do believe there is merit in divination but I do not believe the Oracles and others are not told what to say or that they do not have agendas of their own. And don't get me wrong about believing in divination either - there is no Destined outcome or malicious G_d that seeks to make us act out his projected fears. The forces of nature do impact us and the Mayan calendar was able to ascertain and interpret the effect of the sun spot activity and its cycles. We are a product of the inputs and forces which surround us. It would be a good thing if all leaders on this earth told us all to lay down our arms but not to people they are in league with who will then slaughter us.

"We know that it is extremely unlikely that Columbus could have been the son of humble wool-carders. He acquired too much (unexplained) education to have sprung from such origins in the Middle Ages. From his arrival in Portugal it is evident that he wielded some mysterious power, prestige and even wealth. This suggests to a number of modern experts that he could only have been the scion of some royal or noble family, a family just as obscure as Columbus himself. But his rank allowed him to marry quickly into Portuguese aristocracy when he took Felipa Perestrello as his wife, and, when she died, his rank allowed him to court several noble and wealthy women of Spain as mistresses. He was the favored friend of Spanish dukes and the Portuguese king and queen--not to mention Isabella herself. He hobnobbed with the richest men in Spain on an easy and familiar basis, and these men actually financed his voyage. In class-conscious medieval Europe, these cannot have been the accomplishments of a wool-carder's son who supposedly was only a merchant skipper from Genoa." (1)

The sails of his ships had a clue. Vasco da Gama's did too. It was the Templar cross. He was a 'made man' as they say in certain circles. He was not a 'nut' as the Britannica implicates. You can see similar guises with Jesus in the fable about a scion of the noble family of David being a shepherd or carpenter.

Myths can be created through ignorance and miss-translation or many other things, as well as propaganda for the purposes of those who desire power or to manage their people. A book called 'The Incredible Incas' from 1973 provides us with some things I hope to de-construct in general before you read the whole book to see why it is in reality either a myth or propaganda.

"Today the word Inca has come to be applied to all the peoples. In this region, but long ago, it referred to the emperor and to the ruling nobility. The Incas established their supremacy over the Quechua Indians nearly a thousand years ago and built the great stone city of Cuzco, 'the center of the world.' Gradually, they extended their dominion for thousands of miles north to Ecuador and southern Colombia, south to all Bolivia, upland Argentina, and Chile; west to where the great peoples of the coast had built palaces and mighty irrigation works; and east to the delightful yungas, or valleys, of the Andes and on to the jungles of Brazil. One emperor sailed out with a large force to the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific, land of the huge turtles." (2)

First of all we learn something important when Carleton Beals writes and tells us that the people were not Incas. Only the nobles were Incas. These nobles are Heliopolitans or people who understood the science of Harmonics and the Universal Harmonic of Light. You can call them Luciferians or Venus worshipers in other places and other times. They are Ostro (bright or Light) Goths as you will see. We see they were stone-masons and built a city out of stone and this is important as those who know Phre (Fire and the light of the sun) is the real root of Free in Freemasonry.

He tells us a little about irrigation works and if you know about the Etruscans or Cretans who developed these technologies long ago you might ask why he makes no mention of this. He would not know some things that archaeology has proven since he wrote his book in 1973. One of these things is the knowledge that Crete had Hybrid grains (Hybrid not merely gathered or grown) 5,000 years before the supposed Cradle of Civilization in the land of the Bible myths, had agriculture of the rudimentary sort. Who were the Etruscans and Cretans of that era? Jacobsen's work at the Bay of Argos tells us those same people were accomplished mariners who traveled far and wide 13,000 years ago.

Then he tells us an emperor set out with a 'large force to the Galapagos'. I wonder why he would need a large force. Could he have been going to Easter Island, California or someplace a lot further afield? When Juan Cabrillo arrived at Santa Catalina Island off the coast of what is now Los Angeles there was a well-established white population who I believe were remnants of the Brotherhood and had been there since the time of the pre-Biblical Phoenicians at places like Inyo. The Galapagos would never have taken 20,000 men to conquer and the records say that it was traders on large balsa rafts with sails that had come from the west but Beals (A Guggenheim Fellow) is wrong to think it was the Galapagos and he admits they returned with a 'black' princess and gold as well as a brass chair, a year later. Other scholars or stories tell us these were white people who came on the rafts. I think this is remnants of the Olmec and Phoenician Brotherhood which like Peru itself had people of all races. He points out this Empire was larger than Rome's Empire but I will present reasons to say Rome's Empire included the Americas to some extent even before Joseph of Arimathaea was the Roman Minister of Mines (read slavery).

There are many things or materials other than jade and metal tools or knives that are used to construct Pyramids or found within them. One is mica under a floor at Teotihuacán. Does mica have energy reflecting properties? We should come up with an explanation for the 92' x 92' piece of mica that was shipped 2,000 miles from Brazil to Teotihuacán Mexico in order to line the floor of the Sun Temple there. And then explain "why" it was not actually the floor... It was paved over by tiles. Given the fact that "the experts" still say that the indigenous people of the area still had no wheeled carts or dray animals at this time, we are left with some serious questions. "How" is just as important as "why" in this case.

