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Robot passes self-awareness test

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Apologies if this has been posted before somewhere but I found this absurdly interesting  Shy

Quote:An experiment led by Professor Selmer Bringsjord of New York's Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute used the classic "wise men" logic puzzle to put a group of robots to the test. 
The roboticists used a version of this riddle to see if a robot is able to distinguish itself from others. 
Bringsjord and his research squad called the wise men riddle the "ultimate sifter" test because the knowledge game quickly separates people from machines -- only a person is able to pass the test. 
But that is apparently no longer the case. In a demonstration to the press, Bringsjord showed that a robot passed the test. 
The premise of the classic riddle presents three wise advisors to a king, wearing hats, each unseen to the wearer. The king informs his men of three facts: the contest is fair, their hats are either blue or white, and the first one to deduce the color on his head wins. 
The contest would only be fair if all three men sported the same color hat. Therefore, the winning wise man would note that the color of the hats on the other two, and then guess that his was the same color. 
The roboticists used a version of this riddle to prove self awareness -- all three robots were programmed to believe that two of them had been given a "dumbing pill" which would make them mute. Two robots were silenced. When asked which of them hadn't received the dumbing pill, only one was able to say "I don't know" out loud. 
Upon hearing its own reply, the robot changed its answer, realizing that it was the one who hadn't received the pill.
To be able to claim that the robot is exhibiting "self-awareness", the robot must have understood the rules, recognized its own voice and been aware of the fact that it is a separate entity from the other robots. Researchers told Digital Trends that if nothing else, the robot's behavior is a "mathematically verifiable awareness of the self".

And there's a video apparently here, not that I've bothered to check if it works. http://uk.businessinsider.com/this-robot...?r=US&IR=T

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The Creeper
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I can see how you would find this interesting if that was the first robot to pass that test, I don't think anyhing like this has been posted before. It wouldn't surprise me if a true AI already exists in a lab somewhere. Self-awareness is simply being aware of ones self, even animals are self aware but scientists like to say that it is a really hard thing to prove so they can justify their brutal expeiments.

I remember seeing this robot some years ago that had to have had some kind of rudimentary self awareness because its main mission in life was to figure out what shape it is and then move from A to B. The first thing it did after figuring out its shape was to squidge along the table like something you would expect to see on the sea floor, it took everyone by surprise (because they thought it would stand up and walk straight away) and looked rather freaky.

Heres the video I saw (8 years ago).

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There's actually a youtube channel I follow that talks about AI and the near future of sentient beings. Here's just an example.

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