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Gwar and the Illuminati, Episode II: Illuminati Strikes Back

07-06-2015, 02:13 PM #1
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As mentioned in part I, as time went on the anti-Illuminati/NWO lyrics in Gwar's music became more pointed and overt, which may very well have led to the Illuminati "striking back" at their front man and glorious leader, Oderus Urungus.

From the album Beyond Hell (2006), a song called "The One Who Will Not Be Named" portrays Gwar going to Hell and kicking Lucifer's ass. A particularly humourous line calls him the "Overrated Overlord". As entertainment industry insiders they seem to be reluctant pawns of the Luciferian agenda, a refreshing change from shameless suck ups like Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

Finally, the song "They Swallowed the Sun" (13:00 into the youtube video) is clearly all about the Illuminati. It is from the album Battle Maximus, the last album to be released before Brockie's "accidental" overdose. Relevant lyrics:

They burned the world
And swallowed the sun
They take from everything
And care for no one
They study our rage
So they rattle our cage
But when they were gone
That's the day we came of age...

...They created life
It should never be that way
A bill for you to bear that they never meant to pay
They went underground
It was really rude
Because they took all the girls and the guns and food
Stem cells and cloning and fucking an ape
But it's not enough I must reach beyond
Commune with the LoiGoi and become a God...

The children were born
The children they died
When you live in the wasteland
Only the strong will survive
They made a race
With the science of sin
Create a creature
We all can join in...

Viagra and meth
And stem cells and death
They sucked on the stock-pile til there was nothing left
Vampiric cybernetic harbinger of hate
Ain't power great?

In conclusion, while Gwar and their late frontman Dave Brockie were certainly no Christians (part of their act included killing Jesus on stage, in addition to Justin Beiber, George W Bush, Barack Obama, Jerry Springer and the Pope John Paul), they were clearly opposed to the Luciferian NWO agenda. This, coupled with Brockie writing prophetic lyrics about overdosing on junk lead me to believe that his death was no accident.  Perhaps another celebrity sacrifice?

Thanks for reading, and Power to the Profane!

P Is For Profane - Power To The Profane!

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