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World Governance - Westphalian Order

08-23-2015, 09:06 PM #1
Robert Baird
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World governance - Westphalian Order

A friend who I told about the Treaty of Westphalia recently read some Wikipedia and other excerpts from it. His analysis was that it allowed religious freedom. I said that is not even close to what it did. The Catholic Church arranged the meetings to settle numerous mercenary issues between feuding oligarchs and Synarchists or Nobles. It was a redefining moment meant to carry forward the concepts upon which Empire was (is) built. The church agreed to hand over some spiritual or ecclesiastical power to people, who had already seized it from them, sure; it also allowed a division of power with State entities which in truth kept the power of the Church intact when it might have been wiped away by subsequent Revolutions of the people who engineered the Enlightenment Experiment. I told him the Church later allowed and consorted with those who made corporations and then made them immortal (see Chomsky detailing this occurred in the 19th Century) in Encyclicals like Rerum Novarum.

 The Club of Athens says the number one issue facing our world is the matter of Sovereign Rights. They properly identify an allegory for the old system of Divine Rights FOR King and Country or Pope and his devils as the Westphalian Order. Will people wake up and do something? The effort which follows in book form indicates people are taking to the streets, but I say those people have no plan and are pointing fingers not proposing any means to address the situation. They may think the problem is the banksters or Black Pope but it is not.

 And if you read Rerum Novarum remember the words used in this white-wash of intrigue. Think about how there were no unions until much later, and companies and their running dog national or provincial paid hacks were killing people with night sticks and worse - decades later. Remember also that Georgetown University is Catholic and located at the seat of power where it's graduates are in league with groups who do not have any real interest in systemic change. They say the church had to offer it's guidance and other denials and deceits - I say they should have apologized for two millennia of "heinous acts" just as Pope John Paul II did about a century later.

 "Throughout the encyclical, Pope Leo XIII articulates the inherent dignity of both labor and laborer, themes which will be taken up by successive popes in later encyclicals, notably Pacem in Terris and Centesimus Annus. Repudiating both radical socialism and unrestrained capitalism, Rerum Novarum provides a vigorous defense of both private property and the right of workers to form unions, among other things. The document is considered the first of the Church's modern social canon, as it represented a newfound understanding of the need for the Church to offer its critical reflection on the social issues of the day."

I will quote some of the occupy movement leaders or mouthpieces and interject where I think we need to work on better ways of gaining an initiative beyond mere ego and social needs. Priorities might often mean we decide to focus on what can be done first - like changing Sovereign Rights (at no cost - or a savings by reducing spy networks, yes, even unilaterally).

 "Understandably, there’s a lot of talk today about ‘social change’ and the ‘need for a revolution’. As I wrote recently, we all hold an idea about ‘social progress’ and how fundamental social change might happen. Some people are dedicated to policy, while others dedicate themselves to grassroots protest and alternative-building. Despite the differences in how we might approach the need for ‘change’, despite the differences in how we might perceive an ‘alternative social order’, the basic fact remains that many us recognise this need in the first place and this recognition means something:

 Economic inequality is growing, the environment is being destroyed, education facilities are becoming increasingly corporatized and transformed into instruments of the economy, while social protests are being quelled with increasingly dramatic force and the mass surveillance state, which was once limited to science fiction novels, is now becoming a distinct reality. {Nothing new here - religion was a great disease and still is - but the new mind control technology might be needed due to inalienable rights to religious and other freedoms.}

 In light of these circumstances and with the rise and fall of Occupy, the collective recognition of the need for some sort of fundamental social change is the one truth that many of us can relate to. The past two decades have been defined as ‘anti-capitalist’ for this reason. But in spite of all of the literature being published, all of the academic papers being pushed out, rarely do I read or hear people discuss the notion of fundamental social change from a perspective that captures foundationally the many-sided and truly integrative process of ‘change’: an philosophy of social progress that captures all of the dimensions of social, economic, political, psychological, emotional, epistemic, and existential life. Commonly, what we have are economic theories, political theories, psychological theories, educational theories, gender theories, anarchist theories, geographical theories, Marxist theories, neo-marxist theories, orthodox Marxist theories, socialist theories, communist theories, all of which tend to get bound up in their own terminology and academic squabbling and usually at the cost of the real struggle of ‘everyday life’ becoming lost and concrete viable alternatives being overlooked."

 They don't even know who funded the writing of Marx and Engels or how communism never existed - they are "running dogs" (And it is not capitalism as some slogans used to cry out!) for something they do not understand.

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10-05-2015, 11:45 AM #2
Robert Baird
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Extremists and Nations could be a dwindling lot or lose a lot of power if the UN and Club of Rome (and Athens, Budapest etc) get what they want and Earth needs. This could be posted under the thread War on Women and almost every thread here where extremist religious fruitcakes hold forth about things they know next to nothing about.

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Well it's good to know that at least there is a group out there who is concerned for the future. The Club of Athens sounds like an objectively great idea especially with corporate citizenship as a main priority and their recognition of the need for transparent governence (which is not really governance at all, more like checking in with the steward). Also the Agora is a good idea (an oldie but still good), that I think could be interesting.

On the whole it doesn't really seem like they have made much headway!

But I, like many others have read the sci fi and can see the legitimacy of the concerns presented theirin. Does the New World Order unite humanity for the common good and place us amongst the stars or does it succumb to it's shadow side and become our captor here on earth?

I think it's up to us to decide. Our entire current state of affairs is because people refuse to take an active role in our own governance and instead leave it up to a few people who might not have the right intentions (and/or the best ideas). That was a core tenant of classical Greek democracies; that people should take an active role in the decisions made about their lives (as the philosophers envisioned it at least). Somewhere along the line however, somebody said "Enough of this legislature, i'm going to the bar!" most others followed suit and became the herd, leaving only a few to sign the documents (only to complain about how things went later on).

That being said, government has been bloated so much that it is impossible for the everyday person to wade through all the beaurocratical bull****. Maybe that is what the philosophers knew would happen xD
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Robert Baird
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I was willing to fund one of their coffee shop/agora ideas to the tune of $100,000 about two years ago. I tried to contact them and got no response. Seems there is one good person (A professor and some funding from the government of Canada) but no people willing to do squat. They prefer to say the elite are the problem and spread disonfo on CERN and religion.