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Welcome to the New VC Forums! Check out its features.

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Welcome to the Vigilant Citizen Forums, a place for the VC Community to gather and discuss a wide range of interesting topics. Several features are available to members to facilitate communication and encourage quality posts :
  • Private Messaging : Communicate with other forum members with private messages.
  • Ranks : Stars and rank name based on your the number of posts.
  • Like System :  Award and receive positive points for quality posts.
  • Avatars : Personalize your profile with an avatar image of a maximum of 100x100px.
  • Report : Alert moderation of spam or abusive posts using the Report button.
  • In-thread menu : Use the drop-down menu at the top right of threads for various options such as : obtaining a printable version of the thread, to subscribe to it or to share it to social networks.
The forums are still a work in progress so tweaks and new features might be added in the future. Feel free to share your suggestions.

Enjoy your stay at the VC Forums!
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