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Bigfoot in North Carolina, Lizard Man in South Carolina

08-07-2015, 04:18 PM #1
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I can only say such creatures do exist....


"Bigfoot might be a Tar Heel...
A North Carolina man from Boone vacationing near Asheville who claims he saw Bigfoot got a big assist from his little dog while capturing video of Sasquatch crossing the road in Henderson County.
Eric Walters wasn't the only one to see the Missing Link - his brown Yorkshire Terrier Zippy did too."


"A new photo and video footage have emerged purporting to show South Carolina's mythic swamp monster known as Lizard Man that was first spotted nearly 30 years ago.
Local legend has it that Lizard Man is 7-foot-tall reptilian creature that lives in the Scape Ore Swamp, not far from the small farming town of Bishopville.
Last Sunday, a Sumter woman named Sarah Berra says she was at church with a friend when she stepped outside and caught a glimpse of the fabled creature running along the tree line.
The woman grabbed her cell phone and snapped a picture of the apparition. The resulting image depicts a comically muscular upright humanoid with three clawed toes on each foot and clawed fingers."
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