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Oversexualisation and the Hegelian dialect

07-08-2015, 03:09 AM #1
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Europe is being islamized, that is what some institutions inform us.
The current state of Europe is a state of oversexualisation of children and young people and
the propagation for materialism and money.

It's unbalanced.

According to the higelian dialect, when we as humans are proposed a
thesis - oversexualisation, which we don't want,
we as humans resort to a primitive act of moving in the opposite direction of that thesis, called
antithesis - islam. instead of balancing in the middle known as:

Why would media use this tactic to bring islamisation into europe? Is this really happening? or is this the forming of the synthesis?

Why? Because islam is the perfect tool to keep people in submission and control, that's what the nazis were fascinated with with that religion.

Is it happening? Yes, more muslims are imigrating to europe as refugees and by moving here from muslim countries.

Is this islamisation or the forming of synthesis?
I would say it's the forming of synthesis because that is happening and i'm opptimistic, but really, it's up to us.

It's up to us.


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only love can

07-09-2015, 06:07 AM #2
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Europe/white ppl places are being destroyed and not just with the "help" of Islam. U need a drawing to understand that?

People who surrender their former religious beliefs have got to be some of the smartest and bravest people in the world because they set out to find truth even while under the threat of "eternal damnations". George Carlin

07-09-2015, 06:10 AM #3
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Except White people can be Muslim too, it's a religion, not a race or culture

If you're going by the fact that the West wasn't always Muslim, then atheism is the same and also an attempt to "destroy Whites"
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07-09-2015, 06:23 AM #4
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Man with every post this trappedmind guy reveals how full of contradictions and hypocrisies he is...

He is beyond salvation... Pretends to be against the Elite, yet he is a perfect product of the Elite's brainwashing.

I will give you another Theory, the world is fed up with the satanic Agenda and instead are turning to Islam since Islam represents the complete OPPOSITE of the Elite's religion (Satanism)... how about that?
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“The lies (Western slander) which well-meaning zeal has heaped round this man (Muhammad) are disgraceful to ourselves only.”

― Thomas Carlyle, On Heroes, Hero Worship and the Heroic in History