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Are the Illuminati behind it, or are they being smeared by the enemies?

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Here is an alleged interview with a top Illuminatus, who claims that the real Illuminati are human liberators from the slavers and that they are in hiding from the enemy calling themselves the Illuminati.  It makes quite a bit of sense as to why the enemy (smearing the illuminati name?) are trying so hard to enslave and interrogate.  It really does seem like this is an old world order that is currently in place.
I'm curious for input on the validity of this.



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While I do not believe almost anything the guy says regarding the Illuminati, this excerpt from the ending rings to me as especially true on a more realistic level:

Quote:Illumination is not a religion for those who wish to debase themselves before a debased God. No God would tolerate kneeling and bowing masses, murmuring hordes of obedient, frightened slaves. Is God your friend or a tyrant? Why would you kneel to a friend? Would a friend ever ask that of you? Humanity can never be free until it recognises its true relationship to divinity, and that is not one of master and slave. If you venture into a church, a mosque or a synagogue you will be in no doubt that you are amongst slaves and that they worship a God who is their absolute master. They are abject before him. Such a God is drunk on his own power and vanity. He craves obedience. He despises those who think for themselves. Such a God is no God at all. Such a God is Satan.

Why do I not believe anything he says, you ask? Or maybe you did not ask, either way, I will explain so there are no accusations of just making a small post and leaving real quick and blah trolling blah blah. 

Towards the middle and end of the interview, the gentleman asserts that he is protecting a truth quote unquote. What he hints at the truth being, is some kind of God or deity. What he refers to as the Holy Grail, in other words. Well, seeing as how I do not believe that the Illuminati exists, nor do I believe it is possible that this society has maintained itself throughout the past few centuries, I cannot believe that he is who he says he is, but that he is merely a fantastic story to teller. So in turn, that means I do not believe he's protecting some secret of some God or deity. Moving on,

He is asserting that this Holy Grail quote unquote he is protecting is the ultimate mystery religion. Anybody who's read mythology worth their salt knows that the mystery religions are actually the insiders knowing thay they are not worshipping gods or planets or spirits but that they are actually metaphors for a occurrences like life, death and that these metaphors serve to keep the people under control while the initiated are allowed to live a freer more comfortable life. In other words there is no secret God, only secrets about what the gods people worship actually are.

This brings me back to the part I quoted from the interview parentheses I use that term loosely parentheses. He does have a point that the religions do have a control on people and have had control over people for two thousand plus years. But, that does not mean there is some organized secret society of people controlling this group. 

This is not to say I don't believe that there are screwed up things going on in this world or that society isn't being controlled to some level so don't start throwing mud at me for no reason.
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