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SNL and hidden messages/symbls

05-31-2015, 11:52 PM #1
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I'm not from the states but since cable TV is everywhere this days you can have access to some of the media out there.
Not long ago I saw (a bit delayed) a rebroadcast of the SNL 40th anniversary.
Thanks to VC I understand now that every award ceremony is full of Illuminaty BS, and the rooster of guests confirmed me this.
If you have the opportunity to watch the special episode do so, there are plenty of hints to all the occultism things the so called elite enjoys, like Jhon Goodman standing up and saying that he has been host 13 times, or Beyonce jokes. A special mention must be made for some of the video footage that is shown as part of the remembering  wich portrait possibly a lot of programing/ritual symbols; for example: a man sitting the top of a pyramid at breakfast, or a ginger vodoo doll that is incinerated on Chritmas day. I found those disturbing more that funny. They say ignorance is Bliss but I think that bliss is for cattle.

The last part was the most revealing for me. Is a Wayne´s World revival sketch and they make a list of the 10 things that make SNL great. They are not even that funny and you can tell Mike Myers is a bit anxious. The reason number 9 is called Satire and Mike Myers litterally says that SNL have hidden messages for the zeitgeist (he even reference the As Above, So Below dogma while his counterpart talks about monkeys coming out of his butt).
Then the list goes on and reason munber 3 is called The after show backstage orgies, wich then is negated and discarded as a mistake or a joke and replaced by the tittle Wigs (really?)

I´ve searched for the video of the sketch, but it was nowhere to be found. I found a bad quality vid, wich I'll link now

Anyway, just wanna open the disscution on how the mass media is full of Illuminati/programing/Agenda BS and encourage VC forum users to share their insights on this subject. I think VC already does a good job on this but we need more info, that way we will know where to look to make decitions properly.

06-01-2015, 12:02 PM #2
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hi from australia, i don't see many people posting about SNL, so kudo's for that..

start looking into something called the "merry prankster" movement for more information but you seem to understand what's going on here

06-02-2015, 11:48 PM #3
Thy Unveiling
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The video won't play on my phone, but I've seen bits of snl over the years. Used to love Goth Talk. Wayne's World was one of my favorite movies growing up. While I was too young in the 90s to be going to concerts or driving around with friends, the movie perfectly captured what it was like to be a teenager or 20something in the 90s. Even now, that movie sticks with me in a nostalgic way. Although I do think it strange how Mike Myers catapulted to fame after Wayne's World the movie, yet Dana Carvey's career went nowhere. His most notable post-Wayne work was that awful Master of Disguise (to this day people quote "turtle, turtle" because of it.)

Yeah SNL has churned out quite a few a-listers. And some that disappeared. For a while it was like everyone on that show got big, for a time. Then it went stale. I think it picked up again with Adam Sandler's clone Andy Sandberg, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, and the blond girl with the big creepy eyes and sourpuss mouth Amy Poehler or whatever her name is. I think she's probably a more attractive clone of their former SNL alum who creeped me out, idk her name. She was short, had big creepy googly eyes, and looked like she wasn't all there. She played Elian in a sketch once. Girl looked like she'd murder you and your cat as you slept just because you ate the last piece of pie.