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How to avoid mental slavery of the war machine entity

07-21-2015, 11:17 AM #1
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Hello everybody. This is my second post. I've been reading Vigilant Citizen articles for a few years . First time in the forums. VC really is a place along with PressTV, Democracy Now that makes logical sense. 

I just wanted to compile some things I felt have been crucial I feel to me not being a brainwashed sheep, or not as much..as the majority of the population is. Feel free to add to the list because we all know how important it is to beaware of your surroundings. 

1) Have an accurate understanding of history. History allows to know what went on, who the players were, what their motives were, colonialism, imperialism, the relations of the imperialist entities with the oppressed and how it's linked to "United Nations" and countries in the UN. Knowledge of foreign policy 

2) Have a love for justice, knowledge, virtues and truth and wisdom. I believe this is gift from God and those with excellent moral characters, sincerity, good heart and soul receive wisdom and real awareness to see past barrier presented by the entities present...

3) Train your mind , control the things that enter your mind through sight, and hearing as much as you can to not allow the garbage propaganda to enter you. 

There is a great example from Plato in The Republic where he compares humans and information to sheep grazing on a field with poisoned grass. Slowly the sheep will die the more they eat from this poisoned grassfield. Similarly, the mind and soul of a human being will deteriorate quite possible to a point of no return the more poison they input into their minds.

Thanks for reading
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