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An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences

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Loads and loads of info. Interesting to see the detail of history and religion. Published in 1914.

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Nice quote from Scimitar that applies here.....

"in order to be accepted as a Freemasonry, one of the requirements is that he must be a follower of a monotheistic faith - in their (Freemasonic) rituals they will then denounce the faith and then proceed to do evils in the name of the faith they denounced - this happens at the higher levels of Freemasonry, 33rd Degree and above.

This missing piece ties all this together. Thus we can now understand why evils are done in the name of religion at the highest levels of authority."

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Bro, we are led to believe that Freemasonry hasn't entered Arab lands. Right?

This video was only a test render, the full version is in production atm, and will release after the Gog & Magog series in December (sorry for the wait, but this stuff takes a lot of time to produce)

Watch through to the end, some surprises await you. Truth is never convenient, it is ugly.


EDIT: Celle, re: the eye of horus, and what the Prophet pbuh told us about the sign being read on his forehead even by illiterate ummi's, here check this out.

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i will check it