Obviously I cannot provide the references and scholarly work to back up all of these claims in this one book. I have written a whole new history of man's cultural development based on facts from modern science which prove many ancient verbal traditions are better than the myths we have been taught in school.


CHAPTER ONE: As Impressive as King Tut's Tomb:

Firsthand Authoritative Evidence:
Santa Maria:
Etruscan Influences {Confirmed by statues I saw at Chichen Itza.}:

CHAPTER TWO: The Chanes or Serpent People:

Mayan Muses:
Buddhist Mayans:
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Robert Baird
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And for those who doubt white people were around the Americas long before the heathen horde came to dispossess and destroy them.


One of the discoverers of many lost cities in Peru and it's environs was a correspondent of mine. I met Gary on an academic forum I was invited to by those who valued my epigraphic knowledge which was due to a study of Ogham. When I proposed to him that the chachapoyas were Ostrogoths who chose to leave Rome; and that later Romans came and became the sun-gods or Incas. The Incas are not the people they lead as we saw a Guggenheim Fellow say in the opening post. Those leaders forfeited the lives of their people in a deal with Pizzaro which I subsequently discovered. Gary married a Merovingian and was a large part Cherokee who are Iroquoian. The Iroquois are proven to be white people of Europod descent and I trace them to Poverty Point as the Canadian Encyclopedia just mentions they have a North American history to 4,000 BCE. Gary supported what I was saying. His religious leader Gene Savoy was presumably upset - he was removed from the site and I was asked to leave by it's administrator who joined one of my research sites. Here is another take on Rome and ecological issues.


Dr. Carter of John's Hopkins says it is possible that man was in the Americas 100,000 years ago and he says certainly 60,000. This article says the Indians had no ships to travel the ocean and yet - I know for sure the Mayans had larger ships than Columbus. The large hardwood trees of the area made up to 150 foot ships or boats. As to the need of sails they should know Romans were not big on sails which require windlass technology (Irish and Phoenicians had crude windlass technology in masts roped together.) to keep ships whole. I think if they wanted these dugouts could hoist sails in weather that was safe - just as shown the Peruvians did in their voyage bringing back a bronze chair and black princess. The same dugout technology is seen going from the Haida to Samoans on New Zealand. Hell; there are one man crafts going across every ocean today - some have people towing the sleeping boat as they walk on snowshoe types of footwear.


Given that we might have modern humans or at least civilized humans as much as 2,000,000 years ago - it is plain stupid to keep talking about just 10,000 years. Even if it is a million years of civilization we have all reason to think advancements in the very distant past far outstrip what we have been taught. I prefer this to alien intervention given the Prime Directive. (he-he)

This next link to Wikipedia is far closer to what I think is real. The researcher referred to has gone further and proposes up to ten species of hominids or variations have resulted. The Denisovan example (He is from near the cyborg and a mysterious concrete map covering many acres.) would prove his contention as would the Hobbit which may be connected to his Mungo people and which I found cliff drawings there which lead me to posit just that. I cannot say he has continued to develop these theories. I have seen him forced to back off some of what is said here - and I hope he continues his free-thinking research.


This article demonstrates the extent to which TV and academia lie to humanity.
It gets a lot right about Zahi Hawass.


My lady most adept was a Boddhisattva seeker like myself. She knew Bhakti, Tantra and Agni Yoga and how to abandon herself as well as bring it all under scrutiny in retrospect. In Tree of Life terms you could say she combined Hod and Kether even in her dance. Getty Lee saw it when she was part of his opening act under Jerry Manfredi (Doors) with his group Abraxas. Abraxas is an ancient Egyptian system for combining both ends of every topic or issue (Dialectics if you will).

And one of the places energy stores information is the soul according to research on the fruit fly recounted in this excerpt from a good book. But it is also in our genes which the Head of the Human Genome project (Dr. Collins) said when he said we have a history book in our genes. But not all information in that book is as simple and clear as the written word. It can be affected by propagandized beliefs or archetypes, too.

Recent research on our so-called junk DNA shows how electrical or magnetic fields variable and dynamic allow great attunement; and over time I believe, genetic information transfer. You could say the Earth Energy Grid and alchemical forms like the oroborous (the serpent with it's tail, seen by one researcher in this book and partial segment from this link) or caduceus seen all over the world in symbols is mirrored in our genes. Which came first? Did our thought impact our body just as we see in positive thinking and healing? Was it part of evolution? Some people are saying it is proof of God. Heaven may be within as Pope John Paul II said in 1999 and many mystics have said throughout written history and before. This book has Heaven in the title and draws all constructs from every religion into it - fairly and ecumenically. Will science teach us how to live in Brotherhood? No? This knowledge is ancient and manipulated throughout the ages, I say.

You might disagree and say yoga, astrology and other uses of it have never been this exact - and it may be true we have some proof here that is new but the old disciplines used it better than we are - if you consider what Futurescape demonstrates we are about to do in manipulation of the World Mind by making people into tools to soulfully achieve a 'Matrix' - the movie.