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Government Human Trafficking Children

07-22-2015, 11:23 AM #1
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Okay, so I heard a very disturbing testimony regarding children being kidnapped. Now there's plenty of testimonies where kids are seen to be in danger in suspicious circumstances where there are white vans with no windows. Whether they be in the park playing, schools, or even the front of your very own house or neighbors. Now this testimony was passed down from someone I know and I think you should read what I have to say. It's not much but it's a very interesting story.

A woman had said that her daughter was at a neighbors house with her neighbors children and she's always checking to see if her children are okay. She went to check on her child and there was a white van with no windows in front of her neighbors house. A strange thing happened, she froze. She said that she couldn't move and she couldn't scream. Her daughter noticed the van immediately and went running towards her mother. She was taught to sense stranger danger. Her child's friend also came running after sensing the danger. The white van peeled out and sped fast out of sight. When the white van left, the mother could move again. She believes that they may have a device that freezes people in circumstances like this. Pretty crazy I know but I've always had a weird feeling about missing children and why there are always consistent disappearances.

Do you ever go to Walmart and see missing children posters all over the wall where you would walk into the entrance? I would see those all the time and it's insane how there's so many. I know this really isn't much to work on but you can see these testimonies in even forums like this where people have unmarked vans or vehicles in their neighborhood. It's pretty scary stuff.

Here's some stories and links here.



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This may actually be the most disturbing topic out there. 

I got chills just from reading the title of this thread. 

Important talking about and being aware of it though.

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