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St.Malachy's Prophecies of the Popes and Antipopes

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Loyal To The Crown
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There is an undue bias early in the video as regards the use of the words "claimants".

If a reporter is going to present prophecy regarding elections in the past (or future) to a point of scrutiny, interjections of "claimants" is not representative in any case when the prophecy has proven accurate, nor can it aptly describe any of the actual names unless proof of a conspiracy has been established.

From a scientific standpoint, the use of the word "claimants" is highly biased against one making a valid conclusion based on facts.

Then there is the reporters biased use of "antipope".

The very reason Cardinal Roncalli took the name "John XXIII" was because the previous "John XXIII" was an antipope.

Here again, the reporter is not only biased against religion, but science as well.
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