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*UPDATED* Bathtub deaths - countdown to 5th of November Nuclear disaster?

07-28-2015, 10:15 PM #1
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Given the recent article on VC about Kristina Brown and comments by users that this is a countdown to a "Water event",
I was wondering about the relationship to the economist cover.


It's Alice looking at the arrows, and she is associated with a mirror (through the looking glass)

So the 5/11 could refer to 5th of November as being a mirror of the Fukushima event.

So that's 3 months and 11 days from the death on the 26th of July to 5/11 (including end date). 3/11 is the date of the Fukushima Israeli hit if you take 11 as the year, or the day of the meltdown(not quake).

Taken from 31st of Jan (when she was found in the bath) it is 9 months and 6 days (including end date). Don't they love those numbers? Boston bombing addresses: 666 and 699 Boylston Street

I'm not good with these numbers things please check my work and look for mistakes.

V for Vendetta featured in 911 and shows what seems to be ground zero.


EDIT: NOVEMBER 5th is the day of the gunpowder treason plot. Also, 5/11/15 Seems interesting looking.
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